Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 12: A DAMN SHAME


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


This episode was pretty intense…So lets just get right into it.

The relationship between my dad and I has been damaged for years. It started going downhill when I was in high school and I decided I no longer wanted to run track. Yes, I was good, but I didn’t love it. I come from a family FULL of athletes, most of whom ran track and still hold a few records in Florida for relays and single races. My love stopped when it felt more like a job than something I loved to do because it was forced on me. Since the day I decided I wanted to continue dancing and cheering competitively I haven’t felt “good enough” for my dad. Part of me thinks he still resents me for that. Even when it comes to my son Braylon. He has all these hopes and dreams for Braylon as do I, but if we don’t agree, I’m dumb, ignorant, not understanding English, or he’s “worried about him.” I miss the relationship I used to have with my dad when we’d go fishing, have long talks, laugh and just have fun. I don’t have fun with my dad anymore, I get lectured. I always get told when I’m doing something wrong in his opinion, but never praised when I’ve done something great. Sometimes I just want a hug from him. Some sort of compliment or applause…That’s what I meant when I said I just wanted him to be my dad. Those two scenes were not only about Dezmon and Braylon, a lot had to do with my career that was edited out. If you listen closely before Dezmon walked up my dad was telling me to give up dancing. Why? Because HE THINKS I need to concentrate on my acting more. I JUST did two different plays (one in Detroit, one in New York) and instead of saying “good job,” he said “Oh, and that’s good enough for you, huh?” No, it’s not good enough for me, but dammit I’m proud of myself. As far as dancing my Apprentice Company JUST had their show this weekend (see footage below) and this was their first EVER showcase…The Charter 17. Some of these girls have never danced before, and in seven months they looked like this. I’m not giving up on my acting career but I’m also NEVER giving up on dance. It’s always been my outlet and my purge and I love these girls. My dad actually came to the show this weekend after saying he wasn’t and I think he got a completely different outlook on what I actually do. I think within the past few months he’s starting to realize I’m a giver not a receiver. I’m a lover not a fighter, but I will FIGHT for what I love.

As far as Dezmon goes, I was upset that he cosigned my dad because Dezmon came to visit me a lot more than I did him at that point. I was confused and hurt because he was trying to relieve a stressful situation by saying the wrong thing. “APPARENTLY” he meant when we were together twenty four hours a day someone needed to leave for a few hours here and there so we both had equal space. I understand that but the conversation should’ve been had away from my father who already has NO IDEA who his daughter is because as you heard, I speak to my mother a lot more…she’s my BEST FRIEND. I will NEVER be needy in my life when it comes to a man or life period. According to my mom, friends and even Dezmon, my biggest fault is not asking for help. I always say “I got this,” “Don’t worry about me,” or “I’m straight.” I’m also everyone’s hero with no shoulder left for me: Cue Beyonce’s “Save The Hero” song…All in all, Dezmon does love me, I know that. I love him too. It’s just hard for me at times to listen so I shut down and walk away. Right? Maybe not, but it’s what I do…

Moving on to Tahiti…if this wasn’t deja vu, I don’t know what is. I was honestly just hoping Kesha didn’t say her skin hurt. Tami seemed as though she was trying to find something to get upset about and she chose a cough. From the way the girls were seated in the car, to laughing and making faces behind Kesha‘s back if you take a screen capture from that scene and mine from the van in Spain, it’s almost identical. I’m not sure what happened to Tami, but this isn’t the woman I’ve gotten to know. To see these women gang up on someone who has done nothing to them is embarrassing. I say ganging up because NO ONE did anything to stop it. If you don’t say anything you then become part of the problem. Who cares if Kesha was scared to get in the ocean with sharks and stingrays, I don’t believe I saw any of your asses in a swimsuit jumping in the water either. How are you going to call someone else scary when at least they put on the attire instead of saying “Oh Hell NO” in confessionals????? I applaud Suzie and Kesha for appreciating what Tahiti had to offer and attempting to stay drama free. I find it amazing when alcohol is used as liquid courage and an excuse to turn into the HULK. Most times I drink, I get emotional, horny, and just want to dance…..:side-eye: lol. But if you know that drinks cause you to have a temper, why indulge just because everyone else is? The whole scene with Tami and Kesha I shook my head. At some point you have to look at yourself and say “Damn, that wasn’t a good look. I need to change the way I speak to people and handle things because I look crazy.” If you don’t see it, your “so-called” friends have and should tell you the same. Tami, if Evelyn and Shaunie found no problem with Kesha’s questions, it wasn’t up to you to find one. Tami, if you HEARD Kesha said all these things about you, why not call out the person who told you so you can get all three parties together. I’m sure THAT PERSON was probably sitting at that table. I have an idea of two people who could’ve said it. One is known to talk a lot, and the other is a snake in the grass. If you’re going based off the footage that was shown, Kesha said “I seriously had to just NOT go off…and honestly, like, I could’ve came at Tami and said whatever I wanted to but there’s nothing I could’ve said that would’ve made her look worse than she was making herself look…Tami is like acting a fool” …She never said she wanted to, so why are you asking her to now??? The smirking on the side by Evelyn and Shaunie is a DAMN SHAME. Grown as women talking about a damn position! Grown ass women wanting to fight with no repercussions!I HEARD about what happened in Tahiti but seeing it now is an embarrassment and the sh!t is PISSING ME OFF!!!! GROWN ASS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN feeding into the stereotype already placed on us…plus two!!!!!!!!

The Fantashique Apprentice Company First Spring Showcase:

Early bird auditions will be held June 2. Regular auditions will be held June 30. The Orlando, FL based company is for girls ages 5-17 of all races and dance levels! If you can make the rehearsals you can audition to become a part of the company. WE DO CHECK GRADES!!! C AVERAGE OR BETTER! For more information contact

Thanks to all who came out this past weekend to show their support for these wonderful young ladies. The Charter 17! Some of which have never danced before! We had 3 GREAT sold out shows!

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