Talking Couples Therapy Episode 8 With Dr. Jenn Berman: Look How Far We’ve Come


Dr. Jenn Berman has been counseling people and offering advice to people in need for some twenty years now, but on VH1’s Couples Therapy, this marks her first time working with a group of ten celebrities whose relationships are in desperate need of repair. We’ll be checking in with Dr. Jenn each week to chat about the progress of her patients on the show, and what she really thinks of their behavior. Dr. Jenn gives us a post-finale roundup of how everyone in the cast has been doing and how they viewed their time in therapy this week. Dr. Jenn sill consults with some of the cast and therefore still has to maintain a doctor-patient confidentiality, so you’ll see that there are a couple of questions she just can’t reveal the answers to. But overall, it’s safe to say she’s thrilled by everyone’s progress.

I’m interested to see how Reichen and Rodiney fared overall in therapy with you, theirs seemed to be one of the more quiet storylines.

The experience of being on the show allowed them to open up to each other in a way they never had before, and gave them both the ability to voice their needs in a really meaningful way that allowed them to get closer and they left in a very good place, probably closer than they’d ever been in terms of their understanding of each other and their level of respect for one another, which is really beautiful to see.

Let’s talk about Linda and Charley since they had such a big moment at the end of this episode.

I think they had a really interesting evolution and I think that they were both able to see that Linda allowed the media perception of her as a cougar hold her back in her relationship. At a certain point she had to say that what people who don’t know me or care about have to say is not important. My happiness is important. I think she got to that place. And I also think it was very healing for her to be able to have that talk with her mom and for Charley to be able to ask her mom for her hand in marriage.

It was really clear to see what Linda’s hangups were, but I feel like it was harder to see how Charley truly felt through all of this or how he really resolved his feelings.

I think a lot of the stuff that he faced didn’t necessarily make it to the final cut. He really looked at some stuff from his own childhood and how it affected him, but I think the biggest take home for him was that he has to really get to know himself and develop as a man in order to have a healthy relationship with Linda.

What was your reaction to the proposal?

I just loved it.

Did you expect it?

He had given me the heads up, and when he came to me to do that, I was really thrilled because I could see a couple who has been very consistent for four years and very loving, and he’s been very good to her. There’s just something about their relationship that just works really well.

Vienna and Kasey…I guess we should talk about them separately. What do you think of how Vienna ended her time with you?

I think that for her to take a year off from dating was a really important commitment to make and I think it’s the thing that would give her the best chance of having a healthy relationship with Lee or someone else.

Can you tell me if they’re still maintaining some kind of relationship?

I do know the answer to that, but I can’t say.

How’s Kasey?

Kasey is doing great, he’s like a new man. It’s remarkable, I’ve had a lot of contact with him and he is just working on himself so much and this show has been such a springboard for him for emotional growth. I’m really proud of him, I’m proud of the work I did with him, he’s doing really well. He’s such a good guy. Even just looking at him, he looks like a different person, he carries himself differently, he stands up straighter, it’s just a great thing to see.

Tashera and DMX were focused on closure in the finale and accepted that divorce was the best solution for them.

You know, Tashera and DMX, this was amazing for them. This gave her such clarity about how she needed to find her voice in the relationship ad how she needed to find herself and she has done such great work on herself since the show. And he — you can see he listens to her now. Which he never did before. He’s able to listen in a way that he wasn’t capable of when he walked in to the center. His ability to be there for her has gone up exponentially.

Would you have ever imagined they’d get to the place that they’re in now? DMX Couples Therapy

That’s why I do what I do. When people walk into my office and I’m able to see where they have the potential to go, I have a goal. I had a goal with each of these couples, in terms of their potential for growth or what their path needs to be, and I love when I’m able to see the outcome come to fruition. It’s incredibly gratifying to me. This is the reason why I exist in the world. This is what I believe I was meant to do.

Finally, let’s talk about how far Chris and Angelina have come.

Those two came so far. Just in terms of their communication, their level of maturity, their ability to listen to one another, they both did great.

I see them tweeting to each other occasionally and I can’t believe it’s the same couple.

I know, I love it!

This group really worked well together, they were very supportive. What else can you say about working with this combination of people?

This was an extraordinary group of people. They blew me away with their willingness to embrace the therapeutic process, with their ability to do deep work, and one of the things I loved was not only did they support each other in such a meaningful way, they also pushed each other to work harder in therapy and work on themselves, and that says a lot about them as individuals and as a group. It wasn’t just about me, me, me, it was about helping each other. A lot of them are still in touch and ave maintained relationships with each other which, for me, says a lot. They were great to each other and they still lean on each other.

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