What Was Your Favorite DMX And Tashera Moment From Couples Therapy?


DMX Tashera Simmons Couples Therapy

This season of Couples Therapy has been incredibly emotional, especially as we watched the journey that DMX and Tashera Simmons were on. The couple, who had been estranged and had some deep-seated issues revolving around X’s past with women and his abandonment issues with his mother, resolved to get divorced at the end of therapy, but it was one of the most peaceful resolutions of any couple on the show. Their mutual love for one another only seemed to grow throughout the therapy process, so we wanted to highlight some of our favorite scenes of theirs and ask you which one you loved the most. Take our poll, watch some highlighted clips below, or you can see their entire evolution in our playlist on the Couples Therapy show page.

DMX Gets Caught Drinking His “Juice” In The House

DMX Admits He’s Been Cheating The Whole Time He’s Been With Tashera

DMX Breaks Down Over His “Mommy”

X Works Things Out With His Mother

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  1. winnlu says:

    It was painful to see dmx break down when he saw his mother. It was amazing to me to see a grown man go through life making the choices he made because he needed his mommy.And that excuse she gave him for leaving him and not being in his life after that was inexcusable to me, I don’t belevie it, but he fell for it.I hope he gets from her whatever need she can fulfil for him, so he can be a better husband and father. He didn’t need his mother for that. I hate when people use the excuse for thier bad behaviour on their childhood and a lack of good or absent parents.

  2. Sophia says:

    I’m sorry but I agree with winnlu–his mom should’ve just acknowledged the pain she caused him & apologized. I’m glad she showed up for him though & I hope that they can build on that to a healthy mother-son relationship. DMX brought out emotions I tucked away in order to live regarding my mother. He’d be surprised how many others can say they understand exactly what he’s feeling & has gone through because they’ve lived in those same shoes…. :( It’s sad but true. I pray for true happiness for DMX with or without his mother in his life. I pray he finds his Own strength rather than seeking it from his mom or a mother-figure. My love to DMX~<3

  3. Phyllis says:

    As A Mother, I can’t accept what her excuses are. I would have turned around and said “Bye” to my son. I would have told him what’s going on. Seeing him break down like that, broke my heart, and I’m thankful that my mother didn’t abandon me. I pray for DMX and his strength.

  4. ThisWasStupid says:

    My favorite moment was when Tashera told DMX that she was officially filing for divorce. She has taken far too much emotional abuse from him and has finally decided to love herself more. Kudos to Tashera for learning how to walk away.

  5. Therapist says:

    You can never understand what it is like going through life with no loving, supportive parent. His mother was emotionally, psychologically and physically abusive to him as a child in a vicious way. When that happens, a child cannot develop normally. When they become adults, they are expected to function like their age despite the fact that mentally their growth was stunted as the age of the trauma. Come on, whipping a child with a triple breaded extension cord. His mom was sick and he did not get over that trauma. His behavior as an adult is typical of someone who has been completely abandoned, then he was estranged from the only parent he’s ever known. He did not believe the mother’s excuse. He just wanted to hear her apologize and re-connect. He is a very broken man and will likely never overcome the damage nor his related addictions. I wish them all the best.

  6. Amarrah says:

    I was happy to see Tashera knew it was over made a clean break.

  7. Brenda says:

    I felt so bad for X, I have always loved his music & movies and was very surprised to know had so many demons in his closet. I really hope he can move past this now that his mother is back in his life, i really hope she mends her way w/ him. & as for his wife, good for her to want to move on, its time she thinks about herself first, i know her kids would appreciate it.

  8. Toy says:

    DMX & his wife are not a couple he was calling his girlfriend while they were on the show, the show is fake, if that had been my husband i would have called a attorney right hten & started the divorce on the show, & listen once your man or woman has slept with another person its over, stop trying to go to therapy that person didnt respect you enough to not cheat on you what the heck is therapy going to do hahahalo NOTHING!!! Leave that person you are worth more than that !!!!!!!! Know your worth clearly DMX EX -WIFE dont know hers, she on a show with a cheater looking dumb azz H double L

  9. mandy jackson says:

    I have to say Vienna is the most self-centered, inconsiderate, back-stabbing little spoiled brat, and I can’t believe how she treated Casey!! There was NO reason for her to even get on the show if she had the intention to reconnect with her ex and still had feelings for HIM instead of Casey! I hope Casey moves on and he needs to realize HE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN HER!! He will find someone that really loves HIM someday, and I hope he moves on like yesterday!!

  10. teamnegtweet says:

    This was the funniest part of the show ever. Seeing DMX cry makes me wanna buy all his albums all over again. The new mixtape “The weigh in” is out going to download that. In Hip Hop we know DMX story so there was nothing knew about his relationship with his mother and group homes as a teen etc. Seeing him cry was like watching Genral Hospital, or Ryans Hope, or some other soap opera.