The Mob Wives Reunion Sneak Peek: Ramona Lights Drita’s Fuse And It’s About To Go Off


Here’s a helpful hint: If you want to stay friends with Drita D’Avanzo and not be on the receiving end of her right hook, don’t mention anything about her being a mother. Because as you can see in this sneak peek from this Sunday’s Mob Wives reunion episode, the moment Ramona tells her “I may not like you, but you’re still a mother,” Drita’s eyes go from brown to black like a shark’s, and she’s ready to go full Jaws on Ramona, with the goal of tearing her to pieces.

And in a second sneak peek, below, Carla gets into it with Karen which leads Karen to drop a bomb that shocks Renee and causes her to walk out. Just when you thought everyone was getting along, right??

Part one of the Mob Wives reunion airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Drita Ramona Mob Wives Reunion

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  1. Mariah says:

    Let me first put it out there that I am Drita fan and supporter, but the reality is right is right and wrong is wrong, and the truth of the matter is… Karen and Drita both claimed that they were friends, so as friend and a grown woman, I do believe Drita should have told Karen about Lee. I don’t care if you haven’t spoken to the chick in a long time, own up to the truth. Do I think Drita is a liar or tries to cover her tracks? No… I just don’t think she is one of those people who doesn’t fuss about holding on to the past or what happened then, and that’s her perrogative. It doesn’t make it right but we are only humans and we are going to make mistakes. As far as Ramona is concerned, I honestly can’t stand her. I think she is a manipulative, vindictive female. The truth with Ramona is… she constantly feels just because her grandfather was “lefty” that she can constantly rub it in someone’s face and use it as her protection barrier. Like when she told Renee that Drita should leave the country or pick her tombstone, she was basically trying to say my grandfather is this and that… That chick needs to stop hiding behind other peoples “big names”. I really can’t stand her–everything about here seems so fake. As for Renee, she can be quite dramatic, but we can all agree that she was dealt some pretty low blows this season. I can’t say I can relate or even begin to comprehend what she was and is still going through, but I can still empathize with her meltdown. Carla, I think she’s the one I would most likely watch out for.. They say the quiet ones are usually the deadliest. People say she is boring, but I like her. And Big Ang… who doesn’t love Big Ang…? She is a trip and I love watching her…

  2. nick says:

    Drita is A low CLASS ALLEY CAT….Ramona is pure CLASS….

  3. Debbie says:

    Can’t stand Ramona – why is she even on the show? She is so boring. I hope Drita kicks her ass at the reunion.

  4. Keith says:

    drita do your thing…your stong…when your back is against the wall u bang your way out…I am far from a hater but I know one when I smell one and that is Ramona…she is only getting tuff because she knows security is there and I’m sure if she cross paths in the street with u she would run…she has no reason to bring up your kids and im tired of everyone saying lead a example for your kids but if your kids aint around when the bull sh** starts u gotta do what u gotta do….it’s not like the kids are around and everyone is acting crazy…Drita i love your twitter quote…stay sucka free and keep your head up….o by the way much love to renee and big ang…Drita your #1 love u

  5. Tina says:

    Mariah you took the words right out of my mouth i agree with everything you say .

  6. Fran from Dallas says:

    Nick you must be related to Ramona cause you seem to be the ONLY person that defends her. Ramona is messy and needs to worry about her own 4 kids and boyfriend in jail. Why does she think she should be Karen’s protector. Karen and Drita would have reconciled their friendship long ago had not messy Ramona not been involved. Ramona is jealous of the relationship Drita and Karen have/had and continues to fill Karen’s head with negative stuff about Drita.

  7. Lee says:

    ramona and karen are nothing but backstabbing bullies. ramona wants to act like she’s all that and she’s not!!! What a low class witch. I hope Drita mops the floor with her.

  8. Celeste says:

    Joy Behart was very disappointing. I found her to be exploitative and demeaning. She appeared to relish in stirring the pot….

  9. hrdebbie says:

    CAN”T STAND RAMONA.. She has too much mouth and can’t back it up. I hope Drita kicks her Butt.

  10. TERI L JOHNSON says:


  11. nick says:

    Riannah, you must be a low class gutter rat like your hero drita if you think the way you do….Drita is a wanna be NOTHING a piece of trash, listen to the way she talks…

  12. lauren says:

    i cant stand ramona i pray shes not on next season she thinks shes a big mob girl cause of grandpa well he was but remember he got sent away when she was ten and she claims she was sheltered so what the hell does that girl know besides running that fake ass mouth shes so ugly you so rich go get those ugly ass eyes fixed with those big horse teeth they are so ugly i and everyone i know doesnt like that girl all she does is run that head they are all crum snatchers in my book and all an embarressment to the human race they are trash but i love love big ang and carla

  13. Amanda says:

    Ramona may run her mouth but she has done nothing but stand beside Karen and you all know it. I don’t really dislike Drita but anybody that’s always ready to put their hands on you for literally no reason needs to meet their match. When somebody sit her bony behind on her ass one day I BET she won’t put her hands on nobody else. I understand she don’t like Ramona but why she always gotta throw the first punch? Somebody please whoop this woman.

  14. Beyoncca says:

    Drita acts so tough, but on the 1st episode she joined a boxing class. Where the trainner pumped her up, telling her that she’s as good as the professional fighters. Drita claimed that she would like to start a career in boxing. The trainer told Drita she needs to start sparring with a partner. Drita said like who? The trainer said ” I will find somebody”. Drita agreed, it wasn’t until Drita got to the gym, the following episode and actually saw that her sparring partner was tough too. All of a sudden Drita didn’t want to even get in the ring. The trainner practically begged her and Drita claimed that ” I want to be a better role model for my kids, and never came back to said gym again. Drita prides herself on knocking every broad out in Staten Island , except the ones that are waiting on her in the ring.
    Team Ramona & Karen

  15. Riannah says:

    Dont ever call me low class nick, this is a blog you don’t even know me. Drita is not low class she’s probably the classiest one there because she’s real. What are you talking about “the way she talks” you obviously have never been to New York, that’s how all of the people I have ever met talk like. Ramona is trash; how DARE you bring up the fact that she’s a mother. Drita can drop an f-bomb all she want, Ramona bringing in the fact that Drita’s a mother and getting her kids involved makes her a low class piece of trash. If that’s the biggest excuse she can come up with she’s also pretty retarded, too. You don’t bring up the mother thing ever. EVER. and she’s a piece of trash she ganged up on Drita 2 against one, so she’s not only low class trash she’s a coward, too.