The Cast Of Single Ladies Pounds The Pavement And Poses In NYC


Cast Of Single Ladies In New York City

The cast of Single Ladies has been gearing up for their big premiere on Monday night, and they’ve been burning the candle at both ends here in New York City doing interviews, posing for pictures, and talking about the show. We found a few shots of them from earlier this week as they were leaving The Wendy Williams Show, and while LisaRaye McCoy never fails to keep the all-white ensemble fresh, Denise Vasi and Charity Shea rocked their springiest colors and they all looked gorgeous. Have a peek at a few more photos below.

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[Photos: Getty Images]

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  1. Xenia says:

    The NO talent Denise Vasi looks like Rupaul/Drag queen here in this photo. Bring back STACY DASH, a REAL actress. Why would you replace her with All my children’s WORST actress Denise

  2. cher says:

    Where is stacy dash and why isn”t she in the new season.

  3. I Perkins says:

    Please tell me that Valerie iscoming back!! I already don’t care for the new girl…..Raquel.

  4. 2_K_Queen says:

    Love the newbie Denise, she fits right in with the chemistry. Yup, I noticed the WHITE car LisaRaye had at the end. Great job ladies!! Enjoying the new show already. You ladies look Great and mesh very well. Cant wait for the next episode….

  5. MsC says:

    The show is okay but I would like to see Val and Jerry Waters. The new girl (Raquel) is boring and doesn’t seem to have a purpose on the show.

  6. Lecy says:

    I can over look the bad acting by most of the cast but I can’t see this show without Valerie and her fashion sense. She was half the reason I tuned in every week and the other half was Jerry. Together they were the cuties things. Please tell me this is temporary and they will be returning to the cast.

  7. SHARON says:

    I looked at the show last night, I miss Stacy Dash, the role of Valerie, was meant for her, bring in the new lady did not cut it for me. Stacy if you are reading this, never let no one keep you from getting your money girl. The show is not good.

  8. Janet says:

    I miss Stacy Dash, the role of Valerie, was meant for her, bring her back.Please!!! umm after a few shows. I love her part and her clothes. I love this show all four ladies can run. I just started watching this on Demand and I have caought up to the current show. LOVED IT. lisa aint no joke. You all are very good and keep the show interesting. This show really repersent real lives of what ladies have been through and the mistakes we have made. I’m glad I started watching this on Sat.
    Keep up the good work ladies

  9. mary says:

    why is stacy dash not returing to the show ni really liked her

  10. Troy says:

    What is Stacy Dash?

  11. Sonya says:

    I’m still a huge fan of the show, but I really miss Stacy Dash!

  12. Sharlene Welch says:

    I loved the 1st season- saw the new show-not sold on this cast- NO CHEMISTRY… BRING BACK STACY DASH…she’s the pazazz this show needs.. I”d realllly like to see where thing were going for ” Val & Jerry.” Lisa Ray may be a veteran-but she doesn’t have any strong acting skills. It looks like she’s trying too hard. I really love Charity and Travis’ character(s)..they are GREAT!! I’m not sure the new girl can carry Val’s absence.. I’d start calling Stacy back- you’re going to need her…. I’m not sure this new set-up will hold my interest….

  13. MYXIE says:

    I love this show. It’s different. I hate reality shows. I am sick of them. I miss Stacy, but we have to give the show a chance. I just want to see William Levy coming back as a recurrinhg actor. He give spice to the show. I am giving Denise Vasi a chance. I hope everyone don’t base her ability on Stacy.