What Was The Most Dramatic Moment On This Season Of Mob Wives?


Mob Wives Most Dramatic Moments

We watch reality shows for the “truth is stranger than fiction” element, but this season, Mob Wives basically took the cake in that department. In this one group of women, you had rivalries and enemies, returning exes, NON-returning exes, near-death experiences, and family tragedies. Not to mention the knock-down, drag-out fight that started it all. Which moment was most dramatic? You tell us. We’ve put together a video playlist of some of the craziest moments from this season, so check those out and then take our poll to tell us which scene left you shaking your head and telling yourself “You can’t make this up.”

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  1. leah-gamezhernandez says:

    love ya renee

  2. Grace says:

    I have watched every episode I love this show. Big Ang your one classy lady I love you Dritia needs to watch out for Ramona. I can’t wait for the new ones and the season just ended Love it

  3. I just can see why the all can’t be friends. Friends are very important. When you need someone to talk to who do you go to Friends. I would go to my friends before I would go to my family.
    Just all get along.

  4. Mandy Jackson says:

    I felt absolutely horrible for Renee when she found out that after finding out her husband turned himself in then her father was arrested and to top that off, she finds out her ol man’s a SNITCH!! WOW! I do not know how Renee does it!! She had overcome all of this in front of millions of people who watch, but ya know what? SHE MADE IT THROUGH!! And it’s made her smarter and stronger! Hell of a woman–Hell of a Mob Wife!! I love Renee!!

  5. Jilly says:

    Nothing was as Dramatic as what happened to Renee this year. Finding out that the man you love the father of your child was wearing a wire being a snitch Betrayed your Father The man that every little girl loves first and always was beyond heart breaking I have to tell you She is one of the strongest women I have ever seen on television She is the reason I watch this show. Renee you are Amazing!

  6. this best part of this show is Big Ang. I want to see more of her and thank God the network is going to give Big Ang her own show. I want to dress like her, talk like her and have fun like her!!!

  7. michael amico says:

    My favorite epsoide in season 2 was the Poconos because Renne was funny and the drunk retarted that was at the bar.

  8. Toni says:

    Love the show!! Hoping all works out for all the women, women rule so please let’s all get together and make peace. I love all the women on the show, with all the tactics, their little attitudes, the dramas, and everything else, just love it. We are women and we do get very emotional and so into anything that needs to be handled, but we do love strong. I can’t wait for the reunion and for the next season, thank you all for sharing your lives with us. Thank you Jennifer Graziano for creating the show and for putting this on for us to watch and understand and yes a little of the entertainment, it was awesome I love every minute of it. Please continue success, again Thank you.

    Peace & Love Always

  9. Helene says:

    I look forward to watching the show every Sunday. I’m glad I found a place to view all the one’s I missed in the beginning of the season. The show has excitement and I can hardly wait for the next show

  10. anniemarie says:

    drita i totally thought your rap was amazing keep it up and i hope to see you more in T.V. your awesome an let them hate obviously their jealous!!!!! Iming glad you and Karen made up hope that last because true friends are hard to find and you own your kids the respect of keep your composure stay beautiful like always!

  11. Kim Butts says:

    I love this show! I would like to see Drita & Karen become friends again.Lucifer needs to mind her business! She runs her mouth about Drita to all the other wives,why cant she say it to Dritas’ face? Anyway,goodluck to the both of them & I love Big Angs’ new tat!

  12. Jeri says:

    My heart goes out to Renee. Her life came tumbling down around her, and in the most heartbreaking manor possible. I just want to give her some advice… Whenever you think you cannot handle anymore, think of Footprints In The Sand, and know at that moment, God is carrying you.

  13. tkae says:

    This is a disgusting show that needs to be taken off the air pronto! I have stopped watching this show ions ago. WHY does vh1 keep on promoting garbage programming like this? TAKE IT OFF THE AIR! It is smut! And stinks worse then SI. These woman are an EmBARRASSEMENT to their race! And what are they promoting? How it’s cool to have a husband locked UP? In jail, have fatherless children? How it’s cool to have to go to jail to see him? What is the GOOD about this show? WHERE IS IT? Everyone needs to CLEAN UP society starting with Television first. And these sorts of shows DO NOT do anything POSITIVE to keep Junk in the garbage. It puts the JUNK in your front lawn! The same way the public is rallying to clean up and dismiss other shows is the SAME WAY this DIRT needs to GET OFF THE AIRWAVES. NOBODY WANTS TO WATCH A SHOW THAT PROMOTES THE UNDERWORLD! TAKE IT OFF THE AIR! FOR the sake of your future. And for the next generation ahead!

  14. Tess says:

    There were definitely more dramatic moments during season 2 than is given as options!! Like my favorite: Renee at the church asking for strength from Jesus.. very moving. A few others brought up on the mobile site were, of course the fight with Drita & karen, and when Renee pulled the peanut butter & Doritos from the drawer! Love the show!

  15. Maria says:

    You need to have a vote on the most annoying part of Season 2. That would be RAMONA. Still not real sure what that girl is mad about other than something that was none of her business to begin with……..

  16. JUDY ALLISON says:

    I voted on Renee/father. Renee borders on the dramatic….sometimes over dramatic. But I love her anyway.

  17. Cheryle says:

    I cried like a big baby when Renee found out Junior had turned on her Daddy. All women with Daddies could relate to her. The reason it hit me so hard was I had just lost my Daddy and even tho I can’t see him anymore, to have him in prison would be almost as bad. Renee is quite a woman and is recovering quite well. I give her praise for being so strong!

  18. Cheryle says:

    I don’t think Ramona has any business being on this show. She has not been married to anyone in the mob and, just because she has a relative that was in the mob, doesn’t make her worthy of being on the show. She should just keep her big mouth shut and let Drita & Karen work out their own problems. She just wants to stir the pot!!

    And, Big Ang, just keep being you. YOU ARE GREAT!! Love Little Louie!!

  19. becca says:

    The moment learns about her dad it was devastating, we felt her pain thru and thru it was a double shot she had to take. Renee we feel for you better things are to come your way.

  20. i so love Renee i felt so bad for her,wish i had been there to give her a big hug and help her through he pain, i cried along with her !!!