Mob Wives Style: The Reunion Fashions


We’ve been to a few reality show reunions now, and we know at this point that a lot of fashion decisions are made at the last minute. Often the casts of our shows bring a few outfit changes, a steamer trunk full of shoes, and a stylist to help them get dressed, and the Mob Wives were no different at the taping of this latest reunion.

When I asked all the ladies ahead of time what they planned to wear, Carla and Renee were the only ones who had a definitive answer (Carla was in Bebe, Renee was wearing a dress custom-designed for her by local label Carla’s Closet in she wore her own brand new shoe line called Mob Candy, available at the Brooklyn store Je T’aime). Despite the last minute choices the rest had to make, we think they all pulled it together and looked amazing on the show. Take a look at some close ups of the ladies’ outfits, shoes, and supermodel poses in our Mob Wives fashion gallery below.
Part two of the Mob Wives reunion will air on Sunday, May 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Why so Angry? says:

    I like Mob wives for its realism. I think this is the most authentic of all the “wives” shows. One can’t help but like each one of the ladies because they are being themselves and not performing for the cameras. But I can’t help but wonder why these women are soooooooooo violent and abusive — verbally and physically. It appears they are displacing their rage onto one another. It’s sad to see them in such cycles of viciousness. God help them…my heart goes out to them.

  2. Lisa says:

    They look a little big for her feet lol

  3. Marisol says:

    I LOOOVE Drita & Renee shoes! Very Cute

  4. bella says:

    Too big for her foot!!! Carla rocked the best shoes!

  5. Is Karen holding a urine specimen ?

  6. TEAMRAMONA says:

    Shes looks BEAUTIFUL & STUNTING like ALWAYS !!! HATERS stay on their JOB 24/7 so START HATTING!!!

  7. team renee says:

    I love those shoe’s. renee is fierce anyway keep it up girl

  8. jenn tosch says:

    I just want to say in response to Mia’s, posting regarding getting rid of carla next season….I think if anyone should be should be Ramona..Honestly…i do agree that Drita does have a temper issues.,,but as we all know she is working on that. As for the whole, reunio outburst,,i can totally see why drita jst wnts to knock ramona out..I want to say that they all need to grow up and everyone needs to FRICKEN stop trying to make everyone & their Mother get along. I love big ange!! who doesn’t right?? but her & Renee need to seriously STOP & let these women agree to disagree. drita doesn’t wnt to be friends with ramona, vise versa,,so let it be for gods sakes. they are both fully consentual they jst dont wnt to be friends..let it be everyone..that’s the only thing im sick of hearing. but i love the show..and i jst hope it stays REAL & shows more of them other than jst eating or drinking. heehee