The Most Shocking Revelations From Part One Of The Mob Wives Reunion


Mob WIves Most Shocking Moments Reunion

On tonight’s first installment of the Mob Wives reunion, there were so many revelations and complete surprises, we’re still reeling. This five-month-long season has been epic, and occasionally it can feel like some of the fights and arguments go in circles, but this reunion was not just a re-hashing of events we’re seen ten times already, there were new arguments, buried secrets that were dug up, and absolutely heartbreaking personal issues that we never had any idea existed. So what made the cut for our biggest shocks from part one? Check our list below.

1. Renee Suffered A Miscarriage During Filming

When Joy probed Renee about her feelings toward Junior, Renee said simply “I probably wouldn’t have anything to say to him. He’s selfish, self-centered, evil, no good.” It would make sense to think that she was just upset about his cooperation with the government, but her pain was much more personal. She admitted that she was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage as a result of all the stress that resulted. “Because of all this I miscarried, that’s actually why I ended up in the hospital,” she tearfully admitted. As if your heart couldn’t break for this woman even more, boom, it just did. “I definitely could not have carried a child, I was not in the right frame of mind.”

2. The Real Reason For Junior’s Lukewarm Reaction To Renee Giving Him A Watch Was…

Remember back when it was Junior’s birthday and Renee gave him a watch as a gift and his response was…well…blah? Turns out it’s because the wire he has been wearing was inside his regular watch. Pretty funny when you look back on it. Or, as Drita says, “To have a wire in a watch is pretty f—ing crazy.”

3. Ramona Wears Her Nickname “Lucifer” Proudly…Although She Prefers Lucifina

When Joy asked Ramona is she deserves her nickname “Lucifer/Lucifina,” which Drita and Carla called her throughout the season, she agreed that yes, she does.”If somebody does something to me, yeah…If you’re going to attack me, I’m gonna be a devil.”

4. The Big Fight Between Carla And Renee Could Have Easily Been Avoided
Carla explained that she really was never informed by anyone that Renee’s plastic surgery was life-threatening, hence why she never called Renee, which resulted in their big fight early on this season. And on the reunion, we learned that Drita, the only person in the cast that Carla speaks to regularly, was instructed by producers to not tell Carla any details. “Renee’s sister told me, ‘Do not say anything, they have a very bad situation…that’s what I was told, and that’s what I did.” And you know the rest…

5. Carla Slept With Karen’s Uncle?

In the midst of a heated argument between Carla and Ramona, Karen stepped in to show Ramona support by calling out Carla for some alleged illicit behavior. “You f—ed my uncle for years,” Karen said, shocking everyone, causing Renee to walk off the set, and leaving Carla to deny the allegations. “Get the f— out of here,” she said. “I f—ed your uncle? I’m done.” What’s true is something only Carla and this mystery uncle can confirm.

6. The Big Fight Between Karen and Drita Could Probably Have Been Avoided Too
We’re sensing a pattern…We all know that the fight between Karen and Drita at Renee’s celebration of life party was a mess and they never should have tried to talk at that particular moment. But what we didn’t know was that Drita and Karen could have spoken before that night…they were just instructed not to. Karen claims she was told that Drita “wasn’t ready” to talk to her all summer long, but this was news to Drita. “Who told you that??” she asked Karen. “I wanted to meet you, Jennifer said you weren’t ready,” Karen responded, and Karen has Jennifer Graziano join them on the set. “There were times when Karen asked me to speak to Drita, she wanted to speak to her, and Drita said she didn’t want to,” Jennifer explained, but then said that just before Renee’s party, Drita did agree to a peaceful meeting with Karen. Unfortunately, by the time both women were ready to speak to each other, it was just before Renee’s party, and their meeting was ultimately orchestrated to happen that night. “I made a wrong judgment call,” Jennifer admitted.

7. Drita And Ramona Really Might Have It Out One Day, And It’s Not Going To Be Pretty

The ladies might have all sat down at a nice family-oriented dinner and Karen and Drita might have (mostly) resolved their issues, but there is no love lost between Drita and Ramona. At the intense climax of tonight’s show, Ramona defends her position for getting involved in the fight with Drita and Karen, and things begin to get heated. Ramona and Drita, both hotheaded, stand up from their seats and threaten to take things to a physical level until they’re separated. “Why don’t we just let us fight??” Drita asks as Renee, the producers, and even the crew try to separate them. “Let us f—ing fight,” Drita says as she walks off the set, but not before screaming to Ramona “After this show, we’re fighting.”

Which moment from tonight’s episode was your favorite? Did we leave any out? Leave your thoughts from this episode in the comments and your predictions for what’s going to go down on part two!

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  1. RASHEL says:


  2. Ha-ha says:

    Drita is pretty tough, she must terrorize her husband, as he is a coward, in prison the other inmates would not let him use the telephone, but his wife she is a pitbull in a dress.By the way she is not a mob wife either, her husband has been victimized by mobsters,

  3. Joanny says:

    Can’t stand Ramona. Get her off the show. As for Nene — Karen was a dush- screwed about 5 guys while with her “boyfriend.” Drita did nothing wrong – her and Karen were not even speaking – she was pregnant with SOMEONE elses child and moved to Arizona. She could have kept in touch with Drita but she didn’t.

    Karen and Ramona belong together – can’t stand either one of them. GET THEM OFF THE SHOW.

    Karen has a lot of balls saying that to Carla screwed her uncle. Carla h as to much class. Karen is a real scumbag.

    Renee, my heart goes out to you and big Ang – love you. Such a sweetheart.

    If the producer doesn’t watch out Karen and Ramona will take over the show.

  4. Angelica says:

    My favorite moment was when Drita got in Ramona’s face. I feel Ramona likes to stir all the ladies up except her buddy, Karen. One of my favorties is Drita cause we all can relate to her, doesn’t like trouble but if she’s provoked she comes out her face. My orher favorite is Carla cause she’s the most down to earth mob wife. Carries herself like a lady but like Drita doesn’t allow to be taken advantage of. I feel Ramona doesn’t want tranquility & friendship between the mob wives. She loves stirring things up. Now more than ever she will stir up trouble since Drita & Karen made up. It’s very exciting to see these mob wives.

  5. M&M'se says:

    Renee is my favorite mob wife and I feel really bad that she suffered a miscarriage due to all the stress in her life with Junior. She went through a very horrific year with Junior’s betrayal and her father going back to jail. I like Drita and Karen and I think they would actually make very good friends if it weren’t for Ramona. Ramona antagonizes Drita, knows Drita’s weakness (bad temper) and messes with her mentally. I wish them all the best of luck and look forward to next season. This is definitely one of my favorite shows on television.

  6. Donna says:

    Lucafina actually looked good. Different hair/hair color looked much better on her than the black, parted down the middle look.

  7. Lorie Worthy says:

    Renee Suffered A Miscarriage During Filming

    Was the most shocking news ever…. After every thing Junior put her through… I feel for her… I’m so sorry for you lose Renee….

  8. Bernice says:

    Love Ramona!! She isn’t intimidated by Drita! Drita is ALL talk and not once did Ramona Back down…..Good for you Ramona! Love Ya!

  9. Donna says:

    PS just cause I paid Lucafina a complement doesnt mean Im a fan of hers… I’d like to see Karen and Lucafina both go. Big Ang is my absolute favorite. She’s the only reason I kept watching the show after the roof top event. Which by the way, again Lucifer, should have left Karen and Drita alone. She antaginized that whole situation. If Im ever in Statten Island Im stopping at Ang’s bar for a cocktail!


  11. Elizabeth says:

    I just love Drita,Im 100% on her side,i would like her to box with Ramona and beat the crab out of her,so we dont have to see that smuck face,thinkling everyone has to be afraid of her,,,,,Drita all the way

  12. LUV MOBWIVES says:

    I REALLY would like Ramona off the show. I mean all thru the interview, she was making sure her hair looked good and her dressed showed off her fricken knee. She’s so narcistic. She makes the show look bad! PLEASE TAKE HER OFF THE SHOW!!

  13. CR says:

    I truely can’t stand Ramona if they brought her on the show for drama, please get rid of her. She’s so obnoxious. I felt so bad for Renee when they mentioned the miscarriage it just goes to show she would of done anything for Junior even start all over again having a baby. I believe what Drita said that he did that so she would be pregnant and go with him. What a snake he is. Love the show but I have to record it so I can fast forward past Ramona and Karen they drive me crazy. Karen leaves her daughter to be on a show and Ramona takes her young daughter to a scary prison what is wrong with them. Love everyone else on the show

  14. cherish says:

    So Carla isn’t perfect after all. I honestly believe Carla loves the drama. I have friends who HATE each other and like Renee I’m in the middle. The only difference is I don’t tell them what they say about each other. That’s there thing. Carla needs to stop feeling Drita information and just be her friend. Carla lies alot and needs to be a mother, and a friend.

  15. Sudo says:

    Please, get rid of Ramona. All the others can lose it but they show redeeming qualities when not riled up. But not Ramona; haven’t seen anything redeeming about her. Just a big mouth who likes to stir the pot.

  16. Mary says:

    Drita is my favorite, its a pitty that we don;t go to see her in the season 3 :-(

  17. Linda says:

    Drita , behavior is truly “Ghetto” she is a grown woman , behave like one!

  18. justren says:

    Love Ramona & Karen, they keep it real, don’t listen to the rumors, come to the source of the talk, DRITA!!!! She talks tough, but she can get her rear kicked like all the rest!!!! She is always asking Carla for the latest talk about her, why not go to the source, she knows who’s talking?

  19. R.B. Rose says:

    First, I am sorry that Renee had a miscarriage. But even more shocking is that Ramona never quits razzing Drita. I heard Drita say to get it over with and come out with gloves. Thats what she wants– put her in the ring with Drita. Let’s see who comes out on top. Doyathink– Drita ? No contest. Loyalty is everything! R.B.

  20. Marsha Olsen says:

    I wish they would get Ramona off that show. I think she causes most of the problems.

  21. MobFAN says:

    I love Ramona!!! Kick Drita and Carla to the curb their boring as hell and Drita is a phony. I can say that cause I am from 10305……That trick is fake!!!

  22. Diana Dous says:

    I so love All of the Girls !!!!!! and the fact that Vh1 keeps it real not like ths other show like Bravo!!! So For Me! keep it comimg Mob Wives!! My Dream is to meet all the Grils One Day!!! Love You!!!!

  23. Susan Schegan says:

    Karen, can’t u see that Ramona is jealous of anyone u r friends with she want’s u all to herself! She is always starting trouble. Get rid of her & u will be better off!

  24. Bella says:

    Drita – At the end of the day you are a Mother. Your children WILL see this TV show. While in the heat of anger may get to you please yourself, but remember your children will see this. Do NOT show them about being a bully and acts of violence
    The best moments on this season is with you and your children being a great Mom
    Don’t let the be ashamed of you

  25. tabitha says:

    Ramona is pretty and she stands up for her family. Why do people defend Drita and not Ramona. Drita is the worst. She is a bully and very annoying and not so tough as she says. Renes son is a punk. I wana slap his girlfriend shes disrespectfull to Renee. Rude. I like Ramona and I love big Ang. I think Carla is the worst.So funny how jealous she is of her kids dad when she acts like she does not care .heheh Big Ang is my role model hahhaha . Her son is ugly though and thinks hes so hot hahaha

  26. Tesss says:

    Drita & Carla came onto this show with no chance of peace because that’s the way Jenn Graziano played it out. karen being one of her best friends explained to me why Drita & Carla were pegged for confrontations. karen didn’t have the b*lls to deal with Drita herself, hence rattttmonas presence. I am sooo sorry I ever watched this show.

  27. Eileen says:

    I love the show Big Ang I would love to meet you,you always stay calm through all the craziness.And Renee you deserve better then jumior /Karen and Drita need to put things in the past and leave them there

  28. Jennifer says:

    Did anyone else notice that, in a way, this is provocation on behalf of the producers. I mean, they want good television at the end of the day, they are going to throw the women into situations that they think could possibly end up in conflict. If the women just sat around politely discussing their issues gently puffing on cigarettes, would we watch it? Probably not. Romana was brought on the show for a reason. She stirs up trouble and they wanted her, in a way, to make Karen look better due to her book coming out.. And I personally think they were successful. Drita is real, she feels as though she was set up at Renee’s party, she is catching on to the fact that they will do what they have to do to make good reality television, instead of what is the more appropriate thing to do, which would of been to have Karen and Drita meet to talk before the party. I don’t buy that Ramona was simply “walking over to tell them both this wasn’t the time” and I don’t buy that Jennifer simply made “a bad judgement call” by having them re-unite at the party. And who the hell is Romana kidding? If Drita got her hands on her, she would get her face mangled.

  29. Team Drita says:

    So Karen can bang the world, but Drita…oh, no! You married the guy I screwed over 50 times and left?! How dare you! Tired of hearing about the ‘fight’ Drita had. One fight a dude had her in a headlock while the witches took pot shots at her, and the other time security pounced on her. LET HER FIGHT JUST ONCE…the chirping will stop ’cause the jaws will be wired. Walk away from Karen, Drita. She’s no friend. She’s desperate for cred for banging Lee. (Yes, it’s ALL about Lee.) And as for Ramona….what a waste of time. Someone just shut her up and send her away. How obnoxious.

  30. Team Drita says:

    Sorry, Drita…what I meant to say is: It’s all about YOU winning Lee. Karen is mentally insane. She just wants cred…not friendship. They want to be you. You just want them to shut up and stay away. Don’t feel guilty for walking away from Karen. She doesn’t truly care about YOU at all. It’s all about her.

  31. richgeana white says:

    i think drita and romona will fight i believe alot of all the issues could be ironed out without all the negativity from romona comunication is key ladies and i use that term losely because most of you with the exception of big ang have really been acting like baby high school girls with the he said she said crap hint ladies grow up please what kind of example are you setting for your your children letting them see how you handle these minor irritations what will they think when you have to handle major problems trully think about that our kids are out of control now the key is to help not hinder

  32. Malene346 says:

    Team Drita!! – Rene is basket case – Love it!! – Big Ang – Sweetheart !! Love her!! Carla – Love the no nonsense – Team Drita! – Renee – riding on her father’s coat tails, she is stuck on Lee who Drita has already thrown away. Renee is fake wannabe along with her girlfriend Ramona – talking trash and will be brought down by Team Drita!! Drita said her friends would come up in here and release like Beasts!! – My favorite part of that reunion. I can’t wait for Sunday to watch Part 2 – DRITA! DRIT DRITA DRITA DRITA DRITA DRITA DRITA DRITA!

  33. Tiff says:

    I don’t understand how people who aren’t Karen, Drita or Carla can say what happened and what didn’t. Nobody was there and even though Carla might come off as classy doesn’t mean she is behind closed doors. People are only going to show you what they want you to see. I like Karen but I do think she has to jsut let the past go. I always felt like Carla was fake and wasn’t showing her true self she seems like she is haiding something to me. Renee is just the best I waish her all the luck. Drita needs to continue anger managment and I do kind of think she lies I can just sense it. Ramona just needs to mind her busness. Big Ang is the best thing that ever happened to this show. In the end there is always 2 sides to the story and there is the truth so picking sides it just a waste of time if you weren’t there.

  34. Erica says:

    I love Drita,you can tell what you see is what you get.She is real like my other favorite big angie.Ramona likes to talk a lot,if they would have let drita at her drita would have beat the hell out of her.Also to be clear i seen that fight between drita,karen,ramona over and over again.i think drita punch ramona in the mouth and made her bleed if you watch it again you will see drita goes in just punching .Ramona felt embarassed and said derick hit her but it was drita.

  35. T in Texas says:

    She was pregnant , HOW ? Because supposedly she waited for Junior . And then she said that she and Junior hardly ever were romantic . Because he thought of her as fat . So how was she pregnant ? Hmmm Sounds like a sob story to me . Plus the older you are the harder to get pregnant . Just saying .

  36. Fran says:

    In my opinion, the only reason why Drita & Karen got physcial at Renee’s party is because Ramona came over and involved herself. I also do not think that the beef would have been as vicious or drawn-out where it not for Ramona fanning the flames all season long. She just wanted onto the show and this was her way of securing a spot. She brings nothing to the show imho and I don’t think that anyone but Karen actually likes her/considers her a friend. The other women just tolerate her.

  37. Sophia says:

    Happiness doesn’t seem possible living with all this bs going on everyday… why does no one think to move?? I would like to think that if it wasn’t for the business opportunities, Karen would not have even considered moving back!! A real shame it doesn’t phase Karen that for $$, she sacrificed any opportunity her daughter had for a healthy childhood!!! :(

  38. S.o.S says:

    True, why doesn’t Karen consider her daughter’s well-being and wishes?!? You would think she learned from her own childhood that growing up around the mob (wise-guys as Big Ang calls them), leads them to develop the “mob mentality”.

    Hope she realizes she’s not going to have a say in her daughter’s life later, when attempting to guide her daughter to make Good decisions–she just forfeited that right!!

    Has she become blind all of a sudden & can’t see that she’s forcing her daughter to grow up in the Very Environment she writes a book about in order to (supposedly) “dissuade” others from…. hmm, anyone not see the hipocrisy in that?!?!