Mob Wives Episode 16 Sneak Peek: A Massive F***ing Problem


Karen and Drita seemed like they were on their way toward making up last week, after both women were convinced by Renee to meet up and discuss their issues. But it seems like there might be one “massive f—ing problem” in the way: Ramona. In this sneak peek from Sunday’s episode, Drita explains that as much as she wants to talk things out with Karen, she thinks Ramona has always had it out for her, and now she worries that Ramona might convince Karen not to make up after all. And if Ramona does get in the way of their reconciliation? Drita explains “No one’s going to be able to pry me off of her. I’m going to be chewing on er face, like a leech.”

In our second sneak of the week, after the jump, Karen and her ex, David, discuss the possibility of his moving to New York City. And then they make out. Hardcore.

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  1. mary says:

    i hope they get back togrther karen needs a good man we see the other with there man or talking about them now it time for her

  2. Toni says:

    I believe that Karen needs to focus more on herself & daughter and stop and think before she makes that decision on going back with her ex, it seems like always the men get jealous they can’t see a woman doing her thing, they only care of themselves not caring on what she has been doing and going through. I bet he is going to make it difficult for her in regards to their daughter, he will make it difficult for her because he can’t stand it. The best thing for Karen to do is just focus on herself, make sure you have everything you wanted to accomplished first before you jump into a man’s arms, please think of yourself first and your daughter, remember men come and go, your family is forever.

  3. gary says:

    Hello, having met some of the crew joe gams, lee beck, afram and randy the jew, at college otisville ny nothing but gentleman. Also having met Drita in the visiting room via lee a complete lady little nuts but nice. I have to ask is dave karens boyfriend black or hispanic??? Regards Boston Gary

  4. Msparkles says:

    Please what is the song by the chick in the begining of the bar seen w/ Karen and DAVID. NO they DO NOT HAVE IT LISTED. Please help, I guess they hate the artist because I have typed all the lyrics in and can find it. Why when u click ‘SONGS FROM EPISODE” IT WON’T F’IN SHOW YOU ALL THE SONGS FROM THE EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!