La La Anthony And Her “Diva” Husband Talk Fashion On The Met Gala Red Carpet


Who knew Carmelo Anthony was such a diva? In this red carpet interview with VH1 News’ Janell Snowden, Melo and wife La La Anthony chatted about what they wore to the Met Costume Gala last night, but La La revealed that her husband takes a looong time to get ready. “He’s so slow,” she says.

“I gotta take my time, I don’t like to be rushed,” Carmelo responded. Check out the full clip for more details on what the pair was wearing and their tips for getting ready.

La La’s Full Court Life airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

La La Carmelo Anthony Met Gala

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  1. Not cool LaLa!!! says:

    I have to say in watching tonight’s episode with my daughter I was at first very pleased with the way you seemed to want your son to know his complete background and heritage. I appreciated the fact that you were going above and beyond to show a black man that black women are adventurous, but then you did that horrific imitation of a “dumb white girl” and it made my stomach turn! You were talking to your trainer about black women not being sexually adventurous and said, “like OMG I would totally love to have a three-some with you” when trying to portray a white woman. I am also mixed and was very offended that you would imitate a white female in such ill regard! You were supposed to be teaching your trainer that stereo-types are not okay and completely stereo-typed white women. If a white woman would do something comparable on TV and did an ill regarded imitation of a black female, I believe it wouldn’t have been overlooked as this is, but just wanted to say I am one of your biggest fans and was offended and hurt… you can do better!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    High heels are great, but if continue to walk like Frankenstein, you shouldn’t wear them :o)