Mob Wives – Episode 16 – Lockdown Love


On a show called Mob Wives, we rarely see the men (Junior excepted) in the lives of these women. But all of a sudden, they’re all popping up and they’re all causing drama and prove once and for all that you really can’t live with them, and you can’t live without ‘em.

This week on “Drita gets a pre-paid call from: Lee…D’Avanzo,” Drita is feeling good because she’s still excited by the news that Lee is being moved to Brooklyn which is much closer than the facility he’s in upstate. “Lee told me he’s going to finish his remaining sentence in Brooklyn. Lee being closer to home is the best thing in the world right now because I don’t wanna drive six f—ing hours to go see any-f—ing-body,” she says, and I hear that, girl. Six hours on the I-87 will make you want to murder anybody, especially if you have to stop at that rest stop in Newburgh and use the bathroom. Those toilet seats are NEVER dry.

Drita also informs Lee of her new job as a getaway driver in French Montana‘s video, which cracks Lee up, that she’s involved now (even for entertainment purposes) in the family bank-robbing business.
Drita Mob Wives
He’s also fully supportive of her dating again (probably because he knows her dating techniques involve punching guys and challenging them to feats of physical strength), but his support surprises her. “I actually don’t know if I like you being this nice,” she tells him. Because it’s easier to be divorced from an an a-hole than from a nice guy. This just complicates things! “All he’s doing is reminding me why I loved him.”

Karen is still contemplating meeting with Drita, even after her cousin Rena told her she should crack Drita’s jaw instead, and she seeks Ramona‘s advice. Which is crazy, because we all know Ramona supports their reconciliation and just wants Karen and Drita to make things work. (J/K!)

This is actually what Ramona thinks of the idea:

She tells Karen it’s not a good idea and that “You might as well put [Drita] out with the trash, ’cause she’s trash.”

Karen gets it, but she also says she’s done with the negativity, as we all are, I think, and she is just wanting to move on. And if nothing else, she wants to do this for Renee and just get this over with. Ramona just warns “If she comes out her face, be the real you and that the motherf—ing b—h out.”

I’m in the “Carla and Joe Should Get Back Together” camp, but for now, I’m just going to have to wait, because as Carla tells Big Ang, it’s just not happening right now.

Joe’s not around quite as much as he was a while back, plus Joe’s history as a cheater is still in her mind, so there’s no hope of reconciliation for now. But seriously, where’s he been hanging out lately, that’s the question. “Does he have a girlfriend?” Ang asks. “That always sidetracks them from their family.”

Gooood question. Big Ang hopes he doesn’t though, because

“I’m not a b—h, I’m not a devil, but when it comes to my kids, then you’re f—ing with me,” Carla says, vowing to find out whether or not Joe has a chippy on the side.

When they spend some quality time working out together, Carla tells him he’s been scarce (“Like a gas shortage?” he asks. “There’s a Joe shortage?”) and wonders where he’s been. “I have other people I see,” he says. “Like a girl.” “I knew it!” Carla says.

“Some little f—in’ hussy.”
Let’s be clear though, Carla’s not jealous, she’s just annoyed that he has a serious (young) girlfriend when he’s fresh out of prison. Like, when did he have the time to get so serious?? Joe’s even introduced the kids to her. “She plays with them,” Joe says, which leads Carla to my favorite line of the episode, when she retorts “She f—ing brings her Barbie doll collection over?” I love you, Carla. But she intones that this is the end of Joe and Carla because “Joe started his life, I need to start mine.” Nooo!

Happy 23rd birthday to Big Ang’s AJ! To celebrate, Big Ang buys him a new gold chain, and to reward herself for being so nice, she browses the jewelry herself because she loves “Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds.”

Big Ang really wants her son to settle down and get engaged in the next two years, but that’s just not AJ’s style. Besides, when you have a mother who’s cooking you a birthday feast of bresaola, pigs knuckles, gravy, sweet and sour sausage, and who knows what else, do you really even need to look for another woman?

Like Carla and Joe, Karen and her ex, Dave, are in limbo. The last time they spoke they had a big fight, but Karen wants their daughter to move to New York and she needs to discuss the situation with Dave, and possibly even see if he wants to move to New York too. Judging from their greeting, they don’t seem in that much limbo though.

They miss each other. Emotionally and physically. “Dave’s still got it!” Karen says. She gets giddy just talking about him to Ramona and explains that they’re currently “Back in the saddle again.”

Karina, their daughter, wants to know when they’re getting back together, and though they don’t quite know what the future holds, Karen says they’re going to take baby steps to rebuild a relationships. This is a good baby step.

Drita meets with her friend Nicole to discuss the Karen situation, and here’s the thing. Nicole, like Ramona and Rena over in Karen’s circle, doesn’t trust the opposition. She tells Drita that she doesn’t believe Karen wants peace. But to hear Karen and Drita both tell it, they both want to coexist peacefully and move on since they both have a lot of successful business to tend to, they’re mothers, etc. To borrow a phrase from Drita, everyone else is chirping away, but the two women at the center of it should probably not be listening to it all, because their friends are just feeding them drama.

However, Drita wants peace with Karen, but Ramona she could care less about. “My problem lies with Ramona and it’s a massive problem,” she says. “Karen must know how much I hate f—ing Lucifer. No one’s going to be able to pry me off of her. I’m going to be chewing on her face. Like a leech.”


Renee is still coping with the Junior situation and she realizes the best way to do it is to talk it all out to make sense of it. Her good friend Cherry Martinez’s radio show, Lockdown Love, focuses on people with loved ones in prison, so Renee goes on the show to discuss things.

Renee explains that because Junior would come back to her each time he came out of prison, she thought she had found her prince. Unfortunately, he was the prince “of f—ing darkness.”

As for how she feels about Junior now, she’s come a looong way. She says she loved him more than anyone can ever know at one point, but right now, “I don’t love him. Not a speck,” she says. “Take your bid. Be a man. Leave your son with respect. He is no father and he is no man to me. I would spit on him.”

Drita started the episode excited at the prospect that Lee would be coming to Brooklyn. She ends it with the news that those plans have changed. Not only is he not going to be super-close to Drita and the girls, he’s moving to a facility even further away, he writes in a letter.

She’s devastated, for her daughters’ sake. “Nothing can ever go right for these kids,” she says, knowing how much it will hurt Aleeya especially. “I finally had one great thing to tell her, and now I have to take that away from her.”

No one, especially not a child, deserves to have their loved ones taken away from them, but in this lifestyle, that’s just the cycle that they’re used to by now.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Where did the idea of Lockdown Love “focuses on families of love ones that are locked up” come from?

  2. Elaine says:

    Karen, Karen, Karen…think with your brain and not your heart. Dave is telling you loud and clear what he wants(without actually saying it). Don’t play yourself just because he is the father of your daughter. Tsk, tsk, tsk. smh. I see guys like Dave all the time…smh. Maybe someone can answer this for me because I’m not getting it. Sooooo, Renee is officially done with Junior because he is a snitch, not because he paraded around with other women, girlfriends calling the house, etc., totally disrespecting her??

  3. Karen says:

    Not to rain on everyone’s parade and Pro-Drita thoughts, but to me she acts just like Tami & Evelyn on BBW. She is always talking about fighting someone. You are a grown woman and have children. pull your head out of your ass, stop blaming your “childhood” and be mature. Seriously how all you people can accept her acting this way week after week is ridiculous. These women don’t need anger management. They need to be held accountable ONE time for their actions, I bet if Ms Drita went to jail for assault and had her children taken by protective services until she can cool her self down she would be a model lady. So perhaps the next time she threatens to hurt someone or actually does they should press charges, and call Child services so we can see Drita learn what her actions lead to! So sick of these women attacking each other and we the viewers are expected to praise them and “take a side”.

  4. Jen says:

    These women know what they was getting them selves and there children into, don’t feel sorry for them at all !!

  5. chet valenti says:

    carla i think your dog is as beautiful as the other 2

  6. Deziree says:

    OMG! I love this show. It’s my Sunday Night Delight.
    Renee: I agree with her. A snitch is a snitch. Junior is rat and he should be ashamed for what he did, especially to his son AJ. You know your son needs you and you decide to be selfish.
    Carla: Carla just mad because Joe ain’t open for business anymore. She should have jumped on that when he got out, but no, miss act all high and mighty playing hard to get. Never miss the water until the well runs dry.
    Drita: She had every right to be angry with Lee. I feel for her girls and not having a father.
    Karen: She need to stop playing and be with Dave. They obviously love each other. They need to work it out so her daughter can have a STABLE two parent home

  7. Mzgettnitin says:

    Renee has a long hard road ahead of her and i dont think any of the other ladies have any interst in supporting her and staying by her side. Like they said no one likes a rat especially in that lifestyle, its a dangerous position. Its sad though cause the ladies arent acting as a unit i can say some even seem happy or think its funny.she has no friends on the show they’re there for the cameras.

  8. Mzgettnitin says:

    Karla really, everyone else’s man is cheating but not yours. Stop lying to yourself and your children you knew he wasnt coming home to you. He spent the holidays with his kids you tried to make the world think he wanted you and your family. How does your face feel now since he told you about his hot sexy(young) girlfriend whom he’s very serious with (marriage maybe)?

  9. Amanda says:

    I feel so bad for Drita and her family not being able to see Lee! that’s so awful that the judge kept him from his family, He’s already in prison let him see his family!

  10. msparkles says:

    Why can I not find the songs for episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY TELL YOU ONE song and then keep the rest all hush hush. I want the song that start playing at the bar w/(deaar god what are these peeps names) kissing her hubby from Arizona. It starts “20 times ‘ please help…..I have typed in EVERY LYRIC I HEARD ON THE SHOW AND NO SONG COMES UP. Does VH1 hate the girl singing? Help

  11. Oh well says:

    Didnt Karla’s ex come to her first before he started messing around with the young girl? If a guy is coming out of jail one of the first things he is looking for is sex. He looked for it from Karla, she tried to play coy, and he, very quickly, went elsewhere. He is a good looking dude he is not going to have a problem finding another woman. I wonder if Karla broke up it her boyfriend cause she thought she would be back with joe on her terms.