La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 9 – La La’s Motives


La La's Full Court Life
Never doubt La La‘s commitment to her craft, because as you saw on tonight’s episode of La La’s Full Court Life, she’s willing to get into her scenes. Just ask Po, who got smacked across the face when she was serving as La La’s scene partner. La La is excited about an upcoming audition, and after she enlists Po to read lines with her, she shows just how into her scenes she can get.

La La feels terrible about hitting her friend, but she’s also proud of her acting ability, saying “I feel good about this work.” At least she’s loosened up for the real audition.

La La’s also showing off her entrepreneurial skills with the launch of her makeup line, Motives For La La, and her manager tells her that on top of auditions, she has to head to Miami to promote the makeup line at a convention. “I thought I was going home tonight!” she says, disappointed. “I don’t even have time to have sex with my husband.” Absence makes the heart (and other stuff) grow fonder though! Right? Maybe not. She calls Melo to tell him she won’t be coming back to New York right away and their conversation is brief and a big bummer. Luckily, La is traveling to Miami with Po and Dice and at least they’re psyched for Florida. “You’re not excited about Miami? The beach? Great weather? A lot of daiquiris?” Dice asks. Nope, she really isn’t. And she tells the two of them they can kiss her behind. Here’s a close-up of it:

When they get to Miami, La meets with her friend and makeup partner Loren, and La La confides in her that she misses Carmelo. “I love being is busy, that’s what drives me,” La La says “but I never want to get used to being away from someone.” The vibe between them is weird because they miss each other a lot and they’re apart so often. But the other thing La La needs to consider is just how big this makeup launch is.

The convention she’s attending isn’t just some booth in a convention center, there will be thousands of people there (180,000!) and if things go well, La says, “It could change my life.” Her whole family (aside from Melo) comes down to Miami for the launch, but she is super duper nervous. Luckily, her mom is there to give her a pep talk and a hug, and she’s ready to take the stage.

It’s time to tell the world about Motives, people.

Once she got on stage, her nerves went away and “it flowed,” she says, because “that’s what happens when you’re talking about something you believe in.”

And now that she has once more bullet point on her career resume, she’s finally able to go back home to New York to spend time with Melo. Until…she learns he has to go out of town on business too.

Not good. “I’ve worked so hard to have a successful career that now it’s really starting to have an effect on my relationship,” she says. And with only one episode left, we don’t have much time to find out what’s going to happen with these two. We just hope their success doesn’t actually mean bad news for the two of them…

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