Denise Vasi Is Not A Morning Person, And Other Important Things To Know About The Single Ladies Star


Denise Vasi‘s waistline is about as big as like, the smallest part of my forearm, so when she tells me that not only doesn’t she diet, but that she has a habit of eating cupcakes in her sleep (only to realize it when she wakes up to find the evidence), it’s one of those things that makes you hate her for having such incredible genes and love her for being so funny about it. The new star of Single Ladies has always been likeable though, the first time we spoke, she admitted that she’s just a normal girl, shopping the 5 for $25 rack at Victoria’s Secret just like the rest of us. When I talked to Denise this time around, not only did she mention the sleep-eating, but she called herself a “klutzo” and “not a morning person,” but she also assured me that she’s not stressing about fans of the show comparing her to Stacey Dash.

Last time we spoke you had just arrived to Atlanta. Now that you’ve been here a couple of months, what’s changed?

I feel like I’ve finally found a balance between work and me time. Finding those quiet moments, that really helps. We all know each other a lot more now and we kind of know each others little things and when to approach each other, like “Denise is not a morning person.”

Uh oh. Is that something everyone on set knows now?

Oh yeah, I let them know. I’m not cranky, I’m just quiet. I had to be like “Don’t think that anything is wrong, I’m just not my bubbly self till about two hours in.” I’m not having coffee right now either so that’s part of it. But when I have my breakfast I’m a lot better. I think everyone now understands how much, how often, how regularly throughout the day I need to eat.

Do you follow a special diet, or are you a very healthy eater?

No! No. I’m bad. I’m a bad eater. To give you an example, I received cupcakes for my birthday and last night, so we had a very early call today so I had to wake up at 3:30 a.m. and I was like, I should be in bed by 8 in order to get enough sleep, ideally. Of course I didn’t get to sleep till about 9:30, and then I woke up at twelve o’clock, ate a cupcake and went back to sleep. That’s one thing people don’t know about me, I eat in my sleep. I can’t keep things in the house, I literally have in my refrigerator water, coconut water, orange juice, hemp milk and like, tea bags. And that’s really it. Because I eat in my sleep. Sometimes I know it, and sometimes I don’t know it. And I’m talking one of those big, bakery cupcakes where it’s almost too much frosting. Yeah, that’s what I ate.

Did you wake up at all while you were eating it?

No. I find the evidence in the morning. So no, I don’t follow a diet at all. I do try to make healthy choices because I love eating badly. I love pasta and sugary things and chocolate. Charity is a big help on set, she eats really well and is a good influence.

Your co-star, William Levy, was on Dancing With The Stars, it’s like like all of a sudden, he’s everywhere!

He will be! It’s great for him. He told me before it happened that he was thinking about it, and I think it’s awesome, it’s all going to catapult him into the American mainstream. I’m excited for him.

It’s a hard transition to come on an established show, did you feel like it took some time to get fully immersed in it, or have you been comfortable since day one?

Absolutely, they’ve taken such good care of me. I genuinely like each and every one of my producers, they’re so open to discussion and available to talk whether it’s personal or professional, they take care of us like big sisters. I felt homesick on my birthday, because I was just kind of sad to be away from family and friends, but even so, there was a cake here and they sent me flowers and balloons. I haven’t felt like the odd one out at all, my cast members have welcomed me and we’ve become really good friends. I’ll see something in white and text it to LisaRaye and say “You need this bag!” I don’t wear white because I’m so clumsy and I spill and drop things, so anything I would buy but I don’t because I’m a klutzo, I send to her. I’m like her pusher. Travis and I walk around hand in hand, we just take care of each other, I’m really, really blessed, I love everyone here.

There was a cliffhanger last season with Stacey Dash’s character, and there are some fans that are definitely going to wonder where she went and who you are. Do you worry about the comparisons people will make?

If I sat up late at night worrying about that, I’d never remember the gazillion lines I have to know! I’ve been asked that a few times, if I feel that pressure or worry, but I just didn’t come in with that. Until the press came out and it got twisted that I was “replacing” her, I never thought of it like that at all, I never went into the audition trying to be something else, it’s a completely different character, we’re completely different actresses, and change is hard, I understand. for people who are die hard fans. But I understand people who are like “This is what I like, this is what I fell in love with.” But you know what, they’ll fall in love with something new. I’ve done my homework and they can see that and appreciate it. And if they don’t, they don’t.
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