La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 7 – Who Am I?


Kiyan comes home from school with an assignment: a “Who Am I?” project. La La asks Kiyan if he thinks he’s white or black and Kiyan replies with “I’m brown.” Po then asks Kiyan what color La La is and he says yellow, just like Dice and Po. Dice says “he’s at the age now where color means nothing to him, which is good…” La loves that and so do we.

La La and her friend Angie hit up the gym to train with La’s super beefy trainer, Hino. After their intense work out, Angie, La and Hino grab some well-earned fuel. While at lunch, La takes Hino’s cell phone and scrolls through his photos. She can’t help but immediately notice one similarity between all the girls in Hino’s phone…they’re all white. La asks why she never sees him with a black girl and his answer is: their “attitude.” According to Hino, it’s “like they just want to argue for no reason.”

Angie and La La are instantly taken back by Hino’s comments. La La tries to explain to him that you can’t identify an entire race and gender by a specific attitude. Hino goes on to say that black women always “make their problems your problems” and they aren’t as adventurous (in and out of bed) as white women. La is hurt and tells him this offends black women.

La has a girls night and takes the opportunity to explore the topic. She and her friend Wiz get a cooking lesson by her make-up artist, Sheika. La brings up her conversation with Hino to get their point of view. Sheika says it’s especially disrespectful because Hino’s mother is a black woman, and she certainly raised him to not to talk about black women that way. Wiz agrees and says it’s rude to make such broad generalizations, women are all different: “women are going to be women whether you’re yellow, green, purple, black, white, whatever. It’s just about the type of person and the chemistry you guys have.”

Later, La La hosts a Q&A on the topic of race with the cast of Stick Fly, a Broadway play produced by Alicia Keys. As a Hispanic African-American woman, La is honored to be a part of a discussion dealing with issues as important as race.

La La calls Charlamagne over to Poe and Dice’s apartment to discuss Hino’s position because Charlamagne’s a black man who dates black women. According to Charlamagne, while black women do have what some might consider “attitudes,” he prefers to think that black women are commonly strong and confident. He thinks black women are often good at standing up for themselves, something that doesn’t bother him at all.

Back at home, La helps Kiyan finish his “Who Am I?” project, and she is more intent than ever on instilling in Kiyan that “yes, we are all different, but we should all be treated the same no matter what.” After seeing how unfair Hino’s generalizations about black women’s identity and attitudes were, La was newly inspired to help Kiyan learn about seeing people as individuals without prejudgements.

La finally makes up her mind that the best way to change Hino’s mind is to prove it to him. La meets Hino for a trapeze session, and La La bravely takes to the air. It’s one small step but La La is proving that black women are wild and adventurous!

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  1. Vanilla/Chocolate Swirl says:

    Intersting show about race and interracial dating. All I have to say is I think it was unfair for LaLa to just attack Hino for dating white women. As a white male who almost exclusively dates African American women do you know how much that African American women won’t give me the time of day. So you say its unfair of HIno not giving African American women a chance well how about African American women not dating outside their race. Now I know the numbers show that more African American women are but they are the least by far who do.

    Now all I can say is I’m sure most are just not attracted to persons such as me. I’m not mad at em. Shoot I feel say way towards women of my own race actually. I hardly ever show any attraction to women of my ethnic background/heritage. So again its what and who you like. You touched on some reason of why Hino doesn’t such as the “attitude” being a big one. I find black women so beautiful and attractive. There are many different things to many different women but actually their spirit and independence is one of the great qualities they have.

  2. Alicia says:

    Loved the wedding special that aired but this show is boring. It makes me also think that Kelli Rowland has a contract with the show also…why is she on almost every episode. I am tired of the hooking people up and the dares that they do – boring.

  3. Karen says:

    Is Lala black? I thought she was Puerto Rican. I agree also that the show is boring.

  4. Leslee Williams says:

    Here’s an open invitation for Lala and her VH1 camera crew to come and see how a real inter-racial couple live. She’ll probably never read this but just in case she does, I am so hurt at how, me as a White female was portrayed. She can’t honestly believe that. I have been married to my (Afican-American) husband for 30 years. We have a black son, whom is 23 years old. My husband is a Police Officer and a GOOD man that I adore with all my heart and soul. He has built us our beatiful dream home and afforded me a lifestyle that is truly GOD-sent. I am his life-partner and he is mine and to hear someone stereotype me as allowing three-somes, being a yes women, etc. just plain hurts my soul. I love Lala’s FCL and I respect her as a strong, educated and talented women and mother. Not because she is black but because she is WOMAN! We all are part of a sisterhood, with our issues, problems, loves, defeats, glories, wins; and should never be singled out because of race. Come on down Lala and I will change your mind about “Who I Am”. Dice and Po, you are welcome, as well. Please do not fall on deaf ears as the study just came out on Inter-racial marriages and dating and it makes for great conversation. God Bless All!

  5. pandora says:

    I’m a new fan of the show, given the tawdry behavior of some of the other reality shows I give thumbs up to La La and crew. Tonight’s show was great, publicly having the conversation so many black women have with each other; black men saying they won’t or don’t date us because………fill in the blank. Such absurdity! I think the men that have this attitude don’t feel good about being in their black skins and think being with none black women will make them better. I bet at some point….if they are evolving beings, they will see that colour makes no difference. It’s the chemistry and attitude of the people involved.-As one of the women pointed out- Hey Dice, I want to point out that you can be black and Puerto Rican too. You said your mother is Puerto Rican and your father is black, Puerto Rico is where you are from, Black is your ethnicity. Peace

  6. Who am I ....I am Puerto Rican says:

    @Alicia, Yes La La is Puerto Rican I don’t understand why she kept talking about African American women it’s as if she doesn’t Identify with her race. I was a little annoyed with the episode because not once they she teach her child he is biracial, Puerto Rican and black. I was born and raised in NY and I am of Puerto Rican descent and when asked that is exactly what I say.

  7. annoyed says:

    @pandora, Dice is of Puerto Rican and African American descent. She is of both Ethnicity. Ethniicity is relating to the classification of mankind into groups, esp on the basis of racial characteristics, Dice has both and FYI La La is Puerto Rican on both sides (mother and father).

  8. Christie says:

    @ I am Puerto Rican, Yes La La’s heritage is puerto rican but obviously she has African Ancestry if you look at her that’s why she looks the way she looks. Example: Most Dominicans look black, because their anscestry is from Africa most don’t like to say it lol…. but you could clearly see it. Even most Cubans that live back in Cuba as well. A lot of Latin countries were populated by Black African Slaves. ( and I know Spaniards , Indians etcccc………) Whatever the case everyone is mixed. She was not born in Spain.
    La La most likely identify s with being Black because that’s what others who did not know here CULTURAL BACKGROUND thought she was. Look at her , why would she deny it or any other hispanic that clearly have African Ancestry. I speak a lot of languages and I came across alot of latinos that self hate and it’s the one’s with Very Dark Skin that mostly do, ( very sad by the way)
    Any way its good to be proud of where you from , but it won’t hurt my feelings if you want to deny your ancestry ; ) Remember your culture and you ethnic background are 2 different things.
    Let’s make it simple…..I’m American by the way LMAO!!!!!

  9. I think interacial dating is totally overated. People give this topic way to much energy as well as personal thoughts. There are so many beautiful mixtures in the world today, and to focus on the negatives really slights your chances to meeting a nice and decent human being. My husband of 11yrs dated plenty of white women as well as japanese women before him and I met. I never had a problem with him dating outside his race. When we met immediately the chemistry was there. I myself a black woman was the one he married. I think we give men a bad wrap because they choose to try something different. I don’t agree with La La’s trainer on his negative thoughts, and it was a shame he let a few women spoil his thunder, however it is what it is for him. Not all black men are this way! I know my husband is wonderful and we love each other more and more as the years go by.

    Blessings to all.
    Black & Black

  10. I am Puerto Rican says:

    @Christie, FYI I am Puerto Rican however I look like I am native american or philipino, however If I am teaching my children about who they are like La La was last night I would have let my child know all sides of his culture and ethniticity. Yes, it is good to be proud of where you are from. LOL

  11. Boricua1962 says:

    Lala you sound so confused, it’s ridculous why don’t you just say that your puerto rican, oh I know why because you living the Afro-American lifestyle (high maintenance just your boy Hino said), I ashamed of puerto ricans like you that neglect who they are, you are sending out the wrong message to latina women who are of color and who look up to you becuase you made it, but you are so reluctant to say that your just boricua (disappointing), anyway you probably won’t even read or get this, but I for one will not be watching your show anymore because you are another disappointing boricua, your mother did a poor job when she didn’t teach you about who you are!!!

  12. Disappointed !!!!!! says:

    I’m so irritated w/ this episode! There is nothing wrong w/ interracial dating! It may not be for everyone but LaLa who r u to judge another human being for their preference of who they r attracted to or who they date! In another twenty yrs the will be no one person who is not mixed in some kind of way, VH1 should seriously think about canceling your show. I hope after u watch this you see how truly racist you sound!

  13. Dorisa says:

    Lala, you are not Black. You are Puerto Rican through and through; therefore, you are Hispanic.


    A Proud Puerto Rican Woman

  14. Move On says:

    Black males have consistently placed black women in a “group.” It is unfortunate that they stereotype black women when they give reasons for dating white women. How about a black woman stereotyping black males by saying that most of them are weak and can not stand up to the high expectations of black women. They seek another race that is not familiar with their hustling, manipulative and controlling ways. It is easy to find that in a race that is not where you are from. Bottom line, when the white woman sees the negative crap long enough, they act just like the “black woman” would. Ok, so that is the deal with black men dating white women! So beautiful black sisters, don’t get angry with the black man. If he is a hustling, manipulative, control freak, then let those other women have him and find the white guy that is willing to treat you like his queen….

  15. Vivre la différence says:

    Women are going to be women no matter what color they are, I am a black African Canadian woman and I dated Black, White even Chinese, its so much more interesting to date out of your culture, the food, the people the life style WOW!!! I LOVE LOVE it, but I do understand this is not for everybody and that’s okay!

    That’s what makes life in general AWESOME because we are all different; this is the ultimate gift from God he gives us each other to play.

  16. Butterrose1 says:

    La La I want to tell you, I think you are a pretty good mom even though you can’t cook. That birthday cake was Ummmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no words for it. lol. Yes please don’t make bats if you can’t keep. The mouse thing… lol. Enjoy your day

  17. blessed says:

    Are so called “Latinos” that ignorant that you really believe Puerto Rican is a race,? That’s like me thinking American is a race? Puerto Ricans as well as African Americans are mixed people; you are product of African slaves, indigenous people and the European slave masters. “Latinos” are truly ignorant when it comes to their culture and I think it’s a purposeful thing, so you can deny your African ancestry. Pick up a book and discover who Arturo Schomburg was.

  18. trouble maker t says:

    Its obvious Hino has the whole darkskin/short man complex. Did anyone catch that he told Trina, I didn’t say all Black women, im talking about dark skin girls. he’s ignorant and who cares if he doesn’t like black american women, im not even sure if he has a green card. LOL!

  19. Margo says:

    LaLa I love that you are a good hearted person and you are not compromising your reputation. You are doing you. You are an excellent mother and a good friend. Keep doing you


  20. Sha says:

    La La! I absolutely LOVE you and your show! Continued success!!!!

  21. BronxBorinquenWithAfricanRoots says:

    As a woman of Puerto Rican descent I was VERY disappointed in this episode. This was La La’s platform to educate those who assume that ALL Puerto Rican’s look like Jennifer Lopez. That yes, Puerto Ricans can have African features and ARE still very much Puerto Rican. Puerto Rico is a melting pot of different races combined into ONE which results in Puerto Ricans having diverse features, skin tones and hair textures.

    I’ve always said that we NEED Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans, etc. of AFRICAN DESCENT in the limelight to be forthcoming of being Latina/o to show that we are a diverse people. Hollywood also needs to do its part in accepting us in Latina/o roles even if we don’t fit their “image” of a Latino/a due to strong European or African features.

    On another note, La La handled that whole situation wrong with Hino. First, let me just say that there’s this double standard because she felt it wasn’t ok for Hino to say what he did about African American women. However, it was ok for La La to say the stereotypical comments about Caucasian women. On principal, she’s doing the same thing as Hino. Not to mention, most people have prefernences and if they prefer dating outside their race/ethnicity or date only blondes/brunettes that’s their business.