Tough Talk With Steve Ward: Episode 6


Steve Ward Tough Love
Master Matchmaker Steve Ward is back for another season of Tough Love, and each week, he’ll be giving us an exclusive look at what went down behind the scenes on the series. This week, Steve was interested in seeing how well the ladies could smile in the face of adversity, and even thinks Donna has a knack for comedy.

So what did you think of all the comedy sets the women did? Was there anyone who actually surprised you with how funny they were?

Oh, Donna, she’s fantastic. You didn’t even see the half of it, she did an impersonation of her mom, Sheila, and that was edited down, but she was really fantastic. And believe it or not, Stephanie really rose to the occasion and did a great job. Elizabeth did a great job, Despina was hilarious. The jokes were all really funny, but I distinctly remember how great Donna was. I really think she could make a second career out of this, that’s how good she was.

I was also really surprised by Melissa because she actually didn’t seem nervous at all beforehand, and then it she bombed. Was that as bad as it looked?

It was even worse! Nobody said a word. She’s most comfortable when she’s awkward and making it awkward for other people, so that’s what she did, she made it uncomfortable for everybody in the room.

The soup spilling into everyone’s lap — that just seemed cruel.

Let me tell you something, we started with Shalana that day, and we spilled an iced tea over her back, the original idea was to spill a bunch of different things, and I was like, no, that’s not enough, we won’t get a reaction from these girls unless we really mess with them, so let’s go straight to the bouillabaisse and give it to every one of them. So the rest of the girls got the bouillabaisse.

And they all complained that they smelled like shrimp! Let’s talk about Stephanie and John.

After all the stand up comedy, Stephanie got wasted and just tried to push John away. As soon as she shared what she did with John, she knew it was going to make him uncomfortable and she didn’t bother to do it in a sensitive or compassionate way, and she was ready to turn and run from him unless I brought him back to her. Normally these guys just go away if it’s not working out. Like, I didn’t have Elizabeth say goodbye to Stefon because it wasn’t working out, it wasn’t important for me to do that. But in this case, I thought that Chris deserved the respect of a face to face discussion with Melissa, and if I didn’t bring John back, Stephanie would have been through with him.

After Stephanie told John she made out with another guy, he shut down on her which she was upset about, but what I noticed was that she sort of played the victim instead of realizing she probably hurt him.

Yup. She didn’t realize she hurt him, that’s why I needed to bring him there, so he could express to her how he felt and why he felt that way. They really did resolve what they needed to and I think from that point forward, they’re on track.

I do want to share with you that we held our Ditch or Date contest last season and the winner of that contest, a girl named Shornay, had a walk on role in the background of that scene as one of the spillers, and she had the time of her life. We gave her a consultation on the set too and she sent us the most touching thank you note. It really meant a lot to us. It was a big deal for us to give someone this prize, and I was just really touched by her response to it all.

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