The Mob Wives Reunion Interview: Karen Gravano


Karen Gravano Mob Wives Reunion
Karen Gravano has said on a few occasions that she’s the nicest castmember on Mob Wives, and when you hang out in person, she’s not lying. Gravano is a funny and sweet woman as long as you’re not threatening her or the people she loves. (I mean, aren’t we all?)

At the reunion this season, I spoke to her just before she took to the stage to see if she was at peace with the way this season played out and what her relationship with the rest of the cast was like now that peace has been achieved…for the most part. She told me that as far as Drita is concerned, “we called a truce, [but] we’ll never be friends,” and just hopes that no one talks out their face (to use a Mob Wives term). Because if you talk smack about her family, she won’t take that lying down.

Do you feel any different today as you’re preparing for this reunion, compared to last season at this time?

I feel good!

I feel like it’s less dramatic this year now that you’ve worked some issues out.

I don’t even think it’s dramatic because some people are just acting, you know what I mean. I’m very calm, cool, and collected, and I’m done with acting.

What’s life like as a New York Times bestselling author?

Life is good! I’m actually optioning the life rights of the book to a movie now and possibly working on a second book, so it’s going really well. Everything’s positive.

And how’s the new spa?

The spa is doing really well, it looks phenomenal, it’s really beautiful. It’s just great to be back in the skin care industry, that’s what I love to do.

Are you actually working there regularly now?

I will be, I haven’t had the time because of the show and going back and forth, here to Arizona lately. But once this dies down, I’m going back there. I’ll probably be the fall back aesthetician working under the lead aestheticians there just because of my schedule but I’ll definitely be in there. I love being in a spa, there’s something about being in a spa that makes me feel good. Dr. Fiorello is honestly such a great doctor that it’s a privilege to be able to work with him.

What’s your current situation with Dave?

It’s complicated. But we’re in a really good place, we’ve realized we’re parents to Karina first and everything else comes second. He is my family, and we work very hard to keep our relationship as parents but…every so often we throw some spice in it. But first and foremost, after being in prison for such a long time and coming out, it’s more important for him to become reacclimated into society before worrying about relationships. Our foundation is there but for him right now the better choice is to stay in Arizona because he’s got a great job and he has a lot of positive going on for him there and I have a lot going on for myself here, and we have to figure out how to work that,

Was it weird for you to do —

Him? [Laughs]

I was going to say kissing scenes, but close enough.

No, it was good doing him. No, I’m a very expressive person and I don’t have a problem talking about it, but kissing in front of the camera is always weird, and everyone is always looking at you ’cause they’re watching you film and you’re making out and that’s awkward, but there’s nothing awkward about us being together.

Will Karina be here this summer?

She will be here. I don’t think people see it, but we’re back and forth all the time, so we spend a lot more time together than it appears. She’s going to come here for the summer and she kind of doesn’t want to come because she’s so attached to my mother, but we’re going to make it work as parents. I chose to keep her out of New York which was the best decision for me because I did get a lot of negativity with the book, and I wanted to shield her from that, she doesn’t understand this life and I don’t ever want to her be a part of it, but I want her to understand it from a distance.

Does she watch the show?

She does. All of her friends watch it. But sometimes she’s not even interested, to be honest with you. She’s like, just tell me when I’m on, mom.

Did Renee’s situation this season make you two closer?

Yeah, I mean, we were already close, and I was always there for her in my heart. If somebody goes through something, just because that particular situation happened to hit home for me it didn’t make it so that I was closer to her, I’m just close to her, regardless. But I love her to death and she’s family to me.

What’s your relationship like with the others?

I have no relationship with Carla or Drita. I would say we’re cordial, but I wouldn’t even use the word relationship and us in the same sentence. I’m over all the drama. I had to say what I had to say and I had to let her know how I felt even though she thinks I keep repeating myself, but the problem is, she’s fake and her and I are over it, we called a truce, we’ll never be friends and after just watching those clips about what she said about Ramona and chewing her face off, if she continues to talk about her like that, we’ll become enemies all over again, because I can’t have someone I love get threatened, and to me, she’s giving threats to someone I care about. She can continue to be fake on camera but if her threats start to leak over there’s going to be a problem all over again.

Do you have a favorite moment this season?

I liked the scene from the finale when all the kids were sitting at the table and everyone was smiling. Because to me, no matter what anyone goes through on this show, family is what’s important and kids are innocent, that was the whole thing with my book too, kids shouldn’t be held accountable for their parents’ decisions. Because of the situations we’re all in, we’ll be connected forever because our loved ones are in prison and we want our children pushed in a different direction. So to see all of them smiling and to be able to sit down and women, no matter what our feelings are, and be cordial, that was my favorite scene.

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  1. Ms. M says:

    Karen, I love the show. I love all of the ladies and I am so glad that there will be a season 3.
    I watched the reunion and after seeing the clips of where you and Drita had the misunderstanding at Renee’s party I was clear on what happened and Romana’s role in it all. Big Ang, bless her heart was just trying to make peace. Drita was not ambushed and she could have said no when it was mentioned to her about talking to you, instead she said yes. You did not send for her, Romana did not suggest that you talk to Drita so it was not a set-up. It’s on camera that Romana went outside sorta wondering – what’s going? The next thing I know is Drita is throwing a punch at someone. I don’t know who it was intended for but that is what started the mayhem. Same thing on the rooftop, she took the first swing at you. I don’t understand why people are hating on Romana, unless there is something going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. I like Romana and I think that she is beautiful and she stands up for herself and she knows the meaning of loyalty. Is that a reason to hate someone, NO! Romana was down for you and I am so glad that you got her back. I hope that everything is resolved and there is no more fighting, that’s not the answer. The real deal is the question about Lee was never resolved. Let’s say that you can’t determine if you and Drita were friends when you and Lee broke up. However, you do know that you and Drita were close friends during the time you date Lee and that is a line that should never be crossed. Friends do not date and marry their best friend’s guy. There is no expiration date on it. It’s just part of the rules. Men come and go but your friends are suppose to be forever. I know that you are in a good place and things are going good for you. I am so glad that your daughter is coming to stay with you. She is beautiful!! David is HOT! I hope everything works out for your family.

  2. etole says:

    Karen, i never like you you too fat for the show, and you are not even mob wife you are mobe daughter, so why don`t you go back to arizona to wait for another show for mob daughters? and you boyfrien, he doesn`t there, he need to go back to jail. and your friend Lucifer need to go off the show she has demons in her, she`s trying to steel the show from the orriginal castmembers. The fed did good by taking your jewelry, boommm!!!!!!!!!!!!, go team drida!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Ramona needs to stop trying to stir the pot. I watched very carefully last night and she was just waiting for the chance to push Drita’s buttons and she did! I don’t know where she was going with that ” because your a mother thing” but it had nothing to do with whats going on between them. I think Karen could be an Ok girl but with Ramona buzzing in her ear she’s going to lose alot of friends. I understand she feels loyal because Ramona was her friend since childhood….thats all well and dandy but it seems like she is stuck in that childhood and people move on but Ramona hasn’t and she is trying to keep Karen down to her level. You can see it in her eyes she’s jealous. and GO Carla! she is a class act! and I just Love Big Ang! they all need to take a lesson from her!

  4. Beyoncca says:

    I love Karen, she looks great. I thought her and Ramona maid the best points on the reunion show. I have seen through Drita since the beginning , back when you genuinely wanted to rekindle your friendship, but all Drita worried about was Lee and how much he was mentioned in your book. Now ,all of a sudden she wants to pretend she actually tried to get along with you last season. Bull crap! On another note, Kudos to Karen for opening up another spa.

  5. sina says:

    why, Ramona has to be there? you dont have any bisness with the original cast members, go and pay your lawyer to get your jewelry, belive me you not getting them, lucifer,
    You karen, Lee dumpt you because you cheates on him, why don`t he find drita? of course, Drita is pretty, you are fat big uggly, no outfit sit ok with you, you are so stupid and brainwash, you slept with your boy friend as soon as he get off jail, do you know what he did in that jail house and after? and because nobody, no guy want you in their life you go back to him, poor you! Carla and Drita, are my favorite, big Ang you are so lovely! Go team Drita.

  6. Ms. M says:

    Typo- my last sentence should be, She does not deserve to be brought into this!

  7. T in Texas says:

    Is Karen pregnant ? She sure looks like it .

  8. roxy says:

    Tami is as ghetto as it gets she sits with her leg open a drunken fool and bully. Evelyn is one unhappy ghetto trash she should be ashamed of herself, if you are so upset with what Jen said about you I can only imagine how you feel if you read these comments you are a wasted space on national TV.

  9. Meliss says:

    Karen has got to be the most aggrevating to watch. HAS to be acting. No one says the ridiculous stuff that she does, contradicts herself, and just about everything she has said about everyone else is true about her! Carla’s on Drita’s d—!? Paleese. Karen is so far up Ramona’s butt she can tell what she ate last. Ramona and her cling to each other because they’re desperate with no one else who truly likes them. She had no where to go with the lack of real reason she was mad at Drita but took it so far, there was no turning back. Ramona was happy to get on that train because she’s so jealous of Drita and wanted a fellow hater. Carla definitely has the most class and sense to her. And for sure – Team Drita!!

  10. dafoomanchoo says:

    !!! Karen, I repost these here for you bc when I read them a lite bulb turned on for me and it hit me that it should be you that this happens to:

    SophiaMay 24, 2012 AT 1:22 PM
    Happiness doesn’t seem possible living with all this bs going on everyday… why does no one think to move?? I would like to think that if it wasn’t for the business opportunities, Karen would not have even considered moving back!! A real shame it doesn’t phase Karen that for $$, she sacrificed any opportunity her daughter had for a healthy childhood!!! :(

    S.o.SMay 24, 2012 AT 1:40 PM
    True, why doesn’t Karen consider her daughter’s well-being and wishes?!? You would think she learned from her own childhood that growing up around the mob (wise-guys as Big Ang calls them), leads them to develop the “mob mentality”. Hope she realizes she’s not going to have a say in her daughter’s life later, when attempting to guide her daughter to make Good decisions–she just forfeited that right!! Has she become blind all of a sudden & can’t see that she’s forcing her daughter to grow up in the Very Environment she writes a book about in order to (supposedly) “dissuade” others from…. hmm, anyone not see the hipocrisy in that?!?!