The Reunion Interview: Ramona Rizzo Isn’t Afraid Of Camera Gangsters And Green Screen Monsters


Ramona Rizzo Mob Wives Reunion Interview

Ramona Rizzo certainly made a mark this season as a new castmember on Mob Wives. The tough girl who comes straight from an old school mob family is not someone to be messed with, but underneath her tough exterior, she’s just a mom of four who loves fashion (we covet her Gucci shoes from the reunion!) and family. When we chatted at the reunion, it was obvious that the Ramona you see on TV is the real Ramona, and she’s loyal to her “cousin” Karen till the end. See what she has to say about the whereabouts of her jewelry, and how she brushes off what she considers hollow threats of Drita and Carla, whom she calls “camera gangsters.”

How has life changed for you since the show started?

More than anything it’s different for my kids. When I go out, like the other day I went shopping, and people stopped and wanted autographs and my daughter was like “Come on, Mom.” Other than that, my life hasn’t changed. I’ll always be me, I’ll never change for the camera.

What’s up with your jewelry, are you still trying to get it back?

My jewelry is going to take past a minute. More people are getting added to my boyfriend’s case, so it will take a long time, probably a year from this August or later, for this to get resolved. I might even have to get Joe Pistone, who was Donnie Brasco, on this case because they took my grandfather’s medal. I’m not lying about any of this, these were all items that were given to me and it’s a substantial amount.

What’s your situation with your boyfriend?

I see him once a week, for one hour. We struggle with our own issues, of course I love him, but he’s such an unselfish person that he feels this is unfair to me so he contemplates breaking up because he says “I want better for you, I don’t want you to go through this,” so that’s our struggle.

It was really great to see the scene with your daughter going to visit him, your kids seem to have a great relationship with him.

Yeah, they’ve built their own relationship, that’s something I never forced, but he’s someone I’ve known since I was a child and it came easy to us. So I’d never force anyone to be a father figure to my own children, that’s something they did on their own. Sometimes I would be like, “Hey, what are you doing?” And he’d be like, “I’m going to the movies with Malina,” and I’m like, “Oh okay, I’ll just stay home then.” I just didn’t want her to have the same past that I did. When I went to go see my grandfather in jail, it was one of the most heart-wrenching things, but one of the most meaningful things. I remember going to visit him when I was maybe ten years old and hearing the big steel door close behind me and seeing my grandfather basically in shackles. I remember what I wore that day. It was something I didn’t want to make her go through, but it’s something she needed to go through to see that he’s okay.

Can you describe your relationship with each of the women now?

Well with Karen it’s a different situation, she’s in a different league. Renee, love her to pieces but she’ll always get a pass because she’s like the crazy cousin. And the other two b—hes, it is what it is.

How do you feel when you watch them talk about you on the show, especially since you guys are all saying some nasty stuff about each other at times.

You get frustrated, like you have this green-screen monster, this camera gangster sitting there saying she’s gonna do all this stuff to me, but what I say, I always back up, I don’t need to lie about anything. If you’re gonna talk about it, be about it. Drita should go to Hollywood ’cause all she’s doing is acting.

Do you think the spoofs of Mob Wives are funny? Like Karen’s Funny Or Die parody?

I thought it was funny, I loved how she looked dressed as a nun.

Karen: I think they’re funny, I like them.

Has being on the show changed your relationships?

With Karen, it’s just added another level of closeness, if that’s possible. Big Ang I’ve always known and I think she’s a great lady. Renee, my heart goes out to and I love her, she has a lot of imbalance in her life and I’m here to support her. And the other two, it is what it is. Karma’s a b—h. Remember where you came from, remember how you got there. That’s actually the reason she didn’t want me on the show.

Drita didn’t?

Oh yeah, she fought tooth and nail not to get me on the show, I’m not lying. But like I said, you need to be responsible for your actions. Don’t hurt my friends or me, and nobody will bother you. We used to hang out, I have the pictures to prove it, but jealousy’s a bitch.

Is your own issue with Drita related to your loyalty to Karen, or do you have your own separate issues?

I’ll always have Karen’s back, and she’s trying to dictate that Karen shouldn’t put her or her husband in her book…when Karen went through that s— with her dad, her husband was part of that, so of course you’re going to write about that, that’s the person you were with for seven years. But as far as we are concerned, we were cool when I came back into the country, but then when they started asking me to be on the show, things went left because you really do have a mob girl here. I don’t say my s—. This girl is basically dropping bodies and saying what her husband’s doing, and where I come from, you never say that. She basically tried to use Karen trying to gain her fame.

I heard that the last scene you all shared together as a family dinner was really nice for everyone, what did you think of that?

It was bittersweet. I had a relationship with her children, I really like her children. So it really bothers me that I want to kill their mother.

Last year I asked Karen who she wanted to play her if there’s a movie version of Mob Daughter and she said Emily Blunt. You’re in the book, so who do you want playing you?

Looks-wise, it would be along the lines of Salma Hayek, but attitude-wise, I think maybe Gina Gershon. Or Leah Remini. I had a lot of friends growing up telling me she reminds them of me.

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  1. Mica says:


  2. Not a Fan says:

    She always seemed fake to me. What did it was when Renee, Karen and Ramona were together Renee and Karen were holding eachother crying, and Ramona was there just watching dry-eyed. I could never see my Bff cry n not want to shed a tear. She’s just as fake as she looks in that pic. Fakest smile I’ve ever seen. Cuz she’s never happy til some1 is miserable.

  3. Toni says:

    All the ladies are cool, but of course they have their issues and hey, don’t we all. The thing is that these women have many issues mostly involved men, children well beings, money trying to stay afloat, and then the friendships, with all this on your mind with all this worrying it does get to a person, and so these women would fight each other. Important thing was said by those two women, Drita & Ramona, they were told that the other didn’t want to come, again for what ever reason, but it was put into their heads and so this is how it starts with this whole hating on each other, hmmmm, could it be Jennifer Graziano? Maybe, but hey she created the show she picked out the people that is going to be on the show and of course she knows histories of these people and well there you have it, a story! All in all, these women can co exist with each other, they just have to have respect for each other and then it be cool. I love them all and know that all will be okay. I love love love the show, and the women. Thank you so much for this show because as for me I love mobsters movies, documentary of mobsters, from people to the cultures of mobsters from the beginnings, it really interest me a lot, I just love it. Thank Jennifer Graziano, you’re the best thanks for bringing this out to light, love you all.

    Peace & Love

  4. Ramona's Lies says:

    Ramona’s story about approaching Al Pacino on the set of Donnie Brasco is inflated about 99.9%. I worked on that film.

  5. Lisa says:

    Why is Ramona on the show again? If there were really a fight after the reunion between Ramona and Drita, Ramona would not be back next season. Drita is awesome!

  6. Imafed says:

    Agree with Mica & she butts in on every conversation even when all asked to talk one at a time -she always turn everything to her-can’t stand her!

  7. nv says:

    There is a real nastiness about this woman. She’s really cold, reptile like. It seems all of these shows cast one that really enjoys the venom they spew. Ramona smirks when she starts messes.

  8. Gia says:

    I agree with Mica and NV posts. I have been saying this since Ramona aired, she is evil, she likes to start trouble, but she needs to be off this show! Karen listens to her way too much and was much smarter before this crazy woman aired!

  9. Drea says:

    I think Ramonas loyalty to Karen is awesome but her attitude and jealousy of them both being friends again is disgusting. I hope Drita does not return for season 3 cuz they will just bash her more and more Drita needs to keep doin her and let the others enjoy thier Drama!

  10. Tess says:

    I’d like to know how the Reunion part 1 ended with Drita popping a vein in her forehead to sitting down calmly and agreeing to be “cordial” with rattttmona at the start of part 2? Drita and Carla were sooo constantly set up by the producers its disgusting to think there’s no vindication for either of them this season. ratttmona would want to be scared of camera gangsters & greenscreen monsters as well as all the fans of this show who are SCREAMING for her removal!! Again, she had no purpose on this show other than to back karen up with Drita and back up Jenn Graziano with keeping the fire burning with Drita and karen.. ratings ratings ratings rattmona has drooled for Dritas place on the boardwalk..NO RATTMONA SEASON 3!

  11. Linda Manns says:

    This woman tries so hard to be relevant. She’s not attractive and her big mouth with all the vulgarity that comes out of it makes her look even worse. Here’s a tip Ramona spend less time trying to scare the cast and more time fixing your attitude. Like the old saying goes “empty barrels make the most noise” guess who the empty barrel is?

  12. Michelle says:

    I love how she always tries to sound so hard. Really? Like how old are you? She sounds so corny and fake. I have a feeling that Drita can and will back up everything she says when it comes to Ramona whether it’s verbally or physically. Trust me I do NOT condone violence but I would love to see these two in a boxing ring. Ramona is as “whack” (no pun intended Mob Wives) as they come. What does she have against Carla anyway? The fact that Carla has Drita’s back 100% they same way she does Karen? Get Ramona off the show asap!!!!

  13. Grandma says:

    Ramona really rubs me the wrong way. She clearly has an inflated opinion of herself and is far more the antagonist than Drita is. If I had to choose between the two, Ramona would go.

  14. This one makes a complete fool of herself on the show. She dosent have a storyline, so she sits there speachless just glaring into space.,

  15. Team Ramona says:

    I like the fact Romana is cool, Drita is way to loud for nothing!

  16. krazeeeee' says:

    Ramona is a beast…u don’ wanna mess with her! She is a mob’s daughter….

  17. nick says:

    Ramona is the hottest girl byyyyyyyyyyyyyyy farrrrrrrrrrr on the show….

  18. Tam says:

    Karen and Ramona clearly have no identities outside their mob fathers or grandfathers. They brag about the “lifestyle” as if we’re supposed to be impressed!!! NO ONE CARES!!!!!! They talk about being the daughters of gangsters as if a red carpet is supposed to roll out for them.