Basketball Wives – Episode 15 – There’s Nothing Else To Say


“Her whole existence is a lie, and I will stand by that,” Evelyn says in the opening scene of this week’s Basketball Wives. It’s the final episode of the season, the two reunion shows notwithstanding, and the Jennifer-Evelyn saga has book-ended the craziest season thus far. We started all those weeks ago back in New York with Evelyn telling Tami that discussing Jennifer’s indiscretions was like beating a lil’ horse, dead in the street, girl. And yet here we are, fifteen weeks later, beating the horse still. And when we weren’t beating the horse, we were at the racetrack beating each other. Full circle, y’all. And yet, speaking of circles, this one had disintegrated entirely.

So we’re no longer in New York, nor are we in Miami, we’re halfway across the world in Tahiti, and one cast member has already been exiled from the island (Kesha), another (Royce), chose not to be a part of this drama, and still another (Kenya) has already worked out the semantic details regarding the word “loose” with Evelyn. So the only thing left to do on this island paradise is hash to try an hash out what we’ve been trying to do for months, have an adult conversation about the state of a relationship, and that still couldn’t happen.

So while Evelyn is pacing around outside talking about Jennifer’s fakeness, Shaunie goes in to talk to Jennifer, whose interviews with the press, publicist-penned blogs, and Tweets have caused her lose the faith and respect of her friends because she’s been talking s—.

Shaunie tells her “You can’t tweet things that can be taken disrespectfully!” and when the camera pulls back, we see that Jennifer was literally interrupted by Shaunie while on the computer. Was she in mid-Tweet?

Probably! That’s why she was like, Shaunie, whatevs. All Shaunie wants is for a nice conversation, because she is tired of all this, as we all are, but Jen’s not up for it.
Basketball Wives
“We could throw dirt all day long, but you don’t wanna do that. I’m not perfect, but b—h, you far from perfect, too,” Jennifer says. And apparently Evelyn has more dirt on Jennifer than we ever knew, and whatever it was that happened in Vegas would have given The Hangover a run for its money.

But when we cut to Evelyn outside, we see that she’s not in mud-slinging mode, she’s actually crying because she’s in a state of mourning for her friendship. She’s hurting bad.

“I have a feeling this is gonna get uglier,” Shaunie says when she reports back to Evelyn that Jennifer is in no mood to talk, but eventually she will, one on one, so that Evelyn can’t air her dirty laundry out in public.

The next day, Jennifer finally emerges from hiding/stealth-Tweeting to approach the girls. Is it just me, or was there some knock-off Darth Vader entrance music used for this scene?

“Let me just see them and get it over with,” Jennifer tells us. That’s a nice way to say you’re going to chat with your friends on this show. Evelyn can feel the tension and is annoyed that this talk couldn’t have happened yesterday.
Evely Basketball Wives
“Do you realize that you’re really the start of all this?” Evelyn asks Jennifer. “The start of what?” Jen asks blindly. Oyyy. ALL this, Jennifer. ALL THIS. Fifteen weeks of catfights!

“You are the reason why our friendship is where it’s at and everything that’s going on, all the drama, all the s— with Nia, after the slap or whatever happened,” Ev says. [Ed. Note: You had it right, it was a slap, not a whatever.] “You go and do another interview.”

The issue here is that Jennifer allegedly did an interview with a magazine, of which Tami has the transcript for some reason, but Jennifer denies doing it. “I had a conversation with [the editor], at no point was I doing an interview,” Jen says. (And if you follow these women online at all, you’ll know that that “interview” has since been taken down, so just to give Jennifer the benefit of the doubt, it sounds like it may not have been officially on the record after all.)

Evelyn is still annoyed by the “We don’t date the same type of guys” comment though, and here’s where she shows what tricks she has up her sleeve. “I know the real, and Suzie knows the real, ’cause Suzie was there,” Evelyn tells Jennifer, and refers to the trip in Las Vegas where apparently everyone slept with everyone.And the guys Ev and Jen slept with must have been the same type of guy, hence why Evelyn takes such offense to that statement. Maybe they were twins and therefor the EXACT same type of guy?

“I took blame for a bunch of stuff, I covered the whole Vegas thing,” Ev says.

“I’m not ashamed of anything that I’ve done,” Jen says. “I’m not worried about your vagina, I’m worried about mine.”
Tahiti Basketbll Wives

But Evelyn begs to differ and mentions the unsafe practices that Jen engaged in in Vegas that would make any health teacher shake their head.

“We all got skeletons,” Jen says. “Your ass got a whole cemetery. So leave me the hell alone.”
Basketball Wives

But no one is leaving her alone, because Tami lays into her even more about not taking responsibility for anything she’s ever done, and for staying in her room and avoiding them all. Jennifer can’t win at all. “Everybody’s said what they needed to say, there’s nothing left to talk about. The reality is, you are the new non-mother-f—ing factor here.”

“I don’t think Jennifer’s ever going to get it,” she continues, as Jen walks away from the group, and away from Tahiti. She rounds up Kenya ad off they go, back to Miami.
Jennifer Kenya Basketball Wives
More heartbreaking than anything is the fact that Kenya left before ever mentioning the fish prank or giving anyone the satisfaction of knowing that her room smelled like death. Even though Jen and Kenya tried to make a stealthy exit, Suzie, OF COURSE, sees them from her perch in the pool,
Suzie Basketball Wives
and at dinner that night, she reports back dutifully that they pair actually left.
Tami can’t believe it,
Tami Basketball Wives
and because of Jen’s slipping out and her previous indiscretions that have been wearing on Tami, she says she’s lost some respect for Jen.

At dinner, Evelyn gives the remaining women presents (a full color palette from the new makeup line “E” By Evelyn Lozada, of course) with personal notes meant to express her gratitude and respect for them and finally this show becomes a love-fest. FINALLY! Although after receiving hers, Tami still takes another dig at Jennifer’s lip gloss line just to get it in there.

Back in Miami, Royce and Tami meet up to talk Tahiti, because Royce has heard about what went on with Kesha and she’s feeling a little defensive of her new friend. So even after she gets Tami’s side, she continues to defend Kesha, and Tami doesn’t appreciate it. “I don’t have time for a friend of mine to chastise me and dictate what I should be saying in this situation and not acknowledge what the other person is doing,” Tami says. When Tami goes back to Shaunie and Evelyn, she tells them more bluntly that her friendship with Royce is over. “F— Royce.” Ok, then.
Tami Basketball Wives

In the final scene of the season, we’re privy to something we never expected: a session, almost a therapy session, really, between Shanie and her pastor. Shaunie is the creator of this show, and therefore feels a little responsible for what’s gone on over the course of the season between Jen and Evelyn.

A relationship has ended, but Shaunie’s conscience is also suffering, and it makes her wonder if she can really be a party to this anymore. “Is it worth walking away from?” he asks her.

“I have really considered walking away,” Shaunie says. “At this point I can no longer defend it.” The choice is in her hands now.

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  1. meganonley says:

    Bottom line: Shaunie needs to kick bullies 1.) Evelyn and 2.) Tami to the curb! She needs to also distance herself from the #1 Lacky, Suzie.

    These 3 women are horrible.

    I commend Jennifer for attempting to take the high road, whether it be from fear or not. Lol.

  2. Gina says:

    I often times feel that Shaunie is messy, she laughs when the other girls talk about each other, didn’t Evelyn see in a past season when Tammie said she slept with men for purses and Shaunie found that funny. Tammie is a horrible example of Mother, she make a fool of herself by arguing and fighting almost everyone on the show. What happend to her law suit about Evelyn’s t-shirts, but no one has brought that up when she continues to bash Jen for getting a lawyer. And Nya who?

  3. Black Women says:

    Shaunie is the woman that the entire cast should be fighting with. She confirmed at the end of this episode that she is not a friend to any of these women. She will trade them all in to save herself. We will never stick together!!!

  4. WHAT!!!! says:

    Sounds to me like Shaunie is blaming everything on Jennifer. Why doesn’t she stand up to Evelyn and Tami and tell them that they are WRONG?!! So what that Jennifer had sex with some of the same kind of men that Evelyn did, there are a lot of people that have slept with men that are completely different from the type of man that they would seriously date or marry, especially being drunk, in a bad relationship and partying with friends in Vegas (or anywhere for that matter). Evelyn is so pathetic and as for the reunion I don’t think John Salle is going to be a fair host. Jocks tend to be on the side of the MEANGIRLS.

  5. WillNeverWatchAnotherSeason says:

    Sooooo what Jen tweets why is evelyn so mad because its true????….lol…..grow up!!!!!! all you iches do is run your mouths like tammy and evelyn what the f is wrong with you 2 its like someone gave you two gun powder and now yall going crazy….lol…unhappy people show in how they act…..if you were so happy little ish wouldnt bother you….looks like jenn is a factor..lmao

  6. muffey says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Just looking at the photos of Tami gives one the creeps. She is rather ugly. This animal parading as a human needs to be caged and kept separate from decent human beings like Royce, Jen and Kesha.

    If Shaunie wants to keep her show she should get rid of Tami immediately. It is quite baffling that Shaunie is not in scenes with Royce. She brings a breath of fresh air to the show. Not only is she pretty but she is calm and intelligent. Black women need this type of personality; not disgusting Tami. Suzie is a disgusting person and someone ought to teach her a lesson. Royce should distance herself from this rat. She has sold her soul just to hang around Shaunie and keep her job and fear of Tami and Evelyn. Her mouth looks like she is missing teeth. What an ugly smile.Ugh!

  7. Maria says:

    what is the big deal, the friendship is over , then its over. Evelyn needs to grow up and get a life, she is not a friend she’s selfish and triffling, just a mean nasty women. She’s the type of girl you stay away from, she’s ghetto, full of drama and she thinks society owes her something. Jennifer should not waste her breath on this fool. Jen has nothing in common with evelyn, jen went to college, she has a career, she has been married before and she comes from a nice background.Evelyn is from the ghetto bronx,section 8 housng projects, she is an around the way chicken head, she had a baby at 16.she can’t even speak a sentence without using the F word, she has no class what so ever, she’s real hood trash. Jen stay sweet and classy, don’t let ghetto people get the best of you. in the future please pick a better choice of real friends

  8. the bombshell says:

    Shaunie is the type of person who throws rocks and then hides her hands you got to watch those type , Suzy need to stop being two faced is she her sign a Gemini with slur talking ass , Evelyn bark is way bigger than her bite and apparently her ass is loose because if you wasnt why keep hashing over who shot John (in other words he say he say bs) its not what people call you its what you answer to and a hit dog will sure holler everytime (Lmao) behind every rumor there is a truth I believe its all about the rating for this show , Evelyn and Tami must be fight for the spot light of who can bring the most drama , Jen I cant blame her for walking away they all too grown to be sitting about some words , Royce I am so glad she found love and she stays away from the drama ,it does get a old a some point

  9. Olivia says:

    Shaunie is fraud!! That little talk with the local preacher was fraud. It comes off like since all the talk of ending the show she wants to try and save her image. She should have had that talk after the first season. Soooo glad this is the last season!!!!!

  10. bballwivesmybackside says:

    First of all this show should be called ex-basketball wives because aint none of these females on here are wives of any basketball player. Secondly, Tami is a bully. She gets mad at everyone for petty things. Instead of hearing Royce out, she gets all defensive because it’s not something she wants to hear. Suzie is a follower and two faced because she feels the need to report everything back to Tami and Evelyn. Kenya is dumb because she just goes and forgives Evelyn when this chick could’ve killed you with a bottle. Kesha always wants to talk behind someone’s back but never wants to admit it or stand up for herself. Jennifer needs to learn to stop talking about people because look where it’s gotten her. And Royce just needs to leave because she really has no place on the show anymore. They all seem pathetic and need to go and take care of their children and lives and stop all the drama.

  11. Kim Sinches says:

    Ok. I love the show. And I’m hoping there will be a 5th season.

  12. michelle says:

    Tami, stop being a drama queen, you are a hot ghetto mess. Go get your hair done, get some new clothes and get a makeup artist. your appearance keeps getting worse, please hire a real stylist, because you need a head to toe makeover. Your weave looks like something from a horror film. Evelyn was with your husband and your following her around like a homeless puppy, trying to act like a peace maker. when you where picking on meeka last season where was your inner peace maker then? You and evelyn are so fake and phony and you both need to do some serious soul searching, you also need to grow up and learn how to act like ladies and stop fighting and cursing like wild farm animals.

  13. MzQ says:

    Shaunie YOU made this BED now u READY to back OUT………….Honey u should of did that 2 SEASONS ago…………NOBODY ACTIONS CAN DEFINE WHO U ARE U ACTED LIKE A LADY ON THE SHOW U GET RESPECTED LIKE A LADY……….but it seems as if u to BUSY TRYING TO BE A FRIEND then a MENTOR………don’t point the finger at one point them at ALL…………!

  14. Kisha says:

    Evelyn and Tami especailly Evelyn need to go. Who cares what Jenn says in interviews, on twitter, and blogs she has a right to her opinion regarding Evelyn relationship. To be honest best friends, relatives may not always agree who you choose to be with but it s your choice not theirs . Why show her you care?? Evelyn you cant control what people say even your friends and thats what she trying to do to Jenn . And why would Jennifer come out of her room and hang out with these girls so they can make fun of her lip stick line and Evelyn can bully her really?? It should be clear to all the viewers that Jenn is not a fighter and everyone black person is not. There is alot of people of other races that act like Jennifer (booshie) so why is such a problem when a black women does it. Hello people black people act all types of way there is rich , middle class and poor. And for the record Jennifer had ever right to file a law suit have you guys heard of Free Speech she has the right to say whatever she wants without being attacked . People we have to do better. And Shanie talking to her Pastor please you laugh at all the BS like its funny and its not.

  15. please end this show says:

    first i would like to say in my opinion the show has ran its course. second how many on the show thats really married? one person . i feel bad for this show it makes us really lok bad . we have a real problem in america with bullys. and its allowed to happen with out shaune steping in as a leader to stop this. how is that tammy and evelyn are buddys and they are allowed to do and say what they want and if a person trys to defend there self here comes a bottle or a smack on a comment on lawsuit. its just a sad show and needs to be taken off the air tammy go learn to be a real mom to your kids they can see your actions. evelyn one minute youre tough then the next your guys need help and material things dont make a person. vh1 please take this show off. not a good look

  16. zerotolerance4ignorance says:

    I can’t believe Evelyn has the adacity to cry because she was so “upset” because she wanted to have a conversation with Jenn. If she truly wanted to have a conversation, she would have conducted a civil discussion the last time they were together face-to-face as opposed to acting like a “Hood-Rat” and trying to fight like an alley cat. Can you blame Jenn for not even want to be in the presence of such ignorant women? Evelyn cannot expect that people will jump and want to have a discussion with her whenever she wants to have a conversation.

    Additionally, Tammie cannot act ignorant and go off on anyone she wishes at anytime and blame it on her “anger management issues”. Everyone has issues and they just don’t act out on whomever they wish. They use self control and restraint and refrain from calling other women the “B” word .

  17. KIKI says:

    I think that Evelyn and Tammi are so miserable! Why are you so concerned about Jen…ok she is blogging and she has new friends and she is hanging in her room SO WHAT! Your grown women act like it and nobody cares if Evelyn passes a lie detector because at the end of the day she is still LOOSE! Shaunie this is a reflection of you and you seem like a very nice person so my advice is to step away from this situation and these money hungry women because at the end of the day you are a mother of 5 and you will be VERY RICH (in my Ne Ne voice) for a very long time boo!

  18. looz says:

    First of all being “Black Women” is neither here nor there it is about business. In addition, doing season 1 and 2 Suannie never made appearance, and this should have remain. Her statements on tonight episodes showing she finally is having a breakthrough…Of course men/women she having business meetings with look at her a certain way, and hell yes, I would if I were conducting business with her, and she is entertaining all the mess. It is business that is all, and she need to separate herself.

  19. Leslie says:

    I think the last segment with Shaunie was added after production wrapped as well as the last interview with Evil to put a better spin on the show. Listen all the ladies are hypocrites who talk about each other. Why does the circle of hood boogers think they can talk about people without it being a problem. Tami does not need Royce as a friend anymore because she is up Evil’s behind. now that Jen is gone. I also feel like Evil thinks the show is about her and she can choose who to dismiss (telling Jen she in a non MF and can leave) I wish a bish would tell me that. I read somewhere that Tami’s apology was very insincere and the writer made good points that Tami did not even address Kesha by her name and also address her employers. Both Tami and Evil are doing damage control so that theiri other ventures will not suffer. I just hope that everyone stays true to their word and boycotts everything these two ghetto roaches do.

  20. Dee says:

    Why does Tami feel that Keisha does not have the right to talk to anyone about how ignorant she is. Does Tami not talk to Shaunie and Evelyn about the other ladies. Keisha is only discussing what has occurred.

  21. kathryn says:


  22. Marie says:

    I was not impressed with the season finale of Basketball Wives! This episode was full of more bullying. Why is everyone upset with Jen? I was really disappointed with Tami and Shaunie’s behavior. Evelyn is the nonfactor. She didn’t want to have an adult conversation with Jen. It seems to me that she wanted everyone else to be upset with Jenn. Why would you invite someone on a trip to humiliate and tear them down.This show is a disgrace to ALL women of color. I WILL NOT BE WATCHING SEASON 5!!!!!

  23. mizzgee says:

    Shaunie is trying to save face but she is as much to blame for all the mess as the others. She has done nothing to stop it, she sides with Tami and Evelyn and they clearly have been wrong. Tami finds fault in those she doesn’t like but finds reasoning in her antics. I’m waiting for the interview Wendy Williams will have with Tami on her show tomorrow. I’m hope she ask her a lot of questions about her antics. I will not watch another season of this mess.

  24. Tami & Evelyn R Hoodrats says:

    Evelyn thinks Jennifer needs to apologize to her. ROTFLAFAO !
    However, Evelyn doesn’t think she owes Jenn an apology. That’s sick!
    Tami says she can not respect Jennifer. Yeah, Tami and hood-rat.
    Jennifer has more class than Tami and Evelyn have rolled up together!

  25. Viewer 37 says:

    Evelyn attacked Jen during their meeting. With Ev’s tone and choice of words, like “you caused this” “you started this” there was no way to have an amiable discussion. Neither one should have been allowed to use the “you” word. Does anyone appreciate that Jen is going through a divorce and that people in that situation are not themselves for a long time.

    Tami needs to return to anger management-quick, fast, in a hurry.

  26. keepinitrealz says:

    they really bullied Keisha especial when she was afraid to go in the watere with the shark this show is nodifferent from bully cause Tammi Evelyn and Shaunie didnt go in the water cuz they were scared but tammi was telling her she cant change her mind. Evelyn and Tammi were arguing last season but as soon as she and jen fall out tammi is up jens ass and clearly elevlyn cant be without friends cause she uses Tammi as a replacement she is the type of person that will treat people good so that they will be her friend so that is why people will use her

  27. Mikki says:

    I can honestly say I was a fan of the show. This season has hit an all time low with all the fighting. I think Shaunie is definitely the puppet master in the situation. I understand Shaunie has given these ladies an oppurtunity to be on TV and make money. At the end of the day she will play innocent and distance herself from the drama. As a black women and a producer on the show, how did you allow things to get so ugly? The fighting and bullying was awful. You can’t light the match to gasoline and act like you didn’t start a fire Shaunie.

  28. KATHRYN says:


  29. Olivia says:

    I really wonder when shaunie filmed this last segment with the pastor. It was probably added after the recent backlash (boycott) to make herself appear to have some integrity.she gotta save her name and cash flow. People, don’t fall for the okie doke.

  30. CC says:

    Tami, Eve and Suzie need to take a hike I am so sick of this representing women of color. Shaunie needs to realize we are not fans of hers anymore-either, she’s the woman behind the show. Tami is constantly talking about who she respects, NO ONE respects her she is the bottom of the swamp, rude, a bully,tacky as well as classless…I don’t think she can function in the real world…outside of reality TV all she has ever done is be on welfare…there you have it…she isn’t about much.

    Evelyn, things she’s the hottest…and yes she is hot. But without an ounce of class, who are these women. I can’t imagine even going out in public with them.

    Suzie is just two faced, and always saying something to keep the drama going, unless that’s her profile to stay on the show then just be a friend sometimes and keep your mouth SHUT.

    Royce gets mad props she has survived the nasty from the witches and is happy–and I am happy for her!

    Keisha will live a good life as long as she stays away from the bulies.

    Kenya…think we need to watch her…

  31. zerotolerance4ignorance says:

    Does Evelyn really believe we are all as ignorant as her? The parting make-up gifts were merely a marketing ploy because the show is coming to an end more than a sentimental gesture.

    Shaunie..has to stop with the pretense that she is a mediator when in fact anyone can see she is one of the typical round-the way girls from the hood that likes to keep stuff going…I think this is the reason she feels especially paranoid in business meetings with black males and females…because they can see through the pretenses because they all know at least one other black girl that they grew up in the hood with that acts just like her.

  32. Chocolate says:

    I think these ladies are very immature, trouble makers, fake, back stabbers, and phony. Shaunie you are to old for the BS and you try to act like you not down with it…..please. Evelyn I wouldn’t buy nothing that you selling you too ignorant. I can’t believe how fake you all are. Tammy and Evelyn are both bullies and need to go to jail for how they carry on…..just straight foolish. Jen is right with saying why are you worried about who she do and have done Evelyn. Girl get over it. I’m sick of yall. Shaunie yes they looking at you in business meeting say you a hot ghetto messy mess! That’s what the public is saying too.

  33. Evelyn Is Childish says:

    Evelyn is soooooo jealous of Jen! I applaud the fact that Jen has put an end to a horrible marriage and a fake friendship. Keep your head up Jen! Evelyn can’t even explain why she is upset. I think she is insecure about her relationship with Chad. Why would you marry someone who tells you that he needs an open relationship?? It won’t last. As for as Ms. Tami goe,. I thought she was the one real person on the show but she has proven herself to be REAL shady. She’s nothing but a follower! I guess she is just happy to be in the circle of fake friends. This show is far from entertaining! Grow up ladies. You all have children you should be setting an example for!

  34. Kells says:

    Shawnie, when this series first started I had a lot of respect for you. But over the years of this series, my respect for you has dwindled to almost nothing. Most of the ladies that are on your show highlight themselves in a disrespectful way and even if they are showing the “ride or die” side of friendship, there are different ways to handle things. Step your game up and either show these “chicks” how to respect you and themselves or let them go.

    I’m sure you will have plenty of people to continue watching this “train wreck” but I cannot lower myself anymore and support your show.

    Good luck to you.

  35. apastor says:

    tami and evelyn r silly bipolar bullies and shanie is the puppetmaster making money off of this version of jerry springer. tamibeen this way since real world. she get mad at everyone for doing the same things to her that she does to everyone. and when did being a lady and not fighting or being smart and suing ppl that hit you make you a punk. im a man and i wouldnt want a lady that acted like a wild Q dog!!! then evelyn mad at jennifer for telling the truth about chad and being cocerned about her. she never aired evelyns business and tonights show was just her tryng to say nooo jenn you didnt break up with me i broke up with you. its called a tranfer of power. and to answer your question yep shaunie they r saying you are a hot ghetto mess!!! and its all your fault this monster thats been created thats more abusive to black women than any show in recent history

  36. Phillygurl says:

    I’m cracking up at VH1′s summary. Jennifer is probably tweeting about this right now, y’all are really impartial I see. LOL, all Jennifer is concerned about is selling her lipgloss on Twitter. She ain’t studding them heffas.

  37. Chocolate says:

    Evelyn kills me how she act like she don’t judge people when that’s all she did first season or second. Talked about Royce and how she dressed but gets mad at Jen because she talked about Niya. Girl bye!

  38. Open Eyes...birds of a feather.... says:

    Please, Shaunie sitting with her pastor is a JOKE. She is really trying to save face and act like she is so above the drama when she has been the catalyst to the drama. In Season 2 when Tami and Eve fought, that parrot face heifer was the one who told Eve that she needed to tell Tami AT JENN’s lipgloss launch party. Look at who Shaunie is “friends” with, why have we never seen her talk to Eve the way she talked to Jen and attempted to “chastise” her. Why didn’t she acknowledge Jen getting slapped as being WRONG, She laughed with Tami and Eve After Eve threw the bottle at Kenya…this wench is the FAKEST of anyone one the show. This is why she doesn’t like Royce, Royce is the realest. She is the only one who told Tami V-shaped, no hip having bad built behind the truth but she didn’t want to here it. When Tami asked “Was I wrong?” after the apparent chemical imbalance melt down on Keisha, Shaunie, Mr. Burns nose from the Simpsons, told Tami , “No.” I think Shaunie is a sociopath. Shaq has really done better since their divorce. He is exuding positivity and Shaunie created this travesty of a show. Who is happy? None of these women seem to be happy they THRIVE on drama. That whole situation with Jen and Eve was DRAWN out and pointless. Move on and take your meds. I have definitely moved on, thank God for LaLa, she has a balanced show and she is making power moves without generating DRAMA.

  39. rachek jones says:


  40. SMH says:

    SMH!!! this season 4 was all about bullying..its really sad.Jen that right girl let your lawery handle them bullys

  41. Peggy Amuker says:

    Shaunie, proud of u tonite. I had lost respect for you, but after seeing u talk to your spirtual advisory. U get it . Tami, mental promblem.. Evenlyn issues , Jennifer is finally standing up to the bullie. Evenlyn and Tami are the trouble makers, always punching, fighting and yelling. Maybe they should leave. Now Tami is mad with Ross because she didn’t agree with her.

  42. Missy says:

    I think that Tami is coming across as the bully. Tami has been a bully every since this season started. Yes the other stars look up to her as a role model but what is she modeling her nasty attitude. I really believe she is jealous of Keisha. Yes Keisha was wrong for what she said but Tami couldve handled that a little better than she did. Yes we are watching for entertainment but black women that are acting like complete fools but they are making money it’s ridiculous. I think that these women should match the name of the show not ex basketball wives. Ladies your entertainment has been great and as we see it’s true money will make us do anything!!!!!!

  43. MKO says:

    Evelyn is disgusting and she has 0 morals. Why is it hat she is quick to jump in a females face for the smallest infractions? However her disrespectful fiancee talks to her
    and treats her with blatant disregard.. He cusses her out openly , and she smiles . Stupid is as stupid does. This will make for one volatile dysfunctional marriage. She exhibits a huge lack of discipline and dignity.
    She is so quick to attack Jen who is far more sophisticated and lady like then any of them.
    Tammy is a deplorable disgrace on all fronts. When Shaunie poses the question as to how she is viewed, Please believe as an African American women she is a shameful disgrace.

  44. dehope says:

    bye bye evelyn and tammi oh yea suzie you all still sound and act like little girl bullies, tammi rabbit-dog, shaunie time to let it go move on the have gotten stuck on stupidity and there is nothing you can do about, silly women, you see the others have moved on royce, jen even the new girls, and you have left is the tackheads, time to move on you came up with this you can come up with something else, good move speaking to your pastor because all you have left is evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. dehope says:

    thx jen for being a mature woman that’s how real people act thx, and good luck in the future!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Vickie says:

    Tacky, Tacky to take cheap shots at Jen’s lip gloss line “Lucid” in comparison’s to Evelyn’s. Did you see how both Tami & Shaunie were making cheap, tacky comments? First of all Jen’s line is lip gloss ONLY. So what’s wrong that she has only 4 shades? You all are just jealous because Jen kicked you all to the curb and is doing her own thing–WITHOUT THE CIRCLE! I would never buy any of Evelyn’s brand no matter how many colors she has. I intend to BOYCOTT her EVERYTHING!! She thinks she’s Beyonce and she is A NON FACTOR. And Tami, I don’t like or respect your MEAN, VIOLENT, FAT, OLD self either. You are so fake! What you have done is dropped all of your REAL friends, like Jen (who came to see you and brought flowers when you had lipo) and Royce (who supported you when you were fighting with Evelyn because she said you were a “non” factor on her t-shirts) to support Evelyn (who talked about the way you dressed, your weave, and your size) and Shaunie (who co-signs everything Evelyn says).

  47. mederma says:

    I hope that Jenn doesn’t stoop to Evelyn’s level by taking a polygraph test. I don’t recall Jenn denying that she slept with anyone. Why is Evelyn trying so hard to make Jennifer look as low as she is? Anyone with good sense would not be on national television talking about all the people that they had sex with while they were married. Will Shaunie be keeping it “real” and tell if she ever stepped out on Shack, will Tami tell the world if she ever stepped out on Kenny, oh wait, ,she just decided to be best friends with one of the women that He stepped out with.

  48. dallday says:

    Tammie must think she is up there with God nobody can talk about her behind her back.

    Who can have a conversation with Evelyn talking over them she said she was calm but that was a lie. Evelyn may be riding high right now, but one day she will have to come back to earth. I got so tired of her saying who is relevant. In the end we all die and most people are forgotten. Evelyn must think she is up there with Lena Horne or Michael Jackson.

    So glad this is over there shouldn’t be a Season 5 because was a trashy joke. People lets find something better to look at.

  49. K1 says:

    Shaunie please stop faking the funk. Why did you feel that you had to go to the pastor to seek couseling like you didn’t set up and instigate most of the altercations and ugliness that happened on the show. Fake, fake, fake!! You don’t care about anyone but yourself. Everyone in your “circle” is pathetic. Why do Tami and Ev think that everyone is trying to gain their respect. Who are they. Nobodies with a little bit of money and no class. Ev was trying to take the focus off her slutiness by bringing up things that Jen has done. Tami and Ev are too proud to admit they are wrong most of the time. Now Tami does not like Royce because Royce came to her and told her she was wrong. Tami says she wants people to say things to her face, then when Royce does exactly that, Tami can’t take it. Royce should kick her to the curb now that she can see how dirty and low down Tami really is. I think Jen will not be back next season. She should be able to see now that none of her so-called friends had her back. Tami and Shaunie want to act like their offended because Jen did not come out and hang with them when they knew good and well it was because they were with Ev. They were just looking for a reason to be on Ev’s side. Once again Suzi had to run her mouth and tell everyone that Jen and Kenya left Tahiti together. Can’t stand her lisping behind!!! Ughhhh!!!

  50. loretta says:

    i meant shaunie as executime producer not evelyn walking both sides of the fence and could have stoped it and is trying to be the innocent to the public. she was in on the fish deal, didn t shoot the gun but helped to load it. shame on you shaunti, your children see you and if not will be told by somebody.

  51. Ain't that some ish says:

    Shaunie has shown her true colors tonight. I tried to tell y’all she is all about that DOLLAR bill. As soon as the viewers start asking for the show to be taken off the air because of the poor examples of supposedly grown ass women and the immature foolishness that goes on, on the show…now all of a sudden she needs some counseling with her pastor and she might have to “leave some friends (and I use the term friends loosely) in the valley” C’mon it is a set up so she can drop some people next season and keep her money rolling in. On the one hand props for being a business woman. On the other as executive producer the show should have never been allowed to go in this direction. What happened was instead of all the drama bringing in more viewers ( which equals more money) the opposite has occured now she is trying to find a way to look innocent when she kicks some people to the curb. In my opinion Tami and Evelyn are the ones who need to go but Shaunie needs to be up front about it.

    Speaking of Tami and Evelyn I am so sick of these two never owning up to their part in anything. Their bad behavior, inablility to have a rational conversation, lack of problem solving skills is always someone else’s fault. That is a bully’s vantage point. Grow up and take responsiblity for your actions. No one can “make” you do anything. Big ups to Jen and Keisha for at least trying to be civilized with these jr. high school girls.

  52. Mary says:

    So look who is left in this “Circle”. Gloria called it right it Season 1. It’s not a “Circle”, it’s a “Wolfpack” a bunch of mean, nasty OLD women, who DRINK , CURSE, and FIGHT too much to be relevant or respected. Take this trash off the air!

  53. sad to see these grow women act like ghetto girls says:

    I stopped looking at the show. You have two or three ghetto girls and two face on this show. I am so glad its over. Tami, Evelyn and Suzie needs to watch the show to see how you really look. If I was your mother I would be not claiming you as my daughters.

  54. TT says:

    Shaunie is so fake and such a hypocrite….stop acting like you have nothing to do with whats going on…You instigate arguments on that show…It was funny for shaunie at first but now she sees the negative attention BBW is getting and how people are looking at her now she feels bad…Shaunie Please…Your the worst one out of all of them

  55. shaunie aint innocent says:

    Its hard to say who should stay and who should go. I will say this season was so sooo sooo disappointing (Evelyn vs Jen). and disgusting (Tami vs Keysha) I hope they get it right, especially with that grown 50 year old Tami blaming her actions on anger mangament. That is truly no excuse and I hope they have her better tamed if she returns the next season.

  56. Gumbo Mama says:

    Shaunie, you are to blame for this disgusting program. You allow those horrible, low class bullies, Evelyn and Tami, to act as they do. Shame on you!!! It’s your show, isn’t it? You could have stepped in at any time when Tami or Evelyn was berating someone. They did it on every show and you let them get away with it, which to me, is the same thing as condoning it. You had so many opportunities to step in and say, “Enough! I will not allow you to treat someone so badly in my presence or on my show”. By allowing their bad behavior, you are just like them. But now, because it’s the end of the season for the show, you film Goody Two Shoes Shaunie talking to her pastor and saying “it’s a mess and I don’t know what to do”. I think you’re feeling the heat from the public and respectable women (such as Wendy Williams and Star Jones) who think your show is garbage. So now you want to distance yourself from those psychotic bullies, Evelyn and Tami. The first season I admired you but now I think you’re on the same level as them. Again, shame on you.

  57. aeffnnette says:

    It’s amazing how below the belt and vindictive these women are. Evelyn cant let Jen go & would rather air her laundry than to accept that Jen surpassed the bs, just move on. It’s Jens biz who she screw. Doing all those women behind Chad says somn of how u feel about urself as well. Shaunie ur as fake as they come. I know a reptilian garden tool just like you. I cant believe the good ol rev went for that! In the name of GOD, once you’ve planted so many seeds of discord. You will get yours trust that. Kenya took one hard look and they all were petrified, real talk! Way too much drama for one series. Nah Eve it’ll never be the same like Jeezy say! Lol

  58. kadeen says:

    I have watched the braxtons and Mary Mary and to me theses shows a positive view of black female. I have watched the bw from the beginning. And sadden by the choices of the direction they decided to take. It is one thing to argue but to cross that line to hit someone and no consequences and to show this to say its ok to act like this. Not good. Shanie u are a poor example for a leader. U was suppose to be the one that at least tried to help defuse the situation but all u did was add fuel to the fire (well she added wood to the fire and sat and watch the fire burn) now u are worried how u look. Again wow.

  59. Datlady says:

    Shaunie, I have been disappointed in the way you have allowed Evelyn and Tami to bring so much negativity and childishness to your show. I use to enjoy watching until things went way left with Evelyn trying to act hard and Tami as well. You seem to be such a classy lady, but I have found you indulging in the mess with Evelyn and Tami. I thought you were going to put your Friend Evelyn in her place after the first season of bullying, but you didn’t. Very disappointing and I have said from day one that the way they are acting is a bad reflection on your image. It looks like you condone all of this negativity and bullying, the things we are trying to change in our African American Race. Try a new twist with ladies being positive role models and encouraging our young ladies how to have true discussions, without the fighting and cursing etc. Teach them out to become business women!!

  60. nonya says:

    Why would you give HER and THEM the pleasure of talking to you and demean you like that?? I would’ve just left HER crying on that bridge like the inmature kid she is looking for “closure”. The only thing that Evelyn “proved” was that she is the one that is NOT LOYAL, NOT A FRIEND, and DISRESPECTFUL!! and THAT is the only TRUTH that was told. AND is Tammi Evelyn’s PR team, manager and marketing department? Tammi you are such a FOOL!!

  61. monalisa says:

    All I have to say is I hope this is the last season for basketball wives. Tami and Evelyn are the most disgusting representative for the show. I find it hypocritical that all season Evelyn has been attacking Jennifer verbally and physically and now Evelyn wants to play the bigger person and speak to Jen. I applaud how Jen has conducted herself with dignity and class. If this show is on next season I hope Jen leaves the show. She is to classy for the women, Tami, Evelyn, Suzi and Shaunie on this show. As for Shaunie I was respected her as a business woman but she is a weak two-face individual. Shaunie should have put a stop to all the fighting and attacking that was done on this show earlier in the season. She instigates arguments and sits back and play innocent. You are as ghetto as Evelyn and Shaunie. Why should Jen feel comfortable with any of these ladies after how their behaved all season.

    Evelyn you are definetly in the wrong so trying to act like you were wronged and hurt by Jen is ridiculous. Also a true friend would never air their friend personal business. Jen has never done that to you on the show. DISGUSTING.

  62. Sunny K says:

    When did it become cool to bully? Really grown ass women acting this way, Tammy and Evelyn need to grow up! Shaunie and Suzie are just instigators, this is definitely an embarrassment to women of color and not a good representation at all. #ashamedthisshowisonair

  63. Betty Taylor says:

    I think this show is awful Tammy, Evelyn and That trouble starting Suzie is GHETTO and act like little girls in elementary!! It makes women of all cultures look bad! Tammi and Evelyn are too grown to be BULLIES and SUZIE my God you all can’t see she is TROUBLE with a capital T and Shaunie love they are making you look so bad with friends like them you don’t need enemies that’s for sure. Keisha, Royce, Kenya & Jennifer have more class in the baby toenail thaen those hood rats will ever see. I care not to see those psychos not another minute so Shaunie please get a new class of ladies PLEASE.

  64. K.K says:

    Whoever wrote this little summary of tonight’s season finale seems biased. I normally don’t post comments but did we watch the same show? This recap seems to be taking up for Evelyn’s ridiculousness. She’s been in the wrong all season. So with that being said Evelyn is ridiculous and so is this recap.

  65. Ain't that some ish says:

    One more thing. Evelyn since you claim to be such a loyal and devoted friend. Where were you while Jen was going through her divorce? All you can think about is yourself. I really never thought the comments Jen made on air warranted all the drama you made up in your head anyway. She was just looking out for you. If you had something to say if this was really your friend you could have resolved the situation with her a whole lot better than this. But again where have you been while she has been trying to regroup from the divorce?. Looks like if she is not agreeing with your every word that’s a problem for you. Ain’t that some ish!!

  66. Tonia says:

    So yet once again, Suzie has blabbed about somebody’s business(mentioned that she walked Jen to a hotel room with some dude). Really Suzie? Ooooooooh! Somebody please punch her in her grill! She is by far the biggest blabber mouth on earth and thats a big deal considering she is so tongue twisted. Tongue just all in the way. Teeth too big. Something. Then she always has the nerve to utter stupid stuff. She’s just pitiful!

  67. Atlanta Guy says:

    As a black man, I am grossly disappointed in the behavior of these women!!! Initially, I had such high hopes and expectations for Basketball Wives, but much to my chagrin, I was disappointed. All the drama, ‘filthy” language, bullying and foolishness cast such an unhealthy perception of black women. I would hope that the behavior of these women was for the camera and these antics are not apart of your true character. If there is a Season 5 (and I hope there isn’t), please “get it together.” As viewers, we deserve so much more, but more importantly, as black women, you owe it to yourself to be pious, poised and the epitome of lady.

  68. B Taylor says:

    Oh and another thing I really hope Chad don’t marry that fool cause she is going to make him miserable, Tammi claims she has a man but please what man want that DRAMA and Suzie is just a washed up lonely drunk who loves trouble. Shaunie you need to get rid of them and make up with the ladies who have class Jen Royce, Kenya and Keisha they left that mess and I love them for IT!!!!

  69. cYn says:

    Shaunie…the thoughts you had when you were in the meeting with others in regards as to how the business black men & women are looking at you happens to be the voice that you were ignoring during the entire season. I’ve been bullied before in high school by females who I see now amounted into nothing. Because of that journey I vowed to never let that happen to anyone I work with or my immediate family. Violence is never the answer but the silent clamor will kill you. You can not be upset with Jen, Royce, or Keisha and the other young lady. They were all bullied to a ridiculous level by your friends who YOU never pulled to the side to say THIS IS WRONG. I teach my boys that once someone put their hands on you there is no friendship after that. I watch children day after day get beat up and then friends with the person(s) who beat them up. Oh no!

    I am so sorry that this season went the way it went. As a black woman we already have a limited amount of role models in the public eye. With the strong campaign against Bullying and with the documentary just released titled “Bully” I end very disappointed and flabbergasted!

  70. Rational Adult says:

    Yes Shauni:
    You seem to be a hot ghetto mess. At least you are the madame of other hot ghetto messes, Birds of a feather seem to flock together on this silly show. I trust that the jingle of coins you are receiving is worth your credibiliy and reputation. Sometimes it is not just about the money. I would walk the other way and hide my children if I saw you or any of these irrational women coming my way as would all of my business assiociates and friends.

  71. kt says:

    Shaunie you must really think the viewers are dumb to buy your crap! You should have been talking to the pastor last year if you were really concerned. we have watched you sit in silence and even smirk as this side show has gone on. You did not care until WE DID!
    We are not buying it! To late sister!

  72. if you don't like it don't watch says:

    To all these people posting negative comments if you don’t like it don’t watch. You talk about how bad the show is but you must be watching it to know what is going on. I think Jen has been acting like a snob all season. Talking about how poor Jen’s assistant is when the girl let Jen stay with her. Everyone seems to forget about that. Bragging about her money and her lawyers, that’s not being adult or classy.

  73. dawn says:

    Shame on all you ladies for letting Tami do the things she did to Kesha. She is not pathetic. Some people just handle things in a civilized manner, unlike you. Tami you really need to grow up and not continuosly think that everything you do is right. Bullying, Bullying, Bullying and the rest of you did nothing. Same goes with Evelyn and Jen. Jen is civilized and Evelyn is not. Tami you really needed to be called out. Way to go Royce! Do you think that taking someones purse reagardless of how much you have had to drink is justifiable?

  74. Thank you Jennifer for walking away again from Evenyln a now this group. Poor Evenlyn she really thinks she has arrive. Guess what Evenyln? Tammi is your new BBF. Make up line still a tramp, wife still a class less tramp. I am sure you, chad a those other woman will be happy. Royce tammi has been waiting to crawl deeper in Shaunie and Eveyln ass. Telling Shaunie and Evenyln that she questioning you guys friendship is what they wanted to hear. Tammi your worst than somebody weak your a kiss ass, and a suck up.To late Shaunie, you have money, but no class. You lie to your pastor you set through every cuss out and ever fight. Then you had the never to sit down with your kids after what you just did in Tahiti sad. Sorry susie sorry susie sorry sorry sorry.

  75. sherry says:

    Jennifer has more class in her pinky than all of that other trash put together especially Evelyn, Tammy, & Shaunie. And they are all suppose to be intelligent black women when all the while Suzie is playing the puppet master & playing ALL of their dumb asseses & keeping them out of her mix

  76. NINA says:

    what a pathetic and manipulative attempt at damage control!!!! the scene with the pastor was shot after all the outrage over the mess and horror of a spectacle shaunie has created…this show is a monstrosity and the backlash was so huge and unanimous that these sleazy producers cut and edited shots together to make it seem like shaunie suddenly had an epiphany…..

    jen wasted her time attempting to talk to evelyn……..evelyn is an animal unable to have a rational conversation….why wouldnt jen sleep with another man if her psycho husband hadnt touched her for 3 years…i remeber evelyn telling her to dust the cobwebs from her you know what…..this show was so hideous depicting everything a dignified woman does and should not aspire to be…the plug must be pulled too much water has gone under the bridge…enough is enough!!!!

  77. hypocritical says:

    i cant believe that tammy, evelyn and shaunie are so hypocritical. Listen to your own advice and act like you have some class as a grown ass women. And really evelyn you are going to end a friendship after Jen messed up and yes maybe she did other stuff but talk to her and listen to her when she talks to you. Tammy and Evelyn just like to hear the sound of their voice and wont let anyone defend themselves. I cant even believe suzie can pretend to be friends with jen or anyone. She doesnt defend anyone or have any ideas or opinions for herself and just goes with what everyone in the group she is with thinks. Have some morals. All four of them are a bunch of followers and bullies that need each other to cause harm. Words and actions hurt just as much as the physical abuse. Its funny how much the four talk abt the others and think they are better than them when clearly thet arent because they are so hypocritical. If Jen was a nonfactor then she wouldnt be talked abt anymore and clearly she is still talked abt…get over urself and grow up.

  78. Shaunie Oneal is acting like she is not a part of the disgraceful acts of basketball wives!!! It is her show. No she has not had a fight but she sits back and snickers and quietly instigates and laughs and tries to act like she has done nothing. You need to run to the pastor cuz you need Jesus!! Tell me fans, who the heck has lunch with females they don’t like? They have lunch just to pick a fight!! Evelyn and Tammi are so disgraceful! They have daughters who should be embarrassed!!! Their mothers should be embarrassed that their daughters are so unlady like!!

  79. BAMBI LLOYD says:


  80. Shannon says:

    I am embarrassed for the entire cast of this reality show. Have they no shame? What kind of role models do these ladies present for the African-American race or their children? Frankly, I would be horrified if my mother acted in such a manner. Tammi….you are a bully of the worst kind. You single out the meek and timid. Not once have I seen you confront a woman with balls. What your old ass needs is a good old fashion, ass kicking. Why is this show called “Basketball Wives”? How many of these ladies are actually married to basketball players? Its fake right off the bat. No wonder the majority of them cannot keep a basketball player. If my son brought home any of these ignorant, ghetto, fake, disrespectful, around the way chicks, I would be appalled. I cannot imagine friendship with any of these chicks; they do not have a clue what true friendship is about. What mature adult engages in this behavior of back stabbing, gossip, fighting and disrespect, especially in public? It like revisiting middle school. Its sad to watch, and even sadder that Shaunie participates in the behavior for the sake of ratings and a pay check. She is a sell-out. Why do black folks put themselves on display and give credence to sterotypical views about black women, for money. In reality, the majority of black women are nothing like these women. We have fought long and hard to overcome the image of ignorance and violence; this show has set black women back 100 years. Ladies, grow up, work to repair your image in the eyes of your children, yourself and God. You owe it to yourself, nothing positive can be taken away from this show if you continue this behavior. I cannot support your show any longer, therefore I will not watch you unravel your lives and self-respect.

  81. JessicantheLou says:

    Shaunie needs to leave the show and cancel this show. It is horrible. Evelyn is about as fake as they come. She is so jealous of Jennifer. Tami is certifiably crazy. Suzie seves no purpose other than to transfer information between the girls. This has got to be the worst show on VH1. I’ve written letters to ATT&T, Toyota and Pizza Hut to let them know that I will no longer buy their products if they continue to sponsor this embarrassment to Afican American women. There are so many more positive shows that could be presented and it is a shame that this is viewed as a representation of black women.

  82. Ahhhhhhhhh?? says:

    The Circle? LOL hmmmmmm-are we in high school? 40 year old women talking about being in a CLICK at this age? Are we that insecure???

    This show is funny!! Cracks me up how stupid they all look, but then they try to state their responsible mothers are that they are GROWN.

    I have never seen such immaturity in what they call themselves “Grown Ass Woman” who run across tables and throws wine bottles, or bullies a young girl who is quiet and doesn’t cause issues because she EXPRESSED her feelings. Then you see Tami then puff up like a angry gorilla in a cage and take her purse like she was on the elementary schoolyard.

    And then you see the Suzie, who talks behind peoples back, and tattles/gossip like a Jr High school follower. And Shaunie and Evelyn have to remember-when you didn’t correct Tami’s action against Kesha and then later laughed at some of Tami’s comments etc., you both looked worse then she did!

    If I was one of their children, I would be soooo embaressed that kids at school saw our called grown ass mamas actions on TV! You know there are friends/or kids at school think their mothers are a damn mess and say things behind their backs!! OMG.

  83. Paula says:

    Drama drama tami u Evelyn , Susie r drama why don’t u grow up, all three of yal make black woman look loud an crazy Susie u keep stuff goin and Shaun u are not that dumb u see this stuff going on an see in my message I didn’t have too use any curse words to get my point across..

  84. The Diva says:

    I think Shawnie did a good job trying to clean up her image in the end but I’m still an ex fan. Why couldn’t you just keep it fabulous? We tuned in originally to see how the other half lives, not how ghetto and classless everyone is. Evelyn is a hot ghetto mess and will end up washed up. I stop watching when she threw the bottle. I think you guys ignore the obvious on this show. Jen was legit in her thinking I wouldn’t want to be around crazy classless Evelyn either. Get a clue ladies and grow up!

  85. Phillygurl says:

    If I see one more person write as if these women are representative of the whole black race, I am going to scream. Does Jersey Shore, Mob Wives, New Jersey Housewives, etc. represent the white or anyone else as a whole. Anyone looking to these women to be examples of an entire race of women has more problems than they do. Sick of that tired line of thinking.

  86. CJ says:

    I believe Evelyn, Tami, Suzie and yes you to Shaunie. Evelyn you are not a ride or die chick you have conyinued tobe labore a friendship that obviously has been long over. You didn’t have any worrys about the friendship between you andJen when you constantly were digging up info to trump you and Jen:s battle..Your antics have now made you rethink your behavior. Really I just think you want your reality show on TV. Class you will never have and dear the reality is you deserve you man. He has been used and tossed around himself and he’s ready for you. Awh that so sweet. Tami, you bug bully such a role model for African Americanwomen. and youso intelligently justify your behavior. So sick please sek more therapy, Oh yea, you tried that so seek GID because only person who can help you . Suzie, must we,you still have diarrhea of the mouth. Shaunie you remain present in the misdst of so there is some accountabilty, most intelligent but the non mediator so the shoe fits so wear it well as you do. yes your behavior is ghetto.

  87. Phillygurl says:

    I wrote what I did above as an African American woman. They do not represent me. I am only responsible for my own behavior. Maybe we should stop looking to the television for validation or as an excuse to characterize a whole race of women. I mean, we know just how unbiased and fair portrayal of race has been (sarcastically).

  88. shame on vh1 says:

    AGAIN…Why does VH1 promote a show that glamorize BULLYING??? There are so many kids out there that are defenseless to bullying and then you(VH1) will glorify this behavior. These women and that includes SHAUNIE are embarassing to all women. Tami says she has a new role on a new television show…I will be contacting their sponsors to have her pulled off the show…she is the lowest of the low!!! The sponsors of this show should be boycotted!! BULLYING is not to be tolerated. There are too many of our young kids committing suicide because shows like this give BULLIES a platform.

  89. Mickey B. 101 says:

    I just hope that they understand what Evelyn’s words did. No, Jen was not right in everything that she said and did, but neither is Evelyn. When Evelyn said that Jen was a “non-factor” and NOBODY disagreed with her, that was enough to permanently hurt anyone’s feelings.You all let Evelyn speak for you now Jen really feels like she has no one but Kenya. When Evelyn came across the table at Jen, that was enough to permanently end a friendship. The bottom line is, you both care about eachother but your pride has made it hard to. Jen is going through a very tough time in her life, and all she needed was friends to understand. Am I happy with the things that Jen did? No, but quite frankly I am unhappy with this show and what it has become.

  90. Hope says:

    Evelyn is such a phony!! She crucified Suzie for talking about Vegas and now because she’s no longer friends with Jen she runs her mouth? I wish Jen was one to put all of Evilyn’s skeletons on blast because everyone knows what kind of woman she is. Evelyn didn’t expose Jen, she exposed her own character and weakness. Tami is so desperate to be in the circle that she will be left on the side of the road as Evilyn and Shaunie back the truck over her. Shaunie, that fake scene with the pastor didn’t erase your guilt for exploiting this gutter trash for the past few years and if you really had an attack of conscience then you should take responsibility for your part in the drama as well. You have defended Evelyn every chance you get and VH1 and the writer of this blog have helped shape a narrative that is biased against Jen and in favor of the three bullies on the show. You and Evelyn can cry as many fake tears as you want but the truth is obvious to see. I only hope that VH1 offers a show to Shaq’s jumpoffs or your jumpoffs during your marriage so your business will be in the street as well.

  91. toni says:


  92. Nomie Hart says:

    THREE WORDS: EVELYN (not Jenn) IS DELUSIONAL……..(anything within the parentheses do not bout)

  93. kim m. says:

    All I think of when it comes to this show is shame. Beautiful, wealthy, reasonably smart and successful black women… Who can’t seem to pull themselves up out of the stereotypical “ghetto” mindset and behavior. As a black woman, I’m so sick of my sisters allowing themselves to be lowered to behaving like common street hoodrats. It’s so disgraceful and distasteful to see women treat one another so viciously. Why are any of these women even on a show titled “basketball wives”? Only one is even married, right? Evelyn is an emotional wreck and a bully who needs the last word to feel justified, Tami is a pot-stirrer who likes to create chaos and then claim guiltlessness seconds after, and Shaunee? Tsk, tsk… I hate to say it, but we really know this true: this is why many professional black men do not date or marry black women. Who wants to see their wife in a five-star restaurant or a high-end boutique or a luxury resort… Fighting, cursing, throwing things and making complete fools of themselves? I stopped watching after the first season, but I had the misfortune of catching the last few episodes of this season… And sadly, there were no improvements. In a nutshell, rise up black women and stop lowering yourselves to the ignorant behavior and lack of personal responsibility that has been 4 seasons of basketball wives.

  94. Bigkimbofrmlongbeach says:

    Its a shame how the black women look on this show even with a lil’ money. It does not surprise me how Suzie behaves…she is a follower, but the other women should be a shamed of their behavior. I guess I have been praying the wrong prayer. I want the lord to bless me not just with money but with wisdom and class.

  95. Jewel says:

    This show is a complete disgrace. Shaunie should bury her head in the dirt for having anything to do with this. She and her posse: Tammie, Ev, and Suzie, should all be removed from tv and all other media completely. Here we are as a society trying to end bullying and these 4 b’s personify it. Tammie being the biggest bully of all. “That’s right, Tammie I am talking about you behind your back”. You ignorant, pathetic poor excused for a mother, daughter and friend. @Royce, I can tell you have a kind heart, but the best thing to happen to you is for Tammie to stop being your friend. In the end you will be better for this. She is a manipulative, evil person. She steals (@Tammie, that’s right still talking behind your back)…the poor girls bag and belonging, but then doesn’t want to be called a theft (@Tammie, but you are) and doesn’t want the authorities called on her either.
    @Suzie, you are such an instigator, you tell the monster (Tammie) the comment Kesha made, knowing full well that she will go off and then you don’t even stick up for her or help her out at all. You are so sad and dumb. Most of the other girls should really be mad at you since you are the one who is always starting the gossip and the bs. @Ev, you need psychological help, you are not all there. And you need to have someone press some charges against you for your constant assaults on other women. As does Tammie. Maybe since you two are best buds now, you can share a cell. @Shaunie, you allow all of this bs and bullying and you did nothing about it. You just sat there. That almost makes you worst than the two psychos. You never once defended any of the poor women being, insulated, attacked, berated or bullied by Tammie and Ev, you just sat there, watched and let it happen. Then to make matters worst you then took the side of the aggressor and not the victim. You are no ones friend and you where only looking out for your ratings and the $$$$$. Finally, @ Jen, Kesha, and Royce you three are BETTER than all the rest, and they all knew it. The rest of the are just trash.

  96. Daisy says:

    Bu-bu-but Shaunie encouraged some of this stuff herself, and did nothing to stop any of the drama when she could have. She threw her “friends” under the bus by suggesting that everything is their fault. Wow.
    The Jen and Evelyn situation is pretty clear; Jen did talk ,shouldn’t have, and refuses to take responsibility for it. Ev’s anger and hurt are understandable,though the physical fighting is inappropriate for a grown woman.

    The Kesha and Tami situation was downright dysfunctional. It was like being with battered women who are so messed up, they believe the men are right for beating them. Suzie would be the mens’ messenger who just wants to be liked by them. She’d be telling the women that they should behave better so they wouldn’t be beat.
    This is the last time I will watch this mess;life is too short for this type of negativity. I’d rather take a walk and watch a sunset and smell the magnolias.

  97. Judi Caulkdwell says:

    I think it is pitiful the way some of the girls are afraid of Tami. All she is, is a BIG BULLY!!! It surprises me with all the kids killing them selves over bullies, that they would air her picking on almost everybody, except of coarse not Shawnee. I think she is discraceful. All she is is hot air, with nothing to back it up with. What do they say, just because she has the loudest mouth, doesn’t make her right,. All of the time she is wrong, she is an ingnorant Bully. After watching her going thru that girls wallet, I wish the girl would have called the police, N had haer locked up!
    No wonder her OWN daughters FIRED her as their manager…She is nothing but TROUBLE and a BIG BULLY>>>

  98. Daisy says:

    One other comment about Ev; I think there may be a culture clash here.
    Ev is a Latina, and Latinos generally make a very strong distinction between private and public life. What goes on with family and friends stays there, and discretion and loyalty are highly valued.
    That said, being on a reality show definitely blurs the line a bit, but Ev still expected loyalty and discretion from her friends and to be honest.

  99. Yvonne Dixon says:

    Friendships????????? What a laugh – Shaunie, Evelyn,Tami and let’s not forget Suzie are no one’s friend. The 4 of them sit around and TALK BEHIND – everyone’s back. Example, When Evelyn passed out the gifts at the last dinner – Tami couldn’t wait to throw a dig at Jen’s lip gloss, Shaunie and Suzie giggled like silly school girls at her comment. So, they all feel like they cant be friends with Jen anymore and that Jen is a NMF – factor, why are they sitting around talking behind her back? They better be careful that Suzie wont carry that back to Jen the same way she informed you all that she saw Jen and Keisha leave – she is still pretending to be Jen’s friend, Everyone keeps saying that you all act like high school girls – in my day high schol was nothing like this fiasco. this show need to be stopped now. I now I’m not watching anymore.

  100. Wow! says:

    Wow! it is sad, that so many people are upset at the Big Bad Wolf Tami, that they want to get a piece of her. Tami, if I were you I would get on my knees and pray, you need HELP! Haven’t you heard about President Obama’s ANTI- BULLYING CAMPAIGN, oh and I would think again about moving to Los Angeles, it seems, like folks out ther don’t like your kind, and you may have a hard time. Get on your knees, and do some praying, praying, praying and more praying.

  101. Stean says:

    I will never watch this show again if Evelyn, Tammi and Suzie are casted. Enough is enough and no we don’t believe Evelyn, Shauni or Tammi has changed they are afraid of what the backlash
    is doing to their bank account.

    I will never buy Evelyn’s book or makeup considering how low lifed she was this season.

  102. melissa gotsill says:

    I paused the finale to post a comment. I haven’t read anyone’s comments. I just felt the need to comment and reach out. I am not going to follow next season there is too much negativity and uncalled for drama. Girls Reach Out Why Not Start a Reality Show on Single Minority Women that have Lost Custody Of the Children due to the Unjust Justice System? Put your Heart and your influence to help those that need it. There are so many of us out hear and our voices are not heard! The media only listens when something completly tragic happens. here in Orange Co. Ca you only hear about custody cases going wrong when someone is murdered. Put your Strengths, Your Status, Your Hearts To Helping People! God Bless I Pray that You all Help

  103. JustinentheLou says:

    Shaunie is so slick and slimy. She has read the viewers negative comments and now she is running to her Pastor for his opinion. She should have consulted him before she even started the shows. these shows are all about materialism, worship of money, cursing and other non-christain values. She forgot to mention her part in all the negativity and foolishness on these degrading shows. These shows shoukd be pilled from the air.

  104. melissa gotsill says:

    Just finished watching Amen! Shaunie you did the right thing. I would love to meet your Pastor. I have been looking for a new church. And I didn’t follow the whole season I would tune in and get so disgusted by the arguements and saw no positivtey. But for some reason I have followed it the past few weeks. But I got final confirmation from your Pastor’s words .

  105. blessed2do says:

    I actually really respect Jennifer. After someone has treated you the way Evelyn has what else is there to do? She stayed in her room and that was wrong, she came out to talk with the girls and they didn’t like that. They even hated the fact that she said that the place reminded her of another place she had been. When you can’t please anyone, please God and yourself. Jennifer is the only one on that show besides Royce that is staying away from the mean girls, Evelyn, Tami and Suzie who stirs all of this stuff and Shaunie unfortunately didn’t feel bad enough to help when Tami bullied Kenya so she needs to search herself. Shaunie should think what if that were one of her kids and it may very well happen to one of them. I hope someone is there to protect them better than Shaunie did.

  106. TRN Texas says:

    Evelyn and Tami are bullies. The do or represent black women. They are …behave like animals. They need prayer. Shaunie is that girl in high school that instigates things to start fights, arguments, etc…..but pretends to be innocent. She is in the middle of mess.

    Jennifer ad Keisha are right to NOT want to fight like animals. What ever happened with using words to express yourself?

    The reunion show will most likely drag Jennfer through the mud to help the show’s image…sad, Shaunie. I hoped you would be a positive influence….not a negative influence encouraging violence.

  107. Kathy says:

    Shaunie doesn’t get it. Shaunie is worried about her brand and reputation. What she gets is that she has gone to far. Everybody see you Shaunie. You had an opportunity and you blew it. You’re as sad as Evelyn and Tammi!

  108. Lydia Smith says:

    Team Jennifer!

  109. VeeVee says:

    1. Shaunie, we all know that you filmed that conversation with a minister AFTER the bad media coverage had you scrambling to change your image.

    2. We see how you set things up for the next season. Tami is moving to LA. Then Shaunie says her real home is LA. Then she tells her pastor that she might have to cut some people to improve her image. Whatever.

    3. Sorry, Ev. I don’t believe you. Jennifer has only been responding to your negativity. She apologized for the first interview. What else do you want? Go away. You’re a bully.

  110. Felicia Middleton says:

    Jennifer is not innocent. For the first few seasons, Jennifer and Evelyn were the bullies. They picked on, talked about and bullied Royce and Suzie. Even if Evelyn was wrong, Jennifer was right there with her. When Tami was gonna fight Jennifer, Evelyn stepped in between them to stop it. Jennifer even threatened Suzie last year telling her she would get worse than what Evelyn did to her if she wouldn’t have mentioned that her husband approached her to work on a movie. Now that the tables have turned, everyone is feeling sorry for Jen. No, what they did to her this year is not right, but believe you me, if Evelyn and Jen were friends and it was someone else on the receiving end, Jen would be right there with her. They are all wrong for all of the seasons. This just happens to be the worse.

  111. roxy says:

    Why don’t evelyn leave jennifer alone she is so annoying to watch, tamy and evelyn are bullies wether they accept it or not. shanie cannot see what evelyn and tami did is so wrong but she is stressing about jen doing a blog, shame on you shaunie, I hope you give the same reaction when your kids are been bullied just saying!!!

  112. TupeloHuny says:

    Yes, Shaunie you are a hot ghetto mess. The title Executive Producer is a joke. What you do is coordinate/orchestrate this low-brow,lack-of-substance foolishness. If I was Jennifer I would not only sue Nya/Nina for slapping me, I would sue Evelyn for hitting me with her purse, I would sue YOU for allowing his to happen and I would sue VH1 for not providing a safe work environment. Yes, you should leave the show. Yes the show shoukd be canceled. Yes it is an embarrassment to ALL women of ALL races.!!!!!

  113. hollywood!!! says:

    why I have a feeling Vh1 trying to make this Jen fault also??? writing was very bias… I miss Rich…

  114. vicki says:


  115. Marie says:

    Just purchased some Lucid Napa Gloss lip gloss for $18.50; will never buy E Lozado products, priceless.
    thanks Ev for motivating me to do something I had no interest in doing, buying any of ya’lls products. But I decided to reward mature behavior and threw Jen some business. Needless to say I will never support a damn thing you do. I will encourage others to do same. It’s bad enough the only reason Shaunie and Tami was pushing this “talk” between Ev and Jen was so that Ev could get the last laugh by embrarassing Jen by putting her business out there. How childish and ignorant on their part. Then they all sit around and bash Jens lip gloss while shamefully plugging her line. Thanks Ev, you just made Jen a sale.

  116. pacubana says:

    Once again more bullying by our lovely pals Evelyn and Tami. And Shaunie as the ring leader. Ladies grow up. You’re both irrelevant!

  117. team Jennifer says:

    Going today to purchase lip-gloss by Jennifer Willliams.
    ….hood-rats Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie has motivated me !
    Go JENN !

  118. Kelly says:

    I have lost alot of respect for Tami and Evelynn this season especially Tami she use to impress me w/ her ability to try and be blunt, honest and maintain some type of integrity however this season she has sided w/ Evelynn on the childish end of the spectrum. Its sad that Evelynn has such a insecurity about her self that she only feels better when conflict or drama surround her. You would think a woman of her age would be enjoying the blessed life she has and worrying more about how to keep that then how to destroy others w/ her negativity. FIGHTING is childish and immature and only makes you look like you cant defend a topic on the merit that you are confident w/ your self and then that you own your character why does it have to be has based on negativity and violence. And quit honestly if Shaunie needs some type of counseling its because she should get it for making the setting for such a ridiuclous situation to occur. IE: Jenn, Kenya, Kesha its all stupid Tami your too damm old to fight and beat up on people you pick the weaker of the group as you know they are not confrontational like your self then you hate Royce for being a real ADULT a real WOMAN w/ a brain of her own for standing up and making valid points w/o screaming at you w/o calling you names. All you and Evelynn r good for is ratings to the masses that like seeing Ghettoness all over tv.

  119. The real truth says:

    First let me say this Evelyn is trash. Tami is Trash. Shaunie is Trash. Suzie..not worth talking about. Shaunie is a fake and wants people to believe that she actually takes time out with her brady bunch of kids. Girl stop frontin. I’m sure she is bad mother and had all those kids to make sure those checks kept rolling in. Shaunie I’m not buying your little confession with your pastor (if thats even your pastor, trick probably doesnt even go to church). Anyway I hope her kids are bullied when they go to school and lets see if she will give them the same advice she gave Jennifer.

  120. Carolyn Harris says:

    What stores sale Jen’s lip gloss Lucid Napa Gloss?

  121. sickening says:

    It was sickening to hear Evelyn blast Jennifer’s personal business to the world.
    Who raised this wet-back animal named Evelyn Lowlife.
    This really should turn all of ya’ll stomach. Evelyn thinks she ‘queen of the nile’ and that she can say anything to a person and all will be okay. Her mama has to be feeling the pain as to what she has raised to live among other humans.

  122. Judy says:

    I am so glad that Jennifer left the island last night! Those girls are nothing but a bunch of wild animals! Jen came out, they all spoke, They all agreed not to be friends with her and then they ALL ARE SHOCKED THAT SHE LEFT! Jennifer is the only one with class on that show. Evelyn used tyo be my girl, she has no class at all. Talking junk, jumping on table – what is Ocho going to do with such a low class bride? Suzie…….two faced gossip queen. Tammy?? They should put her in the Miami Zoo! Shaunie, u try to look innocent but you are no different than the others……….You needed a pastor to tell you that???

    I wish Jen and Royce all the best – thyey are the only ones who will succeed – Don’t even bother waisting your time on a show with Evelyn – What’s it going to be about? Ocho’s affairs??

  123. Lilly K says:

    First, Much Respect to Royce for staying sane amongst this madness that BBW has become. I hope that Royce finds true love, b/c she seems to be the type of woman who will give her all.

    Jen – I wish you all the happiness in the world, b/c you have certainly been put through hell this season. I do agree that in the first few seasons, you were Evelyn’s sidekick in her MEAN GIRL actions and you portrayed yourself poorly, but we could always see that it was b/c you were in the dark evil shadows of Evelyn. She and ThooThee encouraged you to cheat on your husband while you were having marital problems, only to later on throw it in your face.
    Now, its obvious that Jen has matured beyond Evelyn and no longer was in her shadows, she could not handle that, so therefore this manufactured for tv drama was put on by EXEC PRODUCER SHAUNIE O’NEAL and her cohorts. There is no way that NIA could have been allowed to SLAP any cast member without their prior approval & or knowledge. She must have felt completely emboldened by their encouragement to bring extreme DRAMA. Then EXEC PRODUCER SHAUNIE O’NEAL tried, unsuccessfully to twist that VIOLENCE into somehow Jen’s fault b/c of the comment made AFTER being hit. Transparent and Failed.
    Congratulations and best wishes with your LUCID products. I will definitely be purchasing some, just to support you.

    Tami – I literally cringe when Tami is on screen. Her words & actions make me feel embarrassed for her. I was hoping BBW was a good turn around for her, since she was down on her luck prior to the show, but her nasty bullying ways have eroded any good feelings towards her. Hope she ups the therapy sessions.

    Evilyn – No redeeming qualities at all. She is so torn up over the loss of her friendship with Jen, that she has to try and beat Jen down. I still feel there is so much more about this than anyone will ever know, and frankly more than we should know. If this is such a happy time in her life, why is she so STRESSED about a comment on a blog made almost 2 years ago? Whatever, the violent tendencies that she has should make Ochocinco really worried about her being around his kids, unless this marriage will not really become a “merged household” and she will only sporadically see them. She needs serious therapy! Also, from what we have seen, Chad is not exactly adoring her as a man should with his future bride. Their onscreen vibe is more of a business relationship.

    THOOTHEE – I use this name for her b/c she deserves to be ridiculed at every step. Suzy is the MOST DANGEROUS of the cast members. She is there solely to stir the pot and then slink away to a corner to observe. She plays both sides of the fence, fake sympathizing with Jen, gathering any comments and then slithering back over to the other side to promptly report and then watch the fireworks. I cannot believe this is a woman with children. What on earth do they think of their mom’s behavior. She is truly someone to stay far away from. I hope that Jen realizes that.

    SHAUNIE- I am not mad at you for trying to make a $$, but your hypocrisy slip is showing! After everything on this season, you go to the pastor for spiritual guidance, yet at the end of the season, you were there co-signing when Tami was throwing shade on Jen’s products. Wow! that was a perfect example of how you acted on this show from day one.

    KESHA and KENYA – I hope you guys got what you needed from this season, b/c after seeing what they put you through, neither one of you should ever go back.

  124. Ms B says:

    Tami and Evelyn are making black and latino women look bad. Despite money and fame, look at the way they act, like street thugs. I really can’t stand Tami. I haven’t liked her since the Real World.

  125. frances brown says:

    Shaunie, how could you play so innocent in the presence of your pastor? You’re sneaky. You make sly remarks and those sly remarks cause friction.

  126. Karen in DC says:

    So very disappointed in the behavior of the so-called wives this year. From Evelyn throwing bottles, to Evelyn’s assistant slapping Jen in the face. And finally – the “purse debocle” with Tammi and Kisha. Really, ladies? It”s one thing to curse each other out on national television, but to resort to violence is way over the top. Shaunie should be ashamed of herself for allowing the antics to occur between Kisha and Tammi. Tammi was one of my favorite characters, especially since she professed to be working on her anger issues. Tammi also was the calm, neutral, peacemaker at the start of this season, and I don’t know what could have mattered that much in ANY conversation, for her to treat and bully another individual the way she bullied Kisha. ABSOLUTELY, UNACCEPTABLE! I don’t expect good behavior from Evelyn, but Shaunie – yes. I WILL NOT be watching the next season, if there actually IS a next season. Come on ladies, we have got to do better.

  127. April Abraham says:

    This show is a complete embarrassment to women of all ethnic backgrounds, but especially those of us in the African American race. Our ancestors fought so hard for us to experience freedom, liberty, justice and equality, and this is how y’all repay them! I can’t even fathom the backlash and negativity the children of these women are undergoing or will undergo in the near future as the result of such poor behavior displayed by their parents throughout the duration of this show as a whole. There was no good season that I can remember, but by far this season was the worst.

  128. Going to purchase some lipgloss from Jen! PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT EVE, she just doesn’t get it.

  129. Lynn says:

    I am waiting for the reunion and then I am DONE with this show. Shaunie looking for spiritual guidance with her Pastor is a good thing. Rather we like it or not, she has made the step to make changes with her past actions.
    As far as Tami goes, this is one woman who has a lot of personal issues and should not be in front of a camera. She has made herself a villain and women don’t like seeing other women victimized and bullied.
    Evelyn has shown you can be beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside, and calling other woman a “NON-FACTOR” has just back fired on her, because she is not God and cannot make that statement,……………..ALL WOMEN are a FACTOR in this world.
    Suzie needs to grow up, people never respect followers.
    Kenya showed she had backbone by standing up to Evelyn, yet also standing by Jennifer.
    Kesha is young and was put into a LION’s DEN and I pray she will recover from it and she gained a lot of womans support.
    Royce you are BIG FORCE in a little package, we appreciate your honesty.
    Jennifer you have chosen to point your life in another direction and “WE ALL APPLAUSE YOU” by avoiding drama and walking away from the nastiness.
    Some of you ladies will succeed and others will fade away. BBW is a temporary show, but the way the woman on BBW chose to carry themselves while on the program will remain with the women who supported and watched the show for along time.

  130. ann rhomas says:

    EVELYN IS A TROUBLE MAKER!!!!!! tami starts the fights but never sees her own wrong doing SHAWNIE they are all giving you a bad name except royce and kenya. please adhere to what your pastor is telling you. evelyn tami are two very disturbed women. i am applauded at the actions and the cursing that comes out the so-called women mouth. you have to much success and talent for theses women. sometimes the good gossip can go to far.

  131. faithful fan says:

    How can Evelyn get mad at Suzie for talking about what happened in Vegas, then turn around and tell what Jen did in Vegas? She is such a hypocrite.

  132. Missy says:

    Wow! I am still stuck on the idea that Jenn CHANGED on Evelyn after Evelyn got engaged to Chad. Jenn and Ev were friends. If my friend announced her engagement I would support her wether I agree or not. I still stand by the theory that in Jen’s mind she is better than Evelyn. So, now that Evelyn is being blessed and Jenn’s life is semi-uncertain and she’s divorced from Eric…she can’t accept that someone who she deemed beneath her…..has more than she does. I don’t agree with a lot of the behavior but why is Jenn NOT taking responsibility? Yes Tami is a HOTMESS, but she takes responsibility, Evelyn a HOTMESS, but she takes responsibility, yet Jenn doesn’t!!!! We want to pity Jenn, but let’s trade places; how you you feel if your FRIEND….turned on you the minute your life was being blessed….hm? Then gets out in public and BASH YOU!!! THATS JEALOUSY and MAD THAT IT”S NOT ME!!!!! Let me make a disclaimer I DONOT AGREE WITH THE MEAN GIRLS AND THE VIOLENCE…But you can’t even talk to Jenn, well in life we all know what goes around comes around.,…..what goes up must come down!!!!!
    Suzie is just a foil character, with a speech a lisp and NO SOCIAL SKILLS OR SENSE….
    She’s two-faced. I like Shaunie because she made Basketwives a brand. I like Shaunie because she allowed these women to live a good quality of life. However Shaunie is the ring leader, and she doesn’t hide it well. But I like a leader, good or bad…she made an opportunity for these women to provide a good life for their children
    Royce, NO COMMENT
    Kesha, shut up stop talking and get Tami out your head!!!!
    Kenya….she is funny and she actually can sing. Your pretty and have something going for you…use it and grow

  133. Tyshoan says:

    Woman have forgotten what real friendship is. They can’t even keep it real when they are apart from one another. You don’t have to hang with me everyday to prove that your friendship is genuine. Keep it 100 even when we don’t talk or hang for a couple of days or a week. IjS……

  134. breanna says:

    They too old for that, dey need to grow up, im 15 ,nd they in they 40s’…nd they just makin they self look bad..

  135. Carolyn says:

    I cannot help but to think that Evelyn is jealous of Jen BIG time!! My hypothesis on this whole matter is that, Evelyn did not expect for Jen to blow her behind off the way she did. Therefore, she have to do her best to tarnish Jen’s reputation. Jen is mother Teresa to compared to Evelyn. Evelyn is and has always been a groupie. It’s ironic that she no longer want to have a chilld with Chad after getting hooked up with Baby and the Cash Money crew. It’s so obvious that Evelyn is an opportunist. Just to enlighten you Ev, Chad be ranking on you and you don’t even realize it. For example, “You are like the last slice of pizza that nobody wants.” Ponder on that. That’s a low blow that you may be to oblivious to pick up on it. A bit of advice to Shaunie, girl you simply need to regroup for the sake of your image. After all, you are who who hang with.

  136. Cynthia says:

    Tami aren’t you the one who always “keep it real”? When Royce tried to keep it real with you on last night’s episode you coudn’t handle it and ran back to Evelyn whining about Royce chastising you on your behavior towards Keisha. Boo hoo hoo I don’t want to be Royce’s friend anymore, GROW UP that’s what REAL friends do they make you aware of your wrongdoing. I use to have respect for you, but you have really shown your true self this season.
    I feel sorry for your children as they have a mother like you as a role model.

  137. Marlena Williams says:

    If you can go and seek spiritual guidance because your heart and your mind was so over burdened about the situations with these ladies….then why didnt you step in and put Tami in her place and make her give Kesha back her purse. Why didnt you respect Jen’s wishes to not have a sitdown with Ev becuase she was trying to avoid drama and relax. If i am sitting at a table and two of my friends are arguing, I am going to intervene and say we can squash this like ladies or change the subject. It would be classless and embarrassing on all parts if we continued to let the argument continue.

  138. Pat says:

    The show was a bit much…I hope this is the final season. They have done all the damage they can. I am really at a loss for words in response to the actions of these women. I would like to say that no one seems to peg Suzie for the snake that she is. She is the absolute worst! I guess every show has to have the snitch, spineless, creature that she is shown to be (satan). What I can’t understand is why people trust her with information knowing that she is behind all the gossip and drama.

  139. AKP says:

    I like Tami and Evelyn ONLY b/c they are sure to create drama and let’s face it, without the drama, we would not watch BBW. That said, I think the classiest one on there so far has been Kesha. She is true to herself and will not stoop down to Tami’s level. I think E and Tami have a lot in common and that’s why they butted heads at first.

    Royce, I don’t know. She’s ok but the crying scene at the park w/her dad made me lose respect. That’s a conversation to be had behind closed doors.

    Jen I don’t care for. I can see why Evelyn has defriended her. She acts like her crap don’t stink. She belittles those w/less than her, etc. etc. What I don’t understand is Jen was E’s sidekick creating drama, crashing parties and trash talking everyone who they felt was inferior. Now that Jen’s on the receiving end she can’t take it. *taste of one’s own medicine*

    Suzie gets on my nerves for being such a snitch and two-faced at that. Shaunie, well she’s doing what she has to do to make money. I like her and am sure we can all understand w/out the drama this show would not be as popular.

  140. annoyedathaters says:

    It is sad that so many people that hate these women have watched the season. Jennifer is a HAUTE mess and caused this friction with Eve and the other girls.. no one asked her to talk to everyone about them and I saw interview she was hating on Evelyn because she was now friends with NENE and thought that she could get into hollywood. She is an opportunist just like she opportunistically married Eric and when money changed she was OUT. This is all because she never thought Eve would fall in love but they would be Thelma and Louise and screw their way through the NBA but that did not happen so she is bitter. BYE BYE Jen and lets hope she DOES not return next season.

  141. Raechel says:

    I agree, I will rather buy Jennifer’s lip gloss over Evelyn’s products just because of the person it represents. I believe that Evelyn’s products comes from a Bully and I refuse to buy it, recommend it. I would rather buy Jennifer’s even if I don’t use it. The public should not support anything Tammie, Evelyn, or Shawnee does. Like everyone else says Suzie is not even worth mentioning.

    And by the way let’s consider that fact that Shawnee produces the show, so she felt the need to add that little confession seen at the end. She probably saw all the viewers responses and decided to show us that she actually has a conscience.

  142. Evelyn,Tami thank you 4 always keepin it real,Ev ,Jen can’t keep it real cuz she don’t even know how she is , she lived vicariously through you for so long and her booshy ass has always been so fake,faker then her breasts look,erybody thought you and Tami wouldn’t get along you had your clashes yeah but you together stay ride or die ?
    Evelyn who’s gonna be your made of honor lol

  143. NMW says:

    @TEB you summed that up and wrapped it with a bow tie! Hopefully the cast mates of this show will digest what you said and hopefully make a lot of changes. Side note, when shaunie says they probably laughing at her in these meetings, they ARE! She came up from a waitress making tips to marrying Shaq. She wasn’t with him shooting in the gym, but came up from him nonetheless. You dealing with educated business people. Shaunie probably barely have a GED and it shows! Food for thought to these cast mates, you don’t have to be bullying, violent, ghetto acting, loud, & ignorant to get good ratings. i.e. La La full court, Kardashian’s, Housewives of Beverly Hills & O.C., Braxtons, Kendra show, Tia & Tamara. These shows have high ratings excluding all the mess from this show. If your going to have fighting in your show, have tougher broads like Mob Wives who aren’t scared of each other. Maybe people like Tami & Evelyn wouldn’t have the bully title. They wouldn’t pop off to Drita, Ramona, or Karen and we all know that.

  144. BIG T says:

    This show is trash. Women will do anything for money. Fake as hell.

  145. Team Jen!!! says:

    If i understand right Jen is the new non **** factor – that mean Eve is saying to Tami face you are still the old non **** factor.
    Tami is an idiot she always as been one since Real World.

  146. Angel says:

    I can tell that evelyn is very hurt by the things jen has said about her. Jen doesnt seem to think theres anything wrong with talking bad about your friends behind their backs. I think alot of people she knows, doesnt like ev, or have their opinions about her and what she does and i think jen made a stupid mistake and jumped on the band wagon and did the whole “giggle giggle laugh laugh” about Evelyn behind her back. I think Evelyn is an honest person. Jen seems like shes always wound so tight and always worried about her image. I hope they can agree to move on and Jen should get a life and stay off blogs and twitter. Theres a whole life out here that doesnt involve social media sites.

  147. Renee says:

    I really think evelyn is hurt about her freindship with Jen no matter what dirt they have on each they were bond if tami would not edge them on they would be find suzi need to get her but off too she really carrys a bone so she keep stay in the loop they dont get it suzie keeps the spice in trouble tami, evlelynn and suzie needs to be gone

  148. carolyn says:

    I love the show and the girls, but my favorites are jennifer, shaunie, royce and maybe tami. Tami needs to calm the funk down she looks really crazy fighting and taking people pocketsbooks a true bully! On the other hand evelyn you are loose so just deal with it.

  149. SHS says:

    Wow! This is why I don’t like hanging out with women. Evelyn is pretty, but lacks the class needed for a sista to go far. She’s the kind of beautiful woman you HOPE your husband leaves you for, because he’ll be sorry and he’ll be back. Lol. Tami should grow up and stop embarrassing her daughters. Shaunie is less dignified and impressive as a woman than I had originally thought she was. Suzie isn’t worth mentioning. Royce, Kenya, and Keisha were smart to depart. Jen has taken the high-road, acted like a lady, and stood tall- through it all. I respect her and I’m looking forward to purchasing some of her products.

  150. Starone says:

    Jennifer needs to get over it….she is the problem regarding her friendship with Evelyn…it all started on the beach, the jealousy began to reveal itself ….when Evelyn told her about how deeply her love affair was and indicated the direction it might go in….Jennifer was green with envy and Evelyn picked up on it but she didn’t want to believe it….Hey Evelyn if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….IT’S A DUCK….Forget Jennifer she’s not bringing anything really to the table …I use like her but she reminds me of some friends I once had…Evelyn you know if you have too you can whip a butt…At this stage of your life it is not necessary I’m glad that you are calming down you got it going on and later for the haters…Your daughter is calm and beautiful too…good luck to you…
    I hope Shawnie makes the right decisions….Would like to see another season…Really want to say more…Tammie you are my girl too…keep cooling your star will shine real bright. The past does make us who we are…but it is not all bad take the good and run with victory.

  151. T in Texas says:

    What reputable preacher would take a private conversation and put it on national t.v. . Oh yeah , Shaunie’s . He must be getting paid pretty good . Now he will have to do some repenting himself . After seeing what kind of show he took part in . .
    Shaunie , your visit to your preacher only makes you look more and more hypocritical . You didn’t feel bad all those episodes when you just sat back at all the fights pretending you didn’t want this to happen . All you were seeing is $ $ $ $ $ $ signs . . .

  152. Phillygurl says:

    I am still trying to figure out what all the hoopla of what Jen said is. I have yet to see any one of them birds show true evidence. What is there some kind of hidden code or language in we date different kind of dudes? I don’t get it. Maybe I’m not hood enough and I grew up in the hood. I just don’t speak or understand bird

  153. Tcarter says:

    Shaunie may just need to get 3 new “BASKETBALL WIVES”, because grown women with teenage daughters should not conduct themselves as two of her castmates do and the other is a brown-nose-do-girl. There is a level of respect that any mother should hold for herself as well as her children in all situations. Women should not stoop to the level of violence, bullying, trashy cursing, airing dirty laundry, anger and lack of respect for others just to get their point across. I would expect better from a woman who is seasoned in age as they are! Do what you’ve got to do Shaunie, because it’s not a good look for you.

  154. Genevieve Givens says:

    I would buy Jen’s Lip Gloss if I knew where to buy it from? Eve’s makeup line will end up in the dollar store shelves soon and maybe I might buy it for the kids to play dress up in…..Then again, Evelyn is a bad influence on youth, so I will not have any part of her around my kids.

  155. K.S says:

    Some of you guys comments are just dumb. how is evelyn bien a bully when she was just tryna state the facts since jen dont want to. like she said she was hurt by the fact a 14 yr friendship went down the drain bc jen keeps adding fuel to the fire. so MARIE you just purchesed a product from a backstabbing lier which you clearly saw on the show this past week. Yall need to popen your eyes nd listin

  156. Raechel says:

    Dont trust Shaunee, I believe that she added that little clip after the hate blogs she was getting. Just saying, she maybe smarter than she looks. How conveniently that worked out for her

  157. Trina says:

    I thought friends are suppose to tell you the truth. When you are doing something wrong and good. That’s a true friend. Royce told Tami the truth now she don’t want to be her friend anymore. Good for you Royce…Friends like Tami you really don’t need in your life. She is a fake want to be Evelyn now. Everlyn is so jealous of Jen. Shaunie know she’s been hearing comments made about her that’s why she put that in the end of the show. She haven’t been there for any of those girls. She should’ve step in when Tami was acting up with Keisha. No respect for Shaunie, Evelyn, Suzie and Tami. I think this is the last of these women. Now Tami’s going to make her daughter’s life hell. Jen, Royce, Keisha and Kenya I wish you ladies the best!

  158. Stacy says:

    I am so happy to see so many comments consistent with my take on the show and the women. IMO, Tammi has wanted to interfere with Evelyn and Jennifer’s friendship from day one. Tammi is nothing but a bully!!! She first intended to target jennifer (like she has done with Kesha) but Jennifer was too well connected (with Shaunie and Evelyn) at that time. So Tammi has been working since then to ruin Jennifer’s friendships. Tammi keeps saying she’s cool with both, but it’s so clear that she has egged on Ev in not really trying to repair the friendship. Tammi knows she doesn’t like Jennifer, and has wanted to replace her as Evelyn BFF. Just shows how desparate and stupid Tammi is. Ev really wants to be friends with Jennifer (hence the crying) but she’s too caught up in her own image to just be truthful and communicate with the girl. Evelyn thinks yelling and ordering people around is how you talk to a grown woman. Jennifer, you’re too classsy for this bunch.. Get away from them. They are like a cancer. Just move on. They are not your friends.

  159. Lacey says:

    GURANATEE YOU – SHAUNIE FILMED THAT LAST SEGMENT AFTER ALL THE HEAT! That was not a part of the original taping, she is under fire and taped that part to make it seem as if she herself recognized that the show has come off the rails. No honey, its really obvious that you decided you needed to include something in that final episode that made it look as if you’d had a change of heart on your own. THE VIEWERS AREN’T THAT NAIVE!!!!

  160. marie3548 says:

    Shaunie talking to the pastor is damage control for the cameras u never saw her speaking to a pastor b4 while and when she iz raking in the money she personally brought Tami to the show she knows exactly what she is doing she is sneaky and underhanded and she njoys it all.
    As they said in the Usual Suspects:
    The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist=Shaunie making the allmighty dollar
    The Ringmaster of it all.

  161. Wanda says:

    Jen, reminds me of a lot of sneaky fake females. If she is so innocent why does she needs a lawyer? ummmm.
    evelyn, loud mouth and full of noise, but is anybody really listening? NO. She need psychological help.
    Kesha…should have never ran her mouth. She found her match and it back fired on her.
    Royce, seems to be the only saine one on this show this season, she knows when to step away and steer clear of messy people.
    Suzie, is weird, sneaky, and loves to start mess. very messy person.
    Tami, yes she is loud. But she tell it like it is. She the only one I feel is real on this show. Everyone else is fake and messy (exception of Royce).
    Shaunie, tries to be the peace maker but she seems more like the negotiator, lets make a deal.

  162. Kizzrowe says:

    I don’t feel that the show is an embarrassment on women at all. I feel like it is what it is a show getting ratings. I can see if this was the first season of this show then I could understand the outrage. This is season 4, they were doing the same thing then as they are doing now. Maybe they should show that they grew up since then but they are human like us we just don’t have a camera on us saying “Keep that in thats good ratings right there”. We just are so quick to judge people off of edits not who they really are but we don’t want to know them we want to know the edit version and dawg them out so totally not fair. Shaunie shouldn’t feel bad for any decisions she made in having this show,but, at the end of the day when it effects your home pull the plug…

  163. Tamara says:

    Shaunie is the one with the problem how come Royce was never filmed with the rest of the girls if Shaunie set a better example than the other ladies would have to.

  164. debbdogg says:

    I hope these females watch this show in full. They should be hiding from cameras after seeing the disgusting, nasty way they act. I will tune into Jersey Shore before I watch these trash bags again. (and I don’t watch Jersey Shore, I thought they were too young) The cast is half the age of these jokers and at least you can laugh at them. The wanna be basketball wives are an embarrassment to all…I wonder why they’re single????

  165. Elisabeth says:

    Shaunie is so fake it is almost chilling. What the BLEEP is the producer doing in the show anyway. THIS PUTS THE CAST AT A UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. there is no choice but to kiss the ass of Ev because she is bff’s with the freakn producer! What happen to Jenn is enough but what comes around goes around so Ev beware

  166. Yvonne says:

    Shaunie, you used your pastor. Shame on you. You need to repent. That last scene was so transparent. All the women including “the bullies” need to leave the show. In a subtle way, you threw them under the bus, when you were always the chief snake who allowed it all to happen. Sad… If you haven’t already, I’ll pray for you, “Forgive her Lord, for she knows not what she do. Amen.”

  167. Cathy says:

    I can’t stand the way these women have constantly threwn knives at each other. Suzie is such a snake. She thrives on being in the middle of it all. She loves to carry the bone. I can not stand her. Shaunie should have put a stop to all of this madness lone ago. It took the situation with Keisha to see. That was aweful. Tami’s sessions with a counselor is truly a waste of time. The way those women curse at each other makes me so ashamed to call them “sister”. They don’t need to be apart of this anymore. How can a man be proud to carry someone with such a filthy mouth on his arm.

  168. ldh says:

    I am sorry to say & see that my favorite Basketball Wife, Tami, has become so (for lack of a better word) negative. I can’t believe how immature and unrealistic her statements & actions have become. I’m praying for all of them but especially Tami because she & Royce, in my opinion, have always been the “real” ones & I can’t believe how messy Tami is now.

  169. Terry says:

    It’s really sad that Evelyn and Jen’s 14 years friendship has ended over some BS and it’s sad that they couldn’t resolve anything. I really think that they should have tried to hash out their differences one on one without Shaunie, Suzie and damn sure not Tami because she’s enjoying every bit of their conflicts. She wants Jen spot so bad but I hope Evenlyn will see right through her ass. She is and will always be jealous of the type of friendship Jen and Evenlyn had. So what Jen did’t come out of her room who can blame her when all they do is try to double team her every chance they get. If Tami and Shaunie was both their friends they would have just kept their mouth shut and let them try to work it out on their own instead of adding fuel to the fire. Now Tami doesn’t want to be friends with Royce anymore. Well isn’t that just crazy nonsence? Royce was just addressing the issue because she’s is usually the one who can see everyone for what they are. She know’s Tami is as crazy as they come especially when she starts drinking. It’s a real shame that black women can’t go away on a vacation without someone acting up and it always seems to be Tami acking a hot getto mess!! There was no reason why Tami should have gone off on Kesha the way that she did. Can you say Bi-Polar?? Tami Jesus is they only one who can deliver you from all your demons!!!! You need to take it to him and not man!!! Evelyn, I think you were wrong in getting Shaunie and Tami involved because they were both jealous of ya’ll friendship and if I were you I would watch Tami’s ass…14 years of friendship with Jen doesn’t compair to a few months of friendship with Tami. Eve if you are really trying to change and be a positive influence in you future step-childrens lives you really need to remove negative people from your life and surround yourself with positive people. Drop Tami before it’s too late girl!

  170. ingrid says:

    I thought it was just me that felt that Shaunie staged that conversation with her pastor lol. She threw all those hot ghetto mess ass females under the bus. Why didn’t she tell them how she felt at their last dinner date…fake ass. And yes Shaunie you are a ghetto hot mess and so is Tami, Evelyn and Faucet mouth Suzie. I pray that this show gets cancelled because I will not waste my time on this bull ever again. Oh and whatever projects the “The new non MF factors” (Ev,Tami,Shaunie, or Susie) have to promote I will not support even if they give the products away for free.

  171. patti says:

    team`Royce, Kesha and Jenn~~Thums up gals for showing some class, and responsibility..
    Illiterate,bully,ghetto girls“Tami and Evelyn, and Shaunie chose that team ~as she posts pictures of her kids, like she is a perfect mom~yeah one who totally condones violence , bullying foul mouth, ghettoness….We watched you shaunie all season…so talking to pastor , and posting ur kids pics, is only a desperate attempt to calm the negativity toward you.

  172. LilDarlin says:

    Whoever wrote the comments that follows the film clips are as bias as Evelyn. OK. we know that VH1 wholeheartedly supports Evelyn and so does Shaunie, but do you have to do a hatchet job on Jen’s character to build Ev’s up?’ These comments NEVER have anything positive to say about Jen or Kenya, if you don’t want her on the show Shaunie, just let her go and keep your vicious, two-faced circle of so called “friends” intact. Lets see how many more seasons this will last. As far as you finally finding a voice to speak out to Jen, why were’nt you doing that when Jen and Kesha were attacked? Because you all just have to have someone to pick on, got to keep the drama coming. If you have nothing positive to say to someone when it counts, just don’t say anything because it looks fake. Do better and move on up, not out.

  173. patti says:

    Also Tami has no right to parent! If I was children services and seen her on this show, I would immediately step and and remove any minor child from that home!
    I hope Evelyn never recovers from the public outrage of bottle throwing, thank God, Jenn did not get blinded or severely injure by this ghetto womans egotistical problems.

  174. Phillygurl says:

    It’s funny because all Shaunie wanted to do was to get them together to talk because Jen flipped the script on them, Jennifer dismissed Evelyn like 5 episodes ago. Jen already pretty much already let Evelyn and everybody else know she doesn’t consider you guys factors at all, so that last “talk” seemed redundant and contrived.

  175. mishell says:

    SHAUNIE,….really? Sitting with a Pastor and trying to clean up the MESS you helped make? You must know that WE are not that stupid. Sure, your surrounded by some slow minded women (Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie) but their in a category all their own. The MAIN mistake you made was putting TAMI ROMAN on the show. She got bolder and bolder, fouler and fouler, until her CRAZY MOUTH and ACTIONS insulted at least 90% of BBW viewers. Tami triggered all of the anger from BBW viewers with the Kesha purse incident. To see this woman BULLY another woman and find pure JOY in it was hard too watch. That moment made me sit back and really think about what I was watching and if I could support such a show. MY ANSWER IS “NO”. I honestly do not care if the show continues or is cancelled. TAMI DOES NOT NEED TO BE ON TV, HER ATTITUDE IS VILE AND DISTURBING.

  176. JboogyJ says:

    That top Picture of Tami captures the true essence of TAMI ROMAN….Crazy as hell.

  177. JboogyJ says:

    The last picture of Shaunie and her pastor ….Let me help you out…YES!!!! people are looking at you as a Hot Ghetto Mess because that’s exactly what you are…You just try to be sneaky with it.
    Shaunie you can’t wear both hats low-down and elite. So you can look forward to being kicked out of the elite circle real soon… if not already.

  178. rhonda short says:

    U ALL R SO STUPID really tami u not friends with royce anymore bcause she didnt agree with ur stupidness.really.looks shaunie is so sneaky no wonder her and shaq not togather.royce the real one on the show.i bet u all r so jealous of her cause she didnt act a fool wit u all.but 4 some reason i still love the show.dang!

  179. disappear.shaunie! says:


  180. shay blush says:

    yall ppl crack me up talkn about this show make women of color look bad… CHILD PLEASE NO IT DONT IT MAKE SHAUNIE,EVELYN,JEN, SUZIE,AND TAMI LOOK BAD,,,, i cant stand when ppl crucify a whole race for something one or two ppl doing….. im quite sure the same viewers that watch BBWz also watch MOB WIVES,AND ALL THE REAL HOUSEWIVES ,, ITS DRAMA ON ALL THOSE REALITY SHOWS. AND IF IT WASNT IT WOULDNT BE AIRING… BLAH IM OUT

  181. Lisa Waters says:

    If Shuanie cannot get her cast to act in a more lady like manner then yes she should leave. We all watch for the cat fights however to evilness of Tammi was too much I would say for most of us. We get the Jen and Evelyn issue, but the meaness of Tami is awuful. She is portrayed as a bully. Susie is a trouble maker. And for all of these adult women to sit there and let Tami act like she does and not say something makes them cowards. We are all voyers thats why we watch, but to watch these girls is like wathing a plane crash full of pasengers everyweek. Lets get back to the good old catfights without fist and bottels being thrown.

  182. Daisy says:

    CANCEL THIS SHOW!! Evelyn and Tami shouldnt have a platform to bully others while getting paid for it. CANCEL THIS SHOW!!

  183. CHELLY (PR) says:

    first of all let me start by saying Evelyn my dear you give PUERTO RICAN women a bad name girlfriend come on. we do not roll like that why don’t you go down to PUERTO RICO TO SEE HOW WE DO! WE HAVE CLASS YOU REALLY SHOWED HOW CLASSY YOU ARE! however friendship is not based on what you have, who you are, or how hard you are. is much more than that. and it shows that none of yous have that! the sad part is that most of yous are mothers WHAT EXAMPLE ARE YOU GIVING YOUR CHILDREN! REALLY SAD TO SEE ALL OF YOUS BEING SO HATEFUL TO EACH OTHERS! I hope to God that all of you find yourself and would learn how to really chirish your friendship GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOUS

  184. Linda says:

    Who is the person that writes this blog?? It’s obvious that they have a bias. It’s so apparent that VH1 & Shaunie cater to Evelyn because she is willing to do the most dirt in front of the cameras. Jen was way too calm in this last episode and Shaunie & Tami are super fake.

  185. Maria says:

    I honestly fault Shaunie and the network and other producers for this entire chirade! Those women are who they are…mentally, verbally and even physically abusive! That is why they’re on the show (the network doesn’t care, they don’t see past the dollar signs) But Shaunie, as a black woman first and so called friend of the ladies second should care more about how they come across on the show…oh now you want to get a concious 5 seasons later, please!

    Yes everyone is grown and no Shaunie is not there to babysit but there is a level of respect those women show her and she should use that level of respect to her advantage and try and explain why the choices they’re making are not the wisest and could result in serious consequences, yes she did EVENTUALLY have that conversation with them, but when it ends in jokes and laughing about the situation…it loses it’s value AND maybe you didn’t participate in the foolishness, but you were right there and did not stop it ie. the fish in Kenya’s bungalow…there was nothing funny about that, neither Suzie nor Evenlyn are friends with Kenya, so it wasn’t a funny joke, they were picking on that girl and it wasn’t nice!

    And what do the producers keep doing…adding more and more seasons and allowing the behavior toget more and more out of hand and concentrate on nothing but the foolishness, then castmates wan to blame the producers for editing! Well, if you weren’t causing conflict to begin with the producers would have no conflict to edit…HHHEEELLLOOO!!

  186. Nonya says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. I feel so sorry for you cause you obviously DON’T get it, either because you are young or just like the person (Tami-fake female) you idolize on this show. Jen NEVER stated that she was innocent of anything. Jen got a lawyer, because she was NOT going to get in the gutter with those other so called women, so she got lawyers to handle her business since the only other way these so called women will learn (othern than a beat down) is if you hit them where it hurts-their money. Kesha didn’t “run” her mouth either as you stated, she confided in three people about her feelings and opinions and they as messy as can be, ran it back to Tami who then BULLIED Kesha. So you got things a littel twisted in your mind.

  187. Andrea says:

    This season was a total joke. I have never seen women who are supposed to be so “classy and sophisticated” act like they just came out of the projects. Let me start with Tami:
    Tami why do you think it’s okay for you to comment about the new girls and have your opinion but as soon as someone has something to say you want to connect foot to ass? You are Entirely too grown to act like a child. Grow the hell up! I guess you can take the person out the hood and dress them up with the prettiest weave and they will still find a way to bring the hood right out “trying to keep it real”. And what exactly is your definition of friendship? Someone who supports you even when you are dead ass wrong. Royce didn’t talk about you behind your back and told you how wrong you were. Now all of a sudden she is no friend. There was NOTHING that Keisha could have said that deserved that. It was very evident how meek and timid she was. Hell I would have pressed charges on that ass too if you would have taken my purse.
    Evelyn…Simple-minded and trifling. You claimed you didn’ want Jen in your space but couldn’t wait for another confrontation in Tahiti. All you wanted to do was just fight and make her look like a non MF factor. How can you even think with a nasty attitude like yours that anyone would ever want to support your makeup line( while talking about Jen’s lip glosses in the same breath)? No one wants to support someone who believes that over the age of 30 you need to still solve problems with wine bottles and vases. I saw in your interview that you wanted your daughter to look up to you. I hope she has chosen a better role model over the years because you are a pitiful excuse for one.
    Susie…no need to waist my breath on this leech/snake in the grass. Enough said.
    Royce…. please find yourself before spreading your legs again next season to a new guy. Damn!
    Last but not least Shaunie… You are by no means innocent. You claim that these women are your friends and yet you let them continue to show the hell out all because of ratings. If there was no fighting viewers would still tune in. Yes you come off looking like a queen bee above all of the pettiness while everyone shows exactly how Classless they really are. And yes the people in the meetings more than likely think you are a hot ghetto mess because the saying is true..birds of a feather flock together!

    All in All Jen took the high and mature road, walking away and not fighting. She is the only one who remained refined on the show this season.
    Next season act better do better, not because we expect you all to be role models but because you should want to act like women should. Hell you should want you kids and their peers to see you in a better light.

  188. Tmeekie says:


  189. tisha says:

    i just saw the wendy williams their will be a season 5 i would be watching. tami claims she change after the twitter issues. shaunie is full of it, and evelyn done

  190. anne says:

    I feel Jen should let it go this season Shauni and the threesome group showed who they really are Evenlyn lasting person with loads of issues -Tami the ultimate bully how dare she relates herself as being a fole model to young black girls – Shauni a big dissapointment she has proven that she is no better than her presence company it is time she loks in the mirror a mother the behavior she supports is not good I am sure there are respectcul ladies that represents a more postive side of basketball wives.

  191. BEBE says:

    @LACEY You make a good point. I would have never thought about it that way.

  192. Melanie Vincent says:

    These woman are bullies and seem to prey on the weak I know they wouldn’t pull that on the ATL Housewives. I can’t believe how childish they act I don’t know why Tami and Evenlyn think they can tell people these ladies would probably have fun if they we’re not on the show. They need to show some class. I don’t blame Jen for letting these females know that she will file charges and I would sue and take what lil money Jen got in her bank. Really Shaunie wow this show makes black women look bad.

  193. Ashley says:

    I have several observations regarding this season of BBW. First off, let me say that after the final reunion show, I will be saying goodbye to this show. What began as a somewhat interesting reality show has dissolved into a petty, mean spirited, ghetto display. These women are beyond blessed and have access to funding and opportunities most people never have the opportunity to experience, yet they continue to act as though they are still in junior high. At a certain point we all have to grow up and realize that we cannot act on every negative impulse that makes it’s way into our minds. We have choices and we have to choose the right ones.

    Shaunie – I have lost all respect for this woman who I truly believe is the secret ringleader. She manages to appear innocent, yet allows all the negative behavior around her to continue. If she has no power, then the title of Executive Producer should be removed. I also believe the last scene with her and the Pastor was taped AFTER all the controversy and bullying. She didn’t expect all the negative backlash and is now trying to save face. Shame on you Va’Shaundya!

    Evelyn – Jen was wrong to give the radio interview, but that in no way shape or form gives you the right to put your hands on her. You weren’t crying over the lost friendship. You were crying because you no longer have control over Jen. Hope all your current friends are watching and noting that you are quick to spill secrets. Jen never spilled any of yours. And you a lie if you want us to believe we know everything. Child please. Grow up.

    Tami – Shame on you. You are the oldest woman here and you act like some of the girls acted when I was in high school. Let’s be real. The only reason you gave Kenya back that purse was because you didn’t want to end up in a Tahitian jail. She got you there. You looked stupid. Hope you were as embarrassed for yourself as I was for you. I’m gonna pray for you. By the way, real friends tell each other when they are wrong. Royce is your only REAL friend on the show. The others were willing to sit there and watch you make a fool of yourself yet they did nothing.

    Susie – you really want to fit in with these ladies so bad and it’s quite obvious. They keep you around, not because you add any real value, but because you are quick to run back with the scoop. The tide will turn again when you step out of line.

    Kenya – run don’t walk. You have no place on this show with these women. You were right to leave Tahiti. Hope you realize that Royce is your only friend. Evelyn may have cried with you but she also helped Tami go through your phone after Tami stole your purse.

    Royce – you were so smart not to go to Tahiti with these women. You showed so much maturity this season. I think you are my favorite. One word of advice. People show you who they really are if you give them enough time. Let your man show you who he really is and then decide if you want to marry him. Remember, marry in haste, regret at length.

    Jen- you showed a lot of class this season. Quite honestly, I think you don’t deal with most of these women anymore because you somehow realized none of them were your true friends. I hope you do have real friends in your life who bring support and positivity. You were smart to lawyer up and press charges on Nia. Isn’t it interesting that after you did that Ev managed to keep her hands to herself in Tahiti? You saw who your true friends are this season. You have none. Time to move on girl…

    Kenya – Evelyns apology was garbage and you know it. Don’t be Suzie. Don’t belittle yourself to fit in. You made some critical errors this season. You too should cut your losses and walk away.

  194. Lynn says:

    These girls, not women, are too old to be hitting on one another and talking about each other. So what if someone says something about you, there isn’t a point to try and beat their ass. Tami old ass needs to take a seat, she calls herself raising other people’s children when she got her own that probably need tendiing to. I no longer watch the show anyway because Shaunie is the only respectful person they got left. There is nothing enjoyable about it anymore, take it off. BLACK WOMEN already have it hard and to place the type of children,girls, on TV I can no longer watch. Turn it off and put Tami old ass in a nursing home where she belongs, child abuser…………..

  195. T REDD says:

    I am so glad this show is over i was sick & tired of the bullying & all the gossip. These are suppose to be grown woman who clearly acted like kids I don’t understand why one group can say what they want about who ever they want whenever they want but the other group can’t words are words long as no one throw punches but as we all saw sum people couldn’t keep there hands to thereself, this show is a disgrace to real woman Shaunie alwasy wanna be the peace maker in the end but why set up these all girl trips when u know drama is always present on these trips why not leave the drama home & give the other girls a chance why even bring them on the show & your clearly not going to give them a chance & these woman have kids what away to teach your kids, if u go back to the !st season u will see just how fake & phony these people are, I could care less if they never do this show here again

  196. Just bought some Lucid lipgloss from the website. Team Jen all the way! I will never support Evil Eve.

  197. georgette says:

    It’s ashame Shaunie you could let something like this on your show go on. You is a disgrace to the black woment. I use to think highly of you but now I see you are in the middle of everything as well as Tami. Evelyn is just mad cause Jen said that Chad was a media you know what. You invited Jen to all these gathering and so she could be physically harm, you knew what would happen. You baited her in then you and Tami, and Susie turned on her. You are some kind of friend really? So Evelyn and Tami can disrupt your TV Show which could cause you to be liable for a law suit, are you insane? You have six kids is this what you teaching them to be two faced and play these foolish game. Evelyn comes to your birthday party and disrupt it that’s okay. So what if Jen twitter, or doing interview so what she has her opinion to speak as well as the other cast mate. Who Show is it your or Evelyn. I hope this letter get to you. And by the way Susie your nobody friend you got a great big mouth it’s wider than the sea no wonder you man left you. You couldn’t say hello to me with a ten foot pole.
    You’re a wannabe gid rid of her Shaunie she nothin but trouble and by the way your girl Evelyn and Tami are low class.

  198. citygurl1730 says:

    PEOPLE Please ..!!!!! you watch the show because it is full of drama.. all u have to do is turn the channel….is it because the women is black ? what is the problem really..!!! Right now this is not the only show that the women act is way, what about mob wives , bad girls club, real housewives this is crazy.. I’m just calling it like I see it… this is sad but true…

  199. I think Shaunie should walk away, but I don’t believe she will walk or really speak her opinon about all the mess that has been going on amongst them because I think she’s afraid of Evelyn & Tammi. Shaunie, the truth will make you free.Do you belive this? Speak your real feelings if you’re fed up.

  200. Lee says:

    Tami’s comment that she will no longer be friends with Royce is not a surprise. In fact, Tami makes it crystal clear by her behavior and comments that the only friends she wants are those that can be bossed around and/or that agree with her no matter how wrong she might be. News flash Tami, a true friend is one that will be honest with you at all times, even when it hurts. Speaking of honesty, Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzi don’t really like you either Tami. They fear you. There’s a difference. So those “friendships” will dissolve soon anyway. In fact, Shaunie is already jumping ship. And I promise that Evelyn will use her marrage as an excuse not to be around anymore. Unfortunately, so many know how unstable and irrational you are Tami, good luck finding new “friends”. Shaunie, what you did compromising your children and pastor to do damage control is shameful. You still don’t get it. Evelyn, why is it so easy for you to dismiss or explain away your man’s disrespectful attitude and behavior towards you, but you refuse to be forgiving and understanding to a friend of 14 years? Jen has had a really rough few months. Where is the compassion and love for her? Evelyn, you will need the love of a good friend again. Royce, you are the best! I would love to see you with your own reality show. God bless you all. You need His grace.

  201. forit says:

    Come on Shaunie, you really had to go to a pastor? You really think Jesus would want you and your band of misfits to rep the church??? The advice you need is from a psychologyst not a pastor.

  202. GRACE says:


  203. Kanesha says:

    Everybody on this show clearly have some growing to do, Evelyn-Tami-and Shaunie are the only reason i watch the show…but the rest of them so called women are just pathetic. Jen can never face up to her responsibilities, Kesha ALWAYS running from them, Suzie still gossip to much, Royce tryna get the acceptance of Kesha because nobody else in the group really care for her. Like it’s a mess but i tell you it’s a very interesting show :) If You walk away these women will never learn anything

  204. winnlu says:

    shaunie why envolve your pastor in this mess. If he was going to let himself be a part in the show of ministering to you, he is suppose to be honest and tell you what part you played in creating this mess. and if he ever looked at any of the episodes, he will clearly see you did absolutely nothing to reprimand these women about their bad behaviour, and in fact you were a part of it. I didn.t hear him give you any kind of advice, so what was the point. Now I know what the verse means that says “WHAT DOES IT PROFIT A MAN TO GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD AND LOSE HIS SOUL”.what people won.t do for Keisha says, its so sad.

  205. lisa MaconRamirez says:

    Its ashame that black woman have to get on tv and act like this, I guess tami little heart condition did nothing for her soul or the fact she has kids that have friends that watch this show. Suzy will never changed two faced and never know what side she wants to be on, as for jenni you will always be a great woman and you will always have one up and the woman on this show.

  206. DeeTexas says:

    The majority of these women are trash too. I wish Jen and Royce the best and I will pray for the rest.

  207. nene says:

    i feel that everyone is going to the extrem saying all these negative things about the show but yall still tune in why dont nobody having anything to say about Bad Girls Club who fight 24/7 that is all the show is about yes people get upset you not about to tell me that somttimes you express your feelings in the wrong way im just saying now dont get me wrong I dont think that it right or anything but I dont think it make black women look bad because that not all that the show is about you are only seeing what has been edited and shown on tv not everything so you really dont know everything that has happen before it reached that boiling point so Shaunnie dont feel like others action are pulling you down because you are still a strong BLACK WOMAN and it same to me that everyone on the show stand up for their own actions except for some so if you like stop watching and stop hating because you not on the show or not there THANK YOU A BLACK FEMALE THAT STAND FOR HER OWN AND REPRESENT HERSELF NOT NO SHOW GROW UP NOW THATS 100

  208. Jolie says:

    Tami is sooooooooooooooooooo old and childish.

  209. Tajadaka says:

    Wow, what a mess!!! Royce you’ve grown and may god continue to bless your career moves. HERE IT GOES: Nia should be sued, punched and called stupid for not realizing her ass was being setup to take the fall, of course Evelyn had all the opportunities to really hit Jen, but as a longterm friend she knew Jen was about the law, point blank, so they throwed Nia silly ass in front to test the waters and of course being the assistant, that she was,SHE ASSISTED!!!! lmao. Suzie, REALLY, you 2nd that B.S. from Tami about Royce, How about Royce was the one who helped you get status back, cause you was just a sad as puppy a season or 2 ago, and who??? continued to make you feel excepted and help you back in the circle when Evelyn them cut your ass off for having DIARRHEA OF MOUTH about Vegas . you definitely should be begging for apology like you did Tami (crazy ass)!!! Tami is just a lost cause!! had everything going for her, intelligent, has beautiful kids, had plenty supporters and etc. Instead of using her intelligence to help her kids get ahead, she embarrasses them and her organization. Yes bully, that she is! Keisha did what was best, stay pretty, classy and put it in the law hands by reporting her purse stolen. To know that i felt sorry for her ass when Evelyn told her ass she was a nonfactor. Really!!! Jen stay humble and do you, and now i understand why you didnt tell your bestfriend (Evelyn) them about your lipstick coming out party, cause guess ?? she’s definitely jealous of you, her shoe store fell and of course, she cause a huge scene over a blog/interview so she can have reason to steal your idea!!! REALLY….last but not least, QUEEN “B” she really upsetted me in the finale, she knew when Tami took Keshia’s property was wrong, but just sat back and made little commentsbecause to afraid to stand up to BIG BULLY Tami and this suppose to be her show. She knew it bothered her and Evelyn but just vented on national tv how they felt about it and did NOTHING but kept it moving and blamed Keisha for being soft!!!!

  210. Judy says:

    I love Royce and Jennifer for growing. I do feel as though Jennifer has done some wrong (but who hasn’t?) Now Tami has a problem with Royce for being the only friend to say chick your wrong. Tami wants a “yes mam” not friend. Shaunie seems to now see that these girls are not positive influences and wants to bail out. Shaunie needs to be a woman ant tell them when they are being wrong.

  211. Tif Young says:

    I am not surprised by none of this. These fights have gone on for far too long. It will be a matter of time before this show is canceled. The only thing I defend is what happens in real life which is when you talk behind someones back and you get called out on it then you can not defend yourself as saying it (Keshia). If you said own up to it. Don’t act like a punk. Now should not be the time for Shaunie to say I wonder what these women are saying or thinking of me when she said on the last reunion I want to do many more seasons with these women.

  212. Jenni says:

    The summary is obviously biased towards Evelyn. To the blogger, you need to read the viewers’ comments. Evelyn and Tami have criminal tendencies. Evelyn is more drama and uses her mouth which can be quite dangerous and Tami actually uses her hands. Tami is extremely dangerous to an individual’s health and should not be near people. Lock this animal up in a facility.
    Boycott every project Evelyn and Shaunie are involved with; let them do community. Suzi, you are really evil by betraying your associates like that.
    Jen, don’t even worry about what Evelyn says, we do not care either. Royce, you are doing fine and progressing nicely. Kesha, my heart grieves for you with you having to ask for your own bag and Shaunie and Evelyn just sat there while that animal bullied you for your own property. They are horrible people. But they will get their own reward one day.
    Kenya, you are beautiful and I wish you the best. I will like you to not own the label of crazy because you look fine to me. Good luck to Jen, Royce, Keisha, and Kenya. To the others, I hope you get your Karma for all the evil things that you did to your fellow castmates for the almighty dollar.

  213. Drea85 says:

    The whole season they tried to make Jen look bad and it backfired on them big time!!! Evil Ev showed how jealous she is of Jen!!! I used to love Tami but she’s just a bully!!!!

  214. Roz says:

    @ Winnlu

    Her pastor is exactly who she needed to consult if she was being honest about resolution. The pastor did give her some sound advice which was leave the losers in the valley if you plan to go to the mountaintop. If she plans to make this show right she has got change a WHOLE lot starting with herself. She has been a fake and a fraud from the inception of this trashy show.

  215. Roz says:

    I meant she has to change a lot

  216. Msnessa says:

    this show does not need to come back for another season…its distasteful and disrespectful to black woman….the world already looks at us as beligerent nut bats…..and these women are the personifcation of nuttiness……Grown women do not sit around talking about folks and bullying them. It’s sickening to watch them.

  217. swaynecia says:

    Interesting outcome:)

  218. LVSatinDoll says:


    You are just as much at fault as Evelyn and Tami are! This drama evolved into a life of its own, and you could have stopped it loooong time ago! Now your conscious is bothering you, and seek the advice of your pastor……….please!!!!! I’m not falling for it! Cancel the show and try to rebuild your image in a more positive light!!

  219. Nonya says:

    VH1 is OBVIOUSLY removing some comments from the site because i only see 1 lonely comment from the 31st of May AND i’ve been looking for other comments other posters have talked about and can’t seem to find them hmm. Stop the censoring VH1!!!

  220. GiGi says:

    I am so ashamed of these ladies. Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself for not telling Tammy she was wrong and getting her purse back for her. You ladies watched Tammy bully that young woman and did nothing. I can’t believe how all of you all just watched Tammy and did nothing. Shaunie, you of all people should have made Tammy give that purse back. She should have gotten Tammy locked up because it was theft. That girl did not do anything that any of the other ladies on that show didn’t do. All of you all on that show has sidebar conversations about each other. And Suzie, you are just pathetic. You are a trouble making chump. You were just getting bullied by Evelyn and now you are running around starting stuff. You make my stomach hurt. Evelyn, you are wrong. If Jenifer said something that you didn’t like about the guys that you dated, you and her have history of friendship and you could have pulled her to the side and talked to her. And furthermore, Tammy is enjoying the fact that your friendship is broken up and satisifed. Royce is the most genuine out of all of you. I hope all of you have learned a lesson from of this.

  221. Linnie says:

    Just finished watchin the Reunion Part I – Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami are all missing the point! They are all on some BS! Now you all want to act like ladies! DISGUSTING!!! Tooooooo late!!! Evelyn said that Jennifer has the fans fooled. Why is it important that you continue to blast Jennifer? Who freakin cares about a polygraphy?? I certainly don’t. Tami, #1, Evelyn #2, etc. have showed you natural azzes on tv and we know who you are. The type of behavior that you displayed is habitual and that is who you are! I can’t stand Tami and she’s a poor role model for her daughters. Next week, she’ll be back to the same ole shiggy (the spots don’t change). Evelyn, you are getting married right ??? So why in the hell are you still concentrating on Jennifer. Yes, I’m in Jennifer’s corner and yes, let the State Attorney deal with the hoodrat who sides of her hair is missing!!!

  222. patricia says:

    watching the show tonight was a hot mess,Jen should not apoligize for filing a law suit keep your hands to yourself,and the only reason those HOOD RATS are trying to save face is because they want to keep riding the gravy train. I did not believe one word coming out of any of bullies mouths and i don’t think anyone eles did.John Sally is a stupid unprofessional fool i found nothing funny about anything said tonight,get rid of him,he is no better than the Ghetto Bullys.

  223. Queen says:

    Shauni is so full of crap. If she really wanted growth on the show, she would have never allowed a lot of what went down this season go down. She didn’t really step up to say that Evelyn or Tami were wrong when they obviously were in the wrong.

    And Evelyn and Tami are full of crap because they are the biggest bullies on the show….now that they are on the reunion show they are doing their “mea cupas”. They aren’t sorry, they are scared of all the backlash they got (including Shaunie) because of the way they behaved.

    And Jen is making an interesting point…if they were really friends, why didn’t see call to ask her how she was doing during her divorce? And all that crap about Jen living with Nia came out…Jen was staying with her when she was in the city partying with her. They made it sound like Jen was living there on a short term basis.

  224. BuyLucid/Boycott BBW says:

    Support Jen by buying her Lucid lip glosses. Boycott BBW. Don’t tune in for their next season. Don’t buy Evilyen’s evil book or watch her show. Boycott Tami’s shows. These wicked queens need to really get humble and come clean for their behavior which clearly has not changed based on the reunion show.

  225. simonsays says:

    Shaunie and Tammi need to quit…they could care less about Jen and Evelyn…this season they turned on Jen like they did Meeka….and drama fighting….Look at what they did to Kenya with the fish prank and Shaunie was there and enjoying it ….. they just let Tammi stomp Kesha before Shaunie felt bad..It is sad but it is what it is….the group does not care for each other….I think Jen can and will move forward, Royce, Kenya and maybe Kesha…all of them have been hurt ….the reunion was a joke, why test for what it is….