Styled By June – Episode 7 – Where There’s Smoak


Sadly, season one of Styled By June is coming to a close, but that just means that this episode was even more jam-packed with hilarious June-isms than we’ve seen before. June was tasked with making over Shanna Moakler this week, but she also had a side project, working on her assistant Rachel who dresses a little too old for her age.

Eli, who is going to work with Rachel on the makeover, agrees.

“We’ll be like oil and vinegar,” Rachel says of working with Eli. June has another analogy though.

Unfortunately, the clothes that Eli pulls for Rachel are making her sick. These rice and beans aren’t going down easy.

After June meets with Shanna for the first time and learns that Shanna wants to re-brand herself to promote her new makeup line, June gets excited. Shanna is a mom of three, she’s married to Travis Barker, and she wants to remove herself from the polished pageant life and show some edge.

A rock mom is a lady who’s always on the move, and every time you see her she looks fierce. It’s time to raise Shanna’s profile to ferocious. Unfortunately, after trying on a few outfits, Shanna has a little breakdown and needs a moment to her self.

It’s ok though, June has “dealt with many a meltdown” and she gives Shanna some time to come down from her fashion ledge. When Shanna comes back, June literally gives Shanna the clothes off her back to make her feel comfortable and stylish.

Unfortunately, you can take the girl out of the pageant, but you can’t take the pageant out of the girl, so Shanna still has some work ahead of her, because she can’t be doing that wave all the time.

“The actress showed up tonight,” June says. “You couldn’t tell she had a meltdown five minutes ago.”

Speaking of meltdowns, let’s check back in on Eli and Rachel, shall we? Eli has picked out a wardrobe for his assistant-nemesis, and he suggests she re-work her hair and makeup too. That…doesn’t go so well. “I’ve had my bangs since I was twelve years old. These aren’t going anywhere,” Rachel explains. She’s not about to let anyone touch her hair.

Shanna’s next step in her evolution is attending the Mara Hoffman Fashion Week runway show, and June takes her under her wing to prepare her for the front row. Shanna chooses to stay a little conservative, but she keeps it polished and classy, if a bit understated for June’s taste.

Eli may not have succeeded at making Rachel over, but she actually gives him a little makeover of his own, and they finally (FINALLY!) bond.

Shanna’s final appearance is at her Smoak makeup launch.

June convinces her to go conservative in a gorgeous cream and black outfit, which Shanna fully resists, and ultimately caves on. After the event she concedes that June was right, it totally worked.

“Shana’s ready to take on the role of a rock mom, a fashionista, and a business beauty bombshell,” June says. And after watching her for a season, hopefully that’s what we’ll all be.

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