Tough Love New Orleans – Episode 6 – Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Steve has a habit of making these girls’ lives (and dates) hell, and this week, hell was a soupy mess dropped in all their laps. To see how well they could handle a terrible situation and whether or not they can laugh at themselves, the challenges were all about having a sense a humor. So who had the last laugh? Let’s find out.

Melissa, our sweet, innocent virgin, is having some trouble committing herself to Chris, the man she’s been on two dates with but with whom she doesn’t think she has chemistry. This is unfortunate because all the other women in the house live Chris. Shalana thinks it’s awesome that he has all his teeth. Donna thinks he’s adorable and the perfect candidate for Melissa to finally earn a notch on her bedpost. Basically everyone BUT Melissa is smitten.

Steve isn’t content to send the ladies on any old date this week, his plan is to sabotage their dates by having the waitress spill bouillabaisse in their laps to see how graceful they are under fire. And under a light tomato broth. First up was Donna, who was matched with another new date, a man (also) named Chris who is 46, has dimples, and seems to be just her type. Cue the clumsy waitress, and Donna is understanding and kind when a gallon of seafood falls into her. Donna’s almost too understanding and just keeps giggling about it, and Chris is totally like “Someone is going to comp our meal!” And then she does this in the middle of the eatery.

“I think I pulled a shrimp out of my labia!” she laughs. Ha…ha? (BLLPH!) Maybe save this for the ladies room, Donna.

Steve is completely impressed by Donna’s response though…so it’s going to be pretty interesting to see how the rest of the ladies respond to the same situation.

Elizabeth is also the picture of grace, and her date rushes to her aid to clean up the mess. Despite her sexual squeamishness last week, she jokes “It was almost a good thing because he was on his hand and knees wiping down my crotch.”
Tough Love New Orleans

Danielle was slightly less kind (“I was thinking in my head ‘B—h!'”) about the situation and rushed off to the bathroom to clean herself up in the sink.
Danielle Tough Love
Melissa was sweet about it (“Shrimp and perfume, my favorite scent.”) but her new date, Brock, didn’t help her clean herself up which “makes it a little more awkward,” she says. Despina‘s waitress didn’t just drop soup in her lap, she did a pratfall into her whole body which was hilarious,
Despina Tough Love
but overall, the only person to get upset was Danielle when her date was derailed by stew, and she walks out. Her date was unfazed though. Despite the fact that she shut down, he wanted to see her again because she didn’t totally freak out.

Challenge number two in the “can you laugh at yourself?” department involves the women going to a comedy club to do a set of jokes about themselves. Already Stephanie is upset because she feels she’s been made fun of enough in her life and she doesn’t want to make fun of herself. The women are paired up with comedians to help them write their jokes, but Stephanie is not having it and she tells her comic partner she doesn’t watch comedy. “Do you laugh? Like, ever?” the comic asks her.
Stephanie Tough Love

“I thought it was complete and total bulls— that I had to do something so stupid,” Stephanie says, and actually packs her bags to leave the house because she’s had it. “Stephanie’s actually threatening to leave bootcamp because she doesn’t have a sense of humor? Are you kidding me?” Steve asks. “Spoiled brats don’t do well around here.”

Eventually, even though she went to the trouble of packing her bags, which, I mean, packing is THE WORST, but it turns out she did it for nothing, she decided to stay after all. (By the way, catch my stand up act “Packing, Am I Right, Ladies?” this week at the Giggle Barn.)

So they all head over to the comedy club, and unbeknownst to them, their dates are in the audience. No pressure. Elizabeth, who was one of the most nervous women of all, went first and her nerves didn’t show at all on stage.

And personally, I love that Donna dressed like Sarah Silverman to perform her set.

As for Stephanie, her set was great, despite her bad attitude about making fun of herself.

But Melissa, whose set was easily the most uncomfortable and unfunny of all, totally bombed. Not only that, her date wasn’t even in the audience to comfort her. That’s because he was about to take the stage himself and do his own set. “What is happening??” Melissa asks.
Melissa Tough Love
Chris’ set wasn’t so much funny ha-ha as it was funny awww because he basically was asking her for another date, which she finally granted him. Awww indeed!

After the show, the ladies get to know their dates even more and it’s a nice night for everyone except Stephanie. Her date, John, asks her what happened the night she went out and made out with another guy, which she has never told him about. Ohhh boy.
Stephanie Tough Love
She admits to her make out session and John swears it doesn’t bother him, but the vibe gets tense and before long, he says goodbye.

Over at group, Steve tells Donna that she did the best of the week, and in addition, her date is truly smitten with her. Melissa didn’t do very well this week but alas, she’s not in the hot seat. She does give Steve a ridiculous excuse for why she doesn’t like Chris (“I like a man who’s bigger than me.” Um, what?) but she says she doesn’t want to keep dating him just because he likes her. All Steve asks of her is that she’s honest with Chris and breaks things off with him truthfully, like a mature adult.

It’s Stephanie who lands in the hot seat this week, no surprise there.
Stephanie Hot Seat Tough Love
Steve warns her that is she ever threatens to leave the house again, he’ll actually help her pack her bags, so that’s strike one. And of course, there’s her conversation with John, which was basically relationship self-sabotage. She feels hurt that she was honest with John and he brushed her off, and she cried about how she doesn’t want to hurt him. So of course, guess who’s there at group?

Welcome, John.

Stephanie starts to cry and puts the blame on John who she says shut down after she was honest with him about her feelings. What she doesn’t seem to get is that she was honest about making out with another guy, so it’s justifiable that he’d be a little upset. “I don’t exactly know how to trust. If you’re out there making out with a guy, is your heart really in this deal?” he asks. Ultimately he tells her “I want it to work out,” and he sticks by her and she promises to stick with bootcamp.
“At this point you need to be ready to say ‘I know what I’m doing wrong,'” Steve tells the girls. They need to be ready to help themselves now that they’re at the halfway point. So will they be able to? We have four more episodes to find out!

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