Linda Hogan And Charley Hill Break Off Their Engagement


Linda Hogan Charley Hill Split Couples Therapy

Wow! This is some sad news we weren’t expecting today. Fox News reports that Linda Hogan and Charley Hill, have broken off their engagement and split after four years together. In the emotional finale of the show, Charley proposed to Linda, and when we spoke to her just a couple weeks ago, she admitted that they weren’t focusing on a wedding in the immediate future. We’re sad to read that their wedding plans are now on hold indefinitely.

Linda’s attorney, Raymond Rafool, commented on the situation, stating “There was a lot of therapy involved, and the couple realized they needed to do their own thing. The realization came this weekend. But it was a mutual decision, and a whole new chapter for both of them.”
[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. Nicole says:

    Thank god! she needs to focus rebuilding a relationship with her daughter and not chasing after younger men.

  2. Debra says:

    Funny how this comes out after Couples Therapy ends…Guess they had to keep it that way for the show

  3. Tony F. says:

    You get what you give ! Cougar relationships only consist of one thing, and that is great sex! Once the newness wears off. You realize he is a kid, and you feel like a fool. All the world knows that you bedded down a kid.

  4. Ruby says:

    This was a train wreck from day 1#, your childrens friends are off limits. No pun against younger men, older women; however you must use your mind somewhat. A lot of things and people will look good, but don’t lie 2 yourself about what it is.