Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 12: A DAMN SHAME


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


This episode was pretty intense…So lets just get right into it.

The relationship between my dad and I has been damaged for years. It started going downhill when I was in high school and I decided I no longer wanted to run track. Yes, I was good, but I didn’t love it. I come from a family FULL of athletes, most of whom ran track and still hold a few records in Florida for relays and single races. My love stopped when it felt more like a job than something I loved to do because it was forced on me. Since the day I decided I wanted to continue dancing and cheering competitively I haven’t felt “good enough” for my dad. Part of me thinks he still resents me for that. Even when it comes to my son Braylon. He has all these hopes and dreams for Braylon as do I, but if we don’t agree, I’m dumb, ignorant, not understanding English, or he’s “worried about him.” I miss the relationship I used to have with my dad when we’d go fishing, have long talks, laugh and just have fun. I don’t have fun with my dad anymore, I get lectured. I always get told when I’m doing something wrong in his opinion, but never praised when I’ve done something great. Sometimes I just want a hug from him. Some sort of compliment or applause…That’s what I meant when I said I just wanted him to be my dad. Those two scenes were not only about Dezmon and Braylon, a lot had to do with my career that was edited out. If you listen closely before Dezmon walked up my dad was telling me to give up dancing. Why? Because HE THINKS I need to concentrate on my acting more. I JUST did two different plays (one in Detroit, one in New York) and instead of saying “good job,” he said “Oh, and that’s good enough for you, huh?” No, it’s not good enough for me, but dammit I’m proud of myself. As far as dancing my Apprentice Company JUST had their show this weekend (see footage below) and this was their first EVER showcase…The Charter 17. Some of these girls have never danced before, and in seven months they looked like this. I’m not giving up on my acting career but I’m also NEVER giving up on dance. It’s always been my outlet and my purge and I love these girls. My dad actually came to the show this weekend after saying he wasn’t and I think he got a completely different outlook on what I actually do. I think within the past few months he’s starting to realize I’m a giver not a receiver. I’m a lover not a fighter, but I will FIGHT for what I love.

As far as Dezmon goes, I was upset that he cosigned my dad because Dezmon came to visit me a lot more than I did him at that point. I was confused and hurt because he was trying to relieve a stressful situation by saying the wrong thing. “APPARENTLY” he meant when we were together twenty four hours a day someone needed to leave for a few hours here and there so we both had equal space. I understand that but the conversation should’ve been had away from my father who already has NO IDEA who his daughter is because as you heard, I speak to my mother a lot more…she’s my BEST FRIEND. I will NEVER be needy in my life when it comes to a man or life period. According to my mom, friends and even Dezmon, my biggest fault is not asking for help. I always say “I got this,” “Don’t worry about me,” or “I’m straight.” I’m also everyone’s hero with no shoulder left for me: Cue Beyonce’s “Save The Hero” song…All in all, Dezmon does love me, I know that. I love him too. It’s just hard for me at times to listen so I shut down and walk away. Right? Maybe not, but it’s what I do…

Moving on to Tahiti…if this wasn’t deja vu, I don’t know what is. I was honestly just hoping Kesha didn’t say her skin hurt. Tami seemed as though she was trying to find something to get upset about and she chose a cough. From the way the girls were seated in the car, to laughing and making faces behind Kesha‘s back if you take a screen capture from that scene and mine from the van in Spain, it’s almost identical. I’m not sure what happened to Tami, but this isn’t the woman I’ve gotten to know. To see these women gang up on someone who has done nothing to them is embarrassing. I say ganging up because NO ONE did anything to stop it. If you don’t say anything you then become part of the problem. Who cares if Kesha was scared to get in the ocean with sharks and stingrays, I don’t believe I saw any of your asses in a swimsuit jumping in the water either. How are you going to call someone else scary when at least they put on the attire instead of saying “Oh Hell NO” in confessionals????? I applaud Suzie and Kesha for appreciating what Tahiti had to offer and attempting to stay drama free. I find it amazing when alcohol is used as liquid courage and an excuse to turn into the HULK. Most times I drink, I get emotional, horny, and just want to dance…..:side-eye: lol. But if you know that drinks cause you to have a temper, why indulge just because everyone else is? The whole scene with Tami and Kesha I shook my head. At some point you have to look at yourself and say “Damn, that wasn’t a good look. I need to change the way I speak to people and handle things because I look crazy.” If you don’t see it, your “so-called” friends have and should tell you the same. Tami, if Evelyn and Shaunie found no problem with Kesha’s questions, it wasn’t up to you to find one. Tami, if you HEARD Kesha said all these things about you, why not call out the person who told you so you can get all three parties together. I’m sure THAT PERSON was probably sitting at that table. I have an idea of two people who could’ve said it. One is known to talk a lot, and the other is a snake in the grass. If you’re going based off the footage that was shown, Kesha said “I seriously had to just NOT go off…and honestly, like, I could’ve came at Tami and said whatever I wanted to but there’s nothing I could’ve said that would’ve made her look worse than she was making herself look…Tami is like acting a fool” …She never said she wanted to, so why are you asking her to now??? The smirking on the side by Evelyn and Shaunie is a DAMN SHAME. Grown as women talking about a damn position! Grown ass women wanting to fight with no repercussions!I HEARD about what happened in Tahiti but seeing it now is an embarrassment and the sh!t is PISSING ME OFF!!!! GROWN ASS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN feeding into the stereotype already placed on us…plus two!!!!!!!!

The Fantashique Apprentice Company First Spring Showcase:

Early bird auditions will be held June 2. Regular auditions will be held June 30. The Orlando, FL based company is for girls ages 5-17 of all races and dance levels! If you can make the rehearsals you can audition to become a part of the company. WE DO CHECK GRADES!!! C AVERAGE OR BETTER! For more information contact

Thanks to all who came out this past weekend to show their support for these wonderful young ladies. The Charter 17! Some of which have never danced before! We had 3 GREAT sold out shows!

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  1. Gabe Ornelas says:

    Well put, couldnt have said it any better! LOVED IT!!… TAMI needs HELP, MORE THAN ANGER MANAGEMENT!! i thought maybe a heart attack would make her realize somethings.. smh, TAMI NEEDS TO DO BETTER (HEALTH SAKE) Royce im glad you can see how Ev and Shaunie really is… ! especially Shaunie ( SHE IS SNEAKY AND CONIVING )

  2. Shanese says:

    I agree with you Royce. The show has been turned into a circus and all this drama is getting ridiculous. I think your segments (except for the one with your father) are the only one’s that are positive. Shuanie should be ashamed of herself for letting this show be aired with all the bullying that has been going on. I hope things turn around and soon or there will be no audience left to watch BBW. Keep up the good work Royce!!

  3. Mulan says:

    as always Royce kept it 100percent real- best blog yet

  4. FAVOR says:

    Im not a fan of this chick but she kept it 100. i really think she could represent better with her choice of syleyou dont have to spend alot to look like a 30year old instead of a 20year old thats why you are pullin theseyoung ninjas and not the older ones bcyou dress likeyou still back at famu. On the other note i believeyou kept it real all the way we all know that Tammi is an actress and probably start things just for drama forgetting she is not in a movie and then i totally agree it was sad to watch them gang up on Keisha and Keisha do nothing. Its almost like a sorority and Tammi and Evelyn are the prophytes and eveyone else is trying to win a spot in their sorority.

  5. K says:

    Royce, I think you need to be done with Tami. She is a negative person that can’t control herself, you are a positive person with common sense. The two just don’t mix.

  6. Go Royce! says:

    YOU GO ROYCE, even you’re seeing what we are. You need your own show.
    Shaunie should be ashamed her self.

  7. Go Royce! says:

    Wait, why didn’t Royce go with them? I didn’t watch, I refuse to watch that damn show but saw the preview. And read the blogs.

  8. Tiphany says:

    Royce…. you have said a MOUTH FULL!!!!

  9. Landon says:

    Royce, you are spot on it!!! Its a shame that these ladies can’t even go to a nice resturant for a meal without fighting or even leave the country without leaving the extra baggage behind. Everytime Tami leaves the country she’s arguing or fighting with someone. The anger management classes are a waste of her time! She hasn’t learned a thing!! Shaunie has always been sneaky and Evelyn has always been a bully! Of course the other ladies wasn’t going to say anything b/c they are all bullies! Shaunie is playing the role so well and making these ladies look like fools!

  10. Nina (Boston) says:

    Well said,,,I’m disturbed at what i watched last night… E.. S.. And S sat there and didnot say a freakin word … THEY ARE WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS and to think they are raising CHILDREN,,,,, WOW and Tammi needs to go away … DUMB ASS….I felt hurt and sick watching this IM DONE,,, LOVE ya Royce

  11. ciniabhonee says:

    I think that they are all afraid of Tami. A real friend who gives a damn about other people besides her self would shut Tami down and let her know that she is wrong for attacking Keisha just cause she does not like her. Tami needs to meet someone just like her and then give the viewers a cut of that. Maybe Basketball wives should meet Mob wives or Housewives of Atlanta.

  12. BasketballFan says:

    THE TRUTH HURTS AND THE DEVIL IS THE FATHER OF THE LIE! This is why some of your co-workers don’t like you Royce!!! Even though they won’t film with you, you refuse to be apart of the problem just to appease them and be apart of the infamous “CIRCLE”!!! THE ONLY REASON I WATCH THIS SHOW IS BECAUSE OF YOU ROYCE!!! I can relate to you. I don’t know you from a can of paint, but I stand for what’s right! And I don’t need to be apart of “THE IN CROWD” because I’d rather STAND OUT!!! If my friends are wrong, Imma be the FIRST one to tell them they are, and I expect the same from them… Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tami are like the blind leading the blind and the worst type of friends to have.. I don’t know what’s going to happen after this season Royce, but I hope you get a spin-off show showcasing the work you’re doing for young ladies and FANTASHIQUE!! You make it look easy but I know it’s hard working with alot of young ladies in transition, however, at least working with young girls you understand why they act the way they do… THEY’RE IMMITURE! !!! As always Royce, I loved your BLOG!!! I’m glad we had at least one cast member to keep it real with us… DON’T CHANGE ROYCE!!!! WE LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!! Stay UP, STAY YOU, and STAY BLESSED!!!!!!

  13. nelly says:

    NOW Royce…… you have a hard time listening to people. Your mom listens to you she might not agree with everything you tell her but thats your mother. On the other hand your dad sees the writing on the wall. You have been in numerous relationships(not cheating but havent taken a break either) and daddy is tired of going through the hurt and pain of it. You should be worried about your son and your jobs. God has someone for you but but stopping looking for love in alllll the wrong places.

    Tami is gansta but she did tell Kesha from the door what it was, just like Meeka from season 3. Everyone keeps saying Tami is a bully but Ive seen a change for the better in her.

    You and all the girls keep running your mouth around suzie and she’s the ho that keeps running her mouth starting trouble.

  14. missq says:

    i applaud you for staying above the mess. Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie are insecure, angry, backstabbing sad women. They will never understand how awful they look and how horrible they are making women look. Folks are real quick to say Tami is real but from what the next episode looks like her taking Kesha’s purse and banging on her door it’s awful and sad. I feel bad for Tami because she is an awful representative for women. Anger management is not working for her. I hope your relationship with your father gets better.

  15. classy33 says:

    such a shame… Tami needs more help than anger management if she thinks she can bully everyone that has an opinion on her… I think someone is going to get hurt before they stop airing this garbage…

  16. Trudie says:

    OH! I am si disappointed! Your tantrum with your dad and best beau was that of a 12 year old! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If Dezmon wasn’t alrteady in over his head he should get while the gettin’s good. If your dad is unhappy with you, he should look upon himself for how you got that way. I have a feeling when you did all the things that he wanted,like the track thing, he spoiled you rotten, then when you decided you had a road of your own he was sore over the whole thing. But I feel sure he created the bratty child I saw in the last episode. Time to grow up, stop throwing childish tantrums and become a woman. You’ve been one of my favorites and a voice of reason for the most part, please don’t change that for me!

  17. tima says:

    This is sooooo ridiculous and to think these ladies are in their 40s is just sad. Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie are a pack of dogs that belong in the wild. So glad you, Jen and Kenya decided not to go. Keep doing you ROYCE and continue keeping it classy.

  18. Dawn says:

    Tami treated Kesha the same way she treated Meeka by bullying her. I believe Suzie probably told on Kesha because she is a trouble maker. Tami is at fault because she should not hold on to anger & wait to drink to bring up a past topic. When I saw that scene with Kesha coughing I thought about Royce & when she was sick & being bullied. It is childish for them to put fish in Kenya hotel room. Isn’t Shauie in her 40s. Gotch these women need to grow up & that was my last show. About Ev boyfriend he treats her terrible.

  19. JFleming says:

    Well said Royce. Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami are so “middle school”. Ignorance breeds ignorance is the only I can put it. I can see why they are alone. Chad better wake up before its too late. If he makes the mistake of marrying Evelyn, he is done as a man. He may as well unscrew his “manhood” and place it in the drawer. I read that Tami said on twitter that she was going to write a tell all book about what really happens on reality shows but I don’t believe she can form an intelligent sentence after seeing how she berates and bully the timid ladies. Tami is an idiot to think that Jenn should not have filed a lawsuit for being slapped, that’s what the courts are for. So proud that Royce has taken the higher road, hang in there lady, i am praying for you.

  20. Cortney Latrice says:

    As always Royce you kept it real. Royce you are my girl, but I will have to say you do seem a little needy when it comes to relationships. You said yourself in your blog last week “you cant be alone”. And if that is really how you feel, then you really need to evaluate the reasons you wabt a relationship so bad. I always say anyone who says they can’t be alone or single has issues because if you cant be alone, how do you ever expect anyone else to be with you? But anyway good job on your blog, you spoke the truth!

  21. ahsatar says:

    First time I ever wrote on this blog…and I AGREE WITH YOU 100000000000000% they need to grow up real talk!!!

  22. CMinor says:

    Well put Royce. Tami, please stop listening to SUZIE, EVELYN, & SHAUNIE, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REALIZE THAT YOU ARE LEFT HOLDING THE CARDS (looking like a DAMN FOOL). In the end they will be LAUGHING AT YOU!!! When this show first started I personally thought that you would be the MATURE ONE (wrong)!!!. Again Royce, I admire you for staying away from the DRAMA. The show really can survive without ALL THE BULLYING. Tami, you are so bad, why don’t you continue HARASSING EVELYN? She is not afraid of you….YOU BOTH ARE GHETTO!!! But BULLIES DON’T PICK ON PEOPLE THAT WILL FIGHT BACK….THEY ALL WAYS GO AFTER THE UNDER DOGS….SUZIE, YOU ARE SO CAPTIVATED YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE THAT YOU ARE AN UNDER DOG (you just want to be long…SO SAD)!!! SHAUNIE, all I can say is SNAKE, WHY DIDN’T YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SAY SOMETHING TO TAMI? It made you look APPROVING OF THE SITUATION.

  23. Aunnie says:

    Royce, this was the best blog of the season from you thus far! Took the words out of my mouth! The whole time, I was like this looks like Im watching a bully in school when it came to Tami & Kesha! I couldnt believe a 41 yr old woman could treat another grown woman that way…..and for Evelyn and Shaunie not to say a word, made them look just as bad!!!! SMH Oh and congrats on you being happy with your man, your acting, your dancing, and everything positive in your life:)

  24. Krista Toodle says:

    Royce I love you. Tired of Tami being a bully and the other females sitting back soaking it all in. We all know that it was Suzie that ran her mouth. This episode the females, (can’t say ladies cause they weren’t acting like it) want to confront others because they were all ANNOYED by something. Just cause something annoys you, it doesn’t make you the boss to go in and tell people how to act, talk or do something because you’re annoyed. Also seeing previews for the next episode about Tami holding Kesha’s purse and things hostage until she confronts her, BIG ASS BULLY! Almost ready to agree with Wendy Williams and give up the Basketball Wives. Although I would love to see you and Dezmond, and Evelyn & Chad, and other dating or married couples building your own relationships. Hint: Basketball (Wives)

  25. Royce I totally agree with everything that you stated. Those so-called women really need to get a clue. All the BULLYING is really unnecessary to get a point across. Evelyn & Tami REALLY need a reality check. One Day they will meet their match. I don’t condone violence but I do find that at times you have show people what you’re made of Evelyn and Tami apparently feel like they are the baddest B’s. I’m waiting on the day that Evelyn & Tami get their wig split.LOL!!! Shaunie is a punk, she goes along with that mess that those two keep up, she will see her wrong doing soon I hope.As for you Royce keep up the good work and continue to keep it 100%. Stay Blessed!!

  26. chrissy says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth! Thank you Thank you and Thank you once agian! Finally someone is actually brave enough to speak the truth! I applaude and commend you for that Royce! Girl I like you from the beginning! Speak on it! I can’t say anything…you said it all…better than i could have said it! lol Good Job! I’m glad to know that somebody on the show recognizes Tami…Eveylyn..and Shaunie..How messy and dramafied they are! You’re right about the confronting situation..why do they wait until they get amongst a crowd of people…especially around those two messy creatures…shaunie and evelyn and want to start fighting or arguing…tami couldn’t pull her to the side and talk to her?? like an adult and not her damn child or like she’s an animal??? then tami was acting childish by taking Keisha’s purse…like really elementary style….and told her until she talks to her or handle her business like a woman….she couldn’t have a purse?? really??? then when she supposedly reported her purse stolen…tami had the nerves to tell keisha..that was some foul stuff she did??? really tami?? girl grow up! if you’re 41 years you stated..then act your age!

  27. Messenger says:

    Girl on girl violence has risen in a staggering amount and this type of activity, in my estimation has lended a big hand in it. This certainly isn’t the only show, but little girls need to be reminded all this isn’t really reality! Bullying is such a problem on every level and we have the “key” players acting like the coplete definition right on the screen! Evylyn has surely stepped in since Tammy is going to anger management, and if you notice she usually jumps off the table directly at a security person! LOL! It’s all for effect and to keep us watching, but the teens and tweens think this is the way women really act! All the housewives, the Mob Wives,, this show,and the list goes on and on, are not models for our up and coming children! Check out all the girl fights on You Tube! This is all for entertainment, don’t think it’s a way of life.

  28. Brittani Shelton says:

    I love your grace Royce. You are the only one with any real sense. The others act like wild banjis in red bottoms. Sometimes I wonder why God grants opportunities to people who don’t truly take advantage, rather they are taking advantage of. If I had the opportunity it would be to showcase the good in an African American Woman’s world not the drama. Thank you for being the ounce of representation that keeps us with some dignity. As far as your Dad is concerned he will come around but you must move forward without seeking his approval , he will see you holding you ground and will have no choice but to love or leave you. I know this because its the opposite for me its my mother. I had to make the decision to ignore her (although it hurt) i had a life to live and eventually she had no choice but to be proud. Keeping helping this world go round girl we need women like you. and Your new boo is a cutie pie. Play your cards right and be patient things will happen in Gods time. Love you !

  29. MELISSA says:


  30. MIKA NEAL says:




  31. Ladi says:

    I totally agree with you Royce and you are the youngest what a Shame . I am so proud of you and glad you were not there .

  32. SHAMEKA says:


  33. Tee says:

    Well said Royce! I felt EXACTLY the same. Keisha didn’t deserve that. These so called women, need to grow sad.

  34. JALYNN says:


  35. Damita Danyelle says:

    VERY well said!

  36. Demone says:

    She is tough and in every way adorable. I say you have to look uo to the sky for a piece of mind cause rarely anyone will help here on the land below .

  37. Impressed says:

    Okay Royce, this is the best and realest blog you have written thus far!! LOVE IT and side bar: you are doing a wonderful job with your life. Stick with what you love.

  38. Sirena says:

    Usually I dont comment but I just cant hold back any longer….First I would like to say NO I have not been married, slept with or been a jump-off of a basketball player but PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE let me be a guest on the show, I just want to check both Tami and Eve, they think they are so tough when clearly picking on the weak girls in the group makes you not only look stupid as hell but also weak.The previews for next week made me decide to exercise my right NOT to watch that show any longer. Tami is holding the girls purse, REALLY what OVER 40 year old WOMEN do that???? I’m 42 my damn self and have done my share of petty and childish things over the years but there comes a time when you start acting like an adult especially a women and that time is WAY before you turn 40…SMDGH at the both of them and Shanie is WEAK as hell, she is a follower and seems to go for and accept anything which is probably why her x hubby played her the way he did but that is a whole nother story….Shanie grow some balls and check ya friends, you couldnt enjoy YOUR own birthday dinner, you cant enjoy really any outing with all of your cast mates because of the two little girls you choose to hang out with..

  39. Cedes says:

    Wait, Royce you were in that scene too. You & Tami are close as well, don’t you think Kesha might get the impression that you told Tami? Who’s to say this won’t come back & bite you in the behind. But nevertheless, what you said is very true! My opinion, the ladies should act their age not their shoe size.

  40. Cynthy says:

    What i can’t understand is why Keisha even went on the trip in the first place? She know’s how Tami and Evelyn are and Shaunie is the type of Ninja that throws a rock and then hides her hands. It is so ridiculous how grown women act for a dime. I understand it’s all about the dollar even with Keisha I don’t understand why does she even put herself through being on this show is the money that great. When Tami first came on the show I really liked her she was the type of person that kept it real and I likeed that about her but know please. I never could stand Evelyn from the beginning so nothing she does suprise me, but for Tami to jump on the Evelyn train, you all really need to stop. One last thing. I do not feal sorry for Jen because on the previous seasons she was doing the same thing Tami and Evelyn is doing know. She just needs to move on.

  41. BALTIMORE says:

    You must enter a comment

  42. BALTIMORE says:


  43. commonsense says:

    royce you have to be the dumbest person in the world if you can’t comprehend what is so blatantly obvious that concerns your father. your jumping for relationship to relationship, you even said it yourself your needy. you need to seek a therapist. because your not making good judgment. dezmond openly admitted to sending freaky text messages to his baby mother and two women come forward on twitter with text message which he stated he’s not with you. i think you should grow up act your age, see things as they are not what you want them to be.

  44. Deshawn says:

    Royce I loved the way you put that out there, cause is was so petiful how Tammi reacted for no reason at all, she is a bully and need to be thrown off the show..i will never watch BBW again behind that episode Shaunie and Eve should be ashamed to even engaged in such an act, Susie needs her A** whoop she is so sneakie and needs a new shaped mouth and braces, Royce well said Tammi you need to go back to high school cause she is acting like she the new girl still trying to fit in with the mean girls, Tammi has no class I always thought she wasn’t a good dressor she just wants to be like Eve she got long braids trying to have hair like Eve, trying to get Eve style epic fail, Please remove her from the show her and Eve is making the people not wanting to watch..Tammi is a total disgrace i can’t believe VH1 wants to keep her on the show, Tammi how can you be someone mother and you bullying people half your age your like 50 (she really looks it) and you act like your 15, girl get a real job and stop trying to be Eve..your nothing but a get with..Band Tammi ASAP

  45. JR says:

    Well put Royce. Out of all the shows I’ve watched, last night is the first time I couldnt do ANYTHING but shake my head. Whatever Kesha did or didnt say, Kesha is NON-CONFRONTATIONAL therefore that was waste of Tami’s time last night and moreso MADE her look like a bully. Why address someone you KNOW is not going to say anything or do anything. When drama pops off Kesha is the first one moving around…we all know this so why not charge it to the game and keep it moving. You are going to get NOWHERE being hostal with Kesha..NOWHERE! I’m not on the show and I clearly see that! I actually used to think Tami was funny and kept it real until last night. I have a different outlook on her now. Last night was not cool at all! Now I will say had she been addressing Ev, I wouldve looked right over it.

  46. RJP says:

    What is wrong with these women? For all of their wealth and beauty, they are truly empty inside.

    Tami is a huge hypocrite. She talks about everyone behind their backs, even her so-called friends like Jennifer. She is out-of-control and unbalanced. Clearly her behavior is bigger than Kesha. She is angry and damaged and seeks out vulnerable subjects to abuse; if Kesha wasn’t there, it would be someone else. There others in the group are responsible for encouraging and supporting her behavior — the smirks, the giggles, the silence.

    Suzie is like an abused woman. She has been the target of their behavior before and is so afraid of finding herself in that situation again that she runs to tell everything just to protect herself. Her advice to Kesha is to take the abuse, so that she can continue being part of the group. For what?

    Shaunie should really be ashamed of herself. She has the money and recognition to do so many positive things and yet she chooses to encourage crazy behavior and to promote negative images about African-American women. She can’t distance herself from this. Again, her smirks, her giggles, her willingness to listen to “crazy” all signal her consent. Not only is she okay with this behavior, she clearly enjoys it.

    Back to Tami and Evelyn, what’s especially absurd about them is that they abuse people and then get. angry when they don’t want to take it. If someone assaults me or steals from me and I report it to the police, then I’m a weak snitch? Where did they grow up? If Tami had been able to tell someone when she was sexually assaulted, she likely would not be so angry now. She would have gotten help and her rapist would have gone to jail — as he should have!

    These women are really sad, really sad. Shame on you Shaunie!!

  47. Karen says:

    I agree with you Royce 100%. No good is going to come to Tami, Evelyn or Shaunie, they are so embarrassing. Keisha keep your head up. And to the preview of next week… I would’ve reported my purse stolen too. If they touch you press charges! Where do people come from were they think they can violate people and there are repercussions. Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn if you really think like that then you need to go back there…

  48. Ty says:


    I must say that you are on point with this blog. It is very sad to see grown ass women carrying on like this especially over he say see say bs. Tami, really needs to get some professional help cause the help she is getting right now apparently ain’t working for her. I actually like the fact that Keesha doesn’t want to fight or be involved in any drama. This is a first. It’s good to have someone who really is about having fun. Tami, if you can’t hold your liquor, I suggest you just don’t drink period. And word of advice to Tami, you really should’nt believe everything you hear, especially when it is coming from Suzie aka “The Rat”. She need to be up in Suzie’s grill for always running back and forth and telling everything about everybody. She is the main link between the drama on the show. I don’t understand why any of the women would communicate with her because all she does is gather information and report. She needs to be a spy. In the scene when Tami was going off on Keesha, when the cameraman showed a glimpse of Suzie what do you see? A scared and stupified look on her face as usual. Meeka got it last season, but seems to be that Suzie should be in for the next punch.

  49. kit-kat says:

    I think Royce is so pretty and down to earth…. but….. that crying scene ….. um Sorry looked FAKE!! She talked about Kenya’s over performance, when she was Fake crying making that thank you speech…smh! She still needs some lessons under her belt! BUT all in all I like Royce, she less drama than ALL the rest!

  50. An ashamed black women says:

    Royce, the only thing I can say about the situation with you and your dad is that he is older which means he has experienced life more than you have and he is a man and knows that men will take advantage of a needy women. So, i feel that you should really consider what he is saying. Now, as far as the other cast members. They really are embarrassing to african american women.i mean we all know that the stereo type for us is that we are ‘angry black women’. I feel that Shaunie is more to blame than anyone because she has earned this stage and it seems that she only cares about making $$ and not this stage to promote intellegence in our community-to show young girls that we can co-exist as friends or just associates but MUST still respect each other as individuals with differences. I beleive that Tami and Evelyn are just trying to basically build up their brand, so they can possibly obtain a spin off (i mean why else would anyone want to act so foolish on national television). it’s actually sad what people will do for money.

  51. rena says:

    What ever….I like the way you turned on the water works and as soon as that man of yours came running and gave in….you smiled. Please At least the other ladies are showing their real ignorant selves…I love your dad because he knows you Royce are full of ish. Playing the victim will only get you so far with DEZMON….that man is gonna get tired of your mess just like your dad has….#yourdadisthetruth. He knows exactly how you are.

  52. neeka says:

    Royce it is rumored that the man you in love with is not helping the mother of his child , if it is true. Please, tell us how can you explain as a single Mom to be with someone who doesn’t take care of his responisiblity. In my Kesha’s Voice-So Sad!

  53. Angie says:

    Tami should be put into a straight jacket, medicated, and then put into a padded room. Seriously. She is a poor excuse for a woman and mother. WTH is wrong with her? First, she can’t handle alcohol. Alcohol & mental illness DON’T mix. Her behavior is absurd and embarrassing. I wonder how her daughters feel about watching their mother act like a total immature animal on national TV? Boy, I feel sorry for them.

  54. var says:

    Tammy hoodrat Roman needs serious help. she’s nothing but a bully. Wow.. I can’t believe she was ever married and actually has teenage children. SAD. and embarrassing. Tammy is that angry black woman that white America wants all of us to be. Regardless of her past, she could still be a better person if she chose to be. EVERYONE HAS A PAST! Fortunately everyone doesn’t act as Tammy does. Kesha is a true lady. I applaud her for not responding to ignorance.

  55. Nicole D says:

    Well said, Royce! I agree with everything you said. I have never posted a comment about a reality show, but I just had too when I saw last night’s episode! This entire series is like one long-running ‘Mean Girls’ movie, but last night was the worst! Tami is a nasty, deranged, dysfunctional BULLY! I understand that she has been victimized and abused, but don’t become the ABUSER! The need to establish dominance like that means that you have some deep-seeded issues that you need to work out on your own, don’t take them out on others! I believe that she is jealous of Kesha and like a pirahna smelling blood she picked up on Kesha being uncomfortable (Bullies can sense fear). Kesha tried to keep conversation going because no one else talked to her and that annoyed Tami. I am so disappointed in Tami. I used to watch her on the ‘The Real World’. I was a fan then even though I didn’t agree with everything that she did, I just wanted the best for her. Now, I just feel sorry for her, because she needs intensive therapy and meds. She gets off on the pain of others. So pathetic! Shaunie and Evelyn are just as guilty. They are pathetic too and get off of the pain and bullying of others. One day they will mess with the wrong person and regret it, believe me. I heard that Tami had a heart attack recently and I’m not sure how true that is, but you have to have a heart first to have a heart attack! Jennifer, good luck with the lawsuit against these witches!

  56. Shay says:

    This show has become TRASH and a disgrace. Royce, I understand that you are in love, BUT, you have dated a different man every season of the show. Therefore, I can see why your father has the thoughts that he has. Your man now, he is young and NOT ready for a serious relationship. Keep one eye and ear open at ALL times when it comes to your relationship with your young buck. Tammy and Evelyn need to be removed from the show; they are BULLIES! No ONE should have to watch what they say or do becasue they may get attacked by these two FOOLS. Suzie is the one causing and spreading all the drama. She mentioned Kenya and Jennifer and they were not even on the trpo, just to add fuel to the fire. Suzie needs to shut up. Shaunie is weak and NO type of real friend. A REAL friend would have TOLD Tammy and Evelyn to grow the hell up and quit being bullies. This show is AWEFUL. I applaude Jennifer on what she did in regards to Nia. Lay your hands one me, let the police and lawyers deal with you. I bet you will keep your hands to yourself. I’m DONE with this trash.

  57. Danieka says:

    Royce, I feel the same way and this has BULLYING written all over it. We are looking to stop bullying in schools and our children and not in ourselves. I wonder what Tami daughters have to say when they see this because this is something you will see in teenages that has nothing else going on for them than causing problems to others.

  58. jai says:

    royce reed; i will not comment on the situation with you and your dad as it is not my place to do so. but i will commend you for sticking up for kesha (because god knows somebody should) and what is right!!! thank you for your words as they relate to tami, shaunie, suzie and evelyn!! thank you for a voice of reason!!!!!! i agree 100%. god bless you and your family royce!!!! btw, what happened in tahiti, was truly “a damn shame”

  59. Neicey says:

    WOW!! Royce you summed it up in a nut shell..

  60. Big says:


  61. LOL says:

    Listen to your father. He’s wise and only wants what is best for you and your son. You talk about the other girls being stereotypical black woman? then why are you shaking your ass every chance you get? don’t act like you’re innocent … in case you forgot you need to watch last season and I would be afraid to have you teach my child how to dance … did anyone else watch the video? why are those big girls in tutu’s spreading their legs in almost every dance??? oh wait… that’s right… Royce taught them … LOL …

  62. T says:

    Tami, Tami, Tami you need to bring yourself to LA boo and run with some real beast, some women thats gone get back at you. You went that hard on kesha knowing that she wasnt going to say anything back to you. Tami and evelyn stay preying on the weak. Bark at somebody thats gone bark back at you ass. Tami you were actually my favorite when you first came on the show, you were real boo, but now you done got alittle money and you changed just like the rest of these women. You gone meet your match and I hope its televised.

  63. michelle says:

    Royce, you need to listen to the tape and realize the whining you putting down. Realize and take things and people for what and who they are. Stop whining so much. Stop, think and own your actions. You really do whine to much. Don’t take this as bashing…it is what it is. I wish you much success.

  64. montez says:

    royce is so right and i didnt like tami cause how she acted and evelyn is not about that life she claim she so real and wanna take blood but u see everytime she have a bottle or glass she miss the person she trying to hit and shaunie know what the hell she be doing to i swear this show is getting too damn ratchet now and i felt sorry for kesha maybe this Tahiti trip will show the real side of these womens.

  65. Denise says:

    Someone please tell these women that there are other ways they can make money without all this drama & bullying. I get it – they making $ with their theatrics. But this is too much!!! I feel sorry for Kesha – the girl looked really scared. I use to like Tammi too but really?? holding the girl’s purse hostage you looked like the fat bully in 4th grade that would take everybody’s lunch #growup. & Tammi pick on somebody your own size!!

  66. M says:

    Royce,stay strong and be happy , i agree with you on Tami,Evelyn and Shaunie also big mouth Susie. the two bullies Tami and Evelyn are going to cross the right person.

  67. Shawnda says:

    Royce, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    First off, I would say that editing is crap and they should sale copies of the footage that wasn’t used so that people can see the other stuff. You have to continue to pray for your father. As far as Dezmon, he should have made it clear to your father where he was coming from because it came off as if he wanted space.

    Along with you, Tami was a favorite and these season has really made me look at her in a different light. She was such a bully in that episode and they act like junior high kids. “Why don’t you push her in”…Really??? I was disgusted looking at them, and then Shaunie sits there like a bump on a log. I guess she wants to appear innocent, but get the hell out of here.

    I respect you Royce for keeping things 100. This is your opinion and a co-worker and I was just talking about the show and we both felt that same way. You are using this platform to make your money, but you are doing other positive things as well. As a woman, I respect you on so many levels!!!

    Be Blessed!!



  69. nicole says:

    Tami behaved and looked like an idiot, I felt so embarrassed for her. Thank you Kesha for behaving like a lady and not like an animal. Shaunie is a bully because she doesn’t say anything to Tami, by her silence it is as though she is co-signing her behavior. Someone please stop Tami & Evelyn they are animals and bullies.

  70. Dumplains says:

    Ok Now I am going to say what I have to say. If at any point you do not like what I am say stop reading. Royce again you are on the point. Where your dad is concerned I believe he is looking out for you and wants what is best for you. Most times parents are 99.9% right. Where Dezmon is concerned Royce please watch your heart.
    As to the Tahiti trip…. Tami is a BULLY and she needs to change her friends. Did you all she how she and Eve were trying to JUSTIFY their behaviour by saying it was how they were raised to deal with situations. Tami started at Keisha from the taxi making jokes at her cough and mocking her. Oh for crying out loud Tami if someone made fun of your heart attach what would you say. As for Shaunie and Eve they are no friends of Tami. A true friend advice their friend when they are doing wrong not just sit a watch on. As to Ms Suzzie she has what you may call in my country SLIPPERY TONGUE so as for now I would tend to believe she is the one who told that jackarse Tammi on Keisha. Tami get a life… behave like a lady even if that is how you grew up that is no way to treat another human not even an animal.

    Finally why would

  71. Me906 says:

    Wow, what a show!.
    Royce- Maybe there is some truth in what your Dad has to say, but don’t let it get to you. Continue on your chosen path. God’s plan WILL fall into place for you, and all of those “bad choices”, are lifes way of molding you to become ALL of what God wants you to be. Sometimes parents want things their way, and remember he’s just as human as you. (he’s getting molded too. wink, wink) We’re Perfectly Imperfect. You’re doing Great ;)

    As for the others, ohhhh man. Poor Kesha. Such a sweet lady. Stay the course, say nothing, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride. Well at least try. Tami is out of control. Tami wants people to respect her, but doesn’t want to respect anyone else. Tami wants to make all the rules and insist on how others are to interact with her, but no one can ask the same from her. Tami doesn’t want anyone to talk about her behind her back, but she talks about everyone. Tami doesn’t want anyones hands waving in her face, but she sure likes to put hers in everyones face. It’s Tami’s world, and what Tami says goes. Very selfish Tami. Funny thing is Tami seem to find people who she thinks are “weaker” than her. Reality Check Tami: They are not weaker, You are. You have no self control, poise. Just a sloppy mess. Get it together girl. I think you can do better than that. Don’t be a bully, its tacky. Evelyn is another Bully. I can’t understand why these women are so empty inside.

  72. lil mama says:

    Good job Royce. I like Royce now she keep it real about these tricks. Pimp on Shaunie.

  73. mrs scott says:

    it really saden me to see tami attack this girl the way she did.first of all, kiesha is no match for tami. and whats worse is how would tami feel if somone wa talking to one of her girls like that.i use to like tami but all i see is a burlly man shaped bully.grow up tami be the woman that you profess to be. now that you and evelyn are cool you have changed. is evelyn that important that she made you forget who you also seem to be one of the oldest woman on the show be a role model to the younger woman and show them how a real woman conducts herself. take your head out of evelyns ass you do not realize that shaunie is using all you woman while she sits there like the devil. i believe that we can all is not worth looking badd.

  74. MESHA says:

    You on point Royce!v Kesha said it right Tami looking like a FOOL! She really need to GROW UP!!!

  75. verne says:

    come on girl, i am not much older than you and i can see EXACTLY what your father is talking about, remeber he has the years and the experience to stir you in the right direction. I am not sure how long between shooting be the show aires but one thing i can assure you that you will show up with a new guy. Give yourself a break from on relationship to another, don’t be so clingly. I don’t care what you want to say, as i look at both you and your new guy his body language most of the times is ” I wish i did not have to do this” open your eyes, get some good girlfriends and keep it moving.

  76. Tricks are for kids says:

    I can relate to Kesha and Kenya because I too was bullied in High School.. I did everything in my power to avoid confrontation with my bullies! I spoke to my counselor’s, teachers, the principal, and even my parents about being bullied, but, to no avail.. The problem was, my parents were saying I had a right to DEFEND myself, but the school had zero tolerance for violence… so even if I was being bullied I couldn’t defend myself or I too would be suspended right along with my bully.. I got so confused and frustrated I fell into a deep depression, until oneday I snapped! Literally… I caught every person that ever bullied me and beat the breaks offa their behinds.. I got suspended so many times, it was a shame but worth it! (TRUE STORY) Now-a-days, not only are these kids who are being bullied committing sucide!!!! they’re shooting up schools killing innocent children in the process then, they commit suicide!!! This could have been an excellent platform for Shaunie, (since she’s one of the producer’s) to step in and check her bullying castmate/friend’s and teach kids who watch this show (2.8mill of the viewers lol) how to stand up speak up AGAINST bullying, even it’s your friend…. But Shaunie, instead, apart of the problem… Shaunie shoulda beeen… at the very “LEAST” went MONA SCOTT-YOUNG on Tami and Evelyn by now!! (and “THE CIRCLE” have the nerve to say they don’t want to film with Royce! WTH! SERIOUS SIDEEYE o_0!!!) I just pray and hope these well dressed “rat-chetballwives” have enough sense to invest and save some of that 5minutes of fame money they’re making… Because just like God Blessed them with it, he will take it away from em too… Furthermore, “All money aint good money, and everything that glitter aint froze” Practice what you preach Tami…. If you can “talk the talk” then you should be able to “walk the walk ” too! BLOOP!

  77. Houston says:

    I agree with most of the comments below. Tami you are a disgrace to yourself and to your children. Shaunie and Evelyn you two ladies are horrible for acting the way you do, looking for everyone else to act like fool such as yourselves. Jennifer, Kenya and Keisha continue to take the high road and leave this ridiculous show. You ladies have so much more class than the other four ladies (Shaunie, Suzie, Evelyn and Tami) and you have received enough recognition to do accomplish your goals and dreams.

    Royce, I believe it’s time for you to leave the show as well and continue to mentor young girls to dance. Also, continue dancing and acting your greatest blessing is before you.

  78. Susie Q says:

    I was beginning to think where are the adults ,we talk about bullying in today’s world ,well Evelyn and Tammy are perfect examples of bullies and they probably were as young girls,Shame on you two and shame on Shaunie for allowing that to happen while she observed.I am a middle aged white woman that has been a fan but this season I am no longer enjoying seeing grown women act in such a manner.I understand wanting ratings but this show ,what use to be entertaining and fun has become degrading and makes the black woman look like a uneducated heathen that fights with fists and bullies when they can,how shameful!! Get rid of Tammy she is a angry unhappy bully ,she should be so ashamed,what a terrible example for young women and Evelyn too she has turned back to acting like a tough girl who uses fists instead of her mind ,shame on you

    I havebeen a long time viewer but I find myself turning it off ,one fight after another created for ratings ,it’s not working.I miss Jennifer ,and I think Keisha is smart and attractive ,a good example for today’s young black woman,Shaunie ,shame on you ,is this the way you want your sweet young daughter to act ?

  79. Margaret says:

    royce the tahiti situation makes a lot of sense. Its just absolutly crazy that black women have to act like animals to prove a point instead of being adults and talking about the situation. She going back to something that was dead and gone way in the begining of the season. Tami is a bully and kesha is not going to respond to anyone who is acting a fool. SMDH

  80. Danni Gyrl says:

    Royce, the realest talk ever. You were being bullied when they did it to you and Tami is recreating it for Kesha. No, Kesha is not right if she is talking about Tami behind her back negatively, but that does not free Tami to verbally and emotionally assault her. Kesha is not coming at Tami hard like that and she knows Kesha doesn’t want it. Tami preys on weak people, and then trys to justify it. She wasn’t this mad at her new BFF, Evelyn, when she found out she smashed Kenny! All black women are NOT as MEAN & EVIL as we are being portrayed in the public eye!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Whatever says:

    You know what I find funny Royce that your talking about Tammi but correct me if I’m wrong your the one that told Tammi what Keisha said…… Your so 2 faced it’s funny

  82. SusieQ says:

    Tammy You are the perfect example of a BULLY,how embarrassing ,your antics and Evelyn’s are not helping ratings ,I find myself turning the channel because I am embarrassed for you and for the way you and Evelyn act ,not like adult women but heathens,and Shaunie ,where are you?I am embarrassed that young black women will think of your behavior as correct and copy it.

    All of you are mothers and this is what Ifind most appalling maybe you have not been fortunate enough to have higher education but you should always want to present yourself as the way you wish for your children to act. Royce I applaud you ,thank you .
    What happened to story lines now this show has become about bullying and fighting like street gangs,what happened at the race track was appalling,Jennifer you did the right thing and made Evelyn ,the new York gang girl a better person when you were friends.Shaunie this is not working ,nail the fights ,change it back ,and get rd of Susie ,tell her to get a life ,get a job!

  83. carla says:

    Royce you hit it on the head, with the women just sitting there. I enjoy your positive attitude, and wish you the best of luck, but I will not be watching the show next season. I do hope that you get your career going, because you are not a fit for this show, and I mean that in the best possible way.
    PS. I know that Tami and Suzy are your girls, but, really watch your back.

  84. Viri says:

    Oh, Rocyce I love reading your blogs!! Its like you read my mind lol.
    And tammy needs to get SMACKED!

  85. Houton says:

    Suzie is in the middle of everyone’s issues. She is the real culprit. She acts concerned one on one then she runs back and reports to Ev, Tami and Shauni. Suzie is very pathetic…she is so afraid of rocking the boat and discourages people like Kesha to make any critical remarks whatsoever She walls on eggshells and is such follower. She was the one that reported back to Tami. Her only motivation fr being a snitch is to belong to the group.

  86. D says:

    I Agree with you Royce, and most of the other comments regarding Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami. Tami I am disappointed in you as a mother and a woman. To continuously try to find a target for your misery is unbelievable and childish, get some help! Keisha seems to be such a polite and respectable woman, is that what bothers you, is she a threat? The woman you should be rude and aggressive with is Evelyn, she slept with your husband, but instead you befriend her. Is she too tough of a woman for you?
    This show has shown tv viewers, exactly how woman are when they do not grow and evolve, most of you on the show, I am sure have been exposed to some sort of culture, respect and dignity, learn from it, that is what life is about. Instead you embarrass us a black women and you have girls you are raising!
    Chad is an idiot to marry Evelyn, she is going to embarrass him and destroy his life….run! Who wants a woman that jumps and crawls over tables to beat someone, that is surely not a lady!

  87. Nadine says:

    Shame on Shaunie for letting this air. I used to think most of these women had some class. Not any more. I will no longer watch the mean girls!

  88. C.Hill says:

    Now Royce I will agree with you on this.Tami made herself look really crazy. What position is she talking about? She demands so much respect yet she gives none. Poor Keshia didn’t know what hit her.

  89. Danie says:

    I have to say that Royce and Kesha are my favorites because they remain true to who they are. Royce…I hate to say this…but, continue to ignore your father. I posted a comment last week saying there has to be deeper issues going on between you and your father, and it’s clear that I was right. People are too ignorant to realize that Dezmon really has little to do with the rift between you and your father. Royce’s father comes across as a male version of a stage mom. He’s been pushing and molding her half her life, and she’s had enough. Royce seems like a good person, and her father’s opinions are irrelevant at this point. There’s this notion that parents automatically know everything simply because they’re our parents. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Royce…continue to live your life because your father will eventually come around. He will soon realize that he’s misjudged you for several years and hopefully he’ll apologize.
    Tami is ghetto trash and it’s sad to see that type of behavior on TV. Kesha is sweet and non-confrontational, which is a foreign concept to Tami. Kesha did nothing wrong and it’s nice to know that Kesha didn’t stoop to Tami’s level. It was hilarious how Kesha just stared at her. Unfortunately, Tami’s too stupid to learn from the errors of her ways. May God continue to bless Royce and Kesha with happiness, success, protection and wisdom.

  90. Tracy T says:

    Royce, before you decide to make it overly dramatic and cry on camera please take some acting leasons cause that whole scene was ugly. I am sorry that you and your dad are having issues but BASKETBALL WIVES THE CRAZY EDITION Season 4 is not the place to work it out. I honestly feel that you are better than that and above all the crazyness-please don’t let that production crew sink you to the level you are heading in and if you don’t feel the need to cry don’t. I was watching and I was feeling you until those fake tears tried to flow. I really am a fan and feel that you are one of the few real women on the show-DON’T LET PRODUCTION CHANGE YOU AND DO NOT DRAG YOU FAMILY ISSUES IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA BECAUSE THEY WILL ONLY GET WORST- work out your issues with your dad in private EVERYBODY DOES NOT NEED TO KNOW YOUR BUSINESS

  91. Tasha J. says:

    Tami demands respects from everyone else, but she doesn’t show respect to nayone else!!! Her Evelyn are so tight, but let’s be real, if you can’t “beat them, join them”. With that being said, Evelyn and Tami met their match with each other, so what did they decide to do, become friends!!! It’s easier to gang up on everyone else when you are both afraid of each other. Suzie is a two faced wench who goes back and tells everything!!! Royce, love her or hate her, at least she does her best to stay out of heated situations (FYI: the unnecessary crying with her dad and boyfriend was a bit much)!!! Jennifer is bougie, but at least she acts her age (she doesn’t throw wine bottles, run across tables, smack people in the face, and demand respect every single time someone says something she doesn’t like)!!! Shaunie, as always, is the prison warden who oversees everything, and does nothing!!!

  92. Carla says:

    Shawie should have FIRED TAMMY along time ago. Kesha looked liked a deer caught in head lights recently after tammy went off on her. THAT IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT, it was just sad. That was my last episode I will ever watch. Tammy really needs to stop acting like a drunk and try acting like a mother. She just can’t stop embrassing herself!!!! Shawnie Tammy just showed how pathetic your show has become. FIRE TAMMY QUICK!!!!!!!!!

  93. Lily says:

    I agree with your assessment of Tami. Not only does she have anger management issues, she has a major drinking problem. Most of the time, Tami wants to talk about whoever is not there. Kesha attempted to change the conversation twice and was criticized. Tami is a simpleton, a bully with major control issues. She took Kesha’s purse in the next episode??? Grow up Tami. She bad mouths Jen, started the trouble at the races, yet she will sit at Jen’s friend’s movie premier and act like they are friends. Tami is probably happy that Jen and Ev are at odds, cause she needs Ev on her side so she can continue to perpetuate her misery on everybody else. I belive that Tami is the true villian in all of this and why Evelyn and Shaunie haven’t observed or addressed that yet is beyond me. My days of watching this show are close to an end. Shame on you Tami and shame on the rest of the women who allowed Kesha to be bullied by Tami. Kesha has more class in her COUGH than Tami has in her entire life.

  94. R.J. says:

    Tami is going to be the first person ever fired by her therapist. Kesha DID NOT deserve that. But rather she was scared or not im glad she didnt make herself look stupid, by going at it with Tami. Beside I can’t blame her for being scared if she was who wouldnt be. Tami acts like she was raised by a pack of wild drag queens (scary). Kesha is to cute for that bull, she conducted herself like a lady and Tami’s parents should be ashamed. Royce, Kesha and Jennifer unfortunately if you want to continue to act like ladies you have to leave that show. Shawnie, Tami and Ev look like complete idiots and I dont even know if they get it!! Tami should stop being so jealous of Kesha, and PLEASE Royce watch it with Suzie. Suzie will throw anybody under the bus to stay in cool with the idiot mean girls (that includes you).

  95. tan says:

    HYFR!! dats all i av to say.. hope Tami dsnt try to go off on you at d reunion.. bt if she does i count on u to be the woman u always r n jus tell it as it is.. (frm ur seat)

  96. Tee says:

    I agree with you royce 100% Tami has truly changed, and as a former fan I was saddend and disgusted by her behavior, as well as Shaunie’s. I think that it is funny that Tami was upset about Keisha supposedly talking behind her back, when her and Evelyn talk about Jen/Kenya every chance they get. It’s also quite amusing how Tami is so angry at Keisha for VENTING (just like she did) after their initial argument, when Evelyn is the one who not only smashed her ex husband, but called her a nonMF factor and made T-shirts to promote it. When Tami first came on the show Evelyn talked ish about her weave, her clothes, and just about everything else….but now she’s her best friend. As a black woman who was raised to fight your battles with your words instead of your fists, It’s sad to see Tami reaffirm the ghetto ratchedness title us black women have tried so hard to destroy. If you had such a problem with what Keisha said in the BEGGINING of the episode, why not adress it then? Why wait and “try to let her have a good time,” on the trip only to come at her within 24 hours of being there? And Shaunie…, I used to have much respect for a woman who was with her man for years raising his kids only to be walked away from. But the fact that you did nothing to stop this foolery makes you just as bad as Tami if not worse. I understand wanting drama for the show to increase ratings, but this has become a disgusting show full of bullies.
    I am not surprised that Evelyn was smirking during the fight, because she has always been two-faced and has talked about 90% of the cast on that show.
    I commend Keisha for swimming with the sharks and found it funny that Eve, Shaunie and Tami had so much to say about her being scared when NONE of them got in the damn water. At least she made the best of her experience. How are you gonna go on someone, when you won’t even do it yourself???
    All three of you need to sit down somewhere, and I hope on the reunion you 3 get called out for being the ratchet bullies you are!!

  97. Kyle Boespflug says:

    Thank you VH1 for proving you can take the Hood Rat out of the Ghetto, but not the Ghetto out of the Hood Rat! My god could you really imagine having a wife like any of those women, what an embarrassment. I can’t believe that the players would put up with that trash!

  98. muffey says:

    Royce, I could not have said it any better. Tami is a wild animal and will never be docile. She is ghetto queen, both she and Evelyn. Shaunie is acting like she has some class but there is none.Perhaps she should take a page out of her ex husband’s book and get a decent education. When a bully beats upon one of their daughters, then maybe, just maybe they will learn from it. Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami are ghetto rats and should be banned from TV. As a mother who happens to be an attorney and black and who has a daughter and son with Ivy League degrees including a Harvard physician, it pains me to see black women behaving so badly. How do we expect white American to respect us? No decent mother would allow her son to take home Tami, Evelyn or Shaunie. Finally, I would represent and defend Jen free of charge. I’m a naturalized citizen who have lived in Europe and the Caribbean. Where I come from black women do not behave like this with each other. Education dictates our behavior; these women need to go back to school.

  99. Ladi says:

    Royce you are so smart , I love your attitude about this show , your son and life .Keep up the good work . As for your Dad he is suppose to be overprotective .He loves you so much .

  100. char says:

    I respect kesha for how she responds to Tami’s behavior. She doesn’t give Tami the satisfaction of bickering with her, and leaves Tami there practically talking to herself. If she were to even answer her back while Tami is in one of her rages, Tami would just escalate even more because that’s exactly what she wants….for it to be a back and forth rally of words, and eventually fists. I know it infuriates Tami that Kesha keeps allowing her to look like a fool all by herself. Misery loves company.

  101. Sweetheart says:

    If so many of you are OVER BBW….then do yourself a favorite a quit watching. It baffles me that so many of you claim to be so tired of the show, yet you spend time coming to this website just to comment on it.

  102. Carol says:

    All of the women on the show are beautiful and talented in their own right. It is a complete damn shame that most of the behavior is not lady like or becoming of a woman. This show should focus more on being a positive uplifting and powerful independent woman than just showing how much you can curse and and act un-lady like. We, as black women, do not have many shows that we can turn to and this show, in all of it’s negative glory is helping to prove the stereotype of a black woman is true. I won’t watch another episode, but I do wish you all the very best in your careers and whatever it is that you choose to do, but please think before you speak and think even longer before you act!


  103. Royce you were on point as far as what you said about Tahiti. Every time there is a trip on this show there is madness. How do you leave the country and say it’s “ok” to act a fool ? You get the chance to see and experience paradise and THE ONLY THING you can think about is snatching folks purses (next weeks episode) and starting sh!t ( ol’ he said she said bs)? I keep telling my husband that I’m going to stop watching the show but, I think yesterdays episode was my “final straw”. Kesha was sitting there just trying to get to know the other girls better and Tammy’s ass goes off on her for nothing! If you wasn’t trying to hear what Kesha was saying then you should of either A. got up and left or B. Tuned her ass out and kept drinking . You can’t blame that all on clever editing from VH1 ( which I saw that you stated on another website) you got to give them some thing to work with in order for them to put in on TV and you do and you have been…Evelyn is no better. SMH… Ms. Royce hope everything works out with you and your dad….

  104. tasha says:

    well i really like tammy BUT i do believe enough is enough. you can tell that she has had alot of things did to her to make her so angry. at the same time, when you have people around you boosting things then it’s going to be more escalated then necessary. truth is evelyn is no one’s friend. shaunie is only being very sneaky to get her ratings high. i guarantee you that the ladies shaunie actually hang around with on a daily/wkly basis are NOTHING like the ones on this show. jennifer was so busy kissing evelyn but and didn’t even realize that misery loves company. as long as jennifer was doing what she wanted and going against the people she had a problem with then everything was ok. jennifer lost her husband (regardless of what their relationship was like, that was still her husband) and had evelyn the whole time telling her what she needs/deserves and what she should/shouldn’t do. hey you didn’t have a husband. so as soon as jennifer is single and she makes a comment about your fiancee then all hell breaks loose. it’s sooo funny how the tables turned and jennifer ended on the burnt end of the stick. i understand tammy when it comes down to confronting people, up front and personally, but i will never challenge someone that i feel is weaker than me. that defeats the purpose. what are you proving. some things you just have to let go and move on. THERE’S NOT ONE PERSON THAT I WILL LET STILL MY PEACE OF MIND!!

  105. Michelle J says:

    Royce you really spoke the truth!!! I am so ashamed of Tami now. She is just like Evelyn’s dumb a$$. A BULLY!!! I know this is reality tv but who would want to get on national television and show their a$$ in the manner in which Evelyn and Tami have displayed this season. And Shaunie should NEVER allow for some of this mess to go down. I felt so sorry for Keisha because it is clear she was afraid. Tami knows Keisha is afraid of her. So at that point you become a damn bully. Then you go and take the girl’s purse??!! Really Tami??!! Royce I hope that Tami doesn’t come at you for speaking the truth when you guys do the reunion show. I appreciate the fact that you keep it real always. But were you really the one that went and told Tami what Keisha said?? Say it ain’t so Royce!! 0.0

  106. Fan says:

    Royce I see some of what you are saying about your dad, but as a mom and grandmother I would have nothing but the best intentions regarding my children and grandchildren. Even if you don’t get the hug be true to yourself. Don’t be so quick to get offensive but you have to listen to your dad for I think you should back off your guy a little and just date for awhile. If it is true love it will last and first person that you have to make sure if ok is your son. As for Tami, she doesn’t know where she begin and Evelyn end. She wanted to be in the circle so bad that she is acting like a raving fool. I personally wish someone would just check her regarding how people has to come to her and she was going to let Kesha have a good trip, that sounds like a person with a mental problem. And she lied to the therapist regarding trying to mend Eve and Jen. She likes that Jen is out and she loves Evelyn so much she would turn on you and anyone else. Stay sweet and just take your time.

  107. Gina says:

    Hi Royce,I don’t know if you even read all these comments but here goes. I admire your ambition and drive in life but its sad to see the relationship between you and your dad. Every family has their emotional struggles and we see a sample of yours every Monday night. Dads will be dads and as grown women we feel like they are not suppose to tell us anything but thats his job. What he needs to understand is that he can only advise you but at the end of the day its YOUR life. I can see you and Dez really love each other but nothing lasts forever. Guys just don’t get it…he could have sided with you because of your dad’s feelings and then talk about that needy question later…Men just don’t get it girl!!! At one one point you did go into little girl mode when you shut down to cry but I want you to know thats your dad’s fault. As an adult you know your dad loves you but seeing that he is a bit stubburn pat yourself on the back and dont wait for him to say ‘I’m proud of you’ to validate your greatness. You can’t please everyone my dear. Take care and live in the moment…it doesn’t last! #BBWfan:)

  108. Baby Luv says:

    And another thing, the only good thing that comes out of this show is finding out WHY basketball players LEFT these females in the first place! Good job at revealing what Kenny had to put up with, Tami. Good job showing us what kind of groupie ho you are Evelyn. Good job showing us you aren’t the innocent, nurturing mother you would like us to believe you are, Shaunie. You ALL have shown the world who you really are, and if anything, it makes these ball players look like wise men for dumping, running away from and DIVORCING your behinds!!!

  109. Vanessa says:

    Just another reason I’ve always liked Royce from day one. We’re all equipped with common sense that’s not to say we all use it. I think Royce has summed up the gist of what the average woman with common sense was thinking. Bonus points: She did it without being disrespectful…. now that’s a powerful woman! The wolf pack could definitely learn a lot from people like her.

  110. Ms. C says:

    Royce although I agree what went down in Tahiti was crazy. Lets talk about you! You were disrepectful to your dad. Period. What did your dad say to cause you to be so disrespectful. What I saw was a father trying to keep his daughter from making the same mistake over and over again. You are crying over a 23 year old ball player that just started his career. Are you serious! You were crying like a child. Grow up and stop whining. When you look at the tape and try to analyze everyone else, check yourself boo. I suspect the reason why the other guys left you was because of your neediness and crowding. Why get mad at your dad and Dez, be a grown woman and accept what is being told to you. Also when your dad said “I am concerned about my grandson” my thought was well thank goodness he is, because she sure isn’t. Now correct me if I’m wrong, are you in a custody battle with your baby daddy? Whats more important for you; a relationship with a 23 year old, that is bound to leave you. He is young, cute and talented, why would he stay with someone with baggage? Your first and only priority should be fighting for you son and not giving your baby daddy any more ammunition to use against you. You are embarrassing! A grown woman chasing after a 23 year old, damn near having sex with him on national tv, crying and whining like a 2yr old and last but not least disrespectful brat. What would your son say about that? Or do you even care.

  111. CHAREE says:

    I honestly don’t know what to think of these women. Do they act the way they do because they are protected by the VH1 contract or is this normal behavior for African American and Puerto Rican women? I do not want to judge a whole people based on the actions of afew.
    I wonder what Evelyn’s and Tami’s children feel when they watch their mothers behave the way they do.I know that my teenager would tell me “mom you are better than that”!
    And I have one for Evelyn,you said that Jennifer will not beon your wedding guestlist, I do not think she wants attend your wedding so stop making a fool of yourself!Jennifer, it not okay for someone to assault you physically or otherwise, I know you might have said in the heat of the moment but I don’t find in good faith to say that you cannot sue Nia because she has nothing.Tami there are clips of you talking about others eg making fun of Jen’s” Hollywood friends” ,so why do you overract when people make comments about you?Royce you are not alone, many of us have never been good enough for one or both parents. Having said that, be wise with your love life.

  112. Peace Maker says:

    Tami, I use to love her persona but now it is some bandwagon ish. She talking about Jen behind her back. Making jokes about her with Evelyn and Shaunie then have the nerve to say something to Keisha. I thouht it may have been Royce who told Tami but I think it was the producers who showed her the footage and started this whole thing. Shame on you Tami. You need to remember the days when Evelyn was making jokes about you behind your back. You are wrong in this situation. If you don’t like the lady don’t associate with her. And don’t get mad at others who voice their opinion just like you like to all the time. Royce is right. A true friend would tell you about yourself. I am done with this show. There is too much bafoonery.(I think thats how you spell it.)

  113. Loreal says:

    It’s so sad and embarrassing to see African american woman acting a damn fool and a hot mess! everyone have children on the show and I would personally be ashamed to be the child of these classless woman. Not only do they confirm all the stereotypes that is put upon us they also make their selves look like little ass kids. This show have become so high school to me what is up with all these cliques this is not elementary. You would think they would use what star power they had to do something positive but this just goes to show you what money can do to weak minded souls and it sad. Shaunie seems to me just to be money hungry all are stupid on the show she is like the “PIMP” of IGNORANCE! Yes this is entertainment to Shaunie this makes me wonder why ShaQ left her ass! I feel sorry for the kids because when they become of age and see this because these videos will be here with the technological technology today so they will have access to this. What will they say to their children when time to have that talk about character and having class come about? lol Haaa they really can’t preach to their children about having manners because all the woman excluding Royce. Have no class act your AGE! It’s sad because the young black woman in my age range 20-25 look at the show and laugh because it’s sad and that’s a damn shame and they wonder why People judge them.

  114. Tabbie tab says:

    Royce..i totally agree with everything you have on your blog…especially about the Tahiti trip..i was sitting in disbelief…i couldn’t believe that Tami acted that way…only thing i kept saying was WOW..and Shaunie…i can’t believe she sits there and let all that go on..then to talk about Jen and Kenya…i mean really? for what? they were not even there and they were plotting…then for Tami to take Kesha handbag.i mean are we in Jr sad to see beautiful black women act this way but i guess this is how they make themselves relevant..keep up the good work and it does not hurt to cry…you have feelings just like all of us and just because you’re a celebrity does not mean you dont hurt…keep doing you girl and hold your head high and continue to follow your dreams…

  115. Herma Du Pont says:

    I absolutely was appalled by this episode.In my opinion the only bright spot was Chad acting like a clown while sick…That should let everyone know how much I hated this episode.I just may not watch anymore…Tami Tami Tami was once my number one girl BUT the veil over my eyes was lifted.She is an EXTREMELY disturbed woman and really does try to justify her actions…Tami is NOT real at all..she is delusional.I hope she gets help and prayers because I know that there is hope for her.It doesn’t mean that I don’t like her,it just means that I am coming to terms that I failed to see her for what she really is.A bully,demented,full of drama and insincere(fake)….Suzie is a girl that has no sense of self and I feel sorry for her.She is a follower and is afraid to express what she really feels because she is afraid.That’s a frightening way for anyone to live..Suzie adds no credibility to the show…not really!

    Royce,enough with the very intimate affairs in front of the camera.We want to know a lot,but save some for yourself.I hope that people are sensible enough to know NOT to measure all Black and colored from the behavior portrayed on BBW.We ALL have our ‘ganster’ moments but it’s not a way of life for us…That’s what separates us and makes us different.

    Shaunie I agree,you instigate everything,you are a FRAUD and if Tami thinks editing makes her look bad…then she should blame you.!

  116. Rowe says:

    I’m curious if the producers take the time to read the blogs. Last nights episode was a disgrace too all women regardless of color. Tammi you can blog and tell the world the producers made you look like a bully. You made the decision to drink knowing you can’t hold your liquor, purposely pick with Kiesha as soon as she sat in the Van and make comments for the pleasure of enjoyment. But you keep defending your not a bully when in fact you act like a park animal. I can’t imagine any man wanting to be with you. I believe your are jealous and envious of any young attractive woman that comes on that show (Meeka, Keisha, Jenn). There’s one thing you said I agree with this season so far……Fighting, bully and loud talking was taught were your from. Keisha and Jenn weren’t raised in a zoo and their parents taught them how to handle conflicts which shows your mother taught you nothing. I feel bad for your daughters.They learn from what you show them. You may think your a Alpha Female but your truly Pathetic and sad.

  117. Rowe says:

    Oh Royce……For the ladies who weren’t raised with their dads or new their fathers would love to have their fathers show so much love and concern for his daughter. Her father asked all the right questions and Royce is needy. Since the first season….she’s be in love and always this is the one. And her dad is right…..get a man your own damn age and stop dressing like a damn teenager. Royce looks good for her age and in great shape but my lord does she have the mind of a damn child. She’s come along way since the first season and seem to be more mature than those catty ass co-stars.

  118. THATishCRAY says:

    @Whatever……If you look at that scene again Susie was also there when Kesha made that comment about Tami. We all know Susie can’t hold water…soooo for you to blame Royce for telling Tami what Kesha said is beyond me. Plus Royce and Tami was not seeing eye to eye at that time cuz Royce commented about the first incident Tami and Kesha had (taking kesha’s side). So why would Royce throw Kesha under the bus? Two- faced……I think not out of all people on the show……out of all of them you call Royce two-faced? Smh Lol Wow

  119. whose to judge says:

    Hello Royce,
    you seem to have all the sense but at the same time you seem to have all the right excuses for yourself, you just said in your part of the show the scenes were edited, but when it comes to everyone else it’s a damn shame, the shame is you making excuses for that little boy you are dating and in the same breath bashing your cast members. I’m glad I follow all of you guys on tweeter to get more insight into the truth, and truth is you like playing the fool for men and bashing so called friends for attention, now if Tami were your friend like you say you wouldn’t be on hear bashing like you do, cause just last season your ass stayed suspect and she looked out for you. Now you’ve climbed the throne and forgotten…oh please spare me with the fakeness! As for Kesha I don’t know, but I do know she passed her number to Kenya’s husband yes I said husband they are not divorced yet, so whatever heat she gets she might need it because she’s was smiling in Kenya’s face at the time but trying to help speed up the divorce all in one, so that saya alot about her character, hey she might be txting your man…lets continue to follow twitter and see, whose gonna post a txt from him next…peace!

  120. Jennifer says:

    I was beyond appalled by the behavior of Tami. She is to damn old to be acting like a child. First off, she had issue with Keisha from day one. Why would she ask her if she is black or white? What grown ass women with class does that? Secondly, they all talk about each other. This show is a joke. That’ s why African American women have such a negative rep in white American because of foolery like this. Instead of uplifting one another we tear each other down. We are our own worst enemy. Ladies please have some class and display something positive, if not for yourself but for the other younger viewers that watch BBWs.

  121. Taylor says:

    Royce, sorry, but you are needy. You always need a man, you seek the love and affirmation that you don’t get from your father in men.

  122. MICHELLE says:

    I am hoping that these women are acting, poor Kesha, Tami is nothing but an ugly, attention grabing bully, and all the other girls just let this happen, Shaunie kills me, she is a grown women and a mother. I wonder why she nevr has a beef with anyone, she is like the crew princess or something. Kesha was terrorized, why would anybody want to be on a show like this. Tammi is ruining this show, she is so low class, anger managment my ass, she needs a good beat down or to be put in a zoo. I know this is for our entertainment, but come on, do you girls even like each other in the least. Godd for you for distancing yourself from these horror show of women. I am sure that beast of an old lady Tammi will get hers, i pray and hope and i hate to sound shallow, but come on reece, that girl had some serious issues. They all do, and Evelyn is just as bad, she is kiss ass and think she is untouchable, her and her nasty fiance, yuck, Evelyn is a bully and so is Tammie, they just can’t grow up, i wish they both would leave this show!!!

  123. Ayesha.Lovely says:

    I think a bbw with a whole new cast, direction, and perspective is in order. When the show first aired we expected a glimse into the life of a basketball wife. We expected to see the glitz and the glamour, but we also expected to see a group of women who are linked together by the life share their experiences, hardships, triumphs, and happiness with viewers! I wanted to be inspired ny this show. But all we see now are bullies who pick on innocent victims over lunch and threaten them with violence if not actually using violence. I think bbw should take a note from the housewives of orange county. They have disagreements, heck they even argue, but never fight! And never bully. And they always try to resolve their issues with one another. It shows their life with their kids, their spouses, their works, events charities, organizations, and a bit of the glitz and glamour. This is what bbw’s should be. I hope producers take note and get a new cast. But keep jennifer:) i even like Evelyn, but she has got to change. Which she probably never would….so…a new cast is in order.

  124. Toni says:

    “Grown ass” African American women having temper tantrums on television because their parents are telling them the truth that they can’t accept. Did you really try to justify that tantrum by throwing your dad under the bus because of what you feel are his “real” reasons for criticizing you? How about, he sees where the train wreck that is your relationship is going & he is trying to protect you? You criticize Tami’s friends for not telling her like it is, but when your dad does it, you cry & stomp out like a child.

  125. juswatchn says:

    Basketball Bullies!!! smh

  126. Zealand says:

    Royce, best of luck with your relationships with your dad and boyfriend….

    I’m so glad to see someone speaking up, instead of taking the misplaced loyalty road.
    I am so disgusted by Tammie…this woman doesn’t even follow her own twisted creed, but punishes everybody else for doing the very same thing she does! She’s the first person to put her hands up, but claims that she feels threatened when someone else does it. She talks behind people’s back as well…AND she listens to, believes and retaliates to the info that’s brought to her behind the other person’s back…that’s what ‘hear-say’ is! I find it mindblowing that a woman who talks about being violated, can violate another person. I know, “hurt people,” hurt people, but the fact that she justifies her actions, says that she just enjoys bullying people.

    These women need to realize that they’re been seen all over the world, not just in America, so whatever the negative perceptions of Black Women, are reinforced. It also hurts us in every aspect of our lives, job market, relationships….why should anybody give a dam about us, it we’re so quick to treat each other worst than trash?

  127. Lovely_T says:

    It’s amazing how people can come on these websites and have so much to say about how people live their lives. Who are you to judge and critize how Royce dresses or who she dates?…LOL comedy! but anyway, I feel Royce really didn’t have to explain herself to anyone about the kind of relationship she has with her dad or anyone. No one is perfect and Royce you and your dad just need to come to an understanding and work on thinds thats all. Now for Monday’s eposide…, Royce you said everything that I was thinking. These are all grown women who have children of their own and they act so childish. My thing is they’re children still have to grow up and I know for sure if anybody was to talk or treat their kids they way they treat Kenya, Jennifer, or Kesha, or hell would break loose. Shaunie thinks she sooo low but she isnt. she supposed to be one of the producers and she ia a part of the whole foolery!!! Evenly is definitely Tami’s backbone period/ Tami has issuses and needs help addressing them in a different way. We all know Kesha is not about the life Tami lives and she shouldnt have to learn about it either. She is a grown women and doesnt need to be talked to or treated that way. However, Kesha needs to speak up! No matter how loud Tami would get so what tell her what it is. Its just said how they sat up there and let tami get out of control like that. No Shaunie we dont want to hear that shes grown and shecan do whatever she wants, no one wants to hear that. Somebody out the group should have been an adult and stepped up. Smh they are the worst

  128. Angela says:

    Woo! You said everything I said about Tami, Shaunie, and Evelyn. Tami is too old to get upset about someone “talking about you behind your back.” What grown A woman approaches someone telling the I heard u were talking about me? Tami is sooo high school. Tami better watch out before someone starts a petition to get rid of her tail too. She’s just as much of a bully as Evelyn. Shaunie is fake as hell too. Who sits back and lets their friend embarrass themselves like Tami did.

  129. says:

    to top it all off. royce is what? 30 or 31 years old CRYING all over the show in front of her 10 years younger boyfriend. shame. He was acting her age but she was acting like a 14 year old. shame. like they say, older ones date younger ones because they can’t act their age.

  130. Lia says:

    I find it interesting that people that do not know Royce personally feel qualified to comment on whether or not she is needy. I also think Suzie is the biggest pushover I have ever seen. She has absolutely no loyalty to anyone because she’s too afraid to stand up for herself let alone anyone else. Suzie has no idea how to be a true friend. They should be putting fish in Suzie’s room because all she does is throw everyone under the bus.

    Tammi is a belligerent idiot! She cannot blame her behavior on anger management because she goes off when she has nothing to be angry about. She has deep seated issues and she is always looking for someone to take them out on. I applaud Kesha for keeping her composure, but I she should have gotten up and left long before she did. The sooner she realizes that she does not have to prove herself to Tammi or accept verbal abuse from her the better. I dont know the hell Tammi thinks she is tormenting people.

  131. Vicki says:

    First of all (Royce) again, you hit the nail right on the head again as usual. I love your posts. I can’t believe that especially Shaunie, stood by and did nothing to stop a verbal attack on Kesha who did what? Nothing, as far as I’m concerned, talking? Who doesn’t talk? Secondly, is it possible that your dad could have some issues he may not be telling you. Could he be ill? Most dad’s tend to keep stuff to themselves in order not to worry you. I hope you get straight with him. Thirdly, last nite was the last time I watch the show!! They are an embarrassment to the NBA, their wives and all women alike. I will still tune in to read your posts tho LOL!! Thanks for listening.

  132. says:

    i agree. she too old to be acting they way she is. why is she even posting up things to clear up what happened? we saw the episode! she dont need to tell us her whole life story in order to change everyones perception of how shes acting. what she used to be, does not change what she is or how she is now. she started crying like a child when her father told her the truths!!! i would say she is a very good manipulator. she act like a child, then she will be treated like one. i dont see how shes not embarassed looking at herself cry on tv at 31 years old. but i do see why GROWN men dont mess with her!

  133. Tima says:

    I’m honestly not surprised by Tami’s behavoir in this episode, this is not the first time she has had a few to many and decided to go H.A.M. In her first appearance on the second season, she got drunk at the charity event and made a fool of herself snapping out on Jen about food stamps… Then again at the track, instead of anger management, she needs AA. Its not your anger making you go crazy its all those damn beers…

  134. Kanika says:

    I agree with Royce. Tammi really got on my nerves. She is nothing but a bully. She needs to stay in the states with that ghetto ignorant behavior. I felt sorry for Kesha.

  135. NYAmicas says:

    @whosetojudge—Is that you Tami? Keep it real because that post was FULL of shade and personal feelings.. I like that Royce will say when wrong is wrong, more than the spineless punks we see on that show just laughing/taking part in the drama when someone is being bullied & threatened. Not ONE of you will tell Tami to calm the eff down and that she is looking nuttier than a Snickers? All of ya’ll cosigning her nonsense and embarrassing ways need to be in therapy with her!. Royce, your father is LOOKING OUR FOR YOU. His methods may not be to your liking and he may have his faults but he cares mores about you than Dezmon does. One day you will realize that; who will you bet on, your father who has been there or some man?

  136. Tru says:

    I so agree with Royce, I said the same thing to a lady here at work, If shaunie and evelyn had NO problems with the questions and were answering them why did it annoy tami? It shouldn’t have, (the lady here at work said, what women ask those questions I said women do all the time, she’s new to “the group” and wanting to know how else will you know if you don’t ask. tami was picking she is a big OLD bully with No real life, she’ uses the alcohol as liquid courage (I said that too) and now on top of the liquid courage she using her childhood as an excuse to be ghetto, hood, ratchet! NO SHAME (funny how tami and evelyn so close now) Bishes are NOT real friends quit it.. Heck NO I will not see a BBW movie in support of shaunie NOPE not with my money!!!

    tami so fake, evelyn so fake, when will anyone really get into it with suzie her mouth is like a leaking faucet always running and NO ONE holds her accountable, shaunie just sits back like a dunce and watch the bs take place and I guess she knows no one will “bring it” to her either.

    they all need to grow up
    What a Respresentation of Black Women.
    Feeding into EVERY stereotype there ever was or is……

  137. Hello Reese, I used to not care for you, But i have a new RESPECT!!! for you,You ,Jen,Keisha,Sometimes Susy are the only WOMEN on the SHOW.With that being said, Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tami, should be ASHAMED of their silly, acting a fool selves. I bet you the ones that has placed the stereotype on us are saying,come on family,its time too watch the monkeys act a fool this week. I just wanted to tell you keep standing your ground for what you believe, and don’t waver at all. May you have continued SUCCESS in all you put your hands on,and CONGRATS on your relationship,you all look HAPPY,a very HANDSOME couple be blessed. Adrianne P

  138. I am sooooo sorry Royce, I was watching T.V. and typing and the t.v. show said Reese, thats how i made the mistake. PLEASE forgive me? Stay sweet, and humble. because those other 3 gurls got all thee other titles. they could never look happy because THEY ARE NOT, they are sour pusses. UHK to them,OLD as SIN but act like toddlers always wanting too fight and about what? because they are M I S E R A B L E old MAIDS. koodles to you Sorry again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. WHO THE _ _ _ _ IS NYLA? Where did she come from? PLEASE<PLEASE<PLEASE,,send her back,maybe they can get a refund. WHAT is HER PURPOSE on the show? eeeeeuuuue,NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Jossia says:

    Tammi is one of the oldest and biggest bullies I have seen in years!!! What the hell is wrong with her? She needs more than anger management, she is out of control and can seriously hurt someone. She needs off the show!!! Very uncomfortable watching her and I was surprised by Shaunie’s non-reaction. Is this all for ratings? Their behavior is just reinforcing all the negatives about Black women.

  141. Chioma says:

    After watching this episode, I deleted Basketball Wives from my DVR. Who wants to support bullying and women in their 30+ years acting like a high school club? I understand why Royce and Jennifer want to keep their distance. Sometimes, money is just not worth it.

  142. Andrea says:

    Royce talking about how stupid THEY LOOK???? I wonder if she sees how stupid she looks bringing a different man on each season….and her dad respectfully telling her she is acting like a #hore? girl please….

  143. pthompson says:

    It was a shame Tami is no one and acting a dam fool does not prove you are down and hard it like she is always trying to impress someone and Shauni isn’t any better they just kiss her ass and these women are not in their 30′s they look like they pressing 45 it’s a dam shame for black women to act this way so stupid she should be ashamed of herself I can’t continue to watch this show they have no class all they do is eat and it shows -

  144. R. Parker says:

    Reply to R. J., you are right about Suzie. I remember when she was kicked out of the group. Now that she is back in, she is a drama starter. She runs back and forth to both sides and takes information back to the evil side (Tammi, Evelyn and Shaunie). On next week’s episode that girl had every right to report her purse stolen and if Tammi attacks her she should have her arrested in Tahiti. These mean immature women need to be stopped. I just wish so bad that they would meet their match and I believe Kenya may be the one to do it because she took Jen to learn self-defense and I don’t believe she is affraid of Evelyn.

  145. Terri Dillard says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with Chioma! After watching this episode, I also deleted Basketball Wives from my DVR. It’s one thing to HOPE that grown women will get passed their indifferences and prejudices with one another; it’s another thing to see bullying, violence and just plain illegal activity going on in a reality show!! Both Evelyn and Tami need to experience the REALITY of fighting in public, destroying business property and making a nuisance of themselves in another country that welcomed your stay with open arms! These women need to be in jail and experience a REAL environment where women like to fight and see how tough you are. You’re showing young girls and young ladies that you can act uncontrollable and violent and not face any repercussions! Royce Reed, I respect you for stating the truth, standing up for what’s right and staying out the drama however I can not support this show any longer!

  146. hell Knaw!!! says:

    Royce sit your a… down now. Your father is right. You’re all over the place, crying like a dam jack a…. on national TV. You ain’t gonna be with that boy long cuz he can’t say what he really feels w/o your a…. whinning! You are very needy. You basically showed us that on the episode. You lucky your father didn’t really snap on your a… crying and carrying on like a fool.

  147. Hell Knaw! says:

    @ Sweetie. So what people are commenting. You just don’t want the show to come to an end. Word travels fast when it comes to these reality shows. Hell I’m gonna comment whether I watch it or not. Now, how about that.

  148. rudeness89 says:

    @ Sweetheart I completely agree with u!!!!! People keep saying how this show is a disgrace & how they hate it but keep watching & commenting on it. Regardless of how anyone thinks these women are getting paid period!!! I love the show & its craziness not that I condone any of their actions …. it just blows my mind how some people can be…. grown or not! I know Tami is crazy but I love her & she is the main reason I watch BBW!!!! Royce needs to come off her high horse of maturity wasn’t she the 1 squatting on the ground crying like a 3 year old having a fit. Royce needs to fix her hair before next season cause she looks as bad a Kenya!!! Curl it do something just don’t tape another episode with that mess u got now!!! Royce is always talking about being mature but she dresses like a little girl & her mind set pertaining to relationships with men is like a little girl!!! The ladies shouldn’t have picked on Kisha like that but this isn’t Cheer camp!!! So stop trying to pass the spirit stick of expressing your feelings!!! Plus she is new to the show so she should have known not to run her mouth around seasoned vets of the show even if she felt like they were cool…. there loyalty is with Tami so of course they are going to tell her!!! She should have learned after the first time with Evelyn but no!!! This time it could have been Suzie or Royce who knows who cares!! Just stop talking smack when Tami isn’t around and just tell her what ur issue is in person….. because to me Kisha looked stupid…. Honestly you couldn’t have come to Tami and said whatever you want because when you get the chance u get scared and run and hide!!! ….. Subject Change!!! How many times did Royce watch that episode/ scene to get that quote word for word…. I’m just saying!!!!

  149. Jenee says:

    For all of you taking personal shots at Royce, like she states at the beginning: it’s HER blog and SHE’LL say what she wants to say. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Simple. ;)

  150. Enida says:

    In reference to Tahiti…as always you’re on point Royce!

  151. rudeness89 says:

    I read it and left a comment now What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Tanisha-Li says:

    I could’nt have said it any better than you Royce….! It’s a DAMN SHAME that these GROWN WOMEN WITH CHILDREN act this way. I applaud Keisha for taking the adult route & not giving Tammi the satisfaction she seeks as being known as a BULLY. My personal opinion, Tammi just has’nt come across the right GHETTO MINDED CHIC LIKE HER as of yet. I’m pretty sure her bark is much bigger than her bite. It BAFFLES me that SHAUNIE can just sit back & say nothing, regardless of the money she’s making. This show has turned into nothing but a BAD CASE OF MEAN GIRLS (WOMEN) who get pleasure out of the drama TAMMI & EVELYN BRING. SUZIE…SUZIE…TROUBLEMAKER & it’s going to come to light. EVELYN? NEED I COMMENT?!?! ROYCE? You honestly are a true friend. You speak from your heart, that’s the real definition of a real female. I think they’re all honestly scared of Tammi & why? I’ll never know. I’ve been hearing all day on the radio station about the petition to cancel the show & Evelyn’s new show. I WILL SIGN..! These bully’s are in their late 30′s & early 40′s acting this way. Tammi? You did steal her purse? DO YOU HAVE COMMEN SENSE?? Because taking someone else’s belongings without their permission is stealing. I was against the lawsuite that Meeka had put out, but Tammi needs a dose of reality. It’s ok for her to get all up in Keisha’s face with her hands, but the second anyone else does it to her there’s a problem. THIS IS SAD VH1..VERY SAD. Jen, i’m glad that you got from under Evelyn’s a**. It’s mighty funny how when Jen was married to Eric, Evelyn was talking negative about him, but the second Jen spoke the truth on OCHO Evelyn had a fit. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT LADIES, MONEY CAN’T DECIDE WHETHER YOU GO TO HEAVEN OR HELL SO DON’T SELL YOUR SOLES FOR SOMETHING THAT ISN’T GOING TO DETERMINE YOUR FATE WHEN THAT TIME COMES….


  153. Shine a Light on It says:

    Why can’t the others have enough backbone to speak the truth as you do? You chose your integrity above the “circle” and you gained my respect for that. I guess the others are in fear of being kicked off the show. You tried with Tami, but it’s a lost cause Sweetie. She needs more help than you can give. Cut your losses with her like you did the others. I’m sure she has cut you already because you didn’t support her behavior. I think you and Kesha can have a great friendship. Choose quality over quantity. One true friend is worth a bushel of those buffoons.
    Distance yourself from Suzie. She will inject poison into any relationship you try to have.
    Best of everything life has to offer!

  154. Dashy says:

    @rudeness89 I agree with you 100%

  155. Amber says:

    I love you for being a “underdog” but so real. The honesty that you put into this blog enlightens me that there is at least one positive black woman on this show. Don’t get me wrong, I do like BBW, but the drama and the bullying is not right. Tammi was a BIG BULLY, and to be honest she to damn grown. Keshia is a noce girl from what I see and no one deserves to be treated like that all over nothing. So thank you Royce for having courage to stand up for what is right~

  156. Dashy says:

    @Ginger you read my mind

  157. JAcevedo0416 says:

    First off, Royce is amazing but has no position in voicing an opinion on a subject matter that A. Doesnt involve her and B. Contradicts where her loyalty stands as far as being a friend. If you are a friend to both parties, the way to be loyal exactly the same to both is by remaining neutral and keeping silent. If you are asked for advice on the subject at hand, you can then voice your opinion but only to those who are directly involved in the situation, otherwise, you will look like a hypocrite and a fool for stating an opinion on a situation of which you are unaware of all the facts. I understand Royce has a duty to fulfill as far as blogging, but it is also not right for her to state indifference with someone on their reaction without understanding the plot of the problem.

  158. nae says:

    if it’s not all that much drama, why keep coming on the show? somebody making money and you”re getting paid too!

  159. Coffee says:

    @rudeness89 first of all Royce prob look better than you, so stop taking swing at appearances It’s not neccesary,Royce has real hair mostly, average clothes she is an athlete so she dress like one (jeans t-shirt) relaxed,and she has grown up the most in maturity level since season one.. Royce blog was on point this week, I feel she is the most real and best bbw because she know when to take care of drama and squash it when and if neccesary. I couldn’t have said it better myself, as much as I love tami, sometimes she can be a hypocrit because she wants to receive info or problems about herself first you must not discuss with anyone else but she does not give others the same respect. You had a dislike or opinion about Kenya and Keisha and you spoke to Evelyn bout them before you ever approached the girls therefore practice what you preach.

  160. Miss Ebonie says:

    Amen Royce. I can’t believe what I saw on Basketball Wives. I feel like this show is all about drama. Why is it okay for Tami to talk about people behind there backs, but its not okay for anybody to talk about her. Susie is a drama queen I don’t like her she is so two face. We all know that Susie was the one that told Tami. SUSIE IS A LIARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR AND I wouldn’t trust Susie if my life depended on it. I can’t believe some of these women are mothers and they are showing to the world its okay to disrespect, gossip and act fools. They don’t carry themselves with dignity or respect. What kind of role model are they showing to the world. Baseball wives clearly shows that they are BULLIES they will throw bottles or gang up on you on purpose. I think they like to take trips together so they can pick on you and fight with you on purpose. Why is okay to bully people and laugh about it. The other girls just laugh an thinks its okay it shows there true characters. There is nothing positive about this show. I don’t know why its called Basketball Wives no one on the show is currently married to basketball players.

  161. Vee says:

    If it was Suzie telling Tami, they would have taped it to make Suzi look bad. But it was Shaunie who showed her the footage.That’s why Tami couldn’t say. Shaunie even said that Tami knew about the conversation. Tami said she got the words from Kesha’s mouth. She didn’t have to do any fact-checking. Suzi can’t play back any footage. The producer can. That would be Shaunie.

  162. T'Nae says:

    I have to answer this blog by saying: GROWN WOMEN ALSO DO NOT CRY AND FALL OUT LIKE A SPOILED A** BRAT AND HAVE A COMPLETE MELTDOWN IN PUBLIC. FYI: Your poor dog look like he wanted to die embarrassment. #justsayin

  163. lana says:

    Basketball wives!
    Hunny, this hot mess of a show needs to be off air ASAP! 1st off it’s a total embarrassment to African American women on national television to be carrying on like some dang fools. It’s time for some positive shows showing our women doing positive things. You guys are mothers raising children how can you explain your behavior to your children? VH1 TAKE THESE LOW LIFE HOOD RATS THAT AIN’T WIVES OFF TV!

  164. Sassymia_mia says:

    This is so true Royce with the whole Tahiti trip it is really sad how they are falling into the stereotypes about African American Woman. Tami should know not to drink if Acohol is her trigger for her to go off bad temper not cool. They are bullies not cool Keisha didn’t do anything to Tami at all and she just keeps picking with her. It is always a saying Never mess with the quiet ones you never know what they are capable of doing. Not cool ladies not cool they need to learn how to be more humble with theirselves and around others.

  165. Herma Du Pont says:

    I hope NEVER to become a person with no regard 4 people’s feelings.With that said I apologize to Tami Roman for hurtful words directed to her…There must have been a better way to get across what I wanted to say.If I am chastising her in a raucous and hurtful manner,it means that I am guilty of the same I am accusing her of.I am sorry.If we cut too will bleed and you obviously need some sort of intervention from GOD….Dust yourself off and try again.I wish you ALL the best,I mean that!!

  166. Shaffina Brown says:

    Royce you are the only one on the show doing anything productive with your life. You used the show to capitilize your talents and take it/c to the next level. Those other women are pathetic, this is the worst form of entertainment I have seen in years. This is NOT what we as black women want to be betrayed as. Its not a good show at all. I have not watched the last two episodes and do not plan on watching this show any longer at all. I simply follow your blog because you are a great role model.

  167. Shay says:

    I completely and 100% agree with royce. That was an utter shame to watch tami act that way. That too isnt the tami ive grown to love from watching the show. It almost as if she is feeding off of evelyns mess of a personality. Its not cute and its not mature! i was ashamed and highly dissapointed. If tami is anything like that in real life or on camera then she is definitely someone i no longer or ever want to get to know. It just was so crazy and i think Royce is right to feel that way about the drama and the issues with her dad. Royce is still and always will be my fav.

  168. K says:


  169. kasi says:

    royce you look like a fool. when i found out you were a mother then i started to understand the fathers point of view you can do what you want but when children are involved all that gettin with cats one after another on tv is crazy you cannot erase this.looks like you think your dad is so worried about you its you and tour child silly

  170. Mschanging the channel says:

    Tammi has become a re-make of Evelyn, and together they are bullies, how sad!! They are beautiful women on the surface; however conducting themselves like Rats, and Lord what do they tell their daughters, smh!! I bet Suzie twisted Kesha’s words, and your right Tammi was looking for any excuse to bring the drama. It’s obvious that the girl is scared and not into fighting, so why keep pushing, a classic case of bullying. I think this show has definitely taken a left turn and should be yanked off the air. Royce I wish you much success in your future endeavors, keep being positive and doing you, disassociating yourself with the in-crowd was a Great move. Shaunie, “Ms throw the rocks and hide her hands,” Tammi & Evelyn are totally disgraceful, and to think I use to like Tammi!!

  171. onyxnightshade says:

    To those saying that Royce had nothing to do with the situation between Tami and Kesha…um, yes she did. She was actually IN THE ROOM when Kesha said what she said, so that’s how she knows that Tami got it wrong. ALSO, Kesha isn’t “talking big” behind Tami’s back. The girl had just been verbally assaulted, is she not allowed to vent her frustrations about that?

    Royce was 100% in the right with everything concerning Tahiti. Tami is just a monster and a bully and I hope that someday soon she meets her match.

  172. Ni Black says:

    Royce, your girls did thier thang on the dance floor! It was a good show to watch, so continue doing wat you do. You and your wonderful dancer surely have talent. It is a blessing to see a strong black sister giving back to the community.

  173. sheila says:

    I just want to put my thoughts into this because my daughters who are in their 20′s watches this show and they had me watching it I just feel like, to see grown women in their 30′s and 40′s carrying on in this manner it’s so sad….VH1 is the ones that coming out on top in all of this you’re on a national television program acting like straight hood rats that in it self is very sad….still I know that you all are making your money but really is that enough what about your dignity. Because you all look like darn fools when you look at the show….JUST SAD!!!

  174. easyliving says:

    Tami really change,Tami is insecure about her self,thx royce for giving ur authentic oppinion,Tami thinks she and evelyn will be cool as jennifer and evelyn,tami needs to step her game up to be evelyn friend.
    Tami is not in the circle they shaunie n evelyn r making a fool of her.

  175. Terry says:

    Wow. Sister, you are on point. I think these old hags need to sit their asses down somewhere and get a life. As for my baby Kesha, I had hopes that she woke up and realized that she is basically their play thing and I have been in that position where “friends” use you as their play thing. When that happens, those hoes are FAR from friends and you need to let them go. Evelyn and Tami’s daughters have more maturity then them and that’s a crying shame. Not a fan of Kenya but I love how she was making Evelyn mad simply because Kenya had that hardcore poker face on.

  176. LaShanta says:

    Thank you for not taking part in that mess. I’m so glad you decided to come back for season 4. This show is going down real quick. Evelyn and Tami are too old and look so ignorant. I’m mad at Shauni for continuing on with this and acting all surprised when it does pop off. I never see her trying to diffuse the problem.

  177. strawberry says:

    i used to like tami, but she has changed and not for the better. is evelyn that important that she makes you forget who you are. tami is acting like a follower not a leader. not only that you have daughters kiesha is somones daughter. tami should be a role modle to the younger woman. but as it stands tami could learn a few things from royce and kiesha. tami should grow up and be the woman she professes to be.

  178. Traci says:

    WTG Royce! Well said! I truly appreciate you being your own woman. It is a shame how they act on this show. I do not understand how Shauni could ever accept being a part of this. To have poor Keisha scared liked that is sad. That does not make Tammy a better woman for doing that to her. If I were a parent I would never let my children see me act like that. SMH! They are starting a petition to ban this show… wonder why???!!! It sad to see beautiful African American women lose their outer beauty because of their inner looks. Stay strong Royce! Just keep being proud of yourself and trust in God. Let your dad see you do it without looking for his approval and he will come around! God bless.

  179. l Taylor says:

    y do you always have something to say about EVELYN!!!!!! all your blogs u talking about her..ummm i don’t hear her mention you unless your name is brought up…what realy good.

  180. Drea says:

    i agree with you about the girls…i was a fan of Tami since the Real world but she’s changed a lot and i hate BULLIES!!! and she’s probably not going to apologize on the reunion …she’s gonna “blame it on the alcohol”. she has a great personality when she’s in a good mood but now i just think shes as wack as Evelyn. I wonder what her daughters think of her when they see her act like a nutcase.

    also i enjoyed the video and the reggae and and soca in it!! :-)

  181. RAVEN says:

    Royce…your blogs are very well written with great points. Shaunie should be the one taking this high road and writing this blog but instead she chose to be a part of the negativity…unfortunately.

  182. C. Ruth says:

    Royce. Please listen. Keep your relationship with Dezmon far away from the spotlight. I know the relationship may give you ratings, but now that we’ve seen him…Don’ t let the media ruin or expose anything between you guys.

  183. KayBee says:

    Friend or no friend you were right for calling Tami out Royce! If she doesnt like it, too bad! Who wants to be friends with her anyway???? Tami is just trying to be another Evelyn & its pathetic. She has ‘issues’ & thats obvious BUT its no reason to keep messing w Kesha. You have to be a pretty pathetic person to pick on someone you know wont really fight back. #losers Tami needs to be off the show next year & go back to whatever hole she crawled out of!!!!!

  184. Gwane Martin says:

    I am sure whatever differences exist between Royce and her Dad can be worked out. Life is just too short not to make peace with your parent. Royce needs to understand that Fathers just want the best for their daughters and will always try and protect them and Royce’s Father needs to respect his daughter and realize that she is grown and will make her own mistakes. I think they need to somehow meet in the middle of that

  185. Zenobe says:

    It’s so disturbing to see these mothers with grown children of their own acting like high school mean girls. I hope VH1 is paying you enough money, because they sure are cashing in on the ignorance of black folks.

  186. dlovely says:

    Royce, you are blessed to still have your father. Your father reminds me so much of mine its scary(lol) When you get as old as me you will find yourself imparting the same knowledge that he gives you. My dad was 93 when he passed and I am 46 now. Old school is good school.
    Your blog was on point this week about Tahiti. I appreciate you pointing out the obvious truth in Tamis’ foul behavior. I am extremely disappointed where this show is going and how these women that neither one our fathers would consider ladies, act.
    Stay strong, your dad pushes you because he loves you so much. Think about it like this…if you thought for a minute something was going to hurt your son, you would try every way to stop it, or if you thought he was making the same hurtful mistake you would try to correct it. Your dad may feel the same way with you. It’s their methods to try to teach us to stop. You will appreaciate him so much more later.
    Peace and love !

  187. Tan says:

    I’m sure Royce can handle Tami, SHE’S INTELLIGENT HER, POINTS ARE ALWAYS VALID, AND I KNOW SHE NOT SCARED TO SPEAK HER MIND.. she handled Evelyn 2 reunions ago and I have faith she’ll put Tami in her place if needs be, (ie If Tami dont block the words with her fist like she did to Meeka tryna call her out

  188. Agreed says:

    Completely agree as usual Royce your blog is on point! This was belong childish and these grown women really do need to get a life…that doesn’t involve bullying and other ghetto stupid antics that are just ignorant! Wht grown woman with morals AND KIDS sits back and watches another woman embarrass,humiliate and degrade another the way Tami did Kesha…a no good triffling one that’s who! It’s so wrong and karma is someone else so they really should be concerned!

  189. deb says:

    Stay real Royce and keep your business with your man private because that is the thing that they will use against you. I absolutely love the fact that you don’t go along with the craziness.Tammy ‘s is a true friend and she will get that she is wrong. Just continue to be the friend that says to her ” I love you but you’re wrong.

  190. Kacey says:

    ….couldn’t have said it better myself! All this “she said, she said” crap is sooooo 5th grade. These ladies need to grow up. …and Tami is so obsessed with people not talking behind their back…and there she is making faces behind Kesha’s back. She is so childish. The rest of them are just 5th grade mean girls.

  191. AprilB says:

    Love what you’re doing with Fantashique Royce!! I think it’s really cool to give young girls an outlet & something positive to do while at the same time encouraging them to do well is school. These are the kinds of things that need to be shown on Basketball Wives. I’m so sick of watching the high school bullies that I seldom even watch it anymore.

  192. CC says:

    I just read a comment where someone said that Royce had no involvement in that part of the show or wasn’t sure of what happened so she shouldn’t talk about what happened between Tami and Keisha. WRONG, Royce was in Keisha’s presence when she made the statement that Tami was so angry over AND like her, I agree that what Keisha said didn’t have the same negative, messy connotation that they—-OR TAMI—-was trying to place on it.

  193. latrice says:

    i agree with royce , who the hell do these women think they are? all tami and evelyn need is a good ass whooping . they only pick on people they believe will not fight back.

  194. angie says:

    Royce I’m glad you said it I just hope this dosen’t have any backlash on you wiht Tami but my love know that your 100% correct about how Tami acted. It was utterly disgusting and unneccessary the way she treated Kesha.

  195. TJackson says:

    I feel you Royce, I dont see anything wrong with Tami having an issue with something Kesha said but its they way that these girls handle the issues they have with people. If they got a problem with someone they need to learn to address the issue as a grown woman rather than someone who is in high school fightin on national television.

  196. p.reyes says:

    If you are a friend, to even both parties the best thing to do is to always stick on the side of RIGHT. Blind loyalty is not friendship. If my best friend did wrong then I will let her know that she was wrong and I would expect the same from her. Right is right and wrong is wrong. And Tami was definitely WRONG and everyone at that table should have stood up and dragged that drunk azz Tami back to bungalow and let her sleep off her drunken state and soon as she raised her voice at Kesha. Real friends and general human decency would have dictated that every one gathered up that wrinkled, drunk, damaged-abused, old-azz bully back to her room, locked the door and demanded behavior modification for the rest of the trip or send her azz packing. The U.S. gov’t should revoke the passports of Tami, EVILyn and Shaunie. They aren’t fit for foriegn travel. They are an embarassment to Americans and to African-Americans.

  197. Alisohn T says:

    Best wishes Royce, I’m sending you love and light. I’ll be praying for you and your family (your dad) also your big prayers for you and your hunny bunny.

  198. LetTheChurchSayAmenToThis says:

    Chuch!!!!! Tell it! You are small but have more courage and do right than any of them Royce. You’re still bougus for the Jen hubby thing but it was kind of minor. You keep it 100!

  199. Hey Royce as always u are on point with the blog. I could totally relate to the way u feel and get emotional with your dad. It is so hard when u are always seeking approval from someone of whom refuses to compliment you even when one is due. I will say you are doing a great job mentoring those girls. All the drama on the show is for the birds. I love Tami but, she was so wrong for going in on Kesha like that. You already know the girl is not going to fight or argue so y waste you time being negative to someone who is trying her best to be nice to u. I knew Shaunie was the one who outted her because even Suzie was looking like I am glad its not me this time.

  200. tinia says:

    @Jenee she can say what she wants but folks still have their right to their opinions despite if Royce likes them or not. Also, if you like them or not. It’s life Boo Boo!

  201. belkis says:

    so true

  202. Royce FAN says:

    Royce, Please stay true to how you feel. I love you because you are real and you at least try to show some integrity about yourself on television. This show has gotten outrageous! Shaunie is a pure disappointment, and they claim they are the IT women??!!! What real man wants to put up with these types of women??? It makes it hard on the black women are don’t act like this. And secondly, anything you have to say on here, you can and WILL voice to the other members as well. Tami is a good person, but she allows her so called buddies to amp her up and that’s not funny. I hope she opens her eyes because she is such a beautiful person. Maybe she will listen to you because Keisha to my understanding as well, DIDNOT say that she was going to go off on Tami, she was just expressing herself and those other chicks are just being plain messy!! I love it that you don’t judge people by others opinions, but you learn people from your OWN experiences with them. Keep your head up, love

  203. Lisa says:

    Royce, I hope things improve with your dad. All you can do is pray and be the best person for you and your son. Also, thank you for a honest opinion about how things went down. I fell sorry for Keisha and hoped someone would step up and say…”Grow up’. It’s not a good look at all…

  204. La Verita says:

    – IN REGARDS TO HOW ROYCE ADDRESSED ‘HER’ SITUATION (screaming, yelling, crying, storming off, whining, manipulating, etc.), ROYCE SAYS —> “It’s just hard for me at times to listen so I shut down and walk away. Right? Maybe not, but it’s what I do…”

    – IN REGARDS TO HOW SOMEONE ELSE ADDRESSED ‘THEIR’ SITUATION (fussing, bullying, barking, instigating, picking, etc.), ROYCE SAYS —> “At some point you have to look at yourself and say “Damn, that wasn’t a good look. I need to change the way I speak to people and handle things because I look crazy.”

    LMAO! Come again???? My oh my, how self righteous some can be with others while ranting on and on about how they will always tell friends when they are WRONG… BUT then actually have the audacity to ADMIT THEY THEMSELVES ARE WRONG but justify it with a…… “but it’s what I do”… SMDH

    Then here come all of you cosigners all starting each of your comments with something to the effect of “Oh Royce, you are so on point” LOL! Huh?? Geesh, it’s like a dammm broken record on here.

    — NOW… HERE IS WHAT I SAY —->>> “IN BOTH SITUATIONS —– GROWN AZZ WOMEN ACTED LIKE LITTLE AZZ GIRLS!!!” So instead of being so critical Royce Needy Reed, you need to take your own advice (like you should every week). Didn’t you learn anything from all that egg on your face with the whole Dezmon / baby mama debacle? It doesn’t appear that you have. Soooo I will recap the lesson for you once more. -> Stop being so quick to go so hard on other people! You did it on twitter and got your face cracked FOR A REASON… to learn from it SILLY RABBIT. Even if what you state about others actually has some validity, you will always end up looking RIDICULOUS when you fail to practice the very statements you preach. This blog was deflection at it’s finest.

    — But in all sincerity folks, in closing I would just like to add to this blog if I may. I want to add by sending a loving heartfelt message genuinely meant for the original author. For my message, I’d like to borrow a quote from a reality personality who got her start a while back by having a child with a famous basketball player. I’ll just add a little to the quote since it fits perfectly for this blog… here goes….

    ***** “Dear Royce, when you are on national television behaving like a 3 year old, affection starved, spoiled, defensive, disrespectful, manipulative, whiny, “whoa is me” misunderstood VICTIM, at some point you have to look at yourself and say “Damn, that wasn’t a good look. I need to change the way I speak and react to people and how I handle things because I look crazy.” *******

    feel free to use that quote for your blog next week

  205. Septima says:

    Royce I think you are a hypocrit!!!!!!

  206. katrina jackson says:

    Royce Royce Royce, girl you and those young ladies did yall thug thug thug. The short little clip that I seen on you tube must just fabulous. Continue to do what you love and what makes you happy because people are always going to find fault in what others do because they either didnt have the courage or nerves to follow their dreams when the opportunity presented it self. So hold your head up you beautiful black nubian queen and continue to handle your business because even if people dont tell you that they are proud of you just know that they are because if they werent they wouldnt continue to talk about what youre doing. So live miss lady live because you only have one life and when its gone its gone.

  207. kimmy says:

    I agree 100% and hopefully Tami, Shaunie, Susie and Evelyn will grow up soon

  208. Sugar Mitchell says:

    The entire time I was reading your blog I was worried you may get jumped by Tami and Evelyn for voicing your opinion. Now that I have finished reading I am more worried. I wish you just the best that life and love has to offer.

  209. Sonya says:

    Royce, God gives us no more than what we can handle. In every situation there is a lesson, so pay close attention and know that what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger!!

    I dont know you but from what I can gather from the show, you are alright with me! Initially, I was a big fan of the show but the other ladies have completely turned me off!!

  210. phyllis faberge johnson says:


  211. dee says:

    I agree with you 100%…keep doing you Royce, how ever it maybe, you got a good head on your shoulders…no one is perfect…those without sin cast the first stone…no one can throw that stone. Some of the bloggers seem to think you should practice what you preach…fact is we all preach without practicing it…human nature…why because we care enough not to want others to make the same mistakes that we have and are trying not to make…again no one is perfect or has the right to sit in judgement of anyone else…we all have faults and flaws and things we can and should change about ourselves but the best we can hope for is to learn from our mistakes and treat others they way we want to be treated.

  212. WHocares says:

    Royce, have you talked to Tami about how you felt? Aren’t you two friends? This seen like you are taking sides…isn’t the show edited to show what they want the people to see…are you sure that’s how it went down in Tahiti…?

  213. Taylor says:

    Royce, I respect and admire you. Keep on speaking the truth about your fellow cast members. They are pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. Amber Gantt says:

    Royce is not taking sides she is just telling the truth on what went down and if she is friends with Tammi than I would think that she can tell her friend the truth. She acted a damn fool so if the hands was on the other foot Tammi would tell Royce she made a fool of herself.

  215. Disappointed fan says:

    OMG!!! Royce…you couldn’t have said it better and I’m glad you did. I’m not African-American and I sure as hell was trying to find a way to say what you said without sounding racist or ignorant. This really isn’t a race thing, but what you say and do makes it hard to not generalize on a group of people with whom she identifies with. Watching the footage was extremely disturbing and I couldn’t help but think of Tami as tasteless and classless. Everything she says is a bunch of bull considering what she looked like and the manner in which she carried herself at the begining of season 2.

  216. onatah lumbee says:

    You know I hope this is a lessoned learned for everyone involved. It is my opinion that Tammi is an emotional woman with reason. Keisha (lord I hope I spelled her name right) has a very unique self-defense mechanism, Passive aggressiveness.
    Keisha is very good at manipulating situations as an advantage to her. Tammi has a ways to go, anger is a beast and it will tear you up inside but she recognizes her fault and is sincerely working to overcome them. No judgment here, just well wishes. Love you Tammi

  217. roxyy says:

    Royce its a shame that you don’t understand what your dad “sees”. He sees you hopping from man to man in short periods of time. Stop committing yourself to men that don’t take you serious. He is a man! He know’s exactly what they want, and it’s sad, he knows exactly what you’ll give. it’s a shame when your dad sees you as the rest of the world.

  218. deillian(shortstack)sawyers says:

    Royce I think everything you said is true but Suzie plays a big part in everything also,she runs back and tells everything and to me that’s someone who loves drama just like Shaunie and Evelyn!!Tamie shoudn’t drink cause what she did was uncalled for.She likes attention!!

  219. shan says:

    I agree that Royce should learn from the way she is portrayed on tv and that it was not acceptable. However, there is a HUGE difference between Royce and Tami’s behavior for people calling her a hypocrite. Royce’s behavior is not directly affecting other people like Tami’s is. Tami is making her issues other people’s problems that aren’t even that close to her. She is just exploding on other people and she is also giving other people issues that they will have to deal with for life and that is not okay. The people Royce is affecting she knows very closely and they have agreed to be affected by her and deal with her problems. That’s what relationships, familial and romantic are.

  220. Kenya says:

    Royce keep up the work girlie your grown just love your dad and keep doing you. dads r always gone be over over protective. I love you as a person and think your the realist person on BBW

  221. Corbitt says:

    Royce I applaud you and I concur. I don’t feel that you’re a hypocrite. I respect everyones’ comments but it’s sad when these ppl down you only because speak the truth about their role models—-even sadder that these women like Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie are role models. The only reason these women seem to have their acts together was due to the fact that their people start to realize that these women’s reactions became their character. (Tami reaction toward Meeka….the fighting and talking loud…became Tami’s persona). When their fan base started to sway left…..then did they start to realize that we have to do something different

  222. Melissa Bahg says:

    I swear you are soooooo realllllll! Everytime I read your blog im shaking my head up and down you basically take the words out of my mouth and make them better!