La La’s Full Court Life – Season Finale – Finding A Balance


La La's Full Court Life
La La and Melo‘s careers are so busy that they continue to pass each other like ships in the wind, and La La really misses her husband. “This kind of stuff is fine for a minute but it’s obvious that at this point, we can’t keep this up,” she says.

Po and Dice totally understand but they also hate that La is pouting about it when they still have some time left in Miami. “Fix your face,” Po tells her, because there’s still fun to be had. They even convince her to stay down there even longer. Po makes up a little rap to celebrate, “You down with OPP? We’re staying in Mi-a-mi!”
La La's Full Court Life

Team Miami is ready to party. And they’ve rounded up some friends to hit the town, like Charlemagne, Trina, Diego Cash, and Gigi The Stripper. The plan is to hit the club because “Miami equals club,” La La says.
La La's Full Court Life

The weather forecast inside the club is terrible because everyone keeps making it rain, but that’s just what happens in the club in Miami Which makes me wonder why I work in an office, I should just hang out at clubs in Miami to clean cash off the floor.

And no one even knows where Dice is. (She’s over here —>)

But despite all the fun times with Team Miami, La can’t stop thinking that she just misses her husband.

“I’m finding out now there is such a thing as too much space,” La La tells Charlemagne over breakfast the next day when he asks her how it is with all this traveling that she and Melo do. “You’ve been married long enough to know how the NBA season goes,” Charlemagne the realist tells her. And yeah, she gets that, but they’ve also never endured an NBA lockout, and La’s career has taken off too. It’s just a lot.

“I don’t see any reason why you can’t have it all, it’s what makes me happy, it’s what keeps me driven,” La La says of being a wife, mother, and businesswoman. Charlemagne prefers a woman to kick her feet up and just be at home, but the ladies don’t agree. At all. “The reality is, the more successful I get, the more time apart we may have to spend,” La says as she goes out later with Trina.

But Trina has the same attitude as Po and Dice: You’re in Miami, stop being a party pooper and just have fun! La takes everyone out on a boat to go jet skiing, including her mom and Kiyan.
Kiyan La La's Full Court Life
La wishes Melo could be there to see them all having fun and to be a part of it, but later her mom gives her some advice about striking while the iron is hot. Everything La La has ever wanted is happening for her right now, and she’s hot. She’s be a fool to walk away from her success, and time away from your loved ones comes with that territory. “I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve just got to suck it up!” La says. “This is my life, this is how I chose it to be. I have a career, Mel has a career, and we just gotta figure it out.”

When La La arrives home to New York the next day, she expects Mel to still be out of town, and when she sees that he rearranged his schedule to be back in time to see her, she attacks him.
Carmelo And La La Anthony
“I missed you!” she tells him. “I missed you so much,” he tells her back. This is what their marriage is all about, and they’ve finally managed to make it work.

“I’m so glad to be back. Wanna go upstairs and have some fun?” she asks. “Hell, yeah.” No, wait…maybe that’s what their marriage is all about…

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