The Reunion Interview: A Brief Word With Big Ang Before She Gets Spray-Tanned


Big Ang Mob Wives Reunion

Big Ang can be the most hilarious woman in the room, or she can be a woman of few words. And sometimes she can be both. When I visited her dressing room before the Mob Wives reunion taped recently, she floated in and out of the room trying outfits on (including a metallic gold shorts-suit which she rocked, no kidding), getting her makeup done, and ultimately leaving to get her tan touched up, but when we did sit and chat, she was as awesome as we know her to be from the show. She and Carla were hanging out together as we spoke, and Carla filled us in a little on what Big Ang can really be like off-camera.

What’s the most surprising moment from this season?

Ang: The dinner party at the end of the season. That went well. I think that was the most shocking. And all the kids had a great time.

What has it been like for you since you’ve gone from zero to sixty since the season premiered.

Ang: I pinch myself, like, is this really happening? I’m f—in nuts! I’m beside myself.

Did you think any of this would happen?

Ang: I didn’t. My whole family can’t believe it either. My kids were totally baffled.

Carla: I knew it would. Because you’re you. How can you not believe it?

And your personality is so funny and so big.

Ang: I think it’s from being in the bar business my whole life, you just get like that.

Carla: It’s because she’s real. Whatever Ang says, she don’t hold nothing back, she doesn’t even think when she talks, she just talks!

I get the impression that you can be shy sometimes though too, would you say you get weirded out by the spotlight sometimes?

Carla: I know her personality, and I would say without the cameras, she’s even funnier. Sometimes the cameras when they’re in your face can hold you back.

Ang: I’m getting better.

Carla: But sometimes they don’t realize that if they just leave us alone and get us to drink a little, we’ll really relax and take it up a notch.

Ang: At my bar’s grand opening party, I was on the karaoke. I never do that. I was singing “When you’re young and in love.”

[Ang's makeup artist enters.]

Ang: I need to have a tan.

And with that…she was gone.

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  1. Daisy says:

    Why is this show still on? It glorifies the fruits of blood money and a lifestyle based on thuggery, murder, drugs, extortion, etc. These women deserve no attention for their dsyfunctional worldview.

  2. windy penrose says:

    i jus love this gal she cracks me up..its funny becouse i have an aunt shes italian and in ways jus like them expesally ang. i loveee it..

  3. Renee says:

    Hey, Big Ang good luck on your new show. I can’t wait to see it. I didn’t miss the show of mobwives so I will try not to for next. Mobwives is the best reality show this season. Can’t wait until next season. Chow! Renee’

  4. Concetta Yaniero-Rodriguez says:

    Big Ang YOU make the whole show! I am proud to be Italian born.

  5. B says:

    Personally, I think Big Ang is completely disgusting.

  6. Mare says:

    I Love Mobwives Is There Going to Be Another Season?

  7. Mare says:

    I Think That The Women On Here At Times Could Have Set A Better Example For There Children But For The Most Part They Handled There Husbands And Boyfriends As Well As There Fathers Going To Prison Well I Dont Know If Any Other Wivess Would Have Stepped Up And Took Charge Of Threr Homes And There Children As Well As These Women Did. Congrats Ladies On A Job Well Done I Hope That There Will Be Another Season To See How Well You All Are Doing