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Tough Love Steve Ward
Master Matchmaker Steve Ward is back for another season of Tough Love, and each week, he’ll be giving us an exclusive look at what went down behind the scenes on the series. This week, we talked to Steve about Tiffany’s abrupt departure from the show, and Elizabeth’s issues with sex.

This week you got rid of Tiffany because it turns out she was married. Tell me about what really went down with that situation.

I try to be the best advice-giver I can be and stay true to my character and be that loud and unapologetic personality that demands accountability, and that comes out very much so in this episode because I was completely flabbergasted by Tiffany. That this girl has the balls to refuse to get up on the hot seat, it’s like okay, now you’re really pushing my buttons. At least try to go out in a dignified fashion. She couldn’t even do that.

Did she have any last words for any of you before she left? It looked like she just got up and left.

Look, she was just running her mouth and making up more nonsense. She continued to perpetuate her lie, that was what was so astonishing to me. When you confront a compulsive liar with the truth, their heads explode. She categorically denies the truth. It’s like, what planet are you from? When you have people that convince themselves of a reality that just isn’t real, that’s disturbing.

Have you spoken to her since she left?

Not at all, I’ve distanced myself from her as much as humanly possible.

The vibe I got from her was like “What’s the big deal, aren’t we all on this show just to be on TV?” and she didn’t care that it happened to be a show about love and relationships.

That’s what was so offensive to me. I actually spoke to her husband! This guy is a truck driver and he was at home caring for her kids. She told him she was going on a show to learn how to be a better wife! I felt so bad for him.

Let’s move on to the sex theme of the show, starting with Melissa’s dominatrix makeover.

After Stephanie got her makeover last week, Melissa, in typical Melissa fashion, was whining and moaning that she didn’t get a makeover. So I thought , well, this is the sex episode, the girls are behind the eight ball again, she’s never had sex, I have to give her some edge. I told her I wanted her to break character. I was like “You come off as a virgin. You come off inexperienced. I want you to get into character with this outfit, to make this guy feel like you know exactly what you’re doing and you’re a sexy woman.” And what did she do? She just was her exact self in a different outfit. Herself in an outfit. She couldn’t break her own character. That’s what disappointed me.

Did she understand that she didn’t do what you told her to?

No! That’s the problem. Some of these girls really just seem to think that they’re in control and this is fun for them and they’re showing off for their friends back home, and you get these moments on the show where they have breakthroughs and realize, yes, this is for real, this is your life, this is not just make believe.

I thought Donna did well on her date but her date basically called her out for being old.

The thing was, it wasn’t anything she did, that was just something that he read off of her. Everything on this show is meant to be a learning experience, and this was a guy we matched her with, he knew her age, he was open to meeting her, but he just sensed that about her. It’s brutal but it will happen.

Were you surprised by how closed off Elizabeth was about sex? I was shocked that she was so conservative on the radio show and at the party.

In fairness, she just met Carl, she’s in her lingerie, she’s on television, and she knows her parents could be watching. She lives in constant fear of her parents’ disapproval. They basically told her if you go on this show, we’re disowning you. Wait till you see what happens later in the season when families start getting involved on the show.

If that’s the case and her parents cut her off wouldn’t she be more prone to —

Rebel? She still lives in fear. She lives in fear of failure, of ending up alone, her parents told her she can’t support herself and she needs a man to take care of her. And when I see that, I really want to take someone under my wing and support them. She needs to break the cycle in which she was raised.

What did her date think of her behavior?

Car was so enamored by her, he didn’t care. He just considered her to be sweet and innocent, and he was attracted to her, so it didn’t make a difference to him.

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