The Reunion Interview: Carla Facciolo Is No Longer The Quiet One


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Carla Facciolo was the quiet, reserved one last season on Mob Wives, but she definitely started to speak up this season. Carla managed to forge a peaceful relationship with both Karen and Ramona, despite her best friend’s difficult history with both of them, and she also opened herself and her relationship with her ex-husband Joe for all to see this season.

I feel like we saw more of you this season, you definitely became more outspoken than in season one.

Yeah, I had to start speaking up a little more. I am who I am, I’ve always been like this, but I saw that if I didn’t speak up, they’d try to make me look like this character I wasn’t. So I was like okay, I have to speak up and voice my opinion now.

You kept getting into it with Renee, I felt, because you were so forthcoming with whatever was going on with her in her life.

Yeah, and we cleared the air and then stuff would come up again, it was like, oh my God. You know, I had had enough and I exploded a little.

So what’s your relationship now with everyone, now that the season is over?

At this moment, of course I’m very close with Ang and Drita, and me and Renee are very good right now, we’re very cool. Karen and Ramona, I’m distant from. I don’t have a problem with Karen, and Ramona and me are not the best of friends, we just deal with each other.

What’s really going on with you and Joe now?

Me and Joe are friends. We’re not together like that, we keep it cool for the kids. We get along and we’re good.

Do fans want you guys to be together? I mean, I watch you and I want you to be together.

I think when you see us on film and we’re joking around and laughing it looks like we make a great couple and blah blah blah, we just didn’t get back together like that. There’s a lot of things that went on before that make it hard.

What’s the most defining moment for you, or the most surprising moment that’s gone down this season?

No one probably ever thought that dinner party would happen. If you watch filming for the whole year, no one was all together in one room. In the end we all go together, everyone acted nice and we had our children around.

Were you in favor of Karen and Drita’s reconciliation?

Oh, I definitely wanted them to speak. I even said they’re not going to become the friends they once were years ago, but at least if we’re all together in one room…I mean, it’s not pretty when something goes down, but at least now it don’t get like that. They don’t have to be the best of friends, but at least being civil…yeah, it’s nice.

Does it feel like the fighting has decreased this season? There was the one big blowout at Renee’s party but things haven’t gotten that intense since then.

Well because Drita and Karen were never around each other. They were so heated for so long after that fight that if they ever put them together it wouldn’t have gone well.

Were you worried about the Poconos trip?

I wasn’t worried but I figured with the three of them, even though Renee was trying to be neutral, I felt like I was gonna get hit with something while we were there.

How do you feel watching the interview portions of the show and hearing Ramona calling you a puppet or whatever other harsh stuff people dish out?

It’s so funny she would call me Drita’s puppet, meanwhile she was doing the same exact thing with Karen, I was like, are you crazy? I would never say “Oh, Ramona’s a puppet,” because first of all, I don’t speak that way, but you’re calling me a puppet because I stuck up for Drita and I’m on her side, you do the same thing with Karen! If Karen says we’re friends with her, you’re like “Okay.” If she says we’re not friends with her, “Okay.” So who’s the puppet?

I always wonder how much those segments get you all riled up.

Sometimes I just laugh. Like, “How can she say something like that?” But in one of the episodes when I called Renee bipolar she got really mad at that…and then in one of the last episodes, there’s f—ing Ramona calling Drita bipolar. It’s like, is she kidding me? Listen, no one likes when someone is saying something about them, especially when it’s not true, but it is what it is.

Is Junior still a topic of conversation for you all?

We don’t really talk about it anymore. We tried to dead it, like, so Renee can actually have a life. Of course we talked about it while it was happening but now we’re like, it’s done, nothing you can do about it, just move on.
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