Basketball Wives Episode 13 Sneak Peek: Terrified


The relationship between Kesha and Tami on Basketball Wives has never been on solid ground, but on Monday’s episode, it’s on a fault line. Tami is still upset at Kesha for talking about her, but she takes it to another level when she holds Kesha’s purse hostage during their argument. Just watch the sneak peek and tune in Monday at 8 p.m. to see what happens when the fuel gets thrown on Tami’s fiery side.

Kesha Tami Tahiti Basketball Wives

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  1. David says:

    I do not like Tami, that man, needs to fight a man.

  2. Kra-Z Tami!!! says:

    Kesha has every reason to stay away from Tami. What would you do if you saw a wild enraged “Big Foot (in the Big Mouth)” coming at you? I think it’s stupid to knowingly put yourself in a dangerous situation just to prove to these mentally challenged (can’t think of the right word) just to impress someone. It just made her even crazier because you wouldnt play her game and she couldn’t get a lick in. These cowards don’t want a real fight. They just want to get in a sucker punch, knowing that it will be broken up before they get tapped.

  3. CANDY MORRIS says:



    Tami, Stop excusing your behavior!!!! There is no excuse for it. You use be be my favorite of the Houswives because you talked so poised and articulate but the last episode of you “BULLYING”” your fellow cast mate has caused an up roar in the black women community. Bullying is a major problem amongst young black girls “that, I’m not going to like you before I even know you mentality” is horrible and you have just endorsed that acceptability of bullying. What you did on that last episode was high schoolish and ghetto. Your charity means nothing if you are going to trademark the belittlement of another black woman!!! You are suppose to be setting an example for your girls and other girls around the this country. As a MOTHER, what would you do if someone treated your girls the way you did on the last episode??? How dare you display to the world that all black women are mean, have nasty attitudes, and take pride in hurting another woman. CHECK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lastly Shauni, you have daughters how can you condone this behavior. What would you do if this was one of your family members. I know ratings pay the bills, but what message are we sending young women regarding this show?

  5. lisa says:

    Wow, tammy is out of control. She is begging to be locked up like the animal she is. WTF was Shaunice laughing at. yet again. Evil evelyn and her cosigning everything that psycho tammy says. Suzy is a miserable spineless retard. Keisha handled herself well.

  6. Mmc says:

    I am so dissapointment in a Tami’s behavior. I also liked Tami, because she portrayed herself to be a woman with he head on her shoulder. Now my heart has changed against her because I see her as a total bully . Don’t try to tell me you’re not a bulky yet you hold a woman hostage with her purse? That is bullying to the max. Is this is how u want your daughters to act? is this your excuse for anger management? Grow up, people talk about people all the time. You can’t change what people say about you, you CONTROL HOW YOU REACT. I’m utterly dissapointment………straight trash. I wouldn’t miss this show if it were cancelled…. You say it would effect many me tami it will effect us for the better…

  7. cj says:

    This is getting really disguisting. Seriously this is getting really bad.

    This has to come off the air.
    These ladies just dont get what America and these people are doing to the image and perception of women of color.

  8. cj says:

    If something is not done about this show I am gonna take legal action myself.

  9. ANITA says:


  10. ANN says:

    I agree with all of you. I think this show should be cancelled. I have sons who I pray don’t get involved with ladies like this. Evelyn talks about everybody and is fake. I am utterly surprised that Tami has become her best friend. Tami come on, do you honestly think Evelyyn would be your friend if you told her that you slept with Chad before she got with him. I think not! Come on I know this has to be script. None of you are basketball wives. All of you are single black women who are now divorced or were involved with a basketball player at some point and have babies by them which doesn’t count for the title of the show.

  11. JUST ME says:


  12. Autumn says:

    I am a fan of reality TV. I find it interesting to watch other people’s drama. But this show is turning inot the mean girls. Suzie kisses the mean gilrls butt to avoid getting her butt kicked. Along with, running back to tell every little thing someone says.
    Tami and Evelyn are simply bullies. What happen to acting like grown women with class. If you do not like what someone said express yourself verbally and keep it moving. It make me think they really are unhappy.
    Shaunie continues to barely participate besides just standing by watching the two bullies as if its alright behavior. Why not add some depth to the show by watching what happens in your everyday life. Shaunie shows none of her real life drama, but surely collects a check…lol.
    The show is starting to turn into a bully event. Turn on the show to watch Tami and Evelynn bully the new gilr put on the show to endure physical and verbal abuse. The watch the other girls that stay away to avoid the conflict and Suzie who runs between the two groups to keep it going. I dont think this is a lasting formula for a TV show compared to seeing relationship, family and friendship issues we can all relate too.

  13. cfloyd says:

    I was really upset for days over the situation with Tami and Kesha. Is Basketball wives promoting bullying. I cannot not believe you are showing Tami holding Kesha’s purse and phone as hostage as promotion for Monday’s show. I think this has gone to far. It is to the point of bullying. How does Tami and Evelyn explain their behavior to their teenage girls.

    Remember all the people who have committed suicide over bullying.

  14. Jennny says:

    Tammi is so disgusting. To take her purse so she has to actually confront you is so trashy and low and then when she reports it stolen WHICH IT WAS she is annoyed? How else was Kesha going to get her purse back, shes obviously not going to go to Tammi’s room to get it after what just happened and Tammi was unwilling to give it back so….. Honestly Tammi thinks she is the queen bee and that everyone loves her and that she can do no wrong but she really just looks like a terrible human being.

  15. Taylor says:

    I thought the show was interesting, I was like alright black females are gettin paid but then these non-classy altercations keep occuring. spice or no spice This show do not show them supporting their man at games in a arena, showing them as couples or a family. these women are no longer married to the basketball player, they are exes the title of the show is way off & evelyns dude is not a B-ball athlete wth?!. If this is showing a day in the life of a wife of a athlete than the producers should have some leash, tongue, and fight restrictions cause these chicks are just actin bananas on each other. out of all of them. Theres only one that remain neutral.This show will be off the air too after a while. Flava favs show ended and this one will also

  16. Cheryl says:

    .These women are horrible. They are an embarrassment to women of color. They portray beautiful women in such a horrible light. I am 58 years old and have worked with and dealt with and are friends with some of the most beautiful women in the world. In my life time, I have never experienced such ugliness, vindictive, such perversion, such hatred, as I see on this show among Basketball wives. Who goes off like that? Bipolar, psycho, mentally disturbed people. No wonder they have no husbands, and those that think they are getting a husband (evelyn), is only getting the mirror of who they are. The show should be called Crazy@ss degrading to women of color wannabee somebody rich wives.

  17. Must Watch-Just Can't Help It says:

    I promised y’all and myself that I wouldn’t support watching one more episode after last week. Forgive me God, I am weak. I pray that Tami the thief gets handcuffed and put into the back of a police car for stealing Kesha’s purse and holding it hostage. Also for harassment and threatening behavior. Open & shut case. Just roll the tape. A criminal act deserves a criminal penalty. Put on your big girl panties Tami under that jumpsuit. I also hope that all the perpetrators and accomplices (Shaunie) in the stinky fish caper get arrested for malicious mischief, destruction of property, harassment, battery, threats, being stupid, immature and floozy, and whatever other charges they can come up with. Evelyn should also have been named in Jennifer’s lawsuit since she was the force behind Nia’s BS. I would love to see them sitting in jail while all the other ladies have a wonderful time lying on the beautiful beach. Give Royce a call so she can join you. What a
    wonderful ending to a tragic story!

  18. Marisa says:

    Kesha did the right thing in bringing in authorities to deal with this she-beast because I can assure you any chick outside this show and production crews would bust Tami upside her head for her antics you not holding my purse hostage because somebody just flat out dont wanna deal with your hoodrat ways. Also as I said since violence is the norm for these chicks I’m waiting for when somebody either bust Suzi in her motormouth or glue her freakin lips shut. She is the most pointless person on this cast. Her main goal is because she’s weaksauce will lob bombs and stand back satisfied that the blows and rage arent aimed at her. I hope Jen and Kesha cut her off too

  19. Steelalady says:

    TAMI is a big bully. She has never messed with Shanie or anyone other than the new people. She needs more than an anger management doctor. She needs to be in a straight jacket. Please do not buy any of her hair products or support any of her daughters projects. She deserves to be hit in the money pocket. The reason I included her daughters is because sometilmes people don’t wake up until it affects their family. Keisha has family, also. Her FAMILY deserves to be respected just like EVIL TAMI. EVELYN , I think you are okay at times, but stay away from TAMI she is nothing but poision.

  20. Beatriz says:

    I have watched a couple episodes of this show and don’t understand how the show can be called Basketball Wives. None of the ” Ladies” (if you can be called Ladies) are currently married to Basketball Players.

    I expected to watch a show that was classy, especially since Shauni is the Executive Producer. The few times I have seen or read about Shauni she was always seemed to be someone who demanded and deserved respect.

    I watched the episode with the ladies in Tahiti. I was appalled at what I was watching. First, Kesh was literally coerced into the water where there were sharks and stingrays in the water. Why didn’t the remaining womn get in? What were you afraid of? Second, Tammi hs an all out Ghettofied altercation with Kesha about being talked about. Tammi, there comes a time in life when you have to grow up and aspire to something better than being a BULLY? You gave women a bad name. You looked like you were having a Bi-Polar moment. So what is someone is talking about. Only those who are guilty of what the gossip is about react the way you did. Don’t you have children? Go tend to them and see if maybe they can’t teach you something about being a grown up.

    How disappointing to watch a show where you have the opportunity to reach out to millions and you waste it by acting like an animal of whom everyone all women are ashamed.

    Goodbye and thanks but no thanks. I want my daughters to see more positive role models.

  21. shstarlight says:

    Shaunie and VH1, we the viewers are not stupid and know rhat you all probably have scared Keisha about not filing a police report and lawsuit. She would probably win it. She has witness’s and evidence on video showing Tammie taking her purse and won’t give it back to her until she talk to her. Showing Tammie banging on her door harrassing her. Its plenty of evidence. Tammie you should be totally and I mean totally ashamed of yourself behaving like a lunatic. Also, you should be ashamed to have your daughter’s see their mother on national tv. Tammie and Shaunie you do realize that your children could be teased at school because of how their mothers are behaving on the show.

  22. AngryBirdsMiami says:

    I am so embarrassed after watching this and I cannot believe that Shaunie sat there supporting Tami. She is no better if not worse than the other women on the show. She is always adding her ten cents and supporting the person who is behaving like a classless bully while the victim is crying in the corner.

    I get embarrassed seeing grown women shouting Team Tami, You’re so real, you keep it 100!! Folks who like to keep it real and keep it 100 usually end up taking bureau of prisons vacations not trips to Tahiti. They should’ve left this low class alcoholic bully who hasn’t matured since the Real World under whatever rock she was hiding under. I hope this show is canceled. I am sitting here feeling physically ill after watching the sheer terror on Keisha’s face. As we’ve seen Tami never confronts people unless she has an audience and I hope that her next audience is a jury in a criminal court.

  23. Gia says:

    Tammy ur worst than animal!!!! this animal needs to b in a locked up and never come out. u are so evil

  24. kat says:

    Tami needs to STOP IT, she talks about everyone on BBALL Wives and dont want no one to talk about her. She sound like a FOOL, fortyone and counting is she serious, LMBO at her for real. Where she is from, she should know she is going to be talked about in front of her face , behind her back, up and down both sides of her. Tami is dumb as H.E.L.L……. Jokes on her this week. Obviously you seeking HELP is not HELPING, go to the HOOD and get you some HELP. All the HELP you need is right there!!!

  25. ladytone says:

    Tami needs to get a life. So what people talk about you but that is not a reason to act the way she acting on vacation. Picking with keisha is a clear sign of weakness. She want to go around calling everyone else weak but she is clearly the weakest of the bunch. She needs to grow up forreal.

  26. Disappointed in Tammy!!!!! says:

    I really liked Tammy since the real world. I am very disappointed with her behavior. She knows Keisha is soft. Tammy’s behavior was so ugly and high school. What would your daughters say with that type of behavior. That’s not 41 yr old behavior. Dang….Tammy!

  27. Real says:

    I have said this a million times but I think now I am serious. After this season I am done with this show. Tami and Evelyn are out of control and they are going to hurt someone one day. Shaunie and Suezie are idiots not to speak out about their reckless and animal like behavior. Shaunie you need to tell these ladies to stop acting like that. I thought you would after you almost got hit in the head with a bottle of wine. Stop thinking about ratings!

  28. Come On Down To My Hood......... says:

    Hey Tami, I will be more than honored to give you and your IDOL Evelyn some lessons on “that’s how we roll in da hood”, and “keeping it real”. You see, we don’t BULLY here in MY hood, but we do TAKE CARE of those that are punk enough to bully someone else. I am extending an invitation to you and Evelyn to come join us here in Camden, N.J. Make sure you read up on us before you come because we want you to have the full low down. I guarantee that you will leave here with a brand new perspective on things, and you won’t have to waste another DIME in therapy! You will be CURED. Trust. :-)

  29. Saddens&Sickened says:

    Ive been watching this series since the first season and I’ve never been so outraged at their behavior on this show up till now. This show has become so trashy and ridiculous that I’m embarrassed to have ever been a fan.
    It’s a group of women that back stab each other yet turn around and bully someone weak for talking about them behind their back.
    Tami, you say you are real and don’t like fake people, look in the mirror cause you are fake. You speak behind the other girls back but then demand some unholy worship from each and every person as if they can’t have an opinion, let alone, try to hold some type of dignity by not resiprocating to your confrontations.
    Evelyn and Tami are the typical “mean girls” of this show. For the most part everyone else goes along with it so they won’t have a physical altercation with these two. As for Kesha and Kenya, one would hope these two would have left the show after seeing and hearing all the confrontations and fighting that’s been going on yet they continue to be around to force a fake relationship with the others. Kesha will not fight back and while I commend her for that, I can’t help but wonder why she allows herself to be around women that have such an explosive behavior and not to mention just a straight out rude demeanor.
    Something or someone needs to stop this all. It’s so saddening.

  30. shstarlight says:

    Tammie it shows that you don’t care how you look on national tv and you embarrassing your daughters. Think how your daughters may feel about you behaving like a lunatic. They might be getting teased at school because of you, I know thats how children are. Not just that, do you think (evidently not) that they may be embarrassed to go out in public? Stop acting a fool over petty stuff before you end up having a massive heart attack. It will be your fault too, because The Lord Jesus Christ gave you a warning last time to sit your old butt down somewhere. Got some nerve telling Evelyn that she need to anger management sessions too, that it will help her like its starting to help you. You a lie!

  31. Nichole says:

    Tami I hate to say this but that’s why you had that health scare. God needed to humble you honey..You are pathetic. You look old enought to be Kesha mother. Shame on you & Shame on Shaunie. This show is a WRAP!!!!

  32. brian wilson says:

    please all the police on tammie`s crazy ass taking the purse was a punk assmove

  33. djs says:

    Evelyn and Tami pick on not only the meekest ladies on the show, but also the ladies with more money than them. Jen And Kesha have more money than Evelyn,Tami and Susie put together. TRUTH!!!

  34. Dodie says:

    Shaunie being one of the HBIC, should have taken Kesha her purse, not Tami. That shows us that Shaunie IS NOT trying to be a peace maker and the fact that she went with Tami to Kesha’s room door shows that she was not only co-signing that mess, but was a part of that drama. Shaunie, you should be ashamed of yourself being a part of that mob mentality. I have no more respect for you or this low class show of yours. PEACE OUT……

  35. Choc says:

    This is “bullying” at it’s best. Tami is twice Keshia’s size and she’s drunk. Plus she’s holding her purse and phone hostage until she approaches her so that Tami can slap her the way she slapped Mesha. If I was Keshia I would go and find the nearest policeman.

  36. kim says:

    Tami should be ashamed of her self. I mean she is out of control. STOP BULLYING. You really need to get professional help.

  37. Zach says:

    Tami quit being a bully….you are better than that.

  38. Kandy says:


  39. Kat says:

    Tami is such a freaking bully she has no classy and should be ashamed of herself for attacking that girl like that. I would love to see her face someone like herself so she could see how much of a fool she looks like.I swear her daughters must be embrassed to have her for mother. It just amazes me how she can want to put keshia her in place for talking about her and all she does is talk about keisha , Tami need to grow the F up.

  40. Sugar Mitchell says:

    All the anger control Tami and Evelyn need is somebody to fight them back. Evelyn is such a phony. Instructing Tami to stop the fight once she gets a lick in on some unsuspecting person.

  41. Sugar Mitchell says:

    I cannot believe Tami is so emotionally unstable that she is going to threaten and bully people who talk about her. She should leave television if she doesn’t want to be talked about. She is just ugly. After all, Tami seems to be talking about people, laughing about their flaws and degrading them every time the camera is on her. I think its time for her to sit home with her foddstamps again, enough of her horror shows.

  42. rachel says:

    Tami has to do all she can to support her ugly man’s endeavors.

  43. Annice says:

    This is so sad!!! Tami actions reflect on her mother and family. Because you argue, cuss, and fight as a child, does not mean you carry that behavior into your adult life. Eve and Shaunie may understand her point of view, but they should not support that behavior. Maybe all three should follow Shaq’s example and finish school. It would be nice to see them act like mature women instead of junior high bad girls.

  44. Leesa says:

    I understand that Tami has had a hard life but that is NO EXCUSE to act like a Wild Animal. My God woman do you have any self respect for yourself??? did you watch yourself back on tape. Did you see anything wrong in the way you acted? Kesha wasn’t talking behind your back she was asked about how she felt about what happened the first time you went off on her for a STUPID reason. and the first time Evelyn should have kept her mouth shut, she knew that Kesha was going to tall to you in private she was only looking for advice on how to approach the subject with you and she asked Evelyn becuz she knows you alot better than Kesha did ………..Seriously like you haven’t done the same thing?? Every time you were with Evelyn, you had something to say about Jen or Kenya. Before you had stuff to say about Suzy and Royce and seems to me i recall you talking to Shaunie about Evelyn too. So where do you get off talking like that to this poor girl. You definitely need to seek some professional help and I would also look into changing your meds because they are NOT working. Your most definitely Bipolar. One other thing I can’t believe everyone just sat there and didn’t say a word to even help this poor girl or at least try to calm that She-Devil down. You don’t have to be best friends but My god you women are in your 40′s and act like high school Mean girls…..bullying the weak with your physical & verbal assaults, throwing objects and jumping off tables has got to stop. I find it amusing how Tami has criticized Jen and Kesha for getting authorities involved and says they should just take it and keep it movin…..Yea ok, did you forget threatening to sue Evelyn over the T-shirt incident?? Your such a hypocrite.

  45. annetta .w says:

    tami need ‘s to go to jail for stealing kesha’s purse ! yes tami that stealing !

  46. Alisha says:

    I am so sick and tired of “grown people” using the excuse “where I come from” we do this. or “where I come from” we do that! Well take a look around you YOU ARE NOT IN THE HOOD ANYMORE! Why are these beautiful intelligent business women conducting themselves as it they have no type of training? Be proud that God has pulled you out! Go back and reach those that are still trapped in poverty! It just goes to show how true the statement is that you can take a person out the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the person! This is so sad on so many different levels! Grow Up! We the viewers are tired of this ignorance! This is no example to set for young girls! I would have reported my purse stolen too! Because you stole it!

  47. MissPooh says:

    This is really crazy..Taking someones personal property, and holding it hostage? Who does that? Its really childish behavior. Although Royce has her issues as far as her dad, boyfriends, or whatever, I appreciate the person she is on the show. She seems to have learned from mistakes on prior seasons, and kept away from the madness of the “mean girl” bunch. She is not afraid of being confronted, but chooses to stay away from that. This mean girl madness needs to stop ASAP.

  48. Michael says:

    Tammie is such a bully. Everything is all good as long as she can push everyone else around. She talks about others behind there backs when she feels like doing it but wants to control everyone else’s comments and conversations. It’s like if you don’t fit into her little box you’re gonna catch it. I can’t believe the rest of the girls go along with that. Somebody needs to check her if only for the reason of letting her know that that’s not the way to treat others.

  49. Happy Mother's Day! says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami. The best gift your children can give you this Mother’s Day is to tell you how you look as grown women trying to be “down”. I hope they tell you what an embarrassment you are to them. I guess the best gift you have given them is an extended demonstration of how not to act.

  50. Sharon says:

    I too come from the world of Tami. In that I mean, don’t say things that you are not willing to back up when confronted. However, when someone is obviously scared or just a punk in general, I know when to just let it go. I believe Shaunie and Evelyn should have stepped up and told Tami to back down. There are levels of communication. When the levels are not matched then someone will come off looking like a bully. Although alcohol infused, Tami started out on the right track an escalated when kesha said, “I don’t want to go off on you.” I don’t understand the why it went to the next level at that point. Let her know what you think of her as a stand up woman and be done with her. She will surely know next time not to run her mouth and Tami would not have come off looking like a raging lunatic picking on this helpless girl.

  51. Beautiful Daughter, Evelyn says:

    Evelyn, your daughter is so beautiful and she seems to have such a peaceful heart.
    ……………………………………..By the way, is she adopted?

  52. Tami Needs Help! says:

    Tami, as Phaedra would say, “Everybody knows you need professional psychiatric help.”
    The show is exploiting you and your mental problems like a performing monkey. Isn’t there anyone in your life who cares enough about you to check you in?

  53. tami edwards says:

    I used to love Tami, Now she just the worst. She is a bully, and she shouldn’t drink.

  54. carmel johnson says:

    This reality tv show is the worst form of humanity…the episode in Tahiti was degrading, a form of bullying, where adult aged ladies sat and watched one humiliate another…..i think that Shaunie, being the producer (so-called leader) should at least intervened and stopped such hateful behavior….if this is acting, then it too should not be permitted on television… is not everything! dignity is…..i know that parents are supposed to prohibit young ones from watching these shows, but not all parents do so….we are responsible as adults to protect the youth from such exposure….this show is an embarrassment for all women…the females on this show act like animals…..

  55. Andy D says:

    Tammy is such a bully! I felt like I could relate my own personal life to Evelyn and Tami, and now I just see them as bullies of the group. They both are so hypocritical it’s disgusting!!!!!!!!

  56. Seejay says:

    I cannot stomach chicks like Tammi AND Evelyn! I will not watch this ignorant display of women because they show off on the show & can’t even appreciate the gift they have to be on a show. Ugh! T & E are disgusting & pathetic….

  57. Kristy says:

    Shaunie, Suzie, Evelyn = WEAK. I can’t believe all you sat by and watched that horrible mess go on. It was absolutely shameful.

  58. Grannymac says:

    This show MUST BE CANCELLED, this is the worst display of bullying I have ever seen and it is coming from adult females. This show has escalated to a point of mental and physical abuse and by any law ( judicial and spiritual) it should not be tolorated. The fact that Shaunie sat back and did not intervine as one of the producers, she should be FIRED. To say that Keshia should have spoke up and defended herself, please! Shaunie and Evelyn it shows what you are made of no class. Let someone do that crap to one of your daughters. Also, Kesha did the right thing, it takes more courage to walk away from a fight that you know you cannot win, simple because you can’t argue with a DRUNK or a FOOL and in this case Tami is both. I truly HATE THIS!

  59. shstarlight says:

    Tammie, what do your daughters think of the way you behaved on the show? I would call the police and filed a lawsuit on your ass for threats,harrassment, and theft.

  60. Talea says:

    Liquid courage! That’s all I have to say! Tami looks a hot mess after taking a drink. Can someone please, please show her a mirrow when she drinks!! And Shaunie is dumb for inviting these “so called Ladies” and that’s an understatement ………..away for a vacation. Take them to a dog fight I’m sure they would be more comfatable. And once again Suzie needs to shut her face!!

  61. tony braxton says:

    Tami you are crazy to go off and not know the whole truth!They should call CPS on you because you are not stable and I think you could really hurt someone!To the producers of this show you better get some good insurance because she is a loose cannon and she could hurt some! Please get some help you and evelyn because you living in a whole where you both hear and see things that are not their!

  62. Crazy Show says:

    They’re some angry ex- basketball wives. Evelyn and Tami do look silly trying to fight the ones who aint going to fight back. You all seem to be miserable… Shaunie are you down with the madness or are you afraid to stop it

  63. DV3 says:

    I have been a fan of the show since it started, however this season has been by far the WORST! I think you will see in the next season a HUGE loss of fans and viewers watching. Tami needs to seriously get a grip, and Evelyn who was my favorite is just disgraceful this year. Shaunie needs to get these so called ladies to get it together and act like woman not psychos!

  64. Klaws says:

    Again, after watching the sneak peek, I stay behind my previous blog(which has mysteriously
    disappeared by the way) is that Tami is a bully and the fact that Shaunie as the producer and VH1 allows other cast members to be bullied by each other is so sad. It seems that Evelyn and Tami pick on the weak. Evelyn and Tami talk about the other girls but when they are talked about it is such a big deal. That’s what people do, they give an opinion of each other and vent to other cast members. Instead of keeping that confidence between themselves, they go and run to the other person about what was said. I guess if this is cut out then the show would not be interesting(in the viewpoint of VH1). Please get this show off the air or get some other cast members because I am frankly tired of Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie. I would have called security too if Tami did not give me my purse back. Shaunie is no one’s friend because friends would not have laughed, snickered and let what happened continue without speaking up. So sad.

  65. tina says:

    Kesha should have called the police on Tami’s old ass, ole enough to be her mother. Tami is a bully, and Shaunie, and Evelyn are punks for not stopping the madness. What kind of stuff was that? And, Susie, you just let Tami talk to you and about you any kind of way, Tami, that girl has not done anything that you and shaunie and evelyn have not done. All of you talk about people behind their backs. eff you three!!

  66. rosemary says:

    that drink didnt do that u want to do that all the time u just blame on the drink u aint nothing u and everlyn are bully y the dead fish that something a kid would do that 5 or 6

  67. MiMi J says:

    Tammi, needs someone who smack the heck out of her…and Shaunie, HOW DARE YOU CONDONE THIS MADNESS!!! Tammi is stupid and the rest of you are as SCARY as Keshia…I don’t even want to get started on Susie, I cannot believe how MESSY is grown woman is!!!

  68. Mely Willimtoon says:

    I love the episode where Tammy says her daughters are not coordinated….Of course they are NOT! Look at how their momma dances!!! LOL…Please ask Royce for pointers for YOURSELF TAMMY!!! hahaha

  69. Just saying says:

    Why weren’t people this upset last season when Tami hit Meeka in the face? She showed she was a big bully and trouble maker then. She tried to act like she was afraid that Meeka was going to hit her first. Bullies deliberately lie and turn everything around from the way it really is so they won’t look so bad, or because they think it’s funny. She was grinning as she was making her lying excuse, and, yet, even after that there were still a lot of people saying that she was “keeping it real!”

  70. Carol G says:

    Tammi I and truly embarrassed by your behavior toward Keisha that was a terrifying situation for Keisha no matter what no one should have to feel that bullied by anyone. You said you were molested molestation come in different forms it wasn’t any less of what you did to her. Please stop following Evelyn steps I like you previously to this episode. I think this will be yalls downfall hopefully we will see the Tammi we grew to like. A Fan

  71. nani says:

    Tami is the poster for a BULLY
    “How can these people be on tv doing this”
    she takes her purse ,blocks her from leaving her rooms and verbally abuses her
    What animals are these people nobady does nothing!!!!
    Im so fed up with Tami and Evelyn
    How could these people have had any children !!!! If these was my mom I would hide under the nearest rock!

  72. K.C. says:

    Geez….I didn’t watch last week’s episode thinking this week’s would be an improvement but omg!! These are “grown women” acting like bullies (Evelyn, Tammi) for starters and shamefully degrading themselves on national t.v. So you grew up in a different environment, does that mean it needs to continue into your adulthood? And what kind of an example are you setting for your children?? These women need to take a step back and really, truly look at themselves. There is such a thing as class which the majority of the women on this show are sorely lacking. More and more I’m siding with Jen, Royce and the others who don’t want to enlist in the negativity and face slapping, hood rat behavior. Ladies, bit of advice – GROW UP!!!!

  73. Kerebear says:

    Guys this show is a mess a really had hope for Tammy but she really made herself look bad, are we in high school?there is no reason grown women should carry on like this. It’s actually embarrassing . I do hope Tammy gets some help it seems like the like to go off on people and the only reason they don’t go off on Shaunie is because she pays them. Wish they could be cordial moms such a shame after tonight I lost lots of respect.

  74. Isha says:

    So, I just saw this episode of their trip to Tahiti and it was horrible. Tammy is extremely childish, such a bully. How would she like if girls were talking like that to her daughters??? She is such a drama queen. You are a grown ass woman acting like you are in high school. Young girls what this show (unfortunately) and what example are you being to them?? Making it seem as if how you are acting is adult like. Learn how to handle your liquor and GROW UP.

  75. You must enter a comment

  76. Just sayin' says:

    Shaunie should have done something about the purse issue. I lost respect for all of the ladies. They could have done or said something because Tami was clearly out of control. Susie is all about starting drama. She is a horrible person. Tami was irrational and Susie loves to add fuel to the fire. What a joke! I’m tuning out…you ladies have no class!

  77. Nik says:

    And that batty chick has kids for real!!!!! Wow! Tammi needs heavy mess and doesn’t ever need to drink. She has a disorder and I think maybe her being touched or whatever has happened in her life has her really crazy! Instead of Shaunie exploiting the crazy she needs to get her help.

  78. jayee says:

    Tami is a sorry excuse for a black woman, how the hell u get all rowdy wit kesha when u tha one keepin up drama n BS, Tami need to grow up n get a life all the mess she pullin on kesha is only cuz she feel threatened by her, she is insecure and full of drama for no reason n shaunie n evelyn r jus as much full of it as tami, who the hell is tami she aint god n she dont run nobody, big bully, but see bullies only pick on ppl cuz they all screwed up n Tami is past screwed up, if she spent as much time wit her daughters as she do puttin kesha on blast n harrassin ppl then maybe there careers would actually prosper. be a mom idiot not a poster child for stupidity. And Suzie aint no words for that bowl of jelly dumb broad cant even hold water, stop mindin everybody else business n get some of ur own maybe then u can find n keep a man ole giraffe in the face uggh they disgust me.

  79. Nikki says:

    Tammy is the worst ur not real you are corny and very immature!!!!

  80. mzyoungno1 says:

    I really liked this show and Im sorry but Tammy is a str8 up mess. After tonights episode Im over it wow TV ratings and what they allow and show.

  81. Katie says:

    I hope to GOD that no one bullies Tammi’s kids the way she bullied Kesha. How dare she hold a purse hostage just to get a fu c kin apology that wasn’t even relevant. And for Shaunee Evelyn and dumb c hag Suzie to sit there and let it happen SHAME ON THEM.. Shaunee plays this leader of this ugly pac and she laughed at this. I hope her kids aren’t terrorizing others. Tammi needs to STOP drinking. She fought with Evelyn and Suzie and now Kesha. Kesha didn’t even say anything bad. What a trash bag Tammi is.

  82. jlmugg says:

    Was Tami arrested for harassment and intimidation? Wasn’t O.J. arrested and imprisoned for the same behavior? Only Tami took someone else personal belongings. Such a bully move which is sorry to say, typical of “big” women who push their weight around. This same bullying permeates the ghetto and the households therein. The children stand little chance of ever developing empathy they are so overwhelmed with bullying and violence on every single solitary level there can be. All the women in basketball and these are the ones being represented. Of course, people like watching train wrecks. I’d like to see Royce and Keisha be the stars and the rest thrown to the side.

  83. cass says:

    Tami is a punk ass because if she did not return the purse, she would have went to jail.
    Just the fact that she took the purse and it was on film, she should be prosecuted.
    I can’t wait to see that ghetto trash get dropped from the show. All she does is bully, while everyone else ignores the fact.

  84. alex says:

    tammi, since you’ve obviously had a lot of negative things thrown at you in your life, i don’t want to be too negative. plus you might beat me up for voicing my opinion. so instead i just want to thank god for not being you. the world doesn’t revolve around your rules. god has seemed to bless you in some ways, what’s the deal?

    and what’s up with all these women letting someone get literally downright abused? i like how evelyn cries over the “broke 2 bedroom” stuff jennifer says but she’ll sit there and let tammy demean a girl like that without saying a word.

    however kenya or keisha whatever, damn get some guts if your’e going to be on this ghetto show. i stopped watching this show and i tried again to do something during my workouts but, screw it.

  85. mzyoungno1 says:

    Tammy is a case. Respect yourself and maybe others will. No Tammy you took her purse and you shoulda of went to jail you did hold her stuff hostage. I cant believe everyone else allowed tghis to go down I have lost respect for everyone and the show.. to bad it was a kool show

  86. btasia says:

    So I am watching this episode and getting angrier by the minute! Tammi you are pathetic right along with the other cast members, as a 40 plus year old woman I am ashame to think that a woman my age could act this way! Are you serious you have daughters what kind of example are you setting for them? Respect you don’t even know what respect is. you are a discrace, and I don’t get shaunie really? I really hope Shaunie’s daughter will never have to deal with that kind of bullying while she is in school! And sysie is pathetic and a snitch!

  87. Mardy says:

    With all the bulling going on in this world a prime time show that shows constant fighting that is aired at 7pm central time is a SHAME! Keisha I love you for knowing when to walk away. Tammy should be called out to the police because number one she took her purse kept it and them went through her purse. Tami you need Jesus!

  88. RockChick says:

    These girls are BULLIES. SHAME ON TAMMI SHAUNIE and EVELYN.. Tammi the drunk cow that she is has started crap with EVERY chick on this dumb show. I hope their kids are not being bullied like this. HOW horrible.

  89. dark knight1 says:

    I cannot take anymore bullying and fighting on this show. I’m sure young teenagers watch this show and this is not a good example of adulthood. Not a fan of the show anymore, it needs to be cancelled. If this show isn’t cancelled, I won’t be watching anymore.

  90. Tami is sick and needs help! Why would you want to even put your hands on Kesha?! You’re a bully and it is heart breaking to see how childish you acted. This show needs to be cancelled. SAD, SO SAD. Tami’s behavior was ridiculous.

  91. BYRON THOMAS says:

    Tami is an embarrasment to black women. She is the oldest of all the women yet the most immature. Her ways make her a real ugly person. I hope she does not return a closet alcoholic who needs psychiatric help. Meanwhile, Evelyn and Keshia are really beautiful but Evelyn should change her ways its costing her money because companies could use her to pitch their products. Furthermore, get som real wives not used to be’s or wanna be’s. The show should at least show a little more positivity.

  92. yulanda lewis says:

    Tami is a bully. Why should anyone beg for her own bag. The show should be CANCELLED. The ex mrs o’neal should be fired.

  93. DANADANE says:

    I hate how Tami, treated her. That being a bully

  94. Key says:

    I am sooo ashamed of this episode; it has reached a new mark of humiliation and bullying. Tami Roman; as a mother and woman, needs to be embarrassed. Shauni; the mother of young kids, how could you? With people taking their lives because of bullying, I have to say this episode hits a nerve. If this is what you ladies will do for a dollar and rating………………….you have just sold your sold. Explain this to your kids ladies………………….

  95. Tami: Ignorant, Alcholic, Bullying, Cougar says:

    I’ve watched my LAST episode of BBW’s! Evelyn is childish and ignorant, and Tami acts like a neandethal. They are an embrassment to women, and both of their tired old ass’s need to go!

  96. Raul C says:

    Tammi is a PSYCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You need some serious help. What is wrong with you? Don’t you feel bad for treating someone like that?
    Total freakin PSYCHOPATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Tlive says:

    Tami is a drunken bully. She needs help. Really, how old is she! she acts like an 10 year old. poor Keisha. Don’t worry about that classless drunk. Tami is a disgrace!

  98. robin says:

    there is alot of bullys in the schools now which is aweful, but for adults to have bulling on national t.v. tammy are the main resaon to why the public thinks that people from the hood have a big chip on thier shoulder. i have always been a big fan of basketball wives but as of right know i think they should take it of the air. shaunie i think that you have done a gteat job with this show, it ashame that you have allowed tammy to bring such violent childish behavior to your show. YAMMIE YOUR NEED TO GET A NEW ANGER MANAGEMENT TRAINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE ONE MEAN WOMEN AND A BAD EXAMPLE TO CHILDREN BECAUSE THEY WILL FEEL THAT THAT BULLYING AND THREATING VIOLENT BEHAVIOR IS EXCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. tara brown says:

    vh1 should fire tammy roman. Tammy is bully. and should be a shame of herself. Tammy abuse that girl and VH1 should take some responsibility for tammy acting like fool on TV. Does VH1 support bulling?

  100. Kelly says:

    All I can say is Tami, you should be so ashamed of yourself!!! You are a very mean spirited woman!! Kesha You are a beautiful woman with a kind gentle soul!!! I would just stay away from these women and especially watch out for Susie!!!! Shes a wolf in sheeps clothing she loves to start problems!!! It’s pretty sad she goes anyway the tide flows just to fit in!!! For your kids sake TAMI GET HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  101. livet says:

    Tami kids should be embarrassed by her actions and the rest of the crew, if they are her friends they would tell her the truth and get the drunk some help. These ladies are just immature . Putting dead fish in the girl room…Really! These women are losers. Chad need to think twice.

  102. Cheryl says:

    The episode is just airing in my area and I must say PURE IGNORANCE for women who say that they are “grown” to carry on like this. That is called BULLYING. The truth of the matter is that Kesha didn’t make that statement in a way that Suzie took back to the other girls. It’s amazing how the viewers can understand what kesha meant by the statement. It was not Suzie’s place to take it back to the girls and make it seem like something so far from what it was. My Lord is that an example they want to show young girls. Not all the time someone has to prove that they are the baddest. Honestly I wouldn’t want anyone scared of me because when I do want to befriend them I wouldn’t get their true self because they would be too scared to open up to me. All this madness is coming from within a person. Fix yourself first then worry about the next.

  103. Shun says:

    Does this show promote bullying? The reason why I asked is because Tammi and Evelyn are showing people that it’s ok for grown women to bully other individuals and fight. Is there anything positive portrayed on this show? If not, then maybe the writers might want to a script of positivity and implement some changes.

  104. Gina says:

    I am absolutely floored by the way Tami acted in Tahiti. She was such a bully and a loud mouth. Shaunie and Evelyn were nothing but followers. They sat thre and let Tami act in that matter. Would you women stand and watch if someone was getting mugged? None of you have a moral compass that works! Suzie you are the most pathetic of them all. You are nothing but a 2 faced brown nosing trouble maker! I’m done with this show! I wonder how proud your kids are when they watch you all!

  105. kiki says:

    Tammy,you are so wack,Being a bully so not cool,grow up

  106. NoJudgement#Just Saying says:

    clearly these females’ behaviors don’t exude enough class and maturity to be considered women. Tami is a horrific person. TO get in Keisha’s face like that and belittle her so. When she stole her purse it was for malaise reasons ( i.e. she goes all in the purse, look in her phone, and getting a hotel key for the poor child’s room). Keisha looked like she didn’t have any reference point for this type of confrontation. Normal people don’t engage in this manner. tami is a true bully who picked up on Keisha’s vulnerability and pounced. I could’t even watch it, it was so bad. Then to top it off with the room smelling like kim k’s vajaja!!!

  107. Real People says:

    You girls should be ashamed of yourselves. When the world is trying to cut down on bullying you are are not doing anything to help the situation at all. You all would be more beautiful women and be able to keep you man if you would change those ghetto attitudes and represent the black female in a more positive way and not to mention setting examples for your kids on national TV. Cuddles to Kenny Anderson and Shaq and Good luck to the rest.

  108. Madelyn says:

    Wow, watching the latest episode now and i can’t believe the way Tammy is behaving. Holding someones purse?? This is a terrible display of bullying and harassment. I’m shocked that Shaunie and Evelyn don’t stand up and tell Tammy to give her her belongings back, it’s beyond childish. Yet, Tammy has the nerve to say Keisha is immature?? Absolutely crazy… You don’t take someone’s stuff, that’s not cool and it’s mean. Disappointed in the show, I used to like Tammy and Evelyn but as of late my feelings are changing…sorry to say. I feel sorry for Keisha, I don’t like to see someone crying is upset, it’s gone too far. Right or wrong Tammy, you shouldn’t take someone’s belongings. Even if you were right in your argument now you look bad because you took her stuff.. If i were her I would report it too! Still got half the show to go I hope it gets better..

  109. GG says:

    Tammie is a crazy, delusional, disgusting, immature, bully of a pig. Just becuse she was raped continually, she obviously thinks it is okay to do the same to other helpless individuals. She needs to go find the pigs that raped her and lets see how helpless that B***ch will become when faced with immediate danger. She needs to go to Keisha and beg beg beg for forgiveness and ask God to forgive her for hurting someone that way. Part of me wished that Keisha would have picked up a brick and hit that monster right in the face. Who would have blamed her. Tammie obviously is an alcoholic with mutltiple personalities. She needs help badly!

  110. Annie says:

    I don’t blame Keisha for leaving. Tami is such a bully! Can’t believe this behavior from grown women. And putting the fish in Kenya’s room is just another form of bullying. Please grow up ladies and act your age. So sad.

  111. Island Girl says:

    ABSOLUTELY APPALING!!!!! How dare Tami believe that she had the right and the power to degrade another human in any way! How dare everyone else sit back like this behavior should be common place anywhere? Ladies ( Saunie, Evelyn, and Suzie ), you all sat back like the bunch of hypocrites that you are! Tami, since you don’t understand, your ghetto behavior has nothing to do with where you come from but rather, your mentality. I come from the streets of NY and I would never make my circumstance bring me down to ignorant behavior. Tami, you are no different than any of those in your past life who chose to violate you, who chose to make you feel less than. They were simply “MONSTERS,” and you, have made the decision to be just like them. You are no better than those who did wrong by you and now you put that energy out to be and to do the same as them. You are on the world stage and could do so much more than what you have chosen to do. You can go to counseling until you are old and gray but until you look in the mirror and own the monster that you have become nothing will ever be changed.
    You Tami are the “punk.” No one owes you an apology. You like to play mind games. You want to be hero and all you are is a very lost soul. You have two beautiful young girls, is this the image that you are choosing to portray to them, that of a woman who has no restraints, no boundaries. Kesha, had all right to say she could have gone off on you, that’s her right! She at no time said anything about you, she stated actions that she could have take. You, yet again, took it to a level that it did not have to go to. You are never sorry for anything that you say or do so why should anyone else be? This is not life, it takes nothing off of you to be a better person but you have chosen to take another route.
    Suzie, once again has started something that has spiraled out of control. It’s obvious that you love to stir the pot and then feel badly after you have come to the realization that what you have done has caused so much harm, GROW UP!!!!
    I really want to support this show but it is becoming increasingly hard. I am tired of seeing sisters fall into the stereotype of being ignorant, hopeless, and having a lack of control. Try to move in the direction of something positive. You have and audience, motivate others to move beyond their circumstance instead of behaving in a manner that tell one it’s ok to be stagnant!

  112. Madelyn says:

    Bullying, Bullying……. that’s what this show is about, adults bullying…disgusting, embarassing. Shaunie it’s disgusting that you’re allowing this to go on the air. I’m losing interest in this nonsense. Keisha was right to report her, done with this show

  113. MsA says:

    Clearly Tammy Roman has some serious issues that require not just anger management, but medication. I blame the creator and producer of this disaster, Shaunie O’Neal. When the show first aired, I was interested; but as it was renewed for the fourth time, the drama, the women, the language, and the bullying just escalated.What grown women of substance and character act like this? They are ridiculous and should be banned from television. I thought Evelyn was nuts,(which she is) but Tammy is beyond that. WOW! Black women, can we do any better? Apparently not! And to think their husbands/boyfriends/exes find them or found them attractive. They have children. I wouldn’t want to be their best, best best friend. You ladies give fame a bad name. Uuuuuuugh! Then the prank they pulled on Kenya – yeah you all are really trash and stupid. No class, low class. And the rest of the sane women wonder why we can’t find a good husband. They are following after this trash. Shaunie need to pull out, go home and raise her children RIGHT!

  114. Bee says:

    Really Basketball wives have gone off the deep end! Tammy needs to “get her life” and grow up. I think I can think of more productive things to do with time than watch the women version of “Mean Girls”!!!!!! Wow…Bullying is apparently not only a kids problem.

  115. JR says:

    Shaunie needs to get a hold on this show. Tami what is really wrong with you!!. Suzi, stop tattling like a 4 year old child (who does that!!) Tami what kind of example are you setting for your daugthers!!. You know your daughters have to live in the society also. How would you feel if some woman bully them like that. (I can say one thing about that you can’t beat everybody that’s for sure) If you don’t get your attitude in check, you’re going to bark up the wrong tree, and maybe the world will be watching when you do.

  116. MA says:

    The snitching. Grow up grow.n ladies. You are pitiful. This is what our young girls look at. You are all shameful. Tammy (the neurotic), Evelyn (pit bull), Suzie (the snitch) Shaunie (still shocked although we have yet to see you angree) you are responsible for this travesty. Royce stop crying and trying to please Daddy. You are not a little girl any longer. Kesha and Kena …….run and don’t stop until you are on the other of Crazy Land – don’t look back!

  117. Carrie Shaver says:

    Tammie you make me sick and so does Evelyn, Susi and Shawnee. Really you are trash. I would love to meet you in person and have you talk to me like that. You are a sick excuse for a human being. I pity your children and pray you aren’t raising them. You others are just as bad for sitting around and letting Tammie do that to anyone and everyone just so she can stay relevant. I am done with this stupid show. You make me sick

  118. jharri says:

    Tammy is a bully. Keshia said she could have gone off at her when she was upset with her. She wasn’t really talking about her. It seems as though Tammy never liked her from the beginning & she’s just trying to pick a fight with Keshia. I am also disappointed in Shauie because she is a producer & allows too much fighting to go on just for ratings. When I first started watching this show there was not so much senseless fighting going on. I appreciate how Royce has decided to separate herself from the ridiculous fighting.

  119. SGR says:















  120. Mathews says:

    I wonder what these grown women tell their children about bullying. This show is shameful and does not represent what real women are about. GROW UP basketball wives. I will not be watching this show anymore!

  121. ATL'S Finest says:

    This Taihiti episode was the WORST EVER!!!Tami what you did was the most degrading and the worst way to treat another human being. You prey on the WEAK! Why bully someone who won’t or can’t defend themselves against you? Where’s the challenge in that? You have NO self control. You looked DEMONIC! Nothing you said nor did was JUSTIFIED! It was disgusting to watch but I couldn’t turn away because, I was hoping that Shaunie or Evelyn were goin to step in at any moment to stop the MADNESS. Ladies, the definition of being a TRUE FRIEND is to let them know when they are wrong or they are going too far. Shaunie and Evelyn, you really missed your opportunity to show what you were truly made of. VH1 YOU MUST DO BETTER!!!!!!!!

  122. Price says:

    Enough is enough. I am though with the show.

  123. Lady ValJone says:

    Tonight was my last episode of this mess. I’m sick of the bullying from Tami and Evelyn scared butts. They know who to bully. They are pitiful predators who have low self esteem. Evelyn just want to marry a professional athelete so bad, that she can’t wait to get her hands on one. She wasn’t happy with Jen trying to save her marriage. Susie is a trouble maker who also suffers from low self esteem. Shaunie is just a scared rabbit who started this whole mess when she cast these lunatics for the show. We need positive role models for our young girls. This is unacceptable behavior and there should be some consequences from VH1. Bullying has caused some of our beautiful young people to commit suicide because they couldn’t understand or handle being bullied. THIS IS STUPID VH1! Why in the world would you air such a sick episode. Hats off to Kesha for having class and dignity. Royce is the smart one. She won’t associate herself with these classless, tasteless fools. Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie? Remember you have daughters and what you do to someone else’s child, will come back on yours. You’ll try to go off if one of your daughters were to experience the kind of behavior you all have displayed all season. It’s time to remove this show from the VH1 network. We need positive shows that will empower our young people to be the best they can be. THIS IS A HOT MESS!

  124. bettycampbell says:

    Tami was my Favorite EX-WIFE, but her display of herself hits BELOW TRASH TV. Those of us that are mothers, should chringe at the BULLYING and STALKING, which by the way is ILLEGAL., in most states , that Tami and Eve are displaying, This Is NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR no matter how much MONEY you are being PAID. For the LOVE of everything HOLY Get some HELP. It’s NOT about the OTher Ladies Being WEAK. It’s about Where do you get your sense of ENTITLEMENT??? . Put your Daughters in the PLACE of the Ladies that you are Bullying. Makes you want to go and MOVE FURNITURE Dosen’t it ?? No wonder Royce stays away from The (CIRCLE) ., WHATEVER That Means. . Tami just admit it You ARE GRINCH GREEN with EVNY over Kesha. Get Help , if not for you than for your DAUGHTERS !!!!!

  125. Heather Gibbons says:

    Tammy’s behavior was a disgrace. I watched it with my 12 year old to show her how not to ever behave. And the Kesha was behaving correctly by removing herself from this potentially hostile situation. Tammy is a bully and an abuser. No matter where she is from. She is insistent that everyone stoop to her level instead of trying to become a better person. She should be one of those idiot celebrities that travels with a therapist. Clearly she cannot handle the easiest situations on her own.

  126. Lisa Buon says:

    As an African -American woman, growing up in Brooklyn, as a foster child. I can claim as hard a life as Tami. However, having a tough upbringing does not give Tami the right to treat Kesha the way she did.

    As an elementary school principal I deal with bullying on a daily basis and unfortunately many of my students get their role models from TV. Shame on you Tami! Enough is enough VH1. Stop condoning this nonsense. There are great role models on this show, highlight them.

  127. Price says:

    If Tami really wanted to converse with Kesha, she would have started the conversation in Tahiti, in a totally different manner/tone of voice. If they think this will get ratings, think again, I am through with this ridiculous behavior.

  128. sheda says:

    Tammy,u give black women a bad name.U r a BULLY……PERIOD.I could never sit back and watch someone get jumped on and do NOTHING to help them.U r not only a grown women but a MOTHER.U need to be ashamed of urself for treating another cast member the way that u did AGAIN.Not everyone understands where u come from and not everyone was raised the way u were so to think that ppl r suppose to be or act theway u do…u r saddly mistaken.Just because u r from the hood doesnt mean that u have to be hood.My name is hood but when i open my mouth to speak i confuse ppl.Meaning my name nor my neighborhood doesnt DEFINE the women i am TODAY.U need to work on U so that U can someone have mature relationships with not just men but other women toooooo.I hope that u dont teach ur daughters to handle conflict the way u do……..ILL KEEP U N MY PRAYERS BECAUSE I BELIEVE THERES GOOD N EVERYONE.

  129. Raven3658 says:

    I am reposting from SGR May 14, 2012 at 9:23 pm…I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID BELOW:















  130. WHY? says:

    I am not one to take the time to comment on television because primarily I think TV is for entertainment. I have followed “Basketball Wives” since the beginning and it is so sad that the show has not improved or empowered women, instead the cast is set on bringing each other down. The show is such a poor depiction of black women. Unfortunately, this is what gets the most ratings (translation $$$$) which has to be why Ms. Shauni has continued to attach her name to this show. These ladies have such a great platform to do something positive with their 15 minutes and yet, this is their BEST effort! So does this mean there aren’t any Happy, positive, real basketball wives to cast for this show???

  131. kathy phillipson says:

    Project Girl Performance Collective? That provides a “safe” space for young girls? really this is the charity Tami is in charge of???

  132. Lucy says:

    This show needs to be taking off the air, if not the viewers need to boycott it and stop watching it. I will no longer be watching it. This show is saying bullying is okay. It’s saying it’s okay to speak to others as if they are beneath you. The owner and the producer of this show would never let a family member, employee or a child be treated like this and I don’t understand why they are allowing this to be seen on TV. Kids are going to school killing their classmates because of bullying. I think Tami should be arrested for her bullying, stealing and lying. Evelyn should share a cell with her. Suzie just need to go away because she is just a waste of space. Shaunie need to be fired. She is a poor excuse for a mother. She is two faced and conniving. I was a big fan of the show but there is enough of evil and wickedness going in the world to be adding more to it.

  133. Good Riddance says:

    Shaunie you are promoting bullying.And if you really care about Tami’s unstable delusional behind you would do an intevention. Shaunie you play this helpless person. You are the executive producer, fire Tami if she can’t get her ghetto behind together. How you going let Tami bully Keisha? It’s BS!! Tami wants people to kiss her behind, when in reality somebody need to kick her behind. Her mess is not cute and makes her down-right ugly and a disgace to ALL of the human race. I cannot watch this show any longer. This is insanity and devilish manure. i don’t want these spirits in my space any longer. Good riddance to bad trash,

  134. Lady ValJone says:

    After watching Tami and Evelyn bullying women, who they know won’t fight back, is no longer an option for me. There are better shows on TV and other networks. VH1 if you know what’s best for the network and your bank account, you better remove this show from the network. There is going to be alot of backlash over this episode tonight. Bullying in school is a serious problem today with our young people. By airing this mess every week, you are sending a message of support for the bullies. This has to stop immediately. I will spread the work in my area to everyone who will listen, to not WATCH VH1 until there are some changes to your network lineup. Cancel this stupid show! I feel sorry for the daughters of these women. They are going to reap what their mothers have sowed. Remember this Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie. Jen is now an outcast so she is reaping what she sowed previously by laughing and encouraging Tami & Evelyn’s behavior. The love of money is the root of ALL evil. I can see it in this show. Shaunie should be embarrassed and ashamed of this monster she created with these lunatics. Cancel this Show VH1!!! To everyone who is upset about this show and the episode tonight, you can also contact Viacom, the owner of this network and express your outrage. Their number is 212-258-6000 or go to their website:

  135. Tory says:

    Tami, that was so sad what you did to Kesha- even I cried!

  136. MeC says:

    Let’s keep it real! Tami doesn’t have anger management problems, she’s just a bully. She knows how terrified Keisha is of her so every chance she gets she finds beef with her. What was the purpose of her holding on to Keisha’s belongings trying to force her to apologize. From what I’ve observed on the show tonight, all the ladies are afraid of Tami to some degree. Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie sat there, observed how Tami was going off on Keisha and did nothing to stop it.
    Tami took that as an OK to continue to go off on Keisha. Of course, Suzie is still carrying bones. You can’t say anything around her without her carrying it back and it immediately becomes an issue. I’m just surprised at the actions of Tami and Evelyn with the Jen situation. It seems that because neither of these ladies (Keisha and Jen) feed into their hostilities it just makes them (Tami and EVE) more angry. Ladies, ladies, you’re acting like everything but. Do you even look at this show to see just how much out of control you really are? I don’t blame Jen nor Keisha for the actions they took to settle the issues they have with Tami and that chick who slapped Jen. It really distresses me to see my sisters act like this on national TV.

  137. smmrbrze says:

    Ms. Roman is obviously dealing with her molestation with alcohol, but, how will she deal with her alcoholism? There will have to be an intervention initiated by shaunie. In this case, i think that tammy is jealous of kesha for some reason. she wants to be mad at kesha, but im glad that kesha let her drain herself, and shaunie said something to tammy (cuz evelyn jus glad it ain’t her again). these woman are soo embarrassing, it’s even more sad that they are incapable holding decent conversations, and for the record…ALL OF THEM talk about tammy behind her back, believe that. what’s there not to talk about..? she’s almost insane..chasing a dollar and sum fame..smh anyway.. please brown sisters, be easy with each other. pray and want to along with each other, i know..i know.. the money looks good,but, please have some limits.. and shaunie, STOP THE BULLYING, i know its tammy, but ur allowing it (and along with evelyn sometimes, indirectly encourage it).

  138. mskc72 says:

    I hope and pray that this show will be cnceled and that tami and evenlyn wil get somebody to just tear the apart they don’t have no class about themselves. It;s really bad to say but that is 2 low class woment that should be put down/ Jen is doing the right thing take them 2 court. Sizie needs her blank blank kicked she is the one keeing mess goin. I know the whites and all other ethncs are laughing this givs then the right to say what they always say. Shaunie is full of it she has the right 2 stop thi. They need 2 change the name no one is marred. Change to Low class x wives of B B.

  139. Lady O says:

    What happened to addressing the dog that carries the bone. Suzie is a lowdown slimmy snake. She is messy and two faced. Kesha should have approached Suzie and discontinue her conection with her. Suzie is an ass kisser who will do anything to belong with this group of immature, hateraid so called women. Kesha should have slammed the door in Suzie’s face when she went to her room to deliver her usual mess. Then, Suzie report to Tammy who is psychotic. what Kesha says and is feeling. I would have slapped her (Suzie) lisp tongued ass back to Miami. Tammy is a true HOODRAT. Go take your PROZAC! People are growing tired of vulgarity and violence. Women don’t act or imagine to act that way with firends or associates. Anyone with some class, pride, integrity who appear on this show are always attacked. What’s the point?

  140. Meliko says:

    O- M-FREAKIN -G! I could not believe what just happen on the show. I could not control myself while screaming at the TV! Tami was so out of line for a 42 year old grown ass woman. My 13 year old son came downstairs wondering what I was yellin and so upset about . I had to use the show as an example on bullying. How people take advantage of people that are nothing like them aka: RATCHET! I felt so bad for Keisha I’m sure if I was either Shawnee or Evelyn or maybe even big mouth ass Suzie, I would have stepped in and put Tami in her place. The way Tami was saying Keisha said she would have “went off” on her was takin out of content! That was NOT the way she meant it. I told myself that I wasn’t gonna watch the show anymore and just so happen to flip through ( nothin else was on ) and it made me realize why! I’m just done! It’s just a shame that black women need to act all crazy, loud and ignorant just to get ratings,! Note to VH1- can we get some positive role models to watch? …please!

  141. usher says:

    This is no longer BBW, it’s the Tami and Evelyn show on “How to be a Bully and get paid for it”. That’s all that Tami and Evelyn portray “BULLIES”. Kudos to Keisha and Jennifer for remaining the ladies that they are. Shaunie, do you not have any control of what is supposed to be your show? These two ladies, (and I say that loosely), Tami and Evelyn, have driven it into the ground with all the fighting, cursing and blatant displays of bullying others. Tami tries to rationalize and validate her actions as well as Evelyn but there is no legitimate reason for them to go to the extreme like they do. There were some positive things about the show but all has been overshadowed by the “Tami and Evelyn Show. Shaunie, I hope you are reading what I’ve been reading because this show is hanging by a thread. No matter what you do or don’t do, PLEASE!, kick Suzie to the curve. If she wasn’t on the show everyone might just get along. She’s always hollering about she doesn;t want to be in the middle of anything, but where is she every time, right in the middle because she starts it. She wil throw you under the bus in a heartbeat then act all innocent. I’ve said this from the first time I starting looking at BBW, you need to “GET RID OF SUZIE”! She is not your friend.

  142. Immaflygirll says:

    Tammi is out of control. I wouldn’t care if she was fired from the show. Bullying is not cute or right from any perspective. Susie needs her tongue cut out of her mouth, again this season she talks too damn much. You don’t have to repeat everything you hear. She is a secondary bully cause she always directs the mess coming her way onto someone else than tries to console that person. It is obvious Tammi is insecure an envious of Kesha because she wants all the attention on her. How could she say everything is not not going to be the way Kesha wants it. Yet she wants everything to be the way Tammi wants it. Who made her God. Tammi and Suzie needs to kick rocks with bare frets……

  143. KAILY says:


  144. Jan Smither says:

    Tami is vile and out right a low down dirty person. She exibits exactly what and how someone should not conduct themselves. Her children will grow up and see that her behavior is acceptable. They will them be on reality tv to get off food stamps. No one should feel bad for her, as she has no consideration for anyone else. Why don’t she do all of us a favor and crawl back in the crack hole she came out of. How would she feel if her children were treated as though they were less than human. Thats like spitting in someones faces and taking there soul. Tami should recieve 10 lashes and after that 10 more for her foul and disqusting mouth and actions.

  145. Erik Morrissette says:

    Tami is a bully and is jealous of Keisha because she is much prettier and sofisticated women. I have better thing to do with my time than watch Tami( a so called women) bully another women on T.V. I am discussed and am taking the show off my dvr list and hope others are going to do the same. You wonder why kids are so messed up today, just look at the examples are adults are demonstrating.

  146. Far from a class act says:

    Tami your full of crap, only reason you’ve made a public apology to Keshi is the public gave you a new ass…..your wording is not even that of someone being serious. Keshi your response was excellent, and once again you handled the problem with grace not race or trash like tami. Tami and motor mouth Suzie still need to go after this season.

  147. Tamika Pittman says:

    As a 39 year old woman, I can not believe a woman of that age would act like that. Especially one who has two daughters. It was disgusting and ridiculous to watch. She is a HUGE liar and hypocrite and had the nerve to call Keisha a liar. She is a bully who prays on the week. She would never try to take Eveleyn’s purse!!! She is the one with the issues. She needs to drop that fake anger management class and seek more serious help. I know her children and her boyfriend are so embarassed right now. And not only did she take the girls purse but she went through it and her phone!!! That is some BS for real. And Shaunie and Evelyn are some punks for sitting there and letting it happen. If they were her real friends they wouldn’t even allow her to make such a fool of herself! SICKENING!!!

  148. K says:

    Tami is OBNOXIOUS! I do NOT feel one bit sorry for anything that she has “gone” through in her life…..she is CRAZY!! She is the biggest hypocrite that I have ever seen. I love how she criticised Kesha for going to the front desk about her purse – are you kidding me?!?!?! She took her purse and then demanded an apology…who does she think she is? Kesha, do NOT be afraid of Tami…you said it best, she does a WONDERFUL job at making herself look like an idiot!!! I would love to go one round with Tami – she NEEDS to be put in her place! It is so obvious that Tami is miserable! Look at her…wouldn’t you be, too?!?!?! Tami, you are so classless and disgusting…you should be ashamed of yourself!!

  149. Nicole Syms says:

    This show is the worst!!! Mrs. O’Neal should actually be ashamed for this trash! Black women fighting every episode…I have yet to see a community service project go down; feeding the homeless; visiting shelters; etc. I mean come on…all y’all can do is fight, cuss and look like beast on TV???!!!

    VH1 needs to pulls this show and pull it fast because as a black women; I’m caring the brunt of being an “angry black woman” thanks to filth like this show!

  150. Sad says:

    I watch Oprah life classes because It builds you up spiritually. I made the mistake of watching this negative show and was sad that i wasted an hour of my time and allowed this mess to enter my sprit and home. If it wasn’t for older women mentoring me my life would have been a mess. I take younger women under my wing and encourage them to be the best they can be. I would never treat another woman the way Kesha was treated. Please watch Life classes and not this mess!

  151. Dionne says:

    Tami don’t let people set you up for failure. For a forty-one year old woman your actions were deplorable. I do not have to recap what happened because you will be seeing and hearing on the blogs for a very long time. Grown women do not behave in the manner in which you showed your natural black ass. Tami, you may have gone through an horrific ordeal in your life, so what? Get over yourself. Thank God for the blessings you have and get off the pity train and stop letting VH1, Shaunie and everybody else that you think are your friend (and they are not) make an ass out of you. All money isn’t good money. You better get your mind right because you can easily be labeled and branded crazy. Beautiful sista, contact me so I can help you get your mind right, so that you can stop acting a “Donkey” on national tv; making me and a whole lot of others ashamed. GET IT TOGETHER!

  152. Jossia says:

    Tammy, all the bullying you have done on the show (and probably in your past) will come back to you two-fold and unfortunately to your own girls. You are the worse image of motherhood on TV today and I truly feel sorry for your girls.

  153. Joy says:

    Tammy needs to look at how she acts she has two daughters, does she want them to act like a grown BULLY. She needs some major help in the head and she needs to stop drinking. I hope now Evelyn sees how bad it is to bully people. Tammy needs to go rehab NOW. The apple don’t fall far from the tree. Pity her daughters.

  154. Deborah Miller says:

    Shame on you Shaunie! You pretend to be innocent in this embarrassment of a show but you are the producer. You sit and watch all of this with no attempt to stop it. You, Tammi and Evelyn look like fools. Is making money more important than respect and character?

  155. Cal White says:

    I watched the Basketball wives show on Monday and I know it is for ratings that Tami acts the way she does but I feel she took her role to a mad doggish level. There was no reason for her to go off on Kesha the way she did. She already know that the young lady is scared to death of her and she had her in a very shameful position. This kind of actions will decide for me not to watch the show any more.

  156. kayla says:

    That is flat out an embarrassment… Tammie u SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF “YOURSELF”.. U are a bully an u gets no RESPECT for being a grown ass BULLY. BUT… I dont jus blame her, I blame the women that call their selves FRIENDS. TOO DAM AFRAID TO TELL HER HOW SHE SOUND AN LOOK! I blame the entire staff for PIMPIN Tammie’s ignorance jus for ratings. I know that she was jus mad an it got the best of her but it was sad. She is a bully, I feel sorry for her family an friends an she need medical help! I’m sure she would jus dog me out too. But if we cant even hear from others, how will we learn.. SMH. So embarrassed! So embarrassed!

  157. Mari says:

    Tami! how dare you bully in that matter!!! People are killing themselves because of people like you!! How would you feel if it was done to your daughters! and you DID take her purse for the wrong reasons !… Suzie is such a two face!! SHE is the one stirring up all the dumb drama! Keisha needs to stick up for yourself at least talking back at her!

  158. MsRangeRover says:

    Everyone said basically what I wanted to say… My 6 year old daugther walk in while I was fussing with the Television and seen how Keysha was being bullied and ask momma why she doing that to that “pretty girl” I said because she a pretty girl… Tami is insecured and love to pick on anyone she feels mentally threaten by. Just like Ev told her on season 2 .. She is sad and her daugthers most probably will turn out just like her … My biggest wish is she read this blog and see how real women see her ass.

  159. MsRangeRover says:

    As for Shaunie you that scared of Tami that you would allow her to stay on the show to mess your money up. Point blank period ..This is your show and as a mother, sister, daugther, and friend you should of step in and said No Tami I cant let you disrespect yourself or her like that. You said it yourself that Keysha wasnt built for that so why not just step in not fight just step in if Tami have any respect for you she would of respect that.

  160. cherly says:

    Wow. I think it is time for some different, more grown up women to take the place of Tammi and Evelyn. These are not women…they are animals. Tammi, Tammi, I dream for the day that you are beat to the ground. Shame on you. I am tire of seeing all the negative behavior that is so embarrassing to all women of color.

  161. A Black Woman says:

    This show has continued to not represent a black woman.
    Tami is a bully and wonder why she has continued to go through trials an tribulations. This is what we call KARMA!!! Suzie wants to be in the in crowd so much she is willing to backstab anybody! Ladies you all have children and I am pretty sure you would not want someone to treat them in the same fashion. It’s sad to prey on the ones who cannot help themselves to make yourself feel superior. You all should project positive instead of the negative and pray for those as such instead of prey on them!!! VERY SAD!!!

  162. So Sad.... says:

    Shaunie you are so SCARED of Tami and Evelyn you allow them to do and say what ever they want on the show. You have no back bone what so ever!!! Instead of Keisha going home Tami should have had her loud mouth behind on the first thing smoking.

  163. vidat says:

    I usually dont do this, but what I saw on TV made me cry! I this what people who have money do? Wow! Tami you are a bully !! Please take this show off the air.

  164. Ann says:

    I’m so happy to view the comments on this site. It shows that people still have morals and a caring heart for others, unlike those Basketballwives, minus Keisha and Royce. Enough of these so called “Ghetto Fab Women”. Sign the petition to get rid of this crappy TV as I did — sponsors will pull out and there will be no more BBW. Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn and Susie have played out. They’ve reached an alltime low in society — especially Tami. Watch it Tami, payback is a Mother! Your daughter will put on you, what you’ve put on others!


  166. Nicey says:

    I was completely disgusted by Tami on this episode. She had been trying to pick a fight the entire time over a petty comment. She knows that comment didn’t have anything to do with it. I felt like there was hate coming from her. It was ridiculous. Honestly, to bully someone like that is horrible. I really like Kesha, she handled the situation like a LADY. Tami is a rat with full blown hater. She made herself look so stupid and ignorant and truthfully showed the jealously. Then she wonders why her husband left her crazy ass for a white women. She was a complete embarrassment to women of color. We already have a bad name for being ghetto and having nasty attitudes. Well, congratulations BBW… this episode Tami put the icing on the cake for that assumption. Kesha, you are beautiful and classy and Tami envies that. That was the red in her eyes… hate and jealousy. You have the best of both worlds being mulatto; no need to feel out of place. Tami, you owe her an apology for disrespecting her, violating her privacy looking through her purse and phone, and being a bully. It looks even worse for a woman your age and a mother at that! You were and embarrassment to black women and to your girls.

  167. Nicey says:

    Not that this matters because I know MESS like this just boosts ratings but I am done with this show. I had stopped watching for two sessions after the mean girls with Gloria. Get Tami wack A S S off the show IMMEDIATELY! I think we should boycott! VHI get more LALA Full Court Life like shows PLEASE.

  168. LaShelle says:

    First and foremost, why do these chicks keep telling Suzie anything?? At any rate, I have to say I echo the sentiments that this past show was tragically predicatable sad display. Whatever Keisha’s lesson is that she needs to learn about being bi-racial, it is definately not Tami’s place to teach. Especially in the manner in which she did. Tami is a bully, and only preys on those who she feels will not stand up to her. I gaurantee that she would not have pulled any of that mess with the BBwives of LA, I promise you. The funny thing is that Keisha did stand up to her. Keisha made a decision to not deal with it on Tami’s level. I completely agree with Keisha, I am not going stand there and cuss and holler at someone just so that they will have respect. Honestly so the f what if you dont like me. Maybe some of this is personal for me as a bi-racial women who has dealt with the same criticism from black and white women. I have found a new level of disrespect for this show and for Tami. The funny thing is this is the purpose of the show. However, if this is how these ladies make they money then so be it. What did the character Diamond say in Players Club, all money aint good money. However, remember what you put out in the world is what you get back. Tami has to answer for her actions one day, and I hope that she has some support when it does.

  169. Kim B says:

    This show is spiraling out of freaking control, in a sad attempt at ratings. They have lost me as a viewer for the second time. Tami and Evelyn needs to be sent packing. Like we say in the islands, none of them “buck up” on the right one yet, to buss their ras down. Suzie is a punk, always going back and forth blabbing her mouth. Whatever Keisha told her and Royce, did not need to end back at Tami’s ears, by way of Suzie. She just trying to stay all goodie goodie with “the mean girls”, cause she is scared they would bust her ras down good too. She deserves it good too. Does anyone think that Tami has miraculously aged on this season. She looks all old and haggard out…….all wrinkled. It is from all the drinking and cursing. Shaunie should be ashamed of her damned self, for letting all these events happened. She too is probably scared of Evelyn and Tami. This show is heading down the wrong track.

  170. Kim B says:

    Oh one other things…………..TAMI, WE ARE NOT IN YOUR NECK OF THE WOODS!! Why don’t you get this. Keep that sort of crap wherever you come from. You have a second attempt at stardom via a reality show. You should be a classy lady. There must a reason why most of you are less the basketball player and it is evident based on your actions. I take it back, Tami cannot ever be said in the same statement with the word class, unless it is lack of it. Shame on Shaunie, for real.

  171. Mimi says:

    BBW- a pack of hyenas, pack leader- Tami. Assistant pack leader – Evelyn, lower pack member- Shawnie, lowest pack member – Suzie, the rest of the cast are prey.

  172. margaret says:

    To everyone who has posted a comment about this show, please go to and post a comment urging them to pull this show from the air. PLEASE make certain to inform them WE will boycott Vh1, its sponsors, and Viacom itself if nothing is done. We gave a voice and must put forth a collective effort to bring forth change. Writing on this blog is good but we must go further.

  173. Sharon says:

    This was so low class on Tami’s part she has a drinking problem and when she drinks she is so low class Keesha dont let her bully you, she talks behind everyones back then tries to act all high and mighty that no one should talk behind her back, she is just a rude b– that doesnt deserve to have anyones respect. Dont let the trailer trash push you out, she doesnt deserve it and I am so disappointed in Shawny in not sticking up for her when Tami was acting so discusting and low rent. I dont know why all the women are afraid of standing up to Tami when she is so wrong. Get a back bone ladies and stand up to the witch.

  174. Kiana says:

    Tammy is nothing but a old hag BULLY!!!! She bullies girls who can’t defend their selves. U r such a hypocrite. U get mad at the fact that Keisha didn’t come and say stuff to ur face but u do the same thing. U talk all that mess about Keisha all the time but don’t say anything to her until all the girls r around. U sit there and talk about Jen too but we don’t see u telling her to her face either. So don’t go around asking for respect and telling people not to talk behind ur back when u damn well do the same thing!!!!! I can’t believe the other girls just sat there and didn’t do a damn thing either. What, is everyone scared of Tami? She also was saying that Keisha was acting like a kid for telling the authorities that someone had her purse, but who was acting like a child. Tami was. She is a 42 year old grown woman who’s is holding someone’s purse like a little child. And going through her belongings, who does that. That was some Jr high stuff. What happened to anger management???? Vh1, what kind of show is this? This show is nothing but a bunch of grown women looking like fools and is about bullying. The need to change something about it or no one will be watching.

  175. Sharon says:

    I can see why Tami’s ex left her in the gutter she needs to go back there where she belongs. I wont watch this show anymore while she is on it. GO BACK TO THE GUTTER WHERE YOU CAME FROM TAMI!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Webster says:

    Tami needs her ass kick. Why is everyone so scared of her. She probably can’t even fight. She just a mean bully.

  177. Pat Hayes says:

    They should be ashamed of themselves….Tami, Evelyn the two evil sisters and Shaunie!!! What the hell….Do they have children or not? Is this what they want them to see? Why would Chad want this type of person in his life to bring his name down…..She would be outta here so fast. These are what you call bullies. Classless asses!!!!! Jen, Keisha and Royce you stay true to yourselves and continue to be the ladies that Tami and that Evelyn are not. Evelyn is the typical Hood Rat….of the biggest type. You can take the lady out of the hood but you sure cant take the hood of women like Evelyn… uhhhhhh!!!!

  178. Lisa says:

    Tami – please stay with counseling because you are FAR GONE!! Susie my definiton of you is a SNITCH, TROUBLE MAKER. Susie is bares the bone and takes the bone to fit in the with the trouble makers so they won’t attack her! Evelyn, stop kissing Tamie’s behind because you slept with her husband in 1999 and you feel that you have to laugh at all Tamie’s jokes and kiss her ass to “make up” for what you’ve done years ago. Shawni, please take control of your show before the ratings drop lower than what it already is. Kesha, you’re BEAUTIFUL, MENTALLY STRONG and LADY LIKE. Stay strong, Kesha! This Episode demonstrates what bullying is in the rare. GROWN WOMEN acting like FOOLS – TAMI!!

  179. CutiePie says:

    I must admit that this episode has affected me to the fullest… I can’t believe that grown women act like this!! Shaunie and Evelyn are sooooo afraid of Tami. Most times when you come across a person with a lot of freaking mouth, it is what it is MOUTH, it’s absolutely nothing to that person. If I could have reached out and touched Larry, Moe and Curly through the TV I would have. My heart bled for Keisha.. They need to take this show off the air.. It’s a poor representation of EVERYTHING!! Shaunie you need to get a handle of your show and start displaying that YES, black women can get along; Yes, we can do positive things in the community; YES, we can be great mothers to our children and help other children along this journey. To Susie – sit your worthless, funny looking self down!! You are not a friend and should not be trusted anymore. Do you repeat everything to the Three Stooges!! Learn how to be a friend and not a frenemy, it’s not a good look!! We only get one shot at this thing called LIFE, turn the negatives to positives. Kesha – throw up the deuces and yell PEACE OUT!!

  180. LT says:

    I’m proud of Kesha for having a forgiving spirit. Forgiveness releases her spirit from the incident. I was saddened. I didn’t pity Kesha. I felt she used her common sense and good judgment by clearing herself from an environment with a volatile and unstable person. I was just devastated watching a clear example of bullying. The energy was so negative and damaging, it came right through the t.v. I’m actually surprised the other ladies were able to sit through it. Yeah, they cried later…but I’m talking about stepping in and saying “no, you are not entitled to violate this human being’s rights and space because YOU are all messed up” I’m no longer a fan of the show, I erased the recording space on my dvr and look forward to filling it with something that can be entertaining without seeming to condone something so evil and ridiculous. shame on you tami. you went through something before, you were not always the bully er, you were bullied and violated…so you know what it feels like. and that’s why I have no respect for you. and for the record, you guys were not friends and you were not being helpful by keeping her bag. I would have turned you in also. nobody has to fight a clearly crazy person and risk personal and emotional harm….dealing with your issues! your thoughts are the cause for each of your negative experiences. get your mind right

  181. LT says:

    And to Suzie’s defense. If you play close attention, she is the kid on the playground who does not want to be bullied. She’s been on the other end of it, not the degree which Kesha received, but she’s been there. So, she clears all information in the air immediately, though she risks being perceived as disloyal and an instigator, so she won’t get jumped on. SHE WOULD RATHER INSTIGATE THE INEVITABLE FIGHT, rather than be attacked. While Tami’s letting off some mental illness steam, she’d better think twice about who she attacks. Kesha is a dancer and an athlete, she’s drunker than you and your Budweiser and if she was ignorant we might have watched you get beat down on tv instead. Here, I was applauding Shaunie thinking she might be onto something. And you sat there and watched it.

  182. LT says:

    *stronger* correction

  183. Lisa Blackwell says:

    That bully episode saddened me greatly. I still can’t believe that grown women can enact such hatred or stand around while someone is being bullied. They have children. VH1 should be ashamed as well. I will never watch this show again. I was always on the fence about Royce and Jennifer however it is understandable why Royce, who they felt wasn’t good enough for them, and Jennifer who was too good for them don’t want to be around those low lifes. Shame on the bullies, the punks and the troublemakers of the show.

  184. NICOLE says:


  185. LADYLYZ says:


  186. Antibullyung says:

    This is an example of an incident where a grown woman is bullying another person. This is so common. Think about it. Bullies get pumped when there is an audience. Shaunie, Evelyn, and Suzie, you should have said something to stop this. Children go through this everyday. Some are killing themselves. We as grown ups have to stop it not imitate it! Tami, please continue to get help. The others, please stick up for what is right and stop the bullying. Suzie, please stop the instigating. If someone tells you something, keep it to yourself. I recommend that all ladies on the Basketball Wives show see the documentary “Bully”.

  187. Sherri says:

    Kesha, I’m so sorry for what you had to endure in Tahiti. My heart goes out to you, that we as women and adults can carry ourselves in that manner. You did not deserve to have your bag taken and forced to apologize to retrieve YOUR belongings. We all know that had you been the one that would have taken her purse, SHE would have become both verbally and physically violent in return. She had no right to take your bag, go through our purse, place on your sunglasses, and read all your texts on your phone. You were violated!!!!! I can remember Tami speaking about her being violated in her past, and how awful it felt and then she violates your privacy and personal belongings!!!! Tami SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Four months ago or not, you should be so ashamed of yourself. I was in utter shock to see a mother behave like that on T.V. You need some serious help. Kesha is not weak, or pitiful, she is what a woman should be. She is kind, and carry’s herself like a lady. Refusing to fight, argue and buck up is not a sign of weakness, its a sign of a woman who is confident and respects herself. To the rest of you ladies, ALL of you should have stopped it and been there for Kesha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not one of you tried to get her purse for her, NOT one of you stood by her side and tried to include her. When she walked away from that table, SOMEONE should have gotten up with her and helped her. EVERYONE of you, excet Kesha is a BULLY!!!!!!! Shame on you all, to think of you as mother’s.

  188. Andrea says:

    Tami is a disgrace. I’m not sure if she is so desperate for money that she is willing to make a complete fool of herself or what. She is a psychotic bully and needs to be admitted to a mental institution.Regardless of what Kesha said, there is no excuse for her behavior. Shaunie and Evelyn are afraid of her and that’s why they kiss her a$$ all the time. They all act like they are in middle school. This is just unreal to me. Tami actually tries to justify her actions. Before this episode I actually liked Tami. But, I now realize that she is OUT OF HER MIND!!! Kesha was the bigger woman to walk away from the situation. There is no since in making a fool out of yourself just because somebody else is making a fool out of themself… Somebody needs to whoop Suzie’s A$$. She runs her mouth too much. All of these women are complete trash. I’m afraid of what is going to become of their children if this is what they have to look up to.

  189. maria says:

    i have never seem grown woman behave so poorly. how can woman allow this kind of behavior to continue. it is nothing but bulling!! Shame in Tami for beating down kesha (to the core). Tami doesn’t feel powerful enough, so she has to attack Kesha to have a sense of power because she has none of her own. As a mother of females, how would Tami feel if someone attacked and belittled her daughters in this fashion.
    To Evelyn and the other “ladies” (not much ladies) to witness such bad behavior from Tami AND do nothing is beyond me!!! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE.

    No wonder they are ALL single. What real man would put up this non-sense. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!!!!

  190. anna says:

    I HATE this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shaunie is an instagater, Suzie talks tooo much and kiss ass to be these little girls friend…so high school. I HATE Evelyn & Tammie…you are bullies… It is so sad because just this past week a 9th grader killed himself in my son school because of being bullied….It is sad because you grown ass girls have kids also… I look at all of u and scorned at your childishness.. I prayed to God to not let this show get picked up for another season…….. None of you are basketball wives and have no class.. did any of you sit down and wonder why none of you are wih the men who was basketball players anymore.. No man want lil girl like you all who fail to grow up…..Go get a life….

  191. Graciela Ramirez says:

    Since the show has started Tami has been one of my favorite basketball wives but after viewing episode 13 I was disappointed to see Tami act like such a child. For a Mother for two young girls and as a representative for her charity she should be embarrassed for acting like such a bully. And the fact that all the other wives just sat there and stood by watching it all go down without even speaking up is even worst. They were all saying how weak kesha was but really it was them who was weak just siting there watching someone get bullied. They give Black woman a bad name they should all be ashamed of themselves. Oh and Susie, your a rat B@#$% keep your mouth shut, the show was better of without you but then again what would happen to the rating of the show if you weren’t there to bring the drama.

  192. Sandy says:

    I have lost respect for the women on this show. Tami is a bully and she needs to deal with her real issues and not direct her unresolved anger towards others. Evelyn and Shaunie are instigators and they are bystanders to the bullying. They are just as bad as Tami. Tami has a lot of issues to deal with and she is immature and needs to refine her character. How much education do these women have anyway?

  193. RE Edwards says:

    This show is a Classic Demeaning, bullying and mentally disturbed individuals. I am embrassed for my Black Ladies.
    Tami should be in a Mental Home.None of the ladies put Tami in Check when she was abusing Kesha. Kesha had more class than everyone of them. When you have a mental case going off on you. Kesha’s attitude was on point. Tami is a mental case with no class. She is the instigator in most of the brawals.This show should be off the air. I hope none of the children of these ladies (excuse me) “These Mental Cases” watch this show. Very Poor example for a Black Woman , Friend, and Mother. The Ex-O’Neal woman stay in the background with little to say but that is worse. She is a pack of filth and demental as all these individuals. To allow this to be projected on a show her name represents. VH1 PULL THE PLUGS ON THIS FILTH NOT A GOOD SHOW FOR OUR GENERATION AND BLACK PEOPLE..

    VH1 needs to pull this show before

  194. Victoria says:

    Each one of you are afraid of Tami its so sad to even watch it…..I dont think there is one friend on this show…no friend would eva treat another the way you people treat each other…Bully Bully Bully….PLS take her off the show……

  195. Pam Jones says:

    I’ve lost some respect for all of them. Tami is like a wild dog; her friends make no effort to correct or counsel her about her behavior. She is left to her madness. Her next reality show be Anger Management 101.
    Susie repeats EVERY SINGLE conversation she hears. Instigate much?
    Shawnie is passively enjoying the ratings; madness draws attention. (She is making money from this right? $$)
    Evelyn, the only one who could pull Tami’s card, emphasizes but does not acknowledges Tami’s bully-dog “the only reason I don’t hit you is because you’re weak” as “PSYCHO needs a straight jacket craziness.”

    No one has anyone’s back on this group. Where is the sisterhood?

    Thank God for the channel changer works.

  196. Earrliee says:

    This is my second time watching this clip of the Tami/Kesha episode….I must say, I am extremely floored by Tami’s behavior! I have been Kesha before and totally understand how she may have felt dealing with a nut of a bully such as Tami. Tami you have set a very bad example for us as women, in addition, you have reversed the slight liking of you to complete disgust! And to think, you have TWO beautiful daughters….Who have already seen the unclassyness their mother exorts from her bully of a being! UGH! Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie remind me of “The Mean Girls”! Kodos to Jennifer and Royce for holding soooooo much class! They are HANDS DOWN 2 of my favorites from the show! WOMEN who know how to conduct themselves in the line of fire! I will be voting for this negative show to be cut! To Tami: MY DREAM JOB IS TO DRIVE THE KARMA BUS!!!!

  197. HOC says:

    I was into this show until now. I echo all the other comments by the integrity-rich people who have posted feedback here. That was shameful and pathetic. That was really uncomfortable to watch. The WORST part of it all was Tami’s self-unaware, ignorant comments in between the fight scene that shows no remorse and some sad need to justify her unkind, verbally abusive behavior towards a cast mate who honestly inspires me by the sheer self-control she demonstrated. She should get an award for holding her chin up and doing everything possible to diffuse the situation. I’m checking out on this show – there are too many quality things to invest my time with and as much as I initially got into this series and the stories about these women, I feel like a bad person contributing to the ratings moving forward. It’s like Bravo TV and the husband on the real housewives of Beverly Hills – he killed himself and left behind an estranged wife and young daughter and loads of US Weekly magazine scoop. At some point, reality TV crosses a line. Have some integrity, VH1.

  198. HOC says:

    As someone suggested, here’s my note to Viacom:
    I realize that to some media brands, any public reaction is “good” publicity because you want to generate buzz and you want to produce something that people talk about. But seriously, you guys also have a responsibility to society on some level. Your BBW show was interesting to me initially because a) some days, I am bored, b) I’ve never really had insight into the life of an athlete’s wife (or ex, or fiance, or girlfriend) and as a woman, I imagine they struggle like the rest of us, and c) I appreciate a show that shares the stories of a diverse cast as far as ethnic backgrounds. There aren’t that many reality TV shows about black and latin American women (relative to shows featuring casts entirely comprised of white women) and I appreciate someone creating one. However, at this time, I will never do anything again to support the ratings of that show and I’ll go as far as purposefully avoiding any brand that associates with it or sponsors it. Do you guys own Bravo TV too? Do you not find the idea of showcasing and profiting from real human abuse stories distasteful? Did you not view that Tamy-Kesha scene as abusive? You have scenes where people are being assaulted, physically and verbally (and so violently) and you seriously think this benefits society in some way and you have no concerns about airing it? If your decision to air some of that backfires and teaches a kid to mirror abusive behavior, or worse, results in the Russell Armstrong storyline (regrettably real-life), then hopefully it costs you guys something staggering. I’m sorry, but I’m speaking out because I’ve never felt so uncomfortable before watching anything. Fiction and drama are one thing – they are stories that we don’t directly connect with reality. But seeing a girl completely bullied and so nearly assaulted and knowing it’s real human behavior – right there on the screen – and knowing some studio is thrilled to air it….that’s negligent and disgusting. And there you have it – my two cents. Hopefully you’re adding them to the amassing pile of negative public feedback on your trashy BBW show that provides a “celebrity” platform to people who haven’t earned it, don’t deserve it and potentially harm the public in how they abuse it. Thank you for listening.