The Mob Wives Chicago Supertrailer Is Here


“The mob is Chicago.” So begins the supertrailer for Mob Wives Chicago. If you thought the women of Staten Island were tough, wait till you meet their Windy City counterparts in “the lifestyle.” We’ve gt a stripper, we’ve got several daughters and nieces of “alleged” mobsters, we have the daughter of a rat, and we’ve got a Boy George hat. Basically, we’ve got everything you could ever want in one four minute video. Check out the clip above which is your first look at what to expect from VH1′s newest series, which debuts on Sunday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Mob Wives Chicago Supertrailer

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  1. Chae says:

    This Mob Wives series is going to be brutally fabulous! Ya’ll got me hooked on the supertrailer!

  2. i dont know what to think says:

    I really dont know what to think…….there all quite unattractive and i dont think it will be as good as mobwives N.Y…… just looks messy and i cant work out who i will side with im team Drita on N.Y……but hell i will watch it and see if it holds my interest on the positive side we dont all come from money and can glam it up like the N.Y girls so this might seem more like the woman on the street not the magazine

  3. leah says:

    i know many other higher connected women were asked but said no and thtat Nora is the original link from this group…..Jenn graziano knows her so thats who she reached out to

  4. PretTeeMe says:

    This show is going to be very trashy. The women are no New York MobWives.

  5. PretTeeMe says:

    And another thing….They look a hot ass mess. Just from the trailer their clothes are not fashionable to say the least. Moreover, they have no class and are very and I mean VERY unattractive. They could take some style from Renee, guts from Drita, and pride like Karen. Not sure this show will be a hit.

  6. Riannah says:

    Maybe its just me being biased because I’m from New York but this doesn’t look as good as the original Mob Wives. I mean… they look like old washed up trash honestly, at least Drita and everybody are young, enthusiastic, and fashionable.

  7. Sherri507 says:

    What’s the difference from this show from any other show? Give it a chance like everyone did for the rest of these reality shows. It can’t be no worse than what’s already being shown on tv.

  8. aldrid says:

    And I will reiterate. Should my posts not make it onto vh1′s blog. It will confirm the fact that they deliberately try to “MODERATE” comments on their blogs. And anything that is not in support of there shows doesn’t see the light of day. Which is that is what they choose to do, my comments will make it on the MAINSTAGE of my blog. Where NO ONE can press DELETE or make the servor unavailble, all in the name of hiding the truth! It’s no coincidence that this keeps on happening on this site!

  9. Shermanson39 says:

    Why are they calling this Mob Wives… it’s more mob daughters and relatives! Nothing like the original Mob Wives… I’m not watching it.

  10. Deanie says:

    I can’t wait for the new Mob Wives to start.. Very excited.. LOL

  11. Linda C says:

    Ya know they look pretty tough but they can’t dress..the Mob Wives of NY got em beat there. Also as far as looks they are no where as good looking as NY. I might watch the first show but we will see after is gonna be hard to top the HWONY..I love my girls, besides they dont have Big Angie..

  12. Holly says:

    I thought this show was about Mob WIVES, not mob DAUGHTERS. This show is in no way going to compare to NY

  13. angie says:

    awww cant not wait to watch this show

  14. Awesome! can’t wait

  15. Stupid! says:

    This show looks like a mess NOT going to make it. Wouldnt even waste my time to watch it.

  16. Yolie says:

    Once again the show is called MOB WIVES, not MOB DAUGHTERS or NIECES…all i can say is that ill give it a try, if its good ill watch it, if its not then i wont!

  17. NSTFP says:

    I can’t stand the illiterate, jibberish, peaseant-talk they use that they think is Italian, but is NOT. — “scusimad” for “nuts”? , “panyarolls” for “big, fat ass”? LMAO What an EMBARASSMENT to Italian-Americans.

  18. Sara Hayes says:

    This might..and thats a big MIGHT,,,be ok.Im still loving the First Mob Wifes. I wish I knew more about my great uncle that was in the Mob in Fl…no one really talked about him,,but I know he was shot up and lived.He was trying to get outta the Mob,,,but they shoot him,he lived,,they came and took him back in the Mob.So thats all I know so far.Im glad he didnt hang around for us to be in this kinda lifestyle.

  19. Wanna be's says:

    Sorry to say this is pretty pathetic! Doesn’t hold a candle to the New York Mob Wives! They show absolutely no class like the New York Mob Wives. May watch the first episode, just to see if it’s really any good….but I doubt it!

  20. liz says:

    Why is it call Mob wives???????? too many dumb chicks in this series. Definitely not watching.

  21. Barbara watson says:

    I will be watching looks very interesting

  22. alyssa jabs says:

    these women are farrrrrrr from good looking. they look like old ladies that have no idea how to dress…just because there is more action drama in this one…nahh I don’t think so…Nothing beats NY MobWives…the curly haired one sounds like she is trying to replace BIG ANG nahh this is gonna suck.

  23. sarah says:

    nothing is ever as good as the original looks like it will be trashy they make themselves look bad, i though mob wives were supposed to be classy? will not be watching this GO Mob Wives NY!!!

  24. Mary says:

    Well everything comes after is a copy and I am continuing sticky with the MOB Wifes N. Jersey I probably see this new show but I doubt will be better than Mob N.J.

  25. tina says:

    Umm, These ladies look like a cast from an SNL skit..This made me laugh a little.

  26. Sandie says:

    Hope it’ll be all it looks hyped up to be! But still no replacement for my NY Mob Girls!!

  27. Gino says:

    If anyone out here thinks that any Mob wife is classy whether it be Ny or Chicago; You don’t know what class is. Puhhlease!!


    This Renee changed her name to be on the show! She was the weakest link to her uncle, she was a young teenager at the time of his death.She never lived or was mentored by him or his family. Other then her two uncles showing up to pay her mothers taxes to stop action of losing her home, there was NO relationship.
    She is searching for blood money. THIS is FACT as God is my witness.
    She should of used her energy to rescue her own brother from being homeless for over thirty years! (he still is) True family does not turn their heads the other way when it comes to helping family, let alone her own brother! Maybe she figured there was no money to be made there!
    She is trying to promote her business, who in their right mind would trust and/or purchase a pair of glasses from someone like this?

  29. kevin says:

    The fat chick that was dressed in red Christina was looking like Karen ,and Leah is trying to be like a Big Ang.Does any one else agree?! Do you see similarities in the other women and the NY wives?!

  30. Go Mob Wives Chicago! says:

    I can’t wait until this show premieres! It will be great! Why all the criticism about some not being married to the mob? Karen isn’t married to the mob, she is a mob daughter.. Big Ang is a mob niece etc…. I think there are a lot of jealous haters out there. Get over it. These girls from Chicago are TV STARS and you’re not. “Nuf said.

  31. michelle says:

    Here’s the thing about Chicago. We are in the mid-west still, and people aren’t overly glamorous and into being a socialite like in New York and L.A. We have wholesome and conservative values more so than trying to live a famous fabulous lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong there are very rich people that have the connections and fun nights out on the town, but we don’t show it off. Most of the time, you will never see people dressed like these women on the show. Jeans and a tee shirt on most days- as you can see the people in the background are wearing. Of course people get dressed up for special occasions and events, but most of the time no. And you don’t see people getting into fights at restaurants like these women. They are obviously trying to give us a show- but it’s not accurate day-to-day behavior for Chicagoans. I will be watching though- but I hope you take it with a grain of salt.

  32. bbw says:

    Love the Chicago accents. Can’t wait to see the show…..

  33. THIS IS A JOKE says:


  34. Trashy says:

    Trashy…if they canceled BBW’s then why is this nonsense replacing it? looks just as worse.

  35. biggurl says:

    This is nothing compared to the original. Some of them talk like they are reading from a script. This is like a demotion. They look old and tired, and when they try to talk hard they sound stupid. I don’t think this is going to make it. I will just wait for my girls the ORIGINALS to come back. Nice try though.

  36. Ivanca says:

    chicago is where the mob is. home of Al Capone they gonna be worse than the first mob wives lol

  37. common sense says:

    this is sad so tired of peoples brokenlives entertaining us

  38. TRUTHSEEKER says:


  39. Juanita says:

    This show is not interesting at all. I tried to like it, but it just wasn’t working for me. Love the original Mob Wives, but Chicago has to go. Sorry.

  40. Nunya says:

    GROSSSSSSS!!! These hags are absolutely nasty!!!!!! How old are they? The lighting didn’t help. Let’s mix tacky hags with some alcohol and no class and see what happens. I’m not watching this!

  41. Me says:

    Well, the people they are related to did more than tax evasion and pulled white collar robberies. Look up the “family secret trials” and you will see where this goes. I’m born and raised in Chicago. The only person I have heard of is Norah’s dad “the German”,

  42. L.T. says:

    I’ll pass. didn’t like the first episode. I’ll wait for Big Ang’s show and the NEXT season of the original Mob Wives.

  43. mary a serr benson says:

    what are you talking about,you people out there i injoy this, chicago women,why because were not cry baby like new york . that right iam from chicago and i had fights all the time.thats chicago and ladys out there let me clue you in chicago is known for shopping we dress to kill.iam 60 and still look good and i a was a mob girl,and the person that feels so put out about the italian language what do you think came to U.S.A.,PEOPLE ROM VILLAGES AND SMALL TOWNS.SO I SUPPORT NEW YORK MOB AND NEW YORK NEEDS TO SUPPORT CHICAGO MOB. as a italian american i injoy like i said maybe women in chicago do not get face lifts and mouth as big as big ang ,but i could pass , from ear to ear,for get about it/

  44. nina ortega says:

    These woman are a HOT MESS nothing compared to the NY Mobwives I will deff. not be tunning into this show. Plus I like the NY accent =P

  45. KESHGONSALEZ says:

    I already dislike this Mob Wives. Theyu look a HOT FREAKIN’ MESS!! None of them can fight and they look like “Basura”. Waste of a time slot if you ask me, but that’s just my opinion

  46. c says:

    this show is so whack mob wives from Staten island all the way

  47. jodi says:

    Fist pumping after the advert!!! Can’t wait.

  48. Jaz says:

    I’m from N.Y and I moved to Chicago about 2 years ago I’ve come to love this city but These ppl out here don’t play idk if anybody watched the news lately but over more than 50 ppl died not shot DIED!! over the holiday weekend and that’s just the gangs. You can’t even wear anything mixed with black because it’s gang related even women get checked out here. So i’m not gonna even trash talk cuz I seen some things. ppl will set you straight really quick they do not play games out here. So if these ladies are mild and meek mannered we know the show is full of it.. Can’t wait to see it Chicago I’m not gonna hate.You got my Vote!!!

  49. says:

    I cant wait to see all the new drama this show holds for us. I love watching fake hair, breast and faces getting tossed in a fight. lol

  50. raven says:

    I like the show and I think people should give it a chance. I really like Leah , I think she is a trip.

  51. Tinkiesmom says:

    P.U. this show stinks!! They all want to be copies of the FABULOUS Mob Wives NY, but they can’t compare in any way, shape or form. Watched the premier twice just to see if I could find SOMETHING to like about this show, but couldn’t find a darn thing. I dislike Ramona on Mob Wives NY, but I’d rather watch her any day than to have to sit thru another one of these shows. Thumbs way downnnn

  52. putme2sleep says:

    Did these ladies try out on “MOB IDOLS” YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW SOMEONE WHO KNOWS SOMEONE ….. Somebody please find some real mobwives this trailer was very simular to the OG Mob Wives NY ! Not excited to see this show I’ll just watch reruns of the old Mob Wives.

  53. dafoomanchoo says:

    show sucks

  54. S.o.S says:

    Well I hope big Ang’s show is better than Chicago Mob Wives!! Thus far it’s like reliving High School!! They’re attempting to draw you in with the same stories which were shared by the original cast of Mob Wives, but lack any true substance. HS cat fights have lost their appeal as soon as we all ventured outside of the little worlds we built for ourselves during the K-12 years. Think someone needs to take pitty on these poor clueless women and enlighten them to this fact before they’re 60 & still sporting high school mentalities!!

  55. SAMMY says:


  56. SAMMY says:

    Hopefully after this airs , THE producers of this show are put in witness protection for allegedly embarrassing chicago like this !! Lol