The Cast Of Big Morning Buzz Live Receive Some Tough Love From The Wards


This morning, Steve and JoAnn Ward stopped by the Big Morning Buzz Live studio where they talked about all the various ways they’ve dished out their Tough Love recently. (Most notably, when they used a zapper in last week’s episode to condition the girls to stop behaving badly by shocking them.) Also interesting to note, Steve think this New Orleans cast is the hardest batch of women that they’ve ever worked with.

But things got even more interesting when the Wards tried to help BMBL correspondents Jason Dundas and Janell Showden create successful online dating profiles. It didn’t go so well. Steve even calls Janell’s profile (jokingly…we hope) the worst he’s ever seen in his life. Check out the clip and tune in to Tough Love on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Tim says:

    Bottom line men want genuine women for a long term relationship. What I noticed about all these type shows is right off the bat at the meet and greets, BAM! in walks all of the hookers. Thats the first thought going through a man’s mind. Take it from and old G who’s been happily married for 22 yrs. We like normal looking women. These days women are taught to act over sexualized and throw everything out all at once. And compete with each other while doing it. Believe me we don’t like this for the long haul.
    Contrary to popular believe we like brains and non phony personalities. You can put on all of the paint , skimpy dresses, and street walker shoes you want, When you see most serious men with women, that’s why you always think What does he see in her? Well its what we DON’t see that’s the secret of attraction.
    I don’t mean not look nice and well kept. But MOST of women looking for serious relationships go way overboard these days.