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  1. Why o' why?? says:

    I guess the rumors are false that this trainwreck is not getting cancelled. This show needs to GOOOOOOO!!!

  2. Phillygurl says:

    So now Tammi has beef with Royce. Do any of these women believe in a peaceful moment with anyone.

  3. sabrina says:

    jen too bloodclaat hype a caan stnd her nastiness and uf u all want the shw to be cancelled y watch it gosh.

  4. iam a bery independant nonbiased person but TAMI needs counseling bullies are never respected i grew up being bullied because of my educational background and quiet demeaner she is so wrong!!!

  5. there u go again tami talk about tasha been weak evelyn u crazy keep said that jenn is talk about u i have been on facebook a lot time never heard her talk about u shaunie how do u put up with evelyn and tami fire than both oh i for got u r one of them 2 aften the reunoin i hope u never come back on what about the dead fish in kenya room it going off before she fine out who really did it some body going to get they but whip

  6. PuaHenry says:

    Evelyn, and that wanna be black Samoan Tami are soooo nasty! They should be ashamed onf themselves! Shaunie is the same as well! UGLY WOMAN!

  7. PuaHenry says:

    GETTO is the word for TAMI, n EVELYN!

  8. cheryl says:

    “Let’s put it all on the table” is ghetto talk for Let’s keep bringing up mess. It says I’m a hot mess and can’t move on, I need to justify the madness. Hey, madness can not be justifyed. Evelyn is delusional and Tami is just ignorant and sloppy. Jen has moved on..she is trying to rise above it all, but here comes the crabs in the bucket “Be a ghetto hot mess like us”. Jen refuses to stoop their level. What really gets me, is that if you don’t fight and act like a fool with this crew they call you “scared”. No, it’s called being a lady, it’s called rising above the mess, it’s called turning the other cheek, it’s called ignoring you. I see why yall aint got no husbands and the husbands evelyn is getting… they deserve each other.

  9. katbunny says:

    Evelyn looks like a fool! All she wants is to blast Jen business while on camera.
    What make Evelyn think that we want to know who Jen has slept with. We that Evelyn slept with Chad on the very first date. Just as we know Evelyn and Tami is ghetto trash.
    I know Evelyn is not an educated person, but she’s really is looking stupid.
    If she is so in-love with Chad, what does it matter what Jen or anyone else think of him.
    Again, Evelyn does not want to have a conversation with Jen. All Evelyn want is to
    blast Jen business. How tacky!

  10. shstarlight says:

    By the Eve, you did say some things about Jen on tweeter and on tv.

  11. Karen says:

    The show may not have been canceled yet, but TAMI ROMAN was FIRED from sister2sister magazines advice column, and hopefully if we continue to write she will be fired from this SHOW too!!!

  12. Genevieve Givens says:

    Team Jennifer!!! She is a good role model for young girls who need to learn to walk away from potentially violent situations.

  13. :) says:

    These girls are just a hot mess. (all of them), when they grow up they will learn lol:)

  14. Kellie says:

    Jennifer was wrong to say what she said about her girl Ev, in the begining. AND yes, everyone has a right to their opinion, however when Ev, expressed to her friend that it hurt her feelings, Jen should have apoligized on the spot nad left it alone…don’t go around all prideful, standing your ground about a comment that was insensitive to your friend. Regardless of whether or not you like her man or not, keep your opinion to yourself…period!! All Evelyn asked you to was be supportive, or maybe she didn’t ask, but that should have been unspoken amongst friends. NOW, to date Ev, has taken things waaaayyyy too far, all because Jennifer won’t see things “her” way. I think it’s because underneath it all she misses her friendship with Jen. You don’t throw away 12 years of friendship over a comment made. They both need to get off of twitter and the blogs dissing each other, and be women about it. Sit down and talk one on one. you didn’t need the camera to do this. I know it makes great TV, but come on!! At this point, they’re both equally as wrong, prideful, and stubborn! Get it together ladies!!!

  15. diva40 says:

    I see my comment was deleted. Guess it wasn’t ghetto enough.

  16. Mae Ryan says:

    I can not watch the show “Basketball Wives” . Truly disappointed in VH1 for even airing the show. The woman show what it looks like to bully others as grown adults. There is so much in the news trying to educate kids not to bully one another and here these woman pick on one another in such a mean and spiteful manner. Not to mention perpetuate the stereotype of an angry black woman. They are nasty, mean, and bullies! They don’t deserve to have a minute of airtime. Sure hope someone doesn’t treat their kids like they treat each other on the show. People commit suicide for being treated like that. Shame on them!

  17. roxy says:

    Why is evelyn so annoying she needs to just let it go and move on with her life and worry about her husband, it’s getting unbearable to see her fake ass…. leave jen alone and get a life!!!!!

  18. Bully Patrol says:

    It is such a disgrace to grown ass women behaving like this!! I have seen least drama in local Middle/High Schools in my town. Tami sweetie—You need Clinical help. You are very aware of the demons that are lurking throughout your spirit. It’s sad that at 41 years of age, you have not figured out what to do to help yourself. At this point, it is going to take much more than counseling. You need a total life change which includes Detox, Rehab, and Intensive Family Intervention for the issues that have gone unaddressed in your life. Honestly, I think when the camera’s are gone and you are alone in your bed—-you hate yourself. You hate the way you act, you hate the way you feel, you hate the reputation you have created—you simply hate the woman that you are. I say this because happy people do not explode everytime someone disagrees with them or speaks with someone else about them. You are just not happy and that’s why you love to see other people in drama and that is truly sad. As for Evelyn, I have never really cared much for her supreme attitude but its hard for me to completely not like her because she does have her soft spots and is not afraid to show compassion when she needs to. I can see change and growth in Evenlyn. I believe that Evelyn is truly on her way to happiness, slowly but surely and when she finally finds it she will become a class act.

  19. MsFe says:

    As another black woman watching this show, I’m so ashamed of these ladies and Basketball Wives as a whole. Tami, Ev, and Shaunie …. I’m so ashamed of you and your portrayal on public television. Jennifer, keep being that positive role model that I’d like to see our girls looking up to. Violence and abuse is never the answer and should never be tolerated. Keshia, Kenya, and Royce all have decent character as well, and I’d like for our young girls to see their qualities and also use them as role models.

  20. Brownsa says:

    Jen when Evelyn showed up. She must have wanted to work things out. She must have wanted to patch something up. Drop your pride and just listen with the open heart that I know you have! Yes, she said some bad things too but this about a 13 year friendship! I can’t even recall a friendship that long myself. So please listen for the cues– “I feel hurt,and I still love you, I’m sorry, let’s get through this”!

  21. nonya says:

    If you have been watching this show consistently, you would know that Jenn DID apologize (she even went to Evelyn’s room crying and Evelyn said it was squashed) to Evelyn in Italy when this thing first (comment about Ocho) came out, so i don’t know what else Evelyn wants?? Jen even told Evelyn in Miami before the Italy trip that she didn’t want Evelyn to get hurt again by Ocho. It’s like Evelyn wants Jen to cry and beg her and look like a sad puppy dog like Suzie did when Evelyn kicked her to the curb. WHO DOES EVELYN THINK SHE IS?????

  22. nonya says:


    I must disagree with you. Jen may have been open to talking and settling this(which was already done on their trip to Italy) however, as she said “it has come to a point of NO return”. Evenlyn ASSAULTED Jen with her purse at Shaunie’s B-Day party and even went to the extent of “waiting” for Jen outside of the restaurant until she came out to assault her some more, she brought her assistant (Nia) to the racetrack with the intent to again ASSAULT Jen which Nia eventually did and Evelyn proceeded to try to “jump” Jennifer and throw things at her at the racetrack and Evelyn continued to make fun of Jennifer’s looks on the show, her upbringing, her lipgloss line, she has made comments about her car on Twitter and other things. So, i believe Jen has let down her pride enough already and tried to reach out to this so called “friend” to remedy the situation and has been ridiculed all the while.

  23. lisa says:

    @brownsa….Why in the world would Jen want to listen to anything that wild animal Evilyn have to say. SHe is NOT her man. I know she wants Jen as her ho, but Jen dont go that way, obviously. Evilyn acts like a stalking retard. I would have dismissed her as well. YOU CANNOT make anyone talk to you, listen to you and be their friend. Evilyn need to keep it moving and stop acting like a groupie.

  24. Clt says:

    The caption should read “when Evelyn is ready to talk on camera, Jennifer never is”. I know VH1 would like Jennifer to look bad because they are committed to Evelyn’s new show and BBW season 5, but the viewers can see through it. Evelyn actually ended the friendship and Jennifer decided to let it go. I hope she sticks to that. Being friends with Evelyn is truly lying down with dogs.

  25. Cory says:

    I will never watch Basketball wives again. I was beyond disappointed and saddened by Tammys actions. She is a big bully and it is a terrible way to show people how to resolve conflict. She thinks she can say and do whatever she wants to someone. Very disappointed how Evelyn conducts herself as well. If you dislike Jennifer then just ignore her but to be abusive and encourage animal like behavior is not acceptable. I thought Evelyn was such a beautiful woman until I watched how she carries herself. Her and Tammy are bullies and young people are tortured with behaviors like this way to often. So my family and I will not watch a show that fosters and promotes this type of behavior. Shaunee may not physical fight because she is right there and encourages this behavior. Since you guys think you can abuse people and still have a show that people want to see, you are very wrong. There is a huge awareness about bullying and your show is exactly what we are trying to educate young people not to do.

  26. O really?! says:

    I love how Tami is Evelyn’s best friend even though Ev effed Tami’s husband (at the time). I love how Evelyn is STILL hurt that Jen said something about Chad but Ev talked mucho crap about Eric. I love how Shauie only remembers what Jen blogged about Ev but not the other way around. I love how they all think Jen owes them something. I really love how Tami said “eff Royce”.

  27. Shstarlight says:

    You all have more growing to do than your children. I don’t truly think Eve is sorry about how she has behaved and Tami, I don’t think she is either. I’m a grown woman and I do not behaved the way you all have even if someone talks behind my back or front. You have to be a better woman, not show ignorance back.

  28. shstarlight says:

    Eve acts like people have to kneel down to her and kiss her feet. No, Eve its not going to go that way with Jen. Jen like me,”Whatever”, I wouln’t give Eve the time of day either and as of the beach scene for the next episode, I would walk away and go have fun somewhere, I wouldn’t be there entertaining Eve, PLEASE! I’ll be enjoying my vacation from the 3 witches. If you don’t, they can mess something nice up.

  29. Audrey says:

    @Phillygurl…. I’ve come to the conclusion that Tami have a HUGE Bully complex. She is actually going to have beef with the one she called her girl (Royce) for speaking the truth. Why would she wait to go to Tahiti to start drama with Keisha. She should have resolved this issue in Miami. I blame Shauni for allowing this to happen. She should have stepped in to mediate or at least addressed Tami with the fact that Tahiti was NOT the place to start drama. And Suzie is the last person to try to help mend fences or mediate to mend fences, when she is the one who is going back starting crap. This show has taken a complete LEFT turn than from when it started.

  30. Toni says:

    If it’s true that Tami is no longer Royce’s friend, then it’s because Tami is jealous of Royce, meaning I bet Royce told Tami that what she did to Keisha was so wrong especially taking her purse and looking through her personal belongings, but to Tami she feels she being reprimanded and she doesn’t like to be told anything that she did was wrong, she always has an excuse of why she has to that in order for the others to respect her, in other words, Tami is an insecure bully that can’t handle anything that is told to her about being wrong, so if it’s true then good, it just mean that Royce doesn’t need to be with those evil bullies because in no time we will see how Tami talks about Royce to Evelyn and Shaunie and they are going to be so happy that they have Tami to themselves, you know the Three Evil Witches. That’s okay, bullies usually stay together, so Royce Jennifer Keisha doesn’t need Shaunie Evelyn or Tami to feel or be relevant, they are doing what they want to do for their lives, whether it be their goals with their jobs, dancing, writing books, having lip line, being in a play, and all the positive things these women have, they will continue to succeed because they are above the drama, they are not bullies nor jealous of anyone and that is why they can do what they are doing with out any care in the world because they know these other women are jealous of them and that is why they pick on them, it started with Shaunie when she didn’t Royce for what ever reason, then it was Evelyn hating on Royce and that is because Evelyn is jealous of Royce and knows that Royce is not fake and she can speak better than Evelyn, and doesn’t bring anyone down like Shaunie Tami Evelyn, again they are jealous they are evil they are ugly they are nothing they are bullies that needs to be put down, for sure…

  31. Adrian says:

    Girlfriend watches this show; am I the only guy (besides the basketball husband’s) that thinks if it wasn’t for the ACTUAL stars (basketball players) these girls would be nothing more than a middle-aged people like who watches these shows? Its like what are you arguing for? You were a nobody UNTIL you got married to your either divorced/recent husband?lol

  32. mederma says:

    @Adrian, what do you consider being a “nobody”? If it’s not being famous, there is a little truth in that, but if it’s about them not having lives and being totally dependent on their husbands, that’s not the case for a few of these women. Kenya worked as an Engineer, Jennifer was said to be a very successful Real Estate Agent and Primary owner of Flirty Girl Fitness and she has a degree in Political Science, Royce is educated, Kesha is educated as for the other girls I’m not sure if they have educations or not, but if they did I don’t believe they would be so quick to anger and fight. It really bugs me that men and a few silly women are always calling women that date and marry athletes ‘GOLD DIGGERS”. These men go into these relationships with their eyes open and know exactly what they are getting. So what if the women get pregnant to so called “TRAP” these men, these men need to learn how to keep it in their pants, use a condom and have a little SELF CONTROL.

  33. Monique says:

    Evelyn stop repeating yourself. You whine about the same thing everytime to see Jennifer. Blah! Blah!! boowhoo.. Knocek it off.

  34. Genevieve Givens says:

    Wow!!! Evelyn’s new nicknames on the blogs seem to be “EVIL” & “EVIL -LYN”…..I’m sure despite the tough girl facade, she’s depressed that everyone loves to hate her.

  35. Shai says:

    This is for Evelyn and Tami. You guys are coming off as straight bullies. You and the rest of the world knows that Jen and Kesha are not fighters. There’s no point to bring it to a level where you are looking like a bully. Now Evelyn, your are starting to come off as petty as hell. You have been friends with Jen for over 10 years and you blast off on her over a man. That means you are not the loyal friend because any grown woman would have taken Jen off camera and would have been like look I’m not feeling the interviews or the blogs. You know how everything gets twisted in the media and when I see it knowing you don’t agree with my relationship I’m going to fly off the handle. End of story all that extra non sense didn’t need to go on. You jumping over tables making yourself look crazy. You are on a platform that has you pegged as a hoe and gold digger don’t add ghetto hood rat and bully to it.

    Tami, you are well respected and we have the same way of life. Not to say the way Kesha came off was right or your feelings aren’t valid however the way it was handled was completely wrong. Because you are about growth I am sure there is a better way for you to handle the Kesha situation. I am not sure why she bothers you so much because she is not your friend and does not make or break you at the end of the day.

  36. LilDarlin says:

    Ev, you claim to be such a loyal ride or die friend right? WRONG! Ride or die loyal friends take confidences to the grave, friend or ex-friend, it should not matter. What was told in secret should stay secret.. With friends like you who needs enemies?

  37. LilDarlin says:

    VH1, it is hard to miss that your website is biased and tilted to highlight only Evelyn and Shaunie. They are not the entire show. There are others on the show that we tune in to see and would like to see and hear more about them. Please stop stuffing Evelyn down our throats, lets see equal billing for all of the BBW’s, (except Susie).

  38. karen says:

    Tammy, and Evelyn is so ghetto. Susie is an instigator and she is not to be trusted. I feel sorry for Jen and Keisha (the most civilized ones) on the show. Shaunie should be held accountable for everyone’s bad behvior because as a bystander, she is also guilty.

    More importantly, I cannot believe that these women have children! What you sow your children will ripe…

  39. tina clain says:

    I think the women are to grown to be acting so childish and they are a poor excuse for Women and most of all Black Women.

  40. Rhee says:

    Kesha WISE UP! None of those women are your friends, in 5th grade I stuck up for my “friends” when they were being bulllied. I think you handled it well, but is appearing on television really THIS important?

  41. Chillie says:

    Evelyn and the other women are just to much to blame this exactly what we try and teach children tell on bully’s help someone out you mean girls just watched tami can dish words out but don’t like when it’s said about her. Show some class for your daughters how many shows you have to cause drama on tami. I thought you girls were showing us how basketball wives lived the high life I guess they should rename it house wives of high school

  42. Miss says:

    It’s so sad that the minute Evelyn gets engaged to Chad, Jen’s behavior is symptomatic of JEALOUSY!! In theory, people who think they are better than you become envious-when you achieve, or do better. Jen is jealous of Evelyn’s happiness…what’s sad is the fact that they were best friends. Jen will reap what she sews . She doesn’t accept responsibility for her wrong. It is easier not to face what she has done, through denial, excuses and blaming Evelyn.

  43. Sausha Babetta says:

    Shaunie starts crap to. Jen walked away, let it be. Then you go out and make it known that you like eve more than Jen. Based solely on your conversation.

  44. michele delrey says:

    The whole thing with the slap. The girl needs to be sued once you put your hands on someone allbets are off. Who the hell are you to put your hands on anyone I hope Jen takes her for everything. Tamil needs help she has an issue with everyone. When she was on the real world she had the same issues. What she did t kesha was wrong someone needs to take her down a few pegs she is a bully. I would of called secutity too you don’t take someones purse. She would go nutes if someone did that to her.

  45. rhoni says:

    karma is a beast, just like beasts Tami and Evelyn. Why would she hang out when every time she hangs out she is confronted with aminal behavior.Would anyone come to a park when there are pit bull dogs running around out of their cages? Shaunie is trash for sitting there silently allowing her untamed animals off their leases, and Suzie is scum and a straight up punk!

  46. Angry woman says:

    I am so angry at the basketball wives show. Please remove the show off the air it is an insult.

  47. T says:

    Evelyn, you are a bully. You are not loyal. Who do you think you are? Your behavior is uncalled for and one of those people that you try to act “Hercules” with needs to kick your behind. You, Shaunie, Tammie, and Suzie are trouble makers. You guys are too old to act the way you do. Besides, being a bully is not cool. You guys continue to carry on the drama. No one initiated it, you guys did continually attacking someone. You guys are all snakes and back stabbers. Evelyn, HOW DARE YOU ASK SOMEONE TO APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR BEHAVIOR. YOU NEEDED TO APOLOGIZE TO JEN FOR YOUR BEHAVIOR. You were no true friends. You guys are jealous because if you weren’t you wouldn’t be taking cheap shots at Jennifer by referencing her make-up line and other things. If she were your friends, you guys wouldn’t be making those type of remarks. Evelyn, you need to worry about who legs your man is in between. Why is Jen’s sex life anything for you to expose or care about? The saying goes when you dig and grave for your fellow man, you need to dig one for yourself! I wouldn’t be around you guys nonsense either!!!!!

  48. Darlene says:

    Even though I’m not an Evelyn fan, but I get what she is saying…If you are a friend, you would not discuss anything to a media or a gossip columnist about your friends business. Evelyn is right, Jen just doesn’t get it…. If Jen had said, she apologize for any pain she has caused, then this whole thing would have been squashed. Its the way Jen said things are what put Evelyn over the edge. It made Evelyn look bad…I like Jen, but she has to know how to take responsibility for actions that caused a break up in her friendship with Evelyn. And I don’t like Tammy, she is as phony as they come…

  49. No Apology from Purse Bopping Evelyn? says:

    Just listening to Evelyn rationalize what happened bet her and Jen…doesn’t she get it that her violence toward Jen made reconciliation impossible? E’s violence doesnt’ even register — she’s clueless. Go for Jen for walking away from a woman who clearly feels its okay to attack her girlfriend and condone those who do. As for Tammi, she always seems to have to interject herself into drama. Keep on steppin’ Jen.

  50. T says:

    Now onto the other ones. Tami you are a bully. Someone needs to knock you down and humble that evil attitude you have. You have talked behind others backs. Who do you think you are that someone needs to come to you? They can say and do whatever they chose just as you do. Taking Keshia’s belongings were wrong and I would not apologize to you to get my things back. Suzie you are run your mouth too much. Remember when you were the target at one time. You are a follower. Shaunie, you are just as bad as the rest of the “chlique.” All of you, Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie, are a disgrace! All of you have children that look at this mess. And Shaunie you are not “drama-free,” you are right in the mist of it. Wait to see what your pastor says when he see the tapings. Don’t talk about Jen and Evelyn’s relationship. You joined in as well. And who are you guys to say someone have to come to you when they arrive to an island!!! Not me!!! Shaunie you want to walk away and change friendships now. That’s what Jen did; however, you, along with Tami and Evelyn, had much resentment!

  51. EA says:

    Please cancel this messy ass show.

  52. 205true says:

    3These ladies are a joke, 2 face, back stabbing, no class, faultfinding,evil and mean themselves. How dare E and T have the nerve to say anything about anybody! Did they not get mad at Suzie for running her mouth and being snitch. Tami how are you expecting positive energy when you don’t give positive energy. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. THEY ARE ALL PERPPING. EVELYN DONT LIKE TAMI. TAMI DON’T LIKE EVENLYN and E is right you ain’t a non-MFing factor. You haven’t shown youself worthy and E you don’t equate either. Use your energy for good. If you put negative out that’s what you get back.

  53. REALLY says:


  54. EA says:


  55. tessa says:

    I find it mind blowing that evelyn does not understand why jen doesn’t want to talk to her. If someone comes at me not once, not twice, not three time with violence in words and actions i would not want to speak to them ever again. Old friend or not.

  56. Jackie says:

    Shaunie needs to stop! She played a huge role in the direction of the show, and now she feels the need to distance herself because her “friends” are shedding a negative light on her business dealings. I understand we only see snippets and have no clue how these ladies live their lives behind the scenes, but they are bullies, and the only cast members that can walk away with their heads held high are Royce, Keisha and Jennifer. Evelyn said people don’t like Jennifer, but honestly she must be living in lala land if she thinks she is liked. Tami speaks her mind, I will give her that, but she is a bully, and for her to say that we only see a small section of hours and hours of footage is simply not acceptable, and does not negate the fact that she is a loose cannon and has no control over her emotions or what comes out of her mouth. The circle of women can confide in her and talk about any issue, but she gets offended when someone else does it. This show started out as entertaining, and ended up pitiful. If Shaunie was smart she would have guided the show into something her daughters would be proud to watch…and yes, she could have done that if she stood up for something. furthermore she did not need to go to her pastor to find answers, because her gut instinct was correct…a hot ass ghetto mess! I hear she wants to make a movie that is more positive, but I for one would not spend one red penny on supporting anything she touches.

  57. Mskoolaid says:

    Well well well…the show is over! and then there is the reunion show, I truly hope Jen just tell all of them what it is and get it over with. Eve if you really wanted to talk to Jen to get everything out on the table you had a funny way of showing it. SUSIE you need your ass kicked because all you do is get a bone then carry it you don’t ever shut up and in season one it was your ass in a sling!! Shaunie very sad for you not to check your girls that WAS your show, I say was because it looks like the end to me! Tami wow I have no words, so heart breaking to see you behave so badly I use to like you girl. EVERY LAST ONE OF YALL NEED JESUS!

  58. WillNeverWatchAnotherSeason says:

    Wow! I will never watch another season of these stupid wannabe ladies…they are so fake and the main B of the show is the weakest and is controled by the big mouths on the show….I should never even given this show a chance its all dramaaaaaaaa…..and not a good show anymore…it seems to be all about who can out talk, talk louder than, or run their mouths the most that gets more air time….And wow evelyn you sniched on jen having sex with someone…wowwwww…like you havent done that ish before…..lets not forget that chad took your ish the first time 2…lmao….they will continue to knock off another dummy from the mini circle they think they have now…..susie your next…lol

  59. Jasmine says:

    In the beginning, this show was worth watching. Although the women publicized their personal issues, growth came of the problems them consumed within. From watching season 1 to season 4, I can no longer stomach the show. These women have taken the African American culture to an all time low. Tammy was one of my favorites and now to see her angry at the sip of a drink and for her to display such a mean and angry demeanor towards Keisha makes me lose all respect for her. Throughout the entire confrontation with Keisha, Evelyn and Shaunie did absolutely nothing until they were out of Tammy’s sight. I am baffled by the character these women hold and find it digraceful. Women are supposed to bring one another up and this entire show has been nothing but a train wreck. Shaunie is far from innocent and to try and redeem her character by going to a pastor at the end of season four, is by far the fakest she could possibly be. Evelyn has continuously attacked Jennifer for past issues that have resulted in lose of friendship and although we do not know all detail as to why they fell apart, all we know is that Evelyn is a ticking time bomb and displays a character of a classless woman. This show has made many viewers rethink further viewing and if season 5 does in fact come to the light, I am sure that many viewers will be lost forever.

  60. Haydee says:

    I am so tired of Evelyn and her drama that I am going to stop watching the show. Evelyn ENOUGH with Jen already!! Get a life or go involve yourself in your man 85 life a little more, maybe find out what or who he is doing. You are so bougie ghetto and you try so hard to be black when all you are is a product of the NY hood and not the rich, educated person to try to act like you are. Tonight will be the last episode I watch!!!

  61. Shair says:

    Evelyn, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR DAMN MIND!!!! How in the world are you going to tell Jenn she aint real but yet you are on tv letting out her skeletons. Regardless of your status right now you spill the beans. What kind of loyal friend are you? Any friend should be secure theirs secrets are safe and here you are showing what a real two faced and petty chick is. You can only be trusted when things are going good according to you. Are you serious? Maybe you should re read the definition of loyal because you damn for sure aint displaying it.

  62. gail says:

    I get it. They’re suppose to act ghetto to attract ratings. Oh! but Tami is so ghetto – even money can’t bright cause her to speak properly. She’s just a cursing, nasty mouth ghetto girl. And you wonder why our black men leave them. Try renaming the show what it really is- Ex-Basketball Wives with one white girl.

    Please reconsider the story line so it’s not just about Jennifer and Tami’s profane mouth. They are two petty kids. And the white girls – she’s a snake. Yuk.

  63. Gail says:

    Could you grow up and get some class – get a story line. Caddy!!!!

  64. She said,She said, Show!!!!!!! says:

    This show started out to have a purpose; now its all about You said what, let me tell your busy. Too much bully,jealous of one another, playing tricks on each other. This is a High School show. Tami is too dam messy, Evelyn why do she cry an trying be a bad ASS. Drop this show please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Cindy says:

    Evelyn and Tami must have been p/o’d beyond belief when the hypocritical, zero-integrity Shaunie completely threw their ghetto azzes under the bus tonight. Hilarious!

    Tami’s “anger management” therapy is clearly not working — it’s clearly time for some in-patient treatment.

  66. dallday says:

    This entire season was about nothing, Evelyn constantly raised hell until she got her own show . She screamed and cursed louder than anyone. What a waste of good air time this show was no more for me except the reunion then I”m done.

  67. Nonya says:

    Are you watching the same show everyone else is??? Where is Tami well respected?? You said “Not to say the way Kesha came off was right??” What are you referring to? You also said, Tami is about growth?? Yea, she is about growth, growing to be a bigger bully cause since she has been on the show, she has gotten worse EVERY season.

  68. Carrie Lynn says:

    Dear, you need to shut this tragic hot mess down! This show has turned into a no class, crazy, violent, vulgar mouthed females who make you look stupid! Come on, take a step back and look at this mess. I loved BW when it first aired, but as time has gone on..the truly classy characters have disappeared and the crazy bullies have won the battle. I am not sure what title to give them as I have never seen grown women act like this. Tammi and Evelyn are nothing but BULLIES who have let a little bit of “fame” go straight to their heads. Tammi is just pure ghetto acting and Evelyn, I have no words for. That woman’s mouth needs a good cleaning at the hands of my mother! It is really shocking Shaunie that you would assocociate yourself with this type of women. SHUT IT DOWN! Please!

  69. SweetHarts says:

    Shaunie, Shanunie, Shaunie…

    I’m so sure by now you don’t have to wonder what people are thining of you and your hood rats by now…. I really hope this is the end of this show for you and yours, and I will never watch anything you play in again because it will always remind me of this mess you allowed for all to view with your so called friends… Yes you are a “GETTO HOT MESS”…

  70. shawn says:

    evelyn needs to grow up and be a lady, what mother is having this hood rat around there kids.

  71. TRN Texas says:

    Evelyn and Tami are bullies. The do or represent black women. They are …behave like animals. They need prayer. Shaunie is that girl in high school that instigates things to start fights, arguments, etc…..but pretends to be innocent. She is in the middle of mess.

    Jennifer ad Keisha are right to NOT want to fight like animals. What ever happened with using words to express yourself?

    The reunion show will most likely drag Jennfer through the mud to help the show’s image…sad, Shaunie.

  72. TRN Texas says:

    The show makes black women look cheap and greedy. We are not all violent. Decent black women are not like these women who teach their families to communicate through hitting. They actually said Jennifer asked to be attacked…WHAT! Keisha was ragged on because she does not fight…WHAT! I will not go into how some of the ladies dress. There is very little difference between how some of these ladies dress and prostitutes. This is very sad. Please show some self respect. You can all do better than this.

  73. violet says:

    so sorry Jen – I mean Evelyn would fake cry not you girl – I’m on your side!!! I was upset at my last entry!!!! Understandable after watching bully girls again!!! Sorry girl – won’t be watching again!

  74. maxine perry says:

    My opinion on the lie detector test, which probably does not matter is this, what is it gonna prove, my thing is we the public, not upset about the lies or blogs, that a test will prove who is lying or not, its the way things were handled, jumping off tables, hitting with purses and we all feel the slapping incident was a setup, because u promised shaunie and tammi, you would not say or do anything, and so u brought nia? or who ever to initiate the incident, so as to say i did nothing till she be littled this lady, and if u say no, then to me, thats not true, because when has any of u ladies ever, ever invited someone other than a immediate cast member to a luncheon,dinner etc; and so that is what makes it seems more like a setup,,, and nia? or whom ever she is could have reached out to shaunie or who ever, if she wanted her keys, it did not have to go that far, if it was not a setup js!!!!!!!!!! plz if possible respond

  75. MOE says:

    Are you kidding me?! I just saw the reunion show, and I have 3 points to put out there: Firstly, I never thought John Sally was the right host for this show’s reunions. He doesn’t ask the right questions, and adds nothing to the show. I think they flipped the script on Keisha, Royce, and Jen; and John Sally went along with it. I didn’t like the fact that he had something negative to point out/plant about Keisha (scared, running), Royce (crying), and Jen (wishy-washy). Secondly, I think the audience was hand-picked to respond in a neutral way. Lastly, it is obvious that Ev and Tami are camera hogs, who saw that the bullying thing was serving their purpose, so they kept it going. As for the overall season, how are you going to gangster a grown woman, justify it with that lame street cred, and then, ‘after the fact’ expect your apologetic, moral attitude to be taken seriously. No, you want to redefine friendship and acceptable behavior, but neither of the three of you (Shaunie, Ev, and Tami) can get it right. All three of you are quick to follow up your moralizing by citing something that one of the ‘good’ ones has supposedly done, in order to take the heat off. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the info about Ev should have been blogged –by Jen or her assistant. Also, Kendra was out of line with her comment. It is the way Ev addressed both issues. “Keep my name out of your mouth %#@&!” would have been acceptable as harsh. But, jumping off tables, throwing bottles, trying to get in a sucker punch, putting dead fish in someone’s room….you can’t come back from that. And Tami, she went all the way ‘trazy’, and can’t accept the criticism.

  76. Ebonie says:

    I just watched the reunion. Tami you are so two faced. That apology was FAKE. You bullied Keisha plain and simple it clearly shows you pray on the weak. Why is it okay for you to talk about everyone behind there backs, but when they do it to you, there is world war 3. You are so PHONY!! You are the one that need to keep it real. Shaunie I have no words you should be ashamed of yourself. You go to your Pastor for advice are you kidding me. You know what you need to do is distance yourself from these ladies. I see it now my pastor said I need to distance myself from you guys. No class. Why is Kenya laughing when people are poking fun at Keisha she is a HOT MESS. Evelyn you were very emotional this season. I hope you are okay. Its seems like you have pain inside and you are hurt =(.

  77. Africa says:


  78. LOVELY38 says:


  79. LOVELY38 says: