Mailbag: Tough Love Stars Steve And JoAnn Ward Answer YOUR Relationship Questions


Steve and JoAnn Ward are Master Matchmakers, it says so right there in the name of their business. And with years of relationship and matchmaking experience under their belts, not to mention four successful seasons of Tough Love, they’ve set the bar for realistic, no-B.S. dating advice. And now they’re offering their advice to viewers on the VH1 Blog. We asked Tough Love Facebook fans this week to submit their relationship questions and you all really had a lot of them, so we picked some of our favorites for Steve and JoAnn to address, and we’ll be posting their answers every week. If you’d like to submit a question, just become a Facebook fan and leave a comment here! Here are this week’s questions.

Natasha Blas asks “What’s the best way to go about finding someone special when you have kids?

JoAnn Says:
Go to places and events that you know parents take their children. Some examples would include: amusement parks, single parent support groups, sporting events, school functions, ice cream parlors, parks, etc. Just also be sure to check for a wedding band!

Tresina Moore Hansen asks “I have a 10-year-old son who has seen two men in my life come and go and it has been so hard on him. How is a single mom supposed to balance the time necessary to get to know a potential partner with protecting her son’s heart?”
Steve says: Don’t introduce your son until you’re ready to be in a committed relationship with a man. Once you’re in the committed relationship with him, you guys can spend all your time together, as a family.

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  1. Donna says:

    Hi Steve and JoAnn,

    I’m newly divorced after 18 yrs of marriage, the last 2 separated. In my self searching I find that I don’t know how to date, probably never did, and actually find the thought of it paralizing. I try not to look at the last 18 years of my life as a failure but I can’t help it. That feeling creeps up into my everyday life and I freak out when someone approaches me. I feel like if I made such a poor choice, how can I trust myself to make a good one when it comes to men. I have also been celibate since the separation and view men in a different light because of it. Once they find out I’ve been separated , now divorced, it is like I look like fresh meat to them. They way they come on to me makes me ill literally.

    What advice do you have for the broken and afraid?

    Also… you guys need a show for the 40+. We haven’t figured it out either unfortunately. :)

  2. cami says:

    Hi Steve and Joann…I love your show and am trying to apply the things you teach these women to my own life, but I agree with Donna…you need a show for the 40+ group…Being in your 40′s and 50′s is probably the toughest age group to be as a woman in the dating world. It seems the men our age want someone younger or I get guys who are way too young for me and I do not consider myself a cougar. Btw… Women are not the only ones who need tough love…the last two guys I dated were either workaholics and either had no time for me or were too needy and wanted me to do all of the planning, travel their way and do all of the work. They need some coaching on how to be gentlemen at least where I live. I live in Las Vegas and you definitely need to have a show here. I think Vegas is one of the toughest cities for dating for obvious reasons…being in “sin city” and a city where “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” it makes it tough to even date the locals. I am on a dating site and constantly get e-mails from guys who are coming into town and want to “hook up” while they are here and I do not want a fling…can you help? Thank you for listening and I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.

  3. allison says:

    Can you fix me up with Stephon?! What’s wrong with that girl?

  4. kristine says:

    I think what would help the girls is to have someone on the show who were once in their shoes and explain more about the reality of a committed relationship and the comprikise it requires. Also google what is love an eight year old response and show them the other side of what they can have if they settle down.

  5. Marisol says:

    I have to agree with Cami on this “you need a show for the 40+ group…Being in your 40?s and 50?s is probably the toughest age group to be as a woman in the dating world.” I have been single for about 3 years and cannot seem to come across a quality type of a man. Im an independant college educated single mom of one amazing 9 year old boy but cannot find a man with substance and respect. I dont bring men that I date around my son whatsoever. Ive never been married, engaged once but still want to experience this.

    Steve and JoAnn, can you please help 40+ women who are truly serious of fnding that special caring man whos looking for someone to get to know.

    Always hopeful Marisol
    Staten Island NewYork

  6. alicia morrison says:

    I am a little heart broken right now. When I think I have the right guy I am wrong. I’ve been single now for about 4 months but the guy i was last in relationship with is about to get married on this coming saturday. He came to stay with me about 2 weeks ago and told me that he was done with the girl. We slept together that night. Then I didn’t hear anything else from him. I called him when I heard he was getting married, he hung up on me. All the time he was telling me that he loved me and my baby. I done been with him to meet his son, his mother and father, but they told me he wasn’t ready for what I was ready for, and now to hear he is getting married to a woman who has 5 kids and she’s sick. Do you think he ever loved me? I need closure . What should I do?

  7. Sydney Hauger says:

    this show is awesome

  8. Ms. L says:

    Mr. Steve Ward,
    How about doing a boot camp show with an all male cast. Please! it would be nice to see what guys go through in the dating world.

  9. Samantha Harris says:


    I just wanted to know how I would go about submitting a friend’s info for possible casting. She is so, so in need of this show. Please, please respond. Thank you so much!