The Mob Wives’ Funniest Quotes Of The Season


Mob Wives Big Ang

All season long, the Mob Wives cast has upped the ante for reality show drama, emotion, and yes, hilarity. These women are fast on their feet and they come up with some of the greatest one-liners (and the occasional monologue) on TV, and we’ve been spending the season trying to capture them with our recaps and screengrabs. Here are our favorites.

Part one of the Mob Wives reunion special airs this Sunday at 8 p.m ET/PT.

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  1. A.Juhnet says:

    Ramona is a major trouble maker. Karen would do better to let her go to pasture because Ramona lives to stir things up. She had no business stepping in at Renee’s life party and that’s what set you off. If you can possibly do it, you should always walk away from Ramona. I wouldn’t and you shouldn’t even walk into any room with her in it. If she shows up and you’re already there, it would better that you just leave. But then she’d probably just chase you just so’s she could trigger some more trouble. Ramona’s just bad news and she keeps proving that because she keeps wanting to push you over the edge of control.

    You’re a scrappy girl cuz you recognize people who want to treat you bad, but you go off when they push you too far. Keep on pressing for the best with you and all the other girls but not with Ramona.

    Ramona’s just bad news! A.J.