A Pre-Season Chat With Single Ladies’ Charity Shea


Charity Shea Single Ladies

Charity Shea plays April Goldberg on Single Ladies, but you might also know her from her role as Sam on The Best Years, or her other role as a celebrity look-alike.

During the filming of season two of Single Ladies, we spoke to Shea about the evolution of newly-single April on the show, and the devoted following she’s gotten from her TV roles. And speaking of following, she tells us about the time that creepy guy who thought she was Taylor Swift wouldn’t stop following her around. True story.

What can we expect on your character’s journey this season?

April is obviously going to be single, so it’s kind of like adventures in dating with April. She’s exploring herself. It’s just all the different adventures of dating new guys. Plus she’s starting a new career, and we’ll be going on that adventure too.

Is she going to become a manager out on her own?

April is a promoter now, so it’s still with music and she’s setting up parties and promoting clubs and mixing it all up.

There are so many amazing guest stars and musicians on the show this season. Do you ever get to say “I like this artist, can we have April work with them”?

No, it’s completely up to Stacy A. Littlejohn, and obviously I’ll give my input on situations I find myself in, but as far as the music, it’s all her. She really built this character from the ground up, I just follow that and trust her.

As far as style goes, do you identify with April’s taste?

My style is not my character’s style. But I love Anthony Williams’ designs, he designed a couple of beautiful dresses for me, a gorgeous orange ball gown I wear in episode two or three, and this green dress I’m wearing now. But in general, at the end of the day there are things I wear that I’m not a fan of, but that’s my character, and some of it I love all day long.

You have a cult following from The Best Years, and this show has a bit of a cult following, you have some passionate fans.

I love my Best Years fans very much, and I know some of them were upset to see me as a blonde. But we’re completely different characters, which is excellent, but I play such the opposite girl on this show. As soon as Single Ladies started, fans were tweeting like crazy like, “Oh my God, it’s Sam from The Best Years!” and it was crazy.

I was snooping on your IMDb page and every thread is either “Do you prefer Charity as a blonde or brunette?” or “Who does Charity look like?” And there are a lot of comparisons! You’ve gotten Sophia Bush, Hilary Swank…

I know! So many. I’m like, wow, I look like all these people?

Has anyone ever confused you for someone else?

Actually, yes. This will blow your mind because it’s happened many times, but Taylor Swift. What’s odd is that people say that to me when I have my brown hair. I was in court to deal with a traffic ticket and this guy was like, stalking me, and finally he was like “I’m sorry to stare at you this whole time, but I thought you were in disguise and you were Taylor Swift!” That’s who I get the most now. Someone also once thought I was Sandra Bullock’s little sister.

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