Royce Reed Writes To Explain Why She Deleted Her Twitter And Facebook Accounts


Royce Reed Quits Twitter
This weekend, we were surprised to see that Basketball Wives star Royce Reed announced she was deleting her Facebook and Twitter accounts. We saw her Saturday at the taping of the reunion show to ask her why, and she briefly explained that it was to rid herself of negativity. After some thought, she decided to write a post for us to elaborate and explain that she’s not gone forever, but her presence online will be more for business than pleasure. Here’s what she has to say.

Royce Reed Quits TwitterI’m writing this blog in reference to my recent deletion of Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been asked why by quite a few people I’d seen in LA while shooting the reunion as well as friends. My purpose was personal. The reason my twitter is reactivated is business. My problem was mixing the two because I’ve been giving away too much of my life. Sometimes you have to put your hand in the fire to know that it burns. We live in world that thrives off of pretending to be someone else just to chastise another person.

We live in a time where people don’t communicate vocally anymore but through fingers. I’m part of that problem. I hardly pick up the phone and speak to people anymore because I claim to be too busy and its “easier” to text or email. The problem with that is there is no tone and many things are misconstrued when reading vs. hearing. My Twitter was becoming toxic, and not because of negativity. It was starting to consume hours of my life. I was trying to respond to everyone like I was on a paid job. If I didn’t respond I got called everything in the book at times. Although most comments were positive it was always the one or two that rubbed me the wrong way. I realized I didn’t really NEED a twitter. Most of the people who follow me I’ll never meet so why does their opinion of my life, my relationship, my career, etc. matter? It shouldn’t…it doesn’t. Deleting the account was extremely easy for me to do. There was no reluctance, there was no question…I just did it. Once I did I was happy. No more checking @ replies to see if someone was talking trash to me or searching a page to see what someone else was saying or doing…DON’T FRONT WE HAVE ALL DONE IT! Go ahead and laugh. We’ve all checked to see who our Boo was tweeting, and/or following or if a friend or ex friend we’ve had an argument with was “talkin’ ish”. All the searching just to start or continue an argument that could’ve been hashed out and squashed if it wasn’t being said thru fingers. Ratchet and reckless for NO REASON! One thing I’ve learned is the reason things were different back in the day was because people were forced to talk. I’m going back to that. I’m going old school. Imma pick up the phone and use the English language verbally. There are some things I need to fix with certain people in my life and I will…soon.

Twitter, at this point is business. Its not about how many followers I have. Its not about how many times I retweet or respond to someone without hurting another’s feelings because I didn’t say Happy Birthday or Thank you. Many have called me immature but what makes me immature? Because I have feelings and I show them? I guess I’ll just have to be immature then. For the past few years I’ve kept in so many tears and so many emotions because I didn’t want to appear weak. Me doing that, I became angry and unhappy. This season you have seen me smile and glow and most think it’s because of Dezmon. Although he definitely brought out a light in me it was mostly because I expressed myself instead of holding it in to save face. Social networking has taken on a whole new life than it was meant to. There are kids committing suicide over twitter, over Facebook, over WORDS! It’s not worth it. I teach young girls ages 5-17, and the best accomplishment is seeing them gain confidence and self esteem. They have a pledge written by me they say every rehearsal. I refuse to set a bad example or be a hypocrite. My fans don’t know Royce…they know a piece of me they see on TV. I’m not perfect but I’m ME. I couldn’t bare the thought of hurting someone’s feelings to the point they wanted to end their lives and I’ve seen it happen many times. At some point it needs to stop…that point is NOW! Ask yourself if you’re a part of the problem or part of the solution. I’m deciding to be part of the solution. Some will continue to think it’s funny to chastise another and belittle or degrade them. Some will find it funny to post things that can compromise someone’s career. I admit in the past I’ve said some things I’m NOT proud of, I’ve responded or reacted in a way not becoming of a woman. I’ve let things get to me I never should have but like I said before…It’s NOT what they call me, its what I answer to. My name is Royce Lyndsay Reed. Anything else is merely AN OPINION…

I’m outtie!!!

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  1. aj says:

    Royce stop whinning and crying on the show and don’t let the public know about your future Relationships.

  2. rhea says:

    Good for you Royce!

  3. hollywood!!! says:

    I agree… never understand this twitter thing…. why are we following people???? I have a facebook account but as I tell people, I’m a facebook gamer not a facebook soceitalite..
    aj did you even read what she wrote or are you just part of the problem…

  4. Monique says:

    You go Royce …That was a great decision.Stay away from Negativity. It will bring you down & drain your energy. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  5. She Boom Boom says:


    No one is going to take you serious when you are standing there in a bra and jeans as if it is classy because your hair is done and face made up. In the end, you try to be too real and it makes you hypocritical like your father. You swing both sides of the fence. I am the good girl taking half naked pictures. Good women do bad things is an epitamy of tabloid bs that people do not want to hear. You should find something else to do with your life.

  6. Nicey says:

    Good. There comes a time where twitter and Facebook should be deleted if it were abused (gossiping, online bullying, etc).

  7. Terri says:

    Very well written Royce. As a mother of 2 young girls I understand exactly what you mean. I too took a stance against Social Networking. Continue to follow your heart, we all make mistakes throughout life…even as adults! I wish you the best in life.

  8. liz c says:

    Royce i deff. agree with what your saying that’s all it is there’s days. Its basically having your life but online and to be honest with you, you shouldn’t even listen to the criticism. People are just jealous and they have no life that’s why they look for someone else yo bring them down! i love you and basketball wives, your an amazing dancer and don’t care about what everyone else thinks but yourself!

  9. cant stand royce tami or evelyn!! team jenn!!! says:

    now that karma is kicking them all in the butt they now wanna change blah blah…had this last season ppl not turned on them they would still be all fighting pleased with themselves they know their 15 min is almost up so now everyone is mad…they can dish it cant take it!!! Royce i hope u mean what u say from day one i couldnt stand u!! this is the first time u made any sence but i still think ur full of crap all of u except jenn & keisha made complete fools of urselves!!! u r such a ho to me!! im sorry!! oh and nia a biggg fool they played her used her to slap jenn & kicked her to the sharks she got played if she doesnt see that she is blind!!!! idiotsss!!

  10. Nesha says:

    Thats Great Royce… Now try to teach the rest of the cast to learn follow your lead!

  11. l smith says:

    Well said Royce

  12. Well said Royce, even if you didnt owe anyone an aswer to you closing your account. You have always been one of my favorites and always will. Love the way you are keeping to yourself and going on to be the best that you could be. Kee your head up and look to God as your strength and guideness.

  13. Nicole says:

    Royce while you do make valid points IF U REALLY FEEL THAT WAY and dont wanna hear people opinions about your personal life then dont bring your relationship on the show. You have done this constantly with other boyfriends and guys you were just “dating” then get upset when you hear something you dont like.
    Your personal is exactly that personal. Stop telling us your father treats you badly, stop showing off dezman like hes a prize, and really just get it together.

    I notice when it comes to you YOU SURE CAN DISH THE CRITICISM ABOUT WHOMEVER but when it comes to you YOU JUST CANT TAKE IT! (thats why your crying on the floor when your daddy tells you something you dont like)
    this deleting of twitter proves it but hey if ppl are really taking a toll on you delete it and have a peace of mind.
    god bless ,<3

  14. EVA says:


  15. Amber Gantt says:

    I like what she had to say and keep up the good work It take a women to say when she have did some thing wrong and admit to it, so saying that she will do things different is good for her.

  16. The Fifth Letter says:

    The real reason Royce is that you keep getting played on National tv, in the media by your penchant for needing to be in a relationship. The dudes cheat on you, they get caught up. Their girl blast you on Twitter/ FB, with pics, text from your man. Yet, you’re all over this last one. You’re a beautiful woman, and it happens to nice people. But, you should use your better judgement in the dating category. Especially since you have your son. He does see this. And I’m sure there restrictions in place to protect his identity. Children are not stupid. You need to chill out love you for a minute. Men will be there. But, it’s about being there for the long term. And that’s through taking the time to look at who you’re seeing.

  17. Naomi says:

    I love you Royce everything you say makes sense!

  18. muffey says:

    Good for you. My question is, why are you even involved with ghetto rats like Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie? You should separate yourself from this group. Sometimes the money is not worth it.

  19. AM says:

    Royce, I have mad respect for you. I appreciate you sharing your insight & wisdom about life. Keep doing you and yours!!!

  20. Christina says:

    Your decisions to delete your accounts definitely make sense. It seems as if you are a positive, down-to earth- type of woman, which is actually refreshing in the world of TV entertainment. Royce…what I love about you is the fact that you are a woman of passion and drive. You have a passion for dance, therefore you started your own dance company. You have a drive in life to be happy and drama-free, therefore you hang around like-minded people, such as Kesha. You are the only true entrepreneur on this show, and your ability to be a businesswoman means that longevity is in your future. You’re in your early 30s and you have more than enough time to accomplish positive, constructive things in your life. Royce…you are the realist because you separate yourself from the pack. Tami, Jennifer and Evelyn, who are all in their late 30s or early 40s, rely on beauty products (make-up) and T-shirts as a source of income…and this is an epic fail in terms of longevity. Shaunie’s source of income is keeping her Ex-husband’s last name. Let’s be real…Shaunie’s income drops when she drops O’neal from her name. Can someone give me an answer to these questions…What’s Tami’s passion in life? What’s Jennifer’s passion in life? What’s Evelyn’s passion in life? What’s Shaunie’s passion in life? But you Royce…you work one-on-one with girls and you’re helping them make their dreams come true. Being a mentor to young girls and our future is priceless. I congratulate you and commend you on making a difference in this world. You have made a conscious decision to do good in life. Thank you…and please stay true to who you are.

  21. brownskinnedcutie says:

    Good for you Royce! I wouldn’t be concerned with what these no-life, low-life, bitter scallywags who try to bash you have to say. Clearly, they are all up and down your timeline AND blog, while you don’t even know they exist. I’ve never understood why people take time out of their day to come to someone elses site to talk trash or give their ghetto wisdom. No one cares what you think. Royce, do you boo and trust they’ll keep flocking to keep updated on your success and achievements while throwing stones from that apartment they’re renting.

  22. miss kegel says:


  23. Monique says:


    Please realize that your issues with your father affect your relationships. You are projecting onto Dezmon the issues you have with your father. STOP. This last episode was annoying to watch because you really did act like a spoiled, whiny child. You can express your feelings without whining. Storming off just because you don’t like what you are hearing is immature. Even if you have to let tears roll down your face while you hear the truth, do it…storming off like a child is immature and unattractive. It’s also not effective communication. You make people afraid to tell you the truth because of fear of you overreacting. If you truly are growing then please take note that your issues with how you think your father feels about you does compromise your relationship. Dezmon will only take so much of this behavior before it becomes too much ‘work’…relationships are work but not in the way that you are creating it.

  24. Shar says:

    Not cute

  25. Nicole says:

    Toni… u r sad.. u remind me of the go hard evelyn FANS but only its royce. Just because i like a character on a show does not mean im gonna agree with every action they do.
    Showing multiple boyfriends on the show kind of proved what evelyn and her father was saying about her… she claims shes NOT a serial dater but just does not like to be alone.
    Royce has some serious issues and just b/c i like her does not mean im gonna take a blind eye especially when shes taking pictures of her son & dezman asleep together in bed holding each other.
    her father is worried about her son and so am i. IF THIS makes me a hater/jealous whatever the title is ill take it.
    you should stop being a GROUPIE

  26. Colby says:

    Grow up and get some style and CLASS about yourself. All of y’all are WACK!

  27. Reggie says:

    Nobody told you to put your personal business out there. Nobody told you to take pot shots at other people. People that live in glass houses should not throw stones lest they want those same stones thrown back at them. You really do need to think before you speak ,tweet, blog, fb because once its done it’s done and you can’t take it back.

  28. Kelly says:

    Good! If you put your life on those sites, expect to be criticized! Twits…

  29. Sugy says:

    Tonight’s showed that aired by far has taken the cake. My heart went out to Keisha. Tammi was absolutely PATHETIC. A 42 year old bully. IF you want balance put somebody on the show that can get with Tammi. Tammi is a bully plain and simple. A COWARD! The so called STRONG (really a whimp) always pick on the WEAK. There was absolutely no cause for Tammi’s behavior. NONE. Those lil girls commited so many crimes. Tammi stealing her purse because it is stealing when your behavior is unwanted or unsolicited. Tammi has a list stealing, harrasment, bulleying and etc…The other girls breaking and entering. I hope they understand that’s TV not real life and they would have already been GOT in the real world. For the rest of the women that sat by and watched Keisha be a victim of Tammi’s abuse that’s accessory and/or aiding. SHAME ON ALL OF YALL!!!

  30. Arleen says:

    I like Royce but seriously, hun you need to chill out from relationships.. I’m with your dad. You are a beautiful woman and you have so much potentials. Start by repairing your relationship with your father and getting to know Royce before jumping into these relationships.. You are not going to die because you are alone…trust me when you start feeling comfortable with self, the right guy will come your way…

  31. msjay from the "D" says:

    I agree with you totally in that social networking sites has gone out of control., I commend you for being honest and forthright. A mature person is an accountable person. We are not perfect and I cannot stand what I read at times on twitter especially when I see young women, degrade one another, my child was the viciously attacked on these networking sties until the point I had to make a police report for cybef bullying, its terrible, but as you said we all have been guilty of such behavior. Lead by example and I believe that we are responsible for our behaviors online, especially when we as women are trying to set an example, I wish you well and keep growing Ms Royce, I see a very bright future for you.

  32. Lippy says:

    Tammi needs Jesus in the worst way. She is evil and demon- possessed. A exorcism may do her some good. What she did tonight was Bullying. Evelyn and Shaunie should be ashamed of themselves for not intervening and making her stop. They are just as guilty.

  33. Shamel says:

    Royce, you were very articulate in how you conveyed your position on removing your Twitter and FB account. WOW!!! I’m sure glad I am not perfect like some of you (smdh)! I see some very negative and bitter comments on here which are very unfounded. If you actually “READ” (and mentally absorbed) her blog you would know and understand she is unveiling her flaws, indiscretions, and shortcomings and taking the necessary steps to correct them. That is very big of her. I’m sure if your dirty laundry was aired it would be just as bad if not worse. We all have done things we are not proud of. However, I hold firm “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. As long as she learns from her mistakes she will NOT be doomed to repeat them and that is all that matters. Keep in mind things that happen on the show was PRIOR to her deleting her page so no need to keep throwing that up. This was filmed 4-6 months ago so LET IT GO FOLKS!!! As for Royce….best wishes to you on your journey of life :).

  34. Ms. Shantrice says:

    Well Alrighty then.. Deuces. Im proud of the career choices you’ve seem to have made.

  35. Donna says:

    Royce….put your accounts back up. Use them for business or personal and when haters or idiots make comments that you don’t like………just ignore and keep it movin’. You’re a nice girl and certainly one of the nicest on this show so anybody that has something ugly to say about you is probably just a hater and as long as there are beautiful women on top of their game and doing their thing there will be haters. NO ONE IS PERFECT! The best thing you could do would be to LEARN TO IGNORE people that don’t have your best interest.

  36. Maria says:

    Terrible show. Torturing Keisha has bought me back to being battered and mental torture was a beat down. This show has left me with such bad feelings and upset stomach. Bought back very bad memories. This show has fallen in Larry Flynts category. Very bad reviews.Shaunie stay home and be a mother. You can’t be let out. You are trouble in the makings. You bring bad roles models and definitely has no foundation. Go back to school. Learn something. Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie start with finishing school. Polish yourselfs. You broads need it.

  37. Truarieswoman says:

    Well said, your the only one that keeps it real, proud of your decision.

  38. Angela Seldon says:

    It takes a TRUE PERSON to stand for what is right and not be worried what others think. Not being worried about being disliked, Also not being worried about if i be honest will that cause tension between us..Your right, We all have to learn how to communicate with each other. I loved tami ( and still do) However, she made a fool outta herself. We as parents have to set an example for our children and lead by example. A strong women is a women who have a mind of her own and base her opinions on her own not being persuaded by others (suzie). And shauni, im disappointed in her she is just as guilty. Is this what it takes for you to cut back on some of the fighting on the show? You can still have a good show with NO FIGHTING! Evelyn, I am proud of you,,you were sincere and passionate..It was like u embraced kesha like a child. I thank you for that however, you knew that tamie was wrong..Tami only attack the weak..I can understand you not wanting to get involved only to not start any confrontation b/t you and tami.. but a true friend call a friend out when they’re wrong..and a true friend can listen and not be offended. I love all the women on the show..I may not agree with some of the opinions but the one thing i can agree on is we as women need to act like women and hold ourselves to high standards and morals b/c we are all accountable for our actions..

  39. Imjustsayin says:

    Oh wow .. I love your honesty, you go girl!!!! This is awesome … good for you!!!

  40. dee says:

    I agree with you 100%…you go Royce! Words of wisdom…much admiration for you, wishing you the best.

  41. Tonia says:

    Okay Royce, well written. Thats all good, but now you need to get your mind clear about your relationships. No harsh judgement, because every woman has been delusional about a man….but there comes a time… have to think what is really best for you in the long run. What have your previous relationships with men taught you? Here is a bit of wisdom someone once said to me. Look at your situation with that man. Look at how the entire situation with that man makes you feel…..the good, and more importantly, the bad. Now realize that he nor the situation will change…It is what is. Can you live with that? Can you live with a liar? Can you live with a man that plays games with the mother of his child? Can you live with a man that thinks nothing to publicly humiliate you? If you can and none of these issues speak to your better self, then hey, only you have to wake up knowing that you’ve settled for that. Just please dont be a woman who believes she can change a man into a storybook prince.

  42. Tee says:

    Royce, I’m so proud of you! I see that your experince on the show has really shown you that we need more strong black women like you out here! I was so hurt last night watching your show. I couldn’t beleive the way your friend was acting! I want to say more but I will keep as that because if I do I will be no better than your friend. I made a promise to my 12 yr old daughter and myself last night that I will never watch BW again. Last night really took it over the edge for me. As I told my daughter last night “Real women never act that way” I am, my daughter role model and have to act as such! My heart goes out to Tammi’s childern because they now have to face their mothers music! When you know better you will now do better!

  43. Something Smells...Fishy says:

    I’ll be brief, and you’ll be Royce (lol) Sorry, i just could’nt resist. Seriously, though something does not quiiiiite ring true hear, and time will tell. I Completely agree with poster Nicole’s comments on May 14th @ 2:55 pm..well said. Additionally, She Boom Boom (2cute) I have said this about Royce’s photo repeatedly, to no avail. Hopefully she’ll get it. and if not…She won’t
    Have a beautiful & positive day everyone.

    P.S. To those of you who seem to think Royce (perhaps it’s only Royce) is a role model to young girls, look to someone in your own circle of family of friends for your role model, and not reality stars, athletes, and actors to fill the postion that should be filled by your parents, and God (or vice versa)

    That’s all I have for this blog.


  44. Becca says:

    AMEN! It’s time we start living in the real world! Yes,I read People Online, but NO social networking! If you have friends, be with them, call them, do things!! Who cares about what others are saying about yourself or others behind a screen or phone. It’s become SOOOO distasteful and juvenile! Time for Life to be LIVED and not hidden away from…… it’s LIFE, LIVE IT!! Good for you, Royce, finally some more mature people realizing what a wasteful life they are living. It seems it only brings out negativitiy and social skills have gone to the dogs! Plus, now, everyone is scrutinized, causing arguments, frivolous BS and now lawyers, judges, etc. can use this info against or FOR you….. not a grown ups thing……. we LIVE LIFE…. ;) Enjoy yours!!

  45. redbone1954 says:

    Good job Royce I have always admired the way you handle yourself on this show and the way you handled conflict. You are so correct you don’t need all that mess to validate yourself you seem like a great person and a good Mom! Yea! Good for you

  46. Jade says:

    Royce, I love that you tell it like it is, and are not afraid of the other girls. Even though you and Tami were friends you always made it known when you felt she was acting a fool. Evelyn and Shaunie could take a lesson from you!

  47. keekee says:

    I love you Royce, I thought you were somebody that stood up for yourself, but lately all you have been doing is crying, stop all the crying and act like the Royce I love.

  48. Angela says:

    Royce, you are very young. I think you got caught up in the mess really early. But, you got out. STAY OUT! Work on achieving your goals and taking care of your child. I am rooting for you!

  49. Deb says:

    Smart move, Royce. When people r not part of the conversation words are often taken out of context. Good Luck (or “Break a leg.” as they say on the stage) on your acting career.

  50. Mommi says:

    Go on girl, with your baaaad self !!!

  51. #teamRR says:

    Double R….I cannot claim to know you beyond the “edited” person portrayed on bbw or the twitter responses; but I will say this…I love the growth & maturity expressed in this blog. No one is perfect, but the wisdom you are currently showing speaks volumes. Keep your head high, take it one day at a time and keep your pledge as your daily mantra. As always I am rooting for you; who God bless no man curse, so I leave you with this…..may God bless you Royce Lyndsay Reed and may all that you touch grow in abundance and prosperity. One Love!

  52. CeCe Purcell says:

    Good for you Royce. Well said!

  53. marcelene says:

    Those are some nice jeans you were did u get them from and were can I find the cheaper version

  54. Kninoiz says:

    Royce Lyndsay Reed was a victim by Evelyn,cause of Suzie.
    Royce Lyndsay Reed was a victim by Jennifer,cause of Suzie.
    Keisha Nichols was a victim by Drunk Tami,cause of Suzie.
    Twitter,nor Facebook caused this,Suzie caused this on the show,through her mouth.
    Royce Lyndsay Reed is a teacher of the arts,plus she is a learner of other arts.
    Most are proud of her accomplishments on and off the screen.
    She “only” shows her true feelings on the show….
    Good luck………..

  55. Back up here says:

    I think this is more about the fact you aided this attack on Kesha.YOU were the one that brought Kesha’s comments about Tami, back to Tami. You along with Suzie… No? This is just CYA time, unless I’m missing something here.
    The choice of pics here are ridiculous and make me wonder about you? Sorry, but bra and jeans for a god buy missive?

  56. Karen says:

    Here is the address for VH1 along with the phone number and fax number. HEADQUARTERS VH1 1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036
    Phone: 212-258-7800
    Fax: 212-846-1753

    A letter should be sent to each one separately. If we want results we have to initiate them! Address your concerns to: Steve Thompson Owner,

    Tom Caldaron President,
    Fred Graver General Manager VH1

    Write to these people to boycott this crap…please be sure to mention Trashy Tami and Evil Evelyn, but lets not forget Shaunie…she is the instigator and needs to see that we will not support this trash any longer

  57. Karen says:

    From day one you are the classiest, most real person on BBW. I wish you well!

  58. DRA says:

    Good for you Royce. Keep up the good work.

  59. Elizabeth says:

    @Back up here, were u there? Do u know for a fact that it was Royce and not Suzie’s gossiping ass? Probably not. And why does it matter what she’s wearing? She’s not ass naked. Relax.

  60. Csa says:

    I commend you. Couldn’t have said it better myself but believe me when I say this people give you more credit than you think. Even your haters keep it up. We need more leaders like you.

  61. Tanya says:

    Royce thanks for being a leader and not a follower. Thanks for not being afraid to tell tami when she is wrong. U always did from day 1. Total respect for u.tami e tried to throw u u der the bus by saying u repeated keisha’s words to her. U get mad props for the open letter to tami o. Ricky smiley. U r a class act Royce. Keep doing u.

  62. jazzy says:

    Why do you continue to get with these losers? Listen to your father and find somone your age, and thats not looking for thier own show. Good luck Lady.

  63. Dana - Clean Up says:

    Royce, we wishj you much success in yoiur personal and professional ife.

    Please delete Tami , as you clean up your life. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for another headache and heartache. Because she is not your friend, under any conditions.

  64. Diane says:

    Royce, stay in prayer and build a trusting relationship with your creator. He will never lead you wrong, and he is the only man that can be trusted in your life.

    Some people talk badly about God, so we should know that some people will talk badly about us. We only have on perfect judge and he is our Heavenly Father.

    Stay strong in prayer, keep the faith, and God will give you the desires of your heart and perfect that which concerns you.

  65. Transparency says:

    Royce, I commend your transparency. I choose to remain obscure because of what you point out — public attention is not so much fun and anyone can take a potshot at your person, livelihood and esteem. I pray your stay grounded and if you choose to remain in the public eye be a light bearer. Your transparency and honesty is helpful and poignantly insightful — as it points out the problems of social mediums and fame and their affects which has it price, its pros and cons.

    We don’t know you but only observe presented segments of your life. But reality has the seductive quality of making us feel like we have a right to be apart of your world as you want to be apart of of ours — even it is from a celluloid distance. That is the double-edged sword.

    Hope all works out for you. God bless you and all the best.

  66. rcansawgirl says:

    Royce, all I can say is…..I admire you a lot. After reading this article/statement, I totally agree with you. I mentor girls as well, and I am currently attending school to get my Psychology degree. I have found myself deleting so-called friends, and unfollowing people as well. But the one thing that stood out to me is, getting rid of the NEGATIVITY. Our lives as women, BLACK women are hectic and chaotic enough without having negative vibes, or people surrounding us. We take so many things for granted, like picking up the phone, just to hear a person’s voice, until it is unreal. I can appreciate the fact you are stepping away from the negativity and allowing your life to flow into what GOD has anointed you to do….dance and teach. Be encouraged and be Royce Lyndsay Reed forever!!!!!