Basketball Wives Episode 14 Sneak Peek: Say What You Have To Say


In the aftermath of the Tami/Kesha fight, the only drama that remains is that which needs to be worked out between Jennifer and Evelyn. Oh, right, and the stuff between Kenya and Evelyn. So we’re not in the clear yet after all! Watch the sneak peek from Monday night’s Basketball Wives and remind yourself how happy you are that you weren’t a part of the world’s most dramatic girls’ trip ever.

Basketball Wives airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Basketball Wives Episode 14 Sneak Peek

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  1. Ellen says:

    Didn’t review the clip and I won’t be watching the show. I hope that VH1 and Shaunie realize that we have had it with this show.

  2. Jeannette says:

    I think it is real sad that these woman have it all inthe world and act so ghetto and childish. Tani with all her bullying it shows how unclassy she is, she was mad on a episode regarding her getting foodstamps, at one point we all have fallen short and needed help, Tami really fits in like a ghetto welfare receipient….

  3. Fan says:

    I understand why Kesha was afraid of Tami Roman, that is because she was looking and acting like a FROTHY DOG. I find Shaunie at fault for not stopping her but I think she and Evelyn is scared of the hoodlum also. Evelyn is also a ‘LOOSE FROTHY DOG’ and she is going to get her just dessert also. I really hope that Meeka,Jennifer and Kesha sues Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal for each had their part in the fun. I say fun because Shaunie and Tami kept hooping up pit bulls Evelyn and Tami. Suzie needs to be out of the picture all together. If Tami Roman or Evelyn Lozada get any shows I hope nobody will watch them.

  4. Allison says:

    I am so done with this show…Tami is a bully. Shaunie, Evelyn, Suzie, Kenya, and Kesha please grow a spine, because you all look pathetic bowing down kissing Tami’s ass. Royce and Jennifer kept doing you and stay away from these crabs…because all they are good at is pulling you down to bottom of the bucket…misery loves company.

  5. TRACEME says:

    Shaunie you are worst than Tammie. Jennifer has not done anything to you and now you want to turn on her. I hate this show and I hope Kenya get Evelyn. I do not know why you all call her crazy but since you know she is crazy when she kick your ass don’t file a lawsuit. Remember, there are laws against people that abuse people with disabilities.

  6. katbunny says:

    I hope the viewers do not ease up. These women are hoodrats, including Shaunie!

  7. JRoc85 says:

    This is damage control at its finest, VH1!!! Last week, Tami was flying off the handles threatening another female asking for a physical confrontation; yet this week, she’s all mellowed down talking about how she believes she can coexist with Kesha without popping off!!!! Shaunie, is now defending Kesha, cause she sure as hell didn’t do it while the girl was in Tahiti. Not to mention, as always, Evelyn is the cosigner!!!! To make matters worse this week, now that Kesha is gone, they have their eyes set on new victims: Kenya and Jennifer. It’s official: Evelyn and Tami are habitual psychopaths!!!! Kenya wants to face off with Evelyn, which is no more than right since she was threatened with a wine bottle the last time they saw each other!!! Evelyn, don’t be stupid and mess with Kenya again. Remember, Kenya put her soon to be ex husband in place with a BOX CUTTER, so think about that the next time you wanna throw down with her. Jennifer, why the hell are you talking to Suzie?!!! You know she’s just gonna go back and repeat every detail of the conversation to her “probation officers” Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie!!!!

  8. mederma says:

    Evelyn jumps from reason to reason why she doesn’t like Jennifer anymore. So what that Jennifer had the good sense NOT to show all her business on national television. You don’t have to let strangers see every part of yourself for fear of being called FAKE. Everyone has different aspects to themselves. I am not the same at work as I am at home, I’m not the same at church as I am at a ballpark. There is always a time and a place for everything. If you’re loud and outrageous at home you should have some self control when you’re out in public, that doesn’t make you FAKE, it just makes you come off as having some sense and decency and respect for other peoples space.

  9. dallday says:

    To the viewers I say don’t let up flood Vh1 and the show’s sponsors to rid America of this mess and don’t forget the Mob Wives it’s just as bad or worse. We expect a little conflict or controversy to keep the show from being boring, but VH1 went overboard.

  10. Thx for the Sneak Peek says:

    Thx for the sneak peek VH1. Looks like more of the same. Tami is reflecting on the catamaran, still trying to justify her bullying of Kesha, says she’s thinking about having a “conversation” with her. If I were Kesha I wouldn’t want to hear anything this psycho had to say, not even if it was a REAL apology. Shaunie & Evelyn just sit there again, looking off into space and not saying anything. After all her tears, now Evelyn seems to be understanding Tami’s point of view. Then these mean girls spot Jennifer, with whom Evelyn is obsessed, and everyone seems happy again. They have a new purpose – torment Jen. Nothing’s changed folks. For just a split second, we thought we saw a spark of humanity in Evelyn. But the thrill of finding a new victim must have
    extinguished it.

  11. Karen says:

    Tami needs to have a conversation with the authorities for theft and assault. She is in PR motivated damage control now, but nothing will erase those tapes we all say. She is delusional and mentally unstable. We need to BOYCOTT HER!!! Boycott sister 2 sister magazine who allows this psycho to give out advice , boycott her new show, and all the advertisers….send her back to the non-spotlight world she came from. It is obvious Tami can’t handle fame or money….this same crap happened on the Real World. Give me another 20 years with NO TAMI ROMAN. She is straight up evil trash!

  12. What's Your Problem, Ev? says:

    Evelyn, Why is it that every time you have an issue with someone all you know to do is start picking on personal traits – speech, clothes, shoes, hair, eyes, lips, teeth, make-up, etc., etc., etc? Are you that inarticulate? That means lacking the ability to express your opinions in an intelligent manner, using proper vocabulary and staying on the subject under discussion. You should seriously use some of that money to buy yourself a proper education when this show is done. Most of your anger comes from insecurity. Jen doesn’t think she’s better than you are. Why would she have put up with you for over ten years if that’s the case? You think she’s better than you are and that’s where the problem lies. Stop being so obsessed with Jen and keep it moving. You’ve lost her and you can’t bully her back into being your friend. Learn from it and move on!

  13. Kate says:

    Hummmm, I truly beleave ALL the women are afraid of the uncontrolled, hurt and ANGRY Tammi- yes that means Shauni AND LUNATIC & unstable Evelyn. Tammi seems truly Bio-polar and opposite of what SHE even says. She thinks Kesha is 30 and acts and handles things like a child. HELLO.. REALLY!!! Do YOU need a mirror. I only see a child in you. YOU have a lot of growing up to do and I am SURE you are much older than Kesha is. You say, Kesha may not like how everyone handles things, HELLO, looks like you can’t handle how Kesha stepped up to be the better person and you can’t handle or are not stable enough to take the difference of others. Also, hummmm, you can’t handle the SMALL things people say about you and come on, Kesha didn’t mean it the way you took it BUT DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU NOW!!!!!! I just think you are dealing with a lot of YOUR past pains and hurts.. Maybe you need to steep out the game for a while a focus on you and your issues until you get them under control.. Learn to apologize – or does saying Im sorry AND wrong cut you to bad. Hummmm I think I am teaching the same thing to my 2 year old sister. I hope she learns to be a lady way before she gets half your age. (Evelyn- this is good advice for you too!!!!)

  14. NJPoetess says:

    I am sick to death of these women. The hotel in Tahiti should press vandalism charges against these pranksters. If they had did their prank in the USA, the hotel would sue VH-1 for allowing these women to deface a room with fish.

    I sent an email to Shed Media as they are the ones producing this show as well as the foundation, that Tami is involved with. How can a person like that be a role model for girls (that is what the foundation is about it)

  15. Melanie says:

    Evelyn is scared of Kenya. And she probably should be.

  16. Whitney says:

    I like the addition of Kesha on Basketball wives,,,, I don’t mind Tami, except the half of the time where she is acting derelict! Her issues with Kesha are cliche and mean girlish (like elementary school mean girl!!! Read Queen Bees and Wannabes, BTW). Also, don’t perpetuate that “snitch” crap…. It is irresponsible and seemingly uneducated of you to perpetuate such a horrific attitude and even a stereotype. Tami your issues with Kesha are off-putting and I almost did not buy the recent episode due to them. Surprise us for once and be cool and get over yourself !!! If she is talking bout you then she cares. You’re psycho for caring soooo much that she cares!!! Whatever, but you are getting boring……..

  17. Summer says:

    VH1 isn’t gonna X this show b/c y’all keep talking about them, and giving them free press. Would you watch this show if it was a bunch of women doing good, and being boring … NO. Why, hate on them with the drama. I mean you see the same kind of stuff on Real Housewives of NJ, Beverly Hills etc. Is it because there an all black female cast cooping in the ratings for a network. I mean don’t talk about “I’m Not Watching” or “They Need This Show To Stop” because you at one point or another have been them, mean girls/boys starting drama with other people. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. There is a button on your TV that you can click to change the station. Use it if you don’t like the show.

  18. JuxtaPo says:

    I am so over this show. It seems as if show’s producers want, expect and even plan for the violence as evidenced by the mn on duty o quickly when Ghetto Evelyn walked in the table at the race track. I’ve written a couple of sponsors and asked that they not support this sad show. I’ll also get Direct TV since At&Tis one of this show’s sponsors. It is all so sad because this coukd have been the perfect platform to show so many positive aspects of true basketball wives. If VH1 get rid of Tami, Evelyn, Suzie and Shaunie I’ll be back.

  19. Tessa Jane says:

    I was shocked but disillusioned by Tami’s bahavior. How dare one takes another personal property and keep it. That is legally stealing. Tehn Kesha does the almost reporting thing, but then Tami says with her finger pointing that she does not respect Kesha for “almost’ reporting her purse stolen. Tami does not pay Kesha’s bills, Kesha does not rely on Tami for anything, Kesha does not even “girl talk” with Tani. So taking someone’s purse to hold out for an apology which if they was ever an apology to be said was wiped out by Tami’s behavior. This went to far and Shaunie and Evenlyn did too little. It is one thing to be sory for someone, however it is a greater matter to take up for someone. Am i the only one that notices that Shaunie just basically sits about and let’s things happen? for ratings? What does it take to tip the scale to where Evelyn , Shauie and yes even Susie (who Kesha asked directly during this beat down, Did I say that” and Susie did not even answer) act or react.
    A bully is not an attractive woman, nor is a woman that settles things with bullying or fighting.
    Tami does bring in the drama, but it is too much. It is too hurtful and hamrful and I wanted to like Tami. I wanted to like her and embrace her personal problems ( that a million other have, and not given the chance to have the income Tami has or better their lives). But to me a person that was taken advantage of does not take advantage of another.
    I am so dissapointed in Shaunie that allows this all to happen. Have we ever seen her actually standing up for anything?
    Jenn said what she said. plain and simple. I think she meant Evelyn no harm even if she over spoke. if one listens to the comments basically behind them is that Jenn feels her friend is going to get hurt, so she speaks out. Jen is happy evelyn is dating, but who does trust the man Evelyn is married too? but the beauty of it is we can trust Chad or not,, it is up to evelyn. personally, after his show about finding the right woman, h e got a taste of fame, he wants to keep his name in the public. he is flamboyant like that. but again not my decision.
    Shaunie divorced Shag,, before Shag she was by any standards a nobody, and she still is. She fly’s in to be in some episodes. she is distance and could care less. I am sure ( i hope Shaunie has opinion) if Tami went off on one of Shaunie’s kids cause Tami “perceived” something said as a reason to fight and explain how in Tami’s world is a reason to attack.
    I have watched the show faithfully. Think Evenlyn is beautiful she just needs to try being nice, but i will watch it no more because of Tami

  20. Evelyn Luzader says:

    Shaunie, you should be ashamed of yourself for not telling Tammi to shut the hell up!!! Tammi is a bully and you are no better. Why do you want to surround yourself with this kind of trash!!! If I was Kesha I would have called the police on all of you!! I am not watching any more of your shows. If rich black people act like this, I’m glad I’m poor and white.

  21. For Real says:

    Sometimes I enjoy reading blog posts from viewers. What I don’t like is reading run on sentences with no clear thoughts. Sentences do have punctuation. Computers and phones have spell check. The IPad and iPhone even have auto correction that speaks the corrections. Before you put something on the world-wide web for everyone to see, please proofread. I can see making one or two mistakes, but some of these posts have so many, they almost look deliberate. I really hope some people don’t speak the way they talk. Oh, one last thing, a blog is not a text message. The text message abbreviations are truly killing me! As for these ladies, they are definitely some character deficiencies that are obviously not gonna change. Sometimes people do need things like Welbutrin, shock treatment, strait jackets, and psychiatrists to help them along. I truly believe Tami felt like Evelyn was getting too much attention, so she had to take her shine back. It’s funny how bullies don’t like to be confronted or talked about. One thing I’ve come to realize about people with Evelyn and Tami’s personality type is they have some definite inadequacies that make them so mean and nasty. These ladies are nothing more than dressed up idiots. It just goes to show, money definitely can’t buy class!

  22. @For Real says:

    Lighten up. I understand what you’re saying, but not everyone has the same level of education or writing ability. However, everyone does have the right to an opinion. While some of the comments are difficult to read, we can still discern the meaning that the writer is trying to convey. Give everyone a chance to state their views.

  23. chrissi says:

    i use to dig this show but now it’s just awful…you have women too old to be instigating and bullying people, fighting, cancel this show. enough is enough

    Royce: You are desperate and needy, and you trying to prove ya pops wrong, when you fell on the curb and had a tantrum, the respect that i did have for you was thrown out the window. What 32 year woman does that? And i do recall before you were on the outs with everyone, you was apart of the instigating drama too, now that you’re not in….its wrong smh. focus on you and stop chasing scandalous pipe.
    Tami: the respect i did have for you was gone when you Knew that woman Kesha didn’t want it with you, rather she was running out the mouth or not. Your actions was so wrong, you need professional help and jesus.
    Kesha: i do feel bad that Tami was wrong for the savage beast act but you signed that contract to be on a show that you Know the females act retarded and no common sense, if you do have some type of dignity and respect for yourself don’t come back. Stay out the spotlight and learn to stand up for yourself.
    Evelyn: You are just as bad Tami, focus on being a new bride and mom stop trying to punk Jennifer. You need counseling too boo
    Suzie: I just want to take a sock full of nickels and bash in ya mouth. You couldn’t be around me running that mouth as much as you do.
    Shaunie: You are just as bad as the others, you should of told tami to stop acting like a goon before she started, instead you do what you always do sit there and play like you are so disappointed when u know u enjoy the drama
    Jennifer: keep ya mouth close, stop being rude and conceited, continue to take tae-bo

  24. Check the Photo says:

    Look at the surprised and happy look on these ladies faces in the photo on this blog. Are they just awed by the beautiful scenery? Did they just spot one of nature’s beautiful sea creatures? Did they just have an epiphany about how blessed they are to be here? Nooooo . . . . . They just spotted Jennifer on the porch of her cabin and are just tingly in anticipation of the hunt for their new prey. Tally Ho, ladies!

  25. For real, again to @For Real says:

    My previous comment was to bring some awareness and hopefully spark some change. As adults sometimes we all need to do better if we know better. Unfortunately, I had to bypass a few comments because I couldn’t understand what the writer was trying to convey. I didn’t say that people had to write like they had a Ph.D., but just write so that people can understand you. Everyones level of vocabulary usage is different, but the whole reason of a statement can be misinterpreted if you don’t write properly. These are very basic skills that should be practiced in a public forum. The reason why these ladies (bbw) have publicists to write or proofread their blogs for them is to be certain that they say the right thing, properly. Believe me, if they made any gramatical errors, somebody on the blog would definitely bring attention to it and call them ignorant and uneducated. The same rule (SHOULD) apply for everyone else. Sorry, that you took offense to the comment. I agree with your view on opinions. That was mine and I stated it.

  26. @for real says:

    @For Real! You talk a lot of nonsense. just keep in mind we can only form opinions of things we see once a week for 45 mins thats not enough for us to write like we know these women personally. now ppl are gonna have different views we don’t know the full story so lets just stick to commenting on things we see your writing like you came up with the show and you know the full stories of the relationships with these women. who are you to express on the characters of these women who you only know from watching a reality Show. Get it together!! you sound like and uneducated human writing like they have a lot of sense when you know nothing.

  27. Too Mad for Words says:

    Shaunie: You are the worse one on the show! You need to get a backbone. How would you like if someone bullied your daughters? Of Shaw wasn’t their Daddy trust and believe you would have a Kesha situation on your hands.
    Evelyn: You are just a bad person. You are so ugly inside and out. I hope you and Ochocinco stay together. Two dumbass negative people with bad spirits.
    Kesha: Get off this show, you have too much class for it.
    Jennifer: Same message I gave to Kesha applies to you also
    Royce: Your Dad is right!
    Susie: You are a instigator and a snitch
    Kenya: ??? Why you on the show?
    Tami: Get to know Jesus because therapy, and medication cant help you. You need the Lord to come down from heaven and lay his hands on you.

  28. Too Mad for Words says:

    *If Shaq

  29. Charisse says:

    Shaunie, I’m more dissapointed with you than any other cast member. The other ladies (and I use that term loosely) have to work for a living; you don’t. The fact that you produce this trash is disturbing. You have daughters…

  30. BBC says:

    So, it’s ok for Tami to talk behind Keisha’s back> If Keisha had the SAME conversation with someone else, Tami would be in Keisha’s face for being “disrespectful”. Tami doesn’t see the hypocrisy of her actions? I hope this is the last season of this show.

  31. Kathi K says:

    Tami needs to be taken off the show, she’s a drunk, lying bully. And shaunie, you have no respect for yourself or other women, you let Tami steal that girls bag and threaten her, there not in the street, “A little to far is an understatement”. Grown women talking and acting like teenagers is not cute! As the Director of a program that is trying to empower young women to be all that they can be, I feel the example that Tami, Shaunie and the other women displayed missed an opportunity to show our young women of color that this type of behavior is unacceptable and not how we want to be portrayed. Shame on them all for giving up their Morales and values to act like this for fame and fortune. Their all extremely ignorant and it’s unfortunate money can’t buy class.

  32. Yolanda says:

    Please take this show off the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show cannot go on. Ev and Tammi are bullies and wannabes. They are so jealous of Jennifer and Kesha and Kenya and Royce. That’s all it is is jealousy! Ev and Tammi get a f*&! life and grow the hell up. And what the hell is wrong with Shaunie, she just stands aound and says nothing about what those bullies are doing. She is the MOST culpable in this whole Tami and Kesha situation. How come the show NEVER delves into Shaunie’s life at all? If that’s the case, then she should not even be on the show. All they do is drink and eat and fight. After this last episode, I’m sick to my stomach of Ev and Tammi and Shaunie – get them off the air -PLEASE!

  33. winnlu says:

    To be honest I will watch to the final episode, just to see how this all play out, and also the reunion. hopeing JOHN SALLEY is not the host.ahost should ask these women the hard question, including SHAUNIE, concerning their behaviour and calling them to task for the way they protrayed themselves. One thing BBW’ did for me was to open my eyes to see that I had been wasteing my time on this trash. It does not matter what color and race you are, no human being should not be subjected to bullying and disrespected liked it has been allowed to happen on this show. And no more reality shows for me, not these kind where violence is encouraged and tolerated.

  34. For Real says:

    Typo in previous message-site

  35. Trash Dumpster says:

    TAMI — is very unhappy with her self and her life. She is severely lacking mentally, she is actually a threat more to her self. She knows who and who not to attack. Tami is aware that Kesha is the weak one on the show and she is taking full advantage of it. She is just nasty, vicious, and a walking demon.

    KESHA — I can no longer defend Kesha, because she keeps putting herself out there for physical attacks. Why would she waste her time to take a trip with such a criminal group of females (Shaunie, Suzie, Evelyn, and Tami)? Tami will not be the last female to attack you. Once a jealousy and bullified female like Tami find out that you are afraid of them, consider yourself done. Kesha get yourself in a Self Defense Class fast, quick, and in a hurry. Get off od the show Kesha, unless you can start demanding respect, and standing your ground.

    EVELYN — is a total fake. She has no feelings of sorrow for Kesha period. She does not have any feelings for anyone but Evelyn. Everybody knows that Evelyn caused some of Tami’s wounded soul. Tami is still angry with Evelyn, but she is afraid to confront her. Evelyn and Tami are two peas in a pot. They are both wounded, bitter, self-centered, self-pleasing, jealous, and mentally challenged.

    SUZIE — is a nasty, spiteful, distrubed, and stopped up toilet. She is a human trash dumpster, and walking septic tank. Where is her man? Where is her woman?

  36. Dasiamay says:

    Wow.! Oh now she wants to be civil?

  37. Deloris says:

    To be perfectl;y honest, I believe that Tami would try to beat down her own mother. Her overall behavior is extremely sickening. I have never seen a female that is so disgraceful, distastful, disgusting, and demonized in my life time.

    When I seen her in Keshas’s face, I thought I was looking at a demon in action.

  38. abra cadabra says:

    I thought it would be great insight into your world and a great portrayal of some upstanding women. So dissapointed! The attitudes—the bullying and the perpetuating of the negative ugly stigma that black women have been stigmatized with. I ban this show—because this is a poor representation of US

  39. Glenna says:

    Shaunie……….as a business woman, you need to cut Tami loose! That woman has some serious absue issues and she is a ticking time bomb. All she needs is for you to bring the “right” personality on the show and you, VH-1 and everyone else could be looking at major law suits. Despite your iron clad contracts and release agreements. You don’t need to be a psychologist or Dr. Phil to see that clearly she has been subject to serious abuse and is now the agressor and perpetrator of abuse on women that she believes are weak. Shave her head and put a “male member” on her body and you wouldn’t be able to distinguish between her fight with Kesha and a man getting ready to beat his woman. Right down to the ridiculous justifications and mind games trying to make that girl think she deserved to be treated that way and she was doing her a favor by taking her bag and going through it. Telling Kesha that she threatened her freedom??????? She put her own freedom at risk when made her feel like her life was in danger. What????? Making her ask for HER belonging!!!!!!! She’s not a bully, she’s an abuser! DAMAGED GOODS! As a woman you should be MORTIFIED to have your name associated with this open display of ABUSE. Don’t be that woman whose so much about the dollars that you are willing to cosign this mess.

  40. steve hunt says:

    VH1, please believe, this show is not a ratings boon for you.

    We will not use the advertisers who are sponsoring Basketball Wives.

  41. kaila says:

    I think Tami shouldn”t be on the show. She has been a bully from day one. I don’t like the show because of Tami. The Tahiti episode was horrible how she did Kesha. I agree with Kesha on everything she said too. Tami needs to grow up. This is not a high school show where she can pop off.

  42. I&L says:

    We have come to the point where watching Tami Roman on Basketball wives has become painful. Her treatment of Kesha is abominable. In this era of educating our children about bullies and bullying behavior, Tami has taken the show to a level that I, my spouse, family and friends no longer wish to watch. Unfortunately, drama on TV has become the norm. The more drama, the bigger the ratings. However, at some point, we have to say enough is enough and hold producers responsible for the awful messages that they are allowing to be portrayed, all in the name of ratings. Tami’s unchecked behavior time and time again has warranted police interference, however, nothing has been done about it. Tami’s hypocritical nature and inability to accept responsibility for her actions, blaming everyone else for her inability to control her OWN behavior warrants interference from a mental health professional. Seeing a therapist once a week is NOT working for Tami. If she was on the street with this behavior, threatening others with physical violence, theft, etc. she would have been arrested. It’s sad to see that even Shaunie and Evelyn are afraid to stand up and tell Tami when she has crossed the line. Because of this, they are complicit in Tami’s behavior…enablers. There is no redeeming quality to this show. My family and I will be boycotting this show and ANYTHING that has to do with Tami Roman. Karma is REAL and Tami will continue to be a bitter, negative, an angry person the longer she continues on this path. With Tami as a “role model” to her daughters, I wish them best of luck.

  43. Jazzy J says:

    I don’t typically do this but I just had to comment on a recent episode I watched. Why is anyone watching these horrible women? I find it utterly disgusting to watch these women humiliate themselves for money. One thing is certainly obvious money can’t ever bye class, they have taken an opportunity that could’ve been used to inspire and motivate independent women to act like ignorant animals. Each of them has an awesome opportunity to make a difference, to teach the young ladies of today to educate themselves and make a difference in their community and for their family. Instead they’ve managed to embarrass every Latin American and African American women. I pray they open their eyes and realize there isn’t enough money in the world to have their child see them make fools of themselves. I mean the language, the bullying, this stuff will forever be available for all eyes to see, and these women are going to face prison, lawsuits and worse in their near future. Its clear there isn’t enough going on in their lives to keep people entertained so this is the best this show can offer ridiculous! Stop putting women down it’s not cute!

  44. Cookie says:

    I know this makes a lot of money for these LADIES, but it gives such a low look to you women,
    Stop making yourselves look so cheep, I do hope they take you off the air. the show started so good

  45. Demitrues says:

    Jen why did you go… I feel that you like trouble you should have stayed home…

  46. Choc says:

    OMG–can’t believe Ev was chasing Jen down. It’s OVER already! Jen doesn’t want to be your friend! You can’t control Jen like you used to Ev–Rejection hurts doesn’t it?

  47. choc says:

    Will these women ever grow up?They don’t have any class at all(except for jennifer). i am so done with this show. They need to enroll in charm school.

  48. tara says:

    tammi is a bully, shes scream and yells to get her point across. to me she contradict herself, she says be real and tell me to my face what u want to say, but then once someone does that she gets mad and want to hit/ fight smdh. she said that kiesha acts like a child becuz she wont come ask for her purse, but shes the one acting like a child by even keeping hostage that grown womans purse. tammi is a bully, and im getting tired of these grown women acting like children!!

  49. KISHA says:

    Evelyn want’s to be Jen……..Evelyn please grow up Jen no longer want to be you friend your suck with Tammi …….lol

  50. Shonda says:


  51. Ilana & Yolanda says:

    SHAUNIE, EVELYN, SUZIE, TAMI — are sufffering emotionally. This was proven to all viewers after the last episode. They are heartess, fake, fraud, vicious, spiteful, jealous, and down right evil. We could go on and on. It was ruthless what happen to Kesha, and Kenya room. These two ladies did not deserve such ill-treament. To have SHAUNIE witness the bully like behavior and to do absolutely nothing, but look like a mentally challenged female, was very disgusting. SHAUNIE, EVELYN, SUZIE, TAMI enjoyed every second of there evil behavior. We believe it was all planned and plotted out prior to the trip. KESHA, KENYA, JENNIFER — stop falling into the hands of these criminals, by trying to fit in. They will never accept you and you should be prefectly happy with that fact. KESHA, KENYA, JENNIFER — WAKE UP, STAND UP, BE SMART, STAY ALERT, AND DEFEND YOURSELVES. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOUSELF FROM PHYSICAL ATTACKS. TALK IS CHEAP, BUT IF YOU ARE PHYSICALLY ATTACKED, DEFEND YOURSELVES. SHAUNIE is setting a horrible example for the younger females that have the desire to be successful business women.

  52. Sensation says:

    You go Jenn, you are truly a lady you handled the situation like the lady you are. I think if Evelyn was as much of a lady as you are she would be a better person. Shaunie and Tami are instigators and love trouble. Everybody acts like they are scared of Tami and Evelyn and why don’t anyone ever say anything to Shaunie I would suspect she probably has the bulk of the money since she was married to Shaq and he is worth millions. However, her ass should not be exempt from Tami and Evelyns raft. I wonder how Shaunie would handle them if they were after her. I would like to see that since Shaunie thinks that when they are after the others it is funny. Shaunie is not a peace maker she is a trouble maker. Jenn stay away from them all including Suzie. Suzie is a snake in the grass. She is not your friend. Royce stays out of the drama and is a friend. Do not trust Kenya either there is something wierd about her and considering how she fell into pocket after Evelyn apologized be careful. Continue being the lady that you are. Tell Evelyn, Tammy, and Shaunie to hold hands and go to hell

  53. Tami, Shaunie, and Evelyn are bullies. What part do they do not understand when some one said that they do not want to talk to you are be around you because the way that you behavior. Jennifer and Kenya was staying in their rooms and all Tami, Shaunie, and Evelyn could talk about was why they was not coming out of their rooms. When Tami, Shaunie, and Evelyn went to Kenya’s room and she open the door Tami, Shaunie, and Evelyn was laughing about the dead fish smell in her room. The dead fish that they put in Kenya’s room. If I was Kenya I would have reported the smell to the hotel management because Kenya can be charge with damage to the hotel. BIG, BIG BULLIES.

  54. veshti says:

    Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami the gang of three; the face of some outraged, bitter women that are all washed up. Their ships have sailed and they have absolutely nothing going for themselves, how sad. All of you women are cut from the same cloth. There is something that Evelyn and Tami must understand; this is America and you can say anything you want to say about someone. Everyone has a right to an opinion. If someone chooses to say something about you to your face or behind your back it should be alright. Tami and Evelyn want to go after people that they suspect won’t fight them back. That is called bullying ladies; you pick on someone that will not challenge you, or retaliate against you.

  55. Team Jennifer says:

    this show isnt what it used to be, hope it gets cancelled.

  56. Shstarlight says:

    Eve,Shaunie, and Tami, leave people alone. If they want to keep their distance from you all then so be it, but they want to enjoy their vacation and you should enjoy yours. You all need to leave people alone because someone will have you all seriously injured one of these days.

  57. Dawn says:

    I really don’t see how Evelyn was being a bully to Jenn. To me, Jenn is one of those people who want to evaluate her relationship with everyone in her life because she lost her man. These type of people want to get rid of everything that they feel may hurt them down the line. there is nobody closer to you than your spouse and friends. Evelyn just wants to know why Jenn backstabbed her. Jenn couldn’t even think of how she a good friend back to them. Thats why she keep running. She need to stop running her mouth. Exspecially if she is suppose to have “polish”. Tami is the bully. This season really showed their TRUE personlities.

  58. charlotte says:

    Tammi’s behavior was very upsetting to watch; Tammi you are a bully. It was so disappointing to see a 41 year old woman and mother of daughters act like that towards another adult. I guess it made you feel good that you were able to bring someone to tears and then hold their purse hostage, really!!!!, WHO DOES THAT (Tammi). I wonder what your charity thinks of your behavior because I would really be embarassed to have you represent my charity. Also what is disturbing is that the others (Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie) allowed you to bully Keisha. Tammi, you really took bullying to a new level.

  59. Lil Darlin says:

    Jen had to participate due to her contractural obligations. I still believe that she would be open to hearing Ev out if Ev confronted her in a civil manner, but she comes on like Jennifer owes her to listen to her. After all Ev has said and done to Jen she does not owe her the time of day and did NOT give it to her, so Ev decided to deliver a low blow and spill secrets made in friendship. Good look Ev.

  60. Dawn says:

    Since when it was okay to backstab your friends? the very people who stick back your side no matter what. I don’t care for Everlyn at all. But she is right. Everybody who is TEAM JENN will never be loyal friends to anyone or anything. Everyone who is Team Jenn should of told her to SHUT HER MOUTH. SHE WOULDN’T HAVE TO LAWYER UP.

  61. michelle says:

    How should I began, the grown claim to be mature women because neither of you are ladies are acting just like the children you were suppose to have left behind when you became a woman. I am very disappointed in how you black and mixed women are acting a fool. First you are all suppose to be friends regardless your ups and downs and stick together as a unit. Second, all of you do not think but of negativity and how you can continue to keep mess going. Finally, all of you have to be miserable to keep up the drama you claim you are so mature to do. Why it is that none of you can act like true real women instead of back-stabbing each other and all of you talk about one another, but choose to target the ladies that will not stoop to your level. You may learn something if you keep your mouth shut speak as lady instead of acting like you never knew how to have true friends and so ghettofied. I can only think of why these men married you or why you said I do in order to be married. If all of you act the way do in front of men the way you act now, I can imagine why. Maybe some of you saw money signs and some of you really had feelings for your men, but whatever the case you are all hard, damage goods. You as supposedly grown women choose to be ignorant, hardcore, unlady like, foul, disgusted with yourself women. Suzie why did you flee when you knew you were messing with the wrong person (Kenya) and decided to go to your bungalow as you seen she was not afraid of Evelyn and Ev actually thought before she said anything. Suzie you have messed up and I hope although I do not condone that Kenya whoop your behind after she finds and if she find out that you and Evelyn put fish all over her room. Shaunie, I thought you were different but are messy as well, shame on you with your sneaky ways. I have learned that people that are sneaky have a harder burden to bear and your time is coming. Tami, see another therapist or do as she says because with your attitude and bullying ways you will come across someone just as bad as you,. Then you will really be wandering why your life is so messed up.

  62. michelle says:

    No one really knows the extent of the relationship between Jennifer and Evelyn, but I do know they both hurt from it. It is true that even if you were loyal friends it goes along with forgiveness and to leave the mishap behind and not continue to dwell on it. Again I say no one knows the extent of the relationship because it goes both ways not one way. As I have watched the show I do find that each individual do not really questions what they hear is true or how do they know its true, because if anyone really listens to Suzie she has a tendency to not tell the whole truth while she goes around gossiping and listening to run back and tell what and how she percieves the conversation. It should not matter when something is said in confidence to go and tell someone else. People talk period, but to stir up trouble among friends is not friendship at all. They cannot even be called a club, because a club keeps what they know to themselves even if they know it is harmful to another member, they would have to find out themselves and not by messenger. Suzie reminds me of the little devil on the left shoulder rubbing her hands together whenever she recieves to her an honest conversation that she can turn into gossip. Everyone has the right to express their feelings without consequences because sooner are later those same feelings will have to come out but by that person’s choice and not someone elses. Suzie is talking behind Kenya’s back who do you think is going to tell her about the fish? Probably no one. Because Suzie is the prime suspect. Unless, unless she tells it on herself.

  63. KIm says:

    OMG you are the biggest losers ever. Get a life. You ghetto freaks.

  64. Dear Shaunie says:

    Dear Shanie, I hope these entries have gotten your attention. Much of it has been harsh because this season’s antics have moved in a negative, immature, and stereotypical direction. All of which is unacceptable especially for adult women who should be kicking down doors and doing their thing — not playing teenage he said/she said games. This is beneath you but clearly not beneath VH1 and who ever has advised you that this is the right kind of programming fare people are interested in. Conflict is normal but adults behaving like maladjusted kids is not normal. Sadly, there was no adult in the room — no leadership from you.

    I too was originally harsh in my judgement about you and the other players. But we all make mistakes, and should be allowed a learning curve especially when stepping out on new ventures. So I retract my views and want to encourage you to not give up on producing but don’t stoop low and go for the lowest common denominator. People want hope and aspiration and see women empowered and reaching back to help others come up and along. Make a difference. Something you, your family, your pastor and congregation will be proud about. Being on TV is not enough…be responsible. Remember God is watching and will reward us. Serve others and not foolishness.

    May the Good Lord bless you as you move forward in a praiseworthy direction.

  65. Reallllynow says:

    How do you not know that Jen is not there, when you dumb fools sailed past her laughing ? Stop wanting to have your asses kissed. All of you are mean girls with emotional problems. You guys seem like you always need to be validated. Jen is in her own world and rightfully so. Jen and Keisha see the light and know how to act right.
    Tammie, you need help, you remind me of those project girls that always have their mouth pushed out, with an attitude and always look like they smell something bad.
    “EVIL” Evelyne, I wish Kenya would have kicked your ass. I loved that fear that was in your eyes. (way you didn’t jump across the table this time) you can dish it by you can’t take it. Kenya is some kind of CRAZY and you better watch it. You should leave Jen alone, and she said it best: It was decided that you guys are not friends! So leave it at that.
    Suzy, Suzie, Suzy, SHUT YOUR MOUTH, get a man and chill out. MOST of the time this starts from you carrying back info to these functional idiots.
    Shaunie, eventhough you try to play it safe and not get into to much, birds of a feather flock together. Open you mouth and tell them to fly right.
    Evelyn and Tammie were young fools that have never been checked on there behavoir and the cycle will continue. Tammie should get the hint, her kids do not want any part of her and it is sad. Tammie, continue your therapy, hell increase it.
    Jen stay to youself, there is nothing wrong with just enjoying the view.

  66. Marlene says:

    Some things are beyond redemption and that about says it for Basketball Wives.The “bullying”, jealsousy, backstabbing and other inappropriate behavior have become lethal injections for the show. Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie are predators and it is sickening to watch. At one point I felt that replacing the ‘bad apples’ could repair the damage…now I believe that the show and the cast must become distasteful memories.

  67. Mae says:

    Tami when you first came to the show she was looking a hot mess with that dress and now she think she is the Bomb you are really a fool. You ack like a animal this show need to be canceled and to never be seen again, Tami I wish I could meet your ass I would show you why your own daughters do not want to be around you.the whole show really was not worth our time to say Black women was on this show who are suppose to show us as Black women . No wonder Tami have a Hatian who else would want a stupid fool, what a waste you all are. Go back to where the hell you was you can’t even take a blessing and show some CLASS

  68. mae says:

    Shaunie you are just as bad to allow Tami to do what she has done and you never said one word and you now go to you Pastor and wonder what Blacks think of you well I pray that your daughters never have a Bully around and no one will have the Balls to speak up.for them remember what goes around come around just be ready to accept when it visit your house. Susie you are so useless and have nothing to even bring but your mouth and have of the time you know half of the time of your problem Your Handicap. I am so glad that you all are off the Air and tami they threw your behind of the other show you was on and thank god your husband found him a wife and no Fool like you good riddance

  69. Cupcake says:

    Evelyn is really hurting from Jen not being her friend. You would think she would have her forth coming marriage on her mind instead of her friends “vajayjay”, in addition to keeping names of Jen’s lovers in her phone as if she was Monica Lewinski with the dress (how sick). Jennifer never denied that she has sex so what is Evelyn so bent out of shape for. As with Jen, ideally I too would keep my freakiness private and my “Barbie” persona public. You got to know when to shut it down; unfortunately Evelyn and Tamie are unable to do so.

  70. Angela Tyler says:

    Wow… Shaunie… What were you thinking. I’m so embarrassed of this show. It’s bad enough African-American women have to prove that we are not all “angry”!!! It’s shameful how you sit back and try to pretend that you are not involved, when you are the center of what goes on. You loved every bit of it; until you realized the audience doesn’t like what’s going on. I don’t even need to mention how Tammie, Ev and Susie look, because there are so many other people who have summed up how bullyish they look. Shame on you, Shaunie for allowing this to air.

  71. kim says:

    All I think of when it comes to this show is shame. Beautiful, wealthy, reasonably smart and successful black women… Who can’t seem to pull themselves up out of the stereotypical “ghetto” mindset and behavior. As a black woman, I’m so sick of my sisters allowing themselves to be lowered to behaving like common street hoodrats. It’s so disgraceful and distasteful to see women treat one another so viciously. Why are any of these women even on a show titled “basketball wives”? Only one is even married, right? Evelyn is am emotional wreck and a bully who needs the last word to feel justified, Tami is a pot-stirrer who likes to create chaos and then claim guiltlessness seconds after, and Shaunee? Tsk, tsk… I hate to say it, but we really know this true: this is why many professional black men do not date or marry black women. Who wants to see their wife in a five-star restaurant or a high-end boutique or a luxury resort… Fighting, cursing, throwing things and making complete fools of themselves? I stopping watching after the first season, but I had the misfortune of catching the last few episodes of this season… And sadly, there were no improvements. In a nutshell, rise up black women and stop lowering yourselves to the ignorant behavior and lack of personal responsibility that has been 4 seasons of basketball wives.