Special Sneak Peek: Take A Look At Evelyn’s Tearful Moment At The Basketball Wives Reunion


“Every time I’m interviewed, I’m asked if there’s something you could take back from all of the seasons, it’s that moment,” Evelyn Lozada tearfully told host John Salley at the Basketball Wives reunion. “That moment” would be the wine-bottle throwing incident directed at Kenya Bell. Evelyn explains in the clip above, which is an early sneak from the reunion special airing on June 4, that she’s not proud of that moment. “Not too long ago,” she says, “I was driving with my step-daughters in the car, and they watched that scene and they think it’s funny. But it’s not funny, and I need to be a better example.” The reunion will air in two parts, on Monday June 4 and June 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Evelyn Lozada Basketball Wives Reunion

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  1. Lorraine Wisdom Roberts says:

    Jesus forgives, so can I. Continue your journey in being a good example to our young children out there. Be Bless Eve, Luv Ya!!!!!!!

  2. BBW former fan says:

    That’s nice and all but I didn’t see any tears. Anyhow you APPEAR to be sincere and I hope you really are because you’re a grown woman. I can’t think of anybody that ever made me that mad about calling me a name and they don’t even know me.
    What about your part in Tami’s bullying nonsense. She’s the MAIN reason I’m a FORMER BBW fan….you her and Shaunie and…I can’t even think of her name…the loose lip chick that tells HALF of all the stories she goes back and repeats.

  3. DANA SOUNIQUE says:

    I think every year Evelyn show’s her growth on the show, She wasn’t my favorite in the beginning but she has really changed my opinion over the last couple of season’s.

  4. T in Texas says:

    She seemed sincere . But only time will tell .

  5. 919mommy says:

    We all have error’s at least she is willing to see. Ok Evelyn good job!

  6. o shut up evelyn

  7. cherric says:

    If that is the only moment Evelyn thinks was wrong in all of the BBW shows, she has got some serious issues… Evelyn is by no means a “roll model” to any young women! She is an embarassment to all women especially black women! she should be removed from the show. she is not a basketball wife and their is absolutely nothing interesting about her life that anyone would want to continue to watch… TAKE HER OFF THE SHOW!

  8. Meredith says:

    I think that Evelyn is right. she should show a better example; However, she should not be pushed to that limit when someone delibertly takes her off of her square. How many times does on have to hear their name in a negative manner from a magazine, twitter, radio, etc. before it gets under there skin?

  9. Slimz says:

    Still tryna figure out y i watched this

  10. regina jones says:

    A apology was alright but the question is was it sincere, eventhough it’s true!!!!! it was very sad but, as i say before if it wasn’t such a big issue or a big talk on everyone agenda it wouldv’e been an apology. maybe if jen didn’t do what she did an apology wouldv’e even been thought of… but at least an effort was made.

  11. JAinumb says:

    She’s crying because she saw the petition to knock her ass off television….
    Tami said she would change and look at what she did…if she changes good for her still not watching Eve and chad so whatever

  12. Fan says:

    Please, Evelyn is saying this junk because she wants all of the hate mail,bloggers to go away. She thought that mess was funny also. I hope nobody belive anything that she had to say.

  13. Rhonda says:

    I commend her for atleast acknowledging she was wrong. Everybody makes mistakes. Atleast give her the benefit of the doubt. To everyone saying it’s too late. No it’s not!!! How many mistakes have you made in your life. Atleast give her a chance to change!

  14. Shstarlight says:

    Evelyn I hope you do change for the better, did we ask you what if your daughter or any other young girls see you behave like you did? See they did see you throwing bottles at people and cussing. Like I said I hope you do change for the better for your sake,your daughter,and your stepdaughters. You can do it and PRAY!!

  15. Fan says:

    I don’t believe anything Evelyn has to say because, a loyal friend to Evelyn means that you can’t have an opinion of your own especially if it is a compliment to Evelyn. Jen made the mistake of for once saying what she really felt about something. Jen like Royce but Evelyn didn’t so Jen had to be loyal and treat Royce like dirt. All friends have had a man that the other one didn’t like. So what she said on the blog that is her opinion and as long as she has her own brain she can state her opinion. Your were hurt,ok but to say she is your enemy then send Nia to jump her when you aren’t concern about Nia being broke but is concern if Jen thinks you are broke since you had to pawn your rings, legal case regarding the bankruptcy over Antione Walker’s case. And then you want to tell how many men she slept with no condoms you slept with Ocho on first date but you didn’t show anybody the condom that you used. But both of are grown so it is what it is. And for the record you Evelyn Lozada started the drama with telling her she is the enemy so why get mad if she is over it and don’t want to talk or have anything to do with you. I hope that you take some self inventory and also Tami Roman is a trouble maker and she wants your friendship all to herself. So just let Jennifer Williams go you have Tami Roman and Shaunie O’Neal

  16. Summer Jones says:

    Chick please!!! Crocodile tears or lack there off, she’s embarrassed about throwing a bottle but not jumping on a walking across a table to attack someone? that she’s proud of but we draw the line at throwing bottles, I’m so over these girls

  17. melody luke says:


  18. crystal says:

    I think Evelyn is sorry I also think she misses jen, she was hurt on their vacation when Jen would not talk not a fake hurt but a real one.

  19. VIVIAN says:

    What makes us human is learning from our mistakes n owning up to them. Evelyn ur soo pretty full of talent, very out going w a strong character. Put that to good use n continue to be fabulous without the bullying. You have alot of youngsterrs looking at ur show n bullying now adays in this era is unacceptable. N u being Tammies friend should let her know that she is at the wrong!! Tammie needs help from every angle. Poor soul n her issues. God is love:)

  20. Tawanda says:

    Evelyn is trying to get viewers for her new show with Chad. She is NOT trying to change…she has acted a FOOL every season and will continue to do so.

  21. Tiffy P says:

    I don’t buy it chai!!! U like trying to boss people around and bully with your partner Tami!!! I think your pretty and all, but the Bad Girl role doesn’t work for you at all! smh……

  22. Erika Carr says:

    I’m glad that she feels remorse, but it shouldn’t take your stepdaughter to see this and comment, Ev has a beautiful daughter herself and should want to be a good example for her.!!

  23. Samara says:

    So running across a table and threatening to “sting” Jennifer isn’t something she regrets? Putting Jennifer’s personal business out there isn’t someting she regrets? Throwing a drink a Royce isn’t something she regrets? Calling Tami a Non-MFF isn’t someting she regrets? Putting fish in Kenya’s room? Hitting Jennifer with her clutch? Did I miss anything?? This zebra hasn’t changed her stripes. She’s just doing damage control so people tune in for her show and from the looks of some of these comments, it’s working.

  24. Trina says:

    If it’s true what she is saying..then good for her. On the other hand I think they are all catching hell because of the threat of banning the show. Shaunie is catching hell so she’s had a lil talk with them for the reunion. Job security. Wait till next season to see if there’s a change in them.

  25. angie says:

    Fake. Fake and more Fake .after all she’s done and said that’s the only thing you”re sorry about !!!!Yeah Right, she just said that bcuz she know kenya isnt scared and will WHOOP her ass If her apology was genuine it should’ve been for all the foolisheness she has done and or said!!!

  26. Raven3658 says:

    Evelyn is just trying to get her fan base back for her new show…why did we not hear an apology immediately after the episode was shown. If you are really sorry you would not have waited until the outcry from the public.

  27. Samara says:

    VH1 is deleting comments yet again. Viewers can’t have opinions on this site unless they’re pre-approved by the VH1 “moderator.” Gotta love it. If you’re going to delete comments, maybe you should just moderate the comments section and only post approved comments to begin with??? Won’t be posting here again since I didn’t use abusive language, profanity, etc. but my comment was still deleted.

  28. str8lioness says:


  29. Clt says:

    She does not have stepdaughters. She’s not married. Chad is an idiot for letting low morals loosie anywhere near his girls. Is she going to teach them to meet someone on twitter and have sex the first date? What is wrong with heir mothers?

  30. kai says:

    I don’t care; I’m still not watching her and Ocho’s show

  31. L.T. says:

    I’m the first to say that I am NOT a fan of Evelyn’s BUT I will say that she seems genuine in what she’s saying. It does appear that’s she’s remorseful. We shall see in a couple weeks during the reunion.

  32. JAMES says:


  33. FirstLady CarsonSmith says:

    I understand they edit the film to mark it juice for the viewers. But damn!! You ladies make me want to turn the channel. I’m a wife an mother of 4 the last time I act like a hood-rat I was 17 fight in that hall way of my high school. Cause of what somebody may or may not said. I would never want my daughter see me act like a fool. If you don’t change for yourself change for your daughters.

  34. nonya says:

    I DON’T BELIEVE HER ONE BIT!!!!! I’ve watched this show from the beginning and every year she gets WORSE. She is just doing that because they are ALL feeling the back lash from this season, she probably is feeling it from different companies too for endorsements and she wants people to watch her show; so whatever.

  35. Bosslaydebug says:

    Evelyn is so phony,she’s not sorry she threw the bottle at Kenya,because right after that she went along with stupid ass Suzie to put fish in Kenya’s bunaglo in Tahiti.What she is sorry for is that she thinks Kenya is cookoo and will whoop that ass! And plus she got so many negative feed back from the viewers to band her spin off with Ocho because of her constant childish behavior she now wants us to thinks she is sorry! I like Evelyn and I am always happy to see one of my own become successful.She is beautiful has a rich fiance beautiful daughter and OMG! her shoe game is tight! but less face it,she’s from the hood and acts like a hood rat in Loubortins!!!

  36. nonya says:

    You guys are sooooooo GULLIBLE!!!! I can’t believe you’re falling for the okey doke! She’s just batting her eyes and pretending to cry. She doesn’t mean it. Every season she gets worse. She just scared that her money will be short that’s all.

  37. STACKZZ says:

    DAMAGE CONTROL……….She has a new show coming on soon and with all the backlash from this season she needs to seem apologetic. The negativity should have been corrected when they were taping this season, not on a reunion special. Instead her and Tami acted like animals out of a cage and disgraced minority women everywhere and for what, 15 minutes of fame and to line their pockets. The network played them like a set of ghetto ass puppets. Sorry, I’m not buying the bull,,ish

  38. Dee says:

    No 1 is perfect but we all grow & try not 2 learn from our mistakes.

  39. Dee says:

    oooop meant 2 & try 2 learn from our mistakes.

  40. Bella says:

    The word is ASK not AX. Learn how to speak properly, then maybe people will believe the stuff that come out of your mouth.

  41. YANICK MOORE says:


  42. Comment says:

    So she and Chad are now married? I asked because she says “my stepdaughters were in the care.” I’m also wondering what made them decide to discussing the show while she was driving, or were they watching the show as she was driving, and if so why? If these are Chad’s daughters of whom she speaks, aren’t they a little young to watch this show–especially with all the profanity being used by the women/ Leaves me to wonder, if they watched the show at their mother’s home, why would their mother allow them to watch a show with all the violence and profanity? If they watched the show with Evelyn and Chad, they knew what footage had been shot and the language they used, and had to have known that the footage is more X-rated than it is PG-rate, and certainly not meant for children viewing pleasure, so why would they allow them to watch? Also, Evelyn’s explanation sounded like she was making up a story as she talked because she started to say something else, and changed in mid-sentence to the “stepdaughters in the car story.” Her story sounds like damage control and nothing more.

  43. CallieJean says:

    I am so sick of Evelyn. She is constantly making excuses for her juvenile behavior. There is no excuse and no explanation for her behavior. I don’t care what Jen said/did, Evelyn just needs to let it go. Jennifer has apologized to her a nummber of times, and Evelyn refuses to accept the apology. Just like Jen said, what does she want from her? Jen apologized and that’s all anyone can do. My guess is that Evelyn knows that Jen is right about Ocho and Evelyn knows it. If they weret ruly friends, Evelyn would have accepted her apology and moved on. If the marriage worked, then Jen could say she waswrong, if it does not work, Evelyn would still have Jen as a friend to support her thru the upcomng divorce. No one in the country could possibly think the marriage will work. Ocho is just too muc of a player to settle down with one woman.

  44. Theresa says:

    ghetto is as ghetto does….we all acknowledged it now what !!!!!

  45. shelia dawkins says:

    When a person shows you who they are, believe them. E has done a lot of things that she should regret and whether she is the one acting the fool or sitting back and agreeing with another person acting the fool, she shows what she stands for. If she changed the way she acted her apology would have more credibility but now it seems she is saying the correct thing to stop some of the calls for the show to be cancelled. CANCELL BASKETBALL WIVES!!!

  46. mederma says:

    @Yuwanna Chandler, Jenn has sat down and tried to talk to Evelyn, but the last time Evelyn threatened to punch Jennifer in the face, the time after that she hit Jenn in the head with her purse, the time after that she brought along her assistant that slapped Jenn in the face, oh and Evelyn jumped across the table, grabbed some heavy object and tried to throw it at Jenn while yelling “I promise you gon get stung everytime I see you”, REALLY, would you be so eager to talk to THAT?!!!!! And what does who Jenn slept with have to do with Jenn not liking Chad or saying that they don’t date the same type of men. Jenn has not once said anything that personal about Evelyn, so what she doesn’t like her new boyfriend (at the time) Evelyn didn’t like Jenn’s husband and she didn’t waste a moment saying so either. And I agree with Kesha once someone puts their hands on you, you have the right to SAY whatever you want. Evelyn and her crew are petty and weak with excuses for why Jenn is being treated that way. I’m sure Jenn has LOTS of dirt on Evelyn that she hasn’t told.

  47. Meljam says:

    Whatever!!!! Of course everybody is backtracking now because their stunts blew up in their faces.

  48. Lashawn house says:


  49. lulu brow says:

    fake all around..i say keep the show get rid of tami and evelyn

  50. nadija says:

    team evelyn work it girl

  51. lisa says:

    The only reason Evilyn is apologizing is that she don’t wanna lose any potential viewers for her and Chad’s show. If they don’t get enough sponsors and viewers, it will be an Epic Fail. I, for one, will Not be watching. Evelyn need to be tied up in a zoo, not parading around on tv.

  52. Jenee says:


  53. Name* says:

    You decided to be a “better example” once you realized people weren’t co-signing your antics anymore. NEXT!

  54. NONA WILSON says:

    She Is not sorry. She is trying to save herself. It is all about the mighty dollar. She is a hypocrit and she proves it every single week.
    Hey, Evelyn this show is called “Basketball Wives” and not that I believe you and Chad will ever get married, he is a football player. Actually I just hope that you are not on the show anymore.

  55. Tracy says:

    Now everybody knows if Evelyn left the show it will be HELLA BORING. She got the best sayings. her and Tami got the biggest balls.

  56. GGLag1 says:

    I believe Evelyn is a very passionate person who does have regret for her misguided behavior at times. Unlike Tami, who is messy, phony, and as we have witnessed, a big bully. Tami wants to be Evelyn so bad, she could crawl right up Evelyn’s ass and become her. Evelyn, I’m glad that you are big enough to admit how you do have regrets for your behavior.

  57. jgratn says:

    She is such a faker, she thought it was funny after she did it. Tammi, Shannie, and Evelyn laughed together. They also continued to talk about Kenya and Jen. She just wants to continue to make money. And Chad will not marry her if their is no show ! I hope we get to see Kenya tag that azz !

  58. Emjay says:


  59. kb says:

    This fake sincerity is about the backlash she is receiving, and people not wanting to see her act like a wild animal on television. It is about saving face and keeping the money in her pocket.
    She took this platform and showed the world how ignorant, low class, petty and hood she was.
    Now she is looking like she is gonna bake cookies and giving the audience the fake bs. The hoodrat who cried wolf. Don’t believe this, please replace Evelyn, Tamie, Susie and ghetto producer Shaunie. The other four ladies are good, add four more educated, refined, classy women.

  60. Amber says:

    If you dont like them, stop watching the show. at the end of the day if it wasn’t for Evelyn and Tami this show would be BORING!! THEY ARE THE REASON THE SHOW CONTINUES TO AIR. So either stop hating or stop watching the show!!!!!

  61. Fan says:

    Any network would be a fool to put a show with Evelyn and Chad on air.
    Even worse is to let Tami Roman back on the air unless she is in Celebrity Rehab for Biopolar disorder. Evelyn Lozada and her fiance has biopolar tendencies also.

  62. Marcy says:

    Yes, Evelyn, that’s the first step, admittance of one’s faults and second always being cognitive of them and surppressing the need for attention…..

  63. It’s good she is admitting she was wrong for acting the way she did on Basketball Wives, but also Jennifer should take some responsibility for speaking & blogging about Evelyn’s man Chad. Two wrongs don’t make a Right! I also read that Evelyn & Chad weren’t getting married until the Fourth of July weekend! I think if there had just been a little fighting going on during the show maybe people wouldn’t be boycotting to cancel Basketball Wives! Tammi wasn’t any better either when she jumped all over Keisha in Tahiti! These are grown ass women who have children and they have to lead by example whether they have boys or girls!

  64. Rita says:

    This is a big shame! Shaunie, you are trying to step up the Hollywood ladder by creating some unnecessary drama! As a producer, mother and a black woman you should be a role model to other women, It’s a big shame, Season 4 was a total wash, why this was aired, i really have no idea. Tami, Evelyn and the rest of you portraying gangstas or women of no class, trust me what goes around comes around, its KARMA, you’ll all get what’s coming to all of you. Please for the love of God cancel this show because you don’t reward bad behavior with a paycheck at the end of the day. Unfortunate black women that are a disgrace to our race and society. At what age will these women take the maturity pill, God knows i doubt it will work for them, SHAME SHAME SHAME..

  65. yvonne ross says:

    No one is perfect, and everyone deserves a second chance. I respect the fact that you realize your faults and I am sure CHAD HELPED YOU REALIZE the importance of a positive role model for his children and yours.

  66. Yvonne says:

    It seems to me that Evelyn was good with Jen when she was having problems with ERIC and she did not have a man. As soon as Evelyn got with Chad(1st night) and Jen and Eric relationship was basically over, that is when all of the problems began. What’s really going on????

  67. Nelly mpange says:

    I luv u mom’s I’m ur biggest fan.

  68. hrdebbie says:


    ” I need to be a better example- “YA THINK?. I’m still not watching your new show. TOO LATE!

  69. Chino says:


    I have the right to say what I want about whateva. Why did it bother u so much HUN? I went off on a subject that you, and allllll other women, should be disturbed by as well. You say I’m hatin….on what exactly? Where did I lie? Where did I stretch the truth? No where…You know why? Because I didn’t have to. I thought it fun to respond for once to this mess. Everyone SHOULD be speaking out. It’s our right to do so just as it’s their right to demean themselves on television. We’re actually trying to help. You on the other hand are weird. Why are you worried about how much I wrote or me hating? Do you really think I would have to? Please honey…it’s called the truth. Check it out sometimes….it’s educating.

  70. PAMMYD says:

    I was hoping it wasn’t true, but I can tell by reading some of the comments that the general public is as dumb as Evelyn thinks you are because you are buying into the fact that her apology is sincere and that this trick has changed. She hasn’t changed a bit, it’s just that BBW is getting a lot of negative feedback and now they’re trying to back pedal. Frankly, this insults my intelligence and I have watched my last season of this coonery.

  71. Jenny says:

    Cry me a river…Evelyn, Shaunie, Tami were aware of their actions. Stop with the fakeness already. You are just trying to control the massive damage that you all have already caused. Shaunie, only now, is speaking out against bullying when while the cameras were rolling she didn’t do anything to stop it. Pathetic!

  72. dallday says:

    To JUST A QUESTION I agree with you
    You said it just right if you put yourself out there you can expect comments good and bad. The bullying struck a nerve so people are expressing their opinion.

  73. Karen says:

    TAMI ROMAN was fired as an advice columnist for Sister2Sister magazine…lets keep writing and get her fired from this show too…..she is unable to handle fame as she acted the same way on the Real World…Trashy.

    I agree the show needs “messy” people for ratings and for others to watch..but they dont need evil bullies….FIRE TAMI ROMAN!

  74. TeamEvand Tami says:

    We don’t if she really is or isn’t people blow mine with hem judging them for their actions. I know their was a few time i wanted to jump through my tv. She may really just be sorry for her actions not her feelings people are entitled to how they feel not how they react when it comes to injuring someone else.

  75. Venessa says:

    She looks beautiful as ever. I’m glad she’s seen the error in her ways. My fave BBW (although I still thought it was foul to air Jennifer’s business on air). Bless up love!

  76. Liz says:

    We all make mistakes so she saw what she really looked like on TV and she knows she was wrong!! Good for her sometimes we need to see our behavior, and i know I’ve had moments where I just want to smash someones face in!!!

  77. Karma says:

    Karma is a reality, no one is exempt! You can run but you cannot hide, no matter how much you have changed your life for better or for worse you will pay for what you have done on this earth. We have a forgiving God however, when the bible states to “fear God” this is what the bible is talking about. You better think before you do. Tami hides behind her liquor and it is cowardly. you will pay no matter how much you have better yourselves, you will pay! Tami you have been acting out since Real World and you have control over the decisions that you make. What it is people are now holding you accountable to your actions and I commend Meeka for lawyering up. You must have lost your damn mind thinking someone must suck up your behavior; little girl you are living in lala land! I betcha you will think twice moving forward. There is a way you can get your point across without acting like a straight up fool! “She left her purse in the chair; therefore if she wants her purse she should ask” What kind of mess is that as you go through her personal belongings on camera? You are a piece of work! Every time I think about what you did on camera it sickens me. If you got fired you brought that on yourself and you can’t blame anyone for that choice you made.

  78. Lucifer Lozada says:

    I believe Lucifer Lozada is doing a lil bit of DAMAGE CONTROL… I will believe Eve when she publicily apologizes for her violent behavior towards Jen.

  79. sylvia says:

    i will not be watching her show or any show Tami is in! this is it for me. no more BASKETBALL BULLIES for me after this season.

  80. conishkee says:


  81. Maria Ortiz says:

    She is so fake. Remove Evelyn and Tami and perhaps viewers will enjoy watching Basketball Wives again. They bullied 2 girls that they KNEW would not stand up to them…cowards! Get rid of them.

  82. sarah says:

    she’s so fake and we know since season 1 she can turn the tears on easily


  83. baybeK8s says:

    Evelyn is only talkiing about being a better person because of the boycott and commercial pullout.

  84. nonya says:


  85. Elaine says:

    Yeah right Evelyn, you are only saying that because they are going to cancel your reality show.

  86. Vickie says:

    I find the timing of this “so-called apology” fascinating. Just in time for her show, her book, her lip gloss. This woman has no conscience. It’s always been about the money with her. She’s as fake as her boobs. Why doesn’t she apologize for constantly harassing Jen and hitting her in the head? and throwing a glass at Royce and bullying her? She’s a horrible mother, step-mother, daughter (mother living in the projects). She’s a fake, lying, foul mouthed bully.

  87. riffyraff says:

    Good for Evelyn!!! She admit there are somethings she needs to change. I think she should be allowed to prove herself. I love the show!!!!!!

  88. LEIDRA says:


  89. Tasha says:

    I strongly believe Evelyn is only apologizing save herself. She could care less that she threw that bottle at Kenya. Did y’all hear that half ass apology “What do you want me to say, I’m sorry for throwing the bottle at you?” seriously, what kind of apology is that. And then she said, “You need to watch what you say” Um excuse me, so her calling you loose, which you are, means you pick up a bottle and throw it at someone’s head? She felt as if her actions were justified smh and then you, Suzie and Shaunie put dead rotting fish in her room, which by the way was not funny at all, like if you were really sorry, you would’ve been reached out to her while filming. She’s just looking out for her own ass, because people are finding her ghetto, hood-rat behavior not entertaining anymore. You are 4 years away from 40 and you still acting like this? I’m 21 and I’m more mature than Evelyn smh sad.

  90. To whom it may concern, I started watching this program because I thought their were going to be some high class woman of color going about their everyday lives. But its been a he say she say world win, and maybe some people like that kind of stuff, and if they don’t change some of the cast and story line you will be able enjoy your show without my comments i won’t be watching! Decent people should have something to watch too! I really don’t understand how a woman would want to be betrayed like this is beyond me. Boycott Evenlyn show

  91. yvonne says:

    Evelyn isn’t fooling anyone – she only want to lay everything on the table as a way of spreading Jen’s business – and Shaunie and Tami are only pushing to her so they will have more to gossip about – these women are bottom feeders. Shaunie went into Jen’s room with the pretence of getting her and Eve to sit and talk but she was clearly speaking on Eve’s behalf. Don’t buy her hype Jen screw the Eve – just say no to the sit down. _ Keep moving on.

  92. Yvonne Dixon says:

    BULL Evelyn – a better example would be for you to get off the show and forget about the show with you and Chad. You are clearly only talking now to save you Azzzzz – this didn’t even sound real coming from you. Why in the Heck would you let your “step daughters even watch you act the fool and use so much profanity in the first place. And whatm the heck do you mean stepdaughters – are you married to their dad? Once again Evelyn – BULL – no ones buying your pitiful apology or fake tears. I hope Shaunie appreciates you and Tami causing her to loose this show and show her two-faces to the viewing audience. Shaunie ran to her minister for help after viewers complained about her lack of control – pretending to wand to know if people think she is shallow or just ignorant – well she knows it’s both.

  93. Srie says:

    This is more than sad and women who applaud this behavior are just as bad if not worse.
    I have no respect for Shaunie, mother of five, and daughters of her own. Sadly enough, you have to wonder what will you do when your daughters during their journey in life encounter bullys such as the ones you promote on your show. Its bad enough for women to have abusive situations where their spirit are stolen by men, sometimes, but to have insecure bullying grown women to to do is pathetic.
    Tami..I can only feel sorry for her she must have had a really screwed up childhood, teenage years and even her adult years. She is full of hatred, bitterness and insecurities like a mentally unstable person ready to fight anytime she doesnt like what someone says to her and not to her…sad..and understandable why her daughters keep their distance with her…..JENNIFER….good for you to take the high road and decide you’re better than that…..KEISHA…you’re better than that, you just don’t know it….ROYCE….top notch…better than and doing her own thing not afraid to speak up and say it either…..EVELYN….your daughter was wise to get away from you and if Chad is smart he will do the same thing…issues on top of issues…but the worse….SHAUNIE….a black woman promoting hatred, bullying and violence against black women.

  94. SRIE says:

    let’s not forget Susie….if there is a fight to be had, she will be the one sneaking the knives to each of the opponents along with trying to justify why she did or ignore the fact that she did.
    A show which we hoped would show that solid friendships are to be had to worth the effort is nothing more than a disappointment to the community. Thanks Shaunie.

    and I stopped watching a bit ago…girlfriend had it on and watched it for a few just to see the same thing still going on

  95. marty says:

    Hahahaaahahaaaaaa!!! I am ROFLMAOfffffff at the HORRIBLE “acting” job of this fake, phoney, POS! Oh, so NOW you “all of a sudden” you develop a “conscience”? STOP IT!!! My stomach is hurting I’m laughing so hard!!! Couldn’t be because your wack show isn’t going to have any viewers? I know I won’t be one. Ms. Big and Bad sure knuckled under when Kenya was gonna tap that a$$! How stupid did she look BEGGING and crying over Jen? I have NO RESPECT for this DOPE, and WHO was the audience? Recipients, and rats that they gave a free lunch to? They have got to come better than this. There ARE intelligent people out there that are stone FED UP with this mess and confusion. This idiot runs around “swearing” on her daughter, and now she’s concerned that her “step daughters” were laughing? Come again?

  96. tamara says:

    I am sick of Evelyn’s sobbing performances. The wind blows, she cries! She wants to talk about Jen’s “crocodile tears???” The only one who constantly does stupid crying is her!

  97. Nicole says:

    Last Sessions Reunion show was so weak .. their host doesn’t ask the real questions? and hold them ghetto bullies accountable for their actions..we need Andy!.. They all have daughters and they are such a bad example of how to handle them selves like ladies by the way I am Team Jen.. sue all of them …can VH1 get some T-Shirts made.

  98. IamClaSsy says:

    Hey Eve good attempt at Damage Control…take those fake crocodile tears and get off tv.

  99. rdgval says:

    Evelyn, you are gorgeous looking and you have business savvy. You do not need to apologize to anybody. You are in control of your actions. Malice, contempt, insecurity, ignorance, superiority, inferiority, are not acceptable reasons to try to kill, humiliate are hit others. Sticks ans stones may break my bone, but names will never hurt me. Not having control over ones anger is a problem. If you do not like another person, do not associate with them. You are relevant, obviously because people are talking a about you. Stop being violent, I want you to stop hurting people.

  100. rdgval@aol.com says:

    You cannot take back anything, but you can remove yourself from situations that triggers your violence. You are pretty to look at and you have business savvy, let that help you to act posively and resort to violence when you feel hurt, angry or insecure. Every feels badly or angry, but we should get a grip and not try to kill, hurt, defame others.

  101. Vonda says:

    …one pitiful mess…

  102. JUST ME says:

    UH Yah, you could be a better example … not just to your possible, future step-daughters but to ALL WOMEN!!!

  103. Ingrid says:

    I think it is disgraceful how Evelyn and Tammi act in the last few espisodes. It is against the law to behave that way and they should both go to jail. What are we showing our young girls. These are suppose to be mothers of daughters. My mother told me “all money is not good money”. I know they want the ratings but my God is this how we behave. One day both of them are going to run up on the wrong person and get a beat down. Also, Tammi is just a plain bully. She needs medication not just therapy. I know her daughters has an aggession problem because the appl does not fall far from the tree.

  104. *diamond* says:

    I dont understand why every1 wants to boycott this show NOw. No 1 wanted to boycott when meeka or jen was attacked, hit, or beat but when tami was bullying kesha every1 is in an uproar, i wonder why, Why not boycott those other trasy shows like jersey shore or mob wives. They have just as much fighting, cursing and sexcapades etc. I dont agree with tami’s actions but get rid of all the trashy shows.

  105. Ms.Diva says:

    I’ve had some meltdowns but you ladies take the cake. If that’s the way I looked and sounded, I am changing my life at this moment and will continue to. Yes Shaunie, it’s ugly. And Evelyn you need to take some steps like Tami. At least she is seeking therapy.

  106. Evelyn ain't foolin' nobody says:

    Why’s she sorry now? She is a lying, manipulating, deceitful, hypocritical, cowardly, disloyal bully. She and Tami both turn everything backwards to try to make others look wrong, and to justify the wrong things that they do. She ain’t about nothin’! She only trying to nab Chad for his money.

  107. Kandi2 says:


  108. Shaya says:

    @ *diamond* the boycott started for evilyn’s show with chad– i personally will sign that petition but i love ROYCE- JENNIFER – and KENYA, so as long as they’re on the show i’ll be watching #BBW thru my DVR and fast forwarding evilny’s and chad’s part

  109. toryel says:

    What I don’t understand is that she quoted “I was riding in the car with my step daughters and I want to be a better role model for them” Did she forget to include her own beautiful daughter Shaniece? WoW I swear she sinks to a new low everytime she opens her mouth. I use to love eyelyn and would kill a rock! for her, but the way she handle her and Jennifer friendship left me in confused. Here it is your supposelly fiance buys you a Huge Igayment ring a maserati(loaner) your Daughter Graduates highschool but you still find time to focus on Jennifer and who she’s conduction interviews with? I am far from perfect but aleast I know when to open and close my mouth, God gave us 2ears and 1mouth for a reason. Im still boycotting your show but find other ways to show people you are considering a change! Eyelyn its never 2 late

  110. Love Child #1 says:

    Evelyn is laughable trying to ACT like a lady when everybody knows she have time and time again shown herself to be nothing more then a childish, obtuse hoodrat.
    Her and Tammy make a good team of hoodrats together.
    And as for Shani, who sits in the background and never steps up, she makes me sick.
    You can take the hoodrat out of the hood but you can not ever take the trashy rat out of these so called women.

  111. Ms P says:

    Evelyn,, I had NO respect for you because you have a dirty mouth,, you are such a beautiful lady, but oh my you need to stop all the cursing. I think you and Jen need to talk one on one without pointed the finger and cursing at each other, You and her have been friends to long to be going though this unnecessary fighting. Jen stop being fake,, Evelyn after reading how you apologize to Kenya for throwing the bottle and also you were there for Keshia when Tami acting a fool ,,it showed me you can be a very nice and loving person, The episode with your dad put tears in my eyes,, Let your daughter grow up knowing that sweet side of her mom not that mean nasty mouth side, You are gorgeous but please stop all that cursing,, you really make yourself look bad, And stop trying to fight all the time,, sit your yellow butt down you are not a animal.

    Shunie, you are such a classy woman,, but after that episode with Tami acting a fool with Keshia I don’t think I will every watch your show again, your rating are going down because of this, Tami you are a disgrace to black women, who do you think you are>?. you are a bully and you are very ignorant. It’s OK to be real but not ignorant! Shunie it really makes you look bad knowing this is your show , watching how Tami acting a fool with Keshia, That was so disrespectful. I can’t believe that person Tami because shes not a WOMAN acting like an real ghetto black lady, You are pathetic Tami, I pray your mother and daughter didn’t watch this episode . Get rid of Suzie, can you see all she do is gossip, she runs back and forward to all the women and tell each one of you something that is told to her private, GET RID OF THAT PERSON,. Jen stop being fake,, yes your are going on with your life which is good but you miss Evelyn and she miss you too, that’s why you and her keep arguing,.. Keshia you need to stop putting yourself in situations like going on that trip and knowing how Tami feels about you,.,. Stop talking to Suzie she’s trouble.

  112. karen mccarther says:

    What I don’t understand is if Evelyn is trying to change and apologize for her past behavior, why hasn’t she apologized to Jenn? She seems so upset with Jenn for a few words that were said in a interview months ago, but she is going around slapping Jenn with her purse, jumping/running over tables to try and hurt Jenn. Maybe I have missed something but her behavior is far worse than what Jenn has done to her. Amazing….I will not watch this show anymore because I don’t want to watch grown Black women acting like the stereotype that we have tried for decades to get away from…angry Black women. It is so very sad that they have been granted a platform that could uplift us as Black women but instead (for the love of money) that platform has become a laughing stock.

  113. MzQ says:

    A lot of people get angry and do hurtful things and wish they can take it back…………..MISTAKES ARE MADE IT’S CALLED LIFE NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!

  114. Shai says:

    Finally Evelyn is looking like she got some sense. Keep it up!! I am not sure if she really means i but its a start.

  115. Toni says:

    Good for you Evelyn! If you really meant that, good for you!

  116. al says:

    girl bye Evelyn you was riding i the car and what ….you left out something? They was probably lke step mom you ghetto….lol… Chad is a fool and his baby mamas should be more careful who they let take their kids. Because you could not be around my kids with that drama… Sounds like you trying to get pity so that your new show can air…Oh I know why Jen don’t fool with you because all this time you was trashing her marriage, because you really wanted what she had. A man who gon cheat on you and you gonna accept just like Jen did. So all that ish you talked to Jen abt her man, you done signed up for the same ish.. Jen like aint this a bish!!! Poor Jen she thought you was real…Real jealous!!!!!

  117. LilDarlin says:

    We viewers are tired of the feud between Ev and Jen, it’s been going on since last year. Ev, Jen apologized to you several times and asked you what she could do to mend fences with you and you turned a blind eye to her and called her your enemy, attacked her every time you saw her and even sicced Nia on her. Don’t you have a wedding plans to attend to, plus ALL of the other “friends” that we saw at your birthday bash to keep you company? Obviously, all that was a sham or you would not be so obsessed with Jen and her affairs. Please stop deluding yourself and YOUR fans, saying Jen did not apologize to you, she DID but at the time you did’nt want to hear it , then proceeded to SHOW her that she was your enemy. It is time to let it go before you lose even more fans. God bless.

  118. LilDarlin says:

    The so called apology that you issued to Kenya is not sincere, you could barely keep from cracking up after it came out of your mouth, if you are genuinely sorry for the Kenya bottle throwing incident, why not apologize for ALL of your scandalous behavior this season. That, I would like to hear because you have been off the chain every since you and Tami became partners in crime. Get it right and stop twisting the facts, we watch the show, remember?

  119. Desi says:

    Am I the only one that feels like this show is a bunch of very old teenagers? I use to watch this show all of the time but I started feeling like these women are never going to mature, especially Evelyn. She is forty plus and acts like she is fifteen. She is forever wanting to fight somebody, it’s like dag old lady calm down, what are you trying to prove? Is fighting and yelling with someone that angers her the only way she can “deal” with a situation?
    As long as these “grown women” keep acting as ignorant and immature as they do I won’t be watching this show again.

  120. Nita says:

    I don’t think Evelyn is the least bit sincere. The problem is she likes a crowd or should I say audience when she talks to Jenn or anybody she has a problem with. That goes for Tami and Shaunie as well. What they do is get together and talk about how and when they will address the situation. First of all, that’s nobody business except you and the person you have a problem with. It’s sooooo sad that beautiful, black , grown women can act so childish. I mean, what are we teaching our youth, that this type of behavior is okay or whenever you have an argument with someone it’s okay to do bodily harm? Throwing things, jumping on tables and acting like an animal that needs to behind a cage. I don’t blame Jenn at all for being smart about the entire situation and getting lawyers. That’s fair fighting if you ask me!!!!!!!

  121. Lady Q says:

    I use to like basketball wives but now it has come to a point where i have to be really bored to watch it. Its a mess!!!!! Evelyn and Tami have the worst attitudes on the show. And if Evelyn was any kind of friend to Jennifer, she would have never said what she said on the show whether they were into it or not. I don’t blame Jennifer for not wanting to talk to Evelyn, hell who would??!!?? I really think they need to stop acting like teenagers and act like the grown woman they wanna be!!!!! As for Evelyn’s apology, I don’t believe one bit of it!!!!! They need to rename the show to Ex- Basketball Wives Drama and Reality!!!!!

  122. RealityCheck4RealityChix says:

    Hold up, attention to the MIC; Tami’s psychotic cause her weave’s too tiiight!  She’s full of envy, always in a frenzy; Gettin courage from the bottle, like Spuds Mackenzie!  Confused, yes;  Drama, yes; any SITUATION she’s a hot “a” mess!  A great big bark, with an itty bitty bite; the Mean Girl Posse got scared the other niiiight!  Tension got heavy, Kenya was ready; and the whole dang crew started acting more friendly.   Lol, lol……Seriously, Tami I hope you’ve learned from your destructive ways. 

  123. rani says:

    tami+evelyn= section 8 ghetto rats. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay. thank you america for these stupid classless ladies.

  124. Amber Gantt says:

    She is not sorry for what she did to Jen.she is scared of the petition that is out for her not to have a spin off show.Chad is not stupid why do every body feel that he is marrying Eve. for . She was scared that if she didn’t say the right thing than she would be let go off the show. that was so fake

  125. Amber Gantt says:

    Shaunie knew that what she was saying about structure to the show well where was the structure when they were putting fish ion Kenya room and for Shaunie to stand there and let that go on was so wrong and that is why I say Shaunie is so fake and is a ass kisser when it comes to Eve and Tammi because she should have gotten that lady another room before she got there if she was all about drama free,so some body needs to check her ass real talk.

  126. Kassie says:

    Evelyn is a SAD excuse for a woman. It is clear when you watch all the episodes that she is the reason for all the drama. If you want to be a better example, then start by doing what you and Tammy like to tell all the other women, and that is Keep your mouth shut. You and Tami are a sad representation of your Mother’s and it makes me believe that you have never been taught how to carry yourself as a lady. Just in case you dont understand, let me help you. Being a member of the female gender, a woman does not equal being a Lady. The way a Lady talks and acts and carries herself is not the same. Ladies dont jump across tables, throw bottles at peoples head, or act an ass in public places. Your ass clearly needs a prescription for Valium and Tami needs to be admitted to the nearest mental institution. I thought Tammy was geniune at first but she is not. Please never show your face on any Christian TV show professing to be one. Shaunie could have put a stop to this a long time ago and since you did not, I hope that ruining your good name is worth the friendship with these two said females.

  127. Real says:

    I’ve been saying this from season 1 day 1- Evelyn is sooooooo jealous of Jennifer and it is sooooooo obvious. Jennifer has the life and respect that Evelyn so desire. Evelyn is a Spanish Harlem hoodrat that got to where she is by laying on her back. Her 15 minutes of fame is coming to an end very soon.

  128. Did anyone else notice the smirk on her face, so fake. Please let’s not support her new show or everything else she is involved in.

  129. Karla says:

    DId you notice her look over in Shaunie’s direction at the end of her prewritten statement? Like, how did I do? To whoever her publicist is, I say, “Bravo!” Now, let’s see if she can walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

  130. Ana says:

    I just want to know how Susie never got her butt chewed out because she is truly not a friend. She is fake and needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. She is sorry

  131. Tosha says:

    I am completely ashamed to see how ill-behaved some of the women acted this season. These women have daughters and charities and yet have displayed horrible treatment of one another. The antics mirrored no different then bullying and I wonder why our young women believe it is okay to behave this manner. It’s ironic that behaving with class and dignity seems to overrated that we as women can’t handle our problems in a repuatable manner, but look like animals. The sad part, is that no one called anyone out for the bullying behaviors but sat back and watched it happen. Disgraceful! Keisha, I feel sorry for what happened to regardless of what you verbalized, which was trivial, by the way. Disgusting!

  132. tocha says:

    you should be ashamed of yourself you are a grown woman and you need to act like it

  133. Evelyn says:


  134. jasmine says:

    ok,Evelyn shess was acting like stupid by chasing or kissing Jennifer ass on that vacation trip if jennifer came for the vacation i dont see why shes have to say hi to the girls shes wasnt on schedule for that and that will look like shes kissing they ass for all the action that had accur in the fight with Evelyn assistance saping her on the face and specialy Evelyn when i am looking at basketball wives show its show that that one white lady i forgot her name but i call her snitching,white snake because shes like your friend and know the problem but shes will interviewed your self and go right back to Tim, and Evelyn everything you said ist just like shes start the Drama

  135. Leah says:

    Puh-lease, Evelyne. Nobody believes you anymore.

  136. One Grown Woman says:

    Too little too late for both Tammi, Evelyn, and Shaunie in my opinion. You are grown with children, or so we thought. Tammi is an abuser; what she did to Keisha was abusive. You cannot stop everyone from talking about you. Tammi has a serious mental and emotional problem if she think that she can. And further more she is not sincere about anger magt bc if she was should would have told big mouth no talking Suzie not to tell her. She trying not to get sued and judge can see right thru that facade. everyone is not juvenile like Tammi. Shaunie this is your reputation and it has been ruined and for what?! Suzie your drama and mess starting is going to catch up with you. I don’t have any respect for the people I mentioned.

  137. One Grown Woman says:

    I will not be watching any productions from them, purchase anything that they are selling with the exception of Jen, Royce, and Keisha. Tammi pretended to be Kenya in order to get the room key, which I believe is against the law and to destroy the hotels property by putting fish in the room was the final straw. I hope the hotel charged Shaunie for that. I sincerely hope that this is the last season!!!!!! I hope they DO NOT get a spin off show. where is the petition, I want to sign it.

  138. arlene says:

    It amazes me that Tami thinks that I strong woman is one who spits profanity and gets up into other people’s faces behaving like an imbecile. That’s not a strong woman. A STRONG woman is one who can look at YOU making an ass of yourself and resists the temptation to respond…which is what Kesha did. Empty barrels make the most noise.

  139. Queens NY says:

    Evelyn at this point I think it’s just crocodile tears if you actually cried on the reunion. You and Tammi are disgraceful, disrespectful, and pathetic. I have two boys and always tell them don’t date and/or marry women who act like you and Tammy.

    You focus so much on ” the blogs”? Are you reading the blogs? Have you noticed how we the fans have turned against you, Tami, and Shawnie. It’s disgusting how you guys behave. Every dog has his day and each of you will have yours because you, Tammi, and Shawnie are a hot mess.

    You have set black women back 50 years, matter of fact I dont even think black women have been so misrepresented until you sad women came on the scene. Thank God we have Michelle O’Bama an educated black woman – a real black woman!!!!!!

  140. Mocha says:

    Oh hail Queen Evelyn, so you rant and bark like a dog to Jennifer and expected her to come back and try to talk to you? You’re a joke.

  141. Chela says:

    Please!! I will be so glad when your 15 minutes are up. You are a mean spirited individual that bullies everyone. Jennifer made you look so stupid because she takes the high road while you continue to be ignorant. You and Tammy are two peas in a pod. Unhappy individuals that don’t want nobody to hold you accountable for acting ignorant as hell on TV constantly but then bragging about you clothes and shoes and what not. You can’t dress up ignorance. Change your ways and act like a classy individual PLEASE!! You act like you still struggling, WTH Evelyn??

  142. mederma says:

    Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie are ignorant GHETTO MONSTERS. Are they upset because they couldn’t get Jennifer to get into a physical altercation. They just want to be able to say that Jennifer is no better than the rest of them with as Tami would say “her bougie a–” Why are they trying to get these women to stoop to their level. Tami and Evelyn guess what….NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE GREW UP IN THE HOOD ON WELFARE and a lot of the ones that did still DON’T behave the way you guys do. And what does who Jennifer had sex with have to do with anything that Evelyn says that she is upset about? I don’t EVER recall Jennifer saying anything about who Evelyn slept with. Susie is happy to be in the with the MEAN GIRLS!!

  143. arlene says:

    Does Suzie watch herself acting like a buffoon each week? I’m just saying…

  144. Princess says:


  145. Val says:

    I still don’t like Evelyn and definitely don’t care for Tami. Tami is very confrontational and quickly toss people that she deems of less importance away like trash. Evelyn and Tami are low life classless bum broads.

  146. KRISSY says:

    EVELYN AND TAMMY ARE SOME EVIL ASS LIL TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. JPetti says:

    If Tami is taking anger management classes it is not helping her much. I agree with “Diamond”, take all the trashy shows off. But the reality is that will not happen because networks make money off of these shows. And the more fights, anger and trash that is showcased, the networks are happy because they know that, unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands or millions of people in America that live for this type of garbage. Evelyn is a sad example of a woman; wait, she is definitely NOT a real woman. Climbing over a table to try and attack Jen when Jen was fighting/arguing with that other chick? That was so sad to watch and crazy! I know I shouldn’t watch this show, but it is a guilty pleasure.

  148. Simone says:

    too late for the crocodile tears. I hope you have lost any chance to make money off a Evelyn and Chad Wedding…… You are a waste . Tami and you are two of the most worthless women I have ever had the misfortune of knowing lived. The kids were probably laughing at the fool their dad is sleeping with. I hope sponsers keep dropping off your show. You should both be in jail for assault

  149. Psychmom says:

    I am hoping that this is the Series Finale and not just the Season Finale!!! I think it is time we pull the plug on this show. I am watching the show now and listening to Shaunie acknowledge that this show and her friendships with some of the women may be holding her back, really when did she come to this realization – the show is a disgrace in everyway and enough is enough.

    Suzie is so pathetic – she is so happy to be in the circle that she spends her entire time on the show running back and forth reporting who is saying what. Isn’t she ultimately responsible for what went down between Tami and Keisha – wasn’t she the one who ran back and told Tami about the conversation – why is that necessary.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not excusing Tami – she is a grown woman and should know how to act. She too is very pathetic – she need to be quiet, continue her therapy and try to do better. Tami’s behavior is so ridiculous and she want to respond by not taking responsibility but attacking those who are trying to bring the ridiculousness to her attention by calling them haters. Grow up Tami, stop being a hypocrit and just be quiet sometimes. Telling Jennifer today that you don’t like her behavior, who cares, this is not even about you – Jennifer and Evelyn are having a conversation who cares about your opinion on whether or not Jennifer did an interview – how is that important and further how is it your business – you weren’t even in the conversation – you just like to add flame to the fire – Tami really get a life and stop making excuses for your behavior. It is so interesting that you all are always saying that Jennifer never takes responsibility, but please show me where in the show you are taking responsibility for your behavior; for example, Keisha made you mad and that’s why you acted a fool – it is always about someone else.

    Shaunie – stop looking surprise and indirectly taking sides. Stand up for something – Malcolm said if we don’t stand for something we will fall for everything. Take a stand, make a point and get on with it. You know that Tami’s behavior in regards to her treatment of Keisha was wrong, but at no time could you confront Tami and tell her she was wrong.

    Jennifer – pay them no mind – keep moving – keep your eye on the prize.

    Evelyn – I don’t even have the time or patience to write all I want to about you. Get it together and stop worrying about who said what, who is acting however, why does it matter – look at the bigger picture – there must be one. Find something else to spend your time and energy on other than Jennifer blogging, or doing interviews, or who she slept with – do you and get some class.

  150. Khandi says:


  151. baby says:

    Thank God its over and we move on

  152. Janet Honor says:

    I think that it is just a lies. I do not think that she is sorry for that please come on they all thought it was funny. The only reason why they are acting like they sorry now is because of people looking at them saying that these are 30,40 year old women who act like this. With Jen I do not think that she did anything wrong at all to any of them who cares if a person says (WE DON’T DATE THE SAME TYPE OF MEN) That is no reason to act like that just move on and let it go. I think Evelyn is so beautiful and to see how she has changed from the first season to now makes me sad.Plus if you look back on the first show this season who will hear Jen say I tried to call you talk to you before the show started back up again. And Evelyn said why should I talk to you in private. That goes to show that she wanted it out there so she can make a big name for this season. To me I feel that she is trying to be like Crissy from love and hiphop I would like the old evelyn back

  153. shine says:

    Hey I know these women seem like they just can’t control themselves, but you have to remember that it is entertainment and they are doing what they need to do to get paid. Also with all the fussin Tammie does she had a heart attack, she is fine and still goin strong. Yes these women may have issues, but it has it’s consiquenses.

  154. blythe5050 says:

    I agree with the other poster suzie is being looked over when she is the culprit. ev needs to let jen go noone cares if jen didnt use a condom hell who hasn’t done that one before.so petty and the tears please you know you dont care. save it.

  155. Kisha says:

    Basketball is one of my guilty pleasures, but I must say Evelyn and Tami behavior this season is just too much especially Evelyn. Regardless if Jenn is one of your best friends or not she is entitled to her own opinions about your relationship without you acting crazy, proof is in the pudding. Friends and family may not always agree or like who you choose to be with, but its your chioce not there’s. (Ingore the bull), Why not just show her (Jenn) that your relationhip is Chad real and good and let her say what she wants. But no matter what she says in a interview, blog, on twitter you are a grown ass 30 year old women. You were climbing on tables acting real GHETTO and your assistant had no right to put your hands on someone. Evelyn is a bully you are trying to control what she says and make her afraid if you and kiss up to you like Susie does just to be in your circle. (REALLY) As minority women we need to be a better example and violence is not the answer. And yes Jennifer had ever right to file a law suit against your friend no matter what she said . We have to do better people.

  156. VFB says:

    Eve have the NERVE to develop a makeup line????? Ummmm I won’t be buying.

  157. Angela Jones says:

    The women are not acting like ladies.They should be setting examples for other young ladies.Some are gut bucket.

  158. other black woman,\ says:

    OMG , I have said forseveral season Shaunie is the ring leader of trouble. Ev and tammi I just cant. I will say this Tammi you think you can say whatever comes to your mind and when that person doesnt engage your BS then their weak, actually your weak because you cant manage your behavior and if no one ever told you thats what GROWN ASS WOMEN do manage . I feel for Jen and Keisha. I think they both handle themselves the best they could without confrontation. Plus why do everyone always have to apologize to EV and Tammi……why

    I watch for the entertainment, however I am weekly disappointed with the woman,

  159. honey says:

    Evelyn girl please!! You can save them fake ass tears for the next booboo the fool who actually care. Your a liar & a hot getto mess. You already in too deep… Them fake tears aint gonna get you nowhere. dried out baby

  160. Beverly Bryant says:

    I think these lady’s need to grow up and act like women, not like little children. I will not continue to watch the show if they can’t found something else to do.

  161. Angela says:

    Eveleyn is so fake. she stood by every foul act she did until after she received all the public backlash, and the petition came out to boycott her tail. She’s trying to get in the good gracious of the public so she can get her spin off show. NOT GOING TO WORK EV! Everyone can see right through u.

  162. Nise says:

    First all Chad’s baby mommas need to come get their kids because one, they shouldn’t be rolling with Ev: and two, they shouldn’t be watching this show.

  163. Muffin says:

    Let’s thanks Shaunie for the edited ending to the finale in what appeared to be a final attempt at revamping her character. I like how she replaced the “real ending” with a 10 minute excerpt portraying her in a more positive light i.e. dinner with the family and Pastoral counseling. The true ending was the Shaunie we observed sitting at the table with the toothpick in her mouth while eating, talking and drinking. In all, the edited version was a little too late; if she felt that way about the girls’ behavior we should have seen another Shaunie other than the person we observed partaking in the nonsense all season long.

  164. pat says:

    Elelyn and Tami are BULLIES………Shaunie needs to get a backbone and stand up to the bullies…You know that Tami’s behavior in regards to her treatment of Keisha was wrong, but at no time did you confront Tami and tell her she was wrong. suzie needs to stop it! she’s so pathetic – she is so happy to be in the circle that she spends her entire time on the show running back and forth reporting who is saying what.

  165. Anna Maria says:

    I watched Shaunie talk to her pastor tonight and I was befuddled. Was she really saying that she had no responsibility regarding what happened on the show and that the women hate each other and she can’t do anything about it??? HELLO!! I thought she was one of the Executive Producers and if that’s the case, then she bears responsibility for what goes on. These women fight because she has allowed (probably encouraged) them to fight. How could she just sit and not intervene when PSYCHO TAMMI took the girl’s purse? She acted like there was nothing she could do when she could have (1) edited out that scene; (2) told PSYCHO TAMMI to stop the crap or; (3) allowed it to happen which is what she did because she wanted the ratings. Now that there is a giant backlash, she wants to rise above it by telling the Bishop that she is upset over the fighting among her friends. NOT SO EASY, MISS SHAUNIE. You are a clever cookie and at first you even had me thinking you had a point but not for long because the buck has always stopped with you. You can’t be clever enough to get half of Shaq’s earnings and not know how to handle some psycho women on a TV show. You have a long history going all the way back to Arnel, Shaq’s girlfriend and his oldest child’s mother. You knew he was involved with Arnel since high school and yet you moved right into his house. He is to blame too. So, once he did you the same way you got your money and now you have your TV show. These women would be stabbing each other by now if you hadn’t gotten the backlash and if the petition started by Star Jones hadn’t been started.

  166. Embarrass Black Woman says:

    Eveyln is angry that she and Jennifer are no longer friends.

  167. Nise says:

    Calling all of Chad’s baby mommas….GET YO KIDS!

  168. Just mi says:

    Evelyn is disgusting.. she is a big insecure bully who takes out her insecurities on others.. she cannot function without a clique of supporters cheering her on and Tammy has become her perfect mouthpiece. two disgraceful examples of mothers and women

  169. A says:

    Bad or embarassed

  170. nikirae says:

    So, just maybe Chad and his PR group will mold Evelyn into a lady…somewhat. Admitting to one wrong…or should I say, feeling remorse for one’s act is a good first step. Go Chad!!! without him what in the world would she do…

  171. nikirae says:

    Tonight’s episode fell right in line with all the others and it seems like the show may have run its course. The theme should be the quote from one of Prince’s songs, “Act your age Ma and not your shoe size…” These ladies act like girls in junior high school. I really don’t think Evelyn knows why she’s mad at Jen…she kept asking and I think we were all waiting for the Baddest B**** to stand up and tell her why? But she doesn’t exist… Its all played up jealousy that’s why she had to close her shoe store and start a makeup line. OOoooH and lets not forget that she couldn’t wait to tell the world what Jen had done. Grow up and keep it movin, Evelyn. Like Chad said on tweeter a few months back, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.” The killer was when she said Jen was the new Non-MF factor. The same factor that Tami was gonna sue you for, but you backed down from her…crazy!!!

  172. Ruby32 says:

    You live, you learn. If the situation took place in Miami with out being filmed it never would have gotten that hype(she would have been mad). Like Kerosene on a Bon fire! Finally took a look at the Sister 2 Sister article and the radio show Jen was on. One big missunderstanding! I see both sides. Shame there was not a one on one (without cameras) conversation before things got out of hand. No one comes out clean and clear. Jen is not free and clear nor is Ev.

  173. ms.diva says:

    I feel sorry for Shauna
    Did any of you selfish ladies think about how you ruined her birthday?
    I had some drama at my birthday once. I have decided to spend birthdays with my family and one true friend.

  174. Ladielabelle says:

    Did you all happen to see the preview of the renunion show,where this boring behind man,said to Jennifer,that Evelyn took a lie detector test and now it was her turn?..If he’s for real,I hope Jen tell him where him and Evelyn can go with their damn test.As bad as they tried to make Jen look all season it was an EPIC FAIL…They can cry as many fake tears as they want at this reunion..Evil-leen,Tami,Suzie & Shaunie’s reputations are shot to hell..

  175. fayetteville finest says:


  176. TRN Texas says:

    Evelyn and Tami are bullies. They do or represent black women. They are …behave like animals. They need prayer. Shaunie is that girl in high school that instigates things to start fights, arguments, etc…..but pretends to be innocent. She is in the middle of mess.

    Jennifer ad Keisha are right to NOT want to fight like animals. What ever happened with using words to express yourself?

    The reunion show will most likely drag Jennfer through the mud to help the show’s image…sad, Shaunie.

  177. niesha says:

    I absolutely don’t believe Evelyn is sorry because of what she did. I just believe that she is hurt that nobody likes her anymore. Your true colors were shown on this season and no one feels sorry for you. So wipe those “alligator tears” up Evelyn. A true bully is what you and Tami are, a back stabber is what Suzie is, and Shaunie just lets everything happen. I applaud Royce, Jennifer, and Kesha on this season. Well done ladies!!!

  178. LB says:

    As a man I watch the show and see how more and more women are labeled as gold diggers after watching this show. The first thing is can you have a show where the women are actually married and not jump offs or the ex-fiance of a guy that has been out the league for 10 years. Tammi is a drunk. If you watch the shows all she does is drink beer. The go all the way to a island and all you can show is the women fighting. There is nothing positive about the show, nothing. Oh there is they all go into business after they are aired on the show. How does Jen and Evelyn get a make-up line when they have done nothing but appear on this show. What have they done that makes them special to go out and buy their products. They all look for the same type of guy a baller. Guys around the NBA are laughing because they know a lot of them have smashed these women at one time or another. Now they want to cry and say they sorry because now the public is seeing you for what you really are .

  179. Tarsha says:

    I am so in awe right now. They are still fighting over something said and apologized for last year. What I think is reeally going on is that Evelyn is hurting. Jennifer treated hurt like she was really the non factor and she doesn’t like the way that makes her feel. Plus, somewhere in her heart she knows that Chad isn’t really the right moove for her. She doesn’t want Jennifer’s life to go on without her. Plus, who’s going to respect her now that she tried the snitching thing.

  180. lisaT says:

    Jen, Evelyn has been jealous of you probably before this show. she wanted the life you had. you was a basketball wife, Evelyn was a basketball jump off. she was the one encouraging to go out a sleep with some, cheat on your husband, and to leave him. your husband warned you about those women. basically, you left your husband for her. thats a true friend. i wished you hadn’t took her advice. right after your separation, she turned her back on you. i hope ypu realize that she played you. don’t worry Jen, evilyn will her hers. CHAD want marry her. i remember he was suppose to marry that lady from DWTS. she act like she really don’t like him when he’s around, but around other people she acting like life is wonderful. she will take a miserable life for money. sad

  181. lele214 says:

    VH 1 bring back football wives. they were actually wives. basketball wives run is over.

  182. Regina says:

    Evelyn….Give me a break. The only reason you care about anything you’ve done this past season or any other season is because you’re trying to peddle off a line of make up and don’t want to lose your show about your farce of a wedding. You would have a better chance peddling off checwing tabacco. Nobody wants anything your selling. I will say this though, a hit to your pockets may make you grow up faster than anything else.

  183. Wendy says:

    @ fayetteville finest….Can’t believe you would love a show that perpetuates violence and bullying. While it may be entertainment for you there are a bunch of impressionable kids out there watching this show and you’ve got children out there taking their lives over this type of thing. This show is far from entertaining. Belileve it or not…….viewers would have like to see the sisterhood that this show was supposed to be about. At this stage of the game…..I am done with BBW and could careless how they try to turn this trainwreck around. I have lost respect for Shaunie Oneal and never had the chance to gain respect for most of these other women. There are a few (Jen, Royce and Kesha) who still have their rep in tact and could probably go off and do something else in tv. For the others it would be too little too late.

  184. Terri says:

    PS, Eva should have named her makeup line, “Bully paint”….this is what the women have to put on their faces to cover up their bruises after Eva punches them or throws something at them…hahahaha!!!!

  185. lavone says:

    needs counceling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Tabitha says:


  187. RealityCheck4RealityChix says:

    At the end of the day, BBW received a lot of attention.  Too bad it was primarily NEGATiVE. It’s seldom that ‘WE’ receive opportunities center stage of a global audience and are entrusted with the charge to positively impact lives.  Ladies we need to know our purpose, and understand our worth!  I learned as a young girl that ‘IF IT AINT FOR SALE, DON’T ADVERTISE IT!  That goes for your soul to your b-hole.  A little harsh I know, but I’m just sayin… From the outside looking in, I witnessed what appeared to be an absolute TRAIN WRECK!  There is no way these ladies can read comments from the various blogs, watch the videos, and undoubtedly receive feedback from loved ones and counselors …. and STILL be the same! While they thought they were setting the record straight among cast mates, GOD —Amen, was holding His mirror up so they could see themselves!  They were exposed in front of the entire world, and I believe for a greater purpose!  I am prayerful that BBW cast mates gain so much as a drop of Keisha’s mental strength, self-control, and self-respect.   EVE:  Until you do right by Jen, everything you touch could crumble (in my Sophia voice…The Color Purple); Be bigger than the situation and apologize…then move on.  You clearly didn’t know how to deal with your feelings and took things tooooooo far. TAMI:  I pray your name is lifted by millions in prayer. Renew her mind Lord!   SHAUNIE:  It’s never too late.  Acknowledgement is the first step to recovery! Your little girls are counting on you!

  188. Daisy2012 says:

    Evelyn is a disgrace to herself, women, vh1 and man kind. NO more basketball wives for me until she is gone. She’s a ghetto bully. As ocho cinco would say CHIL PLEASE!!

  189. lala says:

    I haven’t even watched this and I know its phony. PA-LEASE!

  190. simonsays says:

    Oh well now that you have bullied and kept mess going all season now you are sorry….You and Tammi are one of a kind…just think men know it and now we know it….I hope you both change but as for basketball wives I have had enough…and Shanie I am sad that you allowed it to get this far…you to me like to throw the rock and hide your had ….the fish thing done it for me …Evelyn and Suzie oh well but you Shanie…why? I hope you all live better than the show…it hurts to see you do things that we know is very childish and to bully young ladies who want to be in your circle. Only to be mistreated and bossed around…Thank you Jen for stepping up and being a real woman….

  191. Tamarra says:

    Not supporting show any longer…shaunie, you and tami trashed with it with your hypocrisy. I am done and a lot of my friends are too. Oh and I will most certainly not support Evilyn/Cinco or product line. Lucid I made my purchase yesterday,

  192. evelyn you my girl im glad you owned up you will be always true ad i belive that you truly sorry

  193. sexybrownpyt says:

    Evilyn Shoe boutique was a BUST, so she decides to down talk Jennifer’s lip gloss line to promote her “New Makeup line” Okay Evilyn so you follow Jen, then throw shade on her makeup line.Okay Evilyn so you air out Jen’s dirty laundry so you could look like a Saint.
    Do you see a pattern,its apparent that you are JEALOUS! Evilyn focus on your fake wedding & closed shoe boutique. Now you don’t see Jennifer making fun of your Shoe boutique closing down.Jennifer is better than that &better than you!! Stop does FAKE Tears, so your remorseful now because you want people to support your FAKE SPINOFF with UGLY CHAD. Well won’t be watching it!!!

  194. MIAMIGYAL says:

    I think she is sorry for the incident because Evelyn doesn’t apologize for any little thing. This is REALITY and nobody has the right to judge anyone. They are human just like us and its obvious they all have things about themselves they have to work one.

  195. Wahinijag says:

    Dont be fooled by this fake tearful moment, she just trying to clean-up her mess, because people are boycotting her show with Ochocinco, and I quite sure he put her in check.

  196. Dimple says:

    This should be interesting. I want to know why they keep using John Salle’s tired azz to host? Please get an impartial host VH1. We see what you’re doing.

  197. Reall? says:

    Really? It takes you to see what you do on the show or cancellation of the show to see the impact it has on your young ladies..Please, give me a break! You will always be the hood rat from the Bronx or wherever you are from…

    Team Jenn!

  198. Valdez, Cris says:

    These women ought to be ashamed of themselves-VH1including. These women have no respect for themselves much less for others. These African American women are are only portraying themselves like thugs. There is no class in any of them at all except Jennifer and Keisha. Shaunie is sad to allow this to happen. She is at full fault as well. I’ve seen how she just smiles and laughs. I think her scene with her Pasteur is all for the show and to make herself look better. But she’s full of herself for lack of better words. This show needs to be banned!!! Shame on VH1 to allow bullying!!!!!!

  199. Tammy says:

    I don’t know if the tears were real or not, but this season really showed Evelyn and Tammi to be complete bullies and fools the entire season!!! She is right her behavior was not funny, it was sad. If the parents are down right bullies and acting a complete nut what do you expect from the kids? Like I said before I’m not sure if her tears were fake or not, but her statement about her behavior was on point. It is not funny she should be embarassed and ashamed of her actions!!!!

  200. mzzkey says:

    ya just sum hating ass people we all make mistake in our lives and she was angry she had to let go of her bestfriend of 14 yrs. she is going throught alot and ya acting like ya never gotten mad oor anything nt everybody react the way ya do stop hating and leave the woman alone

  201. Anonymous says:

    If none of u all like the show…………..y are u still watchin it monday to monday and still taking time off to write on the website…sighs!Everybody makes mistakes..its part of life no one’s perfect! So grow up and stop bad talking the ladies cause u all are beginnin to sound jus like them….deuces!

  202. M.J. says:

    I think it’s unfortunate that Jen and Evelyn are no longer friends. I also think that Evelyn cares more than she says cause she wouldn’t be crying if she didn’t. Stop throwing dirt if you can’t handle it being thrown on you. Tammi is just evil and shaunie should have taken her to church for an exorcism. Royce does right to steer clear of the foolishness, but let Kesha fight her own battles. As Tammi said if you are friends with both of them be neutral. Kenya needs to stop trying to fit in. and yes ladies even professionals from all walks of life are watching. Be very mindful.
    Dr. M.J. Ph.D – New York, New York

  203. courtney says:


  204. COURTNEY says:



  205. Enough Already says:

    Evelyn: Are you the same person who said many times over the four seasons of BW that you would never tell someone’s secret? You have proved to be a liar who would say anything to make herself look good at the moment; especially while you’re acting a fool. Telling Jennifer’s secrets was atrocious. I don’t know about girl codes or anything like that (even though I’m a woman). I just know that you don’t get mad and start slinging dirt. All your other friends should be aware of what you are capable of before they tell you their secrets. If I was Jennifer, even though I would forgive you, I could never trust you again and our “friendship” would definitely be at the point of no return. Actually, it should have been at the point of no return when you hit her in the head with your purse. Violence is NEVER okay. When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences. Telling people Jennifer needs to stop talking mess about you is childish. If I was Jennifer, I wouldn’t allow you to make me shut up either. You have some nerve trying to shut someone up when you talk so much I can hear you carrying on in my sleep. I’m going to give you some free advice that your fake friends won’t tell you: If you want your cosmetic line to do well, STOP speaking against what someone else is doing in an effort to destroy them. It usually back fires. Did you ever hear the saying, “If you dig one ditch you better dig two, ‘cause the one that you set just may be for you.”? People have watched the show long enough to learn you and thusly know what you’re trying to do. Your life is in the very palm of your hands and you’re at a crossroad. I keep hoping you would get the help you need and change before you completely ruin your life. Like I said before in another blog, “A fool without money will also be a fool with money; just a bigger one.”

    Jennifer: I loved your blog. I’m sorry you’re going through so much in your personal life right now. I see your strength. You will be all right. When you are going through something and need to pull away from family and friends for a while to quiet yourself and collect your thoughts, do so, but do it responsibly. Usually in life, the darkest hour is just before dawn. Hang in there. Regarding your cast mates (Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie), you were right to separate yourself from them. I wish you had chosen to separate yourself from Suzie too. We all have an instinct or a gut feeling that tells us when something is off. I hope you learned to listen to that in you. God put it there.

    Kesha: My heart went out to you when you were being dogged by Tami in the 13th and 14th episodes. You didn’t deserve that. I wish you would have told two-faced and sneaky Suzie not to give you advice and to get lost. Then, you should have called the police and gave them Tami’s full name and her bungalow number. When dealing with someone like Tami, you have to show them you mean business. All your statements have to be in what you do more so than what you say.

    Kenya: You remind me a little of Suzie. You want to be accepted by Evelyn and Tami so bad that you would do pretty much anything. You had no business telling them anything Jennifer talked to you about on the plane. I saw early signs of disloyalty in you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay neutral and hang around both. What I am saying is divulging conversations you have with someone is a clear sign of disloyalty. You have seen the show so I hope you know now that they used you for information but have no respect for you.

    Royce: Great blog. I love the way you love Tami enough to tell her she is wrong. That’s what real friends do. I must say I’m glad of the growth I see in you because I don’t remember you telling Tami she was wrong for what she did to Meeka, but I’m not sure. I know she used you as a reason to not like Meeka, but I believe Tami needed someone to pick on so she chose Meeka. Don’t get me wrong, Meeka came in taking sides (against you) and it back fired. However, I always thought she did not deserve what Tami did to her. You (and Jennifer) seem to be the only cast mates of BW that have declared “Enough Already.” Thank you.

    Shaunie: First and foremost, you should have met with your pastor after the 2nd season of BW at the latest. Based on what we saw during your meeting with your pastor, you were not candid enough. Well, let me spell it out for you. You were deceptive. You should have told him that you played a MAJOR part in the ladies’ behavior and realizes that you have made very big and costly mistakes. You should have told him that you also encouraged the behavior because you didn’t stand up for right when you clearly should have. We your viewers have been pouring our hearts out on blogs for I know 3 seasons and you have chosen to ignore us. That’s a clear sign of disrespect. You didn’t respect us enough to listen. We hung in there and continued to watch even through our frustrations; thinking things would change, but things got worse. I understand that some of us bloggers are rude and nasty in our delivery and act like some of your cast mates, but that’s no reason to ignore us. You should have listened to our message more than our delivery. We (the viewers) are behind those big checks you all have been receiving. We wanted to see you succeed and do well in your endeavors Shaunie, but you have disappointed us beyond words. In my opinion, you are the prettiest woman on the show, but outer beauty means nothing when you’re broken on the inside. For you to have allowed what you have, you got to be broken on the inside. I want you to receive healing. For some reason Shaunie, I still believe in you. I think you got caught up in the checks you were receiving and lost you. When you and your cast mates were in the van while in Tahiti and Tami asked you if she was wrong for what she had done to Kesha, I couldn’t believe the first word to come out of your mouth was, “NO.” I know you explained to Tami how Kesha felt, but that wasn’t enough. That was the opportune time to say, “Tami, I love you girl but you are wrong as two left shoes.” Also, you could have protested by not going with them. When they asked why, that would have been another opportunity to say, “I can’t go along with this. It’s wrong. I need to get by myself and think.” That alone would have gotten Tami’s, Evelyn’s, and Suzie’s attention. It would have made them look at themselves. Even though you went to Kesha’s bungalow and comforted her later, that was not enough. You sat there and let Tami talk to that girl like a show man talking to an ape. You sat there and let Tami STEAL her purse. You sat there while Tami went through her purse. Why is it so hard for people to tell their “friends,” “Girl I love you, but you’re wrong.”? I hope your career can recover from the damage of not being a real leader. When BW first came on, those ladies saw you as a leader. They had so much respect for you. I have watched as your cast mates have lost respect for you. They would talk all over you while you were speaking and wouldn’t listen when you tried to show them the other person’s side. In closing, Donnie McClurkin wrote a song, “We fall down, but we get up. For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, and got up.” Shaunie, GET UP!

    Suzie: Shut your trap! Enough said.

    Tami: That “apology” you gave Kesha was lame. There was no sincerity or feeling behind it. If you wasn’t going to do it right, you should not have done it at all. I don’t understand how you can get so angry when someone talks about you behind your back, but we’ve seen you do it over and over on the show. Case and point: You talked to you cast mates about Royce and Royce was not there. Do you ever go back and watch the shows? A lot of the stuff you say is crazy. The way you justify your wrong is even crazier. You need help. My advice to you would be to drop your therapist (No offense Ms. Therapist) and go see Dr. Phil. In my opinion, since you’ve been seeing a therapist you have gotten worse. For real for real, you need to be put on medication. I promise you I’m not making fun of you. I’ve had to take medication off and on over the course of my life. I see it like this: I needed help and at least I had sense enough to reach out beyond myself. There is help for you and medication may be the key. Also, STOP drinking. I have watched your demeanor and you become demonic when you drink. Something takes over your eyes, your body, your thinking, and your mouth. Liquor to you is what spinach is to Popeye. It enhances and brings out what is already there X 100. I’m just saying. It should be noted that I also notice how ashamed you are when you come down. But instead of humbling yourself and saying you were wrong and moving to make amends, you focus on what your mind tells you the other person did wrong instead of focusing on yourself. In your case, going to your “friends” is not the best way to get help when you really want it. In closing, I don’t understand what made you turn against Jennifer. You and Shaunie were deceptive in saying you all were remaining neutral. You were on national TV make fun of Jennifer (with Evelyn) after Nia slapped her. Be straight up Tami, is that what a real friend would have done? By the way, I saw you on the WW Show. I want to say to anyone who is bullying, hating on, or talking about your daughters that they are wrong and it needs to stop. Parents are responsible for what their children do, but children are not and cannot be responsible for what their parents do. Bullying and being hurtful is wrong no matter who does it.

  206. BD25 says:

    These are adults. They love to say “We are grown ass women, and….”, but continuously act like a set of mean girls in high school. Just like mean girls in high school, when they are confronted by the people they want approval from, they apologize, cry, and say they’ll do better. I applaude Jen and Keisha for not being afraid to say “This is not how I conduct myself.” Not only did they say it, they allowed their actions to back up their words. Although Kenya was “suppose” to be the crazy one on the show, Tammy and Evenlyn were definelty the crazy females who decided to disgrace black women one more time for reality tv’s sake this season. May God bless this circle of women.

  207. Bev says:

    THUMBS UP E!!!

  208. Waaytrue says:

    The only reason Evil – lyn is sorry for anything is because she doe not want her wedding show boycotted or cancelled. Why isn’t she sorry for hitting Jen in the head with her purse at Shaunies party or why isn’t she sorry for climbing over a table to hit Jen or why isn’t she sorry for standing out side Jens cottage in Tahiti after stalking her to her room which would probably have ended up with her hitting Jen. Fake fake fake! It appears that she will not be satisfied until she can tell all of Jens business on the show. She wants to embarrass her. If she had squashed everything early season when Jen said I tried so many times to reach out to you and you wait MONTHS to confront me now. (why doesn’t anyone remember that episode?!) She is so jealous and hates that Jen has freed herself from her. Nobody cares what Jen did she talks about her on every episode every episode but she is not allowed to talk about her. She is insane I tell you. Her and Tazmanian Tami

  209. pam says:

    Evelyn knows she might get cut off the show. That’s why she was crying.
    Tammie is a bully what she did was wrong she sould be fired.
    Suzie just try to fit in she talk to much.

  210. Linda Ilog says:

    I agree with ENOUGH IS ENOUGH wow you took the meer words out of my mouth and you told them right word for word. No Tami needs to be cut of the show, Evelyn need to be cut off the show i think Suzie need to go. the rest will make it a better show. Kesha, Kenya, Royce, and Jennifer of course Shaunie but this time act like ladies. That is something Evil Evelyn and Tammi or Suzie just can not do….

  211. Show Watcher says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG people please, what dose it say about us all if we can write hateful things about the womaen. Yes, an opinion is like an ear (everyone has one), but come on clean it up a bit. We want to trash the women but then watch all episodes?????????, so do we do that to trash? or to give constructive criticism, which one is it. We are bashing the women, WOMEN, calling them names!!!!!!!!! and some names that if we were called, oh HECK, lets take it to the street. The women are truely sorry for their actions, whether fake or real, its on world wide TV, so lets lay off with the named calling. I so agree, if you were friends and you had to part ways, then the dirt stays with you or you were never friends. Sally, ur fine as the host, you get a crack out of the actions, you want to go off but u diggest.

  212. Mary Mary says:

    I feel like the Basketball wives chose to use a platform where they could have really made a positive delivery, However they chose to look rediculously stupid! It was so sad to see grown Women with daughters and sons to act like complete idiots! It was EMBARRASSING, and now want to act like they feel bad, well I am not buying the sad story for more silly publicity, That was the real them that loves to bully people Those where not stunt people! It was the real THEM! A in stupid class Tami Evevlyn, and Shaunie the head of the circle! fighting all the time, I mean what was that all about,They are everything I teach my children not to be, I just wonder how are their children being raised by these whatever they call themselves, How can you teach your children to be outstanding! When in fact you have No standards or moral or respect for yourself, I say take this show off the air and go somewhere and regroup! Cause I will not waste my time looking at this trash or support the sponsers and that’s real talk!

  213. Laura J says:

    I am so over Evelyn and her crocodile tears. She sheds them for public sympathy. I find it interesting how she is only sorry for throwing the bottle, but not for Hitting Jen with her purse, or bringing that “assistant” on the show to SLAP jen or for jumping on the table and threatening Jen that “every time I see you, you gonna get stung” comment.

    Everyone has said all the things I agree with about all the other “ladies” but I also want to call out VH1 / Shed Media / Shaunie for their not so subtle choice of music that is played when Jen is on screen. What don’t they get about piling on Jen? it seems they keep trying to put her in a bad light and it keeps backfiring. The BBW producers should know that Jen is an employee who has been subjected to bullying and violence in the workplace and they should act accordingly. Not try to discredit her in the media, or show her in a bad light on the show as payback. SMH!!

  214. R_NYC says:

    oh them crocodile tears….and the oscar goes to Evelyn “lying a**” Lozada!!! girl please u only sorry cause of all the backlash the show has gotten…tired a**. and i agree get another host Travis sux!

  215. TEAM_JEN&KEISHA says:

    Yeah Right Eve..Yeah Right Tami..who are the sorry ones now..you both displayed your own colors!!

  216. ROZ says:


  217. britt says:

    I love the show for what it is..its just a show nothing else these girls are not real at all they get paid to entertain that is exactly what they doing…

  218. wower says:

    Excuse the miss spelled words im just a little upset with this show that’s!!!!!

  219. flakis says:

    Eve PLZ!!!! u will never b a great example to ur stepkids, how embarrasing having a mom and stepmom like you, hopefully Chad’s family sees the real u!!!!!

  220. Marta Cruz says:

    I being saying it since all this show have aired basketball wives and other network like bad girls and the housewifes but since their ratings were good for the network they have left this shows go on and on this is so shameful for the society were living in the way our youngs are thinking that this shows are the bomb so they go and do this to their classmates and friend there is no good examples out there in the tv so it’s up to us parents to be careful and monitor what are teens are watching lets boycut this networks that let this programs go on it even show that you could marry people for money not love and show them wrong it’s time that this society take a looks at our. Standards of life what’s is our priorities in this society that’s why this generation don’t respect elders or friendships, marriage ,or even life it’s so easy to fight instead of conversing or just give up instead of picking up a phone and letting people know your feeling or hearing theirs everything is txt and twitter but no person to person face to face unless is to fight and hurt each other what has become of this society to much freedoms of speech and the rest you see how this world is is so so sorry I can’t even say and even on this chat people are throwing at each other god what is this

  221. Missy says:

    Why in the world would anyone allow Evelyn around their children?

  222. meka says:


  223. R U Serious says:

    Jen is not classy!!!! Classy people don’t have to put others down to feel classy. If she didn’t want to talk to Evelyn why did she go to Tahiti? I’m so over the whole situation. They allowed a reality show to end a 14 year friendship. How ridiculous!!! Tami needs to stop saying she doesn’t talk behind others backs. She does it constantly. Keisha made a comment about an old situaion and 411 Suzie ran with it. It wasn’t meant they way she made it seem. At what point are you all going to realize that that’s all Suzie does. She NEVER tells the info right and she is behind most of your disagreements. I pray that the apologies and tears were sincere. I only respect Keisha and Royce. I wish Shaunie would just tell these women honestly how they look. Kenya is sooo desperate to be relevant. Tami and Evelyn need to grow up and be better role models for the their children.

  224. Speaking Volumes says:


  225. Simone says:

    I don’t believe her she has read the blogs she know how dum she looks now she see the reaction of the viewers and she now knows people don’t like her or Tami .Do the show a favor get rid of those to hood rats get some real classy ladies on there

  226. Unbelievable says:

    You should have been arrested, on the spot, for this act committed against Kenya and hitting Jen in the head with your purse! IJS. I’m ashamed of you Ev, Shaunie and Tami too for your behavior this season.

  227. Yvonne Dixon says:

    Everything Evelyn, Shaunie and Tami had to say was pure BULL. They are just trying to keep getting paid and save face. They are pitiful, two faced, back stabbing, lying double talking, non-adult superficial females.

  228. lovergirl says:

    People, people, it was all a publicity stunt by both Evilyn and Tarzan Tami, they thought getting all crazy was entertaining and the were the favs. Especially Evilyn, she thought this was good for her spin off. They over rated their acts. Now it all backfire on them. Tarzan is on Wendy show saying she will be on some sitcom. If I were those producers I would rethink..

    Even if your BF said something you did not like, why take it to that level. That is something u sit one and one and talk about. Shaunie what do u tell your kids, Now Shaq has an explanation. Shaunie u are the start of all of this. SHAME ON YOU.

  229. amanda says:

    I am proud of her for admitting that. She seems to swarm to drama…making it something bigger than it is and acting personally affected just to jump in to someone elses situation. Good for her!

  230. Cathy says:

    I watch the show bc my teenagers and their friend watch the show. I have to set them straight and teach them that this is not how adults are suppose to behave. I have enough trouble with the fights in the high schools, which happen on a daily basis. I worry about my kids safety, when they leave for school each morning. Therefore, I try to stay on top of all of life’s crab, when it effects my kids. Therefore, you can save you suggestion and advice for yourself. I’m sure I’m not the only parent trying to raise health adults.

  231. CT says:

    Basketball Wives has become a bad example of how successful, professional, young women who claim to be friends should conduct themselves. Shaunie has also proven to be an instigator & is just as messy as Susie.These women thrive on drama! Tammie & Evelyn could use anger management sessions & maybe some antidepressants because clearly they are not happy with themselves. Please stay out of Jen & Evelyn’s fueds- if they don’t want to be friends then leave it at that. Stop trying to force people to talk that don’t want to. Shaunie please do not renew this Show. Until you start putting out a positive show, you should take some time to evaluate your role in this.

  232. LVSatinDoll says:


    You are a piece of work!! It’s going to take a whole lot for you to rebuild a positive image again. You showed your a** well, and now trying to clean up your act because it is hitting you in your pockets!!! Go marry Ocho if he will still have you, because it will be his money that will be supporting you in the future. The public is done with you boo-boo!


  234. Msstl says:

    Evelyn, are u and Tami R a hot mess. The whole show is a hot mess. What do your children think. Bullying is not a good thing, and u 2 do it well. Please don’t teach your children this mess. Money is the root of evil..and you girls, and I do mean Girls ack like fools on tv. What a platform u have, that can take u places u never been, but u want to act a damn fool. Please get it together, it’s not too late to turn it around, and become ladies. Look in the mirror, and see what you see, and make a change.

  235. violet says:

    Hey Anonymous = speak for yourself. This is the last time I watch this trash – did not watch the last show and only put this crap reunion on to see if my suspicions were right that Jen was going to fake cry, Tami was going to use the one and only time she went to therapy to get everyone to believe her (she will always be a bully) and to see if Suzie will ever keep her mouth shut. If Suzie would have kept her damn mouth shut none of the violence would have gone that far!! This show is a disgrace to woman and I will never watch again. Please think of the girls that are watching – god forbid they get influenced!!!!!

  236. emilie says:

    i am watching the reunion show and evelyn and tami are the fakest people i have ever seen. they are not sorry for anything they have done. they are just sorry that we are not impressed anymore. they are so tired and played out it is sad. please tell them that they are all now non-mfing factors. shaunie should have stopped this before it got that far. we don’t expect the networks to give a damn about us but we did expect them to act like grown women. we make the job so easy for people to ridcule us. please take these horrible females ( using the word loosely) off the air and stop them from harming our youth anymore!

  237. emilie says:

    jennifer please do not let them convince you that you should handle your business their way. stay mature and leave those kids behind. if that assistant wanted to act like a child and resort to violence then deserve to be charged. no one has a right to touch you in that way. tell tami we all know why her ex cheated and divorced her and evelyn has never had a husband so tell her to call you when she has had one ( they will not last a year). shaunie you are such a simple minded child. it is so sad to see a female so afraid of other females. get a backbone and you GROW UP!

  238. Just saying says:

    Tammi you got the nerve to call any one out period work on your own childhood mommie issues! You talk behind everyone’s back. Shawnie you the worst of them all you half cat half snake. Sitting on stage turning up your nose your chickens are watching and will lead by example. You all already showed who you are cats out! Y’all is old not teens nor twenties. Susie put a —k in it you was just taking about the shawnie shut up with your funky tone nothing hurts your heart it’s all about money. You chose side with your fake asses Shawnie and Tamazon!

  239. Indya says:

    Shaunie sure has a lot to say tonight when she has sat on the sidelines all season long!!!
    Tami, clearly you don’t need to coach anyone on bullying. It is way too early in your counseling for you to feel like you should be sharing or coaching ANYONE……………..continue to HELP yourself. Jen has a perfect right to sue Nia….HELLO….SHE PUT HER HANDS ON HER………… And the nerve of John Sallie to ask her why Nia and not Eric…… What the hell………………………. this show is SO RIDICULOUS and I hope it’s cancelled…………………….There is nothing good about it. Thanks Shaunie for your portrait of women of color…….Bum B

  240. emilie says:


  241. star says:

    Fake apologies. Fake remorse. Shaunie is bogus and the women are embarrassing us all. Go away. Your 15 minutes of fame is up.

  242. Indya says:

    Oh Yeah!!! Can someone explain to me, because I am not a psychologist, but if Tami had been ‘violoated” as she claimed, on more than one occassion, wouldn’t she be the last person that would want to “violate” another women, by putting her hands on someone, or by verbally abusing them with her bullying rants????? It just doesn’t make sense. I could see if she were angry at every man that came into her path, but every women………………Ridiculous!!!!!

  243. Tiny says:

    Anonymous, when someone realizes a mistake, they correct it and move on. You don’t continuously season after season keep doing the same thing over and over and calling it a mistake. Just because a person doesn’t like the attitudes or actions of these sorry women doesn’t mean they shouldn’t watch it either. Otherwise, what would you have to do if we stopped watching it ITWOULDGETCANCELLED…….Courtney get out of your feelings. What Jenn said about Ev and Ochocinco, she said to Ev. It wasn’t nothing to discredit her friendship or loyalty to her friendship. Ev took this way too far and still to this day can’t tell you or show you the blog that she keeps talking about. If you lost your friend and you’re still not friends, move on SHEWASN”TYOURFRIENDINTHEFIRSTPLACE……

  244. FEELING LUCKY says:

    All those misty eyes on BBW Season 4 Reunion Show were nothing more than visions of possibly cashing the last VH1 paycheck, same goes for you Shaunie!!!, and Tami you’re really done. Nobody feels sorry for you because everyone can see what a nasty mean person you are.

  245. Ros says:

    Wait a minute….this is supposed to be a reality show. So what is Shaunie talking about…airing more positive things. What, are they gonna find things to do that will gain them a sense of decency? Key word…Reality….we’ve seen the reality. Evelyn and her fake tears…if that’s the only moment she’s not proud of, we need to up the “Annie” on the petition to stop her spin off and viewership of BBW….
    it is Very Clear from the first statement Evelyn made (it’s a good thing the Jennifer is backstage) that absolutely nothing has changed or is gonna change with her. She is a DISGRACE. There is hope for Tami if she will cut ties with Evelyn. tami was always a fighter but it seemed she had some conviction or principle that was the culprit. Now she’s doing like Evelyn…turning nothing into a state of affairs.
    Shaunie….please….she needs to go sit in her corner and color….sort of like she did every time she had the opportunity to stop a bad situation on the show.
    Shaunie wasn’t doing the right thing by inviting both Jen and Evelyn…she should have laid down the law..no fighting..and she thinks it’s funny that Evelyn made that second toast…Tipsy Ev?…that’s not cute.
    Evelyn needs to go find something respectable to do with herself so she can have gain enough security and self respect to get over being jealous and hateful toward educated women who ARE actually using this platform to prosper (Jennifer, Royce, Keisha..and even Kenya). And last but not least..does she really think that responding to nonsense talk by throwing bottles and plates, and jumping over tables is the high ground as compared to filing charges against someone who attacked you? With that statement alone, Shaunie should be feeling like a real big fool for that dissertation she made about accepting responsibility.

  246. Ros says:

    Shaunie made the statement..we all want to see each other grow….we want to accomplish growth. What?!!!
    Did she forget that whole line of stements she and Tami made about the l gloss line during the final episode? Well that’s how sincere that statement was. Best I can remember, Jen and Shaunie had no beef. So why is she mad at Jen? Same with Tami..why is she mad at Jen?
    I have a serious problem with Tami speaking up towards Jennifer as if she’s such an authority especially when I don’t hear her speaking up about Evelyn’s actions.
    Suddenly season4 came along and Shaunie became more aware of public feelings about their conduct..and it is their conduct..whether or not they exaggerated somethings for drama…that too is their conduct.
    If Shaunie was not happy with the way things were going, she would change the cast..starting with Evelyn, and come with a cast that have the character to make the show what she CLAIMS she wanted it to be. As it stands, she only have 3 women of good character on the show..Royce, Keisha, and Jennifer.

  247. classy says:

    Fake and phoney apologizes from all. Shaunie sure has a lot to say now. She said the same thing last year about promoting more positive material. Lies… She stood by and watch the train wrreck. Tammi, nobody wants to hear your advise about bullying. You are bully and a hypocrite. Stop taking the attention off of you and onto somebody else. Yeah, Jen was with it too but she didn’t attack anyone. The whole reunion was stupid. What VH1 should really do is make this into a real drama show and not some fake reality show. Oh that’s the Game on BET.

  248. lucy says:

    Fake tears from everyone. What the heck is Shaunie crying about. If she really wanted the show to improve she would have done something about after a few episodes.

  249. TETE says:


  250. bbw says:

    Ocho is not going to marrying evelyn trust me. she is a vulgar bully. A man may be attracted to a woman with a pretty face but after a couple of weeks he’ll treat her like any other face. If he stupidly marries her and doesn’t have her sign a prenuptual agreement she will take him for the little money that he has. Remember he plays for the NFL which means “Not For Long”. One injury and he’ll be broke and she’ll leave his a**.

  251. aicha says:

    i feel like shaunie need to shutt the show down, she doesnt know how to lead, so please stop fake attitude and close the show. evelyn i feel so sad for you bcz you look pathetik, chad is just empting is under belly in you , so wake up, you look horrible, jenn you look fabulous!!!!!! don`t be freind with evelyne again, she is blind with chad who is going to dump her in couple months, believe me!

  252. Any woman says:

    Evelyn said she was a true friend she didn’t tell s..t but she told the whole world that Jennifer slept with a man on the first night with no condom. And she has the nerve to talk about Susie. At least Susie’s was accidental hers was on purpose. She said she was mad because of a blog or interview that none of us knows about but we all watched how she dogged Jen. As for Tammie and Evelyn saying that after children pointed it out they felt bad, for real? Shaunie if you and Tammie tried to help, why didn’t that episode air; we would have loved to see you two do something other than talk about Jennifer’s lipgloss line and how she was hiding from Evelyn behind her back.

  253. aleah says:

    evelyn i fel u u had the right to thourgh that bottle
    she called u loose somewbody called me loose bottles would have kept flying
    u kept it real girl

    write bach aleah

  254. nique says:


  255. Jada says:

    The more the show tries to make Jen look bad, the worse they look. Eve is a puppet. Before the bottle throwing incident, someone said ” I hope you don’t through one of these bottles” and she did just that. While they were on the boat Tammi stated that you are a good friend you haven’t spilled any dirt on Jen, then she started tell Jen business. I know it is all for entertainment but they should have really crafted a better storyline for both Jen and Eve to end their freindship over. A blog stating that they date different men is too weak. Eve is acting as if she slept with her man or stole something from her. And after all that Eve has said and done, Jen is still more loyal to her that she is to Jen. She hasn’t stated anything about Eve’s book, make-up line or dished and dirt on her.

  256. MeC says:

    Eve, it doesn’t matter how Jen protrays herself to the fans, it does not condon how you have protrayed yourself as a person totally out of control with no regard for anyone’s safety who might be in the area of your total meltdown.

  257. MeC says:

    Jen and Keisha, Tami and Evelyn wish they were half the ladies you two are. Just because you don’t choose to lower yourselves to their level (haters) Some folk label you as scared or not having a backbone. Keisha, you continue to walk away when you see something brewing, there’s no shame in avoiding trouble by any means neccessary. Jen, you stay lawyered up that way others will think long and hard before throwing purses, bottles and hands in your direction.

  258. MeC says:

    Eve, you must really be desperate if you still plan on marrying Chad. Although you tend to act like a hood rat, your are a very pretty lady and I’m sure if you clean up your act on this show you can find someone worthy, Chad is not the lick. He’s disrespectful, he talks to you any kind of way, still feeding into the lady followers. Wake up Eve, it’s staring you right in the face.

  259. marie says:

    is WAAAY tooooo obvious that the whole reunion show was STAGED by VHi and Shaunie to do damage control!!!! BUT GUESS WHAT??????? YOU MADE YOURSELVES LOOK WAAAY WORSE AND SHAUNIE, YOU KNOW THAT the clip of you talking to your pastor was ADDED into the show after all of the ANGRY PUBLIC outcry about YOUR BULLY FRIENDS evil-lyn and tami…THE AUDIENCE WAS EVEN BIASED AND CLAPPING FOR THE BULLIES……… You all made yourselves look even dumber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T CARE IF JENN LIES ON EVERY SINGLE QUESTION ON THE LIE DETECTOR TEST, I CANNOT DEAL WITH A BULLY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY DAUGHTER WAS BULLIED AND I WAS TOO OVER 20 YEARS AGO AND PEOPLE KILL THEMSELVES OVER THIS… SHAUNIE YOU SHOULD REALLY BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE SOME OF THE MONEY YOU ARE GETTING FROM SHAQ AND GO TO COLLEGE AND GET EDUCATED IN A ‘REAL’ FIELD AND NOT THIS DRAMA…. SUCH A WASTE OF AIR TIME!!!! I will NEVER support anything you, EVIL-lyn, OR Tami do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ALL ARE SOOOOO UGLY ON THE INSIDE, AND YOU ACT LIKE WILD ANIMALS WITH RABIES…. iT IS so obvious that you ALL are jealous of her!!!!!!!!! and EVIL-lyn, you say you REAL!!!! I don’t think so………… Jenn has a REAL FRIEND now in NENE LEAKES!!!! Now, Nene is reallll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evil-lyn, try to bully Nene, so she can BEAT your FACE OFF!!!! YOU NEED A ‘FACE LIFT’ ANYWAYS…………………..

  260. voz says:

    Tami is lying again. She is not sorry she bullied Kesha. Her ‘apology’ was loud, ignorant and full of finger waving, head rolling gesticulations. Tami is only sorry that she looked like a wild animal on TV in Tahiti and got told about it. She went on to say that she doesn’t like Kesha, and tried to tell the woman what to do ‘…YOU NEED TO THIS AND YOU NEED TO THAT…’; and, the hateful bully criticized and judged the way Kesha conducts herself. Tammy is stupid, ugly, old, fat, ignorant, uncivilized, rude, disgusting…. If she had any sense, she would shut her big mouth and learn something from Kesha.

  261. Voz says:

    Tami is crazy and needs all the therapy she can get. She is ghetto, trifling and as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. She is a fool for letting VH1 exploit her immaturity and her stupidity on TV. That confrontational, combative rodent, Tami, is a disgrace to her race. That maggot should shut up and learn how to act like a lady and a human being.

  262. TerryT says:

    Do any body remember on the last reunion show last when john told evelyn that she really got around in the basketball world. if that not loose. why didn’t eve throw a bottle at him.so it is no secret that she is loose.tell me again why are you mad

  263. Noel says:

    You are a vary good looking women with a body to die for and you act like the kids I went to school with back in the 80′s. If I was your little girl mommy I would run and hide, go as far as I can go so no one would know you are my mother.Evelyn You ARE a B…U…L…L..Y!!!!