Evelyn Lozada, Chrissy Lampkin, Tamar Braxton And Kandi Burruss Land The Cover Of Vibe And Reveal Some Secrets


Evelyn Lozada Chrissy Lampkin Kandi Tamar Vibe Sexy Issue
So this is what that top secret photo shoot was all about. Chrissy Lampkin, Evelyn Lozada, Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton all grace the cover of this month’s Vibe Magazine (the sexy issue!) and inside is a no-bulls— interview where the four women address the controversies around all of their shows and what it’s like to be a reality star and role model.

First, Evelyn is asked how she feels about Star Jones who has publicly spoken out against her spinoff, Ev And Ocho. Evelyn responds “Actually, I like the petition and I like the controversy because I’ve learned controversy is good. But I think she’s irrelevant. And she’s using our coattails to get relevant again. Nobody gives a f— about her.”

When Chrissy is asked later whether or not she knew Love And Hip Hop would blow up to become what it is, she said “I knew when they put that punch and kick in the trailer that would catch people’s eye. People watch reality TV for train wrecks. People wanna excuse their own bulls— and tune into yours…I was easily angered because I signed up for something that was supposed to be about girl power and women embracing each other in this crazy world of hip-hop. I thought it was gonna be more of a support thing instead of Gladiators,” she says, calling out the producers for orchestrating arguments. “They would always bring somebody to challenge me. I would knock ‘em down and they would bring somebody else. [The producers] would go as far as telling the new girl, ‘Chrissy thinks she’s Queen Bee around here so we need you to step up because nobody here has a strong enough personality. We need you to shut it down.’ They were feeding people this negative energy from the door. I have no reason to lie.”

When the topic of role models comes up, the women say they do consider themselves role models…sort of. Evelyn says “As a parent I didn’t raise my daughter to look up to somebody on TV as a role model. I want her to look up to her mother, her family as role models. Also, I have nieces who watch the show and love it…So I said to myself recently, ‘Young girls are watching the show. I really need to check myself.’ Before reality TV was what it was, I had full control over my daughter’s television because you never know what they’re showing. Every parent isn’t like that. It’s not for me to judge but we’re talking a lot about sex; sometimes there are sexy scenes. I think it’s a little inappropriate, but regardless, I don’t think children should be looking up to reality TV stars as role models.” And Chrissy at the very least hopes she empowers some women with the show. “I guess if somebody is afraid to speak their mind and wanna stand up for themselves, then yes. I want people to realize that they can have whatever they want. You can be respected in your relationship exactly the way you want to be. It’s up to you to go get it,” she says.

[Photo: Vibe.com]

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  1. rika says:

    I see myself in the ladys…I luv them

  2. I love a little bit of ALL the ladies personalities. But as far as them being role models, ummm…Idk about all of that. Lol. The BEST role model would probably be Kandi because she’s a BOSS, and she doesnt bring too much drama to t.v. And as far as the other three, they’re role models for the girls that are afraid to speak their minds and stand up for theirs…lol, I guess. But anyways, I think I need to buy this issue!

  3. CD says:

    dont want to hear from these two wanna be thugs. what did Kandi and Tamar have to say.

  4. Jean says:

    Chrissy needs to put some clothes on, the dominatrix look is not attractive. Kandi and Tamar you look good.

  5. Shstarlight says:

    The only woman I like on this cover is Tamar, she is funny, classy, and has a heart. She is always there for her sisters. Why does Chrissy keep waering that mess it is not sexy. It look like she got on granny panties or something, stop wearing that.

  6. MZ K says:


  7. muffey says:

    I’m sure Starr Jones will not dignify her response. As my Mum always said “if you fight with pigs you will get mud on you”. You see, education separates the goats from the sheep and ghetto Evelyn cannot walk in Attorney Jones’ shoes.

    These women are role models??? You have to be kidding. A role model is my daughter who happens to be black and an Ivy League trained physician. During her teen years at home, I would never have exposed her to such trash. Then again, she was not allowed to watch television on weekdays and she emulated my characteristics and behaviors. Can these women say the same? Shaunie, Tammy and Evelyn are ghetto rats and their kids should be taken away from them.

  8. Mema D61 says:

    How the h*ll did Evelyn Lozada make the cover of a magazine under the title of “Role Model”???She does not deserve to be on this cover. Kandi Burress, however, was a good choice! I applaud her for her efforts and the example she is setting for her daughter and other young women coming up today. Ms. Lozada is an embarrassment to both Latinas and African American women everywhere and people like her should not be allowed in the “limelight”. Also, I hope her fiance, and his family take notice as this is what he will be bringing to the family……..uggghhh!

  9. Becca says:

    Love Kandi!! She does seem to be a great role model as well as a mother!! The others…. hmmm, no comment.

  10. sweetheart81481 says:

    These four women are certainly & unequivocally no role model of mine! I find it laughable that they incessantly blame producers, other cast members and upbringing for their violent tendencies. Take ownership over your actions and be accountable! No one forces them to fight one another and the fact that a disagreement or misconstrued statement could provoke such an outburst is pathetic. I suggest that they channel that energy & frustration into more pressing matters like improving educational systems, organizing fundraisers that benefit the less fortunate or creating a sound business venture that doesn’t include short-lived & profitable beauty products. All of those ideas would be exponentially better than sitting around and discussing something as trivial as who-said-what!!!!

  11. AngryBirdsMiami says:

    Wow, Evelyn talked a lot of smack to Vibe then she issued a public apology to Star Jones on twitter. Hmmmmm, I guess she’s not about that life either.

  12. NoMoreHateration says:

    Chrissy is an okay person, but she’s only known for being Jim Jones’ girl (nothing else)!!!! Evelyn says she raised her daughter to look up to her as a role model, but given how she behaves publicly, she is the “bottom of the barrel” when it comes to being a role model for anybody (least of all young girls, including her daughter). Kandi is a self-made millionaire as a musician, songwritier, store owner, and reality star!!! Kandi is a REAL CELEBRITY!!! Tamar is Toni Braxton’s lil sister and Vincent Herbert’s wife, nothing more!!!

  13. Clt says:

    Evelyn says out of one face he likes the petition and attention, yet begs the viewer to continue to watch their journey. Shaunie is concerned with her image and advertisers are leaving. Evelyn is a liar.

  14. Tabitha says:


  15. only honest says:

    LoL as I read these comments!!! Why are peoople so upset that these women are doing them?
    I think the shows can be a little dramatic but I still watch and so do most of you! All the drama aside people fail to relize that alot of these dramatic topics stem from thier real life! Calling them role models can be a little far fetch but hey it’s 2012 I’d rather see black women on TV than not at all! I think there is so much more to these women than people like to highlight. I also believe if you don’t like it don’t watch it! I am going to tune in every season for all four shows and I’m going to also keep supporting women who are doing they’re thing right,wrong or indifferent! So Big Ups to Chrissy Ev,Kandi and Tamar much love ladies keep doing You!!!!! #onlymyhonesty

  16. Carmelbrnskin says:

    Although I’ve watched all these women on tv and enjoyed the shows to an extent especially the Braxton’s ; these women are not a role model to me in anyway! Funny… Yes, intriguing at times … Maybe but role models – absolutely not!! Love u Tamar & Kandi!

  17. Shamel says:

    @ Lashawnda, you didn’t have to announce your age (16). TRUST ME IT SHOWS (smdh)!!! If these are role models of yours, than you have proven most people’s point that this show is not only a negative influence on young girls, but counter productive to the psyche, and also a poor representation of black women. I for one watched this show in efforts of supporting black programs but BBW served as nothing but a bunch of bullying, gossip, cattiness, and negativity. I’m Good!!!! As for this vibe article….garbage!!! Like Kandi and Tamar and think they have maintained a positive reputation. However, Chrissy and Evelyn don’t deserve to grace ANY magazine in my opinion. Both are hood rats who were blessed to have fuc%ed men who were a “gateway” for them into the industry. Enough said!!!!

  18. Shamel says:

    Side note: I get that Evelyn trying to show off her new “surgically enhanced” stomach but it looks a H.A.M. (HOT ASS MESS). Not a good look at all!!!! It looks like it belongs on Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s body. HaHaHa!!!!

  19. B. Richards says:

    BIG UP to the following folks that posted here: lyn, Ashley, lerinne, muffey, veebee76, memad61, Rachel, JenFan, Ronnie Thomas, real talk, Precious and all the rest of you folks who tagged Evelyn, Tammi and Shaunie for being the hood rats they are! Love all your comments. Evelyn and Tammi should consider a career change like joining both the Bloods and the Crypts. Evelyn has got to be smokin some serious weed if she thinks she’s a role model! The only thing Evelyn and Tammi can do for Star is wipe her ass!

  20. AliMac13 says:

    I. think it’s a Damn shame that GROWN women who claim their lives are all that & their men then turn & curse and fight like ghetto rats are a BAD JOKE. I think ALL reality shows should be REPLACED with good QIALITY shows. MOVIES Films. etc. These women & these shows are totally embarrassing. TAKE THEM OFF ASAP!

  21. Oruserious says:

    Role model WOW. Kandi is the only one that I consider a role model she’s her own boss make and take care of herself don’t depend on no one. Tamar I have nothing to say. Chrissy I have nothing to say about he, what i do like about her is she is a friend and got you back., their for her man. The other one no comment. Vibe really needs to try it again. How they made this decision we will never know.

  22. Mr Incredible says:

    The styling is all wrong – bra/cami combo? dominatrix? None of it works! As far as, the article is concerned – LAUGHABLE @ best & I’m done!

  23. Jules says:

    All them need to go sit down somewhere with all that airbrush. Evelyn the loud mouth Bully, Tamar camera loving Tony Braxton wannabe,Chrissy GF of washed up rapper and Kandi well the only relevant one.

  24. linda hughley says:

    i think we should be setting a good example to young women. most of these reality shows does not show that. they show fighting and no sisterhood its ricidulous.

  25. Karen From Clinton Hills Brooklyn says:

    I wrote on Facebook that I was not watching Basketball wives anymore. It too crass and and I asked my friends not to watch it anymore as well. It’s reached a new level of low. Women getting on television and degrading themselves. Jen doesn’t want to be friends with you Evelyn, so let it go! I’m so happy you have removed yourself from the drama Jen. You are classy. Tamar, I have nothing negative to say about the Braxton’s reality show. You ladies can sing and I Love, love love the sisterhood you and your sisters have for each other. Kandi, I am so happy you stepped up and spoke for yourself in the last season. Nene’s a little full of herself nowadays. I do not like what she has become. Kim is absolutely wrong for not giving you some percentage of the money that she made from the song that YOU wrote! Smh. Evelyn, how could you talk about living the way that you do and your mother lives in the projects? How could you sleep? You all are getting played by Shaunie, she feeds the drama to you all and then sits back and let you and Tami look like the crazy people that you are while cashing that check! Basketball wives is the wrong name for the show. You are all ex-wives, ex-finances, ex-girlfriends and groupies of the men who played basketball in the league. Girlfriends do not sit around talking about each other and go on retreats to nice islands to get into brawls. My girlfriends and I get together to enjoy each others companies and to uplift each other as well as have a good time away from the job and the everyday stress. Kandi I love you keeping being positive and continue being a role model that you are! Tamar, I just love your spirit! Evelyn stretch your vocabulary from the curse wors m-f’er, the byword and that someone is non relevant and not a factor. Get educated and learn to do a mammogram and why you do it. Lol. Chrissy no one wants Jim Jones but you. Love you Tamar and Kandi.

  26. jaki says:

    did Evelyn Lozado call Star Jones IRRELEVANT?! i really don’t need to say anymore, the previous posts summed it up better than i ever could. enjoy your fifteen minutes, darlin’…the clock is ticking.

  27. Jay Belle says:

    These women are delusional.. I’m not knocking people for making money, but be cognizant of what you are and how your viewed. Everyone wants to be kim kardashian, or what paris use to be. Its not going to happen again people. The industry won’t let it happen again.. I hear evelyn talking about star jones, and she sounds crazy. Star jones may not be as popular as she used to be. But she is an accomplished woman, a great lawyer. So before you start talking, educate yourselves. And apparently these ladies have NO Plans of doing so.. Get your money ladies, BY ANY MEANS..

  28. J J says:

    new role models? HA! they claim about signing up for ‘girl power’ but these women knew this show was about tag-along women. Women who don’t have their own careers, their identity and existence dependent on the guy they’re doing and how much money her has. These women made a life off of who they were associated with, why would anyone look up to that? As a 22 year old, i’m glad i have a enough sense to know what’s BS when it’s trying to be fed to me.

    The only respectable person is Kandi. Tamar Braxton, the only thing I know is she’s had a bunch of plastic surgery. I think this magazine just shows that if you’re pretty enough, and messing with the right guy, people will make a route for you. People will try to make you relevant to some degree, I don’t understand why because these main 3 are just around from riding people’s coattails. Sorry, i don’t consider a shoe ‘business’ or putting your name on pre-made makeup doing something.

  29. Liz says:

    I don’t know if role model was the best title for that cover!!! Chrissy and Evelyn can’t be anyones role model!!! Kandi yes Tamara I really can’t say but the first two I mentioned oh hell to the no!!!!! Please tell me why at Evelyn’s age also Chrissy do they want to appear half naked on a magazine? Well in all honesty this is the first picture of Chrissy I see like this!!! Evelyn aye mami slow down why you always want to show your body!!!??? Granted she does look great for her age, but she’s already had enough traffic on her highway!!!! Kandi I love that woman she’s a true diva and entrepreneur after all women’s heart!!! Chrissy is definetly a hussler and she works hard but her temper need to go down several notches before we can say she’s a role model!! Lord all they needed to do was put Shaunie and Tami on that cover and it would have been a total lie!!!!

  30. MYgirl says:

    Ladies this is meant to be cynical.. Vibe is making a mockery of them…

  31. Toussaint says:

    If you watch the shows that these women participate in, and have nothing but negative remarks to say about them, its like holding a mirror up to yourself. You can’t comment very well comment negatively on something that you find enjoyment in. It’s contradictory. As far as these women being role models, laughable that VIBE or any other magazine can assume what a “ROLE MODEL” is. Laughable that some of you find TAMAR a better choice than Evelyn of Chrissy. TAMAR who is constantly not classy, but trashy, and has had enough plastic surgery to be Lil Kim’s twin sister. As for the drama, THAT’S JUST REALITY T.V.! Period! Whether its Bad Girls Club, Basketball Wives, or the Real Housewives series, that’s what is promoted and pushed by the producers. It’s a chopped and screwed view of what it is. What I really don’t appreciate though, is how hard yawl are coming at Chrissy. Of all the characters to be baggin on, yawl picked the wrong one. I’m educated, and I’m still from the hood. At the end of the day, I would love a real woman like Chrissy on my team. Hate all you like. She’s not a gold digger, (insert Tamar, & Ev), she’s just a real a$$ woman who happens to be with a rap star, and not even a major figure at that. When it comes down to it, she gets heated and it pops off. How many of you sitting around typing on your computers talking ish were just out over the weekend in the club looking for some drama? Or how many of you were on the phone with your BFF who’s man might be cheating and you let her know if she wants to handle it you have her back? Or lets just be real, if I was in half the situations Chrissy was in it would be tempting to hit someone. I’m not saying its right, just that it is what it is. Case in point is that there were no children at these places where the drama went down. And why do you think that is? Who in their right mind lets their children watch this stuff?? NO ONE! I’m with Ev on that regardless of what I may think I know about her form watching her on t.v. And I have never once seen a “role model” on t.v. in my thirty plus years of life unless I was watching a documentary or a KQED special. All my role models are either dead (Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Ghandi), family(my mother, father, sis-in-law), or completely and totally not apart of the main stream media! The question all of you should be asking, is why is it that VIBE magazine and the whole of society believes that YOU believe that these women could be role models. Its deeper than the surface ish you all are touching on truly.

  32. LawdHaveMercy says:

    It is very important to me that I display myself in a positive influential way to youth and adults…people period actually. I understand entertainment and I love great entertainment, but I also understand accountability and responsibility. As people our behavior either positively affects or negatively affects and we are to be accountable and responsible for that behavior.

    Kandi is rather the calmest of the four posted. Tamar, Ev and Chrissy have a false sense of reality and prayerfully, they won’t have to find out what life really could have in store for them the hard/rough/embarrassing way. Pride and arrogance has destroyed a many a people. Hopefully things can turn around and woman everywhere will be able to be who they truly are without being a total embarrassment to the human race.

  33. Fan says:

    Tamar why would you get on the cover with Evelyn Lozada and Chrissy Lampkin. You are not the same type of woman theses two are I don’t think Kandi should have been with them either.
    Evelyn and Chrissy should get on a hood rat show together.

  34. NANA says:




  35. morshalee says:


  36. Bre says:

    None of them are role models except for Kandi.

  37. Kay Star says:

    PLEEASE! Role Models, you are not! Not even one of you! If Tamar wasn’t so self-centered, she might be one, but her attitude rules her out on that score. All four of you need to get somewhere and sit down!!

  38. katbunny says:

    Hey Veshti,
    I agree with you that, “Tamar Braxton is the ugliest child that her mother has. She is pale and very unattractive. Tamar has a mouth that brags and boasts and that is all; she does not have a personality.” AMEN. AND, SHE HAS HAD COMESTIC SURGERY, DAMN.

    Kandi really needs to be careful and not hang with the wrong crowd. So far, the fans still have respect for Kandi. She definitely does not need to become friends with Evelyn.

  39. TLC123 says:

    Okay we see who’s classy and who’s trashy. The ones who need to clean as much foulness as they can off their names are the main ones on there showing as much skin as they can. Chrissy and Evelyn are the oldest and the stupidest up there and look how they got to get the attention. It never fails. Tamar, I understand yo deal but sometimes you go over board and it seems so fake. Kandi, whatever, I like you. Evelyn, I just don’t know what to say about you. Star Jones might be irrelevant to you but right now she has more fanbase than you so you might need to have a little talk with her and stop saying mofos are nonfactors and irrelevant because nonfactor as far as a BBW, that’s you, I never known you to marry or have a child by a BBP and irrelevant is what you going to be when that show cancels. Chrissy, you sitting up there blaming the producers for showing you ignorance, a dam shame, you 42 yrs old and blaming someone for something you did yourself. That’s your character all the way. And also you did’nt stop til Yancy quit. Ughhhh, Sit yall old asses down and get a little bit class amongst youselves. Make me sick, so dam disrespectful and just made black women look bad…UGHHHH!!!

  40. dallday says:

    Evelyn loves to say someone is not relevant, but the truth is she is irrelevant. Star has been around a long time does Evelyn really think anybody will know who she is 20 years from now? Evelyn is just in the spotlight for now and it has gone to her head.

  41. April fool...was last month says:

    This must be a JOKE …. Evelyn is on the cover of a magazine under the title of “Role Model” WOW!!

  42. dallday says:

    Ms. Lazado don’t let your head get too big because show business is littered with the bones of dead shows and dead careers. People may really really be tired of your attitude and when this season of BBW is done they may be done with you Ms ain’t about this life.

  43. Raven3658 says:

    I Don’t know much about Tamar other than she is spoil and jealous of Toni’s success. But, for the life of me I do not understand why any self respecting celebrity with a brand to protect would pose with Evelyn or Crissy…you are known by the company you keep.

  44. Mike says:

    role models……really? i am not taking away from any of their business sense but role models….that is the problem with our (black) community right now. shame on u vibe for continuing such a disturbing trend, but i am not surprised….

  45. All Chrissy is doing is living off her man…all Evelyn is doing is living off her man….all Tamar is living off her man. Kandi is the only real role model in the article!

  46. Ms. Monica says:

    I’m trying to figure out why the heck they put the likes of Evelyn “Evil Lynn” Lozada and Chrissy Lampkin next to someone like Kandi and Tamar? Really, Evelyn had the nerves to say that Star Jones was irrelevant? What makes you relevant but the fact that you got dumped by a ball player before you wedding. Start Jones on the other hand was relevant long before you and long after you because she a real woman with a real career and a real degree under her belt. She paid real dues. When you get that, then come back and talk about whose relevant.

  47. Jess4unm says:

    Evelyn isn’t even qualified to speak anything about Star Jones. Star Jones is ALWAYS relevant because her relevancy is based on standars that don’t change: intellect, education, poise, grace, classic looks, able to engage and hold the viewers attention. Evelyn’ s relevancy is based on her relationship to Chad and something as simple and superficial and fleeting as looks with no substance. To quote Khalil Gibran.”you’re beautifil, but you’re empty”.

  48. Moosiecat says:

    I think dubbing these women “role models” was done tongue-in-cheek., i.e. sarcasm. We all know tgat tgey are not. Evelyn is so full of herself tgat she doesn’t even realize that she is the negative in her daughter’s life. No wonder she moved away to go to school.

  49. MichaTmoosie says:

    Evelyn’s mantra is “irrelevant”. But the truth of it is she is constantly trying to remain relevant: fake boobs, veneered teeth( which are actually too big for her mouth), disgusting tatoos and basically a foul mouth. She is so scared of becoming irrelevant that she will marry a man whom she knows will cheat on her just to. Remain “relevant”.

  50. FOOLISHNESS says:


  51. TRN Texas says:

    Evelyn and Christi are bullies.
    Kandie lacks moral….does anything for limelight and money (used to be your fan until the last season).
    Tamar is loud and disrespectful. Stop being jealous of Toni, love and respect your husband AND family.

    No good role models here. Shame on you Vibe. I will not support your magazine anymore. I will save my dollars.

  52. sharprazor says:

    get real, Chrissy looked like a desparate chick on that show. Who ask a guy to marry them? If felt like the producers were making you look stupid why did you keep doing the show? As for you evelny stop it, you have been reading the blogs and is now trying to change your image – too late/ I really feel sorry for you children if you have any, who the hell would look up to you as a role model SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! kANDY you are the best keep up the good work.

  53. Tluscious69 says:

    Yea, my grandmother, my Aunts, Sisters and myself have cancelled our vibe subscription! They can keep trash like this!! We don’t want it!

  54. Team Chrissy all day!!!!!

  55. Theresa says:

    Tamar is the only one that kept the photo shot classy…. I am suprise at Kandi and Chrissy …I loved them … I am not fond of Evelyn. Tamar showed women can be sexy and classy without revealing their body.

  56. KCAndrea35 says:

    I love all of these women, and I’m happy for your success, the women passing judgement on you don’t understand your human and showing everyday life, and this is reality we see it everyday in real life not saying its right but OMG get over it, we all have moments we are not proud of. Keep doing your thing ladies.