Basketball Wives – Episode 14 – Island Of Zen


“The water is really, really blue. It reminded me of the Maldives, where I went with Eric for my honeymoon,” Jennifer says as she arrives in Tahiti. Those words will come back to her because she apparently has a habit of comparing tropical vacation locales and that irks her old friends, but for now, it’s an innocent enough comment, and it makes us doubly jealous since we’ve never been anywhere cool like the Maldives or Tahiti. Anyway. She and Kenya have missed all the Tami/Kesha drama, but lucky for them, they’re about to engage in their own.

Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tami are sharing a sunset cruise together and they spy Jennifer on the deck of her villa just after she’s checked in. And like any over-30 adult women, they squeal “That’s her that’s her that’s her!”
Basketball Wives
“Where?” Shaunie asks. “Right there! Right there!” Tami says.

Right here, Shaunie!
Basketball Wives
Jennifer is, of course, totally oblivious. She’s still making a Venn diagram of similarities between this place and the Maldives, but now that Evelyn’s seen her, her blood pressure spikes and she’s anxious now that her nemesis is on site.

Suzie stayed behind and didn’t go on the sunset cruise in order to hang out with Jennifer, and first things first, she tells Jen that Kesha left the island in record time. She took a twenty nine hour flight, but left after just forty-eight hours there. Jen is stunned that Kesha bolted, but she’s actually not surprised that the ladies edged her out.

“I’m actually not surprised because you never know with this group,” she says. Jen is loving the vibe of Tahiti though, which is why so far, she’s avoiding the rest of the group. She’s like “Really, you want to have drama here?” She has no plans to talk to Evelyn or address their issues because in her mind, it’s a lost cause.

Later, Suzie meets with the girls who are back from the sunset cruise to tell them everything from her dinner with Jen (why is it that Suzie is allowed to repeat all this and get a pass?) and she says that Jen wants to meet with Shaunie to talk about feelings, and that she doesn’t want to talk to Evelyn. Everyone is kind of exhausted by this runaround.

But the next day their exhaustion turns into annoyance because Jen and Kenya have been on the island for a while now and haven’t bothered to say hello or get in touch with anyone but Suzie. Shaunie is especially bothered by this. They decide to ignore Jen for now and start with Kenya, they want to see her, but they also want to check in and see how their fish prank is going. If you’ll recall, Suzie, Shaunie and Evelyn put dead fish in Kenya’s bungalow to see how much of the stink she could take, and as Tami and Shaunie approach her room, the stench is already there.

“I had to breathe through my mouth,” Shaunie says as they walk away from the room, once Kenya has promised to join them at breakfast. “O-M-Geeee,” Tami says, unable to process how Kenya is keeping to together in that chum-filled room.

Now that she’s been convinced to come out, Kenya marches over to the ladies and pushes her chair out, away from the table. As she gives them a steely stare, she tells them that she’s not in the best mood, since the last time she was with them all, “I had a bottle thrown at me the last time I was around her, so…I’m not gonna be happy,” and she says nodding at Evelyn.
Kenya Basketball Wives
Evelyn apologizes, sort of.
Evelyn Basketball Wives
Tami tries to broker the situation, asking “Do you accept her apology?” but it’s ignored when everyone realizes Kenya’s giving them all a crazy stare and it freaks them out.
Kenya Basketball Wives
I mean, you have to laugh at their faces because they all think that Kenya is about go full-on Crazytown.
Basketball Wives
“A comment like ‘loose’ — if it was said — is not enough to hit somebody with a bottle,” Kenya says, explaining why she needs a minute to digest Ev’s apology. “I was very angry about what happened, and I wanted revenge,” Kenya says almost disappointedly, when it turns out that Evelyn’s apology is real and she’s calm throughout their conversation.

Shaunie’s still not convinced that Kenya isn’t gonna flip out, and she keeps asking her if she’s okay, to which Kenya hilariously responds “I’m a little bit crazy. A little bit. I know I am.” And then like four seconds later, she recovers from the crazies, asks for a drink, and everyone’s cool. Oh, that Tahihian magic! So once she becomes cool with everyone again, she wonders where Kesha is, and they tell her all about how she was run out of town. Kenya is unfazed and says “Once again Kesha was running and crying and being a punk.” Ouch. But you have to hand it to the group, at least they resolved this Kenya-Evelyn issue. Now the only thing left to do is beat the dead horse known as Jennifer. (To borrow Evelyn’s phrase from earlier this season, of course!)

They get Kenya to pull Jen out of her villa and the two of them begin to enjoy a nice meal together, alone. But soon, Tami and Shaunie join them at the table to tell them their issues.
Basketball Wives
“I’m so mad at you,” Shaunie tells Jen, explaining that it was just rude for Jen to arrive and not say hello to any of them for a whole day. “Don’t me mad at me! I’m trying to stay away from the drama,” Jen says. “It’s escalated to a point of no return.” As Jen is further discussing this point, Evelyn walks over to the table because even though it’s a point of no return, she needs to talk this out.
Basketbal Wives
“This is not an argument, this is not a fight,” Evelyn says. This is just to “lay out on the table who said what.” Keeping it one hundred, etc. Jen isn’t in the mood though and she gets up to walk away, but Evelyn follows.
Basketball Wives
“You don’t wanna talk about it now, but you’re on Twitter tough-talking?” Evelyn calls out to Jen.
Basketball Wives
“Keep listening to the lies,” Jen tells her as she closes the door on Evelyn. But the door to the fight, it will open again soon.

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  1. Ty says:

    Please hug your kids! You see what the outcome could be if you don’t.

  2. Truth Serum says:

    Kenya did right. If bullie think you’re crazy, they’ll leave you alone. Evelyn is clearly scared of her now. This show is silly and it’s sad. Now Crackhead Tami wants to be a peacemaker. That’s funny. She really acts like somebody crazy knodding off on the corner or somebody’s old drunk aunt stumbling out the liquor store. It’s not cute! these ladies have compromised their entire character for the almighty $.

  3. Misstacie says:

    Kenya is so stupid, she doesn’t even realize that Evelyn didn’t actually apologize. She asked, “What do you want me to do…say I’m sorry for throwing a bottle?” That would be an anti-apology. Kenya is so fake, wanting to fit in so badly, that she’ll do anything, including playing one side over the other. Jen is not your friend. It’s just that no one else on the shoe likes her so she has no one to interact with…except maybe the show’s paramedic. Shaunie you are nothing but a pimp, and YES, We do think you are a HOT GHETTO MESS!!!! Thanks for putting black women on front street for all of white America to think we all act like circus monkeys. We can’t thank you enough. As if you didn’t already have enough money.

  4. just an advice says:

    Me personal think, Evelyn should just let Jen be until she is ready to talk, everything has a season and time to work itself out. If the friendship was real from the beginning then there is no way two people will allow it to be depart for a long time some times in life people do grow apart from old friends and if that’s the case in Jen, and E, point then let it be. Just a little advice for E, when you are trying to resolve the issue between you and a old friend of 12 years you, don’t have to bring up the past you should go in with a positive attitude and talk about ways you can resolve the issue and look for a way that you and that person can move forward or at least come to a conclusion of a common respectful relationship. All I can say is that the both of you need to come to an agreement and reevaluate ya’ll self, and see where the friendship went wrong dealing with self first. Pray about it. I don’t understand why people find it so hard to forgive each other but expect, God to forgive them when they make mistakes. 1John 4:20, f anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.

  5. katbunny says:

    Evelyn, Tami and Shauine are “two-faced bullies!”
    Smiling throught one side of their mouth and talking about a person from the other side of their mouth. A bully knows when to back down. Everlyn knew that Kenya was ready for a fight, so Evelyn apologizes. See bullies knows when to push, and when to back away !
    Good job Jennifer. Thanks you for walking away. Evelyn, Tami and Shauine are looking old.
    Evil can make you look bad!

  6. katbunny says:

    Evelyn is to stupid to know that she should say “hello”, first.
    Then ask Jennifer is she could speak with her. If a person says NO, they do not want to talk with you; you should leave it alone. Read a book Evelyn!

  7. just me says:

    Now Shawnie wants to tell someone about manners!!! GTFOH, where was she when Tami slapped Meeka? or when she stole Keishas purse? Where was she when Evelyn threw a glass at Royce, then a bottle at Kenya? BUt she gets upset when someone does not say Hi. This show is a disgrace!!!! And how come no one is checking Suzie for running gossip back in forth, the same thing they battling each other over?

  8. Mrs. Johnson says:

    Your right, Eve. really didn’t say she was sorry, but she didn’t go off like she normally do. Kenya was ready to fight and they all knew it.

  9. Acey says:

    At the end of the day.. None of these women are friends. They are fake ass hell. They wonder why Jen dont want to be bothered with them. I wouldnt deal with none of fake asses either. Shaunie is the worst, two-faced and tries to keep her hands clean but she is the main corportate of the bullish.. Evelyn needs a ass whipped, she thinks she is so damn bad..She isnt that damn bad.. Bark up the right tree boo boo. Remember how scared her ass was when Tami was checking for her… Tami is a cheap mess..Suzi is presses for friends.. All of them are some shallow women and should be embarrasses on how they act.. Especially those who have children..

  10. Rolonda Royal says:

    Basket ball wives is a joke. Tammie is a bully, Susie is a tatle tell, if teel her something she just goes back and repeat it. Evelyn and Tammie need to take some prozak, they both are crazy. The show is a bad representation of black women, they all act like high school girls. Shawnie needs to cancel the show because it is so ghetto.

  11. Lavine says:

    Okay, I really don’t like Kenya but I’m so glad she stepped to all the bullies and let them know how crazy she is….you see they didn’t snap on her cause they were scared! So let me get this straight, Tami goes completely crazy on Keisha because the “so called” heard some mess, but Kenya step right up in their faces, waiting for Evelyn to start some more “you know what” with her and they all fall back! hahaha….that says it all….they bully the weak and fall back on anybody who truly challenges them. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE: Tami, Shaunie, Suzie and Evelyn! hahahaha…they got punked this week!

  12. Tasha Wise says:

    VH1, needs to shut this show down, it reflects poorly on AA woman. Tammi, and Evelyn are ghetto as hell, and this behavior needs to stop. I am so disappointed in Shawney, how could she comment on how black woman are portrayed on TV and then support this behavior. And I hope everyone sees Suzie for what she is a troublemaker, all she does is go back and tell what everyone has said…..

  13. bev says:

    This show is really sad. All these women have more money than most but they do not act like it. The old saying is true “you can take the girl out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out the girl”. I understand why Evelyn is upset because her and Jen were friends for so long but Evelyn should not have brought her friend to the racetrack. Tami is who I am most surprised at. Tami is a bully. How does she think she can tell someone not to talk about her? Who the hell does she think she is? I find them all sad and after this season I will not be watching this show any more.

  14. Grown women says:

    Omg I can’t believe evelyn. Damn you talking about stuff you and Jen did in the past .wow that’s not real .shaunie come on why you never tell evelyn to chilli out when Jen got hit y’all just let her walk out and didn’t ask if she ok. Shaunie I thought you was better then that:( tammi tammi just look at the show .Jen keep your head up girl.People got your back

  15. Phillygurl says:

    I thought Evelyn said that Jennifer is her enemy. If your enemy doesn’t want to be bothered with you shouldn’t it make you happy. Jennifer has the attitude that I apologized once, you threw it in my face so I’m over it. Evelyn was expecting her to beg her or be her lap dog forever. Clearly Jen has moved on and Evelyn should too. Although Tami seems like she is down to play Farnsworh Bentley to Evelyn’s P-Diddy. Tami’s so far up Evelyn’s behind I can’t tell where she begins and Evelyn ends.

  16. Ms. C says:

    Just when you thought Evelyn couldn’t stooped any lower…her slimy belly is starting to slither all over the ground. My thing is okay…you and Jen are no longer friends. Why are you now trying to destroy her reputation…which by the according to Hollywood standards. No matter how angry you get when you snitch…you join the ranks of Superhead. So, Ms. Evelyn you are no better than Superhead. I’m sure Jen has some dirt on you too…Boo Boo. However , Jen knows the rules…but forget Hollywood rules…lets talk black woman rules. #1 Your man Chad…black women can’t stand because he’s color struck and mysognistic (last slice of pizza). We know you really don’t get it. #2 Even if we not friends anymore…we donot believe airing our former friends dirty laundry…because its not like you dont have none…If you want air someone’s dirty laundry…air your own. #3 Quit thinking you can kick everybody’s butt…black women know people who have been sent home in pine boxes for that…just sayin. The biggest problem with this show is that you have three women who have pretty much destroyed the true identity of Black American women. Most black women are far too sophisticated to fight over gossip. How pathetic is that? Please get Evelyn and Tami the help they need. Shaunie is looking like a snake oil salesman.

  17. p.reyes says:

    YES SHAUNIE, YOU ARE A HOT GHETTO MESS… it’s YOUR FAULT for the reason why BBW should be off the air.

  18. StrawberryFairy says:

    I cant stand Evelyn because she’s fightin dirty. What Jen did was wrong. She should not have posted on a blog or discussed ANYTHING about Evelyn’s relationship at all, but Evelyn is WAY more wrong than Jen because she uses information and secrets that she and Jen had during their 12 year friendship against her. As much as I cant stand Evelyn, she has taught me a very valuable lesson. NEVER EVER EVER tell ANYONE extremely personal things about yourself because once that confidant is mad at you, they WILL tell EVERYTHING!!!

  19. Jayne' says:

    I’m looking forward to the reunion show to find out how they will try and justify their ignorant behavior this season.I can’t imagine any of them feeling good about all the negativity they are receiving behind it.

  20. COMMON SENSE!!! says:


  21. mizmuse says:

    The problem with you women is that you have too much time on your hands. Instead of talking about each other and pretend that you like each other, which is obvious you don’t or you wouldn’t treat each the way you do. Just sever the ties and get a life.

  22. Estelle says:

    Yeah Shaunie they do look at you as ghetto because you are a hot ghetto mess. Eve get a life if Jen don’t want to be friends with your disloyal behind move on. You are always tooting your own horn about you being such a good friend then you turn around and talk about Jen’s personal business. You are a low down dirty snake. I think you are jealous you can no longer control Jen. Suzi get you some business then maybe your stupid ass can stay out of everyone one else’s business. Tami you are one hot mess, stop trying to play peacemaker with your unpeaceful ass–hypocrite.. Kenya you should have smacked Ev. If they were victims of bullying they would have understood why you were in the state of mind you were in. You are better off without them. Shaunie you are always stirring up trouble. You and Suzi could be twins Dumb/Dumber

  23. Ms. C. says:

    Please excuse my typos in previous thread. I just have something further to say about Shaunie.
    When the show’s first season aired… I was proud of Shaunie being a black, female producer. An area of in television where there’s a shortage or should I say not enough black women representing us. However, I started to have problems with this show as soon as Tami appeared because she was loud, po mouthing, and appeared to be suffering from alcoholism and bi-polar disorder. I felt like she was being exploited…but then Evelyn jump on the band wagon and became her mini- me…but even worst they became your besties (maybe they always were?) …yet they act like uneducated, bottom of the barrel women, who never self asess. Never! So, I would have rather you stayed in the producers chair and fight for a better image but you didn’t…you jump into the foolishness and sided with Tami and Evelyn who were wrong at the gate. In other words you divested from an executive producer seat and became a part of women with low self esteem and I’m so insecure group of women who are in their late thirties to early forties…which by the way, is not a good look. The show is ruined. Why didn’t you stay in the producers seat? Shaunie that is the fight you were suppose to be in…but you couldn’t stay behind cameras. Now, that sad.

  24. Cathy says:

    The three stooges (Tammi, Evelyn and Shaunie) spend thier entire days thinking of ways to start trouble. Evelyn, is so obsessed with Jen that it is driving her crazy. why can’t she accept the fact that Jen no longer want to socialize with someone as ghetto as she. Who with any class want to hang out Evelyn, Tammi or Shaunie. Their entire conversation is a bunch of lies and swearing. None of thse helfas can be trusted. As we seen tonight all you have to do is Stand up to those helfa, they will back down. That is the only reason Tammi and Evelyn kisses each other ass. Motor mouth Suzie need her ass kicked. All she does is pass information from one gang to the other. She is too stupid to realize, the stooges have absolutely no respect for her but uses her only to get information. I hope tha Dummy don’t think that they are her friends. I can’t believe Shaunie who is SUPPOSE to be the professional Stooge, talks about Jen and than go over and pretend she is upset because she did not let them fools know she was there, when she and the other two fools was on the boat and ignored her and made a joke about it. Just want to let you ghetto girls know you have been denounced by the black girls because BLACK GIRLS ROCK! I signed a petition to block your asses from TV, we have enough of you fools embarrassing black women on National TV.

  25. DMACK says:

    Kenya should have kicked you A@# Evelyn! “Just saying…….”

  26. @Superfunfanatic says:

    I Am A Black African American Male And I approve This Message:
    I have been raised by this stereotypical black woman that is displayed on national television for everyone to see. Was my mother vilant? No! Did she get her point across, Hell yes! I’m a fan of any Person, Man or Woman trying to get ahead in life, but in this manner, absolutely Not. I have nothing to gain as a viewer of the show, but damn as a Son, Brother, Father-Figure, Mentor, and Role Model I have everything to lose. but It can be hard when your lost like some of these women, sad to see what I wont even consider trash but hurt glorified in such a manner. Who says its cool to ever push your opinion on a person in such a manner that they have to agree with you. I see all the comments that women of all walks of have posted here and it just lets me know that, “NO THIS JUST AINT RIGHT”. And yes I have every right to express how “SAD” this really is. Stop The BULLYING. I mean None of these girls would really make behind the gates but Tammi,,,, Then again theres always someones match out there. VH1 you have the answer to all my questions and I want to live them out…… @superfunfantic is the truth!

  27. lindalee says:

    Man, Tami and Evelyn remind me of the high school bullies, who like to gather a crew and bully kids. REally ladies does it make you feel good cause you can bully people. I do not blame Jen I would not waist my time with a buch of ghetto acting bullies. Jen is right she know your friendship is not geniue and you all are messy. Susie is the sneaky little two faced one that keeps added fuel to the fire. You ladies are really give the africana american women a bad representation. You are already steorotype as angry, black women. And you ladies were that title well. Don’t hate Jen cause she is the only only one that has class. Shaunie really need take and look and see how silly these grown women look. You would think you are watching the bad girls club. I don’t blame Jen , stay away from those phony, angry, unhappy women. Evelyn doesn’t need to talk about no ones marriage, cause she is aggreeing to anything Chad wants , inclulded allow him to be unfaithful. He is make you look like a desperate fool. Maybe that is why you really angry with Jen. Cause she hit the nail on the head about Chad. His action is provining that everything Jen and the media said about him to be true. Evleyn you think you got problems now marry him and see. He do not respect you now so it will only get worse in time.

  28. @Kenya says:

    Kenya, are you really that stupid? Do you really think you got an apology from Evelyn? I would say you deserve what you get, but nobody deserves what this group dishes, so I’ll just say, “Watch your back!” They’re just playing you until they’re ready to strike again.

  29. Rosita Alvarado says:

    I’m very dissapointed. I own a few bookstores in the area and I will not be promoting Ev’s books. I have seen numerous boycotts against the show and last I heard a very prominent non profit is boycotting it, with the help of a well respected African American Role model that was instrumental in Obama’s election. Time to look for a second job bbw or should I say bbw rejects.

  30. kathryn says:

    Jen you did the right thing, you do not need to talk about the same crazy stuff over and over. Do not bow down to Evelyn she need help you are not the only one talking about her. She want to talk to you so she can pretend to be a peace maker it is too late for that!! Once you fall into that mess you will be back where you started. She put fish all over Kenya’s hut, Shaunie and Susan was with her. That place need to sue them for hiding fish all over the room. What grown women would do something like that, Shaunie come on now I thought you were better than that. You had the nerve to be angry with Jen because she would not kiss Evelyn butt. Kenya is sad she want to fit in so bad that she even tried to talk about Jen with them. Kenya you should have known they were picking at you, you should have stayed away from them you cant play with snakes. Susan is kissing butt making a fool out of all of them telling everything she know. She has no shame in her sorry game she go home and laugh at you fools!! I bet she will not tell you that.

  31. vfocused says:

    I am so sick of this beef, Im beginning to think the whole beef is fake. Did I just hear ev repeat the question about “Do you (Jen) still think we dont date the same guys” . No I did not just hear that stupid statement again come out of Ev’s mouth. Will someone please get in touch with the bully and tell her that NO! JENN DOES NOT DATE THE SAME GUYS AT LEAST NOT ANYMORE! WHAT PART OF JENN DONT WONT NO ATHLETE DO EV NOT UNDERSTAND! Jenn makes her own Gold, she dont need to dig for it with an athlete! Jenn is into having her own money! Ev you want Jenn to shut her mouth well why dont YOU SHUT YOURS ABOUT HER! Im glad Jenn is now seeing the entire show and how she is being clowned by the circle behind her back. That is why Jenn dont want to be around Ev and Tami cus they are around Ev and she dont want no parts of that drama. I dont blame jenn for this mess and I will never blame Jenn for this mess. Jenn has changed for the better she is still Jenn she just dont want drama, I UNDERSTAND HER PERFECTLY. TAMI, EV AND SHAUNIE OR JUST ABOUT KEEPING THE SHOW ALIVE WITH THE DRAMA TO GET PAID, THEY DONT GIVE A RATS BEHIND ABOUT HOW STUPID THEY ARE MAKING THEMSELVES LOOK. — THOUGH, NEXT EPISODE SHAUNIE TELLS SOMEONE THAT FINALLY SHE IS STARTING TO THINK THAT THAT IS WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ESPECIALLY BLACK WOMEN ARE STARTING TO THINK ABOUT HER THAT SHE IS A HOT GHETTO MESS! — Hello! Shaunie! You are so very very Late-

  32. Dmack says:

    Seriously Evelyn!!! You had to go there by putting Jen’s business out on Front-Street for everyone to know. Jen did the right thing by walking away from you. You are not worth her time or space. That’s what a classy lady does when dealing with Ghetto-Ass messy people like you. The fact that you tried to humiliate her by implying she slept around makes YOU look even sadder! Jen is soooooo OVER you Eve!

  33. Jealous Much? says:

    What’s wrong with Jen talking about her travels? Sounds to me like a bunch of hoodrats who have never been anywhere until now may be jealous. So Tahiti reminds her of her honeymoon in the Maldives. So what? I guess she should have gotten permission from the circle first to say this.

  34. Neicy says:

    These birds have played out. Get on with the finale so we can see some real enterrainment. SINGLE LADIES…

  35. vfocused says:

    …..and another thing, just wait until Kenya realizes or is told about the fish in her room, that chick may snap and let all of them have it! Kenya for one is not scared I do believe that, but she has no clue that they are clowining her also. Then again, maybe she does know and dont care. Next episode what is with Ev talking about Jenns past or telling things. Jenn need to unload info about Ev or just let that one go cus that is no friend, telling personal business putting it on blast on TV while Jenn is going thru a divorce. Ev is going to get hers back when she marrys chad. Then she will see the struggles of a marriage, it is not the same as just shacking with a man. Marriage is very different cus its also business especially with a celeb. You reap what you sew! After seeing the show tonite and previews of next episode, I seriously believe that Jenn wants to work things out, but without the drama but Ev dont know how to talk without taking jabs at her. Its so sad cus Ev is clearly hurt but she really cant communicate that well. YOU CAN TELL SOMEONE FAMILY OR FRIEND HOW THEY SHOULD CHANGE OR HOW THEY SHOULD ACT, AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN THRU CHANGES LIKE A DIVORCE. JENN HAS BEEN HURT AND ITS NICE TO SEE HER HAPPY AND SMILING CUS SHE DID SO MUCH CRYING IN THE PAST SEASON AND NOW ENUF IS ENUF!. JENN CAN TAKE THE DRAMA ANYMORE. EV NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO TALK RESPECTFULLY OR FIND ANOTHER BFF CUS RIGHT NOW THE GIRL IS AROUND A BUNCH OF TAG-A-LONG WANNA BE FRIENDS BUT NO FRIEND LIKE JENN WAS! Cant wait til’ this season is over! Im not sure if I want to watch another season cus its too many people not getting along.

  36. vfocused says:


  37. mederma says:

    Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie are complete and total IDIOTS. They’re always talking about how Jenn brags on where she has been, how she was raised etc., well what else is she supposed to talk about with this group, Politics? I guess she couldn’t even do that or they would say she was bragging about her education. It’s funny to me that the most educated women on the show seem to be the biggest targets, especially Kenya, she may come off as weird, but maybe that’s because she has a real brain in her head and isn’t quick to anger and that has the group confused.

  38. @Sally K says:

    Sally K, you’re right. There was a time when Jen did follow along with the drama and even participated in it. But at least she’s shown some growth over time, while the others just keep on going around in the same old wash cycle. True, it took the shock of Evelyn turning on her, but at least now she sees what kind of so-called friends they were. I think it took them dogging her to see what their and her behavior looked like.

  39. Renee says:

    well every time I watch this show it has really changed I us to love this show but it’s starting to be more like the bad girls club I thought they had there own show lol lol …..Well as long as we continue to watch then Shaunies and her gang will continue to get paid. We blog but we still watch… Just don;t let your teenage daughters watch this there are no role models….

  40. B says:

    Wow, I can’t believe these are 30 and 40 year old women! I thought shaunie would stay above the fray and not really appear in most episodes but, I see she wants to be seen, heard and get down and dirty like the rest of the trash. We all no that you know (Shaunie) exactly what people are thanking about you because you’ve already read it. The people in your meetings are thinking the same thing. Had you intervened and we seen some changes earlier, maybe people would believe you. I for one ain’t buying it. I wonder if maybe advertisers might be thinking about pulling out. I wonder if they are saying that! I for one hope so. I don’t like that these women of color with so much, this is how they represent women of color. They perpetuate every negative sterotype people have about black women. It makes me sick to my stomach. Everybody is just a little to sorry (and I agree, your all sorry) to late for me. I for one am so happy real women like Jennifer and Royce stay above the fray! They better represent me and other women I know.

  41. VH1 - CANCEL THIS SHOW says:

    Vh1 – I can not believe you still have this show on the air. You should cancel all relationships with Shaunie O’Neal. I always knew the cast was hood/ghetto but now I know Shaunie is too. I tried to give it another chance tonight and found it to be just as bad as last week so now I’m done!!!

  42. V.G says:

    You go girl, JEN.. When you walked away from Evelyn, showed the lady you are. Evelyn does not deserve any time from you. Jealousy is an ugly sight and Evelyn is ugly for being jealous it is obvious. Shame on you Evelyn you a grown a– woman and acting like a bully and who in the hell wants to ready your book.

  43. POETIC1 says:


  44. POETIC1 says:


  45. winnlu says:

    wow I am wondering if Evenly can’t let go of the fact that Jennifer do not want to be friends with her anymore and will not acknowledge her very presence has a deeper meaning. what Jen said about Ocho wasn’t enough to lose your sanity over some words. For Evenlyn to put Jen business out like that is foul and reaching, since she couldn’t get the response from Jen, she wanted. It does not matter who jen slept with, for Evenlyn to stoop to that low, she’s trying to bring jen to her level. I am quite sure jen knows a lot of dirt on Evenly too, but so far she has chosen to keep quiet about it. you are looking desperate evenlyn,you can’t force a person to love you and be your friend. you should be happy with your man who you say is making you happy with his silliness. you should be alright with the world, and chalk jen up as your past.

  46. Elaine says:

    Wow, Evelyn she don’t want to be your friend. Leave it alone. The other ladies with the closure bullcrap….it was already stated why they are not friends. So high school. How you are going to make somebody talk with you when they don’t want to?

  47. Bling says:

    How bout this Eve. Consentrate on your wedding! !!Stop acting like a Child. If I Was Jen I wouldn’t. Tuck with you ever again. And if you jump frog your ads would be mine! !!!


  48. Zan Giddons says:

    I love how when Kenya first came to the table and voiced that she was upset, Evelyn was MAAAADDD Disrespectful and flippant. But the minute Kenya hit her with that stare, Evelyns apology got Real Sincere, Real Effin Quick! ‘I mean, I do-I do apologize’, yeah I know you do. Cause that BAMF came to the table ready to drag your azz and anybody stupid enough to get in her way. Text book demonstration of how to handle a bully. Stand up and they will back the hell down, fast, quick and in a hurry. Because a bully=a coward. They are one in the same. That being said. Kenya dont be so desparate for friends that you will believe whatever people say to you. Its not that they like you, they’re just scared now.

  49. JJ says:

    Let’s just call this episode Toddlers in Tahiti lol. First off they best leave Kenya alone she is not to be messed with & that apology Evelyn gave her was so half ass cos if she was really sincere she would have approached her, went to her hut, got on twitter or something. People like Ev have no soul they can’t feel an apology. Secondly why is Tami trying to be the peacemaker after the disrespect she showed Kesha as soon as she got back from Tahiti she should have ran straight to her therapist that’s the only person she needs to ever talk to. Thirdly I’m convinced Ev is in love with Jen who worries about someone else that much you have to bully them into talking to you & then bring up who she used to sleep with. Who is up in someones vagina that much. You got all this going or you, getting married living the dream but the for front of your life is Jen REALLY???? Lastly I blame the ring leader Shaunie for creating this kind environment. Yeah she may not have altercations or act less than a women or a mother like some of these women on this show but she endorses it & this is her view on how minority women should behave. Oh I forgot about Suzi her only claim to fame is stirring up the conflict won’t your kids be proud.

    Pray for these women they are lost, clueless & lack conviction.

  50. Clt says:

    Evelyn is obsessed. Jenn is never going to be her friend again and it’s driving her crazy. Why does Tami have so much to say with her bum self? Kenya should have knocked the mess out of Evelyn. I wouldn’t have accepted that fake apology. Royce had the right idea and so did Keisha. Stay away from this group. Evelyn, Tami , and the person who wrote this rcap actually belittling Jenn because she’s traveled? So ignorant.

  51. Lil Darlin says:

    Evelyn since you and Tami go by the law of the HOOD, you should know that “snitching” is not allowed, and can get you hurt. “SNITCH”

  52. YvetteRich says:

    I’m so glad that a lot of people agree that Suzie is no innocent bystander. She’s always telling herself & others, that she just wants to stay out of it(the mess)all. News flash trick, you are smack dead in the middle. You are the 1 keeping this mess going, with your diarrhea of the mouth. I agree with WHATEVA. You need to get a life, with your delusional self. You are a groupie to your own group/circle. That’s ashamed. Find something else better to do Suzie, then ruin other peoples’ lives.

  53. PammyPoo says:

    Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie are Thugs!!I will not be watching this show past tye reunion. Evelyn looks and acts like a loose Ho, Tami looks like a big drag queen and Shaunie looks like she coukd use a Tummy tuck big time…and after Shaq she probably need a few other “things” tucked. GOOD RIDDNCE LOSERS. Yeah tem Jennifer!

  54. Addy says:

    These women are too damn grown to be acting like this….

  55. Jan says:

    Get rid of this show. They are the most embarrasing women ever. I know VH1 can put a more productive show on. Suzy you are a two faced gossiper. Ev you and Tammy are Bullies. Shaunie has no gutts. She should be a shame to be producer for such a bad show. Jenn you have to much class for this show. You have grown up. Ev is upset because Jenn use to kiss her butt and she not doing that anymore and it is driving Ev crazy. Please cancel this show.

  56. Leah says:

    This show has really gone to the dogs. Nobody looks good.

  57. Ivory says:

    bullied-bullying – treat abusively, to affect by means of force or coercion. (to use browbeating language or behavior.)
    1: to frighten, hurt, or threaten (a smaller or weaker person) to act out like a bully toward (someone).
    2: to cause (someone) to do something by making threats or insults or by using force.
    I hope & pray any young people viewing this form of abuse, choose NOT to carry THIS Torch!
    Compliments of: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary!!!
    I wonder, are any of you ladies aware of the example you are setting for your family? Not to mention the message you are sending ANYONE watching your show!?!?

  58. Sarhadia LUXEUS says:


  59. contina keeping it real says:

    number one Tammy me and my daughter use to love to watch u because it remind me of us but now its rediculious simply because u come off as a bully so we dont watch together anymore but for me don’t make yourself a role model for bullies still luv u .
    Jen u are doing whats right because the girl that slap u did not have a problem with u having those keys until u and Evelyn started to fall apart and if it was about her she would have asked u without her so two on one not even fare and specially when they know your not a fighter. punk ass move. Tammy and Shawnie you talk a good game when
    it comes to Jen but i would feel the same way because when ever her and Evelyn get into it u always stay to her side and not one of u go to her side she has every right to feel the way she do think about that and i’m very surprise at u Shawnie because u are the start of that show and your suppose to check to make sure everyone is okay. and no harm no files
    i would have gotten my lawyers to because she broke enough to slap she broke enough to get what comes. and new girl koodles stand your ground i an 5 feet and no matter how tall i would have did the same thing. So on that note this show is not your last career so be careful on how this show makes u look. oh two more Roice honey u cant act with that damm cry stop u are grown make your own decisions if dad loves u he will love u regardless and kisha u don’t have to be a fighter to get anywhere so don’t let these girls change you

  60. jade says:

    Jennifer, Kenya, Kesha:
    It is better to be alone than poorly accompanied(Evelyn, Tami, Shauni).
    hint hint

  61. Sophine says:

    I just think it’s not fair that everyone is beating up on Tami for what she did to Keisha, however, no one said anthing about Evelyn when she multiple times tried to attack Jennifer, who to me is just as timid as Keisha. Evelyn, also threw a bottle at Kenya, so is it the fact that Keisha is half white that everyone thinks Tami was wrong, well I think she was wrong for what she did, but I just think if we going to be judging folk than lets go across the board and not just discuss what Tami did, because both Jen and Kenya were equally attacked.

  62. muffey says:

    Shaunie, Evelyn and Tammie are ghetto rats. Suzie is a snitch and someone ought to show her up. She is so busy brown nosing with the bullies aka ghetto rats she has sold her soul. Kesha and Royce need to separate themselves from her. This ugly white woman is looking out for herself and only herself. Speaking of Shaunie, Shaq should take his kids. What a poor example for a mother. One has to get a license to drive, yet these disgusting women can recreate without a license. There should be mandatory tubal ligation for ghetto rats like Tammie, Shaunie and Evelyn.

  63. Karen says:

    Jennifer did the right, mature thing and walked away from the bullcrap. WHY!!! are they letting Tami and Evelyn continue??? Get them the hell off the show, I don’t mind arguements, but this attack mode and criminal behavior is enough!!! SHED MEDIA Fire them BOTH!!!

  64. realbasketballwife says:

    Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself. 1st off not one of your “wives” is married to a basketball player. Those women ( I use that term women loosely, don’t get mad cause I said loosely Evelyn) do not represent anything other then bullying, cattiness and petty nonsense. They all act like little kids fighting in a school yard. Evelyn why can’t you get it through that thick ghetto skull of yours that Jen is done with you and your friendship. That it doesn’t matter what she said or that “you know the truth and want to put it all on the table” MOVE ON STUPID!!! She is going to act as if you don’t exist and you need to do the same. Real women know how to act in public. The sad thing is you are mothers. You have children who you are suppose to be teaching morals and ethics to. How in the world can you do that if you have none yourselves. I am actually shocked that people still want to do business with you Shaunie. You are the Pimp of ghettoness! Hope you’re proud! So done with these Losers!!!

  65. Lynn says:

    I made a comment about the prior show with how horrified I was to see how Kesha was treated and this will be my last season watching the show. JEN YOU ARE A CLASS ACT, walking away from the situation with Evelyn is the best thing to do. Myself and several of my friends agree with your fan “RAVEN” about the T-SHIRT thing, we would PROUDLY purchase them. I just want to add a few more suggestions: “I do not tolerate abuse, I’M LAWYERED UP” , or ” I don’t need to fight , I’M LAWYERED UP” and last BUT not least, ” Don’t BULLY me”, I’M LAWYERED UP”. Stay BEAUTFUL JEN, we love you.

  66. Karen says:

    Good job people!!

    Hey, S2S fans. We want our audience to be aware that the advice column from “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman has been discontinued. The June 2012 issue is the last in which the column will appear. Thank you for your support.

  67. ljr says:

    This show is about fighting and bad talking each other. Tami needs help. She was a newcomer and now she is the bipolar leader. Evelyn is a follower. She knew Tami was wrong intimidating Keisha, Evelyn where is your back bone. and Suzie is a panhandling stab u in the back gossiper. She repeats everything she hears. She is not a friend. Evelyn is going to embarass Chad as his wife, her mouth is in the toilet. Grow up and be classy instead of trashy. Stop throwing stuff and learn how to talk to someone. Lose your assistant, shemakes you look even worse. Tami get a grip or bring someone on theshow more ghetto and bigger than tami and then lets see.

  68. ljr says:

    Tami always try to seem to break up a fight. Girl you need to quit it and start taking medication. You are a ghetto mess. Shaunie, I thought you were classy, but are not. Get a backbone girl, don’t let these girls mess up your image. Your show is trashy, please cancel this show. Producers I don’t know why you think we like this kind of stuff. Some conflict is fine, but this is off the chart. Tami go home, you are not class materia….Wat yall did to Keisha,,,,,shame shame…..

  69. Beth says:

    Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami – boy you three are the mean girls! Shaunie, if you want anyone to take you seriously, leave the show and start over. You really turned out to be mean and an instigator. Tami, you are just a bully. You’re behavior is just disgraceful.
    Suzy – get a life and quit being the rat!

  70. TT says:

    I just want to touch on Evelyn…you claim to be a loyal friend but last night you disproved that theory. I was always taught that when you are loyal then you take that to the grave. Just because you no longer associate with someone that does NOT mean you tell their darkest secrets. It only shows others that you are not loyal and can not be trusted. If you really wanted to get her attention and solve your issues, you should have tried talking to her without so much aggression and conviction. As humans we all act irrational at times but nothing will ever get resolved if you only point fingers and never own up to your part in the problem.

  71. rosemary williams says:

    how do u think kanya going take the prank u all did she going find out just as sure as im sitting here from big mouth suzie running to jenn to them talking evelyn jenn is really trie of u leave her along u broken ur own freindship listern to other poeple and not listern to her she said she did do it but u said she did mind u u never heard her said nothing just leave her alone u do u and let her do her evelyn u and tami are bully u stank just like those fish u put in kenya room tami when u said u smell the fish they put in kenya room that was u smell like fish because that how ur freindship isFISHER u cant fix thing now because u let the world see u for what u really are so we no that if u came on tv acting and ohter way it is a lie u left ur mark shaunie it a shame u let 2 poeple spoil ur whole show and u join them yes aften the reunion show i will never look at ur show again i hope shaq stop this show how do u think we no shaq want to close ths show from big mouth suzie

  72. Janice says:

    Evelyn and Tami are both bullies!!!! Suzie is a troublemaker! Why does she always have to open her mouth which ultimately gets stuff started? I can’t believe anyone considers her a true friend.

    Shaunie……WTH? She talks about how she doesn’t want to be blamed for portraying black women in a negative light but she did absolutely NOTHING to help out the Tami and Keisha situation! She stood by and watched Tami bully Keisha! Even this week, Evelyn tried to start some stuff. I applaud Jennifer on walking away and trying to stay away from the negative drama and energy. Evelyn can cry tears last week and act like a @#$%^ this week? Real mature!

    I think all of them need counseling and more people have decided to stop watching the show as a result of the negativity and bulling tendencies! Doesn’t anyone read about or watch the information surrounding BULLYING?

  73. dallday says:

    Evelyn that was not much of an apology. All laid back trying to be a bad a–. Jennifer’s refusing to speak with you blew that so call cool bad a– posture out of the window, and once again you turned into a screaming you know what. So much for being bad because you looked like a nervous, trembling idiot. Jennifer thought you and Ocho were a bad idea and was honest with it and you just can’t stand it.

  74. BasketballFan says:

    Evelyn is the perfect definition of a SNITCH! She broke every code in the book! Never have I seen Jen put Evelyn’s business in the streets.. It’s one thing to do a few interviews about your BFF new boo thang, but it another thing when you have a argument with your friend so you set her up to get slapped, then get mad and put all her business out there because she decided to get “LAWYERED UP” and press charges! SCANTLESS!!!! I’ve had fists fights with some of my old friends and I’ll take their secrets to my grave… What Evelyn has done to Jen is DIRTY! Jen was right to walk away from Evelyn thirsty behind be cause she was making a moutain out of a mole hile…. Shaunie and Tami should be ashamed of themselves… No Shaunie, Ghetto hot mess would be a compliment for you… You’re one of the most cutt-throat opportunist I’ve ever seen in my life, but you can’t knock the hustle…… I guess O_o!

  75. momof4 says:

    I am so ashamed of how these women on this show behave on national TV. We as black women are already looked upon as ghetto, negative, bullies, rude and you name it. I have a daughter that is in the sixth grade and I am teaching her right now how to pick a REALLY GOOD FRIEND and the types of girls I will not allow her to associate herself with. If I allowed her to watch this show, it would be a great example of the type of girls she is not allowed to associate with and a great example of who she should not be friends with. This is exactly what she should not be doing no matter how old you get and especially not at these females ages. I want to address each of them but I don’t think I will have enough space for it, but I will address a few of them. Let me start with Shaunie (EP). You ought to be more ashamed of yourself, some of the females you have chosen for this show which shows your inability to choose the correct characters for a successful show. You act as a wolf in sheeps clothing. You act like you are concerned about the negative situations these women are in on TV but you add fuel to the fire even when the other people are not around. You laugh at things that a real friend would say “I understand you are angry but you should have handled the situation better than that. Sit your ignorant ass down and act like you have some common sense!” A REAL friend would tell you the truth no matter what and none of these women have that in them. Are these the types of girls you want your daughters to be involved with. How about you think of how embarrassed and hurt your children is over this show. We all know how other children/people can be when they see your children out somewhere and make comments to them. They may say “she is the one who’s momma acts like untamed animals. For those of you that have teenagers or young adult women as children, you can cause a really good guy that may be interested in her to be convinced by his family and friends to walk away because if her momma acts like that, then she may act like her. What business other than those that can only create these types of shows will EVER take any of you serious for anytime of business deals? What REAL MAN wants to be bothered with these types of women? What parent would allow their child to be part of an organization that is owned by these types of women? What REAL friend can honestly say these women are their true friends? Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami or Susie should be ashamed of themselves because they are part of the reason white america looks down on black women like us. They are part of the reason why GOOD black men would rather have a white woman instead. Even though I have been married for 22yrs., If someone said these things to me, I would understand! I don’t feel sorry for the women at all. I feel sorry for their children and family and if any of these four women were my daughter, I would do them just how Royce’s father done her on camera. Put them in their place on camera. Royce I think you are lucky to have a father that LOVES you enough to take a stand and tell you those things. You may not think he is doing it in the correct way, but remember older is wiser. They have been around the block a few times and he is a man that knows how men think. You are successful and your son is so young. Devote your time to him and your successes. Men are always gonna be around but GOOD things comes to those who wait. Stand your ground Royce with Tami and stop sugar coating things for her. Dont’ say, “oh she is funny and loving.” No one see’s that but you. Keep it real and tell her to sit her drunk ass down and think about think before she speaks or reacts.

  76. Fan Since the Beginning says:

    I need to try to break this down…
    Jennifer is mad at Evelyn because when she filed for divorce, Evelyn hooked up with Ocho and made him first in her life instead of Jennifer. Jennifer has no life now and is very fake and “lawyered up”. I feel for Evelyn as she lost a friend to fakeness and “fame” except Jennifer is not famous. Unless hanging out with Starr Jones fake husband make her famous. That is a shame and pitiful. Face it Jennifer — get back with your bubble head ex-husband because he made you happy.
    I like Tami. She keeps it real, almost too real. But I do think Shaunie and Evelyn should have jumped in when she was bullying Kesha. Sort of like a boxing match when the opponent doesn’t throw any more punches and the ref steps in to stop it. It should have been stopped.
    As for Suzi — it is her mouth running that causes the drama. She couldn’t wait to meet up with Jen to tell the girls what she was saying.
    Royce — you seem happy. Stop worrying about your daddy and prove him wrong.
    Kenya — you are just crazy. Shaunie — get her off the show.

    I was a little upset that Jen walked off when Evelyn was trying to lay it all out. As friends, if you really were her friend, you should try to squash it. But if you were fake, which is why I think Ev got so upset with you — then you walk away. Why did you go on the trip anyway if you didn’t want to see anyone — oh I know — you wanted the “appearance” $!

  77. Brenda says:

    Why are grown women acting so terribly street…..Also, it is not good to criticize people who did not grow up in the inner city. Why is Jennifer having to apologize for her life. Why is it wrong for a friend to have an opinion about your future husband? It does not mean anything, but I think for Eveyln it is something more than Jenn’s blog. I totally dislike the “barbie doll” name calling about Jennifer. Why does everyone have to be street to be friends with Eveyln, and if you are not she is going to say that your fake. Who needs friends who want to change how you are, and make you into their clones..

  78. Shay says:

    Seriously, the fighting on this show has gotten plain out of hand. Jenifer Williams has stated that her former friendship with Evil Evelyn is over and past the point of no return due to the violence. So Tami and Shaunie need to stop trying to referee a conversation between the two of them, and Evelyn needs to stop kicking a dead horse. Evelyn is jealous of Jennifer’s wealthy upbringing and self respect, that’s why she calls her a barbie. Evil Eve is also mad and hurt that Jennifer is moving on with her life that’s why she is trying to put Jennifer’s business on blast to hurt her. This show has gotten much to messy for me. I’m gonna watch the rest of this season and it’s reunion to find out how this all ends for Jen. But I will NOT be watching and giving ratings to this ridiculousness next season.

  79. To Jen says:

    Good for you, you kept it classy and saw yourself out that situation, but not coming down to Evelyn’s level.

  80. Shayna says:

    TEAM JENNIFER ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Mia Knotts says:

    What kind of sunglasses does Evelyn lozado have on at the table?!

  82. CARRIE says:

    Shaunie, you are getting a BAD reputation hanging around these crazies!!!!!!!!

  83. rachel says:

    What is crazy is the bullies on this show all have daughters!
    Would you want someone to treat your daughter this way!?

  84. Disapointed says:

    It is amazing that at this pivotal point in our lives where we have huge campaigns to stop bullying and “stand your ground” law from Florida that we have plastered on TV this prison yard brawls/behaviors from adults. Words like timid and punk used for people who choose not to be abused. Abuse does not only have to be physical just the threat of it is enough. I am so proud of Jen. I guess when you choose to be mature and upstanding and follow the due process of the law, like all law biding citizens should, and get the proper authorities involved you are considered bourgeoisie, weak and timid. Just because you don’t want to gangster fight. It is perfectly within your rights (as it should always be) to decline from participating in aggressive and unproductive behavior. Some of these women were brought up with some difficultie, as a result, maybe incapable of knowing/recognizing what is expected of them as a mature citizens. We all face different issues in life and if you need to seek help to get the proper tools then be proud and do so but also work hard at putting what you learned into practice. And what might be shocking to most of you is that Shaunie is actually the biggest coward cause she is the boss and she flies under radar just sitting on the side lines and pipping these girls to make her money. They women won’t say anything to Shaunie because she has the power to take away their paycheck and most of all their fame by not casting them. I am sorry for Kesha experience, I did not watch the episode cause I knew what was coming just from the highlights but I am impressed with her stopping the holiday and taking a stand by leaving. However, I would also call her a coward for continuing to have herself cast in this role on this show just to get a paycheck and fame and then cry wolf when the bad happens. I would give an exception to Jen. Although she is still involved in this sitcom she is showing a great example and bravery by “STANDING HER GROUND” and the operative words are LEGALLY and RESPECTFULLY. You would never find Shaunie hitting someone or getting into a brawl like the other women cause she knows from her broadcasting and many other professional experiences that in the work place of professionals such behaviors are not tolerated. Regardless of what someone says about you in front of you or behind your back NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON YOU. Hitting or verbal abuse is not an appropriate response for children much less adults. If you are mature it should not even be in your repertoire of possible responses to anything unless you are being attacked and if needed it should be just to get away from the bad that is happening not to rumble. Shame on you black women, SHAME, and WORST, WORST SHAME on us for continuing to watch and making this popular. I had stopped watching because of the bickering and not gaining anything from the show but just a lot of he say she say. I happened to see two and a half episodes for this season and I am so DONE. Evelyn stop letting these producers and yourself get you inflamed into these deprecating scenes that just destroys your public image, leave Jen alone she does not want to communicate with you and she has made that PERFECTLY CLEAR are you a stalker then have it be done and let the producers figure out how else they are going to make the show interesting. This is to all the girls, if it means the show moves on without you then (you are smart ) find another way to achieve your goals without presenting yourself like you are living prison yard life. A free trip to Tahiti is not worth selling your soul. Work in some other capacity and pay for your own trip and keep your dignity. I just came back from a 9 day trip to Morocco and I paid for it with my salary in a career where my colleagues are respectful. Might not have the cameras following me and the fame but I had a fabulous time and my integrity and public image is intact. JEN I ADMIRE YOU and you are such a wonderful example (at least your portrayal on the show) for young girls to aspire to be.

  85. Ann says:

    Evelyn is NASTY so needs to go away as there is no great demand for a older vulgar nasty mouth old woman to be seen muchless heard. What in the world does that Ocho see in her? She has no class what so ever so truly serves no purpose. Go look in the mirror Evelyn and see how disgusting you truly are. Jenn is classy with manners so is that why you are so jealous of her?????? Tammy needs to clean it up also as she is to old to act like a bully so its time to retire Evelyn and her old asses…..

  86. The Children says:

    The children of these characters are the ones I worry about. I hate to think about all the teasing and ridicule they must be experiencing as a result of this behavior. Can you even imagine being a teen or college girl and having your mother. . . . your MOTHER! acting like this on national and international TV? Some people will try to take it out on them, even though they have nothing to do with it. If my mother was on TV being “loose”, cursing, fighting, plotting, bullying like these 4 witches, I would have to change my name and move far away where no one would make the connection. I’d be willing to bet that not one of them has given a thought to how all this mayhem affects their childrens’ lives.

  87. Kbace says:

    I just saw “Basketball Wives” for the first time.
    I thought that I was going to see some attractive “Women of Color” in various reality show situations. What I saw was a mess.
    Now I know what people are complaining about.
    This is the biggest piece of crap on TV. Why is it on TV anyway? What is the point of the show? If they are going to continue to air this show, they should also air a segment that has a psychologist talking about the insane behavior and tell why it is wrong to act like that. I think that it would be best for all if they just took this negative, pointless, demeaning show off the air. Glorifying classless, clueless, rude, mean and bullying behavior without addressing it is irresponsible for the network. VH1 should start preparing their legal defense because some young girl is going to act like a total thug-ette and claim that she learned the behavior from watching “Basketball Wives”.

  88. Shstarlight says:

    I don’t blame Jen I would keep my distance also. You see how Eve was, as soon as Jen gets up and says she don’t want anything to do with the conversation, Eve goes back to her unlady ways. She should have said well okay and stayed seated with her 2 evil sisters Tami and Shaunie and continue to have a nice time with each other. Jen just wants to have a nice vacation and it will not be a nice one if she is near Eve. They should NOT mess with Kenya because she even admitted she got a crazy side and they know, so I advise for them to leave her alone or they won’t make it off that island.

  89. Karen says:

    @veshti wow! you are 100 on that! I agree with you!

  90. Shstarlight says:

    I don’t blame Kenya I would stare at their ass too! She not stupid, I think she knows that they put that fish in her bongalow. They better leave Kenya alone. They just need to leave people alone and let them have a nice vacation. Jen doing right, I would keep my distance too. They fake as hell. Jen is by herself she is not with the group anymore.

  91. Shstarlight says:

    @Karen, I agree too girl!

  92. nv says:

    What kind of women go to Tahiti( the vacation of a lifetime) and spend their time hovering around cocktails like a flock of vultures waiting to swoop in on their prey? They spent the whole time plotting and attacking and so proud of their behavior. They made it so much about Jen it was the Jen show. What sort of messed up are you to be miserable in paradise ?

  93. kaswanna says:

    Well am not even gone hate i love this show.. I like it because Evelyn, Shaunie, Tami, Suzie, and even jen.. But as of right now jennifer is a lost call to me. Because by this good time am starting to think she was never true to NO ONE!!!! I hope that Evelyn N Jennifer can talk things out. And Evelyn i jus want to say i can UNDERSTAND y u would want to have a talk with her, Because u was always real to her never talked about her., so it would be hard for you to just walk away.. But on the other hand for Jennifer it’s nothing to her because she don’t give damn about no one but her self.

  94. Nicole says:

    Jenn handled the situation appropriately, I would have walked away and not engaged in the drama. The reason that Eve was so mad is because by Jenn not even willing to talk to her it is Jenn’s way of saying that Eve is not even worth her time. Shaunie is such an instigator and I am so disappointed in her behavior. I am still shocked that they put fish in Kenya’s room…grow up. Also how can Eve sit there and “apologize” to Kenya but yet she put fish in her room. Suzie needs to shut up and stop reporting misinformation. Tammi is always talking about she doesn’t like when people talk behind her back yet she does the same exact thing. Kenya is an idiot because they played you to go and get Jenn out of the room. The only 2 classy women on the show are Kesha & Jenn.

  95. Gigi says:

    Evelyn is a real angry person and she is hiding her anger behind the issue with Jen. She knows her relationship with Chad is a farce, she knows that it would not last and that she would be made to look like the fool she is – by that time a REAL OLD FOOL, hence her constant attacks on Jen. EVELYN IS UNHAPPY AND MISERABLE and MISERY LOVES COMPANY, hence her new found “real” friendship with Tammi the NUT (everything being equal, Evelyn would not be friends with Tammi. Tammi is just too tacky and trashy for her). I would not like to be in her shoes. What she is going to say about Jen next week is just MEAN and again depicts her rage. She was encouraging Jen to get a man, offering her condoms etc but now she is the moral compass. She has never been a friend. She knows Jen is going through a divorce and to put her on blast like that is just LOW. She means to show the world that Jen is low down and dirty just like her but in doing that she is showing her true colors. All women should take note. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR GIRLFRIENDS KNOW ALL OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!! Keep somethings to YOURSELF.
    Shaunie – my grandmother used to say, “show me your company and I’m going to tell you who you are.” Shaunie, you have shown the business executives who you are by the company you keep. It is funny how we can have money to buy us clothes, go on trips, get the best make-up etc but our actions often betray us.

  96. Another wasted vacation, Shaunie every outing, every vacation, girls night out, you eveyln, tammi
    and susie have embarassed yourself . Not one elegant place have you ladies been that you didn’t talk loud, use bad language or put your hands on one another. You use your show to get GLoria.( yes we seen that, you were mad at her sister and you took it out on Gloria) Then you brought in Tammi, first thing she did was got drunk and started a fight about food stamps on national T.V who does that? She should have been let go then. You miss the mark on this one Shaunie. Evelyn i’m glad Jennifer walked away from your friendship, I have girl friends like you. They would do any and everthing ( even let chad have other woman ) turn on you in a heart beat. Evelyn you lost a good friend and you know it and it hurts try not to make the same mistake with the friends you have left. Tammi you went from bad to worst to get off the show wow! Now i see why your daughters didn’t want you at the studio everywhere you go there a problem. Nobody should have to walk on egg shells around you, look at the scenery when you watch the show especially at the pollo games the people around you ladies looked appauled i was so enbarassed. Kesha is not afraid of you she just knows there’s more ways to skin a cat ( no more sister to sister articles) SUSIE SUSIE SUSIE……..! How do you function day to day with everbodys business in your head? I would be crazy,one of these days you are going to get caught smack dab in the middle of cross fire and you’re going to be hurt badly or possible killed your playing a dangerous game. Kenya you did good, you had a enough and you let them no without saying a word YOU GO GIRL! now don’t be a follower.jennifer stay sweet, stay classy and stay away from people who don’t have your best intrest in mind. We know you know Susie is bad news, her friendships is not worth it.

    u lost a good friend and you no it and it hurts, people will come a go in your life but their alwa
    that you will remember

  97. I HAVE NO WORDS! says:

    Shaunie is finally voicing upset “OVER JEN NOT ANNOUNCING  HER ARRIVAL!!”. Well I’ll be damed!

    AFTER TAMI-MS -BORDERLINE- PERSONALITY -DISORDER, SYSTEMATICALLY BULLIED AND THREATENED (with murderous intent) Kesha off the vacation.  Now we have a VOICED upset!

    I have no words! I can’t, I can’t, as Tami would say!

  98. doris says:

    Veshti 5-22-12, 1:41.CO-SIGN. Words just fail me. Grew up in Compton, Calif. Haven’t seen anything like that since middle school.
    These females (for lack of a better term) have sold their souls and for what? Not even for real profit these reality shows are Hollywood’s answer to “out sourcing”. Low wages, no quality.

  99. doris says:

    Ask “super head”.

  100. lovey says:

    It is sad to know that you black woman feel the need to degrade yourself on national tv. Shaunie you need to keep the peace,seeing it is your show, and stop taking sides and talking behind some of the girls backs. Tammy I actually like you because you are straight up and tell them like it is—-but I dont know how you are so tight w/evelyn be carefule shes a snake. evelyn I dont like why are you constantly on Jennifer? You say you are not her friend so leave her alone. The only reason you bother her is because YOU KNOW she will not fight, why dont you do it to Tammy? You know Tammy would beat your a–. You are not ghetto so stop trying so hard it dont fit you. I’m from the city–miami and everyone knows your man takes you for a BIG FOOL I know he is just dogging you and you dont care because your so desperate.evelyn you are a sad case. You cant hang with the real MIAMI GIRLS—-we have natural real bodies!!!!
    evelyn is not cute and looking real ugly attacking Jennifer. Susie CHAT TO MUCH—–SHUT UP
    GIRL you would get a real beat down in miami w/that mouth. On the real we need more positive shows for black people esp. BLACK PROFESSIONAL WOMEN. TIRED OF THE DRAMA. No longer watching show until it turns more positive tired of the cat fights. I see fights daily on the road no need to watch one on TV. GET IT TOGETHER GIRLS

  101. dpthomas says:

    Really grow up please

  102. Fan says:

    I am tired of two face Shaunie and Tami. Tami does not want Evelyn and Jennifer to get back together. Evelyn is made because Jen has moved on. I would not give Evelyn the time of day. Jen should have told Tami and Shaunie why didn’t knock on my door if you so concern. Kenya is stupid for sitting there and telling them anything that Jen would have said to her. Evelyn is so loyal then why is she trying to tell all of Jen’s business now because she won’t talk to her dirty butt. Who care if Jen slept with a million men so what does that have to do with anything. Evelyn said she was not friends with Jen so take your dirty slut self and be content with Tami sucking up your ass along with Shaunie and swirl that circle around.

  103. Angi3 says:

    I think Tammy & Evelyn should be investigated for bullying…I can’t stand these ladies..& Shaunie is always instigating in the middle of it all but sits back and acts like she doesn’t know what the hell is going on…Tammy & Evelyn need to get their ass whipped one time so they can stop the ugliness they portray on this stupid show…grown women acting like high school teenagers…don’t you ladies have children you are suppose to set an example for…& Suzie is a dumb “monkey in the middle” kissing everyone’s behind for friendship…Royce is the only smart one out the bunch…Jen get yourself some new friends & Evelyn you will be divorce in no time cuz Ocho does not want to marry your ass….

  104. TruthBeTold says:

    Sorry to burst your bubbles ladies but Kenya wasn’t going to do a damn thing to anybody. She always looks crazy but she knows how far to go for sure. Also, while these ladies embarrass themselves including Jen who all of a sudden had an epiphany that she’s better than everybody else and has risen above the drama that she herself participated in heavily. She was one of the original “mean girls” remember? Then she talks about Evelyn and Chad on a radio show (probably to break them up; she was jealous of Chad and Evelyn’s engagement) and Evelyn found out and confronted her. It was supposedly squashed but Jen did it again. Still jealous I guess. Evelyn can fly off the handle but we don’t know everything that’s going on behind the scenes do we? Jennifer needs to own up to her part and stop running her ugly mouth. Now, all she talks about is lawyers this and lawyers that and this gives Kenya some new found strength (she’s stupid). If Jennifer really doesn’t want anything to do with the ladies, then leave the show. Or, if she’s feels so threatened, then leave the show. Why won’t she? Hmmmm. She’s phony nothing more.

  105. LOVEY says:

    I agree w/Mobay These ladies need to go to Jamaica to see what a real rebel girl is. When you girls are ready you need to seek God. That is right now,because life is short. Do you really want your last days on this earth to be full of fighting and strife? Vanity ——– The Devil always uses this tool and you all are falling for it. Selling your souls for a TV show, and sleeping with men who use u all. Evelyn sad, so,so sad you would marry chad to make him use you even more. Remember marriage is 1 man & 1woman, not 1man & 100 women. check yourself before you loose whats left of your soul.Looking for the petition to sign to stop the evelyn & chad foolishness show. Our kids dont need to see that trash.

  106. KatinaVSW says:

    This seasons shows have displayed some of the worst forms of bullying imaginable. Since Tammy was introduced to the show it’s drastically taken a downward turn. She & Evelyn both have modeled some of the most immature behavior many of us have witnessed on TV in quite some time. Equally Shaunie’s repeated unwillingness to step in and difuse Tammy’s (& even Evelyn’s) ridiculous behavior says alot about the type of person she really is…”appalling”. As mother’s these woman should work to portray themselves in a more positive manner, because yes while everyday may not be a good day & friendships have there ups & down they never have to reach the extent the 4th season of BBW’s have shown. Unfortunately I will no longer be watching this show, because I would not want to con’t to have the ladies think this is the least bit interesting to me. I’ve every reason to believe they’d be highly upset to see their children treated like they’ve acted towards some of the other ladies on television. **Very Disappointed**

  107. gloria says:

    I am just watching the May 15,2012 episode. What Tami needs is a real woman, from south side of Chicago to tear into her ass. When she to Keisha’s purse. OMG, I could have gone through the TV. Who do she thinks she is. They act like to are afraid of her big ass, including Shaunie.
    That was strait up BULLYING!!!. Bring it on!!! Why don’t you come at a REAL woman on TV?

  108. @TheChildren says:

    You are so right! What these poor children must be going through. Most teens are embarrassed by their parents for no good reason. But what if one of these animals was your mother? How would you even deal with it?

  109. bree says:

    I enjoyed watching BBW this season. I am a new comer to watching the show. I have to agree that the Tami & Keehsa thing went a bit too far and at the same time Keesha is a grown woman and should watch what she says in certain company. (Susie & Royce) These 2 are just as guilty, 2faced skanks. They are the comedy reliefs in the whole thing. Tami has her issues but she is handling them the best she can at least she doing something about her issues. Keesha and Kenya are not a good fit to this group of woman. Tami and Shaunie you try and can’t help it if the other woman on the show have issues. Jennifer and Evelyn, Evelyn get over it now its clear after this last episode that Jen is done with you and you need to move on and accept the friendship is over you can know a person your whole life but if they don’t want your friendship n e more then get over it and move on. It’s pathetic to see you chasing after her barking like a sad unwanted puppy dog. Please let it go and show us how rich classy black woman can be about this life. Do something for your charities make the good things known n let go of the negativity. PLEASE……

  110. ohsotrue says:

    I have been watching the show and as many have mixed emotions. Although the foolish of this season has been thick I have to comment maturally regarding Evelyn and Jennifer. As Evelyn expressed Jennifer really hurt her and Jennifer is just brushing her off like it wasn’t anything and has only slightly addressed what her “asst” did. They were friends for 12 years so there must have been some trust there. I think Jennifer should speak to Evelyn one on one w/out the “i don’t have time for this bs” attitude. Jennifer acts like she doesn’t know how Evelyn gets down. When Evelyn is hurt she wants to hurt back, she will talk fowl just to win the argument. Evelyn has a good heart and she was there for Jennifer. I don’t think Jennifer likes that she begged for Evelyn’s friendship last season, she probably feels stupid about that but oh well. Jennifer needs to stop shasaying her wide ass at the resort like she is too good. What Jennifer may feel is no big deal is huge to Evelyn bc it came from one of her closet friends Jennifer and thats the stinger.

  111. EforEvelyn says:

    Dear Evelyn, my concern for you is that you are more fragile than you care to project. All of that outside huffing and puffing and bravado is a defense mechanism. I am afraid of you being more hurt emotionally by men because you are putting your hope in mere man. Leading with your body (which you have taken excellent care of, by the way and you should be commended for that — I wish I had, LOL), is not the way to go. You don’t have to do that. You are physically attractive and will always turn heads and have male attention. You can pick and choose. But you don’t want to be that woman when she opens her mouth the beauty disappears. Many men want trophy wives — women that make them look good. A bad attitude, rage-filled outbursts, having a lack of respect from others will only cause your stock to drop and may call into question whether you are the genuine article — wifey material.

    If I may, please continue to better yourself and apply yourself to giving to others…this will help to let that soft, gentle woman on the inside to emerge more and more. I believe you are a lovely woman on the inside but need guidance and understanding. All the best lovely girl. Remember, if you don’t already know that Jesus loves you, unconditionally and always, continually without ceasing.

  112. Michael says:

    I cant believe that this show allows so much bullying! Tammy is a bully! Its ironic that she is so violent when she had David put out of the house when she was on the Real World,thats so funny,She is a bully her and Evelyn and one day they will get there”s one day. I also cant believe that Shaune allows this on her show. This is a so stupid for grown women to act like this,in this manner. They ought to cancel the show!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Mskoolaid says:

    I’m still stuck the ABUSER TAMI!! this woman is in her 40′s with 2 teenage daughters and the behavior she displayed was completely outrageous. whatever Kesha said didnt warrant the verbal and psychological assault she endured. So disappointed in Tami, she has shown true characteristics of an abuser, BULLY is too mild of a word to use for what the world witnessed.Shaunie should be held accountable as well because she allowed it to take place, isn’t this HER show?? she said nothing! Let Tami come to BED-STUY with that mess and she will get her weave snatched! And Jennifer should tell all of them tricks to kiss her ASS!

  114. whoiam says:

    Marge, you summed it up. Evelyn looked so stupid trying to force a conversation.

  115. Stephanie says:

    WHY just WHY would Evelyn be jealous? Ev has a lot of stuff going on, far more then what jen has, just ask yourself one question.. how would you feel if your friend for 10+ years turned on you? but the way that everyone is talking is like ev has no reason to be upset or hurt, Either y’all ain’t loyal or you never had a good friendship, i understand where ev is coming from , been there and done that!

  116. Jules says:

    VH1 “REALLY” I’m sooooo sick of these sorry excuses for black mothers. They glorify being Bullies I honestly don’t know why the producers and Shaunie ( with her slick self) trying to let Jen and Evelyn reconcile. Unless Shaunie paid for her ticket she have the right to stay in her room if she want to and all that talk from big mouth Evelyn about not saying anything she turned right around and put Jen on blast which was shocking to the others. She need to worry about the sham of a marriage she is getting herself into and her strategy on how she will have to her impending divorce. Tammy still a bully and Shaunie tired Shaunie and the other big bird girl talking sideways out of their mouth. Get these hot ghetto mess off TV please!!!!

  117. kbrezzy says:

    Ok now after this season, I really hope these ladies realize how horrible they have made African American woman look as a whole. They are the most non moral havin, uneducated, senseless woman I have ever seen on televison. Sorry ppl lets find something else to air please.

  118. oruserious says:

    @veshti I totally agree with you I think you are so right

  119. Haley says:

    Lashawanda….. sweetie… I’m pretty sure this is the best show ever in your eyes because they act your age!….oh, say no to drugs, stay in school, and go to bed at a decent time so you wont wake up late for school tomorrow if y’all are not out for the summer yet….I forgot…go to college also!!!

  120. Hope says:

    Didn’t Evelyn attack Suzie for talking about what she did in Vegas a couple of seasons ago but now that she and Jen are no longer friends it’s cool to try to embarrass your friend on national television? All season long Evelyn and Tami have justified their actions by saying you’ll see what happened and why Jen’s at fault but all I see are three middle aged women who are bullying and reinforcing each other’s negative behavior. This show needs to be put out to pasture.

  121. Shstarlight says:

    Its common sense to me to do like Jen and just get up and go bye bye. Its not wrong for her to stay away from women who cause trouble everywhere they go. She is through being embarrassed by women who don’t know how to act in public and have violent behavior. I would walk away and keep my distance. I would say “hey” and thats all to be said.

  122. Amanda says:

    I think imma save that crazy face pic of Kenya. LoL! That expression on her face is priceless!

  123. 1135g says:

    These women are only inches away from criminal activity. This is pure low life behavior! They are nauseating, bullying, self-righteous, demoralizing, women with big mouths, and small minds. VH1 and Shaunie, along with the black community ought to be outraged that these women are actually being paid to show how poorly they behave. Tami’s treatment of Keisha made me sick and there’s no apology big enough to make it okay in my book. Tami and Evelyn in particular need a lot of help. Evelyn throwing bottles at people along with her bullying just show that she too, is a low life, classless, loud mouth who lives and acts like a street hood. I am embarrassed for these women and I think Shaunie O’Neal may have made herself money but she has paid a serious price because this is her baby and this is what she put out there. Something that shows a bunch of 30 – 40+ year old bullies who are not only mean and cruel but apparently very, very, troubled women as well. Chad Ochocinco ought to reconsider marrying such a venom fill person as Evelyn.

  124. Fan says:

    I also think that Evelyn was so sure that Jennifer was in her shadow that she would not ever leave her. Evelyn,Shaunie,Tami don’t be mad because Jennifer went on vacations,had things by her parents,and husband. I would not stop talking about where I went either. Evelyn must realize that since Jen said she didn’t like Ocho ok let it go. I think Evelyn wants to feed her ego to let the others ladies see Jen beg her to talk to her. Jen I hope you read this. Dont give Evelyn,Tami Suzie and especially Shaunie the time of day. Shaunie and Tami makes me sick talking about Jennifer but they are trying to bully her also. Telling who Jen slept with on her husband or behind her husband is not the reason for support of her. Evelyn it is because you have had your cards on the table and that is not a problem. But don’t get mad at Jen because she might have did the same things you did but had enough respect for herself not to just let the whole world know. Evelyn you have to accept many things about yourself and stop blaming Jen for your demise. You should be happy that Tami loves you to death so you have a new friend. Just keep it moving. Kenya don’t get too happy they talked to you they used you to find out what Jen was doing and saying. If Tami Roman and Suzie Ketcham don’t leave the show I will not watch anymore. I am truly sick of Tami and felt she should have been fired when she not only Jumped Meeka but the other ladies as well. But her fans said she was the only real one on the show take no stuff. Well before she came this show wasn’t this bad. So the problem is Tami Roman and Suzie talks too much .

  125. Proud Black Female says:

    Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman are the most horrible women I have ever watched. They have taken the African American Women Movement back 500 years. They are truly angry, vindictive bullies. I personally would like to see both of them removed from the show.

  126. LilDarlin says:

    @ohsotrue; Why would Jen WANT to give Evelyn a chance to assault her again? Evelyn swore on her “baby’s life” that every time that she sees Jen that she would “sting” her, then threatened to kill her. Why on earth should Jen give her the chance? Jen has a right to be there on vacation just as the others do and make her paper also, so to those who thinks that she should kiss Ev’s violent behind, you are wrong.

  127. pacubana says:

    Ok first off..who is Tami to give advice? Oh that’s right bullys of a feather stick together!. Shaunie shame on you once again! And for gods sake leave Jenn alone..she has more class then all of you and you’re just jealous! She can speak correctly, and is educated! Maybe you can learn a thing or two. Until then boycott this show on keyword baskeball wives.

  128. pacubana says:

    also while i’m addressing everyone, throwing a bottle is assault, stealing another person’s belongings is robbery. This show should be called Felon wives

  129. shopkins0220 says:

    I have been appalled by this show all season and could not believe the hypocrisy of Evelyn, Tammi, and Shaunie. What age are these women? Shaunie sits back and let that MANLY Tammi bully Keisha. No one came to her defense. I wish Keisha would have filed charges against Tammi. They know who to pick on…most bullies do. I am so sick of Evelyn that my head aches to watch or listen to her. As one commenter stated, she must have a crush on Jen because this is insane. THE WOMAN DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU. SHE IS COMFORTABLE WITH NOT BEING YOUR FRIEND!!! LEAVE HER ALONE!!! You classless women need to understand that everyone has a right to free speech and not to be tormented about what they say like you are some righteous judge. I singed the petition to get this show off the air unless they change the direction it is headed in.

  130. I might be wrong and I hope that I am but the way Evelyn is so aggressive,intense with trying to get Jennifer so bad including bringing a nonmut-a factor person to slap her and put Jen’s business out to the public. Evelyn acts like Jennifer had a sexual relationship/tension with her.
    All of the crying taking lie detator test just because your friendship ended. If so Jennifer must have been mighty good to make Evelyn act like a Frothy Dog like Tami. That is why Tami acts like that because I think she has feeling for Evelyn. my opinion and I don’t care if you don’t like it.
    Then Evelyn leave Jennifer alone the friendship is over, she doesn’t want to talk to you nor does she care that she is not invitied to your wack wedding to that fool.

  131. Rosalyn says:

    This show is really a disgrace to Black women. These women should be positive role models for our young Black women, but they are acting like juveniles out of control. What is this world coming to? I think Tammy is nothing but a hypocrite. She think she can talk about people and make righteous judgements, but then she acts a fool when someone states how they feel and mention her name. She and Jenifer acts like bullies. What kind of example are they sitting for our young women?

  132. DEEDEE says:


  133. Loverly says:

    By the looks of Kiswanna’s grammar it’s no wonder she likes this show!! I’m sure she is the target audience for this hot ghetto mess of a show.

  134. shame shame says:

    Evelyn……the more the show goes on the more she flying over tables to try to prove she tough. Wow i guess she also is not getting enough air time and with out Chad O in her life, her ass is boring. Im not impressed with her ghetto self either. Between her, Tami, and Suzie they are so much drama they need their own show….. the New Jerry Springer…..

  135. Claudia Brown says:

    What a nightmare. I can’t stand watching you women act like total animals. How could you have the chance of a national forum like a television show and disrespect yourselves like this. What are you thinking? I felt really bad for Keisha. She is way too classy to be bothered with women who are obviously mentally ill. Evelyn is full of rage because she is engaged to a total jerk who already as much as told her he will cheat on her and she is desperate enough to tell him to just let her know. SERIOUSLY?. It is no wonder they are all divorced. I hate seeing black women act like the typical stereotype of the loud, crazy black women. VH1 would never put that show on television if you acted like you had brains. I am surprised at Shaunie letting Tami bully Keisha in Tahiti. Doesn’t she realize that her children will watch that episode and question her sanity. What a disgrace. You ladies have a long way to go to have the self respect of slave women. You have children. If you can’t muster up the self respect for yourself, try to have some for your children who will watch this crap. Is it any wonder that black women are the most undateable women in the world. Every reality show featuring black women is filled with ignorance, screaming, fighting and all of the negative things most people feel about the so called “African American” women. Well let me tell you this, true African women hold themselves to a much higher standard than American black chics and feel no kinship with you at all, and I don’t blame them. Tami and Evelyn both need what is called the old school ass whippin. That will be TV worth watching. Keisha should hire someone to whip tami’s ass. They are all jealous of Keisha because she is a natural beauty and the rest of them have to sew or paste their hair on and pile the makeup on to be close to attractive. What a bunch of friggin sellouts. Poor Evelyn, her man does not love her and she knows it. I guess that would make you mad. It must suck to be her and tami another lonely angry heart.

  136. mederma says:

    I’m sick of the few people justifying Evelyn’s attacks on Jennifer because Jenn is bougie, stuck up and thinks she is too good. I wish more young black people conducted themselves in the same manner, because if they did maybe there would be more education and self-awareness and less crime and murder in the African American Community.

  137. lilymurp says:

    First, I don’t believe Shaunie or Tami smelled anything. I think they are bold face instigating liars who just like to stir the trouble pot. I think they told that dramatic fish smell story just for the cameras so their evil butts could make Kenya look crazy. Shauine was way too into saying Kenya looked scary and crazy, she was doing too much, she’s never said tami looked crazy and tami always looks crazy and scary and so does that savage beast evil-yn. Shauine was being over-the-top about kenya’s facial expression in Tahiti and at that stupid bar where reckless evil-yn tossed that bottle, evil-yn looked crazy but did shaunie go on for days about her, nope. Yep, I believe shauine scripted that fish tale with Tami just to make Kenya look bad to the public. And suzie irritating a** was way over-the-top in saying Kenya looked crazy in her youtube video, it wasn’t that deep. I believe hating shauine is directing her Minoans to do all they can to make kenya appear crazy. Well guess what, crazy pervert suzie, psycho tami and lunatic evil-yn have no grounds for labeling anybody crazy. I think shaq scared shaunie and now she hates women and she created this show just to hurt them and she loves tami and evil-yn because they’re willing to do the hurting.

    second, Excuse me but Eric cheated on Jennifer and from his behavior on the show he seemed like he was a cold-blooded dude with a “that’s your problem” attitude. When Jen kept trying to talk to him about the marriage he was so nonchalant and “so what” about it, so if Evil-yn has a list of men, women or goats Jenn slept with during her marriage SO WHAT, so what if Jen cheated on Eric! He seemed like a cold-shoulder type of guy, plus he did apologize to Jen for being so dirty to her during the marriage, and I don’t even think they were married long. So for him to already be doing her dirty before at least 8 years of marriage is messed up, so evil-yn can get on with that cheat list because who cares about a broken women cheating on a whack man. And excuse me but if Jen doesn’t want to dwell on her past and broadcasts her personal life story to a world of strangers good for her. If Jen wants to move on from her past ignorance and focus on being a better person and act like a barbie, GOOD. That’s what mature people do, they move on from the negative and focus on a positive future, Evil-yn mad because Jen doesn’t want to keep repin’ her past and doesn’t want to kiss and tell, evil-yn is a LOSER for that. What grown dignified women gets on a reality tv show to reveal their skeletons to a bunch of strangers anyway, evil-yn played herself for a straight realty-tv fool and now she wants to bring Jen down into her misery, but evil-yn’s not forcing shauinie to reveal her dirty life story. Dear Evil-yn who has shauine slept with since it’s so important, what’s shauine’s secret since Jen needs to reveal hers?. Evil-yn is the queen of crabs in a barrel, except when it comes to pimp shaunie.

  138. Shstarlight says:

    I see that alot of us are offended about the behaviors of these women, when we looked at the first season I feel that we didn’t expect these hoodlums to continue to become worse, now I’m like whow! We were expecting them to be classy, mature, and behave like ladies but it didn’t go that route, it is in a total different location. I look at the show to see how much further they will behave ugly towards themselves and newcomers. I wouldn’t be on the show myself because they love to attack newcomers and embarrasse you. I have petitioned the show and wonder are they going to continue to be hoodlums or if the show will be cancelled. I use to like them (shaunie,eve,tami,suzie) but I am disappointed in all 4. Make a better change shaunie and put real basketball wives on the show who have self control and are ladies.

  139. shstarlight says:

    Why can’t Eve get it through her pea brain that Jen does not want her as a friend anymore. She told Jen that it is not going to be any screaming etc. Then after Jen got up and walked back to her bongalow, Eve did what she said she was not going to do. I don’t blame Jen, Eve can’t stay civilized. Jen you doing right, keep your distance.

  140. stilldisgustedbythistrash says:

    Do these simpletons not realize that vh1 is making fools of them? Look at the pix and comments they used…but then these losers are the ones that made the comments and acted like idiots.

  141. shstarlight says:

    @dom frazier, you are so correct but really all of them are alcoholics. Everywhere they go, they drink alcohol, all their livers should be messed up. Drinking, cussing, and fighting thats what they love to do in the later years of their lives.

  142. shawn says:

    I feel that Tammie &Evelyn are bullies sometimes,and Shaunie just sits around and an dont try to fuse the situation.Kenya yes she is crazy or bi polier.Suzie gets on my last because all she do is as for Kesha didnt she see you ladies on t.v,what she thaught? She was going to be treated different then any body else. You ladies have very strong personalities an if someone shows any sign of weakness you pound on them. I enjoy your show dont get me wrong but i would like to see one episole with all you ladies enjoying each others company. Life is short an friends are hard to find at least good ones and i think that you ladies were put together to set examples that women dont always have to be catty an try to hurt one another or put them down we need to uplift one another. Tami I commend you for going to get some help dealing with your anger,can you take your girl Evelyn? Im scared for her this season she has been very mean.Jen as for you honey you do you .Change is good if it helps you grow and mature.Royce your in a place where you are looking for love in all the wrong places,you need to love yourself first.,an I think that is what your daddy is trying to tell you.Over all I rate your show as 4 ****. Idont mean any harm to any of you I wish you ladies all the best.

  143. katchiogo says:

    Please take this show of the air so many young women being bullied due to their looks and color who gives an ole broad the right to treat someone like a slave i hope tammy is sued to the top for disrespect the lil young lady she took her purse please this must stop i am old enough to be tammy mother no wonder kinney left her this is an evil women with an drinking problem send tammy to AAA really this is truly a evil nasty women an ole .this women will never remarry . Evelyn said when she dated kinney no one even knew he was married to this crazy evil women. Why would he be proud of this nut case. this show need to be taken of the air . For the little ones that go to school and run into evil people like tammy what a disgrace

  144. theresa says:

    Tammy you are a bully and ghetto trash, we have no respect for you for the way you act

  145. Tmeekie says:


  146. rdgval says:

    Evelyn you are gorgeous looking. Not only are you physically attractive, but you have business savvy. You have used your beauty and intelligence to get where you are. I am watching you and writing you and I am nobody to you.

    Adults should have control over their own anger and actions. If a person has an attitude that you do not like, especially when it is not directed at you, you should not have a violent fit. in our childhoods we may have been in an environment were it was serval of the fittest and we had to show violence to be relevant. We need to be aware that the same violent behavior in a different setting will make us irrelevant. Positive people and situations, financial and your freedom do not bode well with violence.

    If we have inner evil that makes us lose control of rational though and actions, maybe the fear of poverty, alienation and loss of freedom, friendship and respect will help us to keep our hands to ourselves.

  147. Kandi Star says:

    Shaunie, I cannot believe you can be in the same room where people are placing fish and not act like a woman because you feel this is what someone gets for talking about Tami behind her back. You should have stopped it. Black women in these reality shows make us all look bad and that also includes RHOA. I can’t believe the trampiness and ghettoness. I’m done watching the show. This was my first and last viewing. You all are so two faced, Evelyn and Suzie too

  148. wendy thompson says:

    if you hit and harm the person who will call the cops your butt is in the pokey, and when you said your were sorry , who buys it? because you have a bad temper it is o k evelyn look at your life and actions are you setting a good example to the viewers ( kids ) and all the f bombs from the cast . do you want kids to talk like that ? so jenn and evelyn can not be in the same room stay away from each other and think before you open your mouth and or throw something

  149. Woo Haa says:

    This show is a embarrassment to the black race! This proves that money cannot buy class nor self respect! U wonder y black women r disrespected!

  150. Who Haa says:

    Shaunie u r a hot mess! And yes people do not respect the show and u at all! And that weave made u look like someones grandmother!

  151. Melanae says:

    Evelyn Needs 2 Stop Messing With the Jen ! Shaunie is Not a FRIEND ! Tami is Just a Bully ! Suzie is a 2 Faced Dog !

  152. LUVYOSEF says:

    The fighting needs to stop. But be honest, if they sat around and sipped tea every week, would you be in tuned? If they showed mansions and expensive cars each week, would you watch? We love to watch what gets under our skin. Why is everyone not seeing through Jen? She pretends she doesn’t get her flaw of being a disloyal friend. We do not get on a talk show, tweet, or blog about how our girlfriend is dating/marrying the wrong guy. Jen has yet to own up to her back stabbing behavior. I understand Evelyn’s anger; however, I do not support her fighting. Jen even turned on a friend who gave her a place to stay. Now Jen is speaking negatively about the network. Who is Jen loyal too? The innocent, “what did I do act”, needs to stop. She keeps saying, “are we still talking about that”? Does she not understand the pain of betryal? Geeze!!!

  153. vicki says:


  154. Think says:

    ANYONE who is behind Evelyn and thinks that anything she is doing or has been doing is right is from the same cloth as she has been cut-IMMATURE AND THE KIND OF HOOD THAT ONLY RESPECTS PEOPLE WHO WIN FIGHTS.

    Grow up.

    Jen said one thing about Chad, which she said TO EVELYN’S FACE plenty of times before that. Meanwhile, Evelyn pushed Jen to divorce Eric. It amazes me how people only see one side just because they support people who are the loudest. Grow up.

    Jen was in the wrong crowd, yes. Sometimes it takes being attacked by your own friends to see that you made a mistake by associating them in the first place. Evelyn is throwing low blows every time Jen ignores her-like a child. Grow up.
    That is what women do to MEN who don’t want them anymore.

    Open your eyes and see that Jen’s measily little words about Chad do not warrant or compare to the nasty things coming out of Evelyn’s mouth. I am banking on those who value words to understand this post. Meanwhile, those who think loud, aggressive and overly combative people are always right, will be confused by everything anyone with sense writes on this message board.

    Step out of your high school mentalities and realize that bullying is wrong and dangerous.

  155. WhyisTamiFriendswiththewomanwhosleptwithherHUSBAND says:





  156. Connie says:

    Tami only appears to be friends with Evelyn because you know the old saying, “If you can’t beat em, join em.” Tami knows she can’t walk over Evelyn and vice versa.


    They don’t have to sit around and sip tea. Housewives of OC don’t sit around and sip tea, well they do, (Laugh) but they try to create some fake drama but BBW have taken it too far and have lost it. I JUST WON’T WATCH BUYLLING AND ABUSE it is never ok even on OC. I am going to be very selective with the power I have with my viewership and these REALITY SHOWS. IT HAS TO REFELCT WHO I AM and how I live my life and what I stand for and it certainly is not BULLYING, DEPLORABLE and DEGRADING COMMUNICATION. Stop sending them nasty messages and put your feelings to good use and take a stand with ACTION, they only speak MONEY. STOP WATCHING the poorly produced material AND SEND A MESSAGE VIA THEIR POCKETS. I so want to see Jen in the final episode and the reunion but I will NOT WATCH, I JUST WON’T. TAKE A STAND.

  158. dm says:

    I think Evelyn and Tami need to act like grown ups and stop being bullys what kind of an example are you giving to everyone watching the show.

  159. schanice says:

    i cant stand evelyn shes un lady like for someone thats getting married and as kids she sure doesnt act like a mature woman why she keep tryna fight jen when she knows she doesnt wanna fight thats a punk move to me she picking up bottles to throw i dont think evelyn can really fight she just all mouth y in season 2 when tami came in her store suing her y she didnt try and fight her

    now for tami shes a hypocrite i remember her saying “where i come from if u fight u just fight no cops involved” but wasnt she the one that sued evelyn for those t shirts i just think tami is bully especially for what she did to kesha in tahiti.. smh u should know better tami your how old?

    now shaunie get on my nerve to she try to play all innocent and its clear that she has chosen side how does everyone expect for jen to b all friendly when she was clearly going through a divorce thats a really hurtful time and shaunie of all people should knw this considering shaq cheated and had his dirt all out in public and tried to leave her broke

    im on jens side 100% i love her and so what if shes bougie ecleast she dont act like no ghetto hood rat…:)