Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 14: How Old Are We???


Royce Reed Recaps

It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


First things first…HOW OLD ARE WE? No, seriously…I’m not saying I’m perfect but even I (the one who cries in the park with her father) didn’t find it funny to put dead fish in someone’s room. One could understand (kinda) if we were in high school, even college, to hide eggs in someone’s locker or dorm room as a ritual for a freshman or neophyte member of the cheerleading squad or dance team. But to take chum into a five-star RESORT bungalow and hide it in places even the housekeepers wouldn’t be able to clean is ignorant and disrespectful. Not disrespectful to Kenya alone but to the island as well as the resort. It was tasteless and nothing anyone can say will make that situation “funny” or okay. My father owns and runs a travel agency, and when he saw that, he was embarrassed. I’m just thinking about how much money was spent on that cleanup and not one of them gave a damn because it wasn’t on their dime. Some things aren’t meant to leave the movies. Some things aren’t meant to be done in real life. But I digress because maybe my sense of humor is different than theirs or maybe I just simply grew up in that part of life. Maybe it’s just me but if you were THAT BORED in TAHITI…yes TAHITI, then maybe you should’ve gone in your bungalow on the ocean and read a book like Kenya was doing before she admitted to y’all she was low-key crazy… :shoulder shrug: (Sidebar: I am shocked she didn’t notice the stench, or maybe she just thought it was supposed to smell like that.)

Secondly…what happened to the friend code? Evelyn, I understand you being hurt…really, I do…But, how do you sit on a boat and express how you’ve never dished any of Jenn’s business because you have loyalty, then question hers? I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. At no point has Jenn ever aired your dirty laundry specifically. Sure, she’s mentioned she knows a lot but has never said anything. It’s disturbing how you all can be “friends” for so long, then you mention how fake she is, that’s she’s basically “loose” <-(using Kenya's term since it sounds better) and then state specific incidents. I haven't known either of these women beyond 2.5 years so I cant say how deep their friendship was but I will be DAMNED if I ever air any of my friends or former friends BIZ-NESS...especially when cameras are rolling. Word of advice. If you ever have hopes of mending a broken friendship, divulging information given to you in confidence because you're angry doesn't make the situation makes it worse and it also makes your CURRENT FRIENDS question ANYTHING they ever tell you in the future. For future reference here's a quick definition of the friend code I found...I kinda thought it was common sense, but common sense isn't so common anymore:

Best Friend Code

Used when talking to your best friend. When this code is enforced it keeps the knowledge from going to a third party.
Best Friend Code can be enforced in any of this situations(since people can barely keep there mouths shut now days)

i.e. dishing on boyfriends, talking about other disliked friends, talking about your best friends slut of a girlfriend….

Lastly, being the youngest in the cast, even I knew not to take my a** overseas for a drama retreat when it seemed as if the only purpose was to pour salt on open wounds. It would be different if it was a true retreat to bond and get to know each other better. It would be different if it was to genuinely mend broken friendships. If would even be different if all members of this cast could come together and coexist. It would be different if we could debate and discuss our differences then agree to disagree if we didn’t come to a common ground. But instead it seems as if it was a moment to scream, yell, play pranks, cry, and see who could stay on the in the beautiful island of Tahiti the longest like they’re on the Bad Girls Club (over 30 edition). I’m outtie!!!

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  1. J. Marie says:

    I am not a big Royce fan but she broke it down. Everything she said is truth.

  2. sweetheart81481 says:

    I was appalled at the middle school prank and found nothing comical. I am beginning to think that there is a test during the shooting of these episodes of how low the barometer of class can be set and each week it’s being set lower. I am also very curious as to why no one has called Suzie out for instigating and continuously spreading second-hand gossip! Isn’t she the likely culprit behind the Tami vs. Kesha debacle? And as soon as her dinner ended with Jenn, she proceeded to detail the conversation verbatim to the other women to purposefully incite drama. I am sickened by all of the behavior this season, however Royce & Kesha have managed to exemplify a somewhat earnest image in comparison to the other hooligans.

  3. Karen says:

    Hey everyone we are making a difference Sister2Sister magazine FIRED Tami Roman as their advice columnist….her last column is in June and after that they are DONE WITH THAT BULLY!!!!

  4. Shameful says:

    Very good post Royce. What you said is very true! Susie, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami are beyond idiotic for their behavior in Tahiti.

  5. lisa lee says:

    tami and evelyn are a shame to all women. royce and keisha keep up being genuine as of suzie wat a puppet of those bullies

  6. Keesh says:

    Royce hit it right on the nail with this one. But what I realize that all these females don’t see Suzie is playing them. She is going back and forth telling what the other says either leaving out some information or adding information that wasn’t said. And if by chance she is say everything word for word ,her tone in telling what was said makes it worse than what it was meant to be. I hope that they are all watching what is being done and said and learn from it. Also hope that they see the root of most of drama is coming from messy Suzie.

  7. RISEABOVE says:


  8. Deb C says:

    Royce your dance troup is WONDERFUL!! If I had a little one I’d definitely want her with you! The video actually brought tears to my eyes seeing what you’ve taught them and the joy of expression through dance … awesome! Clearly, you have your head on straight and we thank you for sharing with the community.
    As for BBW, you’ve said it all – better than most. Thanks for that too! Team Royce here, solid

  9. Debbie C. says:

    Wonder why my POSITIVE post was deleted? Again your dance troupe is WONDERFUL Royce and your summary was perfecto! VH1 stop deleting my posts!!

  10. Chantrea says:

    HIghly agree with you Royce! these girls are way out of line and need to really just handle this off camera and one on one. The last thing is to stop telling their info to Suzie everything because she is not doing anything but going back and telling the other person what the other girl said

  11. Tammy Masseo says:

    Royce..I so agree with you..and you being the youngest on the show..It shows your more grown than the rest of them…I love you to bits…I love your attitude and the way you think as I am the same way..ok..I am almost 45 but ..hun..your a wonderful soul and if they can’t see it? They are blind..they want the drama..they act like they don’t…but they bring it all on themselves..Wtg girl for being the way you are!!!

  12. Maria says:

    Ok like Royce get over yourself, I guess since you are a NON_ FACTOR in the show, you try to have some importance somewhere (blogs) You talking about how you cried in the part to your dad, B…. Please I didnt see one single tear!!! Your dad was embarrassed? Why? Did it affect him or his business? Girl PLEASE GO SIT YOUR FAKE TEARS DOWN SOME WHERE!!! Better yet go back to stalking Dezmond (what his name is)

  13. krystle says:

    i always like royce from day one she always said how she felt did not care who like it or not.

  14. Danny says:

    I HATE EVELYN AND SHE IS A B_____!! the way she treats Jenn is RIDICULOUS!!!! EVELYN GET OVER YOURSELF.. she doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore so leave it alone. Obviously the friendship you guys had you want back, because you are the only one still dwelling on the pass..! let it go! move on, and leave Jenn alone!

  15. Fan says:

    Royce you hit the nail on the head. Evelyn is hurt because I think she and Jen were friends. But I have a problem when she said Jen is the enemy then why is she trying to bully Jen into letting her abuse her so she can say she came out on top. Jen said what she said and that is that. Nobody care who Jen or Evelyn slept with so why is she trying to make people not like Jen. The barbie comment isn’t necessary either. Evelyn should move on and I agree that she should not talk about Jen’s behavior she is the one who put her business in the street. As for Tami she really don’t want Jen and Evelyn to make up because she wants to have the circle with her,Shaunie and Evelyn. Shaunie is two faced and Suzie should just leave.


    Karen below, that’s great news!  Maybe I’m being unfair but Tami dolling out advice ANYWHERE just makes my skin crawl.  It’s bad enough, she exhausts her cast mates with her ad nauseam assessments.

    But she really is out of her league with an advice column for the public

  17. anonymous says:

    You are completely right Royce the behavior was off the chains and very childish..But if ur gonna come at 1 come at all of them! I know im not the only one see your friend Tami act a fool in Tahiti!! Don’t be scared to say something about Tami..Thats ur gurl and I love her to life but she totally went to far in Tahiti takin Keyshas bag..(even though Keysha does need to keep that mouth of hers shut)..Also I asked the same question when I seen ur grown tail cryin and whining to Dezmin when he told your dad that you were a bit overwhelming at times..That was a bit much for me gurl..crying over that baby lol I love you all BUT I think that at times ALL OF YOU CAN BE A HOT A** MESS!

  18. dessy says:

    firstly Royce made lots of sence…but the part where Everlyn aired out Jen’s dirty laundry while cameras are rolling.. I remeber that incident if it’s the same one. i think it was season 3. It was for Jen’s divource party & she was making out with another dude….& yes she was still married to Eric. so i think that is what she (Everlyn) was talking about. But i also agree with you where it wasn’t cool of Everlyn to bring it back up. As for Kenya she just wants to be accepted so she’ll play along with everything, just like your dear friend Susie who have no reason to dislike Kenya she did nothing to her or even said anything disrespectful towards her. And as for the prank well these kinda things make the show interesting; it’s the reason people watch the show for the drama. But i guess as u said it’s not your type of thing.

  19. Leigha says:

    Girl you said that……We as black women need to show MORE positive things ….not always being petty or fighting like we have no class… I am so proud of you for not going cause you already know what the deal was….I know that Tammy’s your girl but she is getting to be as bad as the rest of them…..Who play games with other ppl property…so she left her bag and Tammy pick it up ….be the ADULT and give it back ….NOT treat the situation like that’s her child ” Did you ask for your Bag” Really Tammy Grow up!

  20. Jasmine says:

    Royce, this dance you posted is very nice. Honestly it doesn’t seem like the gospel song fit it well. The girls underpants are showing through their see through dresses and it looks distasteful, thank God they didn’t perform in a Sanctuary. When I used to do Praise dance every single part of the body was covered except for the feet face and hands, just a word of advice, but keep up the good work you are doing with your dance company!!!

  21. Shamel says:

    @Maria, you the ONE person who had to come on here with your hate & negativity! If you don’t like Royce….as she said best, DON’T READ HER BLOG!!!! So go click the “x” in the top right hand corner and keep it movin’ ——–>>>. LOVE reading Royce blogs because she speaks for MOST of the viewers!!! Thank you Royce for always keepin’ it 100, being objective, and keeping it classy. I do not understand why ANYONE (at this point) will continue opting for these “girl retreats” when the end results is inevitably conflict, drama, and turmoil. Sad to say, I was really hoping Kenya would’ve jumped over the table and served Evelyn a MUCH DESERVED beat down!!!! I think everyone would’ve given her a “pass” on that one (LOL)! However, Evelyn & Tami’s time is coming. As for Suzie? She disgusts me. I get mad just seeing her talk. Ugh!!! Shaunie is no better. She plays innocent but far from it. Her and Suzie are the biggest instigators and perpetrators there is (smdh)! This is my last season of BBW. However, I wish Royce, Keisha, and Kenya the best!!!

  22. realbasketballwife says:

    Royce, from the 1st season you have been my favorite. NOW I KNOW WHY!!! I remember these women giving you crap because you are a dancer/cheerleader. You are were never the enemy. They were just insecure women that didn’t trust their men and wanted to blame you for the reason their men stray. If their men really loved them there couldn’t be a damn thing that you could do to make him cheat.
    You speak the truth and that is something that these women hate to hear. Evelyn is disgusting! She claims she never told anyone’s business and there she was screaming Jen’s business across the bungelows like she was back in the projects. Tami is getting dumber as each day passes. Shaunie is just a kiss ass and doesn’t have the backbone or heart to tell someone like Tami or Evelyn when they are wrong. A real friend can tell their friends when they have stepped out of line. Shaunie loves the drama. NO WONDER SHAQ RAN FROM HER!!!
    Suzie is a 2 faced back stabbing troublemaker and it amazes me that not one of these women have said a thing to her about it.
    Royce you keep doing what you do and good will come your way. Keep those negative people out of your life. You are awesome!

  23. norvelle says:

    what i dont inderstand is the fact that they say their grown women but grown women understand the purpose if you say were no longer friends and theres nothing further to discuss then theres nothing else further to discuss. you go your way, i go mines. theres no more clarifying or clarity as tami says to anything. i dont think jennifer should go through that detailed of what used to happen in the past or watever more, thats her business. i so agree with you royce in everything your saying and i believe there the most bitter idiotic grown women immaturity and rudeness and cattynes is disgusting. and so far on this trip they’ve all displayed that at all. i respect jennifer, kenya, keisha, and susie but thats it. even shaunie as the producer is really not cool. she shows up for the meetings the vacays and the nonsesnse, but what shes lacking is to teach her friends to respect each other. everyone doesnt need to be friends.and they should of all been grown women and came on the trip and had fun even if its not all together. its pathetic and their boring me with their drama.

  24. Tasha B. says:


  25. jerseygirl23 says:

    !00% accurate on everything you said!! I could go on for days but you just pretty much broke it down. And your girl suzie is such a mess and she should be ashamed of herself for selling out everyone just to try to stay in the “circle’ I guess she needs a check that bad huh?

  26. Jeff says:

    Bad Girl’ s Club (over 30 edition)….lol….get’ em Royce!

  27. Mimsy says:

    I want to know why Evelyn and Suzie got on the show in the first place, engaged and living with someone does not make you a wife.
    Yes Evelyn you are LOOSE
    Suzie you are a two faced puppet.
    Jen do not give in to Evelyn her frienddship brings you down to her level, it is quite obvious that the two of you came from different worlds, you tried Jen now get back to your world.
    Shaunie, I hope you have given thought to the fact that you girls will see the episodes some day how are you going to explain? Women of class do not act this way!!!!!!!!!!!!GET IT

  28. lisa c says:

    I agree with Royce, these ladies were acting like grade school girls. I believe that Royce should get together with Keysha and Jen and tell Suzie to go wag her tail to her friends. They should not allow themselves to socialize with the Snitch. I don’t believe that they should speak to her or forgive her. Those are the kind of people I do not want around me. She is such a gossiping menace who wants to fit in somewhere. Those are the people you just can not TRUST. In all honesty she is the trouble maker.

  29. aleisha says:

    I completely agree with Royce. I strongly dislike Evelyn especially since she is putting Jenn’s personal business out there. I mean what kind of a person does that? that just shows she don’t really got nothing on Jenn & thats all she can use to try to hurt her. Also I dont understand why you would go on a retreat to a peaceful place & pack drama in your suitcase. They could of stayed in Miami for that BS.

  30. Jen says:

    if you were going to critique anybody’s actions, it should have been towards Tami Roman’s. But you would probably be violating the “Best Friend Code” I take it??

  31. MICHELLE says:

    hush truth royce ans sweetheart81481

  32. C. Jaccquie. says:

    Royce…girl I was not a big fan of yours in the beginning and I won’t lie but you are more adult than ALL the rest of them X ONE MILLION and that includes Shaunie.

  33. denise says:

    I was thinking the same thing Royce that poor resort that has to deal with the cleaning cost. God forbid if someone did that to them as a joke in there bedrooms. Nobody is really interested in watching this show anymore just a bunch of bullies.


    Royce, There’s a gigantic elephant in the room that you’ve negelected to mention!? I can’t believe your focus in this blog is completely remiss on Tami’s behavior. Please don’t tell me your assessment of who stayed “on the island contest” was a byproduct of anyone but your friend Tami. She’s had a habitual pattern of behavior on OVERSEAS TRIPS that start out like this…..”I was GONNA LET YOU have a good vacation, out of the goodness of my heart, BUT”….
    Then all hell breaks loose while the “offender of her sensibilities” has to run (by themselves) for their lives. Meanwhile Ms Roman holds all parties (including the camera men and bouncers) hostage to listen to “her logistics” ad nausium as to excusees of her outbursts…and they deserved it because…bla bla bla!
    Nothing Royce on this little item?

  35. Something missing Royce says:

    Royce, There’s a gigantic elephant in the room that you’ve negelected to mention!? I can’t believe your focus in this blog is completely remiss on Tami’s behavior. Please don’t tell me your assessment of who stayed “on the island contest” was a byproduct of anyone but your friend Tami. She’s had a habitual pattern of behavior on OVERSEAS TRIPS that start out like this…..”I was GONNA LET YOU have a good vacation, out of the goodness of my heart, BUT”….
    Then all hell breaks loose while the “offender of her sensibilities” has to run (by themselves) for their lives. Meanwhile Ms Roman holds all parties (including the camera men and bouncers) hostage to listen to “her logistics” ad nausium as to excusees of her outbursts…and they deserved it because…bla bla bla!
    Nothing Royce on this little item?

  36. T.Dorsey! says:

    Yeah what she said……LOL

  37. Rae says:

    You must enter a comment

  38. NONA WILSON says:

    Royce is so right. They are just a bunch of teenagers pretending to be adults. I thought that Shaunie had some class but not even she can act like an adult. They are the most disgusting and vulgar women I have ever seen. Evelyn and Tami are just big bullies, Shauni acts like the little sheep that has to follow the crowd, Susie is the main trouble maker telling everyone what was said about them, Kiesha is just a nice quiet girl that needs to get away and stay away from the trashy women, and I don’t know enough about Kenya to judge her. Royce is so smart to avoid the drama. Mob Wives at least duke it out and get over it and they are the ones that have lived rough lives.

  39. Cham says:

    I Love Your View On The Show Royce, We Are Defiantly seeing Things In The Right Light

  40. Jay says:

    I feel that Jen gave Evelyn what Evelyn gave her when Jen tried to apologize previously. I don’t blame Jen. She’s keeping it moving. Shaunie & Tammy feel that Jen shouldn’t take it out on them, but the tell each other everything – so why should Jen want to associate with them. They are messy and childish. I agree with Jen, Royce, and Keisha for not wanting to be associated with it. I feel Jen shouldn’t have went on the trip at all.

  41. LYDIA SMITH says:


  42. mel says:

    1st season i didnt like Royce cuz she came off as childish and not on the same level as the others…now she is the only one i like! she has grown into a very classy lady!

  43. Marisa says:

    Royce is right on the fact Evilyn screeching bout loyalty for how long now and when all her other attempts to drag Jen back in the gutter with her didnt work she pulls that supposed Vegas sleeping with other guy which I believe is a boldface LIE since hello if Jen did that we all know Suzi-motormouth would have already blabbed it out. Evilyn was never Jen friend they diss her because she had chances to travel the world and these hoodrats were all about bags and shoes out of their guys the jealousy seeps from all of that circle of hells pores. The gall of this guttersnipe to think after cussing Jen out and declaring her an enemy in episode one, then preceding to physically attack her and jump her more than once, that she could waltz her behind at Jen table and deserve to even speak to her. Nope you delivered closure when you leveled that purse and hopped on that table.

  44. cherric says:

    I must admit… because of the past seasons of BBW, I was not that keen on Royce… but wow… congrat’s to you Royce because you have learned and grown up… I am proud to admit that I was wrong about you. As for the other “rats” on the show… I don’t even have a comment about the incident of putting dead fish in Kenyas bugalow! Like they say… you can’t take some people everywhere! But they should all be ashamed of themselves for what went down with Keisha. Tami is one of the biggest HOOD RAT’s that any reality show has put on TV so far! She and Evelyn should be taken off the air. Why should she be allowed to make money and have a career on tv while she terrorizes and bullies others! She thinks because of a bad childhood and bad marriages it somehow justifies her nasty attitude. Well it doesn’t! The way Tami and Evelyn acts is embarrassing to all Black Women! As Executive Director of the show, Shaunie should be ashamed of herself for supporting them and their bad behavior. One last thing… I’ve been watching the show from the start and I still can’t come up with anything that Jenn has done to Evelyn to have caused all this drama! I hope Jenn stays on track and keeps those street women at a distance. I hope she doesn’t let Shaunie and Susie talk her into befriending those “hood rats” again. She is allowing Tami and Evelyn to ruin this show. They should both be replaced!

  45. SHAY SHAY says:

    WHEW! I am so glad to see you back Royce! Missed you girl…and still a fan because you keep it 100 at ALL TIMES even when speaking about yourself! Now that is real!!

  46. Mrs. Jones says:

    Royce you are completely on point with this blog. I’m happy that at least ONE of you have sense and developed into a mature woman rather than an old – little teenage girl. I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to agree with this blog, but you can’t expect children to accept correction so easily. I really hope that the women of Basketball Wives (which I still don’t understand why its called that) will grow up and be role models for black women (well women period). It’s obvious that children who act like this have nothing better going on in their life besides drama and that’s sad, especially since there is so much going on in the world that they can help with. I would love to see an episode where ALL of you ladies go and help at an orphanage (sp) or shelter and give back to the community instead of fight and arguing over some of the pettiest things. I know that all of you women are great but that’s not what’s being shown through this show and it is a shame. But again, you’re right on with this blog!

  47. lolilea3 says:

    Right on all counts.

    Fish prank was not funny just cruel.

    Evelyn should have zipped it.

    Shaunie is as juvenile as E and T.

  48. Mais says:

    Right on the effing money!!!!!!! There are no more stories to tell on BBW, so they are trying to create drama (EPIC FAIL!). Now to you my sweet…….you don’t need to be so needy around men. You can catch and keep a man but you really need to stop trying so hard. Lots of love! Best of Wishes.

  49. LMW says:

    Your dance troupe is great! I enjoyed all of it…… As for BB Wives it’s not worth talking about :)

  50. Madison says:

    @ amanada
    Royce is blogging about the episodes because VH1 asked her to…FYI so it is kind of her business

  51. belkis says:

    this is the truth…

  52. CYNTHIA says:


  53. Evie says:

    What they are is nothing but a bunch of grown ass bullies PERIOD!!
    CLASSLESS 2 SAY THE LEAST! Why the hell should Jen want 2 be friends with Evelyn???
    Jen isn’t capable of bringing anything 2 the table in any relationship but pure drama! She is TOXIC just like Tami

  54. Sheila says:

    There’s always somebody bigger and badder than the next person…put me on basketball wives anf i’ll show tami and evelyn what its all about,trust me there day is coming.

  55. Sheila says:

    There’s always somebody bigger and badder than the next person,put me on basketball wives and i’ll show Tami and Evelyn what it’s all about.betcha they want bully nobody else.and Evelyn ur man is my kind darkmeat,so don’t make me cause he don’t want u noways probably what ur doing to him,cause ur mouth shape for the job…get it togethe…Oan Jennifer stay the hell away frm her.

  56. NeNe says:

    Ok Royce I have reached a new level of respect for you. You are the youngest but yet one of the most maturest women on the show. It seems to me that Shaunie is just as childish as Evelyn and Tamie. Why would You go to Tahiti of all places and take all of the same drama over there. I wish that Tamie old A@@ would please get herself some better help because the lesson that she’s portraying to teach everyone else on the show about loyalty is a bunch of horse pucky because all she do is talk behind Jennifer’s back and everyone else for that matter. Evelyn if you like to share what’s in your purse (loosely) then realize that it’s your purse (if you get my drift and I know you do!!) and keep it pushin!!! It’s obvious who the mess keeper is with Evelyn and Jen because like Royce said she’s the one with the problem with her blabber mouth!! Why is Suzie messy A@@ even on the show?? She’s just a puppet who love too repeat every damn word that someone says. Suzie should have been a tape recorder in this life because she love to repeat things said and never repeat it the way that it was really said. If someone doesn’t want to fight you then why would you keep attacking them?? Jen should have put her lawyer’s in it because that project chick slapped her in her face ( that was ridiculous). Come on all of you Grown BLACK WOMEN lets get it together. Shaunie You should really Do a reality check on yourself because I know that you are a better person than what you portray when your around Tamie and Evelyn. Those Two make the show horrible (women in there forties unbelieveable).

  57. Moma Mesy says:

    I agree with all you Ladies I am really becoming disappointed in the show because us a Women should not carry ourselves that way and to you Royce Congrats and I don’t blame you for taking Shaunie money to be up there even if she and Eve don’t want to be seen with you that’s her stupidity but hell she pay Laura and she slept with her husband lol as for Tammy WOW is all I can say and Suzie is to mouthy and messy for me and poor Keisha did not Know what she was walking into after the Tammy and Keisha episode i really am thinking of not watching this is turning into a cheap version of the Jerry Springer show and I don’t think I wont to support it anymore

  58. Tracey says:

    OMG thank you Royce. i would have never told a friend on mine business or an ex friend. Evelyn was so hurt that Jen would not talk to her and I dont blame her. Evelyn dont mess with you cause she know you are not afraid her her and now she got the hint about Kenya she wont mess with her again either. The whole fish thing i did not understand the purpose. CHILDISH silly females. all i can say is boy boy boy they going to cross the wrong person and take a butt whipping.

  59. Lynz says:

    Royce you are awesome girlfriend…. You are my favorite in basketball wives!

  60. Genieneve says:

    Royce, it’s clear to me that you are the mature one this season (next to Jennifer and Kesha)!!! Keep your ahead up, and continue to rise above the drama!!!! As for Kenya, given that she used a box cutter on her soon to be ex husband, I really don’t think Evelyn and Tami were as bold as they “appeared” to be in trying to antagonize her!!!!

  61. Michelle Current says:

    Shauni is just as bad as the other Bullies on the show. She is two faced and just to keep the ratings up. she is just as bad. Is the money worth it. Soon your children will see this. And what then. I am so sorry that we have have come to this on tv. God help us!

  62. Faye Parnell says:

    Royce as the youngest of the group you are the most mature. Suzie needs to get a life and stop carrying that bag of bones with her (spreading gossip, she said this she said that), Tammi get a real therapist,the one you have is not helping, because if you can leave a sessions and go from zero to ten in a matter of minutes and start acting like a schoolyard bully something is obviously and seriously wrong. Evelyn, do you need Jennifer’s friendship that bad, you tthrew it out there that you were not friends anymore and she threw it back at you, keep it moving. You are hurt because she is no longer your lap dog. and she has Kenya to idolize her (without asking for it or expecting it). Go home straighten out some mess with your soon to be “husband”. The mess between you and him smells worse than the fish you put in Kenya’s room. Kenya .go loco, I know you can do it, I hope you do it. Then move on, because you are nothing but a running joke to them. Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie, damn I wish I had your money, I would spend on makeovers, wigs for cancer victims, breast reconstruction surgeries for breast cancer victims, sheltters for battered women, I would spend on anything to help a female feel better instead of sponsoring a show that teaches younger women who minds are already messed up that this type of behavior is ok. Cursing like truck drivers, drinking all the time, stabbing your best friends in the back. I know it’s eality TV but for us as black women, is this all we do. Royce back to you, A beautiful butterfly. Fly away from this nonsense.

  63. perkytitis says:

    great blog royce. u r my favorite house wive. and eveyln only apolized cuz she didn’t want to get beat up by Kenya on tv.

  64. Sara Lee says:

    What I find funny on the show is how Evelyn says that she’s not friends with Jen and has all of these negative things to say about Jen. Meanwhile Jen just says that she accepts the fact that she and Evelyn aren’t friends and is ready to move on. But Evelyn still wants to pick fights with Jen all the time. Doesn’t she get it. Jen is done with her. Jen is over it.

  65. Latika says:

    I feel u Royce they really need to sit back and recognize what a true friend really is

  66. commonsense says:

    i thought suzie ran her mouth about eveyln sleeping with some guy in vegas and that’s why eveyln hated suzie. eyelyn loves to throw stones…one day her and tammy are going to get what they deserve.

  67. Cini says:

    Watch this folks…I’m gonna catch Evelyn’s ass in a lie. Remember when Jen was still deciding if she was going to file for divorce from Eric, Eve kept trying to set Jen up because she kept saying something to the tune of ” Jen needs to get some of the dust off of her vagina” or how she knew that thing had not seen any action in a long time. In other words she was always implying that Jen had not had sex in a long time. Now all of a sudden she wants us to believe that Jen was fooling around all the time she was married. Come on Eve make up your mind! People don’t make jokes about a persons vajayjay being as dry as the Sahara Desert if they think they are loose. You just want Jen to have the same rep that you have…sorry EPIC FAIL!

  68. CMS says:

    Tami and Evelyn are ghetto thugs and that fact will never change. Period. Then there’s their little snitch, Thuthie, who could not be more of a follower/azz kisser who will do/say anything to stay on the good side of the thugs; and if Shaunie had an ounce of integrity, she would have stepped in to put a stop to what Tami did to Keisha — which makes her just as bad as the thugs.
    And finally, Royce, while you are certainly entitled to your opinion, especially in the contect of your own blog, you might try toning down the in-your-face style and delivery a bit as it makes you sound far less credible and/or mature.

  69. pride187 says:

    Good post, but I have to point out your tasteless and tacky dating methods. You have a young son, and just because your not fighting with the rest of these women does not make you any better. You and Evelyn aren’t cool, but you could get some tips on hair & clothing from her. Im tired of you looking so through… ALL THE TIME

    i.e the above photos, weave looks stiff & those jeans…. what are those?

  70. Evie says:

    Susie plays both sides! She’s a lil snake and should not be trusted!

  71. JJ says:

    Royce ,you are right on point!! What I have noticed is that Susie is the cause of most of the conflict on this show,because she is like a bucket with a big hole….she can’t hold water!! I cannot stand her, and if those “ladies” (and I say that loosely) would stop and think for a minute,they will start to see that Susie is the biggest instigator there is on the show. You can;t tell that Susie nothing without her repeating it to the next person… She really can’t call Keisha weak either,because when Evelyn was on her a** on the first or second season,she walked away with her tail under her butt too, because she is “weak”. I think she tells Tammie and Evelyn everything because she don’t want them on her A** ever again after what Evelyn did to her. So she tries to fit in the “bad girls” circle so she can be safe……i really hope Kenya shows Evelyn just how crazy she is….cause that girl right there (I mean Kenya) she is a little throwed and I do believe she will really flip out if she feels threatened…. drama,drama,drama…….

  72. Melissa says:

    Well said Royce. But Miss Suzy needed to be addressed. She talks to everyone and reports back to the others. A complete mess. She is just trying to stay friends with Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie. Shaunie needs to be ashamed to see some of the things that happen and not open her darn mouth. Tami use to be one of my favorites, but this season she went to far. She definetly has mind issues. She just needs someone who will fight back with her. You know how they said Tami came in wanting to be Evelyn’s friend and she said it wasn’t true. Well I think we see that she really wanted to be with Evelyn. Case closed!!

    Thanks for being realy Royce.

  73. Jajuana says:

    I love how you carry things with these grown folks. Maybe you should have class for them as you do for your young dancers. Teach em

  74. KayBee says:

    Royce is so right, I cant believe shes my fave this year lol. EVELYN..I PEEPED UR GAME LONG TIME AGO BOO. The ONLY thing she wants to do is air out Jens dirt to make herself feel better PERIOD. Its not about saving a friendship, its not about meeting halfway, ALL she wants to do is make her feel bad and Jen knows it! Sad.

  75. Jenny Beal says:

    I missed the last episode since I vowed not to watch after the bullying incident. I will agree 100% there is a BEST FRIEND code. No matter what happens between us I will take your secrets to the grave. I expect my BFF to do the same. Nine times out of ten if we fall out we will make up. It is foolish to blab about secrets because she likely has some of your secrets. just be adult about it and move on.

  76. Ms.Lady says:

    Everything u said Royce, I agree 110%…There is always a time and a place for everything and I think it’s time for these ladies to GROW UP and “ACT” like a lady, even if they don’t know how.

  77. EMILLS1970 says:

    Well said!!!!!

  78. Monica says:

    Royce, it’s funny to read how much dhit you talk. Do you have any friends? None of the women want to film with you….You run around every season stating that you are so in love and as always at the end of the season you end up alone, sad and running your mouth. Keep quiet, work on yourself. You are no better of a friend than any of them. You are loud and clearly very immature. You need to read and then reread the friend code. How have you been one? You talk about Susie. I bet you were the one who ran back to tell Tami about Keisha running her mouth. I cant stand you or this show.

  79. KAMILAH JONES says:

    Royce always keeps it real no matter what and i respect her as a woman! I have lost all respect for the others like Tami,Shaunie,Evelyn,Susie,and the rest of the ghetto crew there HORRIBLE!! Look what a little money and tv does for black woman very sad and belittling!!…..something to think about and majority of them have female daughters. food for thought!

  80. Chrissy says:

    Ok, so I would not normally comment on other people lives but I am annoyed! So, how the hell as Royce grown up so much? By passing judgement on her cast mates, or crying to her daddy b/c of how he feels she is living her life, or allowing her mother and father have a bigger say when it comes so her son then she does? All of these women has done some kind of wrong on this show, and it might not have been to the extreme as some but wrong is wrong! The same people that hate the show so much, is the same people tuning in week after week! We all live in the flesh, and we will all make mistakes but it is not up to us to pass judgement. I read all the cast blogs and I can only respect the ones that comment on themselves! So please if the show disgust you, please pick up your remote and change the channel!!!

  81. natosha barnes says:

    Royce…I agree 100% and I appreciate you posting your thoughts without sugar coating anything…and as for the comments about you being needy, dismiss it with that pretty smile you have and keep doing you…cuz ain’t nothing wrong with loving hard and giving the man you love your all; so many people are “Selfish” they can grasp that concept. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and may God continue to bless you! :)

  82. For once I agree with you! I just don’t know if the women really know what true friends are and how to be a woman. It just make women look bad, period. Jen have let it go and don’t want to be around Evelyn. I don’t blame her! I would not want to be around only Evelyn but the rest of their fake A@@@@ either. It is really sad that 4 weeks later they are still bullying others on the show. I think Evelyn may have to get her A@@ whoop before she realize to leave people along. Sad but true!

  83. Charlene says:

    I agree with Royce totally, I think it was low to put dead fish in her cabin. Also Evelyn is so jealous of Jenifer that’s why shes taking it so far. Too bad Royce is so loyal to Tami cause she was dead wrong for what she did to Keysha. Also Shaunie and Evelyn was scared of Kenya at the table and she still gonna have issue with Evelyn about the dead fish We will see…………….

  84. Lolita says:

    Every time Eveyln opens her mouth, she wind up looking worst and Jennifer Williams looking better and better… Eveyln can not get Jennifer’s name out of her mouth, so far in the show I have never seen Jennifer say anything private about Eveyln… Tami is also such a trouble maker, cause she is always agreeing with Eveyln and trying to imply that Jennifer Williams is trying to hide something or talking about Jennifer all the time behind her back…. Jennifer Keep doing you and you are coming out looking good… If Jennifer has been so fake for 12 years, then why have you Evelyn been her friend??? That makes Evelyn fake/phony too!!! Royce you did not mention Kesha, i guess it is beyond words to talk about how monster Tami is…

  85. Netta from da block says:

    Wow! I can’t believe it! Now I know that I am a week behind and I just watched episode 13, but I am fired up! Tammi is an absolute bully and I cannot believe that she is trying to act like she is in middle school and she is a grown woman. This has thoroughly made me mad. She knows exactly who to mess with and I can’t believe Shaunie. I blame her mostly because she has the power and control to stop the entire incident. Evelyn is up there crying but neither one of them said one word to Tammy when they saw what she was doing to Keisha. How can someone just sit idly by while someone bullies another person. I am thoroughly disgusted by what I saw tonight and then they are going to put fish in Keisha’s room. They are real life mean girls and Susie is a groupie and follower. I don’t ever blog but I had to come on here and protest this because I don’t want any of them to think that we support this crap.

  86. Denise says:

    Royce, I agree with you totally which is shocking, you have matured kudos to you and not a ghetto mess (high dollar thugs) like Tasmanian Tami, Eviline Evelyn and Sneaky Snake Shaunie. They are very messy women

  87. Sandy Becerra says:

    Wow!!! Royce, you could not have said it better. Tami and Evelyn are so sad. We have to have compassion for them, because they really don’t have the awareness as to how toxic there behavior is. I guess something happened to them in the past , making them feel powerless so they are presently choosing to be angry, bitter, rude, nasty women. Very sad…especially when they should be positive role models for their daughters as it relates to resolving conflict. Hopefully the girls are looking at their mothers and deciding they want to be the exact opposite.

  88. Stars Shine Over Here says:

    I so agee with Royce. Like my daddeh told me, “Ride with your friend even if yall done fell out”! Don’t go and tell someone else’s business especially if it’s your bestfriend’s business. Evelyn is not loyal; she is very shadey. Evelyn is only trying to make Jennifer look bad because she knows that she (Evelyn) has crossed a major line by putting her hands on Jennifer at Shaunie’s B’Day dinner. And also, Evelyn allowed her, “flunkie assisstant”,Nia to put her hands on Jennifer and that is not what a loyal former bestfriend does. In my world, as Tami Roman would say, I personally wouldn’t care what was going on between me and my former friend, I would not let them harm them in any way! This whole show is shadey and the viewrs should take it with a grain of salt.

  89. Angela says:

    You repeated everything I said to my friends and co-workers. I’ve been calling this season the old ladies bad girls club since the start! Can someone PLEASE tell me why Vibe named Evelyn and Chrissy role models? what has this world come to?

  90. You go girl, says:

    Royce you are so right. You are the only who could manage to stay outbof the bs this season. We saw you fundraise and help your community. It’s just so sad that gets over shadowed by all the drama. Please revaluate you friendship with Susie how do any of you all tell her anything. She is always the source of the drama. Tami and Ev need anger management and Shaunie just a backbone to stand up to these women.

  91. Melanie says:

    Finally, someone with some sense. Thank you Royce…..I guess that’s why you have limited air time all of a sudden (so sad…but hey that’s what they did to goldilocks and Kemsha Artest on the other show) I thought it was interesting in the clip for the next show when Shaunie asks “When I walk in the room, do people see ghetto trash?” Uh……yeah…duh! You can take the ghetto trash broad out the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto trash out the girl! Please Please cancel this trash Vh1……Maybe give Royce a spin-off!

  92. Brava says:

    Wow…I read the entire blog post…I agree with royce 100%. No matter who is wrong I hate when someone is being attacked. The women on this show are just classless and selfish. I am glad Royce, Jennifer and Kenya are representing Dark Skinned women so well. Let all those other ladies embarass themselves…do you Royce

  93. Norahs says:

    I watched this last episode in complete disbelief. First of all, I can’t stand Tammi whose picture should be displayed next to the word “BULLY.” Tammi has some serious issues which is appearing more and more to be MENTAL ILLNESS and needs to be on medication. Next, Suzie is no one’s friend. She is playing to all sides as to stay in the so called “circle” and is a total loser of epic proportions. As soon as someone’s back is turned, she is talking about that person and sharing what ever was revealed to her confidence to the others. Seems EVERYBODY is SCARED to death of Tammi! Shani should really be ashamed of herself for exploiting (PIMPIN) this women and raking in the $$$. The women of the show demonstrate they absolutely have no self-respect and are allowing themselves to be exploited and disrespected all in the name of $$$. So sad. I guess it is much easier to find un-educated, ignorant and class-less women who are willing to put themselves on camera for a dollar bill.

  94. Nice Post! says:

    I’ve really come to love your blogs! I don’t like how these ladies handled the various situations that they were in. I do like the fact that Tami stated in her blog that she feels remorseful about the fact that she has been bulling Kesha throughout her stay on the trip. I don’t like the fact that Evelyn has been “popping off” on Jennifer every time that she sees her. First, she hits her in the head with a clutch purse, then she jumps across the table just because she called her assistant a bum, making her a hypocrite because she has called Jennifer, Tami and yourself that several times. It’s a shame that she is wanting to mend her friendship so badly that she is willing to do or say anything to make that happen. She claims that she keeps it 100 but she doesn’t like it when someone is doing the same with her. As for Shaunie and Tami, they shouldn’t be mad at Jennifer for her trying to distance herself from them when all that they are about is drama with Evelyn. All in all, it is what it is. They really need to look at themselves and how they are acting. Just grow up. It’s kind of sad that you are young and you know how to handle yourself when it come to these ladies. You, Jennifer, Kesha and Kenya are the only ones who have any class. The rest is about childish drama.

    P.S… Seriously, I can’t get over the fact that Nia hit Jennifer over some keys. Change the dang locks! Just messy.

  95. Rock says:

    Royce I think you have the most sense out of all theses women. You are the most muture even though your the youngest. And your girl Tammie has soled her soul to the devil this season. She so different til is nauseating. I appreciate you representing black women to have class, descensy, and all above all not full of drama!!!! I hope you continue to be blessed in all your dreams. I wish you the best for your future. Keep doing you.

  96. Angela says:

    Everything you said made a lot of sense and it would have been better received had it came from someone else. The reason I say this is like some of the others have brought out, you got too much damage control to take care of which leaves you no time to speak on someone else’s stuff. The part that made me laugh was when you said your father was embarrassed by the girls behavior. So was he proud of you having sex outside? Is that the kind of conduct he is proud of seeing his daughter do? Like I said, everything you said was true, but it would have been better received had it came from someone else.

  97. Mel3177 says:

    FOR THOSE WHO DEEM IT NECESSARY TO DIGRESS FROM THE TRUTH OF THIS BLOG WITH THE INTENTION OF POINTING OUT ROYCE’S FLAWS:—–>>If you have read any of her previous blogs (which it is OBVIOUS you have not) she points out her flaws. She is her biggest critic to be exact! She does a weekly blog discussing each week’s episode so this week she is discussing the ISSUE AT HAND!!! I need for some of you to get current and stop harping on what she has done…she has acknowledged where she has went wrong and what she needs to do to correct those mistakes. At the end of the day, she called a spade a spade! Was she lying? Absolutely not. Furthermore, for those who thought she was sparing Tami, I suggest you check her previous blog before you arrive at that conclusion. One thing I like and respect about Royce…she keeps it 100 regardless of who she is speaking of. That means Tami “Hood rat” Roman. HaHaHa!!!

  98. Shamel says:

    FOR THOSE WHO DEEM IT NECESSARY TO DIGRESS FROM THE TRUTH OF THIS BLOG WITH THE INTENTIONS OF POINTING OUT ROYCE’S FLAWS:—–>>>If you read her previous blogs (which is OBVIOUS you have not) you would know that she is her biggest critic. Royce has been extremely forthcoming, honest, and critical of her own shortcomings and misdeeds. Trust!!! However, the ISSUE AT HAND is surrounding episode 14, therefore she is addressing the topic accordingly. She summarizes each episode providing her opinion and candid views on each. For those who think she spared Tami, so NOT the case. You may want to check out her previous blogs before arriving at that conclusion. Tami “hood rat” Roman got blasted too. At the end of the day, she told the TRUTH once again so some of you need to accept it for what it is and that’s a woman keeping it 100!!! Good post Royce!!!

  99. Truth Be Told says:

    FOR THOSE WHO DEEM IT NECESSARY TO DIGRESS FROM THE TRUTH OF THIS BLOG WITH THE INTENTIONS OF POINTING OUT ROYCE’S FLAWS:—–>>>If you read her previous blogs (which is OBVIOUS you have not) you would know that she is her biggest critic. Royce has been extremely forthcoming, honest, and critical of her own shortcomings and misdeeds. Trust!!! However, the ISSUE AT HAND is surrounding episode 14, therefore she is addressing the topic accordingly. She summarizes each episode providing her opinion and candid views on each. For those who think she spared Tami, so NOT the case. You may want to check out her previous blogs before arriving at that conclusion. Tami “hood rat” Roman got blasted too. At the end of the day, she told the TRUTH once again so some of you need to accept it for what it is and that’s a woman keeping it 100!!! Good post Royce!!!

  100. Kym says:

    I agree and the bottom line is Tammi and Evelyn need to grow up.

  101. Patrice says:

    well said Royce. I thought the same thing. Most of the women on this show (i.e. Evilyn and Tami) are so hypocritical it’s not even funny. What’s worse is that they think they’re right. And love pointing the finger or calling out someone else they think is wrong… oh how I wish they’d grow up just a little and stop thinking the audience of this show are idiots.

  102. Camille says:

    I just love Royce, she is so mature and real.

  103. deni says:

    I agree with everything Royce said. I didn’t understand the point of Evelyn putting Jenn’s past on “blast” anyway. I was thinking “what does that have to do with anything and why did she go there?” It made no sense at all.

  104. dom frazier says:

    Royce please sit down somewhere and fix your own stuff. giving someone advice. Your dad played you on tv and so did your boyfriend I believe it was Clingy or something like that. and please keep up with the emotional breakdowns the court will surely give your son to his dad. He seems more emotionally stable anyway.

  105. MelJam says:

    I could not have said this any better. I was disgusted as I watched and wondered if they were back in high school.

  106. real says:


  107. Gigi says:

    Eve needs to learn a few lessons from my five year old. She can go to Jen and say ,”please, please Jen, I’m SORRY please be my friend!!!” If that does not work she can buy some treats, flowers, offer to give Jen her princess outfit or something to makeup. The sad thing is, these woman are not 5 years old. Eve really wants to be friends with Jen and because Jen is ignoring her, rage steps in. “How dare you ignore me?” Jen would be plain stupid to be Eve’s friend again after having all her dirty laundry aired. Who knows they still might makeup because, Jen seems to have a problem picking friends/companion. E.g her husband, Evelyn and now Nene. I like Nene but Jen seems to be so different from the persons she associates with.

  108. LIZ says:

    Love Royce and please get rid of Tami she’s no one’s friend!!

  109. lora lomax says:

    well said i cant beleave ev took such a low route she is latin traylor trash!!!!!!!!! sad but tru i just hate those type of friend i could tell her feelings were hurt when jen said they werent friends and i just knew she was going to bash her bussiness out my riend did the same thing to me exact same thing its okay it only proves me right people just want other to hurt because they are hurt i call them loss souls

  110. CocoLatta says:

    Ok I used to like Royce. Here is my problem with the blog. You love to sit on the side and talk about someone’s maturity when in fact the episodes you were shown in to me shows how very immature you are. It’s easy to sit back and judge someone else its much more difficult to look at your own flaws and try to change. I need you to grow up. Your not better than any of these ladies in my opinion. Since folks won’t film with you your out of it by default. Did the women do some childish things yes I agree. Are most of us sick of these vacations with fights (YES). We’re also sick of you sitting on your high horse. GET YOUR LIFE ROYCE. Stop looking for validation in men and take care of your son. HOW ABOUT THAT FOR MATURITY!

  111. genie says:

    VH1 and Shaunie “Hot Mess” Oneal please fix this! Just bring on a new group and start over– w/o Hot Mess, she’s as bad as the rest!!

  112. Ms. Hawk says:

    Agree 100%….I’m saddened to say, that after a few episodes this season, I no longer watch Basketball Wives (a show I might add, that I had enjoyed in the beginning). To watch supposed “women/mother” degrade themselves for entertainment is humiliating. There is a much better way to disagree and co-exist without acting like a 12 year old who just had her boyfriend stolen! I’m not knocking anyone for getting their hustle, but there has to be a fine line drawn. My children would never, ever see me portrayed in such a light PERIOD. There is no excuse for stupidity! Well done Royce…continue to grow and evolve.

  113. I Love Reality Television says:

    I am still attempting to wrap my mind around the Holder Of Loyalty & Truth” … and that would be Evelyn…… telling Jennifer personal business….HOWEVER, when Suzi did it to her she was ready to beat Suzi down. Question to Evelyn….What is the difference between what Suzi did to you in Vegas to what you did to Jennifer while on that beautiful island…..go head Evelyn, I will wait….still waiting!

  114. Benita says:

    Where do I start: Tammi went way down to me with what she did to Kesha…so sad in my Kesha voice…..She pulled tears from Evelyn !!!! Shaunie my dear needs a spoke person cause she so scary ..tell them chics they outta line spending your money and acting like donkeys.It aint never a good look for grown women to act like that…if its not about your children or real revelant. Jennifer fake! Evelyn you bout to get married please stop that BS…if you loose or not who gaf you paid, pretty and got a ring. !!! I do however wish Jennifer and Evelyn hash it out…cause its clear that Evelyn wants to be cool again I just think Jennifer is out done cause she is no fighter.

  115. Marielz says:

    I completely agree with Royce. Why did they even sit down with Kenya to hash things out after playing the prank on her? It’s like they defeated the purpose. They’re wasting moments of their lives with that nonsense. Don’t all of these woman have kids? Why would they want to teach their own children or any other impressionable people out there that it’s okay to treat people this way. They make every situation ugly and negative. Even when they’re trying to be nice, it’s like in a sarcastic way. As for Evelyn, I don’t know how Jen was even friends with her for as long as she was. It’s no surprise that she spilled the beans about Jen’s personal business, she seemed like that type of person anyways. Their all backstabbers, going behind each others backs and then pretending to make up with them to make themselves look better. Good for you Royce, for staying away from that drama.

  116. Roz says:

    @ Dom Fraizer

    There’s a ole saying, if an Ox presents you with the truth and you don’t like the Ox, accept the truth and leave the Ox. If you don’t like Royce at least admit what she stated in the blog was truthful and leave Royce.

    We all have imperfections, don’t you?

  117. Mother raising a child says:

    Thank you Royce. After watching this ridiculous display, Basketball Wives has lost a viewer. It’s all too much and has grown tired and disappointing. Good for Jen for not wanting to talk about it and attempting to walk away. Evelyn – REALLY? What is your problem? No need to comment on Suzie. Why is she even there. Ultimately, the most disappointing of them all is Shaunie. After the first couple of seasons, I had grown to appreciate her as a mother and intelligent business woman that for the most part stayed away from the ignorance regularly displayed by the others. NOT ANYMORE. Please make this show go away. If not for the preservation of whatever dignity these ladies might be able to find somewhere in their souls, but for the sake of growing young ladies like my 12 year old who really needs to see positive role models on television. I guess it’s true what my grandmother used to say… “The best role model for a child is a good parent. Never look to those with fame or fortune to guide. They will always disappoint you.” Consider me and millions of others DISAPPOINTED!

  118. Janice says:

    Well said. Your girl Susie needs to shut her mouth cause she runs back to everyone with everything….

    Shaunie can talk all the smack about not wanting the show to portray black women the way they are being portrayed…..REALLY……isn’t she an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the show???

  119. Terry Orr says:

    I really liked the video and we need more stuff like this for young people Royce you doing a good job keep doing what you’re doing and keep trying to stay out of the cattiness that’s going on on the show, Oh and tell Kesha we love her and keep your head up girl.

  120. brwnbetee says:

    Royce’s blog is as boring as she is…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  121. Toni says:

    To dom frazier: Wow! that is the only thing you get from the show, you sound stupid. It seems to me that you didn’t read Royce’s blog or even considered it because you cared about how someone dis Royce, how her dad diss Royce how her boyfriend diss Royce, but then again you must be an idiot, dumb one at that. Please read carefully and try to understand, please see the episode and see the majority of the show is showing stupid insecure evil ugly women like Suzie Tami Shaunie Evelyn on how they act and do to people that are supposedly their friend, then maybe you can be like the rest of us knowing the truth that was given by Royce, then again maybe you won’t most idiots don’t believe they’re wrong, but I’m hopeful…

  122. yessy says:

    i wasnt very fond of royce throughout the season but reading this i realize you are the only mature adult on that show!

  123. YOU HANDLE THEM WORDS ROYCE REED!! Well put; even though I thought the fish joke was quite hilarious; but that dance troupe you got going on could use more intense choreography & better music. On the real… :|

  124. Sarah says:

    While I can agree with pretty much everything you said, I can’t help but point out that you neglected to mention Tami’s bullying Kesha. Tami is what 40 something years old…Old enough to know better, if you harboring that much resentment no matter what “hood” you’re from I’m sure that have a church you can go to, pray and put that friggn bottle down. No wonder half the women on the cast are ex’s and baby momma’s stop being so angry and popping off on every comment somebody say about you….I mean really, they talked about Jesus called him a drunkard and everything but a child of God and He took it better than those being called (ahem) loose. The show has lost it’s class since the first season. I’m not saying ya’ll should be fake but could you keep it a little less real?

  125. Fan says:

    I hope that Jennifer has learned a valuable lesson.She admitted that she didn’t see anything that Royce had said but rather took Evelyn’s word. If Jen liked Royce and I think she does then she should have been herself and still talked to Royce. Jen has to take the blame for treating people that she liked indifferent because she was trying to be a loyal friend to Evelyn.

  126. Shutittotheupit says:

    Royce please your father should have been embarrassed of you rolling around the floor crying like a Maury guest… Girl sit down the prank was funny you sound like your hating because you didn’t get to go……..Also Loose is a term we can dish at half at this cast including you Miss high and Mighty I think your Daddy has pointed that 1 out

  127. Fan says:

    Royce I wonder if you thought that Tami Roman did the same thing that Suzie did. Once Tami was in the circle she hasn’t been around you as much. Also Tami Roman does not want Evelyn and Jennifer to get back as friends. She wants to be Evelyn so bad and that has been her goal all of the time. She fights anybody that might be accepted in the circle because she know that who wants to be around her. Tami had alot of nerve on the boat saying that she thought that if Kesha was going to Go Off that meant that she was going to talk down and make her feel bad.
    But isn’t that what she did to that lady. Tami Roman has serious mental issues and I for one wanted her fired after the first fight when she came on the show. Evelyn is next, saying that Jen started this when she could have talked off camera before filming to Jen. But I hope Jen has learned her lesson about friendships. If to be a loyal friend to someone means I don’t/can’t voice my opinion unless if seeks your approval or go along with anything you do, then maybe I should rethink if I am really a friend of this person and is she/he a fiend to me.

  128. FREE KROY says:

    Royce, look how bored you were in Rome. Pot, stop calling the kettle black.

  129. jaki says:

    teach! ain’t really nothing else to say. Brava, Royce!

  130. Tomlynne Jefferson says:

    You are telling the absolute truth

  131. honey says:

    haha bad girls club over 30 edition. hilarious! honestly i never watched bbw for drama. i watched for fashion and to see some upper class women operate and learn how to be classy enough to attract a high class man….. big disappointment.

  132. Raven3658 says:

    Royce, your blogs keep me up to date on what is going on since I stopped watching weeks ago. I enjoy reading your blog because it is usually well written and insightful plus it reflects a deep appreciation for your fan base.

  133. nonya says:

    @BasketballFan-ROTFL!!! at ur comment! So true!

  134. muffey says:

    Education dictates ones behavior. Thus is it evident that Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie lack formal education while Jen and Royce’s behavior shows that they are educated. Regarding diarrhea mouth Suzie, I don’t know what to make of her except she will sell out anyone in order to survive the bullies. Kesha is lady and should stick with Royce. It is a pity that women like Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami are allowed to recreate.

  135. Bella says:

    Finally someone who gets it!!! Well written Royce. :-)

  136. Vicki says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. I totally agree with you Royce and am so tired of seeing these bullies (you know who you are). They are adrenaline junkies that’s why they like to fight., (btw…it’s NOT ENTERTAINING)!!!!!! Also, the passive aggressors (the ones who instigate or quietly encourage the feuding) have lost any credibility. So many people are tired of seeing these people embarrass themselves, others, & are race. Ladies, grow up, do something positive, show us how people work through problems without all the dysfunction you display to world.

  137. Choc says:

    I agree with Royce. Instead of “Basketball Wives” the show should be called “Bad Girls Over 30 Edition”. Most of these females are NOT “Basketball Wives” and behave like MEAN GIRLS.

  138. Marge says:

    Evelyn looked real stupid running behind Jen. It’s almost like she “refuse’s to let Jen go” Note to Chad…..this chick is mental…
    What does Jennifer cheating on her husband have to do with anything???? I think she misses the relationship with Jen and since Jen is not interested in being her friend she doesn’t know how to handle it…Let it GO Evelyn….

  139. sabrina says:

    smh ok here we go thd prank was actually very funny the scene where ev was apologizing to kenya is funny as hell i didnt agree with how tami treated kiesha and i really love tami. i like royce as well but everyone need to admit that jen is as fake as her damn eyes. yes i dnt agree with alot of ev actions but i truely love she tami and shauni and suzi jus tlks too much. royce i really think there are alot more things your dad should be embarrassed for than a stupid prank u r being way to extra with that statement.

  140. Kathy says:

    After watching this show for a long time Tahiti was the last straw .I now will NEVER watch again.

  141. nysdiva says:

    I don’t even understand why they would give Evelyn & Ocho Cino their own show. Both of them are annoying & UN-Likeable.

  142. Ebony says:

    Royce is not perfect and she knows it, none of us are but she hit the nail on the head in reference to this situation. Well said Royce, well said. I liked Royce from the start. I did find the scene with dad and the boyfriend a bit over the top with all the sobbing and wailing LOL I could barely make out what you were trying to say. On the real though, It’s obvious that your dad loves you and wants to protect you, just as a father should I think he’s having a bit of trouble seeing you as a grown woman because you will always be his little girl. He should be proud that he has a daughter that has her own mind is willing to take a stand against people like Evil-yn, Shaunie and Tammy. Oh and I think you made a wise decision by keeping big mouth Susie at a distance.

  143. keemah says:

    Girl you hit it right on the nail, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the childishness that was going on in Tahiti, I don’t understand how you, Jen, and Kesha can be friends with Susie she is so scared of Evilyn, and Jen that she runs and tells them everything yall say or didn’t say about them the way she was telling Shaunie and them everything Jen said just showed how much of a friend she is not to Jen or anybody that Tammie, Evilyn, or Shaunie is mad at, and I still wonder how shaunie who was a well respected woman when she was married sit around and laugh at every stupid, childish thing that Tammie, Evil, and Susie do, and by her going along with them putting fish in kenya’s room, Tammie keeping Kesha purse, and Evilyn throwing bottles,(which by the way it almost hit her) and that Nia girl slapping Jen, just proves to me that she is not the decent respectful woman I thought she was, by the way Shaunie & Tammie were upset with Jen b/c she didn’t speak to them when she arrived in Tahiti, why the hell should she those 2 heffa’s didn’t even have the care or concern to check on Jen after she got slapped. Royce I have a lot of respect for you b/c you stand your ground and you speak the truth.

  144. Robert says:

    I just want to say I think you are really smart and you are just a good strong women. I love that about you! You have so much class about you! Your parents did a really good Job! And I love they way you handle yourself on that crazy show! Them women do not have anything on you. I love who you are!

  145. Valerie says:

    Interesting that Royce had NOTHING to say about the Keysha & Tammi incident. Ya’ll seriously scared of Tammi huh? In fact the ONLY person that has stood up to her was Ev. Wow..

  146. Doll says:

    Roycee, spot on! I love you and you,keisha and Jen should be friends and create your own circle.

  147. Mel3177 says:

    @ Valerie (and EVERYONE ELSE WHO SEEMS TO THINK SHE SPARED TAMI)—–>>> This is a recap of episode 14 ONLY!!!!! She does a blog of each episode (which OBVIOUSLY you did not know) so therefore she wasn’t going to bring up what Tami did in a previous episode when she had already addressed that. I am sure the other blogs are on this site somewhere. Trust and believe she went in on Tami too…..friend or not. This is why Tami now has beef with her (which will unveil at the reunion). More the reason I like Royce. She keeps it 100….even when talking about herself!!!

  148. Grace says:

    I was appalled to hear that there may be a Basketball Wifes movie – WHAT – hasn’t there been enough of this BS. Shaunie, YES, people see you as a HOT GHETTO MESS because you are. Sit down and reflect on the four season’s of BW. Would you like for your daughter to be the victim of a pure insane fool like Tammi or Evelyn and then have someone that is supposed to be a little sane sit back, and watch all the stupid stuff unfold? They are a disgrace to women as you are too. You are an instigator and to know that you have the power to jump in and stop this nonsense and you never choose too, but rather you sit there and take sides when you know that both Tammy and Evelyn are wrong. You hold the power, yet you are the weakest. I’m actually ashamed of the show, that you of all people would get involved in such stupidity. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything and that’s what you’ve done for the entire four seasons – stood for nothing! I’m part of the group that would love to sign a petition to get your arses off the air period. When you see 14 and 15 year olds writting in and saying Basketball Wifes is the BOMB, I cringe – I’m just surprised that if any of these women have small children that the fathers have not stood up to remove them from the nonsense, they are women that aren’t worthy of carrying the mother title. What an example you ladies set, Tammy and Evelyn your daughters must cringe with embarrassment over your behavior. Shaunie you are teaching your children to be cowards because of the woman you portray. It looks like Shack, and the other husbands/boyfriends were the smartest ones; they relieved themselves of the craziness before the show started. And Susie – take her out to the pasture with the rest of the sheep – she starts all the mess by going back and repeating everything that was told to her – she’s not even worth wasting writing strokes on!. Pittiful ladies – just pittful. I for one have taken you off my DVR because you are all shameless wenches!

  149. Take It Off the Air!!!! says:

    Basketball Bullies has sunk to its lowest, most gutter level!!!

    Stopped watching this show a while back and happened to see part of it last night (Thursday)…shocked to see Shaunie condone and participate in a dirty, rotten prank of putting fish in the coffee pot and room of their awaiting guest!

    Evelyn shouting out secrets (whether true or not) that her former best friend shared with her in confidence “during their friendship.”

    This is what these adult women want young, impressionable Black and Hispanic girls to think–that this rude, wicked, disrespectful, bullying behavior is okay. This is the image of women of color that Shaunie O’Neal wants to share with the world!

    A pretty face, a nice shape, having money or dating a celebrity does not make you attractive. Sans Jennifer and Royce, who truly seem to be trying to put themselves above all this foolishness, these are one of the meanest, ugliest, nastiest group of women I’ve seen on television.

    Yet this time, it’s not just the “White Man” that’s doing the exploitation. No VHI has help…with Shaunie O’Neal willing to play the destructive “Masta” role and everyone being willing to make a fool of themselves!

  150. gracefully sad its sad as black women thats how e conduct ourselves and we we wound one another we think we have the right to make that person accept our apology on our terms no true apology comes when the wounded is ready to talk and you leave that door open so they know they time wil come when the issue will be confronted until you quietly wait until your friend you wounded is ready. They are all so beautiful and suzy trys to seperate herself but she is a messenger and when the fire gets going she acts like oh Im just impartial you are in denial you are messie as well. Tammmy so beautiful straight bully and evelyn beautiful with a crazy mentallity and shaunnie to much class for all this mess as you said theyre looking at rich ghetto mess You steal on me and you feel i dont have the right to call the police, cause you dont like what i said evelyn needs to go to jail for 3 days she can fight all she wants

  151. Lunden says:

    I loved watching the fantashique girls! It was very tasteful, including the carnivale bit. I love seeing our brown girls expressing themselves in such a positive way. I REALLY wish VH1 would have featured this segment on BBW. Keep up the positivity!

  152. Vickie says:

    I would love to see Royce in a primetime show or on a soap. She’s so cute and funny.

  153. ML says:

    Royce, why don’t you really go in on Tami. Kesha is your friend. You should have said more or said something about it instead of brushing it under the table.

  154. RealityCheck4RealityChix says:

    Hold up, attention to the MIC; Tami’s psychotic cause her weave’s too tiiight!  She’s full of envy, always in a frenzy; Gettin courage from the bottle, like Spuds Mackenzie!  Confused, yes;  Drama, yes; any SITUATION she’s a hot “a” mess!  A great big bark, with an itty bitty bite; the Mean Girl Posse got scared the other niiiight!  Tension got heavy, Kenya was ready; and the whole dang crew started acting more friendly.   Lol, lol……Seriously, Tami I hope you’ve learned from your destructive ways.  Rock on Royce!

  155. Lois says:

    I see why you are Tom Joyner’s favorite now. The only way the Basketball Wives is going to succeed now is if they “fire” Tammy and Evelyn. Shaunie needs to cut her airtime also because more people are angry with her for allowing it to happen and being there saying nothing. Good luck Royce. Maybe they should give you your own show!!!

  156. Lairose says:

    It is a same and disgrace the way these grown women act. It is a poor example for not only young black women, but women in general. Tammy is nothing but a hypocrite and a big bully. What gives her the right to think that she can talk about people behind their backs, but no one can say anything about her. She and Evenyln should be ashamed of themselves; if they haves consciences. Evelyn is a big bully too. They should break on someone that will stand back up to them instead of preying on who they think might be weak and afraid of them. This show should be taken off of the air if women have to act like this. It is a shame for our Black women to act this way. Grow up some time and put the past behind you

  157. Ms. B says:

    Thank You Royce. Evelyn is nobody friend. You said it so well about these women.

  158. PRINCESS says:

    So Royce I am happy for you and you are in my prayers. At this time I believe that you have grown as a person and deserve your own show… but in reality they only give shows to messy bullies on VH1 so you may want to consider going on WE Tv…

  159. Pam Gray says:

    Royce, I liked you from the start , your intelligent, you have ur own business and you do good by ur son and you hold ur own. I always thought they were jealous of you and am so glad that you didn’t hang out w/them or fall in the trap were they could bully and pick on you as they did the newcomers. I don’t understand how Shunie can be the exec producer and allow this to happen especially being that she has young children. Does money make you lose your integrity and credibility this way. Tami really showed her true colors this season and wasn’t setting an example for her daughters, we know she’s in her 40″s so why was she acting so immature. Evenlyn, I have no words for her, i really don’t understand why she gets so irrate when someone talks about her when she talks about people all the time. Suzie, tries to fit in so bad, but she runs her mouth too much. So Royce, thanks for being positive this season and be a role model for your upcoming little dancers. VH1 needs to give you a show instead of those other people who suppose to be gettin married. What a joke!

  160. Black Women says:

    Shaunie is the woman that the entire cast should be fighting with. She confirmed at the end of this episode that she is not a friend to any of these women. She will trade them all in to save herself. We will never stick together!!!

  161. MsReal4Real says:

    As jennifer told eve. If we are not friends anymore why keep going on and on about the same thing. Jen tried talking to her several times, eve didnt want to hear it or attacked her before they had a chance to just sit and talked. Then she boost the other chick to do so. If you made it clear that your no longer friend and she’s a non factor then why go to events making statements about true friendships and loyalty towards, or dish their dirty laundry out because they wont kiss your ass. If you two were riding doing whatever together. A true friend don’t feel the need to do that, what was, was, and what is, is. If it no longer works, keep it moving. Im sure they have plenty of dirt on each other. Then eve is mad because jen has new friends, we all are going to come across new people through life just as she did her new hubby GET OVER IT!!! Maybe jen got tired of being called eve’s shadow. And now tammi doesnt want to be royce’s friend anymore because she doesnt agree with everything she says or does. DING DING DING!! THATS WHAT REAL FRIENDS DO!! I thought thats what she wanted, honesty and someone to give their opinion upfront, which is whatg royce does to all of them thats why she not friends with the rest of them. They ask for rea and then get mad when you tell them what you have to TO THEIR FACE. Grown women, grow up and suzi, being a true friend is not going back and forth starting a whole bunch of drama. If someone confides in you, that between you and that person. You just do that to keep tami and eve from going upside your head and keep the heat off of ou when in fact your the cause of majority of it.

  162. Chemau says:

    Royce, you have real class. I am so ashamed of these women. I have a group of friends and we do not understand how any of these women are friends’ Suzie really takes the cake! She repeats everything she is told. Button your lips! She causes more confusion than anything else. Tammy, oh my ! words fail me. Her picture is next to supreme bully in the dictionary. Evelyn, where to start. If someone calls you loose and you are, just own it and move on. It is what it is. Poor Kesha, she was clearly not raised to cope with these “ladies”. Way too much class. Such a shame these people have kids. What on earth do their kids think?

  163. Malia says:

    Get this show off the air VH1. You’re encouraging bullying. Young people who could barely string together a sentence together are watching this show and copying what these uneducated bullies are doing. Time to end this trash.

  164. Lisa Wash says:

    These women are a mess and embarrassment. Tammy is on my nervews the most is realy is a none MF factor… She is a bully towards the weak and emotionally immature. She is critical of Kenya and Jen’s efforts but has failed to produce anything substantial herself…

    Further, I thought it was SUPER hilarious of her willingness to end her friendship with Royce when her childish tyriad was not supported. Tammy is just as messy as Shaunie and Suzie (who is totally irrelevant and useless)… Can someone (anyone) remind Tammy and Evelyn people have freedom of speech? People can say whatever they want just like “the core” does. I love how Shaunie went running to the preacher playing innocent but she failed to remember she participated in the antics as well. I’m over this show… I hope it’s cancelled.

  165. Kay says:

    Royce, beautifully written! I cannot believe I actually look at this junk…nothing positive. I only have one more thing to say, “Shaunie, yes ,you are being looked at like a ghetto black woman”, and should immediately change the your circle of friends…birds of a feather flock together.

  166. Karin Aaron says:

    I am convinced that Tami is bi-polar. they is no other way to explain her behavior. or worst she is shiznophrenic with multiple personalites. she is damaged goods without a soul but cries out for sympathy…..she needs a doctor…immediately!!

  167. loren says:

    i so agree with royce is the the only person i like…

  168. Debra De Shazor says:

    Royce I just sent a comment. Suzie, a hot mess telling everything she hear. Do not tell her anything! I am much older. My circle of friends did not act like that then and certainly not now. I am over 50 and married to the same man. We have been together since 1982. Keep your groove on with your man. Nuture your relation and your life. Your are not going to marry those women. I hope everything works out for you.

  169. I agree Royce is the only member that I’ve ever liked and am not sure why she had trouble during the earlier seasons. I’ve only viewed the show on some occasions but when I heard about the “adult bullying”, I tuned in due to disbelief. I was hoping that it wasn’t true.

    It was very hard to watch and I won’t be tuning in or purchasing anything these women are affiliated with. Like someone else stated, Tami gets her courage from a bottle. Everyone else is so scared of Tami, enduring her “wrath”. Most of the women on this show are delusional.

    Team Jennifer/Royce/Kesha

  170. Royce

    You are such a lady and I am so proud that you did not sink to the low life of the other girls (TAMI. EVELYN, SUZIE ) . Thanks for portraying us women with class


  171. leteshia says:

    i hate girls like that to.they just need to keep they mounth colse

  172. Allison says:

    I stated the same valid points you made and it lasted on the board for about an hour and then some how if was taken off. You are in the game you know it is for ratings but I believe the producers and participants have sold their souls; but that’s Hollywhatever-you-have-to-do to get that camera time. You took the words right out of my mouth when you said “Bad Girls Club” how embarassing. I was sooooo PROUD when you did not go and I already knew why. The Chum was shameful but it happened because no one was playing their game (Shauni, Tammi, Evelyn) and they were trying desperately to drumb up business for their “holiday episode” I am into the fake reality shows but not like that so I am taking a stand AND I AM JUST NOT WATCHING, missed the last episode and will not watch the end of the season or next , if there is one. I know people not watching takes you out of business with this reality show but I know you are a smart business woman and you will find something else lucrative that does not insult you and family or tears at your integrity. WISHING YOU THE BEST.

  173. shoshie216 says:


    You are evolving into a beautiful person! Keep up the good work!


  174. Shauntel says:

    I definitely think that Evelyn and tami both need the anger management therapist on speed dial. I always wish the best for people in their jobs and businesses, so I would like teh show to stay on AS LONG AS the bullying and violence is not present. We could see these ladies do so much for their community, businesses, and philanthropic ventures instead of sitting up drinking, fighting, worrying about what is said on blogs, and talking about one another. I am glad some of the ladies are entrpreneurs and have things going for themselves outside of the show – but that is what we need to see – like what do you have to go through to get a product created and on the shelves? To whom much is given, much is required – these ladies have been given a great opportunity, so let’s not squander it. And Tami, Kesha is a lady who can vocalize her thoughts in a productive and calm way – your overwhelming bullying in Tahiti would have taken anyone by surprise and caused them to shut down. Also, you didn’t have to get mad at Royce because she didn’t co-sign on your bullying ways – she knew it was wrong and wasn’t going to support that. Friends know how to disagree and call you out without it ending a friendship. I suggest that you try God and prayer, and even some yoga to start healing your internal wounds that come out in external, hurtful ways.

  175. Shauntel says:

    Being the grammarian that I am, Tami’s name should have been capitalized in the previous post.

  176. VJ says:

    I REALLY like you Royce! You and Jen are the most level headed of the group. You hammered it home! It couldn’t be broken down any plainer than that.
    Best wishes in all of your future endeavors!

  177. RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Ingrid says:

    Congratulations to you Royce you have grown from watching you over the seasons. You used this show asaplatform to pursue your dreams and helping young girls pursue theirs.Kudos to you…

  179. jehosheba says:

    Love you Royce, you have climbed many obstacles with these women and I respect you for hanging on in there. I see Evelyn caught hell trying to punk you; she had a lot of negative things to say about you because you are much prettier than she is. I am glad you took the high road and simply stayed away from all the negativity. I saw a picture of you and your son, he is darling; he looks just like you and your dad.

  180. sweetlbb says:

    Royce, you are a sweetie pie and you are the reason why I look at the show. You crying in the park was really funny, but it show that you have really good acting skills because I know that was not real. LOL!!!! Keep it real and continue to be true to yourself. GOD BLESS

  181. Ros says:

    Royce…all I can say is … I have great respect for you. Thanks for so eliquently putting these situations in clear and direct perspective. I sooooo respect the fact that you did not jeopardize or give away your integrity by indulging in such nonsense with these woman.,..including Shaunie.

    They should all take a few lessons from you. You go young LADY!!!!

  182. Valerie says: