Basketball Wives – Episode 13 – Paradise Lost


Whew. From the moment this episode of Basketball Wives began to the moment it ended, it felt like we held our breath and our muscles tensed. We were frozen. For a solid hour we were riveted by the Tami Vs. Kesha showdown that began when Kesha, not interested in fighting with Tami, walked away from her. Over the course of the show, Tami held Kesha’s purse and phone hostage,Kesha's Purse Basketball Wives offering to release them only if and when Kesha apologized for saying that she “could’ve come at Tami and said whatever I wanted to but there’s nothing I could’ve said that would have made her look worse than she was making herself look.” Knowing how Tami feels about being spoken about and not spoken to, this was maybe not the right thing for Kesha to say, and it was also a bad thing for Tami to find out.

Shaunie O’Neal has already addressed that this show needs to show more balance and allow the good scenes to outweigh the bad, and not the other way around. But what was shown from the immature fish prank

to the purse showdown, this was heavy.

Considering the fact that the fight took up so much of the episode and it was hard to look away, we’ll just focus on that as the topic and turn it over to you guys by asking what you think of the whole situation. Take our poll and as always, we look forward to your respectful discussion in the comments.

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  1. Shayii says:

    to be honest to earn respect you have to give and from my understanding thats all tammie wanted. And no nobody should go through what kesha went threw. But also if you have anything to say about someone you should always take it to that person not to any body else. But everybody has there own opion about some things.

  2. Claudia says:

    It’s sad that no of the other so called respectful woman especially Shaunie, did anything for Kesha. What is wrong with you all?
    I will never watch this show again. I hope others won’t watch either.

  3. LT says:

    there is nothing entertaining about watching someone be mercilessly bullied by someone who thinks she is weaker. there’s no way i could have sat there and bore witness to that.

  4. Lynne says:

    Tami is a obnoxious bully and should be ashamed of herself. Tami PLEASE act like a lady and not a hollering, cussing undisciplined teenager. I feel so sorry for you, you are sad sad sad!!!! Btw I don’t anyone who behaves this way.

  5. realtaulke says:

    Tami pleeze get a life! Pick on someone who is not afraid of you. Stay in therapy and off the booze a little prayer won’t hurt either. Suzie is the most dangerous and should be slapped for always repeating and starting stuff I absolutely hate a troublemaker!

  6. k johnsn says:

    O.k., how old are these women and I mean (ALL) including Shaunie??!! Why…Why are these beautilful black rich entrepreneurs with children on a show that’s being aired to millions of viewers, looking and acting like children. I’m so embarrassed of what these women are portraying to the young viewers who watch this show. The only reason that I’ve seen some episodes are because of my young 15 yr old son who is lusting after these women and enjoying the bad language that is constantly being used and said to one another believe me when it crosses my memory of the date and time of the show being aired I try to keep him from watching but he is a teenager. We already have a cultural issue with our black community with not supporting each other and formulating any positive programs and community outreach centers to pull in our black youth or anyone for that matter that needs the help, so why not use your influence and money to produce positivity and not embarrassing shows to further put us behind. I really wish VH1 would pull the plug but hey why would they when you have white execs who love to see the ratings and money come in to see you get on television and make absolute fools of yourselves. If you Basketball Wives are that hard up for money then continue to sell yourself, OHH where is the mention or any scene of any one of you who have been blessed to mention the one who got you there…if you don’t know I’m speaking about God. There is notchristianity shown through this pitiful show of our beautiful, i would say intelligent women but your actions have reflected not. Have some morals and decency ladies, your childen could be watching.

  7. Melissa says:

    Tami is a loser in life. You think picking on one of the meekest people on the show makes you bad ass…please. Grow up! There is no reason why you are 40+ and acting a dang fool!!!! You should remember that just as it is easy for you to go off and bully others, it could be just as easy to bully one of your daughters! Your children must be horrified at how you portray yourself to the world. What a sad excuse for a woman!

  8. Ms. Boston says:

    What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul, Money and fame will pass away, it is only what you do for Christ that will last. I”m not perfect, and I done somethings I am not proud of. When you know better do better, God is speaking to you . You may not think your hurting anybody, but in a lot of ways you are. Ask your self if what your doing is helping or Blessing some one . You are spreading negativity, hate and violence. You can not serve Two Master. Choose this day who you will Honor (serve) Good or Evil……

  9. Mari says:

    I just watched the last episode and was very upset that a grown woman, Tammi was behaving like an animal. She is an “old” bully and should be kicked off of the show! She is trying to make a name for herself in reality T.V. and want her own show. If Bravo does that, I will not watch it! By the way, Andy, I will not be watching this show anymore. Bravo should apologize to Kesha for subjecting her to this animal. Kesha is the only one who has brought class to this classless show! I feel so bad for her and it will only get worse because ratings are what matters to Bravo. Just walk away! You don’t have to take it!

  10. DebbieGrandstaff says:

    Tammy is a Bully. I cannot believe the other girls stood by and let this happen…again. Please, if someone says something about you behind your back, gets you that upset you need help. In the real world at real jobs people talk all the time. This is a prime example of what they are talking about in schools, they should show this footage for discussion about bullying. Also, I thought you ladies were supposed to be classy, if someone doesn’t want to throw down when they have a disagreement they are made too look weak. They should be touted as the brave ones for not going with the flow, following the bullies. I am definitely team Jen and Keisha as they don’t have to be intimidated into fist fighting when others are threatening them. Also, they choose to remove themselves from the situation rather than be verbally or physically abused. Shawnee, I am disappointed that you let this show turn into a bunch of loud mouth bullies.

  11. BJ Levin says:

    TAmmy is an embarrassment to every woman … Including her daughters. She needs to get some alcohol rehab. She is an ignorant bully. The show should be asha,Ed of having her ignorant bullying persona on the show. she is a liar and a bully … And a drunk.

    she stole the purse Nd she is a bully and a liar.

  12. April Borden says:

    Tami shame on you you are better than that. Than Bully behavior is not how to deal with situations and you know it. You are a mother and I’m sure you would not want anyone to bully your child like that. I see a smart caring women that was treated very bad during her life. Abuse of any kind is not acceptable. Rise above that and dont become the abuser. Best Wishes

  13. D Burton says:

    I cannot watch this big bulley anymore, I think it is awlful for over 35 year old woman with daughters of their own treating other woman with such disrespect. How can they allow this and how can I condone this by watching it. No more I’m out because it makes me so angry that I want to kick Tami’s ass myself and then I would be just like them, so I will not watch this show anymore.

  14. Kris says:

    Tami Roman is a low grade, old, played out bully! Shame on Shaunie Oneal , Evelyn, and Suzie for being by standers and allowing this to happen. Are you serious? I understand that these women have nothing better to do than to create “shock” TV however this was not that, this was absolutely insanity! Kesha shouuld sue all of them (hell, it was played out for the world to see). Hit them where it hurts…in their pocket. Shaunie is a money hungry witch, Evelyn a ghetto, loud mouth with so many insecurities, Suzie is just a scared punk. This show is so stupid! This is why people think black women are always angry because of these fools! TAKE THIS SHOW OFF THE AIR!!!

  15. Alyssia says:

    This show is a disgrace. I cannot understand for the life of me why a 42 year old woman (Tami) would act like such an idiot. I get you need ratings and the more ignorant you act the more relevant you are, I guess! But, as a black woman, I personally can’t take no more. Talk about bullying, this is pathetic. I’m so overwhelmed of the ignorance and ghetto nature of all these women. This is all you have to portray of yourself? This is what you have to offer in order to be relevant?

  16. SGR says:















  17. Tami that was a damn shame get over yourself

  18. muffey says:

    Tami needs the long arm of the law. She is a criminal and needs to be treated as one. To give this mad woman a public forum is insanity at its best. Take her off the air; she is ugly inside and out. Suzie needs to be taught a lesson. She is trailer trash that wants acceptance. I hope Kesha and Royce stay away from her. Suzie, there is something called karma. You will get yours one way or the other. Kesha has been nothing but gracious and kind to you. She invited you to her home and introduced you to her family. With friends like you, who needs enemies? You are a big disappointment and one day, the mad woman Tami is going to let you have yours. You deserve it.

  19. Benita says:

    Tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives was a train wreck. These so called grown women on this show and VH1 are shameless. Tami trying to justify her ridiculous and childish behavior is so delusional. Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie did absolutely nothing made them just as guilty as Tami because no one stepped in to stop this bullying behavior. Being a bystander is just as bad, if not worse than the person who is actually bullying. Being a teacher and trying to teach students that bullying is unacceptable as well as watching someone being bullied is unacceptable behavior. It is difficult to teach them the right thing when you have women like this on television and young girls are watching. No they should not watch but unfortunately these young impressionable girls view some of these reality stars as role models. The REALITY is some people will sell their souls for a dollar. The sad part about it is once their 5 minutes of fame are up they will all be irrelevant and what a sad impression to leave.

  20. p.reyes says:

    that wild animal is an insecure DAMAGED ghetto snipe who still thinks that ghetto ways are mainstream. go back to the ghetto and become it’s queen. in the REAL world YOU STOLE HER PURSE. face it and own up to it. in the REAL WORLD, fools like you go to jail or get institutionalized because their behavior isn’t fit for human society. respect is EARN and the only thing that wild animal earned is PITY.

  21. Madman says:

    Tami should be ashamed of herself. She has some deep rooted problems and it shows. She is too old to act the way she did. Respect……….she doesn’t deserve any. How would she like if someone treated her daughters like she treated Kesha. How can Tami hold her head up to her children and family. How sad. She made her mother proud. Tami, I beg of you to get help. Psychiatric help not anger management! I am proud of Kesha for not giving in to Tami’s craziness. Tami…….good representation of black women and women in general. Shaunie………you should know better. Evelyn…… was like looking in a mirror.

  22. As I See It says:

    The public should boycott everything that Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie endorse or get a check from.. These hypocritical chicks need a real wake up call, and the lack of money the only thing that will make them pretend to change their ways. This is a one way street when it comes to their behavior, treatment of others, and attitudes. If the four withches can talk trash about anyone else, then Royce, Kesha, and Kenya have the right to say ANYTHING to ANYONE about the fantastic four. Tami’s feelings are hurt because of what the public says about her. It is Karma for all of the things she has said about and done to others. The fantastic four better watch their backs because a few viewers will catch them in the streets and security will not be there to save them.

  23. SMH! says:

    Tami, you brag about being a grown woman of 40something years old… ACT LIKE IT!!!! Have some self control, if you can’t drink liquor and keep it together, don’t drink. Evelyn and Shaunie, you both know how dead wrong Tami was for that… Call it like it is! Oh wait, she might pop you too. (she crazy)! Suzie, you cannot keep running your mouth to everyone about others. It will catch up to you. Didn’t it already get you in trouble in the past??… Kesha, I’m so glad you got the heck up out of there and chose not to stoop down to Tami’s level. She’s not worth it. There’s no surgery in the world that can fix her. She’ll never buy class.

  24. Joke of the Night... says:

    Thank you VH1 for making me laugh when I read this, “we look forward to your respectful discussion in the comments”…LOL, that was too funny. There hasn’t been a respectful discussion shown on this trashy show but you want our comments to be “respectful.” Ha, I needed this. VH1 programming is becoming a JOKE.

  25. Marcia says:

    It was an ugly case of bullying. I felt abused just watching Tammy. She is a truly evil character and should be ashamed of herself. She needs help big time. It is quite obvious she was abused herself.

  26. Phoebe says:

    Tami is a bully and needs to be hospitalized. The streets of Miami aren’t safe with her on the loose. Shame on Shaunie for being a wimp and sticking with Tami and shame on Suzie. Not surprised by Jennifer, she’s garbage too.

  27. Heather Martin says:

    I am so beyond disgusted w/ this episode.Tami is trash!!!! she’s a bully who tries to make herself feel more powerful by over powering weaker people.Just as her attackers did. Shame on you! You run your trashy mouth all the time about other people behind their back.You are a rediculous rolemodel for all grown black women.Poor you that you had issues growing up! We all did! but you have now become the predator.Take a pill or control your drinking because you are out of control. I have to say as well that Im very disapointed in the other 3 women.One of you should have had the guts to step in.Isnt this what we are trying to teach our children! Stick up for those being bullied…then your drunk friend goes off for no reason & you all just sit there.Only thing missing was a bowl of popcorn.Tami, perhaps you should consider going into hidding until you can get your “anger” issues under control. Your children must be so ashamed of you! Trash trash trash! Good job to Kesha for doing exactly what you did.uderly disgusted,Heather Martin

  28. Nellie says:

    Are you serious? Who made this woman believe she is all that? So what if she talked about you? If it did not hurt you or your family why bother? Bullying is not a good color on you boo boo. Not only do you need anger management you need JESUS!!!!

  29. Ann says:

    Where is that petition to sign to Boycott this show off the air. I will sign it and then pass it around for others to sign it. Those who agree with Tami’s actions are just like here — Bully’s!!! Kesha, hold your head high — you’re a lady with class. No one should have endured what you went through on this trip. I can only imagine how your Mother was feeling. Tami will get her’s — those daughters are going to send her through pure hell. She’s not fit to be a Mother. Whether this scene was fiction or non-fiction, it time to end it!

  30. Jill says:

    I hope all of the sponsors pull out and make a stand against bullying. This is a clear cut case of BULLYING. Evelyn and Tami needs to be stopped – not rewarded with a tv show. And Shaunie we watched the show because we supported you and expected way more out of you than to sit by and watch the bullying go down without a word until it is all over. Your words were far tooooooooo LATE. But oh yeah…..ratings come before standing up for bullying right? Yes, tonight was my last night of watching the show. I gave you enough benefit of the doubt and its only getting worse. I’m OUT. SPONSORS join me.

  31. BOUNXY says:


  32. Laneshia Fentress says:

    I have one question: do you “beautiful” ladies watch yourselves back on television? Also,mod you have children who have to witness your behaviors? SAD to say the LEAST!

  33. MInga says:

    Tami is usually my girl but I think SHE even realizes that she went to far lol! It was very wrong for her to hold Kesha’s bag hostage. It was very childish but I really believe that when Tami drinks, her angry side comes t. She already admitted that she is dealing with anger issues because of what happend to her as a child so I understand that but Tami? GIRLLL… wrong is wrong and I feel that you need to apologize to Kesha for letting it go that far, even though Kesha was wrong for talking about you behind your back.

  34. Alva says:

    Tami is is bully, she< Evelyn and Shauni should be charged with a crime. We are telling kids in school that bullying is a crime aand here you have these women, mothers, bulling another woman. Tami is sad and it only shows she came out of the bottom of a barrel filled with despair and pity. Her attitude is so ugly and he face was like the devil glowing all over. She keeps saying where she comes from and i would like to know where. She is dirt and that girl should have spat in her face as the irrelevant, disgusting jesibel that she is.
    Is this what Shauni does for a living, putting these nasty women on display in designer duds. Put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig.
    Tonight's show was sad and degrading to the world and once again America has put nasty women on display. Sick to my stomach, i cried for that poor girl..sad Shauni sad. I don't know how any man could look at these dirt and want them as life mates.

  35. Ron says:

    Everyone go check out my blog from tonight’s episode of #BasketballWives

  36. moe says:

    i will NEVER watch this show again. Tami is an abuser

  37. Diana says:

    Suzie was wrong to go back and tell what Kesha said Suzie is no ones friend she goes from person to preson with drama she had learn nothing form last year when she had her drama.
    I felt sorry for Kesha and as for Tami she made herself look bad I guess I was wrong about her

  38. embarrased says:

    I used to defend this show from all that was against it, however I must agree, these women are not fit to be role models for anyone. They don’t have respect for themselves with the filth they display for all black women to see. I TOO AGREE, THIS SHOW IS BANNED FROM MY HOUSE. I TOO, WILL BOYCOT THE SHOW. WHEN WE CONTINUE TO WATCH THIS TRASH, WE ARE CONDONING THEIR TERRIBLE BEHAVIOR. DON’T COMPLAIN WHEN YOU CONTINUE TO LET THEM MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOU. BY WATCHING, WE INCREASE THE RATINGS!

  39. Bid dawg says:

    Tami claim she didnt steal her purse but yet she went thru keisha’s purse and her phone which is downright disgraceful and could be considered a crime. Tami was jealous of Keisha from day one, Tami speaks about the position she’s in with the circle….. What position trick. She complains that Keisha coughs with a fist to her mouth and then she does the same thing to start her argument. She claims she so real but she talks behind Jens back constantly and she’s supposed to be neutral in jenn vs ev’s beef. Tami you are a joke I hope someone mops the floor with you soon. You are so insecure

  40. Val says:

    Tami, you weigh 200 pounds more than Kesha. If I had been her, I would have ran much sooner. What a sad example you are setting for your own daughters. I guess now you feel “relevant” because you bullied someone 1/3 of your own size.

  41. Unbelievable says:

    Tami is a BEAST!!!

    Tami knows exactly who to pick on. I wonder if she would pick on someone like Drita from MobWives.

    I don’t care what Keysha said, you physically threaten her and then take her purse?! Wow!

  42. Jackie says:

    Tammie you show signs of a person that is bipolar! And it doesn’t seem like therapy is helpful, perhaps in house therapy 24/7 will benefit you; because we don’t live in Tammie’s world. The way you treated Keisha was pathetic to say the least. Tammie you are a bully! And if keep jumping in people face wanting to fight; you are going to end up where bullies belong; WOMEN PRISON! IF you were my mother I would be embarrassed and ashamed of you!

  43. linda says:

    You really like hurting people BULLY, BULLY, BULLY, BULLY

  44. raven says:

    Tami is a filthy piece of delusional trash. I would wish shame on her, but she’s an animal and clearly not capable of feeling shame. Suzie is evil. Evelyn and Shaunie are just bad people who only deserve bad things. And Kesha just needs to leave these sad, disgusting fools alone.

  45. Adrienne Moore says:

    I was totally disgusted by tonights episode (5/14). I feel it betrayed a horrible likeness to what many teenagers must go through in high school. Trying your best to fit in but no matter what…there’s always someone bigger, louder but not necessarily badder than you…doing there damndest to keep you on the outside. Why…because THEY feel threatened by who you are and that the light in you will definitely outshine their darkness. VH1 should be ashamed to even cut Tami a check for the outlandish character she has become. Goes to show you can get a little money and change your hair and your clothes (god know she needed it from last season) but it will never change who you are inside…and thats UGLY UGLY UGLY. I am even appalled Shawnie and Evelyn acted as though this was remotely about giving Tami and apology…why should Kecia have to apologize or grovel to get the things back that belonged to her. Yes…call the cops Kecia…they don’t take to kindly to foreign lawbreakers these days…Her next reality show should be LOCKED UP ABROAD!! lol

  46. Lee Morris says:

    Dear Vh1:’

    Please take this show off the air. It is a joke.

  47. Candygirl says:

    Tammy needs to grow up and act her age. Susie always running her mouth she talks too much

  48. pat says:

    This will be the last season that I will watch Basket Ball Wives. I have never seen a group of adult women act as young as their childrens. Tami and Evelyn needs to be off the show if they want to continue to be bullies then join the Bad Girls Club. We do not need to see grown womans act like this for ratings.

  49. shonnie says:

    Sad, grown as woman – bullying

  50. Lisa says:

    Tami is a big “BULLY”. Let’s act like an adult and talk with Kesha not at her….too much drama on Tami’s end. Your beautiful but SCARRY!!!

  51. Monica says:

    It was edited and this is what we see. But Tami has come off as a BULLY! Shame on her for being childish this way- I had hoped she had been able to handle it differently. Unfortunately Kesha was correct in calling the authorities on her- because, not one of the other women helped her. Although,Shaunie- slightly tried (what we saw on TV anyway).
    Kesha is showing the correct way to handle someone who is intoxicated and anger for really nothing other than a middle school antics. If it were I acting belligerent and jumping down someone’s throat for saying something and then holding her purse and valuables (ie cell phone and passport) hostage- yeah I would expect the authorities to come.
    DAMN Tami- I was rooting for you UNTIL this incident. There has got to be accountability.
    The behavior is not a true woman, you are “not keeping it real” (whatever that is suppose to mean for you) and shameful to God.

  52. me says:

    Shaunie it is your show. Can you speak of for what is right. THink what if someone did this to you child. I am appauld. God have mercy.

  53. Ms. M says:

    Susie, please tell me that you are not the one who went back and repeated this to Tami. A wise word to you Susie, learn to keep your mouth shut before you cause serious harm to someone. I know you’re trying to kiss all the a@@ you can in order to stay in with the low lives, is it worth it? Tami, you’re a low down coward. I would give anything if that would have been my purse that you had. You need your a@@ kicked in the worst way by all of the people who can’t stand your punk a@@. There was no reason for you to have treated Keshia in such a demeaning manner by witholding her personal belongings and then going through her purse and phone. Evelyn was just a part of it – she should have been arrested along with your ugly a@@ for going through Keshia’s phone. Shaunie you co-signed the whole thing. You did nothing to resolve this. What if this would have been your daughter in the same situation as Keshia, what would you have wanted the people there to do? If you were a woman about anything, you would have told Tami that she was wrong, but instead you kept repeating that Keshia was scared. That was obvious that she was afraid and rightfully so. Tami, by the way the way a whole lot more than Keshia is talking about your punk a@@, so are you going to turn your chair around and threaten us?
    I am absolutely livid! Tami, you have not met the right one. Remember this low class bit@h, karma is close by- waiting and ready for your a@@!
    Evelyn, anyone who is low class and without character can hang with “that group”. It’s sickening that you said that suggesting that there is some value among you – give me a break!
    Also, putting dead fish in someone’s room is so damn high schoolish. A stop has to be put to this madness and nonsense! This show is no longer worth watching.

  54. Renee says:

    Tami needs to grow the hell up. She is 40 something years old. It was illegal for her to hold Kesha’s belongings and she should have been arrested for it. She is a bully and sets a bad example for black women in general. This show is not classy at all and for VH-1 to put on such a show for ratings is ridiculous. I think that Suze was very childish and irresponsible to run and tell what was said knowing how Tami is. Tami is crazy and needs help. She is allowing what ever personal issues she suffered take control of her behavior. She is crazy and needs to take her meds. Obviously the anger management is not helping her deal with her issues. Again, she is crazy. How do you just allow yourself to bully a 30 something year old woman all over her making an innocent comment. So she talked about you behind your back. Get over it and move on. Thats no reason for her to be a bully. She needs to deal with her issues or that stress is going to take her away from here.

  55. Meghan says:

    Tami is a bully- always has been always will be – I actually get ill by how all the woman (supposedly strong woman) kow tow to that crazy ass bully. It’s ridiculous. I actually stopped watching the show for awhile bc I cannot stand how much Tami bullies everyone on the show and no one stands up to her. She’s a delusional, sad, trashy, unkind person.

  56. JZ says:

    I agree with Kesha to call the cops on Tami…Shame on Shaunie to condone this crap!!

  57. CC says:

    I wish I was there, I would have kicked Tami’s ass for Keisha. Something is wrong with Tami–and I am sick of her nasty ass. This show is going downhill fast, there is nothing positive about most of these women…this will be my last time watching. They make me sick to my stomach and two faced kiss butt Suzi needs to retire her worthless self. Shaunie and Evelyn also needed to wear the big girl shoes they pretend to wear and have spoken up and told Tami to chill the eff out…

    Tami is delusional, she needs meds.

  58. eloisa portillo morales says:

    Tammy is a bully!!! She is just horrible and embarrassing. This is what happens when bullys grow up. She just breaks people for no reason. BULLY BULLY BULLY

  59. JZ says:

    Tami rspect is earned…and you are a bully!!!

  60. easypeasy says:

    I think this show is turning out to be quite a disaster and shameful on Shaunie as an EXEC. I hope this the final season. These girls are bullies, and the show is a reflection of what young girls and young boys as bullies in school grow up to be…………… grown ass bullies! It’s disgusting! Shame Shame Shame!

  61. Breeze says:

    Tami is a thief, and a bully and if she was in my state I would make sure she is prosecuted for her actions as the laws of my state requires. She is not a role model, and it is best that parents do not let their children watch her, because her actions as a bully can be imitated on others. When people stop watching these shows and protest against the network and the show owners then it will be better for society. I really see why their husbands divorces them it was the best thing to do.

  62. Glowstick says:

    Tami must of had a big ass plate of crazy for breakfast! If she had taken my purse, her getto ass would still be in a jail in Tahiti eating fish head soup for the rest of her life! What a wackadoo!!

  63. FJP says:

    Tami’s behavior is absurd and disgusting. She is a grown woman blatantly bullying someone. What a horrible example to set for young girls. Children are tortured everyday by bully’s and even commit suicide over it. It is mind boggling to me that grown women behave like this. Pure ghetto trash!

  64. Liya says:

    WTF is wrong with these GROWN a$$ women. Tami is psychotic and needs to be on a dozen pills to whatever is imbalanced in that nasty brain of hers. Evelyn and Shaunie should have intervened but they’re no better than crazy Tami themselves. You are grown as women, act like one. Who the F$#$ are you to demand an apology for acting a fool. Man show is full of women with a NASTY attitude. You are all Nasty Bit#@s

  65. Lee says:

    Tammi has finally gone too far. She is just too OLD to not know when to stop with the alcohol considering she is not mature enough to handle it. I am tired of that big mouth Suzie too. That is one two faced chick. She tries to act as though she wants everyone to just get along yet she is always stirring the pot . Someone needs to sew her lips together and if Tammi puts her hand on anyone else on this show they should put her under the jail especially since Evelyn wasn’t brave enough to do it when she was slapped. I thought it would be more about women getting together and enjoying each others company, supporting each other and sharing their adventures in travel and a wealthy lifestyle, but this is just trash.

  66. sabine says:

    Is it just me or does it seem that Shaunie O’neal loves the drama that is surrounding her show. Suzy is so two-faced never wants to be in the middle but always seems to be right smack in the center. Suzy is always carring news, she should become a news reporter. really these ladies are sad. They are empty inside the only reason that you would do things to hurt another human is because you are not truely happy with yourself. So what if Kesha was talking about Tammy if Tammy was at a good place in her own life then it would not bother her when people talk about her. When people take their precious time to talk about me I smile because I am that important that you would take the time to discuss me. Tammy you can not control other people. What you can control is yourself, and that’s what you should do control yourself you are reckless.

  67. ktwats says:

    I feel this show should be canceled. Tami says she’s not, a bully but had NO right to hold Kesha’s personal items. EVERYBODY on this show kisses Tami’s a$$ and that’s why she feels she can treat people this way. Put her in jail and take her from her kids EVERY TIME she over-steps her boundaries, and let her fight in jail or prison. I’m tired of all this. She’s too old to act this way!

  68. Sheeba says:

    Tami is crazy as hell…and her excuse for being so crazy is she was molested when she was young…and if that is the case, she is doing the same thing but by her dirty talking mouth with the ladies on the show…taking control from someone is all she is about…just like control was taken from her…think about that you sicko Tami! And BET had the nerve to have your sick self on “Lift Every Voice”… portraying you as a Christian, how sad!…and Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself to let these sick embarrassing Black heifers, I cannot say women, make a mockery of us on TV!…take this show off VH1!…this is not Funny nor entertaining anymore!

  69. tinab says:

    Tammy is a complete embarrassment. I would have reported her as well.

  70. Josephine says:

    Tami has got to be the most insane human I have ever seen on television. No wonder she is single. And the other wimps are horrible friends. How can you sit there and let that nut bully that woman like that! This is why we are having so many problems with African American girls trying to beat up on each other!! Not one of them tried to stop that fool! I think this is my last show! Good by!

  71. joy says:

    How old are these hood rats? Pranks I did pranks in college…act your age. Ev are you really getting married? I hope Chad wakes up and says NO WAY! Shaunie was a non-participant with the fish prank hiding behind a curtain. Are you kidding me? Grown ass women do not act like that. If you don’t correct wrong doing you are just as guilty as the one committing the act and in Shaunie’s case even more so since she is an exec producer. Tami/Ev being friends is a joke just a few months ago she was going to sue Ev. How quickly things change in the lives of BBW. I thought Tami was a straight up chick but she is a bully and blame everything on her upbringing or lack thereof. Grown women work to change there situation not say I can’t change this is who I am accept it. Kesha you showed more class and grace than any of the others could ever hope to. You and Royce are the only ones who have some common sense. Jen you went from being a puppet to trying to stand up for yourself but you have failed in that area. You keep putting yourself in vunerable positions. If Ev is around then you should not be. Royce knows how to coexist with the others. Tami said respect her position Kesha did you ignore hood rats!

  72. jhb says:

    This show has turned into something horrible. These “girls” have evolved into 30-40 plus year old high school mean girls and hard core bullies! The fish “harmless prank” was outrageous, not to mention that they tampered with private property on a private beach that hardworking people will have to fumagate before the room can be reused! …. Unbelievable….

    Watching another human being be berated and bashed the way Kesha was proved to be dispicable, and the fact that the three witches sat back and watched it happen was truly incredible!

    I don’t know if there is a way to do so, but this show needs to end gracefully and Tammy should be locked in a cage with no human contact…period!

  73. angela c says:

    Shanie(cowart 1) in the begginning i had some respect for you doing your own thing and your show…but this is show has turned into a ” shameful mess”…..Tammy(idiot1) need to be place in “JAIL” for taking that girl purse and going to thru her things (in the real world we call it theft)……Evelyn(cowart 2) u started out this big baller, then after a couple of seasons, we see u were from the “Dirt”, now every show u r keeping it real, i dont blame Jen for separating herself from u TRAMP …… SUZIE(still licking a**) i am not going to even, write about u…”u r just dumb and messy”……..all u were were sicking for sitting there and letting that girl rip Keisha apart that way…..PLEASE JESUS CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!

  74. Renee says:

    I used to love Tammi and think she was hilarious, but the casket’s closed on her tonight. THis is a grown woman that’s a big bully. I have a teenager daughter and I tell her all the time “those girls that bully you now, grow up to be grown women that are bullies”. This is a perfect example tonight. I’m starting to wonder why I watch this show!? Evelyn is mean too and could have stuck up for her, we all know that Shaunie just pimps them all to get herself a little more money in her pocket book ( I’m sure SHaq is still taking pretty good care of her and the kids I’d say), and Suzie is juat a big instigator and needsto go off the show. Again I ask myself, why do I watch this show!?!?!:?!!

  75. kathryn says:

    I hope Jen and Kenya have better sense than Kesha and stay away for these crazy old women. Kesha kind of got what she deserve why would anybody with a little bit of sense go somewhere with them? And yes I would have reported my purse stolen, who want to fight? Any way Kesha said those things a long time ago, why now Tami? Susan go drown your 2 faced self no one like Susan why is she even on the show. Evelyn is trying to play nice because she has been reading the blogs. We know you are just like Tami a old bully!! Now Kesha you see how Kenya felt when you set her up and told Evelyn what Kenya said. Now you know you reep what you sow. Kesha I am glad you did not stay you are better than them but for some reason you are trying to fit in. Do not waste your time snakes will bite!!

  76. tooti says:

    tammi is a very immature 40 something year old woman, there was no reason for her to act the way she did towards kesha. first off look where she got the info from (suzie) every time there is something being repeated by suzie it is always incorrect. kesha should have reported tammi she stated she was not giving back her purse/belongings back until she apologized that is damn crazy tammi should apologize to her. shaunie, evelyn are so damn fake its ridiculous. then for tammi to say what she said no one says things like you want hell she speaking about herself. tammi has mental issues and she need to think what kind of example she is setting for her children this is probably why her husband did what he did to her mental ass

  77. Too says:

    This show is truly a disgrace to all women. I have signed the petition and I will continue to tweet, and post online calling for this show to be pulled. The bullying and fighting is totally out of control and way past being entertaining. Tami roman and Evelyn aka the resident bullies need to go!

  78. JB says:

    Tami is disgusting. She shows no respect for herself or any other woman. She could be such a huge role model for young women but she wants to present herself like a thug. Who does she think she is??? She should be ashamed of herself for treating Kesha the way that she did. I could not watch the remainder of the show. SHe is so called trying to make herself better through counseling but she is degrading other women because they say things behind her back yet when they try to speak to her, she jumps on them. She is proud to have women scared of her? I wish I could tell her. . .girl you are nearly 40 years old, you have 2 yound daughters, what are you teaching them? NOTHING. And who at 40 years old pulls pranks because they don’t like people ? sticking fish in the girls rooms because you don’t get along. Tami you are a loser and definitely don’t deserve any air time. Get your life together.

  79. Jai says:

    Wow…Tamie I thought she was changing for the better. It’s sad to see that she is bullying Kesha. I hope she watches this tape and see’s that is exactly what she did. Tami it’s time to grow up and stop bullying people. I hope you can forgive yourself for this. Shame on you!!!

  80. Vinnie says:

    Evil eve The Lord is watching you

  81. Denise Blake says:

    I never write on blogs, but this season with all of tami’s bullying is straight out ridiculous…..we have way too many issue in the world with teens killing themselves over bullying …..and this grown woman gets on here and act like this….smdh…it’s no joke….someone needs to put a stop to it. She needs to watch the new movie coming to theaters about bullying….JUST MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH…TREAT PEOPLE LIKE U WANNA B TREATED.


    why? why? why?
    1. why can’t tammi grow up and see that she is a bully …period?
    2. why did evelyn & shaunie just sit their and not intervene at the table?
    3. why can’t suzy keep her big mouth shut?
    it appears to me that everyone on the show is afraid of tami. how sad. suzy, what is the benefit of you telling everyone’s conversation? did not that get you in trouble with ….everyone on the show. how come the girls don’t have a problem with suzy bringing what was said by other people to them but have a problem when she tells what they say. seems a little hypocritical to me. you dont have a problem with her un muzzled mouth unless shes giving you information. get it together girls. im from bed stuy brooklyn and i understand the tough girl behavior but really with all the therapy and viewing yourselves on the show isnt that enough insentive to evolve and grow. we have to do better. lastly, tami, you had a problem with accepting evelyn’s donation from the non factor teeshirt proceeds because it was a poor representation of you to receive monies from such a derogatory comment. how exactly does this same charity feel about your behavior and its reflection or representation on its progress? how is it that with all the opportunities extended to you girls, every trip and or event is ruined because someone can’t control themselves. does anyone on this show have ”home training”?

  83. Nicole Wiggins says:

    Tami is a HOTT MESS! She needs to take some time off and get the mental help she needs. She is always talking about how she grew up. Can somebody please remind her that she left the hood and should have left the hood ways also? She is a real life bully and I’m concerned about the image she portrays for young girls. Words of Advice from a therapist: You can’t check anybody else until you have learned to check yourself. in the end, you looked a HOTT MESS!

  84. Frank Cobb says:

    You know I never come to these blog sites but I had to say something about Tammy. She puts the “G” in ghetto!!! She is a bully and that sh*t is not attractive. Who would want to date her????!!!! She needs counseling in a bad way. I applaud Keisha for being a lady and not stooping to her level. Sh*t, this is not high school! SHE IS DELUSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have totally lost respect for Shaunie for instigating this mess. It’s expected out of Susie and Evelyn but now Shaunie has stooped to that level as well. Bad example for women of color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Brandi says:

    I am so embarrased…and the women should be too! How is it ok for Tami to verbally and almost physically assault Kesha and no one sees anything wrong with it? Kesha is grown, classy and smart…why should she participate in a fight with Tami that she knows will get physical…She has a right to be upset about Tami’s previous attack on her and to express that to her so called friends…its not the same as talking behind someones back…Tami knew she was foul…but you can’t win with her. And how is where she’s from an excuse…she gives women who had to fight their way through life a bad name…just because you’re from the hood doesn’t mean you don’t know how to carry yourself. I had to check my dvr and make sure I recorded basketball wives and not bullying 101…is this not the very problem we have been discussing in our schools? Now there is a whole show where all black women do is fight and curse each other over highschool stuff…really? Tami has to young women she is raising, and she’s running around fighting, cursing and stealing, and then when someone won’t take it lying down, that person is weak? The show should be renamed basketball ho**s because that seems to be the preferred behavior on the show…Ironically, I never see Tami go after someone from “where she’s from” guess she ain’t that stupid now is she?

  86. Jasmine says:

    The bulling we have in this world and this is what we have on TV. I am so, so, so done with this show. It is done in poor taste. What is the purpose of the show at this point? They say the show is not balanced, what else are they doing that they don’t show? They seem to call the ladies they are picking on weak, but to me a person who cannot control themselves are the weak ones. I hear them say you’re not about this life. So, what life are they really about? VH1 this show MUST be taken off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shaunie should be a shame of herself for this trashy show. All I can say is WOW!!!

    Plus who is a basketball wife…

    Faith full viewer of VH1


  87. ughihatetammi says:

    Tami you foul disgusting bully. you seriously are an embarrassment to women everywhere. making her ask you for her purse back? you ignorant thief. do you teach your children this crap? you took something that didnt belong to you, that makes you a thief. and i honestly could care less what kind of life you grew up in, thats a sad pathetic excuse to be a bully.

    and Keesha? two things….do you get that the little snitch Suzi is not your friend? and please….close your mouth.

    never watching this disgusting show again.

  88. Phillygurl says:

    I’m sorry, everyone in this episode are beyond ratchet. What kind of middle school schoolyard mentality is this for a bunch of near 40 year old women to have? I just watched the previews on the this website and know my nerves couldn’t take seeing the whole episode. This is disgusting.

  89. Lina says:

    It’s true what they say “You can’t buy CLASS! Tami is SO getto and not in a chic way. Shes a BULLY and Baby Karmas coming your way and it’s going hit her where it hurts her the most…her kids…thats how karma works. It’s shameful that this show and VH1 Allows this to happen,we wonder why our girls are beating up on each other? We can see Why. Sorry to say but my friends and I no longer be watching this show. Tammi you are a Sad case of womanhood. MAYBE YOU SHOULD STOP shopping in the alleys in downtown Los Angeles and then pretend you Own desighner. Own it BuBu you are fake as fake can be! Bully A** B**ch! Im sure you understand that lingo……an X-fan….hated you on the real world too!

  90. Kim says:

    I find most of these womens behavior appaling. Tami? What. A. Trashbag. Tami and Evelyn seem to be severely emotionally stunted. I don’t know if they were lit on fire as children, or what type of abuse whould lead to this? No self respecting adult female behaves this way, no excuses. Ish!

  91. Adrienne says:

    Why, in today’s time, are adult women acting like this. We are currently having a huge problem in the school system with regards to “Bullying”. VHI should be ashamed of themselves for airing this sort of “criminal “behavior. Laws need to be put into place and criminal action needs to be taken against individual who commit these acts. Evelyn, and Shaunie should be ashamed of themselves for sitting by and watching/letting this happen. I honestly believe that Evelyn felt sensitive to the situation but if the truth be told, I believe that she is afraid of Tami. Suzie is nothing but a trouble maker and is afraid of them all. How can these women be so desperate for money that they would act in this manner. As mothers, how would they feel if someone were to bully there child/children. Shame on them all. In the end, what goes around, comes around. What a waste of human beings, if you want to call them that.

  92. Ms.C says:

    So why did thy allow Tami to take it that far???????

    I hostly think this show should come to an end this was extremely ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. classy says:

    Tami, you are sad. You are really lucky to be standing and breathing. All those other girls… not women are a bunch of lame azz punks and cowards. All over some he say she say crap. Really?? High school! You are suppose to be grown ass women. Who cares what someone else said about you? Nobody owes Tami nothing but another therapist and reality check. She should have been locked up and put to the real test. Bully! Suzie smh…weak. I guess next week Evelyn will bully Jen and the other woman. I can’t even discuss the fish prank…

  94. Sam says:

    It is pathetic that a grown woman is treating someone like that. If you can’t drink then don’t drink. No one deserves to be treated like that. Booboo YOU have a problem NOT Kesha. It’s BULLYING at its best. Tami should be ashamed of herself. Kesha being scared of Tami is not a positive situation….it’s called bullying! GROW UP LADY…this IS NOT MTV Real World

  95. MsApril says:

    I have really been a fan until recently,now I can’t watch this anymore. I can’t believe they sat there and allowed Tami to belittle her ,pick on someone that’s not scared.You see she don’t try that bull with Evelyn .Both Evelyn and Tami needs to act like women instead of acting like animals that Shawnee let out the cage. Shawnee just allows it to get good ratings,but they won’t get it from my household any more I’m done!!

  96. MF says:

    Just saw the episode, Tami YOU ARE A BULLY. Just think on the example you are setting for young people. Tami you need to GROW UP………

  97. CC says:

    I think this franchise is gonna die if you don’t recast. Tami has to go, there is nothing attractive about a bully, a drunk, an ignorant liar and theif. I have never gotten so upset at a show before and was desperate to write how I feel. Tami is allowed to say whatever she wants, but if someone else says something Tami is ready to fight you…what rational person does this.

    There is a lack of humanity in the spirit of most of those witches on the trip…Keisha, you have the publics support. Know that you are beautiful and SMART, smart enough to realize you don’t fight with the devil–Tami is an evil, ill woman. And I don’t think much of the others that watched–there is nothing good about those that watch evil and do nothing to stop it. Shame on them. Please quit the show, and go to another network and we will watch…many of us will NOT be watching this show anymore.

  98. A Solyan says:

    I was a fan of the show but after seeing Tammy bully Kesha I will think twice about watching a show that promotes bulling in an ear that young children are killing themselves because of bulling.grown weman, mothers of young dauthers should be ashame

  99. Donna says:

    I never thought I would say this about basketball wives, but this show has become so disrespectful to black women. These ladies betray themselves as backstabbing and a bunch of bullies who snitch on each other. It seems that everyone is scared of Tami, including evelyn. Tonights show took the cake and Tami should be really ashamed of herself. She constantly does sh…. and tries to explain her way out of it. Talk about childish…. Well, as for me and my friends, we are done with this show.

  100. Mrs. Raymond Shepherd says:

    Tami you are a big BULLY! I cant belive you were just on the Lift Every Voice Show and proclaiming you are a Christian. You are a liar, Ghetto acting WITCH. How dare you treat another humanbeing like that. Keish should have called the police on you holding her personal items hostage. How childish and unchristian like. God sees all and he will get you for that, belive me.!!!!!!! Treat people the way you want to be treated.

  101. Sandy says:

    It is amazing how Tami can be in such a beautiful place and bring such an ugly behavior. How do we get to a place where it is okay to treat people in that way. There is very little regard to others when Tami feels as if she is wronged. How illogical and unnerving that you, Tami, sit on such a platform and spew such venom and hate. Does it make you feel better to know that others fear you and operate how you would like? Please make other choices. Consider your health, your family, and your future because all of the energy you send out comes back to you. Hopefully karma will not as many b*****es to you as you called Kesha. What is the example you would like to set for younger girls in the world?

  102. Sky says:

    Tammi is a true bomb bit**! It is completely unfortunate because I WAS one of her biggest fan. However, I wish the show would have just one real female on the show (Like myself) to handle all of Tammi’s bullying ways. I need just one person the manipulate and embrass her 1 time. I would do it for FREE! I definitely would have told Tammi; where to go and how I would help her get there. Tammi needs to take her…..NO LOL! So sad for Kesha, Tammi is very smart and she picks all the right ones to attack. Kesha is a real woman, because she knows stupidity when she see it……Team Kesha!

  103. DISGUSTED says:

    Watching this show is like watching a train wreck. You want to look away but you can’t. This show protrays black women in the worst possible way. Its hard to believe that these women want to be in show business (and make some money) so badly that they would endure being degraded, belittled, disrespected and violated. These women are the reason black men won’t date black women. They represent all the negative traits assoicated with black women. They spend all this money on makeup, clothes, hair and shoes but what they really need is some CLASS! If they were girls they would be called the mean girls but these are just pathic bitter angry women who don’t know how to control themselves and treat other people. Tammi is such a cowardly bully to Keisha. It obviously she is jealous of her and that she is looking for a weak person to mistreat. I was heart broken for Tammi’s mother when she blamed her for her problems. After the way Tammi treated Keisha if she stays on this show she deserves what she gets. Evelyn can’t control her temper and I am shocked that any man wants to be with a woman who is like that but then again Chad isn’t much of a prize. I don’t think Evelyn or Tammi would try this type of behavior with any women other than those desparate WANNA BEES. Suszie is an coward and instigator pretending like she wants eveyone to be friends when all she really wants is for them not to jump on her. Shaunie is a greedy instigator for continuing to inflict these violent disturbed women on others. Kenya is a lying crazy tallentless woman who needs to go period. Why is this show called basketball wives because none of them are wives. I cringe when this group travels out of the country because I know whereever they go they will give all black women a bad name with their embarrassing behavior. Like all the women I know the last time they fought with a female was when they were in grade school. The fact that these women are unable to communicate without violence is perplexing and disturbing. VH1 needs to clean house and by that I mean replace these women with some smart, classy, strong, women who are happliy married to B-Ballers instead of these desparate rejects!

  104. Please Get Professional Help! says:

    Tami, watching the episodes this season I have gone from liking you (mostly) to absolutely hating you and wishing the worse that life can offer you. But I’m at a point now where all the hate is gone and I have started to really feel sorry for you. There is seriously something wrong. You see things differently from the way they actually happened and that’s not normal. Your friends on the show are not true friends because they don’t care enough about you to even be concerned. There are no excuses for your repeated bad behavior. The only positive thing you can do at this point is to really get serious about getting some help. A lightweight therapy session is not enough. Who can say where all your problems come from? It’s going to take deep psychological counseling and
    probably some meds to get the help you need. Your condition is treatable, but only if you want to
    change. At this point I blame Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie more than I blame you. You obviously
    can’t see it and you can’t help yourself. They have no excuse for sitting by watching and laughing
    when they have to know that something is terribly wrong with you. It’s not just the alcohol either, unless you are drinking 24/7. I have a friend about your age who has been through so much hardship, abuse and betrayal in her life that it would make your life look like a fairytale. Yet, in
    spite of all this, she is the sweetest, most supportive person I have ever met. She is always the
    first to step up when someone needs help and is the most giving person. Everyone just loves her
    and I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say a bad word about anyone. She also has no problem
    speaking up when she sees something wrong going down. You maybe had no control over what happened to you in the past and there’s no point in continuing to relive it and let it define you.
    You are only wasting what’s left of your life by hanging on to the past. Let it go and do the best
    you can for yourself and your family from this point forward. This IS within your control. I’m still
    highly disgusted by your treatment of other human beings, don’t get me wrong. But as a human
    being with compassion for all other humans, I truly hope you can get the help you need.

  105. Ms.C says:


    This show!!!! No more!!!!!!

  106. RealWoman says:

    BULLIES!! TAMMY IS THE BIGGEST BULLY! SHE IS VICIOUS. The fish thing was horrible too, they are all mean girls. So insecure and clicky. Kesha, sending you my prayers!!!

  107. Mya says:

    Tami plays a real psychology game. This episode exposed her for the true woman she is. She targets people she perceives as weak then bounces on them until she receives personal gratification. This is a sign of an abused woman who is using any outlet she can to get the power back that was taken from her as child. I understand her hurt but the pain that she is perpetuating to other will not make her pain go away. Tami needs help and the people around her are just as much to blame by sitting back and watching her do this then laughing at it. Stop making excuses for her…..she was WRONG!!

  108. kw says:

    Tami is a bully and she should be locked up she acts like a animal, and all of the others women are just scared of her. I wish that Kesha would have had her locked up and chained. She acts like a animal so she should be treated like a animal. Shaunie should be locked up too for letting this kind of bullying happen, these are grown a** women they are being pimped to make some money. I mean really Shaunie do you really need money that bad? We should boycott this show
    it is a disgrace to all women.

  109. chrissy says:

    I’m sorry, but Tami is too old to be acting like my eyes..she’s childish..very immature…and wrong what and how she responded to the situation. What grown and mature women acts like that? Aren’t you waaaay too old to act like that? I don’t care if she was being messy or was saying things behind your doesn’t give you the right to act and bully a person! You’re talking about she was acting immature for wanting to report her purse missing and stolen..yeah hell! I would have too! I wouldn’t have cared if we were in a foreign country or not! Nor would I have backed down to Tami’s ass! For the rest of the crew…messy messy and more messy! Childish as well! Pranking a grown ass women..putting dead fish in her room??? How old are you women again??? I don’t know what producer or whatever allow these women to do that on the show…but their asses must be immature as well! Shaunie…i don’t understand you…i don’t give a damn how grown a women is….you should still pull her to the side and let her know..damn it’s your show! That let’s me know you’re no better than the rest and you encourage bullying as well…Sad that most of the lead cast has children and they are acting that way….i mean how can you teach your kids how to be respectable women..if you have girls….and you’re acting like a damn fool yourself? i don’t understand…..smdh!

  110. msperfect says:

    I have no respect for Shaunie, Evelyn or Tammi. they are pigs. It upsets me to see grown women acting like the crazy bully group in school.

  111. REally?? says:

    It’s a wrap, I am done with this show. No more BBW for me. Better yet, No more VH-1 for me. Tammy and Evelyn need to be careful. Suzie is trying so hard to fit in that she is running back to the bully’s just to keep them off her a$$. Shaunie… seem more classier than this (but now i’m not so sure). VH1, Shaunie and Basketball wives, you owe us, the TV audience who support this show or used to support this show an apology bcuz this is ridiculous! It’s a wrap, I’m done!

  112. insiteful says:

    Tammy’s behavior was ingnorant, ridiculous, delusional, childish and in obvious need of pyschological help. Tammy is playing the show out of pocket, all the way to the bank but obviously for a short time. Bullying is apparent when their is a weak source for a bully to emerge. This show needs to go, really what kind of games or they playing, the money game obvously at at any cost (dignity and self pride) This behavior ladies is really messed up, but your not cultured ladies, so maybe it’s impossible to understand. We got to do something contact sponsors and Viacom, this is just a venting source (blogs), but companies have money on the line, and they recognize what we feel.

  113. Shelly says:

    I just finish watching this weeks episode and I was very a shame and disappointed. Tami, you make it very difficult for black women to not be sterotype. You acting a zip-dang on FOOL like you were queen of Shebia was rediculous is it that serious to sell your character for a quick buck. I totally understand where Keisha was coming from. Being Bio-Racio myself and always getting ask what race you are gets old. You are a prime example of what Black women should be like. Loud, Rude, No Class, and Super Ghetto. I see why Jennifer doesn’t want to be bother with you guys anymore. It all gets old and for you to say Kesha is acting childish, I think you need to turn the mirror around and look into it your self. She isn’t one of your daughters talking about she has to come ask for her belongings or you would pop her. Girl, you need to quit I wish you or any other woman would make treats to me. Your big size Butt doesn’t put any fear in anyone heart. It’s a shame that how low you would go to get five minutes of Fame. Now I see why they are protesting not to watch the show anymore. Shanie, I use to enjoy it but now you are just in it for the money and its gone Hood. Like some of the other bloggers stated you have enough money coming from Shaq with all the baby daddy checks coming in. Do you really need to help keep degrading Black women for a quick buck? Seems like you are enjoying it and Evelyn isn’t any better just straight Ghetto, Hood Rat mentality going on. So I agree with Wendy Williams and Star Jones the show has gone trashy and I will no longer be watching it as of tonight

  114. Sherri says:

    Tami is a mean, out of control BULLY. She wanted confrontation and thrives on it. Evelyn and Shaunie enable her BAD BEHAVIOR. I think that Kesha has a case from kidnapping because Tami held her against her will by STEALING HER PURSE!
    Why would anyone want or care if Tami respects hin or her? She does not respect herself.

  115. joanne says:

    Tami needs to act her age if not for her own self respect then for the sake of her children. Certainly from her actions on this show her children are no strangers to to her “VIOLENT” personality. She is a low down to not only the show but VH1 as well, i totally see why she can’t keep a man with such violence she has. Tonight’s show was shameful on all levels of REALITY TV all from Tami!! She really needs to be taken off the show she has no good reflections of ANY KIND of house wife, and i bet there’s no basketball player out there that would have her.I would love to see her buck up to Evelyn like she does these small girls? She knows who to BULLY and who not to she has proven that BUT before she leaves the show I would love nothing more than to see her get her ASS beat and put back on the streets where she acts like she came from.

  116. Really VH1 - blocking my post says:

    Balance??? – really Shaunie your just as ridiculous as your cast mates

  117. Tara says:

    OK. All these females, on that show are PATHETIC!
    TAMI- AN UNSTABLE, IMMATURE, UNCOUTH female. NOT WOMAN but Female! She should not be even allowed to be around her own children cause she is nothing but an embarassment.
    SUZIE is a senseless fool. She’s like the beggar, begging for their supper.. supper is “to belong in a group of unsensible, uneducated women”.
    Its just a matter of time before she is the enemy again…dumbass
    Evelyn, is another senseless fool…nothing new
    SHAUNIE- is the instigator for this type of classless behavior….shame n u heffer. You are just as sick as the other.

  118. NeNe says:

    PS…Kesha…you should of had her butt locked up!!!

  119. SMH...thumbs down says:

    I’m mortified to see such distasteful behavior on live tv…I cried as if it was my own daughter being harassed and bullied. How was the camera crew able/allowed to continue filming such disgrace?
    And it went on and on with no one intervening….how awful. Tami…just know that God doesn’t sleep
    but you do. Your day is coming and trust and believe when it hits you, you’ ll remember this day. To the other losers on the show who sat their scary tails there without even saying “Ok Tami, that’s enough” shame on you!!! I’m still “Shakin My Head,” with pure disbelief of what I just witness on live TV…I’ve had enough of this and from the above comments I’m not alone. Thumbs down for VH1, Tami and Evelyn (the bullies of the show). Hopefully, Evelyn now realize how much of an idiot she looked like in the past…SMH!!!

  120. Nicole says:

    It is a shame, disgrace and sickening the way Tammi Roman treated Kesha. I believe in supporting women in particular African Americna women however I will no longer be a loyal viewer of Basketball Wives. Initially I was extremely excited for Ms. O’Neal but for her to allow any individual to be treated in the manner Kesha was treated in my opinion is a sign of a person who would do anything for popularity or money, I’m not sure what the rationale was for allowing this foolishness.
    I’m an urban educator I don’t appreciate or respect people who put additional obstacle in our way in assisting our children in building upon their socialization and problem solving skills in particular for our young African American girls. Tonight’s episode definitely put a huge hurdle in our way. Not one of you had enough courage or morals to speak up for Kesha and truly tell Tammi what she really is and I would describe her as a bully Tammi stated “the world she comes from” well she needs to return to it.
    Kesha is the one who should be apologized too and yes you stole her purse. In addition you also owe your viewers an apology and need to portray women in a positive manner. Tammi being the OLDEST one on the show conducted her self like a child and bully. Stop using the excuse of anger management if you can identify the problem you can find the solution.
    What a shame and a waste.

    It is my hope that the show does not have an additional season

  121. Jessica says:

    I think it’s a shame the way Tammy acted on tonight’s show. It was true bullying and she should be ashamed of herself. Shaunie and the rest should be ashamed of themselves for not stepping in; Shaunie you are a disappointment and I hope this is the last season of this show. Keisha; some home to NC where you belong. You do not belong with all this drama and just total mess. Karma is something; what you sow you shall reap and what happened tonight was a total disgrace! Total disgrace! To make your show ratings go up by allowing this is so pitiful! Shame on you Suzie for not having your “supposidly” girls back! So phony!

  122. Maria says:

    I’m sorry, but with so many stories about youth and bullying it’s embarrassing that grown women are making $$ by doing the same. Really, my heart hurt today that anyone would take pleasure of making another person cry out of fear like that and Show no remorse.

  123. Mrs. Shepherd says:

    Shaunie I thought you were the leader of the group, but I see you dont have backbone either. Side with Tami so she wont beat my butt.Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzi need to take a hard look in the mirror at yourselves. I thought this would be a good holdsem show to watch, with Good, Upper Class, wivesor girlfriends of Professional me. Know wonder the relationships broke apart. All of you guys talk about each other behind each others back, but to scared of big bully insaneass Tami. Tami are you really that kind of person in real life. You said you are a Christian. Did something happen to you growing up to make you trear people soooooooooooooooooo bad. Is this is why your girls didnt want you as their manger, WHY and you so nasty to people. You are not prefect. No one is Im going to PRAY for you. God Bless!!!!!!

  124. formerbbwfan says:

    So incredibly embarrassed at Tami in this episode. She sits ands talks with a counselor about being abused her whole life…blahblahblah….and she treats people like nothing short of a abuser!! She has been like that since her days on real world. She needs help before she seriously harms somebody physically as well as mentally. I am so disappointed in Shaunie whom I thought was a sophisticated, respectable business women, but clearly represents nothing more than the “leader of the bully” club. AND SUSIE, good lord girl stop sucking up to everyone and get a backbone. You just go around and stir the pot, telling each person what the other said!!!!! Grow up all of you!!!!! Its no wonder none of you are MARRIED to basketball players any longer!!!! You’re all whacked out! And the whole Jen/Evelyn thing is just a repeat bully scene!!! Deleting you from my DVR with nothing but sheer joy!!!

  125. Mesha says:

    Tammy, what has become of you? I watched you on The Real World …and to see you now. No person should ever respond to situations the way you do. Continue to get help. Shaunie, Evelyn and Susie, consider the company you keep…if you don’t stand against the behavior then you stand for it.

  126. Shay says:

    I am so dissappointed in VH1 for airing this episode of Basketball “Bum Broads.” Even my teenage daughter was disgusted by Tami’s actions to bully Kesha to that level of fear. Tami has some major issues with herself, and she just showed the entire world how classless and crazy she really is. This show has hit an all-time low! Get Tami off of the show now! SMH!

  127. lily12 says:

    I missed the episode (on purpose, I watched some feel good comedy instead) so my purpose here is just to say that based off the memories of last weeks episode, Evilyn, Tammi and Shaunie or disgusting humans (whether male or female or other, they are gross as human beings) and disgraceful mothers because they don’t even try to be good examples, they don’t think about their kids and at least count to 20 before they act out, they just go straight into Lord of the Flies mode (like a bunch of savage children with no sense of humanity or civility). I was raised to consider the reputation of my family when out in public, and even though strangers do not know who my parents are, I still make an effort to represent them right when out in public and show that I was raised to be a productive member of society, yet these women with a national audience fail every time to have that same mindset for the reputation of their family, especially their children. Doesn’t matter how far away Evilyns daughter moves, she’s still going to be judged by her mother’s foolishness. Doesn’t matter that Tami’s daughter’s fired her as manager, their dream career could still end up not happening because no one in business will want any associations with Tami and consumers will not want to support anything that might benefit Tami, and Shaunie’s poor kids are going to get it from both ends, reputation of their mother and father. Just shameful for parents who claim to be professional business-women with career focus to not even try to apply that same focus to protecting the image of their family.

  128. kathryn says:

    Kenya and Jen showed up what is wrong with them? Jen was so crazy about Evelyn once I guess she want that friendship again. Poor Jen do you not have anything better to do? Or did Shaunie make you all make up to keep your contract. It has to be something because who would be that stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did grown women put dead fish in Kenya room? Kenya when stupid Jen get back in friends with Ghetto Evelyn she is going to dogged you out, just watch!!

  129. Leila says:

    It is so disgusting looking at so called grown women fighting & bullying each other. This is what reality tv has come to, so SAD.

  130. Sky says:

    I am still in shock! I WILL NOT SUPPORT VH1 OR BASKETBALL WIVES FROM THIS DAY FORWARD! RIDICULOUS!!! I question the staff of VH1, What was the purpose for this show? Was it to show and prove that money make people desparate? Or that money can not buy CLASS? Either way this show is getting PATHETIC season by season. My suggest to VH1, if you need ratings that bad, try showing the viewers how all of these CHIKS WERE GROUPIES AND HOW THEY TRICK’D A DIME UNTO A DOLLAR (now that’s real TV)…..LMBO!

    ****I’M DONE****

  131. johnson dell says:

    With all the emphasis around kids being bullied, Tami showed one of the worst examples of adult bullying that I have seen. And…to top it off, while Tami was bullying this woman the other women just sat around, watched, and did nothing to stop it. What an example for the kids.

  132. Deep South says:

    Shawney needs to get her show under control. Everyone is trying to stop bullying all over , why does she allow it on her show ?? People can have arguments, but to be a bully is way out of line. Tami needs to control her mouth , she talks behind everyones back, but being the bully she is, no one will confront her on it.

  133. jc n memphis says:

    The ordeal got 2 far out of hand..@ Tami U my girl I LOVE your ATTITUDE, but U know she’s afraid of U n she’s not gonna let confrontation get the best of her .. Come on now girl, she have seen U n previous episodes PALMB females n the face. U anit getting her Tami so calm down let by gones b by gones n move on.. The same 4 Evelyn Diva U R love U 2.. But U N Jen have 2 much history 2gether 2 let BLOG ntervene n yall’s friendship SUCK IT UP N mend that broken FRIEND’s heart.. I LOVE U Ladies.. I Njoy the show despite of the Drama .Yall my #1 VH1 show N my book. LOVE YALL

  134. Gloria B says:

    Tami appears to be mimiking or competing with Evelyn for who’s the biggest, baddest bully I do hope its staged because if not, its a very poor reflection on adult women with daughters who present themselves in a totally negative light…very poor examples…very poor role models. And Shaunie is equally guilty for standing around in fake amazement and doing or saying nothing…its her show. she can stop it. And why is it that no one, including Keisha, acknowleging the source of most of the strife which is Suzy. Is it just me or is Suzy the ultimate trouble maker…carrying bones like a dog from one place to the next…she is pitiful, doing whatever it takes to stay in the “in crowd” and out of fear that she will be next.

  135. Nats3 says:

    This whole episode I just wanted to reach through the TV and slap Tammy across the face, to act like a two year old on national television is truely pathetic

  136. Lady VJ says:

    Contact Viacom who owns VH1 and put pressure on them to have this show canceled. I can’t believe VH1 would create a poll after the outrage over this episode. VH1 see this as an opportunity to entertain people. They don’t get the seriousness behind bullying. Let’s send VH1 a serious message. This is not funny or entertaining. VH1 should be offering some type of apology for airing this foolishness. Go to and send them a message.

  137. joyce l says:

    tami and evelyn’s behavior is over the top. too outrageous, producers need to tone this down. They r always brawling like junior high school girls. so unbecoming. i truly hope that the personality of these two women is not really as appears on BW, because if they r true to form, yall need to load them and their emotional baggage on the back of a pickup truck and ship them both back to where ever they hail from and have them enrolled in charm school—-that’s what they should have spent some of that money from basketball salaries on, charm school. i, as many others, would still enjoy this show without all of that fighting and bullying. Maybe network should consider casting these two on a kickboxing show next season or rename the show, “The Brawling Boxingball wives”. R better yet let tami and evelyn star in d pitbull wives of basketball stars. Don’t forget to bring back that other one from last season who had just had a baby and was fighting on the restaurant rooftop—this will get you ratings through the roof.

  138. jeanette says:

    I cannot see anyone being in support of this type of treatment. Who does Tammy think that she is when she talks about people and they never approach her like this because they are all afraid of her. Tammy is a BULLY and there is no other way to put it. I think that Kesha did the right thing by leaving. As much as I was upset about Tammy taking this young ladys purse, I was more upset and appauled that she actually went through her phone and purse. Tammy crossed a line of no return. I do not understand how VH1 and Shaunie can sit back and allow something like this to happen and not correct her. Why are everyone so afraid of her. Oh, I forgot, because she is a bully ,and that is what people do when they are afraid that the bully will get them next. We all know this because look at Suzie, she is so afraid that she plays both sides.Suzie also is a trouble maker and runs back to tell everything and create problems between people. She is so afraid of Tami and really looked so stupid at Shaunie’s birthday party when she was kissing Tami’s ass to prevent her from bullying her. Tami cannot and will not change. She has a nerve to try and make us the viewer focus on her working on her anger in order to make her self feel ok about her actions. Well, I am not buying this for one moment because it continues to happen. I really see why she is no longer married. She is a miserable person and tries to make everyone around her feel the same. I donot expect Evelyn to correct her because she is the same type of person, but for Shaunie, who is a producer I would expect better. I have seen over the entire season that everyone of them are afraid of Tami. It is really sad, but after what I saw and the feeling that I had when watching Tami perform and go through this girls purse , I can no longer support this show.I took this so personal and was hurting so bad for Kesha. I am so angry that I could not help her.She did not deserve this and should not have to continue to explain her self to any of them. As black women, they all know what this girl has been saying from day one. Also, Tami started attacking Kesha on day one. How can Tami think that she can tell Kesha how she should have felt and acted about the deragatory statements that she was making toward her by telling her she is not black enough and that she looks like a certain name.
    There is nothing good about this entire show as far as I am concerned. We already have a huge problem with bullying and have lost precious lives because of it. To support this type of behavior from Tami and Evelyn and to support this show would be supporting the act of bullying. I will not do this under any circumstances. Jeanette.

  139. Adrianna says:

    Where to start? I am so disgusted with this show, yet I continue to watch because I just can’t believe the stuff that goes on! Are these women for real or just out to get ratings. I hope it is the ladder because otherwise it is a sad commentary on the state of affairs if this is their real life. I was most dissappointed that Suzie, Shaunie and Evelyn are such wimps that they could not stand up for Kesha. How sad if this is how we are teaching our young sisters to act. These females have a lot of growing up to do. VH1…can’t we have some interesting positive role models for a change?

  140. Tami Roman think she bad her and Evelyn Lozada some need to put there foot in ass jennifer williams and Kenya bell need to be the one to do just that Suzie Ketcham with her funny face just keeping thing going talking from one to the other

  141. Wow!!! I am truly disgusted by this show now!! Tami used to be my favorite person on the show until now. I can not BELIEVE what a Big BULLY she is!!! She has daughters…how would she feel if someone did that to them? Did it actually make her feel good about herself making this young girl, terrified?? I am completely disgusted with Pimp That Ho, Shaunie, Pretend to be Hard Evelyn and Snitch Susie, for not even be woman enough to tell Tami that she was being ridiculous and completely CRAZY!!!! I AM DONE WITH BBW!!!!

  142. Allison says:

    Shaunie and Evelyn shame on you for letting this go on and not stand up to Tami for her antics. You are supporting a woman that all of you turned your back on last year for her crazy rantings. Part of being a true friend is the willingness to tell your friend when they’re wrong. You all stood there silently and let Tami abuse this girl who clearly could not defend herself. Who is Tami to hold her purse hostage for an apology?!! What is this seventh grade? I am not afraid to defend myself, but I am a grown up in my 40′s with children and I am not about to fight a lunatic for my belongings. I don’t blame Kesha for going to get help because clearly none of you were going to help her. Suzi tried to “help” by trying to encourage Kesha to apologize to get her purse…again, who are you Tami to demand an apology?!! Some things are not worth the ratings. This was the worse display of “mean girls” I’ve ever seen. And Suzi…the orchestrator, the instigator, the two-faced, wanna be part of the group…no one has held her accountable for all of the crap she starts. I am so done with your show…you all should be embarrassed. Evelyn says, “…Kesha can’t hang with our group.” I wouldn’t want to hang with your group either…black women should stick together and lift each other up not tear each other down. I hope you watched this episode and did some self-reflecting. Part of growing as a woman is the ability to look back at past situations and reflect…admit wrong or stand your ground, and move on. If someone has wronged you, let them know and keep it moving. You have a choice to continue being in their space on not. This whole bullying thing…good for ratings, bad example for young girls. And the fish prank…I have no words.

  143. Dion says:

    Tami — The face of an “ADULT BULLY”.

  144. Keva Johnson says:

    I am soooooooo freaking sick of Tami. What does it matter if Kesha said whatever…who is Tami that no one can make any comments about her really?!?! And Suzie…what’s her deal knowing how screwed up and irrational Tami is to even both go tell her anything anyone else says. Does she want to be friends that bad with Tami…get on her good side…that she has to do stuff like that. She knows are ignorant Tami is, especially when it comes to Kesha. TAMI is a bully and while I don’t expect much different from Evelyn, how does Shaunie sit there and let her do that to Kesha for that long. Everyone knows Kesha’s afraid of Tami. Why did it not bother them during the nonsense…you want to feel for her afterwards…cmon. I mean are they all afraid of Tami too? Sick of bbw…get some classy women on there on Tami’s level…maybe she’ll be slower on the draw and if not at least she won’t continue to be the big bad bully. I’m so sick of how no one stands up to her and Evelyn for that matter. There’s not so much wrong with Kesha for her to act like that. She only comes at her like that because she knows she’s afraid of her. She started nitpicking the girl as soon as they got in the van. If she wanted to talk to the girl about she said then why attack her and get so defensive…who’s going to talk to her like that. The mature women I know dont feeli like acting like they’re in a schoolyard fighting…especially over that nonsense. I wouldn’t want to hear her damn apology…screw your anger management.

  145. Swear on my Daughter's Life! says:

    Why is Evelyn always swearing on her daughter’s life??? Is her daughter’s life worth so little to her?

  146. Silly says:

    This whole episode was a disgrace. Tami is a BIG BULLY and Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie are followers but carry the same bully title. How would they like for someone to treat them that way. I can’t explain how upset this episode made me. I was literally sick to my stomach. It’s one thing to disagree but totally different to bully and force someone’s hand just to make them apologize. Then to destroy the property by placing fish in the room. Shame on you so called GROWN A.. WOMEN!

    VH1 PLEASE penalize this act by taking this show off the air!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  147. Mrs. Piece says:

    I must say I have been a BBW fan from the start. Me and my girlfriends enjoyed having a good reason to come together to watch as we share wine and cheese. HOWEVER i must say after this episode 13 where Tami displayed such an ugly display of character against Kesha- I am no longer a fan. I couldnt believe a grown woman would display junior high behavior. Very disappointing and poor example of class. …. Suzie- stop instigating please.

  148. Dion Houston says:

    People please do not be fooled by the alcohol. Tami was sober when she discussed what happen. She is what we call “BWO40″ …Bitter Woman Over 40. Bad decisions, bad choices and everyone is to blame. She is an embarassment for all women. If there was a woman that should have been a man, Tami is it.

  149. L3 says:

    I hope that Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tami’s daughters never have to endure the type of cruelty that they perpetuate against others. Tami and Evelyn are trigger happy paranoiacs who respond violently or cruelly to any perceived slight, but have an odd habit of excusing their own vicious behavior. Shaunie is the weak girl in the group who laughs while someone is being bullied. Shame on her. What would she do if her daughter comes home crying because she was mocked and ridiculed with her personal belongings? For Shaunie to say the show needs more balance is stupid. How about NOT employing cruel bullies and standing by and with them? The show doesn’t need to balance the good and the bad – it needs to eliminate ugly cruel abusive behavior.

  150. tammy you shantie surpose to chisrtian women know one act like but the devil tammy what go around come around but my father all ways told us a dog that came a bone wiil bring a bone . and you and evelyn act like strike out bullies

  151. RUMBLE IN DA JUNGLE says:





  152. This has got to be the most abusive episode I’ve ever seen and I am appauled that this was allowed to happen to Keisha. Tammy has 2 daughters and I’m sure she would not want them treated in this manner. It reminded me of the big school bully preying on a hopeless victim. Also, how a battered woman feels at the abuse of a drunken husband. I cried and may never feel the same way about the show. The only reason I may stick around is to see how Keish recovers and if Tammy apologizes for her out of control behavior! I’m disgusted and will never like Tammy, she should be removed from the show. The total group subcombed to group pressure. No one really interveined properly and stopped it before it got out of hand in fact, they should have taken the purse and given it back to her. Girls in groups under cuts their authority and they went against their own convictions in order to fit into the group and not deal with Tammy’s rage. This is worse than Jr. high! I’m so disappointed.

  153. Liz says:

    The greatest disservice to Blacks watching this TV show is the FACT: No One that carries themselves as a civilized human being reacts as these women have. They continuously fight, threaten, and have stolen a purse. All this was done to their suppose friends. The definition of (FRIEND) is someone, one can interact with with TRUST, CARING, ENJOYMENT, SAFETY and LOYALTY.

    These women are borderline psychotic reacting as 12-17 year old delinquent,unruly children, with no formal home training!!!!
    Never will I watch again.

    Questions for them ( ALL ):

    What right do any of you have to put your hands on anyone?
    What gives you the right to take someone’s belongings?
    What gives you the right to deface property?
    What is the reason any of you would throw things and fight in a restaurant?
    Why are (MOST) of your problems resolved by physical encounters?
    What in life gave ALL of you the objective, to establish or being your friend requires, bullying, hazing and torture to gain entry into your “girls-club”?
    Tami must remember how she looked acted and reacted when she first came to this “prized-circle”.

    To profess to be the “baddest hood-rat” is less than ZERO on the bucket list of things “NORMAL” human-beings want to do!
    One of the first articles of friendship and LIFE — “Do no HARM”! These women have damaged and portrayed a Vile, disgusting image of what “BBW” are suppose to be. What this show has left the land of TV —All, Most Black women are engrained with a mentality of violence, as a way of problem solving. They have mouths that are vile,they fight as a tool to friendship/gang acceptance!! They also, identify themselves thru their clothing, ( no self-pride). Their biggest claim to Fame– waiting on someone to financially support them due to their lack of talent in any field. Oh, I forgot you women do have one talent down pat— ‘buffonary’
    RUN– JEN, KESHIA, maybe you too Royce!!

    Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

  154. Carmen Paterson says:

    Tami says she is NOT a bully…but that she just made a poor decision in handling her difference with Kesha. That is BS and we all know it. She IS a bully! If her apology were sincere…she would have admitted this and apologized immediately without hesitation. I’m not impressed by her. Not at all!!!!

  155. Carolyn Hawkins says:

    WHAT a sad day in the lives of black women–coming from Tami all of the women! As adult women you chose to berate and abuse another sister over some “bull”–what is this!!

    Tami you of all people with your background of neglect and sexual abuse how dare you!! YOU are sad angry damn bully–your day will come…you got daughters!!

  156. Torri says:

    Also, the whole ‘marriage’ coming up—What a JOKE!

    Who gets married and agrees to let their NEW husband cheat, as long as one does not have to see him cheat!

    Dire representation of BBW and black women !

  157. suzie you need seat down you shouldnot let that lady get bully like that because they did it to you your all need to stop the bullying because it just donot make any sence because tammi you be going to arrangeemant rest of you day s because you and evenlyn straight out bullies and if thing donot go youall way are the highway stop bullie those ther ladys and act like the sicne your mother gave you. and tammi she should call hotel sercuity on the devil.

  158. Leila Uzoma says:

    I am sitting here is tears watcheing this episode!!! And I was not a fan of Kesha either! But Tami how can you not see that this was sooo wrong, you tortured that girl! She got it OK you hate her! How can you as a mother do that to her? I am a black woman that was raised in a all white family and neighborhood and I was TORTURED by black females because of it! I talked to proper, I was upitty! NOONE wanted to know ME! Tami, I love you and you are my girl, but this is so WRONG!! Shaunie and Evelyn, you should have said to her YOU TOOK IT TO FAR!!! no if ands or but about it!!! She has a right to be mad but not to this!!!! Kesha… be yourself, stop trying to “defend” yourself before it is neccessary! But. stay strong you did the right thing! Ladies why must we tear each other down we could rule the world ABSOLUTELY but we can not stop trying to rip each other apart!

  159. Ashamed and Former Viewer says:

    Tonight’s episode (5/14/2012) of Basketball Wives has caused the show to hit an all time low. After shaking my head in pure disgust at Tami’s bullying of Keesha, another woman smaller than her, I laughed out loud when the girls on the show were trying to give advice or analyze problems because most of them are the problems and/or they don’t practice what they preach. As an African American female, I try to support shows about minority women but I’m so disgusted and very tired of Tami and Evelyn’s bullying of everyone they know they can beat up, Suzy’s trouble-making and pretending to be a peacemaker, Jennifer’s cluelessness, Kenya’s craziness, Keesha’s attempt to fit into a group that doesn’t embrace her, and Shaunie’s pretend peacemaker role. Royce is the only sane one on the show. These women poorly represent their race of women. I’ve seen less ghetto behavior in the ghetto. I guess money does not guarantee class. Who goes out of town just to fight? Who puts fish in someone else’s room? These are grown ass women behaving like teenagers. Are they still stuck in high school? WTH? The worse thing about their roles on the show is that some of them are mothers so they are setting disturbing examples for their children and other girls that look up to them. I’m so disgusted with the behavior that I’m no longer a fan of the show and will no longer support it. I’m praying that the show gets cancelled for the sake of African American women’s image.

  160. Carmen Grainger says:

    Dear Keisha. Hard to believe those four women ganged up on you. They were all willing participants in the worst case of bullying and invasion of privacy I have ever witness on TV. You should seriously consider pursuing legal action against all four of them.

    Tami has taken bullying to a criminal level. As if holding your stuff was not bad enough she invaded your privacy by reading your phone messages and who knows what else was not shown. Even sadder is the fact that Susie instigated the whole thing along with Evelyn and Shawnie. Their behavior was so shocking I thought I was watching some bad kids taking things way too far.

    These three women stood back and did nothing to stop the bullying. In fact they took part in it. The fact that Susie has sold her soul to the dark side should be a warning for you to distance yourself from her and the other three. Tami’s half baked apology means absolutely nothing because it is totally insincere. You can be sure her out of control behavior will only continue to escalate. She will probably end up in jail or dead for picking a fight with the wrong person.

    People like Tami are so far removed from reality they are misguided into believing that the entire world needs to play by their insane rules. She should be committed.!!!!

    I am sickened by these women actions but I am very impressed with your strength in light of the horror you faced all alone. These women got it twisted. You are the strong one. Stay true to your beliefs and don’t let low lives sink you to their level.

  161. Neisha says:

    I read that Tammi apologized for the incident, but its too little too late. She just needs to stop drinking because obviously she can’t hold her liquor. She needs to be ashamed of herself with her OLD ASS!!!

  162. Sandi says:

    Sooooo, putting dead fish in someone’s room is not another form of bullying…. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You are adult women!!!

    Tami… what else can we can… She needs longterm in-patient clinical treatment and perhaps medication to combat her chemical and emotional imbalances.

    Kesha, I completely respect you for the lady like manner in which you’ve carried yourself throughout the season. Continue to be true to yourself and the values that have obviously been instilled within you.

    Get yourselves together ladies….

  163. Sunshine says:

    Women abusing other women!!!!!!!!! Unspeakable!!! Prime example of bullying. Adults have the constitutional right of free speech. I am not sure if I will watch this show again.

  164. TBell says:

    I have been a big fan of Tami’s up until this point. This form of bullying should not be tolerated and played out on t.v. As a mother, she would not want her daughters to receive this type of behavior, so why treat someone else’s daughter in this manner. I am also disappointed in Shaunie. I felt that she should have done more. I feel that she is just as guilty as Tami for allowing it to go on and not standing up.

  165. Dina says:

    Tami is a hot demon possessed mess..and why are they putting fish in Kenya room??? thats so childish..They don’t have anything better to do..I mean how many of us viewers have actually been to would think that people that could AFFORD to go there would have some class..They out there acting a damn fool. SMH!!!!

  166. j B says:

    Tami is the worse person ever. She is only going to anger managment or dr for the show. She is a Bully and an evil person. How dare you beat up on people that are smaller than you. I am five foot eight and I will take you one verbally, mentally and if you want to throw down like in boxing I am your girl. Stop picking on smaller girls. We know I guess that you were abused based on what you have communicated to us. With that experience why would you ever hurt another women especailly smaller women the way you did. Shame on you……

  167. Lee Lee says:

    When are they going to act their age? What grown women holds someone’s personal belongings for an apology? Grow the HELL UP Tammy!!! I would not give Tammy the satisfaction of an apology….. I am so tired of people tip toeing around her because she has no self-control. No one should have to accept her behavior or her actions! Her actions just adds to the stereo-types about black women. WHat a disgrace!

  168. toya$$$ says:


  169. Tee says:

    I truely feel vh1 should be canceled as a network. Vh1 coupled with ShedMedia should be embarrassed to back show like BBW’s where ADULTS are bullied by Tami’s ridiculous behavior. Shaunie and Evelyn are a JOKE by sitting back and watching Keisha gravel the way she did to get her personal belongings back. Tami is a loose cannon who truely has behavioral issues. I’m embarrassed to say I even watch the show. Come on ladies, let’s stop watching, hopefully the ratings will drop and the show will get canceled before someone gets hurt and not just their humility. END BASKETBALL WIVES!!!!!!!

  170. Dear BBW Reunion Host . . . says:

    Dear Host of BBW 4 Reunion Show, whoever you are:
    In previous reunion shows I’ve watched you let yourself be bullied by some of these women from various shows. I hope this time will be different. Don’t worry so much about presenting a “balanced” segment and just present it like it really is. Read the blogs and ask these women the questions as they have been submitted by viewers. Pull no punches! At some point, someone in a position of authority needs to have the guts to stand up, do the right thing, and tell these women the truth. I don’t want to see their disgusting actions glossed over. Tie Evelyn and Tami to their chairs if necessary so they can’t try to intimidate the other cast members. I will be very disappointed if this reunion show doesn’t lay things on the table and deal with them. The is the last opportunity to salvage anything useful from this mess.

  171. Lisa B says:

    After the episode with Evelyn and her assistant attacking Jennifer, I stopped watching this show. I happened to be turning the television looking for something to watch while I give my baby his last feeding for the night and I noticed the scene whereby Tami is verbally bullying and attacking Keisha. OMG I can not believe that this show continues to air. The entire cast of women excluding Keisha, Royce and Jennifer are pathetic. I am truly disappointed in the position that Shaunie has taken on this show. I admired the smart business woman she is but Shaunie plays both sides of the fence. Shaunie must know that the behavior of Evenly and Tami is childish, disgusting and a embarrassing portrayal for African-American women however it doesn’t appear as if she tells these women to grow up and stop behaving like a ass. What we viewers should do is contact Viacom and petition that this show is canceled. I am sure that Viacom can replace Basketball Wives with a show of quality.

  172. Tee says:

    Tami is straight up the DEVI? How can any person behave so inhumane? She violated Keisha on all levels. On tonights episode, a crime occurred and Evelyn and Shaunie were the accomplices. Keisha I know this occurred months ago, but you should have pressed charged against all cast members present and vh1.

  173. S. Hawkins says:

    BBW….Hmmm…I watch the show for entertainment however I have to say that I am getting really tired of grown women acting like children. They want to be known as classy but instead go on national television and act ghetto and juvenile. Make up your mind are you classy or trashy. Are you grown or children. They want respect but don’t know how to give it. They all call themselves friends but slide like slithering snakes backstabbing each other every chance they get. With friends like this group of women (children) who needs enemies. One thing is for sure you definitely don’t represent the REAL WOMEN of the world. The way they act on television is probably why they are NO LONGER and/or have never been BASKETBALL WIVES!! This show has gone from entertaining to frustrating….

  174. Joyce says:

    Viacom will be contacted……Tami needs Residential AA, Anger Management and Jail Time. She is a poster child for Disaster. This will not stop until someone gets killed. While our kids are committing suicide after being bullied, we have a perfect example of it on “Basketball Wives” featuring adult black women. PITIFUL! What’s even worse is Shaunie skips all the way to the bank and we pay these women for their bad behavior. Jen found out how it feels to be bullied after her side kick “Evelyn” starting whipping on her ass………It don’t feel so good reversed. No morals, no values, no loyalty and no holds barred, you are next and you too…… are scared.
    I vote no “spin-offs” and no more of this mess. Viaco can do better than this. Where is the petition!

  175. Taunie says:

    FIRST KISHA: I want to send deepest regards and admiration for your reaction. Your response was TOTALLY appropriate.! Says a lot about you! Yes Tammy acts like a fool and I loved how without hesitation you said “NO”, to Tammys reqest you run to her room and apologize. And you laughed at the demand YOU go to Tammy to retrieve YOUR STOLEN bag. Tammy got over to your room pretty damn quick when she found out you had contacted “the front desk” or the “authorities” as she put it…She was scared, don’t let her kid you.!! She was terrified she had overreacted and was possibly in real trouble. Which frankly was restraint on your part.
    TAMMY: you have some real problems. ANGER MANAGEMENT HARDLY COVERS IT. Your insistance that any talks about you be reported back like Gestapo is CRAZY insecure B/S. Talk about a “trip bag”. YOU ARE A WALKING TRIP BAG!
    Shaunie: THIS is what you need to keep entertained? Wow! The uber rich never change.

  176. bennie says:

    I think this is terrible… we all need to send a email to Good Morning America and have them look into this matter of BULLYING!! it was so very wrong!! It was Just UGLY and they are all mean girls!! This has really upset me and i think the show should be Cancelled!! I have sent a email to GMA But i cant do it by myself!! so please please if the Episode # 13 as upse yout up please help me out and Contact GMA VH1 and Tami Roman Shouldnt beable to Bully anyone and get away with it Please Help !!! Thanks

  177. Theresa C says:

    I watched tonights episode and tami, evelyn,shaunie and suzie ought be ashamed of themselves the way they act on the show, they suppose to be women they are acting like imature kids, putting dead fish in someones room move on with your lives stop the drama and
    tami need to keep up with the anger management counseling and leave kesha alone she does
    not know how to act ghetto like you she barley know how to act black just leave her alone and
    all of you hating evil women (tami,evelyn,shaunie and suzie stay in you so called circle) it should
    be a click the way you heffas act!!!!!!! and I don”t blame jen for not hanging with you crazy women stop with the drama and keep the show the way it was the first season.

  178. Kay B says:

    I could not believe what I watched tonight. It was heart wrenching. I felt so much pain for Kesha. I did a time warp and went back to middle school when girls used to BULLY me. It is the worst feeling in the world. It is a feeling of fear and confusion, when you just want to be accepted, especially by your own people. I just could not believe that adult women still behave like this. Tammy was a total embarassment, for women and especially African American. I am African American and I can remember getting bullied by other African American girls, for unjustified reasons. However, I went on and attended college and found women, who were more positive and I started to believe in the positiveness of women again. However, the pain still stays with me. This show can be entertaining, however, the ugliness shown against women needs to end. It does nothing for us as a people. I also wanted to say that I see Tammy as a BULLY, but my heart goes out to her too. I imagine that she has never had enough love and she is still searching for it. That is why people BULLY. I pray for Kesha because she will always carry this with her. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I also pray for Tammy, as well because she needs to love, respect, and forgive herself.

  179. Vicky says:

    I absolutely hate this show these days. VH1, Shaunie, Tammi and Evelyn should be ashamed of themselves.

  180. Bert says:

    Tami says whatever she wants, whenever she wants, if the other person is present or not, and the whole time pointing her finger in their faces. But she tells her victim not to put their hands up or talk about her, but this does not apply to her. What is sick is that Shaunie, Evelyn & snitch Suzie just sits there and says or does nothing. Why couldn’t they comfort Keisha there rather than after the bully leaves. Weak, spineless women make me sick. Who cares that Tami does not respect Keisha, cause I can assure that even fewer people respect Tami. Might be wrong, but I don’t think Royce would have sat on the sidelines looking like zombies like the other ??? ( can’t say ladies or women cause that is not how they conducted themselves). Shame on you three!!!

  181. Y. Mauris says:

    This show should have aired with warnings. Tami’s behaviour was a classic case of bullying and was disheartening watch. Tami has always been my girl – since Real World, but after tonite’s episode I am hard presssed to remain a fan. By the way, the alcohol excuse wore out last season. And a word about Evelyn and Shauni, did it not occur to them to utter the word “stop” or “enough” to deescalate the situation or were they afraid? We know better than that!
    Tami says she has anger issues because she was victimized, but she constantly undermines Keisha’s perceptions of her past victimization. Big kudos to Keisha for maintaining her dignity (something that the rest of the show clearly lacks).

  182. give me a stick! says:

    It doesn’t matter what Tami does not like! Who died and made Tami boss????
    Tami and Evelyn constantly talk behind the others back. I was wishing I was Kesha for
    five minutes so I could go get her purse, with no apology!
    Tami and Evelyn are bullies. You have to stand up to bullies, if not, they will continue to
    bully. Ask Jennifer.

  183. G Brown says:

    Tami was way out of line and have some serious issues. She needs to check herself in to a mental institution before she hurts someone or someone hurts her. She knows dog gone well, if the shoe was on the other foot – she would probably be in jail right now. For her to take that girl’s property and then talk crap about it was just wrong. Really, who does she think she is? If she was in Texas she would have got more than a smack in the face, she would probably be in the hospital or worse. Kesha, don’t worry about trying to fit in – you do you and forget about trying to please others, they will either accept you for who you are or they won’t. Those who don’t accept you for you are not you’re real friends anyway.

  184. Sandra says:

    Suzie, please stop acting like a peace maker or a nice person. You tell whatever you know to get on the good side of the bullies and you know full well what the consequences will be. You’re so frightened of Tammi and Evelyn and you’re making yourself look as crazy as they look. All of you need to be replaced with some normal women. Your 15 minutes is up!

  185. jules says:

    Ok Tami you definitely don’t look like a Tami you look like a Bubba.

  186. tammy says:

    i think tammy will be the demise of this show, so shauney should have tammy to thank for that, because i used to be a big fan of the show from the first season and when tammy came on the show she has been nothing but a bully from the very start. there is a petition going around to stop the show and im definately signing it and so are thousands of other viewers that are disappointed we sit there and watch you be fools and bully while you get a fat paycheck how long did you think this would go on before we notice. And also evelyn is no better she does the same bullying to jen. cant you see she dont want to fight …Grow the hell up and act like women of class…all that money and no class….smh

  187. drea says:

    WELLL…do ya’ll think Shaunie knows she is a pimp??? She is straight pimpin these women to show their natural ignant (yes I said ignant) selves. I can’t believe with all the hurt and pain men etc. can cause women that they agreed to do this to another female..but that almighty dollar paid them to disregard integrity.. REMEMBER…ya’ll got kids…girls even…you do know sins of the parents will be paid for..if not you..your descendants. When the $ runs out….can you live with the reflections in the mirror? I am disappointed that NOT ONE you you so called independent strong women stepped to Tami to say enough……fake ass snivlin like you cared. Snitch I mean Suzie….just go somewhere! PAC (PUNK ASS CHAUNCY YOU ARE).- TAMI…do you know what respect is???? WILDIN OUT IS SO OVER FOR THE 25+!!! While you on set…your babies are watchin you act ugly…..I would be embarrased but – you raise yours how you want to. WOW is all I have to say. Shaunie – go on a retreat…meditate and re-evaluate whether the $ will be enough to sooth the pain of your young ones when they com. WHY is this show called basketball wives….AINT NONE OF YALL MARRIED. The only real one on this show is Jen..she bousie (I can’t even spell it) and she admits it. HOOD RATS with checkbooks in the black…that is all I see. AND YALL STOP WALKIN ON TABLES LIKE MONKEYS – working class sistahs are catching hell in corporate america because our caucasion conterparts believe we all act like this. NOT HELPIN US AT ALL – and the fish thing…GIRL BYE.

  188. J.L says:

    Thumb Sucking Suzie, is the frigging trouble maker, why does she always have to be the one to carry the DEAD bones back? all she does is go between all the ladies playing both sides to the middle. PRETENDING TO BE ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS. I know she can’t wait for Jennifer to come to the Island, so that she can tell every little thing that has gone on between Tami & Keisha.And ms Tami, i am gonna tell you, Girl, we would turn them d%$# camera’s off, and it would really be on in ya life. and then you would have some charges filed’ Aggravated Assault!! and it would not be, that i was scared, I bet that would stop some of your bullying ways, as a matter of fact, I KNOW IT WOULD. Shaunie & Evelyn what kinda of friends are you 2, the mess that Tami does , is not cute, nor is it LADY LIKE. Are u 2 scared to tell Tami when she is wrong? Evelyn & Shaunie , every week they are looking at Tamie, like,”HERE THIS FOOL GOES AGAIN” THEY ARE SICK OF HER TOO, IT SHOWS ON THEIR FACES. Evelyn always talking mess, then cry! who does that? I don’t blame Jen for filling charges, & i would continue to file on any one of those ladies that violated my person.Enough is damn enough. I personally wish that they would take all of the reality shows off TV, that have “US” Black Woman, ACTING A DAMN FOOL ON TV.And that also includes the ladies on “House Wives of Atlanta”. And that back stabbing Sheree did the best thing by leaving the show, with her “LIVING ABOVE HER MEANS~~ SELF. I also am glad that the ladies from both shows check the Blogs, so therefore you all will see how the rest of Americas, BLACK WOMEN, feel about you all’s behavior, you all make us look AWFUL !! LADIES , STOP, STEP BACK & RE-EVALUATE

  189. Angie says:

    I was embarrassed by this episode; that a grown woman like tami would act in such a manner is ridiculous and that Shawnie and Evelyn would continue to allow tami to berate Keisha is unacceptable. First, Susie should of kept her big mouth shut, Keisha was merly telling supposed it friends what had transpired between herself and tami (she was not talkig crap about tami). Tami you continue to embarrass yourself and those around you. By the way when Keisha walked off and left her bag you Tami were not the only person there, Shawnie, Evelyn and Susie where there you said for all to hear that Keisha was not getting her bag back until she came for it and you where taking it to your room (you stole her bag); if that was enough you futher violate Keisha by going through her bag and cell phone. Im done BBW has turned into crap!!!!

  190. L Mack says:

    I know I am in the minority when I say this but I feel sorry for Tammi to a certain degree. She is psychologically disturbed. Clearly she has suffered some sort of abuse in the past that has altered her ability to handle adversity in a appropriate and calm manner. She should have sought help for her issues long ago. It’s unfortunate that Keesha had to endure Tammi’s tirade. What I find to be the most disturbing is how Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie jus sat there and said or did nothing to diffuse the situation. From the expressions on all of their faces, they obviously felt that Tammi was out of line but let her continue with out so much as a side glance to let her know she had gone too far. And Suzie has allowed these women to manipulate her to the point where she runs back and tells everything she hears and then advises their latest victim to apologize for being abused. This show is really taken a turn for the absolute worst. When do we finally get to see what life is like for a real basketball wife…so far we haven’t seen any of that. Most of these women aren’t even married to basketball men anymore if they ever have been. The show is a complete embarrassment!!!

  191. Roshawn Wilson says:

    I wanna start by saying I do watch Basketball Wives and even though I feel some of them truly misrepresent themselves by acting totally ignorant and un-lady like, I know that this is why millions watch the show, including myself. However, I think it is totally ridiculous and uncalled for that Tami is still on the show behaving in this manner. I will admit that she is one of my favs on the show but her behavior is inexcusable and uncalled for. I feel that she has some deep rooted issues. I don’t know. maybe she was verbally abused as a child or bball wife but the problem is she needs to understand that no one had to tolerate her standoffish behavior. I like her because she’s real but i dont like the way she represents herself. She has bullied several cast members and the only one that has stood up to her is Evelyn. Now they are good friends. Go figure. I may not be a bball wife and im not a confrontational person. What I am is a righteous woman who will NOT stand for that behavior amongst beautiful women. I will not be bullied and wouldnt allow anyone else to be. Shaunie really needs to step up and talk to Tami about her attitude bcuz I would hate to see her leave the show.

  192. Bayski says:

    I can’t believe how I was drawn to tears tonight. This episode was so upsetting I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to jump through the television just so I could defend Keisha because no one there did. I had no idea adult bullying even existed but to see it play out on t.v. was too much for me. Shaunie, I doubt Tami would have flipped out on you if you would have stood up for Kesha considering you’re the reason why “No more Food Stamps Right Tammi”… so why not say something? You’re just as wrong as Tami. Everybody talks about everybody on this show so why is it such a big deal Keisha talked to Royce and that ass kisser Suzie? Kesha, even though you were venting when you talked to Royce and Suzie about Tami, you said something that is so true right now….. You can’t embarrass Tami more than she has already embarrassed herself!!!

  193. Dorothy says:

    I used to be a fan of the show. Couldnt wait for it to come on for the evening. The past 2-3 episodes it has been very hard to watch. I literally cringe when the drama begins, sometimes I have to change the channel because of the shame I have for the petty drama. Tonights’ episode just took me over. I am highly disappointed by the actions of Tami, Evelyn & Shaunie. I was literally cringing while watching the drama unfold. Tammi is a BULLY! I wanted to speak thru the TV and tell her to just stop and leave her alone. I’m just totally disgusted by her behavior and the reasoning she gave when she was talking to the “girls”, saying she didn’t steal the purse and she picked it up because no one else would! HOGWASH!! You only stepped back and gave Keisha her purse because you “:heard” she went to complain to the front desk. Tammy you should be ashamed of yourself. ISHAME ON YOU. I don’t know if I can watch another episode.. Just too much unnecessary DRAMA! 1 Disappointed Fan

  194. Beverly says:

    I am so upset at tonights show. Tammy sits and talk about people but if someone does the same she is upset. How many times has she discussed stuff with the others about what she dont like about kesha. She is a bully and I feel sorry that her family has to see her act like that .

  195. Kitty V. says:

    Well, what an episode! Tami you out did yourself …and the Bully academy award goes to…drum roll please…Tami Roman, hands down! What a spectacle, shame on you!!! You drove a grown woman to shut down and become fearful for her life. This is what was conveyed on this episode and if you did not see this than you’re a fool. Kesha did the right thing in removing herself and leaving an atmosphere that was clearly unhealthy for her. This has nothing to do with Kesha not having a back bone of any kind, this was bullying at its finest. You read about bullying everday and the damaging effects that it causes the people who are on the receiving end. Kesha did nothing horrific that deserved this level of disrespect. I really liked you at the beginning of the show, but now your truly in question. I believe people should be given a second chance to correct their mistakes, so right now you really need to reflect and change your behavior for the better or you will truly lose what is important in your life. Read Corinthians Chapter 13 verse 1 thru 13 over and over until it sinks in. Treat others with kindness and love and you in turn will receive it back. You should apologize to Kesha for taking her things and holding them hostage, because you felt the need to bash her and call her names to satisfy your thirst for control and dominance over someone who was not in fight mode. You were totally out of control and order and do need professional help for a while. If you continue down this path of destruction and ripping up good people along the way, you will lose!

  196. Finish it says:

    Evil Eveyln was going through Kesha’s phone too while Shaunie watch laughing… I enjoy some drama today was too much to bully a grown up woman while all three womens watch and the behind the scene people instigating for all that violence to go on… It’s time to close this show!!!

  197. Rose says:

    I’ve never felt so disgusted before, nor have I ever felt the need to blog before today.

    To SUZIE….quite honestly, you have no actual role on this “reality show” but to cause VERY UNNECESSARY drama. In real life when people have conversations with their friends they don’t have to make their friends pinky swear that they won’t go back and tell others about their conversations. You take conversations that you have with others and then you go back and tell people. Each time you run back unnecessarily ( yes, we all know that you have an extremely bad case of diarrhea of the mouth) you twist the conversation and it seems way worse then it was thus leading to another BBW war. Learn some COUTH!

    To Tammi…… I understand your frustration with the situation but the way you handled your self was not appropriate at all. Yes, the show is edited but unfortunately the actions which you presented were not. I understand your feelings but the level that your took them to were above and beyond. You may have not had an easy life but everyone has not gone through what you have and because they don’t get loud and vulgar like you does not make them weak. In my 29 yrs of life I have never been in a fight, does that make me less then you? Aside from the reporting the bag lost,I probably would have handled myself like Keisha and walked away. Who are you to demand an apology when your the one who incites all the altercations? All that taunting… do you know that their are children each and everyday committing suicide because of bullying? Do you know that children watch this and they may take your actions as a cue that bulling is ok? Even though yes the show is edited, you clearly still have lot of personal issues to work on. I know the criticisms that you read can’t be easy, but they are real.

    Evelyn…. until tonight’s episode I really thought you were a bully but know I see that your just a passionate person who cares about her friends and and when your friendships go south, you hurt and the mean girl comes out in you to mask your hurt. Unfortunately they way you deal with things is not helpful at all. Your to old to be throwing bottles and jumping over tables. It’s just not normal( even though i’m not a fan of Suzie, the mean girl act that you pulled on her when you were upset with her big mouth was soooooo middle school. It takes way to much energy to act that way).

    It’s easy to see that the separation between you and Jennifer clearly hurts you. She most likely misses you to. I hope you guys can get together w/o cameras and other people to interfere and mend you friendship. You guys are great together when you are friends.

    Jennifer….. you need to stop dismissing peoples feelings when they attempt to speak to you. Part of growing from situations is learning to communicate.

    Shaunie…. I applaud your efforts for being a successful businesswomen, but this show is a mess and I know that you never intended for this to become so disgusting. In good conscience I can not continue to support this venture while this foolishness continues. Suzie has no business of being on the air and Tami …………

    My last comment is in regards to the fish in Kenyas room, although I am not a fan of hers, I can in no way figure out how you guys thought that putting fish in her room was going to be a fun prank when most of you don’t even have a positive relationship. You were supposed to be the voice of reason.

  198. Bully says:

    Tami, you are the worst woman in the show. You have no shame at all. I hope your kids doesnt grow up to be like you. Also, you need to fire your therapist. You’re anger management is not working. What you need is for you to check your self in to a MENTAL HOSPITAL. YOU ARE DISGUSTING.

  199. j.nine says:

    Tammy need help mentally, she is crazy and feels like she can talk about people but they cant talk about her. She should have went to jail for keeping her purse.

  200. Holly says:

    They really need to get Tami off of the show, she does nothing but run her big mouth on every show. She is nothing but a loud mouth bully and that is why I do not sit and watch the show!!! A real piece of crap of a woman if u even want to call her one. The network needs to loose this thing!!!

  201. T King says:

    I would usually not even take the time to come to this blog but what I witness was pure hell….I decided a couple of weeks ago to not watch this show anymore but I saw so many people’s comments on FB I had to see for myself this behavior…I am so appalled, being an African American woman I feel ashamed at the harsh tactics of BULLYING that was used…..we all know that Tami is a HOT MESS and shouldn’t even be on TV but I was even more upset that these other so called woman sat and watched her treat KEISHA this way and didnt say anything. It makes you wonder is money and being known this important to woman like Suzie,Evelyn and Shaunie to just be able make excuses for someone who you obviously know has issues and is attacking an innocent person? It’s not even worth anymore characters on this page because obviously all VH1 cares about is rating and not about the affects of what BULLYING can do to someone…..I am so disgusted…and people please remember that this world is ROUND!

  202. MsLady says:

    I am so feeln Erika and j.nine comment… tammy knows damn well she is taking pleasure in bulling Keisha cuz she isnt all tough and rough like Most of em’…. and there is nothing wrong with being calm and collected.. or just sitting back and listening to other people make fools of themselves…

  203. Embarrassed for you says:

    Tammie is an animal. Susie is a big mouth trouble maker. Evelyn and Shaunie are cowards. I don’t believe these animals are a true representation of what a real woman is. With the exception of Jenn and Royce. This show needs to remove Evelyn and Tammie. I definitely have signed the petition to have the show taken off the air. We need to also contact the sponsors of the show to boycott their products if they continue to support this show. Tammie’s poor children and mother. It’s unbelievable that she actually has a man in get life. How can any man find that disgusting thing attractive. She is a drunken bully.

  204. Cutcut says:


  205. Shayla says:

    WOW! I dont normally watch this show but someone told me to check it out and I totally know why I dont watch this garbage! Tami is nothing but a bully and Shaunie, Evelyn, and Suzie are just as bad. These women are sad and clearly come from broken people because healthy minded people dont do this. My heart is broken for Kesha. People say things about people all the time when they are not around. thats life TAMI! And my question is who are you and what makes you so special to where Kesha should be vying for your respect anyway? To sit there and say that Kesha shouldnt take eveything personally and people are not going to say things the way that she likes it is soooooo hypocritical! The whole purpose of the fight was because Tami didnt like the way Kesha said something while she wasnt around and she took it personally!! We are all works in progress but there was a cruelty to this and Tami took delight in watching someone break down. I really hope Tami gets help because to put someone through that over something so small is not healthy.. And the other girls didnt do anything to really help or solve the situation. They sat there allowed it and then played both sides when clearly someone should have stepped up and shut it down. These women are disgusting and I think something should be started to get this show off the air. If a petition is already going around I will definitely sign it. I hear none of them are married to actual basketball players which is not surprising because I cant imagine a respectable man who lives publicly wanting anything to do with any of these women. with the acception of maybe Kesha but then again I have to question why she would go on this show in the first place. The fact that Tami apologized is a step in the right direction yet it still feels inconsequential. You would think that as an adult you would have a better understanding of concequences and being able to see further than 15 minutes in front of your face. Because that exactly how long it took for Tami to not only trash her reputation but jepordize any and all professional opportunites that she may have going currently or in the future. Tami said in her apology that she is not a bully as the show depicts her to be. However they have to have you on film behaving that way in order to cut and paste so thats not a good excuse its also not really accepting responsibility. This really is one of the worst shows on TV because it promotes the Bully menatlity and with that being a huge issue right now I dont see this show going any further. Thankfully!

    To Shaunie – you really have an opportunity to do something amazing VH1 is a great outlet! You could be really making a contribution to Television but you choose this. What a disappointment

  206. Christina says:

    Obviously, Tami should have addressed her issues with Kesha in a different way. She should have talked to her privately, and discuss the situation in a mature, calm, and rational manner then maybe Kesha would admit it. Also, Kesha should have pulled Tami aside too and address her issue with her instead of going around, telling Royce and Susie about it. ESPECIALLY since SUSIE is KNOWN to be a SNITCH/GOSSIPER. Even after Kesha retrieved her purse back, SHE’S STILL TALKING ABOUT TAMI. It’s like she doesn’t understand where Tami is coming from. So I understand why Tami was so livid, but still. Both of these women should address each other with whatever problems they had towards each other in the responsible and smart way. And if Kesha still denies that she said those things, then she does deserves to get an angry and loud conversation from Tami.

  207. Linda says:

    Christina below – you must be joking! How can you say Keisha can not say anything to Royce – look at what Kesha said: “yeah I could have gone off on Tammi” okay why is she not allowed to say that? Who the heck is Tami? Tami talks about EVERYBODY behind their back. Now no one else can have a conversation with a friend without being BULLIED? Kiesha and Jennifer can say whatever they want to say – they still should not be bullied. And if you are – call the police and sue all of them. It’s not right. Tammi is going to try to blame editting? PLEALSE! You looked like a fool and a bully – editting didn’t do that – that was ALLLL YOU Tami. And Evelyn – that’s how YOU look when you are doing it too. Poor Shaunie a true disappointment – just sat there. At least her and Evelyn wasnt laughing like they normally are when someone is being bullied by one of the 2 loud mouths on the show. But I wonder is that how they teach their children to handle bullying in school? To sit by and laugh or sit by and say nothing and just watch until its over?

  208. jt says:

    The whole situation was crazy, and a bit disturbing to watch. Tami need not to drink hard alcohol and Kesha should learn not to say anything about Tami to the other ladies. Tami took it too far, way too far. People are calling for the cancellation of the show and network, be for real it is really no worse than Mob Wives. If someone do not like it do no watch it, plain and simple. I think Tami asking for an apology was out of order. If Kesha had came to Tami and talked to her it would not have gotten so far. I do not know why people get so upset, anything on TV is about making money and drama sells. It is reality TV and these scenes are set up by the producers. It’s my opinion and I an entitled to it!!

  209. MATHIAS' MOM says:


  210. lubimac says:

    The one person I find “the” most despicable on all this is Shaunie. Tammy is a wild animal who simply shouldn’t be allowed loose but Shaunie…? That despicable woman is the executive producer in this show, she is a MOTHER of a girl/s yet she just sat there and watched someone being bullied, threatened, humiliated and pushed to the point of breaking and did nothing!
    Wait.. she did do something… she actually added fuel to the fire by telling Tammy -each chance she got- “Ohh.. she’s SO scared of you…!
    Pretending on camera to not be part of this crew or pretending to be “above” all the despicable things some of these women do to others is one thing, but Shaunie let the mask/pretense slip… She allowed herself to be filmed as part of the bullies -sitting there doing nothing while that vile scene played in front of her. She’s done that before (the Jen/Evely abuse) but at least then, she made the effort to pretend she was surprised by it.
    I truly hope her daughter watches the show and forces her to look hard into herself by asking “what if someone bullies ME in school?”
    The second worst here was Susie… I mean, she just sat there pretending this had nothing to do with her while the whole time it was made clear that SHE planted the seed for the whole disgusting, embarrasing, shameful episode!
    It’s at times like this when I renew my respect for Royce and her new attitude in life and towards these women. She chose NOT to come on this trip and she did it because she KNOWS these women. She knows that when anything happens, you are on your own. Not a single person, show member, crew, producers (hello Shaunie…!) or bystanders will intervene.
    She knew and she chose not to be part of that. She deserves respect and my aplause for that.

  211. latwana says:

    Tammie is a bully!!! I could not believe what I was seeing with my own eyes. This 40-something year old child was acting like a straight lunatic. What in the world!!?? She needs something more than talking it out on someone’s couch – she needs medication and a stay at the nearest 5th floor ward. First she blames her behavior on the show’s editing, and now she blames her past…paaaaaleeeese!! We all have a past – we all have our demons to slay, but that does not give you the right, or the excuse to treat another person so horrible. What Tammie did was wrong, wrong, wrong and now she wants to publicly apologize through her facebook page. How about stop making excuses, get some real help, and grow up. AND Shaunie, Evelyn, and Suzie are just as much at fault as Tammie because they sat idly by and watch it and let their “girl” do it. Either one of them could have stepped in and told Tammie to stop..this is wrong..leave her alone, but they sat there and watched and laughed. Evelyn’s crying did not move me because if she felt that way, then she should have been a real friend and spoke up and stood up to her friend and told her to stop it. I also do not understand why these adult women would also go and do what they did to Kenya’s room. Childish, Childish, Childish!!! They did it and then wanted to play it off as just a practical joke. No need to hide behind the curtain Shaunie – we see you for exactly who you are. Ladies ( and use that term very loosely) please grow up and start acting your AGE and like MOTHERS. I see all the gucci, prada, louis, red bottoms, diamonds, and fancy cars cannot mask the ugliness and nastiness on the inside. Like the saying goes… “ugly on the inside, ugly on the outside”. Is the money really worth you losing your soul. I’d rather be broke than paid to act a fool.

  212. VeeVee says:

    How many laws were broken last night? Let’s see… verbal assault, theft, violation of privacy, breaking and entering, vandalism of hotel property… did I miss anything? We all know the producers set up this whole conflict. That conversation with Kesha was a long time ago and Tami knew it word for word while drunk. That wasn’t Suzi, that was someone who could play back the tape.

  213. Lisa T. says:

    If Tami honestly believed in her actions she wouldn’t be doing damage control. It’s a little late since this happened months ago and this is something that shouldn’t have happened to begin with. Tami has been harassing Kesha since day one knowing the girl is intimidated by her. Then she tells the girl the only reason she doesn’t hit her is because she looks pitiful? What would be the point of “laying hands” on Kesha? It’s not like she has to defend herself against the girl. Unfortunately this is how ignorant she is about life and the world. I guess she had no home training.

  214. Motherof5 says:

    I sat and watched this episode with my daughter and could not believe it. It was this is not what you do to know. I was appalled at Tammi, Evelyn, Susie and Shaunie. Non of them could stand up for what is right. How do they face their children and explain their actions. People will look at them all in a very different light. No backbone, no compassion or empathy for people. Kiesha on the other hand I felt that Shaunie and Eve played you when they came to your room. Eve’s tears were all fake just for ratings and to attempt to talk you into staying for more drama….these woman are low lives and they better remember “they will reep what the sow”

  215. mc says:

    All of these ladies are immature and ignorant!!!! Point blank period!!! Tami is a straight up NUT!!
    Evelyn is plain dumb and stupid!! Shank is laughing all the way to the bank and Susie is a wanna
    be!! Kesha shouldn’t even be on the show!! Ignorant!!!! Tamil better stop, you reap what you sew, that is probably why she had a heart attack!!!

  216. sickened by them says:

    What an episode! Tami took bullying to a whole other level. She was rude and obnoxious. She degraded that poor woman to the point where I was in tears for her. What kind of example did she set for her children? How embarrassed they must be. Shaunie and Evelyn (another loud mouth bully) are no better. They sat there and watched that animal degrade Kesha, and said nothing. What kind of friends can’t step in and say, enough you have proven your point now stop. They aren’t real friends to anyone. They love and live for the drama. What good are these women doing anyone? If anything the are a shining example of how NOT to act in public. Oh and Suzie! What a 2 faced brown noser she is. She will say or do anything to just be in the “circle” ! Oh and ladies ( I use that word ladies only because you are females, not one of you are a lady) Who the hell cares about your “circle”? All of you need some serious help! I am done with this show!

  217. Cheri says:

    When I watch this show, I am more upset with Shaunie than anyone. Shaunie knew by the way Tammi was talking, that she was going to do something to that girl. Shaunie acts likes she cares about them, and when Evelyn and Tammi start bullying and physically attacking people, she just steps back.

  218. Michelle says:

    Tami is beyond a thearapist, she needs serious psychiatric help. A bully never wants to shed the light on themselves by calling their victims, snitches, punks, or cowards, when they are the ones who are cowards. Her thearapy is not working. How dare she use her past as an excuse and an avenue to hurt and control others because of her pain. I am so proud of Keisha for not falling for it and stooping to her level. You have every right to go to the authorities whan someone threatens to hit you. The woman is delusional, and needs to suffer the consequences of her actions. Her cognitive reasoning is highly impaired. And Evelyn isn’t much better. Come on Shaunie, we the viewers expected more from you then this type of behavior. Please do not condone violence amongst these women. You really need to reflect on what kind of sick message you are sending out.

  219. vicky7 says:

    Here is my comment -where is th petition to CANCEL this crap-I cant stand Shaunie -the Hypocrite n gold diggin Eve n stupid face Suzie -all hoodrats low life-

  220. Karen says:

    Funny how after public opinion has swayed against her, and everyone is threatening to boycott her..NOW Tami apologizes in a non sincere way that is trying to get people to feel sorry for her. You are a sad old, delusional EX wife Tami…grow up before you stay that way forever. You need more than anger management you need mental medication!!! and maybe a trip to jail!

  221. Natasha says:

    Shaunie is part of the problem, because as a producer/friend she should have told Tami to take it down at the table. Tami went through Kesha’s phone and her personal stuff in her bag – - that was just wrong. I wanted to jump into the TV and slap Tami. Keshia should have never said can i have my bag please and Evelyn and Shaunie just sat there. TAMI ROMAN you are an animal. You have 1001 issues but that does not allow you to treat people like that. You are a PIG. and right now you only sorry because no one wants your dam ass on TV. Go get class 101 in respect… yeh and get some class

  222. JerseyGirl says:

    Tami didnt want honesty from the beginning, she lied herself about the purse. She took that girls pocket book and dared her to come and get it. Tami is a bully. The only thing Tami want from that girl was to make her feel like she has felt her whole adult life and that is a broken person from all she has been through. Shame Shame Shame on Tami. She needs to leave the liquor alone, obviously she doesnt do well when she drinks. Not only was she hung over the next morning, she probably felt ashamed of what she did, and so she should have.

  223. Mel Jacobs says:

    This is awful. I cannot believe how the women on this show behave. It is almost gang-like behavior. Bullying. Everything that we are protecting our young girls from everyday. This has to stop! No more. PLEASE!

  224. mary smettler says:

    And Shaunie I admire a business women I am not mad at you for making money and I respect that, However you have beautiful daughters that you are raising and for them to watch what goes on in BBW is really not cool, and Bullying is horrible, and to act like that’s ok is not OK, cause I would not like for someone to treat my child the way these ladies treat each other with no respect or dignity, I understand you got to have a little drama that’s what sells! But this bullying and selling each other out that’s not living!, Braxtons, BHHW, OCHW and more they have drama, but not to the point of hurting someone physically and bullying that is not exceptable! You need better scripts and that’s real talk! How can you expect for us to build you up and you tearing us down?

  225. Shstarlight says:

    Keisha don’t owe you no damn apology!! You went insane on her, she didn’t go insane on you. I don’t care what the hell she said to you Tami behind your back or in front of face, you still don’t behave like a complete lunatic! That doesn’t solve problems, it just multiplies the problem. You stole someones property and thats known as THEFT AND INVASION OF PRIVACY!! You are way older than her Tami and suppose to know how to behave as an older woman. Would you want someone treat your daughters like you treated Keisha?! I don’t seriously think you would. You have completely embarrassed your daughters! Its so messed up Tami and there is no one or anything to blame for your horrific actions except for yourself!!

  226. lb says:

    How do I begin . Are these really women with children I thouught I was watching A bunch of children act so very childish. what about setting examples for your own kids.Let alone the worlds because they watch this show to.even though it’s not appropiate for kids period teenagers included. we have so much of this kind of behavior going on in schools right now that it is not funny at all .So many kids are committing suicide and going on shooting sprees to get back at the people that are tormenting them day to day.And to see this happening with grown adults I was shocked. And for the women that sat there and watched on like it was okay what about standing up for what’s right. Suzie you are the cause for alot of the he say she say on the show what a poor soul you are . It’s like you want someone to be in the hot seat you want the figting the drama and everything else that comes along with you going back and telling what another person had said. You of all people should know what that fells like you were on the receiving end once before to.And what got me was that you and those other so called women wanted kesha to apoligize for what she said are yall crazy .Tammy did say some offensive things to her and have came off wrong at her a number of times.And she was not wrong for saying what she said .Tammy and evelyn both at like fools with alcohol involved or not .They just must very miserable.I’m glad kesha didn’t give in to that fooishness . And I wanted to say also that Jennifer who also was down with all this kind of behavior to and comes off as a little snobbish she has kind of steered away from this group and surround herself with other people that is her choice.And evelyn why would you get mad with her when she talked about how chad is she wasn’t saying anything wrong. If he finds you attractive and the way that you act attractive then yall both deserve one another.I hate when long time friends fall out over a man they come and go. And The fish in kenya’s room who does that .

  227. Mimi DC -- I QUIT, CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE says:

    I am amazed that people think that Keesha was wrong to say what she said because TAMI doesn’t like being spoken about, she prefers being spoken to. Well guess what Tami, you don’t run the world, obviously, you and that girl ain’t friends cuz if you were, perhaps she’d be more considerate of your feelings. You actually think it’s okay to attack people, and then demand the utmost respect from them? WOW! You really need help. Keesha can say what she wants to whomever she wants, this is not the world according to Tami. And the fact that the castmates sympathize with Keesha, but at the same time say she shouldn’t have said that . . . whewwww, the wrath of Tami, don’t say that or she’ll get you. Now you know that’s some wicked BS. Y’all need help if y’all think everybody is suppose to tip-toe around Tami … WHO IS SHE!!!? Suzie, shame on you for not coming to Keesha’s defense when you’re the reason Tami found out in the first place. You actually sat there trying to look innocent cuz you were scared to death. It saddens me that the other ladies just sat there and did not intervene. First of all, you’re not gonna sit with me and act a daggone fool in public. All of them should’ve gotten up and left Tami sitting there … they all should feel embarrassed and humiliated and they should’ve been asked to leave the bar for disturbing the peace. I do not believe that it was gonna make Tami feel any better had Keesha recited (cuz that’s what she wanted her to do, Tami all but said, now repeat after me) everything she was demanding her to say, cuz had Keesha said anything, that would’ve just been more ammunition for Tami — soooo sad and shameful.

    Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie acted so irresponsible, y’all are nobody’s friend cuz your friends tell you the truth, and when your friend acts a fool, you tell her, and one of y’all should’ve told Tami to shut the hell up. I mean Tami was having a 2 yr old temper tantrum, the only thing she didn’t do was lay on the ground and kick and scream.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Tami wants everyone to have respect and understanding from where she comes from and view the world as she does, yet she holds no compassion for anyone else’s life experiences. Not all of us have traveled, or will travel the same path in life, we don’t all see the world the same. So Tami, understand that it’s not about you, just you, you are one of many, many people who must coexist in this world and not everyone is going to see things your way — your way is not right or wrong, it’s simply your way.

  228. Tiffany says:

    That was so sad. I refuse to watch the show again. Tami needed to be checked and arrested. For the rest of the girls to sit by and let someone be abused was just as sad. I will no longer be part of the viewing audience that helps them get checks to pay for the advertising,trip and continued bullying.

  229. Renee says:

    This shows us all, when there are cameras around we know who the real professionals are. I hope none of these women are looking for a role in a sitcom or a movie, none of them are talented enough. Thank God, Royce stood her ground, moved on to make a brand for herself and look at her now on BROADWAY! Royce still has her issues, but dealing with women isn’t one of them.

  230. I Care says:

    I was already getting to the point of never watching BBW after Evelyn and her friend attacked Jennifer. BUT now, as a proud christian woman and mother , I can no longer support this horrible show. My prayers go out to Keisha who endured a terrible , humiliating situation in such a beautiful island that should have been enjoyed. Keisha no one has the right to be bullied or their personal items invaded. As a black child growing up in a small rural white community, I also was bullied at times. But I was blessed with a strong black mother ( who looked white), who always assured me how beautiful I was and no one else could define me. I now have a bi-racial son who sees no color, his father and I only show him love and will not let another persons insecure, racist attitudes define him. Tami has been a bully from the beginning of the show and her wrath and hostility only escalated to this terrible point. She is a mother and I only have sympathy for her daughters because she is a poor example as a woman and mother. Keisha and Jennifer stay strong, you have our support and never except being abused by anyone. Walking away from people with ugliness in their hearts like Tami and Evelyn is the best thing you can do. God bless you Keisha, I admire your spirit and never change. Shaunie there is not enough money to portray women in this embarrassing way. I will not watch BBW agian.

  231. Paris says:

    I was totally APPALLED at Tammi. She is too old to conduct herself in that manner. It’s one thing to say you have anger management issues, but PLEASE! She is a big bully and she makes herself look HORRIBLE. And she gets mad when people call her a hoodrat. The way she did Kesha was terrible. At 40+, maintain some self control. and like Kesha said, if you don’t know how to control your liquor….ummmm DONT DRINK. She is a disgrace to black women and she turns my stomach. There are many women who have been through some things in their life, that’s not a liscense to act like a ASS…..Get it together, because NO ONE RESPECTS YOU! Kesha was very classy and conducted herself as a lady.

  232. niecie says:

    Suzie u should keep ur mouth close, shut, zipped u r the cause of all of this, u went to Kesha’s home, eat their food and was all up in her family’s face then go tell Tami the BULLY thinga that was not said, why did u not answer when Kesha ask u if she told that? your time is coming but i thing u and tami should be off the show

  233. Paris says:

    And one more thing…The other ladies were wrong to just sit around and let Tammi bully Kesha. Someone needs to stand up to her and tell her when she is wrong. A REAL FRIEND tells you what you need to hear, even if its not what you want to hear.

  234. Mary says:

    I didn’t think it was called for all the name calling,yelling and evil mannerism that was protrayed towards Keisha. Tammy didn’t exercise good judgement and acted totally inappropriate. She needs to exercise self control, practice yoga or deep breathing, read the bible, or take some meds to calm herself down and realize anger can do serious harm to a person. It can mess with your BP, nerves, and heart. She has two daughters to think about, it’s not worth it. And lay off the alcohol.

  235. JadeJ says:

    You ladies have such an amazing opportunity and platform to help mold the young ladies of the world. It is so disheartening to see you waste it.
    Physical violence, threats, bullying, petty nonsense – this is the opposite of how we want to raise our youth. This is the opposite of good role-models.
    BBW ladies, please remember the influence you have and please, please stop making fools of yourselves. CONTRIBUTE TO THE GOOD.
    Kesha – what I see so far, you are a class act. Stay away from bad energy.

  236. Nina (Boston) says:

    DONT KNOW WERE TO START…WATCHING THIS LAST NIGHT MADE ME SICK.. I would like to know if this happened to one of their daughters what would they do????? REALLY…. This show show be takin of the air,,,, Young girls watch this.. Tammi should be arrested for what she did. Im Done..

  237. JustSaying says:

    Tami…..This Beast of Woman…She has to be the devil….She strives to have tension and feuding….all this highschool crap…I heard you said this and I heard you said that…..This is pure garbage. The whole premise is ridiculous…Let’s all meet up and see what we can find wrong with the new girl and decide whether or not we want to have them in our circle. Tami needs immediate medical attention for the problem in her brain. She has to be retarded or mentally ill for her to act this way…enough already with the Blah…Blah…Blah..of her abusive past….She is now using this as her hall pass to act out. Lets just say even if this is not a true representation of Tami. You have to wonder what she wouldn’t lower herself to for money. I feel sorry for basketball wives. They hop from NBA player to NBA player and turn out like this. I feel sorry for them. Money is not everything especially when you lose dignity and respect to have it.

  238. FlGirl says:

    This show does NOTHING but promote bad behavior. I have NEVER experience ANYONE much less an “adult”. I cannot believe a channel would be a part of this, especially one that presumably is against violence. I am thoroughly disgusted.

  239. NaeNae2U says:

    Why are you NOT owning it FULLY? Be glad she is forgiving, don’t use your heart attack as an excuse. You need help and grow up!!!!!

  240. Tanka says:

    I have been watching BBW since the beginning, but recently I have noticed that this show is getting worse and worse every season. It KILLS me to see my sistas acting like this. These women make what people label the stereotypical Black woman with her quick temper, neck rolling, lips popping, finger snapping, aggressive and bad attitude look like a fact instead of a stereotype. Thank you ladies! You have just set up back some centuries! We appreciate it! Come on seriously, they all are beautiful women with the potential to make a great impact so why must they act in this manner? Evelyn jumping over tables, Susie starting mess among friends every chance she gets by telling everything she hears. Ladies please stop talking to Susie about your business because as you can see she is going to tell it before you can finish your sentence. Just messy!!! Shaunie has the ability to put out a lot of fires that tends to get started but she opts not too because she is messy herself. Now let’s talk about Terrible Tornado Tami. Why is she still on the show? This woman is obviously too unstable and aggressive to be on this show. Really? When you look up bully in the dictionary Tami’s face is what you see. She thrives off of picking on the weak and it is so sad. What she did to Keisha was just awful and Keisha was right for calling the police or security. Tami stole her purse and held her belongings hostage!! Tami tried to provoke this girl into a physical fight that she knew Keisha didn’t want to be apart of. It’s awful that a grown woman with children, daughters no doubt, would act like this. How would she react if someone treated one of her girls this way? Tami was vying for that girl from the beginning of that trip and I knew it was coming sooner or later. Tami needs to stop drinking because obviously she can’t hold her liquor and her friends know that yet they sat there and did NOTHING! They are just as guilty as Tami for sitting there letting it go as far as it did. BRAVO to Keisha! I’m glad she walked away and choose the better route and remained adult about the situation, somebody had to and I don’t blame her I wouldn’t have apologized to Tami either. Why should she after Tami acted like a maniac. Tami is going to run up on the right person one day and she is going to get knocked on her ass. Now I don’t condone violence among my sistas but I am not Keisha and Tami would have worn a “well whooped ass” from me after how she acted! Now on to the rest of the Get Along Gang. Putting dead fish in Kenya’s room was not a prank and not funny at all. What they are doing is a form of bullying too whether they know it or not and I’m sure they do. These are grown women yet they insist on acting like some jr. high mean girls gang. These ladies need to seriously get it together and whether they do or not I’m not going to know because I can’t watch another episode BBW which stands for Beatdown Black Women.

  241. milz says:

    what happened to kesha on last night episode made me sick to my stomach. Tammy is a monster and shaunie and evelyn are just as guilty because they never told tammy to stop or demand that she give kesha her purse back.

  242. Nancy says:

    So let me get this straight, Tami can run her mouth behind everyone’s back, but they can’t speak about her. Wait, what? All kesha said was, she could go off but didn’t, what is wrong with that statement? Did she put Tami down in any way? Did she make any rude comments? NO! TAMI, get over your bullying self and get back to anger management!!!

  243. Isabella says:

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on VH-1 and Shed Media.

    You women have sold your souls and you have absolutely no character, no integrity and no honor. And you are certainly not worthy of any type of respect. Shame on you.

    This show needs to be discontinued and there certainly needs to be a public backlash against VH-1 and Shed Media.

    Absolutely disgusting and shameful behavior from grown women(?)

  244. Solaray says:

    Tami is pathic ! Everything she said to Kesha I thought she was talking about herself. Tami is very dumb and jealous. Kesha handled it great. Tami thinks she is somthing she is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. Clydette says:

    Last night’s episode was a disaster from beginning to end. There is nothing else that can be said about Tami’s behavior except that it was ATROCIOUS! The way she acted went WAY past bullying rather it bordered on criminal. Shaunie and Evelyn’s behavior was awful as well because they went MUTE. How can you sit there and let someone get hammered and not say anything? That’s cowardess and cruel in itself. There is nothing I can say about Suzie except that she needs to exit the show with Tami. Tami, definitely needs to leave the show, on her own, after this season. If she is any type of person, she will recognize that her actions warrant that and her apology to Kesha is not enough. I won’t even mention the other childish prank. Shaunie, I hope you can revamp this show because this mess can’t be what you envisioned.

  246. jill says:

    Tami is an ANIMAL !!! A HUGE GORILLA !! Leave her fat ass there in Tahiti. She’ll be able to survive in the jungle with NO PROBLEM!!

  247. sheryl says:

    Tami is nothing but a HUGE GORILLA!!! Leave her fat ass in Tahiti !! She will be able to survive in the jungle all by herself, I can assure you of that!!

  248. Monique says:

    I see everyone is on the Kesha bandwagon. In all honesty if she had something to say, she should have gone to Tami in private. Tami is not right in what she did either. Tami should have let cooler heads prevail. Problem is ALL the ladies talk about one another like a tee total dog. Everyone is completely blaming Tami for everything. But there are always two sides to every story and it always takes two to tango. Suzie is nothing but a crap starter and to be honest, Suzie should be the one getting her ass whooped for real. That’s who everyone needs to be looking at. Suzie can’t hold a cup of room temperature water.

  249. Sly says:

    (Other blog page has broken link, so reposting on this blog page)

    If Tami considers that an apology then she’s beyond redemption. Keisha simply expressed that she held herself off from going off on Tami because she did want to bring herself down to Tami’s level. She was sharing her frustration with 2 people she considered her friends. We all need someone to express our feelings to but the betrayal of Suzy was an ultimate low-blow. Suzy is low-class back-stabbing trash. But for Tami to blow this so far out of proportion is unforgivable. What she accuses Keisha of, Tami has fulfilled 100-fold, so aside from being a bully, Tami is a complete hypocrite and a narcissist. You can’t have one golden rule for everyone else that doesn’t apply to you…that’s “not real”.

    Beyond the reprehensible behavior toward Keisha, is Tami’s disrespect and violation of Keisha’s privacy by going into her purse and looking in her phone. Then she has the nerve to tell Keisha that she has no respect for her? How does any decent person justify that type of behavior/mentality? From the episode that Tami called Keisha a “Lisa”, I knew her number…she’s a straight up racist. Keisha’s existence on this earth does not depend upon Tami approval of who GOD made Keisha to be and who the hell is Tami to act haughty and superior to anyone else…she’s just a straight-up hood rat who got lucky to be on TV.

    Evelyn is no better with her hypocrisy and is a disgrace to all PR women…she is not a role model for anyone. If anyone is bipolar, Evelyn fits the bill…sitting, watching, crying, then saying she’s glad Keisha’s leaving so that they can have a good time. I’m flabbergasted that she and Shaunie did not send a clear message to Amazon Tami that Tami was out of line. They’re as guilty of the bullying as Tami, even more so for their inaction. The basketball players have extremely poor taste in women for the most part if these are among their choices for wives and fiances.

    I am done watching this show and I hope that everyone who feels the same will express their position by refraining from watching the next show. Viewer counts mean everything…you can always watch the episode at a later date online if you must, but not watching the aired show on its scheduled date will send a clear message to the station and producers that brutality cannot condoned and sets a terrible example to young women. We’ll have to see which wins over the other, our curiosity or conscience. I for one will stand by my conscience. There are to many other shows of better quality to watch.

    Tami, I hope your daughters never have to endure what you put Keisha through…there is no excuse for your behavior. Again, that was not an apology…you talk so much about keeping it real so you need to step up and practice what you’re preaching…it applies to you too, not just the rest of the world. If you can’t bring yourself to be a true “woman”, then there is no hope for you.

  250. Christina says:

    VH1 should be ashamed . . . CANCEL THIS SHOW!!! Tammi & Evelyn have no self-respect, are disgraceful and bullies. Deleted from my TiVo!

  251. Cocoa73 says:

    I had NEVER been so disgusted watching a bunch of immature women in my life!! They hve set us back YEARS! It’s enough tht we are already criticize as “ANGRY” black women & all they did was feed into the BS.. I don’t BLAME Keshia for not wanting to deal with a woman tht was acting like a ANIMAL!!!! There are women out there tht do hve CLASS & wasn’t “RAISED” like tht. I even know “around” the way girls frm the hood tht don’t even act like tht.. It’s sad & Tami should be ASHAMED because she was a HOT MESS & I know she did a lot of self analyzing last night. And wht’s so sad is tht she has & is raising GIRLS! And even though they may not act like tht but society & small minded ppl are going to naturally assume tht’s the way they are too. Look @ the way ppl on twitter started going in on her girls & naturally they were going to stand up for their mother. Hopefully this has been a HARD lesson learned on not to act like a “BIG ASS RAGING BULL” especially if you are a adult & more so if you hve young ladies your raising.

  252. Tyler D says:

    Tammy has some major issues obviously she needs support and love no wonder she had a freaking heart attack she is holding way to many emotions inside and than just explodes. I am not going to jump on Tammy just pray for her to find her peace,. But the real issue I want to address her is that darn Suzy. This is the second trip that Suzy has opened up her mouth and caused drama between castmates. Everybody I know vents about things which was all Meeka was doing and all Kesha did, you don’t have to run and tell Tammy someone was venting about an interaction they had with Tammy because not everybody is from the hood and used to a woman who wants to fight in her 40′s all the time. Suzy opens her mouth casuses drama than goes back to the person and tries to act like she is a friend. We all kind of turned a blind eye to Tammy’s assault on Meeka becasue she was not well liked. But watching Tammy keep kicking Kesha after she was down for the count was tough to watch, I mean Tammy was so out of line even Ev felt bad and started crying, now that tells you somthing right there.
    Kesha you need to drop Suzy like a bad habit, nothing you say in front of her is confidential. I thought Ev, went to far in season 2 yelling at Suzy about her mouth but I’ll be darned if Ev, was not 100% on the money about Suzy and the drama she casuses because she can’t keep her mouth shut. I still have not figured out what the heck is wrong with Kesha ( I figure she has got to be damaged in some way if she actually wanted to be on this show) but she seems like a very sweet lady, it was really tough watching her get beat to a pulp verbally over an issue that happened in the very begining of the show. I wonder how it would have gone down if the Prodcucers showed some stones and told Shaunie and Ev, to get over themselves they have to film with Royce so that she can be apart of the trip, somehow I think she would have steped in between Tammy and Kesha, because she loves them both and wouldn’t let Tammy make a fool out of herself and also wouldn’t just sit there while her girl is getting bullied. Kesha, the only true castmate that is a friend to you is Royce, because Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzy sat there and didn’t say a word and let you get jumped. I hope you remember that when you get back to Miami and these women are smiling in your face.

  253. pacubana says:

    everyone who wants this horrible show off the networks so no other human being is bullied go to and select cancel basketball wives. We have 547 on one and 760 supporters of this on another site, still on keyword: cancel basketball wives. Their 5 minutes of fame is up!

  254. amanda jones says:

    i think what tammi did to kesha was bullying at its best she should be ashamed how she went at it talking to her like she her child untasteful!

  255. Raechel says:

    the person that wrote that this episode made her sick to her stomach was exactly right on last nights episode. I believe that last nights episode made alot of people throw up. How cruel can some people be. God bless you Kesha for the way you handle yourself. Why are these people allowed to be so cruel in real life or on television is beyond me

  256. ohsotrue says:

    I have to commend Keshia for not apologizing to Tami and standing her ground by not doing so. Keshia was placed in the no win situation. No one there had her back, no one spoke up for her in her defense when they should have. As the host of the trip Shaunie had a responsibility to speak up to Tami at the table and let her know no one was going to be tormented nor disrespected on that trip. They want to run to Keshia’s aid once Tami is not around and even go so far as Evelyn crying but yet they still made Tami feel her actions were justified. I don’t care what Keshia said Tami had no reason at all to become so plagued with hatred to speak to Keshia in such a way. Tami is the type who likes others to hurt, she likes a good fight and she seems to be filled with self-hatred. Tami is her own worst enemy and her actions this season will prove to be another notch for her to crawl back to that dark miserable hole that Shaunie pulled her out of. She was a mistake and Shaunie knows it is time for this bad apple to go. No one is interested in watching Tami get help, I half assed paid attention with her whole rape confession, it just seemed like she was looking for sympathy and I wasn’t buying her pain. Jennifer no longer being in that circle has become a blessing, no one wants to be associated with bull dogs; they have a bad rap….lol

  257. Disgusted mother says:


  258. Peace for Tami says:

    There is only one place for Tami to find the peace that she so obviously needs. Need I say more?

  259. T.C. says:

    VH1, Shed/Media, Shaunie Oneal, and the other producers of this show should take credit for the insane crap that was aired last night. The recent disclaimers that they don’t promote or condone violence and Shaunie’s promise to provide a more balanced show is insulting to say the least. They assume their viewing audience is as stupid as the women they have on the show. Tami and Evelyn are their go to thugs/bullies they use to create the drama we see unfold each week. Evelyn and Tami have been at the center of every violent episode we see; and Shaunie is always right there to make sure it goes off like they planned. I believe they meet and plan every attack. Shaunie hand picked what I believe are the 3 (Tami, Ev, Suzie) most weakest, dumb, foolish, insecure women she could find and hyped them up to believe they can be big stars and she will pay them a lot of money and all they have to do is show up and show out for 45 minutes; I think extra money go into their pockets for the drama and I believe they are rewarded more money for topping what they did the last time (which can only explain why the show gets worse and worse). Any new castmates are brought in strictly as bait. They hate Jen and Royce because they refuse to be bait anymore. They needed Jen because Jen brought the show it’s credibility to be called Basketball Wives. Susie role is strictly to introduce the reason or conflict that will start the drama regardless of how stupid it is. Evelyn, the head thug, was assigned to Kenya, but she quickly found out Kenya is kinda crazy and she really don’t want no part of her; Tami was assigned to Keisha and once she figured out Keisha wasn’t about no physical comfortations, she went full steam ahead. I don’t think Tami or Evelyn is like that outside of taping, but unfortunately since they did not think through what the consequences would be, they are feeling the blacklash of selling out their dignity and self respect for 45 minutes a show. Well congradulations ladies!!! You have become infamous for being the mosted hated women on tv….. Job well done.. Suzie be sure to thank Shaunie again… foodstamps don’t seem half bad right about now… RIGHT TAMI!!!!

  260. Mizz Beatzz says:

    lol… I juz want to say Tammi lay off the booze. You are juz diggin yourself a hole of utter destruction. I can imagine how you treat the ppl close to you. I am speaking woman to woman. You need help and you need to stop drinkin. You have issues that lie deep within yourself. Keisha is not your problem. Tammi is the problem. You had it out for her the moment you laid eyez on her. I think simply you were targeting her from the start. You are beautiful on the outside but you are one ugly woman. I am ashamed and embrassed for you. I do understand how life dealz you phucked up hands and then you keep things locked away for so many years and then later they surface to release a beast of uncertainties, despair, anger, hatered and jus down right makin an ass out of yourself. It is time to release and let it go. You say *where you come from* Thank God you not there anymore. You prayed for a better life but yet you still remain lying with the dogs and continous to have fleas. Girl get on your ish or you going lose bigger than you ever dream. Stay up and let them hoz stay down. Peace!!! Mizz Beatzz

  261. Erin says:

    Tami disgusts me. There is so much I want to say about 5-14-12 episode. Tami is beyond a bully. Where is VH-1′ s head that they let this episode air. Tami’s behavior was despicable. I thought about what her kids thought while they were watching, and if she has raised her kids to behave this way. Tami says “where she is from” Where is she from, some uncivilized land? Adult people do not behave this way, and she should be so completly embarressed by her behavior but I don’t think she finds anything wrong with it, because in the solo interviews she acted as if it was no big deal and she “handled her business.” Tami should stop and take stock in how Keisha handled the situation. Keisha not only handled herself like a grown woman,but a civilized lady. Kudos Keisha!! Susie. If i were any of these woman, Susie could not be around me. She has diarrhea of the mouth, and then when Keisha was asking her to clarify what she said, she did not open her mouth. What Keisha said was she could have went off like Tami but she didnt she stated a fact!!! Susie you are just as pathetic as Tami. I wish I could have Tami and Susie right in front of me, so I could personally tell each of them how i feel about both of them. They are both sickening….but Tami…she is trash.

  262. Michelle says:

    Tami, you asked the public on your facebook page not to take it out on your daughters because they are not apart of the BBW’s. We feel sorry for your daughters that you would put them in this pathetic situation all for fame and money. You are the one who hurt your daughters, don’t blame it on us!

  263. chantelanee says:

    i’m not gonna dis tami because i’ve been there. i’m a mother too my children and other’s have seen me be irrate only i never had millions of eye’s watching like she did. she knows what she was wrong and she apologized.

  264. Tina says:

    This bullying has to stop. When Tami said that it is stupid to get lawyers and the police involved that burned me up. Newsflash Tami it is not ok to put your hands on someone nor do you need to be in their face yelling about anything. I recently had to deal with a bullying situation with my son where a boy choked him and we turned it over to authorities. The boy has been suspended and we are pressing charges. People have to start standing up and stop dealing with foolishness. This whole thing with you shouldn’t snitch etc. is what is causing our children to commit suicide or go and do mass killings in school. All because ignorant people such as Tami is displaying a message of I am going to disrespect your person, assault your person and if you handle it the mature and appropriate way you are wrong. I too am no longer watching this show or any other reality show that shows that this is ok. I feel like the next time Tami or Evelyn or her assistant put their hands on someone they should be charged hands down. Maybe a night or two in jail will make you think about you touching somebody. You are truly disgusting Tami and I feel bad that your daughters have you as a mother.

  265. Rhoni says:

    Tami the true coward, didn’t you say “Say it to my face?” Why don’t you apologize to Keisha’s face, you beastly coward. And your back up beasts and cowards, stood by and watched. BTW, you are also a criminal because by any criminal statute, you took possession of something that did not belong to you and refused to give it back until some STUPID prerequisite condition was made, or eventually with the threat of police involvement. I am sure you did not know that because based upon your behavior and comments, education was never a goal. Shame on you and your co-horts for treating anyone in this manner. Keisha was not pitiful, you and your posse are the pitiful wannabe gangsters. Since you think you are so bad, you and that other beast, who threatens Jennifer, should go on WWF against NeNe, Sheree and Marlo (RHOA), three other big beasts. I have a feeling that RHOA would win.

  266. Don Hairston says:

    Tami Roman.. should be fired. Anger management isn’t and will not work. She’s worst than a bully. She only pulls this crap with girls that are much smaller than her. She’s not a Christian! yeah I said it. No good christian woman would act that way. This chick is pure evil. Get rid of her now VH1. And double shame on you Shaunie. Having this fool on this show is not worth the money. She will kill your brand. Peace.

  267. HELEN BRYANT says:


  268. shstarlight says:

    People we have to also understand that we live in a country in which we have Freedom of Speech. You can’t tell what to say and what not to say, you don’t have that authority! Tami always talks about a person whether its behind their back or in their face! When someone talks behind her back or in her face, she thinks she has authority where she can tell a person they can’t do it and wants to fight that person. Its ass backwards and so Tami needs to think about how she talks about people all the time herself. You not innocent Tami, so you need to practice self control and stop thinking you are the ruler of the world and that you can do what you want to do and say what you want to say, the only one who can do those things is GOD honey and no one else. He created all of this and us. You better get yourself together before he gets your attention again because may not be mild next time.

  269. shstarlight says:

    Also think about this Tami, how are you going to mentor a group of girls but you can’t mentor yourself. You really made yourself Tami look bad and sound bad. I mean just think what your daughters and those girls who you were suppose to be mentoring think about how behaved like a maniac on the show. It was bad Tami it was bad, no one put a gun to your head and make you behave evil towards a person and not just Keisha but anyone for that matter. Get further help Tami, you need to go to a mental hospital and seek further examination and possibly medication before you behave this way again and croak.

  270. Londa says:

    Tammi really needs to grow up, to constantly bulling people is really getting old as a woman and a mother Tammi and Evenlyn really needs to set examples for there kids you women are over the age of 30 act like it you clearly see that none of the women that you and your side kick wanna fight or argue with do’nt want to fight and argue with you you only could bully a person but so long and then the strike back Tammi needs to find a man where she could release some of that anger Evenlyn has bigger problems with her soon to be open marriage….

  271. dominique says:

    REALLY??? So it had to take an episode airing for Tami to issue a public apology? this show has gone down the guter. And Shaunie and Evelyn…still couldn’t stand up to tami and tell that BULLY to back the **** down. i am totally over this show and i think it should get cancelled.

  272. Cini says:

    Tami is an azz point blank..period!

  273. bruce says:

    Tami need to meet some girls in the real hood. Her ass need to be beat down. Come to B-more. 20th and Greenmount.

  274. Mendy (DC) says:

    I tune into BBW now & then & caught the episode when Tammi talked about being raped/violated. Rape is about force & duress. That said, she has now BECOME the rapist, forcing her depraved anger & lack of impulse control onto other women! Last night was a sight – don’t get to see many female rapists on TV – won’t be watching this swill again.

    The shows’ producer, Shaunie may be making bank, but it’s like blood money.

  275. Liz Cannon says:

    Tami, You know that just show to all of your fan; that you can be a bully. By, intimidating Kesha show everyone what kind of women you’re which is not good. I though you were better then that and that you can show the other ladies; that you had changed for the better.Stop been a bully and get more counseling.

  276. Mena says:

    Tammi is a beast! The whole concept of this show has been lost with her bullying. She is physically bigger, stronger, and angrier than the rest. All the girls are smaller than her! I cannot believe Shaunie O’neal continues to let her be on the show???

  277. Jenna says:

    Tami is hoping for a spin off show because she doesn’t want to collect food stamps again – so the baffoon is acting out.
    She talks about people behind their backs all the time, they all do
    Shaunie and Evelyn should have intervened and Suzie should stop kissing their asses and snitching. Tami and NeNe should get a show together and the name of the show should be

  278. Eryn says:

    Tami needs to continue getting help. She had no right. If you watch the show, no where was Keesha attacting her on any level. Just because one women decides not to engage in this behavoir doesn’t give another women to bully. If I needed to show my children an example of bullying, I should let them watch Tami in action. I find it really sick that this women takes pleasure in this kind of behavoir.

  279. sophia says:

    Why did this hotel give these strangers a key to Meeka’s room. Did they think we all look alike, so maybe Evelyn was Meeka? HA! Heck no! They saw TV cameras and all rules went out the window. Must be okay, right! This was also really bad for them to put raw fish all over that hotel room including in the coffee pot. Bacteria kills supid ass’s. We have u all on tape Evelyn, Shaunie, and Suzi putting poisonous harmful bacteria in this girls room. the heat ,makes it more harmful. Imagine. I am looking up all the advertisers, and boycotting them as well or they better pull out as well. Target got smart real quick. Others are Burger King, Pepsico, Bounty, & Progressive Insure. I cancelled my progressive Insurance already. Went with nationwide.

  280. I would like to know what part of the show is acting or truly Tamie’s personality. That she would carry on in that manner, acting okay for the purpose of entertaining the viewers for rating okay, if that is Tamie character in real life, she need more help then she’s receiving from her therapist! These ladies are making hand over fist money doing this show. Why are they presenting themselves in just a negative manner!

  281. Kelly says:

    After watching last night’s episode and seeing the appalling behavior I witnessed, I could not help but come here to comment. DISGUSTING!!! In every sense of the word!! In reading all the other comments here, “Sly” below me wrote exactly what I would have written & exactly how I feel!!! So I will spare the readers of the same commentary!! Tami should be removed from this show!! IN Fact, this show should be CANCELLED because of the despicable display it is giving the viewers, especially our younger girls and ladies, at how grown women act!! Deplorable!! Not only will I NOT be watching another second of this show…I will no longer be viewing ANY VH1 production!!! The network needs to take some responsibility here at what was aired and the behavior it supports!!! Tami Roman is a bully, a hypocrite and a joke…and the other ladies, besides Kesha, should be ashamed of their behaviour..AND Suzy needs to learn to keep confidences as girlfriends do especially on such minor issues!! You ALL are pathetic!!!

  282. Concern Parent says:

    Please take this show off the air!!!

  283. Whatevergirl! says:

    Tami was like one of those people who see your weakness and zero in on it. What a horrible, horrible person she is for that. Shaunie and Evelyn must be scared of Tami as well, because there was no way I could just sit and watch that happen. No way could I sit idle and allow someone to be bullied that way. I call it the “Bitter Black Woman Show” and I am a Black Woman. And Suzie must be the biggest, cowardly coward I’ve ever witnessed in my life. It really just makes me sad to see what some people will do for a buck.

  284. roxy says:


  285. Sammy Jo says:

    Tami is a textbook example of a BULLY….she needs to take a break and evaluate her behavior, seek the necessary help to overcome her demons….she needs to understand that people don’t go around DEMANDING RESPECT…it is earned, also, Respect begets Respect but first she needs to respect herself.

  286. Azanda says:

    Shame on you Shaunie, Double-shame on you VHI, Triple shame on you Tami…
    Bullying is disgusting. Bullying on this national level is deplorable…

    You’ve lost a viewer. I just joined the boycotts and will emplore every civil minded, decent human being to do the same.
    What a sad display and representation of Black women…

  287. Khunter says:

    I find Tami to be a uncaring, mean spirited bully. I think she really needs professional mental guidance. I also find it a shame that Shaunie just stays in the shawdows and allows Tami to behave like a shameful human being each week. My shout-out to those I know is watch the show for fun but don;t look for role models.

  288. Audria Solice-Johnson says:

    @ Peace for Tami…I’m not sure what you mean by your post, but it made my heart pound faster when I think of “Peace for Tami” meaning “Death for Tami” …As much as I’m disgusted by Tami’s actions, It’s wrong to wish that type of harm on her. I don’t like your post at all, I think it’s pure evil.

    @Tami: It would not bother me at all to see you leave the show because your behavior is going to get you hurt. People out here are crazier than you and they will use this opportunity to make an example out of you. When you bully people and they become so scared of you to the point where they isolate, the only thought in their mind is how they are going to end all of this which can lead to homicidal or suicidal actions.

    @Suzie: These attacks are partially your fault for repeating stuff you know you should have kept to yourself. You are only telling Tami and Evelyn everything because you’re afraid that when the show airs they will attack you for not taking their sides and keeping them informed of every conversation that brings up their names. You are being bullied too, you just to afraid to admit it

    @Evelyn: The only reason you were crying last night was because you know you lost a good friend in Jennifer. That’s what I believe your tears came from, Kesha’s situation just reminded you of how mean you have been to Jennifer. And you know Chad is not ready for marriage, why waist your time on him and get your heart broken. I believe Jennifer was right for not supporting your relationship with him because he’s too much of a superstar with too many options.

    @Shaunie: Thanks to you, every racist in America has another reason to hate black people and validate reports that we are violent and out of control. This season should be used in Anti-Bullying campaigns and you need finance all of them. And the way you turned on Jennifer really shows how shady you are. I would never want you for a friend. You are the ring leader of a clique of bullies and back-stabbers.

  289. Christina says:

    Tami’s behavior on last nights episode was absolutely disgusting. Was she raised by a pack of wolves? Who acts like that in their early 40s? I actually think what Tami did to Kesha is worse than Nia slapping Jennifer in the face. Then Shaunie and Evelyn were too scared to let Tami know that what she did was wrong…that’s why Evelyn started crying. Evelyn knew in her heart that Tami’s behavior was inappropriate, but Evelyn couldn’t stomach the reality of what was going on. Shaunie is a terrible woman and producer for not intervening once she saw things getting out of hand. I can’t believe VH1 actually filmed this without seeing anything wrong with the situation. Like, no one from the camera crew at the time of filming said, I think this has gone too far…Tami that’s enough? Evelyn and Suzi are cowards for not de-escalating the situation. If Royce were on the trip, she would have been the only one sticking up for Kesha to make sure she got her items back. Tami and Evelyn need to be removed from the show…VH1 producers, you need to move asap on removing these two ladies. Royce and Kesha are the mature ladies on this show, and I see success and positivity in their future and every day life. As for Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, Jennifer, Suzi and Kenya… Good luck with receiving any type of mercy or peace of mind in life.

  290. Pd says:

    Tammy is an ignorant bully and does not set a good example for her children. I feels so sorry for them to have a mother like that. She wants respect but doesnt show it.

  291. Teresa Noble Larlham says:

    PLease Kesha consider legal action against Tammy,Susie Evelyn, but especially Shaunie and VH1. The fact that Shaunie as a producer would not stop this from happening in order for it to make “good TV” is proof of how much she is not ready to produce anything. The fact that Vh1 execs let this happen and decided to air crimes in there entirety being committed is another reason this show needs to be cancelled. Tammy deserves to end up right back on Food Stamps because both times in her life that she has had a shot to make something positive of herself, she failed and therefore her anger at young kind beautiful decent women will always be her downfall. Susie just needs to be dumped period she has brought nothing positive to tv,unless you call betrayal gossiping and backstabbing positive. She needs to wallow in the mire of herself shes to dirty to be a friend to anyone. Evelyn ,oh yuck, let her go marry Chad, she will get everything she deserves right there. Keep your head high demand your own show where women like this have no place. A show that teaches our young women class, morality and dignity all of which you displayed at your lowest moment. That is the only way they should repay you and keep Shaunie as far away from it as you can. She has shown her true colors and set black women back 30 years, all for a dollar. Looking forward to your success and good television go on girl demand it! P.S. Thank Goodness Royce and Jen wisened up!!

  292. kathie says:

    What I saw last night goes beyond bullying – this is what a male batterer does- mentally and verbally abuses his victim into submission. Tami, I only hope that your therapist watched this episode and changes her treatment plan from anger management to a domestic violence group for female batterers. As for the rest of you ‘women’ and I use that term loosely, you should be so ashamed of yourselves for allowing the mental and verbal abuse to continue as you did. Then, on top of all of that, you act like high school girls by putting filthy fish in the victims room I hope you all sit down with your male and female children and apologize to them for your role in battering this woman. Then please, please, educate yourselves about domestic violence and teach it to your children. I have lost soooo much respect for you all…on wait a minute, not too much was lost because there wasnt alot in the first place.

  293. Mayra says:

    I wanted to express my view on the most recent episode between Tammy and Kesha. I was a supporter of Basketball Wives however since this most recent episode I no longer will be viewing the show. It’s demoralizing how mean and viscious Tammy treated Kesha ,it was un-necessary to treat Kesha that way. Tammy is a bully , she needs to redeem herself and do some real soul searching about her inner demons…….enough said!

  294. Rita says:

    Tami runs her mouth so much that she wants to run two. Hers and Keisha’s. Tami you are not allowed to have two mouths. I don’t blame Keisha for not wanting to fight that animal. Tami’s upper arms are bigger than Keisha’s waist. Everything on last nights show was bullying. What grown women think that putting fish in a motel room is a good joke. I hope that the motel sues the show.

  295. TeeTee4949 says:

    Tami is a disgrace. As an African American women, I am embarrassed for her. I know her kids must be embarrassed. One of these days Tami is going to cross paths with someone who is going to give her an ole fashioned ass whoppin. She really needs to grow up. For crying out loud she is in her 40′s. SMH!

  296. Chi-town says:

    Tammi: SHAME ON YOU FOR BULLYING! Evelyn: SHAME ON YOU FOR AIDING AND ABETTING A BULLY! But, more importantly, Shaunie: SHAME ON YOU FOR ALLOWING Tammi’s BARBARIC BEHAVIOR to go unchecked!!! I’m sure it was a proud moment for you and your children to sit in your mansion’s theatre room and watch Mommie, as executive producer, handle an outright BULLY! Good job, Shaunie! I am sure that your 10 year old daughter that has large features like her father may have been or will be teased/bullied, will see how mommie handles bullies. For you to sit by idilly and watch Tammi the Bull go totally balastic on Keisha was heartbreaking for me to watch. For Keisha to feel so helpless that you nor the crew would protect her physical well being that she had to walk away from her personal belongings was deplorable!! And for you to have the audasity to ask Keisha was she going to ASK Tammi for her purse, was the best joke I’ve heard in a long time. I’m sure that the group that wants to have the show cancelled got a lot of responses after last night’s episode. Again, Shaunie, GOOD JOB!

  297. Catrina says:

    On the outside you look like a beautiful classy lady but after tonight I now see you are the same as a lot of these other animals on this show. Your behavior on the most recent episode proved you too are a nasty monkey with no feeling or compassion. I was disgusted. Tami you are just EVIL

  298. Luv In Chains says:

    Please some one, post the link to the petition! Tami, there is no coming back from this. You are a pathetic excuse of a human being. You have been blessed with opportunities we can only dream about and this is how you handle good fortune? You think you are The Emporess and the world should bow to you? Think again you low life piece of garbage!!!

  299. melissa garcia says:

    Tami needs to act her age. She shows the world it’s ok to bully people at age 40. Be a mother and a good role model. Tami needs some help with her anger issues and jelousy.

  300. Nikko says:

    Tami is an embarrassment….She bullied Kesha, plain and simple!!! And she continues to show her level of intelligence and class(or the lack thereof)

  301. Mimi says:

    So what if kesha said that.! Who is tami to treat someone like that. If you look at the interactions between Tami and Kesha, Tami has targeted Kesha since day 1. I can not believe that Tami feels justified in harassing and bullying Kesha. I DO NOT WANT TAMI TO RETURN TO BBW. She should not profit from her behavior. Tami has several issues that she has to deal with and she is taking it out on the new girs. last season it was meeka now it is kesha. it is sad to see what tami says and doesshe think she isnt doing anything wrong. Suzie is such a pot stirrer. I can’t wait for it to come back her way and for the “circle” to turn on her again.
    Shaunie has lost respect from me. she is also a pot stirrer. that why Gloria told her of fLOL She sat there and watched silently as Tami bullied a girl who would not respond back. She must be scared of tami because in her face she agreed or was quiet. Then she would talk about it in the head shots. Putting fish in Kenya’s hotel rm, how mature they are. the hotel should charge them double for messing up the room.

  302. DEB says:

    Shaunie, where are your morals/values? Is it all about the money? You are the producer of this show & why do you allow all the GHETTO FAB DRAMA? Let’s go down the line, Tami needs more than sessions of Anger Mgmt…she is straight up ghetto yet she hasn’t met the right one to put her in ckeck. You, Shaunie act like your afraid of her as well. I thought you had more class but you proved me wrong. Anyone with a little class would never allow the filth coming out of your cast. (Tami, Ev) mouth. Next, Evelyn…she is Bi-Polar along with Tami & need meds. Suzie, what a joke…a WANNA BE who never knows when to keep her mouth shut….just like an old refrig..CAN’T KEEP NOTHING!!!
    Royce, Jenn & Kesha are young ladies who carries themselves as LADIES. What example are you showing your daughters, Tami’s two & Evelyn’s one? I also agree with comments about BULLYING!!!!!
    And to end it all with putting dead fish in kenya’s room……How ignorant is that? (imjustsayin)

  303. Ivonne says:

    Tami is dead wrong point blank period!!!!!!
    She’s a mother.. With everything going on in this world with kids bullying each other that’s what she was doing and she knows it. Shame on the producers and vh1 for allowing this bs to happen/air. But I guess what’s important to them is the rating… Very sad everyone should stop watching the show….

  304. Connie says:

    Tammy just stole a purse, no other way to look at it. Shaunie or the other girls could have if they wanted to, gave the purse back. Tammi has went way too far. Then putting dead fish in a room is just plain childish. I used to like Shaunie but after watching the last two shows, she is like the rest. What a shame. I will no longer watch this show and will boycott any spin off and movie.

  305. Truth says:

    Viewers need to stop being so emotional over what happens on this show. It’s just that: A SHOW. Yes it is reality television, but we really don’t know these people. To think that we know them or that what we see on the episodes is totally accurate is very ignorant and naive. Like all of the cast members have mentioned, EDITING can not only exaggerate but also fabricate. Suzie is adamant via Twitter that she did not tell Tami what Kesha said and to be honest, I believe her. It’s very possible that when Tami said “You did the right thing” to Suzie in the car that she could have been talking about something else, but it was edited to look like it was a part of that same conversation. My point is, it’s important to open our eyes and not be so hard on these ladies. I’m sure there is more to them than this but unfortunately the producers choose to capture and display only the negative. To all of the people who go on Twitter and berate these ladies on a regular basis, GET A LIFE. Not only that, but you are the same people who chastise the ladies for bullying, but are you not doing the same thing by calling them names and ganging up on them (and over the internet at that, I’m sure you would never actually get up in their face)?

    Also, anyone who wants to blame Suzie for the fighting and bullying on the show is an idiot. Yes Suzie is an enabler in many situations, but she has never raised a hand towards anyone nor has she been a part of anything malicious (outside of the water throwing three seasons ago). I don’t care if she spreads everyone’s business everywhere, the people who choose to turn that into violence are the ones I have no respect for. Also, that is her role on the show as many of her cast members have made clear. If not for her, the cast would barely be connected and the show wouldn’t work.

    So consider these ladies’ emotions and look at the big picture before attacking them, as you don’t know how you would handle the situation they’re in if you were ever given that opportunity.

  306. Elyssa says:

    I don’t like bullies and I was disappointed they showed tami bulling kesha.

  307. Roxanne says:

    Furthermore, as far as Kesha going to security- she is better than me I wouldnt of hesitated to call the POLICE not security. You have the nerve to get upset she went to security. Not everyone stoops to your level. I would of called the police because thats the only way bullies like you need to be dealt with.

  308. tamiroyce&evelynrrealitytrash#TeamJenn! says:

    she can control herself she was tryna get a check it didnt worjk so now she apologizes tami is full of crap!!! desperate for fame fortune with the hopes of becomimg a basketball wife should be the title!!

  309. Maxine Willis says:

    I like Kesha. Bit I wish she woukd have kicked Susie’s a$$…big time. Suzy does nothing but ortnend to be friendly with everyone and then runs back and tells what Ty ech say….and half of te time he gs it wrong. And tn when these ignorant ghetto women(Tami and Evelyn) take Suzie’s “lies” as the gospel and they go berserk Suzie is in the corner looking like a scared rabbit.

    I am so proud of P Kesha for not apologizing to that Manly Tami. She dusplayed so much class as Tami just kept proving that she is truly ghetto. She is certifiably crazy. I wish kesha had reported her to the authorities. I also woukd have sued her until she was bck on food stamps.

  310. Nikki says:

    I can not believe what I witness, my heart goes out to Keisha….WOW, the entire show is based on women talking about other women, HE SAD..SHE SAD. Tammi is 40+ talking about I asked to to say whatever you have to say in my face…WOW AGAIN the entire show their all talk about each other in such a child play way. No respect or class…What are we teaching our teenagers, this is one of the reason I young ladies are so LOST. As I was reading the comments below someone left a comment stating that why are we so emotional about last night Show…WOW come on now maybe they was not watching what I saw, pour evil.

  311. CeCe Purcell says:

    I cried with Kesha. Man, I wanted to go through the TV. Just because people are not raised to to fight and yell and scream, does not make you a weak person! Tami makes me so mad. She not only bullied her, she preyed on her! Kesha was already down and feeling weak, Tami went for the jugular. That is a predator. Not only does she need help with anger management, she need a huge does of #calmyoghettoazzdown

  312. Margo says:

    I didn’t watch the last show or even the clip I just read the comments I heard the show was horrible. I read that Tammi apologize and I think that was the right thing to do. It shows us that she does have a heart -she says she apology to her REAL friend. I don’t think Tammi realize that her fans do love and respect her. I don’t think anyone is against her. WE were just tired of her negative behavior. She needs a break now-!!!! I pray that she finds the inner peace she needs.

    Dust yourself off and don’t go back into your old ways or people will Hate you even more. But know that God loves you and we are routing for you-

  313. Willo says:

    Wow Tami, I am sure your mother is sooooo proud of you.

  314. cynthia says:

    Tami is a train wreck!And I think Kesha show her up every time.Her reasons for picking are pointless.I mean from day one Tami has been riding Kesha all bcuz to her “she didn’t look like a Kesha”.What the hell a Kesha look like?To me that was offensive.But did Tami ever apologize for that?And whats with her always yelling “where she from and how she grew up?” Who’s fault is that?That dnt give you the right to bully ppl,and all the more reason you should always conduct yourself as a lady.To show that you rose above that and you have more to be thankful for.One thing I’ve learned at an very early,you cannot and will not stop ppl from talking about you.And if words hurt you Tami,then a stone will kill you!!SMDH…

  315. liliana says:

    Kesha didn’t deserve all the drama that tami made her go through ; Tami is a bully .

  316. Willo says:

    Attn All, go to to sign petition to boycott Tami Roman, or whomever you wish

  317. Trevia says:

    This show is ridiculous. Time for it to end. This is a ridiculous and embarrassing example for women in general. Go to “” and type in “basketball wives.” There are plenty of petitions to cancel this show! Please sign and take down this show!

  318. yanez says:

    I never comment on blog sites but I feel I have to after watching episode 13 of Basketball Wives. I hope the people in charge of this show read the comments on this website. I watch Basketball Wives every week but this week was too much. Tami Romans behavior was outrageous. This episode literally had me crying. I felt so bad for Kesha. I could not believe Tami attacked her the way she did. Somethings got to change with how people act on this show. Bullying is a major issue in this country and should never be encouraged. Shaunie as an executive producer should be ashamed of what happened on this episode. Evelyn jumping over tables and acting a fool is one thing, but what we all witnessed Tami do to Kesha was reprehensible, shocking, disgusting, and appalling. I just can’t believe that vicious attack made it on air. I understand Vh1 is trying to run a business but at some point you have to draw the line. Shaunie says things will change next season. I hope so because i’ve been watching since the first season, but if I see anything like what I witnessed on last nights episode again, i’ll be signing that petition to get this show taken off the air. TAMI YOU NEED HELP. PLEASE SEEK SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES IMMEDIATELY. BULLYING IS NEVER THE ANSWER. KESHA, I’M GLAD YOU STAYED AS CLASSY AS POSSIBLE WHEN CONFRONTED WITH SUCH BRUTALITY. THANK YOU JEN, ROYCE, AND KESHA FOR KEEPING IT POSITIVE. YOU GUYS ARE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

  319. honeydew4u says:

    laffing out LOUD over here on this one for real.
    my my my how fast the mention of cancelling ur show and suing tami and calling the po-po and this that and the third can make you and tami turn the page to a new lease on life and actually apologize for your actions. wow. even made evelyn shed one tear. yeah right.

    After tami acted a str8 fool, I knew she put her amazonish foot in her mouth when she was sitting on the dock of the bay by herself justa thinking… hmmm maybe i shouldnt hv handled things the way i did. or hmm perhaps i should have given her the purse or perhaps i should have taken kesha off to the side and talked to her like a real woman instead of acting like an untamed monkey…hmm only if.
    Kesha, if you have any sense of a grain of a mustard seed, then you will steer clear of these people. Clearly they lack the class that you & Jen try very hard to portray

  320. Just watched Basketball Wives and I haven’t felt this much disgust since watching a show since when Pumpkin spit on NY on Flavour of Love!!!!!!!!!!! There’s so many things about this show that is just is WRONG, that I don’t no where to begin!!!!!
    Let me start with Tami Roman!!!!!!
    She does not need anger management, she needs mental help!!!!!!!! What she did to Keisha was disturbing, cruel and just plain wrong!!!!! Then she keeps stating “well the world I come from” , well what world does she come from, hell? Because the world I come from only prison inmates act like that!!!!! Each week Evelyn and Tami takes turns on who’s gonna be the biggest nut!!!!!!!!
    I think all the women including Shaunie are afraid of Tami!!!!! Not one of them told this loony tune that she was wrong and out of order!!!!!!! They dance and tip toed around Tami like she was Queen BEE!!!!!
    Every week, Shaunie Oneal makes herself look weaker and weaker!!!! It’s your show but yet you sit back and watch this foolishness play out and then laugh about it afterwards!!!! Then you go on interviews and say” this isn’t the show you set out to make”!!!! REALLY girl?
    Then putting the fish in Kenya’s room was the ultimate mean girls move!!!!
    I also think Jen and Kenya coming to this trip was stupid!!!!!It’s a recipe for disaster!!!! I’ve never been disparate to have friends, and these chicks CLEARLY
    Tami keep saying that the producers are editing the show WRONG, no Tami you guys are ACTING WRONG!!!!! If you didn’t put this type of behavior out there, the producers wouldn’t have anything WRONG to edit!!!!!
    Royce is the only smart one, by choosing to stay home!!!!!
    She called it when she said thi trip was gonna be nothing but mess!!!!

  321. Jen in Louisville says:

    Shaunie….when are you going to get a backbone? I’m so tired of these women acting utterly STOOPID and you sit there acting pretty. Aren’t you a producer of this show. Tami..grow the hell up lady. I’ve always liked you, but damn….you’re not 18. LAWD HAMMERCY ladies….you make yourselves look classless, to say the least.

  322. Loretta says:

    Pathetic & disgusting!!!! Sorry that was not a true & sincere apology. Pretty evident you only wrote a fake apology because you were told to do so. You are so fake, shady & a big liar Tami. You literally have major issues. Producers shame on you for approving this despicable behavior to be shown on television. Tami even after suffering from a mild heart attack your comments to people who didn’t support or agree with your behavior towards Kesha is appalling. People have said its only a show with editing but your response to people who didn’t support what you did on last night’s episode spoke volumes. This is the kind of person you truly are. This was my first season watching basketball wives & my last. You & others like you need to be fired.

  323. Cheryl says:

    Tami is dellusional. Tami will never get another gig in the industry. Her career is over. Kesha is just a sweet pretty young lady and Tami doesn’t seem to like that in other women. Tami, nobody acts like you but street hoodlums, gangsters and cons. Civillized women won’t stoop to your level tami. It called having class…. not being scared. It’s called operating on a higher ream, not being scared… It’s called being a lady… not being scared. So when one acts with class, operates on a higher ream, it’s called being a lady and not being scared.

  324. Michelle says:

    @Shaunie….I’m embarrassed for you. You were put in a position to lead by example…be a voice of power….and you chose to represent women in this fashion. The fact that no one told Tamil to stop or make her give Keisha her bag because it was wrong was just cowardless to all on the show. I will never tune in to BW again…..embarrassing and disappointing!

  325. Cheryl says:

    Tami is delusional. At least she’s trying to say she didn’t take the purse, she was protecting it. Then why didn’t she bring it to her. Tami is a dang fool. Only hoodlums, cons and ignoramises act like Tami. Kesha is an adoreable young woman with class who was not going to act a darn fool on national Television. Tami equates class with someone who is in fear, she equates one who operates on a highter realm fearful of her… Sorry Tami, they just can’t bring themselves so low as to meet you. Tami zooms in on women who are more elegant than her, prettier than her, richer than her. I MEAN, SO WHAT IF SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING ABOUT YOU. IT WAS TRUE…. TRUTH IS, THEY TALKED ABOUT JESUS AND HE WAS PERFECT. SO PLEASE DON’T THINK NO ONE IS “NOT” GOING TO TALK ABOUT YOUR IGNORANT BEHIND. PS: Evelyn why you crying? You started it.Geez.

  326. Em says:

    It’s so sad to watch women that are probably nearing their forties/fifties act like damaged bullies on a playground. I hope if they have children (especially girls) they have mature women to look up to, bc there is NO excuse for bulling and/or tormenting someone just bc you don’t agree with them in some way, shape or form. This episode is a perfect example of how attractive and intelligent women can end up being so ugly and stupid.

  327. Angela Taylor says:

    OMG! Sooooooo ridiculous. I used to lovvvvve Tami. She was so immature and just downright
    embarassing. My heart really goes out to Tami’s girls, who I know saw this episode. I mean really? Why, why, why, all these intelligent women can’t see who the poison is in the group. SUZI, SUZI, SUZI. I haven’t even seen the next episode yet, but I can bet you that the reason Suzi is waiting on Jen is so that she can tell her all about what went on before she got there. @Evelyn, boo boo, you have so much to say about Jen and and anybody else you can talk about but honey child you just wait until you marry Mr. Ochocinco and he shows you a few tricks. One thing about it you will really need these girls shoulders to cry on. That’s real talk.

  328. shstarlight says:

    @MATHIAS’ MOM You need to shut that ignorant ass stuff also. What if it was your daughter, granddaughter, or niece? Would you sick back and allow them to lash out at them like that?! I seriously don’t think you would! WORDS ARE WORDS, PEOPLE TALK ABOUT PEOPLE ALL THE TIME BUT THAT GIVES THAT PERSON NO RIGHT TO BEHAVE IN SUCH AN EVIL MANNER!! Stop making excuses Tami, what you did was terribly wrong.

  329. TG Wilson says:

    It has been made clear that VH1 and/or Shed Media and/or Shaunie O’Neal have NO INTENTION of admitting their GUILT in this matter…resonating their CLEAR SUPPORT of VIOLENCE and BULLYING, and their INTENT to continue to do so. Nothing will change unless WE the viewers contact the sponsors and boycott VH1. We must “put up, or shut up!”

  330. shortiegirl says:

    Tami let me start by saying u r a bully.that was no apology u gave, who do u think u r that someone needs to apologize to u, for what when u never apologize for the things that come from your crazy face. What do u mean were u come from we don’t call cops, guess what your not there your in the real world and if u can’t act like u have sense then go back to this imaginary world ur 40!!!!! I grew up in the hood too but i’m grown now n don’t act like a fool because of where i grew up u make people think because u live in the hood that this is acceptable behavior u make us look bad. Keisha u should have brought the cops to her room and let her tell them how she doesn’t respect them before they hauled her crazy ass away, because when an animal gets in ur face u call animal control to put them down.i feel sorry for ur kids Tami and what they had to endure their whole lives cause this wasn’t tv this is u everyday. yeah we all have a story to tell u can not use the i was an abused child to justify why u act like an animal.Suzy u r just pathetic we expect nothing more of u. Evelyn your a bully also jumping over tables that was not cute at all how old r u, i know ur family is so embarrassed. Shaunie u want people to think u have class but u have none u showed the world ur just like them classless. you as grown women should not have just sat there and saying nothing. How could u just watch Tami humiliate someone like that. u can’t have a heart and let that happen. I hope the hotel presses charges for destroying property with the rotten fish u hid in the furniture. That was not funny or cute just mean n childish. U r mean girls and its time u grew up

  331. Matt says:

    Someone needs to let Tami know that her bullying does not make more admired or attractive by no means. I admire Kesha by the way she handled the entire situation and don’t blame her for being scared of this oversized drunk female spouting off to impress friends that she big and bad.I’m happy that Evelyn showed comassion fro Kesha in doing the right “adult’ thing. Please keep in mind ladies that you are all adult civilized females that can resolve differences by talking instead of always threatening to “pop” someone. The person that can only resolve situations in that manner sadly does not have the education to do otherwise. Shaunie as producer and Evelyn as her friend need not be bullied by this Godzilla and let her know that this is not civilized or an attractive way to be. Kudos again to Kesha and Evelyn for handling the situation the way they did.

  332. Yolanda says:

    Wow… Unbelievably Ridiculous!!!! I have been saying for the past month that I was going to stop watching Basketball Wives but episode 13 has put the nail in the coffin. To watch Tami bully Keisha the way she did and for the length of time she did was utterly outrageous and can be summed up in one word ‘BULLYING’. The BBWs have become plain UGLY.
    They ALL sat there and never said anything to Tami to ‘Shut It Down’.
    How could the producers (including Shaunie) think airing a show like this would be okay?
    Suzie is so glad that she has been accepted back into the group, has lost her way.
    Evelyn (who is not a favorite of mine) was the only one to show compassion for Keisha who had been bullied relentlessly.

    It is time for this show to be Dropped, Cancelled, Taken Off the Air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will not watch it again.

  333. Joyce says:

    The animals featured on the Animal Channel are less hostile than the animals from BBW -Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, and Suzie. Somebody post the names of the advertisers, hit them where it hurts. I’m ready to see “Keisha, How to be a Lady” show. We can demand better.

  334. Ladies says:

    Your children must be so proud of you . . . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  335. Gladys D says:


  336. mrsamazn says:


  337. Roz says:

    It is appalling that the executive producer(wink, wink) took part in first of all lying to get the key to another guest’s room. Putting dead fish in the room is beyond childish and plain stupid, you are even more guilty than those two bimbo sluts because you were there and allowed it Ms. executive producer! The four of you are despicable. Suzie is a waste of DNA, you are a fake and a fraud, Evilyn is a psycho piece of snot and Tami is crazy as hell and don’t know it!

    Shaunie, balance? The only way this show will have balance is for YOU not to be in it! Just do us all a favor and disappear along with the show!

    How bout that?

  338. dimples1908 says:

    @ Don Hairston- you are absolutely right. I was upset when I saw her on “lift every voice”. I just changed the channel. How could she proclaim christianity when she clearly was acting like a tazmanian devil. You could see it in her evil eyes. Look at her picture above.

  339. Roz says:

    First of all these aren’t ladies. Ladies don’t act that way.

    It is fairly obvious that you may be Suzie or is connected to her in some way. You believe Suzie, yeah right! Suzie may not have raised her hand, but her mouth is her weapon. Suzie is not an enabler she’s an instigator and a waste of DNA, the biggest azz kisser I’ve seen in a while, who begs to be somebody’s friend???? Apparently Suzie…. lol!!!!!

    And BTW there is a difference between telling the truth and bullying, a really BIG difference. Yes I would say everything I’ve ever said on these blogs to their face!

  340. Catherine Jones says:

    Tami, I think that you should be taken off the show because you wouldn’t want know one to do that to your daughter ,what are you showing and telling your children. You belittle Kesha and bully her and just because you knew that she was afraid you took it to a other level I don’t have any expect for you at all I wish that was me on the show you need someone that can bring it. Evelyn, you are doing the same to Jennifer you also need someone that will bring it, You need to be replace with Tami and Suzie, Suzie you talk to much someone need to pop you in your dam mouth you started this mass. This show is getting out of hand it need to replace some of these women and put positive women with good sense. I really want to meet Tami and Evelyn

  341. Yjackson says:

    After watching the show I was outraged by Tami Roman’s behavior. What’s more that added insult to injury, is her response to the whole matter. This woman chose to blame Keisha (blindsided & victimized) who tried in every way to avoid her like the plague for her behavior & response. I,am completely mortified. As a viewer don’t think the netowrk should allow things go on business as usual with minor adjustments. This woman has been allowed to physically & verbally assault and bully people since the very first season that she has come on the show. In all circumstances involved it has been someone or something else’s (can we say “blame it on the alcohol”) fault why she has repeatedly attacked her other castmates. This time her unsightly behaivor is the result of editing vilifying her personal image? Get real– Enough is enough! Please remove Tami Romain from the cast. She does not make good tv and the sight of her invokes outrage and negative emotions from me because nobody likes a bully.

  342. Sharell Fletcher says:

    This was the WORST episode ever! These women are Mentors for young girls? This is ridiculous!!!! Tammi is a Bully and she has not run up on the right female (Simple).. She knows Kesha is afraid of her so WHY keep pushing! Suzy is Nothing but a Troublemaker! All she has to do is keep her damn mouth closed. She loves drama and they are stupid enough to act like MONKEYS and humiliate themselves to her liking! (Dummies).. I would not want a “friend” who felt the need to run every damn thing she hears (really, no one sees nothing wrong with that)??? At the end of the day, they are ALL afraid of Tammi b/c they are afraid to really tell her to STOP and sit her azz down and act like a Woman/Mother/Mentor…This episode has gone to the extremes and I don’t think its entertaining anymore. Not looking forward to anotherseason:(

  343. rocki williams says:


  344. Amber Gantt says:

    Tammi knew that she was wrong and all the ladies knew that they was trying to act like they were so hurt RIGHT Shaunie could have took her purse but she didn’t and than she said well the day has to go on after somebody has been hurt that bad and she ask her to come down there so that was her guest, so Shaunie is so fake it is all about money. Tammi put this lady glasses on and went through her wallet where do we do that at I guess from when she was on FOOD STAMPS living in the HOOD

  345. fee says:

    I think you are all beautiful,smart, intelligent women who have more to offer to the show than what you’re showing, I’m sure you all have more going on in your lives that are very positive but you’re not showing. I would like to see some of the positive things that’s happening in your lives.
    We all know that when a group of women are put together there will be some cattiness and envy,
    and that can sometimes be entertaining but not to the point where someone is intimidated to tears, that’s just wrong. I don’t know if most of the show is scripted or not,but what I’ve seen so far is discusting. You can only hide behind the fact that you had bad things happen to you in the past for so long, we all have but we have to get over it and take ownership of our lives now without bullying and degrading others because we’re so angry and bitter.

  346. WOW, what a mess I stop watching house wife of Atlanta because of NeNe. Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman is out of control there is no way grown women should behave the way these two ladies behave, the sad sad thing is that they are parents and would have a fit if anyone would treat their daughters the way they have treated these ladies on the show. Shaunie O’Neal should also be ashame of herself she is the executive producer on this show and she should have stop this behaviour a long time ago I was sadden by how poorly Kesha was treated by Tami and how poorly Kenya was treated by Evelyn these two ladies Tami and Evelyn should be remove from this show and put positive role model on to show young ladies how to handle conflict.

  347. CANCEL THIS SHOW says:





  348. chellyg says:

    Tami’s behavior was not only disturbing, but disgusting. I was furious that no one stepped in to get Kesha’s belongings back, she shouldn’t have to beg that cow for anything! Tami clearly has mental problems & went too far. She went on & on about respect, is she completely insane? Add IGNORANT to that….is Tahiti not part of the U.S. Twice she said they were in a foreign country, WOW.

  349. JUdy Weiss says:

    Tami came as close to raping someone as you can get in the Tahiti episode. She truly is a bully. And as all bullies do, she will earn her payback someday, with no one but herself to blame.

  350. Tonia says:

    I think that BBW is becoming crazy and immature. They are all over 30 years old with children that probably wouldn’t act like them. Especially Tami and Evelyn. Tami really bullied Kesha and then got scared when she reported her purse stolen and bullied her more. I think Kesha handled it like an adult and Tami acted like a teenager instead of a forty something year old. Grown women should not be acting crazy because what someone said. I think Evelyn also should let Jennifer alone it is not worth to keep fighting about. Everyone should stop telling Suzie anything because run and stir stuff up.

  351. Erington says:

    I think Suzie should be partially to blame for things going down the way they did in Paradise Lost. Every time some kind drama goes down between the girls SUZIE is always linked to it because she’s running her mouth to everyone doing the he said/she said bull shi*.

  352. Train says:

    Tami you should be ashamed of yourself!! What will your daughters think when they see you treat Keisha like that. I would whoop your butt. You have not bullied the right person yet; I can’t imagine that you would not only embarass yourself like that, but ALL black women. Shame on you!!!

  353. tami says:


  354. Gema says:

    Shaunie why would you have someone on the show that you are afraid of? You should view the show again and look at the look on your face. You were SCARED for yourself as you stood between Kesha and Tami.

    Kesha you need to move on… you have a future ahead of you and it is not dealing with crazies…

    Tami have you been in prison??? That was some prison crap… This was just sad!!!! Your apology was not an apology to Kesha. You need to actually say, “Kesha… I am so very sorry and I was wrong…” But, you cannot say that because you are not sorry! Are you jealous of Kesha? I must have missed something… because I cannot see where Kesha has really done anything to you… You treated her like a child that you hated. The girl could not cough! What is that about???? UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I will not be surprised if it comes out that you did hit Kesha. There is noway I would allow my daughter to be involved in any of your projects. I can only imagine how you treat these young ladies.

    The fish crap was very childish ladies!!! What grown woman does this??? Once again, Shaunie stands by and watches bad behavior acts. I use to have respect for Shaunie, this episode really revealed the real you…

  355. Rae says:

    I’ve watch BBW’s from the beginning and what I feel is the Real issue is Tami and alcohol. She has a serious problem that viewers are over loking. Yes she has anger issues and seems to be dealing with it, she also has a problem with alcohol and isn’t dealing with that!! This is the part that’s so sad. Everyone is ready to judge her behavior and not look at the real underlying issues. Tami herself has been bullied and subjet to sexual, mental and physical abuse address those issues and give her anoter outlet. She has been crying out for help since day one “this is how we handle things where I come from”, “this is the only way I know how to handle…”. Let’s spin this around and show our young generation this isn’t the way, get help grow and move on. Here’s a golden opportuity to show light on alcoholism, drug abuse sexual abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse and the effects of being bullied and all we want to do is cancelle the show because it shows us in aa bad light. Turn the lights on there is a national push to stop bullying in schools yet if it’s happening at home, it’s all we know, it’s the norm; start to look for the underlying issues and get the correct help!!! Sorry folks I love Tami, the one without the alcohol the liquid courage that seems to be how she fought back in the past to survive. Tami you made it through, you did the right thing by seeking help, that’s not the only help you need. I truly believe you can change, you are a work in progress God isn’t throuh with you yet!!!

  356. Rae says:

    I’ve some of the comments and all of you talk about beating this one, whooping that, this one needs their a** beat, kicked, whooped and must was offering to do it themselves. So I ask this questions…..who’s violent and bullying Now??? You let a show take you out of your normal character and ready to physically abuse someone, seriosly???? Most of you need to join the show because with all the disclaiming statements about the show you sure will fit right in. THINK ABOUT WHAT BEHAVIOR YOU ARE SHOWING, SURE SEEMS LIKE YOU PART OF THE CAST FROM WHAT I READ.

  357. Mel says:

    This was horrific. Tami is in several interviews blaming the show and it’s producers for capturing 10% of her life and not show how she is 90 % of the time. Why would you act like this at all? She has daughters how would she feel if someone did that to them? She has a charity with young women looking up to her and she is sending the message this is an ok way to act.

  358. Elena says:

    Tammy is a disgusting human being and should be banned from television. She is insecure and at best a bully. What is even more revolting is the fact that Shaunie is afraid to publicly tell Tammy and Evelyn that their behavior is unacceptable, animalistic, embarrassing, and they should be arrested as being a menace to society. Shaunie makes the most ignorant statement which is the bad outweighs the good and then tries to make light of everything they do. I feel for all of the children of these women who obviously have no value system. They think it is ok to verbally abuse others, hit others, and when they don’t get their way throw tantrums! I hope your show gets cancelled and know its the last time I watch and I will petition for its removal from television. By the way tell Suzy to get an identity and to stop trying to act tough. It doesn’t become her nor does it make her relevant, which she so desperately wants.

  359. Kari says:

    I can not believe that some of these women consider themselves professional entrepreneur’s. Tammi was completely disgusting, a real bully, and someone who comes from a “hard past” should have way more respect and decency for another human. Tammi attacked Keisha for her simple saying there is no reasoning with a fool, which Tammi obviously proved.. Evelyn is a train wreck, textbook mean girl, and the type of person who starts fights just to watch them. The feud between Tammi and Keisha is all Evelyn’s fault because she was the one who ran to tell Tammi what Keisha said instead of giving Keisha the chance to talk to Tammi first. And Shaunie is just as much of a bully and so unprofessional to condone this type of behavior, she is the executive producer, right. It is really sad to realize that these women have young girls that they are raising. What an example.

  360. cynthia says:

    I am glad to see so many people were outraged besides myself. I was in shock. Somebody needs to pay for Keisha to take a trip back to tahita without the cast. She flew all that way, endured that bullying and taunting and then flew back home without any relaxation or fun. couldn’t believe the others sat by and watched that and did nothing. Maybe Shaunie or Bravo should pay for her a trip.

  361. cynthia says:

    My Bad. VH1 not bravo

  362. Tanya A says:

    So disappointed in this episode. I am boycotting the show. In the society where we are attempting to stop bullying. Three grown women display and condone the actions on public media. Terrible! I understand why the other young ladies have broken off from certain cast members. I am writing VH1 because this was horrible, and the rating should go down the drain.

  363. Cora says:

    It does not matter how appalled we pretend to be by the conduct of our sisters on this show, as long as the ratings continue to soar from increased viewership this type of behavior will certainly continue. It is the premise and backbone of the show. These women will continue to laugh all the way to the bank while their fans rush to watch the next episode. It is about time we stop placing the blame elsewhere and look closer to home. Calling for changes in the show while all the time salivating over each episode belies sincerity. This show is what it is, either watch it or don’t. I don’t.

  364. Jason says:

    “VH-1 should cancel the show.” I stopped watching the show about a month ago but ventured by to see if there has been any changes for the better. NOT! In fact it appears to be worse. Tammie verbally abusing Keisha appears to have been disgusting to watch yet watch millions of viewers did. How many of the commentors here changed the station? Or better yet how many will watch again next wee? VH-1 is not the problem here.

  365. Shawn says:

    I want to fight Tami Roman, treat me the way u treated. Tami needs to apologize to Kesha in public the same way she berated and humiliated her national TV. Tami nobody will respect YOU because yr a bully, disgrace, and a disgusting black woman I have ever seen on BBW. Isn’t that is why you got fired from yur daughters from being their manager? Because u don’t know how to act right. Shaunie you wrong to just to stand and watch Evelyn and Suzie to put the dead fish in Kenya’s room. Tami, Shaunie, Suzie, and Evelyn are all WRONG for their behavior as women. THis show needs to be canceled, VH1, I will let my friends, family, and facebook friends know to boycott this show to have it cancel.

  366. Stop Entertaining Satan says:

    Tami and all who sat there and did nothing, participated in the bullying.

    To shut a bully down, they teach children in school, to expose the bully and stand up to the bully. Not a one of you did the right thing to stand up to Tami’s bullying and say enough, not a one of you! Instead deep within you all sat there just wringing your hands in glee waiting to see what would happen, some of you even acted kind of happy that Keisha was being bullied.

    Are you all so jealous of Keisha and her ability to control herself and not act like a rabid animal, are you jealous of her looks, her body, what?

    You are GROWN WOMEN!

    Shame on all of you who were there and did absolutely nothing to stop the bullying and shame on Shaunee for being behind it promoting it, shame on Tami for her lack of control of herself.

    All that some of you say to abuse others, you project that which you are, the ugliness, the vile things, the abusive tongues you have.

    The worst reality any of you have come to realize yet, you are doing the most damage to yourselves, YOUR SOULS are in jeopardy!

    Acting like this, is not a way to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

  367. Kevin McNamara says:

    Tammy is just a bully and thats the only way to say it. do not talk behind my back is juvinelle! everyone talks about everyone else and she likes to intiminate with her he man self that is actually funny and I usually really laugh at her when she is not abusive to anyone else. Keep it movin tammy to rehab because thats the place for you
    Kesha hang in because everyone knows you are the victim! I say take a cue from Jen and get a lawyer. I love evelyn and shauni but I think i can’t stomach much more of this hate .I am gonna be the one keeepin it movin right on to some other shows! I am done.

  368. Cherish Lamonica Jordan says:

    This episode really changed my view on Tami. She was a complete bully and I didn’t know how dramatic she could be. Kesha looked so pitiful. It’s enough seeing Jennifer go through what she went through but now Kesha is being bullied too? The whole situation was ridiculous. Tami took advantage of Kesha’s sensitivity and stomped all over it. Tami you are not the proper role model at all. I hope that you grow up because you not only need anger management but you need professional help. You women are over 30 years old and act like yall are in highschool. Im only 23 and act way more mature then all of you guys. Suzie I can’t stand you because if you were really Kesha’s friend you wouldn’t have went behind her back telling what she said and what Kesha said was only her feelings and opinion. You are trashy and unclassy and need to take care of your kids.

  369. Toy says:

    I just wanted to say, please people in the world do not think all Black women are like the basketball wives cause we are not, I come from a good home, with a good family, dont let this show have you thinking we are all that way its just not true & its embarassing to even have to write this…its crazy, I will pray for all of them, they need it, :)

  370. ev is nothing but scared of tami

  371. Fake Letters says:

    Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie, or VH1, or whoever you are — You can keep slipping in your fake letters in support of your show and your bullies and trying to justify their behavior. But you’ve got to write a helluva lot more to outweigh all the honest criticism you’re getting. We ain’t buying it!

  372. coach212 says:

    Tami, as a part of God’s creation, you have no right to oppress, bully, berate, attack or harm a defenseless fellow human being. It is time for you to look in the mirror and face the ugliness that is you. You have stated that you have been raped twice, beat up, abandoned, etc. It is understandable that all of that abuse left you feeling powerless, small and insignificant. It is absolutely not acceptable for you to in turn inflict those same emotions onto another human being, the way you did Kesha in last night’s episode by verbally berating, intimidating, threatening, taunting and stealing from her. You need to realize that every time you treat someone the way you did Kesha, you are allowing your own abusers to still have control over you by acting out and making your victim feel the way your abusers made you feel. Please seek counseling from a serious, qualified professional counselor who is not afraid of you, so that you can break free from the hold your abusers obviously still have on you. If you don’t, you are headed for more pain in your life. God and the universe have already warned you in the physical manifestation of the heart attack you had. If your pain and anger goes unresolved and doesn’t kill you, you may just end up in jail getting your a** kicked and being bullied every day, the way you have done other people. Karma is real. What last night’s episode proved is that hurting people, hurt other people. That goes for Shaunie, Evelyn, and Suzie as well because they stood by and cowardly allowed this to happen. Shaunie and Evelyn, would you sit idly by and watch someone treat your daughters the way Tami treated Kesha? Grown people who go around fighting and being verbally abusive to others are only proving that they have no other form of intelligence by which to resolve their problems. For all the young girls out there watching you all, please cancel the show so that you won’t spew anymore negativity into the universe. It will and is going to come back on you. You think all of the bullying and taunting Kesha because she called the police makes you strong???? You are so wrong. It makes you look like the weak, cowardly individuals you are because strong people have self-control and don’t care what people say behind their backs. Strong people also know who they are and nothing anyone else says matters. You all just look like bitter, immature little girls with no morals or integrity. No man in his right mind would date or marry any of you. Please get the help you all so desperately need!

  373. vw says:

    Well if you think the other girls are scared crazy of that psycho, Tami, probably…Hun! have you notice CRAZY….She need to be removed, bring in the fresh, faces, remember before she, class, nice to watch. hardly ever cursive . Tami brings the rating down. Ask BET
    Host. I am proud of Shaunie, and Evenlyn, for speaking up a little. It shows that they are terrified of that bi-polar, split- personality. Clearly she is suffering from a lot, let her get help and bring her back in the year 20 of never, Evelyn was hurt by that bullying, she probably felt like what if that was my daughter, getting bullied most mothers felt it, and for a mother with girls, as Tami does, it was humiliating….VH1 stop her paycheck she is not deserving of it not one bit..Producers can’t you see she is, so prejuice…Remove that from the show..All people should be treated equally.. Do not renew her contract, bring in another nationality…Remove Tami. Evelyn an Jennifer get it together..the two of you are wasting prejuice time. Suzie started it all…She is so 2-faced….She open the whole can of worms….when you see her coming run. 2-FACED never reveal anything to her…

  374. Ms Moni says:

    All I can say is this was pitiful. As grown women, they stooped to the lowest of low. The sad part is that just about all of them have children. You can not lead by example because they were all just about straight hopeless.

  375. Disgusted in San Jose says:

    I have NEVER posted anything but this time I couldn’t help it. WHY would the producers allow Tammy to bully Kesha like that???? That was HORRIBLE. And that Evelyn and Shaunie just sat there and didn’t say ANYTHING, that was so disgusting. Tammy must’ve been a bully in school. This is a GREAT example for their children .It seems like all this show does it promote fighting – I don’t get it but I will never watch this show again!

  376. Disgusted in Chicago says:

    Disgusted in San Jose: 100% AGREE. I will never watch this show again! Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie YOU ALL NEED TO GO!

  377. Ridiculous says:

    First of all let me say all of these women are grown a** women! How could you come on national television and act a fool like you all did??? Tami, you are a 41 year old woman when is enough enough?? Who cares what hood you are from?? Furthermore who cares if someone is talking behind your back? YOU DO IT ALL DAY!!! Who the hell are you to bully someone into an apology you dont deserve??? All she said was that she could have gone off on you and said what she wanted to say…but she didnt she chose to let you continue on your rant because you are too ignorant to listen or care about anyone elses feelings. She was hurt by your remarks reguarding her color… you basically felt her hurt was invalid. Well what if someone told you that being raped was invalid??? You cant go around talking about people and talking about your past as if you are the only one with issues, just because hers are not the same as yours does not make hers any less relevant!!! Your children should be ashamed, and so should you!! Going through her phone was totally childish and uncalled for!! The whole situation was uncalled for and hopefully you will make some changes and grow from this.

  378. Ridiculous pt 2 says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention that you all need to focus on SUSIE!! She is the messy one going back and forth between groups and stirring up mess!!!

  379. Disgusted in NC says:

    I agree. Never will watch again!

  380. Beverly says:

    I am just shocked at how ugly Tami behaved on this episode. From what i seen of the episode were Kesha said what she said was her venting to her friend Royce not her talking trash on Tami. But Suzie being the big mouth she is made it worse than what it was. Its funny how she runs back and tells Tami & Evelyn what the other girsl say but dont tell them what Tami & Evelyn. She plays friends with everyone but dont know the real meaning of being a frend. She should feel just as guilty as Tami for causing the fight. Then she tried to be a peace maker to keep the heat off her. She is so FAKE!!!

  381. BabyD says:

    I was sooooo embarassed about this episode and i don’t know any of these women personally. This was cruel. Yes Kesha should have stood up for herself but at what cause. To be beat up for speaking her truth? You GIRLS!! need to be ashamed of yourself and embarassed to be seen in this magnitude. Nice way to teach young girls how to act. Pitiful!!!

  382. BabyD says:

    I agree with ridiculous!!! SOOO SAD!!!

  383. SANDRA says:

    I like Kesha, she is smart. We want smart women . Tami we afraid to watch T

  384. adama says:

    tami old a– need to grow up,she act like a kid in grade school,say sorry then ill give you your candy back…lol isnt she in anger management??? or is that just for show???lol someone please kick her a–!!!!!

  385. Gracie says:

    What 3.74%of straight idiots voted for Tami’s crazy ass?
    And that Susie is one instigatin’ two faced snitch! If it weren’t for her big mouth blabbin’ all the time, none of the violent nonsense would go down on that show. She is the perfect example of a passive agressive personality! I cringed when she consoled Kesha after a situation that clearly set up! Was it me, or did I hear Tami insult Susie at the table by using her as an example of a weak person that Kesha should have messed with instead of her? [to paraphrase] It caught me off guard-and of course, Susie (with her scary ass) said nothing to defend herself.
    All of those chicks, including Shaunie, are afraid of Tami because she is a big, unstable, unpredictable lush! I’d love to see Tami meet her match and get the hell beat out of her on national television. Now THAT would be a show!

  386. Por Dios Mio says:

    It is much relief to read across the board that majority was appalled by what this show has made these grown(? could I say that) Black women become. It was very humiliating to be one of the same race!!!
    Even Ms. Oprah Winfrey and Mr. Bill Cosby, would be left SPEECHLESS and overwhelmed to even have an opinion on this matter.
    If I could just ‘bleach out’ these women skin, it would ease some shame in ordinary people like me who tries, everyday, to do good to be respectable.

  387. Gracie says:

    And another thing…
    Tami is old enough to be Kesha’s mother! She also acted like a chastising mom! For a minute there, I thought Tami was going to pull out a switch and spank Kesha.What a lack of maturity and empathy she showed that girl. What if someone (just as unstable) had attacked one of her daughters that way? She wouldn’t have stood for it.
    If her daughters are not 18 yet, they’d be better off with their father. He now has evidence that Tami is not fit to have custody of gnat!

  388. Autie says:

    Tami is a big bully there is no nice way around it, and she is trying to apologize for it now that it caused so much back lash. Tami needs to pick on someone her own size she was looking through her phone and going through her purse. I just want to know how would she address her girls if they came home saying they did exactly what she did. It is pitiful and disgraceful, and she has no justifiable reason to be that upset with her. I will not be watching this negative bull crap not another season these woman are disgraceful and Shaunie you are just a present body on the show you have no say so on anything. Evelyn and Tami needs help

  389. cd says:


  390. Sue says:

    I don’t blog or tweet or any social networking but the last episode of Basketball Wives was disgusting! Reality shows are entertaining to me but “bullying” is unacceptable! Tami’s behavior was off the chain and no one supported Keisha. It’s like you are all afraid of Tami! Taking her purse? Are you serious? Tami is a straight up bully! She may have anger issues and other drama in her past but this? I am embarrassed for her. To think she is a mother is incredible. Her apology was Luke warm and insincere! All I can say is wow! I will serious rethink watching! Susie is a mess, two faced woman. What a bunch of losers!

  391. ACee says:

    It’s obvious that Tami needs to continue to work on her anger management issues, I do commence Keisha for walking away instead of fueling more fire to the problem at hand. The problem I have the fact that it seems like most of these realilty shows like to promote violence. If we gonna to force a ban on BBW then we need to do the same for the Housewives, Jersey Shore, and so forth. Because it seems like these shows act like they can not make the ratings unless they are promoting violent whether it be candidate moments or real.

  392. Tmy says:

    Biggest instigator is Susie from the beginning to now… If you all followed the show from the get go.. it’s always Suzie with her passive aggressive ass.. Yes you’re right Gracie she’s the snitch and the two face.. Sad to see grown folks act like this..

  393. Kesha Supporter says:

    TAMI = IDIOT!!! She absolutely has a chemical imbalance. This is the most ridiculous episode yet. Tami needs to be off the show. Why do we support such behavior? I’m done with the show. This episode takes the cake. We cannot support this kind of behavior. There are children and adults all over the map being bullied and threatened and assaulted. We are supposed to oppose this type of behavior. And what is more pathetic is EVERYONE, even Evelyn is afraid of Tami. Shaunie is afraid of her too and it’s Shaunie’s show. No one stood up for Keesha. Instead they took the easy way out by saying “well she did say those things”. Tami is violent, unstable, ignorant, intimidating, irrational, did I say ignorant, and an embarrassment to ALL women. We teach our kids not to bully but it’s OK for Tami to do it. I’m done with the show!!! And I will spread the word. I have lost respect for VH1.

  394. Carmen Shaw says:

    Tami is a sick BULLY and needs a lot of therapy!! As a school counselor in Compton, California, I deal with the fallout from kids who have been bullied. Tami is going to run into the wrong person someday and its not going to be pretty. She should have been arrested in Moorea…some jail time might make her think about her behavior. What kind of example is she setting for her daughters?….or is it all for a pay day. I agree she is an embarrassment to all women and mothers. Suzie is two faced and needs a reality check. Shaunie should be ashamed of herself for allowing Tami and Evelyn to display such ridiculous behavior on a show she produces. At times, I think its intentionally dramatic and over the top…but Tahiti took the cake. I love Tahiti and have friends there….Its a Spiritual Retreat..not a place for Ghetto behavior. Take away all these women’s money and they could not survive in the REAL WORLD!!

  395. KG says:

    I religiously watch BBWs and missed last week’s episode, so I had to take to OnDemand. My sister-in-law sent me a text saying it was disturbing and I shouldn’t watch it because I would be ashamed. I just watched it, and I cried. I saw the most inconceivable display of black women that I have ever seen. It was clearly no Tami vs. Kesha. Tami bullied the poor girl, until she was in complete fear. It was awful! I would never want my daughter, myself, or anyone for that matter to have to go through something so disheartening and mean spirited. It was evil. You’ve just lost a fan.

  396. Anita says:

    I will admit that I will be one of many watching tonight. Primarily to see if Keisha is okay, gets any type of solace or apology. I want to see if the ladies get asked to leave the hotel that they perpetually are trying to destroy with dead fish. If these things do not occur….then I’m out. Yes. Tami does need help. I am disgusted just as much with Shaunie because this behavior could have been squashed 2 seasons ago. My sister and I both agree we thought the premise of this show would be about how the wives have to deal with groupies and dancers and the drama that ensues. We never thought they would turn on one another and have slug fest. Especially being the age that they are.

  397. Ashamed to see Mothers behave this Way! says:

    This show is an utter and total embarrassment to all women — black, white, hispanic, asian, etc. To top it off, most of these women are MOTHERS. How do you tell your children to behave in a certain manner, yet you are on national TV bullying each other, physically harming and lying? All of these women are a disgrace to womenhood.

    Women have worked hard to advance and progress in society, this show sets women back by showing our youth that you can get ahead by sleeping with an athelete. What happened to empowering women and motivating one another?

    How would they like it if their children were bullied in the manner that they bully one another? Is this what makes entertainment? At what cost?
    Tammy — you need help and I hope by seeing your behavior on this show that you make major changes in your life.

    Suzy — your lack of self-esteem and your spineless ways are pitiful. What do you stand for? Do you have no morals?

    Evelyn — you are so disgraceful to all hardworking independent women.

    Shaunie — is that what you do to make a buck?

    Kesha — keep your head up and keep on doing what you are doing. To be honest, being on this pathetic show was a big mistake.

    VHI — cancel this show.


    Dissapointed Woman

  398. chitown says:

    tammi is alot of mouth she says she keep it real but she says comments about jen behind her back why shedidnt pull it when evelyn tore that paper up in her faceand slept with her man.come to the chi we put our hands up and watch u get popped

  399. T says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen anything this disgusting on TV before. The audacity of Shaunie and her gang of “friends” to defend a totally unstable, crazy person like Tami, as if what Kesha said was in any way comparable to what Tami “gave” in return, which is outright bullying and abuse. I just don’t understand how she dares to justify her behavior and act righteous about it. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

  400. Lady O says:

    How dare Tami mention the word negativity and blessing in the same communication. She depicts negativity on all levels. When people are unhappy they exude negativity. Find passion within and exude passion for others. I can’t stand Suzie. She is the dog that always carries the bone! None of them are friends to each other. NONE OF THEM! Shaunie can try to turn things around with her passive agressive behavior but, it’s too late. If the segment evolves around her as an executive, then command executive order. Tami, could not act in a kindergarten play, if I had anything to do with it. Anything with class they (Shaunie, Suzie, Evelyn, Tami) hate. Why, because they would not know class if it bit them on their false asses! I’d rather watch the fragile behavior of Kesha, the Barbie Doll image of Jenifer, the emotional wreckage of Royce, than watch a bunch of deranged pretentious animalistic behavior of Tami and Evelyn. No one cares about them wanting to even anything out. The DAMAGE is done! These women (Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn) act as though they are omnipotent. Their world is not how women interrupt their journey through life. What a BIZZAR worl they live in. This is not good entertainment.. They have no SUBSTANCE in relation to women and Lord, not close to being wife. Have mercy for their children. I pray they don’t allow their children to watch the show. OH, I forgot Tami and Evelyn and Shaunie did have their children appear in a few episodes. LORD HAVE MERCY!

  401. Ness says:

    I feel this is just proof that nowadays people will do anything for money. I can’t believe that they are actually okay acting that way for the whole world to see. Then they have the nerve to call themselves “real”. Wow is all I can say. Money or status doesn’t make you “somebody”, and surely neither does followers or viewers. At least Jen and Keisha ave figured out how NOT to look like a bimbo….Overall, Ignorance at it’s finest.

  402. Elaine says:

    Besides when the show originally aired the only one that was trully a Basketball Wive was Jennifer! Shaunie and Tami were and still are EXBasketball Wives! Evelyn and Suzie have never been Basketball Wives they have just been WANTABES!!!!!! But Evelyn will finally get her wish once she is married to O. The show should have been titled Exs and Wantabes pllus 1 Real Wife.

  403. linice says:

    Suzie should stop being “the town cryer” and carrying gossip from one person another, she runs off at the mouth too much. When indivuals are having issues she will carry negative info. from one to the other, but yet according to her she doesn’t want to get involved. I hope Evelyn and Jennifer get back as friends. I though their friendship was good and they had each others back. I really believe if u are a friend of Evelyn, she has ur back. So I hope they can some day will be friends again. Tammy she make commemts behind others back but if that happen to her , she goes off.She is a big mouth bully with a bad mouth and feel she deserve respect but doesn’t need to give it I would love to see her meet her match and give her the same treatment she gave the young lady’s Kesha. If this program doesn’t change the unnecessary vile cursiing I will no longer watch the show.

  404. Prissy poodle says:

    This is abuse and bullying. Keesha has the right to say what she wants to whom she wants. Why in the world does Tammi think everyone owes her respect. For Keesha To have to ask for her purse back “please, may I have my purse back” was over the top for me. She should have just stuck with a police report. She didn’t leave her purse, Tammi snatched it up. Why did the other girls just sit there and let Tammi verally attack Keesha. Were they too scared to speak up right then and there for Keesha. If I were Keesha’s mom I’d have a few things to say to Tammi. Who deserves respect with that filthy mouth and ghetto behavior. She’s old and twice as big as Keesha. How would Shaunie or Evelyn felt if that was their daughter. As for Suzie, please, what a little rat, s/s stirrer she is, get a life Suzie and see a speech therapist.

  405. Just Stating the facts says:

    Tami is ghetto thief and EVERYONE fears her…Evelyn wants to BE the tough girl too but i guarantee she won’t tough up to TAMI, it also seems as the show goes on the more slang and head bobbing they do. Suzie, she the one who starts every single last bit of drama between these GIRLS, and the idiots still talk to her. Shaunie tries to portray herself as the good girl but she sits back and enjoys the show. Jennifer speaks her mind and stays away from the drama, but it is only because she is not in the lime light. Royce is just sleeping with anything that comes her way, why she still on show bafles me, she never does activities with the rest of the girls. Kenya a little on the weird side but not going to be bullied. Kesha is misunderstood and i think other girls just jealous of her because she a beautiful sensitive NON GHETTO woman. Tami just wants show time because nothing else going good for her. GROW UP and act your age!

  406. jerdine says:

    I think Suzie, is a trouble maker and will do anything to keep the girls off her ass. i don’t believe she carries the story back the way it was meant. Kesha is a very polish younglady and Tami is jealous. I felt sorry for Tammy when she first join s how, because jenn and evelyn were divas and she wasn’t. Now that she is making money she wants to be the bully. Tami needs to remember she daugthers watching her.

  407. loretta says:

    I finally get it…this is a show about a GANG of thugs, who just happen to be black females. Tami is the leader of the gang, Shaunie and Evelyn, her lieutenants and Susie, the pathetic informant. Shaunie, no matter how much money you are making from this show, I cannot congratulate you. You and your cast (with the exception of a few cast members) have not earned a penny’s worth of integrity.

  408. Jo says:

    Tammy is a bully…. she stole purse…. its not finders keepers… All the women there witnessed it… If yall had left YOUR purse, would it have been right to dig through your purse
    Right and wrong doesnt mean well the difference is.. they are my friends
    If you would be a theif and dishonest to rifle through and hold purse hostage from friend..
    you are theif and dishonest to do it to a stranger or enemy.

    And then to play victim..

  409. It's Me says:

    I’m appalled at the behavior of these women, particularly Tami and Shaunie. First Shaunie, as the exec producer of this show and a mother, you had total control of this episode. When you saw the direction that this encounter had taken, you could have yelled “CUT” and stopped the bullying of Kesha by Tami. Not only did you sit by and watch Tami berate, belittle and bully Kesha, you tried to convince Kesha that she was wrong and needed to figure out a way to get HER purse back. Next, Tami, you act as if are the only person allowed to have an opinion about anything. You sit around and talk about EVERYONE under the sun, but the minute anyone (SUZIE) tells you that someone spoke your name outside of YOUR earshot, you have a major problem and everything goes LEFT. Well it seems like that’s the only way things can go when dealing with YOU because YOU have yet to be RIGHT!!! I would hope that your therapy sessions include reviewing and reflecting upon your behavior by watching the full episodes with your therapist. You claim to be working on your anger issues but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. I hope that your foundation for girls don’t view you as a role model, but as an example of HOW NOT to be. In the first season, I was rooting for you because you seemed to be a genuine down-home girl adjusting to everyday issues that women could relate to such as getting a divorce, raising children and trying to make a living. But something went terribly wrong from the time that you were a non-****** ******* factor with Evelyn to the two of you now been best bullying buds.

    You all have been given a wonderful opportunity to live your lives and get paid well for it all the while being glammed up, jet-setting, wine and dining; and yet you all are still unhappy and won’t allow anyone else to be happy.

    We are all accountable for our actions, unfortunately you all have decided to make a living by having your actions filmed for the world to see. Even the most creative editing couldn’t have sugar-coated this episode. Tami, stop blaming the editing on misrepresenting you and own up to your bad behavior. There is no way to spin your story to make your actions justified.

  410. Jerzygirl says:

    Part 1 – Season Finale Episode: Shaunie what about your position as the Executive Producer and character of the show and your responsibility of depicting a positive leadership role model to our youth today. Are you proud of the example/legacy that you have set in place so far? Its okay in sisterhood for a person to demonstrate their anger/frustrations by throwing, defaming and physical abusive towards each other.

    Tammy should not have been added to the show due to her harsh demeanor on other episodes. Your lecture of counseling & guidance should be taken seriously? Why as we haven’t seen the results of your personnel counselling and Jennifer and others are to listening to you… really?

    Evelyn was downright ridiculous who is pathetic with her interpretation of loyalty and she has yet to demonstrate this demeanor yet. Its no wonder her daughter chose to travel across the country to rid herself of her mother. This speaks volumes.

    Suzie are you happy that you are affiliated with the likes of these character types? The newer additions to the show is it really worth it for you to destroy your reputations just for a moment of negative fame of being on television?

    Shaunie you had a golden opportunity and you along with Tammy and Evelyn destroyed that chance so why should we the viewers give you another season of again making fools of yourselves and the young women who will be viewing the show thinking this is the new reality? We can’t afford to continue to mess up the lives of our young people with drugs, and now televised violence?

    I too plan not to watch any longer and will petition others not to do so as well. Its beyond too much!