Meet Raquel Lancaster, The Newest Character On Single Ladies


Raquel Lancaster is the newest character to be introduced on Single Ladies, and she’s beautiful, passionate, and ready to take on the world. Those are also traits that describe the actress playing her, Denise Vasi is all of those things, too, but in this brand new clip that was shot on location with Denise, she tells us that they have plenty of differences. “We have different views on a couple things in life,” Denise says. “Raquel is the hopeless romantic, gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. I’m not necessarily like that.” To see more clips from the show and the full interview with Denise, watch the video above.

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Raquel Lancaster Denise Vasi Single Ladies
[Photo: VH1]

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  1. cpatterson_22 says:

    She looks like a young LisaRaye and sounds like a young Stacey Dash.

  2. Ms. D. says:

    I wish single ladies the best this season. I really enjoyed the 1st season. I thought Stacy Dash and Lisa Raye were great together. As well as the other cast members. I agree that Lisa nor Stacy donot have the “chops” of say for example Nicole Ari Parker but there were good story lines – and I think they did them well. I will not continue to watch this season because I simply cannot understand how management can change a major cast when you are only entering your 2nd season – no reason given. It will not be the show I look forward to seeing the 2nd season. I am not a soaps fan so I cannot speak positively or negatively about this new cast member who is replacing Stacy Dash. I wish her the best.