Some Early Pictures From The Basketball Wives Reunion Taping


Suzie Evelyn Shaunie Basketbal Wives Reunion
The Basketball Wives reunion was filmed this weekend in Los Angeles, and contrary to anything you may have heard, the whole cast was in attendance and in rare form. We’ll have more dispatches from the reunion, including behind-the-scenes photos, interviews, and clips to show you soon, but in the meantime, check out some of the photos taken by the ladies themselves from the set on Saturday for a look at their reunion fashions.

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  1. mike savage says:

    the women on basketball wives are sexy as hell and gold diggers

  2. B says:

    Eve think she Beyonce or what??? Still look good though…

  3. Patang says:

    Eve’s colors don’t match and that outfit is ghastly…SMDH

  4. fRANCES REYES says:

    I used 2 watch 2 C how AA women acted. I remember a reunion show where Royce and Evelyn got N2 it N i sided with Royce. This season has been the worst! VH1 needs 2 CANCEL the show as it shows these monster women N the worst light with Shaunie t2 blame 4 letting it go on 4 sooooo long. Buck-tooth Evelyn and nasty-face Tami need to be jailed–their actions are CRIMINAL. If I was a violent person–how I would love to kick their fat asses! How John Salley can laugh at their antics is beyond me. Wise up Johnnie Boy–would U want any of those dummies as a significant other? Ochocinco needs to wise up fast. They are an embarassment to women everywhere and should be taken off the air. They stink!

  5. JboogyJ says:

    Eve you need to keep that stomache covered up…PLEASSSE!!!

  6. muffey says:

    I am willing to represent Jen at no charge. I have lost 6 criminal cases out of too many to count. Shaunie and her ghetto rats need to be taken off the air. Evelyn and Tami are two of the nastiest, meanest people I have ever seen. I pray to God I never come across low class people like them in real life. Shaq should take his kids from that instigating Shaunie. Shaunie, how would it feel if a low class, ghetto kid beat upon one of your children? Education separates the goats from the sheep. Jen, Royce and the young girl from the south are the only decent people on this show.

  7. VH1 in digust.... says:

    Get rid of Al Bundy on Vh1 Classic
    Show Frank Zappa Classic Albums instead
    and I don’t watch Basketball Wives, Mob Wives, or any of that crap…..
    Vh1 Classic MORE ROCK – LESS CRAP! NOW!!

  8. Tina B says:

    I don’t understandy why folks think Evelyn is sooo pretty. If I had ppl doing my hair daily, styling me in fancy clothes and putting pounds of make-up on my face, I’d look like a million bucks too! Most woment do! After all that make-up is removed and them hair extenstions are out, she’s average just like the next chic…

  9. VICKI says:


  10. S.o.S says:

    `LoVe the new LooKs!!! ;})

  11. dehope says:

    I hope this is the last, shawnie you have made some money call it quits it’s tired now, see grown women act like teens, is just sickening, really the country is trying to get rid of bullying and eve or tammy are listening, it’s a done deal, the pics look a hot mess like most of youall are!!!!!!!!!

  12. jenn, u need to stay away from the haters, and that is evelyn. tami, shaunie and that other girl which she is not important just cause she works for eveyln don’t mean anything. you need to get like royce and stay away from all of them, and watch suzie with her double tounge. cause she can’t be trusted either.just do ujennifer and be happy. oh why are u going to tathi with them? please explain that!

  13. TruBlue says:

    I like Jennifer and Kenya. They look gorgeous!. Suzie need to get a life with her messy self. Suzie is the biggest troublemaker ever,and gets away with everything. Shaunie is a sneaky person and can’t be trusted. Evelyn and Tami are ignorant women with no class.

  14. tonia dalton says:

    Why does evenly and tammy think it’s alright to be bullies it look’s so trashy, you can tell that’s what thier about and there upbring can’t take the hood out of a hood rat….

  15. stacey eccles says:

    royce send me a pair of them shoes girl . very nice . in a 10 thanks. lmao. im serious tho.

  16. nicole thompson says:

    What kind of shoes does Royce have on?

  17. Sacha says:

    Basketball wives needs to either be discontinued or the script changed.
    Its not teaching our kids or the community anything. Just a bunch of women who have time on their hands and want to fight and swear on TV.
    Its too ghetto and if you were wondering yes im black but i hate it.
    Its a disgrace to african american women.

  18. john verson says:

    smh tammi is messy and i aint referring to her unkept weave.

  19. mari ramirez says:

    tami roman needs couples therapy,for her devil/angel .victim/perpatrator she needs to go on the biggest loser.she looked like a wild elephant.

  20. yanique says:

    hey jen, as usual u look tight. keep being the lady u are. hold ur head up

  21. Lisa says:

    Susie is phony and a trouble maker! Tammi is a big bully.

  22. Maude says:

    Tammy is a bully. It sickens me to see how the girls do not stand up to her and sit back and just watch her abuse people. If you do not speak up against abuse you become part of the problem and become just as guilty as the abuser. Really Tammy? Do you really not realize how wrong you are? I hope it’s just theatrics to “up” the ratings because that is truly sick. No human being should EVER be treated like that. Rise above it.

  23. Alicia j says:

    Tami Roman needs to be fired, she is a bully. Let’s class up the show and stop all the fights.

  24. Tonia says:

    Kesha needed to stand up for herself but Tami needs to stop acting like some damn animal. She talks about acting grown then acts like a 2-year-old on some ADD temper tantrum and that nasty lookin Susie needs to keep her big damn mouth shut with that damn lisp. Shes nothing but a useless instigator and Evelyn and Shaunie? U should be even more disgusted with urselves than Tami and Susie. Just sitting there while Tami terrorizes and attacks people is pathetic. This show has gotten sickening.

  25. Ms Mason says:

    Tammie is a poor excuse of a mother. She says Kesha acting like a child when in fact she is the childish one. Everyone needs to stop watching this show and stop supporting these abusive women. You may expect this of teenagers, but grown woman, really!!! They act like they never been talked about, they talked about Jesus Christ Tammie, so what exempts you from being talked about??? I’m sure your girls are embarrassed to say you are their mom right about now. Tammie obviously needs love and is crying out for attention or maybe it ‘s the money that makes them sell their souls to the devil.

  26. Jen says:

    I pity the men that are in relationships with Tami and Evelyne. Thank God Shaq came to his senses, dont know how he put up with that woman.
    This is the worst show to ever be aired on TV!!

    Its nasty!!!!!

  27. Disgusted with this show says:

    Tammy you are a disgusting and you never call yourself a woman or a mother. Your a mother, disgusting. Grown mature, Black Women do not act like you. You are an animal!!!!!!!!!

    You make us look BAD!!!! Shame on you Shaundie for even letting something like that to happen on YOUR show. No respect for you anymore.

    Suzie, totally expect that from your a coward and people around you should see you for who you are.

  28. Judge j says:

    Tammy is a bully and should be ashamed of herself. She has 2 daughters…I wonder how she would like it if someone was treating her daughters like she is treating Keysha. Perhaps she should consider giving up alcohol as part of her anger management. She is a disgrace! Try to be a role modl instead of a cliche!!

  29. Nicole says:

    I have to say tonight’s episode is the worst thing I’ve seen on tv. The bullying by Tami & Evelyn is just unacceptable. Both of them are queens of disrespectful. I can’t believe their behavior & more importantly I can’t believe the other women sat there & let it happen. It’s ok if people don’t like one another, but that doesn’t mean they should feel unsafe in someone’s presence. Tami & Evelyn should not be allowed on tv. Susie is just waste of space! Shaunie is a poor example of a business woman. All black people don’t come from the ghetto or have a ghetto mentality. These women don’t respect people that are different from them. If Shaunie truly wants to change the image of these show, then she needs to fire Tami & Evelyn.

  30. Sherina Bert says:

    I am in total disgust about tonight’s episode ! Tammy was an absolute BULLY! As a teacher I am constantly talking to my students about bullying! Tammy should not have been able to do what she did to that young lady! As an adult I was in tears for Keisha, she was bullied to no extent. I will no longer support the show!

  31. Nat says:

    Tami is TRASH

  32. SHERI says:


  33. JazzyPooh says:

    I must say… I have never posted a comment on a blog before but I feel compelled to do so after watchig this weeks episode of BasketBall Wives. These “ladies” and their behavior are a poor representation of what real women are. My friends (or enimies for that matter) and I NEVER act this way-bullying, cursing, playing pranks, and embarrasing each other in public. It is sad that they seem to thrive in these environments. Keisha- I am so sorry that you were treated that way and you don’t owe these women ANYTHING. I hope VH1 will make the decision that displaying this foolery in prime time is irresponsible and bad business.

  34. Judge j says:

    Oh and really Evelyn you have a child going to college and you’re putting fish in the girls room. What is wrong with you all!! I really don’t think I can watch this train wreck anymore. And althought I don’t agree with all the bullying someone really should slap Suzie…she is a two faced back stabbing trouble maker. I am sure all of your children are embarrassed to tell anyone you are their mothers….especially you Shaunie!!

  35. Miss B says:

    Tammi somebody needs to threaten your freedom. You do not represent what a black woman should be….

  36. nickey says:

    Suzi is a big mouth snake. She runs and tells everything, she is the one that Ev and Tami need to be checking for running her jacked up mouth. She talks like she has been sucking or done sucked on something for too long she should keep that mouth close. Or someone needs to shut it for her.

  37. Tonya Leonard says:

    Hope they read all of this on here…

  38. Tammy is classically displaying school yard bullying. It is not accepted there and it should not be accepted on the show.

  39. oj says:

    Sacha i totally agree with u…I already block the channel in my house

  40. Mel says:

    I watched the most recent episode of Basketball Wives Miami. It is so dishearting to see women treat each other in such a hateful, demeaning manner. The way that Tami treated Keisha was totally unacceptable! Even if Keisha did say something about Tami, it didn’t warrent the type of reaction that she gave. It was clear that Keisha was totally afraid of Tami, which made Tami come across as a complete BULLY!!!! I totally don’t understand the mentality of these women and the way they treat each other. I thought the series was created to show the sisterhood and bond that these women shared but obviously that idea has been lost admist all of the fighting and verbal abuse that takes place. I hope after watching themselves on tape these women will take time to reflect on who they are as human beings and realize that we are all connected and at the end of the day we all want the same things in our lives; peace, love and happiness!!!!

  41. Simonne says:

    Every week the women on basketball wives act worse and worse. Those ignorant women just keep on reaching a new low. That dumb Tami and stupid ignorant ghetto Evelyn, and the coniving SHAUNIE.Shaunie is always instigating, then playing like she’s all innocent in the matter, she’s so fake it’s not even funny. She’s two faced and stright phoney.They are all just super “OLD” ass kids who never grew up. Anti -bullying should be enforced on that show, what a poor example to show young ladies. It seems like all their daughters are more mature than they are. They are such bad examples of parents its not even funny. That dead fish was so immature it wasn’t even funny. The women will never be nothing but low class examples of airheads….I mean who does something so ignorant, I could never see any of the women all getting together to prank Evelyn, Tami or Shaunie. I’m done with this show after tonight, it’s just all too ignorant for me.

  42. SHERI says:


  43. ATL diva says:

    You are so cute…love you on the show!!

  44. Kia says:


  45. I hate this show says:

    This show is awful!! I see why they are not wives!! Awful Awful…..VH1 cancel this show….it’s some BS!!

  46. Toni says:

    Wow! Just saw the new episode and my goodness Tami is a beast, she came out so bad on Kesha and that was horrible to do. It was disgusting to watch Tami is a bully and got the nerve to demand respect from someone when she doesn’t give any respect anyone else, she is an evil ugly beast who is a bully.

  47. Aubrey P. says:

    I’m so disturbed with tonight’s episode! Tami is completely out of control. I think Kesha, Kenya, Jennifer and whoever else who continues to be physically threatened and verbally abused need to hold the producers and network responsible for allowing this volatile behavior to continue. Tami and Evelyn and those who behave like them need to be held accountable for their actions. Nobody deserves to be treated in such a manner.

  48. Wanda says:

    During a time when so many are participating in anti-bullying campaigns to help our children, it’s an enourmous disgrace that Tami is allowed to bully Kecia that way. Bullying is not acceptable behavior at any age.

  49. ahaley says:

    I watched your show for about one month. And, am so embarrased for those black women.
    They are exploiting the ghetto imagine of the black ghetto women. Which is big, loud mouth and vulgar. And,is not true, being from the ghetto does not mean vulgar.I have yet to see an episode about education and respect. I suppose it appeals to a certain segment of the population, I however will not be watching it again. I have had enough of it! I would think that the creators and producers would not allow this embarassment to the black community. But it makes money
    so they to have no respect for the black community. If I would have been involved in those episodes I would have sued everyone involved. Vh1 should cancel it, solely because it demoralizes the black community.

  50. Shawn says:

    Please get rid of this show! Tami is disgusting! A sorry excuse of a human being! Kesha is such a lady and Tami is clearly jealous. What a Worthless woman!

  51. Nikki says:

    I was very dissapointed at Tammi’s behavior on Monday’s episode. She didn’t have to talk to Kesha like that while on vacation. For heaven sake they came so far to hear all of that mouth. Shaunie (producer) doesn’t even try to intervene while Tammi is belittling Kesha. I would have left too. She could have had that conversation with Kesah on that 20hr flight there. Tammi need to be ashamed of herself acting like a animal since she has 2 teen girls. Please VH! get Tammi off the show ASAP!!!! Bullies are not wanted!!!!

  52. I don't understand says:

    Tami is out of control! She said she didn’t offend keisha, but how about if someone said to her that she didn’t look like a Tami, but a Quashida, She doesn’t scare any body, she pray on the weak. I’m Puerto Rican, and look like keisha, and I wish she would try one of us, you wanna impress somebody, come to Paterson NJ, and pick on one of us, see what happens. when you were on the the beach you look like a man in a dress. We all have issue and things that happen to us when we were little, don’t make your problem our problem.

  53. Shawntay S. Smith says:

    I am disappointed that this show promotes bullying. Shaunie should be ashamed of herself. Tami is the worst bully of the all. Tami and Eve are the reason why I don’t care for the basketwives.
    These two so called women have zero class. This show should be canceled.

  54. Ms. Kitty says:

    Too much mess and stupidity among women who should use their talents to promote black women in a positive light. The gum smacking (Tami), table jumping (Evelyn), mess starting (the chick with the lisp) with no one to intervene (Shaunie) is sending the wrong message to young girls who are now on You Tube emulating the same acts. A pity to watch and I will not be a part of this anymore. Passing the word on to others to do the same.

  55. Miss L says:

    The police should have arrested Tami for theft of property. A search of her room would have revealed she clearly had the purse and it content. Deportation back to the US and jail would help her anger issues. Taking the purse was Criminal and she should have paid the price with detainment and Jail. Then please release her from the show.

  56. mary says:

    I am very glad to see change comming .This season was wild, the ladies seemed more like high schoolers than acomplished women.I have watched since day one but if next season is anything like this season i wont be.Thumbs up shaunie for change keep up the good work

  57. Dan says:

    Jennifer is the one person on the Basketball wives who is beautiful and classy. It is my hope that the others will learn something from her. I have not made up my mind yet if I trust Kenya. Keisha should have mores of a backbone and not let anyone ridicule her as Tami does. Suzi is not to be trusted at all. Evelyn could use a little polishing as she has great potential to be a good person, she too is a beautiful person.. Foul and vile language is not how real ladies discuss issues.

  58. So Over It says:

    Shanie, Suzie, Evelyn and Tami you are a DISGRACE. Nothing more. I will not be watching next season and I hope this show gets pulled. Such disgusting behavior on ALL of your parts–from behaving like a wild animal (Tami) to sitting there and not trying to tame the wild animal that is in your presence (Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie). Who the hell is Tami for someone to bow down to and bend their moral principles? Nobody. Absolutely nobody, that’s who. The behavior on tonight’s episode was utterly disgusting and completely childish…including that fish prank. Shaunie you should be ashamed producing this hot mess of a show and you can only sit there and say that you THINK it will change.

  59. Lynda Barr says:

    Tammy get some class from Keisha! Then go see your therapist!

  60. SGR says:















  61. bk-gal56 says:

    Tonight’s episode made me sicck yo my stomach. Tami bullied Keisha until she was horrified, that is not acceptable. If the show is going to be cancelled, it would be a plus. I was so tense watching that episode, hoping that Shaunie would do something but no. This is not a positive showing of fellowship, promotion or maturity. Suzi, Evelyn & Tami you should all be ashamed. Shaunie, you should be taken to jail for robbing VH-1 of their money. Unbelievable!

  62. WENDY says:


  63. Kiki says:

    You all look pretty but I Im sorry Suzie is a big mouth & they should kick her in the mouth cause when Evelyn wanted to fk u up u acted the same way as Kesha, Shaunie & Evelyn ur just as bad to sit there & watch there, but Shaunie is scared of Tami & Evelyn I dont know you were my girls!!!

  64. Barbie2 says:

    I just want a one on one with suzie, three rounds, for an hour each round!!

  65. PEGGY AMUKER says:

    Tammy , threapy is not working. You and Evenyl are big bullies. you haven’t meet the right sister, shaunie shame on you.

  66. WENDY says:

    and how would tami feel if someone treated he no talent daughters like that i wish my daughters would ever bring any material into my presence i would ground them i see why Kenny left her ass her dusty puffy trifling ass

  67. Kisha says:

    WOW! Truly sad to see GROWN women BULLYING! Tami bullied an innocent woman that did NOT want to fight her…and felt good about doing it. Your mother or kids can not be proud of her behavior. Tami and Evelyn are both BULLIES. Evelyn is crying but did the exact same thing to Jennifer and Kenya weeks earlier. It’s clear the women are scared and dont want to fight….and they (just like high school bullies) target the weak ones every time. Tami what Kisha said did not warrant what you did to her. She didn’t even say anything bad. You bully her if she don’t talk – you bully when she tries to stand up for herself too. And Shaunie I am so disappointed in you…you and Evelyn felt bad but not bad enough to stop the BULLY while she was bullying!! Cowards!! No one stood up for that girl when Tami was bullying her and thats sad. KISHA these girls are NOT your friend. They didn’t come to you until way after it was over and only felt bad when you broke down crying. They did not help you at all while you were being bullied. I wish I could have been there with you and for you. Kisha you were the only one who did the right thing. Stay strong.

  68. mary says:

    Tonight’s show was such a disgusting case of bullying…Tammi still having the nerve to demand an apology. Prey on the weak, that’s the only way you know to feel good about yourself.

  69. nae says:

    Tammi is truly a bully and is just so flipping ghetto. I feel so bad for Kesha. She should really get rid of her so called friend Suzie who seem to always pretend to be a friend and back stabs ppl just to not be center of attention.

  70. Ann says:

    Where is that petition to sign to Boycott this show off the air. I will sign it and then pass it around for others to sign it. Those who agree with Tami’s actions are just like here — Bully’s!!! Kesha, hold your head high — you’re a lady with class. No one should have endured what you went through on this trip. I can only imagine how your Mother was feeling. Tami will get her’s — those daughters are going to send her through pure hell. She’s not fit to be a Mother. Whether this scene was fiction or non-fiction, it time to end it!

  71. Why??? says:

    Why??? Tammy!!! REALLY! I’m concerned about how you display anger. Who cares about what you think? I thought you was changing for the better however; you allow something that Susie who always runs her mouth get you in a uproar. I don’t understand why all of y’all sit around and let each other act a fool! Shaunie is making her money off y’all. I got one question, why haven’t Shaunie had odds with anyone? Is it because she’s writing the check. Tammy, I wonder why everyone can offend you but you don’t offend others. In addition, it has nothing to do with having a backbone. You are angry, bitter and need solutions on how to deal socially after having a drink. One of you get a backbone and tell Tammy that she is wrong!

  72. Char says:


  73. kia williams says:

    love you guys

  74. Mena Bellamy says:

    Can’t wait for the reunion! Jennifer and Kenya look like drag queens. :-O

  75. shstarlight says:

    Somebody need to hit suzy in her damn mouth, talking about Keisha is stupid for getting the police involved. Ugly talking helfer, you started all the mess, it should have been you! Its going to come back on you suzy.

  76. Catherine W. says:

    I really want this show off the air…This show really makes me physically sick to my stomach. Episode 12 was horrible and awful that VH1 is basically showing Adult Bullying on national tv. Tami is out of control,and the fact that a 5th season was actually picked up is BS. She really shouldn’t be on the next if she is going to make a such a fool of herself when she has so many young girls that watch/look up to her. Shame on you VH1 and the rest of the women that sit back and don’t be honest about how Tami (not excluding the behavior Evelyn,cause she is just as bad) acts. I personally won’t be watching anymore cause it’s crazy and not becoming.

  77. Kacey says:

    Tami needs to grow up and act her age. Her behavior was not called for in tonights episode. As for Suzie she just needs to learn to keep her mouth to herself, and stop stiring the pot. Kesha I only wish she at least stood up for herself and stood her ground.

  78. BRONXGIRL67 says:

    WTF???? Since when is bullying okay?? Shaunie is the perfect example of a person who throws the rock and hides her hand. No one has ever intervened, when the big bad wolf TAMI is terrorizing the helpless little pig KEISHA. Someone needs to tell Tami that she has a drinking problem and can not hold her liquor, SHAUNIE. Its amazing that we as women are depicted in the horrible light. I will no longer support VH1 and the BASKETBALL WIVES franchise. I am wondering what are their children’s opinion about their MOTHERS behavior. The country is battling bullying, we are losing children everyday because they can not take the pressure of being BULLIED. So, how can we as adults stand by and allow this behavior. This is a serious issue and if KEISHA reconciles with TAMI shes nuts. TAMI needs help, she also lied about her being the only one around when KEISHA walked away from her bag. I would have had TAMI ass arrested too, that would have prevented me from whooping her ass and going to jail myself. I do not promote violence, but I do understand if you have HAD ENOUGH! So where does VH1 stands in their part in this BAD BEHAVIOR, are you VH1 accepting any responsibility. JUST SAY NO TO BULLYING!! P.S THIS IS NOT THE BAD GIRLS CLUB!!

  79. mederma says:

    Why would a normal human being hide dead fish all over someones room and say “it’s just a joke”? It’s clear that they don’t like Kenya and they are trying to antagonize her. I don’t think it’s funny at all, they should be ashamed, but why would they feel shame when they can so easily physically attack someone. Tami, Suzie and Evelyn need to go!!

  80. Thea says:

    Shawnie you had a good chance to have something good as a black woman, and you choose to have a trashy show with trash talking woman. There are some people that don’t want African Americans to have a show and look down on us and you fed right into the bull. Right on Shawnie make your children proud!

  81. SHELITA says:


  82. JazzyRedd says:

    SoulSister Royce

  83. Lois Taylor says:

    Use to love it, but now their is physical contact and Bullying, so said, I am a mother, I will never watch it again, these ladies are mothers shame on you for showing your true colors, Love you Royce find another show you have a lot more class then all of them for sure.

  84. Chaun says:

    I was totally and completely disgusted by the behavior of the all the women tonight. I was almost brought to tears by Tami’s actions and the fact the NO ONE would stand up to her or reason with her to stop bullying Kesha. Shaunie has a responsibility as a producer to intercede when the behavior is out of control but she did nothing! So sad. I have watched BBW since the first season and can honestly say this is my last season. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  85. ktb says:

    I thought this was supposed to be Basketball Wives….that goes to show why they are not married.Real women do not conduct themselves like this….such a waste of airtime….Dear Tami, I pray that God touch your heart in a very special way…I see that you’re dealing with a lot of insecurities, probably from your past. Stop blaming everyone for what you have gone through as a child…you suppose to live and learn, and share with others your positive outcomes. Sister, I’ve been there. Seek God, and you’ll have peace….God bless…

    I order to do better, you’ll know better

  86. WooH says:

    Suzie’s comment that she hadn’t done anything like this (putting fish in Kenya’s room) since she was 17 years old, said it all. Grow up ladies! And I’m sorry, the only people who suffered for that incident, were the hotel staff who had to clean it up. No wonder they call us the ugly Americans.” Tami, you STOLE THE PURSE! Anyway you look at it, it was theft. The authorities should have been called. I just don’t know if this show can be redeemed.

  87. Jules says:

    After watching tonight’s show I am very disappointed. The whole show could be used as an example of bullying behavior. Tammy and Evelyn are bullies. I am shocked at the fact that they would actually physically intimidate someone on national tv. I am deeply saddened that this behavior is showcased with African-American women.
    Tammi needs help. She needs AA and anger management counseling. She needs to apologize to Kesha for not only the bullying incidents but the highly offensive comments about her race. Hopefully, she can really get a good look at herself and realize that she needs intensive help. Taking Keisha’s purse, going through her things — so not ok.
    Suzie needs to control herself too. Why is she constantly stirring the pot? Why did Evelyn, Shaunie, and Suzie not say to Tammi that she should stop because her behavior crossed the line. Especially, “stealing” Keisha’s bag. When you take something that does not belong to you. It is stealing. I am not a Tammi fan at all and I would like to see her off the show.
    Also, the fish prank was not funny. I just see mean girls written all over that incident. Shame on you ladies. Bully behavior is so not cool.

  88. TLC123 says:

    These “CHILDREN” on this show absolutely makes me sick now. A dam shame. Tami, ignoranmous, Suzie, desparado, Evelyn, skank and Shaunie, Sub -zero.

  89. Rhonda Smith says:

    the three evil “b’s”. Where’s the fourth one, Tami? She must be backstage getting fitted for her straight-jacket.

  90. Shstarlight says:

    Tami, you owe the biggest apology to Keisha, you suppose to be the bigger woman. You an elder to her Tami. Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, Jen, and Kenya, STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER, PLEASE!!!!!!! If you want a real vacation, please do not communicate with each other unless God blessed you all to have a descent conversation.

  91. Shstarlight says:

    All in all, this show is a lost cost and needs to be fired!! Too much violence among women who are suppose to be mature and grown. Who have complete self control of their actions. You all don’t and its so pitiful, just so pitiful. Tami, I hope you have bodyguards!

  92. Nikki says:

    Today show was so sad because the way Tammi was acting towards Keisha was a dam shame. We as black women need to encourage each other not tire them down. Tammi needs to read the word because God loves everyone and we need treat each other like God treats us with unconditional. For as Suzy she not anyone friend she is just to dam messy. Shaunie need to get some really Basetball wives not exgirlfriends.

  93. Not A Wife says:

    Why is Evelyn on the show? She has never been a basketball wife.
    She only shacked up with a basketball player.

  94. jada s says:

    Another thing…. so what if she said something about you and don’t want to tell your crazy ass to your face Tami. Who the f#$@ are you!?!? Nobody owes you anything. YOU ARE CRAZY, GET HELP!!

  95. not funny says:

    The fish prank was not funny!
    If someone was to do Evelyn like that, she would be ready to fight!

  96. tiya says:

    I’m speechless right now. Tammy really took off that “I’m real” mask and has shown the world them red horns on the top of her head. I understand she is dealing with issues from her past but that dont give her the right to treat someone the way she did tonight. Who cares if she said something about you behind your back. Who are you? Tonights episode has changed my whole outcome on the show to the point where its no longer a show of interest to me. Evelyn and Shauni could see that Tammys behavior was out of control but yet they did nothing to stop it. Are you both afraid of her? If she’s suppose to be your friend, you should be able to tell her when she is wrong and you both clearly held your tongues but you felt it was ok to comfort Keisha when she wasnt around. What kind of friends are you? I cant believe most of you women on the show can get so angry over someone talking about you. It would be a different story if they put they hands on you but thats not the case. Its gotten to the point where Tammy really believe the lies that come out of her mouth. The whole world saw you take her purse but yet she left it there and you was being a good friend and picked it up. LOL! Imma end it on this note. Tammy, Shauni, Evelyn, and Suzie snitching a** need to grow up and start acting like women. All this fighting crap is getting old. Bullying people aint cute at all!

  97. Mel says:

    I am a true believer in Karma. These women will all get what they deserve. Well actually perhaps you ALL already got what you deserve. None of you are wives. All of you are clearly miserable. Oh and bitter. Evelyn and Tami =psycho Shaunie=bitter/sneaky Suzie & Kenya = loony toones Jen& Keisha =space cadets and Royce=???? All of you=SAD!!!

  98. LVT says:


  99. looking like a fool says:

    The way Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie act has diminish the way they look.
    These are not attactive woman anymore. Evelyn and Tami look like ‘low-rent’ rats.
    Tami look like an old ghetto mess with those big tattoos on her arms.
    Evelyn is NOT an African American woman and we do not need to adopt this wild animal.
    Shaunie looks like a blood stucking weasel and Suzie is a ‘no shape, two-face ugly snow-ho.
    Jennifer, don’t get in the dirt with these wanna-be nuts!
    Money can’t buy you class!

  100. smh says:

    I really used to enjoy this show but tonight I decided to watch it while lying in bed with my 4 year old daughter that was in time out. I feel like I have committed a horrible crime. My little girl was watching me watch a television show that should have the plug pulled long ago. My frustration lies with Suzy and Tami. Tami is one sick individual she should be at someones state hospital and on some sort of depression medication. What is she teaching her daughters? To confront whoever says something about them. Hell they talked about Jesus Christ. Suzy has stated that she was not BLACK but she continues to instigate fights amongst who should be sisters. Mrs. Shaunie is a hot mess, doesn’t she realize that her daughter will probably be bullied because of her size. These GIRLS may think they are hiding their evil ways from their children but one day they will c their mothers true colors. I know many women in this world that have experienced one form of abuse or another but to keep the cycle going is sickening. I absolutely cannot support this show ever again. These women make my stomach ball up in pieces. BLACK and super stupid allowing a non sister to keep Bulls**t amongst you. Each one of us women that view this show as insane and disrespectful to our race and further more for all races to view us and judge us accordingly should vow to teach one. EACH ONE TEACH ONE! Ms. Shaunie your children may be rich but are bully prone. You of all people should have enough money to not have to keep this negativity going on in our black community. I am praying that you guys try something more positive with the fame the good lord has blessed you with…Until then you guys need to do some real soul and history searching and not prove to racist americans that we are as ignorant as they claim we are.

  101. Sal says:

    You guys are watching it and commenting and will probably keep watching it. If you wanted it cancelled you would stop watching it! So stop complainingabout it and it was renewed for a 5th season because you all watching it. Raitings keep a show alive….duh! Don’t watch it anymore if you don’t like it….stop whining and complaining if your going to just tune in next week…smh! I watch the show and feel that they need to do better. Hopefully they learn from this for season 5

  102. lady v says:

    this is the image of black women you want to portray?? sad

  103. S.D. Reynolds says:

    This show tonight was the lowest ever…..Tami your ass would have been arrested if that was my bag….You are CRAZY as Hell and the rest of your so call friends….I see why all of you are Ex-wives…..Shaunie I have no respect for you because you could have help Keisha by telling that nut that was enough but you sit there and watch her Bully her and take her purse….Remember you have kids and they are watching this alone with other people kids….Don’t get mad when this happens to your kids and no one help them…….This show is the most Worst show there is……Please cancel this mess and bring us some classy shows…..

  104. Miss Truth Hurts says:

    Wow Suzie went and got the same CHEAP raggedy ass highlights as Evelyn….#pathetic

  105. Casey says:

    I would like to start out by saying I WAS a fan of Basketball Wives as well as many of the women on the cast. I enjoyed the show because i thought they had style and a strong point of view. Which I think can be a good thing when added with intelligence. I have been losing interest in the show since this abusive aggressive behavior started at the end of season 2. I tuned in for season 3 because i thought they would have to resolve some of the problems and negativity for the show to survive and have a usable story line. I was wrong…. The adult women on Basketball Wives continuously abuse (both physical and verbal) one another with no repercussions. As I started tuning out more and more the few shows i caught were filled with derogatory language towards women, which makes me sick when it comes from another women. Assault and battery, I could have sworn in season 4 The few episodes I caught were Gang Land not Basketball Wives. But worst of all there has always been a complete lack of personal responsibility taken by these grown women for any of their words or actions. I really feel that they could have had a wonderful platform to show girls of any age that you can be a self reliant, intelligent, independent women and still be beautiful, stylish, and have a good time with your girl friends. But the basketBALL was dropped. All they have created is a joke were they continue to make themselves look bad. I actually think that many of the women on Basketball Wives have real psychiatric problems, and all the cast should know that they are being perceived that way by the majority of the viewers. I mean read the rest of the comments on this site. In conclusion I am extremely disappointed by the story lines that have prevailed in the show and I will not be watching anymore.

  106. KING ACE says:

    I HOPE THEY CANCEL THIS SHOW! I refuse to watch this show anymore. I will support any boycott or petition against this show. Tami is one disgusting human being. It’s so un-fair how Tami and Evelyn can curse, scream, intimidate and fight other woman who are obviously afraid of them. Young girls are watching this show saying this is how you handle your problems, and its so wrong! You are sending the wrong message out to young adults who are watching this show. I felt so bad for Kesha, Tami is such a bully. They dont deserve to be on T.V. acting like that. Tami and Evelyn are very evil and make us minorities look so bad in their actions that they display. I’m done with this show and will never watch it again.

  107. Tami is a criminal says:

    Tami you did steal her purse, no better yet, you robbed her. You took her property using force or “fear”, with intent to keep it until you saw fit to do something else with it. You went through it like an old common criminal. You are so wack! This show is wack! What about this show is a reflection of basketball wives? The real basketball wives out there ought to sue VH1 and Shaunie in civil court for misrepresenting a community of women who are married to basketball players, but are nothing like this group of women. Shaunnie you started out with a good idea for a show, but then things went “left” and then you continue to steer this show in that wrong direction. They ought to call this show, “Insecure Women Who At One Time Slept With Ballers And Had Babies”. That would be a more accurate description of this group.

  108. michael says:

    This show has really fell off the roof. Tammy you really need GOD in your life. Stay away from the alchole it is not you. This show is really about women that are angry at the world, yall hide from reality, problems. Get with your children who need you in these times. You guys have really made this show look horrible. Bullying is not acceptable and cusing and fighting, your gown women act like women. GOD hates ugly….Just sad to see this in this show…

  109. Gigi says:

    Birds of a feather flock together. Tammi and Evelyn are the same,however, Evelyn knows that Tammi can do nothing for her image, that is why she is so angry with Jen. Evelyn would prefer to hang with Jen but Jen is not giving her that opportunity and I hope Jen is smart enough to let it stay that way. If Evelyn was acting in a positive manner she would be LATINA but since she is acting so awful she is deemed African American.
    Kenya, Jen, Royce and Keisha should hang together and leave the others alone. Suzie is a low down trouble maker and will reap what she sows. Apparently, she has forgotten how Evelyn treated her a few episodes ago. Tammi has to realize that her world is just that “her world” other people have their own experiences and upbringings and were raised to act differently. Sickness is not something people buy, however, Tammi needs to be kinder, gentler and more compassionate -who knows those positive characteristics might start the healing process of her heart.

  110. Barbara says:

    Wendy Williams said at the beginning of the basketball wives’ season, that she would not be watching, well she was wise to feel that way. I hate the, it’s okay for me, but it’s not okay for you. Tami, you need to go to HELL. You are no role model for anybody’s children, not even your own.
    Jen, Royce and Kesha, keep your class and let the rest go!!!

  111. Darleen McKinniss says:

    I’m Really Wondering if this stuff is actually real because i can’t understand why someone would want the world to see them behave that way i’m a mother of 16 year old twins and would be very upset to see my child act that way and for shaunie to just sit there and let TAMMY Big ASS bully little Kesha was just hurtful and sad and evelyn with her fake dinosaur tears if you really cared you would have told BIG BULLY to stop and give her purse not just sit there looking stupid as you three did and MOTOR MOUTH Suzie i’m just done with you as i recall all of your are mothers also and i pray to god that they’re not watching you guys behave like that if i was SHAQ i would take the kids from shaunie no need for that kind of behavior it was really sad to see kesha cry like that i didn’t turned the tv off i guess because i couldn’t believe what i saw but it was true all of you need GOD i won’t say Ladies because you sure don’t act like one anyways i know that i’m wasting my time but just thought i would voice my opinion oh and BIG BULLY TAMMI next time instead of reaching for an alcohol beverage reach for a BIBLE and get on your knees

  112. gina says:

    Suzie, please get speech/language therapy of the speech impediment! Use your money wisely.

  113. tammy says:

    i just finished last night, episode!!!!!!!!! I am appalled at the verbal abuse w/Tammy to Keesha, i nolonger will watch this series. This is not an appropriate way to show possitive attitude towards women in this world.

    An Ex, Wife of a sport Figure


  114. Laura Carroll says:

    Last night’s episode was beyond cruel and pathetic. I was reading some of the other comments and I wholeheartedly agree. My big issue was the fact that Tammi would even speak like that to another woman. My bigger issue was the voracity, beligerance and cruelty shown to Keisha (who in no way deserved that hideous profanity filled tirade). My biggest issue was how all the other ladies sat there and let it happen. It is as if they are all afraid of Tammy. I am done with the Basketball (nobodies wives). Women getting hit, slapped and cursed out it deplorable. I am glad that Royce did keep her distance (although her father seems very mean) and if I am not mistaken we will be finding out that Royce has a child. Four years in and that is just coming to the surface. It is interesting but not that interesting to keep me watching. Lord please help us.

  115. msmar says:

    Kesha Nichols……….I am so sorry you had to endure this type of bullying and abuse…….this makes no sense at all….Shaunie, you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing it – this show is your creation…..all of you are scared of Tami….pitiful!…..grow so basketBALLS and let these producers know that you will not stoop so low to get a rating….after tonight episode I will probably never watch this show again….my heart was aching for Kesha…and Shaunie, Evelyn, and Suzie just stand around and say nothing!…wow….and what would possess grown azz women to put dead fish in someones room…how CHILDISH!….grow up kiddies and start acting like WOMEN…..Tami…I really have nothing to say…you are a pathetic human being and you should have been arrested for THEFT! You have the nerve….I pray God speaks to your heart and you need to ask the Lord to forgive you for your sins…..SAD…SAD…SAD !!!!!!

  116. Kenya Daniel says:

    Time to act your age ladies now that your 15 minutes of fame are OVER!!

  117. Elle says:

    My God, I have never blogged. I was so aggravated last night after watching that show that I honestly couldn’t sleep. Then when I finally did, I had a dream that I was fighting. I woke up punching my pillow. I was so angry at seeing someone being so mistreated. Tami is a bully and Shawnie, Evil-yn & Susie are just her minions. Everything I was thinking has mostly already been posted on this blog. No excuse-Just adding I think Tami is angry at herself as a victim of past abuse and despises any perceived weakness. Any woman who she thinks is soft-she has to test and then attack. Basically she sees her past self in anyone she perceives as passive. She was battered and couldn’t do anything; she does the same to others. Tami would have come up with any reason to not like or go after Keisha. It’s her nature. And for you Tami, you’re a grown ass woman. You need to drop that “keep my name out your mouth” crap. Everyone talks – be it in your face, behind your back or whatever. Who the hell are you to dictate other people’s behavior? Not a good look at all. Don’t mistake people’s kindheartedness for weakness. The real bad ones always move in silence.

  118. Jackie says:

    I agree with LVT post. The show needs to be canceled.

    CANCEL THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CANCEL THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CANCEL THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Denise says:

    After seeing Tami’s behavior, VH1 should not pay her another penny. She is a thug, low life, out of control, piece of crap. She doesn’t deserve any easy money. I AM BEGGING VH1 TO TAKE HER OFF THE PAYROLL. Her behavior isn’t even good entertainment. It’s embarrassing and shows absolute no taste. She needs to sincerely apologize Kesha and the the rest of the wives for embarrassing them and herself. It doesn’t look good for Shaunie to call Tami her friend either.


    Her (Tami) criminal, thug like behavior doesn’t deserve to be rewarded. That is not entertainment. If she isn’t removed from the show, I will never watch again and neither will my friends. Even if she apologizes, she should be DONE. VH1 please send a message and fire that nasty girl.

  121. cynthia says:

    These women show money can’t buy class. I was so disgusted to see Tami bullying Kesha and the other women not doing anything about it. I can’t believe she takes someone’s bag and then has the nerve to tell her I’m not going to hit you because… I can’t believe people are not making a big deal out of these adult women bullying others, stabbing each other’s back and being a ridicule on tv. You would think being parents they would thrive to be a better being. I am just appalled and truly disgusted to watch Kesha being so scared of Tami. Please, keep Tami in the ghetto where she belongs.

  122. markdsj says:

    Tami you are truly repulsive and an awful human being. You and evelyn take pleasure in hurting other people, you curse like a sailor and your ghetto actions reflect who you truly are. It was devastating watching another grown woman be so scared of you. You are like a cancer to society. Your actions should be corrected. I pray your children do not turn out like you. If you care about yourself, instead of meeting these low life women, get some serious help to become a better person.

  123. mila says:

    I’m not going to watch this show anymore. It has become all about fighting, cursing, stabbing people in the back. It was a horror witnessing these grown women bullying and harrasing another being and sadly, the other women didnt do anything.. Very disappointed at Shaunie.. These women give basketball wives a bad reputation. Please get rid of these women. I thought Evelyn was uneducated and crass but Tami you are a disgusting human being. If I were your children, I would be ashamed the world has to see your low class behaviors… Please taken down the show and show something positive

  124. Chelle says:

    So yeah, hmmmmm, what to say that I’m sure hasn’t already been said. Poor excuse for a woman, is the first. Tami acted like a high school bully picking on the new kid. Or I dare say a rabid animal. But let me say this. Suzi is the problem. She is the person running between everyone talking. So many times could she have just shut her mouth and things would have smoothed over so much quicker, but in a second she saw the fire starting to die out she’d grab the lighter fluid and get back to a raging blaze. I am a fan of the show. I will be a fan of the show. I have to agree with what most of what the people are saying about how Tami, is putting black women into a bad light and Eve, is putting hispanics in a bad light. It’s sad really. I sympathize with Kesha because all my kids are mixed with RICH heritages, but even though I think they are secure in who they are, it’s sad to know that Mom’s like Tami are acting like that, which in turn teach thier kids to be the same way. I have hope for Tami’s girls though, in the respect that I know they see how thier mom is and won’t be the same. It’s a sad example to set. Eve showed how truly fake she is, by crying when she felt offended about the things Tami said about Kesha, but NOT saying anything about it. Yet when the projects were brought up she was ready to jump over the table and whoop Jen’s ass. HELLO you can’t offended by one thing and act on it and not another. Oh is it because she knew Jen wouldn’t do anything?! Of course! She won’t step up to Tami in the way she did to Jen. Hypocrite is the best word for Eve. I’m still not mad at Shaunie, she’s making money off this. Though I feel she should of step in and deaded the issue off top. But she too is affraid of Tami and rightfully so apparently! so it comes down to this, if you don’t like the show change the channel, I know I have at least 700+ channels there are other thing to watch. Do I condone women acting like that? NO, of course not. I wouldn’t allow my daughters to conduct themselves in such a disrespective way, but that’s what makes me a good mom. I think we as women have to stop acting like this is not how we act. It is! We have all been in a situation where maybe we should of walked away, but against our better judgement we stayed and faught. For the people getting on here saying the show should be cancelled, why should they cancel it? You are on here talking about it, keeping it popular, you are also still tuning in to watch it. Watch something else, simple solution. I dont’ think we should be offended by this show. We should see what some of these women outside of the fighting and drink throwing are trying to do for themselves and thier kids. Maybe YOU wouldn’t do it the same way, but the reality is this, WE struggle in our business lives, and our personal lives! We just do it in the privacy of our own homes. So who are we to judge, also these women are making money off this! I’m just saying I don’t think that we should be this mad about it! It’s a tv show and we have options.

  125. Quatina Rosser says:

    Bullying is NEVER ok! I wont ever look at the show again. I had a first hand experience and getting help was hell. Only after we took matters in our own hands did the problem go away. Shaunie is just as much to blame as Tammi. She sat there and allowed the camera to run and the ratings to soar, SHAME on you. As a mother and grandmother, I will not sit back and say ok. Kesha, you are a wonderful young lady and you were definitely raised to be a lady and not an abusive woman. Tammi has past issues but damn it so does everyone. NEVER an excuse to verbally beat someone down. Karma is alive and waiting for Tammi!

  126. Makala says:

    It really urks my last nerves how they allow themselves to be shown as being so ghetto all while Shaunie sits back like she’s on some throne and watch while the rest of them act a darn plum fool. Everytime I look at the show I just smh because although Shaunie is the producer there’s no way you’re going to want me to act a “donkey” on television for YOUR ratings and you yourself not cut a fool. What in the world!!! I’m getting over this show…..slowly but surely. I like Eve & Tami but they do portray them as being bullies. Plum foolery!!!! And Royce STOP WITH THE CRYING already geee whiz.

  127. Susie is a trouble maker says:

    Susie can not be trusted.

  128. Red says:

    The show has become TOTALLY disgusting. Shaunie, I am ashamed of you….you do this all for money/ratings! You stood by and allowed that girl to be threatened and FEARFUL of her physical being. How would you and the rest of the women who have daughters like it if your daughters were treated this way? You give women, especially black women a very BAD name. The show could be so very positive to all women, however, the behavior that has been displayed is TRASH! I cried with Keisha!! Tammy needs serious help, no, what she needs is JESUS as do the rest of you!! “Anger management”…..that’s a joke!!! You women really need to GET IT TOGETHER!!! Susie, you are pathetic. You slither from one side to the other…..REALLY!!! Keisha handled herself in the appropriate manner. Tammy should have been locked up (for the handbag incident) like a wild animal that she displayed herself as. I am so disappointed in the show! SHOW NEEDS TO BE CANCELED!!!

  129. Sherri507 says:

    I see pics of everyone but TAMMI please tell me she is not going to be on the reunion show…..and FYI….a little bird has put it out there that Evelyn had surgery to make her abs looks like that. It’s a procedure that a lot of celebs are getting (Ex: Janet Jackson)

  130. SHAME ON YOU says:

    SHAME ON YOU for what was done to Kesha and not do anything about it. is this how you want your children to see you? Tami, stop wasting your money going to therapy…its not working. I felt so bad for Kesha and to see that all the others sat there and did nothing. to me, you are just as bad or worst than Tami the Bully. Kesha should file charges agains Tami for stealing her purse. I will never watch this show again. there is nothing positive about this show all you do is use obscene words and confirm to the bullies out there that what they have done or doing is OK. its not OK, nerver has and never will be. I pray this is just how you act on the show and not how you really are. SHAME ON YOU

  131. Annette says:

    The ridiculousness of these women is astounding…each one beautiful physically but so ugly in behavior. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!!! except maybe Royce.

  132. Denise says:

    Suzi, you seriously need to quit your job as a GOFER. grow a back bone and stop letting the other women USE you. You are trying so hard to be friends with everybody that you’re making a complete fool of yourself. I’m so sorry to be so blunt but I’m sincerely trying to help you. When I watch the show, the fear and shame you feel is written all over your face. You DO NOT have to run around like a chiken with your head cut off trying to please them. You are being a flunky for Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie. I think you have the potential to be an awesome woman if you would just surround yourself with possitive people and behavior. You’re also being their garbage can, because you are carrying their verbal GARBAGE back and forth. I do not, for the life of me, understand why all of you women are so scared of Tami. All of you are affraid to stand up to her. Why??? Has it ever occurred to either one of you that perhaps that is exactly what she needs? Last nites show took me to a point where I no longer can respect you Tami in your current state of being. Tami darling, that behavior is not cute, it is unlady-like, it is of a bully mentallity, it is self-destructive and you will reap what you sow. please turn around b4 it’s too late for you. Shaunie, I appreciate the fact that you have taken on the role of a mediator. However, you are not living up to that role very well. You too, just sit back and watch things happen without so much as a peep from you. You are the most level headed one there, along with Jennifer. But you are also affraid to stand up to Tami. Why??? I wouldn’t be if I where there. And Evelyn is so secretely scared of Tami that she turned Tami into her friend. That is what you call an “Assistant Bully”. Ev you’re like a chihuahua, all bark and no bit. You know you want the security to stop you from actually fighting, that’s why you always stop and take a drink. jennifer, now that’s my girl. You are handling yourself very much like a lady. You did a good thing by filling charges against Nia. She had not right to put her hands on you. She’s another one that’s getting caught up in Evelyn’s quest to make everyone think she is so bad ass. I am so happy that you are not affraid of any of those , well, girls, because they are not acting like woman. Why can’t the show depict the good that has come out of the struggles you women have overcome, if that is the case. And show some UNITY and sisterhood. That is TRUELY what America needs to see. television should be inspirational like Oprah’s network, OWN. She shows a lot of inspirational stories. Doesn’t poeple want to be inspired instead of depressed and frustrated? I know that I am going to pray for all of you woman that you can turn the show around to be a positive life line for america. Shaunie I am counting on you to do that. And I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I love you all and GOD bless you and the show.

  133. tilisa campbell says:

    How childish and bullying can you all (Tami, Evelyn, Susie and Shaunie) be. First of all when the argument first occured noone which includes Shaunie who is suppose to be speaking out against bullying said a word to put an end to it. Evelyn who decides to cry for Kecia showed me that she is really not real. You didn’t say a word either to put an end to Tami’s bullying. Suzie is “irrevelant”, she will go with whoever to do whatever so they don’t turn on her scary ass. Last but not least you all are a disgrace to the human race. I think this show has a negative impact on how our young women and men view us all as women. We would not accept your behavior from children and I seriously hate that you all have children. NEITHER OF YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL TO FOLLOW. You have to look at the bigger picture and you cannot take any money you make with you when you are gone. I will help any and all boycott this show it is truely a Negative influence on television. You all need to grow up and learn how to conduct yourselves professionally. Think of your own children Shaunie and get a show together that show all women in a positive light not the darkness you have shown the world. I wish I had been Kecia at that moment I would have shown you all how to handle bullies.

  134. Mike says:

    Funny how Tammi was so upset with Evelyn about the t-shirts Evelyn was going to make, and now Tammi has t-shirts on her website with quotes of nasty, vulgar things she has said to her cast mates. Typical Tammi its ok for her to do and say things but no one else can. I will no longer watch this show. Tammi is truly Unattractive in every way possible.

  135. Denise says:

    P.S. Kesha you are a doll. You did the right thing by not fighting with Tami although you must speak up for yourself. Never be affraid of anyone. People like Tami you have to handle with gentle intelligence because she is a bomb ready to explode. Love you girl. Stay sweet. I love you too Tami. You are in my prayers.

  136. Sophia says:

    Shame on you VH1 to allow this to happen on national TV. I watch MANY reality tv shows and there are fights in many of them, but after watching last night I will NOT be watching your show any longer. With all the bullying going on in this world and people are committing suicide because of it and you ALLOW Tami to do that – SHAME ON YOU! She should of been fired immediately for doing that! If I were Kesha I would sue for harrasement for what that BIG BULLY did to her – hold her purse hostage. WHO The hell does she think she is????? And Susie is such a kiss ass! If it wasn’t for her telling Tami everything Kesha said, like she always does with her diariha mouth, none of this would of happen! Susie is nothing but a puppy dog doing everything these three bully girls want. I still am shocked at the show and how they allowed this to happen and to not do anything about it – SHAME ON YOU VH1!!!!!!

  137. TINA says:


  138. Jkatz says:

    It is unbelievable to me that grown women have no problem making a complete fool of themselves for the sake of being on tv. What’s even more upsetting, is (Tammi) bullying a girl that she knows is afraid of her. Tami grow up and continue to get counseling. It is so obvious that she is so uncomfortable with herself and insecurities that she has to bully Kesha!! I am so disgusted at the behavior of Tammi. If I was Kesha I wouldn’t give a damn if Tammi respected me or not, because technically speaking she is not God, so what difference does it make. Honestly, it amazes me that with Shaunie is the shows Executive Producer, and she just sat there and allowed this confrontation to get blown out of proportion. As a black woman, I am appalled that everyone sits around and allows Tammi and Evelyn to just go off on the weaker women. I just believe when they get on tv and act like complete idiots, they can’t blame anyone but themselves for being stereo typed. Most of these women became famous because of who they slept with, go find fame in your own right, by doing something positive!!!!

  139. CJ says:

    Please don’t watch this show, don’t support them unless they entire cast and producers of this show offer an apology to the viewers. There is no excuse for violence ever, or intimidation in any form against anyone and for ratings (???). I am for women finding our own success but not through degradation or exploitation. And they are posing?!? As if this show is something they should be proud of…

  140. BBW was is showing old women as ignorant teenagers.I could not believe how the cast sat back and let Kesha be victimized (mentally) and her purse held hostage.I am a little older, so my spirit was vey upset.When I was younger I took up for girls like Kesha.Tami and Ev,you know who to attack.Kesha and Kenya didn’t have a chance when the came on the show,because of the bullies insecurities.They were interviewed but are not allowed to ask questions.Who made Tammi God.Why are the bullies allowed to discuss others but everyone should speak when spoken too?….I am a Breast cancer Survivor so I am glad about the mammogram episode, but if you either of you ever got the disease you would not survive,because the STRESS would take you out(MeanGIRLSYNDROME!)…God don’t like ugly!…you REAP what you Sow!..and most of you have daughters!…So Sad!

  141. 2012sadtoblack says:

    Shaunie and Ev didn’t do anything until Kesha was going to report her purse stolen.So it wasn’t about Kesha.They didn’t want Tammi to get in trouble in Tahiti….Susie loves to be controlled by thes women,as long as she is not underattack…Bring back the Cosby Show,227,The Jefferson’s..Black positive tv in America,,,with real solutions…a rich man or woman has a narrow road to SALVATION!….May your Souls be Redeemed!…

  142. Dree says:

    Today I have shared my feelings about Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn. It wouldn’t be fair if i didn’t mention ” Suzie Q”. She is so cut throat! She is the main culprit in this mess and nobody has REALLY acknowledged it yet.

  143. Dree says:

    Jennifer you are the best girl. You have money, business and looks. Thank you for being a LADY! That’s why everybody is so mad and ready to fight you.
    P.S. Be careful. Don’t get too close to Kenya, can’t be trusted.

  144. SUZIE is SLIM says:

    Suzie is so meesy and not to be trusted. She keeps saying she feels sorry for this person that person. But she is the one that causes the turmoil by telling stuff people tell her. The other girls should be silient around her because she is going to tell and twist thier words. Then when it hit the fan look clueless. MEsSSy MEsSy She is SLIM SLIM SLIM

  145. Wendy says:

    First & foremost I would like to say how much I absolutely LOVE this show! I hope there will be more season’s to come! Ev is my favorite along with Tammi, even though on the past episode Tammi made herself seem like a bully. Other than that I love this show and so looking forward to the basket ball wive’s movie I’m hearing so much about! :)

  146. sara says:

    im sorry i hate hate tammy i thinks shes a bully a mean mean grl..girl got issues

  147. Sabrina says:

    Oh look, 3 skanks 6 faces.

  148. BC says:

    It is crazy how shaunie is suppose to be the producer of the show and everything there is something wrong she never stands up or say anything she just sits back with her mouth closed and doesnt do anything and always seem to go along with the wrongness when tami and evelyn do something wrong….. Like seriously was it that serious to slap another person across the face or to try to hit someone with a wine bottle that is crazy…. I have never seen a more rediculous show like this and there is no moral to the show either because now you have these little girls running around trying to sleeep with basketball players and rappers trying to be groupiess read a boook and go to school…

  149. teamkesha says:

    love you kesha your my favorite you stand up for who you are

  150. diane lane says:

    Alls these females are a disgrace. I can see why they are not married… and probably never will happily that it. They all did this for money… when the world is tired of mess we speak out but they conducted themselves like that for ratings but guess what! now there is that possibility that they might not come back for another season.I can speak for too many ladies we want no part of the show. Shaunie shame on you…

  151. mia says:


  152. Kathleen Cox says:

    The pictures are great. I expected them to look great anyway: they always do…well except for Kenya. LOL No but seriously, they all look sexy: especially Suzie. Evelyn and Shaunie look amazing and don’t even get me started on Jennifer and Tami. They look outstanding. Don’t ask me about Kenya. Kesha looks great and Royce does too. Hell all of them are sexy…except Kenya. LOL

  153. NANCY says:

    I can not believe what is going on with Basketball wives. How can you guys continue to allow Tami to bully Kiesha? We all know that Kiesha is scare. Why did you allow Tami to degrade her even further by asking for her own purse back. Tami should not have taken it in the first place. You have just lost another viewer. Bullying is a huge issue all over the world. But you allowed it to happen just for ratings. Shame on you.

  154. reg hinton says:

    SHAME!!!!!!!! on vh1 for allowing this to happen. This is one of worst cases of bulling that I have ever seen. The network went bottom feeding for high ratings and it was reprehensible. BULLYING is a huge problem in our society and it effects everyone. It even exists in the executive boards of corporate America. As we have witnessed on this show repeatedly, it’s welcomed on VH1 as long as you stand to make a profit. Its sad enough to think that you weren’t sensitive to those that are suffering or have suffered at the expense of a bully but what about your own children? Shawnie, Evelyn, & TAMMY, clearly you’re too money hungry to even care enough to set an example for them!!!! The best example our kids have is their parents but shamefully your children will have to hope that others in society have higher standards than their mothers.

  155. Loyal DuVois says:

    If BBW would eliminate the taunting and bulling and show the women of the show dealing with life’s issues it would draw positive attention. We all know Tami and Evelyn front for the show or clearly have a problem. For both of them to have daughters it shows why we have bullies in our schools with parents like that. I know, let’s have the bullies against the b

  156. Lola says:

    This is a shame! A grown ass woman bullying another. Shaunie! Shame on you for sitting there and not saying a word.

    I hope this show is boycotted, and Tami is thrown off the show!


  158. donna Cella says:

    THis show is a disgrace…last nites episode was the final straw…we are trying to teach our kids not to be bullys and here you have women that showcase bullying. I feel for Keisha and to say that Tami is a racist is an understatement. I hope either A) Tami Roman gets fired or B) this show gets cancelled. I plan on writing to every sponser of this show. Shauni clean up your act or get rid of the problems after all this is your show

  159. linda says:

    We dont want to see pic of bullies, they are all horrible people. Shaunie you are the worse of them all for producing and airing this mess, and knowing tami wasnt right for bullying that girl and yall not saying anything. Horrible people. I will no longer support this show or VH1 for that matter for promoting bullies. How sad the world has come that you have to air bullies to get views, damn shame.

  160. Truth says:

    Viewers need to stop being so emotional over what happens on this show. It’s just that: A SHOW. Yes it is reality television, but we really don’t know these people. To think that we know them or that what we see on the episodes is totally accurate is very ignorant and naive. Like all of the cast members have mentioned, EDITING can not only exaggerate but also fabricate. Suzie is adamant via Twitter that she did not tell Tami what Kesha said and to be honest, I believe her. It’s very possible that when Tami said “You did the right thing” to Suzie in the car that she could have been talking about something else, but it was edited to look like it was a part of that same conversation. My point is, it’s important to open our eyes and not be so hard on these ladies. I’m sure there is more to them than this but unfortunately the producers choose to capture and display only the negative. To all of the people who go on Twitter and berate these ladies on a regular basis, GET A LIFE. Not only that, but you are the same people who chastise the ladies for bullying, but are you not doing the same thing by calling them names and ganging up on them (and over the internet at that, I’m sure you would never actually get up in their face)?

    Also, anyone who wants to blame Suzie for the fighting and bullying on the show is an idiot. Yes Suzie is an enabler in many situations, but she has never raised a hand towards anyone nor has she been a part of anything malicious (outside of the water throwing three seasons ago). I don’t care if she spreads everyone’s business everywhere, the people who choose to turn that into violence are the ones I have no respect for. Also, that is her role on the show as many of her cast members have made clear. If not for her, the cast would barely be connected and the show wouldn’t work.

    So consider these ladies’ emotions and look at the big picture before attacking them, as you don’t know how you would handle the situation they’re in if you were ever given that opportunity.

  161. Really? says:

    I ditto EVERYTHING headrush67 said at MAY 15, 2012 AT 6:30 PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shaunie, I hope your day SUCKS, too.

  162. gabby1234 says:


    I could be your daughter’s age and if I were your child, I would be so ashamed to have you as my mother. While in school, everyone encourages us to stop bullying and yet, there you are a grown woman who intimidate, bullies and you look like you enjoyed having the power to scare someone else. How would you feel if someone did what you did to your daughter? I pray your daughters dont turn out like you.

    Shawnie and the rest of the minions,

    You watch as someone is being bullied and dont do a thing…

    I wish television would show basketball or any wives to be ladies of class not thugs like these women.

  163. Dave says:

    To the ladies who have commented on these pics,

    You’re not much different that the housewives. If you don’t like the basketball wives turn off your tv and for those who talk mess, you’re not much different so stop drinking the hatorade!


  164. wheres the 4th hoodrat name tami?

  165. Ms. Z says:

    I ditto EVERYTHING headrush67 said as well “Really”.

    Not only do I hope your day SUCKS, I hope your well runs dry. I pray that profiting off of the degradation of the ideology of a progressive and merit worthy woman and the ignorance perpetuated by this show, its cast and its producers comes to an abrupt halt. You are in no way an accurate representation of any of the self respecting and need I say educated and intelligent women of any hue that I know. You just lucked up and married someone with money. The reality is that you are just idiots, bullies or bimbos or all three who became relevant due to someone else’s talent. Get a “real” life and stop pretending you live like this show is portraying you to live. It’s really embarrassing and you should be ashamed of yourself for pimping out your self respect.

  166. Beyoncca says:

    Mighty funny Evelyn can throw wine bottles at Kenya and jump accross the table on Jenn and throw a glass at Royce’s face, yet there’s no positive words for Kenya to remain strong. Kesha’s type usually play the victum. Kesha has so much to say to the cameras when no one’s around. I can’t stand that alleged victum. Bloggers might be fooled by Kesha’s “woe-is-me act”, but I’m not.

  167. Beyoncca says:

    Is anyone else suspicious about Star Jone’s motivation for starting a potition to abolish Basketball Wives. Could it be more about Al reynolds and less about the trifling ladies. I have seen 3 season’s of Evelyn either hitting that latin girl who Evelyn hit in the head with a cup who sent Evelyn mean e-mail messages, or Eve throwing a glass at Royces face, or throwing a bottle of wine at Kenya’s head or jumping over a table to attack Jenn, yet you all claim ,Tami’s behavior is the downfall of the show. I find it weird that Al Reynolds seem to have had some plastic surgery done to his face aswell as dental work on his teeth. He looks great. I can imagine, if the show had paid Al for his appearances last season then that might be how he could afford to splurge on augmentations and that probably doesn’t sit well with Star, so stopping everybody’s checks will do just fine in Star’s eyes.

  168. batesjennifer says:

    I want this show off the air SHED MEDIA US take BBW off the Air we are not interested in this filth. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  169. Christine says:

    Headrush67 is right on the money, I don’t think that “Truth” can see the real truth through all the lies and has no respect for him/herself since they appear to be a viewer or at least a follower of the program/tweeter and or blogs. As for Channel Adams when does two wrongs ever make a right. Just because stuff like this is on Jerry Springer with other races doesn’t mean it is something we should not discourage when black people emulate their actions. But I see why you would think not if Evelyn is someone you like (jumps over tables in public, throws wine bottles in a place of business and riles up someone else to fight Jennifer) How hood “rattish” and downright “ghettoish” does someone have to be to get on your guest list. I can see people who condone this type of behavior as the same people who would curse you out if you knocked on their door to let them know that their child has done something wrong. They would even go up to their child’s school to curse out a teacher or two who had the “audacity” to chastise their child for misbehavior. And no, our speaking out against their actions in this forum and others is not a form of bullying, but a rally cry for human decency to prevail and this may be the only means of it reaching their ears, hearts and minds.

  170. Lucy Howard says:

    I have not been keeping up with this season. But the episode that aired yesterday was sad. Tami is crazy. I can believe Shaunie has these women degrading themselves for air time. I will stop watching cause I do not like seeing grown women bully each other. Shaunie, I hope you do not let your children watch this show cause it is sad.

  171. Martha says:

    I don,t know how such beautiful girls can be so ignorant, callus and and plain stupid. Especially Tammi, Evelyn, and Susie. Go somewhere and learn some manners and how to respect people because you all clearly do not know what these words mean. You surely are not setting examples for your children or the next generation of children to come.

  172. 71daredevil says:

    We are living in a society that always talk about anti-bullying, yet shows like these are promoting bullying on many levels. When I saw how Tami just treated Keisha I was just disgusted at the way that the other girls just sat there and didn’t do nothing. Suzie is the one who started this by going around and opening her mouth. The Bible even says that the righteous always hold their tongue.

  173. Betty says:

    The bullying on the program is unacceptable. BBW cast do not set an example of friends, group acquaintances, or human behavior. I do not understand how this type of a show is desired. The bios of the cast do not reflect the cast’s behavior and attitude on screen. Is this reality or fake? Are the cast bios fake? Why would the cast even want to indulge in this type of behavior and risk their personal relationships and careers? Not impressed with the show and will not watch again. I will boycott all sponsors of the program. Surely the sponsors of the program do not want to support bullying!

  174. sophia says:

    “TAMI IS A BULLY AND SHE’S EVIL! what does her daughters say about her???? they are probably embarrassed and Susie get a life!!! I remember when you were sitting in the same seat begging for Evelyn friendship you straddle the fence you go with the highest bidder you have no loyalty. Evelyn let Jennifer move on! you act like you jealous cause she hanging out with the”TALLS” and you a “small” so stay in your lane and tell Nia to get a life or better yet a bigger apartment. and last but not least ” Shauna you come off like the mature one but you co signed all the bullying and foolishness how would you like it if someone were treating your kids that way??? I didn’t think so.

  175. Net says:

    I don’t know where to began. I am at the end of my rope with this ghetto show. There a lot beautiful balck women in America and we all don’t act like Tami. Shaunie is a phony I will never support anything u do again, and Suzie is 2-faced I don’t know why these women can’t see that. I will never have anyone like Suzie around me. Tami is evil, nasty, needs help for her anger and should get off the show to get the help she needs. I feel sorry for her 2 daughters, if she treats them this way, God help them.There will never be a balance on this show, fights sell, violence sells. Goodbuy, I will not watch again.STOP THE VIOLENCE

  176. Sharon says:

    I am so disappointed with the portrayal of African “successful” American women, I’m truly crushed at this seasons direction. Galatians 5:22. Matthew 5:16 are 2 scriptures I suggest reading. Evelyn and Jennifer I loved your friendship—-embrace you two. Tami you need serious evaluation of spirit—-do you really want to be a “mack” truck? YOU were cruel to Keisha—so disappointed in your behavior. You have children….shame on you.

  177. delicious says:


  178. SHONDA says:

    THE ONLY LADY WITH CLASS ON THE SHOW. Beautiful picture, woman, personality and person. Stay true to yourself, do not join the ranks of these bullies. #TEamJennifer

  179. oh10 says:

    Everybody that sat around and watched Tami bully Keisha like that should be dismissed. I am truely embarassed by these women! Tami looked like a dumb drunk crackhead. Jeniffer and Keisha are the only two on this show with any class. All of your money, designer purses and clothing does not cover up the fact that these women are complete TRASH. How do you feel about your children and young women watching you act like complete fools on national television? And you girls have the nerve to think you are cute. You are sooooo ugly and unattractive. Who acts like that at your age? I guess thats what bimbo, uneducated trash act like.

  180. Gloria Frieson says:

    To the people who say this is just a show yeah you are right. But television networks should take some responsibility in what they are airing. Bullying is a serious problem in the United States. There have been many school shootings and many of our children have committed suicide due to bullying. To have a show that displays grown women acting as bullyies is just sad. Rewarding the women behavior is just even worse. Meeka was hit in her face for her opinion of Tammy. In this country we have freedom of speech. You can say what you want. But if you physically attack someone that is when the line is crossed. Instead of toning Tammy down they gave have more camera time and kicked Meeka from the show. Leaving the impression that what Tammy did was right. I personally will not allow my kids to watch this mess not even for entertainment. There are better ways to be entertained. If I want to see grown women fighting I’ll watch female boxing. Evelyn also was rewarded for her bad behavior with a new show and more camera time. Jen who is obviously the less agressor is threatened with a lawsuit by the producer and barely seen on the show. So the producers tried to bully Jen into dropping her lawsuit. This is ridiculous. Bad behavior should not be rewarded. I think we all should send the producers of this show a message and Vh1. Can I please see a show with women unity and not women against one another all the time.

  181. Sara says:

    PS….I did try to support women businesses by purchasing Evelyn’s eyeshadow @ ECosmetics. It was complete TRASH just like her. Very cheap, just like her. I should have bought lucid.

  182. ALLSMILESR says:


  183. KikiLou says:

    @HeadRush67– I could not have wrtten anymore eloquently and truthfully. Thank you, and I hope Shaunie gets to read that letter. She is the biggest disappointment on this show. The rest of them, Evelyn, Tami and bubblehead Suzie, at least have always been downright thrashy and classless. Shaunie just sits and instigates. I have a feeling that in her twisted mind, she believes she is above her castmates because she never gets into physical fights. Shaunie, you are the worst of the group. Shaquille must be shaking his head in disbelief.

    I will send my letter to VH1. I cringe when I see my teenage daughters watching this travesty of a show. It needs to be cancelled.

  184. KimH. says:


    I really looked up to you on Basketball Wives until this last episode and watched how you never said “CUT” and allowed Tami to Bully Kesha knowing Keisha was scared. You made me feel like you got more satisfaction than Tami to allow this to happen. Shaunie let me ask you this question? You have a daughter and how would you feel if your daughter goes off to college and I know that she is and a bunch of girls confront her in her dorm room like you guys did Keisha… Watch out for Karma Shaunie…

  185. tiffcasey says:

    Ok the last show was taped a little while ago. Tami and Kesha have actually made up she everybody get over it and move on. If Kesha not holding a grudge why should would we. I just hope Tami really gets the help she needs from seeing a therapist. She did go to far but only God can judge her. I can only pray that she finds a better way to deal with her anger.

  186. Ms. Z says:


    You should take a look at Kesha’s blog and after you read it, let me know if you still think that Kesha is “over” what she experienced due to the ignorance known as “Tami”. She is emotionally scarred behind that B.S. This behavior is ignorant and not something to just “Get over” as you suggested. If you can’t see that, you are a part of the problem. As far as only God judging her, that is not the way the world works. When you are on display you are open to criticism from every direction. “I’m sorry” does not always cut it. There is always a place that you can go that you can’t come back from. Ask all the convicts and prison inmates what they think about “I’m sorry” and how much the families of their victims and the court system “got over it” when they handed out those sentences. Sorry didn’t fix it for them and if this ignorance is not quelled, this chic is going to end up with first hand knowledge of this fact. People who “Pimp Their Self Respect” will likely pay a heavy penalty.

  187. Tam says:

    I don’t know about others, but after this digusting episode, I will no longer be watching this show. This show does nothing but play into the racial stereotypes that are already circulating in our society about black and hispanic women. I guess this is what VH1 really thinks about these two groups of people huh?????

  188. Sabrina C says:

    I have enjoyed watching BBW. I loved the concept and I wanted to see women who were strong living through life’s challenges…But how disappointing it was to see 3 grown women sit there and not stop the “tear” that Tami was on. Keshia was NEVER going to say anything to Tami and Tami didn’t invited commentary. She just wanted to get her point across and didn’t care how Keshia felt. I know the scenes are edited together and there is no way to know what really happened unless you saw it live. But the version that came on VH1 painted Tami as an incedible bully with mental issues…to make that gir; ASK you for HER OWN damn purse was amazing!!!! it was brutal bullying. Sure you didn’t hit her but you did verbally. Even I was yelling at the TV saying “damn Keshia say SOMETHING” but it just went too far.

  189. Amanda Alexis says:

    I am not only disappointed in these women but all i feel is utter disgust! This is an embarassing representation of colored women. I am no longer supporting this trash! Shaunie, Suzie and Evelyn looked on at Tami having a fit and did nothing to stop her you weren’t true to Tami or kesha in this case and none of you have guts. Maybe Jennifer was right to stay the hell away from you broads.

  190. Ayesha says:

    Anybody else notice that Tami wasnt in any of the pictures?

  191. Deborah says:


  192. Donn says:

    This was one of the most disappointing episodes of the season. I’m diappointed in Tammy’s actions towards Keisha and I am extremely disappointed in Shaunie and Evelyn for not speaking up. Shaunie is supposed to know better, as she portrays herself to be emotionally stable and the leader of the pack. It was very concerning to see Shaunie’s laid back approach to Tammy’s extreme bullying. it was very obvious that Tammy was out of control and out of line, but no one said anything! The whole situation was very sad.

  193. Cookie says:

    It’s good to hear of Evelyn and the girls making every effort to turn the show around and do positive things. Share all that love you all have with some children that need a hug, or just hang out and do women things, have fun, keep the energy positive. Start positive acitivities and stay there and Evelyn you could win back your fans, because you do have an interesting personality for showbiz.

  194. Melanie says:

    CANCEL THIS MESS!!! When we want to watch a REAL BBWife, we tune into to LaLa’s Full Court Life!

  195. gottobekiddingme says:

    cookie, evelyn is that you??? ya’ll aint foolin no dang body if you must know. cant pull a wool over my eyes. i aint your flunky like suzie. i dont play stupid.

  196. Shamel says:

    I agree with you Melanie. If you want to watch a “REAL” basketball wife watch LaLa’s Full Court! Surprise, surprise her show is NOT filled with drama and madness!!! You will never see Lebron’s fiance, Kobe’s wife, or any other real wives on this show….EVER!!! Nothing but a bunch of jumpoff’s, baby mama’s, and EX-wives (smdh)!!! That’s why they don’t mind acting a fool….they are already 2nd hand rejects with no self-worth, reaching for a claim to fame since there former “shine” has since dimmed. This is officially my LAST season!!! Won’t be tuning in to this anymore. Sure as hell won’t be watching Evelyn’s FAKE ass marriage to Chad. Ugh!!!

  197. tisha says:

    cancel this mess, i agree with melaine

  198. luvchile says:

    I agree cancel this show! These women act like predators taking out the weaker ones. This garbage was abuse plain and simple and very degrading to women of color!!!!!

  199. BRI says:


  200. sara says:


  201. dr d says:

    so this is what its like when you are beautiful have money and fame? The majority of these women on the show are seen scratching and clawing and bringing each other down. I can look out my window and see this behavior without having to pay for cable. the only difference to me is that they had hair, makeup, and a change of scenery.

  202. dallday says:

    I saw a clip of Evelyn and Chad and now I know for sure I won’t be watching their show-all I could see was the nasty way she behaved on BBW. I was looking forward to seeing their show at one time but not now. People keep signing the petition, flood VH1 and the show’s sponsors with protests. Lets follow this thing through.

  203. Marchesa82 says:

    This show is just sad. I find myself watching less and less. I can’t identify withTami’ or Evenlyn’s bully and violent tactics. It amazes me that these beautiful women act so UGLY amongst each other. Some episodes make me extremely uncomfortable with the screaming and threatening. It’s not that serious. The worst part of it all is that they get to see how they act season after season and there is no personal improvement. Do I even need to mention that they are mothers?

  204. I'm Done says:

    ok im going to say this and i will be done with this. Shaunie, Evelyn, Suzie, and Tami… You can put on all the pretty dresses you want, , the expensive jewerly money can buy, the fly shoes, the make up, the weave, the fake nails. You can dress the OUTSIDE- your physical body ( which is the flesh) as beautiful as you want. But if the INSIDE (which is the spirit man – your soul)
    is filthy, mean and evil. you still will be UGLY. YOU all need to get your inside which is your Spirit man, pure and clean and right in God sight then and only then will you be true beautiful. So it dont matter how pretty you are and the fine clothes you have on! If your innerman is damaged and evil. YOU STILL UGLY all the way around.

  205. Twin says:

    This show has really gone downhill. I am so sick of Evelyn, and bully ass Tami. I can’t believe that they think this behavior is cute. Shaunie sit back and just watch these fools act a fool. Suzie made a statement in this week’s episode when they were putting the fish in Kenya’s room – she said “she haven’t done anything like that since she was 17″ DING DING — smartest thing she said all season. Grown ass women do not act like that. Grow up and have some respect for yourselves. I would be very surprised if Chad marry’s Evelyn’s ghetto ass.

  206. BOYCOTT says:

    I will BOYCOTT this show if Tami is still on…….PERIOD!!!!!!!

  207. Rhonda says:

    Tami has done the wrong thing by canceling her twitter account, because since she evidently don’t know what a fool she is , and how disqusting her behavior is, than she could learn something from people who are looking at her each week, and saying some of the same things, There is definely some work that has to be done, from the inside out. Tami i hope you don’t blow the opportunity that you’ve been given to have a better life for you and your girls, It;s time to redeem your self and make a geniune apology to Kiesha .This is coming from an older women who’s heart goes out to our beautiful women who seem to be struggling with the favor that God has given them. Do the right thing Tami. Your future depends on it.

  208. So SAD says:

    I dont know what is worse, watching tami and evelyn bullying people or watching shaunie do nothing and actually agreeing with the bullies after the fact. Shaunie do you need money so bad you are willing to sell your soul for tv ratings. Tami and evelyn have you ever watched the show with your daughters and are they as proud of your behavior as you appear to be STOP ADULT BULLYING STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW BOYCOTT

  209. LA HABRA says:


  210. Tia says:

    I support the elimination of Tami from this show, but I also suggest that somebody needs to do something about Suzie with her tongue tied self too! How can someone who can barely utter the english language have the nerve to repeat everything like a parrot. I don’t know if Susie is just a ding bat or just delusional in thinking that she is part of the group. She reminds me of the pond in a group of people that do something wrong, but then leave her holding all the evidence. Suzie is the one person in a group that if everybody was questioned about a crime, she is the one that would “sail everybody down the river”. Susie is the one that would make a non violent person just punch her in her mouth, knocking all her teeth down her throat.

  211. mary bradley says:

    Tami I see why Kenny ran to white women. I came to a conculsion, this show is wasting my brain cells.

  212. SOOO FED UP!! says:

    Dear Shaunie, It is time to say goodbye to this nasty idea you had called BBW. What a shame it has been to watch you stand by and turn the show into a boxing ring. You should be ashamed of yourself and YES, we educated, classy, smart black women view you as a Hood Rat! You started the show with a little credibility and now we are embarrassed to even say we watched the show. What kind of leader sits and watches while a grown woman fight, bully, assault one another? You sat and watched while Keisha was bullied by Tami. At what point do you step in and stop it? You help Evelyn pick and harass Jennifer. What kind of example are you? I am so ashamed of you as a professional black woman. I would never do business with you. You have some serious soul searching to do. Good Luck! This show must end!! Wendy Williams was so right!! Let’s stop watching! Please everyone sign the petition.

  213. Team Jen! says:


  214. minpin says:

    suzie suzie please fix your mouth first of all you have diarreah coming out your mouth then you cant even speak correctly you talk like cindy brady you r just dying to fit in but who would want a friend like you everything gets repeated so imature grow the hell up

  215. KIM says:

    Shawnie you guys are getting on my nerve Tammy needs to be more polished, She making the term B-Wives look so ghetto and tacky. At first it got you guys rating, but people are getting sick of her I am aware you all are scared of her but damn. Let her go on vacation or something. Please we (black women) finally get a chance to be shown on television and that what you give us. We see the Tammie’s everyday in every hood What Im trying to say is enough of the hood rat theme..

  216. SueThisOnesforYou says:

    Well Suzie, many have found your role on the show a sad display of pandering to secure a place on BBW. This almost never works…at least not in the long run which I believe you have found out from the all the postings which are quite merciless and consistent in their assessment of your behavior.

    I’d like to give you a graphic illustration of your behavior and how it looks. You treated Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie like gods that you had to appease with sacrificial offerings — who happened to be the other women on the outside of the core group. You threw them into the fire to be burned so you can have purpose and position on the show (and no doubt wanting to have purpose so you can continue earning a paycheck).

    I point this out because this is a character and maturity issue that hurt you rather than helped you. A talebearer and gossiper and whisperer who bring tales will bring tales. It says you can’t be trusted by anyone. Your part in the juvenile drama appeared to be coming from a place of weakness and fear — a lack of security about your position in the cast and on the show. Just remember shows come and go but our character is with us forever. The good news is you can work on your character and become a better woman from your missteps.

    Also, you appear a reasonably intelligent and articulate woman who should be able to earn a living without compromising your character. Trust me nothing is worth losing yourself and dignity over. I did this a few times in my life and learned the hard way that the people you are trying to appease either will get off on it and want more and more kowtowing or either will drop you like a hot potato. Either way, you lose.

    So, my hope for you as that others will not judge you too harshly as many of us are guilty of the same thing or can be under the right set of conditions. You are young yet and have a future of good possibilties before you. Just make the right choices. God bless you!

  217. dj60429 says:

    I have to agree with most of the post. The show was really questionable on season 1 but has gotten to a point that words can’t describe. I don’t like my daughters watching but the one thing it does Suzie, she is the biggest gossiper. She was on the receiving in and now she’s running back and telling everything. As I learn in 7th grade, the truth get distorted as it’s passed along even through one person. Shaunie until BBW, I thought that you had some class, how wrong I was. This show is showing your true colors. If you had some ethics, you wouldn’t be caught into this mess. You cosign on the mess that Evelyn and Tami does. The fish in Kenya’s room, what the hell. Have you ever heard, do on to others as you want done onto you. You get up and went with Tami to see if you can smell the fish. She would have been justified, if she would have gotten crazy on all of you all ghetto butts. Evelyn is worried about something that Jennifer said about Chad. Why get so upset and hold on to it unless it hit home. If you don’t like something someone did to you, cut your loses and remove that person from you life. Jennifer words were no justification on your behavior. Also would not have accepted your apology if I was Kenya because it was not sincere. You asking her if she wanted you to apology are you for real. If you were going to apologize to Kenya why put dead fish in her room. You’re full of crap. Tami I used to like you because you were honest but you have added bullying to that and that’s unacceptable. First of all you should have examined the source of the information – Suzie. You know she runs her mouth because you have checked her on it. But even still as an adult you should have let it go and decided to co-exist even if you didn’t care for Kesha. Jennifer I have to agree with your stand on Evelyn. You tried to talk one on one and she cursed you out and refused. Now she wants to air it out months later after all the crap that has transpired. Leave it along and move on. The season for your friendship is over. Kesha – all I say is that you have tried to show some class and not engage in the he say, she say. Kesha I am glad you were bigger enough to accept Evelyn’s apology regardless of the way that it was given. But you need to stay out the mess with Evelyn and Jennifer. Don’t let these people put you in the middle. Royce I have to say that she has grown as a person and kudos. Your going to make mistakes but that’s part of growing and finding you. But you have made a noticable transformation.

  218. Cathy says:

    Tammi, Evelyn and Punk Ass Shaunie how do you fools feel on your way to the bank knowing every body views you as the biggest bullies with children. What you guides fell to realize is what you do to others sometimes cones back on your CHILDREN. What are you fools telling your children, “look at mommy, do what I do”. I hope your children are not watching you fools go on lve television and act like fools. Grown old ass women putting fish in someone elses room while on vacation AND thinking it is funny. Listen white people black women would never do something so Evil to each other and call it a.joke. we normally show love and respect each other as sisters. Sneaky Shaunie, Evil Eve, and Crazy Tami does not represent the average black woman. They only represent the few we call GHETTO FABULOUS (all dress up with NO Class. You guys have put the word Devil to shame. Since you guys are so evil, SLAP Suzie for me.

  219. alma says:

    Looking at the clips for the nxt episode–It seems that Shaunie went to her pastor!!! Dont feel convicted now, you have created all this drama! You are the worst kinda you throw rocks then hide your hands! shame on you.

  220. Toryel says:

    The Only way I’ll watch Evelyn and Chad show is, That on there wedding day Evelyn is the most Beautiful Bride that Reality tv has ever seen and as she begins to walk down the isle she looking at all of her loves 1′s and they are smiling at her and she tears up. But as she gets closer the the cathedral she notice it’s a women that’s dressed even better who’s already holding chads hands and as he removes the veil of this mysterious women to kiss his new bride!!! It turns out to be Jennifer & she’s wearing her beautiful Lucid Lip gloss. ~LOL~ Sidenote & Chad & Jennifer ride of into the sunset on NYA(She’sTheHorse) back!!!!

  221. CUPPIE says:

    Kesha, please don’t let this show ruin who you are, you are a beautiful woman with a sincere heart. You’ve obviously had a hard time growing up simply bcuz you mentioned it a few times, believe me not all reality shows are as tasteless as this, very few shows would’ve allowed a cast member to threaten bully and taunt you the way this pathetic BBWives did. You have a good head on your shoulders, I wish you nothing but success. Next time read the contract and make sure the ‘show has a liable clause’ bcuz you could’ve and should’ve pressed charges on Tammi, everybody was sitting at the table when you walked away and you know it. She came off with this durmmed up defense that she had your purse bcuz you left it and no one was there so to keep a stranger from picking it up she picked it up, if that’s the case why is it clear as day she said when she picked it up “she aint getting this purse til she come to me and get it and she better come with an appology” and some more total threatining woows.
    I understand in March of 2012 you heard she had a ‘heart attack scare’ and you went to comfort her’ Kesha that’s was straight out of the love of the Lord, it does not mean she is your friend, she’s not. She just wants to make sure you don’t have her butt arrested. I feel you should.
    All the ‘hey Kesha’s now is just fake, you have one year from the time of a crime to file so you should really give some serious thought to what happened to you, how she made you feel, no doubt you & your things were in hostage, lastly how you couldn’t even enjoy a 10th of your vacation all bcuz of her, Kesha no body deserves that kind of treatment. All the hehehe’s today are fake, Tammi knows the legal system and I say press charges for her willful malicious atrocious threatening intimidating aggressive frightening menacing actions. The problems in our society today is folks do horrific things like that and are never held accountable. God Bless you and note you are talented pretty and admired.

  222. CUPPIE says:

    Shaunie please go back to the Minister and ask for prayer, and ask that he pray with you, read your bible “where two or more are gathered in Jesus name it is done” even if you don’t see the pastor you visited on the tapping that aired 5/28/12, seek another one, while you’re in Los Angeles check out Bishop Charles E Blake, West Angeles Church of God in Christ, I assure you he will have a lot to say about your ethics moral principles and the lack of your moral values.
    He would be happy to give you guidance along with a list on how to please God first then man, you’ll still make yo money since that’s what you’re all about but at least in the midst of making the money off the show you won’t be slapping Jesus in the face everytime you allow disgraceful distasteful Evelyn & Tammi to carry out their obnoxious behavior. As Executive Producer I know what you can and cannot do, most plain everyday people don’t understand the “studio” business I do and very well. You have more input than you claim and you could’ve eliminated a lot of the horrific violent way over the top actions to happen had you just opened yo mouth. You are running your status and sorrowing your reputation to the utmost.

  223. Pepper says:

    I am not upset with Shaunie. Make money girl. Never do we see Shaunie act a fool. Jenn, Royce, and Keisha have really matured into the beautiful black women that they are. I use to like Tammi but she has lost her mind, I don’t think Evelyn ever had one. Suzie doesn’t even seem to be comfortable in her own skin anymore she is like the lap dog just hoping she keep friends. As far as Kenya the jury is still out on her. I don’t get why Evelyn, Shaunie, and Tammi think Jenn should apologize for growing up. I use to watch this show now it has gotten so embarassing. Everyone has differences but who really acts like that. Perhaps some of these ladies need to watch the Braxtons and see how women are suppose to act.

  224. tasha says:

    let me start with tammy i liked her the first couple of seasons but she begain to be a bully to me because she make little thing into big thing. she said she dont like people talking behind her back but she do it thats a excuse to have a problem with the new girls.then we have jennifer you just fake as hell you act like you just miss princess and you living your life like its golden .stooooooooooooop it please be real and suzie you big ass scarey trouble maker you go and play both sides of the fence if your going to be freinds with both just dont talk about the problem with no one. then kenya you act crazy but ass aint crazy ! evelyn you just 100.00 shauni you laided back and cool with it you just get rid of the rats and you good. royce just a sweet heart..

  225. Cinty says:

    Tami you keep talking about where your from, Where are yor from? Iraq

  226. VRS says:

    OH my LORD! Shaunie you really look EVIL in this pic. Has EVillyn or the evil one possessed you?

  227. delerue says:

    i think basketball wives show has no lusture it’s not teaching the younger viewers anything to hold on to.For big women it’s always a she say this or she say that you’ll are letting down black people and we already have a bad name as is please ladies if there’s a next season let’s be more mature gave the younger viewership something they can learn something positive.TAMI stop being a bully SHAUNIE know who you’re for JENNIFER stand up and be heard EVELYN you know you miss jen SUZIE stop sucking up.ROYCE you go girl that guy is a keeper.

  228. Ros says: it’s 30 minutes into the reunion. Shaunie..shame, shame…if I hadn’t already lost respect for her, I can’t possibly think less of her. Ms Instigater herself, sitting there giving her phoney speech about how they all accept responsibility for their actions..BS…cause they’re still sitting there justifying it. Acting a damned fool 20 times and then apologizng 20 times only means that you believe an apology will fix everything and you’ll do the same things again.
    Didn’t we see Tami tell Royce she was mad at Keisha again because Keisha was speaking of something that she knows Tami said in anger?? Well why is it any different for Jennifer after Nia smacked her?

  229. RDM says:

    Basketball Wives is a disgrace to women point blank! It is very disgusting to black women because the black women are so childish and ignorant on this show. Where is the class? Black women are born with a disadvantage from the start and categorized as ignorant due to their skin color. This does not mean own up to this stereotyping! Grow up and get a handle of yourself. Shaunie, you are suppose to be the mother of this you should have been put a stop to this none sense! The show should have been cancelled! Evelyn needs to go to counseling. You have a nasty attitude about yourself and you think you are the queen but you are not! You are no better than any other woman on that show. Jennifer, I do not blame you for pressing charges and moving on. You did not lose anything – they obviously were fake! Susie is so two-faced! She keeps things stared up. Tami needs to act her age and stop with the childishness as well. Royce, it is nice trying to be a peacemaker, but they are not worth it.

  230. Ros says:

    Now that we know Jen was supposed to say a bunch of nice things about Nia..Nay (however it’s spelled), let’s get back to Shaunie….
    I don’t remember hearing her speak up when Evelyn commenced to making her little loyalty speech at Shaunie’s b’day party..instead she sat there watching Evelyn start trouble…and then, she, like a little punk, said she was cool when Evelyn decided that Shaunie didn’t have a problem with her starting that unnecessary drama. Somehow that doesn’t sound like a woman trying to keep the peace?
    I remember Shaunie laughing and watching as Evelyn &company were planting fish in Kenya’s room in Tahiti. Is that trying to keep things good with the ladies..again?
    I can’t count how many times we’ve witnessed Shaunie instigating. Can anyone?
    Why does Shaunie think that Jennifer stating in her interview that she and Evelyn don’t date the same kin of guys is justification for Evelyn carrying on the way she has.
    Does anyone remember Shaunie calling Evelyn out after any of her ghetto fits? Throwing bottles, plates, jumping over tables…..

    Shaunie is simply trying to save her reputation..even after we saw her half-truth discussion with her pastor…can you say damage control?
    I think I need to go and scout out some more people to sign those petitions…especially the petition against Evelyn’s spin-off show. She’s such a disgrace.

  231. KELI says:


  232. FEELING LUCKY says:

    WOW !!!, check-out the picture of Shaunie @ the top of the page!!!!. I’ve been told that a camera can capture your SOUL when you least expect it. The EVIL and GREED is showing all-over her face!!!

  233. Melly says:

    Ok… Just. Caught the reunion! I cant!.. I can’t,.. I just can’t!
    I’d rather watch reruns of the game!
    I just can’t see women my age acting like they do.
    I can’t stand John Sally.. This show is just wrong! All wrong!

    FYI: I will say Evelyn’s hair was really cute!

  234. Damage Control says:

    Oh, Now everyone is sorry they made fools of themselves. The bottomline is everyone has disagreements. And yes, we are allowed to have any opinion. But now everyone can see that you guys have no control. You have people walking away from you, not wanting to have any confrontations and you Tami and Evelyn just relish in it. Like it pushes up your ego. Do you two notice you are always fighting with someone? I say stop trying to get back a friendship that is not or was not there. I have to laugh because all of this has to do with some ole HS BS behavior. If someone does not want to be your friend, leave them alone. If somebody got crap to say; state your peace and have notheing else to say about the matter. Stop giving them something to talk about. Trying to tear up after the kids and family members see this is Too LATE… Tami, it is not what your kids think that made you feel to say your are sorry… It’s people seeing you for what you are, and I am sure that soon your pocket will be affected. And the same for Evelyn. I think the show should only have the just the 4 of you, Clueless-Shaunie, Tazmainen-Tami, Last Slice of Pizza -Evenlyn and Snitch get Stiches- Suzy. The 5th season will be real short.

  235. Pam says:

    Wow! this reunion show sounds like another way too tell everyone how sorry they are for acting up just so they can keep their pay checks. So sad! Tammi really needs to shut the hell up bcuz she is getting on my last nerves..She needs to work on her sobriety than anger management because clearly it hasn’t worked for her at all. She is trying to tell people to keep it 100′. She needs to go back and look at the old tapes of her mouthing off behind other peoples backs. She is so fake. I thought that they were going to clean up there acts but I think it’s a bunch of dribble. They need to keep it moving for real…

  236. Feeling Bad for You! says:

    Even though I say I am not going to watch the show anymore unfortunately I can’t say this will remain true. Although I am totally appalled by the girls behavior and antics, what I have discovered is that, the girls Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie, now known as the T.E.S.S. mess girls, makes me realize how blessed and fortunate I am to have been given character, integrity and intelligence. I feel sorry for you all; it is like you just don’t get it. I refuse to believe you girls are really this dumb!

    To the T.E.S.S. mess girls, thank you for reminding me how blessed I am!!

  237. G-Ladi says:

    Evelyn’s rolls are hanging over the sides of her skirt as she holds her gut in. LOL!

  238. Janice says:

    Shaunie it is unfortunate that being in the position that you were in, that you could have taken the opportunity to help portray a healthy and positive image of the African American females that you dropped the ball and played right into the hands of what other ethnic groups believe that we are all ignorant, evil, angry women. What is really sad about you is that you think you have a conversation to the audience and act like you believe that all of you want the best for everyone and wants to see everyone grow, when you know dam well that isn’t true. Really Shaunie. If this is what you really wanted, then why didn’t you have a conversation with Ev and Tammie discussing how you are not going to tolerate bullying from them on YOUR show because you want to show a positive image. Quick trying to act like you really care, obviouslyt you must be afraid of Tami the Tiger and Evilene Ev because you never once stood up to them to tell them you’re not going to have it on your show. However, you will talk about Jenn hiring an attorney, etc. Obviously you feel like she should have continued to tolerate Ev’s violence. You continued to back up EV and Tami and you know damn well, these two are wrong as hell. Tami needs to pick on somebody like her. She honestly doesn’t believe she did anything to Kesha and Kesha deserves the treatment she gave her. What does that sound lijke to you? This is how abusive men keep their women in line making them feel that it was their fault. Tami, I wish I could run up on you, it would be onnnnnn! I think Kesha reminds you of the women you husband had that’s why you hate her. You need long term therapy and Shaunie you need a back bone as well, you are SPINELESS.

  239. no more basketball wives says:

    Tammi is nothing but a smug bully, who thinks her explanation is the “right way” no matter what anybody says. I see no one said anything to that big “bully” that she was wrong in the way she talked to Kesha, what is everybody afraid of the “big bully drunk”. Shame on you all. Won’t watch again hate seeing people screaming and being so mean to everyone. Fade her out of BBW.If I was Kesha I would have left my purse and ran too! At the reunion she acted like she was teaching her a lesson, please she (Tammi) needs lessons on how to have some “class”. Mean mean thing, can’t call her a lady that would be putting down all the women in the world.