Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 11: Too Many People And Too Many Opinions Got In The Way Of Us Just Being Happy


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.

Most of last night’s episode lead up to the conversation I had with my father. It also concerned my past relationships. So while most of the girls were either having mammograms, talking about a lawsuit, or planning on how to accidentally on purpose get Jenn and Evelyn together while on their drama retreat while claiming they won’t…I was teaching Tami‘s daughters a few dance steps, walking on the beach and learning my lines in a park with Suzie who for some reason thinks Tahitians eat people. Aside from that, I was pretty much in tears.

My parents are old school. I would say their age but that’s rude. My mother has only ever been with my father and as much as I used to want that, I lost that chance in college when it was taken from me. No, I wasn’t “loose,” but I did have a boyfriend for most of my years and was on the way to walking down the aisle until I got cheated on. I took him back…many times…I was simply IN LOVE. He had eight years of my heart, and until I met Dezmon my mind always wandered and wondered what if we ever got back together…even if I was with someone else. My dad remembers that relationship. He remembers how distraught I was, and broken. Since then I’ve dated my son’s father, Dwayne, Brian, and Dezmon. I went out with a few guys in between once or twice but never considered it dating because it didn’t go anywhere, communication-wise, or there was no chemistry. I know after one date if that person is someone I want to continue to see or want in my space. I was single for 2 1/2 years before I dated Dwayne. I admit I was searching for someone that could sweep me off my feet but I never seemed to lift off the ground until I met Dezmon. I cried wolf and I lied about being in love because I wanted to believe it myself. After watching last night’s episode I realized how I looked to the world. My own father felt I was someone I wasn’t and I guess I have to blame myself for that.

“Truth Moment”

I can be alone. I just don’t like it. I can be and I am happy, but Dezmon makes me happier. My son has never seen me kiss any man besides Dezmon. In his mind, Dwayne was just another guy friend he could play with. I don’t have a whole lot of girl friends. I get that from my mother. She doesn’t have a lot of girl friends either. My entire adult life, females have judged me by the way I dress, the way I do my hair and the conversation seems to always be about gossip. I hate that sh!t. I’d rather wear no makeup, put on some baggy clothes (preferably his), play flag football, jump in a pool, watch or go to a game, etc. That’s just the way I am. I don’t like to be around MESS. Life is too short for that. I like being around people who I love and who love me. My father has no idea who I am anymore because although we get along, we don’t have in-depth conversations. The last time I spoke to him about something that really mattered to me was last week dealing with Dezmon, and it was him who made me realize forgiveness and facts. Maybe we need to talk more because hearing my father say the things he did last night about me is saddening. My parents raised a good daughter, with high morals and even tougher confidence. My self-esteem is off the charts to borderline cocky. Sometimes I walk around like my sh!t don’t stink. I think my dad is extremely loving, caring, but very overprotective. Watching this episode has made me realize as much as my mother and I have Mommy-Daughter days every month, I need to do the same with him. He knows I’m a great mother and to hear him be worried about men in my life is disturbing. All these years we have lost because we didn’t know how to communicate with each other. The LAST THING he has to concerned about is Braylon. Braylon is happy for a reason. He is loved and he has a strong foundation of family. My dad and I should be able to agree to disagree. I know my son’s wants and his needs and I also know what he should and shouldn’t see. Braylon is my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Always has been and always will be till the day I die…and even then I’ll hold him from Heaven.

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