The Most Shocking Revelations From Part One Of The Mob Wives Reunion


Mob WIves Most Shocking Moments Reunion

On tonight’s first installment of the Mob Wives reunion, there were so many revelations and complete surprises, we’re still reeling. This five-month-long season has been epic, and occasionally it can feel like some of the fights and arguments go in circles, but this reunion was not just a re-hashing of events we’re seen ten times already, there were new arguments, buried secrets that were dug up, and absolutely heartbreaking personal issues that we never had any idea existed. So what made the cut for our biggest shocks from part one? Check our list below.

1. Renee Suffered A Miscarriage During Filming

When Joy probed Renee about her feelings toward Junior, Renee said simply “I probably wouldn’t have anything to say to him. He’s selfish, self-centered, evil, no good.” It would make sense to think that she was just upset about his cooperation with the government, but her pain was much more personal. She admitted that she was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage as a result of all the stress that resulted. “Because of all this I miscarried, that’s actually why I ended up in the hospital,” she tearfully admitted. As if your heart couldn’t break for this woman even more, boom, it just did. “I definitely could not have carried a child, I was not in the right frame of mind.”

2. The Real Reason For Junior’s Lukewarm Reaction To Renee Giving Him A Watch Was…

Remember back when it was Junior’s birthday and Renee gave him a watch as a gift and his response was…well…blah? Turns out it’s because the wire he has been wearing was inside his regular watch. Pretty funny when you look back on it. Or, as Drita says, “To have a wire in a watch is pretty f—ing crazy.”

3. Ramona Wears Her Nickname “Lucifer” Proudly…Although She Prefers Lucifina

When Joy asked Ramona is she deserves her nickname “Lucifer/Lucifina,” which Drita and Carla called her throughout the season, she agreed that yes, she does.”If somebody does something to me, yeah…If you’re going to attack me, I’m gonna be a devil.”

4. The Big Fight Between Carla And Renee Could Have Easily Been Avoided
Carla explained that she really was never informed by anyone that Renee’s plastic surgery was life-threatening, hence why she never called Renee, which resulted in their big fight early on this season. And on the reunion, we learned that Drita, the only person in the cast that Carla speaks to regularly, was instructed by producers to not tell Carla any details. “Renee’s sister told me, ‘Do not say anything, they have a very bad situation…that’s what I was told, and that’s what I did.” And you know the rest…

5. Carla Slept With Karen’s Uncle?

In the midst of a heated argument between Carla and Ramona, Karen stepped in to show Ramona support by calling out Carla for some alleged illicit behavior. “You f—ed my uncle for years,” Karen said, shocking everyone, causing Renee to walk off the set, and leaving Carla to deny the allegations. “Get the f— out of here,” she said. “I f—ed your uncle? I’m done.” What’s true is something only Carla and this mystery uncle can confirm.

6. The Big Fight Between Karen and Drita Could Probably Have Been Avoided Too
We’re sensing a pattern…We all know that the fight between Karen and Drita at Renee’s celebration of life party was a mess and they never should have tried to talk at that particular moment. But what we didn’t know was that Drita and Karen could have spoken before that night…they were just instructed not to. Karen claims she was told that Drita “wasn’t ready” to talk to her all summer long, but this was news to Drita. “Who told you that??” she asked Karen. “I wanted to meet you, Jennifer said you weren’t ready,” Karen responded, and Karen has Jennifer Graziano join them on the set. “There were times when Karen asked me to speak to Drita, she wanted to speak to her, and Drita said she didn’t want to,” Jennifer explained, but then said that just before Renee’s party, Drita did agree to a peaceful meeting with Karen. Unfortunately, by the time both women were ready to speak to each other, it was just before Renee’s party, and their meeting was ultimately orchestrated to happen that night. “I made a wrong judgment call,” Jennifer admitted.

7. Drita And Ramona Really Might Have It Out One Day, And It’s Not Going To Be Pretty

The ladies might have all sat down at a nice family-oriented dinner and Karen and Drita might have (mostly) resolved their issues, but there is no love lost between Drita and Ramona. At the intense climax of tonight’s show, Ramona defends her position for getting involved in the fight with Drita and Karen, and things begin to get heated. Ramona and Drita, both hotheaded, stand up from their seats and threaten to take things to a physical level until they’re separated. “Why don’t we just let us fight??” Drita asks as Renee, the producers, and even the crew try to separate them. “Let us f—ing fight,” Drita says as she walks off the set, but not before screaming to Ramona “After this show, we’re fighting.”

Which moment from tonight’s episode was your favorite? Did we leave any out? Leave your thoughts from this episode in the comments and your predictions for what’s going to go down on part two!

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