Evelyn Lozada Weighs In On Monday’s Episode Of Basketball Wives Saying It “Forced Me To Examine Myself In Ways I Haven’t In The Past”


Evelyn Lozada Shaunie O'Neal Kesha Nichols Basketball Wives
Each week during this season of Basketball Wives, we’ve been following the recaps and blog posts written by the cast to get a better understanding of the show. This week’s episode has prompted a LOT of response, and we wanted to post a part of the blog that Evelyn Lozada wrote in response to the situation that occurred between Tami and Kesha, both of whom she is friends with. Here’s what Evelyn has to say:

Last night’s episode was a whirlwind of emotions for everyone. It’s such a sensitive subject for me because I honestly see it from both sides. I’m not here to condemn or condone anyone especially given some of my choices this season, however I will say that once again last night’s episode and all that happened forced me to look at and examine myself in ways that I haven’t in the past. No matter what the situation is, I’m realizing that we as grown women are allowing ourselves to be placed in a position for judgment. I’m confident that I speak for many of us on the show that when it comes to creating a better balance for television, we are all working very hard to do just that. Many of us are getting help for our inner issues and striving to portray a more positive image overall.

Tahiti was just an example of all of us being a true work in progress…Hang in there with us, as we vow to grow and become better!

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  1. mederma says:

    I don’t believe Evelyn or Tami or Shaunie one bit!!! They are just trying to save face and their roles on BBW. It’s funny how people behave in such a way that is degrading and demeaning to other people and think that most people find it acceptable or great television, when it’s NOT. These women claim to keep it 100%, so why now try to be something that you’re not, isn’t that being FAKE?

  2. ru4real says:

    You are not for real. It almost sound like the same speech the ex O’Neal gave. We are tired of watching grow women act like there parents did not raise them right. We as a race are tired now the station is feeling the heat and all your jobs are on the line and everyone wants to say I’m sorry.

  3. sophie says:

    “TOO LITTLE TOO LATE EVELYN & TAMI….This show needs to go away perm. I only represents rudeness, bullying, alchoholism, and dishonesty. Why do we need to see this on TV, when it’s in our face everyday. SUZI IS STILL RUNNING HER MOUTH!

    Why do we need to have in our living rooms women fighting, using profanity, and drinking to glamorize it/ We don’t need it. Teaching our kids how to be a bully and look pretty doing it? NO.

    I am starting a petition, getting it signed and will list all sponsors on the petition for the signatures to boycott the show & their sponsor’s. This basketball wives show has got to go. Too little too late on apologies. Everyone knows these women don’t mean it. They’re lie, remember. They steal now. HA! Just a bunch of animals dressed up.
    And this is what our soilders are dieing for in the war everyday? So u gals can go and beat up on each other, so you can take another persons purse and make that person beg to get it back. That kept me awake all night trying to figure out what kind of a grown ass woman 40, would do that? I t came to me later that she would have to be mentally challanged, and dangerous. So you all are taking a risk by keeping this person on the show. All I can see is law suit, after law suit, cause she’s getting worse, and all the I’m sorry, sorry in the world doesnt change who she is or what she is. She’s a pit bull out of control. ” It is what it is”.
    Now VH-1 it’s your call. It’s on you. Shaunie this is on you too.

  4. sophie says:

    Episode 13 was not the best episode. The people who think this is true, are animals just like those animals on basketball wives. Go figure.

  5. SOPHIA says:



  6. KayBee says:

    Tami is your friend but come on Ev..Tahiti was an example of Tami being a psycho path! She is a lost cause is my eyes. I’m hoping on the reunion you say whats really real & not some political answer!

  7. Priscilla A says:

    Tami is a classic Bully! To watch her gain so much power (with-in herself that is) by making Kesha ask for her purse should have been humiliating to herself. She’s not crazy or scary. She is simple a Bully who took advantage of someone who clearly has tremendous self-control (perhaps out of fear), but known the less Kesha’s maturity in handling that situation is remarkable. I’m glad Shaunie and Evelyn stayed around to support her after the Trash-Talking-Bully left. Tami, no excuses get some help Lady!

  8. Miss Ruthy says:

    Sorry Evelyn you were one of my favorites an now you are FAKE, FAKE, AN FAKE ALL AROUND!!! The BBW is a show that is going to be remembered as the “Bully Show” !!! Wow an Vh1 is going to do a spinoff of you an Chad. Um didn’t Vh1 already have a show with Chad? Lame!!!!! So what now we have to watch you for another five months or so. Ugh!!! Vh1 when is Big Ang’s show premiering I rather watch her.

  9. Celena says:

    They really disgusted me and no matter what happens in your past you should NEVER use that as a crutch to be mean or be a bully. They have serious issues and the other ladies are puppets for not speaking up for whats wrong or right. Never in my life have I ever seen weak women acting like this and I am ashamed to be thought of like this. Ladies your bitterness and lack of respect for people and surroundings is awful and karma only gets you in the end.

  10. nikki says:

    All I have to say is, if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it! Calling these women out of their names make you no better than “the animals” you call them.

  11. R. Parker says:

    I believe Evelyn is trying to tone it down because her show with Chad is being boycotted. They probably knew Tammi was going to confront Kesha before they even got to Tahiti. I don’t believe for one minute that Evelyn and Tammi are sincere. I signed the petition to boycott Evelyn’s show and I wish I could do the same for Basketball Wives — I mean Basketball Golddiggers.

  12. jerseygirl23 says:

    This statement seems like it was finely crafted by eitiher her publicist or Shaunie’s publicist. they have to try to save face for all the heat they’re catching. Both Evelyn and Tami thought that the more drama they caused the more ratings and popularity they would gain. And Shaunie was just going along becuase it benefited her. They had no idea this would backfire on them and blow up in their faces now they are back peddling. yeah right Shaunie you are trying to bring balance. i think it’s too late I think the show has lost all credibility and no matter what they do they have lost most viewers for good. I think they need to revamp and get a new cast of real educated mature women that are actually wives oh no wait they have enough sense to want to be on a show like that!

  13. Tiffany Brown says:

    No you are all embarrassing!!

  14. BOYCOTT says:

    LET”S BOYCOTT ANY PRODUCT THESE LADIES (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF KESHA) ENDORSE: hair, cosmetics, shoes, organization, etc.

  15. Shauni started this show with what intension?……..Despite of her intension, she as a well as Evelyn and Tami have created this reality that many adults and adolescents see. Overall, the show and the girls are making money, but at the cost of what?……

  16. Oh Please... says:

    Yet, after all was said and done, she was the main ring leader in jackin’ up Kenya’s room with the fish…so much for “striving to portray a more positive image overall”.

  17. Amber Jones says:

    That was straight bull sh*t!! Eve, and Shaunie should’ve told Tammi to calm her ass down, it is not that serious!! You women are grown you are not in high school anymore, I mean come on, let’s be real, that he said she said sh*t is mad juvenile and you Kesha had every right to report her bag stolen!!! when you take something that don’t belong to you it’s called stealing!! I think I’m more angry at the fact that Ev and Shaunie just sat there and didn’t say nothing, I get that Tammie is your friend, but it takes a real friend to tell someone they are wrong and out of line!!! This show is turning into straight trash and all you females on this show know how to behave better than that!!!

  18. all of you ladies need to grow-up and stop being so ignorant maybe you all need to stop having so many cocktails.Tammie really needs to watch the show from where she first became part of the circle.and why is it so important to be part of your tasteless circle.you ladies are all messy.Evelyn i no your fiance’s grandmother is ashame of you he just dosent want to tell you

  19. Basketball FOOLS (not wives) says:

    Too Little too Late to hang in there; this show is a HOT ASS MESS!!!! Evelyn and Shaunie both should have been honest with Tami and let her know then and there she was absolutely WRONG!!! whatever the reasons she was mad. All of you are BUMS!!!! for not doing what would have been the right thing to do…

  20. THERESA HARRIS says:


  21. ashley says:

    First of all evelyn its a little to late for that yall know how Tami is so for Suzie to go and run her mouth like that was not cool or aright its her fault it got to this point Tami needs help doing that girl like that was totally disrespectful yall make alot of black women look bad we dont ack like that a black should always be classy and ack like we have class that right there was none of it she know that girl didnt wanna fight her you and Tami are to big damn bullys always messing with people just because of what you heared yall take over the top for no reason just adress it to her then leave at that yall go on and on yall not friends then let it go….

  22. TAMARA says:


  23. L.T. says:

    The whole crew is “full of it” This kind of mess has been going on for the entirety of the series it just so happens that this is the worst that it has been. Evelyn throwing plates, Nia slapping Jen, and Tami bullying Kesha all for what? Evelyn I hope that YOU really do some soul searching in regards to ALL aspects of your life especially in regards to your future hubby. Any man that says the things that he says to you (playing or not) is disrespectful to you. Doesn’t matter how much you defend him he’s an a$$ and you can do better.

  24. Sandra Cummings-Williams says:

    What makes Tami think that she has the right to think she has authority over other’s feelings and that she does not have to apologize to Kesha for inquiring about her ethnicity? Hell wha’s Tammies nationalitly? She knows who to blow up at too. Who is she to think that she can just get up and just hit someone when she gets ready? She acts exactly like the middle/high school bullies across America….Susie is an instigating snake…thows the rock hides her hand so that the focus is off of her. Evelyn is another nasty mouthed bully…that man must be out of his mind to marry her. Shauni is just as bad because she laughs with them and condones this ignorant foolishness… dead fish, grown ass back-stabbing women she thrive off of negativity against each other. Too late to clean up this mess…………………..next.

  25. sonya says:

    tami is a class bully who should never drink…evelyn is a foul mouth classless bully, suzie is classless with diarrhea of the mouth, and shaunie is a down low drama lover…I cant believe how none of you could speak up and tell tami enough is enough…why wouldn’t any of you get kesha’s purse from tami and give it back ??? I guess all of you feel it was okay also for her to go in her purse…what a bunch of classless disrespectful women…I really hate that my daughter likes watching bbw…

  26. gracie says:

    Empty tins make lot of noise. Can’t believe at Tami’s age people behave like that and none of the other girls tried to stop her. Actions speak louder than words and after last night I will never watch this show again it just does not make me a better person. CLASSLESS is what I call it.

  27. Whitney G says:

    Please i don’ t believe this statement one bit. she is just trying to stay positive so they won’t cancel her show, because she and all the other girls are bullies as well because they treat kenya dirty as hell, for example look at the fish they put in her room. if you a grown woman like you say then you wouldn’t have gone through kesha’s phone or put fish in kenya’s hotel room so please she can save this statement.

    Vh1 you need more positive shows whatever happened to that weight loss show do that with regular people like me, or something of real life like that because shows like basketball wives needs to change or go.

  28. I am happy to hear that because you were crying about Kesha when you yourself act just like Tami (the bully). I hate when people use other people and there misfortunes in life as an excuse to mishandle other people and talk to them so condescending. I hate what is happening on BW and I am about to not watch this garbage any longer. I can watch Jerry Springer if I want to see cursing and fighting. The fish in Kenyas room is disgusting and all of you played a part in that. Shaunie creating all these events so she can sit back and watch you all perform for her and all of America. You all being pimped and do not even reecognize it. Jen and Royce are examples of Ladies with respect. They are not perfect but they are Ladies. Kesha need to say goodbye to all of you and join Jen and Royce. Beautiful women and African American descents acting the fool. Yeah some of you are mixed but all america sees is the blackness. I pray that the three of you get a good glimpse of yourselves. Shaunie..Evelyn and Tami. Be ladies with some respect. Stop being pimped by Shaunie to be our entertainment. You will see she is never a part of the dirty work or the cursing and fighting. Get some “Godly counseling for all these issues you all seem to have. i pray that I can continue to watch and support our Black shows with some dignity.

  29. Nona Wilson says:

    You all acted like teenagers, You were no more than bullies with Kesha, the fish and Jen. It is always something like this with you and Tami.

  30. Erica says:

    Tami’s behavior was totally unacceptable!!!! And for the other three ladies that sat there abd said nothing are just as guilty!!!!! Every last one of those women have daughters imagine that was your daughter!!!! How would you feel or even reacted!!!!

  31. I know why shaunnie and Eve don’t say nothing are there afraid of tammi… That was the time for Shaunnie to put her foot down and say cmon now tammi this is so second grade . This show gets worst and worst susie is another snake

  32. yvette says:

    Tami is a bully! Plain and simple!

  33. I can appreciate your comment Evelyn, as u are evolving and learning more about yourself. We all have a story which many can relate to. However, many choose not to share the intricate details. I was so thrilled when the show first hit the screen because I envisioned a group of classy ladies who were quite unique within their own rights. I embraced the show because off how u all connected and was there for one another during each individual’s circumstances. It showed a great deal of empowerment to women who are evolving as entrepreneurs and ebracement of their own independence. However, some way along the line, you guys allowed the devil to come in an bring division amongst you all. Then violence and bullying came into play. These are some of the things that we teach our kids not to do. Malice and hate is no healthy and it sadden me to see how you and Jennifer fell out, how Tammy tried Kesha, etc. I was really thinking about not watching the show. Although I know drama does exist, but you all are role models for myself and many others. I am glad that you recognize that you are a work in progress and you all vow to become better. I will continue to support you ladies cause I love to see my sisters grow and display positive vibes!! Just remember, GOD always sends a warning before destruction, so please take heed and just ponder on that before allowing your temper to get the best of you.

  34. Sweetpea says:

    All of you are grown ass women. I can’t watch this junk anymore. This is the worst ghetto mess. I tell you what, Tami couldn’t have taken my purse and kept it…that is all!

  35. tika says:

    You are a liar. We will not hang in there with you. You are only doing this apologie so viewers will continue to watch you bully of a show. You are a disgrace to women. There is no difference’s between you and a caged animal. You are worst then a wild dog. Good by BBW!

  36. Jessica says:

    Sounds Real Grown-up’ because at the End of the Day when Grown Women are acting like Teenagers….Well just to say the least it takes away from your inner being, your Sexiness, your True self. everyone has disagreements in life over all, it’s the way you handle every turn of event in a respectful manner and as An Adult, so with this being said I’m hoping ALL OF THE LADIES CAN PUT to rest ALL THE CHILDISH DRAMA AND LEARN HOW TO FORGIVE , AND move ON~ STOP HOLDING gRUDGES IT ONLY SICKEN YOU FROM THE INSIDE/OUT.

  37. katrina c says:

    You have a daughter, is the way that you have been behaving in front of her for her entire life. I am from NY and I worked for corrections for years and you could not get me to do to myself what you have done to yourself on this show. No ratings is worth it because when this is all over you the tape will still be there.
    In my opinion it should not have taken this to make you look at yourself. After some of the things that you have done should have made you look at yourself. When you look at your daughter that should make you look at yourself.

  38. soulstrust says:

    Did anyone notice how tami is trying to be like evelyn, acting and sounding just like her, why does she want to be her so bad. From day one she bullied her way into the circle shaunie is afraid of her thats why she tolerates it evelyn knows she can’t win, so she tolerates her,i truly believe that evelyn doesn’t like her one bit…Anytime tami feels that her spot in the circle will be threatened she trys to turn everyone against them grow some balls let her know that you really dont like her i got your back..Time to x her out like jackie….I feel very bad for kesha god bless her stay who you are and never change for no one…..stop using your anger issues as an excuse………

  39. Michelle says:

    The sad fact is that it took all of the negative comments, and the demand for the show to be taken off the air for any of you ladies to come to grips with what you are putting out there all by yourselves, but a lot of fault goes to the produces and editors of this show. Its up to you to edit and make sure what we see is not all this crap. We love reality tv but not this crap you are giving us.So while its great they are all working on themselves I truly hope it works only time will tell and we all understand we are all human and make mistakes but its what we learn from those mistakes that’s makes us better people, friends, cast mates and family .

  40. Ana says:

    I am so sick and tired of these girls blaming their past for how they treat each other I had a horrible childhood and because of it I treat people with dignity and respect I would never treat anyone the way I was treated I hated it so why would I do it to some one else, And your to dam old to still live in the past move forward you act like your still bullies in school grow up putting Fish in Kenya’s room that’s so classless and Shaunie your not inosent in all this no wonder Shag left you your just as much as a hood rat as Tammi Evelyn Susie

  41. Meme says:

    I am so over BBW. This show is a disgrace. I could not even continue to watch it, after Tami bullying episode. She is the last person that should talk about respecting someone. I believe these women do need to grow, however they need to grow off air. All Shaunie cares about is getting paid, she does not care one bit about anyone character and how Evelyn or Tami works so hard at humiliating others. Jennifer and Keisha should sue everyone. I hope Tameeka did not drop her lawsuit.

  42. Gsala says:

    I felt so sorry for Kesha!!!!!! poor thing.

  43. katrinac says:


  44. aTRUE lady says:

    SO sad no one had anything nice to say about u ladies….. r u getting the HINT? u GIRLS (not women) are not setting examples for us women PERIOD u all need to get yaselves together and seek REAL help not do it for TV or the money which is ur exposing yaselves like this in such a negative way….. u all are scorn and hurt and it shows in ur actuions i FEEL SO BAD for those young females who r trying to be like u and look up to u becuz i think u GIRLS are a disgrace to women everywhere GET IT TOGETHER!!! *not judging, just simply how i feel after watching a show i did like once upon a time smh*

  45. teresa says:

    i think that all the women on here are messy and to old to be acting like this the only one i think is classy is royce evelyn is a mess too a hot one, i hope the next time she runs up on jennifer she lets her have it right in her mouth god i wish i could have that chance because i would of been let them all have it they are bullys they know who they can do that type of mess to and who they can’t lets just keep it real ppl. suzi i would whoop her she still being 2faced with everybody i just want to slap her silly to tell u the truth yall grow up pls

  46. Christine says:

    as for you Evelyn I did see a different side. But Tammy took it to far. And she just out right lied about the purse. I know without a doubt that one of you would have picked it up. I am a loyal fan of the show but I am second guessing myself. You all need to add a little more substance to remain Relevant. All we see is violence and to much cussing. Com on ladies we can do better. This is coming from someone who could be all your mother. I know that you all have that it factor and each could bring something more positive to the show. Think ladies in my early days we were shocked to see black people on television. Lets not lose our places because of what we le the public see. And for you Evelyn step into the roll of a wife and show young viewers something different. Stop the madness

  47. janet says:

    I literally was sick to my stomach as I watched this show. Could you imagine if this was your mother your sister your daughter. How Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie could just sit by and do absolutely nothing while Tammi bulldozed over Keisha is beyond me. Tammi was dead wrong and should be released from the show.VH1 really needs to do something to show that they are part of the solution and not a party to the problem. Time to stand up VH1 and do the right thing by your viewers and fire Tammi for her absolutely disgusting behavior.

  48. Deben says:

    I literally cried watching this weeks episode and I am terribly disappointed in the actions of the cast mates. No one deserves to be treated like that I don’t care what they may or may not have said about you. Tami and Evelyn are the epitome of bullying and they are setting such a poor example for how women should behave and carry themselves in public. I hope after watching this episode they see themselves for what they truly are and work on making some changes.

  49. Mimi says:

    Just a thought: Tami how would you like it if someone bullied one of your daughters? By the way I’m thinking you were probably a product of bullying yourself, were you?

  50. Diane says:

    I don’t care how much these women apologize. I cannot imagine how they sat there and allowed Tami to attack Keisha without even trying to calm the situation. That’s not just immature, that’s inhumane. I think it was all for the sake of ratings. Some people will sell their soul and morals for the almighty dollar. That’s too bad. But especially for 40 something year old women who have all have daughters that not only look up to them, I think, as role models, but could be bullied or bullys themselves. What do you say to your children. I’m mortified for their children. Furthermore, to say if you don’t like, don’t watch it, is an irresponsible comment. Young people are watching it if we, the adults, are not. If they see grown women bullying each other that sends a message that bullying is ok. There is something severely wrong with Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami if it took anger from the viewers of the show to recognize how irresponsible they were in regards to that entire scene. Suzy, that’s a whole level of embarrassment. They all need major counseling. Maybe Dr. Phil can prescribe some counsel and medication for these ladies. I will not continue to give any more of my time to this show as a viewer. But I will speak out against bad behavior always…especially when it encourages bad behavior like bullying when so man people are committing suicide ever day because of bullying. Shame on BB Wives, Shame on VH1 for airing it.

  51. pacubana says:

    Evelyn, not buying the crocodile tears, or the apology. You guys are posting these blogs because you’re feeling the heat from us viewers who feel ALL OF YOU bullied Keesha, Shaunie you’re just as guilty. I re-watched this again yesterday to find some type of remorse, repent from any of the 4 which includes Suzi the mole. I didn’t see it, I wanted to see something in Tami when they shot her alone, nada, and Suzi, you’re a rat!

  52. kisha says:

    I hear what Evelyn is saying, I just find it to be a little late. Evelyn and Tami have bullied all of the weakest links on this show. The ones that they could not bully they back off of if you notice. I feel like reall they need to be stopped and shaunie the silent instagater is just as bad as the other too. Last point I was not gonna talk about Suzie but if kesha does not realize that sheis the one throwing her under the bus her situation will get worse.


     THEN I TAKE IT YOU WILL BE APOLOGIZING FULL FORCE TO JEN TONIGHT? No, I thought not. Hard for me to see what you think is right about BOTH SIDES and what Tami did right on any level.   She’s not GESTAPO is she? People  are free to have opinions, AND VOICE THEM DESPITE TAMI’S OVERINDULGED NEED TO CONTROL EVERYBODY… 



  54. UniBou says:

    WOW E, I am impressed and so glad to hear.

  55. Andie says:

    You all are way to old to be acting like that. Jennifer and Kenya are the only ones thus far having any type of respect for themselves and who they portray nation wide.This is why black women can’t get rid of the horrible sterotype that we have now. You little girls are well into your late 30′s and early forties acting like a bunch of middle-schoolers. Its a pure disgrace to watch you all bicker, argue, fuss and fight about things that are not relevant at all. It sickens me to know that you are getting paid to act like the tradegies that you are. I pray to God that there won’t be another season of this foolishness because as a strong black woman I can’t take one more false reprensentation of what we are not. Grow up fast and I feel sorry for who is associated or related to you. Purely ridiculous.

  56. Inger Watson says:

    While I appreciate your comment the proof is in the pudding. You are a beautiful woman who has acted like a low class ghetto girl this season. If someone does something that you don’t like, let them go. Tami and you are bullies. There are young and old people dying everyday for the exact same things that you guys have done this season. I hope you’re getting help. And please, don’t take this behavior into your relationship/marriage because I don’t think you realize who you’re working with. Chad will be the one who bullies you.

  57. Evelyn Lozada did NOT write this says:

    This was too coherent and intelligent for Evelyn to have written this. VH1 thinks were are stupid. A publicist wrote that mess and Evelyn and VH1 need to stop it. You all are not kids and you are all ready grown with almost grown kids, too late. Cancel this mess.

  58. Freda (Union, NJ) says:

    Listen, these women act like teenagers. I think the show’s producers should have looked more closey iinto the personalties of who was chosen to be on the cast of BBW. These women portray a poor example of black women especially since there is a stereotype that black women are always angry. I really think this show should be cancelled and revamp the entire cast including Shawnie who has sat by watching the fights and bullying occur right under her nose as one of the producers. Is Shawnie scared of Tami? I mean come on, there should be some kind of control maintained on any show. This show is totally out of control. Tami apologized for her actions but I think because she was called out on it is what prompted the apology and it was not sincere. Bullying is tabu and inexcusable! Tami, Evelyn, Susie and Shawnie talked about things that disturbed them about someone else but then they act 10 times worse than the person that they have a problem with. I have no respect, as a black woman, for black women who conduct themselves less than respectfully and with maturity to people, as they expect to be treated. Such hippocrites! Hopefully, the show’s producers will take another look at the cast members and cancel the show!

  59. @karen says:

    this is for karen who published VHI’s info to boycott this show. I”ve posted the info on my facebook to share with family and friends and encourage all those who want this show off the air to post it to their social media accounts.

  60. Umph... says:

    If it had been me, Tami’s azz would’ve been sh*tting in a hole in Tahiti after I pressed charges. And Shaunie and Evelyn are ridiculous for not standing up to Tami’s grown azz. How would Tami feel if some old lady was trying to fight her daughter’s? Kesha looks like she is around their age. Tami can’t blame anything on anybody but herself, I grew up rough, but I’m not trying to fight at my age. As for Suzie, please tell me why her name is not GO RUN TELL IT? Do me a favor, when you get back to Miami, call me so I can see if you want to just run up on me.

  61. Traci says:

    Keisha, you handled yourself like a woman and should be the only one holding your head up high! I too am black and white so I know exactly where you’re coming from when you say you’re not black enough or white enough. Keep being you, Keisha because out of all involved, you were the only true black woman who was a prime example to little girls!

  62. Disturbed says:

    That apology was very weak. I understand people making mistakes and losing their cool, but let’s be real this happens every time a new person comes on the show. This person becomes the new target, sort of like fresh meat in prison. You guys pick on the weak ones. You clown on people’s hair, clothes, looks. Sad thing is young females watch this and look up to you guys and start to treat others the same way. Prime example, clowning on Kenya, so what if she wants to sing or dance, does that really affect you guys in anyway. And come on… putting fish in her room in tahiti…real mature.

    I used to love this show…now i HATE it…

    Here is a list of people who fell victim to Evelyn or Tami’s wrath
    Suzi (by Evelyn)
    Tami and Evelyn Drama
    Royce (by Evelyn )
    Malika (by Tami)
    Jen (by Evelyn)
    Jen by (Evelyn’s friend)
    Kesha (by Tami)
    Kenya (by Suzi, Evelyn Shaunie (fish in her room))

    Ladies, GROW UP!!!
    disgusted viewer

  63. jenn says:

    its so funny how people keep saying take the show off the air they dont wanna see it anymore but yet your still watching.. the show has to have drama otherwise no one would watch it. i understand how everyone feels it was very wrong how Tami treated Keisha, and how Evelyn treats Jennifer, what should be going on is these women realizing their faults and making amends and actually getting along cause thats the grown up thing to do. They wont, its called publicity, whether it be good or bad, it makes people watch the show. Tami i wish you the best in your anger management but you should appologize to Keisha, Evelyn i know Jenn hurt you but yall had a strong relationship at one time, its time to swallow pride and either be friends or move on either way being civil to one another is not out of your reach, Shaunie sorry sweetie just because you try to stay off the show doesnt mean your name is not getting dragged through the mud right along with them,

  64. Dr. Pamela Williams says:

    Why do you all as black women make other professionals and/or any and everyday black woman look like a fool. You all are to damn old to act like you are children. The schools are teaching students about bullying and then you allow Tammi with her ghetto a.., and Evelyn with her money hungry want a man with status, and Ms. Oneal who is very unhappy and bitter with herself and her life, because she is NOT Queen Bee.

    Please stop acting like some b–ches on the street and given other black women a bad name. You all are acting just like WHITE people think we should act – dumb, ghetto, and need a man to take care of us. I am very independent and don’t need a man’s money.

    Tammi, Evelyn, and Nia better never let me see them in person, I would like to give them some of there on medicine. They can bully others, but if someone do it to them they will tuck them head in their a–. And do have a good day. I will NOT watch this mess anymore.

  65. Evelyn tht was as corny as Tami’s half ass apology!!!!!!!!!!! Really u two don’t need help ,you two need your ass STOMPED!!!!! Oh Susie’s snitch ass does too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. I agree! We are women that have been hurt and scared, however there are those who have not been through what you ladies have gone through. Sometimes we need to remember that not all ladies come from where we come from, nor have they been through what Tami has experienced in her own life. But we need to know when and where to draw the line. We need to re-exam where that anger is coming from, and not miss-direct that on anyone else. I love you ladies and I believe that you all are a work in progress. Tami will be fine and so will Kesha. Evelyn your my girl and I feel in my heart that you and Jennifer can work things out, after all you ladies have history.

  67. jessicam says:

    I don’t if its the show itself or yall in general…evelyn and tami are bullies and to know there are kids killing themselves to get away from the bullying and yall r promoting it. Ya’ll behavior is disgusting and VH1 advocating for yall to act like fools on tv . I notice yall pick on the weakest link and I think Kesha needs to stay to show young viewers how to overcome being bullied. I loved this show but it almost hard to watch at times because yall are powerful beautiful women the with chance to showcase your talents and represent yourselves in a positive manner instead yall act like wild animals…there are young ppl watching this show and even though your are not intended role models but yall are and bbw and VH1 are sending the wrong message…VH1 shame on you for depict this women in this limelight and benefiting off it you.

  68. kesha says:

    ihm frm california born and raised and live n louisiana, that bs some of u r doing wont fly.some of u will make iht some wont..wats up wit kenya wardrobe and style.jen help her u and eve.i know that alot of girls at my college have called their local cable companys removn vh1.so pls b careful wit my show shawine .ihts time to take anotha aproach.i have alot of suggestions.bht you dont listen to tha younger audience

  69. Robyn says:

    Evelyn, with all due respect, part of problem with the scene between Tami and Keisha is this notion that you and Tami have about people “backing up what they say,” or “saying something directly to the person.” We cannot control what grown people do – even if we threaten them! Keisha obviously doesn’t have a confrontational attitude, as you pointed out. But were her comments in the wake of describing the situation to Royce and Suzie more “talking about Tami,” or simply relating how she felt? In other words, this stupid premise that people should follow a certain course of action or else face bodily harm, is what is foolish. This is behavior of children and teenagers, not grown women over 30!

    It was refreshing to see you respond emotionally to Tami’s outburst but as a peer of Tami’s both you and Shaunie had an obligation to go further and either remove Keisha or take her belongs from Tami, not for good televison, but because it was the right thing to do. Tavis Smiley often shares words of wisdom from his father – relevant to your relationship with Tami, Mr. Smiley says, “Some battles are not worth fighting even though you win. Some battles are worth fighting even though you lose.” You may have experienced Tami’s wrath had you stepped in but in my opinion, place your daughter in Keisha’s position and then ask if you weren’t present, would you want another adult to step in!

    Keisha doesn’t owe Tami an apology and she wasn’t talking about her in the manner we know women can do. Therefore, the entire outburst is more an manifestation of Tami’s inability to control her emotions. Sadly, wiser heads (yours, Shaunie) did not prevail.

    I hope the loss of viewers for BBW encourages you all to remember the incredible platform you have for doing good.

  70. MsprettyUnique says:

    It was sad to see what happen on the show. I know from experience how hard it is to deal with anger issues and have been bullied and the bullier. It has to take the want to change and I beleive everybody has that in them. No one can judge some people leaving thier nasty name calling comments are doing just what they are comdemning you for. I say good luck on the road to change. Welcome it. Blessings

  71. Yvonne Dixon says:

    Evelyn – I am sure you have watched the previous shows when you were totaly out of control – and you have also seen Tami on many occasions out of control – so how is it now that you seem to think that you all are a work in progress? This statement from you does not seem honest it seems to be a call to please don’t take our pay check away. Vh1 and the sponsors are pulling out so now you are taking a look and rexamining yourself? (BULL) What all of you need to do is grow up really become 100% and stop making excuses for down right foul behavior and get a real life. I hope
    your children never have to be subjected to this awful conduct directed at them. And I also hope none of your children ever become involved with a snake/puppet like Suzie.

    What ever monies Shaunie gets from Shaq and the show – you dont get none of that. You are all being played by Shaunie and VH1 Boo Boo.

  72. renee finley says:

    I can’t imagine where you all grew up and what you all have been through, but the way you all think that the world should operate and people should act is totally unacceptable. You all should follow Keisha and Jennifer’s example and note that you don’t have to fight when you disagree about something. I am so glad that Jennifer decided to call the authorities and attorney’s to put a stop to all the foolishness. As for apologies, I don’t believe them. I know that the show is losing ratings, sponsors and different social groups are coming against you all. And, that is why you all are so apologetic and are reexamining yourselves. You all use the show to exploit the thinking of the public and you all are benefiting financially. You all will even exploit yourselves to get a dollar bill and I feel so sad for you. Note: I know that Tami suffered from a heart attack. Now I look at it like this, God could’ve taken her life. However, knowing that she has been hurt a great deal in life, he spared her through His mercies. Now she has no other choice, but to stay calm. He gave her a choice, change and live or be ignorant and die. You all are beautiful women and are upsetting the world with ignorance. I pray for you and hope that your change is real.

  73. Kay says:

    Evelyn I agree with your summation of the events. I was sitting with my mouth open and tears flowing. You don’t strip a person down like that it is wrong and unGodly. Clearly Tami had the advantage over Kesha. There was no need to belittle her like that and in the process she made herself look bad for it…I understand that Kesha said something about Tami and Tami didn’t like it. But you can’t beat up on people everytime you hear about something that was said..Such a in-mature solution. Tami might be old enough to be Kesha’s Mother and she should be an example of good behavior to her..how would Tami feel if someone did that to her daughters. Please don’t say I will kick her butt.

  74. Darlene says:

    The cussing, the arguing, the bullying and The Whole Fish Incident…high schoolish activity to the 10th power. Shaunie spoke up but she was too late. Alcohol should not be a factor on these shows because anybody can drink but not everybody can hold their liquor. Disgraceful, disrespectful, ignorant and buffoonery at it’s best!

  75. paula says:

    Evelyn really you dumb women just know this is reality….No one is going to support this terrible behavior any longer…and really what did you learn because right behind that incident youwent right and pranked Kenya for no damn reason ….YOU SUCK AS WELLL AS TAMI,SHAUNIE AND TAG-ALONG DUNB TAIL SUSIE IT’S OVER BOO YOU BULLIES HAVE LOST

  76. UCRAZY says:

    I feel like the only reason why they are worried is because without a strong fanbase there would be no show, and without BBW none of em would be relevant anymore. I feel like it’s just to line their pockets, not cuz they are trying to be better women.

  77. Ev says:

    Why do I get the feeling that this was NOT written by Evelyn Lozada..

  78. jill berry says:

    So these shows were filmed months ago. Why are they just now apologizing? Becasue of backlash not because they believe they did wrong or that they are sorry.

  79. Brenda Love says:

    So…are these Evelyns feelings or her “publishers”…..get real, Tami told you Evelyn you could not be her friend and a friend to Keisha too!!! Hello it’s national TV and WE ALL HEARD IT!!!! None of you would be using the term “a work in progress” if Tami had not got the term from her Anger Management Counselor!!! News flash…we all know NONE you are smart enough for terms like that! How bout that???!!!????

  80. winnlu says:


  81. Vanita Young says:

    you women on the show always saying “you aint bout this life!” well i wouldnt want to be part of all that mess. if a hunger for money and fame drives you to bully abuse attack and disrespect another person im straight baby girl.

  82. Sherri507 says:

    I just got one word…….CANCEL!

  83. Dee says:

    yall have to do something to change yuo’ll behavior I’ll be force to stop watchin becasue it do not look good to be bullys as grow as women. we teach our children not to bully and fight but they see grown folks do it on tv. we not teachin them anything. tami knew dam well she was bulling that porr girl and she was getting away with it and she felt big bet in the eyes of the world that was watchin she look small and stupid. and those angery mangement session did not mean a thing it was a waste of time and money. evelyn you have to do an whole 360 change now that you are getting married to a pro baller and goin to be in the spot light alway people are watchin you 24/7 time to be a lady and a smart one tooo. let be educator helping women to impower themself

  84. EVA says:

    So Evelyn,now that u are looking at yourself do u see what u did to JEN, are that dont matter to u.

  85. Rhonda Fomby says:

    Tami was a bully back when she was on MTV’s Real World! She and Evelyn need to stop that “where I come from” mess. She was married to a “baller” for goodness sake! I guess it just goes show, you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl!
    She and Evelyn are guilty of talking about everyone on behind their back(s); yet, they’re quick to jump up in someone’s face because they hear they’ve said something about them. Frankly, they’re both like rabid animals…and we all know you never confront a rabid animal!

  86. tony braxton says:

    Evelyn really! Go get some Professional Help because you don’t see who you really are! You a monster with a capital M! How you treat your so called friends is the saddest thing I have ever since! U broke and If i was u i would be trying to stay on Air but it to little to late because I hope they cut this mess off because this show has done more harm then good for women in general . How you and Tami act make men run to white women and don’t blame them! You two Fools!I hope Chad see how u really are a run in the other direction!

  87. Sherri507 says:

    Funny how NOW everybody wanna be apologetic because they know people are getting fed up with the show. I don’t trust & believe nothing Shawnie, Suzie, Evelyn & especially Tammi says out of their mouths.

  88. tonya says:

    I think monday night show was bad i didn’t like the way tammy acted that wasn’t cute she owe kesha apology and don’t let it happen again

  89. Jenna says:

    GO EVELYN! It’s nice to hear this side of you. You have grown alot over the last couple of seasons! :)

  90. Carmele says:

    Oh! please Evelyn you’re the same as Tammi, what was the reason for the fish in Kenya’s room. Now you know if that was you, Tammi, or Shaunnie you guys wouldn’t take lightly. I can’t stand you or Tammi, & of course Shaunnie’s getting her papers from you’all silly ass women. It sad to say you were my favorite on the first two episodes.

  91. Lynn says:

    That’s good Evelyn that you reconize the mistakes that took place on the show. I have been a fan of the show since it started but watching this episode made me feel like like I was watching young childen on TV. You all are talented women and to get on national TV and act that way it crazy. The bible says that the root to all evil is Money. If money is making you guys get on tive and act this way then you don’t need it. I think that the entire cast should apologize to the views for your actions. Love you all

  92. SIMONE says:

    Based on what I just read, you CANNOT tell me that Evelyn just decided to look at herself from this recent show with Tami bullying.. She has done this before and you were trying to follow along the same path. You guys are terrible.. and you’re damn sure not a friend! No, now you guys understand that the pubilc is not stupid and fame is fleeting. Don’t let VH1 and Shaunie continue to use you for ratings, while you sit there and play right into causing drama, madness and confusion. Where is the focus for positivity,friendship, why is it ALWAYS a confrontation. And more importantly why are all the other cast members sitting there and watching Tami’s crazy behind rant… obviously all of yall are afraid of her. Why would you be a part of this madness and you have kids. What men would respect you guys?? Money and Fame is not worth it when your reputation is trashed.

  93. wowreally says:

    I think it is unfortunate that these women always seem to take the opportunity to go on a beautiful vacation to fight.

  94. safia says:

    hang in there with you ladies???? ef all of u bum ass bullies!!! u are grown women and should have known better from the beginning… it shouldnt take boycotts and loss of fans to make you all realize you are bad influences… get yourselfs together before you try to display yourselves on tv to others!!!

  95. Netta says:

    I think what you ladies on the show need to realize is just because you come from a certain place in your lives you have to leave certain behaviors alone. You all have children. Just think if someone was to treat one of your children the way you have treated each other. I literally cringed when I saw the show this past Monday. We are living in a society where our children are being bullies as well as being bullied. These children are killing themselves over someone else’s actions towards them. Who are we to judge anyone for being different or whatever the reason may be for being bullied. Yes we are all human but you have to have a conscience at some point in your life. I have 4 girls and one boy. I treat people the way I want to be treated for the simple fact that I do not want ANYONE to mistreat one of my babies. In the Bible it says we will all reap what we have sowed. I don’t want my children to suffer because of something i did in the past. I am not mad at you ladies nor am I judging you. Please think about your actions and their consequences before you actually do them happen. Just something for you to think about.

  96. Jasmine says:

    Great Publicist Evelyn…

  97. rose says:

    you so-called women are an embarrassment to the whole feminine gender. where the hell were you brought up in the alleys of urban blight. didn’t your mothers’ ever teach you anything about kindness and gentleness??????????? and, shaunie, you are the worst one ’cause this ‘horrible’ display of meanness and bullying bears your name. you have no sense or empathy or integrity and i feel sorry for your children! you are all trash except jen and kesha and, most of the time, royce. your daughters must be soooooooo proud!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. berry molasses says:

    All these apologies may have come a little too late. I think it’s fair to say most of the viewers are disgusted and fed up with the constant nasty drama every single week. Monday was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I just wish they would show these ladies doing more productive things other than gossiping and fighting every week.

    As for Shaunie, what puzzles me the most is how she sits and just let all this nonsense to happen and never says a word. Isnt she the executive producer or something of the sort? Where do you step in as the bigger person and tell these ladies the behavior is uncalled for. When do you make the decision to take the show in a more positive direction? Ladies, we are ALL a work in progress, but the craziness every week is now too much, especially for women your age.

  99. Naja Robertson says:

    My issue with this is the “BULLYING”. This right here shows what bullies do. What Tami did to kesha was BULLY her. With all the suicides going on in this world…I don’t understand , because I liked Tami a lot, until that episode. I saw where she was coming from, but each individual on that show talked about each other at one point. I also understand a lot of stuff gets edited, but that’s the risk you take. Tami should apologize to Kesha, but with a sincere heart. I feel Tami knows that and will on her time.

  100. williefonte says:

    Tami is a BULLY! This show needs to be CANCEL, BANNED or BOYCOTTED asap!

  101. Lewi8025 says:

    Monday night’s episode (season 4, episdoe 13) was one of the most disturbing and disgusting hours of television that I have seen in quite awhile. Watching the bullying diplayed by Tammi towards Kesha was shocking and disturbing. At a time when bullying is a concern in schools and communities across America, witnessing a grown woman bully another woman to the poitn where Tammi says “I would have hit if she had not been so pathetic.” And, there were three other women watching and, by not acting, condoning a behavior that is NEVER acceptable. At a time when we expect children to step up and defend the victims of bullying, viewers were able to witness women who did not step up and looked for reasons to excuse Tammi’s behavior. Watching Kesha nearly wimper for her hand bag while Tammi continues to berate her for going to the police to report her bag stolen was painful and disgusting. Tammi committed acts that would have been deemed criminal in this country that might have sent her to a “time Out” in jail. When tammi excuses her own behavior as evidence that she is still evolving and growing, I could only speculate from what she might be evolving. this episode both extended and m escalated this season’s theme of violence as a tool against women and the weak. Shame on all of you.

  102. Ms Aries says:


  103. Mi says:

    First off I love the show!! All of you have been through the Thunderstorm with those piece of trash men who didn’t value you! but GOD is good bc you all have used those expensive umbrellas to catch that rain. Thats why unity is needed. Tami was over the top about that small comment Kesha made. I’m sure once Tami see the tape she will apologize. Ok! Suzie please remember somethings are better left unsaid. Evelyn, Im so glad you see first hand how that situation made you feel, girl you had me losing lashes :), I really hope u and Jen can work through your issues, when you know how people are then it’s up to u to deal with them accordingly. I wish all you the best with your new business.

  104. Anita says:

    A work in progress Evelyn??? At 40 some years old??? So when are you going to decide to be a better person, when you’re a grandma on her death bed??? I just hope Jennifer puts you there, cause at least she can still maintain some class with all of you animals attacking her all the time. You’re so sad. And Jen’s doing the right thing by pressing charges. I find it funny that you girls think you can put your hands on whoever you want, and God forbid anyone do the right thing and protect themselves with the law. Just cause you’re from the ghetto doesn’t mean you still have to act like it!!! You and Tami are so classless that you belong back in the ghetto. And Suzie, get a life and shut your huge mouth!!! Your always starting all the drama! i can’t believe you threw Kesha under the bus like that…she didn’t even say anything bad about Tami, but you’re the one that twisted it!!!! That whole scenario was just as much fault as Tami’s. I know you can’t control your mouth, but at least keep it shut around people who can’t control their tempers!!!

  105. Rosalyn says:

    I think the show has been on for 4 seasons now. Why did it take this long for the cast to show positive values. Because the show ratings has droped (you ask us the veiwers to stick with you). I am shock that it took this long for people to say enough is enough. No one has said anything about Suzie. She is the one that starts everything. She is playing both sides. If she learns how to keep her mouth shut none of this would be happening.

  106. JboogyJ says:

    An apology does not count when you have to be told to do it….to keep a little change in your pocket. KEEP IT MOVING BOO BOO)))))))))))))))))

  107. juanicole617 says:

    I haven’t heard so much distaste for this show from so many people. It used to be entertaining. We liked their fashion and tuned in every week, but learning how old these women are and how they handle disputes just lets us know that this is a joke and some things are just done for the ratings. People need to realize every reality show has it’s stand out star who gets their own spin-off. Just think back to previous VH1 reality shows. Flavor of Love had ‘New York’. She should’ve been voted off for weeks but I knew they would keep her because we were only tuning in just to see what she would do next. Then she got her own show. Look at Evelyn. She’s getting her own show. These things are done on purpose. It’s hollywood, ya’ll.

  108. I hope so ,cause u, tami, suzie and chaunie are looking real imature an d bad to the viewers. plusya’ll are losing alot of fans.

  109. Embarrassedforyou says:

    EV, do you really think any intelligent human being would beleive this so-called change of heart and even the fake tears last night… Right after that putting fish in Kenya’s room.. How old are you??? Remember your on film and your beautiful daughter will have this etched in her mind forever… GET A DAYUM CLUE!! you and Tami together are toxic and not happy people.

    Why don’t you take your frustrations out on your Fiance’ as we see him totally disrespecting you on camera/film… No way someone would tell me I’m only there for the P**SY!! So sad.. STOP PICKIN ON THE MEEK… I HOPE YOU apologize to JEN and she tells your A**s to KICK ROCK!!

  110. Lisa says:

    Jen was your close friend, therefore she was aware of you and Chad’s fake relationship. (publicity stunt) Maybe she shouldn’t have said it but she did. I am sure you 2 shared secrets. You told her this so why is it such a big deal. You and Tami are schizo. Take medication and don’t drink while on psychotropic drugs. If you all in therapy find a new therapist because it is not working and please go to at least 2 session per week. Failure to due so will only prolong your mental issues..
    Shaunie the least you can do is make sure your employees have access to mental care. And don’t forget to make your own appointment. Also get them a dictionary, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Suzi is a lost cause. Royce keep doing you. Jen if you are as proper as your think stop mispronouncing words. Kesha this show will open doors for you, so it was not a lost. Kenya I have no words. Shaunie get a backbone. Good luck to you all

  111. Roz says:

    Evelyn, you also should be ashamed of your actions this season. You are no better than Tami when it comes to bullying.

    This is part of Tami’s bio: She also works with her favorite charity “Project Girl” to instill self-esteem in the next generation of women. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? This bully is going to instill self-esteem in the next generation of women. That is just too funny. Thank you, but no thank you. I would not want to be around this terrible woman or have any of my friends or daughter’s around her. Shame on you Tami for being so nasty to Kesha. And, shame on Evelyn and Shaunie for not putting a stop to Tami’s ranting and raving as well as her bullying craziness!!!.

  112. Meanchick says:

    This was just sad. Kesha does not owe Tami an explanation. Tami bullied her and took her purse while the other sheeple just sat there looking stupid. I don’t blame Kesha for wanting to call the police and I don’t get why Suzi tells her not to. Suzi is a follower and her big mouth is going to get someone hurt. I was outraged that Tami had the nerve to tell Kesha that she was wrong for wanting to call the police. What is wrong with these women? I’m sensing some jealousy from Tami toward Kesha. That is the only reason I can figure that Tami comes for her so much. As long as there are mouths, people are going to talk. Get over it. Shaunie, if you don’t do something, you’re going to get sued. I have no respect for you anymore. This is ghetto, childish and violent.

  113. Debbie says:

    Last nights episode was the worst ever, I am so disgusted by the whole group.
    Make no mistakes about it Tamy is a bully and a theft, plan and simple and what’s more disgusting the rest of you all stood there and watched it all go down. , You are grown woman that acted no better then thugs. Evelyn you can cry all you want, you and Shawnie and Suzy loud mouth are just as much in the wrong as Tamy. And putting the fish all over that room like you did, guess what that’s destroying property that didn’t belong to you, how childish, you all need to grow up and act like women, I know children who behave better then you.. And Shawnie I guess ratings mean more to you then integrity, well guess what, this is one viewer that’s done with all your low class good for nothing shows.

  114. Trae says:

    Tami is a poor excuse for a woman. She is a bully. She needst a reality check because everyone is not like Keisha. I wish she would have took my purse i would have picked up a chair or what ever I could have found and knocked some sense into her head. I can’t stand her ways or her attitude. I know why she does not have a husband because who would want a head case like that. She is a bully trying to make money. She needs to be off the show. I hope her daughters are not crazy like her if they are please pray that they get the help they need. It is a shame to be 40 years old and stll a child. Just think on the prior episodes were she was crying because of her mother and that she was abused. She is CRAZY!!!!

  115. Cynthia says:

    This reality show is really about everyone having their own problems. I believe it is not recommended for kids. In that eposide that Evelyn is talking about. There was alot of anger with Tami and because someone said something about her she makes Keesha feel very bad. What I didn’t like is who said what who cares. This is a reality show we don’t want to know alot about gossip. It made Keesha feel bad she was attack by someone who has an anger management problem. When a person is angry and Keesha did the right thing don’t say nothing. By not saying nothing Tami took her purse now that is childish. That’s like a grown woman acting like a child. It reminded me of my high school days. A grown woman having anger problems does not act like she is better then Keesha every trip they take and beautiful places they have gone instead of enjoying there is always one person doing DRAMA! That is sad. And like Keesha said let her talk and don’t argue but since she didn’t say anything Tami just made the situation more. It really hurt my heart seeing this poor woman getting argue by who said what. Suzie and Evelyn and of all Shaunie didn’t feel for Keesha until later. Thank god Keesha left it wouldn’t be the same.

  116. tcs108 says:

    The breakdown of her passage means: We are trying to keep our jobs, please stop signing petitions against the show. We will try to do better, just let us collect another pay check and support the spin off. Sorry too late, let’s bully this females off the show by contacting VH1 and the sponsors. Day late and a dollar short. Go to change.org and sign all petitions associated w/ BBW’s.

  117. Ms Aries says:


  118. Cancel that show ASAP !! says:

    Well, it’s a little too late !! One cannot change overnight like that …All these EXAMINIG YOURSELF stuffs are because you, girls , not women, receive too many negative feedbacks from the viewers…We just want that show to be cancelled…We don’t want to see you, girls’ faces anymore…Your 15 minutes have ended…It’s time for new positive shows.., This show does not bring any positive thing…You, Shaunie,and Suzie were sitting without doing anything…it’s like the bystander effect…You, girls, are big shame…You acted like you don’t have any children and bullying will never happen to you and your kids…Well, it’s not the law of nature…Karma is the result of one’s positive and negative actions, therefore you treat people good, good things will happen to you and you children…You treat people bad, well, bad things will return to you and your children…It’s the law of nature and that’s what you all deserve by behaving that way…When karma strikes, it does not know anything about if you’re rich or if you have money or not…because all this silly behavior is because of money…What you must do Evelyn, whatever your name, take a look at yourself and go do charity works…Only that will save you…

  119. brooklyngirl77 says:

    Evelyn, you can dress up with the finest of clothing and jewelry, have your makeup professionally done, and your hair styled to look its most beautiful. However, all of this does not cover up the fact that you, Shaunie, Suzi and Tami are probably the ugliest women on the planet. The fact that three of you just sat and did nothing to end the verbal assault on another woman is beyond the sense of decency. There is no apology that can redeem you from that fact. It is caught on video tape for all eternity. As for Tami, she is psychotic. I would expect that kind of assault if someone hurt one of her daughters or a family member, or possibly one of the other cast members , but not at someone who she perceives has violated her ridiculous edict of “talking behind her back.” There are so many other ways to address it if it disturbs her or she feels disrespected. Acting like a thug should not be one of them. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves. As for Keisha being vulnerable and weak, I beg to differ. The fact that she did not apologize for something she did not say (view the video tape as to exactly what she said and how she said it to Royce and Suzie), is to be applauded. She held her ground and would not do so. That is not weakness by any stretch of the imagination, but someone who will not bend to a thug like Tami, or you Evelyn.

  120. Whatever says:

    You see it from both sides? Are you insane??!!! The punishment does not fit the crime! I will not hang in there with any of you. I am done with this crap. I will never watch another episode of BBW, Mob Wives or any other of the lame shows that VH1 airs where the grown women portray themselves as ignorant thugs. It seems that there isn’t a reality show about women where they aren’t fighting with each other or degrading one another. Is this the future of reality tv? If so, I’m out! These shows set women back by years.

  121. lil mama says:

    Okay people let’s be real. We all no the only reason we watch the show is for drama, otherwise it would be just an plain old realty show. I do admit that the bullying and cursing is a little too much over the top, but these women are getting paid for what they do and only they should be embrass of their behavior.

  122. Roxcy says:

    That show with Keisha and Tammi , brought tears to my eyes and made me solo angry to watch this show and would Not anymore. It has become a disgrace to All African American women. Tammi you place the capital B – to bullying! Shaunie I admire you, but you cannot stand nicely in the shadow and have your friends get Bullied, Bumrushed by your other hood -rat friends and Not do anything. I personally would have gotten Keisha pocket book. I like Evelyn,but you this season you have showed an ugly side to character. You are all supposed to be glamorous , successful , on top of your game. I I’ve seen was jealousy , raged -out crazy bullies. And Shaunee get rid of Suzzie, she is the biggest trouble maker of them all! Someone should have been clocked her lights out! Shaunee your gonna lose your audience, revamp your cast with classy positive role models . Support each other, this show has gotten desperate , when it has gotten down to you have to gossip, fight each other, for ratings. If I had a role on a show like this we will be having fun all the time. Life is to short for fish hiding games at y’all age and professional background. I bet if Keisha or Jen or Kenya was trained with there hands, like I am. They would think twice before, acting like a hood rat to fight them all the time. Shaunee clean house!

  123. Christine says:

    The fact that Evelyn states that she can see both sides is admitting that she doesn’t completely disagree with Tami. What was so wrong about Kesha’s conversation with Royce and Suzie? Kesha was discussing the dinner that Tami acted out at…Why was that not okay? I admit that this is mindless entertainment for me but Monday’s episode was pathetic…even more was that Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie just sat there and basically let it happen. The purse thing was the worst, I don’t blame Kesha for not wanting to re-visit an already horrible situation. Ughhh…I hope things get better for these women.

  124. prettypoison60 says:

    A work in progress is when you are in your teens maybe ,but age 40+ you are suppose to be setting an example .I could not believe what I was watching .I was ashamed of Tami and my heart was breaking for Kesha . My grandaughter is 21 and sometimes she reacts before she thinks ,and that is why I tell her when she is presented with conflict put me on speed dial. Cause conflict can end in someone being fatally hurt .That is something you can’t take back. So Tami and Evelyn put someone on speed dial .Words can’t kill you but actions can.

  125. jennifer says:

    Tami should have just picked up the phone and called Keisha herself and apologized. If there had not been any backlash for this, she would have gone ahead and giggled her way to saying, ‘Oops, don’t get me mad.’ And Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada should be ashamed of themselves as women and mothers. Suzie is just a waste of human brain.

    They saw a woman clearly upset and agitated as she is being attacked and bullied and never once telling Tami Roman to stop…..Think! What if that was their daughter?!…changes the whole dynamic doesn’t it. Everyone is using the word ‘Anger Management’ but none of them knows what the word management means.

    VH1 you have a responsibility to your viewers to not promote bullying. you have social responsibility initiatives going on all over Viacom to bring awareness and yet you did not stop this one moment that gave a clear definition of what a bully is. Why? because your ratings were more important. Watching low class women bully others is not good entertainment. It is completely irresponsible and hypocritical! There is a difference in being a strong woman and being a bully.

  126. brooklyngirl77 says:

    Suzie Ketcham obviously is the catalyst that created the whole ugly episode of Tami mouthing off at Keisha. Suzie is always singing the praises of let’s all get along, but is the one that opens her big mouth and tells Tami what Keisha supposedly said. Supposedly, because she paraphrased what was said and her repeating it in a way that was not how Keisha said it on the video tape. Suzie, the brainless, who asks the question if the people of Tahiti would “eat them.” Since she is such a moron, she should be schooled about the culture of the places she visits, or she should stay home. This is the person who, when on the outs with Evelyn, was going to distance herself and get on with a sport reporter career. A bunch of baloney, because all she’s ever wanted to do is be part of BBW, party and drink.

  127. Timeka says:

    Tami is a heartless BULLY, wont suppot anything with her name on it, NOT her HAIR weave not a up and coming show, nothing. If she is a bully, a factal act that casues thousands to commit sucide by harsh words that are not called for, she doesnt deserve a dime from us the consumers..And the people that are paying them are fools themselves..

  128. Cynthia says:

    The show this week was really distrubing and hard for me to watch. My heart went out to Keisha, as no one should be treated in that manner. I’ve heard people call Keisha a punk for not fighting for her purse, but some people are not fighters, and no one should have to fight for their own property. I prefer not to fight either, but if I was disrespected like that Tami would’ve had to prove herself that day. I hope all of these ladies take a look at themselves and realize how immature they are and make some changes. I understand that a fair share of drama is need to keep the ratings up, but it has gone too far. You all are just feeding into the preconceived idea of the angry black women. PEACE LADIES!!!!

  129. victotria says:

    yeah right you just want people not picket your new show with chad !

  130. TeresaF says:

    You ladies make the African American Women look bad, and I am one of them!Smh,your fame and glory is a Hot Mess.And Shaunie you should be ashame,these trips are nothing but setups !Jenn and homegirl should have stayed away,I feel more Drama is coming!

  131. Angie DeVaney says:

    Love That Attitude Evelyn…. Hope to see you and Jen work things out. I’m assuming thats whats going to happen on the next episode…. : )

  132. Michelle says:

    It is so funny that you are always talking about being and keeping it “100″!! You are just as two faced as Suzi is. You and Shauni are so wrong for not stopping Tami at the table from becoming a beligerant idiot. I don’t blame Jennifer nor Kesha for NOT wanting to fight! What civilized grown woman wants to voluntarily walk into something that is certainly going to cause harm to them. This episode has me inb tears because of you all’s behavior. All this talk of loyalty and respecting your position in this situation….ARE you serious?? What is this a CULT? Putting dead fish in someone’s room when you are 35-40 yrs old and saying it is a joke…..you don’t even like the girl so how is it a joke. This show should be CANCELLED!

  133. Shannon People says:

    I didn’t watch it and i’m sure i’ll never watch it again and i’m going to dis like them on facebook so i don’t have to see nor hear anything else about this hood show.

  134. Abbi says:


    First, thank you for your comments in regards to Monday’s episode as it was extremely difficult to watch. I have watched this show since its inception and have to admit that I loved the “innocent” drama and the strong women each of you strive to be. However, I was extremely taken back by Tami. I, too, am a strong woman and have definitely wanted to “put a bit&% in her place.” Yet, on this epidsode, I see that Kesha took the high road in deciding not to engage in this frivolous montrosity of an argument with Tami. We ALL KNOW if Kesha would have voiced her opinion or feelings Tami would have continued to bully her physically and/or emotionally. Because all of you are on television and are embassidors for young women all over the world, shouldn’t we be loving one another instead of hurting each other? Kenya did not throw Tami under the bus by going to hotel security. She did what any normal woman would have done in that situation. Believe it or not, bullying at any age is not cool!!! Is violence always the answer in your world? I would hope not due to the fact that each of you are grown women that have children that are watching your every move. Is this what we want our little girls to be watching – that violence (verbal or physical) is power?? In the event you have a disagreement with your peer, let’s talk to them like they are garbage and belittle their existence? When has anger ever solved anything? VH1 makes it clear that Tami (and you, Evelyn) are dealing with anger issues. It is not the world’s fault!!!! This is YOUR problem! Just because someone has said something that YOU do not like or agree with does not give you the right to EVER put your hands on them or threaten them. WHO DO Y’ALL THINK YOU ARE??? It is obvious that you believe you are above the law. However, when Kesha did report Tami, she was quick to return her belongings. To me, that showed that Tami is not above the law, and she knows it, and that she was totally wrong in what she did. For Tami to say Kesha cannot get her belongings until she apologies is ridiculous!! Again, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!

    I understand that all the drama makes for better television, but truly, how far are you women really willing to go to acheive “fame.” It saddens me when I see all you physically beautiful women act in this manner. In the “real world,” women our age DO NOT act in physical rage.

    I bet back in the day when you were lashed out at by another or were a victim of someone’s rage, you wanted to have someone there to rescue you.

    To see you, Shawnie, and Ms. Follower…I mean Suzie, go and vandalize a beautiful room in Figi and think it was “just a joke,” is sad.

  135. Lavine says:

    I’ll hang in with you when you publically apologize to Jen and Kenya…verbally admit to your bullying ways AND tell Tami to her face…how wrong she was for abusing Keisha. To date all we’ve heard is this BS about “working in process” and “seeing both sides”….I’d like to know what is truly the other side of of the Tami v. Keisha incident other than Tami was a straight up abuser and Keisha was the victim. The only reason why you, Shaunie or Suzie won’t tell Tami to her face she was wrong is because you would come off as the hypocrite that you are and Shaunie & Suze is scared of her! TELL TAMI SHE IS WRONG! LET ME HEAR ONE OF YOU SAY THAT LIKE ROYCE DID….SHE’S THE ONLY ONE REALLY KEEPING IT REAL HERE!

  136. HANNAH says:

    There is no apology that can redeem you . What Tami did was the same stuff she has been doing for over 20yrs now ( look back at MTV’s the real world) I dont think you guys can portray any kind of postive image, not after this season its time to pull the plug on this show….


  137. T in Texas says:

    We will believe it when we see it !

  138. sivory31 says:


  139. Andrea says:

    my thing is a friend would tell a friend if they are wrong

  140. Connie says:

    People need to realize that folks can say what the heck they want. Thats whats special about living in America. No one has to like what one may say about another, in front of their face, behind their back or around the corner. As long as it doesn’t slander one’s career or reputaion by making false statements, then its perfectly normal as well as legal. That is a person’s right and opinion however, it is not anyone’s right to take anyone’s belongings and request conditions on how they can retrieve it. That is Bull crap. No one has the right to sabotage anyone’s living quarters, either. Stupid, childish females. I don’t care how rich they are, they are stupid.

  141. Joanne says:

    I can’t believe what I just saw while watching this weeks episode of Basketball Wives. I had stopped watching this show and I will continue to NOT watch it. Tammy, you are an old bully. I know your kids has to be bully’s because you can only teach them what you know. Evelyn, you too are a bully and that’s why you “can see both sides”. Do you really? Or do you now see how foolish you are. Personally, I don’t now women your ages that act like you ladies do and I don’t want to. I don’t even know women who would allow their kids to act like that. Tammy, what’s with the gum? Do you think that this make you look cool or young. You look foolish and you’re still old. Shaunie, I predict that you will not have this show long if you don’t learn some class yourself and get rid of these foolish old women. I’m done with this. You’re teaching young girls how to conduct themselves. You’re selling your souls to the devil. Let’s hope that none of your children learn what you’re teaching other young ladies.


    Today I realized I am NEVER watching another Vh1 show again! UNBELIEVABLE! shame on you producers for letting this trash go.

  143. concen says:

    At a time when BULLYING is a serious problem in our society, the ladies of this show embody it in every respect. These women are IGNORANT, COMBATIVE, VULGAR and INFANTILE WHO RESOLVE ALL DISPUTES WITH INTIMIDATION AND VIOLENCE. EVELYN, SUSIE AND TAMMY are SERIAL GOSSIPS who persistently belittle every visiting wives or girlfriends and yet they have the audacity to be offended when they are spoken poorly of. These women use the excuse of being raised in the hood as reasons for their CRASS and VOLATILE behavior. What’s most sad, is that they have grown children (WHOM THEY ARE PERPETUATING THE SAME SET OF VALUES) and they don’t try to grow and evolve to higher levels of consciousness. Season to season you can expect the same GHETTO AND HOOD ATTITUDE to be on display. Thank God Royce appears to be growing and has embrace the higher road. SHAWNIE is deluded if she thinks she is above the fray. She participates in the Gossips and encourages EVELYN and TAMMY while denouncing the violence of two women who act as if they were raised by HYENAS. I SUPPOSE MONEY ANSWERS ALL THINGS. SHE CONTINUES TO RAKE IN MILLIONS OFF THE VULGARITY AND VIOLENCE OF TAMMY AND EVELYN. KUDOS TO KEISHA FOR NOT ALLOWING HERSELF TO BE PESSURED INTO A FIGHT WITH AN ANIMAL. JENNIFER part of the problem when she was BFF with LOOSE EVELYN did the same things to others. KUDOS TO HER FOR FILING A POLICE REPORT. WHEN HUMANS FAIL TO DEMONSTRATE SELF-RESTRAINT, IT MUST COME FROM EXTERNAL POWERS (LAW ENFORCEMENT).

  144. jeanette lovelady says:

    Evelyn is just as bad as Tami both are bullies…They are two old to act like that! Shawie should be shame all she does is sit back and make sure the bullies are on her side because she’s the producer. They’re all sadd and I’m done watching them.

  145. Ashley says:

    Children, teenagers and perhaps some in their early 20s are works in progress. When you are a 40+ with teenage children, you are an adult, 10 years or less from half of century (i.e., 50 years old) you should be setting an example for the young. There is no excuse for your bullying behavior, taking off shoes, jumping across a table, having to be restrained from striking someone. Facetiously I say you are a great role model for your daughter and her friends.

  146. leticia batts says:

    to me grown women especially at the age that you all are should know how to handle yourselves in more civilized way than that. Us as black women do not need be showed in that light. The responsibility that Shaunie holds is alot and for Kesha to be publicly embarresed and she has every right to sue. What were you all thinking to even air that type of episode and think that you wouldnt get response back. No need to appoligize now it’s already been aired… That sais enough!!1

  147. neraclope says:

    Evelyn is my fave BBW, and I will be watching this show til the end. Keep ya head up Evelyn!

  148. Alady says:

    Shame on you Shaunie! How far are you going to let this abuse go on. There are women sitting in jail for defending themselve againt what went on Monday. Is rating that dam important? Are you women bought and paid for that high? Really…I don’t care how other people want to portray themselves to put on a show. You ladies can and should do better than acting Jerry Springerish. I’m DISGUSTED and I’ve changed channel. I hope others will do the same until you all make a change.

  149. Babygirl says:

    Ev I’m g;ad you are soul searching you need to apologize to Jen because in the first season you called Royce a bum B all the time and Tammy you need more than you therapist

  150. Djamaican says:

    I unfortunately do not believe anything you ladies have to say anymore,you have lost all credibility. How could you have just sat there and watch that girl get bullied like that. I am sorry I started watching this show because I just wanted to see some of the things you ladies dealt with has wife’s to these players. Most of you are not even wife’s. But has women,even if you where just acting no one should allow that kind of behavior . I am so disappointed in Shaunie, really do need money that bad. Tahiti was over the top ladies, there is no coming back from that. Tami you are disgrace to our race and I am sure a great disappointment to you children. Do you stop to think how this will affect them. Please ladies just get off the show and try to work on yourselves.

  151. Clt says:

    She had a ghostwriter, no cursing. None of it rings true. She’s trying to make sure people watch her fraud of a show after which no marriage will take place. Too little too late. They’re all trying to band together to save the great opportunity they squandered. I watched since season one and will watch the reunion and let that be it for me. The show has become meaner, crueler, and more vulgar through the years.

  152. susan says:

    I watch the show every Monday night and enjoy all of you girls, however, I thought Mondays show was shameful. If any young teens watch, it gave them the impression its okay to “Bully” others. The fact that it was taped and aired is disgraceful and pushing reality TV to a whole different level. I was very disappointed to see that the other girls did not stop what was happening. It gave the impression you all thought it was okay for Tami to behave like that.
    I will NOT be watching the show going forward.
    On a different note, I am happy to see your blog Evelyn and the fact you are owning that it went way to far. Tami needs serious help for her issues and perhaps VH1 should consider not bringing her back until she gets the help she needs!

  153. TwinMomma says:

    I was shocked to read that she had to examine herself then to further say that she can see both side. Booboo!!! there’s only one side and it’s Kesha’s. Tami was plain wrong and you, Shaunie and Suzie who just sat there silently only adds to the insult and bullying. This mess all started beacause of Suzie’s big mouth. The same gossip that happen in Spain (if my memory serves me right) since she can’t keep her mouth closed. Suzie is nothing but Tami’s gossip girl. We all like drama, but to the point of being scared, bullied, you all need to re-examine you live.

  154. mala18 says:

    I am glad that I have stopped watching this pathetic excuse of a show that is suppose to show women but all it is doing is showing the ugly in people who never grew up or changed. This is the first episode I have watched since the first one this season, and this episode proved why I have stopped watching it. As a woman, I am appalled by the behavior that was put on display by these women. Not only I was appalled, I am disgusted and disappointed how Tami, Shaunie, Suzie & Evelyn handle this situation in a childish manner. Tami claimed she was watching the purse but yet she held it as hostage for an apology and also looked through the contents of the bag, meanwhile Shaunie and the rest of them claimed defense for Keisha but did nothing or said nothing when Tami confronted Keisha. Come on, really, you guys have really prove to real women with class and dignity that you guys are just a bunch of ignorant fools with no sincerity or truth in your actions or words. You are poor role models for your own children to follow. I understand there is money to be made base on the shows content but advertisers do not need to condone this behavior by continuing to advertise when the show is on. Get real women, you all need a reality check that life is about living and valuing the experiences versus trashing and humiliating other women to satisfying your insecurity. VH1 you truly failed your viewers but showing this trashy behavior and expecting us to be silent. BBW is a show that I will no longer be watching. Thank you for reaffirming why I have chosen to boycott this show.

  155. Kai Jones says:

    The show needs to be cancelled!! Shaunie I can’t believe you are allowing this behavior for a little cash. Grown women bullying other grown women! Don’t our youth deal with enough of bullying and then you “women” get on TV and show America that if someone says something about you, or cough, or look & dress a certain way, FIGHT! No! Evelyn you really shocked me, having a daugther that old and acting like that. Who jumps across tables? Who throw bottles? Get a life, you about to be someone’s wife. How can you and the others sit there and let that happen to Keisha. Clearly she’s not a fighter which she shouldn’t be at her age. GROW UP!!!

  156. Winnie says:

    I was never this upset from watching a tv show, Tami stop portraying yourself as a christian, you are an embarrasement to us believers, i will never watch this show ever again, and Suzie your mouth have put u hot waters over and over again, and u have not learn your lesson. I will not be watching but your time is coming for the table to turn, you are not even ashamed of your behaviour but what goes around comes around, Shame on u too Shaunie but you have children so watch out.Every one with any little decency should boy cot this bullying violence promoting show. I an certainly on your team Wendy Williams. Shame on u all.

  157. Nicole says:

    Season 5 will definitely be a failure WE are not going to watch.
    Evelyn is a liar.

  158. h20s says:

    These women are disgraceful and should be banned expect for Royce, Kesha, Kenya, possibly Jen. The rest should go to etiquette school, trash. They don’t represent us at all in the positive. My heart bleeds that they are mothers. It all can’t be worth a paycheck. VH1 Shame on you!!!!!! Royce you are doing the right thing by not getting involved in there drama and progressivly using the show as a platform to upgrade your career and life. Try Dr. Ron Elmore who wrote how to love a black man or who to love a black women, or Mercy, Mercy, or the Rules of dating Key points on life’s lessons. I got turn this show off.

  159. Denise says:

    Are you serious, work in progress, if that is what you call it I for one am scared. Oh and Tammi pulled the call the law card and lawyer card. Did she forget that she was going to sue Evelyn for the T-shirt thing. Hello!!!!

  160. Denise says:

    I still think Tami should be let go. I will never see her any differently than what she truly is. A thug who doesn’t deserve to be in the public eye.

  161. Luzzie says:

    TAMI is a disgrace!! She is nothing but a bully and I wish she would take my purse!!! I Would pay her to even try!!!

  162. Yvonne says:

    Shaunie, you ask Keisha to come up with a solution to get her purse back, she did; she reported it taken. In all do respect, I believe you need to figure out how to separate the Boss/best friends relationships, you should have spoken to Tami, and told her to give Keisha’s purse back. And if she had a problem with it, like Donald Trump says “your fired”. This show is your baby, do not let certain people ruin it for you, friends or not. The one thing that I can respect within a boss is; one that I can come to them about anything(work related), and that I am treated fairly, you are the boss of all of the young ladies, and they are not all treated equally. You have had your share of bullying also. Being a boss is not for everyone. Yvonne Ross, IL

  163. NAT says:

    PS The absolute saddest part is TAMI children. I pray she doesnt treat them this way. I pray they dont have a hard time at school for her behavior..etc.Really Sad.

  164. Lynn says:

    It took Evelyn the vacation to Tahiti for her to “examine herself” when she is a grown woman and blessed with a beautilful, smart, healthy, daughter? She should imagine her daughter in Keshas place, imagine her daughter being bullied by a group of her peers “because of something she said” or they may not like the way she looks, ” is she Black, White, Hispanic, or what?”. The race of a individual is no one else business, and Kesha owed Tami no explanation of her heritage. I was on the fence with BBW and getting tired of all of the “violence and over the top nastiness” of grown women and mothers. Seeing the episode in Tahiti really SEALED THE DEAL for me, this will be my last season watching BBW. I was so upset by the verbal taunting that Tami was giving Kesha, and how Kesha still maintained her self respect when not one of ” the others “stood up for her. When Tami took her purse and went through her personal items that was “beyond hateful and vindictive”. Then when Evelyn and Shaunie let Tami rant and rave insults at a crying and terrified woman, I was just “AMAZED”. I was so afraid Tami was going to physically harm her because Tami is CLEARLY OUT OF CONTROL. That is when a show is ” NO LONGER ENTERTAINENT”. As for the BBW fans that claim ” It’s all drama that WE all want to see and WE will keep watching”……for those folks, all I have to say is ” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and as a responsible mother I can not allow BULLING and DISRESPECT to the POINT where others are HURTING and being DEMEANED, Kesha was hurting, I was hurting, and so were alot of other BBW watchers. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR TAMI AND HER VILENESS. But for EVELYN, SUZIE, and most of all SHAUNIE O’ NEAL , all I can say as a black women and mother is “SHAME” on all of you.

  165. L K says:

    This show is a disgrace to African-American and Puerto Rican women. Tami and Evelyn are grown bullies, their behavior is disgraceful and I’m overjoyed the sponsors are pulling out from supporting this sideshow. VH1 plays a huge part in this, they encourage the behavior for the sake of ratings. Shaunie is one of he executive producers who allows these antics such as Evelyn throwing a wine bottle at Kenya and Tami threatening to assault Kesha…so sad. I will boycott this show and encourage others to do the same; it is an insult to the intelligence of women!

  166. Christina says:

    First of all, I highly doubt Evelyn wrote this herself. Evelyn doesn’t have an extensive vocabulary and she’s not capable of clearly articulating her thoughts. Evelyn…I don’t know how you’re a work in progress considering you’ve been behaving this way since season 1. You and Nia are nothing but ghetto trash from NYC. What’s really sad is the fact that Nia isn’t even a cast member…she made a guest appearance, and she’s managed to put the entire B-ball Wives series in jeopardy. The only person who has grown and improved for the better is Royce. Shaunie, Royce, Jennifer, Evelyn and Suzie are the original cast (season 1-4). But Royce is the only truthful, honest, compassionate, positive, logical, productive and successful person on the show. Jennifer, in season four, is just now apologizing to Royce for something she didn’t say or write. It shouldn’t have taken Jennifer one year to apologize to Royce. Evelyn is an embarrassment to the Puerto Rican community and Tami is an embarrassment to the Black community. VH1…please fire Shaunie as a producer. There are other producers on this show, so her absence won’t be missed. Then, permanently remove Evelyn and Tami from the show. the show will be more balanced and entertaining if these three women are not on it. Problem solved!

  167. Taylorsim says:

    Evelyn….please, what did the producers ask you to speak up. No matter how much you look at yourself – you will always be you. Show us, go ahead and apologize on TV to Jennifer becuase your her bully! You and Tami should be ashame of yourselves and don’t have anymore kids, for what to show them how to be the big bad wolves of the neighborhood? Ocho what a wrong choice. I will not watch that spin off, I rather watch Royce’s career as an actress. Shaunie your suppose to be an example for women but your no better than the rest of them, you just instigate and sit back watch what happens. Cancel this show! I’m so disgusted that I will not even waste my time to write another blog, I’m just voice my opinion with CHANGE.ORG!

  168. connie says:

    I’m so sick of Shaunie’s fake ass, Tamie and Evelyn are both mental but supposedly Shaunie is a goodie goodie two shoes. Tamie was my favorite but she went to far this time. Shaunie, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. You can sit on the fence and think it’s all good. Either speak up for the right thing or stay at home because you really don’t add that much to the show anyway.

  169. Anesha says:

    No way will I watch this show again! Evelyn is still too scared to just say Tami is wrong. The only way to take a stand against this type of behavior and cruelty is to hit them where it hurts…..their pockets. No viewers, no sponsors = no money.

  170. Tabitha says:

    So pretty much viewers keep complaining & there about to get canceled so now they want to act llike there sorry but if the audience was supporting this non sense i’m sure the next season would be even more violent the things these bafoons would do for money smh

  171. Diamond12 says:

    Yeah right, I do not Buyin ” what you are sellin’. You, Tami,Shaunie and the “mole” Suzie are very chaotic. Stop the “dumbness” and start showing some progress.

  172. denden says:

    my problem with this episode again is the fact that these ladies watched tammi go through keisha’s purse, wear her sunglasses and also go through her cellphone. that is an invasion of privacy and tammi should really be repremanded for that. how dare she. you ladies are just as guilty because she was dead wrong to do that and all you did was watch. Are you afraid of tammi deep down. what if keisha decided to do something like that, tammi would have hit the roof 100 times already. talk about someone with split personalities, then she would have smacked the mess out of keisha and demanded an apology in “2 mins”. i really liked tammi when she started on the show, however, i have no respect for her anymore. secondly after going to keisha’ room, how could she ask the girl if she wanted the purse back, and why would keisha say yes please….come on……who does tammi think she is……is she superior to keisha? Yes, please. We wont go there. Its just sad…. i loved the show and i really thought you guys were a classy set of ladies, showing some of what a basketball wife goes through, but now i would prefer to watch the beverly hillbillies. It’s really really sad. Tammi made herself look so small……and she was sober at that time, so the true tammi was revealed. Wrong is wrong and right is right, no matter where you come from. What if someone did that to your daughter…. and this question is for all of the ladies who have daughters whether they are 10 or 30? how would you react to someone like tammi treating your child like that. think about it

  173. Naima says:

    I’m truly disappointed in the ladies behavior on this week’s show. Tammy is supposed to be bettering herself, but waited until she got a couple of drinks in her to bully Keisha, who is apparently afraid of her and the pocketbook thing!! Tammy that is sooooo high school. She (Keisha) got the heck up outta there too!! Now who will you pick on next? You ladies have a lot to learn and should be showing a more positive side of your everyday life. I’m quite sure you have other things to do besides Throw bottles, Jump on tables, and make a fool of yourselves, and Shaunie, I don’t understand you, you’re one of the show’s Executive Producers and you let this kind of crap go on. I’m a fan of the show, been watching since it first aired, but I’m growing very weary of the childish behavior and all the bullying!! I feel like I’m watching a bunch of high school kids!! And Susie haven’t you learned your lesson about running your mouth?? Stop trying to fit in to get in!! Be Yourself!! SO DISAPPOINTED ( Real Talk)!!

  174. mia says:

    Chick whatever. You and Tami are the worse. All of you need to get real lives and jobs.

  175. lyn says:

    VH1 AND Shea Media please cancel this show.

  176. Chi-town says:

    First there was Tami’s “apology”, then Shawnie sends a note to the Wendy Williams Show, now Evelyn wants the viewers to “hang in there with us”. News flash, ladies: you’re a couple of days too late! How many physical attacks, vulgar use of profanity and now the worst case of BULLYING that I have ever witnessed in my life, did the producers and sponsors think that the viewers would tolerate before a backlash? Your attempts at damage control won’t work! I am sure that some of your sponsors will disassociate themselves from the show and that will take a hit on your pockets. Now you three ladies, I mean BULLIES, want us to believe that you are remorseful and reflective and you “vow” to do better – yeah, right! Weeks ago, I signed the petition to have the show cancelled, and certainly I would never purchase any products endorsed by the three BULLIES nor would I watch any spin-off show. Please take some unsolicited advise and take your shoes, purses and bad weaves and just GO AWAY! Your fifteen minutes is up!


  177. samantha says:

    Tami has no class!
    What’s worse, she justifies it with rhetoric like “childish behavior “.
    Really, since Tami’s been on the show it has become a mean girls club.
    Then again Shaunie is the leader (she sucks).
    Nothing intelligent could sum her up any better (Shaunie).

  178. muffey says:

    Tami should be caged. The only decent ones are Royce, Jen and Kesha. Shaq should file for custody of his children from Shaunie who is promoting violence and bullying. People like Tami should never be allowed to have children. I look at her pictures and she is the epitome of evil. Even when she eats she is incapable of doing it with grace. Such a ghetto rat. She should be taken off television period. Evelyn, too little too late. A true friend is one who tells you when when peril and danger lay ahead. Jen saw danger in you taking up with Chad. Believe me, you will thank her later. She was looking out for you.

  179. Kelly says:

    Evelyn cried on that episode because she looks back at how she has treated Jennifer. She misses Jennifer. Who wouldn’t miss someone they have been friends with for over a decade.

  180. Lee says:

    Evelyn, really? You can see both sides of a belligerent and brutal verbal assault forced upon one human being by another? How is this possible? Your comments suggest that the venomous attack leveled by Tami on Kesha was not only okay, but also justifiable. If that is what you truly believe, it is clear that Tami is not the only one in need of some intensive psychiatric help. We know that all of you are afraid of Tami. (As well you should be.) Because, Tami displays behavior that is “crazy-ish”. Maybe those of you who care about Tami could do some real positive work and get her an intervention session or two with Dr. Drew and/or Dr. Phil. In the meantime, Kesha free yourself completely from this pit of vipers. It’s clear that you really can’t trust any of them. If more than one of them hears comments which include Tami (even if you are just venting – usually because of something stupid Tami said in the first place), then out of fear at least one of them (who are we kidding…Suzie) will race back to tell Tami so that she too won’t become her next victim. Stay positive and safe Kesha. We all love and respect you. My prayers are with you all.

  181. Sexy says:

    Evelyn your tears were so WHACK! What the hell were you crying for?!? I have far more respect for Tami than I do for you and Suzie whack asses! Would you have been crying if it were Kenya or Jen? NOPE. And sweetie we know you didn’t write that post. You can’t even speak proper English. Maybe that’s because you’re fluent in using profanity. You & Jen are NOTHING alike. She has class and you try to ACT LIKE you have class. There is a difference sweetie.

  182. amorenomore says:

    You should read Kesha’s response to Tami’s bullying….it’s very grown up & you might learn something from her. Evelyn YOU are Tami! You act the same way towards others that don’t agree with you. I have lost all respect for you, for Tami, for Suzie (didn’t have much for her anyway) & most especially Shaunie. For her to giggle & comment about the day going on, after that nightmare is just unbelievealbe. I wasn’t there, but it took a long time to calm down from it. Imagine how it must have been for Kesha. I think there was a world of viewers who wanted to reach thru their screens & pull her out of there. Kesha absolutely DID NOT owe Tami an apology. For Shaunie to suggest that Kesha come up with a solution to get her stuff back was hilarious…Kesha was right to go to hotel security. I wish they had arrested Tami – that would have been justice. It’s unfortunate to have that episode be my last because I have no intention of EVER watching again.

  183. Ellen says:

    @lil mamma. LaLa’s full court life…is about a “real” basketball wife. It is a positive show about a black woman doing positive things…and there is NO drama! This was not drama…this was crimminal. Tami, Evelyn, and Shaunie crossed the line. Tammy bullied and terrorized Kesha. Tammi stole her property and went through her personal. Evelyn and Shaunie are guilty as they stood by and let it happen. They illegally entered someone else’s hotel room. I have NEVER posted to a Blog before. But when I saw this last episode of Basketball Wives I had to voice my opinion to VHI. Something must be done to CANCEL this show. I will NEVER watch this show again nor any other show that Evelyn, Shaunie, or Tammi may be involved in.

  184. IPumpkin says:

    What the hell is this? What a waste of time! I feel sorry for Tami and Evelyn. They are the poorest examples of women and mothers that I have ever seen!! VH1 should do young girls a favor and cancel the show. I agree with @Lynn it shouldnt have taken Evelyn this long to examine herself (go back and visit past episodes boo), and NOT even sure if she really has. Leave the show!! That would be the best way to show you give a D.

  185. Barbara Moore says:

    I am appalled at Tami’s bullying!!! She needs to quit drinking and get back to her anger management classes immediately. Please, please, please get her off of this show and find someone with some class like the rest of the women on the show!!!!

  186. I. L. Singleton says:

    This show needs to be off the air. How can adult women and mothers act this way? I am outraged! Enough is enough. I won’t support this show anymore.

  187. Bella says:

    Evelyn – I was a big fan of yours until this show aired. How did you sit there and let Kesha be bullied to that extent? We teach our children to step in when a class mate is being bullied, but an adult can not, and this is on TV for children to see. What if someone did this to your child????
    Kesha has a Mom and a family, we all saw them on a show that aired. How do you think they felt watching this happen to a loved one while you sat there and did nothing but sip on your cocktail .
    You write two sides to this story, no way girlfriend and you know that. Tami was 110% wrong.
    This is a huge form of mental abuse and you and ALL your caste mates need to be educated.
    Tami needs to be taken off this show now!!!! No one should be paid to be a bully on national TV.

    Shame on VH1 for allowing this abuse to be aired. It is disturbing beyond words.

    And I must ask what does it mean when you say a “better balance for TV” ?????
    How about you say our behaviors were bad and we are going to change….better balance??

  188. Please Cancel says:

    Classic case of what happens when a child bully grows up…..they become grown “stupid bullies”. I do believe someone wrote this for Evelyn, she is not that lbright.

  189. Melinda McElroy says:

    Evelyn, Thank God you were able to see how abusive, angry, hateful of person you have been through crazy Tami. What you and Tami don’t understand is.. We live in a free country and everyone has the right to speak their own mind and sometimes it’s not always nice but you and Tami do not have the right to physically attack someone. You two are so weak to lose all bodily functions over nasty twitter words. Wow! After seeing you numerous times attack Jennifer, even jumping on a table to tear her apart, throwing wine bottles in a restaurant, without any care of who you hit, possibly taking some innocent persons eye or even worse killing someone. Absolutely turned my stomach! Honestly, you and Tami remind me of prison inmates! The only difference is you girls dress nicer! You both need help!!! Please don’t have anymore children when you marry!! We have enough bullies in this world!!! Please work on yourself!!!! I use to watch the show religiously but after seeing Tami take Kisha’s purse and not one of you cowards stood up for her, made me sick!!! Phony!!!! Yuk!!!! Sick!!! To late to clean your reputation, damage is done!!! You have been exposed! You are a Bully!!!!

  190. Nightowl777 says:

    Last night’s show was the most torturous episode I have ever witnessed. I will not watch Basketball Wives ever again. Tami’s treatment of Kesha was abusive, inhumane and unexcusable. I cannot believe no one came to Kesha’s rescue. Tami needs to get a mental evaluation as well as all the other women on the show. Evelyn is a bully as well and Suzi is a big mouth trouble maker. Suzi should not have been allowed to re-join the group after she was barred for previously starting trouble with her big mouth. I have lost all respect for Shaunie O’Neal as she didn’t do a thing to intervene. This is her series and all she is worried about is the money. Not to mention that not one of these women is a basketball wife. The only decent women on the show are Kesha, Jen, Kenya and Royce. I wish them well. All the other’s should be thrown off the show and locked up.

  191. Dora says:

    I like watching Basketball Wives, but I felt really sad for what took place on the last episode. I truly hope these ladies start acting like ladies and stop acting like pathetic school girls, who are you to get upset that someone is talking about you; I thought that’s what you wanted, Grow Up ladies. You’re beautiful women who many admire, don’t sell yourself for less than that. And you’ll probably say, “Who the hell does this ***** think she is, she don’t know us”. And you’re right but when you put yourself out there like that and think that I don’t have an opinion, well that’s where you’re wrong. Good luck in changing the negative people that stardom has made you. And for Jennifer, keep letting your lawyer do the talking and changing your surroundings, you have to live with your choices of your past and the future. Keisha, stay strong with your decisions, and don’t let foolish people turn you into one. I can’t believe what Tammy did, WOW there has to be a therapist somewhere out there that can help her with whatever is going on in her life. Good luck ladies

  192. rhonda short says:

    please evelyn u r just as worst as tami u cnt get over the fact that jen hve moved on pass u and is not paying u any attention and royce either.get a life.but i will still b watching u all as long as u r comeing on tho.lol

  193. April says:

    People talk about other people each and every day even when you die they gone still talk about you so why spas out. As a friend Shaunie should have told Tami that she was wrong for keeping Kiesha’s purse im still upset today about what has happen. I’ve seen and experience bullying and when I see another individual gets bullied it makes my skin crawl Tami needs to realize that she has two daughters and if her daughters were put in that position the way Kiesha was she would feel very upset. Shaunie needs to keep her off the next season and have somebody else with more common sense and a little more laid back………..Oh yes I also forgot CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. Marilyn says:

    Evelyn is just nervous because people are threatening to boycott her show. Why wasn’t she concerned when she was hopping across the table in short skirts, like a hoodrat. No shame. And, good luck if she thinks Ocho Cinco is going to marry her. Her issues with Jennifer were the comments hit too close to home. Jennifer told the truth!

  195. Pastor Patty says:

    How sad that grown women have to resort to bullying. I will never watch this pathetic show again and Im ashamed to say I witnessed/watched what happened on Monday. Im sorry that it was Kesha that it happened too but Im not sorry that it happened…As bullying amongst women was exposed. Tami’s anger had nothing to do with Kesha, there are inner demons that she’s battling and she is a dangerous woman. It is my sincere hope that this show gets canceled and something positive takes its place…enough is enough!

  196. Sheri says:

    Kesha should definitely not have been treated like that by Tami. Kesha is educating everyone on bullying which is fine and Tami definitely needs theapy. Kesha also needs therapy. Kesha needs to learn to be assertive. As an adult you dont let anyone walk over you. It may more than likely would not have changed Tami’s behavior but at least assert yourself some. After she didnt give you your purse, Kesha had every right to report it. If she had asserted herself, you would have told Tami to give you your purse and if she didnt you were going to hotel security. Even if you are scared, you still can be assertive and non-confrontational at the same time. Examine your actions too Kesha and see where you were wrong (not to Tami, but to yourself)

  197. Tania Hunt says:

    This was the hardest show to watch. Tami’s behavior was unexceptable. She is a bully! All these women should be ashame of themselves for allowing this to continue. There is nothing that they can do to make it better, the bottom line is they crossed that line! Tami showed her crimimal behavior by taking Kesha purse and going through it and her phone. I understand when they get mad at each other and have a argument but throwing bottles and bullying people and then making it seem like Kesha is crazy or weak because she wanted to call the police to get her things back. No that is wrong and VH1 you need to drop this show and put Baskeball Wives LA back on. This is really sad and they all have kids. lord help them!!!!!

  198. MOMMYG says:

    This week’s show was soo, soo ugly. You really need replace Tami. Nobody has any sympathy for her anger or emotional issues etc. Her behavior is atrocious. I really wish that Kesha would have had her arrested for taking her purse. That was so wrong!!! She is such a bully and she’s so rude. Who would ever want a friend like that? She is such an ugly mess on your show! Her putting on Kesha’s sunglasses was soo nasty! I would be disgusted if somebody that wasn’t a friend put on my sunglasses. I would throw them away! That was so unkind for her to have that despicable, rude attitide when Kesha was asking Evelyn and you questions. None of them were directed at Tami, so she should have had basic manners and let Kesha enjoy her vacation. Poor Kesha, all she was trying to do was fit in and get to know you and Evelyn better. You should have sent Tami home instead of letting Kesha go. She messes up the show for everyone who comes and tries to find a way to be a part of your show. Tami ruined Meeka’s trip and now Kesha’s. Evelyn may act mean at times, but at least she has class!! Please don’t let Tami treat people that way!!! I think she would be better working out her issues on her own, off the show. She is not drama, she’s an evil, big mess bully!

  199. DeeDee says:


  200. tina says:


  201. Jessica says:


    No way did you write this blog. You can’t speak a complete sentence correctly, let alone write a whole paragraph. The words were too big for you so I suspect that someone from VH1 wrote this and asked you to post it as your own. Your vocabulary consists of four letter words. Someimes you create bigger words by stringing several four letter words together. You are too vain and full of yourself to admit you are not perfect…and you are far from perfect . By sitting by allowing the abuse of a Humana being to go on without saying anything says to me that you are part of the problem.

    I’ve watched my last Basketball wives episode. However I will watch the reunion show to see how you and Tami will offer fake apologies and fake tears so that he viewers will feel sorry for you ….all in an attempt to keep your jobs. I sure hope VH1 cancels this show or at least get some real basketball wives on. Get the help you need.

  202. lynda says:

    This episode is so wrong that I will no longer watch this show. It left me very angry and sad that I watched this show at all. Tami is a bully and so is Evelyn. I am very disappointed with Shaunie O’neal, who continues to associate herself with Tami and Evelyn and defends their violent behavior in the show. I have a friend who was sexually assaulted when she was in college, but she is not violent like Tami or Evelyn. I cannot believe VH1 is renewing this show at all. Kesha did the right thing of backing off and not engaging Tami.

  203. Me96 says:

    To: Vh1 producers

    I will no longer watch this show. The women actually put fish in someone hotel room. Really! Really! The Tami incident I an not even addressing. I just can not believe I saw grown women put fish in someone’s hotel room.

  204. Treena D says:

    Please…….how ridiculous. Eve, how do you see both sides? I want to know what you people (I’m no going to say women) daughters think of this season.

  205. Ashley says:

    Tammy’s behavior in Tahiti was DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!! YES, SHE IS A BULLY! Her behavior was barbaric, low class, immature, beyond ghetto and a complete embarrassment to black women everywhere! It’s pathetic to enjoy acting like a fool over and over again. Tammy can’t see nor hear herself. She acts like she was a ferrel child; born and raised in the wild without parents, just wild boars. You, Shauny and Suzy looked so afraid of Tammy the entire time she was barking at Kisha! One of you should have been brave enough to let her know she was out of line. Tammy doesn’t know the meaning of respect. Speaking loudly with curse words at the end of incomplete sentences doesn’t make you right FYI. Kisha displays class consistently. Tammy needs to take a lesson from her. Kisha has the complete right to tell a story about herself without Tammy’s permission. The only way Tammy will learn is with an exorcism, Jesus or a serious beat down! (Her anger management therapist is scared of her so that won’t work).

  206. don't be fooled says:

    …if Evelyn is sincere and really felt bad for Kesha, why didn’t she come to Kesha’s aid?
    Why didn’t she and Shauine speak-up to Tami? Why did Evelyn, along with Tami, go through Kesha’s phone? Why did Evelyn and Shauine belittle Kesha, along with Tami, calling Kesha pitiful and scared? Why did Evelyn and Shauine justify Tami’s reasons for demaning an apology. If she felt so bad, why did she continue with putting dead fish into Kenya’s room?

  207. Cancel show says:

    This show needs to be canceled !
    Bullying is a top subject in school and this show caters to teaching some youngests that they came arrive to fame, by acting this way! CANCEL THIS SHOW!

  208. Lisa says:

    I thougt Monday’s episode was GROSS. Evenlyn and Shaunie are just as guilty and more importantly Evenlyn is a BUM. Evenlyn is Jso EALOUS of Jennifer and cannot let the ending of the relationship dissolve after she refused to work on the friendship. Shaunie, throw rocks and hide her hands and then acts innocent and clueless as to what is going on at the moment. Jennifer is what and how a lady conducts herself. Keep doing you boo. As far as Tami! She is a BULLY AND SHAPED LIKE A BUICK. She is disgusting and to have the nerve to have a girls charity is sickening while parenting two teenage daughters. Kesha, you should take the bullying discussion to a new level so that Tami, Evenlyn, and Shaunie can fill the heat for sometime to come. I am hopeful that is image of black and latino women that you ladies are paid to show the world is taken off the air. Out Right Disturbing! # Is this is where we are at now?

  209. Renee says:

    I think this is a poor excuse why you didnt express this in front of tami. you are so scare of her they need you off the show too

  210. Carl Hall says:

    I hear you Ms. Lozada but it a little to late for that at this point. You ladys should be ashamed to not have stood up and told Tammie to behave and the way you acted two week ago… threwing wine bottle at a person for saying something about you. You could have seriourly hurt someone behind your action….VERY UNCOMMON OF A LADY AND SHAME ON ALL OF YOU….TAMMIE, EVELYN, SHAUNIE AND FIVE FACED MESS STARTING SUZY!!!!

  211. Carl Hall says:

    I hear you Ms. Lozada but it a little to late for that. You ladys should be ashamed to not have stood up and told Tammie to behave and the way you acted two week ago… threwing wine bottle at a person for saying something about you. You could have seriourly hurt someone behind your action….VERY UNCOMMON OF A LADY AND SHAME ON ALL OF YOU….TAMMIE, EVELYN, SHAUNIE AND FIVE FACED MESS STARTING SUZY!!!!

  212. Shamel says:

    *throwing rocks* Booooooooo!!!!! She is a LIAR. It is a little too late Evelyn….no one is convinced!!! She is saying this out of desperation to keep her 10 minutes of fame going!!!!! Everyone sees the smoke & mirrors!!! AFTER all the backlash now they all want to release these statements to clean up the mess. I am sorry but you have been acting a damn fool for FOUR seasons now (getting progressively worse with each one). If success, a daughter in college, fiance’, and close family and friends have not served as enough motivation to get you to act like a LADY, nothing will! So with that being said…quit with the frontin’. Your “reality” t.v. career is over and you are as fake as them airbrushed abs and fake breast you rockin. HaHaHa!!! Nexxxxxxxxt——>>>>.

  213. Tina says:

    The episode from Monday was totally uncalled for. This BS needs to be cancelled. You have angry jump offs such as Tammy who bully people that she can bully. They all need to grow. It is shows such as this that allows females to be called B’s but yet when a man calls a female that word it’s a problem. Yes, Tammy did steal her stuff cause she should have done like everyone else, walk off and leave the damn purse. Kesha didn’t owe her anything. Suzy especially starts BS but she is quick to throw the rock and hide her hand. She is scared of Tammy as well. I recall Tammy call her a B several times and made the comment to Kesha that she calls her a B because she don’t respect her. What the hell does that say about Suzy? She don’t respect you BOO! I agree, you all are being pimped for a dollar. Tammy is jealous and so is Evelyn of Jennifer (her business is about to be booming and your shoe store is gone bye bye) just like this BS of a show should be. You need to be examine that open relationship that your soon to be man is forcing you into.

  214. Iyauna says:

    I would like to say that I use to love Tami because she is strong women when it comes to certain things, but after watching her treat Keisha the way she did, was sad because that was disrespectful, rude and uncalled for. I don’t understand how she felt that keisha disrespected her and she demanded an apology when she was very direspectful to her. When you know that you can beat someone, why lower your self to that level always be the bigger person. Tami you are an embarrassment to all Black Women. Barbie

  215. s woods says:

    I want to know what do all the women on the show tell there kids about bulling. All I see on the show is alot of bulling going on from Tammie and Evelyn. And the others women that are there and not doing anyhting about is just as much of a bully as the ine that is doing the bulling.

  216. Tesa says:

    I want to see this show get cancelled. It’s not right that these women are getting paid to torture and bully ppl. If anyone know of any petitions to cancel this show let me know. Shaunie has lost the respect of a lot of ppl.

  217. Missouri says:

    The behavior on Monday’s show was horrendous. Tami is a really sick chick. Needs to be in residential treatment somewhere….and make sure medications are involved. The other ladies were afraid of Tammy also. This was evidenced in the van, when Shauni weekly asked Tammy to return the purse. Evelyn seemed afraid to speak up in calling the events abusive. Again, she mumbles it into the camera. They were ALL afraid. Suzie suggested Keisha “just go apologize and ask for you purse back”. Yikes. In Tami’s blogs since the airing, she is really unapologetic. Typical behavior of an abuser. Look what you made me do. I have removed this show from my lineup. No more of what is supposed to pass for entertainment. Give me the Waltons’ anyday. Drama without demeaning and demorilizing behavior.

  218. Denise says:

    Where do I begin. Shaunie, Evelyn, and Susie you guys just sat there and watch Tami self destruct and belittle, degrade, disrespect one of your cast-mate and you did nothing. Shaunie the comments that you and Eve always make is that Tami is a grown woman and we can’t tell her what to do or say. If you are not part of the solution why are you always there for the problem. Tami would have not done that if you guys were not there. She could have had this talk with Keisha before you guys left, she knew about it before you guys left. Tami quit saying you are a work in progress you are not progressing, quit blaming anger issue for how you talk to someone. You are your daughters role model what do they see when they look at how you have treated someone else who just wanted to walk away. Susie you need to practice the vow of silence. You are really the backstabber. Ladies please grow up. Enough with the negativity.

  219. Bebe says:

    Tammy should be shame I hope Keisha files charges on her .

  220. Hope says:

    So, it took Tami’s verbal tirade for Evelyn to acknowledge how awful her behavior is? Funny, I don’t remember the blog where Evelyn or Nia apologized for their PHYSICAL assaults of Jennifer and others during the course of the season. The fact that her blog doesn’t include an explanation for why she did nothing and even contributed to the events between Tami and Kesha; and no mention of he behavior of vandalizing another woman’s room. It’s clear that neither VH1 or their producing partners feel any compunction to throw Evelyn off the show; instead they will put the onus on Tami and ignore the fact that Evelyn was the biggest bully of the season and her bullying turned into physical assaults against other castmates. Let’s see if they air the footage of Evelyn attacking Jen in Tahiti or if they try to sweep her ratchetness under the carpet so that they can air that trainwreck of a show in the fall.

  221. Valeria says:

    I watched that episode and I was totally discussed with it, Tammy you really need to get your act together. From the beginning of this season, I have been saying, what’s up with Tammy I seen this coming. An for Shaunie, to sit there and not intervene just blew me away, I expected it from Evelyn and Suzie she need to stop running her mouth she still didn’t get enough of her mouth. I don’t plain Keashie, I would have called the police on that bully. In the beginning the show was fun, I looked forward to seeing it. I justed watched it today, I’m still trying to figure out who Tammy and Evelyn think they are. All of you act like you scared of Tammy, I could see why none of you have a basketball husband now. Evelyn, what did Jennifer said about you that was so hurtful that you want to fight her, and what was that jumping up on a table about. You and Tammy need to be in jail doing hard time so you both could have plenty of time to think and reflect on your behaviour. Shaunie, need to step up and act like a leader, I have losted my respect for you, there is no way, I would have sat there and let something like that go down in my presents, without voicing my thoughts about the situation. I would have told Tammy you wrong and if it was me, I would call the police on you. Where you come from you don’t get the authorities involved you handle it your selves. Wasn’t it you that was going to sue Evelyn, is that the pot calling the kettle black. You think you get ratings for acting like that, no you lose your fan base, because w e don’t respect you. Then after the fact, that is after you see the blog, you realize people ain’t feeling you, then you want to apologize, well a little to late. I thought you was ladies you all act like a pack of wild animals, what you think the one with the loudest mouth is the baddest, no it’s the bullies. Just remember that one day everyone have to give account fotheir actions. Shaunie and what was up with that, you going with them to put dead fish in Kenya room, if I was the hotel manager I would call the cops on all of you, and make you pay a hefty fine, making a example out of yall. That’s what kids do, I thought you was suppose to be classy ladies, like the say you could take a person out the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out the person. Stop doing things that you have to go back and apologize for!!! This show need to be kicked off the air. YOu would not want anyone to bully you or your kids, so STOP Bullying others.

  222. Aisha says:

    Finally, to Kesha (I say finally b/c I had something to say to every other cast member). I GOT YOUR BACK. Personally, I think you are too good for this show. Sweetie, it’s not for you. I like you Kesha. What Suzie and Tami did was wrong. Suzie is NOT your friend, you truly need to watch out for that B!! But don’t worry, you have people in your corner.

  223. Charles D. says:

    I watched this s how because my wife made me…actually she didn’t make me. I wanted to see what she was so upset about. She said the show was degrading to black women and that she wanted me to write letters to the advertisers and tell them I would not buy their products if they dudn’t pull their sponsorship. I thought that was a little drastic, perhaps emotional. After watching the episode last night in which the stereotypical angry black woman bullied the young lady, stole her purse and the proceeded to rifle through her belongings. Then tried to make her think that she had left her purse unattended. I agree with my wife. I will write those letters and I will not allow this ignorant , black exploitation “film” be watched in our household.

  224. Nina Simone says:

    For the love of the all mighty dollar women will sell their souls and shame their spirit.

  225. Dra says:

    I am disgusted at how those so-called women sat there and just watch Tami bully that poor girl. You all need to take at look at yourselves and realized that you all are selling yourselves short by acting like total hoodrats and thinking that the way you present yourselves is cute. It’s not and it’s an embarassament to all black women. Tami you need real help, girl and having “diarrhea of the mouth” describes you best Suzy. You started all of this mess and you should be held accountable as well but no more than Shaunie should. This is your show and you allowed that “BULLY” to beat Kesha down. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!

  226. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, I felt so bad for Kesha. I was in tears. Tami, who do you think you are. Who gave you the right to speak to another human like that. I hope your daughters don’t get treated in the same way you treated Kesha. Looking into her purse? Wow!, you are so full of yourself. I use to like you however, now I see you under a different light.

  227. SAL says:

    Evelyn should examine the way she has behaved in the last few episodes. In my opinion, there is no difference between what Evelyn does to Jennifer from what Tami does to Keasha. It is bullying in the worst sense! It is pathetic that beautiful women act so ugly! Ms. Shaunie is the ring leader, passive agressive. Ms. Suzie does all the dirty work that Shaunie does not have the nerve to do! Hats off to Royce because she does not feel the need to be a part of the back stabbing, back biting non-sense! If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything! Really girls, the money, fame and notoriety is more important than having morals? Not one of you, have been woman enough to stand up for what is right. A practical joke on Kenya? Really? Practical jokes are for friends, not people that you dislike. It was another form of bullying! Monday was my last evening watching! I had not watched in 3 weeks because of the bullying of Jennifer. You guys are pathetic. If you are acting, get another story line!

  228. Tanya says:

    Evelyn, I understand but you and Tami come off so hard towards people and take the smallest issue and turn into something that doesn’t have to be! However I am praying for you and Tami because I really enjoy watching the show and I would hate to see it discontinued for the negativity that it has portrayed over TV!

  229. Arkansas says:

    With all that you ladies claim to have gone through with your choice of basketball partners, it is ashame for you to act the way you do with each other. You act like Ghetto trash with cash.You pick on the new weak women who join your group Do they pay you more to act the way you do?
    Sure the viewers like to see drama, but what examples are setting for our young women?Tami is Bully! She has no class at all. Last night’s show was just terrible and cruel.

    I am glad that we finally have our own TV shows and with thar said, I know we can protray a more possitive example than what you ladies are doing. The show was just mean.

    Surely you ladies can be supportive of one another and still give the viewers cleaner and a more possiyive show.

  230. Choc says:

    Shut Up Evelyn–I’m not buying anything you say. You’re just trying to do damage control for book sales and another year of paychecks.

  231. Teahmik says:

    Just saw the episode…This is sad and embarrassing…. Evelyn said at some point in the show that maybe Kesha just “couldn’t hang with this group”. Well apparently the only people who CAN hang with this group are obviously sick and broken in some way. Twisted bunch a women, who have the nerve to get upset when other people don’t think like a bunch of anti-social borderline personality maniacs! Bravo Kesha, for perhaps being the healthiest person on the show!! Now get some self love and self acceptance, and leave these damaged pieces of women to their own hell. The rest of them just need help. But getting help and using what comes from that help are two different things.

  232. KayKay says:

    Child please!!!! Is all i have to say to what Evelyn had to say!!! It shouldnt take that to make you examine yourself. You are a grown as woman and know right from WRONG. You are suppose to be a woman on her way to the alter. Representing ur soon to be husband. Men dont like drama and thats all evelyn is. DRAMA!! If she does make it to the alter, the marriage will not last long. Bullying is a very serious issue in the day and for you to BULLY another grown ass woman becuz you THINK that you are right, is totally crazy. Do you realize how many teens in this world kill themselves over being bullied??? And these woman get on national tv and promote bullying. Now that is totally out of control. I hope Tami and Evelyn are proud of themselves. They are so dumb and so ready to BULLY someone that they cant even see that SUSIE took it out of content when being two-faced. I did like the basketball wives but not anymore, I think the show should be off the air. Im signing the petition. These woman are sad and need Jesus!!!!

  233. DENISE says:

    Why tamie do that to that girl like that

  234. Vanessa says:

    Why is this show on TV? These woman are not married to any basketball players. Evelyn and Tami are a disgrace to all women. The episode on Monday clearly shows her as a bully. She has not run up on the right person yet. I understand why she’s not married. I hope enough pressure is put on the sponsors to cancel this trashy show.

  235. NIKONA says:


  236. Whatever.... says:

    Susie, Susie, Susie!!!! There is no way ANYONE could confide in me and I take the information and spill it the way Susie does. IT IS HORRIBLE! She is disgusting and disingenuous. To top it off, when all of this is happening she is giving fake Keisha advise.

  237. Kari says:

    Too little to late Evelyn, you all should have thought about creating a “better balance for television” before you all sold out for ratings and money. And yes you all need serious professional help, but you do not deserve a dime more from the America public. Grow and become better OFF camera, you all have done enough damage to the image of Black women entrepreneur’s. Hats off to Keisha, Royce and Jennifer for raising above, and putting the spotlight to good use. That is the right example to set.

  238. J. Brown. says:

    Evelyn let me first congratulate you for recognizing the fact that you are now conscious of how you want to be respected as a woman. That said. Each time I watch Mondays episode I squirm with utter disgust at ” BULLY TAMI’S” behavior. Who is the hell Tami think she is! Why Keisha or anyone else need to apologize for saying something about her! girl please! This prove how illiterate and dumb you are. People will always says thing about you. Are you gonna go confront everybody. Yes I would go to the cops too. How old are you Tami? Act like a grown woman!!! I was disappointed with you Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie I could tell you all were uncomfortable but no one was woman enough to tell Tami she was WRONG! Are you all scared of her too. Tami, remember when you first got on the show, that’s all I’ve got to say.Girl you need to check yourself. You were disgraceful to all basketball wives. Evelyn don’t be afraid to tell Tami she was WRONG!!!!! YES SHE WAS!!! and Tami, really you asking for respect? GIRL FIRST YOU GOT TO RESPECT YOURSELF. Keisha , sorry that happen to you, you were the lady and best of all you never apologize to her!!!

  239. Susan says:

    It is so embarrasing to see these black women treat each other like this on national television. Keisha, leaving Tahiti was the best thing you did thus far in the show. You have potrayed yourself a lady. Jennifer is right behind you. Kenya…is strange but not as stupid and ignorant as Tami & Evelyn.

  240. jgraves says:

    I don’t believe Evelyn wrote this.

  241. alice says:

    please, save that drama for someone who cares.you want to jump on the keisha band wagon and feel sorry for her but then you go and put fish in somebody room and start fights with jen. you are getting married, you have a daughter please like more lady-like.

  242. LIZ says:

    Well first I’d like to say Evelyn wrote a very impressive blog!! We all make mistakes and sometime we have to see first hand what we do!!! I do so hope she fixes her problems with Jennifer they don’t have to be friends but at least be fair!! Evelyn had stuff to say about Jennifer’s soon to be husband so why can’t Jennifer say something about Ocho? please don’t marry that guy Evelyn!!!

  243. Sexy Gemini says:


  244. COPAZ says:

    Sunday’s show was truly distrubing. I was simply disgusted by the way Tami treated Kesha. I could not believe what I was watching. It actually was like watching someone being tortured. I can’t believe Shaunie (sp?) whose show this is, let that happened. I can’t believe that Evelyn and Shaunie sat there and watched while this pig attached that woman. Don’t even get me started with Suzie (who so wants to be black) and her big mouth. If she didn’t say anything this would never had happened. Besides who cares if Kesha said what she said. She can have her own opinions, not everything has to be talked out. This show has gotten worse each season. I am now at the point that I won’t watch it anymore. You can dress them up but you can’t take the ghetto out of them. That’s all I can say is I’m sure each and everyone of the guys that got rid of these ladies is truly relieved.

  245. footballbabe says:

    Oh my gosh!! The more I watch this episode the more I get upset. I use to love to watch this show. I loved to see the fashions the ladies were wearing and see some of there business. The episode from Tahiti is horrible. Tami is acting horrible!!!! How can you treat another human this way? The other women stood back and let it happen. You all should be ashamed. Tami don’t turn it around and make it look like you were the one that was right taking her purse. What a disappointment you all have become.

  246. JRoc85 says:

    Evelyn is not committed to changing her perspective! First of all, wasn’t this the same woman who went through Kesha’s phone browsing her text messages when Tami was going through her purse and handed Evelyn Kesha’s phone; Second; she already stated that she’s not taking sides in this matter because she sees both points of view. Excuse me, but how can anyone in their right mind see things from Tami’s viewpoint; Finally, she upheld the fact that Suzie went back and told them everything Kesha had to say when just last season Evelyn was complaining how Suzie has “diarrhea of the mouth.!” Evelyn is two faced, plain and simple. She’s just as much a bully as Tami!!!!

  247. Oh the Irony says:

    It is funny how things work in mysterious ways. Eve was so determined to destroy Jennifer but until Tammi went off on Kesha and made her cry it really showed Eve how much of a true ass she has been acting. There is a reason for everything! I am guessing you will become a bigger women and apologize to Jennifer? At least I hope!

  248. BH says:

    Damage control, much?
    How many times have you flown off the handle? And it took this to “examine” yourself?
    Seriously – you are an open book, clearly you’ll do anything for $$ and ratings. What suprises me is you and Shaunie have daughters – how would you have reacted if your daughte was being bullied while be bystanders watch and smile? You’d draw blood. But not in this situation, because your loved one is not getting bullied. I am really suprised at Shaunie….thought she was the classiest one of you lot.

  249. Michelle B says:

    OMG. I am praying for Chad because it is obvious he is getting a real beast as a wife. Chad please remember Sampson and Delilah. Everything that looks good ain’t good for you. I know he has daughters and all they could possibly learn from her is how to use your body to get ahead. They will never learn to be strong, intelligent, classy and to be proud. I hear about the things that happen on the show and it scares to me to think that a woman like this is truly getting the chance to influence millions of young woman. I am praying to God that people like Evelyn, Tammie and Shaunie are disciplined by God in a way that only he can for the treatment of other human beings.

  250. Toy says:

    Booooooooooo they are only saying sorry cause the public got tired of their bullying, if no one said anything they would not be saying sorry & would continue to do what they doing,
    no one is ever sorry till they caught or called out, i dont believe a word they saying, its all so they can continue to keep the show & make money off the show hahahhalol lies lies lies as my Nana says :)

  251. R_NYC says:

    Evelyn shut up and sit your phony a** down! on top of the fact that you, tami, suzie, and shaunie are a bunch of posers…you are all scared of Tami. u saw that girl was hopeless and u did nothing…what would you have done if tami would lunged herself at that girl? and suzie…omh suzie…she cant hold water to save her life. i hope one day she gets her a** beat for being a blabber mouth. Its insane but Royce has more sense than all u birds on your best. Shaunie ur disgusting but then again what is to expect from someone who was friends with someone like Laura.

  252. rc says:

    All of a sudden at the same time Shaunie is denouncing that this show supports bullying, Evelyn has the same thoughts…yea right…they are trying to say the right things to keep this on TV. Tami’s “so-called” apology was not one at all, and Evelyn has caused so much grief for Jen this season, because she’s jealous of her, its ridiculous. The main reason I don’t believe Shaunie, Evelyn or Tami is because anytime you sit back, smile and let anyone be attacked, and not let that person know they were wrong for their actions, you liked it too, and they all have done that….They’re Bullies, you can wrap it up, put a bow on it…the 3 of you are the classic mean girls and Bullies, but Karma is something and you gonna feel it.

  253. indi says:

    Come Evelyn, you know you did not write the blog above, it sounds too intelligent for your lack of academic.

  254. Diane says:

    Tami and Evelyn AND Shaunie (Ms. Producer), too little too late – I gladly signed the petition boycotting Ev and Ocho. I’ve contacted Viacom, MTV Networks, and next I’ll be contacting Dave and Buster’s. Time for detox from the negativity on your show, not RETOX! Have a little respect for your viewer.

  255. Will continue to watch says:

    Let’s all be real shall we? Most have complained about the show after each episode in some form or fashion, but in the spirit of ‘keepin it real’ you all that have complained, STILL watch and will CONTINUE to watch this show and mob wives as well. The reason being? because you enjoy watching the drama, sure, like myself, you are enraged at the blatant disrespect that you saw Kesha had to endure, but MOST of you taut as being ‘grown women’ that can make up your own mind and govern your own actions.

    With that being said, because these women are in the public lime light, you naysayers for some reason think they are to be held at a higher standard than the ‘everyday average josephine’ NOT the case, they are women of color, NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN, so to say that ‘they make black women look bad’, or that you watch the show ‘because it dealt with black women issues’, is a cop out. You began watching the show because of the intrigue and inside intel you thought you would glean from seeing how the ‘rich and famous’ lived.

    These women were not put on this show to be role models for any of you, thus, why would you ever be disappointed from what you see them do? It is just a testament to the fact that from the original airing of this show and through your own personal perceptions of the individual cast members and how their personalities were (which you formulated in your mind), you became extremely disenchanted as you saw your idolization’s of these women shatter before your very eyes.

    So now you have gotten to a point that the story line has horribly taken a wrong turn and you want to ban the show from being aired because suddenly the camera filming their antics has virtually fallen and smashed your rose colored glasses to the ground. WELL! get over it.

    These women agreed to expose tiny bits and pieces of their lives to you viewers for a small portion of celebrity fame and money and you have become so indignant with what your curious minds, albeit down right nosiness has yielded as a result: that DAMN!, they aren’t as flawless in character and behavior as their medical/chemically enhanced physical beauty would imply. Big damn deal! If all they showed from the onset was these women getting together over mint julep tea and crumpets discussing their next adventure at the local soup kitchen each week, you wouldn’t have watched it either, you would have walked away sucking teeth and saying ‘meh its like watching paint dry’.

    It’s the DRAMA of jilted love (don’t pretend you didn’t know that at least Shaunie and Shaq were no longer together) and the fall out from it that these ladies potentially would portray that caught your attention to the show in the first place, and its the drama of personality clashing that will KEEP you watching.

    All of you that say you are going to boycott the show…..well guess what, you are still keeping up with what happens week after week, and you are still commenting and responding on blogs, articles, forum boards and everything else on the internet and offline, and I don’t even have to place a bet, that you will tune in for the REUNION as well. Keep in mind that the season was recorded fully already, and episodes were released to us viewers in weekly intervals (the cliffhangers after each episode served their purpose well) and they are currently in the throws of filming the NEXT season already.

    If you think that for a minute I or any other realist would believe your self-righteous diatribes then you need to really take stock in your own behavior, as it is indicative of personal issues that you need to focus on rather than pointing a finger of condemnation at these women for not living up to your high standards of expectation, when THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU…. pfft….

  256. indi says:

    And I don’t care what anyone says, Meeka whipped Tami’s ass. Tami looked dazed and was bleeding from her face as Meeka flipped her weave over her shoulder and walked off. That was priceless. Meeka should come back to give Tami some more salsa.

  257. Sheila says:

    This show was recorded months ago and just air three nights ago. These incidents are not new, why is that they are just apologizing now. They should have thought about that when they were being ignorant bullie’s

  258. HOUSTON says:


  259. Tasha says:

    I used to love this show. I no longer watch. the show has turned to complete garbage. The way I used to view the ladies(and i use the word ladies very loosely) has drastically changed. They are very petty and very immature. Tammy is the worst one on the show. Im way past their juvenile ways and cattiness. Pull it and ANY AND ALL spin offs, that are to spawn off of this trainwreck of a show.

  260. EVELYN says:


  261. Jackie says:

    I watch the show every week,I was disappointed that nobody stopped what was going on,she was violated in many ways and it was hard to watch. Tammi should put her apology where it belongs…in the trash because she ment to do that.

  262. ByeByeTami says:

    Just read Tami Romans apology on her facebook page and I found it interesting that in her half ass attempt at an apology she says she is not a bully the way she is “depicted”.on the show. That implies that she was made to look like a bully though editing. Are you kidding me???? Nice attempt at deflecting. I also find it interesting that some of her facebook fans are blaming kesha for Tami’s actions. Those people must come from where she comes from. Tami was picking on Kesha in the van before the bullyfest began, but then we are supposed to believe that the drinking is at fault. Nice try in trying to yet deflect again. Tami said the only reason she didn’t hit Kesha was because she looked so pathetic. REALLY! No editing in the world could make you look as horrible as you have looked the last 2 seasons. You sit around like queen bee like everyone owes you respect. You make fun of Jennifer and kiss Evelyns ass that your ex-husband also kissed by the way. I don’t want to live in Tami’s or Evelyn’s world . Your friends are supposed to love and respect you, not fear you. I am done with this show and anyone that has a conscience or a pulse should do the same.

  263. beverly says:

    Shaunie you are not worthy of a tv show. Why are you and the other black women show just how ghetto you are? This show is an embarrasment to all wome.

  264. Charles Bailey says:

    Evelyn as a true women when do you as that women say enough is enough, i feel as though Tami had a point but she took it to the limit, as a friend you should have said something right then and there, when some one like Kesha is at that point you should have stepped in and said something, what if that were you, i have respect for you as a person, but as a women, and a lady you fall way short of being complete, i am not saying perfect but complete your not, your girl, yes i said your girl Tami if it were not for TV in the real world she would have gotten her domed cracked and ass kicked, fame and fortune don’t make you a lady or a women it’s the make up that’s in your heart……………

  265. jay says:

    No Eve u will not change your bank account mite but not you. Say bye bye to the lime=light say hello to the EBT card u 2 tammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kesha keep ya head up girl,,,,,,,

  266. Pumpkin says:

    I really hate this show now…………it took me 4 days to even face this last tapping? I just turned 30 and I pray that when me and my friends reach are 40′s we don’t change and act like you animals!!!! P.S. Shaunie holds these women off her hand like a puppet master I Pray you all grow up…….N Tammy pick on someone your own sizes B&$^H!!!!!

  267. Margaret says:

    Oh ok..Monday night’s episode made Evelyn reflect on her Ghetto ways? What about the petition againgst her? She makes no mention of that. Evelyn did not write this statement,we all know she isn’t that smart. Wouldn’t she be leaving the show anyways after her marriage to Ocho a football player? What she wants is our continued support for her spin off show. For the life of me I don’t see how VH! thinks a show about a football player that doesnt even start (rumour has it that he may even get cut),and a ex girlfriend of a basketball player is a good idea. The star in the relationship is Chad,and lets face it his star is fading. Chad and Evelyn arent that interesting when he makes cameo appearances on BBW…so I don’t know why anybody thinks this ‘spin off” is going to be sucessful. Of course she could also be concerned about her book sales, again why would anyone be interested in the memoirs of a mistress of a broke ex basketball player?
    We all know he cheated on her…we all know after 10 years he still didnt marry her.
    Evelyn’s only claim to fame is this show, and by her own actions she has shown us what and who she is. She is no better than Tami..both of these females are bullies…well Evelyn does have the distinction of also being a Hoe and a bully. I’m sure she is pleased with the backlash surrounding Tami,because it takes the attention off of her ,or so she thinks.

  268. CVY says:

    That Kesha Tami episode totally classless ,Tami needs to watch that new movie “BULLY”.I know all shows need ratings but today when there’s so much bullying going on I don’t think BBW is the show for Tami. Kesha you carried yourself with such grace,

  269. Danny says:

    Evelyn you do the same thing that Tami does. You treat Jennifer so wrong, even when she doesn’t deserve half the stuff you put her threw. You should not be the one to point the finger because you and Tame are both BULLIES and it makes no since. Ya’ll act like children. What does you guys children have to say about it? I think both of y’all are ridiculous and embarrassing. You need to have a civil conversation with Jennifer (without you yelling and wanting to fight) and sit down and talk since you are SUPPOSEDLY trying to change.

  270. Ayriss says:

    When BBW first aired it was interesting because these women revealed their struggles with the lifestyles of being involved with a Pro-athlete. They had stories to tell, insecurities to overcome, and friendships to mend. There was drama but just enough to stimulate the show. They wanted to convey a level of class. I recall Evelyn telling Royce the first season that she couldnt hang out with her if she didnt present herself better. I also rememeber Evelyn saying that she was done with professional athletes but now she has reduced herself to Chad. And they have a reality show together! She’s has caught him having lunch with a female, cried about his alleged philandering, and now it’s okay for him to sleep with other women when he’s on the road. This is so sad! Has it occurred to her that Chad may be using her to get on TV-it’s not like he hasnt had his own show before.

    Tammi used to be my girl-she was for alot of us but she got caught up in the hype and now she’s finding out how quickly people can change on you

    Shaunie is the worst of all because she points the fingers at everyone else meanwhile she has the fingers controlling the strings

    It’s time this show does its farewell- I’m over it

  271. R. Parker says:

    I do not for one minute believe Evelyn is sincere. I think she is trying to soften her stance because her show with Chad was boycotted. If she felt so bad for Kesha why didn’t she try to put a stop to the madness. Susie is a troublemaker tool. I remember when she was kicked out of the so called circle but now that she is back in she does nothing but stir up drama by playing both sides of the fence and then she runs back to the circle and tells them what the other person. I also think it was very foul of them to put fish in Kenya’s room. Since when do middle aged women act like this — so pathetic.

  272. dallday says:

    For the person that posted its entertainment and we are still watching and posting. Sure we are to see the end of this season. We want to look at the reunion and say goodbye enough is enough. We will probably check the blogs and other social networks to see if the boycott is working and see if Evelyn and Ocho is failing. Evelyn and Tami have struck some raw nerves in people and even though we don’t know them personally many of us have come to despise the sight of them. I gave up Mobwives because I couldn’t take the yelling screaming and fights anymore so I will give up BBW as well after the reunion. I will have to find another guilty pleasure.

  273. Sunshyne N. says:

    I felt so bad for Kesha and cried. Not everyone is confrontational and that is ok because our world would be in a bigger mess.

    Kudos to Evelyn for taking the experience and using it to check herself. I hope that Tami does the same. They are both beautiful and intelligent women who are clearly passionate about being respected due to some past hurts or just the way they grew up. Many of us are like that. I just hate seeing those hurts cause them to feel they need to go on the defense, physically which could lead to some serious repercussions.

    Keep growing, ladies!

  274. J.Lou says:

    SUPER SAD! I suppose it’s better to learn these imperative life lessons now than never, but come women (ladies just doesn’t apply), this is *ish most of us worked out in H.S. With that said, congrats Ms. Lozada for growin up! As for Tammi, Damn Damn! If she ain’t the most bitter bi-otch like EVER! VH-1 you guys really need to provide these women a good medical benefits package, because all of em need counseling; add a priest (for prayer) and pills for Tammi’s ass. Personally, I think she should be canned and use the time to Get Her Life. BTW, send someone over there to check on her children… imjustsayin! I would just love to see the show take more of a positive turn. We all know drama=ratings, but ya’ll takin it too damn far, its quite sickening!

  275. LisaH says:

    Evelyn didn’t write this statement! Her publicist is clearly more mature and polished than Evelyn has shown herself to be. I hope Evelyn has read these words and will work hard to behave accordingly. Integrity!

  276. gigi says:

    This reminds me of when you see a group of school kids and one of them is being bullied and the others just stand back and watch. We always wonder where these bullying kids gets it from. If grown up, parents behave this way, what do we expect. Keisha thought that Royce and Susie were her friends, but they ran to Tami and told on her knowing what an explosive temper that Tami has. Keisha does not fit well with this group. If you show a bully your weakness, he/she will pounce on it. They need to bring someone on this show that will put both Tami and Evelyn in their place.

  277. Cybercurls says:

    @jgraves… I’m with you, I don’t believe she wrote that statement. She’s too ignorant & ghetto to have thought of those words. Have any of you read her blogs?
    SMDH @ Tami… OMG, what a HOODRAT GHETTO BULLY she is! Her apology is so fake!!
    Suzie is an instigator & Shaunie is fake and afraid of both Tami & Evelyn!

  278. Monique Allen says:

    I like the show ladies keep it up

  279. Patricia says:

    It does not matter – I’m not going to watch

  280. Bruline says:

    gang Initiation 101! it all comes down to how bad you want in. Some people are born to lead and some are born to follow.. Let this be a lesson to all parents.. DO NOT raise kiss ass, follow fashion monkeys…and Thank God I have a son…lol

  281. KaRonne Ivey says:


  282. Nique says:

    I was horribly disappointed in this last episode in Tahiti. Tami the bully! I thought she had an organization that helped young ladies? Who cares where she’s from? What happened to growing up and maturing beyong the thuggish environment she grew up in? Shawnee and Evelyn, as adults, should have corrected Tami. I mean really, you take Keisha’s property and rummage thru it like a low-class thief? This is the behavior of a hoodlum. This is also the type of ridiculous behavior that happens in schools all the time. Of course it was expected that diarrhea-mouthed Susie would have had her hand in the pot starting confusion. She sat quietly knowing she was part of the problem. I’m so disappointed in the direction this show is heading. In the beginning, I thought it showed the resilence of women and how they managed to overcome stereotypes and stress of the sports life. However, it is turning into a show about trashy women with “potty mouths” that wouldn’t know respect it was written on their heads. Keisha has too much class to hang with this group. She has shown maturity and class thru it all. What is wrong with adults that feel the only way to solve problems is to be violent and hostile? What a poor example for our youth and society. Get right with GOD. Get right with yourselfs. Get right with humanity.

  283. 1SexyOne says:

    This episode was just sickening to watch…Tami has always been the kind to make herself important to any situation because she is not. I feel that Tami is very jealous and ignorant of what black women (particularly our children) need to see coming from a black woman in any spot light. Why have an association with an organization that does exactly that and you can’t do it yourself. And people people….if you pay careful attention…TAMI QUOTED WORD FOR WORD WHAT KEISHA SAID FROM THAT VIDEO….if Suzie or Royce had repeated it, words would have been all out of place….when Keisha asked “who told you that” the camera’s cut straight to Shaunie….so I believe that by stirring the pot and showing Tami the footage of Keisha, it gave them good drama before Jen and Evelyn could get it started once Jen and crazy Kenya arrived….SHAUNIE NEEDS TO DO A LOT BETTER!!!

  284. OH10 says:

    Sooo, Tami quits twitter………Isnt she the same chick that wants everybody to say things directly to her? Whats wrong Tami, you dont feel like hearing what people have to say? LOL. VH1 please cancel this mess and DO NOT air Evelyn/Ocho show. Evelyn is just as guilty as Tami, its just that people finally got tired of the ghetto bullying during Tami’s turn to act a fool. Tami and Evelyn are both are a hott mess. If you continue to air the show, these two have to go!!! Jennifer is the only BBW with any type of class. Shaunie is a punk for even allowing this drama.

  285. CPfeffer says:

    I will no longer be watching this show. Their behavior (mainly Tami and Evelyn) has been utterly disgusting. This is the example they want to show their kids??????? It makes me SICK. I will NEVER support anything done by Shaunie O’Neal, Tami or Evelyn. They need to get into some serious therapy. Shame on you Shaunie, for allowing that behavior and for you Evelyn for playing both sides. Really? You are as afraid of Tami as everyone else is…with good reason. Why don’t you own up to it and stand up for what’s right? Oh yeah, I forgot, you behave the same way.

  286. MamaE says:

    @Cybercurls- I agree…I don’t believe she wrote that either, I was thinking that as I read it.. It’s called damage control.

    @TIRED OF ALL OF THEM…I didn’t think Keisha was afraid but was smart. In my book if there was a winner in this……..Keisha wins. In fact I agree with your whole post.

    Tami you are 41….really????????

  287. Sandi Dawson says:

    Over the past weeks, I’ve been increasingly put off by the antics of these “women”, and last night’s episode really sealed the deal for me. To see forty-something year old Tammy (yes, I spelled your name the way I wanted because that’s how much respect I have for YOU!) emotionally abuse that woman shows everyone exactly who she is and what she’s made of. Behavior like that isn’t spontaneous, it comes with years of practice and is probably part of the reason for the things she endured in her life. She’s just a loud mouthed bully, worse than any high school mean girl bullying a middle school kid. And for the other women to stand idly by, while saying they “feel bad” made them all look like sorry trolls. Even Shawnie, whom I’ve always enjoyed and who always seemed to carry herself like a respectable black woman, fell from grace with this one. I’m done. My “guilty pleasures” lineup will definitely now exclude BBW as long as Tammy is on it.

  288. Rita says:

    It’s just sad. At a time when our young girls seem to be emulating the wrong behavior, BW is givng them too much to work with these days. From the airy bourgie-ness of Jen (a label does not a real woman make) to the unbridled and irrational threats by Tami and Evelyn for issues that can be addressed in so many different ways (throwing a fit — or shoe or wine bottle — does not make you the strongest woman, it makes you the loudest child).

    With that said, I know that these ladies are so much more than the one hour that’s shared each week — and I dare anyone on here to let a camera crew follow them around for one-hour of their life each week. If they catch you at the wrong time, you’d be defended yourself, too. I guarantee it.

    And I hate that THIS is the image set forth for successful black women — or any woman for that matter. I know that all of these ladies are better than what we see on the tube, but unfortunately, that’s all we have to go by. And it leaves the character of too many women on the show lacking.

    Don’t cancel the show. Bring it back to prove that there is some redemptive quality of success and friendship among black women that can be positively channeled on the show.

    God bless you, Ladies…

  289. Francine says:


  290. dee says:

    In my opinion, Evelyn is the reason for the problem between Kesha and Tami, because Kesha came to her to get advice on how to approach Tami. Evelyn should not have even gone back and told Tami anything. Kesha could have approached her on her own. I also feel that all of them talk behind each other’s back. Its just a way to vent about a situation. the intention shouldnt be to go back tell the other person to start stuff. Also, i feel that true friends would have told Tami that she was wrong and took the purse back to kesha right away. That insident should have never happened. Tami told Evelyn that she had a problem with Kesha before they left for the trip and it should have been resolved prior to them leaving . As Marty Mart use to say, You Done Lost Me !!!!!

  291. Give me a break Evelyn. You are a fake and phony. You are only saying this because you want people to watch your show. I have said in many blogs that your and Tami Roman have acted like Frothy Dogs. meaning foaming at the mouth about what. You and Tami thinks that people have to talk and act the way you say or else. You didn’t realize about your behavior when you sent for that fool Nia Crooks to do your dirty work. Just be truthful. Your plan didn’t work with the viewers and not you and Tami (Frothy) Roman might just have to eat crow. And someone should actually make the 3 of you Shaunie O’Neal included eat it for real. Ram it down your throats, let’s see if you will be laughing about how someone forced it down you stupid mouths.

  292. carmenfigueroa says:

    Ms,LOZADA, you mean to say, that you saw nothing WRONG, up until THAT episode aired??? Which means you have no COMMON SENSE.. I saw you crying,so I thought, oh she got it. And than Shaunie and your-self, asked Kesha to say she was sorry to Tami? FOR WHAT??? Unbelievable!!! Shaunie,Tami and your-self, are all MOTHERS. Can you imagine your children enduring such a situation??? I don’t think so… Women, untied we stand, divided we FALL. We already live in a MALE dominated society. We must stand in SOLIDARITY.

  293. Angel Drama says:

    You a day too late! Remember this show was taped last year and you are now just apologizing this words just dont sound like you, your PR person wrote this: As a mother Ev, are you really proud of this show? You think your daughter is proud of her mom acting like a (HOODRAT) climbing on a table trying to get to Jen?????????? Motherhood is something to leave a great foundation for your daughter, and this hood mess is ghetto mess! I hope your daughter dont follow your footstep and become a bully like you??????? I hope u seek God to help u with your problems. Chad is a joke, are u really that despeerate to want to marry a man who put u down all the time while taping?????????????

    Keisha, I wish u would have call the cop on Tammi. She needs to get some jail time and see how BAD she is in JAIL? I bet she won’t be popping them gums in jail!!!!! She keep saying
    “Where I from we don’t do this or that”? Where is she from??????? Keisha she was going through your stuff in ya purse and looking at your phone records. I do believe she invaded ya (PRIVACY) OF YOUR PROPERTY. You can forgive her as a christian, but u dont have to be friends with her. After she belittle you like a little girl I wouldn’t give her the time of day!!!!!!!!

    Suzy-U need to get ya butt whooped from one of those girls. You tell everything. You always in everybody business. What about ya business, you are a mother too, I see u dont bring ya babies in this ghetto mess. You are a (FLUNKY) for Ev & Shaunie. U want to be in the circle sooooooooo bad that you throw everybody under the bus. I dont see how you are friends with Royce & Jen after you talk about them behind their back to Shaunie & Ev????

    Tami-What a WASTED life you have! No one likes you anymore. You are a (POOR EXAMPLE) of a mother & a woman. U have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CLASS AT ALL! What u did on the last episode, everybody see you for what you are (A BULLY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hope you go to jail and I hope Keisha press charges on you! You stoled her purse on national tv & u violated her rights by going through her stuff, u scared her to death. I cant respect you and I wish they cancel u from the show. I’m sure your daughters, ya mom, and your family is ashamed of you!!! there’s nothing that can erase your behavior. Even if u apologize, NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU!!! WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOU! AS JEN SAY: KEEP IT MOVING OR KICK ROCKS! HA-HA

    Jen-I really pray that they dont jump u in hawaii! I like you and believe u have class.
    So what u bougie and thats a good thing!!! Go ahead with your lip gloss & fitness gyms.
    U see Ev copy after you, now she wants cosmetics. Have u seen Ev make-up on her. wow she needs you to make her over. ha-ha She wears too much color on her eyes. She look like a CLOWN!!! i hope you & Eric can speak as friends. I still believe you guys have unfinished business together. EV & Shaunie was jealous of you and they are the one that broke up your marriage. I THINK IT COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED. Eric was talking crazy at you sometimes, but you put him on blast and on live tv, I dont think u should have (AIRED) your personal business on reality tv. He do love you and messed up, I think if ya’ll would have went to marriage therapy u could salvage your marriage. Jen next time u find a guy, dont tell ya friends all ya’ll business. Misery likes company. None of those ladies had men and was jealous because you had a (Man & HUSBAND) which none of them had!!! Can you hear me sista.
    Your friendship with Ev was a 1-way friendship. Best friends fuss at each other, they never want to kill each other. I have disagreement with some of my best friends, but NEVER to the point that I want to HURT or FIGHT them!!!!!! I have 3 best friends over 40 years of friendship and we have never-ever came to blows. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Royce- U did good this season. u didnt get into no mess. You have matured this year.
    U do seem a little needy to the guys you have been with. Every year u want to marry each boyfriend on the show??????

    Shaunie- What a joke you are?????? Now we all see why Shaq left you. You are a shady person, lowdown snake personality, an instigator, a woman pimp and every lowdown thing I cant say!!!! As the Ex. producer of the show, u could have stop taking on alot of episodes. U know that was a LOWDOWN SHOW u aired this week between Keisha/tammi. Everyone who has viewed this show, lost respect for you and the show. Your rating has been going down for the past couple of weeks, But this one show blew up in ya face. U think we as GROWN ladies want to watch a VIOLENT SHOW about BLACK women being bullied? U think thats good ratings? No honey. we are intelligent women who want to watch a decent show. No one cares about the (DRAMA & FIGHTING) every week. I hope KENYA sue u for breaking in her room and u laughing in the background while suzi & Ev is messing her room up. HOW DARE U DO THAT TO SOMEBODY ROOM WHILE THEY ARE OUT OF TOWN!!! Kenya sue her real good, if u drink some coffe you will be sick. Uggggggggggg I just dont like that ( FLAIR BREATHING DRAGON NOSE SHAUNIE) I dont believe no one on this site is looking forward to your 5th season. I know I WON”T be watching!!!! I hope you fail in the next season.

    Kenya-I believe u can whoop Ev. You had that look like come on girl.
    Use ya Judo/karate or whatever self-defense class u was taking.
    Mke sure u sue (Shaunie, Ev, Suzi) for going in your room sabotizing your bed, floor, curtains, cofee pot. As a matter of fact they hid soo much fishy stuff, I believe that HOTEL should sue Shaunie too! Its all on tape and they can be liable for messing up the room.

  294. Sharilee says:

    What Tammy did to Keisha was the WORST case of BULLYING I have ever seen on a reality show!! In my book Tammy’s behavior was completely UNACCEPTABLE!! I have watched the show from the beginning & I have not seen all the accusations that were thrown at Keisha by Tammy. I feel Tammy just wanted someone to pick on & she felt Keisha was an easy mark because she is a real lady & does not solve her problems by resorting to using her fists. Keisha did the right thing by not acting like a fool & fighting.

  295. ShariLee says:

    Give me CLASSY La La Anthony any day. She is a TRUE basketball wife & a LADY!!

    Keisha showed real CLASS by doing the right thing of NOT fighting. It did NOT make her a coward, it just showed real strength. What does one do when faced by a RABIED dog? They wisely walk-away!

    I was astounded when the other women stood by while Keisha was being BULLIED by that woman. They should have stepped up to her defense. I was SO disgusted while watching this episode!

  296. Christina McIntosh says:

    Tammy was wrong for what she did to Keisha, there’s no question about that. It was obvious from their first encounter that Keisha was not that type of woman to get into a confrontation with. That’s not how she has lived her life, and that is very understandable. But Tammy is NOT the only bully on this show. Everyone is on this big wave on Tammy but have you not been watching this season. Evelyn has been bullying Jen since the season started. Antagonizing her, trying to publicly call her out in restaurants, hitting her with purses, jumping at her from across tables and threatening her. Let’s not forget how she attacked Kenya as well, throwing bottles at her. Come on. Evelyn has actually been doing this every season. (Tammy, even though that didn’t work in her favor, Suzy, and Royce). Then Shaunie is the biggest instigater of them all. She allows things to happen that she could very easily intervene on. I guess my thing is, don’t just target one, target them all. They are all wrong.

  297. mia says:


  298. Tonya says:

    This show is insane. And not in a good way. Firstly, I think they are all on a damage control PR spree! Me and many other people see through these teeth gritting apologies that is no doubt a must to keep a paycheck coming. It is obvious to me they are not remorseful in NOTHING they do! Neither one can seem to tell the other when their out of order, all they seem to speak on is being loyal. Where I come from, if you wrong….you wrong! And any REAL friend should tell you…you wrong! The friend tat give you a hi five, or a at on the back, or just say nothing while you act a straight DONKEY is NO friend. And would welcome ANY opportunity for them to get out of the kitchen…..

  299. Kem says:

    Too late. ……Canceled! You all are a non factor you’ve made sure of that. Move on and off television! Thanks for taking 1000 steps back into the dark ages!

    So classy

  300. standup says:

    We made those animals what they are and we can get those animals off the screen. I’m sooo glad to see so many people come together on this. This is the first time I’ve commented on a blog, but what I saw Monday night upset me to the point where I have to speak. I will be contacting VH!1offices and signing any petition to make sure these women never grace another television. Why would they think viewers would want to see that? I can’t believe like many of you that no one stopped Tami. Susie is issuch a suck up she doesn’t know that her mouth has now become her butthole. She is as worthless as Shaunie. I can’t believe they have children/What kind of role models are they? What man would want that. I also will tune in to La La who is a true basketball wife doing positive things. This show has got to go!!

  301. Mary says:

    I was mercilessly teased and bullied as a youth because I was overweight. I was constantly called names and made fun of by the same circle of mean, nasty girls. I was the same size as Shaunie’s 11 year old daughter. I had no friends and would cry myself to sleep most of the time. Shaunie, how would you feel if your daughter was tortured by girls like Ev and Tami?

  302. Tiffany says:

    Evelyn 1 question could you sit by and allow Tami to do this to your daughter or when you are standing for right, when do you start. I think you blew your opportunity to show that you are about right. I just hope that your kids, Shaunie, and the chamillion Suzie kids are treated, remember how you guys sat back and allowed that beast (Tami) to throw her weight around just b/c she could. It was a sad night on Monday while I watched women who do not stand for anything that is right.

  303. Monique says:

    As put off as I have been about you Evelyn.. I respect this!

  304. Trisha says:

    Godbless you all for trying to have a better show. Shauni if you do this again if hope you get another crew, with Jen, and Keisha, and Royce. Not the trouble makers. Godbless. Go back to the West Coast.

  305. Debra McDaniel says:

    I was really shocked at the way these women were acting,My heart was hurting for Kesha.I really do not understand why Tami thinks she can talk about others,but then have the nerve to do exactly the same thing and act like a big bully,and as far as some of the other things that have went on like throwing or putting your hands on another person its truly amazing how anyone would want there sons or daughters acting like 2 year Olds or even to see there parents act this way.Jen really did the right thing and Royce didn’t want a thing to do with this either.Susie really needs to also take a long look at herself she is about as crazy as Kendra.At one time I somewhat liked Evelyn but she also needs help with anger,Tami needs more than just some help she needs to feel bad for how she is acting and I really don’t think she can.Taking someone’s purse to her room and going through another person’s property,I my damn self would have called the police,putting you hands up in the girls face too is real ill,and for all of them just to sit at the table and not say a thing is just plain wrong.In my book this cast needs a real eye opener,you give women and sad to say but African American women a.bad rap,my son is African American and Irish heritage and he would lose his mind to see this go down.

  306. Please says:

    A horrible And sad example of woman, these are grown woman. With GROWn children. Who probably act more mature than they do. And bullies, and that goes for ALL of them, standing around watching someone be treated, bullied, threatened, ect , you are just as guilty. VH1 should be ashamed of themselves. Susie is a complete nothing but a follower,

  307. monie says:

    This was a very well written PR post. If you were truly feeling like perhaps things got out of control, you could’ve and should’ve stepped in Ev. I didn’t watch the episode, in fact I stopped watching episodes, after you decided to crawl across a table to get at your ex best friend, but this episode is all everyone seems to be able to talk about, and to say you ALL (with the exception of Kesha) should be ashamed of yourselves is a gross understatement. This blog post was so well written, just the thing you would say to keep ppl watching, yet, I don’t believe for a second you believe it let alone wrote it. SHAME ON THIS SHOW…you bullies, you cowardly bullies, it is easy to want to fight, when you know a man three times your size is on the side lines ready to grab you, easy to gang up on a person that has shown time and time again, she will not reduce herself to the physical level many of her fellow castmates reduce themselves too. Taking a purse, putting a fish in someone’s room etc…shameful behavior. I am a woman of a certain age and believe it or not…SO ARE ALL OF YOU!!! You are mothers, daughters, sisters and you each time you disgrace yourselves on TV, you disgrace those that love you. Please feel real shame, as you should, and so should each of you woman that let Tami do what she did, you never stood up to her, so in my eyes you stood with her, beside her.

  308. DL says:

    I hope that someone whom this should concern reads this, especially the cast of Basketball Wives .
    Let’s be real this show is full of gossiping and women. What Tammi did not only took things to another level, but was truly disturbing. Just because one is working on oneself does not give them the RIGHT to BULLY. What Tammi did is called VERBAL ABUSE , and whether they pay the girls to act this way or not the truth of the matter is that Tammi acted and has been a bully throughout the show. She has given women in general a terrible image and has set a horrible example for girls of all ages who watch this show. I have lost all respect to this show, and know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

  309. TEE says:

    Poor children……the daughters of Shaunie, Evelyn and Tammi. Was it for the ratings?? I’m an African-American woman and for so long we’ve waited for a more positive side of the “black woman” to be portrayed. Yeah, we have our “Michelle Obamas”, etc., but you’all tend to send us further & further back. With teen suicides & bullying on a rise, why portray such a negative images of a black woman?? Stop making excuses for having a dysfunctional life, we’ve all had our share of unfortunate events… I was an avid viewer up until now…. I can’t & I won’t partake in anything that has to do with BBW. It was a mindless, degrading and humiliating effort against those of us who work 40-60 hours a week, who have teenage daughters in school, who would like chill after a hard days’ work, come home turn on our favorite show and be entertained. It was mindless, degrading as well as humiliating to any woman of color. Shaunie, I think you’re a big part of the problem, you instigate…. Evelyn grow up!!! Tami we “ALL” need some type spiritual intervention, let’s face it you need help and you better get it soon..Negativity breeds negativity….

  310. A says:

    Evelyn’s PR wrote that apology. She is too ignorant to see where she was wrong, and if this were to be the case. She should have made it right a long time ago with Jen. Thats what a real woman would do.

  311. Ria says:

    Okay. Everyone deserves a second chance, but unfortunately words are just words. Without action your words are meaningless. I’ll believe it when I see it. You ladies are representing self- disrespect and as women you should take pride in yourselves and show the younger women how to live in gratitude, respect and relationships(not just with men)with others like friends, family and society at large. So think about what you’re really representing when you act a fool on and off national television.

  312. BOYCOTT says:

    Shaunie I am very disappointed in your decision making skills………You need to get Tami off your show. She is a Bully………PERIOD!!!!! Ev, I suggest you stay FARRRRRRRRRRR Away from Tami.

  313. Marge says:

    Tami said this happened 4 MONTHS ago….so how is it now you see the error of your ways? SMDH…Evelyn must think everybody is a dumb as she is…This “moral” awaking” is her way of begging us to watch her show with Chad…She’s hopes everybody will focus on Tammi and forget about her ghetto ways …Evelyn the original petion is against you and your show with Chad…..Say yourself..,,You’re a bigger bully than Tami.
    last piece of pizza that nobody wants!

  314. ERICKA says:

    honestly if u ask me keisshaa is the strongest one up her because she stands for what she stands for and doesnt let the fact that tami scares her or she doesnt fit in change her to go take fighting classes or watever lol even though it hurts her feelings she still doesnt let them take her out her character she rather not look a fool like tami,evelyn,and who that girl was frm the last show who smacked jen lol (the fools) i say cause every last one of yah need JESUS! LIKE SERIOUSLY…….SUZI YOU SOMETIMES WHEN IM WATCHING THE SHOW I CAN JUST SEE ME BANGING YOUR HEAD INTO A BRICK WALL BUT YOU NOT WHAT THATS NOT GODLY LIKE SO I JUST PRAY FOR U CAUSE U AINT RITE yah all tlking bout yah feel sorry for her but aint none of yah stand up for her yah need to feel sorry for yourselfs….and shaui put some dag on make up on up on this episode looking like u stressing like crazy well you pro is entertaining a show full of fools and including yaself smh

  315. t. bell says:

    OK Ev, we want drama which is why we watch but we dont like women who act like 14 year old bullies. I for one accept your explanation and understand that you wish to remain friends with both girls, but a true friend would tell Tami that she was wrong. Kesha had a hard time growing up too, she was not accepted just for being different which led to her being bullied as a child, being bullied and being molested are both horrible things that one never forget and can have lasting effects on anyone. I was molested and bullied but I would never do either to anyone, but drunken ass Tami would have had to beat my ass because I would have run into her and headbutted her and knocked a few of her teeth out even if we both had to go to the hospital or to jail. I aint scared no mo!

  316. Dave says:

    What a horrible woman Tami is. I hope that someone in her family experiences the bullying that she dished out to Keshia. Tami is just a bully thug with a weave.

  317. keep it real says:

    these women are way past the aged of working on themselves,this is the age you should no better.if you are 35 you are grown up.Evelyn must think everybody is a dumb as she is for real…This “moral” awaking” is BS. this is who she is in real life Fake and Gettho.someone please tell me why these basket ball players with so much money are hooking up with these low class females.I petition Evelyn and tamy off the show.
    and take suzie two faced and weak minded self with you.
    she is the weakest link of them all.

  318. Sherry says:

    Drama = Ratings = Ratings = Money = Money=More Drama. Without the drama, this show would be canceled because it would lack ratings. The apologies are only to get the public to switch its negative views about the show, which in turn, can make a big difference for the show’s future. No show=no money.

  319. Raye says:

    Evelyn was my fav person on show, I think she’s beautiful, smart and funny. I esp loved the fact that she’s a hustler/entrepreneur, however, now I’m not with it anymore…it’s just way too much. Honestly, it seems like Shaunie is pimping all of y’all…just watching y’all act a fool and not saying nothing…she’s laughing all the way to the bank and y’all look…well DUMB! To sum it up, it’s not Tami’s fault, Evelyn’s fault, Suzi or anyone else’s for that matter…its all just plain dumb. But as usual we will tune in to watch, laugh and shake our heads knowing its very degrading and detrimental. I hope this show turns the tide and finds a milder side…at least without all the fighting, slow down on some of that cursing and find ways to build each other up. Focus on forgiveness and friendship, bonding and define the scope of your impact and concentrate on that. *PLEASE*

  320. aniya says:

    love this show so funny ;) omg lol !!!!!!!!! lol omg love it

  321. Grace says:

    Evelyn, I DON’T BELIEVE YOU, putting fish in some ones room, jumping tables, throwing things, you are going to need a whole lot of therapy to get out of your sickness. I can not believe you guys condone taking some ones pocketbook because you heard something. Oh my God, I can not believe how childish you, Shaunie, Suzie, and Tami are acting. You are all evil. Take lessons from Royce, Jen, Kenya and Keisha, these are real women of dignity and respect. You all should be running to be in THEIR circle. They do not owe you guys a thing, I don’t even think you all know what balance is, you will never get there because we see your true colors. I am glad you guys are getting this public backlash. GROW THE HELL UP.

  322. Donna Spence says:

    Thank you Evelyn you have a big heart and you LOVE your friends. I hope you and Jenn can meet in the middle and find peace with each other. Congratulations on your engagement. God Bless you both!!

  323. reggie says:

    Remember people, Tami’s daughters fired her as their manager because she is a drama queen and was embarrassing them. Tami needs to go back to the hole she came from,
    I don’t think therapy can help that woman what she needs is a good beating.

  324. fabiola the fabulous says:

    First you were at the table after Kesha walked away instigating. Next, you are in Kesha’s room instigating. You stand for NOTHING! What God giveth God taketh away! Just look at Tami’s appearance. She once was a young attractive women with minimal home training, but now she is rugged and ragged looking wildebeest practically prowling on all fours. You really need to fix you and be something more than an attractive, ghetto, promiscuous, gold-digging, woman that wears designer clothes and shoes. Your daughter is probably ashamed of you. If you were my mother, I would be. It is evident that you have no SELF-RESPECT….If you did, you’d show some class on the show…But hey, God can only work so many miracles and in your case, he left theTRASH without CLASS. Use the forum you were given to be better than what you’ve portrayed the past two seasons. I won’t be watching because I’m sure you won’t change your hood rat ways. A pretty rat is still a rat!

  325. TxJen says:

    I’m confused on why Evelyn and Tami think they deserve respect. Respect is not an automatically given thing ladies. Respect is earned and if you are acting like an ignorant hoodrat bully then chances are no one is going to respect you. Kesha did absolutly nothing wrong. She was offended by Tami’s comment and she vented her frustration to what she thought was a friend. People do this every day and it does not make them disrespectful. However, screaming and cursing at someone then basically stealing their property IS disrespectful.

  326. Jen says:

    Bueno..Que VERGUENZA!!! Total shock as I was looking at that BULLYING EPISODE!!!! CONTRA!!! Shame on EVERYONE THERE!!!!!! EVEN THE CAMARA CREW!!!!!! When ya”ll finished filming & saw Kesha in that horrible state ,what did ya” ll say? “Good work girls? ” I will stick with the New Jersey & New York Houswives !!!Seriously!! Lord have mercy!!

  327. Jasimom says:

    I must say I have been a fan of the Basketball Wives franchise, but I’m starting to second guess watching it as of late. It doesn’t seem like anyone associated with the show has taken any serious consideration to the progress that has been made by women and minorities in the past several decades that is being trampled by shows like these. It has taken a long time for “Hollywood” to embrace an all minority cast for a movie (think Red Tails, which still was not FULLY embraced). Just think of the crap your parents, grandparents and other ancestors had to go through just to be seen as an equal citizen, not just minorities but as women also. You all are granted a wonderful opportunity with a reality TV show and squander it by acting the way you do. Now I do understand the sake of entertainment, but at what price? You have people judging you and shaking their heads in disgust. Furthermore, you seem to get offended when your behavior puts in a legal bind; but you have to realize a mature adult will not seek out a fight. A lawsuit or fear of jail stings better than a physical blow. I really wish these women would consider what they are doing as parents, and for those who have adult daughters; you will be grandmothers in the future, is this what you want as a legacy? The behavior is atrocious with all of the bullying antics, I feel like I’m watching overgrown middle school kids, because even high school students are more rational and level headed.

  328. Dorothy May says:

    I watched Monday night show and my blood pressure went up!!! I can’t believe they allow Tami to act like that. She needs to be kicked off the show it was all uncalled for. She is nothing but a BIG BULLY. And Shaunie needs to remember she has a little girl would she want someone to do that to her child! And Tami and Evelyn both have daughters shame on them all they are not sitting very good example for young girls. They are making is look like it okay to bully people. I hope VHI cancels the show I done!!!

  329. Della says:

    evelyn you need to look at your self and that is good, you are just as bad as Tami and I like the both of you on the show. But the way you did Jennifer I was very upset. You was trying to turn other people against her by talking to them about her. I loved the circle because I thought you were the ladies with class. There are going to be diagreements in any situations but you have to get up and brush your self off. give Jennifer a chance from what I see she is a true friend to you. You are in the spot light and people can turn things around from what is said to what they want it to be. She treid to explain that she did not do it. I felt so bad that you acted like a teenager and did not listen to her. Tammi acted as if she was in the ninth grade, Keep the class ladies. I Love watching you all. Get the cirlcle back in order. Shaunie is a very classy lady and I was shocked when she went along with that fish idea,

  330. Yeah right, like, this public apology is ‘for real’. There’s a strong undertone of being FORCED to make this statement and I don’t BELIEVE it for an iota!!!!Let’s try to break down you girls lewd and psychotic BEHAVIORS.
    -1st: U, shaunie & suzie (sitting and witnessing the BULLYING mode occurring) did not even try to stop it or say something to diffuse untoward/unnecessary Bullying that TR was very capable of.
    -2nd: In the car ride, when TR was holding Kesha’s purse HOSTAGE (w/c BTW is STEALING) and going thru the contents and checking her phone for personal messages, was simply disgusting. Not 1 of you has the balls to tell her that IT IS SO WRONG. In fact, YOU helped her rammage thru Kesha’s private property w/c is technically, abetting a felon!!!
    -3rd: All 3 of U witnessing the confrontations of TR ‘forcing an apolopy and demanding a polite way of asking back her private property’ really showed how you girlz are enjoying the BULLYING antics and rightfully so, were enjoying the humiliation of a defeated Kesha. Actually, at that very scene, she came out as the REAL educated, grown/matured woman inspite of what you all were thinking.
    4th: Obviously, ALL you BULLY MEAN girlz were thinking about how the ratings will skyrocket and will make you stars. Well, you have become infamous in a very negative way and much to your embarassments, you have LOST credibilities.
    IT was a disastrous trainwreck and it was extremely ugly. I know your children, most esp daughters, must despise your revolting conducts.

  331. marie3548 says:

    Well she’s bacccccccck on Twitter and mayb Im mistaken she thinks its funny I guess they have it set up where she will apologize at the reunion it does not matter that was not acceptable behavior csaying she has cleaned up her image to move on to her new show not buying it.
    HunyBunzT @tspeed75
    @TamiRoman Saw you on an episode of Half n Half!! Hilarious!!!

    4h Tami Roman @TamiRoman
    @tspeed75 YES! Flashback LOL
    She is a proud bully and a bully loves the limelight and those children who support her behavior

    HunyBunzT ?@tspeed75
    @TamiRoman Saw you on an episode of Half n Half!! Hilarious!!!
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    4h Tami Roman ?@TamiRoman
    @tspeed75 YES! Flashback LOL

  332. marie3548 says:

    really scripted or not its not funny
    Since she iz using the excuse thats its scripted but here iz her new twitter post check it out

    HunyBunzT ?@tspeed75
    @TamiRoman Saw you on an episode of Half n Half!! Hilarious!!!
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    4h Tami Roman ?@TamiRoman
    @tspeed75 YES! Flashback LOL

  333. Basketball Bullies says:

    Lame post. Tami was wrong. Point blank, period. Stop trying to stick up for someone who doesn’t deserve to be spoken up for. Anyone can talk about whom they want. We live in America. We have freedom of speech. I don’t know why Tami thinks she is too good to be talked about. Anyway, Kesha was not even saying the things that Suzi said she was saying in the manner that Suzi presented it to Tami. I am sure Suzi exaggerated when she was doing her lisping and snitching. Tami is a bully. She is very jealous of people who might threaten her position in the illustrious “circle”. She also has low self esteem and was noted in her days of the Real World when she had her teeth wired together so she could lose weight. Suzi, Evelyn and Shaunie should be ashamed of themselves for just sitting there and not trying to help. Then you have the audacity to try to say that Tami was justified because she was talked about. PLEASE!!! They are just as low classed as Tami. Suzi sucks the most right now.

  334. Lady51 says:

    Evelyn, cut the crap. Tami admitted that this episode was filmed months ago, so why are you and she just now coming forth with these lame tail excuses and half butt apologies. You should both be ashamed of yourselves, especially for THIS season. Most of us viewers agree that BBW has lost its main focus and what once was interesting to watch, has now become utter trash. People, please feel free to comment and make your opinions known about the women of BBW, but please leave their children out of your comments, that is a NO-NO. They are not responsible for their mothers ratchet behavior. Thank you

  335. Lady51 says:

    OH, and Evelyn you stated that Jen would be nothing without you. I’m so sure that you would like to tell yourself and obviously others that, but the real “TRUTH” is that she had her own business and money before she even met you. Also, no one can take her college education away from her. So get your life.

  336. Pamela C. says:

    Girrrrlllll. I know your ignorant behind did not right that post. Those sentences are too well crafted. Quit playing, get on the blog and tell us how you really feel. Stop being on “both sides.” Sometimes you just can’t be neutral about stuff. Take a stand on something. I am loyal to my friends but part of that loyalty involves being TRUTHFUL with them and telling them when their sh$t stinks. That girl Tami made a wrong turn and you could have and should have steered her back on track right there at the table. She would have listened to you. You really had the power to diffuse the situation, but you blew it. Secondly, why the heck are you all fighting on such a beautiful island like Tahiti??? Instead, you’ll wasting precious vacation time confronting people. Life’s too short . . seriously.

  337. Lisa says:

    Evelyn, in life you can’t take back what you say, that is why they always say; think before you speak and/or walk away… You only get one chance to make a good impression, “YOU BLEW IT”..

    Regardless of what you feel Jen did too you; you should have addressed it in a civilized manner. Not like a ghetto bum, funny you always use that word… remember what they say: when your pointing a finger at someone; their are always a few pointing right back at you !!!!

    again money can’t buy you class… you should really be ashamed of yourself, you think its cute … ‘NO PUMPKIN” It’s not … it cheesy!!!!

    Again, you can’t buy class that comes with wisdom; TOO BAD that is something you lack..
    you really are a bully, you have a child and you would not like it; if someone bulled her!!!
    Too bad we don’t choose who we are going to be pay the price with; that is just life… somethings you just can’t run from!!!! Stop making excuses for your behavior!

    OH! with regards to your comment about “Grown Women”… no boo… stop saying your grown! your NOT… A person does not say they are grown, or mature; that comes without words..it is demonstrated in a persons behavior; and the choices they make! A piece of ‘ADVISE” do RIGHT and RIGHT will come back to you!!!

    I hope that they consider canceling this show. This world is already filled with kids that are confused, especially our young Latin and Black women. Do you really believe that they need further confusion? do you think that you are setting a good example on how to address issues? uuuummmmm i don’t think sooooo!!! !! either they should cancel the show or replace you with someone who can weather the storm! Their are different levels of excitement for viewers and it does not have to be fighting, degrading and/or disrespecting women!!

    Hope that one day you realize that being humble is the only way to be! It does not mean your weak, it means you measure your moves and take responsibility for your actions!

    ~ Lisa

  338. titi says:

    Yes Tami was wrong, but Keisha is not as innocent as she portrays, all the crying… calculating. Viewing continue to petition to cancel BBW Miami and BBW LA. I can’t take anymore of this stupidness from women in their 30′s and 40′s. Shaq was right about Shaunie, she’l do anything for money. The producers of both shows are obviously not creative. I vote to cancel both shows!!!

  339. Leslie says:

    Ev used to be my fav on the show, since she hooked up with the football player she has seemed to have lost her swag and seems much more angrier. Suzie is a trouble maker 2 face immature girl. Ev distance yourself from Shaunie and u will be a better person. Shaunie is a loser and will always be. I will neva support anything Shaunie is involved in. Cancel BBW.

  340. jose says:


  341. ms.j. says:

    evelyn is also a very mean bully,screaming, cursing,throwing bottles,jumping on tables makes you look so so classy.your friend hits Jennifer in her face and the only comments from you tami,shaunie was where i come from we handle things different,(clearly we now know tami& evelyn comes from the zoo,we watch you peform weekly) you females talked as if Jennifer had done something wrog.Jennnifer upheld ,stood by you while you were being mean and doing ugly things and you could’nt sit and talk things out,i think a grown-up would be able to.And as far as people talking about what Kesha said(i could have went off on tami,is what Kesha said )why in the hell would anyone with half a brain think that would provoke a normal person to have a temper tantrom over.Can someone please tell me?Especially when tami’s always talking behind someone’s back,evelyn keeps saying you did say it.A true friend can man up and tell a friend “you’re wrong” when it’s warranted but you females are so busy up holding eachother when you do wrong you probably have never heard of that concept!! I pity you people,and i use the term people very loosly.You need JESUS!!

  342. sdjb says:

    A bunch of hypocrites!!!!! the majority of these women are giant bullies who set terrible examples for their children and while i’m pretty sure vh1 sees nothing wrong with airing this crap i believe this show should be banned. Tami disappointed me greatly in this episode, i thought having two daughters and being a spokeswoman for young teens meant more to her.
    They gave females a bad image

  343. Laureen says:

    So glad to see that Evelyn knows there needs to be some changes in her.As for Tami she needs to really get some help. Tami is a disappointment to women.I feel sorry that her girls see their Mom acting like a bully on national tv. The really sad thing is that she thinks she is not wrong in her actions.

  344. Lola says:

    In other words…I cannot afford to be an unemployed statistics…this statement is a tease to season 5; false promises.

  345. Can You Say Damage Control says:

    Ev’s apology sounds like a publicist doing damage control. They are trying to rescue this BBW brand and clean up for the Ev and Ocho show. I dont’ find anything real or deep enough about this show to watch any new shows or spin offs. These ladies appear incredibly superficial, volatile, and way too loose and gritty with their mouths and bodies. It should be canned.

  346. Great Minds says:

    See these great minds in the picture above coming together planning how to improve the lives of others…oh no…that’s not what they are doing…there convincing a young woman to appease a bully who confiscated her possession in an intimidating manner. Why did they not confront the bully about her behavior? Instead they in a very co-dependent and unhealthy manner encourage the victim to undergo further humiliation by humbling approaching the bully and apologizing…. (in other words, kiss her funky butt)…Way to go BBW for teaching us such wonderful human relationship skills.

  347. inoniva says:

    Who cares what Evelyn has to say. She is the worst example of a mature woman. Her ignorance is dispicable, she is violent, self-indulgent and narcissitic. Her and Tami are nothing more than hoodrats and Suzie is mentally-challenged. They do not stand for anything worth watching and I hope this show gets cancelled. Shaunie you have exploited bad behavior and have made your money now it’s time to make amends to society and produce a show with value that doesn’t promote alcoholism and rage.

  348. T in Texas says:

    You are only apologizing , because you saw yourself on t.v. and the backlash it has brought to you . You are no more sincere than Tami ! I thought you were the prettiest on the show . But now I can’t even stand to look at you . And it’s because of the way you behave .

  349. YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED AND EMBARRASED! YOU Have bullied,backstabbed,and downgraded each other for a few dollars! Shawnie thought you were a respectable women till i seen this show and you are allowing it all to happen you are the producer and final say and you sit back and act like you are surprised when they act the way they do! Tammi should be banned from the show and nolonger be able to make money from bulling other women!

  350. Sugar says:

    Please use the Platform for good you are good looking Black Women stop the bull ladies what tami tripping on i is not kool at 40 ok and susie you need to get a life stop telling you all are Grown Women

  351. Jersey Girl says:

    Evelyn , Tami should be held responsible for being bullies…on this tv reality show..we watch these shows for mere entertainment, however, we do not want to see glasses being tossed, purses hitting heads…it is a disgrace to all woman..to witness such humilation and fighting on the show…I cried along with Keisha…and could not contain myself. Such street ignorance displayed by these unprofessional woman . The constant bad behanior such as this should not be tolerated for the viewers. These woman have picked on innocent women ..who does not fight…(i.e.) castmates…Keisha and Jennifer. If it was up to me the show would be cancelled and Shaunie O’neal incurr damages for the mental abuse sustained by t her bully buddies. Tami and Evelyn….Suzie the instigator thrown out by her ears. The show should be taken off the air.

  352. R. Parker says:

    Don’t believe. Evelyn is trying to act like she is humane because her and Chad’s show was boycotted and petitioned. She is still the mean angry heffer she has always been. What I don’t understand is why don’t Jen, Kesha and Kenya distance themselves from them like Royce did. I wouldn’t even want to be in their circle.

  353. steve hunt says:

    Evelyn, Suse and The Beast (Tami) need to be arrested for getting Kesha’s room key under false pretenses and then going into Kesha’s room. THAT’S ILLEGAL! Shaqs wx-wife, Evelyn, Suse and The Beast (Tami) are horrible people.

  354. Disgusted viewer says:

    It is a disgrace that Evelyn and Tami behave the way they do. I am ashamed to call myself a black woman because of them. Tami and Evenlyn are bullies. They act worst than high school girls. I will not view that show any longer. I will not promote such behavior. Shaunie is just as responsible for allowing those two bullies to behave that way. Shaunie stands on the side not participating, but allowing it to occur. As the executive producer she needs to draw the line at bullying.

  355. Sandee says:

    What the HELL….!!!! this show is just about OLD ASS Women being DAMN BULLIES. Tami shame on you, a mother of two no less. What has happen to this show??? It gets worst & worst every year. I will NOT BE WATCHING THIS SHOW AGAIN.

  356. Sheron Peterson says:

    This is a message to Shaunie,
    You are making the the worst impression on black women. First of all there is only 1 PERSON on this season that is a basketball wife. Why are you bringing these GIRLS not grown women back on here. Evelyn is on the show for attention, keep trying to fight everybody knowing they dont want to fight. its SOO young. now with the whole tami thing was so uncalled for and you just sat there and let it happened. If you knew she was wrong why didnt you do something? You need to get rid of them too because im pretty sure everybody is just done with the show. Its crazy how tami and evelyn are so cool but wasnt tami the one that was about to sue evelyn last season? but jennifer is so wrong to sue because she was phycially sit in the face?? Ive would have dont the same thing!

  357. littlegirl says:

    This show need to be off the air. Tami is just an old bully. They make African American women look bad. Tami mouth was so bad until I had to wait until my kids was fast to sleep. She is somebody mother and to have a mouth like that. I am to the point i don’t like it anymore. The producers need to look at this show before the renew it before next season.

  358. Over It says:

    Evelyn misses her friend. It’s sad because she just doesn’t know how to communicate properly. Who in their right mind is gonna keep arguing with her. She is a hot ghetto mess. Why are you bringing up who she slept with now that you are mad at her. Who does that? I actually have/had a friend just like that and we’re not speaking. It’s draining and you can’t trust the person. One thing I know is Evelyn is scared of Kenya. You have to act like you’re crazy with people like that because that’s all they understand. I’m so glad next week is the finale. It’s time to end this fiasco!

  359. Mary says:

    Since this show has been renewed for another season, let the producers spending all their money and I hope all of us who have spoken out WILL NOT tuned in next season. We don’t NEED this show and to keep it real, it’s boring — eating, sipping, and fighting about nothing. I can’t wait for Single Ladies.

  360. Shocked & Ashamed says:

    I’m so shocked at Episode 13 and 14, in a clip Shunie asked a questiong, “I wonder what people think of me, well I can tell you, they think that for a women of your intelligence, wealth, power and fame, you are not living up to our expectations. When you allow Evelyn & Tami to bully and torture anyone who does not agree with you quietly sit by and condone and promote the bully’s in each of them. Evelyn is not hopeless but Tami is not only hopeless, she is helpless and disturbed deeply. We are talking about grown women who act like children, I thought Basket Ball Wives was suppose to be a show that promotes the inner strength and beauty in us as black women and not the ugly and angry people that we see week after week. Evelyn, if something in you did not bother you as it relates to Tami’s actions then your a sad sole, you can be mean but I don’t quite think you have reached the Tami Crazy stage, your anger seems to be stemed from the loyalty thats expect from people, Tami is a deeply troubled lady and it would serve her right if Shaunie kicked her off the show. I’m so disappointed in you ladies especially your leader who is using each of you as pawns for her own personal gain, Shauni should be ashamed of herself, and she should be the one that along with Tami get some professional help Shuni stop encouraging these ladies and then coming back and acting like you was not in on the messy things that transpire out of the situati8ons that you often create. Don’t you have five kids to raise, how would you feel if your daughter was on this show, or bullied by someone like Tami, grow up lady your too old for this shameful behavior. I’m embarrased for you.

  361. gloria says:

    enough is enough, come on Shaunie, what are you trying to prove by allowing/producing this kind of bull, this whole show has gotten totally out of hand, Shaunie if you are not in a position to make some positive changes i suggest you pull the plug on this show, as for Evelyn and Tammi, both should leave immediately!!!!

  362. KeeKee - Apology Not Sincere says:

    EVELYN & TAMI — do not have any forgiveness, sorrow, or shame in their hearts. They are only attempting to do damage control. But it is too late. Th

    The viewers are not accepting their attempts to cleanup their criminal behavior and their evil actions towards the other cast members.

    The PETITIONS are still active, with overwhelming viewers support . It is amazing what unity can do.

  363. Linda says:

    @KeeKee – Apology Not Sincere — I totally agree with your comments. Tami & Evelyn are in the damage control mode, and it is not working.

    Any TV Channel that hires these two females, are showing their support for Bullying and Violence. Because in a non-acting or televise business, these two ladies would be denied employment for a long, long time.

  364. Ilana & Yolanda says:

    SHAUNIE, EVELYN, SUZIE, TAMI — are sufffering emtionally. This was proven to all viewers after the last episode. They are heartess, fake, fraud, vicious, spiteful, jealous, and down right evil. We could go on and on.

    It was ruthless what happen to Kesha, and Kenya room. These two ladies did not deserve such ill-treament. To have SHAUNIE witness the bully like behavior and to do absolutely nothing, but look like a mentally challenged female, was very disgusting.

    SHAUNIE, EVELYN, SUZIE, TAMI enjoyed every second of there evil behavior. We believe it was all planned and plotted out prior to the trip.

    KESHA, KENYA, JENNIFER — stop falling into the hands of these criminals, by trying to fit in. They will never accept you and you should be prefectly happy with that fact.


    SHAUNIE is setting a horrible example for the younger females that have the desire to be successful business women.

  365. lisa says:

    Keep in mind Evelyn has books to sell, make-up line, a new show, she trying to show some type of remorse for her actions but, I am not buying it. It’s clear these women are not true business women. Only a fool would allow themselves to put out a brand so unfitting. I am happen for the women on these blogs standing up and letting fake basketball wives know we will not stand for this type of behavior. Do something positive Shaunie get some real basketball wives who are married on the show? If our black ball players are dealing with Ghetto women like these bully women- I see why they are running for white women. These women Attitudes stink!!

  366. Keep it rea says:

    Have enjoyed prior seasons of the basketball wives; however the bullying has become very ridiculous. Tami now appears to be a very hypocritical person who displays back biting, in your face, disturbed individual behaviors. Tami and Evelyn are like the old pit bulls ready to eat the young. It is apparent that neither of them can handle the challenge of the younger ones to stand up against them. The abuse that Tami displayed to Keisha was so over the top. Who would believe that Tami is the mother of two young female adults? To make matters worse. They are the pit bulls for Shani who is making all the money while they act and behave as “pure fools” who carry out the entire demeaning and disrespectful task in the name of “black women”. When I have watched the show with my 16 year old daughter —- Tami and Evelyn are the ladies that I tell my daughter to stay away from and definitely not to act like. It is a shame, that Keisha thou she bowed down to being confrontation, showed them all how a lady should act. As the show played out, things moved to a whole new level, because Tami did not get a rise or the negative energy that she was looking for from Keisha. To make matters worse, Tami lied about Keisha leaving her handbag. Keisha did no such thing Tami held it as a way to get confrontational with Keisha. Tami — I have no respect for you, you and Evelyn keep on pimping for Shani and get paid. At this point that really is all that it is about “no integrity” None.

  367. my question y did u send kesha home u should have send tami home either aften she said she want to leave u should have talk to kesha and told her to stay u should have told tami to leave that just show us how u really is shaunie and when u went in with evelyn and suzie to pull that prank u are so so so wrong what ever ur name is on i wont watch

  368. Tiffani Hudson Clark says:

    Evelyn, I really do hope you all get it together. You are a hotmess.com, YOURSELF! You all are too grown to be acting like you 16 years old with no home training! I’m so over BBM, ALL BUT ROYCE AND KESHA ARE BI-POLAR! To grown to display such FOOLISHNESS!

  369. Team Jenn says:

    Jenn handled the situation appropriately, I would have walked away and not engaged in the drama. The reason that Eve was so mad is because by Jenn not even willing to talk to her it is Jenn’s way of saying that Eve is not even worth her time. Shaunie is such an instigator and I am so disappointed in her behavior; how can she sit there and allow people to bully other people and not stop it immedialtely. I am still shocked that they put fish in Kenya’s room…grow up. Also how can Eve sit there and “apologize” to Kenya but yet she put fish in her room. Suzie needs to shut up and stop reporting misinformation. Tammi is always talking about she doesn’t like when people talk behind her back yet she does the same exact thing. Kenya is an idiot because they played you to go and get Jenn out of the room. The only 2 classy women on the show are Kesha & Jenn.

  370. sweetheart81481 says:

    Oh, Evelyn! The continued hypocrisy that drips from your lips is downright despicable! You say all this and yet the very next day, accost Jennifer and begin your own brand of bullying upon her joining the group. How have you become enlightened? You are erratic and place higher standards for others than you exact of yourself! ALL OF YOU TALK ABOUT ONE ANOTHER! How is one offense held at greater punishment than another? You are a crawling contradiction and it seems that whenever someone offers a clear & accurate observation of you or your history with men, you become enraged…is it because you know that it has some ring of TRUTH? And the TRUTH hurts…

  371. Yvonne says:

    Evertybody is talking about what Shaunie should be controlling the way these women act, and why does she allow this. I looked up some information and found that Shaunie is not the only producer for this show.

    Shed Media Producers: Nick Emmerison, Jennifer O’Connell, Alex Demyanenko, and Sean

    Consulting Producer: Tom Huffman
    Executive Producers for VH1: Jeff Olde, Hill Holmes, Noah Pollack

    Try writing to these people and tell them to have the women act like ladies and not like wild animals, instead of putting all the blame on Shaunie. (Even though she is also part of the blame as well)

  372. Ann Bolin says:

    All of these women should be ashamed of themselves for their behavior. They are supposed to be mothers and professional women. Their children should be ashamed of them as well. For 3 grown women to sit their and not say a word while the crazy Tami looses her mind on another women is insane. This show is a disgrace to all women.

  373. Cheri says:

    Ugly, sicking, disgusting. I feel bad for you. You must look in the mirror every day, and see what the world sees. An unhappy woman who needs to think she is better then what she is.

  374. Sceezone says:

    The show is an example of how damaged you people are. Not an example of works in progress. You need to start working on yourselves and not have it televised.

  375. What in the World? says:

    Suzie is sneaky lonely person, someone please give her some crazy glue to close her mouth! Her mouth is like a stream, it runs all the time! Ev, please get some mental help, your attitude and temper is sad; your relationship with Chad will not last at the rate your going; who would want to be married to a person like you; ticking time bomb! Tammi, just hopeless, on lookers see why your ex-husband left you; you are a crazy bully; I guess you would need to stay on the show to pay all the lawsuits that you have againist you for assult. Keisha should have reported you to the authorities, when you picked up her purse and refused to give it back; just crazy, you are really crazy.

  376. Rhonda S says:

    Please stop giving Tami a platform to bully and physically attack people. I think it’s so funny how she keep demanding respect for acting a damn fool. I thought she was apart of an organization for young girls. Is this the kind of behavior we want from our young women? There are so many young people suffering every day in our schools at the hands of people that behave in this manner. I think Tami belongs in jail , she would only be surrounded with other women much like herself. As for Evelyn she is really a non- M F factor. She better hope to the high heavens that Chad the opportunist still wants to marry her when he finds out there won’t be a Ev & Ocho show. I hope this disgusting behavior has at least sparred us from that nonsense. Shaunie, you let a lot of people down. It’s not cool to set these women up to be attacked and bullied, then sit back giggle and act like you are not a participant. . There are not very many opportunities for black women in television, and this is your gift of black entertainment, thanx. Just wondering do you sit down on Sunday evenings with your daughter feeling proud to spend a little quality time watching mommies show?

  377. Carmelbrnskin says:

    Although I can appreciate the fact that the shows are causing the cast and producers to reflect now; I also must say that the damage has been done. Many people have formed opinions based on what was shown and projected on screen as fact. Please do continue to make changes and grow as we all should do in our lives. It’s unfortunate but reality for me is that I can not support the show regardless of all the sudden regret of actions and introspection done though I must say it is appreciated. We all have to remember that with every choice is a consequence!

  378. JSmith says:

    All of you ladies are a disgrace to African American and women of color. You betray us as women who do nothing but argue and fight with each other all the time and all of you have adult children or children of age that, I think would be ashamed of you if they saw some of these episodes. You ladies, and I say ladies cautiously, have been so degrading to each other lately that it is embarrasing to watch you all now. You women really need a life. Stop the madness and get into your children. You do all of these episodes and you have only done maybe one episode with your children. You asked the question Shaunie, do you think that people of color betray you as being a Hot Ghetto Mess???? You portray yourself like that, all of you as beautiful as you all are. You women need a wake up call. All money is not good money especially when you put yourself down like you do. Wonder why ALL of you are single????

  379. Pepper says:

    I’m sure Evelyn did write that herself…she’s not that bright or articulate.

  380. Pepper says:

    I’m sorry, “didn’t” write that herself!

  381. AliMac13 says:

    Take the show OFF the air. Shaunie lied right out the gate. She said this was suppose to be a positive show about Black B-ball wives etc. I’not surprised Shaw put a gag order on her asa. But she’s an instigator of the worse kind. She eggs trouble on and sits back and watches. Tammie has some SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES. I’ve seen her in various shows movies etc. She’s had MANY opportunities over the years to become a star and make money. But she is the Worst. She”s LOUD IGNORANT GHETTO AND A BULLY. SHE NEEDS HER ASS KICKED.WHICH WOULDN’T BE HARD MOST BULLIES ARE PUNKS ANYWAY. Evelyn & Chad that’s NOT going to last if they make it down the isle. Down the isle at all. Just cancel the show. They all need to check themselves and stay home and take care of those kids. Especially SHAUNIE.

  382. AliMac13 says:

    One last thing. You know if WENDY WILLIAMS stops watching your show it’s bad. She’s the Queen of MESS and she wants no part of these tackyt women. Enough said.

  383. Tnrobert says:

    I can only say I am so ashamed by this show. I dvr the show & stopped watching it for a while after I saw the way Tami was behaving. It really burned me up that she could be so nasty, spiteful, & such a bully to a girl that was so undeserving of it. She literally tortured Kesha just because she saw Kesha as weak because she wouldn’t fight & argue back with her. I mean what are you teaching your girls, to bark the loudest & make the most threats to someone just because they don’t agree with you or let you treat them any kind of way??? I hope this show does go off the air. Shaunie needs to stop sitting in silence while this goes on & not condemn Tami for her bahaior. & Suse is such a scared follower. I’m sick of her. Grow up ladies!

  384. Lisa says:

    Evelyn knows she did not write that piece at ALL!!! Lol!!!

    Her vocabulary is very limited, and when she tries to communicate, her brain shuts down causing her to be tongue tied. Then in a state of panic, she results to cursing and fighting. So stop pretending to be remorseful, just STOP IT.

    Basketball wives you have been given enough chances, you characters i.e. Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie and Suzie (I can’t use the term “ladies” loosely on any of you at all), have made enough money, so move on to the mental institution; you guys (Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie and Suzie (Suzie just can’t keep anything to herself)) need in-house treatment ASAP!

    P.S: Shaunie in response to what people think of you when you go into a meeting, they think you are a “hot, ghetto, mess”, so your thoughts were accurate; everyone knows the truth about themselves, your inner voice DID NOT stir you wrong.

  385. cindy says:

    Iam disgusted at the way Tami treated Kesha! How dare you BULLY this girl! You should have more compassion because of what you went through!!! Or, is that what you learned from your abuser? It was discusting how you made her say Please, REALLY!!!!!!! SHAME SHAME!!!!! Grow up, show some empathy! You are nothing but a straight up bully!!!! I hope you have not raised your daughters to be the same!!! The compassion I once felt for you, has slowly faded. Do right by that girl, come on Tami! You’ve been there don’t forget that!!!!

  386. Ms.Monica says:

    If they want to show a better balance on the show, then next season they need to show them all going to therapy individually to work through all their issues instead of all the bulling and fighting. Show them doing what they do in real day to day life. Because, I’m still trying to figure out what any of these chicks really do. I mean Royce is only one we’ve really seen “going to work”. They’ve shot Evil Lynn in her store from time to time but thats it and Jenn with her makeup thing-a-ma-bob. That would be more along the lines of showing them empowering women. This other nonsense has set womankind back 100′s of years.

  387. Tasha says:

    I started of watching this show with a level of respect for Shaunie O’Neal. But, now she is guilty by association. As hard as these high schools fight hard to eliminate bullying, I’m really shocked that she tolerates the high school behaviors coming from Evelyn and Tami where they feel entitled by bullying some of the others on the show. Tami has allowed herself to stoop to an all time low with her behavior and I really hope that she takes a good look at herself in viewing some of the reruns and is embarrased about how she protrays herself as a black woman and a mother. I struggle to make a penny working my ass off and these ladies are getting paid portrating a stereo type of being that some of us a trying to kill as black women……they are putting themselves out there as “GHETTO ASS behaving women” and I’m surprised that Shaunie tolerates it. EMBARRASSING!!!!!! Tami needs to be put off the show because she has gone to far by taking that girls purse. I can’t wait until she meets her match.

  388. Teri says:

    I find it confusing to read different responses that state people are angered for Tami’s behavior towards Keisha and then call her and the other cast members name. How is that modeling the behavior you are looking for the ladies to promote? This world is just too much of a mess. What happened to Keisha was horrible. I feel Suzie’s behavior in regards to always running information from one side to another, needs to be addressed, but to lower myself to the behaviors of others while judging their behavior will not happen. We all make mistakes at many different ages. I have been appalled by the behavior exhibited on the show this season, but I still watch the show. For some reason everyone posting will still watch the show, so let’s stay away from mentioning the behavior we do not want and state what would of been more appropriate. That might help the ladies and a few of us grow more internally.

  389. Dawn says:

    I think Tammi is a bully. She really needs to chill out. I think it was so childish to take Kesha’s purse.

  390. denis says:

    This is high school all over again one get off on being I AM god ” You want your purse ” who are we to treat people like crap please watch youselves and remember you are sowing seeds worst if we have kids people are going to do the same thing to them. Every action is a seed, good or bad. TWO SIDED INSTIGATORS , INSECURITIES, JEALOUSY, THE MEAN GIRL THE I AM PLAYING IT SAFE GIRL SO I WILL TELL BOTH SIDES WHATS GOING ON HIGH SCHOOL HIGH SCHOOL . YOU NEED REAL PROBLEMS. HOW CAN U PUT DEAD FISH IN SOMEONES ROOM HIGH SCHOOL. EVERYTHING IS A .SEEEEED. OUR KIDS REEP WHAT WE SOW GOOD OR BAD. NOBODY IS MAN ENOUGH TO TELL THE OTHER YOU ARE WRONG THERE IS WRONG N RIGHT N THIS IS WRONG

  391. Tena Whitlock-Burke says:

    I beg your pardon Evelyn but you are wrong, wrong, wrong if you think that Jenn is disliked more than you are. Everyone I talk to refers to you as pretty ghetto trash. Also, I don’t remember her spreading her legs across some man’s lap on TV. Remember that…sex on TV. It was obvious that you hardly knew the man. Also, I don’t feel that Jenn was the person who started that crap between you. You are the one who took some small pimple and blew it up to a tumer by acting just like ghetto trash. Look in the mirror, chick! You and the word “class” never have and never will cross paths with each other. NOTHING with class ever sinks to your level.

  392. Kim J. Lewis says:

    Shaunie, you are the guilty one. You should be the one getting “arrested” for the action’s of this
    mess that you let go berserk. It’s all your fault. Stop trying to fix-it, NOW! I’m NOT impressed.You have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much blood on your hands and face that you should go bury yourself in shame. You are soooooooooooo responsible for this mess that you have intentionally produced. Now, stop playing the victim. Stop, hiding behind your children and pastor (at the end of this blatantly violent season). We aren’t stupid (unlike,
    you and your cast). We see you, for who you really are just like Mr. O’Neal did. In the word’s of
    stupid Tami, all of you need to sit your “black asses” down and come up with a meaningful show!

  393. Shoobie says:

    I am happy to know that you ladies are aware that the behavior this season is unacceptable. You all are such beautiful women, very intelligent. To see you all behave this way has been very sad and embarrassing.

  394. Drea85 says:

    Tami bullied Kesha and you bullied Jen!!! You let a over a decade friendship end for a relationship you aren’t sure will last!!! Don’t blame Jen because she has a college degree and you don’t! Go get one!!!

  395. Jjudy Verdugo says:

    Basketball wives are a work in progress as it has been said. the great thing is that the progression is real life & honest feelings. I believe i am a basketball wives fan for life & Evelyn is a best friend in my head. a true friend to only hope to meet one day!

  396. Dee says:

    EV and Tammi r bullies. I think since it Shaunie’s show she not be afraid of them and tell them to tone it down. Putting fish in someones room and not telling. Ladies, and I use the term loosely, that seems jr high maybe even elementary. Yall r grown ass women, u need to start acting like it. I am really proud of Jennifer and Royce. They r my role models. They have never acted like savages.

  397. they should just get off of tv.