Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 11: Too Many People And Too Many Opinions Got In The Way Of Us Just Being Happy


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.

Most of last night’s episode lead up to the conversation I had with my father. It also concerned my past relationships. So while most of the girls were either having mammograms, talking about a lawsuit, or planning on how to accidentally on purpose get Jenn and Evelyn together while on their drama retreat while claiming they won’t…I was teaching Tami‘s daughters a few dance steps, walking on the beach and learning my lines in a park with Suzie who for some reason thinks Tahitians eat people. Aside from that, I was pretty much in tears.

My parents are old school. I would say their age but that’s rude. My mother has only ever been with my father and as much as I used to want that, I lost that chance in college when it was taken from me. No, I wasn’t “loose,” but I did have a boyfriend for most of my years and was on the way to walking down the aisle until I got cheated on. I took him back…many times…I was simply IN LOVE. He had eight years of my heart, and until I met Dezmon my mind always wandered and wondered what if we ever got back together…even if I was with someone else. My dad remembers that relationship. He remembers how distraught I was, and broken. Since then I’ve dated my son’s father, Dwayne, Brian, and Dezmon. I went out with a few guys in between once or twice but never considered it dating because it didn’t go anywhere, communication-wise, or there was no chemistry. I know after one date if that person is someone I want to continue to see or want in my space. I was single for 2 1/2 years before I dated Dwayne. I admit I was searching for someone that could sweep me off my feet but I never seemed to lift off the ground until I met Dezmon. I cried wolf and I lied about being in love because I wanted to believe it myself. After watching last night’s episode I realized how I looked to the world. My own father felt I was someone I wasn’t and I guess I have to blame myself for that.

“Truth Moment”

I can be alone. I just don’t like it. I can be and I am happy, but Dezmon makes me happier. My son has never seen me kiss any man besides Dezmon. In his mind, Dwayne was just another guy friend he could play with. I don’t have a whole lot of girl friends. I get that from my mother. She doesn’t have a lot of girl friends either. My entire adult life, females have judged me by the way I dress, the way I do my hair and the conversation seems to always be about gossip. I hate that sh!t. I’d rather wear no makeup, put on some baggy clothes (preferably his), play flag football, jump in a pool, watch or go to a game, etc. That’s just the way I am. I don’t like to be around MESS. Life is too short for that. I like being around people who I love and who love me. My father has no idea who I am anymore because although we get along, we don’t have in-depth conversations. The last time I spoke to him about something that really mattered to me was last week dealing with Dezmon, and it was him who made me realize forgiveness and facts. Maybe we need to talk more because hearing my father say the things he did last night about me is saddening. My parents raised a good daughter, with high morals and even tougher confidence. My self-esteem is off the charts to borderline cocky. Sometimes I walk around like my sh!t don’t stink. I think my dad is extremely loving, caring, but very overprotective. Watching this episode has made me realize as much as my mother and I have Mommy-Daughter days every month, I need to do the same with him. He knows I’m a great mother and to hear him be worried about men in my life is disturbing. All these years we have lost because we didn’t know how to communicate with each other. The LAST THING he has to concerned about is Braylon. Braylon is happy for a reason. He is loved and he has a strong foundation of family. My dad and I should be able to agree to disagree. I know my son’s wants and his needs and I also know what he should and shouldn’t see. Braylon is my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Always has been and always will be till the day I die…and even then I’ll hold him from Heaven.

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  1. JaJaCity says:


    I was just starting to like you. You seemed like the only person on the show, other than Jen and Keysha who held a decent head on their body. This last episode however, I was sooooo embarrassed for you…the falling on the sidewalk, the crying, especially in light of what has happened with Dezmon and his ex (and who knows who else) over the past few weeks. You say that you have a high self esteem but your actions say otherwise. Anyone who can tolerate that behavior from a man who you are not even married to yet, is really lacking in the self esteem department. Honey, what you are going through now is NOT going to get any better. A man who proves himself dishonest at the beginning of a relationship, after marriage he will only get worse. I just hope that you can soon get rid of that baggage so that I along with other women can respect you again.

  2. JaJaCity says:

    And by the way, I think your father is wonderful and you are very blessed to have him. Please take his advice. You don’t think that he wants you to be happy? Of course he does…he wants the best for you and his grandson. Dezmon is just NOT THE MAN FOR YOU.

  3. ms lady says:

    I really like Royce but her statements are bs and she knows it. Your Dad spoke the truth I think you are in love with the fanasty of a relationship. Find a man your age thats ready to settle down and not to have fun.

  4. j-me says:

    Royce, you need to keep it real, a real women would of looked her father in the eye and say “Dad i hope you r wrong, i love him and we riden” anything ,but fall to the ground and start “hic-up” crying. You proved your father right, if you want to “play” do that, but this man has a newborn baby. You have a toddler son, these years go quick, enjoy them, instead of “looking” so deep into your realtionship, and defending it.

  5. sosad says:

    Royce. Remember your father’s words. You have a son and you will know in time that a 23 year old man is not mature enough to engage in the type of relationship you need and want. You need a man who will have an imprint of a good relationship and who is ready to it. Your boyfriend is neither. He is still growing and he is in an industry that does not encourage mature sexual behavior. You are trying to ignore facts to create a fantasy. A man does not tell you in words that he loves you he shows you by his deeds. I wish the best for you but in this case Father Knows Best.

  6. Danie says:

    I can see what you are saying Royce. Your relationship decisions w/ Dezmon are yours and other ppl can’t tell you what to forgive the person you love for. However, when your Dad was mentioning your son, he was seeing it from an outside perspective, and a GOOD, LOVING one at that. He’s not “in love” w/ Dezmon so he doesn’t have those blinders on. One thing mothers/fathers don’t want to hear is advice on raising their child, but it does take a village. Everyone looks at it as someone looking down on you as a parent, but your father is only looking out for his grandchild. What if you do break up w/ Dezmon and next year Braylon sees you kissing another guy or he has another adult male to play with only for 6-8 months?? Maybe your father just wants as few guys around your son as possible until you’re engaged/married b/c he is so young.

    Just look at his perspective as your dad.


    Royce, I understand how you feel, you are in love so just let it be that enjoy the moment do not think to far into the future. I use to do that a lot and still today it hasn’t got me anywhere.

  8. Lala says:

    You honestly need to spend time alone instead of being in love with love. 2 1/2 years is not a long time to be single, especially when you have a son. don’t say you was faking love with past relationships like come on now. Your just like Kim K with these men, not many african american woman can say they have their fathers in their life! you do! if he is giving you advice and worried about your son, you need to wipe the tears and stop talking and listen. stop chasing after young guys that only wants one thing! he embarrassed you in public once, isn’t that enough to show you that you deserve better ? seriously get it together. i hate when females say they don’t have any girl friends cause they all filled with drama, thats completely false! your obviously looking in the wrong places for friends. the reason why your always getting hurt is because you have no females in your life to relate to nor talk to, PLEASE GROW UP, YOU HAVE A SON !!!

  9. Trinity says:

    Wow. Ok, I still think that at the end of the day, Royce is grown & will do what he wants. I don’t see anything wrong with dating or being in relationships. That’s how you find out what you THINK you want & what you really NEED. I do think that the age difference may be an issue. This young man is just starting his life/career. Royce is older, has a career & a child. My main concern about Dezmond is this–you leave your pregnant whatever she was & strike up a relationship with another woman during her pregnancy!! What kinda message is that sending?! I would be hesitant & think what would he do if Royce was pregnant? Plus, he’s a liar. I hate to say it, but he is. He would have kept texting her w/o Royce knowing. Plus, who knows if he’s slept with her again or not! Royce, slow it down. Listen to your daddy. When ppl show you who they are, believe them.

  10. lili says:

    she’s pathetic and needy.

  11. cindy says:

    I know you are a strong willed woman, but you are not thinking clearly…..Others see it but they dont love you enough to say anything….Your father is right! No one wants to be alone….But for three seasons we have heard you profess your unconditional love for three different men. And if he loves you now, he will love you next year this time…..But in reality Royce, Dez is too young to commit to a mature woman like you….Guaranteed, that 20 something year old man will change his mind and realize he was too young to commit the rest of his life to a woman. Love is hard and it hurts….YOU WILL REGRET not listening to your dad. He has obviously loved you all your life….Ask two of your girlfriends to give you their honest opinion….You need a mature man that can give you the stability you obviously yearn for lady….

  12. Hotmommy says:

    I agee with ms. lady! Plus that (so called boyfriend) may have messed around on her and he is YOUNG!!! Fine, but young!

  13. Itsoktolisten says:

    Royce, I really hope you read the blogs, they are giving great advice just as your Dad gave you.
    I had my dad in my life and he’s gone now… (heaven) I miss him so much, I wish he could give me some additional advice and I’m in my 40′s… Take heed and listen..

  14. Yvonne says:


    Your Daddy is correct. Last year, you sent a picture via Twitter showing your son sleeping in bed with your LAST boyfriend. Now, you want to LIE to your Dad and tell him you don’t kiss any of those random men in front of your son? P-L-EEZE!!!!!! You do act pretty clingy & desperate. The sex scene on the rooftop a couple of episodes ago with the new boyfriend was a bit much.

  15. C.Hill says:

    Royce, you made this entire week about you. That’s so unlike you. I really read your blog to hear what your thoughts are about your other cast mates. Please stop talking about Dezmon ugh. If you think he is the one then Jesus isn’t real and I know he is.

  16. SSUNSHINE says:

    blah,blah,blah! This show bores me

  17. lylalynn says:

    Royce I like you then I dont, and so on. I guess you have moments that I can get down with, but overall you seem like an okay person. You are a person that I hope things really work out for. Unlike Evelyn and Gloria where deep inside I waiting for karma to get them because they have done wrong to others or act like they are so better. I guess we can tell that in a certain light you have been sheltered or some of the arrogance that you have comes from your high confidence. I agree that you have to do what you think is right for you, I’m hoping that you are right , Im hoping that (nigga) can act right, he cant be better words until he proves himself. But I guess everyone is hearing you say marriage alot, and I beleive that people are just wanting you to slow it down a tad bit. Its great that you are in love, but yall have time so dont rush it. He knows you are happy know but he doesnt know long about long term, of course no one does. He probably doesnt want to get his hopes up then something happens. You have to give him time. I also have both my parents and they are old school, and things are tough, im not married yet and do not like bringing boyfriends home till it is serious. Anyways, best of luck Royce, these guys these days is tricky

  18. kai says:

    One more thing……To say your father doesn’t understand or know you, is like saying you don’t know or understand your son……..Now how much sense does that make? Your father has known you all your life. Parents know their children. I know people, women…we all make mistakes, but I hate to see any woman setting herself up to fail……all because you want to prove that you have this fantasy love with this boy, and because you think “one day everybody will see”. Hmp, hmp, hmp! Dezmon is just a big boy!

  19. Team #Royce says:

    Double R….I can tell your dad really really loves & cares about you, otherwise he wouldn’t bother with the “speech”. Listen to his words for a moment – exclude the fact that you think he’s always treating you like a child – and I guarantee you will hear the wisdom. A lot of people have criticized you for being overly emotional on the last episode; but I get it. You felt that the one man in your life who should truly know you, had a tarnished perspective of you. However, I’m glad you realized that can be improved through time spent together and communication. Good luck doll, as always I am rooting for you. I pray it works out with DezBris; but on the off chance it doesn’t…you know what they say…”tis better to have loved & lost”… etc etc etc. One Love.

  20. AnneFL says:

    Royce, you are my fav bbw since season 1. I think you seem like a fun girl and I like your no BS mentality. You seem to give people the benefit of the doubt and that shows you have heart. Dezmon seems like a good guy but if he strays then drop him. As of now, it was just a couple of texts (which we have ALL done! ) Keep your head up! I wish you the absolute best!!!!!!!!

  21. Herma says:

    So much great advice here.Listen to them.Keep an open mind,most of all put it into the hands of GOD.If we live according to the instructions of the BIBLE we can NEVER go wrong.I tell this to my daughter and nieces all the time…Disobedience brings pain and suffering.I really do believe when a person shows you who they are …believe them…I believed it the day I heard it come out of Tyler Perry’s mouth,though I think Maya Angelou initially said it.

    Your father loves you very much and he has some valid concerns…Some of his concerns are a result of your past choices and behavior…You can’t blame him for that.Be thankful you have someone who loves you enough to tell you like it is.Someone commented that you had another man in bed with your son other than Dezmon.Royce if that is so,you are already on the wrong track and in denial about whether your actions are in the best interest of the child.Are you really saying that this other person that you were crying wolf with was good enough to cuddle with your son…You are engaged in a custody matter aren’t you….This information WILL NOT help you.

    I like you A LOT and I do believe that you are in love,but good sense should prevail…proceed with caution.If you were constantly crying wolf…Royce it means you can’t be alone and you’re needy.THAT is the truth whether you believe it or not.I also means that your SELF ESTEEM IS NOT where it should be..[you're lying to yourself]…I know this because I used to be you!!!

  22. Lola Falana says:


    Since Season 1, you have been my favorite. I like your authenticity, and I’ve enjoyed watching you mature as the seasons have progressed. I also enjoy the way you call it like you see it without bowing down to peer pressure and without trying to fit in with “the Circle” (why grown women with any type of class, integrity, strength and common sense would want to fit in with that “circle” of ignorant hyenas has ALWAYS been beyond me, but…whatever. To each his own).

    In short, I REALLY like you.

    But I have to keep it real and honestly say that I think you would benefit from some therapy when it comes to your romantic relationships. You’ve said more than once that you CAN be alone, but you don’t LIKE it. That basically means that you CANNOT be alone. Every human being has a desire for companionship, but, if one does not take the time to learn to TRULY be happy alone, they will never truly attract a healthy relationship.

    I have one of those “old-school,” overprotective Fathers myself. Despite the fact that I often fought and disagreed with him over his opinions — particularly when it came to my choice of mate — as much as I hate to admit it, I DO have to admit that he was RIGHT 95% of the time (o.k., 98% of the time. I won’t tell HIM that, though. He already thinks he knows everything anyway. LOL). Your Father loves you, and he has your best interests at heart. The recent drama you’ve gone through with Dezmon should be a sign that your Father knows what he’s talking about. Dezmon may be a good guy, but he’s VERY young. And he’s in a business with tons of temptation. One thing my Dad used to always say to me is, “Things usually END the way they START off. If it’s STARTING off bad or with some drama….it usually ends that way.” Another thing he used to say is, “I don’t know why these young girls these days just don’t get it with these fools they’re choosing to marry or have babies with. If the man is kickin’ your ass when you’re datin’ him….he’s gonna kick your ass AFTER!! If the man is cheatin’ on you when you’re datin’ him….he’s gonna cheat on your ass AFTER!! The courtship phase is when a man is on his BEST behavior. Men usually show and sometimes even tell these women who they are in the BEGINNING! Why do these women want to cry AFTER??!!”

    I know it sounds simplistic, but it is pretty good advice. I don’t judge your choices. I just wish you’d step back a little from the relationship stuff and TRULY work on learning to love yourself first. Then the man God has planned for you will come. Have faith.

    I’m rooting for you.

  23. Meljam says:

    Wow!! I cannot believe some of this stuff I am reading. Who the hell are all you people to judge Royce?
    Royce please do you!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating guys or having 4 boyfriend by the time you are 30. Damn!! Some women go through 4 boyfriends in a year. What I see is that you respect your father but you want to make your own decisions. There is nothing wrong with that. I find it funny to read all this stuff on here with people telling you how to live your life. As for you and Dezmon, girl you look radiant…not happy but radiant. Whatever he is doing for you, let him keep it up.

  24. Fayette Brewer says:

    I have just watched the last episode of Basketball Wives, with you and your dad. I have a piece of advise for you. Stop asking for your Dad’s approval of your relationships. In fact stop telling him anything about your relationships. You are a grown woman and you need to handle your business without telling him anything. I am a Daddy’s girl and he was definitely ole school, but he allowed me to be the woman I needed to be. I know you love your dad, believe me I know, but I did not tell him anything about my relationships until I wanted him to know. He needs to let you live your life and you need to stop looking for his approval. Love him but love yourself as well.

  25. Fayette Brewer says:

    continued: God is the ultimate matchmaker. You may think Dezmon is the one, but love yourself first and your son. I am a single mother and my daughter is now 40 years old. One thing I refused to do was bring a man to my home when my daughter was there. No man stayed overnight and affection was only displayed as a kiss on the cheek in front of her. I know you want Love, we all do, but we must learn to love ourselves first, before we can expect someone else to love us. I am now 64 years old, I have never been married and find that I am probably happier than most women who are married or are in relationships. I love my freedom and I love the LORD above all. I realized unless he chooses the man for me,then I would surely mess it up trying to find the right man for myself. Let GOD baby and let go. Raise your son, love him,nurture him and believe me GOD will send you the man you need not the one you just want or think you want. We all want love, but sometimes we aren’t the best at finding it. Think about it! I’m just saying.

  26. Whatever People says:

    Royce ignore the people posting on this blog who THINK they know about YOUR relationship. However DO NOT ignore your dad. Yes he may be old school BUT he knows how to have an keep a long-lasting relationship. That speaks volumes old school or not.

    Many times the best advice comes from a MAN because they know how each other think. DON’T ignore it.

    Younger man? What younger man? You and Desmond look almost the same age lol.

    As far as Desmond goes keep both eyes and ears open. Don’t get blinded by obvious signs. Proceed with caution.

  27. sam says:

    Very well said Royce. I am not saying your relationship is good, bad, or indifferent, because that is no one’s business but your own. It is very easy for people to sit behind their computers and give all this valuable advice. however, I learned a long time ago with relationships, those who can do and those who can’t sit back and tell you everything that is wrong with your relationship. I say enjoy your son, enjoy your life and anything that comes around you and make you smile as much as you have been smiling on the show is just a little added bonus. I wish you well:)

  28. LisaRay says:

    Royce when you mentioned the guy you had been with for 8 yrs cheating on you. I totally get that. Mine didn’t cheat but I loved him whole heartedly. He started hanging with the wrong people and ended up using drugs. His college football career was destroyed and so was our relationship. Like you I have often thought what if….Even after being married twice and divorced twice I still wonder that. With that being said don’ t let that be you when it comes to Dezmon. You and only you can make the decision to stay or go. I know the episodes were aired before you found out his betrayal.
    I am also a relationship girl I can’t date more than one person at a time either. My parents are both old school and I think I get that from the way they raised me. Some people are relationship types and some are not it doesn’t mean you cann’t be without a man. You will always be no matter how old you get daddy’s little girl, he will always have something to say whether you agree or not, Trust me I have one too but he loves you and he only wants the best he doesn’t want you hurt he only wants to see you happy. Always listen to his advice and take it for what its worth. It doesn’t neccessarily mean you agree. But he means well.
    As for Dezmon only you know what to do….if you decide to give him another chance you know there will be those who call you a fool. But what woman hasn’t been at some point. But ignore those people if he truly the person you want to be with. If you don’t take him back and realize he is not the one for you there IS ONE OUT THERE that GOD made only for you and can’t no one else have him. it took 2 short marriages & divorces for me to figure that out..and when I did he showed up and showed out in my life and we have been happily married for 19 yrs Yes my first 2 were when I was young and dumb and thought I knew everything, Thank God at 25 I got some sense and God sent my husband. Stay strong and drama free Royce and do you!

  29. Monique says:

    Royce you are a beautiful, intelligent & talented young woman. You can be in a relationship witout getting too serious. Your Dad is right about taking your time sweetheart. He’s telling you from a mans’ point of view. After things calm down. You & your Dad should spend some one on one quality time together. Talk to him about your feelings. When you guys where talking you where on an emotional rollercoaster. Take what you feel for Dezmon out of the equation & really listen to what your Dad is telling you. You really have to be careful, because your son has a Dad who wants him to live with him as much as you want him with you. Not saying you shouldn’t be in a relationship, but just be mature how you handel things espcialy publicly. Read STEVE HARVERY’S BOOK ACT LIKE A LADY THINK LIKE A MAN. There are so great points in that book. Your Fans Love you….

  30. Truth Serum says:

    When I was growing up, I was always told that a hard head makes a soft behind. Royce, you seem like the type that can’t take constructive criticism even from those that love. One thing is for sure, nobody knows anything beyond what they see. You just mentioned a failed relationship as far back as college. To me it seems like your father knows exactly what he’s talking about because he had to nurse you through that heartache as well as others. As women we always try to justify our behavior when it comes to a man we want to be with. Unfortunately, many times the desire for a relationship and family does cloud our better judgement and renders us emotionally dumb. We sometimes do things in the name of love, with a selfish undertone and claim it’s the best thing for the children as well as ourselves. We become repeat offenders chasing the idea of love only to find ourselves in a vicious cycle of disappointment that affects the children too. You keep talking about how many guys you’ve dated like that justifies the behavior. You compare what is going on now to what your parents did back in the day. The world was different back then. Women were virgins when they got married back then. Your mind seems made up and hopefully things work out for you, but I think that having a father like that is a blessing.

  31. lolilea3 says:

    Nice blog. Honest and relatable. Set the bar high for how you want to be treated. You don’t need a cheater. Cheating is a choice, not a mistake.

  32. lili says:

    Tami is such a bully. A horrible example to young children especially her daughters. She is fighting with kesha knowing kesha will not fight back, how ridicules is that. Tami girl, dont dish it if you cant take it.

  33. Yolanda says:

    I respect you for this conversation that you are having now. I love that you are stepping back and looking at it from a different prospective. Your dad is smart and has been in this world for a long time and he sees and knows things that you are not even aware of at your age. Keep an open mind when it comes to your dads advice……stay strong

  34. Yolanda says:

    In reference to Royce crying and falling down, I guess since some of you women dont have a father and dont know how important it is to have your father respect, would respond in a rude way. Say they dont understand why she is crying, bc she is hurt that her father doesnt believe that she is putting her son first. That is hurtful bc if anyone knows her it should be her father and for him to question that hurts. Its plain to a person that has a father her reaction. We all have to find our own way, that doesnt mean that we will do everything our parents want us to do. Royce is going thru life and her father needs to continue to give his opinion but not question her morals and character. He needs to believe in his own parenting and belive that they have raised a great daughter. Just look at how she is carrying herself. Keep your head up Royce

  35. marty says:

    Oh Royce. Girl, you need to get out of YOUR OWN WAY! You keep tripping and falling down all over your OWN self! Keep in mind that your Father is a MAN before anything else. So therefore, I’m sure he has better understanding of how the male psyche works, just as you have better understanding of how the female psyche works. In some areas, you are indeed a strong girl, but in this one area, you appear to be too anxious and weak. I am still cringing over your “rooftop” rendevous. That was so unecessary for US to see, and I felt so embarrassed for you. That was something that the camera’s should NOT have been there for. Of COURSE your Father wants you AND your son to be happy, but this guy is YOUNG! He still has a LOT to get out of his system, and no, I do not think you two are on the same page due to that. What is the rush? If this guy is the one, then he will BE the one, today and 5 years from now. SLOW YOUR ROLL, and I BET you will eventually be happy you did because that is the ONLY way you two are going to truly get to know each other! Remember the saying: “Either you ‘is’, or either you ‘ain’t’ my baby! STOP being scared to find out Royce.

  36. lanaJade says:

    Royce always remeber that just as you know what is best for your chid your father knows what is best for you. We sometimes forget that even when we get grown we still need direction and guidence throughout our adult years as well. I say this because my father had a stern talking to me regarding how I was and what I was doing. I felt he didn’t have much to say since his contributions weren’t so strong throughout my teen years. Even though I didn’t understand what he was saying at the time I know look back and realize that it was a lot of truthful insight there that only a parent knows the child needs. The parent knows what they did or didn’t give their child emotionally growing up so they have to cater to that in the dicsipline fashion they know best. At the end of the daymy father was right on some levels and he schooled me when he told me about myself how to chnage it. I wish I could tell him thank you for that game changing lesson but he died a few months after. Build a better relationship with your father. family is everything and your dad is your sons main male figure right now until you settle. Dads know what boys need more than us women. Why you think a lot of these men aint right as of now? Thats because only a woman had her hand in his raising. You guys will be alright you guys have a good foundation under you. It just takes a lot of communication, open mindedness on both sides respect and understanding. as well as agreeing to disagree with love.

  37. CommonSense says:

    Royce, your dad treats you like a kid because you ACT LIKE A KID. I didn’t realize you had a kid until this last episode. If I had known before, I would have been crossed you off of my “nice” list. The way you’re acting is giving your son a nasty & trashy example of what a mother should be. You need to GROW UP. Children usually help make that happen, but seems like you need more motivation. Leave these little immature boys alone, and get a real man that will help you grow up. As long as you’re giving booty calls, you will always attract little boys. You should have learned from Ev. You are the pot calling the kettle black, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t understand you women. If reality tv & fame gotta cause me to act like that, and put my business out there like that, I’d leave it alone and stick with the “ordinary” life. Looking at ya’ll, I would NEVER want to be in your situation and I don’t care how much money I’m offered.

  38. keekee says:

    u really shouldnt belittle getting mammograms. nobody is immuned to breast cancer, royce

  39. Vanessa says:

    Ok All the abusive word to Royce is Clearly not needed,,, She has to really sit alone and fiqure this out.,., Yes every word her father said was TRUE,, But we All know we went through the same thing,,, Pressing her t leave this dude is only(sometimes) pushing ppl in this situation together,,, I understand what her father and what she is saying,, Royce my Lil’ Sista PRAY about the issue and Let God direct your path.,.,.,Keep Your Prays Up!!!!!!

  40. nicole says:

    That episode was something else. Girl you threw yourself on the ground on national television and cried like a child… Maybe that is why your father cannot take you seriously as an adult?

  41. OMG I am team Royce never judge a show by the producers. There is more to Royce than meets the eye. I am so proud of you , watching the show I never liked your attitude or the things that came out your mouth but guess what I never knew the whole story. Royce you are so talented you are more than the show BBW. Stay strong sis A good Man WILL come put it in God hands. YOU ARE A BLACK GIRL THAT ROCKS…………..ROCK ON SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. KJ says:

    Hey Royce… You are by far the coolest lil mama on “Basketball Wives” . I can definitely relate when it comes to drama. I don’t like and I don’t deal with it. I thrive on positivity and I see we are the same in that way. I know people may rag on your past but we all do things when we are younger that is why we have differnet stages in life. Not sure why people can’t get that through their heads.
    In regards to the last episode, I think that relationships should be handled they way you see fit. Even if other people, your dad included, have their own opinion about it. I think you have carried yourself very well and I see that your father’s comments were very harsh and hurtful and may have been better taken not in front of the camera to the world. I respect my elders but I do feel that was a bit much. Keep doing what you”re doing Royce positivity and happiness are everything. Thank GOD you are alive and for your son and keep it moving. Pray for direction and stop trying to please your Dad you are grown now. Respect his input and do want you feel necessary with the info he suggests. NOthing more nothing less, And tell him that you are his daughter respect that leave the low blows for those hatein’ ass “B-Dubs”… XOXO luv chica

  43. SC says:


  44. Dympiece26 says:

    Royce, I have to say I am torn between this one. On one side, I feel like you are a hopeless romantic (like myself) and are in love with being in love and having the fairytale. Unfortunately life doesn’t always work that way. In regards to Dezmond, I don’t encourage dating someone younger than you especially a young up and coming football player. I had dated someone younger than me and being involved with him (because I thought I was “in love”) cost me my job, and I had to start all over. In all of this I had a child of my own to take care of. It isn’t worth it. Maybe you should continue dating D and just see how things go. See if anymore drama pops up between him and the mother of his child. Since you guys haven’t been dating that long and things are already coming up about him texting her etc..that isn’t a good sign. Someone else mentioned if but if you are starting a relationship off with lies, it will not get any better. You son is going to grow up one day and see the show and wonder about it. You are a decent person with some morals and a plan in life, focus on that and love, TRUE LOVE will come. In regards to your dad, at the end of the day when all the chips fall, when all the men break your heart, when all the fame and money is gone, your DAD (and mom of course) are the ones who will be ALWAYS be there. Your father does know you. He has seen you at your worst and your best. He is someone on the outside looking in with a knowledge of you. You have to make your decision on your own and have to live with the consequences, but your dad is supposed to give his OPINION. Whether your take his ADVICE is another thing…Keep your head up for your son’s sake. Hope things work out for you.

  45. lisha3 says:

    i love you Royce ! you’ve been through alot but you still do what you have to do and you don’t get involved with the drama.

  46. Jen-KY says:

    So Royce needs to realize that her Dad is just looking out for her, her new man is so young and just getting into Hollywoood, if he did it to the baby mama, what makes you so sure he won’t do it to you ??? !! Open your eyes Royce and please find a new pose ,that ones old !!

  47. SHUGA says:

    Can someone please post a link or something cuz im lost as hell when it comes to Royce and Dezmon relationship drama. The episodes dont show much cuz i havent missed one n im clueless bout what you guys are saying.

  48. FORMER ROYCE FAN says:

    SMH…. Still in denial and caught up in nonsense. The only youngster you should be focused on is YOUR SON. This guy has publicly humiliated you and you still publicly proclaim your love for him. What example is that for you son?? It has been said and I’ll say it again…. This guy is a professional athlete AND VERY young, bad bad combination. Add to that he’s either been cheating or was trying to cheat. The fact that you still want that for yourself and your son proves you have ZERO self esteem.

  49. CHERISE says:

    Royce, I don’t know where to begin honey. I found it very difficult to watch you with your dad. Not because of the emotions involved, but more so because of your behavior. How do you expect your father to treat you like an adult when you act so childish? Instead of being on the defensive with someone who clearly loves you, you should listen. I don’t think ANY father wants to form a negative opinion about his child especially his daughter. Your track record suggest this is the opinion we (as well as your dad) should form of you. I don’t think he was trying to imply that you were loose or easy, I think what he was trying to get across to you is this “Every man you deal with does not have to be around your child”. I am newley divorced, and I love to have fun, but fun stops at my threshold and when I walk through that door I am someones mother. You are no longer in a position to behave how you do, you gave that right up when you decided to become a mother. Do you! Have fun! Enjoy Life! But keep those two worlds seperated until you’re certain they will mesh well together.

  50. Tammy says:

    This is my first time blogging but I had to make a comment.

    Royce Reed does not owe not a mortal soul on this earth an explanations for any of her actions with who ever she dates, sleeps with or have a relationship with. At the end of the day, the only one taht is going to judge her is the Lord up above. Regarding her son, NONE of us knows Royce Reed personally nevertheless, she seems like an excellent mother who actually is trying to make a future for him by trying to find a job and not traveling to Tahiti and other places to eventually make a complete fool of themselves. I am a hopless romantic so I can see why Royce is trying to find love. And yes perhaps, at times, she may come on strong however, that is how some people find love. They win some and then they leave some. For people to be commenting about her getting pregnant again or and STD is ridiculous. I don’t think it is none of our business wheather Royce Reed have or do not unprotected sex. Again, that is her business and only she would have to face whatever consequences that comes her way as a result. Regarding Royce’s father, in my personal opinion, although I am aware that this is a reality show. Those comments he made, although valid to him, should not been made on national tv. Again, I am aware that this is a reality show but everything they do is not actually taped. They are taped between a certain time frame. So, I think if he felt that way about his daughter, that wasn’t the time an place to have that discussion. He made his daughter sound like an unfit parent who go around sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry. II will say that I think that Royce needs to stop talking her business to her father and realize that she is a grown woman who don’t owe anybody an explanation. STOP TELLING YOUR FATHER YOUR BUSINESS!!! I felt that Royce is suppose to have respect for her father but he rfather is suppose to have respect for her also (it is in the bible) Live your life and if your happy, that is the only thing counts at the end. I think you are one of the best “wive” on the show. I admire you ability to stay out from drama and your hunger for wanting to have a better life for you and your son. Can’t wait to see you on the reunion show.

  51. Kymmie says:

    I’m surprised that you allowed cameras to film that touching moment between you and your father. When the conversation started to go left, the cameras should have stopped taping. Oh well, now the world knows your father doesn’t trust your choices. As adults, we like to believe we don’t need approval from anyone. That we do what we want when it comes down to being happy. Truth is, we do want the approval of a mate from those we love the most. We want them to love our mate if only for the sake of family gatherings and to make our mate feel comfortable. Let’s face it, as long as you and your mate are happy with one another, that is ALL THAT COUNTS! You can’t make your father agree with you and your choices. I have overprotective parents and brothers!! It was EXTREMELY hard to date for me during the time I was “seeking their approval”. My brothers ran off several guys. No one was good enough for me and something was wrong with every guy that I allowed them to meet. Once I met and fell in love with my soulmate, I didn’t care if they would like him or not. It was about the 2 of us. We have been together for nearly 15 yrs!!! My brothers calls and hangs out with him more than they do with me. And he’s referred to as “son” by my parents. Stand your ground, your father will come around. If not, enjoy your time with your chosen mate and bask in your happiness.

    Basically, do you Royce! Although the approval or suport of your family is important to you, you can’t and won’t please everyone. Your father has to let go at some point. And really, he’s using your son as an excuse to try and control you and your relationships. EVERYONE has heartache while dating (and married couples). As long as you date or is married, you’ll have some trying times. He can’t protect always you nor should he try to control your life.

  52. Lovely says:

    Royce, you are lovely and enjoy having your comments and love the fact you made up with Jennifer Williams… Like some might have mentioned, you never have to explain yourself… You are not just a mother, you are a woman who needs to find a good man or woman to love you too, and now that you have found it with Desmon, I just wish you all the best and may this relationship last as long as your parents are going strong… Enjoy it, life is short!

  53. djoy says:


    I enjoy your blogs…this recent episode was interested….it was hard to watch….like you my father is over protective and hated my last boyfriend. initially i was resistive to his findings but as time went on my father was right…therefore please take your fathers advise in this case, Dezmond is not for you…first off he is too young and he is definately not ready to settle down…the fact that his baby’s mother had so much to say…if I were you I would run…Royce I admire you alot and hope you will make the right choice…I will be praying that God will send you the man that you deserve…bc you have a good heart…best wishes.

  54. KayDee says:

    Hey SHUGA, if you get a chance to read this comment, a few weeks ago, Royce’s boyfriend Dezmon was caught sending inappropriate text messages to other women. One of the other women is his ex girlfriend (and his child’s mother), who approached Royce on Twitter and showed her evidence of the explicit text messages that Dezmon had sent to her. Basically, in the text messages Dezmon told his ex that he wanted to sleep with her, among other things. He also sent a shirtless picture of himself to another girl. Initially, Royce didn’t believe Dezmon’s ex, but he finally came forward and admitted that he had sent the text messages and that everything was true. It was all over the internet- a quick google search will get you up to date. Hope this helps :)

  55. Laquanda says:

    Royce. Continue to do what you do. You are a blessed person and never let anyone tell you differently. Keep doing you girl.

  56. LisaJay says:

    Royce, I have to say I really enjoy your truthful blogs!! I do understand what your father is saying only because mine probably would have said the same if he was still alive. You seem to really come from the same type of upbringing as I did so I can relate. I was super nice to watch a bbw shows without your certain castmates acting a fool. Im actually dreading to watch next weeks as I read what happened to Keisha. Plus what Im reading about the reunion and castmates refusing to attend because of Jenn, Im alittle floored. I mean really is the childishness ever gonna stop. But anywho….thank you for sharing your really personal moments with your father. Good luck with Dezmon.

  57. mee says:

    A parents job is to tell his or her child the truth regardless of what is going on. An old school dad is not subtle with his words, he doesn’t try to sugar coat it and that was what we saw happen on the episode. Her father told her exactly how he felt and there is truth to it. He is a father who loves his daughter and doesn’t care for material things. He knows Royce can do better and doesn’t want her to rush it. As an old school dad and a realistic one he knows Royce is looking for love in the wrong places. Ex why go for a guy that is way younger than you? i mean how long will it really last. On Royce’s part it will be a lil embracing but it is actually a lesson for those watching from the outside. A parents job is not to deceive their child but to lead them to the right part. Am sure her mother would have told her exactly the same thing but in a more subtle way that would not have brought her to tears. We should know better than to introduce any tom dick and jerry that comes into our life to our parents/father. Its not a good look at all. Fathers want to see their daughters as innocent and when you keep introducing these different men every few months how do u want them to take u? Do your dating outside when that guy comes along who is worth meeting ur parents/father comes along and has made a commitment now that is the guy to introduce to your father.

  58. Patty says:

    This was one of my favorite shows and now I refuse to watch it and I am encouraging everyone I know to boycott this adult mean girl show. I am not gonna watch the spin off Evelyn and Chad. I know he is “keeping it real”, I guess, but the way he talks to her, I can’t stand it don’t care how much money he has it is disrespectful and i will not watch. Also until Evelyn stops jumping across tables like an animal, i won’t watch again. Why do you, VH1, think our teenagers and young adults act the way they do its because of show such as basketball wives where old adults act a plain fool. Jennifer’s lawsuit did not ruin this show, the stupid fist fights, weave pulling, drinking is what put this good idea of a show deep in the gutter. FYI, I am a grandmother in my 60′s and there has got to be a better way to hold an audience.

  59. Reeree says:

    Royce, & any other woman that reads these blogs, DON’T BE A FOOL FOR A MAN, ESPECIALLY ONE YOU BARELY KNOW! Royce, why are you giving this man the best of you, when he has not done the same for you!! He has shown you whlo he is, but you are one of those women who believes “through love, you can change this man”. Now, to stay with him says to him “She will stay with me if I disrepect her. I just have to front a few tears and smooth words and have a few friends support, and I cat continure to dog her out! Royce, that is not love for you! You deserve so much better! Good love takes a while, but you have to be prepared for it to come. Right now, you are allowing him to block your blessing! One more thing, now the scandalous women out there know he is easy bait. Think you had trouble with him, stand by!

  60. Darnita says:

    Dezmon is probably a really fun and nice young man. He is cute and right now he has a job. He maybe smooth and a decent lover. He may be all those things, but he is not marriage material. He’s a liar, immature, unable to honestly handle the “permanent” relationship with the mother of his child. He disrespects women who love or have once loved him. He doen’t understand boundaries and still trying to be a “slick negotiator” but apparently unssuccessful at that. He is all these things too. Now Royce if you can live with that, you go girl!!!! Because you are not going to be the one to change him. Think about it. Is that what you want for your life?

  61. Antoinette Everett says:

    Character like Royce provide the only real texture in the entire series for me. Actually, for me, Royce is the realest and the one most worth watching because she seems truly human in front of the camera. I absolutely LOVED the heart to heart with her father. After the age of twelve, my own paternal relationship fell to ashes so I really enjoyed feeling like the fly on the wall witnessing a real African-American father-daughter relationship. I thought it was very geniuine and sincere, and admire the courage it took to allow us to witness that even though clearly it wasn’t all fairytale and perfect. That’s what made it so real, and very touching. I understood the point of view of her father as a patriarch feeling responsible for her welfare and that of his grandson, and I also understood Royce’s feelings as a woman needing to be loved. So bravo! We need more of that and less of Evelyn’s disgraceful outbursts of degradation and violence while the rest of the lame flunky cast stands either cheerleading or feigning indifference.

  62. Lizza says:

    Royce lives YOUR life and enjoys Dezmon or whomever you choose to be with, but at this time of your life if you are ready to be in a commitment and honest relationship….. Dezmon is not the guy for you RIGHT NOW maybe later in his life but NOT right now and this is not his fault, Dezmon is too young he hasn’t lived enough he does not even know how to have a respect relationship with his ex (baby mom) a mature man would think and behave differently even if his ex is being difficult, you have a baby daddy would you behave the same way… HELL NO because you know better but Dezmon doest at this time of his life.

  63. Shstarlight says:

    Royce, honey I saw those texts that she sent you and I understand how hurt you are. Pray on this situation, God hears you and he will help you with this situation. Don’t respond back to her just put it in God’s hands. Listen to your daddy, he’s not being ugly, he’s telling you the truth. You have to be careful with these men, I’ve been through a situation myself not long ago and I just put it in God’s hands. Stay strong.

  64. Shstarlight says:

    Royce, read your blogs carefully, there’s alot of good advice. As I read those texts that were sent to you, I said “no, she don’t need to be involved with him”. He not right girl, you can do better and next time, take it real slow, don’t give the next man nothing. Dezmon something else though, I see more problems with him and God letting you know that too.

  65. A father's Love Is Priceless says:

    Royce, you are blessed to have your father. We are never too old to learn from our parents. Enjoy your father while he is with you. Respect your father’s advice, because he is more interested in the happiness and safety of your child, which should be your top priority as well. I can understand why your father is concerned about your life. I don’t see it as him being over protective, I see as real love for his daughter and grandson. You have the right as a grown woman to make your decisions, but it is not just your happiness that you are responsible for now, you have a son. Every mistake you make, while your son is under your roof, will directly touch his life too. Because if his mother is unhappy, your son will be smart enough to know it. There is no way around it. When you are happy, he will be happy too. But, if I were you, I would slow down on the relatiionship front, focus on the legal battle between you and your son’s father. You do not want to do anything to jeopardize this legal battle. It is obvious Royce, you are head over hill for this young man, which I find rather unhealthy, since his untrustworthiness deeds. But, you are the decision maker,so I encourage you to keep you mind, eyes, ears, and heart open.

  66. Elaine says:

    @A father’s Love Is Priceless___ OMG! I wish I had my father. I wish I could hear his voice once again. I wish I could touch him once again. Royce, love your father. Your parents see so many things in our life, that we just do not see, when we let our heart take over our emotions and realitry.

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the dicsussion between you and your father. This was the best episode of BBW to date. A man knows a man, when he see one. Your father’s love for you and his grandson is like a precious jewel. Your parents will be there for you, when the men that we love has come and gone.

    Royce, please think about your son. Put your son first. His wellbeing is very important. Your boyfriend appear to have put his son first, this is why he said he txt”d those disrespectful messages to his ex.

    Wake up Rouyce, shake off the dream, and face reality for what it is.

  67. Toni says:

    @Tammy May 2, 2012, Thank you for that. You are so right about everything you wrote, Thank you and I do appreciate it. It’s same on how I feel, and I like Royce she is nice, she is nice to people and love how she is doing her thing, I just love it. Thank you for the comments, it’s so true. I have a daughter who’s 31, she doesn’t act like these ladies at all, and when I see how they act with eachother, even back then when they treated Royce so vile, it was disgusting to watch, so I am glad that Royce is not going to the trip and glad she is in the play, I saw it long ago, glad she’s on. Best of Luck Royce, you deserve the best of everything.

    We love you Royce for the woman you are, a nice woman.

  68. stability says:

    I’m still waiting for the blog where you end your relationship with desmond and consider this situation a lesson learned. Not many of us can have our lives recorded and replayed to see what really took place. If there was an electronic trailer for my life, I think my mistakes would have been remedied a lot sooner. Desmond’s body language is so vivid and he has not been trained to be a man. The wait alone for that will be babies born today into their teenage years. You’re being honest in this blog but not being honest with yourself. Watch and replay the Royce film a few more times. Form your opinion and start the healing. Please fix this. Very few times do the majority of the women agree on one topic on a blog. We’re all saying he’s not the one. That rarely happens.

  69. Dee says:

    Royce, i understand where you are coming from. Its really hard to hear your father say things about the man you love. I knew my father but he left my family when i was 5. By the time he tried to offer his advice, i didnt feel he earned the right to give it to me. Boy do i wish i took it, because i could have learned a lot from a mans perspective, especially my father because i know he is the one man that truly loves me. I am not saying the Dez doesnt, but he is off to a rocky start. I am a baby momma and i know for sure that if i allowed my ex to sleep with me, he will in a heartbeat. i also know that when he fell in love with the right woman, the advances stopped. Hopefully Dez realizes that you are rare and that real love is not found in every woman. If he truly loves you, even your father could see it. Mine sure has in my husband. My father wasnt around for the most part of my life, but he definitely knew what he was talking about. Listen to your father, even if you choose your own path. Be aware. He only wants the best for his beautiful little girl. Your Mom probably feels the same way he does. ASK

  70. Choc says:

    I’ve noticed just how talented Royce is. She is an EXCELLENT dancer–I love her swagger. I also think Royce would be an excellent actress. I could see her in a reoccuring role in either a soap or a sitcom. You can also tell that she is well educated and she is someone who isn’t just sitting around collecting child support checks like Suzi or “riding on someone else’s shirtails” like Evelyn (using Chad, Cash Money, etc.) for relevance. She is also CUTE AS A BUTTON for Real–not fake and trashy like Evelyn.

  71. justsayin says:

    These women on TV fail to realize that all your moments are taped … even though you say your son did not see you with all these men, I am sure his friends at school remind him of it … truth be told, you were in your lingerie TWICE WITH TWO DIFF MEN ON TV … so your dad is driving somewhere with all this mess he calls your life … you posted a pic on twitter of your son and dezmon in bed sleeping like??? really?? whatever possessed you to do that!!! I applaud women like Cynthia Bailey, she shares only little on TV about her sex life BC of her daughter … Evlyn, i can see her getting away with it BC #1 shes marrying ol dude and #2 her daughter is old enough to understand whats going on .. I cant say the same about your son … Tami, heck she wont even show her dude on TV and thats another applause on that one. You have all got to remember that even if your kids dont watch the show, does not mean their friends at school aren’t, even cousins and family can become easily ashamed by your actions … hence you humping dezmon on TV!!!

  72. Idalis says:

    Royce, I really appreciate your decision to be drama-free and stay away from the backstabbing and catfighting that seems to be the central theme of this show. I know drama is what attracts viewers and keeps people talking, but most of the fighting is over nothing important and is so petty and embarrassing. I like you standing your ground with Tami and Suzi because they both work really hard to instigate the silliness and keep it going. I think your radar about each of these women is pretty dead on and I respect that you’re able to make your own decision about each. Stick to the realer issues – working through relationships with people you care about – and remain true to yourself and you’ll come out on top! All the best!

  73. Butterrose1 says:

    Royce I think you are a very nice young lady and you deserve to be happy. Your father should know when his liitle girl is happy. As a father he is not ready to let his little big Girl go. Be happy and make self happy. Because back in the days when your father was dating your mother her father may not wanted her to date him. Father have to let his little big Girl grow up and make her own mistake. Thats what life is all about. Learning your way. Also I am so glad you are not in with them other girls. All that fighting is for little girls with no directions. Keep up the good work.

  74. Butterrose1 says:

    Hi Royce, I agree with Lovely. Enjoy your life if you want to be with that young guy do so, because at the end of the day it is still your life and your decision. Father will always be father. I also agree with Kymmie, you cant please everyone.
    Nice pictures keep up the good work. :)

  75. Cuppie says:

    Royce I don’t care what anybody says, you are doing spectacular with your career and your personal life choices. The fact that you still communicate with your parents about your personal life rises above 90% of the Women of today. Keep yo head up keep it moving and never let anyone talk you out of happiness. Keep God first and you’ll be alright!

    The other comment is about BasketBall Wives Show in general, I cannot believe the Producers of this show is so Stupid they would allow Jen’s law suit affect whether the show goes on or not, they didn’t do anything when Evelyn sued Tammi, when Meeka sued Tammi, what the hell. Gees VH1 is a disgrace to television, I feel if they don’t continue to air the show none of the viewers should watch any of their shows.

  76. Miss M says:

    How old is Royce? I think she is old enough to make her own decisions without her fathers interference? Royce truly needs to decide if she is a little girl or a woman, she can’t be both! Here is a tip Royce your father needs to let go and allow you to have your own relationship and to make your own mistakes, Should you need advice and ask him for it, that is the only time he should have something to say unless he he believes your relationship could lead to danger of some kind, he needs to learn to zip his lips, and mind his own business. Not to mention your viewers are probably getting a little sick of seeing you act like act 10 year old!

  77. Shawn Mitchell says:

    No disrespect but Homie look like Rose from d Bulls

  78. Kimberley says:

    Royce, that was a very serious moment. I would have to agree with (Kymmie said 5/2/12). She hit the nail right on the head. Check out the movie “Courageous by Alex Kendrick” it is spiritual and it has its points about men. What not to look for and what to look for. Tell your dad that its okay that you honor him but the Bible also says “Parents DO NOT provoke your children to anger”. He should not be throwing your past in your face. Not all relationships lead to marriage but if you do not date you won’t have a marriage. Take your father off that pedestal and replace him with Jesus Christ. He won’t throw your past in your face, “he won’t leave you or forsake you even when your mother and father do he will pick you up”. Even Jesus knew they would cut-up.

  79. Darnita says:

    Royce, STRIKE TWO. Second time that Dezmon has publicly humiliated you. It’s not his fault. It’s all you. You allowed yourself to be put in that position, again. Yeah, go back to being just about YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to do that! If a brother says that “at times” you are too needy, listen to him! You’re too much! You couldn’t wait to fly back into his arms. He dissed you on TV, and then extended his arm and you were like “okay, walk on me again. I love it when you dog me” Hmp, hmp, hmp! OMG! You are not a confident woman. You need help. Fast!

  80. joy says:

    Ohhhh Royce! The dude is trying to tell you that he likes you and wants to be with you……just not all the time. Give him space so he can dog around town. Trust, you will hear that issue come up again and you are really not going to like it. He will be resentful toward you for taking up his time. Its going to be hurtful. THE FLAG IS RED! THE STOP SIGN IS HUGE! THE HURT IS MINOR, RIGHT NOW. LISTEN AND RECEIVE THE SIGNS. The TV world is yelling because they see you getting ready to walk right into a hole.

  81. penny says:

    i think ur great! i think ur dad was harsh, esp in front of ur man, but am hoping that he watches these episodes,and sees this for himself, which is better than anyone telling him. U keep doin what ur doin. u seem to be a great person, with a good head on ur shoulders, a beautiful face and body to match! Good gosh, with everything ur doing and have accomplished, ur love life really should be the smallest criticism. Ur part of the reason i like the show so much and admire the stance you’ve taken!

  82. That's It says:

    I’m not surprised that my last comment was deleted. The truth always hurts. People don’t like when you disagree with their madness. I am a grow woman and I have learned many relationship mistakes the hard way. I am so disappointed with the female representation on this show and I will not be blogging on this sight or watching anymore. Royce, I hope you grow up one day. While you’re doing you, don’t forget to do your son. Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie, no comment. This is not even entertaining anymore, it’s just dumb!

  83. Angela says:

    Royce your father is right, you are desperately seeking a man, and every time you turn around you are chasing yet another one. This young boy has one foot out the door and the other on your desperation. No one wants a woman who is crying and running every time she can’t have her way. Like a Child. Grow the hell up and stop making everyone else yawn, over your non existent strength. All you did this week was cry because you can’t handle the truth. I can’t believe you said you were Daddy’s Little Girl and Dezmon’s Woman. You should be Royce the Woman always. But definitely stop all that damn crying.

  84. KikaH says:

    Sometimes its best to listen to a parent. You dont have to agree but just listen. Take what they say – tuck some away for later and let go of the rest if you truly know it doesnt apply. Parents have an ability to see what we cant sometimes and years later we realize they were right. Another’s person’s perspective can be a blessing. Whether it be a parent, a sibling, a girlfriend, etc. Hey, look at Steve Harvey. It took his book to help a lot of us out : )

  85. C! says:

    I am so disgusted by Tammy’s behavior and she is one of my favorite characters. It is very unfortunate that her past keeps creeping up in her present actions. As adults we make choices every day and Tammy has made the choice to not be in control of her life. Really Tammy? you think reporting a person who has violated your body is a snitch? are you kidding me? Grown women should know how to keep their hands to themselves and suffer the consequences otherwise.

    She has this issue about people talking behind your back, really? Is she in highschool, she is constantly talking behind the girls back and yes in her defense she has no problem telling them to their face but who cares, the point and “her” point is that you did it. She is such a hypocrite…..People have opinions about others all the time and may or may not share it with them, soooooooo what, life goes on and if it bothers you have the conversation but if it is going to be a chaotic episode, what is the point? We do not want to see “angry black women” anymore.

    What type of message is she giving kids who watch this show? What she has been doing on this show is called bullying, she confronts the person with intentions of “getting to the bottom of it” and corners them with all of her outrage to the point where there is no point. She is just lashing out all of her hurt and pain from her past. And no one says anything because no one says anything to bullys to their face, its usually behind their back and they tip toe gingerly around them. Sound familiar? And as for keisha, who cares if she isnt from “yo hood”, its a shame that as a black women, you cannot accept diversity for what it is. We are all different and if someones actions/personality get on your nervers, control yourself. And by control yourself, I dont mean being passive agressive with your snide comments.

    We as black women come in different shades and just because a person speaks proper english does not mean they are “white”, the same for if you speak with a southern drawl does not mean you are ghetto; however Tammy, your actions lately have been pretty ghetto and you need to check yourself. How are you going to confront someone about disrespecting you with a whole lot of disrepect to that person and than be mad because they didnt appreciate it, really? baffoonery! And if Tammy thinks “getting down” is a sign of respect, get a life, Corporate America does not work like that and that who runs the country. You will get nowhere acting like a bafoon, except more air time on reality tv because lets face it, thats what the “entertainment machine” wants.

    I pray that Tammy gets the help that she needs because I remember her back in the day (MTV) and she wasnt like this……very sad

  86. Appalled says:

    I understand your situation and really feel for you. I’ve watched the show from the beginning. Over time, you were the only one I could respect because you had the strength and dignity to remove yourself from the “circle” of these broken, twisted people. Jen has finally seen the real Evilyn (not sp), and will be a better person for leaving her behind. I hope you two can form a friendship now that Evilyn is out of her life. She deserves a friend like you after what they are trying to put her through. If Kesha is wise, she will follow in your footsteps and realize that these are not the kind of people she needs in her life. Their venom and cancer will only continue to spread and consume everyone around them, until finally it consumes them. Get rid of Suzie! She only touches base with you so she will have something to report back to the Under Lords. She has sold her soul to get back into the Circle of Hell.
    A word of advice from an old woman: You were past being Daddy’s Little Girl after about the age of 14. You are a grown, independent woman now. You can respect your father, as you should, but you can’t hang your life on his approval. You have to make your mistakes and then live with them. No one can see into the future so follow your heart. When you find yourself in the wrong situation, you will come to know it in your own time. If your present love interest doesn’t work out it’s not the end of the world and you won’t be the first or the last. Allow yourself a couple of days for a pity party, then pick yourself up and move on. The right man for you will appear in your life when the time is right. History should have clued you in to the fact that a “baller” of any kind may not be the best choice for you. Look past the fame and the paycheck toward a real man who will give you the love and devotion you deserve. Just open your eyes and your heart and you will find him.
    Royce, Kesha, and maybe Jennifer — the only women who have kept their dignity on this show.

  87. mary says:

    I wish you all the best Royce and your my favorite on the show. You know how to walk away on your terms and you can see how much loyalty means to you. Our parents always want to protect us and some who are old school sometimes have a hard time showing effection but at the same time they would take a bullet for their children. I don’t think BBW would be watched if it wasn’t for the drama, but I admire how you can see through things. I really thought Tammy changed at the beginning of the season and she looked great, however, I can’t see how friends sit back and laugh when she goes off on others which in my opinion is so unbecoming of her. It says she suffered a heart attack and that is awful but watching the behavior of these woman gives the audience chest pains. They seem to bring new girls on to set up and to dramatize the show and yesterday’s episode with Tammy bewittling Kesha was disturbing especially when the others just sat back and laughed. They didn’t reach out to Tammy to ask her to calm down they just watched in my view a bully go off. You said you didn’t trust Suzie and as a viewer she seems to be an insecure follower who rats on everyone then sits back with the cheese and watches the fireworks go off. I just don’t call that a friend. Again, you seem to see what the viewers can see and you also have the courage to be your own person not caring what anyone thinks. I wish you all the best and maybe they can have a spin off where you have your own dance studio as a show.

    Best Wishes and I hope you find the happiness you deserve!

  88. Heather - He Is Not Ready says:

    Royce,looking at the last show, you are in a complete mental mess. You are giving your all to this young man, and he is trying to let you know, he is not inlove with you. This is why he felt safe telling you in front of your father, that you are too needy. I believe he love your personality, your motivation, your talent, and your smarts, but he is simply not inlove with you.
    He is too afraid to be upfront and honest with you. It was very obvious that this young man is very immature mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. Set this young man free, otherwise you will be miserable for a very long time.

    You should never allow yourself to love a man, more than you love yourself. This appears to be your case. You admitted on National TV, that you are giving your all to this young man, and to the relationship. This is too much, too fast. You are going to drive yourself completely crazy, if you do not back off and take a good look at the sitiuation. You need to listen to the words that is coming out of this young man’s mouth, and acknowledge his untrustiworthy actions.

    His actions are saying he is not ready for a long, and committed relationship. Your father is trying to safe you from destroying yourself and your futiure. Your father is not trying to rule your life. He loves you and his grandson.

  89. Ms Sandy says:

    Royce, 2 things:

    Your dad is helping and hurting at the same time. Saying that you’re needy and “man-crazy” might seem to be true because even though you’ve only been in 3 relationships since you had your son, they were on tv and are on tape forever. That’s always going to look worse than it probably was. Your dad isn’t realizing that by interfering with who you date, he’s hindering your growth process. You have to stop looking for your father’s blessings concerning your love life. Your dad lived though his dating life and you have to live through yours. You have to date to find a lasting relationship and you will learn from the ones that don’t work (hopefully). Try keeping more of your private life private and NEVER answer the “baby-momma”. A real man would: keep it from happening; nip it in bud or otherwise handle it so you wouldn’t have to.

  90. Renee says:

    Keep up the good work. I can’t be to hard on dad, he just wants what’s best for his daughter. We need more fathers like that today. He is right, Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. It may sound old fashion, but it does apply. I am glad that you and your dad are going to have more father daughter bonding times. I would also like to, say that blogs, twitter and such , is just a way to get into other peoples business, especially if you are not careful.