Rehab With Dr. Drew To Premiere In September 2012


We’re excited to announce that Dr. Drew Pinsky and his team are returning to VH1 in just a few short months to share their expertise with a new group of patients. The new group that will be checking into the recovery center aren’t celebrities, however, they’re regular folks like us who have sought out Dr. Drew’s help after seeing just how dedicated and successful his treatment with celebs has been. The show, Rehab With Dr. Drew, will premiere in September, and will feature counselors Bob Forrest, psychiatrist Dr. John Sharpe, and resident technicians Shelly Sprague and Jennifer Gimenez (who tweeted on Sunday that she was on set for day one, and honored to be back). For more information about the show, read on.

For me, there are no finish lines. No recovered, just recovering.
– Bill Clegg, from Ninety Days

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 1, 2012) –
VH1 and Dr. Drew have started production today on a sixth installment of “Rehab with Dr Drew” to directly address alcohol and drug addiction among young adults, the largest group afflicted by addiction issues in the U.S.

According to the 201 National Survey on Drug Use and Health by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that an estimated 23.1 million American who were 12 or older needed treatment for drug and alcohol abuse that year, while only 2.6 million received treatment in a specialty facility. Another source, the 2009 Treatment Episode Data Set which gathers information on persons admitted to publicly funded treatment programs shows that the age group with the highest proportion of admissions was 25 to 29 years at 15.2 percent followed closely by the 20 to 24 years age group at 14.9 percent.

And in the sixth installment of the Celebrity Rehab franchise Dr. Drew once again takes viewers behind the closed doors of the rehabilitation process. From heartbreak to hope we follow Dr. Drew and his patients on their difficult and deeply emotional journey to sobriety. An often raw and unflinching look at the many faces of addiction, Dr. Drew shows us that rehab is not a glamorous spa vacation for celebrities as often portrayed in the media but a profound life changing process that offers hope for a better life. “Rehab with Dr. Drew,” will premiere in September 2012 with eight one-hour episodes.

“Many of our young adult viewers have shared with us that Dr. Drew and our multiple seasons of “Celebrity Rehab” has made them more aware about substance abuse. And a large number of them have asked for his assistance with their own challenges,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Original Programming & Production, VH1. “This season, the moment felt right to turn our focus from celebrities, to young adults who could benefit under Dr Drew and his team’s expert professional treatment. In some ways, we felt that stripping away the celebrity layer could reach even more viewers and touch them in a different way.”

Dr. Drew is the host of the nationally syndicated late night radio show Loveline as well as a respected practicing MD, board certified in internal and addiction medicine, who is staff atHuntingtonHospitaland assistant clinical professor of KECK USC School of Medicine.He is the author of theNew York Times best sellerThe Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing America(Harper Collins) andCracked: Putting BrokenLives Together Again(Harper-Collins.) Dr. Drew co-authored the first academic study on celebrities and narcissism that was published in theJournal of Research in Personality(Elsevier)in September 2006, and is the first systematic, empirical scholarly study of celebrity personality.Dr. Drew hosted VH1′s “Sober House” and “Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew” and can be seen on MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “16 & Pregnant.” Additionally, Dr. Drew is hosting a new prime time show on HLN called “Dr. Drew.”

Returning for their sixth seasons to assist Dr. Drew are counselor Bob Forrest and resident technician Shelly Sprague. Also returning this season is Dr. John R. Sharp, M.D. Dr. Sharp is a member of the faculty at Harvard Medical School, and the David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles. His expertise is in the integrated treatment of depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorder, and addiction. Dr. Sharp has been recognized as Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and of The Academy of Psychosomatic.He maintains an active private practice in Boston and Los Angeles. Jennifer Gimenez will also be back as a resident technician. Jennifer was previously seen on season 5 of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew” and “Sober House” as the house manager.

For additional information about “Rehab with Dr Drew” visit the official VH1 Rehab with Dr. Drew site at and on VH1 Mobile each week following the show’s on-air premiere. Viewers can also find ‘Rehab’ updates on Facebook at and on Twitter @VH1 with the hashtag #Rehab.

“Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” is produced by Irwin Entertainment. Executive producing for Irwin Entertainment are John Irwin, Damian Sullivan, Joel Rodgers and Rob Buchta. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Howard Lapides also serve as executive producers. Jill Holmes, Tom Huffman and Jeff Olde are executive producers for VH1.
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  1. Diane Purcell says:

    Dr Drews Celebrity Rehab was difficult for me to watch for a long time due to my son’s heroin addiction. I was living with what he was showing and as much as I understood the addicts pain and anger, it was hard to see it. Over time though, it did help me understand alot of what was going on inside their heads and how to better understand it, stay strong and ultimately walk away from my child to better preserve my sanity and for the well-being of his younger siblings.

  2. Suzanne B. says:

    Love this show, thanks for brining it back.

  3. Lana Russo says:

    This show has taught me alot ! I have children , and I have been able to see alot of signs that I never understood ! Mental and physical . Thank you and I look forward for more info Dr Drew and your crew !

  4. sue w says:

    One of the best shows on tv. These people are so very lucky to be getting help from the very best there is, Dr Drew Pinsky. I myself would love to be a patient of his, but for now I can only watch and try to learn from this show. I cant wait!!!

  5. Kim Cornell says:

    Hello Rehab Family. I have been wanting to write you for a long time to tell you I Love what you do for these people. I watch every season and pray and route each celebrity you have on to succeed. It is so very hard to see them go through their struggles. My mother died in 1999 of prescription drug use. She had a slow and miserable death she was in a coma for a while and she had to have a trek so I was unable to hear her voice for 3 months. She had such a wonderful personality we use to call her the dark headed Lucy. It was very hard to see her go through this. I was unaware that she had struggled with this problem most of her life. When we did realize it was a problem we did try to get her help but she never followed through. I really wish we had known someone like Dr. Drew that could help her and us. What the addicts rarely seem to understand is the pain they are causing themselves and their loved ones. It is heart breaking. But watching your show has opened my eyes to a lot because things I did not understand then I do now. One thing that I have learned by watching the show is the drugs and alcohol is a shield and a blocker to keep them from feelings and reality and pain. Its like their own personal comfort quilt in other words a great big comfort bubble shielding them from the outside world. I only wish the addicts could see what their families go through. We have to watch them slowly die and fade away long before their time. We have to go visit graves. When my mom passed for many many years I would go to the cemetery every week we would decorate for holidays and birthdays and mothers day. It is so very hard on the ones they leave behind. If they don’t die we are left with worry and concern for their safety wondering when the call will come to say that they have passed. My mom has been gone for 13 years and it seems like yesterday sometimes. After she passed we found that her problem was much bigger than we thought. She was going to many different Doctors and pharmacies and getting the prescriptions and she even had a few small pharmacies that were refilling these prescriptions illegally. She had even traded one lady at a pharmacy her wedding ring set for the meds. She was even having some of the girls from the pharmacy deliver them to her at her home. That pharmacy is no longer in business, my aunt and I turned them in. The Dr. that was treating her should not be in business any longer but we could not get enough proof for him to loose his license. Well I just wanted to share a bit of my story and I want to wish all the new celebs that are coming on this year the best and I will be praying for them. Know that I will be watching and crying and cheering them all on to have the will and strength to heal and start a new clean life. Good Luck to you all- God Bless
    Kim Cornell

  6. Kristy S. says:

    I can’t believe I wasn’t chosen for this show. I applied back in January before I even knew it was going to be a show. I just read an ad talking about dr drew wanting to help addicts. That very moment, when i read that, completely changed me. I finally confronted the fact that i’m a drug addict who needs some serious help. This is going to sound crazy and I don’t know why it’s like this because it was so obvious! but for 11/12 years i’ve been an addict and not once did I ever consider rehab may be what I need. As a matter of fact one week before i applied for this show i was telling a friend how I won’t quit. At the time it was just something i didn’t want to talk about and never liked bringing up my “habit” as I would call it. For some reason I didn’t want to believe that I need to quit before it’s too late. This all changed the second I read that dr drew ad. It all became clear to me that if I don’t do something to stop this addiction then I’m going to die. I have two little girls that need me and i need them.
    Anyways I applied, got interviewed, got calls back, and obviously I wasn’t chosen for the show because they started filming already. I don’t know if im a lost cause or not enough of a druggie for the show, or not pretty or dramatic enough or whatever the reason is at least I finally see my problem…..

  7. Max says:

    I will never watch anything that has Dr. Drew in it. He had Bozo Baez on his HLN show and then had the nerve to call his viewers internet haters (on the air) because the majority of us know Bozo is a horrible excuse for a human being. Done with him and his shows. He doesn’t really help anyone anyway.

  8. Max says:

    Deleting posts I see. Don’t you understand that Dr. Drew committed career suicide by having that Bozo on his HLN show. Keep deleting, you’re just proving my point.

  9. I was a big fan of his shows but after having bozo on his show I can not and will not watch any show of his again. I heard we were called internet haters,really disgusts me that any show would give that sleezeball air time. Shame on you Dr. Drew !!

  10. June says:

    Since Dr. Drew called us all haters, I will now act like one. Dr. Drew is a phony. His shows are phony. Will never, ever watch anything he is in. He certainly had me fooled. At least Nancy Grace is upfront about who she is. You, Dr. Drew, owe your former viewers a public apology. I hope you get horrible ratings for all your shows. You befriended that horrible man who helped a baby killer walk free. Shame on you.

  11. Jacquie says:

    I was wondering who is going to be on this season. I am a huge fan.

    Thanks for all you do Dr Drew!!!

  12. Milissa Hayes says:

    I would love to start off by stating my love for the show. Drew is by far the best of the best. I battled with addiction over the years and am having a hard time staying that way. My husband took his own life by overdose as he was coming off a crack binge. I had left him because I couldn’t deal with it anymore and my son couldn’t go thru that anymore although it was the right thing to do but I felt like if I hadn’t would he still be here? If I had not gave up on him saying that hurts. But could I have saved him?
    This guy battled with depression and had made an attempted on his life 4years prior to his death and refused medication he would just self medicate with drugs.
    My point is even though people say they have done all they can do and giving up on your addicted love one has consequences sometimes but stay strong and don’t let them be your addiction