Will There Be A Basketball Wives Movie?


Shaunie O’Neal, ever the business woman, is looking to further expand the Basketball Wives brand with a movie about the life of an NBA wife. Variety reports that O’Neal has partnered with producer Tracey Edmonds produce a feature film that “centers around a young woman who follows her boyfriend to Miami after he gets drafted into the NBA. Thrust into the world of professional sports, she meets the other players’ wives and learns from their trials and tribulations.” Sounds familiar! But this story, unlike Basketball Wives, will be a fictional version of what we’ve gotten used to seeing on the show.

Edmonds, who produced Jumping The Broom, has also enlisted Broom screenwriter Elizabeth Hunter to write the film. Edmonds tweeted about the project “The film introduces new characters w rich story lines and although juicy and action packed, it’ll empower!” What do you think, are you Basketball Wives fans excited for the film??
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  1. Shstarlight says:

    HELL NO!!! Shaunie you not Tyler Perry! People fed up with the damn show, this stupid ass show don’t need to be a damn movie. I know Shaunie (The Pimptress), Evelyn (The Wicked Witch Of The South), and Tammie ( Hercule’s sister), not getting my money!! Another money making idea for a stupid ass show.

  2. Too Late says:

    It’s too late for them to add more of a realistic factor to it now. We didn’t see much of going to basketball games, conferences and practices with their husbands. We got drama between those who were linked to players.

  3. nycdiva says:

    i will not be watching and paying my money to see that ghetto movie. with grown women fighting… next

  4. Michieboo says:

    Are you that bored with your life? Don’t you exploit these women enough. Go do a reality show about you own life, lets see if you are so squeaky clean.

  5. Classy says:

    Yes only cause I love Tracey Edmonds work…

  6. Done says:

    That movie sounds just like the show “The Game” that is on BET? ijs

  7. cj says:

    As long as it does not have this foolishness we see every week on Miami Basketball wives.

  8. NotConcerned says:

    I swear that’s a description of THE GAME.

  9. Basket Baller says:

    Nope. Because the name “basketball wives” is not true to form. The movie should be called. “WHY WE ARE EX-BASKETBALL WIVES”.

  10. Cajun Joe says:

    I’m afraid these “ladies” just showed us why they are no longer basketball wives. I wonder if they
    think they’re impressing their exes.
    Just heathens.

  11. kai says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Please noooo! Don’t put this foolishness on the big screen.

  12. marty says:

    And when people stay away in DROVES, I HOPE this MESS will finally be OVER! For Traci Edmonds to get involved with this crap is beyond belief. I would not waste my money on ANYTHING these doofuses are “hawking” with the exception of Jen, since her line is organic, I WILL check out what she has. And BIG BUTCH Tami need to shut her GOOFY mouth up about this “unemployment” CORN! If she was that STUPID not to get her side hustle on so she wouldn’t have to depend on BW paychecks, then GOOD, it serves her ignorant butt right! Ochodumbo is treating Evelyn EXACTLY like what she deserves and it is cracking me up! What a miserable, desperate, silly chickenhead! hahaaaaa!!!

  13. Shstarlight says:

    Due to the show being too ghetto after the first season, it has lost alot of viewers since. Yes, people say its entertainment but it makes our race of women look bad. The show was suppose to be about basketball wives and its not. When I first start looking at the show, I was expecting to see mature respected women married to basketball players or recently divorced talking about and showing the life of being married to a basketball player. Now I’m like “What the hell is this hot stupid mess?”. It shows no basketball period, not even a game! It has no sense, no dialogue, nothing, just a group of older women looking and acting ignorant and stupid. This show is just gutter trash and the movie will be too. Since the show, Shaunie has lost alot of respect from people because of how she runs her show, running it like its a boxing event instead of a well respected show about real basketball wives. If the movie is created, I will not give one cent of my money to see a movie created by an African American woman degrading our women by showing an image on her show of African Americn women being ghetto, ignorant, no class, no self respect. no respect for others, inappropriate behavior in public, verbally and physically abusive.

  14. sweeta0920 says:

    Only if it’s a show featuring wives like La-La Anthony. Even though her show is about her. You get to see what her life is like as a Basketball wives. She showed how lonely it is when your husband is on the road playing, how high the trust level has to be because of so much groupies. She actually goes to the game and support her husband. Additionally, her show shows how much how the child is affected (like Kiyan not having this Dad there for his birthday). Another thing, when Carmelo got traded, you see the behind the scenes of what happened. You get to see where she had to handle things by herself and hold down the fort .

  15. Neicey says:

    No, I seriously doubt that a movie called Basket Ball Wives will become a box office hit. The majority of people don’t even watch the reality show anymore. Shaunie find a new project. You are a smart business woman. But you’re batting zero on this one honey. FORGET IT……
    Tracey Edmonds people respect your work. So pass this project up.

  16. Kay says:

    I’m gonna point out the OBVIOUS here…don’t they already have a tv show exactly like this movie sounds? THE GAME on BET. HeLLLOO?

  17. Robert says:

    There should not be a movie of the BBW because it is a terrible idea.

  18. ngoanessele@gmail.com says:

    I truly do not understand y’all. if you hate the show so much why do u even watch or care of it whereabouts? This country is about choice. BBW has an audience so let them enjoy it. U don’t like it ? just ZAP IT!!!! next please!

  19. vicky says:

    make your money! a real business woman all about your money! i say yes to the movie!

  20. Sherri507 says:

    I agree HECK NO! Tracey don’t do it honey. Don’t connect yourself with anything like this it will only diminish your character.

  21. Rip Off says:

    So a movie called basketball WIFE is going to be about a GIRLFRIEND who follows her man…uhhh that’s DUMB MOMENT #1 right there…..I hope CW or BET sues cause like many posters have already stated…this aint nothing but a rip off of the Game…just switched the sports and the location…oh my gosh be a little bit more creative shaunie geesh…

  22. Scotty says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it simple as that. The main people who comment and complain about how much they hate it are the main ones who can’t keep their eyes off the screen. #BBW forever!

  23. kimmy says:

    why is it even considered reality if there will be a movie?!

  24. Jo-Jo says:

    Naw Jo! They need to leave it as a TV Show…THE END

  25. TamiY says:

    I like Shaunie and respect her hustle but let me know when I can watch it on bootleg.

  26. Krishawn Dillard says:


  27. kplife2001 says:

    This has already happened. It is called “The Game”

  28. Miss Crowley says:

    You guys aren’t even Basketball wives some of you are ex-wives and the rest are ex-girl friends – the show is dumb – Evelyn is a bully – she’s not hard – Tammi is like pit who picks on the weakest of the group… It’s always something with this bullshyt ass show

  29. i'm just saying says:

    no they show is begining to be tacking, these women r to old to be fighting..EVELYN pls focus on ur future husband and quit being so in to JEN i don’t think u r happy with u new relationship. because if u r happy u would not spend so much time hating JEN..I know u r hurt the way JEN is acting..but get over it. u have new man in ur life focus on him and the wedding…friends friends it is so hard to find true friend i know how u feel some of my close friend have showed me that they hate my Gut . but i don’t care…u r a beatiful woman don’t ever let know one take u there…congrat. on ur marriage….focus focus focus on what’s important to u….

  30. juliet says:

    Nooooooo!!….why??? its still goint to be all about crazy women. So think about something else please.

  31. Gloria Ramos says:

    I can see where Vivid or West Coast Productions would pick this up and distribute it. Heck anybody could make money putting Evelyn doing porn in front of a camera. Actually acting without being on her back? I don’t think so.

  32. Joy says:

    Yes, Please!!!! Multiple Movies like Sex in the City!

  33. CaliSwagg28 says:


  34. x's and o's says:

    HAH, I don’t see this “movie” happening, shaunie is a poor excuse for a producer;

    “centers around a young woman who follows her boyfriend to Miami after he gets drafted into the NBA. Thrust into the world of professional sports, she meets the other players’ wives and learns from their trials and tribulations.”

    Don’t EVEN try to take “The Game”‘s plot;

    “The Game focused on a young woman who decides to put her pending career plans on hold for the rising success of her star athlete boyfriend.”

    It’s the same damn thing, this movie isn’t going to go anywhere, find something else to sink you’re claws into shaunie.

  35. Jazeenfly says:

    After watching this season of BBW. Im burnt out. To me Evelyn & her friend has totally turned me off. It saddens me that no one is puttin her on blast. Her only issue with Jen is that she is jealous of Jen & wants to be Jen. Hence her engagement (she cheerleaded Jens Divorce instead of reminding Jen to Pray & honor her vows what a real friend does not try to dominate & make the Decision) the lipgloss/make up line. Her clothes & look. Shaunie I wish your role was more of keepin it real with them & saying to them in they face You are dead wrong. Ev is angry for no reason anything Jen said on the blog or interviews she said to EV. Im overdosed on BBW. Enough is enough.

  36. Shstarlight says:

    Bad idea, Shaunie you have already lost alot of viewers due to the direction has went and stayed. You need to do something different with your show, people tired of the same o same o. Fights with every trip and every week, brain wash new ideas for the show and get new cast with real basketball player wives. Also, we sick of Evelyn, its like looking at a movie series about a mental patient who needs help.

  37. Jazeenfly says:

    With the last post being said. Tracey Edmonds you are a smart & talented business women. You didnt sleep your way into celebrity with out any class. I know when you see Shaunie ONeal you see potential $$$$. But remember Shaunie is a woman scorned who but all her eggs in 1 basket (Shaq) thats why she didnt have any problem pushin out alla dem babies. Shaunie is trying to make herself relevant to herself. She has admitted BBW is not what she wanted it to be. She didnt know what she signed into otherwise it would be everything she wanted it to be. BBW mis represents Women, women of Color & did I say Women. We teach our children not to be like these ladies & none of them have a problem with getting on TV & actin like they have no hometraining. You all should be setting a better example for Royce & it seems like she can teach all of you old hags a thing or 2. Trcey jumping the Broom was a good movie. Please continue to put out good work. What the BBW organization stands for is beneath you. Tracey you have finally been able to redeem youself after the whole TLC thing. Remember all money aint good money. Shaunie get off the Camera & nurture your family & move on from Shaq. BBW shows how much you still hurting over the downfalls of your own marriage. God Bless & Be Encouraged

  38. jodell says:

    Hell to the NOOOOOO. With all this Evelyn b.s. I am undecided about to continue to watch it. Probably won’t next season if messy Ev is still on there. Hopefully, her and her fiance will have their own show, so I won’t have to see her on BBW at all.

  39. Shstarlight says:

    Like I said before, I look at the show because I can’t believe how ignorant, childish, and stupid Evelyn, Nia, and Tammie are. I mean grown older women now, come on. Its so unbelievable how many people stop looking at the show and boycotting it, it truly shows what a crucial turn that this show has made. Shaunie, if you want your viewers back and your respect, change the show to how its really suppose to be, about BASKETBALL WIVES not stupid, ignorant, and childish grown women. Put women on the show who are mature and presemtly or recently divorced by a NBA player. Showing us the life of being married to a professional basketball player or how a divorce goes with one. Show the children and wives attending the games and the downfalls of the marriages. THINK, THINK, THINK, SHAUNIE!

  40. Shyahoo.comstarlight says:

    Shaunie what most of everyone is saying is NO! Create a better show because I never thought I would see so many downing your show, WOW! It is getting tired, people tired of seeing the same old women acting a a fool and mainly psycho ass Evelyn. Y’all need to do an exorcism on her and tammie!!

  41. MALIKA says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shstarlighyt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we luv shaunie and all the girls !! (especially shaunie) smart woman that is gettin her paper with other women gettin paper with what they want us 2 know!!!!!!!!! !!!WHO WAS THE FAMOUS GUY WHO SAID B LEAVE HALF OF WHAT U C AND NON OF WHAT U READ”?

  42. Monique says:

    Some people watch the show because they enjoy what the other ladies are about. It’s not the Evelyn & YTami show. Imagine how sorry it would be if just Tami, Evelyn & every now & then Shaunie pops in on the show. Oh my goodness it would be actually boring. But Royce & Kesha are very talented young women with their dancing skills & their dance studios. Teaching young girls to dance. They make good role models for young girls. Jen is classy & she’s becoming a good business woman. Kenya can sing, she still needs work on her presentation but she has a lot of potential. Suzie is sweet, she interviews well on other shows. So for those who say why do people watch that’s probably why. They like what the other ladies are doing. But unfortunately, Evelyn & Tami put a damper on the reputation of BBW.

  43. Shstarlight says:

    Like I said I look at the show because its amazing to see a group of grown women who are suppose to be mature, have respect for themselves and others, and uphold themselves being strong and classy acting foolish. Its terrible how the older ones behave the way they are. Tammie had a heart attack, mild or not, it doesn’t matter but it was a warning from God saying she needs to take care of herself and stop acting a fool. Whether its just entertainment or real, her acting a fooll still effected her health. If she continue this way, she could have another and it may not be mild next time. Yes,there are other female shows that show women acting a fool but this show is called basketball wives and its suppose to be about real basketball wives. Mob wives show real mob wives and the life they are going through either being married to or recently divorced from mobsters. Truly, the show is making shaunie and the crew’s reputations look bad.The blogs show this.

  44. whitneyjones says:

    I can not believe that shaunie is finna make basket ball wives into a movie are you serious she already got the show going on whats next i hope evelyn do not be in this movie wow that movie is going be some serious wow what is really going on with shaunie is she trying get back at shack for no reason

  45. rc says:

    I can’t believe Tracy Edmonds would actually want to be involved with anything related to BBwives. Even if Shaunie claims this will not have any of these non-basketball wives from the tv show in the movie, she has let the series taint anything that has that name attached, and it seems she’s just ripping off The Game and changing it from football to basketball. What you need to concentrate on Shaunie is your crazy friends Evelyn who has no self esteem, so tries to bully others, but lets her fiance talk to her like a dog, and Tammi who has turned into a bully and back stabbing friend, Suzie who will do anything to be liked, the three of them and you need serious help!

  46. Tabitha says:

    Is it really gone to be about the life of a baketball wive or groupies who fight all day like on the show

  47. minpin says:

    I think all these women if you must call them women is trashy they arent classy they promote bullying all they do is drink and fight like animals and if you look at it none of them are basketball wives i wonder why?

  48. AUDREY LANIER says:

    No I would not pay to see grown woman fighting.

  49. Mary says:

    Shaunie…you should focus on showing black women in a more positive light. With a siser as first lady this is all you have to offer. Goes to show that you are just as classless as the girls you hire and you can take the girl out the ghetto but not the ghetto out the girl. I would be so embarrassed to show my face in public after acting like this on TV…straight out of Jerry Springer

  50. Butterrose1 says:

    @Shstarlight you are so right. What is Shaunie thinking about Oh!!!!! Money… It is a shame that these Black women really on the show fighting looking like sad Clowns. They need a life full of love. Evelyn is very lonely inside and so is Tami. Jenn is a real woman because she dont have the time to fight these girls over something so little. Them young girls act like a man trying to be in controll and Jenn fighting back with her lawyers Go Jenn. Tami wa like where she come from back in the days you will fight and get it over but you have to remember Jenn don’t fight with her hands like you Ghetto’s girls. Grow up. Tami even your daughters think you have a problems. lol

  51. Butterrose1 says:

    Shaunie, Im like the other ladies as a beautiful Afriacan American you should not have violence on your show. What signals you are sending to the young ladies who love your show but see all the violence and drinking. We is the positive side of a good woman w/violence. Again I have to agree with Sweta0920. I love La La show. Thumbs up for La La. Real Woman show. Inspiration.

  52. anita says:

    @ done i totally agee…. just like the game… i think they need to end it after this season…

  53. Elaine says:

    The writer of ‘Jumping The Broom’, huh? Well, that movie grossed $16 million. Interesting to see what this movie will do but I won’t be spending my money to support it. They will have to get A-List actors/actresses for people to want to see it. It’ll be online for free after a few days, I’ll wait.

  54. Dodie says:

    VH1 why are you trying to sue Jennifer for bashing your brand when it is Tami asking people to blame the VH1 producers? Jen only mentions Nia in her suit not VH1 or the producers. If you should sue anyone it should be Tami for openly mentioning VH1 by name.

  55. muffey says:

    Someone needs to beat up one of her daughters instead of having an intelligent discourse and see how she likes it. Those kids need to be with their father who recently received his PhD in Education with a 3.8GPA. He will teach them the importance of intelligent dialogue instead of pushing ghetto survival tactics that their mother is advocating. Shame on her.

  56. TLC123 says:

    I hope Tracey Edmund don’t use the ladies of the show because that’s not professional, that’s a mess. I use to love Tammi, now she is as fake as a twelve dollar bill. I can’t stand her now. As for Evelyn, ughhhh, Royce, from tonite’s show, Dezmond made you look needy to your father, he is just to young anyway, Kesha, you better stop while you ahead and I keep seeing cold sore on your lips, you might need to get check for herpes and Suzie, you just a follower and a shadow and to me, why are you even on the show, Jennifer, you better keep your head up and Mekka, keep using the show to promote your wack singing career…I can’t stand Tammi now, she’s in the category with Evelyn now.

  57. Cynthia F. says:

    Please no more. I am really sick of seeing low class behavior exhibited by black women. I am a black woman and I understand ratings but, are you serious????

  58. Sharell Fletcher says:

    I am a 30yo African American female and I must say that I am not a fan of the show but this is my 2nd time watching an eposide b/c others have asked me to. What is this??????? As women and Minority women, we already have it hard and a reputation. How can you all agree to be-little yourselves to this level and claim that you are Strong women and MOTHERS! I see no one able to look up to you. Look up to what? I understand you want to make $ but this is a bit extreme. It’s almost like this show is staged b/c no one should enjoy and be Okay with this much Drama:(

  59. Nikki says:

    Why? We good

  60. Pebbles says:

    Somethinthing is wrong with this child, why is she always talking about she gonna let people have a good time on these trips, is she the trip party pooper police, she needs more than a therapist she need to go to the alter and stay all night.

  61. Bunny says:

    I use to give Shaunie so much credit for this show but now she’s fallin in the gutter with the other bully’s. What a terrible example she’s setting for her daughter. Yeah, it’s a reality show but to sell your values for ratings is crazy! I hope the show gets cancelled, it’s garbage now.

  62. Karen Black says:

    I just finished watching Basketball Wives and I think that that was my last time watching this show. I have had enough!! The actions of Tammy was disgraceful, she is a bully. What kind of example is she giving to her daughters. Keysha did the right thing by not responding and getting the police involved when she wouldnt give back her property. She is a jealous and hateful woman who is trying to become relevent by having the loudest and foulest mouth. Shame of you Tammy! And Royce your Dad is right, you need to grow up and please stop being so whiny, and than you fake cry as if your devastated…keep it up and this man will be running for the door too. Please woman up and Mom up…you are absolutely needy. Respect the male point of view about you and what they see…especially from your father! I am so done with this show….and Shaunie needs to get a gripe and shut this show down. Unfortunately the basketball players wives who have really got it going on, I am sure will have nothing to do with this show. Again I am soooo done with this show!!!

  63. Denise says:

    Please end this show. I have never seen such immature women . Tami has got on my last nerves. Are you serious u started it all you asked if she (kesha) was white. If she had asked you if you were black you went have went off. I can’t believe Shaunie who suppose to have all this class allows these women to act like this. And now the episode with the purse, please grow up, please grow up, all this he say, she say, I feel We are watching teenage girls on the playground being bullies. It was just a couple of seasons ago when tami was on the out. How soon do we forget. I have noticed that they only pick the ones who feel are no match to them. Enough is enough !!! I truly watched my last show. And if we to see a more positive side to this show it starts with us. Let’s not watch it until Vh1 or whom ever does better with this show. More positive. More inspiration.

  64. AJ says:

    Shaunie- I have no respect for you any longer. You are very well aware of Tami’s mental illness, yet you parade her on TV for a profit. You will reap what you sow. All money isn’t good money. This show is such an embarrassment to women but especially black women! No class whatsoever!

  65. Karen Black says:

    Oh! and one more thing….Jen has every right to sue and press charges against Nia for putting hands on her, slapping her are you serious. VH1 you need to back off her and cancel that show! Jen you did the right thing!

  66. johnson says:

    Susie is the root of all of the problems on the show…she is the biggest instigator and if you think back to all of the confrontations and the he said – she said, you will find that Susie has always been the leak and the weakest link. One minute she’s supporting you in the ring…and as soon as you look away she’s in your opponents corner. Tammi and Evelyn, although some of your frustrations are valid, you seriously need to continue to work on anger management and be realistic about consequences and accountability. Assaulting someone is very extreme..and after it’s done all is fair in love and war! You can’t then tell a person how to react, i.e., “don’t talk about someone’s status”….”don’t call the cops”. That’s not realistic… If a person strikes me, they have gone below the belt and at that point, I too reserve the right to go below the belt. If you don’t want the authorities involved, then don’t break the law…assaulting someone is against the law. Also, I’m trying to figure out why you all are offended that these ladies don’t want to come around the group…it’s too much violence…I have not seen a productive gathering yet!

  67. DTQueen says:

    Shaunie, the show started off with the thought that a group of women could respect one another while showing differences. However, this season has been a great disappointment to women of color. I join other women in saying, you should gratefully leave the air with some respect. Please think about the young girls that maybe watching this show and the influence you are having on thier lives. Pray for God’s advice on the purpose he has for your life and plans.
    Be blessed

  68. carustee says:

    Whereas society is drawing attention against bulleying, this show advocates it. Evelyn and Tammie are the main bully characters. Shaunie is using both of you to make her money. It is obvious you are not intelligent, educated black women. The only word I can describe you is classless. Do you really look at yourselves after an episodes and get embarass? This whole show is about fighting. Grown ass women fighting. Who does that? Certainly not intelligent women. I’m with Jennifer, fight in court not your hands, and that’s how I was brought up Nia, Tammie and Evelyn.
    Shaunie, if you want a show called, “Basketball Wives”, would you please have basketball wives on your show?
    Susie, please validate yourself. Why are you on the show? Is it because you were one girlfriend to a basketball player? Please…

  69. carustee says:

    PLEASE DON’T MAKE IT A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Shaunie! why do u have these mess up children on this show with u they are making u look bad tammy and evelyn u have to much class to be around them i’m sure your girls don’t act like that

  71. Anna says:

    I can understand why none of these “wives” are married, which is a contradiction in terms. Had they been decent women with good values maybe they would still be married to a basketball player. In all my years I have seen very few depictions of black women on TV that were as bad as this show. Queen Bee Shaunie keeps saying she believes the women “should express themselves.” Does this mean behaving like a Los Angeles hood rat? Someone should slap Shaunie on the show or slap her daughter and she will see what it means to “express” oneself. She is worse than Evelyn and Tammy because she sits in the background while egging these women on (both are psycho bi-polar) to behave badly and she approves the editing to make them look horrible. She bears responsibility. I would never go to see a movie of her’s. Forget about it,

  72. Kat says:

    I agree with everyone’s comments below! With the rising topics on bullying, this show is the example on how to do bullying right. In fact, I think this show should be used as a seminar in the school systems to show bullys just how its really done. Shaunie, maybe once the Basketball Wives show is cancelled, which I hope will be soon, you could take this bullying seminar on tour to schools along with Evelyn and Tami, and all of your own kids since they now have first hand knowledge on how to be a good bully, and you could make some money. Oh, but I forgot, Shaunie, this business venture may not make ENOUGH money for you, so I guess you will have to continue to sell your soul and the reputation of other good women for profits.

    On the real tip, I think everyone should boycott this show. It sucks!! And if they make a movie out of it, count me out! (Note to Tracy Edmonds – Don’t do it)

  73. Enough already says:


    Why would you promote black women displaying violence towards one another. Really? Is that what you want your kids to grow up and model after? Do you hate your own race?
    Please get Tami and Evelyn off the show. The only one that has any class is Royce.

  74. ms.yatta says:


  75. Angela says:

    Shaunie, I’m really surprised at the way you are going along with Evelyn’s behavior, she is literally acting like an animal. Jumping across tables and trying to fight someone, at what point do grown women, stop acting like high school children. The Tami situation is a little different, but Tami is coming off like a bully. Just because someone ask questions, does not mean that they need to be tormented for it. If you don’t know you ask questions, but to jump all over her for questions, she was asking you, was wrong and you should have stepped in. I realize that the ratings, are your priority but no one should be worried about their safety just to participate in a show. At some point you are going to have to step in and correct what you know is wrong, ratings be damn. Jenifer and Keisha are right; they should not have to fight with grown women just to be on YOUR show.

  76. Helen Shepherd says:


    What is going on with all violent and the disrespect? This shows has become very distasteful and no substance Evelyn and Tammy acting like a FOOLS. Please cancel the finale. We know it’s about rating but this season is totally out of control at my offfice on Tuesday we would come in and discuss the show from Monday night. We are still have discussion but they are not positive.

  77. gina says:


  78. Gail says:

    How embarassing. This entire show is a joke. For women of color to be portrayed as caddie, classless and violent is just sickening. I’m truly ashamed that Shaunie O’Neal would allow this type of behavior to take place. She is a horrible role model to all young girls and women of color. What type of message are you sending our children? I thought Shaunie was a bright business woman with great things in store for her future. I focus on Shaunie because she is ultimately responsible for the show. Jennifer and Royce are the only two worth mentioning because they appear to be on track with their careers and are not trying to violently compete to be seen. I’m finished with this show.
    There are so many other positive role models that represent women of color, such as our ‘First Lady, Oprah, Toni Morrison, Tyra Banks, Shonda Rhymes, Beyonce and the list goes on. People should stop watching BBW and support networks like OWN and WE. Don’t get me wrong, I love LaLa’s Full Circle, T.I. & Tiny, Syled by June and others, but BBW is a disgrace to women of color. The world sees this behavior and believe women of color behave this way. This is not how I want to be represented. This is an outraged! Shame, shame, shame on you Shaunie.

  79. Byrd says:

    The Basketball players both current and former of these ex-wives/girlfriends should come out with a tell-all book or even a one-hour show discussing the life they once shared with these broads. Shaunie, the scenes you allow on your show.. just to make you irrelevant truly make you look desperate and sad.. We only know any of you because of Shaq and the rest of the guys who play ball..

  80. Bully says:

    Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself. for being silent all the time when Tami or Evelyn is WRONG. What kind of person are you? YOU ARE THE INSTIGATOR.

  81. 919mommy says:

    Are u a mean girl why are allowing this foolish mess to continue, business woman or not. You have been blessed with a place in life u should not sabatoge your potential to be effective.

  82. Kim says:

    Sounds more like “The Game…The Movie” to me. Unfortunately, this film may not receive the support it should because Shaunie and the whole “Basketball Wives” name is associated with it….and that sucks because we should support Black Hollywood, but I think Shaunie and her ‘friends’ have done enough to set us back 200 years to the whole Sapphire stereotype as it is. Sad…

  83. Bully says:

    Shaunie loves it very very much when there is a fight on the show period.

  84. Sabrina says:

    shaunie is just embarrasing herself by trying to make money off of what her and shaq had!!!You look so desperate boo boo!What will you show your kids?That sleeping amd marrying a nba player made you this way???A rude ignorant needy and two face black women???Lol please don’t make a movie and keep promoting bullying!!!

  85. Chari says:

    Lord, please don’t make this foolishness into a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take this show off the air! Please Jesus PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Us beautiful black classy women are embarrassed!!!!!!!!!

  86. raven says:

    Kat…I agree that this show should be used in schools to show how bullies pick on those they perceive to be the weakest. Let’s boycott the advertisers of this show. Here is how to get started. Write down the name of all who advertises during the show…go to their individual website and send them a comment about the negativity of the show. Also, send them a link to the comments on VH!

  87. Annette says:

    I won’t go see it…Shaunie a businesswoman, she is a pimp!!!! Is she bailing or is she taking those animals she calls women…take Keisha, Royce and Jennifer, leave that other trash behind,… Shaunie doesn’t deserve success… VH1, you need to clean up your act…

  88. Kate says:

    Ms. Edmonds PLEASE Nnnnoooooo!!!!!!! Don’t make this woman (Shaunie) any more money on this. I am a fan of you Tracey, but please do not make a movie on this. I would hate to see you invest your money on this project and on Shaunie. Keep your name creditable. There are so many other avenues you could go but this one… Hummmm

  89. ariel says:

    shanunie your show make it look like this is how black women act when they have a dollar above rent, is this how u want the world to think we act. This is sad how u make us look on national t.v

  90. Misha says:

    It amazes me how one group of women continue to display such ignorance. You may have grown up in the “hood” but at some point when you “make it” (if that is what they call it) your mentality has to change. Several of these “women” have serious emotional and mental issues. If you can’t function in the real world without getting loud, angry and violent, you have serious issues. Kesha should be scared because Tami is an unstable, irrational and impulsive person who obviously has numerous issues which have shaped the person she is today. Tami needs seek serious treatment. If anyone is “operating like a child” that would be Tami…who obviously needs more than a few sessions of psychotherapy and anger management.

  91. Cheryl says:

    Shaunie O’Neal do you CONDONE BULLYING???? It’s a shame you allow such childish things to go on just for ratings it make women look bad with all the fighting. With all the money you have you ought to show more positive things. For all the YOUNG LADIES that watch your show even YOUR daughters you show them that bullying is OK they might even hear about this from their friends. Now if you really want to make some money and some drama make a new show with Evelyn, Tami, NeNe Leakes (of housewives of ATL) and Jackie Christie (of basketball wives of LA) then see who comes out the champ or make it LA verses ATL verses Miami wives

  92. Gogo says:

    I am so disgusted after watching this week’s episode of Basketball wives. Tami, you are a straight up bully! You act like you’re such a sophisticated person. In fact, you are a ghetto, sloppy ass disgusting young child. What kind of example are you setting for your young ladies? I’m sure they are so proud of you right now. If you haven’t notice I was being facetious when I made that statement. Anger management is not doing you a bit of good. Just check yourself into the zoo where you belong and take Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie with you.
    All of you are such instigating people. You sit around talking ish about everyone, but the minute someone says something about you…there’s a problem. Grow up and act like women…not like little children.
    Shaunie – you are the biggest instigator. All you are doing in profiting off the other women. Make certain everyone else acts like a fool so I can collect a paycheck. To think I felt sorry for you when Shaq disrespected you. He’s coming out of the situation looking good. How unfortunate? You should be ashamed of yourself. This show is a great way to empower women. You don’t see brothas acting ignorant like you and your crew. Great way to show your kids you are an excellent role model! Note: You’re a bully as well. There are different levels of being a bully. Do the research lady!

  93. Kris says:

    I hope all of her entertainment aspirations FAIL!!!

  94. POOCHIE says:


  95. Hell no, Shaunie can go to hell and take this show with her along with Evelyn, Tammi and Suzie.AS far as I am concerned BBW is over this season for me. I love Jenn and I wish her much success,however, the rest of the crew can go to hell forever. bUY buy

  96. Lady O says:

    Would I go see a Movie as a spin off from BBW. Hell to the NO! Do not waste your time or money. It aint gone happen. Shaunie enough is enough. Tracie Edmonds you will be commiting professional suicide if you promote a Movie based upon idiotic behavior. Women are starving for romance and love. Loving relationships are not/were not depicted at any given time in these episodes. Evelyn is marrying a person who tries to belittle her on National Tv. Tami acts like a recovering (something), Suzie is hopeless. Best characterization for a spin off would be Jennifer, Kesha and posibly Kenya. Meeka has been petrified from Tami’s attack on her. However, I I were Meeka or any of the other ladies, I would ………. I’m just saying, they have created a volital/hostile audience. Tracy don’t do it, misery loves COMPANY! There would be nothing sensational about a movie based on any aspects of Basketball Wives, A woman would feel powerless in associating herself to lifestyle of a basketball wife. Sorrowful as a matter of fact.

  97. sharon says:

    Will never watch again after last night’s show, one word BULLIES!

  98. SusanD says:

    nope stick a fork in it