Basketball Wives – Episode 12 – Fantasy Island


Tami Roman speaks the truth.

“I’m proud of myself, I’ve really been stopping and thinking…I’m able to just step back and help other people with their stuff, stop them from doing something that they may not want to do,” Tami tells her anger management therapist at the beginning of the episode. It’s true that throughout the latter half of the season, she has been more of the referee than the fighter. But she also tells her therapist about the Kesha drama and Tami tells the therapist that Kesha called her a racist. Tami would have a right to be upset at being called racist, but the issue has always seemed more like Tami’s just been insensitive to Kesha more than anything. But, as Tami always points out, we weren’t there, so it’s not our place to comment on these specifics. However, things in the anger management department aren’t going to remain so copacetic this week.

“I know that he loves me and I know he supports me, but I can’t get a hug if I freakin’ beg for it sometimes,” Royce says as the drama with her dad continues. Her father is certainly stubborn, but it makes you realize where Royce gets her steadfastness and her toughness from. After Royce and Robert (he’s so imposing, I feel like I should call him Mr. Reed) finish their conversation, they later meet with Dezmon. Mr. Reed tells Dezmon that he thinks Royce is needy, which pisses off Royce.

But when Royce asks Dez point blank if he thinks she’s needy, he answers by saying “Not necessarily,” which turns into “Yeah, a little bit.” Royce shuts down and says that in that case, she’ll go back to being the Royce she used to be, who was just “All about Royce,” and that’s a promise.

She leaves and Dez goes to find her and she asks why he would wait to tell her she’s around too much until they’re in front of her dad. “It seems like every other word or sentence I say hurts your feelings,” he tells her, which is why he hasn’t said anything before, but just because he feels like she can be needy “AT TIMES” they still love each other and that doesn’t change, awkward lunch or not.

Over at Evelyn and Chad’s house, they’re talking about their future. Chad, on the one hand, doesn’t think he has a future because he has a fever and dramatically declares that he’s on his deathbed. Evelyn ignores him and is thinking more short-term future and wants to know where they’re going on their honeymoon. Chad doesn’t want a honeymoon, he just wants to be with Evelyn because he loves her so much. And he hilariously tells her “I love you. All that damn baggage you had? I loved you and I unpacked it.”

Back to Tami and her anger management. She tries to convince Evelyn to go to the therapist too because Evelyn also has a tendency to go from zero to wine-bottle in .02 seconds, but this Kesha stuff is still weighing on Tami’s mind. She is happy that she’s been able to maintain her composure in previous talks with Kesha, but she’s not looking forward to the girls’ trip to Tahiti because she knows shes going to have to confront her unresolved issues there. But away they all go to the South Pacific, where anything can happen.

Shaunie points out that Jen and Kenya skipped out on the flight they all were supposed to take together which is odd but not really surprising. Kesha probably wishes she was on that flight, too. As soon as they all get in their van, Tami starts criticizing Kesha for coughing without covering her mouth.

“As usual, Tami always has a problem for everything that involves me,” Kesha says. But Tami is proud of the fact that despite the cough situation, they’re still coexisting and not murdering each other. Baby steps!

Suzie is still stuck on the idea that Tahiti is full of cannibals which none of the other women have heard, and on their ferry ride to Moorea, Tami likens their arrival to Fantasy Island, and she half expects Tattoo to announce their arrival. Alas, no Tattoo, but there ARE dancers there to greet them.

Dancers who never leave their side.

When they enter their gorgeous waterfront bungalow, Tami sees flowers everywhere and laments “Wow, I wish I took this trip with my dud instead of four b—hes.”

At their first dinner of the trip things go relatively well, drama-free and perfectly pleasant. Well, except for the fact that Suzie hatches a plan to pull a fast one on Kenya by leaving a dead fish in her bedroom. Because these women are twelve years old. “I think it’s funny, I just hope she takes it as a joke,” Tami says of the prank.

Then the topic changed to Jennifer as it always does, and Evelyn states that Jennifer owes Evelyn for her life. Because basically, without Evelyn, Jennifer would not be “relevant.” Suzie also mentions a tweet of Jennifer’s, sent after the slap, that was a remark about Nia changing the locks on her apartment, saying “I will give u the gas money from my V12 to change your locks!” which further fuels the women’s annoyance at her and her so-called bougie-ness. If and when Jennifer finally arrives to this island, there’s going to be a whole lot of awkward silences and throat clearing, huh?

The next day…hooooo boy, the next day, so much happens. So many sharks. Tami included.

The next day, the women go on a boat trip where they can swim with stingrays, and at first, Kesha was excited. But when the boat is out there and they all see that there are more sharks than stingrays in the water, she starts to backpedal and reluctantly stands at the water’s edge. BECAUSE THE OCEAN IS FULL OF SHARKS.

But that’s not a good enough excuse for the rest of the group, Kesha said she was going to swim, and by god, she better. Honestly, I don’t know why her not wanting to SWIM WITH SHARKS is so frowned upon, but everyone is annoyed. Eventually she and Suzie get in the water and have a nice time. As nice a time as you can when you are SURROUNDED BY SHARKS.

After Jaws V, the ladies go to a nice island bar to have some drinks, some shots, some nice conversation, but after Kesha asks one too many questions in an effort to get to know the ladies, Tami tells her she’s acting like this is a talk show and all the questions are annoying her. “Tasmanian Tami comes out of the woodwork,” Shaunie says.

“The thing with Kesha is, she doesn’t understand the world that I come from. I don’t operate on the terms of going behind people’s back and backstabbing and being malicious,” Tami says as she’s about to unload her grievances on an unsuspecting Kesha. The things Kesha said to Suzie and Royce after her dinner fight with Tami have come back to Tami, and she’s very unhappy about it. And she has a lot to say.

“I’m not the b—h you wanna start with. Pick somebody else, but don’t you start with me,” Tami tells her, and Kesha, once again sits there and listens and for good reason, doesn’t try to fight back. (Would you??)

Tami is upset that Kesha would talk about her to other people but not to her face, and she’s upset that Kesha suggested that she didn’t want to embarrass Tami any more “than she’s already embarrassed herself.” “I didn’t want to go off on you that night, and I don’t want to go off on you now,” Kesha tells her and, really, can you imagine Kesha wanting to go off on anyone? She may have said she would, and maybe she would have verbally, but this is the girl who has avoided physical conflict since day one, she was never going to face off with Tami.

“Straight up, from the gate up, you need to watch what you say, ’cause I’m not that b—h, I don’t play games,” Tami says. And Kesha, who I genuinely am worried for now because of this statement says “It’s just nonsense. I just looked at her like the fool she is.” Will that make Tami even angrier? Maybe. Is this fight over? Hardly.

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  1. anita williams says:

    Tami it would appear that you have no self control when it come to drinking, so stop drinking. Stop being a bully. Make your daughters proud.Take something from your anger managment sessions. We all don’t come for “your world”, thank goodness. Free world and freedom of speach, even when it is about YOU. Kesha stay strong and stand your ground. I saw no one else getting in water with the sharks…oh sharks on the boat.

  2. tia says:

    tami is mean. DAM!!!!

  3. Ms.Nene says:

    tami is so pathtic what grown woman holds another woman’s purse and cell phone histage. Girl please have a seat immediately. It’s sick how she will go out of her way to bully someone who is clearly weak. They need to add real women on that show so they can whop Tami and Evelyn. They should add the Govan Sisters because they aren’t scared to fight anyone including Shaunie.

  4. Sista says:

    Used to be Entertaining, Distasteful, poor example for young ladies.

  5. f says:


  6. Black Woman says:

    The truth hurts for whomever erased what I typed before. You can’t handle the truth. You know this show is negative and demonic.

  7. muffey says:

    Shaunie, please do not insult the people of Tasmania. Tami is a wild animal masquerading as human. She lacks intelligence, grace, class and normal human behaviors. Keesha needs to get away from this bunch. I am so surprised that either Susie or Royce would take it back to that crazy Tami. It seems as if she endeared herself to them and they sold her out to the bully. What a shame. I expect better from Royce.

    This show needs to be taken off the air and/or get rid of Tami and Evelyn. They are barbarians and should not be occupying the same space as decent human beings. Shaunie should take a page out of her ex husband’s book and focus on educated individuals. Education separates the goats from the sheep. She aligns herself with goats like Tami and Evelyn. Tami is an embarrassment to all decent, black women in the world.

  8. Michelle says:

    Tammy is off the hook… min. she is seeking help the next she going off and it is always on someone she know is not going to come for her. Tammy is very two faced at times and everybody sits back and doesn’t say anything. Tammy really needed to find a new way to express her self, she would never want anyone to talk to her kids like that……kesha is someones child. Grow up Tammy pick with someone thats going to go toe to toe with you.

  9. Jazz says:

    Tami you are a bully. The whole trip you did nothing but made something out of nothing whenever Kesha did anything. You did it because you knew she wasn’t going to say anything to you because she too classy and a lady to even stoop to the level you are on. I hope that you didn’t teach your kids to be as nasty as you. I would never have anyone around me that picks on someone just so they’ll feelgood about their miserable life. Grow up! You are on a show, not middle school and bulling is played out. To me you are as fake as they come and would never want a friend like you.

  10. roxy says:

    Tami is a TYPICAL BULLY, she should be ashamed of herself.

  11. 4mercaligirl says:

    Tammi, So much for anger management! You should probably get help for your drinking. Typical of people who drink excessively, you always go off on people once you have a few drinks. You really should be embarrassed. Most forty year old woman have outgrown the kind of behaviour that you and your buddy Evelyn display. Contrary to what you two might think, not many people are impressed by that kind of behavior. I am so glad Keisha just sat there and looked at you while you made a fool of yourself. Back to the Real World Tammi! Get a grip!

  12. Kat says:

    Suzie, is an instigator. You know she is the one that told. Tammi, who cares what someone says about you. People can say whatever they want. Get over it. You are a hypocrite because you clearly discuss Jen and Keisha behind they’re backs. GROW UP! I am proud of Keisha for portraying an intelligent black woman. Shaunie, I used to feel bad for the way your marriage ended, but who can blame Shaq. You are clearly a manipulator and willing to portray black women in a trashy way just to make money. I wouldn’t want to be married to you either. A prime example that money does not equal class.

  13. Rose says:

    Tammy needs to be committed. She is far beyond therapy. Tammy is the oldest bully alive. Tammy is a mother of two teenage daughters and should be humiliated at herself. You are a bully. Kesha really did nothing to provoke you into such disgusting behavior. Kesha is allowed to have an opinion. It’s crazy people like you Tammy that assult homosexuals and abuse children. For the good of society you need to commit yourself. And Evelyn, no one digs the 40 year old bully. Get a better self image it will really help you in the long run.

  14. jazz says:

    I couldn’t even watch the whole show because I was so sickened by Tami. VH1 please get ride of Tami. You are sending out a horrible message to other bullies around the world. Eva really has a reason to be mad but not to fight Jen. They were friend and actually still are. They are just hurt about whatever is going on and WILL eventually get right again. GET RID OF TAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is always fake whenever she gets around a crowd or who ever she is around and think she has to prove just how stupid, gullible, ignorant, and ghetto she really is!

  15. DagOnShame says:

    Tami, you DISGUST me. You used to be my girl on your first season, now you’re so far up Evelyn’s butt, I don’t know where she begins and you end. Evelyn and Tami look so RIDICULOUS and I am embarrassed for you. Shaunee, you play innocent, but you’re just as guilty and pathetic. What true “friend” would allow all this drama. Suzie, you’re a sad puppy and have no mind of your own. It’s no wonder your mouth is messed up…you flap your jaws too much. We all know it was you who ran back and told Tami what was said. Kenya, you’re just wierd, but I hope you get in Evelyn’s behind. Kiesha, Jennifer and Royce….good job on maintaining your class. Royce I love it that you don’t let the other girls persuade you and punk you. Tami, please stop trying to front like you have class. Just the way you eat exudes ghettoness. You think you’re keeping it “real” because you say it like it is and will fight at the drop of a dime, but really that just shows how immature you are. A mature person has discipline and control…you’re not that person.

  16. Cas'Sandra says:

    Tami, you are a bully, bully, bully. I can’t believe what you did to this girl and then you have the nerve to take her purse and phone like you own it. I hope the judge that handled your case with Meeka is watching because they need to change your punishment. You need more than just anger management classes. I just pray that your daughters never have to experience the pain that Kesha just felt from you. So sad!!!!!!!

  17. spoken says:

    Shameful..Kesha should have stayed home! this wasn’t funny this was heartbreaking. I felt bad for her. Shes gonna have to learn how to deal with the bully. It’s apparent she’s not a fighter. Tami bullied her with the cough,the sharks it’s was constant badgering! The poor child was crying. It was sad.
    Tami is really a troubled soul that’s unable to rest unless she’s making someone else miserable. This was far from funny it was sad. I watched because I wanted to see Tahiti and it’s beauty, but these fools made it completely ugly. All over the world blacks are stereotyped as not being use to anything, and not knowing how to act. It’s the Tami’s of the world that give us all a bad name.

  18. spoken says:

    I don’t watch this show that much and had no idea Royce had a child! where is he and who does he live with?

  19. yem says:

    why is Tammy so filled with anger towards people? whatever she must have gone through growing up is no one’s fault and she really needs a better therapist to help her get through her issues. she is a big bully who needs to be taught a good lesson. she keeps treating people as though she is their mean mother and they are all her bad children!! ugh!!
    Evelyn also needs to get a grip and stop acting like an animal. fighting and being aggressive doesn’t look attractive at all.
    both of them need to be put in a ring together and made to fight to the finish, maybe they would work through their anger issues and leave everyone else alone!!!

  20. Valerie Maxwell says:

    I know that this show is for entertainment, but in a time when there is out of control bullying in schools. Teenagers are committing suicide. This show is clearly sending the wrong message. All money is not good money. Tammy and Evelyn are too old to want to fight everytime somebody says something behind their backs. Last time I checked, it was a free country and you can say whatever you want, to whomever you want. They talk about other people on the show behind their backs. So, they re not only idiots, but hypocrits….Shauni (?) is the puppeteer that is mastermining the foolishness. Instigating all sneaky like. I hope you re not letting your children watch this mess….And finally, the next time you hear on the news where another child has killed themself, congratulate yourselves on contributing to the problem.

  21. AJ says:

    Tami is such a despicable human being. She can’t even be honest with herself. She might have issues with being violated when she was younger, but the honest truth is she is insecure about being older and fat. Her husband cheated on her, so now she forever hates all women, especially if you’re someone cute, smart, skinny, ambitious and pretty like Kesha. I originally was eager to see Tami after all these years since Real World LA. I used to also think she was so pretty. But her ugly insides are as apparent as her insecurities, so she has lost all appeal for me. She’s jealous with awful weave and no fashion sense to boot. So all she can do is hate.

  22. KB says:


  23. psychmom says:

    I hope Shaunie and the rest of the producers are taking the time out to read these blogs!!! This has to be the worse show on T.V. It is distasteful and makes no sense – I know it is reality T.V. so it is unfair for me to say that it doesn’t have a plot, but the show just doesn’t make sense. The women do nothing, but sit around, drink and talk about each other; then they top that off by verbally or physically attacking each other in each episode. What is the point – this needs to be cancelled – it is not even entertaining, I watch with so much disdain and I am sure many others do too. Tami is just ridiculous and it seems that either the producers are telling her to act the way she does, or she is mentally ill – listen to the base of her argument – “you said that you would go off on me” who cares, as long as someone doesn’t touch you they are free to say whatever they want, all this shows is your own issues with self-confidence and self-worth, because really if you were happy with yourself, you wouldn’t let anyone else make you angry – like Joel Osteen says you wouldn’t “give away your power.” The same goes for Evelyn, who also needs to check herself. And why would the other women just sit around and allow Tami, in this case, to act the way she did without intervention? As I said, this show is a disgrace and it really should be taken off the air. You remember back in the late 80s and early 90s when everyone, including politicians, the media, etc…, were going after hip hop/rap, I think we need to have a similiar up-roar about this silly show and some of the others on VH1 like Mob Wives and Love and Hip Hop – come on now!!!!

  24. Roxanne says:

    Tami, what a bully!!!! The girls are afraid of her cause she’s like a line backer.

  25. brooke09 says:

    watch mob wives! best show! atleast when these women fight it’s fair on both sides and not a bullying, mean girls contest. mob wives is my new fav!

  26. Maria says:

    I have to admit some of the stuff that comes out of tami;s mouth is hilarius. But her behavior on this episode was truely disappointing. This bullying stuff is exactly what our schools are trying to get rid of. Its a shame that Tami doesnt care what a poor example she sets. Really, if she hates the girl that much just leave it alone..only basketball wives yould find a way to fight in beautiful Tahiti…

  27. Not a Tami Fan says:

    Shocked of Tami’s behavior on tonight show. If Keisha blink the wrong way it would have irritated Tami. Keisha does not have the fight in her so why bother TAMI! You look like a total fool!

    I remember when Heather B was in Tami’spresence during the fifth reunion and Tami was not fool enough to confront Heather B about her comment. Heather would have knocked Tami into tomorrow. Tami you are a 41 year old woman and the more you opened up your mouth the more foolish you sound, you could have handle your distain for Keish better. You are going to reap what you sow, therefore I would be carful with your actions.

  28. Yolanda says:

    Tammi, I have always been a big fan of yours but now, not so much. You are a bully and I have to wonder what made me like you in the first place. It is obvious that you can not hold your liquor so maybe you need to stop drinking. The way you treated Kesha was ridiculous. You should be embarrassed for yourself because you have two daughters and if they watch this they probably say what my two girls say, Tammi is evil and needs to go pray.

  29. Terri Lee says:

    I have never seen so many 30-something women so caddy! Tami and Evelyn are ticking time bombs! Why would any man of substance want such foul mouthed women. My girls and I have disagreements, but these females are always confrontational. If they don’t like or respect one another, they should stay away from one another. Why all the profanity? It is soooooo ignorant. They love to curse about hearsay.
    None of them respect themselves. They have limited vocabulary and low self esteem and that is why they use profane language towards on another.

  30. Ty says:

    TAmi stop embarrassing your children. People like you are why the movie Bully was made.
    Tami is a grown up bully. She Needs more than anger management. She needs medication and a cage.

  31. Unbelievable says:

    No more. I will not be watching this show any more.

  32. Ruth says:

    I have watched this show, as many others have, even those who deny that they do and tonight I decided to make my 1st comment. Tami and Evelyn have displayed horrible behavior in the past, but this season they have escalated to a level of great insecurity. I’m embarrassed for Tami, because she is obviously not embarrassed for herself; which makes her a fool. At a time when we are trying to educate our youth about not being a bully, we have BBW showing Women of Color being nothing but loud, angry, and violent bullies! I was really pulling for Tami to embrace maturity and be a positive example for the other ladies.For a moment she seemed to be on a path of healing from her past. I’m a lover of honesty, truth, and being forthright with people. However, what Tami speaks of is not what she gives. These women are delusional if they think they are being good friends towards each other. What saddens me the most is that all of them have children and yet they seem to be more concerned with pandering for a dollar; than the negativity they display. I firmly believe that when you have children, you have to be mindful of the energy you put into the universe. Here is some food for thought: Just because a person doesn’t rise to your level of insanity, doesn’t mean their weak. They just don’t want to become an even bigger fool by arguing with one!

  33. Lyn says:

    I think that the show should be cancelled if the producers think that making money off showing adult women bullying a less aggresive female. The show really got scary tonight. Anger management is one thing mental illness is another. Really come on change the course of the show.

  34. Aries says:

    I used to like the show but now I only watch it as a last resort. I’d rather sit and watch re-runs of Little House on the Prarie. I can’t stand all of the fighting. One word……..Pathetic!

  35. Michelle says:

    Tami is being ridiculous now. People will talk no matter what. These group of women need to know when to let things go. When people talk about you it’s because you are important. I think Tami went overboard. She needs to give it a rest.

  36. Priscilla Greene says:

    Tami you are nothing but a bullie and I hope and pray they take basketball wives off the air!!!!!!
    You are not a lady, you think because kesha don’t go to your level that she is scared of you, no she has more class!!!! I did use to think you were the better one, but you need to check yourself. Yall, don’t realize the negative affect yall have on our african american young ladies, I say let basketball wives air late and night and not at 8pm in Philadelphia!!!!

  37. Priscilla Greene says:

    Tami you are nothing but a bullie and I hope and pray they take basketball wives off the air!!!!!!
    You are not a lady, you think because kesha don’t go to your level that she is scared of you, no she has more class!!!! I did use to think you were the better one, but you need to check yourself. Yall, don’t realize the negative affect yall have on our african american young ladies, I say let basketball wives air late and night and not at 8pm in Philadelphia!!!!

  38. stephanie says:

    Tammi aren’t you tired of being sued! you are going to be so broke paying for therapist who aren’t helping you and lawyers taking your money. what all of you women on this show need to realize is that,YOU LOOK LIKE FOOLS AND TV IS PROFITING OFF YOU,,! All of you make people,who live in foreign countries, think that all black women act this way. well, tv world, black women are not represented by these fools you see on, basketball wives. one more thing, GET A CAREER, BASKETBALL HUSBAND AND A DECENT LIFE YOU CREATED BY YOURSELF.

  39. Slimting says:

    Can we recognize TWO very important things that happened in tonight’s disgusting episode of Basketball wives? First the sideways racist comment Tami made about ” you people” and the fact that BOTH her and Evelyn are Bullies. It’s so disgusting that these middle age women have insecurities and their oly defense is bullying less defensive people. I feel embarrassed as a woman of color to see them behave like that and even more embarrassed that Vh1 still have them on TV. WOW!

  40. Brenda says:

    Tami, Has the loudest nastiest mouth I have ever heard come out of a women moutn…Oh my bad she really is a Man, that what she look like a big Amazon!!!!! That why she tried to punk everyone. Drag Queen…OMG! I tickle myself. But serious, she need to tone it down one day she will meet her match. She needs a good southern ASS whipping!!!! ATL style.

  41. Jamie Cammack says:

    You are the reason we have to make movies about Bullies. You are nothing more than a Bully. You are so unintelligent that you have to be loud to get your point across. By the way it is pronounced MOUTH not MOUF… Keeping Keisha’s purse from her and then getting mad because she was going to report it stolen. You did steal it. If someone, even if you knew them, took your kid and would not give it back, you would have the right to report a kidnapping. You are so ridiculous. If not for this show, still no one would know who you were. You had MTV and even then you acted a fool… Why don’t you try to be a positive role model instead of the mascot for Bullies?

  42. BJAY says:

    Wow I am really turned off with the BS. Shaunie how do u allow this with 4 children you are
    raising would you like your children bullied? Tami is sad. Evelyn is sad. Shaunie you have no backbone. You should b thankful 2 God and be blessed you can take trips like this.
    Me and my girls if we had the chance would have the time of our life. The fighting and picking on people and fighitng at their age !!come on act like Women. Tami you are a BULLY and need more then anger management. You complain about talking behind backs….Jenn didnt do anything to you now you just feel you need to stand by your man OH I mean Evelyn. Bullys . Shaunie grow a pair……..I can see why you all are single…..

  43. lynn says:

    Tami needs to grow up..seriously she is just an over grown bully that give a bad taste in people’s mouths about blk women. How are you gonna get made when keisha reports her purse stolen…when you took her damn purse and wouldn’t give it back…BOTTOM LINE YOU CAN NOT MAKE A PERSON RESPECT YOU OR DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO…what kind of an example is she setting for her daughters? What if someone was acting the way she is towards her daughter….being bullied is not a good feeling at all and shame on her for being 41 years old but acting like a damn 8th grader..her actions are not justifiable at all and its disgusting how she is portraying herself…the same way someone abused her way back when she is no better than they are…abuse is abuse whether its verbal mental emotional or physical….grow up

  44. Marisa says:

    A total and complete DISGRACE and Nostrils you can stop the fronting chick cuz your right there with the Ratchet Hoe Bunch, and Royce please with the stage play tears enough already your over 30 but act as young as your dudes whatever issues and trauma you experienced cant not be used as a lifetime of making bad choice after bad choice. Evilyn and Tami every dog has their day I remember a time when one Marion “Suge” Knight paraded around just like you too like he was the baddest and, with so many in the hiphop world gassing him up like what people do with you. Guess what old dude found his ass LAIDDDDDDDD all the way out on the sidewalk when he came across the wrong one you too will come across your wrong one and I hope its filmed for the world to see

  45. Jacqui says:

    I feel sorry for this cliche (Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie & Suzy), especially Tami and Evelyn. They are a bunch of immature, insecure, childish, petty stupid ass females who THINK they got it all together but really need help – in the worse way. Tami need to move in with her shrink, then turn around and send a moving truck for Evelyn’s stupid ass. They are truly sad, and if this is what any man is attracted to being tied to and having to live with for the rest of his life, then shame on him.

  46. KK says:

    I usually don’t blog/post, but I am so mad right now that I have to in order to be able to sleep tonight. Tammy is a 41-year old bully. What grown woman goes around worrying about everything somebody has to say about them?!? While she is with her therapist, Tammy needs to get to the bottom of that issue. It also frustrates me to no end that whenever she goes on one of her rants, the other women just go silent. You would think at least one of them, since they are “friends” and all, would try to stop her from embarrassing herself. The only one who has ever even tried to do this is Royce. Anybody know of any good shows that air on Mondays? I am about to throw in the towel on Basketball Wives.

  47. nolongerAfan says:

    Tami needs to take a chill pill. She is really makinfg this show suck. Sahunie get rid of her and Evelyn. Not going to watch it anymore.

  48. april sneed says:


  49. Peaceful2 says:

    Oh previews you take the girls pocketbook. CHILDISH …..GIRL YOU NEED TO GROW UP TAMI. If my son brought a person like you home HMMM you would meet your match. Your mouth is filthy your bullying is disgusting and Evelyn you do not represent what real women are. Filty mouths and ……you dont need to cuss and bully to make a point.
    The dirty twosome Evelyn & Tami will meet their match. Oucho you can not tell me your family is not embarrassed with the woman you are going to marry …..I would have moved my whole family away ….No son of mine would bring a woman like that home and feel welcomed. Tami & Evelyn go to church I dont even think that would help. OH MY take the girls pocketbook. Get A life Tami.

  50. Shelly says:

    Tammy really thinks she has a voice to mentor girls and bring awareness to breast cancer. She can’t relate to human beings, neither can anyone going through such a difficult illness like breast cancer. She is an amimal with no compassion. Get her outta here!

  51. Jay Jay says:

    This is my first and last post. I’ve lost all respect for Tami, Evelyn and especially Shaunie that they display the worst stereotypes of black women. Are they gonna fight everyone that talks about how ghetto they act because someone voiced their opinion about how ignorant they act? And as usual Susie keeps the flames flying by opening her mouth when she should leave it alone!

  52. kim says:

    This will be the last time I watch the show. Bullying is not cute. If this is all your show is going to be about I hope it get’s canceled. I see not positive about this show.!!! Tammy you are a very sick and sad person. Get some help…..

  53. Blacque says:

    Where do I begin? Shaunie should be ashamed for condoning such irrational behavior. She should be embarassed to have her name attached to this foolishness. I know it’s entertainment. But is it really worth it? Who will take these ladies seriously? When it comes to character, Shaunie is no better than Tami and Evelyn. There was nothing positive nor uplifting about tonight’s episode except Kesha’s handling of Tami. Tami was out of control for no reason at all. Kesha remained poised and didn’t give her the satisfaction. And holding a purse and cell phone hostage…who does that? Tami and Evelyn think they can do whatever they want to others without any consequences. Like Jen and Kesha, I would have notified the authorities too. Maybe if law enforcement and charges invade their worlds, they’ll think twice about throwing a bottle, hitting someone with a purse or refusing to give someone their own property. I’m saddened because they should set better examples for their daughters. I don’t think Tami needs help from a therapist for anger management. She should first acknowledge that she just might be bi-polar then start with the necessary medication…immediately. As for this show, I’m done. I just can’t watch this anymore. Deuces BBW!!

  54. Meka says:

    Tami your are a bully. So what if Kiesha did not what to swim with sharks she has a right to change her mind. And what type of women holds anothers purse hostage. Girl you need real help
    I’m thinking crazy hospital.

  55. Stacy says:

    I used to like Tami but her behavior tonight and the preview from next weeks episode, quite frankly, make me sick. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t with her. If you stick up for yourself, she escalates it to physical aggression. If you choose not to interact with escalating verbal abuse, and call the authorities when she takes personal property and won’t return it…then you are a snitch and no good. Whether you are a black woman, or a white woman, we all have one thing in common….we’re women and to see Tami act this way was sickening. I thought better of her than that.

  56. Lisa says:


    You are an embarassment to your daughters who will grow up to be black women as well as black women who as it is have a hard time earning RESPECT that you so much crave. You showed how ignorant and irrational anyone could be without the sterotypical image in todays society. Tami, no matter what has happened in your past, you have to move on. I think you use the past failures and abuse to make an excuse for your behavior. Grow up! You act as if you are the only woman who had family issues as a child.
    That is typical for black woman. Get your attitude in check, before you find yourself behind bars. Next, I am appauld at the other BLACK WOMEN, who sat there and let you make an azz of yourself! They dont care because after this show , they are set. What about you? Those women do not care how you are viewed. Why not portray an positive image, of a successful black woman in entertainment.

    Between you and the other embarrasing female, the show is garbage. If this is what athletes wives, boos, gals, hoochies, what have you, then they have low standards. The best way to redeem yourself is to apologize. One more thing, why would you take this womans purse in another country that will throw you in jail quick. She asked you for her property, and you are a jerk to even think she should said anything else to you. If you need alcohol to gain courage, then you have a mental disorder and need medication. I am so glad Keisha called the authorities on you, because it is not like you dont know any better. That is the best way to handle thuggish behavior. I have served my country as a black woman in the United States Army defending you and yours, and at least you can do is show some respect for me and other black women who serve and have died in wars and who fought for civil rights.

    I can remember when you served Evalyn with papers for a dispute about T-shirts with a stupid saying on it because you did not make a buck off it. Evalyn slept with your husband….HELLO. Anyway Keisha handled this situation like an adult and you deserve whatever comes with it. That is some elementary crap you did. And your FRIENDS let you do it. They should take the show off the air, The violence against Jennifer and Keisha is unwaranted and unexcusable, I hope the directors make a decision and to remove you and any other THUG and replace you with classy women.



  57. Debbie says:

    Tami as a mother of 2 daughters you should be ashamed of the way you conduct yourself. Is this the example you want to set for your girls? You got upset with Kesha when she made a comment about you guys being on best behavior. Well hell, it’s obvious after watching the show you women don’t know how to conduct yourselves as ladies. The way you continue to disrespect and bully Kesha is disgraceful. You claim that she disspects you, but you’re the one that’s disrespectful. It’s obvious she’s not confrontational and scared of you but you won’t let up. You should really think about the way you treat people, remember you were the new girl in the circle once and those same women you’re so tight with now sat around and talked behind your back too. I hate to say it but you’re horrible attitude is probably why you had a heart attack.

  58. Kimberly says:

    Can we please start a petition to take this show off the air. How do I get to Starr Jones’ petition. Shaunie is “Pimpin” these women on the show to make a buck. Please make sure that you don’t let your tv land on the station long enough( more than 30 secs) to be counted on the Nielson ratings…so the show will not get credit for viewership. Why must these adult women address adult woman as the “B word” and why don’t we ever see Shaunie’s life on display…I am seriously thinkiing about getting rid of cable and just watch old movies on Netflix…I will never watch or preview this show again. I refuse to spend my hard earned dollars to make these fools rich off of their non talents… We are making them rich by watching the show while we work everyday…non of them have a skill… I am not contributing to the madness anymore..I hope everyone does the same…It is time we demand better entertainment from these highly paid so called celebrities…it is the Midle class that is making them rich… please lets join together to get better quality tv.

  59. Anya blight says:

    Tami HoodRat Roman,that chiick from last season gave u the right name it’s so sad the way you Evenly,and Shaunie portray yourselves on the show and u all have daughters what kind of examples are y’all sitting for them.on tonite episode 5/7/12 tami when u go off on Keisha u looked like a wild bull that’s getting ready to be let out of his cage before a bullfight whie ur two counterparts sit there with smirks on their faces ENJOYING the CHAOS that’s taking place,what do y’all get out of making fools of u guys think it’s cute or do u think the ratings spike.i really want to start a petition to get this show canceled but I will not have to the white folks gon get y’all dumb asses ur committing crimes on tv it’s to violent u and evenly need to caged cause u both act like Animals shaunie I want put u in the same cage as ur two cast mates but ur not far behind

  60. Janet Bailey says:

    Do these women do anything but fight…referring to Evelyn and Tami. I have not seen them do any fundraisers or anything for the community. They have so much and they take it all for granted. They are so worry about who’s talking behind their back …so what. That’s sign of low self esteem. Also they are bullying which is a problem in our country now. Maybe the Sponsors of this show should take a closer look at this program. Oh Yeah and I do put my money where my mouth is….I donated over $50,000 a year to non profits and charities.

  61. Kimberly says:

    I am so disappointed in the show. Shaunie- you have some really sick women on the show that need help. It is very heart breaking to see these women (Evelynn and Tami) act out their past aggressions on everyone in their wake. It hurts even more for you to allow this behavior for ratings – have you lost your dignity. Of course Jennifer, should have filed charges against Nia and she should file against Evelyn. They are on some nonsense. Both Tami and Evelyn- speak of where they come from you do this and you do that…NEWS FLASH OLD WOMEN…you both have not been that life style for years. They both have grown children yet act like idiots on the screen. Shaunie you sit there and say nothing! You are the worst of them. And Suzie, gain a personality. No one likes a spineless coward and instigator. I commend you Kesha for holding your own among these disturbed women. Evelyn- Chad may marry you but nothing good will come from it if you don’t get yourself some help. I used to like the show but the last too seasons have been shameful. You are not teenage girls, or gang members…so disappointing. I am glad Royce, distance herself from you tired sad old ladies trying to recapture your high school days. Shaunie, you come off so polished how could you allow this to get so disgraceful. Don’t kid yourself you look just as crazy as the show you are producing. Get it together!

  62. Daphnie J. says:

    After seeing tonight’s episode and the preview of next week’s, I will no longer watch this show, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!….Purse hiding?? Really?? What are we 5 years old?? I didn’t see this much bullying in high school..Vh1, is this your idea of entertainment? Seeing GROWN women cursing and bullying other GROWN women? So what if the girl said whatever she said, all of y’all talk about each other anyway..Personally I wouldn’t have wasted my time trying to intimidate someone I knew didn’t want to fight me, that’s so lame. Tami, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Would you want someone to treat your children that way? or your sister or mother? My guess is no..DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU…

    VH1 needs to go another route to get ratings

  63. Tee says:

    I am so sad to see what this show has become. We must band together as women and stop watching this show or any show that promotes, condones, or sensationalizes violence (especially in the form of bullying). Our children are killing themselves or being killed due to the very same behaviors we have all witnessed on this show. The camera does not lie! It’s time to recast this show and make it reflect the lives of true basketball wives (not the ex or the jump-off), or get rid of it all together. I will not watch this foolishness anymore!

  64. tee says:

    I am so disgusted with Tami’s behavior! This show should be call the Miami BULLIES.

  65. Appalled says:

    It’s so affirming to read all of your comments. Now I know it’s not just me. From the beginning, I saw Evelyn as a bully who thought by acting (maybe not) crazy she could establish herself as the alpha dog. Then Tami came on and showed that she is ten times crazier (as in “padded cell” crazy). She and Evelyn became “friends” (whatever that means to these women) simply because Evelyn realized that nut bag Tami would truly hurt her. Haven’t y’all noticed how mellow she is with Tami? Not so bad now, are you Ev? Take all the bullies from all the different reality shows and put them together on a show and let’s see who’s left standing. That would be a SHOW as well as a reality check for all the bullies! As for Suzie, she practically got on her hands and knees and begged to get back into the so-called circle. That caused me to lose all respect for her. Pathetic! Now she continues to bait people into talking about others so she can earn brownie points by running back to tell what was said, with a little spice added. I’m surprised anyone would confide in her about anything. She’s a major instigator and then sits back innocently when it hits the fan. Royce was the first to earn my respect when she showed strength of character and walked away from these damaged people. Jennifer was under their spell for a long time. When they turned on her she saw the light. She should have never lowered herself by being friends with the likes of Evelyn. Stay away Jennifer! You’re too good for this! Of course Tami and Evelyn don’t think assaults should be reported or that assailants should be sued! That way, there are no consequences for their animalistic ways. The most effective form of “anger management”, Tami and Evelyn, is to have to answer for your actions in a civilized society. A little jail time and a few lawsuits will work wonders in managing your anger. Kesha’s refusal to be lured into a situation just so Tami can fill her sick need by beating her up does not make her weak in my eyes. It makes her a civilized, intelligent woman who has risen above the rules of the jungle that Tami lives by. A message for Kesha — follow the lead of Royce and Jennifer and stay away from these twisted children. You don’t need them in your life and you will hopefully NEVER fit in with them. Tami decided that she wanted to hit you when she first laid eyes on you. It would take a psychiatrist to explain why, but it has nothing to do with you. Evelyn pretends to be your friend and mentor in private but smugly enjoys the circus whenever Tami verbally assualts you. If you need friendship among this group, hook up with Royce and Jennifer and flush the rest of this poison out of your system. Jennifer — do the right thing! File assault charges, sue them! That will calm their impulses. Don’t lower yourself to their standards. Stay away from Kenya! She’s only with you because she didn’t make it into the “circle”, although she truly belongs with that group. After watching tonight’s show, this is the first time I just had to voice my opinion. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer! Great lesson in how not to act!

  66. Tracy says:

    I am sick of Tammy and Evelyn they are both extremely messy and they both are bullies. And has the nerve to talk about anger management pleaseeee neither of these ladies give a darn about anger management. I used to like them both but now I am getting tired of Basket Ball wives they are way too stupid and catty. The only person on the show that actually is realistic is Royce. Everyone who in their right mind would continue to hang out with a bunch of bitc _ _ when they treat you like a leper and talk crap about you and you risk getting your ass kicked or kicking someones ass I would totally remove myself from an atmosphere such as that.

    Last thing none of those silly B are saying crap about Shaunie why because they scared to bite the hand that feeds

  67. Robyn says:

    Tami OMG this is so stupid !!!! U a grown women and u take someones purse on some not even a real issue ? ADULT BULLY N !!!!!!! SAD SAD i hope this is all for TV cause this is a SHAME and grown women who have children sit and watch this happen. SMH !!!!! the congress wanted to stop rappers for the language and lyrics of their music. they should take a look at this show and rally against bullies like Tami and speech to kids and show them this is not what you want to grow up and be … ugh just sad !!!!!

  68. MeToo says:

    Evelyn, Tammi & Shaunie I will like to see you 3 go up against some real women Mob Wives I will see how tough you 3 are then Shaunie you just gone watch I need Evenlyn to go across the table on them all three of you hoe’s will be in body bags them we will see how tough you are then, but you know what it won’t happen because you all know they will be scooping you all off the floor.

  69. How ridiculous can you be ladies,your behavior is disgusting and truly appalling. The way you threaten and bully each other you should be ashamed. I don’t think I’ve seen this much bullying in school yards by teenagers. I’m trying to understand why you think if you threaten someone that the person who fears for their well being shouldn’t have you arrested,I mean really like Dr.Phil says “when you choose the behavior,you choose the consequences” so deal with it. If I were your child I would be humiliated by your behavior.

  70. CW says:

    At first it was “mean girls”, now it’s bullying. I feel like your behavior is worse than anything I’ve seen thus far on these reality shows. At least on bad girls club you know what you sign up for. Tami first and foremost you are an adult, with children and organizations for young girls that you are supposed to be setting a positive example for. Secondly, let me reinerate you are an adult. How can you look back at this episode and not be completely embarrassed by the way you acted? When Kesha said “she could have gone off on you” perhaps she meant she could have argued back with you about the rude and insensitive comment you made about her being white. You were in the wrong from the beginning. I mean why isn’t that being addressed. You were wrong, and instead esculating an already hostile conversation Kesha chose to be quiet… when dealing with you that is the best route because all you can hear is your own voice.

    Tonight, I was completely lost, the thought of you taking someone’s purse and demanding they basically fight you for their stuff is ridiculous…And you say “you don’t respect her” we have young men and women all over this country fighting and dying over “respect” and like you they have no idea what that word really means…At least, they can fall back on the fact that they are young, they don’t know any better and in many cases they have no choice that is the life they were given….

    You have the audacity to be in Tahiti, in “paradise”, bullying another grown woman and talking about “respect”. I read earlier you said so many people would be upset if Basketball Wives was cancelled, so you recognize the fact that you have many people watching, possibly young girls learning by your example…they deserve better than that….you should do better than that….and I hope you can be better than that.

    And Shaunie, Evelyn, and Suzie sit there like what this is normal. This is just okay with everybody…I mean seriously?

    Kesha, I don’t know if you still want to be in the show…if you do, I would never change who I am, in order to fit in with women I clearly can not relate to. I think Shaunie would have cancelled my contract on the spot because my first instinct would have been to call the authorities, calmly tell the camera men to get the hell out of my face and tell the producers to return my property immediately. I can not imagine feeling like I need to fight for my own purse as adult, I mean what is this a robbery. You did not deserve this treatment and if I were you I would not be signing up for this foolishness for one more minute let alone another season.

    I am so done with this show…ugh

  71. shanon smith says:

    Please, this is not entertaining, its riduclous.
    Its sad, and it sets black women back 50 years. Are you afraid a positive role model wont boost the ratings. Cussing, Fighting, Bullying, instigating, what kind of message are we sending our young black women today, struggling to make something out of themselves?????
    This show needs to be cancelled, and these women kept in cages.

  72. SO SAD says:

    How in the hell can you mess up beautiful Tahiti? You are in Tahiti and you are worried about what someone allegedly said about you? Grow all the way up. If it bothers you that much, be an adult about it and talk about it like real women/adults. I commend Keisha for having class. Shaunie never ceases to amaze me just standing by watch someone get either verbally or physically attacked. How are you a friend to Jenn and condone what Evelyn/Nia does? How can you respect Keisha, and not try to break up the altercation. Are you scared of Tami, or secretly relish in the chaos?

    Tami is HORRIBLE, I’ve been rocking with you since Real World LA, and I swear it’s always someone else’s fault. You need a new therapist, the one you have now isn’t working. No more alcohol and you need medication. Something just aint right.

  73. Luv In Chains says:

    Tami- you should not have been mad at Suzie when she made the comment “all the way from food stamps, right Tami???” Suzie was implying a considerable amount of growth from you which we can all see has not really happened… you are still food stamp mentality. Shaunie should be ashamed of what she has created, it could have been classy but I guess class don’t equal cash and it never will. Two thumbs down… Evelyn too! She is the only one constantly running her mouth about Jenn and THAT situation.

  74. REA says:

    Tami you are a nast B. You acted like a big bully going after Keisha. I can’t stand watching you on the show any longer you are disgusting. If I saw someone beating you up in the street after seeing how you treated Keisha I would just keep walking thinking you were getting exactly what you deserve. We call you the BEAST. Keisha did not do anything wrong she was talking in confidence to the other ugly phony beast Evelyn. She wasn’t bad mouthing you at all! Only thing she did wrong was to trust Evelyn. Evelyn told her to bring it up to you and discuss it but two face B Evelyn turns around and tells you before Keisha could speak to you about how she felt. You and phony Evil Evelyn both belong in cages. You are both very ignorant low lives.

  75. K says:

    I like Royce, Jennifer, Kesha and Kenya- but Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie – peace out you old tired women with nothing but rage, hatred and jealousy. Shaunie I wished I could talk to you. I do not understand how you could let this show go in this direction. Where is your pride and dignity. It’s now wonder you haven’t been sued also. It looks like that is the direction of things to come. Black woman have to struggle against so many negative stereotypes “Why in the hell would you portray this to the public- you your family- to your supporters. I am a black woman, you have betrayed us with this non-sense and you are Tami- you just don’t know it. Otherwise there is no way you would allow these delusional women (Tami and Evelyn and Nia) to think for one moment that they could show their ass on a program with your name on it. Also, you would have the back bone to say enough is enough.

  76. Meka says:

    TRASH, TRASH ,TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Meka says:

    BULLY, BULLY, BULLY, BULLY, BULLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Classy 1 says:


    Dave Chappelle said it best…breaking out the DVD no…smmfh

  79. ReGinae says:

    I am absolutely disgusted! Tami is the absolute worst! Forget being a disgrace to the black race, she is a disgrace to the human race! Evelyn and of course Shaunie are right up there with her. You women, I mean little girls, disgust me! I am so disappointed in you Shaunie for continuing to allow this type of behavior! This is unacceptable! And to think, all of you have children, girls at that! Those children are certainly in my prayers!

  80. hadenough says:

    Anger management is not what Tami needs, she needs a year in the State Pen. There are many of us that have been through the same abuse you experienced in your childhood. But not many of us use it as an excuse to bully others. I so look forward to reading the story titled: TAMI GOT KNOCKED THE F*+K OUT!! You better know Karma is real. Ditto to you Ev, with the lame excuse that you inherited your bullying. I will have to read about it, TODAY WAS THE LAST STRAW FOR ME!!

    Everyone wants to know why Suzie tells everything that comes to her ears. I think it’s because, once the show airs and The Two Big Bad Wolves see that she didn’t report back, it will be her house the blow down!

  81. Charlie says:

    Tami I am very disappointed in you. I thought you was the stand up type of girl in the group. So I watch in shock tonight as you rip into Kesha very uncalled for. You sat there and talked about Jennifer and turn around and act like you sh**t don’t stank. You are right up there with Evelyn you let Shaunie pin you guys against each other for money and ratings. Although I do watch your show and most times I sided with you but tonight I draw the line. Don’t you see Suzie is playing all of you guys. Tami open your eyes. Shaunie you should be ashamed.

  82. What in the Hell says:

    Ok, I have laughed tonight after reading the comments, afterall I agree with most of them. Although I have to admit, I do have to tune in to see these women act ignorant as HELL, it’s like a super guilty unpleasure. Tami, I am so suprised that you feel everyone needs to respect you, when all you do is run your mouth behind the new ladies backs, but you become an enraged animal when they do the same…remember the saying what good for the goose is good for the gander. Oh and by the way if you read the majority of these posts everyone is talking about you and think you are very low budget and ghetto, and you are too freaking knock knee’d to be wearing those short skirts and jeans…stick with the long skirts. At the end of the day, you ladies are trying to eat and by that I mean lining your pockets, but is it worth it? Suzie do you get tired of running your freaking mouth, you are such a kiss ass. As for the as one lady post Tami “Hoodrat” Roman, that name truly fits you Tami, you should officially make that your middle name

  83. steve hunt says:


  84. LadyK says:

    Tami, for you to say you have made some changes is a joke. You got drunk and went after Kesha like a panther hunting a damn bunny rabit. Some people say you are jealous of Kesha, honestly I don’t know what to think about you anymore. Why in the heck are listening to others and taking everything someone else is saying to heart and attacking this girl? Tami you should be ashamed of yourself. You really stepped off of your square which I am very surprised about. Tami, you seem as if you are trying to change, please do it and soon. I mean right now you are acting as if you need to be on medication.

  85. Janice says:

    I cannot believe the way Tami and Evenlyn act. It is so disquisting. I pray that this show will not come back on next season. Tami. You have to reap what you sow. You really need God in your life. In therapy you said you are changing. There is no excuse for your anger. No matter what has happen in your past. Why are you taking it out on innocent people. Take it out on the person that have cause you to be angry. You are having health issue. We have to reap what we sow. Think about that. Read your Bible. You may learn something. Kesha you are truly a beautiful nice lady. I felt so bad for you and Shaunie you are a sick woman. Are you scared of Tami and Evenlyn or you are just that money hungry. You are accountable for these women acting like that. Susie went back and told what Kesha said. I know she did. Susie is so weak and a kiss butt.

  86. Zbrooks88 says:

    Tammi when you get to be a grown woman and become comfortable with the woman you are, high school behind your back gossip or talk is not a concern for the truly grown woman. This show has afforded oh the opportunity to see your issue. The anger management sessions should give you a chance a let go of your deep emotional garbage that is weighing down your joy. Tammi you bully any woman you feel is weak or nervous to stand up for themselves. You are a real bully(yes you are a predator of the weaker person). You should spend time alone and find why you hate woman that is calmer and has thepeace you want. You want to get answers but if you get their side and you don’t allow to hear it. You are narrow minded, you’re not atrue adult with self control. Shaunie I hope you get sued for all other assault suits and damage claimsyou have orchestrated every season.

  87. Mary says:

    This is definately my last week watching this show. I could only stomach 30 minutes of it. Where are these women shame, pride and dignity? These OLD FARTS acting like high school bullies on the playground is so unattractive and demeaning. I do agree that Shaunie is worst than the girls because she is the pimp prostituting these girls for money. I think they have a meeting each week and decide who is going to fight whom next time around…this is a DIGRACE to women and especially Black women

  88. Anti-Bullying Campaign says:

    This post is directed at Tami: I am so ashamed of your behavior. Who do you think you are? So what someone talks about you behind your back. Most people will, but in your forties you should have developed a thickness that you don’t care what people say or think. I was diggin on your growth, Tami, but you looked like the same girl on the Real World in your twenties. It wasn’t cute then and it’s definitely not cute in your forties. Grow up, pay attention in anger management, because you are nothing but a bully. I looked at Kesha face and felt bad that she traveled with women she thought she could trust to a foreign land, only to be bullied by a gang of mean girls. Have some class about yourself and stop all the violence against women. You sound just like the 13-year old girl arrested for group-fighting, pummeling a girl to injury from Rhode Island that was interviewed on Dr. Phil today.

    To VH1: I am so disgusted by the behavior of the women on the show this season, I will tune out until women of class are portrayed. And, forget about a movie, I won’t support it. .

  89. Stacy says:

    Also: Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn… all have daughters. How would you like it if one of your daughters went to an island and got into a fight with another one of the girls? Then one of the girls takes your daughters purse containing her phone and ID, leaving her powerless and trapped on the island? Then three of them go to your daughters room and pound on her door and continue to browbeat her in her roomHow would you feel? ALL THREE OF YOU WOULD RAISE HOLY HELL….yet you pound on

  90. erica wayne says:

    Tammi, what goes around comes around. This is my first blog post ever and it is to let you all know I will not watch this show any more! I will tell everyone I know not to watch it any more! Today I will say no to bullies. Evelyn I will not buy your book

  91. just silliness says:

    Some of the prettiest women do some of ugliest things. i must say that tonite episode hurt my feelings.There are some crazy people in this world today and i know somebody is out there waiting patiently to call your bluff (Tami). WE as BLACK WOMEN are already stereotype as being ANGRY WOMEN and this show not making US as a whole look good, heck the even call the first lady Michelle Obama a angry black women which is so not cool. thanks for making our fight a lil more harder to gain some kinda respect in the world! That just hurts and so sadd. And another thing who said you was exempt from being talked about heck sometimes conversation turns into gossips!

  92. adam hawk says:

    This is the last time I will tune in, ladies. With all due respect, I believe you can rise above the pettiness which this show is all about. You do nothing to raise awareness of women, youth, marriage, friendship. Tami caused probs on Real World and it has become a life path for her. My teenage granddaughter used to watch BBW but at 17 yrs she sees the show for what it is. To quote her words: Grandpa, that’s what my friends do — the gossip, physical fights. So if I got away from that mess in my life, why would I want to watch it on TV? Amen. She’s wise beyond her years. I understand the lure of money, ratings, etc. for you, but you do not uplift, inspire, enrich lives. You’re all about the glamour and bright lights. If you believe this is the ONLY way you can make money, you may as well be out there on a street corner. You offer nothing of value. Nothing. And, as African American women, you embarrass your culture, ethnicity, and ancestors who went thru so much for you to be here.

  93. CARLA SCOTT says:


  94. Renee says:

    We truly need to stop watching this show because Tami and Evelyn are out of control!!!

  95. Ro says:

    Tami is so fake Suzi needs to get a life Evelyn need therapy and the and they all crazy for putting up with the bull—-t that Tami & Evelyn dishes out they just haven’t ran into the right one with all of that mess they bring to the show but they are going to get they’re day

  96. VeeVee says:

    The only way Tami was able to see the video of Kesha talking with her friends is that Shaunie, the producer, showed it to her just to start mess on the Tahiti trip. Tami said she got it from Kesha’s mouth. Tami recited Kesha’s whole conversation. She saw the clip. Shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn are evil. Suzie is evil-lite. She’s just scared. The way Tami bullied Kesha about the way she coughed was disgraceful. And Evelyn keeps pretending she has Kesha’s back but she’s scared of Tami too. Tami needs to get a refund for her anger management counseling, because it is not working.

  97. Melissa says:

    Tami completely disgusts me. Her behavior is outrageous and she should not be on television embarrassing herself. Her children are probably mortified that this woman acts like a twelve year old mean girl. Seriously she is just attacking Kesha because Kesha has something Tami will never have and it’s called CLASS. Tami is just a washed up frustrated old lady who obviously has a drinking problem and should be on some type of medication for her psychotic rages. The same goes for Evelyn. These women need to act their age and realize how old they are and how stupid they look.

  98. Use to be a fan says:

    I am so dissapointed watching the show tonight. Tami, Really. What is wrong with you. Are you just hood or do you have some issues. Wow I cant believe grown women act the way you do. You give black women a bad name. I will not be watching the show any longer and I hope others will boycot the show also.
    This is a disgrace. Shame on you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. L says:

    I can no longer watch this show. Alls its about is mean girls picking on the weak. I liked Tami but now im so sick of her having to start fighting on someone in front of everyone. Why not take them to the side and be a real woman. GROW THE F UP!!. YOU TO EVELYN, getting in a fight every other episode. Control yourself . This show is pathetic and suzie stop kissing butt to everyone and being a instigator along with Tami.. Shawnie for some one who is the producer why dont you tell your girls to stop it already. Its no longer fun to watch. i really dont care to watch these so called woman being bullys and picking on anyone . And i will no longer watch it. BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE PATHETIC EXCEPT FOR ROYCE

  100. George E says:

    Tami is a disgusting person – grow the freak up, your a piece of garbage BULLY!!!!!!

    And your the biggest hypocrite of them all – you get mad at ppl for talking behind your back…yet you do the same exact thing.

    You better pray YOUR kids don’t get treated the way you treat ppl

  101. Golden Boy says:

    Tammi, maybe you should consider living in a jungle. There’s more than enough room for all the animals. So see you get the best of both worlds, no confinement and you get fresh fruits and veggies. So maybe now you won’t be constipated and you can fight with the lions.

  102. Tammie says:

    Tami is a bully. She has been nothing but nasty to Kesha from the start. Kesha was only speaking the truth you do make a fool out of yourself. You are such a misserable person and your right an angry person that you look to someone to take it out on. Did you ever think that you get back in life what you give out. Kesha is the classy one. She knows how to present herself as a lady. You Tami have major issues. You need to get over your pity party. Most of us have had hard lives and have had bad things happen to them along the way. Your so busy being angry that your missing out on the beautiful things in life. Kesha I’m sure wasnt treated very well growing up being mixed from a small town but she has grown from that and actually has feelings for other people. You are being a bully and I’m sure you have probably been one all of your life. Your the type that we are trying to get rid of in our school systems so children wont commit suicide from being bullied. You need to ask Jesus to come into your heart and fill it with LOVE not hate! When Kesha was coughing did you ever think it was a nervous reaction because of being around you. You acted like a pre-schooler talking down to her about coughing. Suzie must of been the one that told you what Kesha had said. Kesha take this as a learning experience that Suzie is not to be trusted. She would sell her soul to the devil before she would want Tami coming after her so she has to snitch to make herself look good to Tami. To bad Suzie, Kesha I think would of been a really good friend to have. Your loss!!!!

  103. James says:

    Tami is truly an IDIOT! It should be illegal for a 41 year old woman, with two children, to act so retarded on national television. Loud women like that REALLY get hurt in the hood! Tami is an ignorant, hyper sensitive fool that can not act like a mother, a lady or just respectable person if her life depended on it!

  104. Pam says:

    Tami needs to be put in a Institution-she is a psycho-no wonder her husband cheated on her -he was lucky to get OUT. She is an embrassment to the black women. KESHA get out and never look back-You are to good for that show. Jen should stay away also because Evelyn is going to act just like Tami. Tami and Evelyn are trash

  105. nurse1 says:


  106. Boycot the show says:

    We the views make each of these ladies relavant. If we stop watching they will all “not matter in this life”. By VH-1 continue to allow this bullying to happen, what messages are you saying to our younger generation? I’m sick to my stomach after seeing next week’s preview. Tami I have lost AAAALLLLLLL respect for you. Evelyn, you are using this crap that Jennifer won’t stop talking to the media. Excuse me, if she wasn’t admitting to sleeping with Chad, then I saw no reason to blow up like you did. Oh yea, for the spin off of you and Chad’s wedding. If he marry you, I feel sorry for him as well. You are no one I would bring home to meet my parents. You and Tami are nothing but wanna bees about Shaunie’s life. You both act worst that trailertrash…. I will not be watching after tonight and if there is noone watching, that will make Shaunie and the VH-1 producers understand enough is enough…..

  107. Nik says:

    Tami Roman is nothing more than a BULLY!!!! I MEAN IS ALL OF THAT NECESSARY WITH KESHA!!!!

  108. Ada says:

    Please for the sake of us and our generation, DO NOT TUNE IN FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE. We CAN do this. Spread the word! >>>>

  109. Roro says:

    TAMI…….I feel so sorry for you boo! You Stupid!

  110. Meka says:

    @Ruth, That was very well said I agree 100%. I am done giving them rating for this disgusting show, all it does is anger me to see people being bullied from week to week, bullies comes in all shapes and sizes and ages, and i will not continue to watch this trash and give VH1 support for putting this mess on t.v.

  111. FAYE says:





  112. FFLO1 says:

    Tami & Evelyn need to go! ReCast Please!

  113. REALLADY1 says:

    Shaquille just earned a Doctorate degree and Shaunie is promoting adult bullying SMDH!!! Are you women serious? Shaunie, I wonder what kind of contract the production company has tied around you neck why you would sit around and watch Tammy verbally crucify Kesha!! No one deserves to be treated that way. Every last one of you are over 30, some with children, are you guys aware that teens,preteens watch this GARBAGE and will think its ok to treat their peers this way? N0 amount of ratings is worth this. Keisha are you aware that the GHETTO BEAST aka TAMMY can not hurt you and not be arrested??? Dont be afraid of her, she has a mouth,you have one too. You are intelligent, leave the show, these chicks will always be as they represent themselves on the show…..NASTY HOOD TRASH.

    This isnt entertaining, its cringe worthy. Just finished DELETING BBWs from my DVR program queue, what used to be a “guilty pleasure” is now something I REFUSE TO SUPPORT.

  114. Nikki says:

    I was so angry after watching tonight’s episode. I HATE a bully…….and that’s exactly what Tami is and constantly displays! The way she just kept picking at Kesha was a disgrace. I didnt even find it entertaining! And then Shaunie sits her goofy self there and acts like she can’t say anything to Tami! She’s suppose to be the queen B and this is the kind of mess you allow. And I’m sick of Tami acting like its her job to raise grown people! You can’t re-raise Kesha…..focus on raising your own girls. And what world does she come from? She’s so nasty and ignorant that I completely understand why Kesha doesn’t try to talk to her. And so what if she talks behind your back? Who cares. If you don’t want to deal with her, then so be it. And she is such a hypocrite……….now you’re acting like you and Evelyn are best friends and she slept with your husband!!

    She makes me sick.

  115. bins says:

    Tami demands respect from others but doesn’t give it. Tami demands that others not talk about her behind her back but she does talks horrible about others behind theirs. Golden rule Tami…to have respect it has to be earned. Perhaps if you acted like a lady instead of some gangsta wannabe then you would naturally command the “respect” you DEMAND from others. What is wrong with her? I mean we see she has issues but wow….Tami has some serious issues. And if she was so proud of herself when at her therapy appointment and telling her therapist all the “good” she has been doing. Well, she certainly made up for all the so called “good” behavior she thinks she had with the poor behavoir she protrayed to the world. First off she really shouldn’t drink. Second off who the hell cares what people are saying about you behind your back. She should use that precious energy she is wasting away in a much more positive manner and perhaps go somewhere and learn some manners because she has NONE!!! Tami is an idiot, a bully, angry and has HUGE entitlement issues thinking she has any right to demand anything out of any human being without giving it to that human being first. VH1 get this seriously mentally ill and demented woman some help and take her off the show. REALLY!!!! You are about to lose viewers because this is not entertainment and any of us that keep watching are as ill as she. VH1 you need to be sure she reads what we the viewers are writing. Then there is Evelyn who said when talking to Tami that she should probably go to her therapist for anger. REALLY Evelyn???? what gave you the first clue? Seriously these are some very sad, miserable, unhappy, vindictive, vengful women who need a huge wake up call. RING….RING…. Hello idiots, do you realize how sad and pathetic you are? Well if not we the viewers do. LOL!!!!!

  116. LaTrese says:

    Tami really needs about 5 anger management therapists, 2 life coaches and dozen clergy men. Tami, you lashed out Kesha over a comment that is really about her thought process during your first verbal violation. Have you really approach forgivenes and acceptance about your past? Obviously, not because her comments wasnt disrespectful unlike you. I believe you are trying make yourself relevant. You are 41… Why would even remotely allow yourself to portrayed as angry black woman. You looked like a fool…

  117. For Real! says:

    Tami is such a fool. I don’t understand why everyone just sat there and watched her attack Kesha. None of the women have any back bone unless they are ganging up and attacking someone. Who goes around starting arguments/fights all day? Do you know how irritating and annoying that is!? Her blood pressure has to be high. At that age and still wanting to cause such childish drama is so ignorant. Grow up!

  118. Sick to my Stomach says:

    I have watched my last episode of BBW. As a woman of color it sickens me for two reasons. It is so sad to see woman of color behaving this way on national television. The show has set us back 40 plus years with there behaviour. I had so much respect for Shaunie until this season. She picks woman who she knows want go up against Eve and Tami dumb asses and watches them pick at them and then goes and cashes her check. That is wrong on so many levels. You all have children and you are sitting back condoning bullies and extremely bad behaviour. When I was small it was very rare to see people of color on TV and now this crap. Come on now Shaunie. I know you got money in the bank but do you sleep good. Do you really. Because you and partners standing in front of that girls door with her purse and she is in there crying did it for me. Sick. Grown women I know don’t like that. To have so much you all acted “straight gutter”. Two bullies are weak people Eve and Tami haven’t tried that with the right one and you make sure of that. I thought BBW of LA was bad this so so SAD, Vh1 please stop this madness. I have boycotted Dave and Busters because they sponsor it and tonight I boycotted you by blocking your channel. You lost one. I love La*La very postive show but BBW. Foolishness,

  119. Wisdom says:

    Tami you are so GUTTER, and a complete hypocrit. Not so long ago(last season) you were the one crying about a law suit, against your now BFF Evelyn, over just words(you are a non motherf…ing factor), because you are to thin skinned, that words do actually hurt you.Remember coming to Evelyn’s shop with your court papers, waving them around, pleading for her not to market the t-shirts. Begging to meet with her in the park to discuss her not printing anymore shirts. Yeah, no one has forgotten, how weak you looked then, still trying to fit in with this group of girls. You are out of you league, and that;s not to say, the other girls amount to much of anything either, but you are the most insercure, out of touch, and still searching for yourself at 41. You owe it to yourself to go off on your own, and do some soul searching. The discussion with your mother and seeing a therapist, is a very good start. Right now your are meanise to society, a tyrant, and yes a bully. you come off as so Gutter, like you are straight from the Gutter. I did start to see some growth in you from the second season, but now you have platoooed. Just stay in couseling, you’re going to need it for life probably. As soon as you take 2 steps forward you take 2 steps back. Also AA, would be a great step for you, to try and get the alcohol under control. Whether you drink or not, your behavior is pretty bad, due to your emotional baggage, but the drinking lends you some sense of false strengh. I think Keisha is the flavor of the week, for you to take your frustrations out on, sadly. She has ever right to press charges or acuse you for theft, for keeping he r from her belongings. She very in touch with who she is and recognizes CRAZY, when she see’s it. She just watching you self destruct, before her very eye;s. She is right to say nothing and not feed in to your fury. There is nothing she could say right , by you anyway right now. You have made her to be a problem for you. There is no reason way you should give her comments so much relavance,(not that she really said anything )but that is ihe immaturity, lack of growth, and you not knowing who you are. I did have a little respect for you, because I, like some others have known you, from the business since Real World, when you were 20. Please get some more professional help, I think you may be walking around undiagnosed, and in the mean while you reaking havit on everyone. And please try and talk Evelyn in to getting some professolnal help also, it will only help you two. become responsible citizens.But until then, Jeninfer, Kiesha, and anybody else you two try intimidate, threaten, or assault should definately press charges and have you all arrested, normal people don’t settle for abuse, because they don’t have to. The law protects people from this kind of behavior. Learn Something.

  120. Yo says:

    Um why were Tami and Evelyn ragging on Kesha about getting in the water but those two wouldn’t even dare step foot in the water? Stupid is as stupid does. And Evelyn is smart to not have babies with Chad, her evilness and Chad’s ugliness is going to make for one horrendous offspring. I actually enjoy the show when the ladies are getting along, going shopping and vacationing because it’s great to see ethnic people having fun and living it up. But when they act stupid and ignorant it turns my stomach. Tami is always talking about people behind their back, she is a bully and much too old to act this way. She came onto the show talking about Evelyn. Royce was smart to dump the group. Kesha should definitely follow in her lead. Kesha has way too much class to act like a ballistic psycho at the drop of a dime. Karma will come around and bite Evelyn, Tami, Suzie (for being such a two faced and always telling on people), and Shaunie (for never standing up to such appaling behavior) in the butt.

  121. Rebecca says:

    Tammy is nothing more than a bully who picks on the weaker women. Tammy grow up and teach your daughters how to be a real woman!!! Karma is going to kick you right in the ass one day!! You should be ashamed of yourself!!! I am going to stop watching this show cause I sure don’t want to contribute in putting another dime in your pocket or any of the other woman on the show that think what you are doing is right or funny!!

  122. dj says:

    hello,ladies shawnee i would like to visit with the the ladies how about viewers choice ,because i wish i could visit with you all ,tammy everyone has a past what gives you the right to take someones purse your a bully i wish you would ,you all have gotten out of hand and you do look foolish girl please shawnee think about while i pray about it i need some finacial increase and youll have the ordascity to try to get mad when someone doesnt want to act a fool its the GOD in me that keeps me from venting in the flesh ooooh weeee

  123. Lady says:

    I noticed that evreyone is disgusted with tami or evelyn or shaunie, bottom line is they all are grown and grown ass people dont talk about people behing their backs point blank….who are we to judge everyone has problems in their life. yes I think evelyn is picking at jennifer for no reason but then again you can only apologize so many times for talking crap about your so called best friend so i can see why evelyn mad do i condone her behavior no i feel like okay yall not cool get over it but its easier said than done… Sometimes tammy can definitley be a bully but other times i can see why she mad its just funny to me to see how much judgement can be passed when nobody is perfect…..I watch the show all the time and its funny to me.. kesha is no angel she runs her mouth just like susies thing is she hasnt caught on to the fact that she needs to shut up or get off the show….Im a black woman but their not a disgrace to me because I act nothing like any of them…….

  124. no name says:

    Tami needs to be kicked off the show and get some real help AA. She has not been a basketball wife in years. That shark should have ate Suzie for throwing Kesha under the bus. Shaunie’s show should be cancelled each week these two ladys are fighting somebody. It’s just bad T.V. make a show with Royce and Kesha.

  125. Tanya says:

    OMG…I can’t watch this any longer. what a bunch of Low class women. Tami always trying to bully someone, but it’s just a matter of time before she run into the wrong one. I was pretty much done when Nya or however you spell her name slapped Jennifer, but these chicks are of the chain. But if you let anybody bully you they will, I will stick to Love and Hip-Hop and TI and Tiny, oh and La-La’s show. Basketball wives is nothing but Black women’s drama….which they have all the time. The show should be called Basketball Wives rejects. How many of them were actually married to a Basket-Ball player. Hat’s off to Jenn for filing a police report. I wonder how bad they will be in the slammer with those Lifer’s!!!….

  126. Buttascotch says:

    I just watched the latest episode and I HAD to comment. Tammi is portraying herself as a ghetto hot mess talking bout “snitchin” and “straight up from the gate up” but will get mad when someone calls her ghetto. Are her kids watching her act a fool like this? Being angry is one thing but being a ghetto bully is another.
    They talked about the Kesha being scared of the sharks…how she’s scared of everything. They whole time I was thinking they were doing all that yapping about the girl getting in the water……from the boat like some punks.
    The only reason Tami and Evelyn bully anyone on the show is they need to keep the ratings up, they needs to keep their spots on the show by creating drama and the strategically placed cast members on the show won’t stand up and challenge them. They remind me of grammar school bullies that terrorize all the vulnerable kids on the yard and when they are separated or challenged, all the power is gone.
    I am on team Jen with regards to the police report and lawsuits. That’s what happens in real life when you violate personal space or put your hands on someone. I see that it has you shook up though… please try to throw some more stuff Evelyn so they can cuff you and hall you away on camera.
    Shame on you Shaunie for co-signing this grammar school cat fighting that advocates bullying, cattiness and negative ghetto behavior. This has a direct reflection on your character and integrity. Is the money THAT long? Would you let your children watch this mess?
    Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie, What if your female children came home to say that someone was bullying them the way its done on the show? Throwing shoes, wine bottles and other objects?
    Just a mess. You should be ashamed…….

  127. djsooshi says:

    I agree with all the posts about Tami tonight. I am so disappointed in her. I am a survivor of abuse like her, grew up poor, lived in the ghetto etc and I do not act that way. Tami, your behavior was disgusting. You are a bully, pure and simple. You hide it under the guise of what you went through as if that should excuse how you behave to today. Grow up, the past happened and wasn’t your fault, but how you act today is. As Shaunie said when Kesha called them “debbie downers,’ Peace! You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but apparently you can’t take the girl out of the ghetto.

  128. Sonia says:

    This show sickenens me!!! Become a BULLY show !!! It is so ghetto!!! Ghetto!!! Ghetto!!! Evelyn and Tammi are a disgrace!!! Shaunie no wonder your hubby left you you seem nice but all the evil , manipulation, deceiving inside. Tammi is the worst horrible person if no wonder these men leave who would want to be with any of you. Jen so glad your suing hope more follow in your foot steps. I will never see this show again embarrassing to black and Latina women

  129. janice says:

    Chad is very serious when he talk about Evenlyn taking care of him. His career is not going to last that long. His football skills were very shady this last season. He didn’t even play that much. Evelyn is the type of woman that men would sleep with. But would not take home to meet there mother. Her daughter is more Chad age. Evelyn better keep one eye open. Chad might try to hit on her daughter. You never know. They need to get married. Both Chad and Evelyn have no morals. It a shame.

  130. Danielle says:

    I would just like to say “well said” to all of the posts that acknowledged this episode and these woman’s antics for what they were: inappropriate, childish, and bullying at its worse. In a day and age where we are trying to teach young people to rise above, be better than how others may treat us, Tami was no role model and nothing that Kesha did or said whether behind her back or in her face, or the number of drinks she had justified the way she acted towards Kesha. Tami would rather be “malicious” to someone’s face. Tami, that does not make you REAL that makes you an instagator, confrontational, and HE WHO TALKS TOO MUCH. As hard as I am sure it was for Kesha, I applaud her for not retaliating and stooping to Tami’s level. As mothers, Shaunie and Evelyn should be completely ashamed because bullying is a epidemic in this country and it’s parents like them who are setting a terrible example for thier children who see terrible actions like this at school. No matter where you come from and the hardships you have had, those should not be used as excuses to dismiss bad behavior!! They should be the reasons we rise above and try to be better than the people that have wronged us.

  131. Narai says:

    Tami is so petty and silly on this show. I use to really be a fan of hers but she really is a bully. Tami don’t like Keisha because she’s cute, little, and light-skinned. Stop hating Tami and go to the Gym and workout some of that aggression. She’s a damn fool.

  132. Real Talk says:

    To vh1 producers… It is incredibly appalling that you would allow bullying to be displayed to this extent or even period for that matter just for ratings. For months now we all have read the reports on the affects of bullying and the consequences from it. People actually commit suicide from tragedies such as this. I am ashamed to have witnessed this and I know a lot of viewers feel the same. This type of behavior should not be condoned and televised in a world in which we are already dealing with detrimental situations such as this. We need to work together to help the situation not make it worse. It was not even entertaining it was really heartbreaking. Why vh1 would you allow a defenseless girl to be bullied by Tami in such a manner. By the look of next weeks episode everything seems to escalate so why did no one step in. All I ask you is to be mindful of those individuals going through similar situations of being bullied. I just want to end by saying you should all be ashamed of yourselves, Tami you most of all.

  133. Our Ancestors Died for Our Freedom And This Is How We Repay Them says:

    I will admit I am (was) a fan of BBW. However, I have come to the realization that these women are to be pitied. Namely Tami, Evelyn, Shauni and Suzi. Tami and Evelyn definitely have been abused in their pasts so they lash out at anyone weaker than them (classic victim mentality) and become the abusers. However, as grown women they must now be held accountable for their actions. Going around and starting fights and cursing at everyone who you believe is disrespecting you are the actions of children. When you are a child you should act as a child, when you are a woman, you throw off your childish behavior and you act as a woman. As far as anyone in this country is concerned everyone has free speech but the only ones who need the ultimate respect are the men and women dying for us in war, so that we can retain our freedoms. Ladies you are not the President of the United States, you are not ceo’s of fortune 500 hundred companies, you are not soldiers in the miliatry, you are not doctors and nurses saving lives, you are not policmen and women protecting our daily sanctity – so where in do you feel that people have to respect you at all cost? And even for the above stated examples the human race is free to respect or not to respect who ever they want to. My God to believe that we as ethnic people came from such greats as Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglas, Madame CJ Walker only to be whittled down into a 1 hour show where values are spit upon, honest and integrity is not even within one’s mentality. I am ashamed of myself for spending countless hours watching this show. I am ashamed that I am a part of watching a show that negates and terrorizes other people, no matter the color of their skin. I am ashamed that black people have died for their freedoms, to live in dignity and peace and yet this show tears it apart as if it was such smut. I am ashamed that I have allowed myself to continue watching you all. I am ashamed that your daughters, your beautiful children, are watching their mothers terroize, brutalize, victimize others. I am ashamed that VH1 would help deepen the racial divide and stereotypes and continuously institute show casing women of color as vile, animalistic beasts that have no honor, no respect and no integrity. I am ashamed at those women who do not stand up for those that are weaker as so many people did not stand up for the Jewish Holocaust victims. They did as you all did. It wasn’t so much the actions of Germany – it was the actions of the free people of the world that turned a blind eye to the pain, the brutalization and the hurt of others. And yes, I do liken you all (bullies) as Hitler, a man who wanted complete and utter respect from the masses without question. To obey or else. You women, you should be so ashamed. And if you are not, I am ashamed for you. Our ancestors who died, were enslaved, in chains, beatened, whipped, starved, families torn apart, spit at, raped, branded, murdered, descecrated, degraded they are ashamed for you. I will join in whatever boycott in getting this show taken off the air. Permanently.

  134. Tell It Like It Is says:

    First of all, I’m very ashamed of the show tonight. But what’s more embarrassing is that you, Evelyn, and Tammy used he Lord’s name in vain. Please please, don’t EVER do that again, because every time devastation invades your life, the first thing you want to do is call out to the Lord. Don’t ever use the Lord, our God’s name in vain. The show’s already reached an all-time low, and that did it for me. It was classless and trashy.

  135. I HATE SUZIE says:

    I do not like Suzie she always trying to pretend like she a peace maker on the show but she is the one causing trouble. She goes behind people back talking trash but she does it in a sweet way so she looks like the good person. All she does is repeat everything anybody tells her and it causes problems.

  136. AnotherDisappointedViewer says:

    Good for Kesha remaining calm in the situation. Watching Tami attack the way she does, time after time after time, is just disappointing. Why would you put your disfunction out there like that? That’s the REAL Tami, not miss pursed lips, calm and cool she fakes to be in her interviews. She has a lot of hate in her and that is just way too bad! If any of the other ladies were a true friend, to either Kesha or Tami, they would have stopped this runaway train well before it ran off the track. Maybe they think this is funny but it shows how ugly a person really is!

  137. Vickie says:

    Last season of BBW for me. Tonight’s episode was so sad. My heart broke for Keisha. I hope that VH1 does not renew this show. On a positive note, it is very uplifiting to read the majority of comments on this site that relay the message that decency and civility are still important to most.

  138. Real Mothers against Bullying says:

    Tami has daughters, as do Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie. As mothers, Tami’s behavior towards Kesha was extremely disturbing. The fact that she re-iterated that the black community allow crimes to be committed under the guise of “no snitching” was heartbreaking. I pray you never have a true need for the police. I will not be watching this program again

  139. Shstarlight says:

    Tammie SHUT UP! and go sit your ass down somewhere, Goodness gracious! It makes no sense whatsoever, for a older woman to act a fool(thats what you look like and sound like) towards a younger lady. All it took was a nice conversation, but tammie you took it to a higher level that you didn’t have to climb. You keep acting this way with your old ass and you will end up having another heart attack and this time, God may not make it mild the next time, that first was a warning to sit your ass down and stop acting a plum fool! You should see how you look on the scene with keisha, you look too old and stupid.

  140. Lynn says:

    I mean I feel Tami, Kesha should have stated her feelings about the first situation to Tami. Then she goes back and talks again! Kesha is a coward, I would of never let anyone talk to me in that tone and not defend myself. Lets look up Bully in the dictionary so we have some facts on this blog: Bully is defined :Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), to force him or her to do what one wants. By my standards it looks like Tami is just letting the girl know if you really want to go off then do it and keep my name out your mouth. Kesha again ran like a coward. Intelligence is definatly not a factor with kesha because if she doesn’t get that she is on camera, anything you say will be seen, so eventually that would have come back to Tami. Kesha is Boring! and should not return. I call them Disposiable cast member. NEW CASTMEMBERs and please get rid of JEN. She is boring and stick to the ghetto girls plus the lil Snicth( so funny how tami doenst like snitch but suzie in the homie)plus shawnie.

  141. Shstarlight says:

    What I don’t understand is. why can evelyn and tammie talk behind someone’s back but nobody else can? They talk about people all the time behind their backs. Its really rediculous how thier old ass’s always want to pick on someone on the trips, it just seems so planned to happen by shaunie and vh1. Why do they always want to argue and fight,when they hear that a person talks about them, like little girls do in elementary,middle, and high school. They need to look at themselves and see how ignorant, childish, and stupid they look. Tammie you better stop acting and looking like a fool, because God don’t like no ugly, he gave you a warning last time. You going to act a fool with one of these young girls again and croak on basketball wives.

  142. lily says:

    I will stop watching this show. We should all take a stand against this and stop giving them ratings by tuning in. I am shocked by these women’s actions, especially Tami’s. I really did enjoy Tami the year before last but I guess her true colors are coming out. I am truly disappointed in her, I thought she was more mature but I guess I was wrong. I am a strong advocator against bullying and to see someone treat another like Tami treated Kesha really upsets me. i hope our youth is not watching this show and modeling themselves after these women.
    Tami-I think you have tarnished your image to an unrepairable extent and many have lost respect for you. I hope that this show is cancelled in the next year.

  143. Shstarlight says:

    I just got through with tammie. Evelyn, you not exempt from having a heart attack like tammie either, none of you really but especially the older ladies, you, tammie, and shaunie,(shaunie you need to change your hair back, this one makes you look older.) I’m being serious! Just look at yourselves and see how bad y’all look against the younger ladies. Tammie that damn anger management is not doing you a bit of good. You need to go to a mental clinic and take evelyn with you. They need to put y’all on some medication before y’all croak or be in prison.

  144. Shstarlight says:

    I have said before along with others for awhile, Suzy has no purpose on this show,(neither any of them really) she always starting hot mess’s! She needs to be eliminated from the show. I can’t stand her talking with her tongue anyway.

  145. Mari says:

    I don’t understand why Tami gets upset with anyone about talking about her behind her back when it seems every time these women get together it’s to talk about someone behind their back. I see both Evelyn and Tami as bullies. Only bullies would be upset with someone using the court system instead of physically fighting back, before they “keep it moving”. I have a lot more respect for Keisha and Jen for the way they carry themselves.

  146. Tee says:

    Tami, did you skip a dose of your medication? You just want to be mad so you just made up some drama to be angry. You have not learned your lesson. You may not like Keisha, ok we get that. She may be scary, and you understand that, but do you want to work to pay civil suits. Wouldn’t that money be best spent on your kids? UUUUHHHH! You still have anger management issues. The real drama is, you need to be locked up! Placed on a 5150 hold! You bullying Keisha is like a brama bull challenging a colt( thats a baby horse, you know?) Do you really feel good about yourself? Go and self committ yourself to the mental ward before you really show out. You are a danger to yourself, let alone some defenseless chick. Seriously, change doctors and get some real help.

  147. J. says:

    I can’t understand how a person can say in one breath, I’m not a bully and in the very next hold hostage of another woman’s bag while berating her on unfounded gossip, that in all actuality was misinterpretation on her part. Tami is a mother of girls who will watch how their mother responds to challenging situations and I understand she is ” a work in progress” but come on!! It’s also embarrassing how other grown woman will watch Tami walk to the very fine line of bullying and say nothing!! Its sad and unfortunate the state of the black woman this day and age.

  148. Sandy says:

    It boggles my mind how Tami doesn’t like anyone talking crap behind her back but yet she does it all the time. I actually liked Tami but seeing this episode has made me realize that I was wrong for liking her. She has been a disgrace to herself and to women in general. Lord give these women some common sense, and some self-respect because Lord knows they need it more than anything else.

  149. Phillip says:

    Evil never works alone. It needs it’s collaborators (Suzie) and enablers (Tammy,Shaunie,Evelyn). Suzie talks peace but carries information with the intent to start wars. She’s good at creating illusions to believe good things about herself. On the other hand, Tammy and Evelyn at first didn’t get along because they are too much like each other, but that relationship shifted into enabling each other and supporting each other’s reality. First people lie to themselves then they seek affirmation from others that they are right. In comparison to Suzie, Shaunie is the master of illusion which is saying a lot! In the minisegments where comments are made, both Shaunie and Evelyn wear sad faces and spill out justifications. Their lives are full of normalcy props….moments they are seen with their children playing basketball or spending time with them at dance lessons…but put any of these shark women in the tank with a good person (Kesha) and you’ll see envy fly. Bad people envy goodness and it’s something they’ll seek to first control then destroy. Funny that the justification for the bullying is always saying that someone said something behind their back. These sharks spend 24/7 talking about people behind their backs. Really, what they don’t like is hearing the truth about their actions. Their enablers and collaborators are helping them with this elaborate defense mechanism so they won’t ever have to view the truth about themselves and when they hear the actual truth, they have to twist and deflect and attack.
    Suzie believes she creates peace, but she creates wars.
    Shaunie believes she’s a good matriarch, but she’s the evil grandmother watching people suffer with glee but giving promos of smooth justifications.
    Evelyn believes she’s the upholder of justice but she’s Tami’s gangmember and enabler.
    Tami believes she’s the guardian of moral behavior and doesn’t stoop to talking about others behind their back (because that’s how she rolls), but she’s a rapid hypocrictical sociopathic bully who needs Evelyn to back up lies.

  150. YaYA says:

    I started watching this show last year and it amazes me how fast the entertainment value has declined. Tami and Evelyn are the OLDEST bullies I have ever seen. WTH is wrong with these two? Are you that miserable with your own lives that you have to pick on every one (other than Shaunie) on the show? GROW THE HELL UP! In addition to anti-bullying laws in schools, the producer(s) & backer(s) of this “hot mess” of a show should have anti-Tami/Evelyn laws. Tami, you are such a hypocrite, always talking about “my personal space”, and the first chance you get, you in someone’s face with your hands flailing like a rabid DOG. And the rest of the cast (can’t call them ladies) just sit back and giggle and smirk like it’s funny.
    This show needs to be boycotted. Take away their pay-checks and maybe they will see that this behavior is NOT profitable for them…Just goes to show you, MONEY CAN’T BUY YOU COUTH!!!!!

  151. roxy says:

    Tami is so disgusting…she is a BULLY wether she wants to accept it or not, she should be ashamed of herself. shame on Tami Evelyn Shaunie.

  152. Angela says:

    The reality of this reality show is that no one wants to literally put their lives on the line to participate in each episode. Tami is one of my favorite cast members but she has been bullying Keisha to behave a certain way and criticize the way she behaves, under the idea of keeping it real well, Tami to keep it real leave Keisha alone. She is no more coming for you, than the man on the moon. She is afraid of you because this is not her world of aggressive behavior. You are aggressive and normally speak your mind but with Keisha, there is nothing to prove and no reason to go after her.

  153. RAIIN says:

    This show is a disgrace and I will never watch it again. Shaunie you are just as bad as Tammi (the Bully) and Evelyn (the Want-to-be-bad) because you sit back and allow the drama to happen and laugh about it later. Shaunie is scared of Tammi. You are all childish and dumb, Tammi the oldest and act just like a hood rat, thats the only way to make money. Tammi’s ex husband should of left her right where he found her, in the hood. Jennifer, Keisha, and Royce I am so glad you guys show the positive side of life and do not fall in the drama. Keeping doing you. Suzie you are just dumb and scary. I will never watch this show again. All viewers lets stand together and no longer watch this show so it can be removed from VH1. And Keshia please sue Tammi for all she got, just like Tamika did.

  154. Sassy says:

    I tried to give the show another chance, but as a black woman, this show is disgraceful. I mean who acts like that, I mean really… just on some ghetto project rachet mess. What are you teaching your daughters… Ya’ll got all that money and still acting like you standing on the cornor of the projects.

  155. Laura Texas says:

    I used to like Tammi , Evelyn and Shaunie– NO MORE! Tammi’s and Evelyn’s behavior is just unbearable. These women have so much hate in their hearts it’s not even funny. I applaud Keisha for keeping her demeanor and getting away from Tammi’s nonsense. Personally, I, will not be watching the show anymore, my blood pressure goes to dang high watching it and staying angry for what Tammi and Evelyn do to the other ladies. Bullying is what they do on every eipisode- come on! Get it together!! Stop making excuses as to why VH1 portrays you as such, IT’S YOUR BEHAVIOR, OWN IT!

    Shaunie, staying quite means you approve of the bad girl behavior, in my eyes, it’s worse just sitting there accepting such atrocious behavior, I really don’t like you anymore, what a shame, all you women are Mothers and sisters, aunty’s and yet have such terrible way of showing the inability to deal with issues– I pity all of you.

    Keisha, leave the show, walk out of your contract, VH1 is condoning such atrocious behavior makes it even worse!
    Suzie- Karma will get you yet.


  156. sandra says:

    Tami is a bully ! It’s pretty sad that Shaunie allows this to happen ..

  157. grownazwoman says:

    Tami, you looked such an small ass going off on Keisha and she sat there looking at you like the pitiful soul you really are. You and Evelyn are an embarrassment to black women. Its a shame you get on TV and act like this..REALLY!!!Its really sad how all of you cant be in the same room without fist and bottles being thrown. YOU ARE GROWN WOMEN!! Start acting like it! Tami you talking about where you from, well were you from nobody would allow you to act like that without putting both feet way up your ass, so get off that!! You talk about your “foundation” I wouldnt send my dog to your foundation seeing you act like this on the regular. All the cosmetic line clothing line and ish, I dont want to patronize your ignorance, let alone resemble you. And that book Evelynis writing, Super Head already did it!! We know you give it easy and quick (like the first date) cause you did it and put it on tv!! Yes you are a grown women, but you dont act like it, you act like you 16 with no parental care.Please stop degrading yourselves on national TV week after week. If its the money, VH1 is pimping the hell out of yall. Get some self respect, dignity and stand up for yourself positively.

  158. CAMPBELL says:


  159. Howak says:

    I was angry after watching this show last night. I just had to come on this blog to see if others shared my feelings. This show has gone from entertainment to a pure disgrace. It is all of the things people have described. 3 grown women bullying another. In this day and age – when schools, celebrities, foundations, etc are spending miliions on anti bullying campaigns. The sad part is that these women doing the bullying have children! How would they react if someone treated one of their children like that. It is sad and sickening. I refuse to watch anymore. I’m all for supporting minority programming but this is not worthy of support. There has to be a line drawn on some point and it has been drawn. Enough!

  160. ColaK says:

    I agree with those who have said EVERYONE should stop watching this show. If you feel sad, angry and ashamed after watching some mess like last night’s episode, we all need to send a message to VH1 and every other network that enough is enough! By watching we are promoting bullying, harassment, jealousy, lies, alcoholism and negativity. And please dont even think about buying or supporting any of their business ventures. Send them back to the ghetto where they belong. I mean, the portrayal of bullying is downright disgusting. And the message of not going to the authorities when someone wrongs you for fear of being a snitch is appalling. Please everyone, boycott this show and every single one of their business ventures!

  161. dothelady says:

    All I will say is Tami and Evelyn you reap what you sew. Trust me!

  162. AHAH MOMENT says:


  163. sammi says:

    I have to say, it made me physically ill, watching how Tami treated Kesha. This woman is so jealous of Kesha that she can’t hardly stand herself. There is no reason, whatsoever, for this 40 yo woman to treat this lady, Kesha, in the manner that she was treated on that trip. It seems as though, Shaunie gets these women far from their comfort zone and just let the likes of Tami just pounce on that girl. What sewer, did this chick crawl from under, that she has to act like this? I can not stomach one more second of this show, it is sickening!

  164. shstarlight says:

    Tammi should be ashamed of herself acting a fool in public. Tammie always talk about people behind their backs, with shaunie, evelyn, and suzie. A person can’t even cough and showing how keisha how to cover her mouth. What next, tammie going to show her how to wipe her ass. Tammie you looked so damn stupid , ignorant, ghetto, and unclassy, it makes no sense whatsoever. Those anger management classes not working, you and evelyn need to go to mental clinic and get some medication. Tammie you just practically ruined the trip, couldn’t you wait and talk grown to grown up? The way you behaved was just unbelievable, it was just pitiful. You embarrassed yourself, just because she said words about you behind your back? Come on now, keisha is not the only one talking behind your back. You taking her purse because you want her to talk to you is absurd!!

  165. Kia says:

    Tami & Evelyn need to grow up…. Suzie is a trouble maker as long as it doesn’t involve her. Shawie likes sitting back watching the other woman make a**es of there selfs!!

  166. BasketballFan says:

    SMDH at the “CIRCLE” forcing the minions to swim with sharks for their entertainment. Then they had the audacity to get mad at Kesha because she was afraid to go in, but they didn’t want to go in… LMAO!!! On top of that, I stopped listening to third-party information in High School… “A DOG THAT WILL BRING A BONE WILL TAKE ONE!” (SUZIE) In other words, a person who talks about others to you, will also talk about you… I was Team Tami allday from day one, when she stood up to Evil-lyn.. Where I come from, “You’re only as good as the company you keep and birds of a feather flock together”… I’m over Tami, she’s not the person I THOUGHT she was…I aint gonna lie, I will be watching the last few train wreck episodes and the REUNION, however, after that I won’t be watching Basketball Bully’s any longer and I dang sure won’t be watching “The Eve&Hoshow”…

  167. Team Jen says:

    Tami I am so disappointed I thought u had grown up , I mean snitch because she reported Nia werent u the one that was gonna snitch on EVELYN! We are suppose to be women of class not ass!

  168. Bria says:

    Although I like Royce and Keisha, I just can’t watch this anymore. Tami and Evelyn and big 40 yr old bullies and should be ashamed of themselves. Tami needs to add AA to existing list of therapy sessions. Royce and Keisha, get out while you can.


  169. mrkelly412 says:

    I use to like Tami and now she is really starting to rub me the wrong way. Now they were all just sitting around gossiping and talking about how kenya crazy and they should do a joke to her room to make it stink of fish and how Jenn is a mess for that lawsuit and what not. But Jenn suppose to be your girl though. So how can you get mad at Kesha for talking about you, she never said anything really bad about you she was voicing her opinion of the situation to someone she thought was a friend. And someone needs to slap the crap out of suzie cause she keeps the mess going or maybe the ones that keep talking to her needs to be slapped because you know how she rolls. But Tami Tami Tami, I don’t get why you were so angry. You know Kesha wasn’t going to do anything so why let it bother you. And you got an attitude and said you felt she was interviewing the other girls. Why did you care? If it bothered you you should have removed yourself because the other girls were answering them questions. Last I checked if you don’t know things about people you ask them…and another thing she is grown so who are yout critic how she coughs, if you look back on the episode you coughed the same way when you were sitting there with your fist to your mouth not an open hand close to your mouth. I can’t say I don’t like the show for the drama cause that is why we tune in. but it is one thing about confronting a person to ask if they said this about you, but now yaw are getting into bullying these girls to yaw seem week. Not everyone has time to be in the streets fighting too many senseless killings out here so yes people are turning to our court systems why because thats what they are there for. Cause as you see everytime Evelyn had a beef with someone she tried to attack them every time who wants to be worried about getting attacked everytime your out you should be grown women and be able to attend an event and if you can’t get along you stay on one side and she stay on the other. IJS grow up!

  170. CorpGirl says:

    Tami is hideous. She’s big and funny built and if I were, I might harvest a lot of anger too, idk. However my only wish is that they add cast members who are just as “tough” as Tami thinks she is. Another person suggested that they add the Govan sisters or even Malaysia or Ron Artest’s wife. That would make it interesting. it’s not fun seeing a weak person who is half the size of the aggressor be bullied. Shaunie is supposed to be a leader and have influence over the group. For once she could have stepped up and said Tami chill. I don’t respect Shaunie because she pretends to be neutral and is just as much a follower as the rest of them. I have a huge problem with Tami and I know a girl named Kimmesha with whom I went to high school who would eat Tami’s big a** up.

  171. Dawn says:

    I really think it’s pathetic how Tammy thinks she is better than everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I get it, nobody should talk behind anyones back but damn girl, you do the same thing. So it’s okay for you to talk but nobody else can. Then, it’s okay for you to basically hold hostage someone’s purse but get mad when they are going to report it stolen? You just lead a very double standard life. Your 40 Plus years old with children, don’t you think maybe it’s time to start growing up? Don’t use your childhood as an excuse. Many people have a bad childhood and I feel for you on the struggles you endured but that does not give you the right to be a bully to other people and that is what you are, putting it nicely. What really makes me sad is that so many young girls around the world watch this show and learn how to be a mean girl and how to bully and we wonder why we have so many problems with today’s youth. It’s because of TV shows like this that do nothing but instill bad behavior. Nobody knows how to act like adults and talk their problems out like adults. You all get mad at Jen for taking her grievance to the police. ARe you serious? A person put their hands on her, that is assault no matter how you try to sugar coat it and it’s not acceptable and it’s against the law. Maybe that is how you hashed your problems out back in the day when you were teenagers but as grown women, it shouldn’t be that way. I”m not a big fan of Jen but I don’t feel what she is doing is wrong. Someone needs to show you and Evelyn that there are other ways to battle aside from using your fists! I know you think you look bad and cool but seriously what Keisha said about you looking the fool, she was right!

  172. Dawn says:

    Oh one more thing..why is it that you and Evelyn have problems with EVERY single person that comes into your group, but nobody else does. Could it be that YOU and EVELYN are the problem and not the other people. I think you both are very jealous of the qualities of other women, very insecure. It’s a shame too because you are both beautiful women on the outside but you open up your mouths and all that beauty means NOTHING. Laugh all the way to the bank, as I’m sure you do, but know that you are setting a poor example for the children of tomorrow.

  173. Shstarlight says:

    Tammie your old ass just pure evil!! Your old ass if you keep on, can have (The Big One, like fred sanford) a major heart attack!! God gave you a warning last time, he shaking his head and saying, she hasn’t learned still.

  174. Dana says:

    I usually don’t comment on these shows because I know they are ratings driven and produce fabricated drama to gain viewers, however, I was absolutely APALLED at Tami’s behavior on last nights episode!! Whether it was to stay revelant or not, Tami’s actions made me sick to my stomach to watch and it looks like next week is even worse!! Unbelievable!! Like a lot of other posters, I initially liked Tami too, however, based on her behavior in last night and in prior episodes I’m done. Who is she that no one can ever say anything about her unless they’re talking to her directly??!?! Doesn’t she have some sort of charity for girls and SHE is supposed to represent a role model???!?! Thank God there are other POSITIVE role models for our young ladies like our FLOTUS!! I’m curious to see how this ends, however I’ll just have to read a recap or something as I WILL NOT be watching again. Kesha handled herself like a TRUE LADY should………

  175. corinne says:

    where is evelyn’s hat from???

  176. AMcAtl says:

    Not much left to say… I echo almost everything that was said here! I’m over it! I did like Tami until this season! What I see is a group of women with issues that require a LOT of prayer and some therapy! Evelyn thinks being irate and physically violent is normal, Tami has been molested and beaten, Royce is seeking approval from men because she needed it from her dad, Susie is overly obsessed with sex, Kenya is ALL KINDS OF CRAZY, Jen needed to fit in and let people around her tell what to do when she had a husband all while the Pimp doesn’t really air her laundry just the people she calls her friends! If that doesn’t sound like some HEFFAS that need help I don’t know what does!

  177. Karen says:

    I no longer watch the show, but I do read the re-cap and even though the re-capper is trying hard to give Tami an out, she just can’t cover what Tami is….I feel sorry for Ms Roman she is miserable and getting older…she sees a young lady who didn’t struggle as much and instead of being happy for her wants to break her down. This is a big reason black women have such poor reputations…Tami Roman is what most of my friends and coworkers think a black woman is, how sad that they can’t see a better example of a strong black woman. Tami is laughing to the bank and we are paying for her bad behavior….so EVERYONE boycott Ms Roman!! Her hairline, t-shirts, any talk show..NO MATTER what boycott her ghetto trashy butt~

  178. specialk says:

    FOOLS, that’s all I can say. We all know Suzie is the one who ran her mouth – SURPRISE – no! Tammy is never going to change, no will he others. They are birds and they all flock together. Keisha clearly was trying to get to know them, while on vacation, but WE ALL KNOW, you can’t travel with people you don’t like nor respect! Poor girl. Shaunie, Ev and Tammie are ignorant. Tammie’s mad cause Keisha is afraid of sharks – last time i looked, no one else was in the water. Wow – these women are so angry and such fools! It’s hard to watch them. They constantly give me things to talk to the girls i mentor about. This past weekend, they all voted, they are ignorant, insecure women. Keep it up chickens – the kids even think you look dumb!

  179. Stop comparing Basketball Bully's to BGC and MOBWIVES! says:

    I’m sick of people comparing BBW’S to Bad girls Club because there’s no comparison to GROWN Divorced women/scorned ex-girlfriends and “Bad Girls” who enter a house to work on issues they have with themselves by living in THE SAME HOUSE with women who ACT just like them… BBW’S is supposed to show the lives of the exes of Basketball players.. The Basketballwives do not live in the same house for 3months with 7 other women… If the Basketballwives lived together, the beefs would be somewhat understandable, because everyone knows that if you put a bunch of females in a house together for 3months, there’s bound to be drama…Tami, Evelyn, and Shaunie are either in their forty’s or knocking on it… To say that women in their 40′s with grown kids behave like this on a daily is an insult to myself and every other mature woman in that age range, because we don’t get down like that in the real world… RATS or immature young girls gets down like that… And at the very least, at least on MOB WIVES and BGC the women learn something about themselves and try to change.. The Basketball wives actually prepetuate the sterotypes about minority women and women period…

  180. specialk says:

    FOOLS, that’s all I can say. We all know Suzie is the one who ran her mouth – SURPRISE – no! Tammy is never going to change, nor will the others. They are birds and they all flock together. Keisha clearly was trying to get to know them while on vacation, but WE ALL KNOW, you can’t travel with people you don’t like nor respect! Poor girl. Shaunie, Ev and Tammie are ignorant. Tammie’s mad because Keisha is afraid of sharks – last time I looked, no one else was in the water. Wow – these women are so angry and such fools! It’s hard to watch them. They constantly give me things to talk about with the girls I mentor. This past weekend, they all voted, they are ignorant, insecure women. Keep it up chickens – the kids even think you look dumb!

  181. Sad girl fom Florida says:

    This is sad.. I’m watching Dr. Phil and they are talking about 4 teenage girls beating a fellow 12 year old and video taping it… The aggressor is not remorseful…. This is just like Tami and Evelyn…. This is where our teenage girls get this bullying stuff from… There is a rise in bullying among girls…. Too sad… Vh1 needs to pull this show… I am not watching, and I will ask all my friends not to watch….

  182. Diane says:

    I can’t, in all good conscience, support the kind of CRAP I witnessed last night. I’m contacting the show’s sponsors and making my feelings known to them. Shame on Tami Roman and VH1 – money and ratings are NOT everything. I do not support bullying!

  183. Nina (Boston) says:

    WOW. I’m sad that this happened on TV last night Tammi you talk about everyone!!! FACT. This was wrong in so many ways you need to sit your fat ass down better yet i think someone needs to kick your ass up and down the streets of MIAMI,,,, I”M DONE….

  184. VeeVee says:

    That conversation about putting dead fish in Kenya’s room was sickening. Then they say “I hope she takes it as a joke.” Knowing Tami, Evelyn, or Shaunie would have gone homicidal if the same thing was done to them. I hope they get theirs. I really do.

  185. Nespresso says:

    I never blog, but this episode made me ill.. Tami needs to be put on a leash. Kesha made her look like a fool and from the previews of next week, Tami stupidity continues. Tami talks about everybody behind their backs, so what makes her think nobody can talk behind hers. I was a real Tami fan until now. Good for you Kesha for ignoring her and not jumping in the bag with her. One word for you Tami PITIFUL..

  186. Dee says:

    The sad thing about this show is next week it gets worse. Who takes someone purse. Keisha should have reported it stollen and threw Tammi’s stupid self in jail. In the real world there are consequences for your actions..

  187. majorgirl says:

    Tami is jealous of Kesha. Suzy needs is azz kicked for running her mouth, someone needs to check her. Shaunie is a big disappointment, last night was it for me, I don’t like this women anymore, they are all the same, wouldn’t have a dime if it weren’t for our strong black men out here making a clean, decent living and these tramps are reaping the benefits. Now they making themselves look like over-the-hill thugs. I’m done with Basketball Wives!!!!!!

  188. chellebelle says:

    That bull that Tami pulled is exactly why she had a slight heart attack. Itchba grow up already.

  189. nakia martin says:

    Tammi you are a disgrace someone needs to whoop your a** striaght up, you are to old to be trying to punk someone than someone that’s weak, Keisha didn’t lie when she said you look like a fool..I see you couldn’t punk Eve when yall beefed cause you know she would have cracked your bamma a** upside your head..your all mouth and no hands, i would be embarrassed to be a child of yours, you can’t dress you try to be Eve and Shaunie so bad that it kills you, you look like a bum no style and those ugly braids need to go, girl get some buz you look dum arguing with people half your age and with people smaller, they need to put a girl on there time enough for you like Eve.Shaunie needs to replace you if she wants BBW to remain on TV, cause i heard from so many people that they don’t watch cause of Tammi and i don’t blame people..she is a hot mess with no real job and no money..Please Kick her off or you will lose alot of viewers, i was a fan but not anymore..and Susie is ugly and need her hair done and braces..i hate her she is weak and a punk….Please kick Tammi off..Susie is a hot mess too ill!

  190. Jessica says:

    I honestly hope that Tami reads these posts. Tammi, you REALLY need to get over yourself. As many of the posts have said, you are a 40 year old, grown ass woman. When are you gonna start acting like it? And, many of us have gone through TERRIBLE things in our past. Quit using your past as your crutch. The honest truth is you are a mean ass bully who needs to grow up. You are 100% living up to the stereotype of the “angry black woman”. That’s pretty damn sad…

  191. chelle belle says:

    Tami Tami please grow up. Stop going on religous shows when your actions show there isn’t a drop of holy spirit floating anywhere close to your debauched tail. Satan in a wig. You got major issues and it’s not just because you were raped or your mom didn’t kiss you.

  192. roja2280 says:

    As a social worker we are trained that when people with mental disorders are escalated not to engage with them, because their behavior can be unpredictable and evem violent. Tammy is cleary dealing with some uncontrollable rage and anger issues and if Evelyn and Shawnie were her true friends they would remove her from the situation with Keisha to or try to encourage her to get help rather than just watch her explode uncontrolablly on someonne unprovoked. Keisha did the right thing by not encouraging Tammy’s raging episode. Tammy cannot process , that everyone vents about all the women in the group in the gorup all the time and that doesn’t make it okay, to start a phyiscal fight. I respect Keisha, and she needs to keep staying beautiful and disengaging this crazy behavior! Stay in your own lane and don’t let these crazy ones derail you with their madness! I hope she got her purse back… Tammy is…. crazy, she needs her medication, probably is an alcoholic and needs to not be drinking, and is also a bully. If drinking makes her crazy . She shouldn’t drink. Why would she want to act like that? Nothing to be proud of. Nobody …likes a bully. SO sad.

  193. Raechel says:

    This has got to be the worst episode yet. Tammi has truly earned the crown for the biggest bully alive. This woman should not be on the air. I wonder when she was on food stamps if she was such a bully

  194. shstarlight says:

    Tammie suppose to have some kind of program for girls, well she sure not a role model for them. Tammie is behaving like a lunatic, Keshia need to call the police on tammie , she already reported her purse stolen because tammie did just take the girl’s purse and won’t give it back until she say something. Keisha needs to also call the police and let them know that tammie is threating her so she can get her purse and go home like she want to. Its scary how tammie is acting and also what bothers me is how shaunie and evelyn looking at each other and smirking when tammie was hollering like a fool towards keisha. Shaunie should be ashamed of herself, looking old with that hairstlyle. They knew just like with jen and crazy looking and sounding nia, they knew that tammie was going to act like a lunatic with keisha ,she started in the car when keisha was coughing. you see they don’t have jen to mess with so they have mess with someone else and keisha is in the trap. So on this trip its going to be tammie vs. keisha. Tammie should be totally ashame of herself, her grown ass bullying someone who could be her daughter. Her big old ass messing with that girl. Tammie talk about people all the time behind their backs, do you see any of them acting a lunatic like her Hell No!! I don’t wish anything bad to happen to a person but like i said in my other comments, God watching her and its just a matter of time that God is going to say thats it and the next heart attack my not be mild like the first,that was just a warning.

  195. Dee says:

    TAMI ROMAN !!!…..since you’re always saying, “Say what you’ve got to say about you to your face”, here it is honey….straight up with no chaser !!
    I have been an avid fan since Season #1 (pre Tami days) but now I must speak my peace (….and yes its directed straight at you Tami) !! YOU ARE A MEAN, DISTURBED BULLY !! I am so dissapointed in your on air behaviour especially towards Kesha. Last night’s episode made my stomach hurt !! I am very thankful that you (Tami) have realized that you need therapy and please by alllll means, continue to make your appointments. Keeping Kesha’s purse and not giving it back to her was childish, immature and a huge bully-ing act. What gives you the right to instruct Kesha on how to cough and how to cover her mouth. Then you began to belittle everything she did. If you don’t like her…..that’s fine. We accept that. But the constant digs and jabs are just WRONG WRONG WRONG!!
    Tami, I think you’re a beautiful woman but your attitude is horrible, ugly & demonic. I am sooooo done with you on the show that I have decided to boycott BW from this point forward. I wish all of the other cast members luck and Tami……sweetie I am praying for you, while sprinkling Holy water for your healing of your past hurts.
    Oh yeah….Kesha, BRAVO to you and how you handled the situation with Tami. I applaud your lady-like demeanor and your refusal to argue with her. God bless you.

  196. BoKimmy says:

    I use to like Tammi,but after last nights show and watching the others on the show, I say this is bullying. Then watching the previews for next week. The VH1 needs to really examine this show and how they have allowed this bullying to happen. They should of stepped in and stopped Tami and the others from doing this. VH1 you are going to take alot of slack if you show next weeks episode!!!! Ratings aren’t above, then helping a young lady against all these girls who were enjoying watching Tami and her band of banjees!

  197. mederma says:

    Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie are definately “BULLIES”.

  198. Mrs. Oldham says:

    This is getting pretty riduculous! Currently I am speaking to my students about bullying because it became a serious problem in the high school district I work for. The administration began conducting various discussions and activities to make students aware of the detriment bullying can have on other students (i.e. suicide). I’ve implemented character building discussions in my classroom and I’m starting to notice a difference in the attitudes of the student body. However…an appalling show like this is aired, with adult woman acting worse than high school students, and it stagnates our progress. I’m aware most television is for entertainment purposes only, but adults need to take a stand, take the high road, and choose to be an example for the future leaders of our nation. Shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn are carrying on like they don’t have a care in world, as if they don’t have any responsibility to our youth and young adults. My husband and I are always saying, “Go get that money!” So I applaud their success on the show, but now it’s time for them to do some re-evaluating. Shaunie and the others need to stop thinking of only themselves and start thinking about those they are influencing. Their impact should be positive instead of negative because soon audiences are going to want to know what’s the purpose of “Basketball Wives.”

  199. shstarlight says:

    Somebody needs to sew suzie’s mouth shut, she always running her mouth off. She like a damn parrot, just tell everything! y’all stop telling suzie stuff because just so she can fit in the 3 witch’s circle, she will let it go to them. I’m also sick of her talking with her tongue. Who don’t have a someone talking about them behind their backs. There just words but its just looney how they don’t like someone doing it to them, but they can. I mean here is a big built old ass woman picking on a young lady about some words being said. A young lady old enough to be her daughter, and tammie has talked behind keisha’s back before, come on now!

  200. Patti says:

    I was sooooo sad to see Tami bully Kesha in Tahiti. I have always loved her presence and straight forwardness. But now my heart is so broken to see her so mean-spirited. How would she like someone to treat her daughters like that. Everyone is not ghetto-hard and use their fists to solve problems. I hope God changes her heart in the future because at 40 years old somethings should be different. Watching Kesha fear her like that reminded me of the films of the concentration camps in Hitler’s Germany. The people had fear in their eyes because they did not know how to fight back. I hope Tami doesn’t become so hardhearted that she mistreats anybody that is not as strong as she is.

  201. missq says:

    Tami you are a horrible person. I used to like that you spoke your mind but the fact that you have become like Shaunie and Evelyn (bullies) it’s horrible. How can you mentor or be involved in a charity that helps young girls when you still act like you have the mentality of a high school child. You will be judged for all of your earthly actions one day and I hope while you sit around and collect your checks for “acting” you realize that selling your soul to do evil actions won’t help you in the end. I pity you because you are clearly making a fool of yourself.

  202. angela says:

    tami,poor kesha what tami did to kesha was so wrong I use to like tami but now after that
    i cant even look at her and smile kesha love you girl keep your head up.

  203. kate@58 says:

    I have to say i”m really dissappointed in all thest “women”. This is just no excuse, other than to try to booster rating for women of any race to behave in this matter. I’ll just read what happens on the show the day following the episodes because it really is hard to watch. And even then I probably won’t want to know how badly Tami and Evelyn have conducted themselves. DAMN!

  204. Betty says:

    Tami needs medication,…. for sure…. or they pay her very well, to startup crazy nonsense…
    good god :/
    its sad…..

  205. Carolanne says:

    Tami you need to run up on someone who is not afraid of you.. Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie are nothing but bullies. I can’t understand why Shaunie wouldn’t have stepped in and asked you to give Kesha her purse back. Tami and Evelyn will eventually meet your match.
    And Suzie is so hard up for friends and kissing butt, she just tells everything, they really don’t like you Suzie. This show is beginning to suck!!!!

  206. Patti says:

    BEWARE of Susie. She just showed her real RACIST face in Tahiti. Why would they want to eat her ugly ass. Get some knowledge you dumb winch. Jeffrey Dahmer probably ate more people than the people of Tahiti could ever think about, and he was as white as she is. I dislike her personality, with her covert white superiority attitude.

  207. The Truth says:

    Who in the hell do Evelyn and Tami think they are? It’s so funny how things (i.e. money for buffoonery and what people think is fame) can change you. I truly find it funny how they think that people have to kowtow to them as if they are an all supreme being. At one point Tami had people in her favor but she has really reverted back to her Real World days. It’s funny how people forget that they have a past and try to cast judgement on other people. The truly funny thing is that for all we know these ladies are playing their part and laughing all the way to the bank. #we’re probably all being duped

  208. liteskin says:

    tami and evelyn spoiled the show i can’t even enjoy it anymore u ladies act like some real birds….caaw no class basketball jumpoffs

  209. Nolongerafanofbasketballwives/bullies says:

    I am so disgusted after last nights episode that I am DONE with this show. I thought I accidentally turned on an episode of scared straight or something. Tammi and Evelyn like to prey on anyone they consider weak. Poor Kesha, I felt so bad for her. That makes them B*U*L*L*I*E*S plain and simple. Evelyn keeps saying she doesn’t care what people say about her yet she always wants to knock the snot out of anyone that says anything about her. Jennifer is the only lady left in this bunch. Shaunie you are also a joke. You’re just as bad as Tammi for not trying to put a stop to this nonsense already. It looked like you all ganged up on Kesha cuz you said nothing and that makes you just as guilty. You all talk about each other and make fun of each other behind each others back and Tammi you’re the first one to do it. Yet you come off like someone owes you respect because you’re some kind of somebody??? If I were Jennifer I would sue all of you for acting like fools. It’s not cute anymore. Grow the hell up and get some sense. BTW Shaunie, heard you were thinking of making a Basketball Wives movie. Don’t bother because the movie “BULLY” has already been made. Or better yet make the movie and name it Basketball Hood Rats.,

  210. Cheri says:

    I cannot believe that VH1 condones or promotes the Ghetto behavior/mentality that was aired last night. Shame on them and Shaunie for sacrificing another human being, Keisha, to an animal with serious mental issues, for some ratings… I hope VH1 steps back and re-evaluates the message they are sending to women/girls of all ages and pulls this show. I will no longer be supporting this madness after last night. Bullying is NEVER acceptable, not even for money!!!!

  211. Jumelle says:

    I was COMPLETELY TURNED OFF by Tami’s behavior last nite- My heart aches for Kesha- she looked like a confused puppy dog- Tami needs to grow up- it was totally unacceptable-

    I remember Tami first coming on to the show- I was really excited- I had been a fan of hers since Real World Season 2- Had witnessed everything this girl went through on the show- the abortion she had on the show- when she wired her teeth for two weeks because of weight issues- her being vulnerable in her new singing group- When she spoke about her struggles growing up with her Mom, being homeless during her last year of high school, but determined to complete it anyway… she even experienced strife in the house, as she, Beth & John were constantly picked on by the others at one point– I grew to Love and respect Tami-

    I’m not sure what her deal is, but she needs a huge reality check- I hope as all the Ladies watch this season playback, they realize how degrading and humiliating their behavior is– I hope they take a step back and think about their children, especially Shaunie, who will have a few teenagers on her hands in a couple of years (BIG ONES MIGHT I ADD, AS HER EX-HUSBAND IS OVER SEVEN FEET TALL- and they will more than likely experience some sort of ridicule in their lives)-

    There was absolutely no reason for Tami to be so upset- Kesha was not trash talking her, she was expressing her feelings- and I swear I am not a violent individual, but If I was in that circle, Suzie would get her the speech impediment knocked out of her- she is a snake in the grass-

    This will be the last season for me– I’m in too deep to stop now, and I’m curious to see how the end unfolds-

    To Tami- I hope you have a chance to review everyone’s comments and come to the conclusion that it must be YOU with the issues- everyone in the world can’t be against you…

  212. pam says:

    Tami you looked so stupid asking the way you are. If I was you kids I will be sooooo!!!!!!!!! embarrassed. I used to like you when you first appeared on the show now you dismissed from my eyes. Shaunie you know Tami is wrong for doing what she be doing to kesha I want to know are you scared too? Keep directing the show this way and Basketball wives will be history.

  213. Lauren says:

    I started watching basketball wives but when i saw how tammi was looking at kesha at the lunch i knew tammi was about to start something.Also i changed the channel and started watching two broke girls on cbs. I think tammi may be jealous of kesha.I think suzie told tami what kesha said .I am sick of suzie and her telling everything just to fit in with evelyn,tami,and shaunie.I am appalled at how rude and nasty tammi is to kesha and in the preview for next week’s episode makes tammi look even more crazy and immature. You guys need to put kristy from love&hio-hop and Kimsha Artest on the miami basketball wives and see how they mix with tammi.

  214. Amy says:

    I think that Tami should stop wasting money going to therapy obviously it is not helping her because she still does the things that she says she is trying to stop doing. How can Keisha get on her nerves so bad when she talks about Keisha, Kendra, and Jenn behind their backs. I am really shocked at how Shaunie can sit back and watch these girls bully others. I guess it’s all about making money. Tami, I really like you and I was so proud of you for going to therapy to get help for your issues. I understand that change don’t happen over night but you were moving in a positive direction with your anger management but because of feelings of hate for someone caused you to lose your cool which you worked hard to keep under control. Last nights episode was so disappointing vacation suppose to be about relaxation and no worries not about drama and who said what about who. You can’t make a person talk to you if they have nothing to say. I don’t blame Keisha for walking off she was being the better person by not engaging in the situation especially with a drunk person. I don’t see the purpose in this show any more I can’t see a next season if it happen I will be surprised.

  215. wendy says:

    wow Tami such a bully

  216. TROY says:

    Please boycott BBW until VH1 removes Tami and Evelyn. They are horrible representations of human beings. Out of control animals.

  217. Erica says:

    I use to like tammi but after last night ,I saw her for what she truly is a Bully. I was upset that she couldn’t pull kesha to the side and talk to her one on one.Instead she chose to make a scene in front of shaunie,evelyn,suzie to show how real and bad she is.Sorry tammi but it made you look immature,neurotic,ignorant while kesha came away looking like bambi. I agree with another comment on her about kristy and kimsha,they would be able to stand up to these ladies.I doubt tammi would have pulled that on kimsha or kristy. I just don’t like to us being potrayed on t.v. as ignorant and angry black women.

  218. Tee says:

    Tammi – being the more mature (older) person and a mother of two teenage daughters I’m really disappointed in you. Would you want someone to treat or talk to your daughters the way you did because she was “talking behind your back”. That’s all you and the rest of the girls did was talk behind Jen and everyone else’s back. That’s the entire show! You’re a bully and BIG BULLY! Don’t make excuses to make this ok…be honest and look at yourself and learn, grow and improve.

    Shannie, Evelyn – Wow! To let that go on and not step in and stop the madness is truly sad. You are both mothers too. It’s like the kids on the playground witnessing a bully pick on another kid and you just sit back and don’t stand up…your just as bad if not worse.

    Susie – You are so weak and sad. Such a two face. You need to shut your mouth and stop running back repeating things. You of all people…you were that girl not too long ago getting cussed out, bullied and abused not too long ago. I have no respect for you.

  219. silvia says:

    These women should be ashamed of themselves! Not only them but VH1 for condoning them to act this way and viewers for putting this type of show in demand. I used to watch the show, I never do anymore.. it is just ridiculous that these women are making money off of this. My sister told me about what happened on their trip to tahiti so I cam to look at the blog but really I shouldn’t even involve myself in this garbage.. that is how these women are making their money and by watching/reading their “drama” we are condoning it. I see alot of people are really dissapointed by this episode, as they should be and I hope they plan on NOT watching or reading about it in the future, that is the only way to get this show and shows like this off the air. These are suppose to be smart, educated business women and this is how they conduct themselves on national television?! who goes around doing stuff like this?!

  220. Bea says:

    Ok. Please tell these women they are acting like children. Don’t they know how to be respectful…and Tami, respectful isn’t not reporting you stealing to the cops, or not talking to someone else about how they feel about your actions toward them. This crap is stupid. You women should be trying to act like role models but I guess yhou and this show only want to keep up hell to keep your jobs. We all just need to stop watching because our generation and those coming after us shouldn’t have to hear about or see women acting like bullies and jerks.

    Dang, Tami what are you really angry about. You need to be off the show along with Evelyn. Someone coughing in the row in front of you shouldn’t get you upset. You are not above anyone else…actually the way you act you are the lowliest of them all. Kesha’s right, you are making yourself look foolish. Who cares where you came from. You can change your mentality of how things should go and how you should react if you really try.

    Some of these women are just sad and sorry. Grow up and truly become somebody worth talking about and watching.

  221. Thai1on says:

    Tami and Evelyn are bullies and I think this week’s episode with Tami bullying poor Keisha is all I can take. I thought it was cool Tami was going to counseling, but apparently she needs more sessions. The show speaks the truth, Tami is embarassing to herself and her poor daughters. Get your life under control. This is not how adult women should act. And lastly, dont drink alcohol. You all become monsters!

  222. Arnease Williams says:

    Watch out Tami’s at it again. She needs more than anger management. I can’t believe she is 41 and still acting like this. Why does Shaunie sit there and not say anything. And what about Evelyn’s life that made Jennifer releveant. The mere fact that Jennifer exists makes her relevant. If these girls would stop stripping on fame maybe they could actually turn out to be ladies.

    From the coming attraction, Tami is surprised that Kesha reported her bag stolen. If everyone that these girls bullied would call the cops they would not need anger management, because the law would keep them in check.

  223. Janell says:

    I can’t believe some of the actions of suppose to be grown women. Hitting and slapping one another, that is immature! Like who does that crap! Most of you have children. Do you ever think about how your actions effect your kids? The answer to that is NO because you keep repeating the same crap over and over again! GROW THE HELL UP! Shaunie, I really thought you had more class than that! You can stop a lot of crap that happens on YOUR SHOW and turn some of the conflict into POSITIVE resolutions!!

  224. RJP says:

    What is wrong with these women? For all of their wealth and beauty, they are truly empty inside. Tami is a huge hypocrite. She talks about everyone behind their backs, even her so-called friends like Jennifer. She is out-of-control and unbalanced. Clearly her behavior is bigger than Kesha. She is angry and damaged and seeks out vulnerable subjects to abuse; if Kesha wasn’t there, it would be someone else. There others in the group are responsible for encouraging and supporting her behavior — the smirks, the giggles, the silence. Suzie is like an abused woman. She has been the target of their behavior before and is so afraid of finding herself in that situation again that she runs to tell everything just to protect herself. Her advice to Kesha is to take the abuse, so that she can continue being part of the group. For what? Shaunie should really be ashamed of herself. She has the money and recognition to do so many positive things and yet she chooses to encourage crazy behavior and to promote negative images about African-American women. She can’t distance herself from this. Again, her smirks, her giggles, her willingness to listen to “crazy” all signal her consent. Not only is she okay with this behavior, she clearly enjoys it. Back to Tami and Evelyn, what’s especially absurd about them is that they abuse people and then get. angry when they don’t want to take it. If someone assaults me or steals from me and I report it to the police, then I’m a weak snitch? Where did they grow up? If Tami had been able to tell someone when she was sexually assaulted, she likely would not be so angry now. She would have gotten help and her rapist would have gone to jail — as he should have! These women are really sad, really sad. Shame on you Shaunie!! TAMI, PLEASE GET SOME HELP.

  225. Marlene says:

    BBW needs to be taken off the air. Every negative character trait that we do not want young people to emulate is being promoted by Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie. They are like a gang of hood rats preying on people who they think are weaker. The show has become a disgusting exhibition of ignorant and classless behavior by women who are mothers and/or too damn old to behave the way they do. Either find some BBW’s who ARE basketball wives and truly represent the lifestyle or lose the show. The show is not funny or entertaining….it is SICK!

  226. Ms. Mac says:

    Tami now that you showed the world how you can be a COCCYDYNIA how do you feel? What you doing is not cute at all. Watching you and Jen trying to fight everybody on the show is becoming real tired. Two grown a$$ women with kids acting like kids who does that? You are an embarrassment you should be ashame of yourself. What point are you trying to prove?

  227. ROBERT FOSTER says:

    Tammi should be in jail for what’s she did to Keisha. How the Producer of the show, just there and let’s Tammi terrorize Keisha and take purse.. The last time I check, terrorize someone is againist the law!!!

  228. As I watched the Monday night episode of “Basketball Wives” I was totally appauled. Tami, Evelyn, Susie & Shaunie are such bullies. In lieu of the endemic we already face with our children commiting suicide due to being bullied by their peers, this episode profoundley infuriated me. Tami intentionally picked on unsuspecting, petite and “scared to fight” Keisha. This was so sad. What made it even worse was the fact that Evelyn, Shaunie, & Susie sat there and allowed a drunkened Tami to emotionally & verbally rape Keisha. These women are not “role models” for our young daughters. As a matter of fact they act worse than immature high school girls. We shouldn’t allow our daughters to watch this show nor should we allow this show or the actors on this show make any money. I am so upset by what Tami did as I was the week before by what Evelyn and her assistant did to Jen. If this show is that desperate for ratings, then get some real “sistah’s” on the show who will stand up to Evelyn, Shaunie, Tami & Susie. Susie is so two faced and deceitful, and profoundly unattrative. She will do, say and be anything the three “mean girls” want her to be just to be a part of the group. She prostitutes her friendship amongst the women and nobody should trust her as a friend. What makes it even worse is that most of these women have young daugters that they are rearing. What type of example are you setting for them to follow? You women need to take a good long look at yourselves. Even though you drive expensive cars and wear designer clothes and expensive jewelry and take exotic trips…..You women are a “Hot Mess” ….You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl! I’m just saying.

  229. CeeLeigh says:

    I am sorry but Tami made her self look like a desperate ass.

  230. OVERIT says:

    After last night, I too am done with this show. It was just sad, poor Kesha didn’t have a chance. She should be allowed to say what she wants to say without being brought to tears. So what if she coughs and she was covering up. So what if she didn’t want to get in with a million sharks, I didn’t see anybody else getting in but Suzie. And Suzie, if she wants to play peace maker all the time, why is she always running back telling and stirring up stuff. Also, why is everybody just sitting at the table letting Tami go off on the girl, why aren’t they trying to tell her to stop? I’m OVER this show, we all need to quit watching it so it will get cancelled.

  231. Shooflygurl says:


  232. DDKC says:

    Ok did Keisha not watch the previous season, she did and wanted to be on the show. If you can’t hang with the big girls find some more chicks to hang around hell bring your own crew. I said the same thing as everyone else that I’m not watching no more especially after Evelyn jumped on that table to get after Jen. But as usual I tuned in last night like every body else. I say if this is the direction they want to take the show it would only be fair to bring in some chicks who can actually handle these chicks who run things. I know there got to be some big bad mamas willingly and able to stand up to Evelyn and Tami mean girl ways. Not that we want to see fighting every week but who can shut it down just as fast as they can bring it to 10 as Tami says.

  233. Lori says:

    I used to like Tammy, but now I find myself asking what the H..L is wrong with her? Why does she single out one person everytime and then dog them out and bully them? First it was Suzie, last season it was Meeka, this time it ‘s Keisha. That woman has a serious mental problem. She thinks she is more than what she is (grandiose thinking),.. classic sign of a mental problem. She says things like… people need to “respect her” and recognize who and what she is? I mean who is she and what is she, other than another person trying to to make a living? Tammy please get some real help because you are one crazy woman.

  234. Ganiat says:

    I think it is a shame that Tammie is this horrible to belittle others in this manner, she is talking to Kesha as though she is a teenage girl, that is a grown woman. She should be giving her the same amount of respect as she would expect from anyone else that she probably just met. In all honesty she needs to reflect on herself and realize she is the problem and not anyone else because all of this terror that you are creating for others is highly unecessary, my verdict in this case is that you must be jealous of Kesha because it does not make any sense how you are treating this woman. And as I have been observing this show Kesha is harmless, you have been calling her out of her name and not once had she said it to you. Then your sidekick Evelyn that is a whole different case, ya’ll are obviously made for each other you both act those you both are in high school still always picking on people just to get a rise out of it. Then it is sad you both are the biggest hyporcrites ever, saying that the other girls on the show ” are always talking about ya’ll behind your back” seriously. You and Evelyn talk about Jennifer when she is not even around to defend herself that is being a coward in my eyes, just quit while you are ahead, Enough is enough let it go! I hope they do cancel this show because your portraying black women in general in an ugly way as though we do not have class nor manners!

  235. Not impressed says:

    Last night was a show of disgusting behavior. Tammie, I was on your side all the way until last night. They way you approached Kesha was just so ghetto and unclassy. But you seemed right at home acting that way. Who you should really step up to is that two faced Susie. The comment was blown out of porportion but the Gossip Monger Susie.

    Go back to therapy and make sure you get your moneys worth. I would also get a full refund fro past sessions as they clearly didn’t work.

  236. Diana says:

    Unreal. I’m totally in disbelief with Tammy. And Evelyne is actually saying in her blog that we should wait till everything plays out before we speak our minds.
    Tammy, you cannot continue to justify your issues with “I’m a work in process”, “I’m working on myself”… At one point or another, you have got to take responsibility for your actions and correct them. What you did to Kesha was bad. No one deserves to be treated that way. You are a BULLY. The way you acted is the same reason there have been so many suicides. The way you treated Kesha is the same way these kids that have killed themselves have been treated.
    How can you in one breathe Praise the Lord and with that same tongue, condemn this girl. Just because she tried to defend herself from you???
    You are right about one thing, you need a lot of work and you need to correct what you did and sincerely apologize to Kesha. You treated her like an animal and that’s wrong.
    I can’t understand how the rest of the women who in my mind are just afraid of you would let you embarrass yourself and give us women such a bad name. They condone what you do.

  237. Nita says:


  238. Tracy ann Paul says:

    This show has gotten so disgusting, these grown women can I call them women, no because the act like ignorant children. Why is it that they think that they have to behave so badly. Why do they think they should treat people so hostile. Its not a good look and for women in there 30s and 40s it is sad. VH1 do better. its not a good look

  239. B o y c o t t the show NOW! says:



  240. annette webb says:

    Shaunie why are you allowing these girls to do what they do, yes I said girls..because that is what they act like! Unbelievable, really…I really would like to watch some sister that got it going on. Suzie she really needs to leave the show, what is her purpose anyway? She always going back and telling something, really Suzie! Tami I really was feeling your change, the way you talk about your hurt and pain, I felt you. But to lose it all over something your heard by Suzie, what! Please Tami get it together, you have beautiful daughters looking at you! I will be praying for you Tamie, because I do believe you have a lot to offer, a lot of good in you. But please Ladies, can you all give us something different. Just because you all was raise like this do not mean you have live like it. You do see that Shaunie don’t, be more like her stop making fools out yourself. Thank You and be bless.

  241. Yolanda says:

    Tami is an insecure bully……what goes around comes around. I hope when Andy Cohen does the reunion he discuss the real issues about Tami and Evelyn being a bully, Shaunie sitting around watching ppl be bullied and not saying anything. She wants it to happen. Have you all ever notice that Evelyn and Tami never approach anyone without the other one being around. They need a team to be a bully. Jen I will support your lip gloss line and defiantely not Evelyns. They need to let Kenya go and show Evelyn and Tami that she can go with the best. Dont allow them to speak to you like that again Kenya.

  242. Yolanda says:

    Ppl pay attention with friends like Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tami, they will support you acting like a damn fool. They are not uplifting at all, nor are they good for one another. True friends will let you know the real and how you are acting and demand respect for all…..

  243. Patsy Johnson says:

    SAY NO TO BAD BEHAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. lissy says:

    My goodness, I can’t stand Suzie! Always running back and forth. She is disgusting and soooooo stupid. You ladies are being pimped out by Shaunie all the way to the bank.

  245. Ally says:

    To Producers of VH1 > \

    I am just one person who has watched BBwives and am very disgusted with Evelyn & Tami…I dislike them equally …I am writing because I wanted to support the pertition to keep Eve & Ono’s
    show off the air..I may be one , but I feel I speak for many.

  246. Kim says:

    For weeks now Tami has been saying in blogs and interviews that she can’t wait to see how producers screw her with the Tahiti footage, but I can’t see where anything was CGI’d to make Tami look bad. She’s doing that herself! WHen is she going to get over that “baddest one hit my hand” mentality? Why do I have to fight you before you consider whether I can be a trusted friend? C’mon Tam, it’s time to be forty now m’kay pumpkin?

  247. MP says:

    No one owes Tami respect! I can’t believe she hasn’t learned that yet and “mature” as she is. I definitely see a trend with her: she picked on Suzie, then Meeka, now Keesha. She thrives on fear. Keesha was right, she is SO sad. I definitely think Tami has some redeeming qualities about her, but they are very much shadowed by this whole bully thing she’s got going. And let me tell you something, had she had my purse, she would have given it back…TRUST!

    I really like Evelyn, I just wish she wouldn’t resort to being physical all the time. She in the Tami category to me when she does that. I think she is honest and tries to be a good person…most of the time.

    Royce is literally the only sane person on that show!

    I don’t know how Shaunie sleeps at night…I really don’t. She stirs people up to start drama, and then sits there like a deaf-mute when it all hits the fan. Anything for a buck.

    Jen is bougie, but a good person. They all knew that girl was bougie from the beginning, why are they giving her crap about it now?

    Kenia: I have a padded cell waiting for you…Suzie will be your roommate.

    Kesha: I get that you don’t like confrontation, but don’t RUN from people! Stand your ground!

  248. SNS says:

    I’m done with this show. Tami had some liquor and got courage? She acts like a damn fool when she’s drunk and it shows just how ignorant she really is. She and Evelyn both pick on the weakest links like Suzie, Jen, Kesha, and Kenya. Suzie is a confusion maker, she had no right telling Tami what Kesha said. I will no longer watch it. All it does is promote bullying and the ignorance of minority women.

  249. kee says:

    Shaunie needs to take a page from her ex husbands book and go get a masters in common sense….She is producing a show with ghetto african american women and loving it. This drama
    needs to be taken off the air.

  250. Missy says:

    OMG!!!! Tami you lied rell hard to you phschatrist. Girl you are as crazy as ever. Tripping about somebody coughing & going irate about what you think somebody said about your OLD ASS. At your age why do you care aboout he said she said. You are one immature silly looking bitter woman. Girl you act like a 15 yr old gang banger. Looking at you trying to jump on tiny Kesha was just so ridiculous. Why are you Evelyn, & Shaunie acting like a group of kids. What if someone bullied your daughters, would that anger you? CANCEL THIS SHOW VH1. STOP MAKING BAFOONS OUT OF OUR SISTer. Well they are actually making fools out of themselves.

  251. Eeajay says:

    Tami acts like an angry, uncouth hoodrat w/ animalistic behavior! And, as Kesha states, is a FOOL! She does this under the guise of ‘keeping it real’, when she’s really just being a tyrant, and lording it over whom she considers weaker than she. No, Tami, you are not keeping it real, you’re bullying people and keeping it mean!
    Then she has the nerve to get mad if someone brings the authorities into the situation! Understand this Tami, not everyone comes from where you’ve came from. And, those of us who come from a similar life experience as yourself, have come to realize that there are more, diverse people living in this world. And, when you know better, you do better, and surely at your age, you know better, you have just chosen to act-a-fool! What gives you the right to bully and beat people who chose to exert their 1st amendment right, ‘freedom of speech’? One really can’t blame Kesha or anyone else for not coming to you and voicing their opinion, especially the ones that pertain to you, because they know that you’ll act like an animal, instead of like the human being that you are! Animals can’t control themselves, that is why God gave us reign over them because He knows that we can if we chose to!
    Bravo Jen and Kesha for getting the authorities involved–I would fight neither Tami, Evelyn, nor her assistant–send those sisters to jail, where they belong, w/ the other abusers!
    Tami, you are not the first person, nor the last, to have endured adverse life experiences. You have been given a great opportunity to not only be a positive influence on the children of the world, but to your own children, whom I’m sure love you, but don’t want to be around you much because of your deplorable behavior! You’ve been given a great platform that not many of US will ever have. You’re traveling the world, making money, making a name for yourself–is this what you want your legacy to be? Please girl, get-it-together, because whether you want to be or not , you are an example to our children and you need to care about that!! Because, yes, you are your brothers keeper!

  252. Appalled says:

    It’s so affirming to read all of your comments. Now I know it’s not just me. From the beginning, I saw Evelyn as a bully who thought by acting (maybe not) crazy she could establish herself as the alpha dog. Then Tami came on and showed that she is ten times crazier (as in “padded cell” crazy). She and Evelyn became “friends” (whatever that means to these women) simply because Evelyn realized that nut bag Tami would truly hurt her. Haven’t y’all noticed how mellow she is with Tami? Not so bad now, are you Ev? Take all the bullies from all the different reality shows and put them together on a show and let’s see who’s left standing. That would be a SHOW as well as a reality check for all the bullies! As for Suzie, she practically got on her hands and knees and begged to get back into the so-called circle. That caused me to lose all respect for her. Pathetic! Now she continues to bait people into talking about others so she can earn brownie points by running back to tell what was said, with a little spice added. I’m surprised anyone would confide in her about anything. She’s a major instigator and then sits back innocently when it hits the fan. Royce was the first to earn my respect when she showed strength of character and walked away from these damaged people. Jennifer was under their spell for a long time. When they turned on her she saw the light. She should have never lowered herself by being friends with the likes of Evelyn. Stay away Jennifer! You’re too good for this! Of course Tami and Evelyn don’t think assaults should be reported or that assailants should be sued! That way, there are no consequences for their animalistic ways. The most effective form of “anger management”, Tami and Evelyn, is to have to answer for your actions in a civilized society. A little jail time and a few lawsuits will work wonders in managing your anger. Kesha’s refusal to be lured into a situation just so Tami can fill her sick need by beating her up does not make her weak in my eyes. It makes her a civilized, intelligent woman who has risen above the rules of the jungle that Tami lives by. A message for Kesha — follow the lead of Royce and Jennifer and stay away from these twisted children. You don’t need them in your life and you will hopefully NEVER fit in with them. Tami decided that she wanted to hit you when she first laid eyes on you. It would take a psychiatrist to explain why, but it has nothing to do with you. Evelyn pretends to be your friend and mentor in private but smugly enjoys the circus whenever Tami verbally assaults you. If you need friendship among this group, hook up with Royce and Jennifer and flush the rest of this poison out of your system. Jennifer — do the right thing! File assault charges, sue them! That will calm their impulses. Don’t lower yourself to their standards. Stay away from Kenya! She’s only with you because she didn’t make it into the “circle”, although she truly belongs with that group. After watching tonight’s show, this is the first time I just had to voice my opinion. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer! Great lesson in how not to act!

  253. Tiana says:

    Shaunie you are a disgrace and a punk. Evelyn and Tammi ar supposed to be your friends but you are too scared of them to say anything to them when they are clearly in the wrong. I am happy Shaq has moved on and got his “Dr” status while you are up there doing hoodrat isht. You are a old hood rat. I remember that show you were all in Gloria Govan’s face. Ratchet. Considering how she was fighting in the ring with her sister on the other Basketball show, you would not have stood a chance. I hope that movie you are trying to make never see’s the light of day. Instead of boycotting your show, we should boycott every sponsor so that you wont have a show anymore.

    Evelyn and Tammi you are classless and bullies. Both of you should be locked up with the rest of the animals. In the real world you would not get away with the things you do. This show should be canceled. You aren’t even basketball wives so why are you here? Evelyn talk all of that mess about Jennifer’s relationship with Eric and now that you got with that soft spoken yellowed eyed ocho, you think you are wife material. You arent wife material you are only good enough to smash… Ask Tami’s ex. LOL

  254. Community says:

    The program is a bad bad bad show for our youth, especially after last night MOnday airing.
    To the producers what are you thinking letting that women, mother sister aunties grandmother act like that towards The Lovely Kesha… Do the lady the bullie like women or men…. She is build like a man who pump iron….. Kesha was have been crazy to fight….. she did the most interesting thing walk away…. And call the POLICE to get her purse……. But VHI you let this bulling take place on your show. Knowing what we are dealing with in the school system today and tomorrow and yesterday……….. I am hurt for Kesha and I could feel her pain and not knowing if this drunk mother of two girls, is going to jump….. drunk people have this strength and they sometime kill people. Could you have let her kill Kesha ??????… its not clear because you let her get bullie by a drunk person…… and the other bullies Evelyn, Shaunie your show need to be shut down…………… It haas no meaning anymore…. they ARE NOT BBW………….SHE HAD TO CALL THE COPS TO GET HER PURSE WHAT A MESS

  255. Lakeysha says:

    I’m so over this show!!!! Tammy said last night that she was 41 years of age. Wow I would have never guess that, she acts more like a 16 year old hood rat. Tammy and Evelyn are both mothers’ what kinds of example are they setting for there girls they both need help. And after the way Tammy act towards Keisha last night I know I’m done with this show. Keisha is entitled to speak her feeling about Tammy with her so call friends. I know Suzie went back and told Tammy what was said. So sad that these mothers would act the way they do just like little girls. I would call them ladies but real ladies don’t act like that.

  256. Zenia says:

    just wanted speak out…Tami needs to grow up already, she wants to talk about “looking like a fool” well she doesn’t need any help w/ that, she’s a fool, i use to like her but now, she is nothing but a bully…she shouldn’t drink at all, that should be a clause in her contract, she does not know how to act when she does…as for Jen, pleaseeeee get her off the show, at this point the show should just be canceled. these are nothing but lil ghetto a$$ girls who just got some money & don’t know how to act!!! & before i forget, the one that they should gang up is Suzie, she’s the one running her mouth back & forth w/ her she said this, & that crap!!!

  257. Kay says:

    OMG Royce shut the hell up! ur about to make ur boy toy run for cover. the crying isnt a good look for u. ur dad is right! u appear to hop in and out of bed with different men, and dont seem to be concerned about how this will affect ur son. all of this is on the internet and it is there forever, so getting ur pussy eaten on tv and saying how good it was, is never a good look. OH! LORD! Kesha, Please please please get her 2 faced punk ass off the show, her voice is hella annoying and now i can see why she was stood up at the alter.

  258. Wish says:

    Why don’t the “he-she” bully on the show , guess Tami is his show name, stop bullying the girls? I don’t understand why NO ONe puts him in his place.. Dude your really a male and you need to stop hating on young pretty girls…

  259. chella says:

    Tammy, 1st of all it is pronounced MOUTH not MOWFF. 2nd, you are out of control and lok like an utter fool. Kenra was smart noit engaging with you as you behave like an animal. Certainly not dignified at all. Your behavior is so obnoxious. I hope your kds don’t watch the way you act, for your sake

  260. Kimberly says:

    I liked Tammi when this show started but now I wonder if she even likes herself. There is no way a real woman would act this way. Expecially a woman that has daughters. Now when they didn’t want you in their businiess you felt betrayed, well now you see why. You are Evelyn’s right hand all of the sutton even after she said and did everything possible to you. You are a follower never have been a leader and a bully. But the sad part is you know which one’s to bully cause you really never came face to face with a real woman, cause a real woman would puch you in your mouth. It time to grow and act like a woman, and let go of the childish actions. I don’t care for you or what you went through as a kid cause you reap what you sow and your sowing will be not what you put out, but worse. And the rest of your friends or so call friends are worse, cause a real friend would tell you when you wrong, and honey you wrong 99.9% of the time. Shaunie is making a fortune off your stupid actions and she is just like you, cause when you have to lower someone else to make a dollar then you have lowered yourself also. So good luck cause when all of this is over you guys will need it. No man wants a girl, they are searching for real woman and there is none in that little click.

  261. SMH says:

    Tami…. boo boo even if you were right about everything you screaming and acting a fool on national tv about. WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT THE NEXT PERSON GOT TO SAY ABOUT YOU??? its not that deep! It is really sad to see a grown behind woman a mother of two young ladies acting this way on tv about some he said she said. And why do they keep getting together going on trips and dinner ect when none of them even like each other?! Why? Because we keep watching. Take this show off the air please. Its really not a good look for women as a whole.

  262. MsDee says:

    @ Ally, you spoke for me too because I can’t stand Evelyn or Tami, they are bullies and they’re doing all this craziness to get their own show. I’ve been watching since the series started but changed it to OC wives. It’s disgusting what Tami and Evelyn are doing to the others. There are children committing suicide because of bullying and you have grown women bullying one another.

  263. Roz says:

    Tami, you are a BIG OLE BULLY! P E R I O D!!!!!!!
    Shaunie you are such a liar and instigator, yours is coming, sooner than later. And please, don’t ever in this lifetime wear that long wig and no makeup ever again!!!!!!!
    Cruella Deville, you MAKE ME SICK||!!!!!!!!!!! Oh… and by the way, don’t take Tami’s advice, don’t go to the therapist, do all of us a favor and let that vein in your forehead burst!

    Suzi, if you were on fire and I saw you on the street and there was no water and I had to pee, I wouldn’t pee on you to put it out! You are such a spineless human being and STUPID!

    Kesha, please get a spine. You can have a spine without being confrontational

    Kenya, you are a quiet storm. I believe you are Tami’s match and she knows it.

    Jennifer, in your words, child keep it moving stay away from Tahiti or if you go forget about the self defense class and fling Cruella’s azz in the ocean with those sharks and stingrays.

  264. Kim says:

    Tammi you say you mentor young girls? Well I hope these girls don’t look at this show cause I wouldn’t let you near any of my kids, especially not a girl!! You are disgrace to woman period. Grow up and bulling is one of the worse causes of teenager suicide, and if one of those girls felt that they should act like you and cause an action of this magnatude, how would you feel!! Dumb, stupid, ignorant, but probably not sorry…huh……? Grow up please give our young black woman something other than a filthy mouth, and bad attitude. Show us more than ignorancy!!

  265. jayme says:

    Tammi and Evenlyn both are miserable unhappy people who have no repesct for themselves or anyone else. There Mamma’s should be ashamed.

  266. ZZZzzz says:

    VH1 thinks its entertaining because the ratings are HIGH!!!

  267. jayme says:

    Tammi need to go to Rehab!

  268. vikki says:

    As old as tami is , and as big as she is over these young ladies, you would think she’d have some wisdom to impart into their lives, But she comes off as a big bully. Having the nerve to say she was going to LET you have a nice trip. What a lousy roll model for her girls!!!!

  269. Bully says:

    I applaud Keisha for ignoring Tami while she’s running her FILTHY MOUTH on Keisha. Tami looks like a LUNATIC and UNEDUCATED person. The anger management obviously is NOT working. What Tami need is to be confined to a MENTAL INSTITUTION. Once again, the fight in Tahiti is exactly what Shaunie wants for a good finale. Shame on you Shaunie

  270. 4mercaligirl says:

    Try this on for size…Tammi was on “Lift Every Voice” last Sunday talking about having God in her life. What a joke! Just like she told her psych last night that she is doing better controlling her anger. The Basketball Wives should be cancelled. I truly hope Keisha catches on that Suzie is the news carrier and turns her loose as a friend. I admire Keisha for how she handled Tammi. Words weren’t necessary for that mad dog! I can’t help but understand why Shaq got rid of Shaunie the Zero…she will do anything for ratings. And Shaunie has the nerve to try and act so sophisticated…take a back seat…nobody is impressed!!

  271. Nikki says:

    Tami behaved and looked like an idiot, I felt so embarrassed for her. Thank you Kesha for behaving like a lady and not like an animal. Shaunie is a bully because she doesn’t say anything to Tami, by her silence it is as though she is co-signing her behavior. Someone please stop Tami & Evelyn they are animals and bullies.

  272. Kini says:

    I can’t imagine what makes Evelyn and Tami think they are justified in bullying and judging people. I am so disgusted that I vowed last night never to watch BW again. The show has been deleted from my DVR. Shaunie ought to grow some balls and keep her girls in check.

  273. totallyembarrased says:

    I heard there was a petition out there to have the BBWs cancelled. Has anyone heard that, and if so can you share the link. Let’s erradicate bulling where we can..

  274. REE says:

    I am soo disappointed in Tami, I watch BBW regularly and yeah the disagreements are a bit much most of the time but it’s still a very good show. I really thought Tami was doing well in staying out of conflicts… I can understand why she had to say something to Kesha because Kesha do have loose lips sometimes when she’s with Royce and Susie (the comfort zone) but for Tami to bully her on their vacation was out of line, you cannot hold a person belongings against their will. If Tami already knew that Kesha had been running her mouth, why not say something before you take your vacation and not ruin it for the new-girl (well scare the good Lord Jesus out of her){Kesha looked like a dear in headlights}. Kesha has to know that Tami will open a can of wup-@$$ at any given moment for the very thing she is doing “continuously talking about Tami behind her back” and yes she did it again before the show ended with her comments. Tami I can see you are a great person and really good friend when everyone is on the up and up but girlfriend remember you are dealing with WOMEN and sometimes some women do get chatty and bold when they feel like they are in their comfort zone of friends. I still LOVE the show (didn’t like that hair on Shaunie) but will still be watching….. Much Success and LOVE to all the ladies….. SMOOCHOUS

  275. Upset says:

    I am very upset about how Basketball wives is turning into, i started watching it from the beginning and everything was fine and now it took a turn for the worse. I am starting to dislike the show because of all the arguing and fighting that is only coming from those with the biggest attitude problems I use to like them but to much is to much. Evelyn and Tami the problems is you two need to let the attitude go and learn to enjoy life, you can not enjoy life walking around with an attitude all the time, fighting isn’t the answer to everything. I would like to see more of Royce, Suzie, Kenya.

  276. Tiauna McKnight says:

    Soooooo happy to hear that sponsors are starting to pull out!…it’s time to shut this ignorant show down!…we need more positive and enriching shows for women, not this disgrace!…I blame Shaunie O’Neal for exploiting her disciples like that!… She (and the rest of them) will have to answer to God for their actions and bullying!…enough is enough. There is nothing anyone on that show can say to justify their behaviors. We are running bully campaigns in the US now, for children…now how does it look that we have adult bullies running wild. What examples are they setting? you can no longer blame the producers…because it’s your mouths that are yapping and creating harsh threats. Thanks a lot BBW for setting women back 100 years! SMH

  277. Tasha J says:

    First, let me just say that I was a die hard fan of BBW before it became a “Rocky vs Apollo” fight each and every season. Evelyn, was alwyas known for speaking her mind and her whorish ways were not as well known as they are now; Royce was the most hated on cast member of this show; Suzie was and still is a “tattle-tale”, Jennifer had this bougie air about her that she never really hid from anyone, and and Shaunie is the prison warden!!! Over the years, however, things have went from being somewhat tumultuous to being a downright weekly episode of “UFC Fights.” It seems as if the moment Tami stepped onto the cast, things became more violently hostile. Evelyn and Tami; Tami and Jennifer; Evelyn and Suzie; Evelyn and Royce; Suzie and Tami; Tami and Meeka; Evelyn and Jennifer; Evelyn and Kenya; Tami and Kenya; Tami and Kesha (If you notice, there is a recurring theme here: TAMI and EVELYN)!!! VH1 you seem to have two decisions to make: (1) replace the following cast members: Evelyn, Tami, and Suzie (Evelyn and Tami can’t control their tempers and Suzie can’t keep her mouth shut)!!!! or (2) Cancel the franchise altogether!!!

  278. Totally Disgusted by the Bullying says:

    I refuse to watch anymore… it is sad to watch. The show has become Bullying Glorified and no wonder why kids think it’s okay to bully and prey on others… Royce is the only saving grace for this show. Sad Sad Sad….

  279. Mollie says:

    This was so disturbing,to see the behavior of Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami and Suzie all bullies! I really don’t think I can continue to watch this.

  280. Kim Clarke says:

    Dear Producers,

    My sorority sisters and I have all signed the petition to keep Evelyn’s show off the air. Please help us support the next generation of ladies by not exposing them to these type of people who personify the worst and lowest-level of our society. I’m sure there are creative people with great ideas on your team who can bring great television without debasing our values.

    Thank you,
    Kim Clarke

  281. Jessica says:

    Shaunie is miserable because Shaq didn’t like her head game…. Evelyn is insecure after Chad leave her she will be kicking it with rappers if she is not already, Tami is a man…………. I HOPE THEY CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. anon says:

    Wow. I’ve gone through several blogs today and lots of comments – not one in support of tami, evelyn and shaunie’s behavior. Telling, isn it VH-1? I mean, you can usually get at least one fool to condone the violence and bullying, of which they are all equally guilty. But yeah, no one. At this point it’s a trainwreck and we’re still watching because we can’t. look. away. Is that really how you want to get/sustain viewers? Remember Viacom, lots of us gave up BET; this madness isn’t unsinkable.

  283. Jewelz says:

    Tisk Tisk Tisk, Tami Tami Tami, come on sweetie, now you know last nights episode wasn’t at all cute or like you, Tami for real you really do have some issues that you need to iron out. I’ve never seen someone as old as you, act like that before. In the beginning as another had said, i was an advocate of you, I like what you stood for, the no nonsense type but looking at last nights episode your let me down…Let me tell you something I pray that you feel this way “this is a tv reality show and I get paid to act stupid” because honey that behavior your mother should be ashamed. How does one sit back take a swallow of a drink and just attack a person, you acted ratchett!!!! wtf now I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m innocent as if I don’t have a temper or get angry when someone wrongs me, I would be a liar if I allowed that to come out of my mouth, but it’s a time and a place for that, one minute you’re in counseling and the next minute it seems as if you left all that you’ve learned at the airport in Miami. Tami you need to do what Jennifer did and leave that fake ass Evelyn alone, because just as Im saying on other blogs you two were about to murder ea other just last season, OH wait my bad you were about to murder that ass last season and now she’s up your ass like toilet tissue, look you need to learn when someone likes you or has your best interest and its not Evelyn for a fact because as soon as she gets married or if she ever gets married, with her tired ass theres no more Evelyn and you’ll be left to fight and bully alone. Evelyn is the fake one! Shaunie is fake too, all she’s doing is sitting back collecting alimony and using you as well Don’t fall victim to her shenanigans. As for Evelyn I really don’t like you, you remind me of a rabied monkey who just broke free from the zoo! Oh by the way you look like one too!!!!

  284. shaa says:

    This year’s vacation scene looked real familiar Tami starts to bully and the other girls remain quiet. She picks on any small thing. I think the show is terribe. No longer watching!!!

  285. makyla says:

    i think that tami has the right to snao because no one wants to be called a rascit or even be talked about behind their back

  286. chrystal says:

    I think Tami was picking at Kesha from the jump because she already knew that she talked about her. So when the liquor got in her system she let Kesha have it. I dont feel like Shaunie should be at fault for not standin upi for a grown woman. Kesha needs to learn to stand up for her self..She can stand up for herself with out cursing too. She can kill her with words and just tell her how you feel instead of waiting until the interview. Until Kesha stands up for herself I do not see this vacation going any smoother. Tami does have anger issues and that is why she is in anger management. And lets all be real Suzie is the one who told Tami what Kesha said which is very dont blame Shaunie, Evelyn for Tami going off on Kesha…blame the person who started all this drama by going back and tell her word from word what was said which is Suzie…She did the same stuff last year…..

  287. chitybang says:

    I am so embarrassed and disgusted with this show. A bunch of grown ghetto bullies running around fighting, jumping on tables, hitting others with purses and the now taking someone’s personal property because they refuse to argue and act like a fool. I don’t blame Jen or Kesha, I would call the cops on you ignorant fools! Shaunie….I am very disappointed in you! I had respect for you and thought you were classy but I guess not….how could you go along with this trash? To top it off….. the rest of the bunch just sit around watching as if they are afraid to say anything. Is this how you were raised and treat your friends? Tami…….(a little free advice…won’t cost you a dime)……Get over it…..folk will be talking about you until the day you die and after the funeral they are going to talk about your casket and what you had on. After they put you in the ground they are going to talk about the flowers you did or did not have. It is just a way of life….Build a bridge and get over it or take this trash off the television!

  288. Elaine Hessing says:

    After watching this season of BW, I have decided to drop this show from my viewing schedule. Both Tami and Evelyn portray the worst stereotypes of (black) women, as angry and bullyish. Throughout the season, Shaunie has sat back and let, (she being the producer must have some say), Evelyn and Tami act like teenage kids.Tami quickly forgot that in past seasons she and Evelyn had blowouts where she threatened to use the legal system to handle situations, so Jennifer had a right to handle it maturely instead of resorting to violence and acting like a thug. Tami’s therapy is a waste of money because she still can’t control herself.And Evelyn should be concentrating on Ocho and their wedding instead of Jennifer.

  289. Blueagate says:

    Tami is a bully.Duppy knows who to frighten..Tami picks on the weak link for her strenght.She needs to get off the show..She makes the show as ghetto as she can.Tami and Evelyn needs to get baby training all over again.Tami kids are embarrased by her and also Evelyns daughter.They adapt their ways from someone else.Whoever gave them their training need to continue to do so..Let the Mamas run to the therapist,they cannot help them..Leopard never changes its spot…Shaunie is too sneaking and hyprocritical.fake as the$100 bill…

  290. Latwana says:

    Tammie grow up. Act like an adult & a mother, and stop using the ‘editing’ excuse-it’s lame. On the real world reunion show years ago you tried to blame editing, but ur the common denominator. Will the real adults pls stand up! How can we as adults demand&expect our children to act in a respectable manner&not bully others, when we help support bully by watching this tv show that promotes bullying&harassment of others. Shaunie, Tammie, Ev.. U should all be ashamed. Is the money really worth it? I will not be tuning in anymore, and I hope that other responsible, intelligent, and mature adult women will do the same. Watching grown women tear each other down is not entertaining. Bravo Shaunie, Eve, and Tammie!! You’ve done a great job at helping perpetuate the negative black female stereotype and portraying a negative image of women, period. I’d rather be broke, than paid to act a fool.

  291. Latwana says:

    Tammie grow up. Act like an adult and a mother, and stop using the ‘editing’ excuse – it’s lame. On the real world reunion show years ago you tried to blame editing, but ur the common denominator. Will the real adults pls stand up! How can we as adults demand and expect our children to act in a respectable manner and not bully others, when we help support bullying by watching this tv show that promotes bullying and harassment of others. Shaunie, Tammie, Ev.. U should all be ashamed. Is the money really worth it? I will not be tuning in anymore, and I hope that other responsible, intelligent, and mature adult women will do the same. Watching grown women tear each other down is not entertaining. Bravo Shaunie, Eve, and Tammie!! You’ve done a great job at helping perpetuate the negative black female stereotype. I’d rather be broke, than paid to act a fool.

  292. TINA says:

    Tammy is a big BULLY,young girls ages 15 and up look @ BW.Sad you always see Tammy in that kind of light never in a good way.She has to Bully someone in each season.We fight against bullying.Now you get paid for BULLYING.It will never stop long as it is shown in this kind of light.SOON THIS WILL ON HLN-BULLYING

  293. Andrea says:

    Tammy has a problem. She need to realize boo boo some of the statements that people make about you are true because for a fact look at how you react when it gets back to you. Like a dam fool and childish but you can tell everybody to act grown

  294. I agree with all that you have said Miss Hessing. Also, Tami and Evelyn are an embarrassment to their children. They definitely are not setting good examples on how to deal with conflict etc. Ochocinco will probably screw another broad on his and Evelyn’s wedding day..

    Elaine Hessing May 8, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    “After watching this season of BW, I have decided to drop this show from my viewing schedule. Both Tami and Evelyn portray the worst stereotypes of (black) women, as angry and bullyish. Throughout the season, Shaunie has sat back and let, (she being the producer must have some say), Evelyn and Tami act like teenage kids.Tami quickly forgot that in past seasons she and Evelyn had blowouts where she threatened to use the legal system to handle situations, so Jennifer had a right to handle it maturely instead of resorting to violence and acting like a thug. Tami’s therapy is a waste of money because she still can’t control herself.And Evelyn should be concentrating on Ocho and their wedding instead of Jennifer.”

  295. Denise Williams says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching Tami since Real World, but she has not grown an inch since her early twenties. Tami needs to realize, this world does not owe her anything. You cannot bully someone into understanding your point of view. The highlights of next weeks episode is even more embarrassing, and ridiculous. Tami will get repect when she learns how to handle situations, RESPECTFULLY!!

  296. Real Talk says:

    After watching this episode, I can’t see how anybody would call what Evelyn does to Jennifer “bullying” and not call what Tami does to Kesha the same thing. Evelyn is smaller than Jen,they were friends at one time, and Jen talks back to Evelyn in defense of herself (she just doesn’t fight), so to me, that’s not bullying. What Tami does to Kesha from the time they got in the van (talking about the way she coughed) to making comments about her being scared to get in the water with the sharks (Tami didn’t get in either, nor Evelyn and Shaunie for that matter) to the way she talked to her at that table… all that borderlines bullying. I love Tami (and Evelyn), and I just hope that what they showed us last night (the way Tami was treating Kesha) is not the whole story. Tami shouldn’t allow herself to drink that much until all of her anger issues are resolved and Evelyn too, because liquor doesn’t help when you’re already on 1,000!

    One more thing, people keep saying that Tami and Evelyn make black women look bad… I disagree, especially because Evelyn is NOT black! She is Puerto Rican, so I wish people would stop saying that. All black women or women of color do not behave in the same manner, and everyone in this world has a tendency to snap depending on the situation. No one can judge anybody.

  297. tasha says:

    Tami is too old to be acting like a child, act like a grown up, it’s so annoying. Tami is 1 thing a BULLY, I don’t care what she says. I liked her before but not anymore. Evelyn think she gangster and all bff with Tami who use to attack her in previous seasons. Suzie is a fake she pretends to be ppl friend and then goes and snitches on everyone and she’s always acting like she clueless, Tami need to be on her case. Royce has a cute dude next to her and she doing her but she’s acting like an annoying baby with all that fake crying. Jen is my girl this season cause she is acting like a lady, Kesha needs to stand up for herself some more but I understand where she is coming from with the fighting. You could be from the hood butyou don’t have to take the hood mentality everywhere you go. Tami take some advice, you don’t look good or sound good, you have children coming up. This is my show and I hope you women learn from this show

  298. missy says:

    Tammy, Shaunie and Evelyn are all satan’s spawns! The most ridiculous women ( using that word very loosely) that I have ever witnessed. Hopefully before the three of you leave this earth, you will find God and repent of your sins. You really need help!!

  299. Lisa says:

    Tami you are a BULLY and a DISGRACE to all women!!! I cant belive VH1 is letthing this go on…………..DISGUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. not your momma says:


  301. joyce says:

    Tammi is an a$$. Keisha is a lady. A lady knows when to walk away but a fool does not which is what Tammi is. I used to like Tammi but since she is best buds with Eve she is unbearable. This show is getting worse instead of better. Shaunie loves the drama which is ridiculous and she is also part of the problem. Stop letting them act like middle school girls; they are suppose to be grown a$$ women! The only ones with sense is Royce and Keisha. Jen is a waste and so is Suzi.

  302. cbt says:

    Tammy is such a bully. Why all the girls just sit there and allow her to treat anyone in that matter is so rude and disrespectful. She is such a low life for treating that poor girl that way. shame on her. totally classless!

  303. Susan says:

    It is shameful Shaunie has allowed both Tami and Evelyn to behave in the fashion they have. Threats and volience sends what kind of message? Charges should be pressed agaist both of these women for there past actions caught on tape.

  304. Karla says:

    I don’t watch basketball wives much because of this reason, Tammi is a freakin Grown Woman Bully! She knows the Kesha girl is afraid of her and yet she goes on this tyrrant. When a Bully smells fear they pounce on it. Grow up Tammy and take care of grown folk issues like your HEALTH!!!!! This show never disappoints when it comes to grown women preying on weaker grown women. I understand how your temper can get the best of you, sometimes, but every time you have a discussion with someone? Grow Up Ladies! It’s embarrassing! UGH!!! WE’RE Over It Shaunie!!! I’m done!

  305. irene says:

    I feel very sorry for Tami….she is nothing but a bully……….the type of bully who use to torment me when I was in high school. I don’t like her at all. She is one of those people who your parents tell you to stay away from. I would not want to be a child of hers. I would be EXTREMELY ashamed if she was my mother as well as her cohort Evelyn. I can’t believe these are adult women, because they act like teenagers and shameful teenagers. I am so disappointed at Shaunie for producing a show like this, especially since she has a daughter she claims to love so much. How could you produce a show like this that shows nothing but BULLYING by supposedly adult woman. After watching that episode when you all were in Tahiti I vowed to never watch this show again. It sickens me that grown african american women can act like this. This is no way to show our young black women how to behave. I have to go throw up now…….this show has made me physically sick.

  306. Sofia says:

    I am starting to dislike Tami because she’s all mouth and no bite. She’s trying to make herself relevant this season by being a bully. You sit there looking all manly trying to intimidate that poor girl. Are you jealous of her? Because everything about her is real, including her hair? She has done nothing to you. Sit your drag queen looking self down somewhere and get off the show if you gotta act like that. SMH

  307. tracey says:

    Tammy is so ridiculous, that I will probably stop watching it. I thought when Evelyn jumped over the table in the restaurant I seen it all. Are these two supposed to be grown ladies trying to see who can act the most foolish. Who constantly keeps picking on someone they don’t like, but a BULLY. I hope someone beats the hell out of both of them. They need on good ass whipping. I can not believe the preview for next week. You take Keisha’s pocket book, and get mad when she reports it stolen. You took it, it is not yours, that is stealing. WHO DOES THAT.

    The fact that Tammy and Evelyn is airing their stupidity on national television is frightening.
    They don’t care how they look, how they act, and what their children think of them. It is quite embarrassing. Can you get ratings any other way Shaunie, or will you allow them to do anything to get ratings.

    Royce has the most sense, don’t go on a vacation that you know most of them people don’t like you, and love to keep drama going. I hope Jen and the other young lady keep their ass home, because they will be the next target, if Keisha leave.

    Oh, Suzie you ran your danm mouth again. I hope someone smashes you right in your mouth , off the air. You bring gossip too much. It’s not loyalty, it’s gossip. Your are so glad they are ridding your ass.

  308. Marlene says:

    OMG, what an embarrassment to women- and to women of color. Tami, you seriously need some help. You are not over your PAST ISSUES and you take them out on people that YOU feel are weak. While I am not trying to say that your past is not an issue, it is YOUR responsibility to not take it out on others. You lash out on people over and over, and unfortunately, it is played out on air. Had Kesha responded back to you, you would have wanted to fight her. You are an angry bully who continues to give an immature and embarrassing portrayal to women of color and we have to constantly protect our integrity against women such as yourself. The snipet of the next episode made you look even worse as a woman. Like Kesha would have stated, “So sad”. She was entitled to her opinion, but unfortunately, a coward snitch had to tell you. As a mature woman, your conversation with Kesha should have been private, not as a three ring circus to be played out in front of everyone.Not sure if I want to watch the next episode. It’s just going to be a hot ass mess. You are pretty pathetic as a woman right now.

  309. yb says:

    I’ve read through many of these comments and I agree with each one. However, as long as you continue to tune in to this show, these people are not HEARING YOU. …Not the mindless moronic women, Shaunie, Tamie, or Evelyn as well as the producers. It’s all about ratings. The only thing these people hear and is moved by is MONEY. I watched the show last night. I was so stunned after it went off, it took me about five minutes, maybe longer, to move. That ending left me frozen speechless, staring at the television. I don’t condone violence, but even in all my restraint to abstain from violence, that could not have been me in Keshia’s place. My take…man is a tripod being- spirit, soul, and body- man is a spirit, that possesses a soul, and lives in a body-tri-pod. After I’d gotten through putting Tami’s lights out, her tri-pod being would have been laid out separately on the floor moaning like Mo, Curley, and Larry. That would have been a true test of my patience. KESHIA, YOU DID GOOD, GIRL. I have continued to view, because of my concern for the other women. However, this will be the last season for me. This can’t be real, this show is too uncivilized, tasteless, and ridiculous. You can’t write to these people either, the more we write, the more fueled they become- our disgust give them an orgasm. They feed on these blog comments and our viewership. Writing to these so called people is like trying to reason with a wall. We’re expressing our concerns and they are most like ignoring or sitting back laughing all the way to the bank. Very, very sad. I wish Keshia, Jennifer, and Royce would find another means of income. This show is so not worth the self-worth as a human being.

  310. hlynnryan says:

    PLAIN and SIMPLE—GHETTOIZATION/TRASH TV!!! I happen to teach inner-city youth, and the behavior Tami exhibited is the exact opposite of what we try to teach young ladies. Have some class, elegance, and intelligence. One can be upset with another without lowering themselves to such embarrassing standards. How a grown woman can behave in such a way is beyond me–ESPECIALLY since the “talk” Kesha had (with insecure, trouble-making Suzie) was way prior to the vacation. Perhaps we should feel badly for Tami, only a mental disorder would cause someone to randomly SNAP in that way over something she didn’t even witness hearing god knows how long later. CERTIFIABLY LOONEY. We all should truly feel badly and say a prayer for Tami, she is clearly not happy and needs it!!!

  311. Ronnie says:

    All you pepole that are on here talking crap about the people on the show if you don’t like them so much then STOP WATCHING THE SHOW. You people are stupid.

  312. Sheila S says:

    This show be titled “The Bullies”. It makes no sense and promotes bullying to the 3rd degree. Yes, we continue to watch it because some of us are hoping to see a episode where everyone is getting along for once but it seems the BBW vets has something to prove to the world about how big and bad they can pick on the new unexpected young ladies, its like putting them in boot camp with angry drill sergents. Even though Shaunie pretends to stay silent during the confrontations, she really speaks the loudest by her silence. She’s trying to stay neutral but you can see right thru it, She should protect these new ladies that she brings on board knowing how her rowdy and over the top these so called grown ladies can be. I honestly think Shaunie is afraid of Tami and Evelyn and therefore chooses to stand with them, she has nothing to say when an argument goes down but has everything to say when its over. I applaud Jen for staying away from the drama and hell yeah she did the rt thing by filing a suit against Nia, this heifer put her hands on her in front of millions of ppl watching and you expect her to just let it be, who do these ladies think they are? Susan is a perpetrator, she’s not a peace maker, she’s an instagator it is ok to let some conversations stay silent especially if you know how the outcome is gonna be. Kudos to Royce for avoiding female drama and good luck to her and Desmond. Kenya, stay low key because i think they are determine to not like you.

  313. Lily says:

    Kesha has more class in her COUGH than Tami will ever have in her life. Shame on you Shaunie, Ev and Suzie for allowing Tami to behave like that. NOT ONE OF YOU STUCK UP FOR KESHA – that makes you all bullies too. I’m done with this show.

  314. Jenn says:

    @tamiRoman : you are horrible, And it really sad you act like this at 41. I helped you once at saks and I thought you were the sweetest nicest person, if I see you at saks I definitely will walk in the other direction I want no part and no sales that have to do with someone like that.. My point is I am extremely against bullying and you basically show young girls it’s ok to bully others. Horrible example of a human being. #takeAgoodLOOKinTheMiror.

  315. Sam says:

    You guys are not showing a good example for our young lady. Where is your positive image.

    This show shoe is becoming a disgrace.

  316. LITTE MAMA says:

    Tammy needs jer ass kicked because she is a bully.

  317. Nikki C says:

    I am not a Basketball Wife nor have I ever dated any Celebrity of any sort or been a part of an “Elite” crowd, but let me say this, “Put me on the Show and watch how things turn out!” Enough said…

  318. Elba says:

    Shaunie I was a fan of your show until this season Evelyn and Tami are bullies and after the May 7th episode where Tami the animal Roman went after Keisha I will never watch this show again.

  319. queenmcc says:

    To the Administrators or Executive Officials and Board. I am and very disturbed that
    you have allowed this type of behavior to continue. And as for you Tammi, Bi-polar is not a good term for you. And you would have never under any circumstances hold on to my personal belonging. I feel pity for you and Evelyn. And the both of you have daughters. And Shuanie you are a mother of six. I have this question for you.( If your daughter came home and committed suicide and you found out later that she was bullied how would this make you feel?)
    Yes…my point Tammi and Evelyn are worst than savages and have gone beyond disgrace. You guys are ignorant classless cowards with no regard for human life. Jennifer I am so proud that your mother taught you the value and the difference between Class and Trash continue to be a lady. Royce stop crying listen to your father keep your legs closed and never mention sexaul activities that is performed on you on national T.v Suzie you are just a slime. And Ken never let anyone take your belongings. Stop being a coward stand for yourself.
    Tammi -Evelyn you will meet you day very soon. And i will continue to pray that this show is no longer aired. I am greatful to God that I will not take part in this again. And in closing I would like to address the executives of this show. Talk to your kids about bulling. And I hope that your rating goes downhill. Oh! and Tammi you bought a case against Evelyn but stated that you had a problem with Jennifer doing the same is that not double standards?

  320. Tatiana says:

    Some people watch the show because they like the other ladies. Crazy Tami & Evil Evelyn are just a part of the show. Royce is talented, she has a great dance studio teaching young girls. Kesha is a great dance instructor. Kenya can sing, what ever else anybody says about her she appears to be a positive person trying to advance in her career goals as is Jennifer.What does Evelyn & Tami do? At one time Tami was persuing an acting career. I saw her on a couple of things. But what happened? She’s just drowning in anger. Evelyn well, I guess you couldn’t even sell your shoes. What happend to your lil shop? Suzie ok… Shaunie follow Shaqs lead & go back to school.

  321. Rae says:

    Tami is so ignorant it is a shame. I cannot believe that she is in her forties acting in the fashion that she does. How can she talk about not having respect for someone, when clearly she has lost loads of respect by acting like a complete GHETTO HOOD RAT and having two teenage daughters that witness this behavior!!! She has no class and is a bully. Hate to say it, but I cannot wait until someone kicks her ass!!!!!!!!!

  322. multiple abortions Tami and Evelyn says:

    Suzie or Susanne, whatever her name is. She is a spineless nobody.

  323. Againstbullying says:

    The world is addressing so many serious issues with bullying right now and Tami is being glorified and making money for it!!!

  324. Keisha says:

    I think tammi should be kicked off, she keeping the girl purse, exactly what kesha said she is jus Sad….. Tammi is a bully, so now is VH1 PROMOTING BULLYING… Just like i think Jen said she gets the lawyers involved, plus tammi and Eve dont have anything to loose….. Kesha and Royce have a dance company, and they dont need to act a fool because the want people (buisness people) to come to their company, the rest of them dont have nothing to loose like Jen said…….

  325. Andrea says:

    Why does Tami always have to be a bully? Whats wrong with her silly ass? I guess dumb ghetto hoes brings on the ratings! Such class Ms. Roman

  326. Just One Woman says:

    Ok, I agree with all of you except the Evelyn & Tami fans who must be a lot like them to condone their animal behavior. So what are we going to do about it? Where can I sign a petition to voice my objections to this trash? Why don’t we all just refuse to watch it anymore?
    Here’s a pitch for you VH1, no charge:
    Put together a show with all the badass bullies from all the reality shows -
    Tami & Evelyn from BBW Miami
    Jackie from BBWLA
    Drita from Mob Wives
    NeNe &Marlo from RHA
    Jill from RHNY
    Vicki from RHOC
    Lisa & Kyle from RHBH
    What’s her name, the big one from FW
    Did I leave out anyone? Put these thugs together on a show, pass the popcorn and let’s enjoy the fireworks! I think it would be real justice. Cage animals with animals, I say. Anybody with me?

  327. Shstarlight says:

    What!! Tammie had an abortion on Real World Season2?

  328. hazeleyes says:

    I hoping “BASKETBALL WIVES” get taken off the air with no return..Shaunie your just as messy as the rest of these ladies..I use to like you but man how the tables has turned..You people have kids, family and who ever else is in your lives and there is no shame in anything you would do. I know we all need money to do what we just got to do, but there is no way I would act like a patch of heated dogs just to make a buck..Evelyn, take your tired ass home and learn how to be a lady, didnt your mom teach you anything and that goes Tami as well. You ladies are a sad case for all women……TAKE IT OFF THE AIR…ITS NOT WORTH WATCHING…….

  329. Steven says:

    Thats just how these women are, people act like this every day!!! You just dont see it because its not televised!!! If you have such a problem, stop watching! Why are you watching if these women are so horrible?

  330. z says:

    Ok. So I just watch this show of BBW and tell you the truth… This is horrible. I love Tami and the leaps and bounds that she has accomplished with her anger but this is crazy. If you know you have probles with drinking, which was said last season and the 1st, why would do it anyway? I don’t care if you are in Tahiti or not. The reason why Kesha didn’t come to you is to try to get a better understanding of how you react… Which was a big mistaake for telling Evelyn because she went and told Tami what was told…. And now you can see Suzi was in telling also because Royce and Suzi was the only ones she said that she would confront. When that dinner was dominated by Tami and never let Kesha talk, you then had Evelyn say that she felt Kesha was being rude too.. Which thy didn’t know or seem to care that the reason why Kesha was so defensive and wanting everything to go right was because of Suzi’s behavior at Royce’s event. Tami… you need to calm down and you are in your 40s’ now, it’s time to talk things out with no threats… You past doesn’t define you unless you want it to. Kesha keep on being the great girl that you are… BBW is really horrible now.. Evelyn and especially Shaunie, you guys are not good friends… Especially Shaunie… Mediators my behind.

  331. Can says:

    completely disgusted with this latest episode. Tammi is a bully and likes to create drama and pick on people who dont know how to stick up for themselves. Everybody talks, everyone has an opinion….and it wont always get shared with you. Who do you think u are Tammi? Noone owes you anything! you talk trash about everybody and feel that you can say what you want, but u cant handle it when someone else says something about you. Tammi just a couple of seasons ago you were the cheap ratchet lookin newbie, dont forget that. Just cause you updated your weave and had a couple photo shoots doesnt make you top dawg. And top dawg of what ….loser! disgusting. you think anger management classes are cute? ur delusional. And to say Jen is a snitch? R u people mad? Once it gets physical you deserve a lawsuit. Say what you want but once you touch me, I’d sue too. Its unacceptable behavior for women period. You really should be ashamed. ugh and Shaunie. I actually started watchn this show because of her. But all she does it sit back laugh at the drama, side with Evelyns immaturity, encourage Tammi’s bs and collect a check. But at what cost Shaunie? You are the real evil all the girls are just pawns. I could go on, but I must delete my DVR of all these episodes….

  332. MARTINA says:

    tami need her ass kick, let me on baskball wives, i kick her and evlyn ass so they can see how the other girl feels, seems like she got child hood promblem.

  333. Sharyn says:

    Tammy, it’s apparent your therapy isn’t working, actually I’m pretty sure your therapist is afraid of you too! I’m not sure who’s more pathetic, you or Shaunie. You, for being a 40 + bully, or Shaunie for endorsing/encouraging your behavior. You both are horrible role models for your children, all in the name of the almighty dollar. Hope it’s worth it ladies! I’m done watching after last nights episode.

    Tammy quit making excuses. A lot of people have had tougher lives than you and CHOOSE to be kind human beings, you are anything but!

  334. shstarlight says:

    I would call the police too if she had my purse and yes, it is called STEALING tammie!! Stupid ass!! You need a good butt whooping!! I see nia didn’t have her ass on the trip.

  335. I hope I never become like these women says:

    This is definitely what I want to be when I have college age kids. I wouldn’t dream of doing this in college let alone on national television. This is the kind of stuff that kills your grandparents

  336. Angela says:

    Who’s starting the petition to get rid of Tami big bullying tail???? What makes u think u can tell a grown woman how she should cover her mouth when she coughs? Why would u steal someones phone and purse? U really need to check yourself from all this childish behavior you display week after week. U, Evelyn, and Shaunie act like the mean girls, sitting behind someone making faces, and laughing behind their backs. Y do you keep attacking Kesha when you know she’s not a confrontational person, nor is she physical. Kesha is petite, ur a big A moose! y would she try to fight ur big as even if she did want to stoop down to ur level. Tell me the difference between u, and those girls who are on the bad girls club??? And yall constantly throwing out that circle mess like ur a gang! I hope non of ur children experience the abuse Evelyn and Tami give, or sit back and watch ur children get abused and say nothing like Shaunie does. Saying nothing is just as bad as bullying the person urself . Drama is one thing, but bullying is a whole nother thing! GROW THE HELL UP!

  337. Sharon Smith says:

    I think Tami is absolutely craaaazzzzeeee!!! She told her therapist she was proud of herself, because she was helping others and playing the peace maker. Now if the peacemaker acts like you, well then I want no parts of peace.. Tami you dont know how to receive information, because you contridicts your self. Cause if one of you so called ladies would hit the average black woman in her face, then you would definetly be facing charges, and I would knock ther pure taste out your mouth. You adies, yes I mean adies, because your are sure not acting like ladies.,,…More like Hood Rats, and Evelyn is just scared of you, as for Shaunie, she is looking at $$$$$ and whow, how easy is it to sell your souls for money…

  338. Mary says:

    Shaunie–Imagine how your overweight 11 year old daughter would feel if she were the victim of Evelyn or Tami’s bullying.

  339. Kim milar says:

    Tammi for you to say that bad things have happened to you….the first step in making tngs right is for you not to intimidate people and be sucah a bully especially on national tv because I am pretty sure your mom is watching and very disappointed in you and your behavior.

  340. > basketball wives says:

    Hey everybody
    Keep repeating!
    Go to & type in basketball wives.
    Let’s show them how normal people feel about this trashy behavior.
    There’s strength in numbers!

  341. Golden Boy says:

    Tammi, You claim you were raped; twice, which im sure was a very traumatic experience. I’m sure you were scared, felt vunerable etc.. Well sit back and think how Kesha must have felt when you “again” felt the need to attack her. You’re to old for TV. It’s a wrap sister! Oh, just a reminder…Evelyn slept with your ex. I just thought Id’ rub that in.

  342. Golden Boy says:

    Oh, and you’re a drunk!

  343. c.c. says:

    I love Basketball wives, i love it, i love it,….It is entertainment,,,CALM DOWN AUDIENCE!

  344. lindagma says:

    Shaunie O’Neal is a PIMP! she knows what’s going to happen prior to the girls knowing and she just sit back while they act like fools. She’s getting paid behind their foolery.It’s so sad.Hopefully the petition will get enough sigs and they won’t be back next year and no show for evelyn and her man…

  345. Lucille says:

    I am shocked and appauled at the behavior of all the female gender, except “Lady Kesha”, who maintained her dignity! Tami, where is the ring on your finger that everyone is suppose to kiss, when they are in your tight space? You always stop anyone & say, dont put your hand up or near my face, because you dont know me & a hand to the face is not a good thing, you have been saying that since you got on the show. However, you can put your hand in others faces, and where do you get off telling someone, “You have 2 minutes to answer me”, again I ask, what makes you not follow YOUR OWN RULES and who appointed you “Big Cat Momma”? Shaunie, it appears the editing dept at VH1 are not casting you and Evelyn in a good way, because when “Big Cat Momma” is going off on Lady Kesha, the camera catches you & Evelyn smiling, enjoying the situation….really are y’all sadistic? In closing, I understand why Wendy Williams announced several weeks ago, that she would no longer watch Basketball Wives, how are you going to make a Movie, with all the negative comments. It’s unfortunate that a blogger mentioned your daughter in a bad way, that was unfair, all of your children should be OFF LIMITS, they are innocent and should not be spoken of because of the horrible behavior of their Mothers.

  346. Pitch to VH1 says:


    Just One Woman MAY 8, 2012 AT 10:09 PM
    Ok, I agree with all of you except the Evelyn & Tami fans who must be a lot like them to condone their animal behavior. So what are we going to do about it? Where can I sign a petition to voice my objections to this trash? Why don’t we all just refuse to watch it anymore?
    Here’s a pitch for you VH1, no charge:
    Put together a show with all the badass bullies from all the reality shows -
    Tami & Evelyn from BBW Miami
    Jackie from BBWLA
    Drita from Mob Wives
    NeNe &Marlo from RHA
    Jill from RHNY
    Vicki from RHOC
    Lisa & Kyle from RHBH
    What’s her name, the big one from FW
    Did I leave out anyone? Put these thugs together on a show, pass the popcorn and let’s enjoy the fireworks! I think it would be real justice. Cage animals with animals, I say. Anybody with me?
    —–Oh, how could I forget Teresa from RHNJ. Now that’s crazy personified!
    Come on people! Don’t you agree that this would be good karmic entertainment?

  347. Pua_girl says:

    I think Tami is trying too hard to be like all the Wives! She’s nasty!

  348. Laura says:

    I can’t even watch more than 10 minutes of this show without being disgusted. Bullying is alive and well on VH1…I hope no children are watching this show.

  349. lucy says:

    I can’t stand TAMI and yes are a BULLY… I’m signing the PETITION to get the show off

  350. nafeezahmarie says:

    ok so after watching this show i was so embrassed tami you have become a bully and its disgusting … this show is progressing into the Bad girls club … tami you are too old to be acting like the big bully in school that everyone should be scared of … grow up and handle your issues with people like a women …. i think you forget your not talking to you kids these are grown women so u need to respect them as such .. your behavior this season is ridiculous and its obvious that these therapy sessions are not working for you … you need magellan …i cant believe that shani just sits there and watches all this go down … after watching this epsiode i refuse to watch anymore im completely turned off and disgusted ,,, good luck i hope you Tami watched your self and will learn from these bad habits …. #TEAMGROWUP…

  351. Sheneka says:

    Honestly why take that to tahiti, If you wanted to resolve this matter you should’ve done it in Miami way before the trip. Yes Tami is bullying kesha I love tami, But why would keep bothering someone that’s not even fighting back with you. That’s making you look like the bad guy, Yes I understand that you come from the hood where you have to earn your respect. Trust me a lot of people come from there too. But you also have to understand that other people handle their situations differently than others.

  352. Boo says:


  353. Concerned says:

    I for one like Tami. I think what Tami is doing is wrong, but I also think Tami can’t help it. Aside from Tami’s anger, she is the only one who seems genuine. Tami struggles with her past trauma and has reached out for assistance in managing her anger (seeing a therapist, dealing with her struggles). Unfortunately she is surrounded by women who lives consist of drama everyday. It’s like an addict trying to quit their habit and having their drug of chose waved in their face everyday. I am a social worker who works with people who struggles with mental disabilities everyday and trauma is one of them. Trauma can cause Bipolar and other psychiatric disabilities if it’s not addressed. Tami just has the wrong job, which is being on a reality show. I read someone’s comment about her living out of her car prior to this show, which we all know will afford you to make desperate and forceful decisions about your life for money. I can say something about everybody on this show that is even worse then what Tami is doing or has done. Let’s not forget that she was coming off a very bad divorce, and he isn’t taking care of her or the kids, and Ev told her that she had sex with him. I would get mad and want to fight her as well. Especially the way she said it. The other girl from last season was a trouble maker and Tami tried to not fight her (she could’ve tried harder) but it happen. Tami didn’t go around bulling nobody, she spoke her mind, she didn’t have not one FIGHT. Don’t only pick on Tami because we don’t like what she did, at least she has reasons (no justifiable, but within reason). Shauntie, producer of the show and hasn’t stop nothing from happening. She has contributed to all of the drama, even by adding her two cents. Not one time has she put her foot down and addressed the ladies as a producer and said, “No, we are bigger then this and this will not happen”. “We will do something more productive with this show, not just fighting”. Royce, although I respect Royce for having her own mind and opinion, she continues to sign up for the show every season. Royce is being a hypocrite by judging what the ladies are doing on the show, but tires to portray herself in a positive light. Royce too has children, you don’t like where the show is going, you did have the option not to sign up for this season. Suzie is a trouble maker show is always talking about wanting “peace”. Suzie has ran back to Tami and Ev reporting what everybody be saying and when the chips are going down, she sits there looking stupid talking about “peace”. She needs to sit down and soul search. Jen needs a back bone. I don’t support or condone violence, but Jen needs to stop acting like a victim in all the time. Jen said nasty unforgivable comments towards people as well, and she has stirred the Kool Aid by talking bad about the girls on blogs, but doesn’t have anything to say in person. Jen needs to address her divorce situation and continue with her career with her makeup line and stop acting like she was built for that kind of show. Ev is a bully. Ev tries to act like something she is not. Yes she is pretty and has a nice shape, but so what. Your inner demons are ugly. She is always calling somebody a “bum”. What clarifies someone as a “bum”. People dress for their liking, not for other people to accept them. And for the people who do dress for other people to accept them, well then they are the ones with the low self esteem. Keisha and Kenya walked themselves into a situation that has been going on for sometime. This show isn’t new and they knew what they were signing themselves up. I respect the fact that Keisha doesn’t like violence or drama, but then she should’ve held out for something different then, because BBW was the way it was from the beginning, Miami all the way to L.A. Listen people, the producers from VH1 edit these tapings to entertain you. Do you think they care how we as a whole society are viewed by others, NO.? We have to better take care of ourselves and each other. If you have someone in your life, friend, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, etc… and they are like any of the charters on BBW, please educate them on how this is deemed and how women should act especially if we want to be taken serious. JUST MY THOUGHTS!!!

  354. I must Say says:

    that Tami seems like she has to find issues with someone. As much as i like Tami she is a grown woman that constantly trying to intimidate people with her honesty. She should be embarrased as well as all these grown women fighting with eachother. Kesha is really trying hard to fit in with these wacky women. I have watched this show from the begining and every season is just getting sloppier and sloppier. But you can’t blame these women….blame to producers and director for forcing these women to spend time with eachother. they just want the drama and unfortunatley these women are being duped into making a fool out of themselves.

  355. Concerned says:

    How is Tami trying to be like the “OTHER WIVES” when her, Jen, and Shauntie was the only ones that were married. I think Tami is being herself (not a bully) just someone who struggles with her anger and she should stick to the thepary versus feeding into everything that is going on. Evelyn needs to stop. SO WHAT YOU AND JEN AREN’T FRIENDS NO MORE , MOVE ON DAMN. Everytime you see her it’s a problem, WHY, because she said something on a blog. If she was your friend for real, before the cameras started rolling, you should’ve addressed it then. Leave her along, worry about your life. Start a chartiy or something. All you ladies, let us see you do something other then fight on the show.

    Oh and by the way, Shaunie is using all of you.

  356. Shar says:

    They love to pick on the weak. Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami are all alike. This show should be canceled. Shaunie should act better. You would think after having a close call with heart issues Tami would chill.

  357. I like Tammi and everything but she a fool if she think she can check everybody that speaks behind her back. First of all she act like a big gigantic bully. Evelyn is a door wide open, Chad does not respect her he speaks to her any kind of way and if its just for TV I sure hate it. Jennifer has just moved up and moved on i think Evelyn is jealous of her b/c she had to close her business and Jennifer’s is taking off. Jennifer does carry herself a lot more respectfully to be representing black women on national television.Keisha needs to buck up and stop letting them punk her because she ain’t use to confrontaion.It is a shame knowone knew Royce had a child and she has had a different guy every season of the show. She should listen to dad and slow down even if the money good. Image is everything in this world and you dont want people to classify you as something you are not.Just a little word to the wise…..Some stuff just ain’t cute now a days……..

  358. Keisha is not the problem party girl big mouth messy Suzy is. She go back like a little leach dog and repeat everything everyone says to her. She don’t ever betray Evelyn, Tammi or Shaunie.But, given the first opportunity she betrays everyone else in her path.She ain’t that cute she has a lisp and the got the biggest freak gapp of a walk. She is just a dummie flunky for the think they hots which is Tammi Evelyn, and Shaunie

  359. Nikki says:

    Ok, I was down 100% with BBW but it is getting out of hand. I have always been team Tami. I love how out spoken she is and how she stands her ground but lately it she has been on some other stuff. I am starting to feel as though Shaunie is allowing Tami and Evelyn to intimidate the new people, better yet, bulley them. This show is beginning to leave a nasty taste in my mouth. Tami, it is obvious that Kesha is scared of you as well she should be so leave her alone. Jennifer is getting what she deserves, but that is for another time. Maybe if they put Marlo on the show from AHW, it could be even because it is not.

  360. Really... says:

    Tami should be ashamed of herself!!

  361. pacubana says:

    Tami is a bully. Period. You give us women a bad image. You’re angry at the world because you were violated? Guess what you’re not the only one that has been violated and some of us don’t go around hating everyone. Shame on you and you’re a mother. Great example to be setting to be a bully. Would it make you happy if Kesha took her life after being so bullied by you? Would you be able to live with yourself? Pick your battles a little better!

  362. marty says:

    Just read a story of a 13 year old 7th grader that hanged herself over BULLYING! Tami whines and cries about how she was “raped”, “beat”, “mistreated”, blah,blah,blah…..I have NO sympathy for the big BUFFALO! After a certain age, you can no longer blame everybody and their Mother, but WOMAN up and take responsibility for your own WACK actions! Tami is a alcoholic, demented, silly follower who we see has always yearned to be in the “popular” club. What’s sad is this is a darn ner FIFTY year old woman that’s still trapped in that state of mind. After the heart attack, I want to see just how big and bad she continues to act. Slimey Shaunie will egg her on hoping her foolishness will result in a catastrophe for RATINGS! And big, dumb Tami will fall right in line even if it means her downfall. If that’s not MENTAL, then what is? Evelyn much to my delight is getting hers with Ochodumbo! He disrespects her every chance he gets, he is NOT wrapped too tight, and is exactly what she deserves! I am SO glad people have woken up and is viewing this mess for exactly what it is and I can’t WAIT for the final curtain to be drawn on this crap. What’s going to happen when someone slaps or punches one of Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami or Suzie’s kids upside the head? Should they just “suck it up” and take it ’cause “that’s how we roll in da hood”? Huh Tami? Yeah, right. Your alcohol pickled brain forgot you tried to sue Evelyn. You have to laugh at these hypocrites. They are truly mindless idiots.

  363. shstarlight says:

    We all talking behind your back tammie, you want to fight us too? Come on up to memphis tn., we’ll luv to have you. I can’t believe also that shaunie and evelyn are actually with tammie when she was banging on keisha’a door!! This shows how absolutely wicked they are. They suppose say tammie enough is enough, stop harrassing this girl! Get some backbone shaunie, this is your show, you got control! Tammie yea come to memphis,tn., I bet you will never want to pick on or try to fight someone when you leave here.

  364. jazzy says:

    All I can say about Basketball Wives is very SAD! Grown women going off at the slightest thing. Absolutely NOTHING positive about this show and I would be ashamed to have my name in any part of this show. Maybe it should be the Evelyn and Tami Show because everyone else is pretty much just there to be bullied and I’m not sure why Shauni is there because you don’t hear much from her.

  365. Roz says:


    You really need to do something about your condition because you are SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK!!!!!!



  366. Roz says:

    @ Chrystal
    So, you’re ok with BULLYING, spoken or un. Shaunie the lying instigator and Cruella Deville are even more GUILTY by sitting there watching it. Shaunie even had the nerve to do the color commentating after Crazy Cat threw back that shot and went in on Kesha. And you agree with that….. ugh……

  367. Michieboo says:

    How about us all disgusted viewers get a petition together to have VH1 Cancel Basketball Wives, so that Tammi, Evelyn and Shaunie can go live in the zoo together like a bunch of wild animals. Shaq please have Shaunie stop using your names, she is disgracing the name O’Neal.

  368. actright says:

    Shaunie has a responsibility to her viewers and yet again she has failed. Is she afraid to speak her mind or is these the type of women she is use to? She should have excused Tammy from the table and let her know her actions weren’t acceptable. She invited Keshia on a trip only to let her be bullied by a big as brut like Tammy? Wrong is wrong and it doesn’t matter what side of the table it is coming from. Once again, Suzie started this mess as usually but doesn’t have a back bone to every stand up to what she says. We all know it was Suzie who told Tammy and I don’t get why no one is calling Suzie on her mess. I don’t blame Keshia , she took the high road and I would have called security on that bugger bear or that bear would have seen the inside of an Tahiti jail.

    Taking this show off the air is too easy, I say Shaunie big as exe producer time to do some damage control and get your show right. If this is the “brand” you are trying to establish then this is a huge fail. If you were smart enough to get here then you should be smart enough to turn this show into another direction. Stop sitting back and collecting the wealth time to work. This show has only shown that Shaunie is a background chick, letting stupid ass Evelyn and Tammy run the show only for them two gutter chicks to make this whole franchaise look stupid. At the end the viewers will expect you to speak up and stop tip toe-ing around the bush when trying to get your point across, you act like you’re afraid of hurting Evelyn’s or Tammy’s feelings (do those tricks seem like they care about anyone’s feelings????) and speak the hell up. Now what kind of woman are you really???? (Yes, Shaunie has been called out).

  369. Mi says:

    Kesha needs to stop talking about ppl if she doesnt want anyone confronting her A lot of ppl blame Tami but how many ppl just sit back and never confront someone about mess they made Not many I am not saying that Tami needs to attack anyone but asking someone to stop talking about you or tell you why they have a problem you is not wrong Kesha is acking like a child and I am not falling for the act She wants ppl to feel sorry for her but really its her mouth thats the problem Shut up if you dont want ppl to confront you about talking about them

  370. Tanisha-Li says:

    Sorry Tammi I fell out of love with you. I’m from the hood & from Camden, NJ which was voted # 1 numerous times as one of the most dangerous cities in America. I was raped as well as a child at age 13 by my aunt’s boyfriend & to top it off she stayed with him for about 2 years or so afterwards. I CAN TALK OPENLY ABOUT BECAUSE I SOUGHT THERAPY FOR MYSELF & I KNOW MY WORTH. You have alot of issues. You cannot take your anger & aggression out on people the way you do. Your always talking about where you come from & how u had to earn your respect. GIRL BYE….It’s mighty funny how u were quick to forgive Eve when she slept with your husband (which i don’t believe what Eve said when she saidshe didn’t know about you). Eve just strikes me as that kind. ALL OF YOU ON THAT SHOW HAVE TALKED BEHIND EACH OTHERS BACK. SHAUNIE YOUR NOT A REAL FRIEND, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF ONE OF UR CHILDREN GREW UP & WAS PUT IN THAT SITUATION LIKE KESHA WAS???? IT’S SAD THAT YOU ALL HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO TEACH OUR YOUNGER GENERATION & THIS IS WHAT YOU CHOSE TO PUT OUT THERE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE.

  371. Tell It Like It Is says:


    I see someone that’s deeply hurt by their past issues. You really need to turn it over to God and let go. It’s destroying you and the drinking needs to stop. You don’t need to drink heavy, because it brings out violence in you. It makes you want to beat up the world, and we all know you can’t do that. Try to get closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and then you’ll find peace. You have to want it from your heart- it can’t be forced on you. And when you do this I guarantee you will be happy.

  372. A REAL BALLER WIFE says:


  373. Angie says:

    and that is keeping it 100

  374. Whatever says:

    Tami needs to grow her ass up. She is too damn old to be acting a fool like that.

    It’s too bad because I liked the girl, but when she acts stupid and bullying sweet Kenya, that tells you how really weak she really is. Picking on people who she knows darn well won’t fight and is a sweet girl. I would love to see Tamie go toe to toe with someone her own size and who could possibly kick her ass. -These actions makes Tamie nothing but UGLY. Completely UGLY.

    And I use to like Shaunie- but not anymore like alot of people. I lost respect-to sit back and just watch these nice girls get bullied by these insecure bullies by these childhood/men/angry issued women like Tamie and Evelyn. It cracks me up when they try to have a valid excuses for their behaviors then have the nerve to call themselves “GROWN” women.

    HMMM HMM Hm…

  375. WHO CARES says:


  376. OMG says:

    Kesha girl, keep your head up. It is not you. Not at all. Obviously, Tamie has some issues. She is too old to be acting the way she acted on this trip. It is a damn shame to be that old with 2 daughters acting stupid and looking foolish. Tamie, it didnt make you look strong and tough. It made you look really UGLY! I agree WHATEVER on your comments.

    Evelyn. Lord have mercy. For someone who is happy in her life and she is about to get married, she has to be the most angry bitter person I have ever seen. If I was in her shoes, I would brush off any stupid comments and not care what someone is saying about me as I know myself and I am about to marry the man of my dreams. More deeper internal issues going on that we don’t know of??

    Good Lord. Again, Kesha, keep your head up and know the bullies look stupid- you didnt deserve anything that Tamie threw at you. Always remember, what goes around come right back around and one day she is going to go off on the wrong person. You will see..

  377. shstarlight says:

    Keisha don’t let them scare you if you want to file a police report on tammie’s old, ignorant ass. You have every right too, its also a choice to file a law suit against tammie,shaunie, and vh1. You can file a police report for stolen purse and harassment, its very clear to see those two things that happened to you and also the recording of the episode. They can say whatever they want about me, I will be filing those two things so fast and you got plenty of witnesses and evidence. I wouldn’t let them scare me from my rights. Stand up for yourself and keep your head up.

  378. T in Texas says:

    Tami ,
    We are all from a world that at one time or another presents itself in a horrible way . But DAMN we don’t act a fool like you ! I’ve had it rough in my life also . I’m 38 and have gone through plenty . And I have never acted out like you . Maybe all those years back it was YOUR OWN DAMN MOUTH , that got you into so much trouble !
    Physical violence nor vulgar language is the way to settle things. Your daughters must be so embarrassed of your behavior .
    My girls say that they would be . You have NO right to treat people so ugly , just because you went through some horrible times . . . NO RIGHT !
    No one likes you now , because of your OWN behaviors you show today . . . .Go back ad watch the show . You have horrible comunication skills , and refuse to listen to anyone else’s side .
    And Evelyn is such a wimp she’s only on your side because she’s scared . And it keeps tha attention elsewhere . Instead of on her and her cheating man .
    Suzi has NO backbone what so ever . She just runs her stupid mouth .
    And Shauni , I thought was the only one that had any class . but not anymore . As she knows she wants to see drama so her checks keep getting bigger and bigger . Since her ass got cheated on . . .She may call herself a business woman . Of what ? Making other’s lives miserable ? What a shame !

  379. Light-Skinned Woman Too says:

    Light-Skinned Woman TooMAY 10, 2012 AT 3:29 PM
    Keep your head up Kesha! I know your story. I grew up just like you, with a mixed racial heritage. All of my life insensitive people have asked me “What are you?” You can’t give an answer that will satisfy them. If you say you’re black, they snicker behind your back (but so you can hear). If you try to explain your true make-up, they say “What? You tryin’ not to be black?” You can’t win. Remember all the flack Tiger Woods got when he was on the Oprah show after being asked about his heritage and explaining that his father was black and his mother was Thai, Chinese and Dutch? How dare our first black champion in a traditionally white sport say he was anything other than black! Was he supposed to deny his mother to satisfy fans? I’ve known people like Tami all my life too, women or girls with personal issues and self-hatred. When they first lay eyes on you, they instantly decide that they don’t like you and are going to give you a hard time. Never mind the reason they don’t like you. They’ll come up with something later. I also heard whispered again and again “She thinks she’s something”. Of course I think I’m something! Everyone should! Their are all kinds of prejudice in this world, usually based on fear, ignorance and insecurity. A lot of the prejudice against certain black or “mixed” people comes from the most unexpected places. You feel me?

  380. Word. says:

    Tami’s a bipolar nut going through menopause.
    That’s the only logical explanation for her bizarre behavior.

  381. Jenee says:

    Over this show AND Tami; I won’t be tuning in again. I feel bad for her and what happened in her life, but a mature, growing person does NOT take his or her pain out on others. I even said to someone that I understood why she overreacted on the “Real World” show with David Edwards; she was probably reliving that traumatic experience in her head, and she had no control over it and he kept playing after she told him to stop. He, not thinking anything about it, was goofing around, and she flipped out. No one knows what’s going on in a person’s head unless they reveal it to them. All of this, however, is still NO excuse to challenge people, verbally abuse them, and then menace them physically.

  382. @ Stupid Ronnie says:

    Reply Ronnie. The only stupid is you for thinking that we the bloggers has no right to voice our opinion on grown black women that act a fool on T.V. Really Ronnie, 1st of all we like Royce, Kesha, Jen, believe it or not we can accept Kenya. Now the the other bad apples are the ones we can do without on the show. Only stupid blogger is you.

  383. Priscilla Marable says:

    Tami, you’re nothing but a grown ass bully. People like you make me sick. You prey on the weak, but trust me, you will meet your match. You should be ashame of yourself.

  384. Mary says:

    You should NEVER drink. It really brings out the beast in you. Also, stop trashing Jen to stay in Ev’s good graces. Remember, Jen is the only one to come see you and bring you flowers when you had your lipo. I can’t believe you and Ev’s ages–grade school mentality.

  385. shstarlight says:

    Wow!! I didn’t know that Wendy Williams also said she will no longer view the show. Thats something right there. Any time a celebrity say they will no longer view your show, your show is terrible.

  386. DONYEA49 says:


  387. dallday says:

    Be glad when this crowd’s 15 minutes is up.

  388. Rita Gunn says:

    I for one would like to know why this show is called “Basketball Wives” when none of these women (who act my youngest shoe size) are not married to Basketball players. This show needs to be called “Ex-Basketball Wives” or “One soon to be football wife” if Chad gets his crap together on the field.
    My next issue is who the hell does Tami think she is? She is nothing but a Bully. Does she know that Bullying is a State and Federal offense and if children can get locked up for bullying with words and/or actions, she can be too. How is she gonna say “The public is bullying her”, she’s doing the same damn thing on the show. You got a bunch of ADULT WOMEN acting like LITTLE SPOILED BRATS, talking about each other behind their backs and then get the case of “I don’t remember” when confronted. I hope all the other “Basketball Wives” don’t act like these women, I hope they actually have class and self-respect.

  389. trey says:

    Tami is so sad. I only watched this twice and won’t again. Something is very wrong with her. Why she thinks her way is the only way is crazy. Suzy is shady as shady can be. Kesha why do want to be friends with those types of girls? I don’t know many real women that act like that. How you found enough of them to fill a show is beyond me. No wonder more of our black star athletes are choosing women of other races. Not to mention look who they chose to give a spinoff. Kinda makes one think. To top it off Tami steals Kesha’s purse and dares her to report it. Come on now.. Chillax big girl.

  390. lisa says:

    Tammy is an obnoxious ridiculous sloppy messy drunk period. Evelyn is an evil sociopath. Both are stupid bullies and need to leave the show asap. While they are at it, they can take that snake in the grass, shaunie with them. Good riddance.

  391. Carmelbrnskin says:

    To me it’s no shock that Tami was bullying AGAIN while Evelyn and Shaunie sat and watched! However, Tami took it to the next level of bullying! Also, I was greatly bothered by these supposedly grown women putting dead fish all over Kenya’s room as a joke! That was sick! And you know they would be ready to FIGHT if it had been done to one of them! I’m so disgusted with the lack of maturity of these women! I felt so sympathetic towards Kesha. I’m so over this show! This is the last season I’ll be watching of any BBW show ever.

  392. Carmelbrnskin says:

    Another thing is the energy you put out is what you get back! So I understand now why Tami is being sued so much, Evelyn has to close her business and the things she tries to accomplish wont work. Chad is so disrespectful in the way he speaks to Ev. Every time he has a chance he says he’s with her because the sex is good or for her money. Ev needs to really listen to the words he’s telling her. I couldnt believe what i heard on the last two shows when they were talking. I think she is really weak when it comes to him. That’s who she needs to put in check! Part of me feels sad for Ev because her self-esteem is so low and she is so insecure that she would cling to a man that says she’s like the last slice of pizza or that he’s with her because the sex is good or for her money or status. I feel she is jealous and envious that Jennifer is changing her life for the better and she knows that Jen has grown while she is still stagnant. Ev instead of trying so hard to be about a certain life or status – wake up and analyze how chad speaks to and treats you for real, stop accepting his bs for the sake of saving face! I would respect you more for saying it is what it is and ending it now instead of making so many excuses about knowing chad and accepting each other and your baggage. Everybody has baggage…maybe not as much as you two but still…. I think it would be more embarrassing when this farce of a relationship ends how we all can see its going to end.

  393. Melissa says:

    So what if kesha said she wanted to go off on her. Tami is a cool person but she needs to get her act together and stop acting like she does not use being crazy, bullying and fighting at a drop of a hat as a defense mechanism. Tami left a sour taste in my mouth as she continued to go after Kesha even so far as taking her purse. Kesha had every right to report her purse stolen. Tami, Evelyn, and Shaunie pretend like they dont start ish and they don’t put people in certain situations that they know they are going to munipulate and start a load of drama. Seriously, you gals are way, way to old to be doing what you are doing meaning at that drama. As far a Suzie she is a two faced person who tells everyone’s business except who she is afraid of and who ever says anything in front of her deserves what they get

  394. Role Model For Real? says:

    Tami, you are a 40 something year old mother. It is a shame the way you pick on those who seem weak to you. You are full of anger and are evil. I just saw you on BET speaking about God. It’s a crying shame that you have a charity for young girls but act like a crazy beast. You have no respect for others. You are always talking about others but forget where you came from. I pray that you will get things together because anger only affects who you are and your health. Basketball wives was one of my favorite shows, in fact you were one of my favorites. I sat at the edge of my seat hoping for you to be a better person this season. Your makeover is beautiful on the outside, but your words are pure ugliness. I am grateful that you are receiving therapy. I pray that you will mature and be a true representation of a successful, strong, black woman for us to truly be proud of.

  395. Shaunie, for real says:

    Shaunie, what is really going on? You make it seem as if you are going to help resolve issues this season but you only seemed to instigate. I always viewed you as a beautiful black woman, even back when SHAQ stepped on the scene. But, why is this show displaying black woman as ignorant, argumentative, unhappy bullies, and careless. Yet, you all have charities and positive things going on that the world can not see. Then you get mad when Jen says something negative about the show and decides to file a law suit. I do not blame her. Tami and Evelyn think they are unstoppable and bully other woman. Someone is really going to end up getting hurt.

  396. djs says:

    BBW used to be entertaining before Tami Roman came on the scene, at least the ladies could all go to a luxury venue without fighting, cussing and destroying the place. It had a lot more class before Tami put the “less” in classless. The ladies could at least be congenial, now it has become an all out ghetto show, one we can see at almost any corner bar in the hood. We watch the show to see sisters of color living large and doing well, going places and doing positive things with their lives. But all it is is another embarrassing “Hood Rat Show”, that we can and will do without. BYE!!!

  397. Tmeekie says:


  398. ana says:

    These are grown up bully hoodlums. Classless!

  399. PatH says:

    Tami is a straight out bully! Whatever she went through in life growing up does not entitle her to be mean to other people no matter what! Karma is a #@?&*!

  400. Chonda says:

    You are very ghetto. Who takes someones purse and goes through their stuff. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are entirely too old to be acting that way.

  401. Gina says:

    Tami is Whack! I have no respect for her…and Shaunie you just as bad…you should have stepped in as a friend to Tami and checked her….but I guess it’s about the $$$ and ratings….

  402. WOW! says:

    WOW! The show started off as somewhat entertaining. Now, the women on the show have revealed that they have a price and can be bought very cheaply. Yes, I’m sure that they are laughing all the way to the bank, however dignity and self respect are things that you have to earn once you have acted like total trash and shown the world that you are worthy of neither. Are we seeing shameful displays of behavior or do these ladies have some splendid acting skills when it comes to being ghetto, obscene gabbing tramps?
    Women tearing one another down and fighting at the smallest, insignificant thing is totally sad. I am ashamed to say that on occasion, I have watched this show and have added to the income these ladies are so happy to pocket. This is the last time I will watch the show, I can no longer support a show that was once kind of entertaining and is now such nonsense and an utter was of valuable time. I’m sure my support will not be missed as society is full of people who love and support this type of realty TV.

  403. JO says:


  404. khrish says:

    this week’s episode was the worst bullying session ever. Tami and Evelyn are poster children for bullying seen today. I hope that Keshia takes this as a tip that she lives in a completely different world than these “little girls”. She acted as a grown-up and Tami was like a pre-teen bully. I don’t know why Keshia, a more lady like young woman hasn’t come to understand that Suzy is a suck up who is so afraid of not being liked that she tells everything. If Keisha decides to remain a part of this group (God knows why she would) perhaps she will remember that all this trouble was the result of Suzi’s running mouth. At least Royce seemed to have made up her mind to stay her distance from them. Smart move.

  405. Denise says:

    Who does Tami think she is that was truly disgusting to treat Keysha that way tonight. Tami clearly said she was taking Keysha purse and that Keysha better come get it and apologize to her. Who do you thinkk you are????? I am getting really tired of seeing Tami bully everyone on the show. You have always had something wrong with you all the way back to the Real World days. You thought you were all that back then too. You’re not!!!!!!!

  406. emerald says:

    Evelyn was crying because she felt so bad for Kesha. Yet she ready to jump in Jen’s face. Hippocrate. Kesha is not the weak one. It was hard for her to have to take that nonsense and not be a part of it. What woman with class wants to be in a fist fight? You know what though, as we saw when that chick hit Jennifer, my girl was ready to throw down, but regained her composure and let Evelyn act like a fool. You see they got her out of Jen’s way. I tell you this, as much as Kesha was crying, let Tami had put her hands on her. Tami would have been in for a shock. I’ve been in the same situation so many times in life. I make it clear to the other person, I ain’t going in the gutter with you. Go by yourself, because you are not controlling my behavior.

  407. angela c says:

    u really need help…if u know how stupid, getto and ugly u made yourself look on national tv….i pray your daughters are not embrassed by your action……

  408. fedupfan says:

    Tami-you are the most ignorant, immature, bully. Evelyn is just as bad. Your comment on how Kesha doesnt know where you came from was so wrong. Guess what, lots of us have come from the same ghetto environment, but have choosen to not act like that anymore. I don’t know why shaunie still has these horrible ‘role models’ for grown women on the show. I’m with Wendy Williams, no more. Grow up ladies, no, you are not ladies, I really don’t know what to call you. You should be ashamed of yourselves. And why didn’t shaunie stick up for her?????????? wow, nice, hope your daughters r proud of you. disgusting. Kesha, you handled yourself well, keep your head up.

  409. lbow says:

    Apology or not Tami just cost this show a ton of viewers. I don’t know if the network thinks that this behavior gets more ratings but they are promoting bullying. Tami is the most contradictory, hippacritical, pathetic excuse for a “grown” woman as she always claims to be. Keisha did not look pathetic to me, she looked bullied. Tami said she should have acted grown and come to her to get her bag, but I don’t know a single grown woman who would hold someone else’s purse hostage. That is childish. Also being in your 40′s and still threatening to beat another woman’s ass, or anyone for that matter is truly sad. Tami should feel ashamed as a mother, a woman, and a role model. My friends and I used to love the silly drama but we will no longer watch this show and support these women who don’t stand up against bullying. How sad for grown women to portray themselves in this light, and all for monetary gain. Where I come from a “grown” woman would never put her reputation on the line for monetary gain.

  410. deborah says:

    You are nothing but a bully. Someone needs to knock that attitude you have right off you shoulders. You always think you are right and all you really do is ruin everyones good time with you stupid attitude. You need to seek more professional help, maybe you should check into a place and have your self committed for a while. You have no right to treat people the way you do. If you ever stood up to me it would be the last time you stood up.

  411. Kyra says:

    Tonight you lost a viewer – I sat in disbelief as I watched women of this age treat each other so terribly. Tami the way that you treated Keisha in tonights episode made me physically sick. Youre a bully and should be ashamed. As a – a woman and a human what would ever make you think that treating another person this way is just or fair? Are you really that mean and cold? Susie – or Susie the snake who tells everything and goes behind peoples back and then claims that you dont like drama Really? Its not hard to see how you manipulate people and then play babe in the woods like you didnt mean to set all of this up – Evelyn and Shaunie – you are just as guilty for sitting back and allowing Tami to treat Keisha that way = you guys never took up for Keisha -why did you even invite her? I am disgusted and i am saddened – what used to be a fun show to watch = parties and fashion has turned into a Jerry Springer show that I personally can not morally watch anymore – good job turning this fun show into a trashy war!

  412. classnottrash says:

    Tammi, being a bully to others is a fan turn off. You are a role model to young viewrs and trying to be the alpha female and steamroll over others by meanness Thats not entertainment but shows major issues You have anger mangament classes but it not working by your actions. Who wants a toughgirl as a friend that gets loud and hateful the moment you have any conflict or not having your way in life? We all have a past, but bad behavior is never excuseable when you bully a passive human being. Not everyone stands up to pee Tammi. Tonite you acted like a drunk dude! You can say and write your sorry all you want but a bully is a bully. Shame on VH1 for paying you to be mean and a bully . What a turnoff as role model to youngones

  413. cleah says:

    I think Tammi is her worst enemy and has ruined her life now! She is enemy #1 NEVER pick and terrorize on someone who looks like a sweet teensy tiny little girl! The crowds will turn on you quick, even the most violent ones! Shaunee only cares about good drama for big ratings for the $$$$ I have zero respect for her now especially as a producer/creator of this program! I thought she was the classy one…WRONG!These shows are going too far.. really!

  414. stacy says:

    ya sorry vh1 i cant watch this show any longer take her off the show …..i agree with other post she is going to cost you a lot of viewers

  415. Ravion Green says:

    I have written every site I can regarding basketball wives. The episode that was aired last night took the cake. It is time for the ladies to move onto something else, I really hope this show will be canceled. The behavior that is allowed and displayed is in know way acceptable and should not be tolerated. This show and others like it is something I can not continue to support.

    Ravion Green

  416. Kelz says:

    I really dont think VH1 should not allow the episodes with Tammy to be shown. Bullying is very serious in this day and time. Grow up Tammy. You have daughters that this could happen to. Then WHAT!!

  417. Adba66 says:

    All of you women just keep showing that you have no class. Kesha shows that she does have class and decency, and dignity. Rather than talk about her the should emulate her. Tami needs to understand that respect is earned you can’t demand it hood rat . No body will respect you acting the way you do..
    Raise the bar ladies !

  418. janet says:

    All i have to say is……..i’ve never seen such bullying in my entire life. Tami Roman need to stop drinking and continue going to anger management therapy. As a black mother or 2 in the same age range i”m totally sick to my stomach.Tami!!!! you should b ashamed of yourself!!! BIG BULLY

  419. Ladi says:

    Tammi’s face need to go on poster board stating ” this is how adults bullies look like ,do you want tolook like that in your 40′s with grown children ?’ Horrible Behaivor ,flipping out on her because she made a statement ,something you all have done . Tammi is ghetto ,hood rat ,project rat .no education ,she is ignorant . She stole Keisha purse and phone and then dare her to call the Police .huh ,are you serious . I knew that chick was fake when she became BFF’s with Eve who slept with her husband and told her she was Non Factor . that is episode I need to see over and over because now you are best friend for life . Please young ladies do not think this is the way you should represent yourself as a smart , refined ,and polish ladies . Tammi does not represent Black Women ,please do not think that the actions were cool .

  420. Ladi says:

    Money is and will always be “the root of evil ” Shaunie has sold her soul to the Devil .

  421. Ladi says:

    How do you get this show off the air ? VH1 don’t care because it is depicting black women , Veto this mess . I’m done .

  422. Ladi says:

    @headrush67 ,thank you ,you have did wonderful summation .

  423. DISGUSTED says:

    Like many of you I cringed in disbelief watching that episode last night. After reading Tammi’s (so called) apology and hearing part of what Shaunie said on the subject of bullying at the reunion I don’t think there is any hope for this show. I will never watch it again. Royce and Keisha good luck to you both because you appear to be talented, intelligent, classy women who deserve better than this disgusting show. To Shaunie, Evelyn, Susie and Tammi, you reap what you sow.

  424. 4REAL says:

    Tami you were my favorite, that changed. There is nothing up lifting in being a BULLY,at least if your going to act so gully & hood pick on some body like YOU..I’m just saying, oh & after watching this season you mite want CELEBRITY REHAB be your next show appearance because you look terrible after a shot or two.

  425. Bonnie Smith says:

    I have watched this show until this season. No matter how hard I try and watch it, I find it hard to see grown women want to fight. They all have so much going for them and some of them fight like they are 3 years old. Even a 3 year old is better with manners. I am an educated person who cannot find work and really have no place to go unless I get a job in 3 days. I would give anything to find a job. Ladies be thankful for what you have. Please grow up and the fighters know who I’m talking about.. Life is too short. I have seen so much trauma and fighting in life, I find I cannot watch it on TV.
    Good Luck

  426. Tammi, I know that you may not give a hoot, about what your views say, however, you made me
    CRY. Not, because ,you were keeping it,, “100″..NLOL….
    Seeing and hearing about young ladies & men, has taken his or her life, or someone has been, beaten or even killed, by a ‘ BULLY’! YOU r a — grown woman, full of life experneince,I trully hope, u know, ” MY ” GOD, and repent. Due to Your behavior, it , has made up mind, Not to watch AnyMORE. Every last one of you girls are always talking about someone. However,we understand you’re SpEaciaL.

  427. Lisa Gardner says:

    this show should be taken off the air. bullying is against the law at any a black woman i am ashamed of them all

  428. Victor says:

    Tami Roman you choose the right women to bully. It’s amazing that you didn’t jump so bad with Evelyn at the boutique. You say you were a victim but you are a victimizer. You are a predator. You are a sick little lost woman. I wish I had a chance to meet you and you pull that bully crap with me. I don’t hit women but you are deserving of a serious ass kicking. Your so called progress in anger management is a joke and so are you. Enjoy you short lived fame, because it’s fleeting and is an example of how sad you and your life really is.

  429. Evelyn Luzader says:

    Tammi, didn’t I hear you talk about Kesha on the show this week. I always DVR it, but no more!! I am so done with this show!! It glories bully, and that is what you are!!! The reason you deleted your twitter account is you know WE ARE RIGHT AND YOU ARE A FIRST CLASS BULLY!!!! If you had taken my purse and refused to give it back to me, you can bet your dirty bully ass, I would have called the police!!!

  430. Melissa says:

    This is so ridiculous. She flipped out on her. Stole her bag. Taking someone’s personal property and holding it until you’re satisfied whether you’re angry with them or not is THEFT and extortion. And she’s flipping out her scaring the living crap out of her. I personally would have had her thrown in jail, and left her to cry about how I was the child… that threw a fit, took someone’s property and ended up in jail. Tami was ready to throw her to the wolves at the drop of a hat, but when Kesha went and asked for help outside the group. Asked for help elsewhere because the girls in the group refused to help, no matter what they commented on in the interviews. Their actions spoke volumes. Shoes on the other foot and Tami still refuses to back down even though shes running scared from the cops. Grow up people. ACT LIKE ADULTS

  431. kerri says:

    That was embarrassing to even watch. Tami you are a terrible person! Is that how you want your daughters to behave? How would you feel if your daughters were treated that way? You make me sick. Evelyn, Susie, and shaunie you’re all just as bad. You should have intervened and took keishas purse back. Tami, you demanding an apology and making Keisha ask for her purse back is the exact reason why she should have called the police. Your the type of person that needs to be behind bars. Your a disgrace to women and society. Who do you think you are. To anyone that watches this show you are a disrespectful, lowlife hoodrat. Guess you can take the girl outta da hood but cant take the hood outta da girl. Susie I remember when you were the one getting bullied, boy how fast you forgot how bad that felt! If your not part of the solution your part of the problem! No class! Keisha, from day one I respected you and after everything you’ve been put through by these women it just goes to show how classy you really are, your mother did an excellent job and I’m sure is so proud of you. I’m sure the other women’s mothers couldn’t say the same.

  432. scruples says:

    Tami, you’re a fool and a bully. You didn’t like this girl when you first met her. A little jealous maybe. Younger, prettier? Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe a little more classier and educated. You have bullied your daughters and I truly believe you have bullied your mother and everyone in your circle is afraid of you. That is the sign of being a real bully. Watch out form Tami, cause we don’t want her to go off. But you know who to bully and who not to bully. I liked you at first because of your realness, but now, you have shown me the real Tami and you really need extensive psychological therapy along with anger management. In fact, you need to be taking a chill pill, which you probably already are, but you can definitely not mix it with alcohol. Maybe you should get a prescription for the mary jane to calm yourself down. I believe it’s legal in New Jersey isn’t it?

  433. Angel says:

    I cannot believe how weak Kesha is….my word. You made be shaped like a 11 yr old boy. but your a grown woman, why are you scared of anyone but God. In your words, Honey “your sad” really you are. I dont even want to see you next season, they would be wasting network funds, honestly. Tami finally realized how pathetic you are. Stop talking behind peoples backs and you wont have to be a WOMAN and defend yourself. I always liked suzi…royce, idk, love evelyn, shaunie and Tami. Kenya your out there but i can tell you have a good heart, i like you..