Single Ladies – Episode 1 – Where Were We?


It’s been too long since we’ve caught up with our Single Ladies and big changes are under foot.

Before we do anything else, let’s meet Raquel:

We’re introduced to Raquel mid-tango. She’s insanely beautiful, insanely talented (just look at that footwork), newly engaged to Victor, a doctor, and she’s successful at work. On paper, she’s perfect and it would be obnoxious if she weren’t so sweet to boot.
Single Ladies Episode 1 Denise Vasi Raquel
Raquel and Keisha are lifelong friends, they go way back, but haven’t seen one another in years, and when they see one another they can’t be happier. Keisha has a sixth sense though and can tell that something’s amiss with Raquel. This is not the girl she knew from their days back in Inglewood, this Raquel is polished and perfect, and it clearly shows the influence that her mother has had on her. Victor is smart, rich, and he’ll be a great dad, Raquel tells Keisha. “What more could I ask for in a man?” “How ’bout a reason to change your panties?” Keisha deadpans.

Raquel does need to change her outfit, for a family photo not for reasons any filthier than that, and when she goes up to her room to slip into anther dress, she sees Victor screwing someone else. Devastated, she walks away, and when she and Victor take the stage to announce their engagement, she shakes things up a bit, telling the crowd “While we were all down here celebrating, my proud fiance was upstairs screwing another woman.” Gasp.

“There is nothing you could say now that could ever make me marry you,” Raquel tells Victor, the crowd, and all of us. No one is more disappointed by this turn of events than her oh-so-proper mother, who is almost literally clutching her pearls. Raquel takes her engagement ring and throws it into the air, and Keisha catches the ring, telling her “Oh no. You earned this bitch. Let’s go.”

Welcome to the world of Single Ladies, Raquel.

Back at the party, we weren’t just focused on Raquel’s life changing breakup. There was a lot of back story going on, first with April, who entered the ball with Keisha, but her newly-single instincts kick in and she goes into flirt mode with a random, but presumable wealthy, stranger. She explains to him that she left her record label and is now doing club promotions which catches us up nicely on her career, but she spots Jerry, the man who proposed to Val and left us all wondering what happens when the man you really love finds you in a bedsheet, at the door, feet away from the man you once loved and just screwed.

Together they tango, and April begs Jerry to give Val a second chance. Oh yeah, hey, where’s Val?

In Milan. And she’s never coming back. More on that later.

Keisha cuts in on April and Jerry’s dance to also beg for Val’s forgiveness and another second chance. Jerry’s mind is made up, there’s no room in his heart for Valerie, and that’s that. Which leaves a nice opening for Agent Winston to cut in and tell Keisha he’s been searching for Malcolm, who’s been on the run. “This is a friendly warning. If you don’t tell the FBI where Malcolm is, we’re going to start looking into your background.”

The next day, after Raquel has spent the night at Keisha’s apartment, Keisha tells her she’s glad she realized that Victor was no good. “Sleeping Beauty finally woke up,” she says. “Isn’t she supposed to be awakened by a kiss? Not by finding her fiance plowing another woman?” Touche.

Keisha catches Raquel up on the Malcolm/FBI situation and tells her she hasn’t heard from Malcolm for two weeks. “For all I know he could be somewhere curled up with his ex wife,” Keisha says. She’s hurt, but she’s been tasked with managing V, Val’s boutique, while Val hides out in Milan, so at least she’s being kept busy. And she’ll be busier now that she’s found out that Val is not coming back, ever, to Atlanta and she plans to sell the store. Omar, whose livelihood is directly affected by this, is tormented. “Whyyyyyyy?” he screams.
Single Ladies Recap
“We’re gonna be all right,” Keisha assures them all. Later at the store, they hold a memorial service for Val, featuring one of her signature dresses, and they pour some champagne out onto it for their fallen homie.

Speaking of things getting wet, April falls asleep on the couch at V, only to wake up and realize she’s been having erotic dreams about mystery men because she’s really hard up in the love department. Meanwhile, Kesha gets a special delivery at the store, which starts to ring when it arrives.

Inside the gift basket is a phone, with Malcolm on the other end of the line.

Up to this point, Malcolm’s kept Keisha in the dark about all his personal business, so when they meet, her first order of business is to make him her coat rack.

Malcolm offers her a sincere apology and explains himself. He tells Keisha the FBI isn’t really looking for him, they’re looking for the Mayor (yes, the Mayor that April got to know in the Biblical sense on top of the Bible at the courthouse that one time). The Mayor has been extorting local businesses for years, and Malcolm had been paying the bribes, using Ashley, his ex-wife, as messenger. But they were caught recently, so Ashley hightailed it out of the country (leaving Keisha and Malcolm alone, together, finally), but Malcolm still needs to make sure his name is cleared with the FBI and Ashley is safely in the Ivory Coast. If all of that sounds complicated, just allow yourself to be confused and look at this instead.
Single Ladies

April continues to fantasize about a mystery man, even while she’s on dates with other men, she’s just that hard up for some physical action.
April Single Ladies
But all that seems to come easily to Raquel, despite her newly single status. She’s invited out for tea by Leonardo, a photographer with an intriguing accent, and ends up posing seductively for him. We knew she had a naughty side…

At April’s first big club gig, everything seems to be going great for her, she’s landed Big Boi to perform,
Single Ladies Big Boi
but as soon as he starts playing, the fun ends for Keisha, who’s handcuffed by Agent Winston who tells her she’s under arrest for tax evasion.
Single Ladies
Agent Winston tells her he’s still after Malcolm, and all she has to do is tell him where Malcolm’s been hiding and her tax problems will disappear. Before she can say another word in the interrogation room they borrowed from Law And Order: SVU, a figure from Keisha’s past enters and advises her not to say another word. Sean Clark is a lawyer, but more importantly, he’s Keisha’s ex, called by Raquel to sort out this situation. Though they dated for six years, Sean cheated and had a son with another woman, so Keisha’s not exactly thrilled he’s there.

Sean tells Keisha she owes the government $200,000 in back taxes, or else she faces three to five years in prison. He plans to help her, pro-bono, but the situation forces me to ask if eventually it won’t become more like pro-boner. Right, guys? I mean, it’s already starting.

When Leonardo stops by V to drop off the sexy photos he took of Raquel, it’s not so much that they’re sexy that shocks Raquel, it’s that she allowed herself to be so free.

Where has all that freedom and joie de vivre gone from her life?

Leonardo leaves her with the photos and the memory of him, because he tells her he doesn’t want to take her now, he’s not rebound material. Maybe one day he’ll return, but for now, he’s just a very sexy Fotomat, delivering her pictures in under an hour.

As Keisha arrives with Sean to the FBI building, ready to stall or negotiate or do something that could mess with her finances and future, all to save Malcolm, she’s stunned to see Malcolm himself arrive. He’s been clued into Keisha’s situation by Raquel, so he sweeps in to give himself up. But what he doesn’t expect to see is Sean.

And proving that nothing, absolutely nothing, on this show is uncomplicated, as Raquel is ready to chill in the apartment later, Victor, her ex, shows up to ask for her back. They take a drive and Raquel thwarts his attempts to get back together, telling him they might love each other but it’s not a marrying kind of love. “I can’t ever go back,” she tells him.
Single Ladies
She gets out of his car, alone and lost. And just in the nick of time, her friends pick her up to help her find herself.
Single Ladies

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  1. SHEBA says:

    Love the new show… glad your back….Great way to get rid of the old and start with the new.The Ladies look great, love the fashion… love it, love it….. the drama, the men, and the clothes…

  2. Adriane Samuels says:

    What happen 2 Stacy Dash I hope she is coming back 2 single ladies.

  3. .... says:

    Who wrote this show!?
    I wanted this long for?! HA! Stacy Dash made the show
    Will not watch this mess anymore…

    -A Former Fan of SL

  4. 90210 says:

    RIP Valerie aka this was your comeback and you blew it!! mabye she should reunite with fellow Clueless alumni Alica Silverstone & Jeremy Sisto on Suburbitory since them 2 did a lil reunion on that show this past season. Still a movie fave but anywhoo. AS IF!

    The whole tango thing was rather cheesy and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up on The Soup this week. The new girl is HOT and dare I say cuter than Stacey Dash? AS IF! haha she is though. One thing, sometimes when she speaks it sounds like she’s reading a book in English class. Her lines don’t flow easily like it does with the other cast member but like a low endowed man she’s a grower not a shower.

    April’s scenes made me laugh and aren’t we going to be opened to a Samantha Sex & the city esque sexual adventures she’s going to encounter, her gay bff will love to hear. speaking of which, I bet he’ll have alot of current gay politics layers into his character this season. Mabye one day we’ll get a bedroom scene with Omar & his boo. Hey the show needs all the pub it can get to stay around 3rd season!

    Keisha’s $200,000 tax bill is going to be very interesting and when Rick Fox’s character (I like him as an actor) told her she sold one house you wonder how does she make her money… form rich men? like Malcolm? I’m so over him but I feel he’ll come crawling back in the season no matter who else she sees, even her lawyer ex’s charm cannot hold a candle to the steamy sold gold chemistry Malcom & Keisha addictively have for each other.

  5. Hotness says:

    The new series is so WACK. the new girl is not believable and she is a horrible actress. I still love kisha and april but Valerie please come back. This show will not get a new season. Trust me

  6. Single lady viewer says:

    The show is not the same without Stacy Dash. Latifah appears to have tried to replace perfection.None of us get along on our jobs,you had two women with egos-get it together girls and bring Val back.LisaRaye’s acting is very junior,she is like watching paint dry. I hope you get her an acting coach.New lady Raquel’s stylist is not on point with clothing…Nothing to return for,quite frankly.

  7. cleopj says:

    The 1st season the show was off the hook! Now this season I am not to sure. What happened to Stacy Dash????? Who wrote this? She is so distraught that she is not coming back from Milian? Like I said, Not to sure about this season.

  8. nikki says:

    I watched all of 1st season..Stacy did hold the 3 together..The show had a mature type vibe to it..Even with the sex and drama.It just had that vibe.The new girl just throws it off..She looks young and just not believable..I know April is young but she i can deal with and what happen to the intern?? I like Val and Keisha relationship it seem genuine..With the new girl it just seem like she should be on a cast of under 25..I love Keisha and Malcolm chemistry..I like Keisha’s confidence..April came out a ho so i don’t expect her to really evolve..I like the person out the group who believe in love&family(Val)..and her style and business..It’s not all sex…That’s what made a balance..Not just being beautifully..

  9. layahill says:

    I”m just loveing the new show,so happy to see yall back and cant wate tell the next show to come on ,i dvr it and look at it win i come home it is better then the game ….lol

  10. Kymmie says:

    Not Happy! They have Keisha looking too old to be hanging with these girls. And Keisha was my favorite character! I feel they could have given Val a better send off. At least , let the fans know what happened to Quin.

  11. Tina Gill says:

    Sorry, Val made the show, I love Stacey Dash she’s gorgeous, i think the new character is a little too untalented, her role is over her head, she’s not mature enough… Sorry Queen Latifah love you but the first show sucked, badly.. And the Tango dance was so whack, it was so stiff… I actually didn’t watch it to the end… :( Stacy was the glue that held the girls together, her store is the center of it all and for her to not be there just doesn’t make sense, and the lame letter that Val was sooo distraught about what happen PLEASE, she was a strong ass woman she would have held her head high and bought something expense, please…

  12. Gia says:

    Tina Gill, girl your post was right on it! I could not have said it better. Seriously, that’s what I was thinking and was trying to say in one of my earlier post. The new girl sorry I’m sure she is a nice person but this role/show is not for her, she doesn’t look nor act mature enough for the role and future scenes they have allowed us to sneak peak at. Soap stars can act so I think she can act, just look at the Lawyer Sean hey people he is from All My Children too, I think his character was a lawyer last night, it was hard to stay tune due to how boring the show was,so much different than last season for sure! Come on Latifah, last season’s first show had me hook so much I recorded every single episode, this season no need to record .

  13. Paige says:

    The shows producers need to negotiate and bring Stacey Dash back. Whatever the conflicts were should be resolved. The new cast member – Raquel – is terrible. The story line is less than desirable. Her acting skills need help.

    LisaRaye’s character cannot carry the show along.
    Single Ladies show execs please bring Val’s character back from Milan and return Stacey Dash to the show.

    Last season I enjoyed watching the exploits of these women and hopefully will continue to watch.

  14. shelia says:

    I am extremely disappointed in the premier of Single Ladies. Where is Stacey Dash?!?!? We’ve all heard the rumors of the infighting but couldn’t that have been worked out somehow? She is a very talented and believable actress, I have nothing against the other ladies but there is no way either of them can hold the show together. None of them possess the timing and precision with their lines as she did. Lisa Raye is a absolute gorgeous girl, but as the conversation went in the salon today while I was there, she is NOT a good actress. She needs to come in, have a line or two, and leave!!! Her diction, and enunciation is awful. Did she ever take acting lessons? As far as the other two–well they don’t even measure up to get a complaint…………they are forgettable, and that’s what this show is going to be without Stacey Dash. Please reconsider bringing her back and improving the show again!

  15. OMG! I soooooooo looked forward to the new season. What about the cliff hanger. You can’t just start a new storyline and not finish what you started in the first season. Come on now Queen….Work Val back in the story and your fans for the show will continue to support and grow.

  16. ohsotrue says:

    The openning Tango scene was truly lame, it was so high school drama. Everyone is way too perfect, perfect hair, perfect makeup perfect clothing, give it a rest already. The creator’s couldn’t think of anything for the new girl other than her man cheated too. Oh and loved the text that Val is never to “return” ever (byway of text) and the last rites over her dress……. Denise is not convincing at all and we are suppose to believe she hangs with LIsaRaye????? Come on, I was hoping they would stay with the mature audience and not fall with Hollywoods rule of thumb that eveyone has to be 21. I ddin’t get thru the full hour, lost interst. They better do some re-cwrites and re-shots as I type because I can’t see this monotonous ass show making it to another season.

  17. MV says:

    From a man’s perspective: This show is sadly missing Stacey Dash!! She was a complete balance, role model, voice of reason and most mature. The new girl brings immaturity and now you have three lost dramatic girls with no mentor and no answers. As far as the new girl – paniful to watch; sorry Queen! If you’re not bringing Stacey back, please dont bring someone is who is embodying her character; she’s like a very bad stunt double!! Is it only me or is her entire character a mirror image of Stacey’s character? She carries herself similar to her, speaks like her, backgrounds & upbringings seem similar. Bringing her into the show for Stacey Dash is like having Ken Jeong fill in for Jackie Chan!! It just aint working…….

  18. Gu says:

    The new show sucks!!!!!!!!! Bring Stacy Dash back or this show will not survive another season. The new girl can’t act, the dancing was cheesy, and the plot was horrible.

  19. Trina says:

    Plz bring back Val! I waited for what feels like forever to see this show and my girl Stacy Dash is nowhere to be found. I know some people say she can’t act and I don’t care. I want Val! If she isn’t back soon I really won’t watch it anymore. Truth is, she is the only reason I was watching to begin with. Can’t you just replace LisaRaye or something?

  20. karen M. says:

    What happENED TO VAL. IS SHE RETURning to show or did she demand too much money and
    Get fired.? We love this show. Discovered thru on demand. It’s great

  21. LARK says:

    Coming from a mans perspective, Stacy Dash is the reason i even got in to this show. She is the best actor in the series and the most gorgeous woman on the show. I think they replaced the wrong offense. I couldn’t even get thru the first 2 minutes of the 2nd season. I’m no longer interested in this show anymore.

  22. Leslie says:

    This show has taken a turn for the worst. I was looking forward to this season, the first show was so bad last night I could only watch the first 15 mins. It is boring and unrealistic. LisaRaye and the new girl are not enough to carry the show. There is no way she (LR) could have grown up with the new girl. There is a major age difference. Val is needed whatever the beef figure it out and return Val to the show. If not I will no longer watch. Count me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. WHAT THE ?? says:

    I wish the writers would of asked the viewers to chime in on how the story line should go first before they took it there, the story line sucked, Val deserved a better send off, for whatever reason shes not on the show anymore. Val appeared to be a strong black woman with a business sense, this first episode reminded me of something I would see Snookie in, You brought this young girl in who appeared to have just graduated from high school and no business
    sense. You need a Gabriel Union type of woman, Keisha’s roll last night was very weak, the whole show was weak. The dancing (that was a no no) based on last night I’ll give the show a 5 out of 10, I was so looking forward to this show, but I was soooooooooo disappointed. I could of waited another 5 months or however long it would of taken for a great story line. In my opinion this show went up in flames.

  24. KYLAH says:


  25. KYLAH says:

    im only 11 and i watch a show like this wowwwwwwwwwwwwlol

  26. CJ says:

    So disappointed. Bring back Stacy Dash. She made the show. She kept it intelligent, classy and sophisiticated for your 30-something educated viewers. I don’t plan to watch unless Val/Stacy returns.

    Sorry Queen, but it just doesn’t work without Stacy.

  27. dnice87 says:

    Didn’t care for Season 2 too much. What happened to Quinn? Did him and Val run off to Milan together? The new girl seem to tried fitting in Val’s position to me. Her character appeared unreal. Lisa Raye’s hair is not fitting her, she look like she’s try’n to look young. April, I thought she would be put on the map as an A&R exec instead writers demoted her to promoter. Single ladies is not all that. Racquel at times look out of place. Not feeling the show too much.

  28. kimlo39 says:


  29. Merritt Carr says:

    You offended all Professional photographers by doing a photo session with only a pop-up flash on the camera.

  30. Yvonne says:

    Greetings from Uganda, East Africa. Can’t wait to lay my eyes on this new season, I’m hoping my side of the globe gets the show is near real time, nonetheless, we’re waiting patiently. Proud of the cast, the team that worked round the clock to bring us the second season. Blessings.

  31. KYLAH says:


  32. KYLAH says:

    MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS ARE Raquel,Keisha,April &Omar and i love me some Malcolm
    and Sean

  33. KYLAH says:


  34. MV says:

    Kylah little lady:
    This is grown folks discussion right now!! Im glad the show has an 11yr old fan base (which kinda shocking considering the content) but you have to understand the lack of quality acting, storyline & plot this season is lacking after one episode compared to Season 1 ( really it was noticable after the first 5 mins). The new girl is just a very bad Stacey Dash stunt double!! I agree with the person who said the need a Gabrielle Union to fill that role; not 3 former cheerleaders/strippers to carry the show!! And there needs to be a buffer such as a Stacey Dash to off-set LR’s acting! When LR is the veteran experienced actress on set your show is in TROUBLE!!!

  35. Rema says:

    That first episode for the 2nd season sucked. They were all over the place. The new girl was great. LR hair was not great. And WTF was she wearing… a lime green dress with tights? And she had to burn the blue dress. petty petty petty. We got the message. We don’t want to watch you anyway.

  36. Rema Pierre says:

    Although I like LisaRaye, the 1st episode of the 2nd season was AWFUL!!!!!! Other than the male actors on the show, noone has an ounce of acting ability. The women deliver their lines like 1st year drama class students….zero substance! LisaRaye CANNOT carry this show. The storylines are too way out and unbelievable

  37. MC says:

    They need to get rid of DeniseVasi “Raquel”. She doesn’t fit in with Lisa Raye character “Keisha” I think they should have added someone like Taraji P Henson or Garibelle Union.

  38. Blue says:

    This is what I think… I waited patiently for the second seasn, and was let down. I watched the episode in it’s entirety, however, it was missing something. Stacey Dash’s character really did make the show, and the other characters were an even match in terms of the mismatched personality they all have. The acting seemed to be stale, as if they just filmed the scenes without going over their lines. I hope that the episodes have more depth as far as the acting, and that all of the characters become more in sync with one another.

  39. G115 says:

    This show is trying to be over inclusive. Where are all the regular black people? One may say I am being petty but given the location, not Beverly Hills, not the Hamptons, this is Atlanta for christ sake. Malcolm is the only dark skin person on the show. All the love interest are white. How many primetime shows do you watch where they have more than one black person? They try to sell it as a black show but cater to a white audience. How else do you explain so many white and light skinned men. In primetime TV on major network every attractive black female is dating a white male, do we have to watch that here too? Also on primetime TV they usually go with the percieved non threatening light skinned (mixed) black guy, too bad black producers also adhere to this line of thinking. If you have been to Atlanta you know there are so many gay black dudes running around but even the gay guy on the show can’t find a black person to be with. I know you have to make your money but come on now balance the show if you plan on having Atlanta as your location or move the show where it can be more believeable. I was a fan of Val so that hurt now have to watch this ridiculous notion of nothing but white and light skinned men in Atlanta, guess what I just won’t watch. Nice try Queen Latifah but next time keep it real.

  40. Mia says:

    What happened to Stacy Dash? The show is missing something this season and she is definitley part of the somethin! Like the new girl and love the two that are there from last season but Stacy Dash is a really good actress and the show needs her badly and the writing is just not the same as last season. The Queen needs to step it up or it just might be the final season for this soso series. Brind Stacy back she is a professional and great at what she does.

  41. Danielle says:

    This show is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring! I really tried, but OMG!

  42. Tammy says:

    I really try to support African American shows but to watch this show is really a struggle. The story line is ok but the acting is terrible. I love to see that all of them are successful and the clothes are beautiful butm Lisa Raye the new girl, and I’m sorry i don’t know the white girl names CANNOT ACT. Lisa Raye is beautiful but she needs to stay in her lane. She is a model. Please consider recasting the show with maybe Nia Long, Vivica Fox, Kelly from the Game, Sania Lathan, Nicole Ari Parker.