A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Mob Wives Reunion


Mob Wives Reunion Photos
We made a few stray observations while hanging out on the stage of the Mob Wives reunion: the ladies laugh, gab, and fight just as much off-camera as on, they all seem to adore David and Joe, as evidenced by the way they all lit up when the men took the stage, and a few of them need the occasional cigarette break to cut the tension.

Now that you’ve seen what went down on both parts of the reunion special, take a look at what we saw on stage before and after the cameras rolled. From the chatty moments, wardrobe fixes, and the tense stares, we saw it all, and now, so can you.

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  1. Meolderwoman says:

    Interesting women/lives. I wonder if they seem 2 want out or hate the life style why do they act like the style? The threating violence & scare tactics? I personally think the most sincere, honest person on the show is Dreata. I have never heard Karen or Ramona admit to any faults but Dreata has many times. She seems 2 be try’g to over-come but I don’t c that in these two. Renee is funny very much the drama queen – lol. Carla is all right & just wants people 2 mind their business & respect hers. Big Ang is a sweetie. I really was impressed w/Karen at first she seemed to have insight but as the show went on I saw that “tough girl” act & it is not becom’g at all. I observed where I thought she was offensive to others & I think she needed to accept Dredas apology & move on instead of cont’g to harp on the past. What happened – happened you talked to Dreda & it seemed it was done then u just cont’d to dwell on it. As far as Renee’s party I think personally both Karen & Dreda were do’g fine & Romona should have minded her own business. Fine Romona if u thk u r all that & the tough mob woman but there was no reason for u to get involved nor step in when Dreda & Karen had come togthr. I think you just aggrevated the situation. Also Karen if u watch the tape of u & Dreda she was try’g to meet you 1/2 way but u wouldn’t even listen. U were stuck on u were right & she was wrong – period. So w/that attitude why even talk w/her then? One other thg I’d like to say is I agree w/Dreda about her man – don’t go bk w/him. Cheat once & he will cheat again – end it. On anthr note to do w/men why do women get mad with each othr? As I always told my daughter I thk men in a way enjoy women fight’g over them – the axxxxx’s with their big egos. I say if u can not conduct u’rself in a non-violent way . . . . the 2 women should get togthr & beat the crap out of the guy!
    I respect all of u 4 open’g up u lives & do’g the show. I enjoyed it.
    This from an older (orign’ly country) woman who knows the score. I relate to Dreda in many ways – anger, reaction, feel’g bad & try’g to improve. I 4 one am very proud of u Dreda!

  2. Brenda says:

    Joy, you absolutely lost all control……