Couples Therapy Star Dr. Jenn Berman Weighs In On Linda Hogan And Charley Hill’s Split


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Dr. Jenn Berman worked very closely for several weeks with Linda Hogan and Charley Hill, overcoming her own initial skepticism about their relationship, to provide an outlet and a place for them to work out their future together. At the end of this season of Couples Therapy, Charley and Linda even got engaged, which is why we were surprised to read the news yesterday that they split up over the weekend. We spoke to Dr. Jenn today to get some additional insight into the breakup, but reiterates that this was, and still is, a very supportive, loving couple.

I was so surprised to hear the news of Linda and Charley’s breakup!

It’s so unfortunate, it’s very sad.

In the statements that Linda released, she did give a shout out to their recent therapy, do you think this decision was a direct result of working with you to figure out what was best for them?

I think that both of them developed a lot of insight from being on Couples Therapy because they worked really hard in therapy, and they both became clearer on what each of them needs to come to the relationship a whole person and be ready to take the relationship to the next level. Sometimes people break up and sometimes they get back together, you never know what lies in the future, but sometimes the work has to be done separately in order to be a couple again.

Did you continue to work with them after the show ended?

I can’t comment on that, but I can tell you I’m always available and there to support any cast member. I said to DMX in the last episode, once I’m your therapist, I’m always your therapist, and everyone reaches out to me in various ways, shapes and forms.

I know you had initially felt this way, we all did, we all assumed that because of their age difference, they shouldn’t work, but after eight weeks of the show, we realized how well they did work.

Totally. And one thing that’s really important is that this is a wonderful, loving relationship. Regardless of whether they’re together or not right now, they had something really special that, thanks to this program, the public got to understand. It was not just an older woman and a younger guy, it was a really meaningful relationship and they provided just the right thing for one another at just the right time in their lives.

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