Jennifer Williams Blogs About “This Trying Season” Of Basketball Wives And Is Thankful It’s Over


Jennifer Williams Basketball Wives

Throughout this season of Basketball Wives, we’ve followed the blogs of Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams, and occasionally Tami Roman and Kesha Nichols. The final episode of season four aired last night, and when we checked in this morning, only Jennifer has written in her blog about the show, and we thought her final word on the season was an impressive summary of her thoughts and feelings, in which she finally takes responsibility for certain actions, calls out some of her castmates for theirs, and apologizes for any wrongs that needed to be righted. We’re posting an excerpt of her post below, but it’s definitely worth reading the entire thing here.

It has been an epic season of Basketball Wives full of ups and downs, backstabbing, fallouts amongst friends, and assault and battery along with some tears. More than enough drama for me. I can definitely say with pure pleasure I am happy to see this season come to an end.

During the first two seasons of the show, I was dealing with the dissolution of my marriage and having it played out for all our viewers to see. It was difficult and hurtful to keep reliving those moments every time the show aired. This season I was dealing with yet another failed relationship with a former friend. I never really had to deal with too much female drama in my life. My friends that are close to me have been in my life for years and I have recently met amazing friends that really hold me down. So, with two failed relationships in the past two years I decided to take a look at myself, the common denominator…

As far as my friends go, I will do anything within my means for my friends. When I think about honor and respect, those words run parallel with friends to me. Sometimes we don’t always want to hear our friend’s honest opinion, but I am always going to give my honest opinion. Everybody can’t handle it, however I also know that I have been guilty of only wanting to hear what I think is right as well. At times when I am dealing with difficult situations, stressed or depressed, I tend to shut down. My friends can’t reach me and I go into a shell. Overall, I am ride or die for my friends. With that being said, I in turn ask for respect and expect others to treat people the way they want to be treated. I sincerely apologize to any and all my friends if I did anything to hurt you intentionally or unintentionally.

In relation to the Basketball Wives cast, I feel some of the ladies who claimed to be my friend and claimed to be neutral made snide and slick remarks along with snickering about me. This proved to me that they indeed were not at all neutral. This season for me seemed no matter what I did it wasn’t going to be right, so I stopped trying. Tahiti was the last straw for me, we were half way around the world and I didn’t go there to argue or fight. I just wanted peace, but soon realized that wasn’t going to happen unless I was secluded from those that were determined to argue and fight. Arguing with former friends, slinging dirt back and forth was something I could have done in Miami not there. And what ever happened to the “G Code”? Whether the validity of things being said about me was true or false, as a friend there are certain things I would NEVER do. If you tell me something in confidence friend or foe, whether I don’t speak to you 20 years from now I will respect that and you will never have to worry about me repeating a word. The funny thing about arguing is choosing your words wisely because you can never take them back especially with millions of viewers watching. Although I have been through a number of emotions regarding my friendship with Evelyn dissolving, I have not and will not participate in the mud slinging. Over 10 years we have shared good times, bad times, marriages, engagements, break ups, moving, vacations, holidays together, wins, loses and much more. As we all have witnessed before, unfortunately our relationship has not survived the pressures and effects of a reality show and all that comes with it. As difficult and hurtful as it may be, I will continue to be resolute with my decision to respect what our friendship was and not where is has gone.

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  1. Audrey 'Huff-Stuff' Fulton says:

    I totally respect Jennifer, no matter what have been said. Jennifer truly held respect for herself, and did not trash the others as it has been done to her on the show. As I watched the last episode on yesterday, it gave me even greater respect for her. All I have to say is, if I was a producer, and I had to take any of those women to cast in a new show, it would be Jennifer. God bless you Jennifer, and continue to hold your head up.

  2. Kay says:

    I agree CeeG. If Evelyn was so happy in her relationship, she wouldn’t have to defend it so hard. Me and my best friend been friends for 14 almost 15 years and I don’t like every person she dates and neither does she like everyone I date. I think its fine to say you dont like someone because that shows you are a concerned friend. Tami always said she was neutral but it was clear she was team Evelyn and so was Shaunie. I agree with Jen. Tahiti was a beautiful place and who goes on vacation to fight and argue? But I guess when you are on a reality tv show they want to show the world that people can act civil towards one another. Jen cut Suzie from your inner circle/friends list because she is the main person starting all the drama by going back and repeating what everyone says. Instead of Eve saying your the start of the drama she should of said that to Suzie. I hope you leave this show and do bigger and better things. Evelyn I can only hope she continues to plan the wedding that’s not going to happen. I refuse to watch Ev and Ocho.

  3. Delvin C. says:

    This whole season make me wonder if Eric was as he seem. Because at the end of the day everytthing he has said has come true. He told Jennifer that Evelyn and Shaunie was no REAL friend and he was right. And Jennifer was right in saying that the other ladies DID NOT stay neutral like they claimed. they took Evelyn side and tried to make Jennifer look bad. But at the end of the day, I don’t feel bad for Jennifer neither becasuse what goes around, comes around. and this is the same way you treated Royce. So as far as I’m concerned she got what she deserved and more.


  4. Diva M says:

    Jennifer, i have nothing but respect for you, You handled the situation with class and respect. My hat off to you.

  5. CHOLIE says:

    Jenn has been classy from day 1, she has never per the other girls not women girls have all changed. Evelyn SWEARS she is a real loyal friend yea i seen it how you tried to air dirty laundry true or false about jen really shows how loyal you are, watch out Evelyns so called friends because if you dont do what she wants or dont kiss her ass she will try her hardest to soil your name. i wonder is she tries this hard to be a mother to her daughter or does her mom still have to do everything for her.

  6. Mikki says:

    Jen, sorry Ev put your business out there. My thing is WHY IS SUZIE YOUR FRIEND!? Please drop her like a bad habit. She is a punk who plays both sides of the fence. She is ALWAYS in the midst of madness. You got rid of one bad seed…how about her, too?

  7. The Older Woman says:

    Jen, I too am glad that it is over. Now I want you to go one with your life and surround yourself with positive women who mean you nothing but the best. This has truly been one of the worst shows on reality television. it has should us what can happen when you put a group of women together who behave in such a negative light. I was ashamed of the women on BBWs. They should never be able to mentor young ladies on anything. It takes more than clothes and handbags to have class. Class can never be purchased in any high end store. I hope and pray you find the love of your life and look back at this time as a road that you had to go down, but was glad to veer off! I wish you nothing but he best young lady – you deserve it. And to the others: Royce – I love you! To tami, evil evelyn, and big mouth suzi – remember – nothing is lost in the universe. All that you put out there will come back to you tenfold. It’s not because I say so – it’s because the God we all know says so!

  8. lili says:

    Good move princess Jenn, kissing goodbye 2 basketBwives mine the end of that BS.Royce and u were the reason 2 watch that nonsense ,I suspect royce exit 2, BC she don’t kiss a$$ .as 4u tami, evelyn and shaunie , ur daughters DESERVE same treatment from EVIL people like u .as 4u zusie ,….ur are not a factor…

  9. Maine says:

    Jennifer has really matured and became a much more powerful lady. Keep your head up Jenn.

  10. Nikmills says:

    Hats off to you Jenn. A classy lady to the end. I still never really understood what the problem was. There are deep issues with you and Ev and they run deeper than what we saw. You can tell there are genuine feelings here. I really hope that one day you two will be able to work it out. Too many good years to throw away, remember everyone and I mean EVERYONE makes mistakes.

  11. joyce preston says:

    I know which line Imma look into & believe me, its not MAKE-UP! It will be LIP GLOSSSSS. Jen I think you deserve the utmost respect. You are trully the most SANE individual in the group, and I wish Your girl would stop being on your V. Personally this show is not even worth watching, but you know, at least the season finale, & I think you handled yourself so good. I’m proud of you. These people are not the only people in the world. & you make your money girlly & keep it moving. I applaud you.

  12. Stephanie says:

    LOVE you JEN!!!!
    You’re a real classy lady. Love watching you, I’ll call you Miss Barbie anyday.
    The new boyfriend is a cutey, go girl!!!!!!

  13. Thelma says:

    Jennifer you are a classy lady. Evelyn should take a page from your book and stop acting get.
    Shaunie has always been on Evelyn side as well as the other ladies. I can’t wait until Susie is on their bad side again. She is just like a dog with a bone, she takes information to both sides. She is noones friend.

  14. Monica says:

    Jenn I love you and you are a true lady stay that way never let ignorance change that.

  15. Tee says:

    I totally agree wit Jen distancing herself from these women,their not true friends, Their constantly talkin about her behind her back,throwin jabs amonst each other.Shaunie seems to be a mediator in her face,behind her back, she’s crackin her side laughing in amusement. Your better off without these clowns.

  16. jenn says:

    This has been a disappointing season and Shaunie as an exec producer should be held accountable. Allowing the absolutely juvenile, violent, degrading behavior of her cast (she’s a business woman) reflects poorly on her. Tami is nothing but a troublemaker and Evelyn seems completely unhinged and should have been arrested along with her little friend. These negative displays were beyond embarrassing. Jen Williams came off the best in this cast of clowns.

  17. Vickie says:

    Now this is a woman with true class, dignity, maturity, and respect. I applaud you Jennifer for always taking the high road. Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie are not in your league. All of the tacky, malicious backbiting, cursing, throwing bottles, and hitting you in the head with purses because you wouldn’t stoop to their level is pure nonsense! I do not intend to watch this show unless they spotlight you, as a true “Basketball Wive” with some class and goals in life other than drinking, cussing, and fighting like middle school girls.

  18. ..IT'S IGNORANT !! says:

    tamara May 29, 2012 at 4:49 pm jen is a piece of bull______ u fill in the blank im sick of seeing her walk away her and kesha shuld be best friends they dont know how to keep their freaking mouths shut damn………MY RESPONSE: NO ONE HAS TO GET THEIR MOUTHS SHUT! EVELYN AND TAMI DOES NOT SET THE PACE OR TELL JENNIFER WHEN SHE’S ALLOWED TO SPEAK. IT’S IGNORANT FANS THAT FED HOOD-RATS LIKE EVELYN.

  19. Jennifer takes high road ! says:

    Jennifer, you won the WAR!
    You took the high road and handled yourself with class. Hold your head high because you have shown us that you are a stronger, better woman than Evelyn will ever be ! We don’t care who you slept with, or to know of all the drama you endured in your marriage because that’s your business.
    Atleast you were married and not “shacked-up” for years. Learn a lesson because when you mingle with dogs, you will get flees.

  20. Ninki says:

    Jen, this is the first time I have written on a blog……You were the best of this season the only reason I watched, Shaunie, Evelyn, Tammy and Susie were all a bunch of two faced witches, I have lost so much respect for these women, I think the one I have lost the most respect is Shaunie, she has never remain neutral she was always on Evelyn side even though she was wrong throughout the whole season……Tammy, just wants to be Evelyn which is sad because I actually liked Tammy at one time, she turned me off with her attitude of “can’t see the forest for the trees”…..Please be done with Susie, she is a new carrier that is all she does is carry news back and forth…Evelyn, I have NO WORDS, I am so proud of you, continue to be the classy women you are…….

  21. Completely RIGHT JEN! says:

    Both Shaunie and Tammy made it clear, “Evelyn’s my girl…. ”  
    Then pretend to be unbiased,  WHAT GARBAGE…

    They really had their sails deflated in Tahiti when you wouldn’t give them any AMUNITION!!!   Poor Tammy was so worn out hoping for MORE drama to unfold in her BIG LAP!  She was SO DISAPPOINTED there was nothing to bomb you with…So MANY WORD SO LITTLE REALITY!!!

  22. AllAboutTheReal says:

    I wish I could see Jenn on Real Housewives of Atlanta. I think she would make a good addition.

  23. mary says:

    What is wrong with Evelyn? Is she mental or what? She acks like she is a little off and then expects the crazy things she does to be forgotten. I hate her. She really needs help. Just becuase Jennifer does not want the drama, it seems to bother Evelyn. and Tammy. Jennifer has too much class for those low lifes. Evelyn and Tammy are really crazy.They seem to have a problem with everyone who does not agree with them. Shanie, poor thing, just seems to care about the ratings.She does not know how bad she looks for being friends with such low lifes, I could never be friends with those kind of people. Too much drama…..
    Suzie is two faced and messy. She needs her ass told off again.. Royce was the smartest one by getting away from them. Tammy and Evelyn are very jealous of Jen and it is very obvious to all of us who watched it. They seemed to have a problem with anyone who came to the show and wasn’t about physically fighting. It was just too ghetto. I am glad the show is done. Good luck to Jennifer and Keshia. They will have a brighter future without the rest of those low lifes .

  24. SF Viewer says:

    I have big a fan of both Evelyn and Jen since the inception of the show. I can also relate to the fall out of two very good friends, as I experienced the same with a friend of 11 years in 2008. It’s clear Jen that has had issues Chad & Evelyn’s relationship that weren’t communicated clearly. However, I can see how someone who is disappointed or hurt by a close friend’s personal decision can lead to actions without sufficient forethought. And of course the recipient of this, in this case Evelyn, had the natural reaction of anger and hurt toward the person who reacted poorly because she thought had more consideration, respect and love for. All this is understood by the outsider looking in and someone who experienced the same with a very close and dear friend. In the end, it spun out of control and I noticed Evelyn just straight angry at everyone and everything on the show especially in the beginning of the season which was WAY more than previous seasons. This immediately reminded me of when I was in a relationship with a similar man who just provoked the wrong in me, I can’t help but feel Chad has some influence over her actions nowadays. And in addition to that, the feeling of betrayal by a good friend I’m sure has also contributed to all Evelyn’s anger. Nonetheless, it has gotten out of control and Evelyn’s anger at what appears to be at how Jen seems to have chalked it up and moved on from their friendship and has let her go, has gotten out of control. Despite my friend and I having our differences, how she acts and the way she is, and how she was wrong, as former friends, especially if the person didn’t do something evil like sleep with your man or intentionally cause physical harm to you and your family, you don’t lay your hands on people, threaten people nor violate the G code. G code violation especially on television is just straight FOUL PLAY! I thought much more highly of Evelyn before this and saw her as a down chick that knew what was up, but after the violence against a girl that doesn’t fight ( Can we say Tami #2 against Kesha!) and again G code violation, she has lost ALL street cred with me. I no longer have respect for people who can’t control themselves at the damn near age of 40 and go on rampages against physically weaker individuals. Get it together woman! Clean it up!

  25. cYn says:

    Hi Jen…well-written my love. I appreciate your level of integrity. Your self-worth shines bright and blinds those who are on an endless quest for herself. To draw back from boofonery regardless of how long the relationship is may not be the correct way of handling things to certain individuals. I do not think you were wrong for pausing. It takes gumption to walk away. I commend you on your style and grace. Many years ago a co-worker called our CEO a “parvenu”. A parvenu is one that has recently risen to an unaccustomed position of wealth or power and has not yet gained the prestige, dignity, or manner associated with it. Parvenu is not a part of your repertoire. Cheers to Jen!

  26. sexytrini says:

    jen you are a strong person and your mama sure didnt raise no fool,those other ladies need to take some lesson from you,keep doing you girl and they are the ones that has lost out including eric smmh

  27. angie 5 says:

    I have watched all four seasons, and up until this season I enjoyed watching the show. I have seen the most disturbing things in this season as far as women disrespecting each other. Its so sad because we as black women have it hard enough, and to degrade each other its just sad.I just hope and pray that all of you ladies will look at this and glow from it, and when you have the opportunely to be road models for other women, you send more positive messages. I think all you women are beautiful on the outside, but have a lot of very ugly ways, but the good thing about that is we can always change our ways. I hope that all of you will try to change for the better, because you can get a long ways in life being a person that’s beautiful on the inside as well as the out.

  28. Nicole says:

    Ms. Williams, you have showed the TRUEST Class out of all the Girls this season. You have tried several times to converse as an adult but you only received MOUTH – that’s all Bullies are. I PRAY WITH ALL MY HEART YOU ENJOY SUCESS 100 TIMES MORE THAN Miss Loose in the Caboose (who really, seriously needs psychological therapy – her “true” friends would tell her that).

  29. Tamarra says:

    Wishing you the best. I pray that you are a part of some kind of organization for Adult Bullying. I appreciate you admitting your wrongs and your willingness to wanting to grow up and learn from your experience. The show may not want you on or the other girls because you showed them that you were not about drama. Continue success cause you have your own money already, I hear your net worth is $25 million and Evelyn is $1.5 million maybe she is jealous by that. Very interesting.

  30. pacubana says:

    You’re awesome Jen. The other ladies can learn a thing about being a class act. I wish you the best in your future! God bless and thank you for not stooping to their level.

  31. Jen I agree with what you said. I hope that you leave this show and let the backstabbers continue with their demise. I still think you should sue Shaunie and Tami because they were the ones who kept hooping Evelyn up. I don’t know why Evelyn was trying to tell the world that nobody likes you and everybody know who you are. We knew from season one. Evelyn is mad because she told her business and who cares if you slep around. She wore that badge proudly. And you aren’t making her look bad with Chad, Chad with his disrespectful self is making them look bad. Learn in friendship if you can’t be honest and to be loyal is to kiss the person behind, then you are not real friends. I would reflect on the times that you stop talking to people because of Evelyn and stay true to yourself. I hope that you drop Shaunie O’Neal who is a lying phony and Tami didn’t want you to make up with Evelyn because she wants her all to herself. We let her have her. Suzie you should drop also. Keep Kenya at arms length because she was willing to tell what you said to get in that circle. And keep the lawsuit going. Sue Evelyn for assault also.
    Don’t look back because these ladies and I use the term loosly are no good.

  32. fancy says:

    If black girls take Jenn’s lead as she did on tv, they will be ok. Why fight? She gained my respect this season. She did not throw out Ev’s skeltons even though Evelyn through her business out there. That showed the world that Ms. Loyal Evelyn aint that loyal and will tell your business as soon as she feels slighted. Also the girls didnt care about Jenn they didnt go after her after she was slapped. They never went to see how she was feeling it was just all about Evelyn.

  33. Fan says:

    I don’t know why Tami Roman would inter anything with your talk with Evelyn. Shaunie O’Neal was wrong she should have left you two alone. And Jamie Foster should not have given private information to Tami to bring up on camera. Tami and Shaunie are a good part of the mess with Evelyn Lozada. The makeup palet that she gave to the ladies they have at a dollar store with the multi colors so I don’t know what stupid Tami was talking about. If Evelyn sells anything or get a television show I will not watch. And I don’t know why Shaunie O’Neal went to her pastor and not tell him the truth that she was part of the mess that she is blaming on the other ladies. Jennifer please leave these hoodrats alone.

  34. Chi-town says:

    Observations from last night’s show. How dare Evelyn have the audasity to “dismiss” Jen on the beach, by saying “you can go now”. You don’t own the beach! Tammi the BULLY is so full of it trying to justify Evelyn’s hateful behavior towards Jen. Nobody deserves the treatment that Jen has endured simply because she said something about Chad. I don’t know exactly what she said – I don’t read Twetter or Facebook – but it couldn’t have been THAT bad, because you bloggers would have called her out on it. Now after 15 episodes Shaunie goes to her pastor to talk about the negative interactions of the castmates. And how she fells she may be perceived as a hood rat when dealing with business associates. NEWS FLASH: Why did you allow and participate in all of that violent and middle school behavior??? The scene in which her family was sitting in the dining room was so sad with the realization that Shaunie’s family, as well as all of the other castmates families probably saw their mothers on national tv acting in such a despicable manner. How can they possibly explain conflict resolution to their children when they have no clue that all of the situations/arguments could have been handled differently. For Tammi the BULLY to come on Wendy Williams show this morning to explain and apologize for her behavior, it’s too late for that. Jen, continue to do you. You are a class act.

  35. rimi1075 says:

    This show is a disgrace for us black women. You have the two hoodrats and bullies Eve and Tami. You have the snitched, trouble maker, instigator and tooth faced Susan. Yes, she’s the one that’s going back telling the circle chicks what is being said. Then, you have this Nia (Crooks) girl, “Why were she there at the dinner??????” I was so angry to see that woMAN get up and slapped Jennifer upside her head. If it was a man that had done that, he would have went to jail that day and still be in jail today. I hope day cancel the show, better yet I think we should boycott VH-1 for airing the abuse and violence on black women.

  36. Renee Brown (Pittsburgh Pa ) says:


  37. sepia says:


    I always felt like you were doing Evelyn a HUGE favor by being her friend. You have class and culture. She’s a ghetto bird who got lucky. Really lucky. As for Shaunie, Tami and Suzie, they were never true friends to begin with. I hope you take this all with a grain of salt and move on. You are bigger and better, chica.

  38. GRACE says:


  39. Renee says:

    I agree with what you are saying.I don’t understand why Evelyn don’t get it. If someone don’t want to be bother with you move on. And Shaunie and Tammi are two-faced. I’m glad you see that. Suzie is too. I don’t blame you for shutting them out. From what was shown they saw you too. But decided to duck. What kinda of mess is that, And why wouldthey expect you to come around them when they are always with Evelyn and they know you guys have issues. Shaunie plays Miss Goody Too Shoe. She is a hot mess too. But we know she pulls the purse strings.

  40. DeezNuts! says:

    Evelyn comes off as an abusive ex husband who’s wife got way by escaping in the middle of the night. & Now that he’s found her he wants to devoe (threaten w/force) her into talking to him even though he has NOTHING (worth listening to) to say, but foolishness like: “Why you make me hit you, baby?”

  41. Jon says:

    I have always been Team Jen and will continue to be on her side, it’s sad how things turned out, but stuff happens!

  42. Nessa says:

    Why is Tammi still on this show? She is toxic and embarrassing! Come on black women…is this really how we want to be portraited? Shaun, you have daughters and I can’t believe you let this go on so long.

  43. Lady c says:

    Jen, move on and don’t look back. I must say what goes arounds comes around. The way you did royce and suzie when evelyn got mad at them was wrong. You was fighting a battle that had nothing to do with you. That was Evelyn fight not yours we should have stop that type of behavior in middle school. I really hope you go back and watch the show. You will find out that Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie, or Suzie is not your friend. Move on sister. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Such a CLASS ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Char says:

    Jennifer, as a mature and professional woman, as well as a black woman who grew up in the hood and in boarding schools without a “ghetto mentalitiy.” I see you authenticity. Black or Latino women whose foundation is rooted in ghetto thinking and acting, are angered by other black women who simply were not raised that way and are not able to relate. Education helps to expose women ( we’re only speaking about the cirlce of Basketball Wives) to the ‘realness” that everyone of color does not share the same upbringing. Don’t worry about the insecurities of other, and although you can’t say it, Evelyn is deeply insecure. You can see it with her man and how he gets frustrated with her sometimes and says some very disrespectful stuff to her, but she takes it. Not from women though! Anyway, keep evolving lady and maintain being a Boss!

  46. Hazeleyes says:

    I;m so proud of the way you handled yourself on the show..I wish you all the luck in the world, continue to hold your head up and keep that pretty smile on your face…

  47. Neci says:

    Jen, please stay away from them bitter azz female’s such as: Shauni, Tammi, Evelyn and Suzie. These women ain’t nothing but pure hater’s, they are a waste of time and air. Jen, I am so proud of you for making the right decision on removing all that drama from your life. Thank God, that you got rid of Evelyn loose azz, she wasn’t nothing but dead weight on your back. Do
    not let anybody steal your joy. Yes, we all have skeleton in our closet and coming onto the pre-show to take some test. That let me know that Evelyn is trying so hard to make you jen, look like the fool when clearly she is the d@mn nutt job herself. I’m really glad that you and Royce had that talk, as you could tell that it was some mess that wasn’t never said. Always keep God in favor and stay away from whatever the devil throw at you.

  48. Kenyat says:

    Since this showed has aired —these females has been doing some Immature, high school type mess….I never could get how any new that came on the show had to be interviewed, broke down and background checked to be in a circle of “friends”besides Tami, she faught her way in as usual….My take on Tami and Evelyn is that they never got a chance to live there lives as teenagers and/or young adults, so now they’re finally getting that chance. Evelyn has been dismissing people throughout the show, whenever they don’t go a long with what she say or do, really!! who do u think you are, who gives you the right to call someone a “Non MFF” and tell them they can leave. Your crap don’t smell any better than the next person’s…GET OVER YOURSELF!!

  49. Shstarlight says:

    Jen this surely has been a season, but I will continue to watch to see how you are doing. Do not stray to the crows(Shaunie, Eve, Tami, and Suzi) it seems they will never see the light and become doves. Like others have said I love the way you stand up for yourself and always keep your head up and they can throw all the garbage at you that they want but you have that protective shield surrounding you. Evilness is weak honey. Stay strong!

  50. layla says:

    You handled yourself with dignity and class. All I have to say about all this B.S thats happening around you is below you. These four stupid ladies think they are the powerhouse of the show but after watching thier constant bashing of your name and image, you are the powerhouse and they need you to keep the show alive. They are ignorant bullies who are encouraging young girls to pick up their ways and it sickens me SO MUCH! Tammi needs to be beaten down for her big mouth and start picking fights with women her age and size….stop bullying poor Kesha.

  51. Ann says:

    I respect Jen so much for being forthright. It is unfoutunate that people that you have known for years will be so hurtful and spitful. To divulge the secrets and events that happened throughout the course of their friendship is devastating. Jen was wrong for talking about the “man” in Evelyn’s life, but that could have been rectified without the name calling and immaturity. Shaunnie( facilitates the drama) Tami ( pulls information out of people and is a bully) Susie (too eager to fit in. She has no mind of her own and easy to manipulate) Royce (100% real) . Jen keep your head up!!! An apology is the route to peace of mind and you have done that!!

  52. dallday says:

    Good job Jennifer sometimes we have to move on. Nothing you could have said or done would have made a difference with Evelyn she used the problem with you to stay relevant (staying relevant is Evelyn’s favorite term) and get her own show. Jennifer made a remark about the south I didn’t like but I am still team Jen.

  53. Michelle says:

    Jennifer I am not one to blog but this season of BBW made me take the time to voice my opinion. Seeing the way that Tami, Suzie, Evelyn, and Shaunie acted in Tahiti was insulting to all of the viewers. Tami and Evelyn are both coming out and claiming they feel bad about their actions towards you , Kenya, and especially Keisha. Unfortunately they apologized after the viewer backlash, so for most of us it is not sincere. As grown women they should of never have taken their issues to such a horrible and petty place. We saw that you were taking the high road from the beginning and trying to focus on your life without the drama. All I can say Jennifer is I wish you much success and continue to avoid the ugliness of others that want to bring you down . WE ALL KNOW WHO THE REAL LADIES ARE ON THIS SHOW AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A “BARBIE” ( GIRLY AND BEAUTIFUL).

  54. faith norman says:

    Jennifer, I understand your involvement with BBW, but for the most important, stay focus on being a lady, respecting yourself, and others will always watch and understand you. Its everyone right to dissolve from a friendship that is not healthy. I enjoy watching you, continue to handle yourself like a lady at all times. Keep your head up…..GOD loves you, and so do many many others!

  55. Lisa says:

    I think that Jen has surely proved she is the bigger person by not dragging herself in the same ditch with Evelyn. I agree that real friends do not reveal information that happened during the course of their friendship no matter how their relationship turns out. Evelyn has realised that Jen has stood her ground and is not really wanting to be her friend again. She is desperately trying to make herself look good and Jen bad. But what she does not realise is that in doing that everyone truly seeing her for what she is. She is mad because Jen spoke about her man. Evelyn really needs to get a man. Chad will disappoint just give it time. Jen the only real person on the show now is Royce. Suzie, Tamie and Kendra could be snakes in the grass.

  56. Tarsha says:

    I can truly appreciate your ability to keep a level head. Sometimes people will take your quiet kindness for weakess. But that would be their mistake. Continue doing you. Good things are in store for you.

  57. Melody Winn says:

    All ya’ll on here got to much to say about those women on BBW, we dont know any off them. Its entertainment, stop taking it so serious. And as for Jenn she is fake as all get out. If that was someone else Eve was treating this way she would be all forever. Jenn started all of this when she did her first interview about Chad, thats not what you do to the man your best friend is marrying/dating. She has been doing them every since, she is so jealous of that relationship it ain’t funny. Eve is hurt, I would be too if a friend of mine for 10 plus years, went behind my back to do interviews and when I approach you about you act like “what” . I would have went off on her back then. Jenn aint innocent at all.

  58. J. Marie says:

    Hi, Jennifer
    I just want you to know that I have been a fan since season one episode one. I remember you saying that “Time is our biggest asset”, I love that saying. I admire you because you don’t fight on tv or anywhere else and you carry yourself as a lady does. Your private life is just that private. Keep doing what you’re doing and I believe your business ventures will continue to be successful, “flirty girl and Lucid.”.

  59. Sharon says:

    Oh just wanted to say that Jennifer looked amazing in ever scene! I love the maxi dresses she wears. The long swimsuit cover she wore for the last scene was pretty! Interesting how Evelyn is closing the shoe shop and starting a make-up line, as if to compete with Jen.

  60. curvydiva says:

    I feel like crying for Jen. As humans, we all have our hang ups but no one deserves what Jen has been through this past season. Maybe Jen was a lil out of place to go on air & speak ill of Ev’s soon to be husband. But if I remember correctly, she apologized last season & all was forgiven. As a fellow virgo, I totally understand Jen’s viewpoint when times get tough we tend to shut down & question everyone around us. Evelyn, as a friend (that knows your bff) it was your duty to be there (PERIOD). Instead she gets with the other nonfactors and pour salt in the wound. I think Jen deep down wanted Ev to be that shoulder to cry on during her divorce
    (as a real bff would). But what she does? (The Unforgivable) further confirms that she was never really a friend by airing all Jen’s personal business on national tv.
    That had to be the biggest dagger in the back!
    That’s the mess you never wanna expect from anyone that you ever considered a friend!
    Tami, Shaunie, & Suzie are the most pathetic mediators ever! How come none of them once suggested that maybe Ev talk to Jen without swearing or spewing insults at her.
    But then that would be too much like right! Jen these the situations that make you a stronger person but please learn from your mistakes.

  61. Ash Nicole says:

    Hmm…Not so cool when the tables are turned. I’m glad that Jen has finally opened her eyes to the fact that those “so-called” friends weren’t friends at all, but Karma did hit her. You can’t treat someone wrong (Royce) then not expect it to never catch up to you. Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, and Suzi all have theirs coming…I don’t doubt that. I do respect the fact that Jen is finally taking the training wheels off and being her own person. I commend you Jen for being the true friend and sticking to the “G-code”. I do believe you tried, but with Evelyn never wanting to take responsibility for her own wrong doings…there’s nothing more you can do. I believe you did what a true friend would do..and that’s tell the truth..whether she wanted to hear it or not. A REAL friend won’t allow you to walk around with broccoli in your teeth….

  62. Patti Bishop says:

    Wow what a season, Jen with all the blogs you can certainly see we all love you. You are a lady and you continue to be that way. Shaunie you should be fired or not allowed to produce another season, Tami you need medication you are flat CRAZY, Evelyn you are a miserable woman who tries to make everyone around you miserable in order to feel better about yourself. I hope enough people raise Hell so that Tami and Evelyn are not allowed to come back next year.

  63. Bren39212 says:


    You did show class on the show. I’ve only been watching the last 2 seasons but it’s my last. Ev didn’t want to talk to you, she just wanted to put your business out in the street. There was nothing to talk about Shaunie should not have tried to get you to talk to her. For what? Now since the backlash from fans she trying to backtrack with meaningless apologizes. Would anybody be apologizing if the fans would not have spoken out?

  64. Lenny says:

    I think that is a shame that friendships breakup if you are truely friends. Evelyn was not. If you are my friend, we are friends through thick and thin, right or wrong. We will always be friends and friends keep each other business.. Shaune, yes you are a hot mess. If there is a question, did you and did you not help Evelyn and Suzie hide the fish droppings in Kenya’s bungaloo. Also Shaune do you continue to stir the pot by bringing up Jenn to Evelyn. This season was awful and I could not watch it only in bits and pieces. Tammy has become an Evelyn clone…. wow! Please do not let there be a season Five. And if there is… I feel sorry for any of the women that join….

  65. Yvonne says:

    All of you forget that this incident with jen and ev started in Italy, when Jen got on the radio and started talking about Ev and Chad. She apologized for that but then goes and writes a blog about those two. What you had to say in your blog you should of told Ev in person. I believe if you did that, there would not have been and problems. Ev, you forgave her in Italy, why can’t you forgive her now. You all should know that the Media blow everything out of porportion.

  66. Jen !Keep it movin&u’ve lost a thing Tami,Shaunie,Suzie&Evelyn( see them&don’t see them.)They were assoc.&not a good one.”Holla Bac&U’RE Girl “!!!!!!

  67. Vickie says:

    Jen did not start any of this “mess” it was all Evelyn. She did not need to check with Evelyn first before she talked to anyone about Chad. She and Evelyn had already talked about “men like Chad” and both were in agreement that they would never be with another athlete. Evelyn is the one who slept with Chad on the first date and tried to shove her relationship down Jen’s throat. She is jealous of Jen because she has her “own” money, doesn’t allow her to “control” her anymore and found “other” friends. Evelyn acts like a jilted lover! Also, who told Ev to hit Jen in the head with her purse, jump off of a table to attack her, and threaten to “sting Jen every time she sees her?” It was Ev’s behavior that destroyed the chance for any kind of reconciliation. She is hard core, low class trash who breached confidentiality because she wanted to get back at Jen because she isn’t making over her ring or Chad or her.

  68. Tammy Clay says:

    Well said Jen! I just wish you had stood your ground in regards to talking to Evelyn again, Iknew exactly what kind of stance you we’re taking. She didn’t want to resolve anything, she just wanted one more chance to hurt you and then dismiss you like you’re one of her peasants, and that is just what she did! And no one said a word including Shaunie! I think A real friend tells you when you’re wrong or right. You just can’t keep hanging out with women who act like everything but ladies. That is what has happened to you and Ev. She cant change you and make you act like a fool and it’s eating her up! Don’t ever change Jen!

  69. Enough Already says:

    Evelyn: Are you the same person who said many times over the four seasons of BW that you would never tell someone’s secret? You have proved to be a liar who would say anything to make herself look good at the moment; especially while you’re acting a fool. Telling Jennifer’s secrets was atrocious. I don’t know about girl codes or anything like that (even though I’m a woman). I just know that you don’t get mad and start slinging dirt. All your other friends should be aware of what you are capable of before they tell you their secrets. If I was Jennifer, even though I would forgive you, I could never trust you again and our “friendship” would definitely be at the point of no return. Actually, it should have been at the point of no return when you hit her in the head with your purse. Violence is NEVER okay. When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences. Telling people Jennifer needs to stop talking mess about you is childish. If I was Jennifer, I wouldn’t allow you to make me shut up either. You have some nerve trying to shut someone up when you talk so much I can hear you carrying on in my sleep. I’m going to give you some free advice that your fake friends won’t tell you: If you want your cosmetic line to do well, STOP speaking against what someone else is doing in an effort to destroy them. It usually back fires. Did you ever hear the saying, “If you dig one ditch you better dig two, ‘cause the one that you set just may be for you.”? People have watched the show long enough to learn you and thusly know what you’re trying to do. Your life is in the very palm of your hands and you’re at a crossroad. I keep hoping you would get the help you need and change before you completely ruin your life. Like I said before in another blog, “A fool without money will also be a fool with money; just a bigger one.”

    Jennifer: I loved your blog. I’m sorry you’re going through so much in your personal life right now. I see your strength. You will be all right. When you are going through something and need to pull away from family and friends for a while to quiet yourself and collect your thoughts, do so, but do it responsibly. Usually in life, the darkest hour is just before dawn. Hang in there. Regarding your cast mates (Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie), you were right to separate yourself from them. I wish you had chosen to separate yourself from Suzie too. We all have an instinct or a gut feeling that tells us when something is off. I hope you learned to listen to that in you. God put it there.

    Kesha: My heart went out to you when you were being dogged by Tami in the 13th and 14th episodes. You didn’t deserve that. I wish you would have told two-faced and sneaky Suzie not to give you advice and to get lost. Then, you should have called the police and gave them Tami’s full name and her bungalow number. When dealing with someone like Tami, you have to show them you mean business. All your statements have to be in what you do more so than what you say.

    Kenya: You remind me a little of Suzie. You want to be accepted by Evelyn and Tami so bad that you would do pretty much anything. You had no business telling them anything Jennifer talked to you about on the plane. I saw early signs of disloyalty in you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay neutral and hang around both. What I am saying is divulging conversations you have with someone is a clear sign of disloyalty. You have seen the show so I hope you know now that they used you for information but have no respect for you.

    Royce: Great blog. I love the way you love Tami enough to tell her she is wrong. That’s what real friends do. I must say I’m glad of the growth I see in you because I don’t remember you telling Tami she was wrong for what she did to Meeka, but I’m not sure. I know she used you as a reason to not like Meeka, but I believe Tami needed someone to pick on so she chose Meeka. Don’t get me wrong, Meeka came in taking sides (against you) and it back fired. However, I always thought she did not deserve what Tami did to her. You (and Jennifer) seem to be the only cast mates of BW that have declared “Enough Already.” Thank you.

    Shaunie: First and foremost, you should have met with your pastor after the 2nd season of BW at the latest. Based on what we saw during your meeting with your pastor, you were not candid enough. Well, let me spell it out for you. You were deceptive. You should have told him that you played a MAJOR part in the ladies’ behavior and realizes that you have made very big and costly mistakes. You should have told him that you also encouraged the behavior because you didn’t stand up for right when you clearly should have. We your viewers have been pouring our hearts out on blogs for I know 3 seasons and you have chosen to ignore us. That’s a clear sign of disrespect. You didn’t respect us enough to listen. We hung in there and continued to watch even through our frustrations; thinking things would change, but things got worse. I understand that some of us bloggers are rude and nasty in our delivery and act like some of your cast mates, but that’s no reason to ignore us. You should have listened to our message more than our delivery. We (the viewers) are behind those big checks you all have been receiving. We wanted to see you succeed and do well in your endeavors Shaunie, but you have disappointed us beyond words. In my opinion, you are the prettiest woman on the show, but outer beauty means nothing when you’re broken on the inside. For you to have allowed what you have, you got to be broken on the inside. I want you to receive healing. For some reason Shaunie, I still believe in you. I think you got caught up in the checks you were receiving and lost you. When you and your cast mates were in the van while in Tahiti and Tami asked you if she was wrong for what she had done to Kesha, I couldn’t believe the first word to come out of your mouth was, “NO.” I know you explained to Tami how Kesha felt, but that wasn’t enough. That was the opportune time to say, “Tami, I love you girl but you are wrong as two left shoes.” Also, you could have protested by not going with them. When they asked why, that would have been another opportunity to say, “I can’t go along with this. It’s wrong. I need to get by myself and think.” That alone would have gotten Tami’s, Evelyn’s, and Suzie’s attention. It would have made them look at themselves. Even though you went to Kesha’s bungalow and comforted her later, that was not enough. You sat there and let Tami talk to that girl like a show man talking to an ape. You sat there and let Tami STEAL her purse. You sat there while Tami went through her purse. Why is it so hard for people to tell their “friends,” “Girl I love you, but you’re wrong.”? I hope your career can recover from the damage of not being a real leader. When BW first came on, those ladies saw you as a leader. They had so much respect for you. I have watched as your cast mates have lost respect for you. They would talk all over you while you were speaking and wouldn’t listen when you tried to show them the other person’s side. In closing, Donnie McClurkin wrote a song, “We fall down, but we get up. For a saint is just a sinner who fell down, and got up.” Shaunie, GET UP!

    Suzie: Shut your trap! Enough said.

    Tami: That “apology” you gave Kesha was lame. There was no sincerity or feeling behind it. If you wasn’t going to do it right, you should not have done it at all. I don’t understand how you can get so angry when someone talks about you behind your back, but we’ve seen you do it over and over on the show. Case and point: You talked to you cast mates about Royce and Royce was not there. Do you ever go back and watch the shows? A lot of the stuff you say is crazy. The way you justify your wrong is even crazier. You need help. My advice to you would be to drop your therapist (No offense Ms. Therapist) and go see Dr. Phil. In my opinion, since you’ve been seeing a therapist you have gotten worse. For real for real, you need to be put on medication. I promise you I’m not making fun of you. I’ve had to take medication off and on over the course of my life. I see it like this: I needed help and at least I had sense enough to reach out beyond myself. There is help for you and medication may be the key. Also, STOP drinking. I have watched your demeanor and you become demonic when you drink. Something takes over your eyes, your body, your thinking, and your mouth. Liquor to you is what spinach is to Popeye. It enhances and brings out what is already there X 100. I’m just saying. It should be noted that I also notice how ashamed you are when you come down. But instead of humbling yourself and saying you were wrong and moving to make amends, you focus on what your mind tells you the other person did wrong instead of focusing on yourself. In your case, going to your “friends” is not the best way to get help when you really want it. In closing, I don’t understand what made you turn against Jennifer. You and Shaunie were deceptive in saying you all were remaining neutral. You were on national TV make fun of Jennifer (with Evelyn) after Nia slapped her. Be straight up Tami, is that what a real friend would have done? By the way, I saw you on the WW Show. I want to say to anyone who is bullying, hating on, or talking about your daughters that they are wrong and it needs to stop. Parents are responsible for what their children do, but children are not and cannot be responsible for what their parents do. Bullying and being hurtful is wrong no matter who does it.

  70. Linnie says:

    Jennifer, you did a great job handling yourself! Don’t look back, just move forward! I support you 100% and your style is FIERCE! Keep doing you! Have a blessed day!

  71. shamita says:

    you are a beautiful sister who does not need friends like your castmates. As far as i can see you and royce are the only ones with class and grace. the others are nothing but jealous of you and i did not understand what they were so upset with you about.inhope after they watch the season they can see how they petrayed themselves and yes you did the right thing by going to the authorities and not taking it to the streets . that was something repeated every show how where they come from you dont do this or that . sometimes you have to leave that mentality behind it is called growing up . i am proud of you and wish you well on your endeavors. by the way i love your gloss . peace and blessings

  72. Erika Davis says:

    I don’t understand how you are friends for years and if you had a problem with your friends life you would have gone to her. Not go and tell the whole world. Then you can’t take the blame for what you said (you act like you did nothing wrong). I don’t understand how Jennifer called herself a friend and then she does that Friends stick closer than a brother and maybe she doesn’t know that. I do wish all the Ladies blessings.

  73. RITA says:


  74. shamita says:

    i am really upset with shaunie she could have squashed the whole thing from the beginning. the race track incident was crazy .the nia girl told them what she was gone do and they still allowed her to come. she made up something as silly as you dont acknowledge what she did for you , if someone has your keys for two years common sense would say change your locks,especially after a month or so when they werent returned . she should get time for being ignorant and unlady like . if she did let you stay or whatever you did out the kindness of your heart .

  75. Its A G Thing says:

    OMG…. If my mamma was alive all you of would get it… In fact instead of John Salley being the host… It should be Madea! You ladies need a snap of reality, raw and uncut.

    I love each and every one of you ladies in your own way. Do I agree with your behavior absolutly not! But I do see a soft and genuine concern in all of you. I could type a book on each of you, but its not for me to judge, but I will say this. Be and example to the young ladies growing up. Especially in the sport world today. We have many talented young men that is headed to the NBA, NFL etc… You’ve heard the saying, behind every man stands a strong black woman. But that woman must know who she is and whom she is… Be and example to these young ladies of today. Show them how being involved with a NBA or NFL player what a strong, educated black woman can do. All you of you have such amazing talent!

    All of you please make a mends. Life is too short. Don’t give the devil victory over this. You ladies have too much going for yourself to be hendered by he say he say, blogging etc… They talked about Jesus.

    I have a saying that I live by; When a person show you who they are, believe them. You know when a person have shown you real friendship! A person character speaks volume. Be sincere in speaking, your ways and actions.

    I love you ladies and pray that God will heal the brokeness inside you, so that you may prosper in life with your goals.

  76. Pearl says:

    Keep it moving Jen and keep your head up. Stay the classy lady you are and don’t lower yourself to Tami, Evelyn, and any other low class, ghetto acting hood rat. That’s what they have been acting like for the whole season. Keep on doing what you are doing. I think they are just jealous because you are moving forward with your life and doing better things. Don’t let the haters influence your life, and once again KEEP IT MOVIN JEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. net says:

    Jen thanku for being a lady on the show, however; Please get off this circus and get on some other show with some class and style. You are a fine lady and you come from a real good background, highly educated and classy. Leave this hood ghetto hot messof a circus alone. U can make it on ur own, the nation has seen u and we are proud and I am sure your family are to. Evelyn is JESLOUS of u, she was never ur friend. No one trys to destroy another because of a disagreement (14yrs. )move on ur beautiful inside and outside. Love u , peace to u, and be BLESSED.

  78. Ebony says:

    I have always thought and still think that Jennifer is a very classy women. No one is perfect but she carries herself very respectfully, as a woman should. Obviously Evil-yn proved throughout the show that she is not classy and not a good friend. A good friend would have known that when Jen gave her opinion about Chad, that it was out of sheer concern for the well being of a good friend. Evil-yn knows that everything Jen said was true. The truth hurts and sometimes people don’t want to hear it. Jen, I’m glad you moved on and the real truth about Tammy, Shaunie, Suzie and Evil-yn has been revealed to you. None of them were ever your friends.

  79. honey says:

    Like Ebony said. None of them fake chic’s was ever your friend.. That trash was well over due to be thrown out of your life….. I wish you much success.

  80. Justsayin says:

    You’re my favorite Jennifer! Stay beautiful, strong and true to yourself. You and Royce out of all those women represented an image of who I am and that is something to be proud of. We are successful, beautiful, intelligent black women that have a lot going in our lives. That petty drama is for the birds.

  81. Tilisa Hodge says:

    It is clear that these women do not know how to be adults. Jennifer I do respect the fact that you have decided to become the bigger person and venture away from these women who you would think have nothing going on but negative drama. I am so ashame of the way this show is betrayed especially because I am a African American woman. Shaunie now feels like it is time to discuss the negativity this show has betrayed and makes her look. Shaunie you were right there in the middle of all the drama and how do you feel it is only a problem now. You are no better than the others. Tami, I feel sorry for you and your children. You clearly have some type of problem that you have not taken care of and drinking might be one of those problems. Evelyn, just when I though you were growing up you take yourself down to trash even more. Evelyn just learn to let go, it is not that deep. Please stop saying you are a great friend when you are not. I feel you are really upset because Jenn has moved on and shouldn’t you be putting your energy in planning a wedding. Susan, please go anywhere you start drama, talk to much and just don’t fit in. Kecia, these girls are not your friends and I don’t see it happening maybe Royce is your only friend. However, Kecia you do talk to much. Kenya, you seem to be the most sensable out of the group and maybe they call you crazy because they can’t see how crazy they are. I would surely agree with Jenn to keep moving forward and remain positive these women will only bring you down.

  82. bk junkstar says:

    I look at basketball wives from day one, i made sure i kept my cable paid to follow jennifer..she always was a class act, never had anything bad too say about anyone.. she was with a girl from off the block, in the bronx and you was raised in new jersey in west orange where you didnt know anything about the projects, so when you started mingleing with people if they wasnt your status, you found that strange and differnt because i grew up in jersey it was a differnt breed of people, jennifer was way to classy and pretty for that and they never could understand where she was coming from, but you know when you sign on for a show you never think what too expect at this point and time it was a lot of hater aid being drunk, at this point. people are always going too be judge, but most of all jennifer came out on point, because she walked away and it bothering them because they dont know whats happen.. she stepped back classy classy

  83. TiffanyL says:

    Ev skin is flawless, and jen she used to be part of that same crew, talking about people and gouping up with the rest of the girls on Royce. Remeber when her and Royce was into it. She bad mouth royce on the blogs, and her Freind Ev came to her defense. I dont care what you all say about EV she is a loyal freind, and jenn is a fake a barbie doll.

  84. yvonne says:

    Grow UP! Evelyn is hating because Jenn is not begging for her friendship bac, with her. Jenn is moving on and not even thinking about the stupid stuff.
    Who cares why Evelyn is STILL UPSET with JEnn. MOVE ON! Why would Evelyn put out Jenn’s business when you know Evelyn has a cementery of skeletons.
    I think this could have been settled a long time ago if Shaunie would had said something to these little girls. (Eve and Tami) If you are a true friend then you would tie them down or stop being with these immature girls. It’s unfortunate that this season has put a bad taste in my mouth about the true friendship among women. The only true person on this show is Royce.

  85. Watch & Listen says:

    I agree with Jenn, no matter how upset you get. One should never disclose private info. Wat Tami, Shaunie and whomever calls themselves Eve’s friends. If she’s telling Jenn’s business, she’ll tell yours. . I have closed several girlie friend relationships, but never have I put anyone on BLAST as Eve has Jenn’s. EVE CANNOT BE TRUSTED. As hot tempered as she is, next season it will be one of the other castmates business on BLAST.

  86. Sister 2 Sister says:

    JEN….. I respect you and the way you carried yourself on the show this season. I applaud you for not stooping to the immature/ghetto behavioral level that your castmates (i.e. Evelyn, Tami & even Shaunie) has stooped to in order to be relevant on the show. I am very disappointed with all the negative drama and how the ladies presented themselves. It’s a real shame that Evelyn aired out your secrets to the world in an effort to make you look bad. You said it best, “what happened to the G’Code?”…. It was malicious and very spiteful of her not to mention UN-LOYAL!!! She did the very same thing she Chastise Suzie for doing so how can she claim to be so “loyal”? So Sad….. Anyway, I am happy you kept it classy and did not partake in the mud-slinging. As you reevaluate what went on this season, I sincerely hope you’ve come to the conclusion that Tami, Suzie nor Shaunie were really your friend. You DON’T need “friends” like that in your life Jen.

    I for one am happy to see the personal growth in you and Royce this season –even if this season of BBW was a complete debacle!
    Don’t EVER let other people’s insecurities, hate and jealously bring you down and always know yourself worth. Keep your head up and keep it classy Jen because WE ALL LOVE YOU and we will support your Lucid Lip gloss Line and any future businesses. XoXo!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Ms. Sensible says:

    Jenn I’m glad you handle this situation with you and Eve the way you did. I think like others that if Eve had a problem with anything you did or said she should have spoke to you privately with out the cameras especially since yall were friends for such a long time. I think she’s just jealous.

  88. Nadine says:

    I have much respect for Jenn handling things like a real lady! Now ghetto Tami, Trashy Evelyn and and trouble making Shaunie and snitching trick wanna be black with a lisp Suzie are just immature and need to grow up! Shaunie should be ashamed of herself with he childish antics! This show needs to be pulled and Evelyn is just trash – that marriage will not last at all to Ocho. I hope he cheats which he will – he has said that. Suzie needs to get a life period she is the real loser of the bunch!

  89. Ashly says:

    I have watched Basketball Wives from the very beginning and I instantly liked Jennifer. It didn’t matter where she grew but instead that she came off as very genuine. I had to grow to like Evelyn. In the end it did seem as though the fame changed Jennifer but what person doesn’t change once they are in the spotlight. I truly hate that Jennifer and Evelyn’s relationship has ended but maybe it’s for the best. At the age of 31 I have fallen out with females I’ve been friends with for years….but like Jennifer said there are certain things you just don’t do even if the friendship has ended. I wish the ladies on the show the best of luck!

  90. Shayla says:

    i think all of you guys need to GROW UP!!! Tammy, Evelyn, Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. MsKris says:

    I just want to say I’m glad you didn’t start throwing blows like the other “ladies”. From my observation it seems you’re going through a lot right now and I didn’t see anybody come and ask you how you REALLY were doing. All I saw was judgement, cursing and hands thrown. Even that fake Tami who says she doesn’t talk about others behind their backs and she wasn’t involved in it was doing it…Shaunie too and of course…damn she’s not even much of a factor, I can never remember her name…the white chick.
    Anyhow, everybody here with the name calling is just as childish as Ev and the rest of them. You don’t even know these people personally..all that team this and that is silliness.
    I can’t believe Ev said what she did about you sleeping with people…well yes I can. I STILL didn’t hear you call her out on anything she did..KUDOS for that. Don’t stoop to their level.

  92. Kim says:

    From what I am reading you still are not taking on any of the responsibilty of your actions Jen. The girls were neutural until you descided to not associate with them and not informing them that you were there. I think that was just plain rude. Yes they got fed up with you not being there and you not owning up to what you have done and said about them as a whole let alone about Eve. I think I would have been done with you along time ago. You can not just delete everyone because you did something wrong to someone else. You were not keeping your feelings nutual. So I say I am glad that the other ladies stop dealing with you because you are a non factor that can not play nice.

  93. chitown diva says:

    Jennifer that was wonderfully put and I agree your situation with Evelyn had nothing to do with Tami and Shaunie they forced themselves to be in the middle of your drama which was not fair to you. Shaunie of all people should know what it is like to start business ventures and live out her life and drama in public she should have had more understanding for you, but i guess she was never your friend you just helped her get richer so she seen you as a walking dollar sign $. I really wish you much luck and I hope this isn’t the last that the public will see of you, you are a class act.

  94. Bobbi says:

    Thank you Jen for staying the woman we have come to respect and love maybe your friendship with Evelyn just was not meant to be. I am so glad that you are taking the high road we still think you are a class act no matter what the other say it is all so silly the way thees ?grown women has been acting Susie is so two faced but don’t worry Evelyn will turn on her and to see Tamia so close to her after them acting a fool last year the only two I really rescept is you and Royce so please do as Royce did no more vaction’s, get together,or dinners with them.

  95. Connie says:

    In my opinion Jennifer as a woman to woman you was wrong. I might not know what goes on when the camera is off but what i seen on camera is wrong. Be a grown woman,call your best friend and apologize to your friend.I wish i had a friend that i call and that will be there for me.

  96. JboogyJ says:


  97. Mrs Officer says:

    Evelyn is sick to her stomach over the breakup, but doesn’t know how to fix it or control herself.
    Eveyln grew up in a home, that people do not apologize, forgive, or forget because that means your weak. So she runs around screaming louder, running behind the person cursing or trying to fight and throw objects and such. Evelyn hates that fact that she knew, when she met Jen and they hung out she stepped up her game / social status. But, now that she has to hang out w/ no class, ghetto talking, can’t dress, can’t get / keep a man, beer swigging, drinking from a straw, belching Tami; she has ended up at the bottom of the social status click. Shaunie doesn’t even hang out w/ Tami, and Suzi sleeps w/ men and women and tricks herself out to feed her kids along w/ food stamps. “Right Tami?” LOL!

  98. Very well said Ms. Williams, I believe Jennifer and tami are two very hurt women and if they don’t get mental help soon they will continue to hurt other’s and open themselves up to alot more drama and pain in there live’s.

  99. R. Parker says:

    Jenn is right and I will bet any amount of money that she has dirt on Evelyn too. She is also right about Tammi and Shaunie siding with Evelyn and making snide remarks about her. Tammi tried to act like she was neutral but it was plain to see that her and Shaunie were pro team Evelyn. I think Shaunie is trying to save face by talking to her pastor on the show about the bullying and antics on the show she produces. She is not sincere and I think it is an attempt to distance herself from all of the backlash.

  100. Ericakacey says:

    Jennifer williams I just want to let you know that you are a wonderful person. when you where here in chicago, you were at the water tower in aldo accessories I had just miss you. I just want to say thank you for having class. you make me so proud to be a woman of color. you represented your self well. some times when we go through things in life, we lean on people who we think we can trust, and because we are going through so much we can’t see them for who they really are. there where signs in previous shows where evelyn showed her true colors but you couldn’t see them because of eric and other things. you have nothing to be ashamed of and no matter how much salt evelyn tried to pour on you it doesn’t matter because your strong and you have a good hearT somethan she will never have. I know that it hurts but just remember that feeling that you feel is not going to last forever. One day your are going to look at evelyn and feel sorry for her. FROM YOUR GREATEST FAN ERICAKACEY

  101. Laterrica T says:

    I totally agree with Tiffany L. Jen was a bully when Evelyn had her back and now she seems to forget about that. Then she talked about Royce being a slut but it looks like the kettle is calling pot black… I think that Jennifer is soo fake, and disloyal. I think that she is mad bc she wanted her and Evelyn to be single at the same time and it didnt happen that way so now she is not happy that it didnt happen that way.

  102. Annoymous says:

    I never really heard anybody ask Jenn how she was really doing . Like Eve was so quick to jump on her but didnt think about all of the stuff that Jenn was probably going through .She was going through a divorce, and probably trying to find herself in the process. This whole season was probably a Eye opener to Jen because she realized who her real friend were . Obviously Eve was not her real friend when she came at her in that way . Regardless if she was talking about chad or not Jen was her friend before Chad .Eve just met him and decided to get married . Yes Jen could of went about it another way by not talking about him in the media but ..thats what they signed up for . People are going to ask them questions and Eve should of realized that . Eve should be ashamed of herself for talking about her . And Eve was so wrong for putting Jens business out ther about the guy in Vegas . I mean I never ever heard Jen putting Eve’s business out there and that was dead wrong .

  103. Annette says:

    Evelyn should have been ashamed of herself. She just wants to put Jennifer in her
    ho status… unfortunately, she is to far ahead of Jennifer… She showed how jealous
    she is of Jennifer, and how hateful she is… that was very uncalled. She made herself look
    bad, not Jennifer…

  104. Kym says:

    It actually took me a minute to wrap my mind around the show this season. I asked myself if this was actually real or were these young ladies just acting. But low and behold it’s real. Feelings have been hurt and the covers have been pulled off to show the ladies nakedness. Sometimes friendships evolve into wonderful relationships and sometimes friendships don’t stand the test of time. No matter how long you’ve been friends, if you’re real friends it’s like a marriage. It’s covenant. For better or for worse, richer or poorer, sickness and in health until death do us part shall we remain homegirls. Although there are times that the very one standing next to us, the one we thought was our ride or die friend is actually our worst enemy, a wolf in sheeps clothing and it has taken times like these to reveal such a thing. So ladies use these times and these moments to learn life long lessons to teach and encourage anyone else who may go through the very same things that you have. Someone once told me that when someone gets mad with you and they say things that shock you, and call you names that shock you, hurtful things, those are the things that are in their heart concerning you. Also when someone uses profanity, it’s the sign of an ignorant mind trying to express itself. It’s not comely for young ladies. We are allowed to become angry but it’s what we do and say when we get to that place of no return because we can’t take those words back. Apololgies are powerful, forgiving and forgetting is poweful. Until next time.

  105. BabyJ says:

    Jen U Nor Evelyn Was Da Caused Of Your Friendship, It Was Dat No Good Shaunie & Dat Instigator Tami I Cant Stand Them Two, I Really Thought Dart U And Evelyn Wha I’ve Patched Things Up!!! But It Is, What It Is….. A Good/Long Friend Ended Due To Reality TV Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  106. Lauren says:

    You should feel proud. You held your head up high and acted like a lady. I am a mother and I would tell my daughter I am so very proud of you. But as a mother I would have wanted to kill for my cub. But that would get no where. Your mother taught you well. I wish you all the best and continued success in the future. I cant wait to see where all this takes you!

  107. Hope says:

    I’m gonna keep this short and sweet and hope you read it.
    Evelyn misses you. She wrote it in her interview with Vibe. I know there’s a part of you that misses her as well. How can you not?
    I’d love for more than anything for y’all to patch things up. Work it out.
    It’s the perfect time to seeing as the show has finished for a season, and it can just be YOU and HER. No one else around. No cameras either!
    I hope at least 1 mutual friend of the two of you will arrange that.
    I’m praying for you guys friendship to be re-kindeled.

  108. Nell says:

    Much respect for your blog!! You handled it like a lady!

  109. Nonya says:

    How can you say that Evelyn is classy in the same sentence that you describe Jennifer as being classy??? You think because someone dresses nice, has nice expensive clothes, and hair done, nails done and jewelry that it makes them classy?? NO MA’ AM!!! A classy person and WOMAN at that does NOT curse like a sailor everywhere she goes and in every conversation she has, a classy woman does NOT jump on tables to assault someone, a classy woman does NOT start fights wherever and with whomever in public places, a classy woman does NOT assault someone with their handbag and a classy woman does NOT divulge her “best friends” secrets to everyone. So tell me again how and where do you see Evelyn being a “classy woman”?

  110. Nonya says:

    You are delusional and you should probably watch the show before making un-informed comments. Jen did own up to her part LAST SEASON!!!! Those other “ladies” as you call them, knew Jennifer had arrived,when they saw her on the deck of her bungalow while on a boat and not one of them said anything to her while the boat was passing RIGHT IN FRONT of her bungalow. Besides, as she said, she was tired from 27hrs of flying.

  111. Nonya says:

    @Connie, You should probably watch the show before making un-informed comments. Jen did own up to her part LAST SEASON!!!! .

  112. Nonya says:

    @Keith’s wife,
    WOW!!! You are totally delusional. Maybe you need to go back a few seasons. Furthermore, why would Jennifer want to be associated with those “foul mouth, back stabbing, fake women” any longer? Jennifer is too much for them.Jennifer doesn’t need to jump in the gutter with those people to prove she is not scared.

  113. Tanya says:

    I think that Susie should have gotten her behind whipped because she was the one that was carrying gossip from one group to the other. She was the cause of most of the fights that happened on the show. Susie would sit in each individual group and soak up all the information so she can have something to talk about because she really doesn’t fit in any group on the show.

  114. Justlikeyou says:

    You go Jennifer!!! You are so correct in what you are doing, there were no “Neutral” basketball wives….and I am glad you evaluated yourself. Go be happy because you deserve it.

  115. Theresa says:

    Very well said Jen…. at the end of the day right,wrong , or indifferent one deserves to be disrespected and when one starts to sling the other secrets is because they have no other way to hurt you…she wants to hurt you badly , …. Stay classy and say good bye

  116. Latasha says:

    Jen…I personally want to Thank you for the way you handled yourself this season. You could have, but you did not stoop to the level of immaturity and of non- class. You represented intelligent Black women across this country well!! Now as far as you castmates…well it speaks volumes what they represented. I absolutely love your recap and happy to see that you did realize that Shaunie and Tami were not your friends!! They never were a neutral party!! As far as Suzie, she’s the only white white chic on the show so she will go whichever way the wind is blowing especially when it comes to Evelyn and Tami. She feared them!! Unfortunately Shaunie did too. In my opinion Shaunie is the most dangerous and cunning of them all. At least with Tami and Evelyn they showed their ignorance and true classless but Shaunie, was cunning!!! Look who the devil ran to, to cover up her mess! Her Pastor? I didn’t even know she attended a church or received teaching from a church!!! Wow! How bad that pastor must feel. Any how Jen keep moving forward, keep your focus and KNOW that WE ALL HERE LOVE YOU!!! I’ don’t know where Eve is getting her information from. We are great supporters for Lucid as well!! I just bought mines!!! XOXOXOXOXOX

  117. Evi says:

    oh, and don’t get it twisted. Shaunie all having counseling sessions with her pastor and she is just as fake and phony as the rest of them!

  118. Yolanda Reyes says:

    To Evelyn,

    Throughout the entire season of Basketball Wives, there has been nothing but conflict. Not just on one person but the entire cast. But, for you, despite the things that happen with you and Jen, minor issues that erupt…What you don’t realize is that Jen is now developing her own Identity. Throughout, the entire Basketball Wives, you carried her , rather you see it or not. I still feel in my heart that she is lonely without you. Yes, the comment about your fiance was fowl but move on. Your assistant should have never got involved at the time she did, because it was Jen and your time. She could have called her with that. If she would have smacked me she would have had a lawsuit as well. Things, you know it was said out of anger because of the attack….The trip, you came to her in an agressive tone which led to the response you wasn’t looking for…With all that being said Jen, I can tell the heartfelt emotions from you…that’s because under all that hard exterior, you miss her too. I wish you much success on becoming a new bride.


    Faithful Watcher of Basketball Wives

  119. Yolanda Reyes says:

    To Tammi…..I don’t know what to say about you….Unbelievable…Your behavior is over the top..If you know someone is not confrontational WHY PUSH THE MATTER….You are a bully, ghetto and disrespectful….Who are you to tell someone that they must tell you what’s being said..Royce hit it on the nose. Now, you don’t want to be her friend..GROW UP. To think that you have two daughters, Do you want someone to treat them like that? You talk about people as well. You need to find a better Anger Management Class…you wasted your money….Yes, I had the same things to happen to me in my life…Don’t latch on it, Learn and Teach from it…You showed your true colors….Your not their friend, you’re there for a check…Keeping it real.


    Faithful Watcher of Basketball Wives

  120. Daysha says:

    I think Jen handeled herself in a top notch way. She was a victim the whole time, between Tami, Ev, and Shaunie, it was no way she was right with them 3. They quickly took onto Ev’s side and it was so childish. I applaud Jen for killing them with kindness on their trip and i give thumbs down to Ev for stooping so slow by puttin Jen’s business out like that, that was so desperate like, she was that mad cuz Jen ignored her!!!! But i wish all th best and hope Jen leaves the show or the show ends period! Bad example for the young girls :/ #ijs

  121. babybeasy says:

    Jen you were a true lady this season and Ev was wrong for putting ur bizness out rather it was true or not. Keep doing you and represent for the black women with class.

  122. Kim says:

    I would like to first say that I applaud Jennifer for carrying herself like a lady. Once you have reached a certain level, especially when you life is being played out on T.V., you have to be mindful of what you are doing. Be honest, but be respectful. You don’t have to pull your panties down in the street and pee publicly for me to believe that you do in fact relieve yourself. Not everything needed to be played out in that forum.

    Ladies, and I use that term very lightly, the 15 minutes of fame that you all have experienced will never compensate for the relationships that you have damaged, forever.

    Evelyn and Tami need way tooooooo much attention. Get help…seriously.

  123. Pam says:

    Tami, Evelyn, and Shani have issues within themselves. You all can say what you want about others but you have major issues when someone say something about you. They said the truth hurt so I guess they prove” that is a true statement”. You all keep up drama within your group. As a friend, I would have told Evelyn and Jen to talk to each other and leave us out of this. You all doesn’t need them to be the audience the world is already watching. They should have stayed neutral…that’s real friendship!
    @ Tami, Jen action were no different then Evelyn action when it came to you last season. @ All of you Shani is not your friend, she makes money off of you all. Pimp maybe??? friend not…lmaobvvs The Black women on this show is a disgrace to African American Women, the funny part of this you all let Susie keep up the drama between you all and You all continue to discuss issues with her and all she does is go say she said this! You all haven’t learn that a misery love company. I will not watch another season of this degrading show… A blind man can see why you all doesn’t have husbands! I like Kenya she not scared of anyone and she knows if push comes to shove she will whip azz. This show make all of you look like uneducated sluts and all I have to say is that’s not how I would like to see my sista portrayed. The love of money is the root to all evil and you can’t take it with you. With that being said live your life right now so that you can live in Paradise and God will take care of all your needs!

  124. chrishonda says:


  125. MONIQUE says:


  126. Tanisha says:

    YOU LOOK LIKE A TIRED OLD LADY IN THAT MUMUU DRESS…You are just as bad as them other ladies…Remember LAST SEASON ?? Or did you conveniently forget your part in the drama ? I don’t like you and never have liked your bougie ass!!

  127. Toni Liggins says:

    Evelyn will never have the class u show. She was not your friend when she made a horrible remark about u, before the fight got to where it went. Tammy is mean-spirited and ghetto and portrayed black woman very negative. Shaunie I lost respect for, because she could have put a stop to all of the bickering and bullying. The last 2 straws for me were what Tammy did to Kesha and how Evelyn sat there looking like the transvestite that I think she may be lol, waving her hand at u lto go like u was dirt on her shoes. U left like a lady, something they will all never be.

  128. Ladi says:

    @Felicia-Texas yo summed it .Koodas ! somoene has good observation . We have to remember ppl will agree with all the ghetto mess because that is how they are living . Remember people ,there are Tami’s ,Shaunies ,Suzies ,Ev’s comment on the blog so therefore they will agree with the mess . Watch the interviews for yourself .She never talked bad about Ev .

  129. Kymmie says:

    hi ladies,
    what vh1 needs to do is have separate show with real black women including royce, jennifer, kiesha and the other lady from last season that tami attacked.
    think about it vh1. you will definitely get great rating. guarantee!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Hi jennifer, I’am proud of you,to me you have carry yourself like a lady all 4 season. You hung with dirt but keep yourself clean. Sorry about your marriage it’s hard, but it will get better. Eric was very nasty to you, but something happen at the end i could see he wanted you back. But just like Evenyln he didn’t no how to approach you.We all have that girlfriend that’s cool with us but we know their kind of jealous of you, that’s Eveyln. You have the look, the education, the personality and hopefuly God? going on in your life and Eric know this and Eveyln know this that’s why he married you, Evenyln has never been married and she didn’t repect yours trying to get you to have set on TV, but did good you will walk away with clean hand. As far as Royce is c concern I would have been mad to talking to your x behind your back, she young have alot to learn, but i like her.

  131. Franchesca says:

    You go girl! You really showed who was the adult in all this and who didn’t have any class!

  132. yumyum says:

    You seem to really be in a better place. I am happy for you. Still think the show should be cancelled. We all have a responsibility for what we contribute to the world. Contributing ugliness, anger and disrespect affects us all.

  133. Wishing you well says:

    Well written Jen. I don’t agree with Evelyn’s actions, but I believe she was very hurt from your initial interview. Look, even if her boo is/was a media *****, that’s something you take up with your girl in private. In public you support whatever. The real deal is that she knows it may not work, but she needs her girls cheering her on. I have a friend of over 20 years and I hated her husband. I don’t like the word hate, so let’s just say I really disliked him. She knew it, but he never did because my friendship with her was more important than him. I treated him with much respect whenever he was around. Of course, they divorced and we are still good friends because I put her emotions first and not my own. I must say that I did like the way you handled yourself this season. I just wish you could have rekindled the relationship in a mature manner. As my grandma would say, “hurt people hurt” and Evelyn was really hurt and therefore she acted out. It didn’t help having her so-called, “ride or die chicks” supporting her behavior. From the outside looking in I believe she really loved you and her actions were motivated out of a place of pain.

    I wish all you ladies well and hope that all your endeavors will be successful. You women are too intelligent and beautiful to be acting out for the entire world to see.

  134. MEL says:

    TEAM JEN!!! I am SOOOOO proud of the way you are handling yourself and this situation. Tami and Suzi showed what kind of friends they really are, Evelyn outed herself by being childish and spilling her guts and I’m glad you were able to see it for yourself. ” The Circle” would be wise to take notes as to how she behaves during a falling out, i.e. your business will end up in the street. Keep growing and being who YOU are, WE LOVE IT!!!

  135. connie says:

    Jennifer I like and respect your ladyness. You are such a lady.

  136. Right On! says:

    “As difficult and hurtful as it may be, I will continue to be resolute with my decision to respect what our friendship was and not where is has gone.” I can respect what Jennifer is saying and I honestly appreciate her being respectful and professional.

  137. standalone says:

    What hurts the most is when intrust your life trials with one whom you feel that will respect and care for your up’s or downs thru all your mistakes to alway kept their word to you never put hate or rage before the love you have for another whom u called your friend more then an underline an emotional let down if your motive was to embarrass her by telling the world that this women fell weak incompetent confused and displayed such negligence in her actions when mentally she suffered from an agugished love so you deliberately denounce your on anger and you trifling presumption over this womens life a role we’ve played intentions of love to be loved for that moment by a man

  138. L Stanley says:

    Way to go Jennifer!!! That’s what real women do , walk off and let a fool talk to themselve. She act as if she wanted to talk and she still being MESSY! Keep it up Jennifer and continue to walk away from mess and let ignorant people talk to themselve and they will end up CRYING like she did. Just crazy!!! My grandmother always said, “SILENCE WILL KILL A PERSON” When you ignore people who look for your attention. That hurt them to be ignore. LOL LOL LOL

  139. Hopeful says:

    Well, Said!

  140. Sheila D. says:

    Jennifer, I would like to begin by saying that I hope your staying strong and holding your head HIGH! I am married and can’t imagine having to go through an divorce nor being seperated from him…. However, I do feel like when the cameras go off and you and Evelyn are alone you need to talk things out! Being friends that long it should be that easy to just throw it all away…. I do agree that she hit below the belt throwing your business out there like that! Shaunie is having to come to some decisions about the show and I do believe she is going to have to make them tone down or ship out!! Tami should continue seeking help with her pass issues and return. Evelyn is going to become an Football wife and with her attitude she needs not to return!(MY OPINION)
    I often wonder how Chad feels about her attitude and behavior!
    I do hope to see you on season 5 and I pray that things are better on the show! HEY…. I THINK THEY SHOULD PUT EVELYN AND JACKIE( BASKETBALL WIVES LA) ON THE SHOW TOGETHER! LOL…..

  141. Sherita says:

    Jennifer, you owe no one an apology. I am pleased that someone finally stood up to these pitiful bullies, aka Tami, Eve, and Shaunie. Way to go. F eve, Please tell Tammi not to ever put on those zebra pants again.EVER lol.

  142. Ashley says:

    Jen’s statement here is classy and what most (mature) people in real life would say and do. However, this is also why she never belonged on bbw in the first place. You are not from the gutter, so you don’t enjoy playing in mud. Jen, I truly hope you look at things and realize you have lost more than you have gained by being on this trainwreck.

    Honestly, I’m not sure if you can come back from all these situations, but if you can…then forget them all and live your own life in peace. Away from these ‘friends’. BTW_its hilarious how Shaunie acted like she was ‘impartial’, but clearly took Evilyn & tammi’s side on everything. AND how you never once told anyone how Ev hooked up with Tammi’s husband, yet Ev tried to run your name through the gutter the first chance she got. Show’s she was never your friend.

  143. Brenda says:

    Jen, life has a way of teaching us really important lessons and sometimes what seems to be a negative experience it can trun out to be something positive. So you must look for the good in all of this mess this reality show has created..Ev, there should be a code, Jen intrusted you with private inforamtion and you are weak, and I say that because you allowed the crew to fire you up with hatred and you spilled someelse’s information on national television. What Jen though about Chad, those were her thoughs and she is entitled to that. You have expressed you views on everyone openly, but for it to happen to you it is a crime REALLY! Now as viewers we see all of you trying to clean up a mess for whatever reason. It is shameful!!!! Jen you clean up well!!!!

  144. blackink says:

    Kudos to you, Keisha, and Royce for walking away from the negativity. In this season especially, being a “non-m…f… factor” was a very good thing, particularly based on what “being relevant” required you to do or to be. Count yourself as lucky not to be “in the circle.” I wish you the best of luck and I do hope you will walk away from a season five. The “final four” at the last dinner on episode 15 spoke volumes, about this season. It has nothing to do with “basketball” and being a “real basketball wife” or how they cope with life as the wife of a player. Rather, its about how how grown women can tear each other down for “entertainment purposes” and you really don’t want to be a part of that.

  145. blackink says:

    Jennifer, I want to say Kudos to you, Kenya, Keisha for walking away and Royce for simply choosing not to attend the Tahiti trip, thereby walking away from the negativity. If making that choice meant you were seen as “not relevant” or a “non m…f.. factor” then maybe, that was a good thing. For me episode 14 and 15 were difficult to watch and to assess. Watching the “final four” dinner scene of Episode 15 spoke volumes, and not in a good way, to me. When I started watching Basketball Wives, I really thought it was going to be focused on the challenges that women faced being married to or involved with professional basketball players. How do they cope with long absences of their spouses? How do they manage families (children, etc.)? What charities do they support? How do they interact in their communities? How do they maintain their own identities? Your story line, in my view, was perhaps the only one (or the closest one) that dealt with what it might mean to be a “basketball wife,” but there did not seem to be much appreciation for following that aspect further. You were still married, obviously struggling with the decision to stay married, seeking counseling, while attempting to reconcile, while starting your own business. For you Jennifer, I wish you the very best. I hope that you will find other venues for success that will enable you to move forward onto better, more positive projects. The best part of the show was watching all of you, as women, move out into new business territories, be it cosmetics, acting, or starting a music career. You Jennifer, by trying to avoid useless physical and verbal confrontations, you set a standard, a high one, and that was a very good thing. I come from a big family. I can see regular ole “cuss out” any day. It’s not something I want to see in women with greater resources and opportunities.

  146. Marie says:

    Jen, so happy to see that you have started to think for yourself and not be an Evelyn’s “Do Girl” as you were in seasons past. As most Bullies do, Evelyn used you to make herself look strong. You, I’m sure, were not happy to end a “friendship” that you believed was true. Guess what???? It wasn’t a true friendship. Evelyn used you to make fun of the other girls. She can give you advise of Erik, but can’t take it when you give her advise or make comments about Chad. Don’t worry, let her go ahead and marry him. You, I promise, will have the last laugh.You are so much better off without her. Now you seem classy and are much better for it.

  147. Cynthia says:

    Your statment was well said & you about covered everything. As Shunies’ pastor told her when ur in a valley and climbing up the mountain sometimes you have to leave certain people behind so you Can grow. Thats what you did,but to bad she’s just finding that out. Royce found that out a while ago.

  148. dominique frazier says:

    Jen is the best. Absolute class “A”. Evelyn is soooo jealous of you. It’s sad. She keeps on talking about your Lucid Line. ohhh it only has 4 colors. Guess what this is what makes it an “Exclusive Line” That dumb b evelyn needs to look up the word. Did she even finish school probably not teenage moms I tell you. Anyway her cheap looking line and the God awful green 99 cent store lil girl looking sparkling eyeshadow pleasssssse. If she had any real friends someone would tell her how stupid she looks with it on. God blessed you Jen with new friends and sucess. Cant wait to see what other business ventures you come out with. I will spend my money on you and will promote it to everyone i know & meet for free. Because that’s what real women do we support one another. Again Eve grow up and try to figure out who the lil chica Chad is doing in Rhode Island. Ha Eve is so dumb cant waii till the ish hit the fan on her.

  149. To Jen says:

    Jen, I would just say, character is everything. What a person does to others they will do it to you especially when there is a falling out. Watch how they handle conflict. What are their attitudes towards others? Are they kind, and considerate? Do they keep confidences? Sometimes we bond with people through proximity…on the same job, sing on the choir together, run in the same circles…but each person is a unique universe and you don’t know on the surface what lies beneath. You are right to choose your friends wisely. I don’t classify everyone I associate with as friend. Friend is a gift from God and when He gives gifts they are always good and never changeable. Unfortunately, Evelyn went for the juggular and wanted to tear you down. This is not love nor is it friendship. She never owned up for hitting with her purse or lunging at you from across a table. Nor did she show any remorse about Nia slapping you. She definitely has issues and it would take much for her to convince me that she is trustworthy of friendship again. Don’t give yours away so easily. Time will reveal who is who. All the best to you.

  150. With You Girl says:

    Jen, not only did you tell Evelyn one on one that you did not think Chad was a good relationship for her (another loose athlete), you said that same in an on-air interview. This seems to have ticked Evelyn off. But I do recall Evelyn telling you to cheat on your husband while you were still married. Her very crude words that you should get a piece of ass. I was shocked when she said that and saw then that she was very common and loose. The Bible says and I am paraphrasing to pick your friends wisely as they influence your morality. We usually can’t hang with people when we live counter to their way of life and choose to live with standards. So often to keep the relationship we compromise and get down with their approach just to have something to giggle about and bond. But when the good times end, these same ones will rat you out in a heart beat. I had an experience where these folks where stealing and tried to encourage me to do the same — why, because they knew I was aware of what they were doing and the wanted me to do likewise so I could not rat them out as I would be just as guilty. I passed on their evil offer. These folks hated me from that point on and stopped speaking to me which was ok with me. Just keep your standards high. No man is worth your preciousness if he is not committed to it and you. Cheap and loose friends lead to cheap and loose lifestyles. You are so much better than that…and guess what…they know it, too!

  151. DELOISE says:


  152. Mrs. G says:

    VERY MATURE! Best wishes to you..

  153. so over it says:

    What can we say, Jennifer you have done great lady. Your are so classy, Evelyn was mad because you said you didn’t date the same guys….. How the hell is that offensive? Lol she’s clearly desperate for something. Bless her heart. jennifer all the way…x tammy needs help, shawnee is fake, please stay away from these ladies they will only bring you down.

  154. kaybee says:

    Keep it movin Jen! Who cares about the other women. I wouldnt talk to any of them if I were you bc none of them know how to be neutral.

  155. Fan says:

    Jen I read that Evelyn Lozada says that she misses you now that time has past and she is not mad anymore. I hope that you don’t fall for that and not hate her but if you see her I would just speak and keep the conversation general to 60seconds. I also think your lawyers should send a letter of dissapointment to sister2sister for the fact that Tami said they gave her information about your conversation. People need to be held accountable for their actions not just for the money but that seems to be the only way you can get some people attentions. Evelyn is not nor has she been a real friend to you. If so this would not have happened nor would she get wound up with Shaunie and Tami’s smart cracks and have people to get you. I didn’t think what you said was bad and didn’t tell secrets like she felt she needed to tell about you. Don’t worry she won’t have to have someone tell her secrets she tells everything and let everyone sees what she is about. stay true to yourself and learn from this experience and your next friendships be careful. Also I would keep Shaunie O’Neal,Tami Roman and Suzie out of my company as well. Kenya is straddling the fence so be careful with her also.

  156. SHE says:

    Suzie is a waste of film, Tami picks on people that won’t fight back that’s why she remains friends with Eve because when she didn’t know now she knows. Eve pull that a__ to check now Tami know who to mess with and who not to. Shaunie has to step up game and give more than a speach, but she’s beautiful. They seem to be jealous of JENNIFER. Eve is a big crybaby and acts like she’s cracked out most of the time. 40 year old heffa’s running down 20 year old girls. They know that’s not right. Tami will now sit her old butt down being she now has one foot in the grave. I think the girls find people to pick on so that someone is always at anothers neck to keep the show going. There’s really not that much anger in he say she say. Tami talks crap about everyone and points her finger in their face, but tell others not to do the same. These tummy tuck lipo suction old heffa’s need to throw the rag in and stop being rude to people. I wish Tami would of taken over L.A. instead of being with/under Shaunie. Tami is a leader of her own and would do much much better than Gloria. All the pink little chicks (Eve, Shaunie, Tami) need to go crawl under a bridge and sleep. Eve and Tami seem to be racist with Eve seeming to not like the darker skin people. Tami always saying “with your black ass”. Just like Tami said Keesha don’t sound black, well Tami don’t look black. They are all pink. Just as boring as L.A. with stupid Gloria. Always having that dumb mexican look on her face like she’s really stunned about everything someone says. Always talking about beating someone down on GP like she’s really black, but never do nothing but yapp that big mouth. Back to Shaunie team, the pink girls always have to have someone to be angry at so they can look stupid and argue. Eve always attack around her friends so they can hold her back. That drunk can’t fight. Funny how they never talk to the person they have a problem with alone. Now that would be a fight, but of course Eve don’t want a beat down so she always chat in front of friends. WEAK…..

  157. Melody says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    I felt so bad for you on Basketball Wives. What you do is your own business and if you do not want to be friends with someone you do not have to be friends with that person. It seems like the girls were trying to make you be friends with you know who! Sometimes in life our life changes and so does our route. If you found new friends that are good for you that is all good. I thought that Basketball Wives were just for the Black Women anyway.


  158. Angie says:

    Jennifer, I enjoyed reading your blog. You summed it all up perfectly. Fate brings people into our lives, but we decide how long we keep them there. God bless you with all of your endeavors. Love your Lucid line!

  159. Avamaria55 says:

    Of all the basketball wives I related to Jennifer the most. Sadly she was not allowed to have an opinion about her friend’s new relationship. Friends should be forever. And I think everyone should have a right to their opinion. That is the test of a true bond. I have learned from this show that true friendship is one mistake away from it dissolving. No one is perfect. I learned never to tell one friend what the other is saying. And most importantly never express a negative opinion about a friend. Bottom line is if you have nothing good to say about something its best to take the fifth…and then maybe the friendship or acquaintenceship will survive. I really hope Jennifer and Evelyn will really forgive earch other one day. I think it would be good for the show to show more positive stuff to balance the negative. We want to see solidarity also.

  160. Kayy says:

    How can you people applaud Jen. She’s honestly not a real friend and it shows. She does things including this blog for public attention and to create a positive public opinion of herself. It was obvious her and Niya were friends and the way she treated Niya was disgusting. With friends like Jen who really needs enemies. And im not going to speak as if im speaking to Jen cause she probably did not write this blog. The only way we will find out is if she catches heat for it. She didn’t care about Eve and she didn’t respect Tami and Shaunie enough to continue to be a friend to them. And of course they chose a side. when someone constantly avoids you, you begin to realize that maybe what the other party was saying may in fact be true. You also begin to form your own negative opinion of them. Jen is a pathetic woman looking for publicity. if she and Eve were still friends, all this so called growth and maturity would be shot to hell. If Eve hated Kenya so would Jen. thats obvious. and Eve be jealous of Jen? uhhhh… of what exactly? smh. me writing this comment doesn’t affect anything. so im going to end it here.

  161. Summabreeze says:

    Well said thats a huge step you’ve taken all season. I understand that maybe you and Eve could work this out but hitting below the belt by breaking the “G” code is unforgettable..

  162. L2 says:


    You did what anyone woman with a little self respect would do, hire an attorney. I’m sure none of you signed up to abused. I hope you guys realiaze that when the going gets rough, Shaunie gets going. She can’t take the heat. As long as everyone was talking about the cast members she was ok, now everyone is looking to her and asking why is she allowing this mess to continue.

    Keep your head up girl!

  163. Sharon says:

    I love Evelyn and Jen!! I just hope they can mend their friendship, you guys been together to long to let this happen. and you both said hurtful things and need to make up!! You know you guys miss each other!! I am hoping to see you to are friends again. One day!!

  164. h20s says:

    Congratulations Jen for being a real woman and standing up to those classless bullies. Those women are horrible. Keep your head up no matter what dirty tricks Shaunies about to pull. This is a platform for the best things to come. In the event, you stay on the show restore your relationship with Royce.

    Then you, Royce, Keisha, Kenya be the real women of the show because the rest of these women are a joke for womenhood. Suzie is a two faced gossiper, no friend to any of you except the bullies becareful of her. It makes me sad how Shaunie plays so innocent and never truly acted just except to run back and forth to gossip more. Attempting to play so innocent when she reality perpuates this behavior. Sad :( Tami is not your friend but another sad excuse for a woman. She is a truly a bully.

    Stay positive, remain a lady you are & most importantly find God.

  165. Ava Williams says:

    I only watched Basketball wives because of Jennifer, she seemed so sweet and sincere. I am good at casing body language and I can tell that she was a sincere and sweet person. Evelyn does not seem to be the type of person that you should have in your life. She seems to always want to try to believe the worst about you. I never saw anything wrong in the way you responded to questions that you answered about her. With friends like her you do not need enemies. I can not believe that she is now cool with Tammy. That is crazy!! Good luck to you and your quest for new friends..

  166. LVSatin Doll says:


    People come in your life for a reason, season, and a lifetime. Evelyn was in your life for a reason at one point in yout life, then a season in Basketball Wives. Now for the lifetime… way…..keep it moving! You have grown from this experience, and surrounded yourself around new friends. The girlfriend zone has been violated, and it time to let it be your past. You are a class act, and don’t ever let anyone try to disreapect what you stand for. I am soooo glad you took a firm stand in what you believe, and doing the right things for you. No one is perfect so don’t be hard on your mistakes. You have lived and learned, so now just be happy and let the rest go. There’s a new life waiting for you with that special one and new friends. God bless!

  167. TJ says:

    If Tami only knew how stupid she sounds talking about Jen fell into Evelyn’s shadow or something like that and became “relevant.” For that to happen Evelyn would have to be relevant, which she clearly isn’t. She and Tami just imagine that she is. I guess that’s why Tami idolizes Evelyn so much, hoping to fall into her shadow and become relevant. That’s what I can’t stand about Evelyn, how cocky she is, like telling Jen that she could get up and leave, as if she’s dismissing Jen like a naughty school child, and telling Kenya that she should watch what she says, but she says whatever she wants to say about people. Evelyn and Tami are just alike. And what has big dumb Tami become, Evelyn’s spokesperson, defender, butt wiper, and body guard? She looks like Suge Knight’s twin, and has the nerve to pick on little Kesha, inferring that Kesha is weak and a coward, complaining about Kesha wanting to back out of swimming with the sharks. Tami’s blubber butt didn’t even attempt to go swimming with the sharks. At least twice Tami was coughing into her fist, but criticized Kesha for doing it. They don’t speak to Jen, but get mad at Jen for not speaking to them. They could do an hour-long montage just on all the inconsistencies that Tami and Evelyn say and do. Evelyn has mentioned at least twice Jen’s eye contacts and her lips. She is envious of Jen’s beauty, class, and that she actually was a real basketball wife, and now she’s jealous that Jen has a good image and support from the fans, and she wants to ruin that with a smear campaign on Jen’s reputation, even going so far as to take a lie detector test to try to prove her word over Jen’s. Evelyn, who really cares who Jen slept with and unprotected or not? She has enough sense to try to keep her personal life personal. On the other hand, most people consider you a whore because you put your stuff out in the streets. That’s your fault! Don’t try and blame Jen for it. I’d tell you to take your lie detector test and ram it! Evelyn please stop obsessing with Jen and stalking her like you’re in love with her or she’s your man. Can’t you tell when someone doesn’t want to be bothered with you? Jen please don’t align yourself with Evelyn again, she’s proven herself to be a backstabber.

  168. Monica says:

    Jennifer I have always liked you on the show your person is so much like myself which is loyalthy. You don’t have to get on someones else level to get your point across, I will walk away before I deal with all that drama so I feel you. Keep your head up and let everything flow, I personally think Evelyn and her friends are childish and not straight forth in what they say and do. I pray the cast get it together. Now Shaunie is going to play I’m the mature role, she is a rock thrower and hides her hands as well as Tami and others. Royce I love her she is true to herself so it’s easy for her to stay out of the drama. Kesha no she has alot of mouth but scary as hell. Kenya yes when people can’t figure you out they always use crazy, she is ok. Suzie no mind of her own at all. So this cast is troubled. Tami is a bully, so is Evelyn. Shaunie is FAKE.

  169. sutherngurl1 says:

    Ii really never comment on these sites, however i just want to let you know that you really carried yourself like a lady. Two things my mother, whose now decesed, taught me was to think before you speak and never drop your character as a lady. No matter what’s going on in your life, always be a lady. Jennifer, the bible tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against pricipalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. That means they (Evelyn & Tammi) are fighting with you physicall because thats the only way they know. When actuality, the spirit thats in them(evil) and the spirit thats in you(good) are warring against one another. good and evil cannot dwell together. Not saying that you are so good and they are so bad, because we all have our skeletons…or graveyards as you put it…lol..that was so awesome. you’re different from them. as long as you were going through things you were cool with them, but as soon as your mind transformed..newness came into your life…you became different. i have and go through that still to this day with some of my aquaintences..not friends….because me and my friends are like minded (how can two walk together except they be agreed) i’m not black…my speech is different my thoughts and grammars is different. i choose to think outside the hood, and i am as black as you are…lol…continue to grow and continue to move forward in life. the way you have been handling yourself has shown them how such a fool they have been acting. be that beacon of light for all to see and if you have to be the one who’s picked on and examples being made of, go through it with your head up and know that you shall come forth as pure gold…i pray God’s blessings upon you and your family…… regards.

  170. Tanisha winkey says:

    Jen i love you are the best keep doing your thing in don’t let no one still your joy …

  171. pix says:

    Jennifer, the winner takes it all. Indeed you are the Winner, you have maintained your composure
    consistently remained yourself and engaged into things that are positive In this season. If you look back at season 1, being around Evelyn was not the best attribute for your life, I am happy you are maintaining your own and have seen the other side of life as something with great value.
    The reasons why you were picked on and slapped on was due to the fact that the insecure people who surrounded you was very fearful of your value, they’re unaccustomed of success and could not fathom the fact that a young black girl such as yourself have continued to maintain a proper up bringing without all the drama.
    If they were great friends, they would’ve identify that you were going through a tough time, if evelyn had understood your friendship, she would not have discard it like trash, calling names, putting you on the spot, etc.
    Jennifer there are many people in this world that watches this show and see such wastage of humanity, dignity, morals and the list goes on.
    Please continue to keep yourself together and I am proud of you for not resorting to the foolishness that was displayed all over the public.

  172. ms. dior says:

    people grow apart their is nothing wrong with that. I will say that you have class and don’t lose that for anyone. The women acted like animals on this season and sad to say i wont be watching again. Argueing is one thing but being a bully and jumping on table are too much. I hope you move forward and achieve all you hope for.

  173. Mia is on "TEAM JENNIFER" says:

    OMG! This reunion show is a joke. The audience is obviously hand selected. It was obviously filmed before the whole Tammi /Kesha debacle. Evelyn looks ridiculous with that outfit. I think it is hysterical that Tammi says she doesn’t consider herself a bully and then turns around and calls Jennifer a bully. Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself. WE WON’T FORGET HOW YOU ALLOWED ALL OF THIS NONSENSE TO GO ON ALL SEASON. VH1 give Jennifer her own show and I will watch. Tammi, Evelyn and Shaunie go crawl under the rock in which you came from ….you HOOD RATS!!!!

  174. mee mee II says:

    And please don’t think those hoodrat audience members are the majority. They fill the audience up with people who are fans of the show and will go with the grain. The majority of us are mature and do not see things from the same perspective as these volitale women with no class (except Evelyn..I still love her and I see so much potential in her for change. Tammy is pitiful and still makes excuses for her actions by blaming others…that is not true growth).
    I repeat!!! Do NOT listen to those claps of approval for the ladies from the hoodrat auidience members! Most of us civil humans do not agree with what is being said on that stage!!!

  175. BWFAN says:

    Jennifer, keep doing what you do. Obviuosly these women were trying to bring you down. No one has the right to place there hands on anyone. You set the tone that is making B. W. change the image they’re protrayed. It was funny watching the reunion tonight and Evelyn and Tami were trying to act so refined. LOL

  176. melissa petrie says:

    jen first I must say you are a beckon for black woman period. You have handled yourself with poise and great assertiveness that has your cast members beside themselves. Alothough at this point your friendship maybe over I must say I would evaluate when this problem started. Tammy is a snake in the grass and a true instigator. As much as she wants to sit there copycatting your poise , she is failing greatly, she must of forgot we’ve all watched her after a few shots and a couple 40′s. Evelyn has had her better judgement tampered with and is trying to be all that with tammy’s attitude. Again remove tammy and I do believe the friendship could possibly be repaired. By the way, luvd the chanel necklace.

  177. Unknown says:

    jen-keep reaching for your dreams and leave the drama to Tami and Evelyn, as a matter of fact keep all the haters out of your circle. Tami-words are wind; putting your hand on someone is assault. Intimidating someone is not assault-so get your facts straight. And, also, her (Jen) husband pour drinks in her face because she (jen) commit the first act, her husband did not slap her in her face. She did the right thing by filing the suit. Jen, keep going and leave the haters hanging.. E is not a true friends X …

  178. Joyce Jones says:

    Jennifer, please understand that Eve just wants to be your friend and “you”. To bad, that can’t happen. She’s a hater. What she is really mad about is, you can now say “I told you so”. She doesn’t have the decency to apologize. She’s stubborn and stupid. She’s low class and ignorant. You don’t need her as your friend. You don’t need her, period. Keep it moving, you are better than the ignorance that she stands for. I told you last season, to STOP coming back for more show’s. You don’t belong. If it don’t fit, don’t force it. You are much too intelligent for this show. I’m telling you girl, keep it moving. GOD, will BLESS you with another gig. Just wait on HIM. HE hasn’t let you down, yet! Friend’s, come and go (all day). Eve, is just mad because you aren’t her personal cheering section. You being her “cheerleader”, when it doesn’t feel right is wrong. You were right to pull your girlfriends “coat tail”, about her “so called” man. Don’t change who you are, for them. Be the best Jennifer, that you can be.

  179. Pepper says:


    You are still the classiest lady on the show!!. Keep doing what you do and forget the inconsequentials – Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie. BY ALL MEANS DO NOT DROP THAT LAWSUIT!! YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SUBJECTED TO THE BEHAVIOUR EXHIBITED BY “the ghetto hot mess” group and as a fan I am not FOOLED BY SHAUNIE, EVELYN, OR TAMI’S PASSIVE/ AGRESSIVE APOLOGIES WITH CAVEATS!!

  180. Linda1st_detroit says:

    Jennifer can say whatever she wants. she has not put her hands on anyone. And, that is were the problem lies with Tami and Evelyn. John Sally seems to be defending the Network and accusing Jen of failed communications or not appologizing.
    In the real work once you put your hands on someone you can take legal action. In the real world, on the job, putting your hands on someone results in immediate termination. Shauney and John Sally there is no way condone the physical attacks inflictED by Evelyn and Tami. These to have been bullies for a few season now. And now they want to act apologetic becuase of the heat that is on them. John, what is the ‘lie detector’ for? It don’t make a difference whose lying or telling the truth. The only thing that matters is that when a person put their hands on another, it is considered assault. Shauney you stood with the bullies and defended them. What a disappointment. And at the reunion you pointed you finger a Jen. She never physically laid her hands on anyone; The bullies should be the ones in jeopardy of loosing their position. Evelyn and Tami, physical fault with over 3 people on the show. Evelyn has some serious problems. (throwing a bottle) To much.
    She is crazy and insecure.

  181. Team Jen says:

    Hey Jen, I am so for you…I only caught bits of tonights show and I saw them all ganging up on you. Personally, I believe they hate that you are viewed as a classy young woman and they aren’t. They want to bring you down to their level — in my opinion. They want their stain of bullying, trashiness, looseness to include you as well. They don’t know that class is class even when it missteps. But a bully is a bully. A loose woman is a loose woman . Tami is a certifiable bully and Evelyn is a certificable loose caboose. I missed the so called polygraph test, but child I would not stoop down and play their game.

    The only person that could have been classified as your friend would have been Evelyn but with friends like her I would hang with my enemies…it least you know to be on guard with them. Evelyn’s portrayal this season was not one of a friend empathizing with her girl during her time of probably one of her greatest pains. As a divorcee I went thru all kinds of changes and backed away from a lot of people. Tami said she reached out to you…awww so what! She’s a some timey roller coaster and I’d take anything she offers with a huge grain of salt.

    I have lost all kind of respect for the cast of this show and won’t tune in for another season. I find these chicks truly sickening haters. You don’t need them. Go on and be happy. You’re gorgeous, classy and have business savvy. I pray much success for you. I see you with a really nice, successful man and children. Have fun…the world is your oyster!

  182. Stacy says:

    A few people have commented on what Jenn did last season, this season goes to show that she has grown a lot. Last season is the past, this season she was a better person. Everyone has the right to change and mature. Ev, Tami and Shaunie showed no growth. They are only sorry because of the fans out pour of concern for the bullying. Jenn kept your lawyers paid up if that means you can go in public places and have peace, not having to worry about being somewhere and Ev or Naiya trying to hurt you. What Jenn said about Ev fiance’ Chad did not deserve the reaction Ev displayed. Ev your fiance’ behavior on the show towards you say a lot. Ev some self-esteem because yours is real low. Jenn keep moving forward, do not continue to look back because if you continue to look back, you will not see the great things ahead waiting for you.

  183. TruthHurts1 says:

    Jennifer, you don’t have to prove anything to the public. No one saw Evelyn take a lie detector, so why do you have to do one on the show? They “say” she passed. How do we know if that is true? Keep the lawsuit to show that pathetic assistant that she can not go around putting her hands on you. If you don’t, she will be punching you next. You have to teach her that lesson. John Sally is clearly biased in favor of Evelyn and Shaunie. He should be a basketball wife, because he wasn’t much of a player. Why did he have to defer to Evelyn after every question? Evelyn says you have us fooled. No you don’t. We see you ma-ma! She and Shaunie think they have the public fooled, but we can see right through them. That’s how not-so-intelligent people operate – they think they are smarter than they really are. The smart people can see their hand before they can. Shaunie and Tammi are the last ones to lecture you about ANYTHING. I just wish you were more articulate in addressing the misinformation they put out there. For every lie they told, I had a response that reflected what actually was seen during this season. That’s probably because I wasn’t involved in the situation, but was looking in from the outside. Keep doing you – keep it movin’ – and let the haters continue to hate (they’re going to do it anyway). Rise above, ma-ma!

  184. SimonSays says:

    Jen, keep it moving….I know you are hurting but keep your head up….Thank you for being a strong woman with class on the show….I am happy you are strong….it has been a rough time for you and it seems no one care but a lot of us do and most of all you care about you . Running buddies are one thing but friends care and understand you through the thick and the thin…Evelyn, Tammi nor Shaunie does….plus no one should ever put there hands on you or bully you…leave the drama out of your Life….Live Laugh again and Love again!!

  185. Samantha Matthew says:

    I am sorry, but I just cannot keep this to myself. Jennifer, you really need to give those girls a reality check. Tamie, Evelyn, and Connie are insisting that everything that occurred was the result of your actions. You need to inform them that your actions were not the cause for them acting like children and the cause for you being assaulted. I am speechless and am really annoyed that you are not speaking up for yourself. Evelyn, as grown as she is, does not know how to act. I understand she valued your onion as a friend but need to know that friends might say the wrong things at times but also gives their honest opinion. As for Connie, she and Tammie appears that they have take Evelyn’s side. The speak negatively about you and it appears they believe whatever is said. They make it seem loke walking away instead of acting like animals is the wrong way to resolve situations. I have also noticed that neither Tammie nor Connie has discussed the negative actions and behaviors of the other cast members. Do not apologize to Evelyn. You did the right thing.

  186. Simonsays says:

    Jen, when I saw the reunion I know for sure Evelyn was just as Eric said…”you didn’t know her”…She is all in Niya’s relationship and any way she can to hurt you. She cares more about your friendship than she was about your marriage….Tammy and Evelyn are two people that mean you and others like you no GOOD…BLESS YOU FOR LIVING YOUR LIFE…..Shaunie and Suzie too let the go…I am happy for you and your new life!!

  187. Sherry H says:

    I just saw the reunion and I’m so irritated with Shawnie commenting negatively on Jen filing a suit for being hit in the freakin face but not saying one word to Ev or Nya for doing it. Shawnie is looking out for Shawnie. I am the type of person who withdraws when I have alot on my plate as well to find balance. Tammy is a messy hoodrat and Shawnie my dear you try to call Jen phony but lord you egg on the drama (just i more of an articulate manner) then attest to being disgusted by it. You and Tami are snakes. Ev I think you are a hot head but you are also seemingly genuine concerning your friendships. I think you came at Jenn the wrong way initially. You guys aired things in public that should have been discussed off camera.

  188. Pepper says:



    My position has not and will not change. I look forward to next season without SHAUNIE, EVELYN, TAMI, AND SUZIE!!

  189. Diana says:

    Jennifer if you’re reading this I want to say “Thank you”. Thank you for showing the world what a true basketball wife goes through. To be honest you are the only one that had a story line that made sense. I’ve read your blogs and your interviews. Nothing you have said to me is a reason to treat you the way those ladies did. Evelyn doesn’t even know what she is mad at you about. And the way she acted with you was showcase for her girls Tami and Shaunie. My mother always told me the only true friend that you have in life is God. He will never leave you or forsake you. I hold on to those words because some people just can’t be trusted. VH1 is trying to cover their behinds thats why the dumbfoundly gave you this polygaph test so that if it comes out that your lying about something your going to get the backlash of eveything that Evelyn had been saying or feeling the entire season. Yea you have had your moments on previous seasons that made you appeared mean but look who you spent most of your time with. Remember Evelyn was the same person that had you hating Royce for no reason. She also was the same person giving you condoms so that you could cheat on your husband. Just like Eric, Evelyn only wanted to control you and to me thats not what a friend does. Vh1, Tami, Shaunie, and Suzie only made matters worse between the two of you. Tami, Shaunie, Suzie, Niya. and especially Evelyn was never your friends. What they were was Gods signs telling you to let go of these so called friends and this show. Life is too short. You only have one. Live it, Learn from it, and Be Happy! Best wishes to you.

  190. dennisfan says:

    Jen, kudos to you! You maintained your dignity and class this entire season despite the B.S. you had to endure. Contrary to whomever you might have slept with, what you wrote (or did not write in a blog), who you did or did not call, NONE OF IT justified the way you were treated by Evelyn, Nia, Shaunie and Tami. It was painful to watch your relationship with Evelyn disintegrate, and to watch the girls cosign Evelyn and Nia’s abuse toward you, but in the end, you did the right thing. There is a right and wrong way to handle things. You all represent ALL OF US, and you are TEACHING our young people how to handle and resolve conflict. You are TEACHING black youth what is “expected” of them as “normal.” The “normal” on this show has gone beyond dysfunctional. I’m saddened to see how low it has gone. This will be my last season watching no matter what kind of changes take place. The evil and the damage has been done. I hope you can walk away from this nasty experience with your head held high knowing you are not contributing to the denigration of a race. Shaunie O’Neal, Shed Media, and VH1 should be utterly ashamed.

  191. Jen says:

    You have informed us viewers that you and Eric are divorcing and in no way shape or form I condon his behavior by throwing a drink in your face. However, I know Eric is saying “I told you so” to stay away from Evelyn and Suzie, I can only invision what he is saying about Tammi. I am sure he was very upset to see Evelyn’s assistant aka Jen former friend smack you in the face because you are no longer friends with them. Just as Kesha’s ex fiancee was upset to see Evelyn and Tami going through Kesha’s purse and taking out her wallet. Shaunie has taken a very low road with you and that is obvious, disgusted with Shaunie. Just because you and Eric are going through your divorce does not mean this man does not have a heart of the way you are being treated. Moving forward I know your new friends are nothing like these ladies “phony.” Evelyn opened up her mouth to make you look bad and we the viewers looked at Evelyn as the idiot for squeeling like a elementary school girl with no filter. Who tells their friend personal secrets and go on to say more about those secrets because you would not speak with her. Oh Evelyn has this character trait! Jen we love you and support you, keep it movin and forget these ladies. Feed them with a long handle spoon! You’ve grown and they remain.

  192. Jen says:

    Lie dector test really, Jen I would have told them what to do with that test and refused. It is okay to refuse and who cares what anyone thought. This is childish! A you say I say lie dector test… the whole world movin and a lie dector test about you say I say. Sad Day

  193. Qui says:

    Team Jennifer!……..and I am not the one to follow but thru it all she is still standing on top and they see that. I am so proud of Jennifer for always keeping it classy. However, I can say that I am so disappointed in Tami. Not that long ago she was a old bum with a bad weave. I mean money will change things but her attitude has gone down the drain. She seems to be all in Evelyn’s Tail and her biggest co signer. Funny, if i can remember Tami tried to come to Evelyn with a lawsuit over some Tshirts and got the paper ripped up in her face. But like they say Real recognize Real so she needed to show herself approved and reverted to Bullying. Well I am not excited to watch the reunion due to all the previews looks as if they are still talking about “what Jen said” like she said “why are we still talking about it” I mean its clear who’s keeping the rating they are getting and thats Jen. I will say i will not be watching Evelyn and Chad’s show or whatever they are coming with…….She’s not a role model and he’s gross to look at.

  194. Jamila says:

    Jen, Jen, Jen. I do not know you in person but I do in my spirit. I just love you girl. I have carried so much for the verbal and physical abuse you have endured on this show. So painful for a grown woman taking that in and keeping cool. It was very hard for me emotionally. Even writing to you bring those horrible memories and images back. Please, keep moving on and never look back Jen. Do not befriend with Eve and those others whom stood by her side ,never and ever again. They went way too far and is too late for repairment. It might be very wise for you to take some self defense classes. Please do not put yourself in that position again. You’re beautiful, bride, and proud black lady and you represent many of us. Allah bless you today, tomorrow, and always my sweet sister Jennifer.

  195. Val says:

    Jen, you have ALWAYS been my favorite from day 1. You always kept it classy in every situation, no matter how many times the people around you have tried to take you out of your true self. Continue to be the Jen we all know and love…..stay up!!!!

  196. vickyr says:

    I think your great! You should file charges on Nia. No one has the right to touch you. Tami saying you asked for it is ridiculous. Tami and Evelyn are just not right. They both have so much anger. They both need serious help. Keep being you and do not let anyone take you down. You are a class act and are beautiful!

  197. vicky7 says:

    Deloise you must be delusional -they r hypocrites n clearly jealous of Jen-Eve is a low life n Tammi a hoodrat-Shaunie is the nasty 2 faced rat ever -please jen needs to leave the show as they will make every effort to make her look bad -I watch10 minutes of the reunion n clicked off u cld see it has all been planned-who the heck is tammi to tell Jen she is a bully-that was 2 seasons ago -they r disgusting n wanted to take the heat off Bullied monster tammi N john Sally needs to go-he down played tammi & evelyns’ violence with shaunie 2 cent speech n then unleash on jen about a lie detector test -for what tammi , evelyn N Shaune r the BIGGEST liars on the show-plz family -if that was my family I would change my name n move to another country-

  198. Well Done Jen! says:

    After watching the reunion part 1, it became evidently clear that it is because of Jennifer and her actions in standing up for herself (including legally) that led to Tami and Evelyn realizing wrongs in their own behavior. So they and vh1 should thank Jen. However, neither Tami nor Evelyn has been held accountable for ALL of their wrong doings and instead, continue to justify certain absurd and shameful behavior. In addition, in a concerted effort, it is apparent that Shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn are out to discredit Jennifer’s character including bringing up things from previous seasons that Jennifer has done. Again, I attribute their (Shaunie, Tami, Ev) actions due to their bitterness over Jen’s legal actions, smh. Might I add, if you bring up Jen’s non physical wrong doings in the previous seasons to somehow discredit and invalidate her right to protect herself against physical violence, then by all means please bring up all the wrong doings that went without apologies/explanations portrayed by all of the cast members from previous seasons! Furthermore, the polygraph tests are ridiculous! The whole season has been shameful and just once, just 1 time, I would like Shaunie and the producers to publicly apologize on vh1 about the behavior and violence displayed on the show. I stopped watching bbw mid-season but I tuned in on the reunion in hopes to see some real and genuine apology that should have been said at the very beginning of the dang reunion. Instead of attempting to discredit Jen, call out Evelyn and Tami for their ridiculous behavior because no matter what they say about Jen, none of the treatment and violence that was inflicted upon Jen and Kesha was justified. Period! Once again, I am left disgusted and disappointed.

  199. Jewel says:

    Jen and Eve could have stayed friends if Jen would’ve never aired on the radio, about how she dont like ocho cinco. Its very simple people!!! If Eve is your friend then you go to Eve and tell her…you dont go on interviews and talk mess!! What type of friend does that??? Seriously!!!….THEN…Jen have someone writes her blog, but you dont proof-read your blogs before their posted!!!!….THEN…you say ol girl dont have anything but you’re going to sue her anyway!!!….Seriously…when people have to much fame and money, they just lose their darn minds!!!….Jen is just a person that’s so lost in the lights, camera and action, and she dosent know how to own up to her wrong! Why do you think her ex-husband left her? He left her because he met somebody REAL and not FAKE and caught up!!!

  200. Laury Tkalcic says:

    Jen, You are so smart to stay away from all the drama these so called ladies cause… You and Royce are my reason to watch… Wont miss the show at all!!!! Best of luck to you.. Im sure you will do great in whatever you do… I think your a very classy,beautiful woman…..

  201. Tisa says:

    Jen hold it down girl just do what you believe in,because at the end of the day shauntie would not have let nobody keep hitting on her she just mad because that was her money she is worrying about.

    I love your style and your grace! Keep being you! :)

  202. Corliss says:

    Jen has a tremendous amount of class and endured a tremenous amount of “ghettoism” from the other cast members this season. Its important that Jen understand that I fully support her and despised this season of BBW! I lost a great deal of respect for Shaunie and Vh1. I will not be watching next season if Jen does not return. I will not watch no matter what if Evelyn returns period!!! I think she is a disgrace, immature and a very jealous hearted person who is unable to stand up for herself without dragging in others to fight her cause or herself behaving like a barn animal let loose!!! Tami Im not too sure about. I think she got caught up in the hype and needed to resolved the conflict with her and Evelyn. I am Team Jen 100%!!

  203. Javon Scott says:

    The reunion show was very interesting. It was extremely obvious that Shaunie was trying to do damage control due to all of the nonsense and drama that has taken place on BBW. First and foremost, BBW is not a sisterhood. All of the ladies gossip about each other when the other is not present. TRUE friends do not allow friends or associates to talk negatively about their friends. I would never allow someone to talk negatively about one friends in my presence. Tami and Evelyn have clearly shown throughout the entire season that they are not able to control their emotions and do not know how to act like mature adults. Stealing purses, throwing bottles, jumping on top of tables. Really?!!! Who does this? And you are how old?! Friends are supposed to have your best interest at heart. If Shaunie was really Tami and Evelyn’s friend she should have told them about their erratic behavior. Hopefully, all of the ladies have looked at this reunion episode and have truly reflected on their behavior and will show growth in the future.

  204. Elizabeth f. says:

    Hi jen it take a real woman to out her issues with out puting her hands on the other person I think you are a bigger person then evelyn cause you can talk to someone with out trying to kill them we all get mad at some reason or another but we have to set example for our girls that is growing up looking so cosely at us and taking in everthing we do learing how to be a woman so it up to all of us to do our best to give them a good view of life so pass this on to your friends cause you guys have the biggest stage so make good use of it and may GOD bless each one of you ladies

  205. Gina K. says:

    I can not believe that this is finally the reunion show, time for them to apologize … and this happens? The whole thing turned on Jen? In my opinion, the show was biased.. from the host’s questions, to the fake audience responses, to the clips.Just listen to the questions the host asks. Next thing you know, Jen is the one that is apologizing. What happened here, Jen why do you keep apologizing?I think you should have not even participated in their lie detector test, which in my opinion, is going to be negative towards you. Maybe your attorneys should have made out lie detector test questions for them. I wonder how biased those questions were… or whose questions they were? You have nothing to prove. The viewers saw it all. It seems like they tried to make it look like you started all this controversy. No, you did the right thing. They started all this by their actions, They need to take responsibilty for their own actions. You were not the only one that were bullied on the show? They said they were neutral and didn’t take sides on the show?? those three or four did talk behind your back on the show, and some talked about Lucid. Now, on the reunion show Shaunie makes some comment about them caring about your makeup. Oh please! In my opinion, she is the slyest one of them all. I didn’t see them shed one tear, look speak or act regretful. Jen is trying to talk, and there goes Tami interfering.Someone has to tell some of these cast members to mind their own business! Didn’t Tami talk about people on the show? Did she go to them first and let them know that she was going to be talking behind their backs? What kind of childish crap is this? What rank does she have in this world that people have to go to her first and ask her permission before speaking about her or anyone? Are these people real. Do their minds really work backwords like this to the point that they believe themselves?? Jen, If I were you, I would not even go back on the show, Most people, if they even watch the show, they would probably only be watching to see you. People like you, You would probably be giving them ratings. If you go back on the show, wouldn’t you be making them RELEVANT?

  206. shaton says:

    I just have to comment on John Sally, why would he say to Jennifer that when Eric threw the water in her face her contact lenses should have gone in the back of her head , what type of dig was that, that was uncalled for and unnecessary . If jennifer were wearing no-colored contact lenses would that comment have been made ? John should remain neutral , they need a better hosts anyway.

  207. R. Parker says:

    I agree with her. It was clear to see that Evil Tami and sneaky Shaunie were not neutral. She is smart. She should stay as far away from that drama as possible. Jen wants to move on but Evelyn will not let it go. Now I am thinking that for all of the years they were friends deep down inside she was jealous of Jen because of some of the snide remarks she makes. Tammy, Evelyn and Shaunie tried to articulate at the reunion to change their image but it did not work for me. Shaunie gave a speech that she should have given at the very beginning of the show when the bottle throwing and bullying first occurred so we don’t want to hear it now. It is too little too late. It fell on deaf ears to me because she is a producer and I feel she has the power to control some of the stuff that goes on but she didn’t do it. I believe she is a part of setting up the people they have beef with to meet with the circle when they get ready to assault or belittle somebody in public at their get-togethers. She is just as bad as her crew even though she tries to be sneaky about it.

  208. Maxine Maryland says:

    Jennifer just keep your head up, you are most classes one on the show other than Shaunie. Evelyn is so ghetto it is unbelieveable. They should be sued for putting their hands on you.

  209. Kim says:

    If VH1 decides to sue Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives, I will never watch another show on VH1. We don’t need Jennifer to say this show is trash and depicts women negatively…We can see that all by oursvelves. Don’t take it out on Jennifer because you (VH1) decided to let this trash happen. How bad does it make VH1 look to let a cast member be attacked verbally and physically and then sue her. People like Jennifer and they will not stand for it.

  210. omjj says:

    Good for you Jennifer!!!

  211. shawna says:

    Jen, you go girl. But I don’t think this trivial issue was enough to breakup your friendship with Eve. You two need to meet in private away from the other girls and hash it out. Talk, both need to apologize and makeup. I think your relationship is repairable.

  212. Shawna says:

    By the way ladies, I love all of you ladies and don’t want to see the show cut off. Please comeback next season doing more positive things in the community…trust me, you can get high ratings without having to fight each other. You’re intelligent, just try to figure out how to turn all this negative into a positive,

  213. SMILEY says:


  214. Jalysa says:

    I support you all the way Jen. No matter what you may have said about Ev, you were definately treated brutally and unfairly. I admire you for your strength and eloquence in handeling Shaunie, Ev, and Tami, because they ALL double crossed you and tried to make you out to be the villian.You have every right not to be hit in your face and no a slap in the face does not at all compare to having a drink thrown in your face. Sue them all, shaunie included, you did not recieve fair treatment at the reunion at all. I did not undstand why Ev got to have a test in private and you had to be made to do one live on the show. Stand your ground, everyone sees that they are all DEAD WRONG, don’t let them preasure you into feeling any different.

  215. Jade says:

    Jen you learned a hard lesson. Some “friends” only want you when their life is in a shambles, and as soon as (Evelyn) thinks she has it all together with Mr. Thirsty, she turns on you for you stating the honest and obvious facts. Keep it classy, leave the drama for those has beens…and do not make up with her, once bitten…By the way, I can’t stand Shaunie looking like a pimp on the reunion. She is like the girl in school always instigating bs, but too afraid to fight herself. She is clearly all about the drama and the money. They are truly too old for all this bs. Some things even PR, therapy, and crocodile tears do not fix.

  216. Liz_Esq. says:


    Continue to keep it classy. If you monitor all the blogs out there, the public is 110% behind you. With all the money VH1 has and with all their efforts to try to demonize you; it has not worked. What it shows is that they would rather back bullies like Tammy, Evelyn and Shaunie, than stand up for what’s right. Those ladies (if you can call them that) will see their stars slowly dim because the public has such a negative perception of them. I could not believe that at the reunion show they STILL continued to demonize you. They are beyond clueless. The public that made them (I was actually a huge fan of Tammy’s at one point) will certainly break them.

  217. Ann says:

    Jennifer, you are indeed a classy, beautiful and amazing woman. I have truly admired your character from the start. I believe this season we have seen you in a different light. Please know you have growen tremousely. You stayed true to what you believe, you didnt run behind NO ONE. That alone says alot about your person. As the season began I was confuse to what was really going on with you and Evelyn. I had many opinion to what i thought with very little fact’s. I loved your friendship with Evelyn. It was clear to me that there was no other like it. Any time you have a whole lot of women togther, we must know there will be hindin envy and jealousy. I believe the other ladies fit the bill to that statment. Evelyn i thought was hurt and thats why the rage. you may not believe this but she really miss the friendship, and when you didnt run behind her or kiss up to her, or cry as i think they all had expect, she did not know how to handle this new Jen. If it wasnt for the hope of you all amening you friendship I would have stop watching. I do hope maybe in the futhure this would take place. I’m very hurt by what you encouter. NO one, i mean No one should every put there hands on another. I’m amaze at how shaunie, and Tami talk a good talk. when indeed, they should be suppoting you on that matter. instead Tami made the statement, you should have taken it and keep it moving. when those words came out of her mouth, i swear I stop breathing. Its like she was supporting violence. UNBELIVEVABLE! I think she gets off on that sort of stuff. Where is the leadership, the role model. surely NOT WITH HER. Then shaunie,I was very hurt the season with her, the respect is short to none. They all acted like grade school children. How could she say anything to anyone, when she allowed that behavior this season. Yet she tryed to correct you, talking about how she dont want to see anyone with a lawsuite, for real Shanuie. That gehtto woman, Nia got up and clap Jennifer, because she wasnt acting the way she thought she could. WOW, unbelievable yet again. SUIE, Suie Suie, nothing but trash, a wanna be.Not true to know one.I quote her “right Tami”. A back stabber,trouble maker, just a low life. Someone who deliver trash!!!!! Shes no ones friend,and the only reason why they let her in their circle, is to get the insite, about everyone esle.
    I’m glad you recognize your error and apoologize, for any and all things. Do what’s best for you. mend all relationships thats worth mending.I pray that some how you and Evelyn can find it in your heart to forgive and work on the friendship. best wishes

  218. Dishgirl says:

    Jennifer, kudos to you for behaving like a mature black woman. Evelyn and Tami are immature, angry, jealous, uneducated ghetto hood rats. Too bad hey didn’t use this platform to show young black girls what hey can accomplish by taking advantage of this unique opportunity!

  219. Rhonda says:


    I think you made an awesome statement when you held them accountable for their actions. Someone needed to take a stance and let those bullies know… it is not okay to put your hands on someone else. If you ask me, I would have held Shaunie accountable as well; ultimate she is the producer of the show. Their should be a clause to prevent actions like these. I guess ratings were more important?! Sad!!!!

    Thank you for standing up for yourself and please don’t drop the case… I bet you she won’t put her hands on anyone else.

  220. Patricia Ross says:

    I’m glad to see that you and your friend made up, although real friends would have never taken it as far as Evelyn did. She’s pretty but can be pretty nasty. I hope she looks back at herself and realize how ugly she can be with her ways. Shawnie was very very unfair she had the nerve to tell you where you were wrong but never stood up to Evelyn the way she should have. No need to reply anything you say can be turned around and they will blame you. Shawnie also never tells Tammy the right way to be she makes little comments but she should be honest with her.
    I really do like the show.

  221. esoteric72 says:

    Jennifer, be very careful! I think Shaunie and Evelyn are 2 mean snakes. They will say and do what ever they have to do to stop you from prosecuting this girl. They want you to adopt the creed of the hood and streets. ….to be like a Timex watch and take a licking and keep on ticking.” They just dont get it. When you get to this age no one makes a mistake like that, it is deliberate. BE STRONG GIRL!

  222. Gina says:

    I watched the reunion specials, part one and two and must admit that I was disgusted in the conversations. I was especially sickened that the victim (Jen) was being prosecuted for the charges filed agains the woman who assaulted her. Jen has the right to do what she felt was right and no one should be hit or even threatened to be hit. Shawnie, Eve and everyone else who said Jen needs to drop the charges are all ignorant. If a man had slapped a womn in the face, would the cast including Jon S dumb tale. suggest that she drop the charges. So basically people should allow one chance to be beat or hit by someone, but if that person apalogizes, then its okay to drop charges. Ridiculous. It’s amazing these things that were said at the reunion. Jen if I were u I would not have submitted to that silly lie detector test, but I guess u had to go along with the non sense. Jen please keep moving on. If u want to repair ur friendship with Eve. I say tread lightly. I didn’t appreciate all of the physical abuse u endured, but I understand in life there are lessons. Keep ur friends close and ur enemies closer. I love u Jen. Ur a class act.